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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Where are the Bulletins?
by Tad Shaw

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What's in Store
by Tad Shaw

July 10, 2012




Club News & Notes.. Our last meeting was on June26th, when Darel was Opening Marshal, and Woody came out among the Common People to collect Happy Bucks. He collected $508.95, which is a lot of cash, but Nina Stark still holds the record. Proceeds went to help fund the fireworks for the 4th... Guests included Linda Murrell and Adrien Vecten, our favorite former exchange student from France. He came here for a 5 week visit to see his 'Tonka friends and visit the club. He will be going to his 3rd year of college in Bordeaux in the fall, continuing his education in business... Members we haven't seen in a while: Art Johnsen and John Ahern both appeared on the 26th. Welcome back!!... Were you lonesome at lunch on the 3rd? Rotary had no meeting because of the holiday.


This Date in History:

7-10-1838              Victoria was crowned Queen of England

7-10-1907              The Washington Senators baseball team stole 13 bases in a single game against New York. The embarrassed catcher?  Branch Rickey.

7-10-1914              The beginning of World War I

7-10-1919              Treaty was signed ending World War I

7-10-1940            The 114 day long "Battle of Britain" began

7-10-1951              "Amos 'n Andy" began a run on television.


Some famous people born on this date:  Jake LaMotta, Arlo Guthrie, Arthur Ashe, Kurt Adler, Carl Orff, Marcel Proust, Nikoli Tesla, and Adophus Busch.

Our meeting on June 26th was the annual "Changing of the Guard". As we all know, Rotary Clubs change presidents and boards on July 1st of each year, and the districts and international officers are all serving annual terms that end on the 30th of June. So all of Rotary is "under new management" since our last meeting.


In our case, President Woody spent his last meeting as president talking about his board and the work they did for him and for us.  Some of the present board will continue to serve under Tim Litfin. The list of new board members is on the last page of  the bulletin.


Special mention was made of the service of Dean Friesen. Dean has been the club treasurer for longer than most members can remember. He has handled billings, payments, taxes and other filings for years with accuracy and care. Dean received two awards from Woody; one of the awards was recognition from the club for his service, and the other was a "Service Above Self Award" from District 5950. Our new club treasurer will be Jim Olds.


Woody ended his comments, and turned the club's gavel over  to incoming president Tim Litfin. Tim presented an award recognizing Woody's service as president of the club. During Happy Bucks, many members commented on the quality of the year and the excellent job Woody had done.


Tim's second act was to check his watch, and ring the bell. He says he wants to have as good an "On Time Record" as Woody had, closing meetings by the one o'clock deadline.



by Tad Shaw

May 29, 2012


Today's Program:

                Greeter:    Glenn Froberg


Club News & Notes:... Darel Leipold was greeter, and Bob Williams was opening marshal. Happy Bucks were collected byTom Anderson... Today is the 150th day of the year. How are the New Year's Resolutions doing?... And 6 weeks from tomorrow is the 4th of July. Have you signed up as a volunteer to help with the festivities in town?... And donated to the fireworks fund?... Amy Mook reports that she is finished with her radiation treatments and has no medical appointments for four months...


This Day in History:

5/29/1848         Wisconsin became the 30th state in the union.

5/29/1881         Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross

5/29/1927        Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris after his solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

5/29/1932        Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean


Famous persons born on this date: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Patrick Henry, Bea Lillie, G K Chesterton, Horace Heidt, Alexander Pope, Armand Hammer, Fats Waller, Dennis Day, Harold Robbins, Raymond Burr, Al Franken, and Kent Hrbek.


TRIVIA: Carp are the largest of the  minnow family.Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair.Finland has the greatest number of islands of all nations - 179,584.The average person ingests a ton of food and drink each year.


Our program on May 22nd was presented by the Minnetonka High

 School Writing Center. Don Draayer introduced Maggie Shea,

 who leads the operation. In his introduction, Don told us that the

 writing center was funded by the Minnetonka Foundation, a non-

 profit group that invests donated money in programs to help

 improve the learning environment and experiences of the K-12


Almost everything that you do in school requires a good

understanding of the English language, and also good usage. The

same is true in the world of business. These two Writing Center

employees with the help of a  number of adult and student coaches,

are available to help students  complete their writing assignments.

With coaching, the quality of  the essays and other student writings

required has made a significant  improvement.


This writing center was the first in the Twin Cities area high

 schools After theirfive years of success, other school districts in

the  state are adding writing centers to their high schools.The

function  of the center is to  augment material  taught in the

English program, not to replace it. The staff will do

 in-class workshops for classes if requested, though.


The center also has an annual program celebrating writing. Called

"Off the Page", this program consists of students interviewing

 guest writers (many of whom are graduates of MHS) and learning

 that writing isn't only found on the printed page, it is in music

 lyrics, poetry, and everywhere in daily life.


QUOTATION: "The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any".

                        Fred Astaire


The MHS Writing CenterTBA
by Tad Shaw

May 22, 2012


Club News & Notes ... At our STRIVE meeting last week at the high school, Bob Williams was Official Flagbearer, and President Woody skipped Happy Bucks... Fact from the internet: there were 15,700,003 Model T Fords built in the United States, most of them painted black... Next Monday is Memorial Day. It was originally called "Decoration Day", and was started to honor and commemorate Union soldiers killed during the Civil War (still known as "The War Between the States" in the South). The American Legion and the VFW have a patriotic program and parade on that day in Excelsior... John Marty is recovering from an operation he had in April, and should return to our meetings in June. Call Joyce to get his phone number to wish him well...


This Date in History:

May 22, 1841            Henry Kennedy patented the first reclining chair

May 22, 1849            Abraham Lincoln patented a floating dry dock

May 22, 1891            The first public showing of a motion picture (by  Thomas Edison).

May 22, 1908            The Wright brothers patented their flying machine

May 22, 1932            Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean

May 22, 1947            The Truman Doctrine was announced

May 22, 1967            Fred Rogers started his TV show on PBS.

May 22, 2001            Tom Anderson joined the Excelsior Rotary Club


Born on this date:   Arthur Conan Doyle, composer Richard Wagner, Lawrence Olivier, Jim Thorpe, Peter Nero, Susan Strasberg, Mick Tingelhoff, and Tommy John.


Opening Marshals/Greeters

            May 22            John Hotvet

            May 29            Glenn Froberg


Our program on May 15th was held in the foyer of the Arts Center

at Minnetonka High School. It was the annual presentation of the

STRIVE Awards. About ninety persons - students, parents, and

our club members - attended the box lunch  affair, and the

ceremony portion was hosted by former president Dick Glover,

who introduced the STRIVE Program at the school.


This year there were 35 students who participated in the program,

and Dick introduced each of them and presented them with a

certificate of participation and a letter to attach to their college

applications. This year, our club presented 5 scholarships to the

participants, with awards of $400, $500, $600, $1,000, and

$2,000. The actual awards were made at the school's annual

awards night last week, so Dick introduced the winners and they

joined him at the lecturn.


During the presentation, Bob Williams and Steve Frazier

commented about their parts in the year-long program which was

held every other Thursday in the school. Most of the participating

mentors from our club were present at the meeting, and it was

good to see the students just before they graduate and move on.

Most of the students have chosen their college, and have followed

Steve's recommendation, which was to establish goals and plan for

their future.



Quotation: "Children today are tyrants. The contradict their parents,

gobble their food and tyrannize their teachers."





by Tad Shaw

May 15, 2012


Today's Program:  STRIVE Awards (Meet at High School)

Opening Marshal   Pam Prosser



Club News & Notes:  Opening Marshal on 5/8 was Don Draayer, and Happy Bucks collector was John Skoglund... Thursday (the 17th) is the Third Thursday of the month, and you know what that means: (all together, now) Thirsty Third Thursday at Hazellwood from 5 to 7. The attendees don't seem to be the same group each time, and it's fun to get to talk with - and learn a bit more about - different members. Try it; you just may like it!!!... A number of stores have closed in downtown Excelsior. A little added support may be needed by the survivors. Shop and buy in Excelsior...



This date in History:

May 15 1911            The US Supreme Court ordered the dissolution of Standard Oil Company.

May 15 1918            Regular airmail service began between New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

May 15 1926            the New York Rangers received their hockey franchise from the NHL.

May 15 1930            Ellen Church, the first airline stewardess, flew her first flight from United Air from San Francisco to Cheyenne

May 15 1988            Soviet troops began their withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Famous persons born on this date:   Brian Eno, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Trini Lopez, Richard Daley, Clifton Fadiman, Justin Morneau, and Frank L. Baum (Who knows why he's famous?).



      Greeter           John Hotvet

 Our program on May 8th was a musical program presented by the MMW Jazz Band. The band, composed of twenty-seven 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, from Minnetonka Middle School West, was led by director (and music teacher) Laura Bergren.


The musicians arrived, set up, and got tuned in short order. They played 4 selections for us, starting with "First Time Around", followed by "Cute", "Jazz Police", and finally "Sing, Sing, Sing", originally made famous by Benny Goodman. Four students played solos during the concert.


Before the group played, Ms. Bergren explained to the club members that the jazz band is an extracurricular program, and that all of the members are also in one of the school's regular band programs. To become a member of the jazz group, the students have to audition, and then they have to commit to attending band practice an hour before classes start once a week.


Tim Litfin did some quick interviews before the start, and many of the band members had been playing their instrument for under two years. A show of hands told us that about 70% of our members had played in band in school, and about 25% had played in jazz ensembles or "big band" groups as part of their high school experiences. There was a lot of toe tapping and a lot of smiling during the numbers, especially the last one. This concert was the first one many members had heard with a middle school band playing jazz, and I heard many comments about the increased level of accomplishment in recent years.



Jazz from MMW
by Tad Shaw


May 8, 2012


Today's Program:  MMW Jazz Band

                Greeter:  Don Draayer


Club News & Notes ... Greeter and Opening Marshal was Darel Leipold and the collector of Happy Bucks was Scott Zerby... Next Sunday is Mother's Day. Today's quiz will check your knowledge of the holiday...  9th grade MHS student Reed Johnson performed his juggling act as a prelude to our speaker's talk, and he gave an excellent performance... Auction items needed for the August fundraiser. Contact Karen!!!... The club's annual Christmas Party has been set up and will be held on Thursday, November 29th. More info later. Save the date...  The closeout of the STRIVE Program for this year is May 15th - over at the high school. Just a short advance warning..  Another advance warning: Th3 will be the 17th (That's Thirsty Third Thursday) at Hazellwood.                   at 


Today in History:

5/8/1792>>> President George Washington authorized the US Mint to make copper coins - the start of pennies.

5/8/1847>>> Robert Thomson patented the rubber tire

5/8/1942>>> The Battle of the Coral Sea started, and began a new era of sea warfare.

5/8/1945>>>  V-E Day. End of the European war was announced by Churchill and Truman.

5/8/1968>>>  Jim "Catfish" Hunter (Oakland A's) pitched a perfect game against the Minnesota Twins.


Some of the people born on this date:  Don Rickles, Van Halen, Harry Truman, Sonny Liston, Archbishop Fulton J Sheen, Lex Barker, James Mitchum.

 Our May Day program was a presentation by Mike Wiskus, who will present the aerobatic show over the lake as part of the 4th of July Program this year.


Mike is a professional pilot who is based out of the Buffalo MN airport, and has a "day job" as a corporate pilot. But from his presentation, it's clear that his heart is in aerobatic flying and doing air shows. He will be a part of the evening presentations on the 4th of July, doing stunt flying over the lake to entertain the crowd before the orchestra and the fireworks. He has a bright red biplane, and he has his program all planned and approved by the FAA; the remaining approvals have to come from the sheriff and the LMCD.


He told a bit of his life story, starting with his early years at the family farm next door to the Mason City, Iowa, airport, and his job as a line boy there starting at age 13. He soloed at age 17, and by then had a large group of mentors who cheered him on and helped him learn the aviation trade. Mike talked of his ability to walk onto the field and look at and touch the airplanes - something that kids can't easily do now with the tightened airport security. He encouraged all of us to help kids get familiar with aircraft; there are too few young people interested, and in the future, we may find ourselves with a shortage of pilots.


He does 20 air shows a year, with up to 6 performances at each one. He has a number of sponsors, with Lucas Oil as the main one. There is something especially thrilling about an air show, and a show of hands showed that almost all of our members have been to at least one air show. The 4th of July show should really liven up the evening for sure!






Aerobatic Show on the 4th
by Tad Shaw


May 1, 2012



Today's Program:

         Greeter:          Randy Schumacher



Club News & Notes ... Gary Thompson was greeter and opening marshal on 4-24-12, and Happy Bucks were collected by Randy Schumacher... Tomorrow, May 2, Haiti Outreach has its spring luncheon at Bayside. Haiti Outreach has an exceptional record for helping in that devastated country... All of the 3rd grade  students in the Minnetonka District have received their dictionaries from our club. What a program! The kids are so excited to receive the dictionary, and the project can only lead to better use of language among the younger set. Thanks to all who participated... Today was clean-up day for our club on Highway 7. It's always interesting to see the "special discovery" of the day!..


This Day in History:


5/1/1707>> Scotland and England combined to become the United Kingdom..

5/1/1920>> The longest game in baseball was played between the Braves and the Dodgers. The game went for 26 innings, ended in a tie, and both starting pitchers pitched the entire game.

5/1/1931>> Two events marked the day. The official opening of the Empire State Building in New york was held. Kate Smith started her broadcast career on CBS Radio.

5/1/1960>> Soviet Union shot down the spy plane piloted by Gary Powers.

5/1/1971>> Amtrak began serving the country as the government-subsidized passenger train service.


Born on this date:  (Gen) Mark Clark, Kate Smith, Glen Ford, Jack Paar, Harry Caray, Tim McGraw.


Our Program on April 24th was a presentation by our member and director of Campfire USA - Minnesota.


Camp Tanadoona, the 103-acre park-like camp area owned by the organization, has been in existence for 88 years, and is due for a major revitalization. The camp last year served just over 1500 kids with day camps, overnight camping experiences, and nature days. All of the buildings are in need of repairs, and the ground-use plan is 88 years old. Using the services of an architect and a landscape designer, and with many meeting involving the stakeholders (kids, parents, camp staff, etc.), a new plan for the area was drawn.


The new plan is set in several stages, and the first stage has a price-tag of $1,500,000. Among the improvements and changes are the following: change of the entry by making pickup and drop off on one-way roads, moving the campers and kids to a pathway system removed from vehicle traffic, and adding outdoor living classrooms, Many of the present buildings will be moved or removed, and those remaining will be outfitted for year-round use.


Camp Tanadoona is the campground closest to the inner cities, and has been voted best camping experience by Sun Newspapers for the past two years.


To get the fund drive, which ends next June, started, an anonymous donor has posted a $750,000 challenge grant, so they're already 50% to their goal.


Marnie has invited any of our club members to tour the facility; just call her in advance.


Next Week: MMW Jazz Band

    Greeter:   Don Draayer

Camp Tanadoona
by Tad Shaw

April 24, 2012


Today's Program:  Camp Tanadoona



News & Notes:   Opening Marshal and Greeter on the 17th was Jerry Martin, and collector of Happy Bucks was Dean Friesen... Time to start thinking about items for the auctions at the annual fundraiser August 27th. Creative ideas are welcomed, and a good portion of the money raised comes from the auction. Contact Karen with your ideas... District 5950 has an Assembly scheduled for Saturday, the 28th. Hosted by Burnsville RC, the meeting will be at Normandale Community College from 8 AM to 1 PM. Contact Woody for more info.


This Day in History:

>>4/24/1704 The "Boston News Letter" was first published: first American newspaper.

>>4/24/1800. President John Adams signed the law establishing the Library of Congress.

>>4/24/1833. Jacob Ebert & George Duffy patented the first soda fountain.

>>4/24/1898. Spain declared war on the US

>>4/24/1959. "Your Hit Parade" series ended on TV after 9 years; the program began on the radio in 1935.

>>4/24/1981. IBM introduced a new product, the Personal Computer.

>>4/24/2005. Pope Benedict was installed as head of the Roman Catholic Church.


Some of the people born on April 24th:

Robert Penn Warren, Jack E. Leonard, Shirley Boone, Barbra Streisand, Shirley MacLaine, and Edmund Cartwright (inventor of the power loom).

Our program on April 17th was an example of how to react in an emergency. The scheduled speaker did not appear, so there was no program. President Woody and Jeremy Huisheere put together two speakers who gave us some valuable information about their organizations.


Visiting guest Brian Olson told us about his company, Maxmail. Brian works out of Chanhassen representing the company. They do mass mailings on the internet for clients, using, maintaining, and updating the lists continually so the messages get to the desired clients.


Also speaking was our member, Pam Prosser, who is very active in the Haiti Outreach organization. She has been to Haiti a number of times, and told us of the programs that her group has active in the country. Much of what they do is in cooperation with Rotary Clubs.


She started by reminding us that Haiti is the 4th poorest country in the world, and was struggling prior to the recent devastating earthquake. The program helps Haitians in three ways. Water wells are drilled and a management program is installed along wit h the wells so that there is an ongoing local management group to keep the well functioning. Their people get a local "buyin" before any work is started. Without such a program, the well would not be maintained and would be worthless in 6 months.


Their second focus is what are called mini-loans. Small (to us) sums are lent to individuals to help them grow their businesses and become self-sufficient.


Thirdly, they build high schools to broaden the education possibilities. They have one school already going, and another about to be built. Before construction, Haiti Outreach gets local and national "buyin" so teachers, books and supplies will continue to be provided by the government.





Starkey Foundation
by Tad Shaw

April 17, 2012



Today's Meeting:   Derek Johnson; Starkey Foundation

              Greeter:    Jerry Martin


Club News & Notes:   Greeter and Opening Marshal on 4-10 was Jerry Brecke, and collector of Happy Bucks was Randy Schumacher... How'd you do on last week's Rotary Test? I figure the top score would be 13 out of 19 right. A follow-up Rotary test this week.much easier than last week!... Bill Carlson from the AM Club is recruiting a team of workers to "raise the ante" on our annual golf outing. He wants 3 members from our club... "Haiti Outreach", the group that Pam Prosser belongs to, and which is one of the few groups that can avoid the skimming done in Haiti, is having a lunch meeting May 2 at Bayview. Pam is the contact to reserve a spot at the lunch.

 This Day in History:

>>4/17/1521. Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Catholic Church for his "radical ideas".

>>4/17/1933. The "Call for Phillip Morris" commercial was first broadcast. Johnny Rovitini gave the call over background music from Ferde Grofe's "Grand Canyon Suite".

>>4/17/1956. Luis Aparicio (Chicago White Sox) and Don Drysdale (Dodgers) started their major league baseball careers. Both were also inducted in the Hall of Fame on the same date in August, 1984

>>4/17/1961. The CIA's major blunder, the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba was staged.

 Some famous persons born on this date: Nikita Khrushchev, J. P. Morgan, Thornton Wilder, Harry Reasoner, and Boomer Esiason.

 Our Program on April 10th was a talk about Social Security presented by Dan Fleak. Dan is a home office representative of Protective Insurance Group. His career is to instruct and help people with their retirement plans.

 He said that there are two questions that every client asks him. The first question is w hen is the right time to start receiving social Security benefits. With 94% of the people in America in the plan and qualifying for payments when they retire, he said the right time is controlled by the date that you die so there is no way to predict when an individual should start. Because of the increase in the lifespan of people, more people are getting payments for a longer period of time.

 The second question that every one asks is will the system run out of money. The trust fund holds 3.2 trillion dollars at the present time. If nothing is done to change the system, it will run out of money in 2037. To date, only in 2009 did the system pay out more than it received. By the year 2016 the program will pay out more money each month than it receives in payroll taxes. Congress can easily fix the system, but will delay until the last minute because it is a fix that requires an increase in payroll taxes.

 There are two dangers in the projections for the future of Social Security. One problem will be if there is a long period of unemployment. In 2009, results were bad because of unemployment. And the second fear is low interest rates. The growth of the trust fund is predicted using assumed interest rates, and if the actual rates are lower, the trust fund will be less.


Next Week: Camp Tanadoona


Social Security
by Tad Shaw

April 10, 2012


Today's program is about Social Security, and the speaker is Dan Fleak


Club News & Notes...  Greeter and Opening Marshal on 4/3/12 was Darel Leipold, and the collector of Happy Bucks was  Darel Leipold.. STRIVE this week -  the last session of the year... This weekend is the District Conference in Bloomington. Lots of good sessions. Contact Woody for more info... Time to remember the RI Foundation. This year, we could be a 100% club if everyone gave ...  If you miss a meeting, it's the Rotary tradition that you make up that meeting at another club within two weeks. It's fun to visit other clubs and see how different their meetings are handled. Each club has its own "personality". Ands the makeup card gives you credit for a meeting, keeping your attendance record at 100% - just like Bob Williams!


This date in History:

4/10/1849 Walter Hunt, an inventor from New York City, patented the safety pin.

4/10/1866. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was incorporated.

4/10/1912. The steamship Titanic set sail for New York from Southampton, England.

4/10/1916. The first professional golf tournament was held at Siwanoy Country Club, Bronxville, NY.

4/10/1961. Gary Player became the first foreign golfer to win the Masters Tournament in Augusta.

4/10/1970. Paul McCartney announced he was leaving the Beatles, breaking up the group.


Famous people born on this date: William Booth, Joseph Pulitzer, Bernard Gimbel, Martin Denny, Omar Sharif, Dandy Don Meredith, and Ken Griffey, Sr.


Our program on April 3rd was presented by Darel Leipold, and was a history of the short life of the steamship, Titanic.


The Titanic was the second of three ships (Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic) built in Ireland for White Star Lines. Completed in 1912, RMS Titanic left Southampton, England on its maiden voyage on April 10th. Many of the fittings on the three ships were the same, and all of the ships were very large, 882 feet long. On its first voyage ever, from England to New York, the Titanic struck an iceberg near Newfoundland and sank. There were fewer lifeboats than needed for the large number of people, and there was a large loss of life.


Other ships were in the area, one about 50 miles away, and they came to the area and picked up the survivors. Because of the severity of the damage, the ship did not remain floating very long (only 2 -1/2 hours), and the hull split in two before sinking. Much lore accompanies the sinking of the vessel, and there have been three movies made telling the story of the ship. Because it was the "latest" and the "safest", the maiden voyage was filled with elite passengers, and most of them did not survive. Of the 2,224 on the Titanic, 1514 did not survive.


The 100th Anniversary of the launching, maiden voyage, and sinking of Titanic is being observed on both sides of the Atlantic. In Belfast, where the ship was built and launched, a ceremony was held commemorating the launching. Many plays will be staged in England and Ireland, and a new museum in Southampton will be opened depicting 2000 years of sailing, and honoring the 538 city residents who died in the wreck. The 1997 movie "Titanic" is also being re-released in 3D at this time.


We marked the exact departure of the ship from the port of Southampton 100 years ago today at 7 AM this morning.


