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Saturday, August 23, 2014
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by Kristina Carbone-Smith

Welcome Everyone!! We hope that this web site will make it easier for us all to communicate. Please take a few minutes and edit your personal information. If there are any pictures or stories you wish to place on this site just let Kristina know and she will help you. If we all use this site it can be a success.
The Rotary Newsletter
by Carbone-Smith, Kristina

If you find a story that needs to be shared with our fellow Rotarians then e-mail it to Eve at

Our dictionary day at Dana Grey Elementary!
by Bosma, Tim

It came to pass that our Fort Bragg Rotarias delivered new dictonaries into the eager hands of the entire third grade class of Dana Grey Elementary school. This was a great day and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing  classroom full of excited faces waiting for their very own dictionary! Some kids had heard of this upcoming event from olde brothers or sisters and were the "expert" for their class. All in all, it was a perfect day to be a Rotarian in Fort Bragg!

Canon pictures 6-3-2011 147
Membership Development
by Kristina Carbone-Smith

New Member Procedure

New members are a vital part of any Rotary Club.

So that you will have an idea as to how to propose a new member and what is the process, here is the standard procedure from the new member proposal form. (Carl Sanders our Sergeant at Arms has them).

It is your responsibility as a proposer to follow up on this process.

The prospective member's name is submitted to the board of directors. (The board normally meets on the second week of the month)

The board ensures that the person is fully qualified and approves or disapproves the proposal within 30 days. The proposer is notified by the club secretary.

NOTE Until approval is granted, prospective members should not be informed that they have been proposed for membership.

After the approval has been announced, the prospective member is fully informed of privileges, expectations and responsibilities of club membership. He or she is then asked to complete the proposal form and give written permission to publish his or her name and proposed classification to the club membership.

If no objections to the proposal are received within seven days following the publication of the name, that person, upon payment of an admission fee, is a new Rotarian.

Normally the new member will be inducted at the next regular meeting.

It is your responsibility as a proposer to follow up on this process.

Rotary Classic Golf Tournament - 2013
by Tim Bosma

We have our day for the Rotary Golf Tournament at Little River Golf Course, May 11th! That means look for those great auction items to add to the table, keep the date open and be prepared for a great event.