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Sunday, August 31, 2014
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September 4, 2007 Rotogram
by Robert W.


Rotogram �?"  September 4, 2007


President Roger called this week's meeting to order by asking Cothron McMillian to lead the flag salute.  Lance Georgeson gave the invocation in honor of Labor Day.  No Visitors.  




ROTARY'S  SEPTEMBER THEME  -  "New Generations"  

President Roger explained this month's Rotary theme, New Generations.  The slogan we are encouraged to use this month is:  "Every Rotarian an Example to Youth".



Congratulations were given to Darwin Rieck (Level 2 Paul Harris Fellow) and David Hiscock (Level 6 Paul Harris Fellow).  Great job guys!



On September 25th / 5:30 pm, our get-together will be taking place at the Center for Wooden Boats, located at South Lake Union.  Members are urged to bring spouses, significant others, children, grandchildren and a hearty appetite



Hallie Hemmingsen, recent Ballard High School graduate and Ballard Rotary Scholarship recipient sent a "Thank You" card to our Club


Remember BREEF

Now is your chance to submit any causes you may have for future Club donations.

Submit your requests to the Community Service committee, Lori Knuckey, Chairperson




Jerry Nebel collected "Happy Dollars" from our members.




Today's program was John Cartmell, MS, Certified Nutritionist, Author.   John  began his talk by stating that:  Nutrition counts most in the proper function of your body.  Health is a state of balance in one's diet.  He also informed us to the fact that  Alternative medicine is catching on greatly in the U,S.  Some facts he related to us were that women over 60 yrs of age loose their digestive acids but do not take herbal supplements to offset this condition.  Long term dietary nutrition supplements (immune stimulation) for cancer treatment tends to go overlooked in John's view.  At the close of his talk, John related a great "eye opener" to us:  Seattle residents do not get enough Vitamin D, which can cause up to 40 disorders including Cataracts, Crone's Disease, Lupus and forms of Arthritis.  Sun is not bad for you  -- too much sun is bad for you.  Questions & Answers followed.

Great program.  





Sept 11  -  Scribe:  Dan Redeker,  Cashier:  Lori Knuckey,  Invocation:  Cameron Smock

                  Greeters:  Dick Prout & Peter Anderson


Sept. 18  -  Scribe:  John Deasy,  Cashier:  Darwin Rieck,  Invocation:  Dave Maloney

                   Greeters:  Dick Olsen & Bob Wenman


SEPTEMBER !8th PROGRAM  -  David Snow, LeMay Car Museum


President Roger's Thought of the Week  - 

Know how to give without hesitation,  how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.  George Sand, French novelist, feminist (1804-1876)

Oct 16, 2007 Rotogram
by Henry Haugen

BALLARD ROTARY ROTOGRAM OCTOBER 16, 2007 President Roger Martindill successfully called the October 16, 2007, meeting to order, rendered the Pledge of Allegiance, and called on Lance Georgeson to give his usual insightful Invocation. He welcomed Visitor Johan Brincker who is the childhood friend of Erik Gulmann from the long ago days in Denmark. Roger also reminded us that the October 30 meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. at Hale's Ale together with the Fremont Rotary Club. Don't go to Anthony's for lunch as we won't be there. Roger then performed his required duties of announcing the call for nominees for District 5030 Governor, but there were no takers. Good News. Lucie Dufour, Century 21 realtor, cell number 422-4305, became our newest member. This young, vibrant French lady, was born and raised in New Caledoniaâ?"a French possession off the east coast of Australia. She received her degree in Marine Biology from the French Pacific University, worked in the shrimp industry, and taught school. She came to Portland and then Seattle, teaching French and falling in love. She and husband Steve have a 2 year old daughter. Welcome to the Club. Bad News. Pat Redmond, CEO of Viking Bank, long time previous member of Ballard Rotary, and a strong supporter of Rotary, suffered a massive heart attack and is in intensive care at Overlake Hospital. No visitors or flowers at this time, but we do care. Program. Mary Lou Dickerson, our 13 year member of the State Legislature, gave us an update on events in Olympia. She started out by congratulating the Club on its involvement with the Polio Eradication program in Ethopia and the Water Project in Uganda. Get some pictures when our team returns and she will arrange for a Photo Exhibit in the Rotunda at the State Capitol. Her interest has been in Education and she is pleased that the State is finally coming up with more funding. She says that the Seattle Public Schools can now operate in the black and we should focus attention on early age education. She recently joined the Transportation Committee and proudly supports her bannerâ?""I LOVE THE VIADUCT'. This was met by cheers from the audience and ensured a continuing warm welcome. As for Proposition 1, she believes Ballard has been short changed and suggests that we hold our nose and vote yes. There are real problems in the federal standards for an acceptable driver's license. It will cost $200 million for the State and so we have declined to participate. For small businesses, she says that the low unemployment rate speaks for itself and she thinks more people will now be able to afford health insurance. Henry Haugen, Scribe
Nov 20, 2007 Rotogram
by Robert W.