The Titanic
by Tad Shaw

April 3, 2012



Today's Program: The Titanic

Today's speaker:   Darel Leipold

  Club News & Notes ... Randy Schumacher was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Bob Williams collected Happy Bucks...   If you are tired of dealing with automated telephone systems, there is a website ( ) that tells you how to get directly to a human when calling the big companies. It works...  Delivering dictionaries to the 3rd graders is in process, and those who have participated in the process have really been impressed by the kids enthusiasm and response. A few openings left - contact Karen... Remember downtown Excelsior for Easter shopping!!!..Is your website info up to date?

 This Day in History: >>4/3/1860 - The Pony Express began service between St Joseph, MO and Sacramento, CA. >>4/3/1948 - President Truman sign the Marshall Plan into law, whereby the US provided $5 billion in aid to European countries. >>4/3/1998 - The Dow Jones Average ended the day above 9,000 for the first time. Some of the people born this day: Washington Irving, Henry Luce, Edward Everett Hale, William Tweed, Eddie Murphy, Tony Orlando, Wayne Newton (turns 69), and light 88 candles for the greatest one, Doris Day.

Our program on March 27th was presented by our president-elect, Tim Litfin. His term as president begins July 1.

 Tim introduced his board of directors, and told us of things to come during the 2012-2013 year, especially focusing on August's activities. There are three events planned for our club that month, and it is important that all of our members are involved in all of them.

 The first is the Tour de Tonka. This is a bike ride event that Tim started when he came to town, and which is very successful - over 2500 riders start at MHS and ride varying distances from 5 to 100 miles on a Saturday morning, this year August 4th. Volunteers from our club and elsewhere make it a smooth-running event.

 The new event is "Escape to Tanadoona", which occurs on Saturday, August 11st. A series of breakout sessions and "campfire events" and lunch is planned, with other Rotarians and the general public invited. Molly will be looking for plenty of help in setting that up.

 The third event is the annual Golf Fundraiser on Monday, a 27th. This event is co-sponsored with the A M club, and they have the major responsibilities this year, but Karen will need many volunteers to handle important tasks. Dinner and auction are part of the day, and this event is our major annual fundraiser.

Next week:    Dan Fleak will talk about Social Security, and Dick Osgood will be Greeter.



Tim Litfin
by Tad Shaw

March 27, 2012


Today's Program:  Tim Litfin Speaks.

              Greeter:     Randy Schumacher



Club News & Notes ... Bob Boyer was Greeter and Opening Marshal on 3/20, and Bob Humphrey collected Happy Bucks... MHS is on Spring Break, so there is no Strive this week. Next (and last) session is April 12th.. Welcome to Nina Stark: great to have her back!!!... Amy Mook is done with her chemo treatments, and returned Sunday from the warmth of Florida. She will be starting radiation treatments shortly... Many members gave fine tributes to John Huber, whose funeral was the 19th. He was our club's president in 1962-3, very active in the club for years, and was one of the leaders is starting the Rotary Club in Mound... Our bus project in Haiti is soooooo close to completion according to Jean Gray... Anoop Agrawal, our exchange student from India a few years ago, received his MBA last week. Now he says he has to go to work!.


This Day in History:   3/27/1794>> The U S Congress authorized the creation of the U S Navy. 3/27/1836>> The first Mormon Temple was built (in Kirtland, Ohio). 3/27/1939>> The first NCAA basketball tournament ended with Oregon winning over Ohio State, 46-33. 3/27/1998>>. The FDA approved the use of the drug Viagra.  3/27/2007>>. Instant replay became a permanent officiating tool in the NFL. Famous persons with 3/27 as birthdate: Mariah Carey, Gloria Swanson, Sir Henry Royce, PeeWee Russell, and Sarah Vaughan.


Our program on 3/20 was a presentation by Christine Berger of the Realtors Association. She is a lobbyist for the Realtors PAC, and a graduate economist. Her talk centered on the recent recession.


She started her presentation by asking if any of us knew what "NBER" was. Hearing no yeses, she explained that the NBER: National Bureau of Economic Advisors, is a non-government bureau that declares when a downturn in the economy qualifies as a recession. They have 5 standards that they use which are published data from our government. They are (1) the quarterly Gross Domestic Product report, (2) Personal Income Report (minus transfers), (3) employment, (4) Industrial production, and (5) Sales Volume.


Christine showed us charts for each of the above standards, and asked if we thought that the NBER was correct in their choice of dates considering the data on each of the charts. The consensus was that in the narrow definition that they use, the board had chosen the correct dates for the recent recession. The recovery period from the recession has been longer than expected, so it seems to many of us that we're still in a recession.


And, speaking to her specialty, real estate is slower to recover than other businesses, but there are signs of health.


Next Week: The Titanic Darel Leipold

                        Greeter:     Darel Leipold

Chris Galler
by Tad Shaw

March 20, 2011



Today's Program: Real Estate Trends

                                Chris Galler, CEO of MN Realtors

                                Greeter:  Bob Boyer



Club News & Notes ... Jim Cada was our greeter last week, and the Happy Bucks person was Randy Schumacher... Happy Spring... It was a good STRIVE meeting last Thursday, with a talk about ethics from Pastor Hugh Gilmore.... What I call "(Th)3" (which represents the words Thirsty, Third, and Thursday in some order or other) occurred last Thursday at Hazellwood. A good time was had by all. It's nice to be at a Rotary gathering where we're not being asked to donate to some worthy cause other than for our own comfort...


This Date in History: >3/20/1852. The book "Uncle Tom's Cabin", by Harriet Beecher Stowe was first published. >3/20/1896. U S Marines landed in Nicaragua in the wake of a revolution there. >3/20/1964. The game show, "Jeopardy", debuted on NBC-TV. >3/20/1969. John Lennon married Yoko Ono, thereby enshrining her names in crossword puzzles forever. Births of notable persons on this date: Spike Lee, Ovid, Carl Reiner, Bobby Orr, Henrik Ibsen, John Ehrlichman, Lauritz Melchior, Larry Elgart, Ozzie Nelson, (Fred) Mr. Rogers, and Marian McPartland.

Next week:

3/27:  "Tim Litfin Presents", greeter: Randy Schumacher

 Our program on March 13th was a presentation on the Rotary Foundation, given by Tim Murphy, who is a member of the Edina Club, and the district chair. He made an excellent Powerpoint presentation using data from the past five years.


He first explained the two Rotary Foundations that our club supports, the club foundation which is controlled by trustees who are members of our club, and the Rotary International Foundation that is supported by all Rotarians, and makes grants from the RI headquarters in Chicago. All of the monies donated to the RI Foundation are deposited in the bank for three years before any is given as grants. The interest on the deposits is used to pay/offset any expenses of the foundation, so every penny donated can and does go to charitable projects.


Tim showed that 63 projects have been done by RI in the past three years, with a cost of  $3,400,000. Included in the total are $2,000,000 for Safe Water Projects in Africa, plus projects in Asia, Latin and South America, and Europe. Our purchase of the school bus for the orphanage in Haiti is on the list as one of the uncompleted projects, but Jean Gray feels confident it will be completed shortly.


Also highlighted in his presentation was the fact that Rotary International Foundation is always at or near the top of the charity organizations in terms of efficiency - more of the money received goes for grants than in other groups.


Our club is a 100% club; that is, all of our members donate, and this year we would like to see a net increase in our club's donation by 50%.



Rotary Foundation
by Tad Shaw

March 13, 2012



Today's Program: Tim Murphy - The Rotary Foundation

                  Greeter:  Jim O'Cada



Club News & Notes ... On the 6th, Greeter and Opening Marshal Jerry O'Brecke started the meeting, and the Leprechauns' Pot of Happy Bucks Gold was enriched thru the efforts of  Bob O'Williams and Nick O'Ruehl... Are all of your clocks set to Daylight Time? What about your internal clock - are you still waking up an hour late?... The nominating committee's report was received by the club during the meeting, and the members voted unanimously for the following officers for 7-1-12 to 6-30-13: Secretary, Theresa Zerby, Treasurer, Bob Boyer, President, Tim Litfin, and president-elect, Molly Swenson... A reminder that T3 aka "Third Thirsty Thursday" (or is it Third Thursday Thirsty - or "Thirsty Third Thursday" or - oh, well, just call it "Thirsty Thirsty Thirsty") is this Thursday (3/15) at Hazellwood ... And STRIVE this week at 10 AM.


Today in History: >3/13/1781 The planet Uranus was discovered; >3/13/1852 -The cartoon character "Uncle Sam" first appeared in the New York Lantern; >3/13/1868 - the first day of the Senate's impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson; >3/13/1925 - Tennessee enacted a law forbidding the teaching of evolution in the state schools. >3/13/1947 - Lerner & Loewe's musical "Brigadoon" opened on Broadway. Born on March 13 were Johan Santana, Neil Sedaka, Sammy Kaye, and William Casey.

Our program on March 6th was a Club Assembly, and a presentation on Presbyterian Homes by Rob Lahammer,

 In the club assembly portion of the program, the slate of new officers was presented and elected by club members present. See above.

 Jerry Brecke then introduced Rob Lahammer who is in charge of what used to be called Twin Birch, but is now called "Lake Minnetonka Shores". With lakeshore on Minnetonka in Island Park, the facility has been greatly expanded and modernized recently, and provides a wide range of services to their clients. Activities available span a full typewritten page.

 Rob's message to us was about the direction that the long term care industry is heading. Fewer facilities are providing "nursing home care" because of the current focus on home care, and assisted living care. To break even, nursing homes and assisted living units have to reach out to the homebound, and provide services that seniors and disabled persons need. The successful health care facility now has to be creative and community-oriented to survive.

Rob is a very enthusiastic member of the Presbyterian Homes family, and many of our members have had family or friends at his  facility, which is one of the 56 campuses operated by the Christian-based nonprofit.

How's your I. Q.? (That's Irish Quotient)



1.  What is Ireland's official color?  

a.      Red            b.  Blue     c.  Green              d.   Silver


2.   What does the green stripe on the flag represent?       

a.      Protestants            b.  Catholics     c.   The green fields of the land   d. It doesn't mean anything


3.    According to Irish myth, what weapon can be used against      fairies?

a.      Fire and iron     b  Money     c. None   d. Words


4.     What is blarney?

a.      Lies   b.Flattery so thin we like it  c.  Gaelic

d.        Insults


5.      The formorians are the evil gods of Irish myth. Where was their center?

a.      Cork   b.  Arklow, county Wicklow   c.  Tory Island

d.      Northern Ireland


6.      When was divorce made legal in Ireland?

                  a.    Never   b. 1922   c.  1963   d.  1997


7.      When are pubs in Ireland closed?

                  a.    Sundays    b.  Good Friday and Christmas  

                  c. Never   d.  Ash Wednesday


8.       How many pubs are located in the Republic of Ireland?  

                  a.  1463     b   9939    c.  192    c.  6754

9.       What plant brings bad luck when brought into an Irish house?

                  a.  Whitethorn    b. Shamrock   c. Garlic   d.  None


10.     How many counties in the Republic of Ireland?

                  a.  32    b.  26    c.  40   d.  15


11.     What is the largest city in the Republic of Ireland?

                  a.  Cork   b.  Tralee   c.  Dublin   d.  Belfast


12.     To the nearest million, what is the population of the Republic of Ireland?

                   a. 4    b.  20   c.  10   d.  25


13.       Where was St Patrick's Day first celebrated in the U.S.?

                   a. Philadelphia   b. Washington DC   c. Los Angeles              

                   d. Boston


14.       What or who did St Patrick drive out of Ireland?

                   a. St. Timothy   b. the snakes   c. The Jameson family

                   d. John DeLorean.       


Non-Irish questions:

15.         A group of ants is called a "colony of ants". What is

        a group of baboons called?     ________________


16          A group of monkeys is called a "troop of monkeys".    

              What s a group of sparrows called?   _________


17.         Was there an American president born in Canada?


18.         What town claims to be "The Toilet Paper Capital of the World"?



                        IQ Quiz answers


1.         b.            Blue

2.         b.            Roman Catholics

3.         a.            Fire and Iron

4.         b            Flattery so thin we like it

5.         c.            Tory Island

6.         d.            1997

7.         b.            Good Friday & Christmas

8.         b.            9939

9.         a.            Whitethorn

10.       b.            26 (32 if you include Northern Ireland)

11.       c            Dublin

12.       a.            4

13.       d            Boston

14.       b            the snakes

15.              a troop

16.              a host  

17.              Chester A Arthur was born in Fairfield, VT., but opponents claimed he was actually born at his grandmother's home just across the border in Dunham, Quebec. (sound familiar?)        

18.              Green Bay, Wisconsin

Club Assembly
by Tad Shaw

March 6, 2012



Today's Program: Club Assembly

                  Greeter:  Jerry Brecke


Club News & Notes ….. At our last meeting, Scott Zerby was Greeter and Opening Marshal….. Lots of local visitors joined us to hear about the Excelsior Commons Band Shell Project….. The Visitor of the Day, however, was our own international traveler and former member Amy Mook. Great to see her!!….. Next Sunday marks the start of Daylight Savings Time. Be prepared to "Spring Forward!"….. If you miss a meeting, you are expected to attend a make-up meeting at another club. When you attend, they will give you a makeup card that you give to our club secretary, Theresa Zerby. Bring back a copy of the program for me – I'm always looking for ideas to improve our bulletin. Thanks.



This Date in History: 3/6/1836 – The Battle of the Alamo ended after a 13-day siege. 3/6/1857 – US Supreme Court published the Dred Scott decision. 3/6/1933 – FDR declared a nationwide bank holiday. 3/6/1944 – The Allies staged the first bombing raid on Berlin. Famous people born on March 6th: Alan Greenspan, Shaquille O'Neal, Rob Reiner, Ring Lardner, Michelangelo, Cyrano de Bergerac, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Nikolay Rimsky Korsakov, and Oscar Strauss.

Our Program on February 28th was a rundown of the activities since the start of the recent Commons Bandshell Improvement Committee. Most of our club members knew that our club, the morning club, and the City of Excelsior had established a joint project to consider improvements to the band shell. Funding for a feasibility study was split between the three interested groups. Input has been received from interested parties, and the head of the feasibility study, Kim Snyder of Excelsior Bay Group, spoke to our club about the progress of the effort to date.


The committee has a wide range of information to assemble before they will be in a position to make any decisions about a new or remodeled bandshell. There are issues about who would use a better bandshell, how the project would be financed, how it fits into the comprehensive plan for the city of Excelsior, how it would affect the neighbors, what would be the effect on the ambiance of the commons park, and how it would effect the overall usage of the park. Members in the Q & A period brought up additional issues, including asking whether we needed to make any changes at all.


Research into recently built bandshells in the region showed a wide range of plans, prices and amenities.


Issues to be addressed by the committee are shown on the website,


Next Week: Tim Murphy: The Rotary Foundation.

Excelsior Band Shell
by Tad Shaw

February 28, 2012



Today's Program: The Commons BandShell Project.

                  Greeter:  Scott Zerby


Club News & Notes ….. On the 21st our Opening Marshal and Greeter was Jerry Martin, and collector of Happy Bucks was Steve Frazier….. STRIVE this Thursday: 9 AM….. March 3rd at Bayview is the Chamber of Commerce's Party of the Year. Reservations by Thursday; join a large group from our club and the AM club….. When was the last time you bought something in downtown Excelsior? Good shops, good people and good deals await!!!….. Adele's is opening on Thursday. Frozen custard is available again in Excelsior……



February 28th in history: >In 1827, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was incorporated. >In 1854, the Republican Party was founded in Ripon, Wisconsin. >In 1972, President Nixon was ending his visit to China. Famous persons born on 2/28: Gavin MacLeod, Mario Andretti, Bubba Smith, Linus Pauling, Milton Caniff, and Zero Mostel.

Our program on 2/21 was a presentation on the proposal for a racino in Minnesota. A racino is a combined race track and casino, and in the present proposal one would be at Canterbury, and one at Running Acres Harness Park.Jeff Hilger, owner of Blue Valley Farm in Stillwater, and Rosemary Higgins were the presenters for the group supporting the proposal.


There are 60,000 horse owners in the state, and over 155,000 horses at present.  The horse business is a billion dollar industry in Minnesota, and allowing racinos would enhance the business. Part of the proceeds of the new gambling, which would be managed by the Minnesota Lottery, would go to enhance the purses at the racing events at the two tracks, as well as funds would be dedicated to other elements of the horse business. Their plan would net $250,000,000 in added tax revenue for the State of Minnesota.


There are two groups who oppose this plan, and they have prevented the bill from being introduced in the legislature. One of the groups is composed of the anti-gaming people, and the other is made up of the owners of the present casinos.


Questions from the audience included the issues of gambling addiction, and where the money would come from.


Greeters: March 6: Jerry Brecke, March 13: Jim Cada, March 20: Bob Boyer, March 27: Randy Schumacher


Racino : Jeff Hilger
by Tad Shaw

February 21. 2012



Today's Program:  Jeff Hilger - Racino Legislation in MN

                  Greeter:   Jerry Martin



Club News & Notes .. Greeter and Opening Marshal on 2-14 was  Dick Glover, and Happy Bucks were collected by John Hotvet ..

The local chamber's Party of The Year is drawing near; tickets and reservations by March 1 for the party on March 3rd...  Today is Shrove Tuesday, the day of Mardi Gras, and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent... When you miss a meeting, Rotary's rules say that you attend a makeup meeting at another club. These experiences are always good - attending another club's meeting give you a different perspective on Rotary, and we as a club have benefited from many good ideas that were discovered by one of our members at a makeup meeting.


This Date in History: 2-21-1878: First telephone directory published in New Haven, Conn.; 2-21-1885: Washington Monument in D.C. was dedicated and opened to the public; 2-21-1925: New Yorker Magazine made its debut; 2-21-1947: Edward Land's revolutionary instant camera was introduced to the public: each black and white photo was developed in 60 seconds; 2-21-1972: Nixon left the US on his trip to China. Famous persons born on this date: Andres Segovia, Santa Anna, John Henry Cardinal Newman, Anais Nin, W. H. Auden, and Kelsey Grammer.


Next week: Program: Update on the Band Shell

                     Greeter: Scott Zerby.

Our program on Valentine's Day was presented by The Miracles of Mitch Foundation, located in Chanhassen.


Mitchell Chepokis was a nine-year old victim of cancer. He died in April, 2003. The Christmas before his death, he asked his family to donate all of his money and gifts to the other kids in the cancer ward because many of them were without the strong support system that he had. From this act the foundation was born. There is a long list of sponsoring organizations, including Cargill and Chanhassen Rotary, that help the foundation provide funds for support of the families of cancer victims. The families are provided with financial aid so they can visit and encourage their child; summer camps are provided, fully staffed medically, so that the kids can have a week at camp; and individual families are given a "Pampered in Pink Weekend" (remember that promotion?) at a hotel adjacent to the Mall of America.


In 2004, the group sponsored a Kids' Triathlon and 300 kids participated. The event has really grown, and raised $600,000 last year. This year the goal is $750,000, and the triathlon event is now held in two locations: on August 4th at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, and on August 18th at Lake Ann in Chanhassen. The format is the standard sponsorship event with kids raising money by pledges. Kids from 6 to 17 participate in the event, and every finisher gets a medal at an afternoon award ceremony. The day of the event is filled with activities that kids enjoy.


They also have a Twins baseball event, and a gala dinner fundraiser on New Year's Eve every year.


Check out their website:


Miracles of Mitch Foundation
by Tad Shaw

February 14, 2012



Today's Program:     Miracle of Mitch Foundation

                   Greeter: Dick Glover


Club News & Notes ... Opening marshal and greeter on the 7th was Tim Litfin and collector of Happy Bucks was Tim Litfin ..

August is Club Service Month. Events planned include (August 4) Tour de Tonka, (August 18) Escape to Tanadoona Day, and (August 27) the combined Excelsior Rotary Clubs'golf outing fund raiser. Volunteer openings available for all of the above as of this date... Still time to purchase an appropriate Valentine's Day present or two... The annual Chamber "Party of the Year" is coming up March 3rd. The two Rotary Clubs will be honored as Community Heroes for their many local projects. Woody says: "Be there!" Reservations by 3/1 and cost is $100.00 per couple... Next Wednesday, February 22nd, is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, as well as the actual birth anniversary of George Washington. Next Monday (the 20th) is a holiday, President's Day.


This date in history: 14/1859 - Oregon was admitted to the union as the 33rd state, and on 2/14/1912, Arizona became the 48th state; 2/14/1920 - the League of Women Voters was founded in Chicago; 2/14/1929 - the St Valentine's Massacre happened in Chicago. Famous persons born on this date: Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, Woody Hayes, George Jean Nathan, Jack Benny(39), Hugh Downs(90), Drew Bledsoe(39), and John Hotvet.


  Our program was presented by our member and Resident Historian, Darel Leipold. His talk was about the history of the Ford Motor Company, and Henry Ford.


You need a chart to follow all of the ins and outs of the corporate history of Ford Motor Company. It was formed on August 6, 1902 in Detroit. Henry Ford was of English descent, although he was born in Ireland. He built his first horseless carriage in 1896, and had to tear out a wall of the shed it was built in to get the vehicle out.


He built two race cars in 1902, and hired Barney Oldfield as driver of the second one. The Model T was developed in 1907, and assembly of the model began in December, 1908.


In 1922, 50% of the vehicles on the road were built by Ford Motor Company.


Henry Ford at one time owned 51% of the company, but he also owned 100% of a tractor company, Henry Ford & Son, Inc., which made the Fordson tractor line. Operating separately from 1917 to 1920, the Fordson tractor had 70% of the tractor market in the US. The son in the company name, by the way, was Edsel Ford. The company was merged into the bigger company, and the Ford Company made Fordson tractors until 1964. At the beginning, some Minneapolis investors formed a company and built Ford Tractors, but they didn't get permission from Ford to use the name and dropped their effort after manufacturing a few units.


Ford Motor Company
by Tad Shaw

February 7, 2012



Today's Program: Ford Motors - A Verbal History

                                 Darel Leipold

                Greeter:    Tim Litfin


Club News & Notes: ...On the last day of January, Don Draayer was Greeter & Opening Marshal, and Ron "Birthday Boy" Kaufman did Happy Bucks...  (Th)3   - known to our club members as "Thirsty Third Thursday" - will be initiated on February 16th at Hazellwood during cocktail hour. 'Tis a new monthly social event for our club... The Chamber's "Party of the Year " is March 3rd; always a fun event, this year's theme will be Celebrating Summer... Attendance has been very good during the "Snowbird Season". Definition of a Minnesota Snowbird is strikingly different this year. A Minnesota Snowbird is someone who leaves Minnesota in search of snow during the winter... Our next meeting is on St. Valentine's Day, February 14th. The local Excelsior merchants have a number of excellent gifts for your sweetheart - shop them!


This date in History:   Happenings: 2/7/1944 - Germany launched the Anzio counter-offensive. 2/7/1974 - Grenada won its independence from Britain.  Famous birth anniversaries: Charles Dickens, John Deere, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Alfred Adler, Eubie Blake, Buster Crabbe, Gay Talese (79), Garth Brooks(49), and Chris Rock(46).

Our program for 1/31/12 was given by Blane Driscoll. He talked about weight loss, and methods to make a weight loss permanent.


His first point was to tell us that each pound of fat is 3500 calories. The way to reduce your weight is to increase your burning of calories daily, or to reduce your daily intake of calories. It is not quite as simple as that, however.


Just like when quitting smoking, it takes a mental change to be successful. To quit smoking, you have to train your subconscious mind to think you are a nonsmoker, and your body, in about 25 days, will have accepted that as a fact, and your smoking will end. To lose weight, you have to either increase your activity, or reduce your calorie intake. When you reset the sensors in your brain, it takes about 20 to 25 days before the body accepts the lower calorie intake and the weight loss begins. One way to reset the sensors in the brain is to use hypnosis, where the change is immediate, but it still takes time for the weight to go away.



Next week:

   Greeter:   Dick Glover





ID Theft
by Tad Shaw

January 31, 2012


Today's Program: Hypnotism & Weight Control

                                 Blane Driscoll

                  Greeter:  Don Draayer


Club News & Notes. .. Molly Swenson was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and her identical twin, Molly Swenson (sound like the Bob Newhart TV show?) collected Happy Bucks... Costa Rican coffee has exceptional flavor, and a cup of it is one of the best morning gifts to your self. See Molly Swenson for a pound or two of fundraising coffee to help fund MHS students to the rain forest project... Morning club's wine, hors d'oeuvres  and silent auction is February 2nd... Reminder: Valentine's Day is two weeks from today... The big weather event of the year is Thursday - Groundhog Day... If you miss a Rotary meeting, you can now make-up on line. See the RI website (which you can get to thru our club website)... Don Draayer spoke to the kids at STRIVE on Thursday. Next STRIVE session is this Thursday at 9 AM.... Remember the Rotary Foundation: time is nearing for the annual campaign.


On this date:   In 1865, Robert E Lee took command of the Confederate armies. In 1944, the US invaded the Japanese-held Marshall Islands. In 1949, NBC (Chicago) broadcast the first daytime TV soap opera, "These Are My Children". In 1990, McDonald's opened its first fast food unit in Moscow, Russia. Born on this date: Zane Grey, Anna Pavlova, Eddie Cantor, John O'Hara, Jackie Robinson, Carol Channing, Ernie Banks, Nolan Ryan, and Ron Kaufman...

Our speaker on January 24th was Kerry Meagher. He is an attorney who is certified as an expert on identity theft. There are about 27,000 new cases of identity theft in the U. S. each and every day. The worldwide cost of ID theft is over $67,5 billion dollars per year.


ID theft is very lucrative and fairly safe for the criminal. Ten million social security numbers are stolen every 6 weeks, and about 2 pieces of critical data per person have been breached since 2005. We've all heard about the financial problems when your identity is stolen, but there are other uses for identity information that can become far more embarrassing and cause you to be held by the police. People with revoked driving privileges use other people's information to get a drivers license and thereby stay on the road. The ID theft victim finds out when he is arrested for unpaid tickets, or goes to renew his own license. Data is used to get credit cards issued, and the victim finds out only when a lawsuit or collector lands on his doorstep.


ID theft of social security numbers of children is fast growing, because the thieves know that it will be 10 or more years before the thefts will come to light; children don't generally check their credit scores until they enroll in college


Mr. Meagher left us each a handout that gives 21 things to do to avoid identity theft. On the card are websites and telephone numbers that are helpful both before and after your identity has been compromised. There are at least two members of our club who have been victims of Identity Theft.


The Federal Trade Commission has an informative website: 

Don Draayer, the Author
by Tad Shaw

January 17, 2012


Today's Program: Mike Max from WCCO

                  Greeter: Bob Humphrey



Club News & Notes ...Randy "Justice for All" Schumacher was greeter on the 10th, and David Peterka was Happy Bucks collector... Today in History: 1/17/1893 - Hawaii's monarch was deposed ; 1/17/1946 - the UN Security Council held its first meeting; 1/17/1994 - a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Southern California; 1/17/1995 - a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Japan. Birthdays on this date: Dr. Tom Dooley, Robert M. Hutchins, Glenn Martin, Mack Sennett, David Lloyd George, Anne Bronte, Al Capone, Kid Rock, Betty White, Michelle Obama, and Ben Franklin... The inventive duo of Woody Love and Terry Roeser have come up with "Thirsty Third Thursday", a monthly gathering at Hazellwood for a social time for our members. First one is projected on the15th of February... No STRIVE this week - semester finals at MHS - so the next meeting will be 10 AM on the 26th... Have you been to the club website recently. Our address is and you never know what you might find there!!..President-elect Tim Litfin did a good job in Woody's absence...


Next Week:

      Greeter:  Molly Swenson


Our Program on the 10th was a talk by our own member, author Don Draayer. He has recently written and published a children's book. His talk was principally about the challenges a self-publishing author faces.


The first challenge is to write the material. Normally, once a book is accepted by a publisher, they take over and do all of the printing, promotion, and such. If you.are self-publishing, all of these  burdens fall on your shoulders. The first problem is to find an appropriate artist who will do the illustrations in a children's book. The ideal answer was former club member, Al Tollefson, who did a masterful job of visualizing and drawing the main characters. Don then contacted a firm that helps self-publishers and found them to be very helpful - almost too much so. Don told us that he had 13 calls with proposals for special promotion programs when his book hit the streets.


His story was surrounded by reference to the beginnings of his life in Hollandale, MN., where his grandparents and parents had farms, and where he and the other kids were taught strong personal values - religion, honesty, hard work, and such - values which have lasted for his lifetime.




Mike Max
by Tad Shaw

January 10, 2012


Today's Program: Don Draayer, the Author

Greeter: Randy Schumacher

Club News & Notes..... Darel Leipold was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Tim Litfin collected Happy Bucks…… Today in History: 1/10/1776 – Thomas Paine published his tract, "Common Sense"; 1/10/1861 – Florida seceded from the Union; 1/10/1870 – John D Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil; 1/10/1920 – the League of Nations was established; 1/10/1946 – first meeting of the general assembly of the United Nations was held in London. Famous birthdays on this date: George Foreman, Frank Sinatra, JR (now 67), Ray Bolger, Paul Henreid, and Scott Dykhoff….. District 5950 Rotary Workshop this weekend (Saturday 8 to 1 PM) at the Arboretum. Still time to register, and a great way to learn about the Rotary legacy and Rotary future….. Excelsior Hockey Blast MN is January 21. A great promo to get winter people (and their money) to town….. By the way, are you helping support the stores in Excelsior? I bought 60% of my Christmas gifts in town. There also are great restaurants in town for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Support our local small businesses everyday, not just on Small Business Saturday.

Next week: Our program:

Greeter : Bob Humphrey

Our Program  on January 3rd was presented by Bill Wenmark. Bill is a familiar face around the area, as he has been on the Minnetonka School Board, and is active in a number of school and local area activities. He came to talk about some of his activities, especially ALARC, and the New Year's Day Ice Dive at Bayview.

The ice dive began 22 years ago, when Bill and 7 others started it at Lake Minnetonka. The location of the dive has varied through the years, but now is permanently at Bayview. Over 950 people "took a dive" this year, down from last year's record. Bill says that the weather conditions on New Year's Day controls the number who dive. Fifteen below with a –30 wind chill cuts into the crowd, and the chill on the first this year had its effect. There are three persons who have made the dive 20 or more years. The money made by the dive has gone to a number of local and national charitable programs, with this year's proceeds benefiting "Semper Fi", an organization that provides continuing support to US Marines with serious disabilities caused in combat.

In the 22 years of diving, only one injury has occurred: a young woman who was jumping in a diving threesome misheard the count, and jumped before her partners and dislocated her shoulder. There are a full complement of emergency experts at each jump: police, EMT, ambulance personnel, and there are always a few doctors among the jumpers.

Bill is also a marathon runner, and in 1976 he established ALARC, which is an organization that prepares people to be successful in running events. The website is Pictures of the recent divers are posted on the site. They also have a Facebook page.

January 3, 2012
by Tad Shaw


 January 3, 2012



Today's Program:

                  Greeter: Randy Schumacher



Club News & Notes ... John Ferm was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Jim Olds did Happy Bucks... We had a full house plus for the 12-27 meeting! A good turnout of members and guests to hear Philip Litfin describe his recent assignment in the Middle East...  Today in History: 1/03/1959 - Alaska became the 49th state; 1/03/1521 - Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church; 01/03/1938 - the March of Dimes was started to fund research to find a cure for polio; 1/03/1961 -  the US severed diplomatic relations with Cuba. Notable birthdays: Father Damien, Clement Attlee, J R R Tolkein, Eli Manning, and Bobby Hull... Rotary District Meeting is coming up on January 14th. Contact Woody. It's a good place for new Rotarians to go to learn more about what Rotary really is... Jerry Brecke announced that we met our goal for the Chimbote textbook project, so the paperwork is proceeding to Rotary International for the matching grants. Result of our $2,000 donation: $32,000-plus for textbooks for students/schools in Chimbote, Peru...


Next week:


  Greeter  Randy Schumacher



Our program on December 27th was a talk by Lt. Philip Litfin, USN, who has just returned from a tour of duty in the Middle East. As you know, Philip is the son of our member, Tim Litfin, and graduated from the U S Naval Academy a few years ago. He went through flight training at Pensacola, Fl., and was assigned for a seven-month tour of duty piloting reconnaissance flights over the Persian Gulf, and the other waters surrounding the Arabian Peninsula and Eastern Africa. During this tour, he flew enough miles to circle the globe 17 times.


He flies the P-3, a revision of the old Lockheed Electra, one of the early propjet airliners. They are equipped as anti-submarine and reconnaissance planes, and each flight is a ten-hour flight over an area of very troubled waters. Part of the area borders on Somalia, so there are boatloads of pirates to find and discourage from any violence, and there are two extremely important sealanes that must be kept open to insure the shipment of oil from the Arabian oil wells.


Philip gave a short synopsis of the political situation involving the Shiite and the Sunnis, and he said that they feel that they have a God-given right to control traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, a narrowing of the waters between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Sea. It is in the international interest to keep this narrow passage free from national control by any country, and his squadron's flights over the area provide instant knowledge if any attempt by Iran was started. On Thursday, an article in the Star Trib said that Iran is making threats to close the strait again.


Philip is now reassigned to Jacksonville as a flight instructor where he will train new pilots on the P-3, and, as they are obsolete, will be in the training phase for the replacement planes which are planes in the Boeing 737 series., the P-8.



Lt Com Philip Litfin
by Tad Shaw




December 27, 2011


Today's Program: Philip Litfin, USN

          Greeter:    John Ferm



Club News & Notes ... Greeter and Opening Marshal on 12/20 was Tom Anderson, and the Happy Bucks were collected by Jeremy Huisheere... Nick Ruehl reminded us of Hockey Day in Excelsior (January 21st) and indicated the role that the two Rotary Clubs will play in the day. A volunteer signup is sure to appear very soon. It sounds like quite a day for the town.. There is a district Rotary meeting on January 14th, and it would be good to have some of the new members go to find out more about Rotary. Contact Woody for info.. This day in history: 12/27/1932 - Radio City Music Hall opened to the public; 12/27/1927 - Jerome Kern's "Showboat" premiered on Broadway, and 12/27/1970 "Hello Dolly" closed on Broadway after 2,844 performances; and 12/27/1947 TV program "Howdy Doody" debuted on NBC-TV. Cokie Roberts and Marlene Dietrich share today as birthdate... Only 363 shopping days until Christmas... Remember the Rotary Foundation with a donation before the end of the year - tax-deduction, you know.


Future Greeters:

January 3                      Ron Hughes

January 10                    Randy Schumacher

January 17                    Bob Humphrey




Our Program on December 20th was a presentation by Tiffany Hartert about fitness. Tiffany is the daughter of Karen and Steve Frazier, and has been a guest at our lunch a number of times, as have her two daughters.


Tiffany is an energetic and enthusiastic positive attitude person, and she reflected that in her presentation. She's a Minnetonka High School alum, and teaches fitness classes at Lifetime as well as being a personal trainer. Her style and positive attitude make her one of the most popular fitness teachers in the Lifetime system.


She said that there are three elements in a good lifestyle; exercise, proper food choices, and attitude. By exercise, she didn't necessarily mean exercycles, treadmills or pushups. She said that any activity can be considered exercise: mowing the lawn, walking, participation in athletics; she said that exercise without fun is a waste. An especially good exercise is swimming.


Proper food choices doesn't need to include a diet. Careful selection of food in type and quantity does more than a formal diet to keep a person in condition. Moderation is the key word.


Lastly, point three was attitude. A good, positive attitude goes a long distance in keeping you healthy.


Happy New Year


          Our website:

Physical Fitness
by Tad Shaw

December 20, 2011

Today's Program: Fitness/ Tiffany Hartert

Greeter/Opening Marshal: Darel Leipold


ClubNews & Notes….. Greeter and Opening Marshal was Dick Glover, and Happy Bucks were collected by Darel Leipold….. On December 6th, we were updated on the current efforts to help the people of Chimbote, Peru. Jerry Brecke announced that we have a project to augment our earlier library project in Chimbote. If we raise $2,000, we can provide text books for classes in the barrio schools and help improve the education that is delivered to the kids. With matches and grants, our donation will provide $26,000 in books and educational supplies. Jerry will probably be calling you to help fill out the $2,000. The hope for the future in Chimbote is the education of the kids….. Darel and LaVerna celebrated 40 years as shopkeepers in downtown Excelsior last week, and John and Sandy Hotvet are celebrating 50 years of marriage this week….. This day in history: 12/20/11750 – the first cotton mill in the US was opened; 12/20/1803 – the Louisiana Purchase was formally completed. Birthdays of note: Harvey Firestone, Irene Dunne, and Max Lerner.


Next week: Philip Litfin will brief us on his recent overseas tour of duty.

Greeter/Opening Marshal: John Ferm


Our Program on the 13th was the annual concert by the Minnetonka High School Concert Choir. The choir, composed of 59 seniors and juniors at the school, is directed by Paula Holmberg, The program that was done for us was a part of their winter concert, and included songs of the season.         

The Chamber Singers, a select group of 19 of the choir members, sang three Christmas songs, including an energetic version of Jingle Bells. Also doing a special version of The Twelve Days of Christmas was a barber shop quartet from within the group. The entire choir sang a number of songs, including a Gloria, Gaudete Omnes, and Earth Song. The program ended with the traditional Choral Benediction, which was preceded by two surprises.

The entire choir sang Jai Hoi (Victory Dance), part of the theme music from the movie, Slumdog Millionaire. And the closing selection was Merry Christmas Past, which was written by our own Bob Williams (who will celebrate his 90th birthday on Saturday).

Program rating on the TMT (Troublemakers' Table) Scale: 10. Merry Christmas to all!!!!            

DONATE to the RI Foundation by 12/31/11, and it is a deduction this tax year! And Rotary International will disburse 100% of your money to approved projects in 2014. Website:

Christmas Concert
by Tad Shaw

December 13, 2011


Today's Program: Christmas Concert
                        Minnetonka High School Choir
                        Greeter: Tom Anderson


Club News & Notes ..... Dick Osgood was Opening Marshal and Greeter on 12/6, and Tad Shaw collected Happy Bucks..... Cathy Maes showed us a picture of the new American Flag that the ICA has just purchased. You'll remember that she had borrowed a flag from another service organization for our meeting there, and we took up a collection so they could own their own..... Don Draayer has written a children's book that is now on the market; as with any writing published by the thoughtful and considerate Don, proceeds go to the Minnetonka School Foundation for Excellence..... Good to see as luncheon  guests Pook Grathwol, Cathy Maes, two prospective members, and Norm Larson's son..... All of the chairs were full for our meeting again; pretty soon we'll have to have reservations! Great to see all of our members showing up..... This date in history: 12/13/1769 - Dartmouth College in New Hampshire received its charter (shortly after, our own Jim Olds began his college career there); 12/13/2007 - Dow Jones & Co was taken over by Rupert Murdock's company. Famous birthdays on this date: Archie Moore, (Sgt.) Alvin York, Marc Connelly, Carlos Montoya, Ben Bernanke, John Davidson, and Dick Van Dyke.


Upcoming Opening Marshals/Greeters:
         December 20         Darel (Santa Claus) Leipold
         December 27         John Ferm
         January 3             Ron Hughes
         January 10            Randy Schumacher


 Our Program on 12/3 was about the situation in Chimbote, Peru. The history: in 1971, Father Jack Davis, a catholic priest from the Fargo, ND. diocese, went on assignment to a poverty-ridden parish in Chimbote, Peru. His efforts to help the 40,000 people in his barrio parish have been aided by at least 5 U S Rotary Clubs, church congregations, countless individuals and other groups. Tony and Dorothy Brama spoke to our club last week and brought us up to date.

Tony and Dorothy became involved in helping Chimbote when they joined the group finding items to include in the two containers sent down yearly from the Twin Cities. They are members of St Michael's parish in Prior Lake (Prior Lake Rotary was the first Rotary in the Greater Twin Cities to organize to help Father Jack). They have been down to Peru a number of times. They presented a video showing aspects of the help being provided from the US.

Currently, there are 7 soup kitchens that provide 2900 meals a week - the only food for many kids in the area. There is a micro-lending program to help individuals start or improve their own businesses. There are medical and dental clinics that serve the ill without charge; some of the clinics are staffed by American volunteers who create miracles! And there are scholarships available for grade school, high school, technical school, and college for deserving kids (handled by the Chanhassen Rotary Club). Father Jack says that the way out of poverty for the kids is education, and that is one of his focuses. Medical supplies are sent in the two 40 foot containers that are shipped annually, and to date this area has shipped goods worth $5,800,000 to help.

The project's email is

Chimbote & Rotary Projects
by Tad Shaw

December 6, 2011

TODAY: Chimbote, Peru, and Rotary Projects
            Greeter Dick Osgood

Club News & Notes.....Opening Marshal was Darel Leipold, and Happy Bucks collected by Karen Frazier..... The Clubs' Annual Christmas Party is on Thursday night; location Hazeltine Golf Club off of Highway 41..... Next week is the yearly visit of the MHS Choir; be prepared for another great seasonal concert..... This day in history: 12/6/1790: Congress moved from New York to Philadelphia; 12/6/1923: the first presidential speech was broadcast on radio as Cal Coolidge spoke to a joint session of Congress; 12/6/1947: Everglades National PArk was dedicated in Florida; and 12/6/1957: the Teamsters Union was expelled by the AFL-CIO..... Birthdates of note this date:  Dave Brubeck, Alfred Eisenstadt, James Braddock, Joyce Kilmer, and Ira Gershwin..... Tomorrow marks the 60th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor - "a date which will live in infamy" - by the Japanese..... Today is St Nicholas Day, the day that coal is put in the stockings of bad kids, and gifts in the socks of good kids.

Next Week: The Minnetonka High School Choir Concert.

Our Program last week was spent packing food for "Kids Against Hunger". A very large number of our members met at Mount Calvary, and spent the hour packing food packs to send to feed starving people in Kenya and Haiti. We packed 8,640 meals during our session, and the staff were astounded at the efficiency and dedication of our club. They were not prepared for that much production!

The packets are 392 to 400 grams in weight, and when prepared with water, each packet provides six meals. In the 7 years that the project has been working at Mount Calvary, they have prepared and shipped packets equal to 3,500,000 meals. Including all costs, each meal costs about 15 cents to deliver to the kids and families in Kenya or Haiti. The sobering fact is that even with efforts such as this, every 6 seconds a child dies of starvation.

We're not the only group to do packing; some other groups that have done packing at Mount Calvary include school PTAs, all ages of school children, families, YMCA groups, and many sports teams.
Special Session: Kids Against Hunger
by Tad Shaw

November 29,2011

TODAY: Packing Food For Shipment to Haiti
           Mount Calvary Church
           Opening Marshal: Darel Leipold

Club News & Notes..... Greeter was Steve Frazier who reminded us of whom and what we celebrate on Thanksgiving Day, and Happy Bucks collector was Karen Frazier. In a slight variation, the collected money went to Resource West for the purchase of toys for kids - an astounding $434.00 cash was raised and $140.00 was bid for a handmade Christmas stocking.....Added as another enticement to get members to the Annual Christmas Party - music by our own Randy Schumacher. Date December 8th; place Hazeltine Country Club; reservations must be in VERY soon to Terry Roeser..... This date in history: 11/29/1890: Navy won the first Army-Navy football game by the score of 24-0; birthdates include Gary Schandling, Joel Koen, Chuck Mangione, Vin Scully, Louisa May Alcott, C. S. Lewis, Billy Strayhorn, and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr......

Future Programs:
December 6   Dan Fleak on Social Security
            Greeter:  DickOsgood
December 13 Minnetonka High School Choir
            Greeter:  Tom Anderson

Our Program on 11/22 was presented by Jay Loeffler, a forty year volunteer in the "Make A Wish Foundation".

In 1981, the foundation started in Phoenix AZ with a young man being made a cop for the day. 13,800 wishes have been granted by the national organization. The Minnesota branch was founded in 1982, and to date in Minnesota over 3500 wishes have been  granted. There are just over 400 volunteers in Minnesota, and they make over 250 wishes come true each year for young kids from 2 to 18 who have life-threatening medical conditions. The average cost of each wish is $7,700.00. The costs of fulfilled wishes are met by individual and corporate donations, and through several annual fund raisers. Each wish is sponsored by a corporation or an individual, and at least one volunteer is involved in each fulfillment.

The wishes that kids make fall into 4 categories. Most request a trip to a place such as Disney World or Disneyland. Second in frequency is a request for the chance to act as out a specific role, such as being a policeman or a fireman. Third in line are requests to have something done for them (a new room, an ATV, or some similar tangible change), and fourth are requests to meet a famous person.

The group fulfills about half of the requests made; the limiting factors are not enough volunteers and limitations because of funding.

Further information is found on the website,

Make A Wish
by Tad Shaw

November 22, 2011

Today's Program: Jay Loeffler on "Make-a-Wish"
      Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Steve Frazier

Club News & Notes: Karen Frazier was greeter, and Jim Cada collected the Happy Bucks..... Next week we meet at Mount Calvary Church to package food for Kids Against Hunger..... The club's Christmas Party is Thursday evening, December 8th. Make your reservation for the party at the newly-built Hazeltine Golf Club..... This day in history: 11/22/1963: U S President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Birth dates of note are these: Charles de Gaulle, John Nance Garner, George Eliot, Abigail Adams, Wiley Post, Hoagy Carmichael, Benjamin Britten, Robert Vaughn, Billie Jean King, Boris Becker..... Did I mention that we go the Mount Calvary for our meeting next week (the 29th)?..... Don't despair: winter doesn't start for another 30 days, Advent starts on Sunday, and December is 9 days away.....