ROTARY CLUB of BALLARD Rotogram �?" November 20, 2007 Happy Thanksgiving David Maloney filled in for President Roger and called this week's meeting to order. Lance Georgeson gave an inspiring thought about Thursday's upcoming holiday. Then, with the "Turkey" song, we honored the Thanksgiving mainstay, Mr. Turkey. Visiting Rotarians included: Andy McDonald, Emerald City and Scott B., University. ANNOUNCEMENTS Dave Maloney presented Andy McDonald with a check for over $7,000 for the Rotary District's C4W projects. Another check was distributed to the Northwest Senior Center for its' emergency elevator repair by Darwin Rieck, BREEF Treasurer, for $2,500. A "Thank You" letter was read from the Ballard Food Bank for our Club's $10,950 donation. Carlye Teel, gave an update on the Club's recent Board meeting. The matter of Board size was brought to the general membership. Currently the "Voting" Board includes President, Secretary, Treasurer, immediate Past President and President-Elect. Committee Chairs, at present have no vote. Vote was brought to Club whether to revert back to past Board (14 members) made up of Club officers plus Rotary "Avenues of Service" Chairpersons. The Ballard Club voted to revert back to past Board agenda. Ballard Rotary Reminder Date: Friday, December 7th @ 9:30 am. Whittier Elementary School's Dictionary distribution ceremony Club members are asked to attend and help out. *** CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SHOPPING SPREE *** On Saturday, December 8th , 8:30 am @ Fred Meyer's / Ballard our Club's annual Children's Shopping Spree will take place. Great event, please sign up with Lori Knuckey. SGT.@ ARMS Jerry Nebel collected "Happy Dollars" from our members. PROGRAM Today's program was a Club Assembly based on "Club Strategies", presented by Terry Collings. The topics identified were; Acquiring and Retaining New Members. Each table discussed ways to implement some Ballard Rotary Club changes. Questions addressed included �?" What are some ways to add energy and fun to our Club meetings ? and Identify some new participatory service projects that would be rewarding and fun. Each table reported on their ideas, which included: more Singing at meetings, more socials, upbeat programs and utilizing current member expertise as programs, Project ideas included: Identify and help out needy community person, partner with a school for projects and do more "hands on" types of service. UPCOMING PROGRAMS �?" YOU CAN'T MISS! November 27th �?" Barry Hawley, Hawley Reality, "What's with all these condos?" December 4th - Jamie Moyer, MLB Pitcher �?" Philadelphia Phillies REMINDER: Club Duties: Nov. 27th �?" Scribe: Peter Scott Invocator: Dave Maloney
Nov 27, 2007 Rotogram
by Henry Haugen

BALLARD ROTARY MEETING: November 27, 2007 President: Roger Invocation: (a silent moment) Visitors: Bret Hawley ANNOUNCEMENTS: December 7th Dictionary Distribution: Help is needed for the distribution of dictionaries at Whittier Elementary School beginning at 9:30 am. Contact Cothron McMillian for details. December 8th Shopping Spree: The annual Shopping Spree begins at 8:30 am at Fred Meyer. Contact John Deasy to get details and to sign up. December 13 Bell Ringing: Contact Lori for information and to sign up for a time slot. Happy Dollars: Unfortunately, some members chose to use the Pig as an occasion to re-live a recent college football game. PROGRAM: Dick Prout introduced Barry Hawley of Hawley Realty, brother of Bud, who gave a presentation concerning the state of the real estate market and development in Ballard. It was a clear, cogent, and convincing statement of the current state of real estate trends in Ballard. An excellent program FUTURE PROGRAMS: Next Tuesday: JAMIE MOYER December 11th: Seattle FBI Agent December 18th: Ballard High Jazz Vocal Group Future Duty Roster: December 4 Cashier: Carlye Teel Scribe: Henry Haugen Invocation: Lance Georgeson Greeter: Dick Prout Greeter: Ed Robinson December 11 Cashier: Lori Knuckey Scribe: Dan Redeker Invocation: Cameron Smock Greeter: John Deasy Greeter: Henry Haugen December 18 Cashier: John Deasy Scribe: Bob Wenman Invocation: Jerry Nebel Greeter: Kristen Juan-Snyder Greeter: Fred Richards Yours &c., Scribe
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