Future Programs:
Nov 29      Kids Against Hunger at Mount Calvary Church!!!!!!!
               Greeter: Darel Leipold
Dec 06
               Greeter: Dick Osgood


Our Program on November 15th was presented by Jim Bagwell, who has recently been the potentate (equivalent to being president) of the Minneapolis Zuhrah Shrine. He gave us a brief history of the organization, and an update on their principal charitable activity.

The Shrine was started in New York City in the 1970's by two businessmen who wanted to inject more fellowship into their masonic organization. The local shrine, Zuhrah, was chartered in 1886, and was the 23rd to be established. The local Shriners are known for their annual indoor circus, marching units, clowns, and comic antics during parades.

The major charitable focus of the Shrine Clubs was established in 1920 when the annual convention decided to establish childrens' hospitals to provide free care to children under age 18 with medical problems than can be helped. The Minneapolis hospital, located on the Mississippi River in the Southeast area, was the second one built and opened in 1924. There are now 22 hospitals nationwide, and the focus of are has changed through the years from treating polio patients to burn patients and children with orthopedic problems. Jim showed a film of two typical patients, one a young burn victim and the other a baby born without fully formed limbs.

The 200,000 Shriners nationally have an organization where they can enjoy life and enrich the lives of many children.
The Shriners
by Tad Shaw

November 15, 2011



Today's Program: Jim Bagwell

                                SHRINERS IN MINNESOTA

                                Greeter: Karen Frazier


Club News & Notes...Marnie Wells was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Don Draayer did Happy Bucks...Annual Christmas Party is December 8th at the new Hazeltine Golf Club. It's a joint party with the AM club, and your invitation should have already been in your mail... Two weeks from now we package food for shipment to starving populations; our lunch meeting will be at Mount Calvary where we will package food for Kids Against Hunger... Remember that on the 29th - 2 weeks from today - we go to the church location,,,,, This date in history: 11/15/1777 - the Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation; 11/15/1926 - the National Broadcasting Company started with a network of 24 stations. Notable birthdates: Ed Asner, Georgia O'Keeffe, Averell Harriman, Franklin P. Adams (remember "Information Please"), Erwin Rommel, Curtis LeMay, and Felix Frankfurter .

Future Programs:

Nov 22: Jim Loeffler - "Make A Wish".

            Opening Marshal:  Steve Frazier

Nov 29: Food packing at Mount Calvary Church

            Opening Marshal:  Jim Hillis

Our Program on November 8th was a presentation by

Milton Schoen, the director of Veterans' Services for Hennepin County. He and his staff of four provide initial and referral services to the 75,000 veterans in Hennepin County.

Most of those returning from active duty don't know much about the benefits available to them from various sources, and Milton heads the reference center for these benefits in the county. Much of their work involves checking on eligibility for federal programs through the VA and helping eligible veterans apply for those services. Examples of established programs include VA health care, long-term disability, chemical dependency treatment, behavioral health services, and vocational rehabilitation.

New programs recently initiated include treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Veterans' Court, help for urban homeless veterans, and expediting access to the VA Health Care system for qualified veterans.

Their main office is in the Government Center in downtown Minneapolis, which is not a convenient location for many veterans, so they are opening up their second satellite center at Ridgedale soon. These centers make access easier for the suburban veterans. Hours at t he satellites in Brookdale and Ridgedale are currently very limited, but the high usage insures that these hours will be increased.

The VA and the Federal government are currently addressing the homeless veteran issue, and recently opened was a sober house  for 120 veterans near the VA Hospital.


Veterans' Services
by Tad Shaw

November 8, 2011.

Today's Program:  Veteran Services in Hennepin County
           Speaker:  Milton Schoen, Director.
Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Marnie Wells.

Club News & Notes.....Jim Hillis did the marshal honors on the 1st, and Nick Ruehl did Happy Bucks. The proceeds of Happy Bucks went to the ICA for general expenses and for an American flag to replace the borrowed one they had for our meeting. Total raised $300.00 plus (I hope they don't get a flag the size used by Cub or Perkins!)..... Nick also announced "Minnesota Hockey Day" on January 19th,which is going to be celebrated in Excelsior. Tons of people in town that day and activities include much hockey..... Randy Schumacher announced a jazz show he is doing at Illusion Theater (in Mpls) November 19th with his quintet as a benefit for Annex Teen Clinic. It is a 40 year old clinic in Robbinsdale providing confidential  care and sexual information to youth through age 23. Brochures should be on your table..... Christmas Party Thursday, December 8th at Hazeltine Golf Club..... November 8th in History: 11/8/1889 - Montana became the 41st state; 11/8/1892 - Grover Cleveland beat Benjamin Harrison to win his second term as president, and the only president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms; 11/8/1960 - John F Kennedy was elected U S president; 11/8/1966 Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California. Notable birthdays on 11/8 include Margaret Mitchell, Edmund Halley, Hermann Rorschach, Patti Paige, Morley Safer, and Bonnie Raitt..... Tip your hat to a veteran on this Friday, 11-11-11  - Veterans' Day.

- - - - - - - - - - - our website address:

Our Program on November 1st was a visit to the headquarters of ICA. The ICA is our local food shelf, and is a non-profit which was started by 33 local church congregations.. All 33 are represented at the monthly report given to them by Kathy Maes, the director.

Kathy gave us an update on their operations, highlighting the fact that client base is up 80% since 2008, and that they have been able to reduce waiting time for groceries to under 24 hours. The new Excelsior office has allowed faster distribution of food to their clients, although the wait at the home location is still over a week. Food is distributed to clients on a schedule; the families are given a specific time to arrive at the center for their food, so there is no wait for them.

During the tour of the facility that she lead, she told of the processes used to get food, from accepting food donations and cash, buying food from their uplink (Second Harvest), and collecting perishables from the major supermarkets in the area, sorting and checking done by volunteers who shelf the food so that bags of groceries can be prepared for the individual clients. As we walked through the processing area, most of us found two or three friends who are ICA volunteers.

The ICA board is looking for ways to improve delivery to their clients, including the purchase of a truck to deliver groceries to clients in senior high rises and to disabled clients.

Next Week: Jim Bagwell will talk about the Shriners in Minnesota. Opening Marshal will be Karen Frazier.
I C A Foodshelf
by Tad Shaw

November 1, 2011

TODAY: ICA Foodshelf by Cathy Maes
            Greeter: Jim Hillis

Club News & Notes:..... Pam Prosser was Greeter/Opening Marshal for the October 25th meeting, with 30 year club member Darel Leipold collecting Happy Bucks..... Easy question for you: Why do you have December 8th marked off on your calendar? Answer: Our club's annual Christmas Party is being held that night at Hazeltine Golf Club..... This date in history: 11/1/1512: Michelangelo's ceiling painting in the Sistine Chapel was first open to the public; 11/1/1952: the US exploded the first H-Bomb at Eniwetok atoll in the Marshall Islands. Birth anniversaries on this date: Sir Benjamin Guinness, Stephen Crane, Grantland Rice, Sholem Asch, Gary Player, Lyle Lovett, and Larry Flynt.....  Things disappearing from our lives: new cars are coming without spare tires; instead, a tire inflator kit is included with the car. Savings for manufacturer: $$$ and 26 pounds of weight..... Only 54 shopping days until Christmas!

Future Programs:
Nov 8th:   Veterans' Services in Hennepin County (Milton Schoen)
Nov 15th  Shriners in Minnesota (Jim Bagwell)
Our Program on October 25th was a presentation on our club's foundation, led by Dr Don Draayer, and including segments by Dean Friesen and Randy Schumacher.

Founded five years ago, the club's foundation gives members (and others) a tax-free place to make donations to. The foundation has its own elected board of directors (trustees) and is run by the five of them. All of our charitable activities are run through the foundation.

The Excelsior Rotary Foundation currently contains funds from various contributors, the money from the Lee Harris bequest, and the balances remaining from the club's fund raisers, and the total is within a few dollars of $100,000.00. All of this money is club money that has been specifically dedicated to our charitable causes. The board of this organization makes annual reports to the club's officers, and their activities are monitored by an audit board consisting of three independent club members.

Rotary International also has a foundation, which was established shortly after the end of World War I, called the Rotary Foundation. This international fund is used by RI to fund their charitable causes; the campaign to end polio is the recent notable program sponsored by them.

For further information about the RI Foundation and the Paul Harris Awards, the contact is Randy Schumacher. For further information about the Excelsior Rotary Foundation, contact one of the five trustees: Don Draayer, Dave Peterka, Dean Friesen. Steve Frazier, or Carl Zinn.
Excelsior Rotary Foundation
by Tad Shaw

October 25, 2011

TODAY'S PROGRAM: Excelsior Rotary Foundation
                           Dr. Don Draayer
Greeter/Opening Marshal: Pam Prosser

Club News & Notes.....Bob Williams was Opening Marshal on Oct 18, which also was his 64th wedding anniversary! Happy Bucks collected by Molly Swenson..... Cathy Maes from ICA visited us for lunch to thank our membership for the support we give the food shelf, and to thank our many volunteers for their countless hours of work. She said that this past year the ICA served 10% more families than ever before, and that 35% of their clients are served through the new Excelsior branch..... Birthdays on Oct 25 include Midori, John Berryman, Bobby Knight, Lee MacPhail, Pablo Picasso, Johann Strauss, Jr., Georges Bizet, Floyd Bennett, John Heisman, and Minnie Pearl. Did you send a card to everyone?..... History on this day: 10/25/1760: George III was crowned King of England; 10/25/1870: Pimlico Racetrack opened in Baltimore. MD; 10/25/1983: US forces invaded the island of Grenada; 10/25/1987 The Minnesota TWINS won their first world series over the St Louis Cards; 10/25/2002: Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash..... Our annual club Christmas Party is December 8th

Next week: ICA Tour at 11:00.  Note time: 11:00 AM

Our Program on October 18th was a presentation by Robert Stevens, the president of Ridgeview Hospital in Waconia. His talk was about the changes and trends in the business of medical care.

His first comments were about the consolidations and mergers that are taking place. Because of the reduced level of reimbursements by health insurers, especially Medicare, and because of the increase of costs for equipment and personnel, many of the individual practices, clinics, and hospitals are being forced to align with the "big guys". He sees this trend continuing. He also conmmented on Ridgeview's new "212 Health Center", which is owned by Ridgeview but which has incorporated other major providers in the building.

Patient health was another topic. Currently, medical care is billed on a fee for each element of service provided. This drives the costs up, and does not necessarily provide the best medical care. The trend is toward capped payments by the insurers for specific diagnoses.

The third area he discussed was the conflict between group insureds, individual insureds, the insurers, and the care givers. He stated the 20% of the costs in medical care are because of "defensive medicine" - things which are done by doctors and hospitals to "PYA" and not really necessary to treat the patient.

Ridgeview Hospital
by Tad Shaw



October 18, 2011

Today's Program: Robert Stevens, CEO of Ridgeview Medical
  Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Bob Williams

Club News & Notes: Tad Shaw was greeter on 10/11, and Happy Bucks collector was Jon Monson..... Mark your calendar for December 8th; that's the date of this year's Christmas (oops, Holiday) Party. More info to come from Terry Roeser soon..... Lots of good press coverage on the Rotary food dash that netted the ICA Food Shelf $14,000+ in donations..... This date in history: 10/18/1776 - in a New York bar decorated with a bird's feathers, customers ordered the first "cock-tail"; 10/18/1867 - the US took possession of Alaska from Russia; 10/18/1892 - the first commercial long distance phone line opens between New York and Chicago; 10/18/1950 - Connie Mack retires after a 50 year career in baseball; 10/18/1953 - Willie Thrower becomes the first black NFL quarterback in modern football history. Birthdays to celebrate: Fannie Hurst, Lotte Lenya, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mike Ditka, Wynton Marsalis, Pierre Trudeau, and Melina Mercouri..... Terry Roeser gave a report on the progress of the Excelsior bandshell planning..... Do you believe that item about cocktails? Sounds questionable to me. But that could explain why the Manhattan is the tastiest of all the cocktails available.....

Next week's program: Don Draayer/Excelsior Rotary Foundation   Greeter: Pam Prosser.

Our program on October 11th was presented by Bethany Connelly who is certified in the fields of yoga, fitness, and overall wellness. Her topic was fitness, and she gave a presentation which outlines the three areas that we can all easily work on to increase our level of fitness.

The first area of concern is REST. For sleeping, a dark room is best (she wears a blackout mask). Eating heavily before retiring is not good; the digestive tract works best between 10 AM and 2 PM, so the largest meal should be around noon. When we wake up after sleep, the brain is the most active, and this is the time to set the mood for the day. And, she says 20 minute power naps should be an important part of the day.

The second area is EXERCISE. Two important considerations are maintaining flexibility and strength. There are many easy programs to follow that provide for both of these elements, and a cardio exercise  training program is also easy to do; swimming is an excellent option.

Lastly, proper NUTRITION is important. A 24 hour food journal is an important tool for this, as it shows you what you ate and how it affected you. All of us need to eat more vegetables, and drink more water. She said that over 80% of headaches are caused by dehydration.

Bethany's website is

by Tad Shaw

October 11, 2011

Today's Program: Bethany Connelly - Fitness.
Greeter/Opening Marshal: 

Club News & Notes....Greeter on October 4th was Molly Swenson, and the Collector of Happy Bucks was Jeremy Huisheere..... Birthdates on the 11th of October include Charles Revson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Joseph Alsop. Jr., and Henry Heinz. Notable events occurring on the day include:  10/11/1962 - Vatican II was convened in Rome; 10/11/1968 - Apollo 7 was launched, and Billy Martin was appointed manager of the Minnesota Twins; 10/11/1975 NBC inaugurated the popular series, Saturday Night Live..... Financial report: Our club's share of the proceeds of the golf fund-raiser figures out to be $14,760.00, and the Cub Foods/Rotary Food Dash raised an additional $14,510.00 for the ICA Food Shelf..... Theresa tells us that our club is now on Twitter..... Good turnout of students for the STRIVE meeting last Thursday, great turnout of club members to be mentors, and a great talk about attitudes by Bob Willliams..... Congratulations to John Ferm on his recent marriage..... Have you updated your information on the club website? There is a way for the website crew to check the date of each member's latest revision, and one of these days there might be a list circulated showing those who haven't done it. If you have problems with the website, there is help available for you.

Our program on October 4th was a presentation by Patrick Connoy about the various local government economic development programs. Patrick had worked in the recent past along with our Bob Humphrey in the City of Minneapolis Community Development Authority.

 Patrick is with the Hennepin County Common Bond Fund, which provides funding for businesses within the county. It used to be a Minneapolis program, but has extended to cover the whole county. Approved projects are funded by bonds issued by the city of Minneapolis, and the largest recent grant was $18,000,000 for building a factory in rural Hennepin County.

Another program that he talked about was the Minnesota Community Capitol Fund, which exists to keep companies in Minnesota, and stop the movement of jobs to other states and countries. Two additional programs he talked about were Economic Garden and Open to Business. Some of their work is supporting businesses in the current rail corridors where construction has limited or closed access to businesses. An interesting side note that he mentioned is that the Metropolitan Council has received approval to do the engineering for the Southwest Corridor Light Rail - that project will have direct and important impact on our area.

The website for his group, which is called the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers, is All of the programs are discussed in detail there.

Economic Development
by Tad Shaw

October 4, 2011

TODAY'S PROGRAM: "Economic Development"
                  Patrick Connoy
Greeter/Opening Marshal:

CLUB NEWS & NOTES.....Greeter & Opening Marshal was Bob Pillsbury, with Happy Bucks handled by Brian Litsey..... Bob gave us a lesson on money for his opening comments - we now know much more about the reverse side of the one dollar bill.....Road cleanup report didn't list anything really unusual. Are our local drivers starting to slip in their roadside discards?..... Two Rotary guests, both from Wayzata Club: Chuck Schon and Sam Maxfield..... This date in history: 10/4/1931 - the first Dick Tracy comic strip appeared in papers; 10/4/1957 - USSR launches Sputnik, while the US launches "Leave it to Beaver" series on TV; 10/4/1984 - the U S Government closes down in a budget dispute; 10/4/1987 - NFL players strike, and the first game of the season was played with "scrub teams". Famous people born on October 4th include  Frederick Remington, Lord Cromwell, Rutherford B. Hayes, Damon Runyon, Buster Keaton, Lee Blessing, and Roy Blount, Jr. Today is also World Animal Day, Independence Day in Lesotho, Peace Day in Mozambique, but the Swedes know how to live: it's National Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden!

The Program on September 27th was presented by Diane Windingland, and was titled "Small Talk, Big Results"

She told of her beginnings as a public speaker, and of the fear that she felt. Now, she says, she finds it easy to talk to a group. One of the major things she has learned is that people do not easily remember statistics, but they do recall stories and anecdotes. Her speaking secret is to tell pointed stories to validate the points being made.

People remember stories as they give meaning and relevance to the points being made. Facts are abstract, but people don't buy based on facts. They make their decisions based on emotions, and stories paint a picture that the client can relate to.

Further information from the website:

Future programs:
October 11     Fitness - Bethan Connelly
October 18     Trends in the Medical Industry: Robert Stevens
October 25     Excelsior Rotary Foundation
Small Talk, Big Results
by Tad Shaw

September 27, 2011

TODAY'S PROGRAM: "Small Talk, Big Results! Chit Chat your way to Success"
      Speaker:  Diane Windingland
Greeter & Opening Marshal: Bob Pillsbury

Club News & Notes ..... Randy Schumacher was opening marshal/greeter, and Happy Bucks was well-handled by Tad Shaw ...... This day in history: 9/27/1954 - Steve Allen started the "Tonight Show"; 9/27/1964 - The Warren Commission published its report on the Kennedy assassination; 09/27/1999 - Detroit's Tiger Stadium was retired after serving baseball for 87 years; 9/27/2009 - author, teacher, linguist William Safire died. Some of the famous people born on September 27th: Samuel Adams, Thomas Nast, Harry Blackstone, Vincent Youmans, and Jayne Meadows..... STRIVE is starting, and the first meeting was September 22nd. Many more students are interested, and more Rotarians are needed to do the mentoring. I volunteered this year - how about you? Contact Scott Dykhoff or Dick Glover to volunteer.... Today was road clean-up day; what do you think will be the weirdest item reported this year?

Last week's Program was presented by Dr. Dennis Peterson, the Superintendent of the Minnetonka School District. Dr. Peterson has been the administrative leader of the district for slightly over 10 years.

His talk was on "The State of the School District", with most of the material in the form of graphs or comparisons charts. The summary would be that the district is still a leader not only in districts state-wide by country-wide as well. Comparisons with leading districts thoughout the country show our district is a leader in the many of categories of comparison. Increasing scores on all of the comparative tests show that the district is delivering better education to all students. Dr. Peterson emphasized that the term "all students" is important, as achievement has increased across the board, not just among the good learners, but for average learners as well as the challenged.

Schools that showed better results nationwide all had higher per student costs. Our district did some planning ahead, and we will not be needing any referendum funds for the coming year; almost every surrounding district wiwll be asking for more money from their voters to support their programs.

Dr. Peterson said that the district is going into a new phase called "Innovation Planning" to continue to keep a few steps ahead of the other districts. Because of the high marks the district gets, parents from surrounding areas are "opting in", giving the district increasing numbers of youngsters in our own district. Keeping high enrollment allows better staffing and high quality programs.
Dr Dennis Peterson
by Tad Shaw

September 20, 2011

Today's Program: Dr. Dennis Peterson: The State of the District

Club News & Notes..... On the 13th, Dick Glover was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Dean Friesen collected Happy Bucks..... Great to see Amy Mook back for a visit. Wow, did you hear the list of places she's been since her last visit home?..... On September 20, 1859, the first patent was granted for the electric range. Birthdates of note on this date: Upton Sinclair, Sophia Loren, Gogi Grant, Jelly Roll Morton, Frank Devol, and Dr. Joyce Brothers..... FYI, Friday is the first day of autumn..... Have you checked your information on the website for accuracy, and corrected any errors? The board is planning on extending the use of the website as a communication base for the club, and many future announcements may be made only on the website. Hop on the bandwagon now and do your update!!..... Christmas is only 96 days away.....

Our Program on September 13th was presented by Boone Day, the vice-commander and manager of the local American Legion Post, named after local resident Clarence Clofer who died in WWI. Boone is a lifelong resident of Tonka Bay, and a 22 year member of the Legion. He has been very active in the organization, and has served as commander, vice commander, and chair of a number of club committees.

The American Legion was founded in March, 1919 and has its first organizational meeting in Paris, France. A second organizational caucus was held in St Louis in May of 1919, with the first (annual) convention held in Minneapolis MN November 10-12, 1919. Membership in the legion itself is restricted to those who served the United States in the armed forces during a period of conflict. There are also groups - SAL (Sons of the American Legion), and the Legion Auxiliary - where no military service is required to be eligible. Two of our Rotarians are members of the local post, but many more veterans in our group are eligible. Membership is $35.00 per year. Contacts are Glenn Froberg or Tad Shaw for membership info.

The local post is headquartered in an old converted farmhouse across Smithtown Road from the country club, and across Co. Road 19 from "Tonka Terrace". Because of the number of deaths of World War I veterans, the  membership numbers in the legion are decreasing; the national total is about 2,300,000 members, a little less than 20% of those eligible. Membership in the local post has decreased also, from a high of 423 to the present 260.

The Legion has a number of programs designed to help veterans, including the new Legacy Foundation, which has provided funds for veterans' secondary education for those serving since 1990. The American Legion's baseball league program is well-known, with the Excelsior team one of the best in the nation. Locally, the Clarence Clofer Post is known as benefactor of a number of projects: Chris Lizee mentioned their help with the SouthShore Center, most of the playground equipment in the area parks was paid for by the post, and they help in hundreds of ways to make life better for residents in the area.

If you're eligible, why aren't you a member?

Next Week's Program: "Small Talk, Big Rewards" by Diane Windingland
        Greeter/Opening Marshal: Bob Pillsbury.

American Legion - Boone Day
by Tad Shaw

website address:

September 13, 2011

TODAY'S PROGRAM: Boone Day - American Legion
      Greeter/Opening Marshal: Dick Glover

Club News & Notes..... Greeter on the 6th was Tim Litfin and Theresa Zerby collected Happy Bucks..... I got a little worried when Tim started to take his shirt off, didn't you? Not sure what would be next. He gave us great information on football officiating during his presentation. Thanks..... Birthdates of note this date: "The Velvet Fog" Mel Torme, Roald Dahl, Claudette Colbert, Sherwood Anderson, Arnold Schoenberg, Milton Hershey, Walter Reed, Clara Schumann, and Rascal Flatts (Joe Don Rooney)..... STRIVE program for this school year is gearing up; we're hoping for more students and more members participating (hint, hint)..... Rotary Training session at Golden Valley Country Club on the 23rd of this month. A great opportunity to learn more about the who what and how of our Rotary District.....

Future Programs:
Sept 20     Dr Dennis Peterson on the State of the Minnetonka School District
Sept 27     Diane Windingland: "Small Talk, Big Results"

Last Week's Program was a presentation by Steve Frazier which was designed to familiarize our members with the club's website.

Using a computer. Steve logged into the website, and showed the group the new website designed by Scott Zerby. The schedule of future programs, list of officers and board members, stories, and the bulletins were all available to members and others who visit the site at Behind this general information site is an area with a tremendous amount of information for our members. This area is ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS WITH A PASSWORD. Personal information on the website CANNOT be accessed by the general public.

In this private area of the website is the membership roster, and the personal information about our members. Using this information, members can e-mail other members, find home and work addresses, and cell, work, and home telephone numbers. Some of the members have outdated or incomplete information in this area, and Steve showed how a person can update this personal data. A goal of the club board is to have all of this information correct and complete by their next meeting, so all members are asked t reviewtheir info on the website. If you have any problems doing this, contact Steve Frazier, Tad Shaw or Woody Love for help.

Website Information
by Tad Shaw

September 6, 2011

Today's Program:       
    Greeter & Opening Marshal:Tim Litfin

Club News & Notes..... Last week, Ron Kaufman was Opening Marshal and Greeter, and Dick Osgood handled Happy Bucks..... This date in history: 9/6/1620 - Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth, England; 9/6/1899 - the Carnation Company processed the first can of evaporated milk; 9/6/1901 - President McKinley was shot while in Buffalo N.Y.; 9/6/1938 - the movie "Boy's Town" was first released to theaters; 9/6/1980- college football's longest losing streak - 50 games - ended when Macalester College in St Paul won a game 17-14. Famous persons born on September 6th include Marquis de Lafayette, Joseph P. Kennedy, Claire Chennault, Billy Rose, Jeff Foxworthy, and Maxie Rosenblum..... Apple Day this Saturday in Excelsior..... Next Sunday is Grandparent's Day, and Patriot's Day..... Good to have Jeremy Huisheere back from his European wedding and honeymoon..... Tim Litfin made a nice presentation to Robbie Green: an American flag flown through a combat mission in the middle east by Tim's son.

Our Program on August 30th was a personal profile presented by Steve Frazier.

Steve was born and raised in North Minneapolis. His family had a series of problems, and Steve was raised by a foster family from very early in grade school. He had a lot of problems with school work, but loved music and athletics. He was awarded letters in 4 sports in high school. After graduating from Patrick Henry High School, he went to St Cloud for college. While there, he met Karen. He said it was love at first sight. They married, and Steve completed college.

He interviewed for a position at the Minnetonka School District, and was offered a teaching job. After a lifetime of teaching and counseling kids in the district, Steve retired and he and Karen own Excelsior Florist.

There's much more to the story, however, They have three children, Todd, Trent, (both heavily into computers as their profession) and Tiffany who is a fitness trainer. They live in Shorewood and have a lake place near Aitkin that they love to escape to frequently. Steve is an active member of many groups and organizations, and I mean very active. He was mayor of Shorewood for 8 years, active in the teachers' union and professional groups, a leader at his church in Excelsior, a lifelong choir member in his church, president and a strong leader in his lake association near Aitkin. He has been an active worker and leader in our club during his membership.

Steve Frazier Personal Profile
by Tad Shaw


August 30, 2011

Program: Personal Profile - Steve Frazier
       Greeter/Opening Marshal: Ron Kaufman

Club News & Notes.....Greeter on the 23rd was Art Johnsen, and he was also the smiling collector of Happy Bucks..... August 30th in history:8-30-1862 - Union forces defeated the South in the Second Battle of Bull Run; 8-30-1941 - German forces began the two and a half year siege of Leningrad; 8-30-1945 - Gen Douglas MacArthur landed in Tokyo to begin his rule of the defeated nation; 8-30-1993 - David Letterman began his series as the host of the late show. Here's a list of people with birthdates on the 30th:  Shirley Booth, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Huey Long, Raymond Massey, John Gunther, Fred MacMurray, and Ted Williams. Recognize them all?.... Apple Day is approaching; September 10th is the date. Darel is seeking volunteers and buyers of buttons..... Whoever started "Girl's Night Out" in downtown Excelsior on Thursday nights deserves a pat on the back. The town appears to be packed every week on that night. Remember to keep shopping in Downtown Excelsior!!!

Greeter's Schedule:
September 5         Tim Litfin
September 12       Dick Glover

Our Program for August 23rd was a talk by Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak. He was introduced by Bob Humphrey and Nick Ruehl to the group which included the Excelsior Lake Minnetonka morning club. Bob pointed out that Rybak is from a pharmacy-based family background, just as Bob's dad was, hinting perhaps that both mayors knew what was good for curing the city because of their family background.

Mayor Rybak told us that his first "real job" was as a reporter for the Sun Newspapers, and he said he used to travel all around the area looking for news. For the last 10 years, he's been the elected mayor of the city of Minneapolis. During that time the city has had an 8% reduction in personnel, and a 10% reduction in budget. He's in the middle of formulating his budget for the next period at the present time.

He spoke of the need to "regionalize" our thinking; it is no longer Excelsior, Tonka Bay, Minneapolis, and Maplewood, but rather the Twin Cities Metro Area, and we have to include a wide range of neighbors in our thinking and planning. Citizens of Minneapolis can dial 3-1-1 0n their phone, and reach a person who is the point person for a multitude of services. Almost any city-related question can be answered for callers to that number in Mpls. The city currently is making a disproportional investment in filling needs in areas where help is needed. He cited a few examples of this, including the "Minneapolis Promise" and "Step Up", initiatives aimed at disadvantaged city youths. Youngsters in Minneapolis are very world savvy, some speaking four or more languages fluently, and the city is making a special effort to give them a good start toward completing a good education and finding good jobs as adults. Although the schools are not under his control, he thinks all kids should be  reading well by 3rd grade.

Minneapolis' infra-structure needed significant work done, even before the recent tornado on the Northside added to the city's problems. Light rail is proceeding and will increase the city's tax base because of the building - residential and commercial - that will ensue.

R T Rybak, Mayor of Minneapolis
by Tad Shaw

August 23, 2011

Program: R T Rybak, Mayor of Minneapolis
  Greeter/Opening Marshal: Art Johnsen

Club News & Notes..... Tom Anderson was Greeter and Opening Marshal and Marnie Wells collected Happy Bucks..... Welcome to Norm Larson who joined our club August 16th..... Today's birthdays; all born on August 23rd: Gene Kelly, Kobe Bryant, Mark Russell, Barbara Eden, Edgar Lee Masters, Louis XVI, and General Jonathan Wainwright..... World traveler and former member Amy Mook is about to return to Minnesota after a busy year of travel. Alaska by motorhome! Wow. Only other Rotarian to do that that I know of was Bill Denny..... My yard has been "snackville" for Japanese Beetles this year. When I finally caught on to what was happening, I bought a trap which caught 10,000 of the freeloaders in the first 24 hours..... Welcome to Jean Gray who is dropping his honorary membership and joining the Active Member category.....

Next Week: Personal Profile, Steve Frazier
    Greeter: Ron Kaufman

Our Program on August 16th was a report on one of our sponsored projects, the Costa Rican Leaf Ant Study. Present at our meeting were four of the sixteen Minnetonka High School biology students who participated, a biology teacher, and John Doleman, who originally brought the project to our attention. Through our sales of coffee, we funded three of the students who participated.

Molly Swenson introduced the four students present at our meeting, and they made a presentation on the experience. The trip was from July 29 to August 8. They were outside a small town in Costa Rica where a Ph.D. in Biology is conducting experiments to find out more about leaf ants. These ants cut up leaves on trees and transport them to the nest where they are processed by the worker ants by chewing them up. The result of the process is a powerful anti-biotic drug, more potent than anything our scientists can come up with.

The students broke up into 4 groups, and each group conducted an experiment to develop more information on some aspect of leaf ant life. The ants live in gigantic anthills, and they devour many crops planted by the local farmers. Two of the experiments involved ways of controlling the ants to keep them from  wiping whole fields of crops out and bankrupting the farmers.

The four students were very articulate and felt that they had learned a lot about the scientific process, and all plan to continue in the scientific fields.

Costa Rica Student Project
by Tad Shaw

August 16, 2011

PROGRAM: Costa Rica Student Project
        Greeter: Tom Anderson

Club News & Notes..... Jean Gray was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and also the Happy Bucks Collector for the day..... On This Day:  8-16-1863 - President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation; 8-16-1898 - the roller coaster was patented; 8-16-1954 - Sports Illustrated published its first issue. Notable birth anniversaries:  George Meany, Menachem Begin, Fess Parker, Ann Blyth, Frank Gifford, Tony Trabert, Eydie Gorme, and Madonna..... Last week was Twins Day for our club. We all were pretty high (altitude, not alcohol) and wind-blown, but all had a good time. Except for the non-winning Twins, of course..... Are you all revved up for the fund raiser? Next Monday, the 22nd is the date of the event; location Burl Oaks Golf Club with lunch, golf, dinner, auction and raffle. Be There - It's the Place to Be!!.....

Future Programs:
     August 23     Minneapolis Mayor R T Rybak
     August 30     Personal Profile of Steven Frazier

     August 23     Tom Anderson
     August 30     Ron Kaufman

Our Program on August 9th was presented by former District Governor Sandra Schley, who is a member of the Edina Club.

When she went to Africa on a Rotary-trip about funding water systems for dry areas, she visited the Mathau Valley in Kenya. When she was there, she saw a 3-year old who was poorly dressed, and had crossed eyes. The image of the boy stayed with her, and when she returned to Kenya two years later, she found the boy and befriended him. In Kenya, children who have physical problems such as crossed eyes are kept out of the mainstream, and have short, unproductive lives. She found out that his name is Moses, and learned of his family and background. She brought pictures of him back, and showed them to her club as part of a presentation on her trip. An eye surgeon in the club told her that the vision issue was correctable with surgery, and that if Moses was brought to the Edina hospital, his crossed eyes could be corrected. That was all Sandra had to hear.

Travel was arranged (not an easy task because of the Kenyan laxness in officially recording births, needed for passports), and Moses arrived at MSP for an eight day visit to the Twin Cities. While here, he had the eye surgery, and some basic dental work donated by a woman dentist who was originally from Kenya (she also was able to arrange follow-up work thru friends in the profession in Kenya). He returned to his home with glasses, corrected vision, and a bigger smile.

Education is a serious problem in Kenya, and Sandra was able to arrange for funding for Moses' full education through a fund raising effort and a generous matching grant of $10,000 from an individual Rotarian. The total raised was over $29,000.00.
Miracle of Moses
by Tad Shaw

August 9, 2011

PROGRAM: "Miracle of Moses"; speaker Sandra Schley
           Greeter:   Jean Gray

Club News & Notes..... John Hotvet was greeter and opening marshal..... This is BASEBALL NIGHT!!! Those of us with tickets will ride to the game on a bus which departs from Deephaven Education Center at 5:45 PM. Genial smiles and hopeful attitudes will be appreciated..... Rotary in action: Marnie lets it be known that Camp Tanadoona badly needs a washer and dryer. Announcement at our meeting. Checks came from everywhere. Camp Tanadoona has a new washer and dryer, thanks to the generosity of many of our members..... This date in history: 8/9/1974: Richard Nixon resigns as president of the U.S.; 8/9/1945: 2nd atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan; 8/9/1936: Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal at the Olympics in Berlin. Notables with 8/8 as birthdate: Robert Shaw (the actor), Isaac Walton, Jean Piaget, John Dryden, Bob Cousy, Rod Laver, and Whitney Houston..... Annual fund raiser Monday, August 22. Have you reserved your golf, reserved your dinner, turned in your auction item, and turned in the stubs of your sold raffle tickets? If not, as Snuffy Smith used to say, " Time's a'wastin'".

Future Greeters:
August 16       Tom Anderson
August 23       Art Johnsen
August 30       Ron Kaufman
September 5   Tim Litfin

Our Program on August 2nd was the Annual Official Visit of the new District Governor. This year's governor is Chuck Berg from the Shakopee Club. He was born and raised in Shakopee, and is currently serving on the Shakopee School Board.

The areas of focus for Rotary this year are three; family, continuity, and change. Strong families develop children who are good leaders, good businesspersons, and potential Rotarians. In Rotary, we need the continuity of continued emphasis on our areas of strength, and we need to welcome change where our ideas and programs have become outdated. This year Rotary is expecting to have a 3% increase in membership, and Chuck is targeting an increase in our RI Foundation giving. There also is an initiative to develop a Leadership Training Program that will benefit participants in their work and family experience as well as their Rotary life.

Then the DG went off the normal track, and told of his life experience, and how it was changed by Rotarians. Born into a dysfunctional and abusive family, Chuck was always in trouble around age 13; the school principal instead of using his authority, sat down with him and they talked about alternatives and responsibility for your actions. When he bought his first car at 16, he ran away from home and was confronted by a deputy sheriff in South Dakota. Instead of using his authority, he bought Chuck a meal, and sat and talked to him, and gave him money to get back home. Both of these authority figures that used kindness toward him were Rotarians, and when he was asked to join Rotary, he said he knew what Rotary was and what it stood for.
District Governor's Visit
by Tad Shaw


August 2, 2011

PROGRAM: District Governor's Visit

Greeter/Opening Marshal: John Hotvet

Club News and Notes: John Marty was Greeter, and Happy Bucks collector was Dick Glover.....Tour de Tonka is Saturday morning, and I'll bet that Tim L. can still find room for another volunteer or two (hint, hint)..... Next Tuesday (August 9th) is our Twins Game Outing. 50 people in our group, attending the evening game. Terry R says the bus leaves Deephaven Ed Center at 5:45PM..... August 2nd is the birthdate of these famous people: Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, James Baldwin, Myrna Loy (real name Emma Rebound), Peter O'Toole, and Wes Craven..... Annual golf tournament fund-raiser is coming up - August 22. Check list for you: auction items, golf foursome, dinner reservations, selling raffle tickets. Any questions to Tim Litfin.....

Our meeting on July 26th was an update on our club's international projects in Chimbote, Peru. Speaker was former club president Pook Grathwol.

It all started when the Grathwol kids each decided to spend a year as an exchange student. Pook in '79-'80 was a student in Bolivia, and on her way back to the US detoured to visit a friend in Chimbote, Peru, a seaside town of about 500,000 people. When there, she visited some of the slums and was astounded by the poverty. Through the years, she maintained contact with townspeople, including Father Jack Davis, a priest missionary from Fargo, ND who has helped the poor of Chimbote since the 1970s. On a visit to the town in the '90s, she found some projects that could be done by Rotary Clubs, and returned to Excelsior and presented the ideas to the club. Our club responded by collecting medical equipment and supplies which were sent to equip a clinic in the center of the poorest area. Our next project was the establishment of libraries in the area. A main library and five branches were equipped and are operating today allowing children and adults to get books to read to improve their education. There are no other libraries in the area.Because of the family participation in the project (Pook's mother selected the books, her father Jim and Pook handled the shipment), the library is named after the Grathwol family.

To date, through the efforts of Rotary Clubs in our area, and matches from RI, over $200,000 has been sent to help the area. The Chanhassen Club has taken over our lead in the projects, and they continue to collect medical supplies and equipment for shipment, and they have a scholarship program to send students on for more education. Bob Schmidt, former member/president of our club is still very active in this program.
Chimbote, Peru
by Tad Shaw

July 26, 2011

Program: Chimbote, Peru
               Pook Grathwol

Greeter: John Marty

Club News & Notes..... Greeter and Opening Marshal was Robbie Green, with Tim Litfin collecting Happy Bucks..... Coming up soon: 8/6 Tour de Tonka, 8/9 Twins Game, 8/22 Fund-raiser golf outing..... Famous persons who were born on July 26: GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Carl Jung, Aldous Huxley, Gracie Allen, Vivian Vance, Erskine Hawkins, Jason Robards, Mick Jagger, and Dorothy Hamill..... If you like Cole Porter musical comedies, go to MHS "Anything Goes". Many smiles and familiar songs..... Calling all auction items, silent or live!!!! Karen Frazier is looking for you. Please report in as soon as possible, and be prepared for action on August 22nd..... Isn't there another holiday soon? Do I have to wait until Labor Day for another day off?.....  Attendance has been very good at recent meetings, but if you miss a meeting, you are expected to make up that meeting within two weeks. Give your makeup slip to Club Secretary Theresa Zerby, to the greeter, or mail it to our club's post office box (PO Box 11, Excelsior 55331). Club's are still rated based on the member attendance percentage..... Next week, the new District Governor, Chuck Berg, makes his official visit to our club..... FYI: The population of the United States increases by one person every 12 seconds. The current population in the U S is 311,814,000 people.

Future Meetings:
August 2         District Governor Chuck Berg
August 9         Costa Rica Student Project Report

Our Program on July 19th was presented by Doug Schmitt,the fourth generation president of the family business, Schmitt Music Company, and a twenty-five year member of the Land of Lakes Rotary Club in downtown Minneapolis. He told us of his club's installation of a Musical/ instrument Playground in Jackson Square Park, 22nd and Jackson Street, in Northeast Minneapolis. 

The plan was to install a number of all-season, indestructible, percussion musical instruments in a city park for kids (and maybe adults) to use. The instruments are hollow tubes, plastic drums, and xylophone type devices. Kids who are not familiar with any type of instrument could play them and make pretty sounds, and might "get turned on" by music. There are statistics that show that students who learn music have higher SAT scores than non-learners.

Doug outlined some of the problems involved in the project. The entire project was funded by their club, and placed on Minneapolis Park Board property, so the entire plan had to be approved by the Park Board. Finding qua;ified volunteers to do the grading, cement work, and installation proved fairly easy, As the project is in a pub;lic park, they were required to provide for repairsin the future in the form of a cash bond of $5,000. In addition, to keep the instruments from harm, they enlisted the help and support of the local residents, the YMCA across the street, and the nearby schools and music teachers.

Instrument Playgrounds
by Tad Shaw


July 19, 2011

Program: Instrument Playgrounds / Doug Schmitt
     Greeter:     Robbie Green

Club News and Notes:..... Jerry Brecke was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Chris Lizee collected Happy Bucks. In a departure from custom, the first $100.00 collected was to be used to finish payment for the bus in Haiti; apparently, the project is on hold because they needed another $100.00. Our club responded with $143.00 in Happy Bucks.... Like old-fashioned musical comedies? The Minnetonka Theater is staging "Anything Goes" July 21 thru August 6th. Tickets $17.00 adults, $14.00 seniors, telephone orders 952-401-5898. Box office hours 11:30 to 2:00 PM Mon-Fri. We'll be there!..... Guests on the 12th included ADG David Stein, and John Skogland..... Volunteer opportunities: helping on Saturday August 6th with  the Tour de Tonka and being a part of the club fundraiser on August 22nd. For both, contact Tim Litfin; he wants your help..... And auction items are needed - contact Karen F..... What do Lizzie Borden, Samuel Colt, Edgar Snow, Ilie Nastase, Vikki Carr, and George McGovern all have in common? Today is their birthdate..... Bill Mason has a collector car display on his lot every Saturday this summer. It's fun to wander thru the collector cars and renew old memories.

Coming Programs:
July 26: Pook Grathwol talks about Chimbote, Peru
August 2: District Governor Chuck Berg's Visit

Our Program on July 12th was a presentation by President Woody Love entitled "Direction of the Club".

Woody talked about the fact that a club such as ours has to know where it has been and what it has done in order to focus on plans for the future. He commented on the Rotary conventions and workshops and meetings that members can attend, and how these gatherings help members understand and appreciate the social importance of Rotary. He recommended that we all attend these district and national events  in the future.

He then asked for some of the members to tell what was the "defining moment" - the event that brought the message of Rotary home - to that member. About a dozen members responded with their experience, mainly centered around our efforts with kids, young people, and especially our exchange program with high school students.

No definitive action was taken, but we all left the meeting with a better sense of what Rotary is, where it is going, and of our part in the action. Woody made it clear that there is room for more active participation from our members in the worldwide programs and local efforts of Rotary.
Direction of the Club
by Tad Shaw

website address:

July 12, 2011

Program: President Woody Love: Direction of the Club.

Club News & Notes..... John Ahern, our "homeless" member, was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and former member Nina Stark collected Happy Bucks..... Today in History: 7/12/1862 US Congress instituted the Medal of Honor as the highest award given by our country; 7/12/1972 - George McGovern won the nod as Democratic presidential nominee at Miami Beach convention; 7/12/1990 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin resigned from the Communist Party. Birthdates on July 12th: Julius Caesar, Henry David Thoreau, George Eastman, Kirsten Flagstad, Buckminster Fuller, George Washington Carver, Oscar Hammerstein II, Bill Cosby, Kristi Yamiguchi, and Richard Simmons..... Mid-July is an excellent time to shop in downtown Excelsior. Parking is close by your destination, and the stores are air-cooled!..... The Excelsior Museum in the old train station is open Thursday afternoons and Saturdays. The historical society's archives are in the old grade school building, and are open Wednesday morning. Stop in and check out your mark in local history..... Has Tim Litfin mentioned the golf outing/fund raiser to you? August 22nd is drawing near. Sell raffle tickets, reserve your spot at the dinner, and become involved. Its an easy way to meet Rotarians from other clubs
in the area ..... And start tuning up your bicycle for the Tour de Tonka on August 6th..... An awesome gathering on 7/5, including Nina Stark and Cory Kruckenberg....

Our Program on July 12th was presented by our own Jerry Brecke. He went to the annual Rotary International Convention in New Orleans in May.

Jerry attended as a delegate representing our club. The convention, held May 21 thru 25, was in the New Orleans Convention Center. Jerry went four days early to "get the feel of the place", and did most of his sightseeing prior to the meetings. It appears, from his report, that he attended a number of the sessions, at a convention that had 19,000 registered delegates and guests.

Most of the sessions provided extensive information on various Rotary programs, including Rotaract and on the object of Rotary. Bill Gates spoke, and his large donation to the Rotary PolioPlus program was given because ONLY Rotary can overcome the individual barriers erected by countries around the world, and accomplish something as difficult as immunizing every child in the world against a disease. Jerry said that the goal is very near, and the number of new polio cases is in the hundreds not the thousands at present.

He went to the scheduled Interdenominational Faith Service, and described how it was conducted by five ministers from the five major divisions of faith groups.

For the next five years, the convention will be held on different continents so it may be difficult (but fun) to attend.

Changing the Guard
by Tad Shaw

July 28 2011

Today's Meeting: 2011 RI Convention
                          Jerry Brecke
Greeter/Opening Marshal:  John Ahern

Club News & Notes..... President Tom Anderson's year ended with a flourish with Karen Frazier as Greeter/Opening Marshal, and Hizzoner Himself collecting Happy Bucks..... This day in history: 7/5/1865 - William Booth founded the Salvation Army; 7/5/1935 - FDR signed into law the National LAbor Relations Act, which allowed labor to organize for collective bargaining; 7/5/1946 - the bikini swimsuit made its debut at an outdoor fashion show in Paris; and 7/5/1948 - socialized medicine took effect in England. On this day, these famous people were born: David Farragut, Cecil Rhodes, Henry Cabot Lodge, Manolete, Julie (Nixon) Eisenhower, and Edie Falco..... Speaking of Edie Falco, she plays the lead role in the TV series, "Nurse Jackie". Did you know there is a Minnetonka connection to that show? The show was created by, and is co-produced by Liz Brixius, daughter of Frank and Suzie Brixius of Greenwood. Occasionally, you might find Suzie on-screen in a role in the show..... Only guest at our lunch was John Skogland.....Next volunteer opportunity for club members id the Tour de Tonka on Saturday, August 6th. Tim Litfin is the contact. Assignments are short and there is a real positive dynamic to the events of the day.....

Our meeting on June 28th was the Changing of the Guard. Because of a scheduling problem, the meeting started at 11:30 instead of noon. Attendance was the highest we've seen in a couple of years, close to 100%.

Outgoing president Tom outlined the events, goals and challenges of the year, and thanked the membership for their support during the year. Our club received a Presidential Citation from RI for our achievements during the year. He singled out the board members for their special help, telling the membership of how each board member had helped meet this year's club's goals. He then turned the gavel over to the incoming president, Woody Love.

President Woody thanked Tom for an excellent year, and presented him with a plaque memorializing his year of leadership.

He went on to say that attending Rotary District and International events is an excellent way to understand what Rotary is and what it symbolizes. Future programs will highlight the recent international convention in New Orleans and our past efforts in Chimbote, Peru. One of his goals is to encourage members to attend and participate in Rotary events. He mentioned that the new district governor, Chuck Berg, is from Shakopee, and that the annual district conference will be there next May.

At the July 12th meeting, President Woody will talk about his vision for the direction of the club this year.

Future Programs:
July 5       Jerry Brecke: RI International Convention
July 12     Woody Love: Direction of the Club
July 19     Doug Schmitt - Instrument Playgrounds
July 26     Pook Grathwol: Chimbote, Peru Projects & Our Club
Jerry Martin's Personal Profile
by Tad Shaw

June 28, 2011

Program: Changing of the Guard

Club News & Notes..... It was Darel Day as far as Greeter and Opening Marshal, as well as Happy Bucks collector and birthday boy..... Guests who visited us were Paul Nungesser and Scott Gerber..... June 28th in history: 6/28/1894 - Labor Day became a designated holiday for US federal employees; 6/28/1919 - the Treaty of Versailles was signed officially ending WWI; 6/28/2000 - the US returned Elian Gonzalez to his native Cuba. Birthdates of note are Richard Rodgers, Peter-Paul Rubens, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Mel Brooks, John Byner, and John Elway (51 today).....

Club Business. The club board recommended that the by-laws of the club foundation be changed to allow one that one of the four elected trustees need not be a former club president. The recommendation was approved by the membership; it does not become effective until approved by the current foundation board. The election of two new foundation trustees was made by the club, with Don Draayer reelected, and Steve Frazier appointed to replace Joe Froehling, who wished to retire from the board. As Steve is not a past president, Gary Thompson was conditionally named if the present foundation board does not accept the amendment to the bylaws.

Our Program on June 21st was the personal profile of new member, Jerry Martin.

Jerry was born in Missouri, and was raised on a 350 acre farm. After graduating from the University of Missouri, he taught for three years, and then went into the agribusiness world. First employed by Carnation Company, he went to General Mills in 1969, and retired from there in 2002. Recently, he was contracted to do some part-time consulting in the grain business, so he still has an interest in the food business.

His three children were all graduates of Minnetonka High School, and after the death of his first wife, he married his present wife; they now live in the Amesbury development in Shorewood. Jerry says that his hobbies are work, golf, swimming, gardening and family. Just recently, all of his kids came home for the Third Annual Martin Family Summer Gathering, a relatively new tradition. The family always got together during the holidays, but now they are together at least twice a year.

Pam Prosser Personal Profile
by Tad Shaw

June 21, 2011


Today's Program:  PERSONAL PROFILE  Jerry Martin
        Greeter: Darel Leipold

Club News & Notes..... Greeter 6-14 onboard the boat was Ron Hughes with Happy Bucks deferred to next week..... Today is the first day of summer, if you haven't noticed..... This day in history: 6/21/1834 - Cyrus McCormick received the patent for his new reaping machine; 6/21/1989 - the U S Supreme Court ruled that burning the American Flag as a political protest was protected under the first amendment; 6/21/1997 - the WNBA made its debut. Famous birth anniversaries on 6/21 include July Holliday, Jean-Paul Sartre, Wade Phillps, Kris Allen, Rockwell Kent, and Jane Russell (who would be 90 today!)..... The streetcar in Excelsior is still running on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday; the trip is a fun ride for young and old..... Our annual club fundraiser is August 22nd. President Tom has suggested that our club motto be changed temporarily from  "Service Above Self" to "Sell Raffle Tickets". Every cent raised goes to support our clubs' charities..... The Twins outing is August 9th and Terry R has 50 tickets for the event; sign up sheet was passed around during the meeting..... July 4th is coming, and the Chamber will be looking for people to help with the crowds. And on August 6th, Tim Litfin's MCE will hold the 6th annual Tour de Tonka, and he'll be lobbying for helpers for that..... Don Shelby spoke at the monthly chamber lunch on the 16th, and he talked about global warming as well as describing his new home being built in Excelsior. His home is going to have all of the operating systems environment-friendly so that the home will reduce use of natural resources. He said that he expects his annual gas and electric bills to be less than $100.00 each!.....

Our Program on 6/14 was the personal profile of our new member, Pam Prosser.

Pam was born in Minneapolis, but her family moved to Minnetonka when she was in elementary school, and she graduated from Minnetonka High School. After getting her B.A. (major: business) from the U of M, she continued her formal education with a four year course at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, and has been nationally certified as an alternative medical practitioner and health coach with an office in St Louis Park. She provided us with a printout describing homeopathy, and there were a number of questions about homeopathy from the club members. Homeopathy is an adjunct to many of our standard medical and chiropractic practices, and helps the body heal from medical incidents faster. Many health issues can be addressed using only homeopathic remedies, thereby avoiding drugs and the damaging side effects.

Pam also has a website where clients can shop for travel arrangements and do other shopping. She loves to travel, and has been to all 6 of the inhabited continents (winter stations and laboratories don't make Antarctica inhabited!). Part of her summer is spent at the family cabin at Bay Lake, and some of the year she is in Florida. She recently spent time in San Diego where she celebrated her daughter's wedding to a navy pilot. Wherever she is, she always tries to find some time to see movies and plays.

Another facet of Pam's life is her interest in helping others. She is active in the Landmark Education Program, and a long-time active member of Haiti Outreach. Haiti Outreach is an organization that has raised over $6,000,000 to help the people of Haiti starting long before the recent earthquake, and the organization has built three high schools, started micro-banking , built public wells, and constructed 50 homes in Haiti. Rotary International has allied with Haiti Outreach in some of the well projects because there is a requirement that the local people and government are stakeholders in the investment.

Ron Kaufman
by Tad Shaw

June 14, 2011

Today's Program:
Personal Profile: Pam Prosser

Greeter: Ron Hughes

Club News & Notes..... Last weeks opening marshal and greeter was Tad Shaw, and the happy bucks person was Bob Pillsbury..... On this day in 1775, the U S Army was founded.
And in 1777, the U S Congress made the Stars and Stripes the official flag of our country. Today is Flag Day in recognition of that act.  And on this date in 1957, President Eisenhower signed a law adding "under God" to the pledge of allegiance..... Birthdates today include John Bartlett, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Robert LaFollette, Edward "Major" Bowes. John McCormack, Che Guevera, Steffi Graf, and Boy George (now 50 and being referred to now as "Old Man George")..... Today is the 165th day of 2011: how are you doing on those New Year's Resolutions?..... Just under 10 weeks to the Golf Outing/Fundraiser. Are your plans for a foursome completed, and your donation to the auction firmed up?..... There are cryptic symbols, numbers and letters painted in varying bright colors on the streets and grass all over town. It could cause me to worry. I see three options: marking the areas for ET's to land their UFO's, driver's training courses marked out for go-cart racers, or marking areas for future digging and blocking of roads. I prefer to think of the whole project as a way to reduce unemployment and enhance the mystique of the area..... Next time you drive down Water Street, note that all of the store fronts are occupied, and that parking spaces are getting harder to find. Excelsior is becoming THE PLACE to shop. And that crowd of shoppers is one crowd that we all should join!.... The annual official visit of the District Governor is scheduled for August 2nd.

Our Program
on June 7th was a personal profile given by Ron Kaufman, who recently joined our club. Ron has a history as a prior Rotarian, as he was a member of the Bloomington Club for years, and the first president of the then-newly chartered Edina-Morningside Club.

Ron was born and raised in Northern Iowa, one of four boys in his family. He received a basketball scholarship from Iowa State University in Ames, graduated,  and went out to seek his fortune. He spent his first two years teaching, and then decided that he didn't want an academic career. He decided on a career in sales, and joined North Star Resource Group, where he has served his clients for over 40 years. Ron sells and services life and investment products for his clients. He is still active on a part time basis.

Ron has two children from his first marriage, and one of his sons, Phillip, lives in Orono and has 3 kids (all under the age of 5), and the other son, John, lives in Denver area and has one child. Ann brought two children to the marriage, a son and a daughter, and she has been a member of the Minnetonka School Board. Ron and Ann live in the Groveland Assembly Area in Woodland.

He told the story of his wedding day, where he decided on the spur of the moment to ring the building's bell just before the ceremony, and the bell-ringing assembly fell and hit him in the mouth. He spent the first few minutes after his wedding in the Urgent Care office getting a doctor to stitch up his lower lip. 

by Tad Shaw

June 7, 2011

Today's Program: Personal Profile Ron Kaufman
         Greeter: Dave McCuskey

Club News & Notes: Greeter  at the 5/31 meeting was Glenn Froberg, and Happy Bucks was handled by Dean Friesen..... On this date: 6/7/1654 - Louis XIV was crowned King of France (it seems like just yesterday!); 6/7/1972 - the musical "Grease" opened on Broadway; birth anniversaries of note: Tom Jones, Prince, Allen Iverson, Jessica Tandy, Beau Brummell, Paul Gauguin, and George Szell..... Art on the Lake this weekend, June 11 and 12. Volunteers still needed for various tasks..... Raffle tickets were handed out to members at the 5/31 meeting for the raffle at our annual fundraiser. Tickets are $10. each, and the drawing is at the dinner at Burl Oaks on August 22nd..... 

Our Program on May 31st was presented by the director of eQuality, Greg Hani. Greg started the organization with a $1,000 grant from Minneapolis Lions Club. The purpose of the organization is to provide day care for developmentally disabled adults.

Our local program, Choice, provides jobs for challenged people, generally cleaning or housekeeping tasks. The purpose of eQuality is to provide employment to the same segment of the population, but have them work in other types of work, such as assembly line, shipping, moving, or farming. The workers in their program are also included in other aspects of asset-building, such as social events, recreational opportunities, education, physical workouts, and involvement in the arts. To each person's limits, they are also welcomed to develop values, consequences of choices, and responsibility for themselves.

The home office of eQuality is in Loretto, and the organization was originally designed to serve the communities in the Northwest portion of Hennepin County. Some of the elements of the program are now serving Minneapolis, and the work is done under a contract with Hennepin County. With an annual budget of over $2,000,000., eQuality serves 137 disabled adults.

Further information is available online at

Future Programs:
June 14        Personal Profile: Pam Prosser
June 21       
Jane 28        Install new board

June 14        Ron Hughes
June 21        Darel Leipold
June 28        Dave McCuskey
STRIVE: 2011
by Tad Shaw

Club website:

Today's Program:  "Pathway to Potential"
                                  Greg Hani from eQuality

      Greeter:          Glenn Froberg

Club News and Notes..... Greeter and Opening Marshal on May 24th was Dick Osgood, and happy bucks was done by Tom O'Connell..... Our golf outing and annual fund raiser is soon - August 22nd, to be exact. Have you set up your foursome for the golf? Decided on your donation to the auction? Are you attending the lunch and the dinner that day? Support of the club's full membership to this event is crucial to our annual giving programs.... Next Monday, June 6th, is the 67th anniversary of D-Day..... Today in history: 5/31/1910 the Union of South Africa was founded, and 5/31/1961 it became an independent nation; 5/31/1913 - the 17th amendment to the U S Constitution was declared in force (and what, pray tell, did the 17th amendment do?); 5/31/1990 - "Seinfeld" first aired on NBC-TV; birth anniversaries on 5/31: Walt Whitman, William Rockefeller, Fred Allen (best comedian EVER!), Clint Eastwood (now age 81), Peter Yarrow (of Peter Paul and Mary), Brooke Shields, and Joe Namath..... June 6, next Monday, is the 67th anniversary of the landing at Omaha Beach, the start of D-Day.....

Our Program on May 24th was the annual meeting with the MHS seniors who are members of our club's STRIVE program, and Scott Dykhoff introduced each of the seniors to the club and presented a plaque and certificate of accomplishment to each of the students who completed the program.

The fourteen students who completed the program this year are David Allen, Emerson French, Rami Jubara, Blake Eucker, Ryan Crippa, A J Berger, Ethan King, Melissa Mettert, Matthew Nowocin, Joey Goldberg, Zachary Gabler, Marilyn Kruy, Brady Kirchner, and Sam Hultman. All of the students who were present at lunch told of their plans for next year, including two boys (men) who are joining the armed services. The rest of the group seem to favor Normandale College and other regional smaller colleges. Some of the colleges chosen by the students have matches for scholarships, so those funds will be increased by the schools.

After the introductions, the winners in the program were announced. The actual awards had been given at the high school on Award Night earlier, so the students already knew who were the winners. Sam Hultman was the big winner and he will get a match from his college, Normandale, as will Marilyn Kruy, who also is attending Normandale. Ryan Crippa and Zachary Gabler were the other winners.

Dick Glover announced that this year brings our student total to over 100 students who have been members of our STRIVE Program. The word STRIVE is an acronym, which stands for "Students Trying to Renew Interest in Education".

Future Programs:
June 7: Personal Profile: Ron Kaufman
           Greeter: Dave McCuskey
June 14: Personal Profile: Pam Prosser
           Greeter: Ron Hughes

At Tanadoona
by Tad Shaw

May 24, 2011

Today's Program: STRIVE
                                 Scott Dykhoff
Greeter: Jon Monson

Club News & Notes: Chris Lizee was greeter and opening marshal, and the warden of happy bucks was birthday boy, the young Jim Olds..... Today in history: 5/24/1883- the Brooklyn Bridge opened for traffic; 5/24/1935 - the first night major league baseball game was held at Crosley Field between home team Cleveland and the Philadelphia Phillies; 5/24/1976 - the first day of supersonic air service over the Atlantic, as Concorde flights began from both London and Paris; birth anniversaries of note: Daniel Fahrenheit, Benjamin Cardozo, Siobhan McKenna, Queen Victoria, Bob Dylan, and Roseanne Cash...... John Ahern is back - spring is now officially here..... The end of the Rotary year is nearing, so be sure to get your makeup cards to Tim Litfin so they count this year. If you miss a meeting, the rule in Rotary is that you must makeup that meeting within two weeks (before or after) of the miss..... Next Monday is the Memorial Day holiday, and our meeting is the next day..... Coming local events include Art on the Lake, the 4th of July, and our annual Golf Fundraiser. Volunteer to help Tim Litfin have a very successful event, sharpen up your golf clubs, and donate an item or two for the auction..... Congratulations to the 6th graders as MME who, under the leadership of teacher Mary Fenwick, raised over $12,000 and donated it to Haiti Outreach.

Today's Guests are our STRIVE students for the 2011 academic year and their parents and guests.

Our Luncheon Program was held at Camp Tanadoona last week. There were ghosts of the memories of summer camping past roaming through the lunchroom during the meal. Marnie gave a short history of the 103 acre facility, which was purchased by Minneapolis Rotary 87 years ago and donated to the Campfire organization. Currently, they provide camp experiences to about a hundred kids each week during the summer.

After lunch, our speaker, Kris Boesch, of Choose People, LLC, gave her presentation. Choose People LLC is an organization founded by Kris, and it's purpose is to encourage employers to recognize the value of a company's employees. According to Kris, there are three parts to any commercial transaction: the customer, the company's service or product, and the employees who deliver the service. Happy, satisfied employees deliver a better image to the client, and give the employer higher value for the wages paid. Generally, a happy employee will stay with an employer longer, work harder, and have less sick time. Kris provided a handout that shows that converting an unhappy employee to a happy one can save the employer just under $60,000.

New Blindness Treatment
by Tad Shaw

May 17, 2011    

Today's Program: Choose People, LLC; Kris Boesch
    Greeter: Chris Lizee

Club News & Notes..... Greeter May 10th was Molly Swenson, and Gary Thompson collected Happy Bucks..... Today in history: 5/17/1792 - the New York Stock Exchange was founded; 5/17/1875 - the first Kentucky Derby was run; 5/17/1992 - bandleader Lawrence Welk died at age 89; 5/17/1998 - NY Yankee pitcher David Wells pitched a perfect baseball game against who? The Minnesota Twins; birth anniversaies this date: Erik Satie, Horace Dodge, Edward Renner, Craig Ferguson (do you stay up that late?), Enya, and Bob Saget..... Have you notified Tim L of your item(s) for the silent auction? August and the golf fundraiser are coming very soon!..... The shopping preference in the lake area is shifting from Wayzata to Excelsior. Independent studies show that our local merchants have gained shoppers from all directions recently; are you shopping in downtown Excelsior?. Join the trend..... If you hate dealing with automated phone systems and you want to talk to a human, take a look at They have hundreds of large organizations listed and they show the way to get directly to talk to a human..... It's about time for Dave McCuskey to be reminding us of the Rotary International Foundation. If you haven't given, the

Our Program on May 10th was presented by Tom Harold, founder of the company, ScyFix. Tom is a local person, and the company office (world headquarters) is in Chanhassen. He is a marketing specialist, having worked at Pillsbury and Wilson Learning as well as doing consultant work with a long list of successful companies. Scyfix has developed a therapy machine for people with eye diseases, especially Retinitis Pigmentosa and other degenerative eye diseases. The unit is cleared for use by humans in Europe, and the approval process by the FDA in the US is underway.

The unit uses microcurrents to stimulate the cells in the eye, and this stimulation appears to stop the degenerative process. The process is technically called neuromodulation, and the equipment produces a series of microcurrents that simulates the electric currents in a healthy eye. In some cases, the stimulation even reverses the process, and the patient's vision improves. Field tests were run in India, where there is a genetic issue that causes higher incidence of blindness, and he showed us charts of the results of the studies.

The ScyFix 700 is the current product, available on the internet, and it is manufactured in Winona, MN. The cost of a unit is approximately $6,400.00 (4500 Euros).

The treatment regimen is generally two daily sessions with the patient having two pads connected to the ScyFix 700 placed over the eyes for that period. Once the degeneration has been stopped, the patient still has to do daily treatments. The good thing about this method of treatment is that there are no drugs involved; the machine supplements natural processes.

Scams Update
by Tad Shaw

May 10, 2011     Our Website:

Program: Tom Harold, founder of Scyfix
    Greeter:   Molly Swenson

Club News & Notes.....Greeter on the 3rd was Dick Glover, and happy bucks was handled by Terry Roeser...... Thursday is International Nurses Day, and today's mark in history: 5/10/1775 - Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys captured the British-held Fort Ticonderoga; 5/10/1869 - the golden spike was driven marking the completion of the first transcontinental railroad; 5/10/1908 - the first celebration of Mother's Day was held; 5/10/1924 - J Edgar Hoover was appointed director of the FBI, a post he held until 1972; birth anniversaries on this day include David O Selznick, Gary Owen, Bono, W R Grace, Sir Thomas Lipton, Ariel Durant, and Fred Astaire..... NEXT WEEK OUR LUNCH MEETING IS BEING HELD AT CAMP TANADOONA.Same time, DIFFERENT place!..... Our international good will ambassador and former member, Amy Mook, is on her way to Alaska and will be in Minnesota in the early fall..... Our Jim Cada is finishing a run in the play at the Illusion Theater..... Tomorrow marks the 153rd anniversary of Minnesota's statehood; it became a state on 5/11/1858..... Remember, next week we have lunch at Camp Tanadoona (which is located near highways 41 and 5) in Chanhassen..... I've been able to find Waldo, and I've also found Carmen San Diego, but where is John Ahern???

Our meeting on May 3rd featured a talk by John Stuck, a Rotarian from Plymouth, who runs a company of 168 care givers. His primary clients are seniors, and he spoke to us about the scams and con games that are being used on elder citizens.

There seems to be a new scam every day, and there are more and more young people working the field to dupe others, especially seniors. John suggested that one way to protect against telephone scams is to get your phone placed on the "Do Not Call" list (, which should protect you for five years from unsolicited calls. Also, always have your guard up to prevent identity theft; one step to take is to always shred papers with personal identity items on them. Also, don't give out info to anyone on line, on the phone, or in person without verifying that they have a right to have your personal information.

Some of the current scams are an invitation to a free dinner to learn about some product, phishing efforts (generally on line), contest winners who are require to send money to someone in order to get the promised winnings, secret shopper jobs where you are required to pay the costs of purchases for the employer, and a wide range of home improvement scams.

The bottom line of his talk seemed to be that you should know whom you are dealing with, and verify all credentials (and the firm's reputation with the Better Business Bureau) before proceeding to "make a deal". The saying "If it looks like too good a deal, it probably is" applies now more than ever.

Personal Profile: Marnie Wells
by Tad Shaw

May 3, 2011   our website:

Today's Program:  John Stuck: Senior Con Games
          Greeter: Jim Hillis

Club News & Notes:..... Last week's greeter and opening marshal was Bob Humphrey, and happy bucks was handled by John Hotvet..... Today in history: 1802 - Washington DC is incorporated as a city; 1915 - the poem In Flanders Fields is written by Lt. Colonel John McCrae; 1921- West Virginia imposes the first state sales tax in the U S; 1948 - the US Supreme Court rules that enforcement of covenants against sale of real estate to black or other minorities are legally unenforceable; birth anniversaries on this date include Golda Meir, Bing Crosby, Anna Roosevelt, Mary Astor, Pete Seeger, Sugar Ray Robinson, and William Inge..... Back in our midst is President Tom, sporting (temporarily) a cane, and wearing a BIG smile..... Time to be creative and come up with unique items for the annual fundraiser auction. Send information about your donation to Tim Litfin or to Karen..... The meeting on May 17th will be held at Camp Tanadoona; mark your calendars so you go to the right site in two weeks!!..... Today is National Teachers' Day, Thursday is Cinco de Mayo and National Prayer Day, Friday is National Nurses' Day, and Sunday is Mother's Day. Lots to celebrate this week..... Our club has donated $14,000 to various causes so far this year, with the bulk of the money going to high school students at MHS.

Future Greeters

May 10:   Molly Swenson
May 17:   Chris Lizee
May 25:   Jon Monson   

Our Program on April 26th was a personal profile provided by Marnie Wells. Marnie joined our club earlier this year, and she works as the CEO of Campfire USA in Minnesota.

Marnie is the younger of two sisters, and was born in Des Moines, Iowa. Her parents divorced, so her childhood was split between the two houses, with her dad living in a condo with a swimming pool. Living in Iowa, where  they held the first presidential caucuses, she has seen and heard all of the major candidates for that office when they spoke campaigning in her town. She was a swimmer in high school, and graduated from the University of Minnesota. She appears to be addicted to education, because she has degrees and certificates from a number of regional colleges.

As an adult, Marnie is a weight lifter and a runner. She used to run early in the morning alone but after an intruder invaded her home, she is careful to be accompanied when running - at present she runs only with another runner who has a large dog. She is very competitive and driven to excel, so she is always setting higher goals for herself in her exercise programs as well as in her business life. She has 5 personal traits she listed at the outset of her talk: she is a vegetarian, likes to take naps, is scared of wild turkeys, has never had a dental cavity, and wants to  be a U.S. Senator.

As the director of Campfire USA in Minnesota, she is responsible for Camp Tanadoona, and she is proud of the programs that they have that help improve the lives of city kids. She is married to Ralph Bovard, a medical doctor, and currently lives in South Minneapolis.

Coming Programs:
May 10: Tom Harold, founder of ScyFix
May 17: Kris Boesch, Choose People, LLC
May 24: Greg Hani: eQualtiy - Pathway to Potential
May 31: STRIVE: Scott Dykhoff

Our website:
Excelsior Forever Upwards
by Tad Shaw

Our website:

April 26, 2011

Today's Program:
       Greeter: Bob Humphrey

Club News & Notes:..... Greeter and Opening Marshal for the 19th was Darel Leipold, and Happy Bucks collector was Dick Glover..... Today in history: 1607 - colonists landed on America and founded the settlement of Jamestown in what is now Virginia; 1986 - the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl occurred; 2000 - Vermont's became the first state to allow same-sex unions when the law was signed by Governor Dean; birth anniversaries of note this day include Morris West, Ma Rainey, Anita Loos, Alfred Krupp, John James Audubon, Duane Eddy, Sal Maglie, and Carol Burnett..... Friday, the 29th, is National Arbor Day, and Sunday, May 1, is Teacher Appreciation Day, Law Day, Save the Rhino Day, and Loyalty Day in the U.S., and Labor (Labour) Day in 124 countries. With all of those important activities on that one day, I think you can justify taking the day off..... Good to hear that President Tom is doing well and will be back soon..... John Huber is recovering from a serious injury in February..... President-elect Woody talked of the recent district convention, and said he learned a great deal about Rotary while there; he recommended that members go to the district assembly on the 7th of May at Normandale College. Contact Woody for info or look on the district website..... Have you checked your info on our website?....

NEXT WEEK:May 3 Program:
                          Greeter:   Jim Hillis

Our Program on April 19th was presented by Tom and Maria Lofquist, who produce the local cable TV show, "Excelsior Forever Upwards". The show is presented on Mediacom channel 12 for local cable users on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 P.M., and on Saturday and Sunday at 3:00 P.M.

Maria is the hostess on the show, and she speaks very softly with a faint accent from her homeland, New Zealand. Her husband, Tom, produces the show and is on camera, too. We were given a preview of the content for the rest of this year, and were shown a short segment from the show. The projector/computer setup was not in synch, so we watched the segment on a laptop computer screen.
For the remainder of the year, they expect to feature a Memorial Day program, an arts program, 4th of July program, a music program, and one featuring Apple Days. On each show, they have en featuring Nick Reuhl in a question/answer segment about Excelsior government.

A number of our club members have already participated in the show, including Bob Williams, Darel and LaVerna Leipold, and Nick Ruehl. During the question period, a number of our members suggested other topics that could be included in their shows, including meetings with other mayors and the police chief, featuring charity events such as our Rotary Clubs' golf outing, and STRIVE.

Future Greeters: May 10   Molly Swenson
                       May 17   Chris Lizee
                       May 25   Jon Monson

Website for Excelsior Rotary:
Irreparable Good
by Tad Shaw

our website address:

April 19, 2011

Today's Program:
             Maria Lofquist: Excelsior Forever Upwards TV Show

Greeter & Opening Marshal: 

Club News & Notes: Last week's greeter was Dick Osgood, and Happy Bucks were handled by hissoner, President Tom...... Today in history: 1775 - The American Revolutionary War began with the battles of Lexington and Concord; 1897 - the running of the first Boston Marathon; 1933 - the U S went off the Gold Standard; 2005 - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI. Birth anniversaries of note: Ole Evinrude, Eliot Ness, Jayne Mansfield, and Maria Sharapova..... Today is Passover..... Welcome to Jack Frederick, our newest member..... President Tom gave an award to Bob Williams marking his 49th year in Rotary, and that's 49 years of perfect attendance, too!..... Auction items needed! Our annual fundraiser in August depends on proceeds from the auctions to raise the money for our charity funds. Find an unique item or event and give the info to Karen Frazier..... Have you checked out your info on the website yet?..... The Minnetonka Theater presentation of "Phantom of the Opera" is close to sold out for all performances. If you want to see it, better call today: 952-401-5898..... And don't forget to shop in Excelsior!!

Next Week:
April 26: Personal Profile: Marnie Wells
            Greeter: Bob Humphrey

Our Program on April 12th was "Irreparable Good: Strategies for Shocking Business Performance" presented by Magaly Rodriguez, in which she talked about how a business can inprove its performance. Her personal history includes having lived in a number of countries, and she has worked with a number of large corporations to help change and improve their work environment. She is co-founder of Volentum, an organization that promotes the development of "Voluntary Momentum" within the work force of a company.

Voluntary Momentum is a system that develops a "vitalized work culture", directing employees' efforts toward behavior that has a positive effect on the organization. The results are shown in better bottom line results, and increased levels of accountability, morale, and trust among employees.

Magaly spent much of her time discussing Dr. David Hawkins' "Courage Scale", and its ramifications in the business world. The scale runs from 0 at the bottom (representing Death where there is no interaction) to 700 to 1000 on the top (representing Enlightenment). At the 200 mark is the Courage Line. Below the line are those activities that "take from life" where energy spirals down to emotional death. Such items are listed on the scale as shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, and anger. Above the courage line are the activities that contribute to life and add dynamic energy to persons. Above the courage line are listed such items as openness, willingness, logic, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. Recognizing this scale, we can learn to use the courage skills to better manage feelings, raise our emotional intelligence, and make a difference in the lives of others.
Club Assembly
by Tad Shaw

Website address:

April 12, 2011

Program:  Magaly Rodriguez:
Irreparable Good: Strategies for Shocking Business Performance

Greeter & Opening Marshal: Dick Osgood

Club News & Notes..... Greeter last week was Joe Froehling..... Today in History: 1861 - Confederate forces fired upon Fort Sumter starting the United States War Between the States (Civil War); 1955 - the Salk polio vaccine was declared safe and effective; 1961: Russian Yuri Gagarin became the first human to fly in space, circling the world once and landing safely back in Russia; 2004 - Barry Bonds hit homer number 660 to tie Willie Mays for number three spot on the all-time list. Birth anniversaries on this date: Henry Clay, Lily Pons, Tom Clancy, David Letterman, Scott Turow, and Vince Gill..... Easter shopping? Give the stores in downtown Excelsior a look; shop them!..... Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, followed by Earth Day, Good Friday, Passover, and Easter (this year, the Orthodox religions celebrate Easter on the same date as the other Christian religions)..... Lots of the local businesses got selected by customers as "Best in the Area" in the latest (April) issue of "Tonka Times". See remark above about shopping in your home town!..... By presidential proclamation, Thursday is National D.A.R.E. Day, as well as the start of Pan American Week, and April is Cancer Control Month, National Donate Life Month, and Prevent Child Abuse Month..... It appears that all but the most hardcore snowbirds have returned from the South.

Our Program  on April 5th was a Club Assembly on the subject of club communications.

President Tom set the tone of the meeting by saying that the club board had discussed the matter and thought that the entire club should be brought up to date about our website, what we currently can do, and what the future plans are. Focus was then placed on how members can use the website to keep up-to-date on Rotary activities.

Steve Frazier, the club's communications chair, said that we now live in an age of electronic communication, and our website is fully capable of providing 21st century facilities to our members. We have had our site,, completely redesigned by Scott Zerby, and it is now more user-friendly then ever. Currently, we are using the EMail portion of the program for inter-club messaging, but plans call for future use of direct electronic contacts with members.

The website has four elements: weekly stories and bulletin, an events calendar listing club activities and future speakers, members and officers listing for easy email access to those members, and a direct link to district 5950 and RI websites. Future expansions will include ability to pay club billings and electronic registrations to Rotary events through the website.

Each member was encouraged to update his/her personal profile on the website this month. Instructions were given at the meeting so that we can all accomplish this task. Steve followed up with an email that gave the instructions again in writing.

If you haven't visited the newly designed website, make your visit a priority!
Carver County Sheriff
by Tad Shaw

April 5, 2011

Today's Meeting:  Club Assembly

Greeter/Opening Marshal:  Joe Froehling

Club News & Notes..... Scott Zerby was greeter and opening marshal last week, and Happy Bucks was the responsibility of  Carl Zinn..... This day in history: 1792 - President George Washington cast the first presidential veto; 1887 - British historian Lord Acton wrote:  "All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely"; 1987 - Fox Broadcasting Co. made its TV prime-time debut. Birth anniversaries of note on April 5th: Elihu Yale, Booker T. Washington, Chester Bowles, Bette Davis, Herbert von Karajan, Troy Gentry, and Colin Powell..... Speaking of people, who knows who these three men are and what they did: Sy Schiele, Gus Loehr, and Hi Shorey..... A reminder that the August golf fundraiser depends upon donations to the silent and live auction for a large portion of the proceeds. Have you an item that you will be donating?...... Only 10 days to personal income tax day..... Most of our members are now back from their winter hideouts; the meeting on the 29th was almost an SRO crowd. Usually, the return of the Rotarians is followed shortly by Ice Out Day..... Food for thought: According to Harper's Index published in Harper's Magazine, "Number of suicides in one Indian state that a government investigation attributed to unpaid microfinance debts: 54"

Our Program on March 29th was presented by Jim Olson, the sheriff of Carver County. His position is an elective job, although he has been a full-time employee of the department for 24 years. During the question period, he was asked why the sheriff is elected and not appointed, and he said that it is good to have the head of the department answerable and responsible directly to the voters. Jim is only the 15th sheriff to have served Carver County since 1855.

Carver County is the county just South and West of Hennepin County, and includes the towns of Chaska, Chanhassen, Waconia, New Germany, Mayer, Watertown, Carver, Cologne, Norwood, Young America, and Victoria. The sheriff's department is the only local police authority in the county other than the city of Chaska, which has its own department. Carver is one of the smaller counties in Minnesota based on its area of 376 square miles, but the region is currently undergoing a population explosion growing from 14,000 in 1940 to over 90,000 now. There were 40,000 "calls for service" generated by this population last year, down about 2% from the year before.

The annual budget for the department is about $17,000,000.00 per year. This figure includes the payroll for the 162 full-time employees, half of whom are licensed police officers. Nowadays, there has to be a police officer assigned to duty in each of the schools. They have an Explorer Program established that allows young people interested in police work to meet and work with active officers.

The county ranges from highly sophisticated residential areas to areas in the west that are still family farms, so generalizations are difficult, but Jim stated that identity theft and paper crimes are increasing fastest in Carver County. The last homicide was in 2006. Crime does not honor county lines, so much of their work in done cooperatively with other police units, including South Lake, Hennepin County, and state and federal police units..

Dusty Thirties
by Tad Shaw

March 29, 2011

Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Scott Zerby

Speaker: JIM OLSON, Carver County Sheriff

Club News & Notes
.... Bob Boyer was Greeter, Opening Marshal, AND Collector of Happy Bucks..... Sunday, April 3rd is the 4th Sunday in Lent; in the United Kingdom, since the 16th Century, it has been celebrated as Mothering Day, the antecedent of our Mother's Day...... Today in history: 1882 - The Knights of Columbus was chartered in Connecticut; 1943 - meat butter and cheese rationing began during WWII; 1962 - Jack Paar's last show as host of "Tonight"; 1999 - Wayne Gretzky scored the last of his record 894 goals in the NHL; 1999 - the Dow-Jones Industrial Average closed about 10,000 for the first time in history. Birth anniversaries this date: Samuel Moore Walton, Pearl Bailey, Sir William Walton, E Power Biggs, John Tyler, Cy Young, Judith Guest, John McLaughlin, and Eric Idle. Know who they all are?..... Remember the days when a car was placed on the ice and a betting pool was established; the winner was the person who selected the time closest to when the car went into the lake?.....  The Minnetonka Theater is presenting "The Phantom of the Opera" April 29 to May 15th. Based on prior presentations, it should be an exceptional evening of entertainment. Tickets at 952-401-5898. Prediction: a sell-out, so order tickets now..... District convention is April 15-17 in Alex at Arrowwood. See district website for the program listing of events..... Amy Mook, our club's roving ambassador, has been in South Africa, is now in Florida, and will tour Alaska before "reporting" back in September..... Has anyone done a Website MAkeup?

Our Program on March 22 was presented by our own member, Darel Leipold, and was centered on the "Dusty Thirties".

We've all either read the book by Steinbeck, or seen the movie, "Grapes of Wrath", and know of the tough times during the thirties. Unemployment due to the depression and a climate change bringing drought made for severe problems for Midwesterners, even more so than residents on the coasts.

In the "cereal bowl" area of the US, farmers had grown the same crop on their land for years, and had increased their farming acreage by plowing and planting wheat, a very good cash crop for them. In the twenties, a general drought hit the US in an unexpected climate change. With the natural cover gone on most of the land, the winds started to blow away the top soil, and especially in 1930 and 1936, there were "black clouds" of dirt rolling across the prairies, and even into New York City and Washington.

Add the stock market crash on 10-29-29 to the situation, and people had few options to survive. Many Midwesterners went west; the Los Angeles area was closed to migration by the local authorities, and even the St Paul Ford Plant was closed for over a year. FDR established many programs to help the poor.

It took three forces to get the country out of the situation: (1) the drought ended in 1938/39; (2) the programs started by FDR got many people to work; and (3) the arming of the nation for the oncoming World War created an active economy.
Lake Minnetonka
by Tad Shaw

March 22, 2011

Greeter/Opening Marshal:   Bob Boyer

Club News & Notes..... President Tom did the pledge and opening prayer; no happy bucks because of the length of the planned programs..... Our club's board has selected the charities for this year's fund-raiser: Camp Tanadoona, and Family Resource West, and in concert with the morning club, Polio Plus and ICA Foodshelf..... Ice-out bets  for Lake Minnetonka are starting to be made, with open water due to appear on Minnesota lakes shortly. At least, that's the tradition; it still is Minnesota, however, and who knows?..... This date (March 22) in history: 1765: Britain passed The Stamp Act as a way to collect more tax money from the colonies. Result: Revolutionary War; 1894: The first Stanley Cup hockey game was played in Montreal; 1941: Washington State's Grand Coulee Dam began operation; and 2004:Tara Lipinski of the US became the youngest world figure skating champion at age 14 years 10 months (what had you accomplished by that age?). Birth anniversaries of note: Senator Arthur Vandenberg (R, Mich), Stephen Sondheim, William Shatner, Orrin Hatch, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Bob Costas..... District convention is April 15-17 in Alexandria, MN. A very good place to get further into Rotary, and meet the leaders in the other area clubs. Contact President Tom for info.....

Special Guests at our March 15th meeting were representatives of five groups from Minnetonka High School. Dr Don Draayer introduced Dr Dennis Peterson, superintendent of the district, and Ted Schultz, the director of co-curricular activities at the high school. It was the first time many of us had heard Ted talk, and he had the distinct honor of introducing team members from 5 MHS activities which have gained statewide recognition.

Two students  were introduced from the State 2nd place MHS boys' Alpine Skiing Team, from the State Champion Girls' Alpine Skiing Team, from the State  Champion Boys' Swimming Team, and from the highest award-winning one act play cast. All of the students gave a short talk about themselves and the team experience, and we had a short excerpt from a very powerful play that was the winner in the one act play competition. Four students were present from the girls State Champion Hockey team. They also introduced themselves and talked of the tournament experience. Noted among the hockey players was Don Draayer's grand-daughter.

Our Program was titled "A Look at Lake Minnetonka", and was presented by our own member, Dick Osgood. Dick is the president of the Lake Minnetonka Association, and an expert in water management matters.

His talk took the form of a 1,000 year look at the lake, from what Minnetonka was like 500 years ago to what it will be in 500 years from today. 500 years ago, about the time that Columbus discovered the new world, Minnetonka was a series of medium-sized lakes unconnected to each other, and with heavy underbrush along all of the shoreline. You would have to be in the water before you could see that the area was  a water-filled lake. Fifty years ago, the lake was one body of water with well-defined shoreline, and was just ending the era where it was used as a summer resort area. Five years ago, the AIS era (Aquatic Invasive Species) was in full swing. All of us are familiar with the lake today, and the problems with milfoil and zebra mussels.

Five years from now, Dick predicts that milfoil will be under control and no longer a problem. New invasive species will becoming problems, and control over the Minnetonka (and other lakes in Minnesota) will be shifting from federal and state agencies back to local control. Ten to twenty years down the line, the citizens and agencies will be sifting through all of environmental rules ,and making them unified and sensible throughout  the area. Fifty years in the future, the use of lakes for fishing will be severely diminished ( a trend that has already started), and scientists will have discovered and implemented cures for the AIS (invasive species) that plague the waterways. 500 years from today, Lake Minnetonka will still be the recreational magnet that it is today, and people will have discovered new and unique ways to enjoy the water. Personal submarine, anyone?
March 8, 2011
by Tad Shaw

March 15, 2011

O'Pening Marshal and Greeter:  Bob O'Boyer

Club News & Notes.....Greeter on the 8th was TimO'thy O'Litfin. The intro included his usual  trivia where he pits the lunch tables against each other. His challenge this week was identifying theme music from past and present TV shows..... Welcome to Jerry Martin, who was inducted into our club on March 8th..... This day in history: in 44 BC, Julius Caesar was murdered on the Ides of March; 1820 Maine was admitted to the union as the 23rd state; 1919: The American Legion was founded in Paris; 1956; "My Fair Lady"  began it's run on Broadway. Birth anniversaries of note: Andrew Jackson, Harold Ickes, and Harry James..... Thursday is St Patrick's Day..... Have you adjusted to Daylight Savings Time?..... Sunday (the 20th) is Purim, and also the first day of spring. Time to get the lawnmower tuned up for the summer, and put the snowblower and shovels in storage..... Did I mention that Thursday is St. Patrick's Day?..... Have you checked out the new website? Better yet, have you checked/corrected your personal data on the site? The website's address is the same: The personal info on the website is N OT available to anyone except club members..... The school district's athletic teams just keep bringing home trophies as state champs! And we don't hear about all of the arts and academic victories..... The club's board will be selecting the two charities who will benefit from our annual golf fundraiser this August. President O'Tom listed the four finalists: "Let's Go Fishing", His House Ministries, Camp Tanadoona, and Family Resource West.

Our Speaker on March 8th was introduced by Jerry Brecke. Joel Holm is active in the program, "Let's Go Fishing", and he provided us with a description of the program.

"Let's Go Fishing" provides fishing and boating experiences for seniors, youth, and veterans throughout the state of Minnesota. The organization, started in 2002, takes guests on water outing during the summer. There are currently 30 chapters in Minnesota, and in eight summers, the members have provided over 50,000 people with water outings at no cost to their guests. Each chapter is locally funded, although the State of Minnesota has provided 50% matching grants to the group because of the long-term values of the program.

About 14,000 volunteers are involved in the 30 locations, and they provide boating and fishing opportunities to youngsters from the cities who otherwise would never have any boating experiences, as well as veterans and people with physical challenges. Each of the 30 chapters has a lake location of their own that is used for their program. People are hearing about the program, and the number of requests to participate are increasing. The group intends to have 48 active chapters in the state by the start of boating season 2015.

The recent growth has posed organizational problems for LGF, and they are working to get their administrative problems solved. Issues such as safety training, licensing, day-to-day matters, and leadership have to be solved as they grow. Minnesota Bound, another non-profit, has been very helpful in providing organizational advice.

Getting information out to the boating public is a prime problem, as there are many boatowners who would join and support the program.
O'Pening Marshal and Greeter :
March 22:   Bob O'Boyer
March 29    Scott O'Zerby
April 5        Joe O'Froehling
April 12       Dick O'Sgood
Haiti Outreach
by Tad Shaw

March 8, 2011

Greeter & Opening Marshal: Tim Litfin

Club News and Notes..... Greeter & Opening Marshal was Steven  Frazier, and Happy Bucks were collected by Bob Pillsbury...... Guests included Ross McGlasson (do we still count him as a guest?) and Jane Heiland, both from the A M Club..... Pam Prosser was inducted into our club on March 8th. Welcome!..... Mayor Nick Ruehl was present at the meeting, looking hale and healthy after his recent "medical experience"..... Don Draayer fits the role of the proud grandparent; his grand-daughter was given the Herb Brooks award in the state girls' hockey tournament, and of course we all know that the MHS team is the state champion..... Don Stolz, Mr Old Log and Mr. Excelsior to many of us was injured in a fall recently, and is currently hospitalized at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital..... Today in history: please read the list from last week's bulletin. Somehow, the wrong week's list was used. The good thing: I caught the mistake; the bad thing: no one else did..... On Thursday, March 10, the Rotary Clubs are holding a meeting to discuss improvements to the sound shell at The Commons. Terry R wants as many members to attend as possible. Our two local clubs are working on a project to improve the site for the city.....

Our Program on March 1 was presented by Dale Snyder who is a Rotarian, and one of the founders of Haiti Outreach. His last visit to our club was when he was recruiting people to jump into icy Fish Lake in Maple Grove in mid-January as a fundraiser for one of the Haiti Outreach projects.

Haiti Outreach is a non-profit 501C3 corporation established in 1997 to help foster community-initiated projects to help improve the life of the people of Haiti. Currently the group has 37 employees, mostly in Haiti. This country is the poorest nation in our hemisphere, and in addition to being at the bottom of the scale in all monetary measures, is low on all of the health scales, and has corruption at all levels of government. Add to that the devastation of the earthquake last year which killed an estimated 300,000 Haitians, and you have an idea of the problems that face these people.

"Working Together Building Communities" is the slogan of Haiti Outreach, and the organization enables and funds community initiated projects. The key to their program is that any project they support has to have local community and government "buy-in". For example, they have built schools in Haiti; no school will be built unless the board of education makes a commitment to provide teachers and funding, and the local governments and citizens agree to maintain and care for the buildings. Once those commitments are made, the actual building is started. They have completed 2 secondary schools, and one addition to an existing school.

Haiti Outreach is acting in four areas to reduce poverty and need in Haiti. First, most of their efforts have been in providing clean water to residents (they have funded and drilled 70 wells in central Haiti which provide safe water to over 100,000 residents). Their  second focus has been on building secondary public schools, as only 18% of the children have access to education after grade school. The icy dive in Fish Lake in January was the first fund-raising effort for a new $225,000 school which will have solar power and computers in the classrooms. The third area of effort is in micro-lending, where small loans are made to individuals to start them in business. Their final area of concentration is organizing and running trips to Haiti for individuals who want to do volunteer work on projects in the country.

Next Week:
Speaker:   Dick Osgood
Greeter:    Bob Boyer
Public Speaking
by Tad Shaw

March 1, 2011

Today's Program Haiti Outreach  Dale Snyder

Greeter & Opening Marshal: Steve Frazier

Club News & Notes..... Greeter on the 22nd was Karen Frazier, and Happy Bucks were collected by Tim Litfin. He tried to raise the minimum to $2.00, but there was some resistance to the suggested change..... Today in History: today's most notable events are the deaths that occurred on this date: baseball's Joe Dimaggio (1999), president Millard Fillmore (1874) and president William Howard Taft (1930). Birth anniversaries include Oliver Wendell Holmes and Carl P E Bach..... Lent is approaching, with Ash Wednesday on the 9th, and Shrove/Fat Tuesday preceding it..... There were 30 of us who burrowed out of the snow and made it to the Bayview for last week's meeting. I wonder where all of the others are - as if we all didn't know..... The district's 2011 conference is coming up on April 15 to April 17. This year, it will be held at the Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria from noon Friday to noon Sunday. There are lots of opportunities to learn about Rotary and Rotary activities, time for some local tours (yes, there are interesting things in the Alex area), dinner and dance, and special rates for your stay at the resort. Ask president Tom for info..... Important events in the month of March: the 9th is Ash Wednesday, the 13th is the start of Daylight Saving Time, the 17th is SAINT PATRICK'S DAY, the 21st is Purim and also the first day of spring, and next Tuesday, the 8th, is International Womens' Day, and basketball fans will always be talking about "March Madness"..... 

Our program 
on February 22nd Featured Elliot Saltzman, who spoke on "Secret to Public Speaking". He is recently married, and told us that his wife is a former Rotary Ambassador Scholar, having studied for a year in New Zealand. Elliot has delivered his message to a number of Rotary Clubs.

Most people are afraid to speak in front of a group. To be a good speaker, you have to be "mentally tough" when under pressure, which is one of the traits of most of the top speakers. Speakers generally talk from note, a pre-printed text, or from memory. For thise who use memorized talks, Elliot told of the trick with the note card in the pocket. On the note card is the full text of the memorized speech; if the speaker gets lost, he pulls out the card and refreshes his mind, then puts the card away saying, "I was going to mention something , but it's a bit off the subject, so I'll just get back to my topic".

It is important to present your best effort for each talk, and remember that when you are speaking before a group, you won't fail; if you have issues with your presentation, you'll find the ways to learn and grow from the experience. One thing to remember is to lighten up and remember that people learn better when they are smiling. Sometimes, your prepared message has to be altered a bit to fit the audience; keep your eyes open for signs that the listeners are nmot getting your message and tailor the presentation to the group.

Future Greeters:

March 8   Tim Litfin
March 15  Bob Boyer
March 22  Bob Boyer
March 29  Scott Zerby
April 5      Joe Froehling

Business Efficiency
by Tad Shaw

February 22, 2011

Speaker:  Elliot Saltzman: Secret to Public Speaking
Greeter:   Karen Frazier

Club News & Notes..... Greeter and opening marshal was Terry Roeser, and happy bucks were collected by Jeremy Huisheere..... Only 23 shopping days before St. Patrick's Day. Get your shamrocks early..... Today in history: 1732. George Washington was born on this day causing it to be a holiday until recently; 1819 Florida was ceded to the US by the government of Spain; 1865 Tennessee adopted a new constitution which abolished slavery in the state; 1879 Frank Winfield Woolworth opened his first five and dime store in Utica, NY; and 1959 The "Miracle on Ice" occurred at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid where the underdog US hockey team won a 4-3 game from the USSR..... Birth anniversaries on this day: Don Pardo, Edward "Ted" Kennedy, Julius Erving, Vijay Singh, James Russell Lowell, and Edna St. Vincent Millay..... Two upcoming events: the chamber's annual dinner is being held on Friday, March 4th at Bayview, and our own Chris Lizee is being honored for her volunteer work in and for the area. It's a fun event, especially when a friend is being recognized for her value to the community. I'm sure tickets are still available; call the Chamber's office, 474-6461. Second event is a series of informational  evenings sponsored by South Lake Police (SLMPD) called a Citizen's Police Academy. Participants will get an inside look at the operations of the public safety/police department in the three session series. Limited number of attendees. For info and/or an application, talk to Chief Litsey, or call the non-emergency police number, 474-3261..... The Excelsior High School song we sang at the Feb 8th meeting brought out the information that the school's symbol was a bird; the athletic teams were called the "Blue Jays". What few of us knew is that the name was submitted in a naming contest by our own Bob Williams..... More about virtual makeups: There are 15 online clubs for you to choose from, and you can do your virtual makeup in one of 5 languages:English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, or Finnish. Go to the district website, and click on "cyber makeups" in the lower left corner of the screen. Someone try it and give a report on the experience during Happy Bucks, please..... Speaking about the internet, have you checked and updated your listing on the website? I've found wrong email addresses, wrong home addresses, and I tried to phone one of our members whose phone number in his listing was wrong. Please update the info. Go to, sign in, check and correct your listing.

Our Program on February 15th, introduced by Jeremy Huisheere, was presented by Tony Signorelli, owner of Signorelli & Associates. A resident of the Stillwater area, he has owned and managed different types of businesses, but found his niche when he formed his current company 15 years ago, and began providing larger companies with advice on sales force effectiveness.

Tony didn't give away all of the secrets of his program, but he did provide a listing of his Rules of Personal Productivity, which he formulated in their present form in 2008. He found that his best and most productive time is spent getting projects from clients, and doing projects for clients; all of the other tasks he was doing were not generating income for the business. Following is the outline of his method to improve productivity, keyed to the five letters P,E,A,D and O.

1. Prioritize. Each day for a week, make a list of every business task that you do, and the time taken. The list will probably include things like open mail, read industry journals, pay bills, process e-mails, etc. At the end of the week, reorganize the tasks into priority based upon how much they fulfill the basic requirement (in his case,get and do projects).

2. Eliminate. Drop tasks that are not productive. Conventions and conferences do not generate clients. Continuing ed requirements should be filled with worthwhile information.

3. Automate. Transfer required processes, such as bill paying, to online or outsource routine tasks and reports.

4. Delegate. Employees are hired to do work; challenge them with valuable tasks so they earn their money.

5. Organize. Do the work that you retain as your responsibility in an organized manner. For example, drive to visit clients only on assigned days, and go to certain territories on a schedule instead of randomly driving to clients as the client requests. If a client knows you'll be visiting on the third Wednesday of the month, most will save his problems to discuss then.

His closing comment was that our business should serve us, not the reverse.

Contact info: website
Music, Music, Music
by Tad Shaw

February 15, 2011

Today's Program: Tony Signorelli
                        New Rules for Self-employment
Greeter & Opening Marshal: Terry Roeser

Club News & Notes:….. Tad Shaw was greeter and opening marshal, and happy bucks were collected by His Honor, Mayor Nick Ruehl….. Today in History: 1898 "Remember the Maine!"? The US battleship Maine exploded and sank in Havana's harbor on this date. Cause of the explosion unknown, but the event triggered the start of the Spanish American War; 1965 Canada adopted a new flag. The old flag which was a variation on the English union jack was dropped, and a new design featuring the maple leaf symbol became the national emblem. Today is Flag Day in Canada, celebrating that change of the national symbol…... Birth anniversaries this date: Harold Arlen, James Forrestal, Henry Steinway, Galileo, and Susan B. Anthony….. Has anyone made-up a meeting using the E-meeting? I'd like to hear comments about it. And of course, continue to give your makeup slips to Tim Litfin…  All of you who discovered that our club's website was down please raise your hands. Almost ten days with no website. Cause was an incomplete transfer of responsibility for the hosting company, complicated by a change of e-mail address. The problem is solved, and it should not happen again..... Do you suppose that the change of temperature will lull some of the snowbirds into thinking it's time to come back? We'll get them with the predicted cold snap this weekend!..... Only 312 shopping days until Christmas, 82 days until Mother's Day, and just 124 remain until Father's Day.....

Our Program on February 8th was a bit unusual. Our guests were Louis Zakariasen and his trio. Hidden in the back corner (but not hidden for long) was our own Nick Ruehl.and his internationally-renowned guitar.

The band played seven numbers during the program, and we all knew all of the words to them. Well, we had to have a cheat sheet for one of the sons. For the second song, a rendition of one of the rousers sung by students at Excelsior High School at pep fests and during games, Bob Williams was consulted, and he provided the words so all of us "new folks" could sing along: "Excelsior Will Shine Tonight...When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, Excelsior will shine".

Other tunes ranged from a Johnny Cash favorite to Louis Armstrong to Kingston Trio songs. We were invited to sing along, and a glance around the room showed smiles and a high level of participation.

The song which featured our mayor as vocalist, "MTA", was a very energetic rendering of the tune. We should do a club service project, and send Nick up to Winnipeg for the International Conference this month so that he can have an opportunity to expend some of his musical energy, and resharpen his late night entertaining talents.

Upcoming Programs:
Feb 22   Elliot Saltzman: Secret to Public Speaking
Mar 1     Dale Snyder: Haiti Outreach

Greeters & Opening Marshals:
Feb 22   Karen Frazier
Mar 1    Steve Frazier

Camp Tanadoona
by Tad Shaw

February 8, 2010



Program: Louis Zakariasen,

Greeter & Opening Marshal: Brian Litsey



Club News & Notes ... Jean and John Gray shared the greeter post, and Karen Frazier collected Happy Bucks... Saturday is the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, and next Monday is Valentine's Day... Today in history: 1837 The U S Senate selected Richard Mentor Johnson as vice-president after no candidate received a majority of votes in the electoral college; 1910 Boy Scouts of America were incorporated; 1922 the first radio received was installed in the White House by Warren Harding. Celebrating birth anniversaries today are John Ruskin, William Tecumseh Sherman, Lana Turner, Jules Verne, Ted Koppel, James Deane, John Grisham, and Nick Nolte... Coffee is still available; see Molly and help support our two MHS students who will go to Costa Rica this summer... On February 24, it'll be Service Club Night at the Old Log. Proceeds for the night, a performance of  "On Golden Pond", will go to benefit Opportunity Partners...



Our Program on February 1st was presented by our newest member, Marnie Wells. She was introduced by Terry Roeser.


Marnie started with the courageous declaration that she was born in Iowa. In 2008, she was named interim director of Campfire USA, Minnesota Council, and shortly thereafter was named CEO. We are familiar with Camp Tanadoona on Lake Minnewashta as one of the campgrounds owned and developed by the council (it also was the site of our Christmas Party this year). The council also owns Camp Blue Water near Grand Rapids, MN.


The national organization started 100 years ago, and was originally called Campfire Girls. It was started in Thetford, VT, by Dr Luther Gulick and his wife, Charlotte Vedder Gulick, as a companion program to the Boy Scouts. In 1975, the organization became co-ed, and the current name, Campfire USA was adopted in 2001.


The Minnesota Council established Camp Tanadoona in 1924 when they acquired the 103 acres that were the site of the summer retreat home of Governor John Lund. The property has housed week-long camps and daytime activities for girls since then. Now, with a co-ed population, the organization has an extensive program of events for boys and girls. Most of the buildings on the property are not insulated at present, so it is difficult to stage too many winter events.


The Minnesota Council has announced a Capital Fund Drive of $1,500,000., with part of the funds targeted to make the camp usable year-round as most of the buildings will be insulated and heated. Currently, three buildings are heated and usable during the winter. With year-round facilities, they will be better able to serve the young people who attend their camps. In addition, Marnie will be able to move her office from its location in Minneapolis to Tanadoona.



NEXT WEEK: February 15:

    Tony Signorelli

 Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Terry Roeser

Minnesota Twins
by Tad Shaw

February 1, 2011

Today's Program: Marnie Wells: Camp Tanadoona.
Greeter & Opening Marshal: Jean Gray

Club News & Notes.....The greeter on January 25th was Scott Dykhoff, and Happy Bucks were collected by Bob Humphrey..... Today in history: 1861 Texas voted to secede from the union; 1896 Puccini opera "La Boheme" premiered; 1920 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was established; 1946 Trygve Lee was appointed the first Secretary General of the United Nations; 2003 the space shuttle Columbia broke up during reentry killing all seven astronauts aboard; birth anniversaries today include Victor Herbert, S J Perlman, Clark Gable, and Don Everley (age 74)..... Coffee? Molly has some for you. Proceeds of the project go to fund the 2 students we're sending to Costa Rica next July. If you don't drink (regular) coffee, you can make a donation to the project (make check payable to Excelsior Rotary Foundation)..... Results of the club survey were available on the tables. Very interesting range of opinions on each question!. President Tom said the board will review the results..... How are you doing on makeups? Is your attendance above 90%? Turn in your makeup cards to Tim Litfin (or give the card to the greeter when you sign in) to get credit. Let's get our club back to being a leader in our district..... Welcome to Marnie Wells, our newest member, and our speaker today..... Shopped in Excelsior this year? Good places all along the main streets to buy presents and personal needs (and yes, the baked goods at the Patisserie do count as a personal needs).

Our Program on January 25th was a talk by Dick Bremer, the voice of the Minnesota Twins. After his introduction by Tim Litfin, Dick gave us a short personal biography. He was born and raised in Dumont MN. (population 122), got his primary education in a one-room school house (a total of eight students in 8 grades), finished high school in Staples MN., and graduated from St Cloud State in 1978. He worked at a number of local stations and came to the Twin Cities to work for channel 11. He began as the television voice of the Twins in 1983, and is in his 28th year at the job. He currently is teamed with Bert Blyleven for the games telecast by Fox Sports North (FSN). Dick is a resident of St Michael, MN.

The broadcast routine that he and Bert have is to get to the ballpark 3 to 4 hours before gametime, visit with the teams and managers, review the recent news items, and then prepare for the game. They may have 100 to 150 items that they can present during a game, but the flow of that information is dependent on the flow of the game. Some games, they may only cover ten of the items they have prepared.

He gave away no secrets about the team, but he did comment about what this year's lineup would be, and cast an optimistic vision of the team. He said that the owners have followed their business plan, and not made any panic moves, and that that stability has helped the players and managers field consistently good teams. The Yankees jinx is the thing to beat this season, especially in the extra games at the end of the year. He predicted the Twins will make the playoffs, and could go all the way.

He is impressed with Ron Gardenhire as the manager. Ron stands behind his players, and develops a type of "team spirit" unusual to pro sports. The whole management team has been in place for a long time, and that stability helps the team.

The new ballpark got favorable comment from Dick, too. He complimented Mortenson Construction Company and the Twins management for the way the structure turned out. He feels it is one of if not the best in the world. He said they built a 14 acre facility in an 8 acre space, and made it seem very spacious. When he asked our club for a show of hands of those who had been in the park, I think he was a bit surprised when almost every hand in the room was raised.

Currently, the team is doing the winter tours around the area visiting in all of the towns to encourage support. He was in Ely, Hibbing and Eveleth last week meeting with the local fans; he is looking forward to spring training; as he said, "Baseball is right around the corner".
Chamber of Commerce
by Tad Shaw

January 25, 2010

Program: DICK BREMER, the Voice of the Twins

Greeter & Opening Marshal: Scott Dykoff

Club News & Notes..... Woody Love acted as Greeter on the 18th, and President Tom    collected Happy Bucks..... January 25th in history: 1915 Alexander Graham Bell talked to his friend Watson on the first transcontinental telephone call; 1533 English King Henry VIII secretly married Anne Boleyn, his second wife; 1959 American Airlines introduced the Jet Age when they flew the first scheduled transcontinental jet flight in a Boeing 707; 1961 JFK held the first live presidential news conference on TV and radio. Birth anniversaries: Robert Burns, W. Somerset Maugham, Edwin Newman, and Etta James..... Another way to make up your missed Rotary meetings: Virtual Meetings! If you can't make a real meeting at a real club, you can make up 24/7 on line. There is now an "e-club" stationed in Colorado that has online meetings. Go to our district's website, and click on the cyber meeting tab on the lower left side of the page. Having this option available makes it so easy to have 100% attendance in the club. Is that hint?..... The Winnipeg International Good Will Weekend in February 18, 19, 20. Our club used to be a strong supporter of this meeting; if you're interested in going, Nick Ruehl or Dave Peterka can fill you in on the details.....

Our Speaker on January 18th was Linda Murrell from the South Lake - Excelsior Chamber of Commerce. Although almost all of our members know Linda, she was properly introduced by Scott Zerby, the new President of the chamber.

Linda started with the chamber in 1999. There has been a growth in membership and also a change of name; originally the Excelsior Chamber, the organization is now called "South Lake - Excelsior Chamber of Commerce" to better reflect the towns in the area that the chamber represents. In 2003, the chamber initiated an effort to get the area recognized, and the ad campaign was very successful; the media all over the country picked up on the theme that Excelsior was not a town that wanted chain stores. Linda said that there was some backlash over the campaign, but the resulting publicity calmed the dissenters down. Most recently, the December 4th inauguration of the Christmas Shopping Season in town on December 4th received a severe setback when a power failure caused half of downtown to be dark and powerless all day. Linda said that most of the events in 2010 had weather issues (except Apple Days) and the attendance and response to the programs was not up to expectations. The goal of the chamber for 2011 is provide better services to its members.

The chamber has a number of events and activities planned for  this year. The first in line is the annual "Party of the Year", which will be held in Bayview on Friday, March 4th. Dinner, dance, silent and live auction are features, as well as the annual awards given by the chamber to recognize local leaders. The Farmers' Market is now an event sponsored by the chamber, with some serious issues this year as to location; the Lyman Park property where it was held last year and before has been purchased by the county for the new Excelsior Library. Art on the Lake will be held in early June, as usual, followed by the 4th of July events. The largest of the activities, the 4th of July will include the Minnesota Orchestra again this year (for the twelfth year in a row) as well as the traditional fireworks display. The last of the annual events is Apple Days in early September.

That's a full schedule for a chamber with only one employee, but the events are handled by a crew of experienced - and very much appreciated - volunteers. Many of the events have Rotarians from our club as chairs of the committees involved, and Linda started her talk by recognizing the many members of our club who have contributed so much time and energy to make the annual events - and the chamber itself - successful.

Next Week - February 1st:
Marnie Wells: Camp Tanadoona.
Greeter & Opening Marshal: Jean Gray

Renewable Energy
by Tad Shaw

January 18, 2011

PROGRAM: Linda Murrell from the
               South Lake Mtka Chamber of Commerce

Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Woody Love

Club News & Notes..... Greeter last week was Dick Glover and happy bucks was handled by Scott Dykhoff..... Today in history: 1-18-1778 Captain James Cook became the first European to visit the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii); 1-18-1943 The Russians announced they had broken the Nazi seige of Leningrad; 1-18-1991 Financially strapped Eastern Airlines stopped flights and went out of business after 62 years. Birth anniversaries include Kevin Costner, Daniel Webster, Thomas Watson, Oliver Hardy, A A Milne, Danny Kaye, and Archibald Leach ( known to most people as Cary Grant)..... The nominating committee composed of the last three active presidents of the club announced their selection for club president-elect for 2012-2013: Tim Litfin..... Molly will have more of the fund-raising coffee at today's meeting. Half of the price you pay goes to the club to fund the Costa Rica students, and you get twice the flavor and enjoyment from fair-traded coffee. How many pounds do you want?. I forgot to ask Molly: do you have decaf?..... Note to our snowbirds: most of the stores in Excelsior will accept mail orders for merchandise; being out of town doesn't save you from helping keep businesses in town open and profitable. Most of the stores have websites, and you can find them by going to the Excelsior Chamber's website at President Tom hasn't designated anyone to be captain of our club's entry in the pond hockey tourney this weekend and next weekend, nor has anyone sent around a signup sheet. Aren't we going to field (or is it ice?) a team?..... Congratrs to Scott Zerby, the new president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Our Program on 1-11-11 was presented by Shawn Dooling, from Renewable Energy SD. They have officed in Excelsior for two years, first on Water Street, and more recently in the old police building (as opposed to the old old police building) behind Adele's. Shawn and his family live in Shorewood near Howard's Point. Their company in the recently completed second year had $120 million dollars in revenue.

We've all seen hilltops in Western Minnesota, the Dakotas and Iowa covered with "wind farms" - large groupings of wind turbines. Shawn's company specializes in the placement of smaller units in limited numbers. They market 160 foot towers that are used by farmers, co-ops and other individual users to produce electricity for their own use and for sale to electric companies. Current units have a life span of about 25 years, and they pay for themselves in 5 to 7 years. With electric rate changes in the works, the payoff period is bound to decrease. Currently (note the pun), the units they are marketing are made in the US (Kansas and New Jersey factories), and they are expecting to transfer to selling units made in Minnesota factories during 2011.

Wind-generated power is a backup source of electrical power and will never become the primary source of electricity in the United States, but the projections are that up to 30% of the power generated will be from wind turbines. Federal mandates are in place to "nudge" the power companies and co-ops to transfer a larger portion of their generating capacity from coal and nuclear plants to "greener" methods, and the best environmentally-friendly source outside of waterfalls and dams is wind generation. Each wind turbine generates as much electricity as 170,000 pounds of coal, and  most of the power used in the Midwest is generated using coal.

Laws are in place in Minnesota that mandate that electric companies pay a fair rate to individual wind turbine companies for excess energy they sell to the power grid. This industry is growing at the present time, and Shawn indicated that their company is one of many in the wind turbine business that is currently hiring.

Coming up:

January 25: Dick Bremer, the voice of the Minnesota Twins
                Greeter & opening marshal: Scott Dykhoff
February 1   Marnie Wells, Camp Tanadoona
                Greeter & opening marshal: Jean Gray
Christmas Memories
by Tad Shaw

January 11, 2011--better known as 1-11-11

Today's program: Shawn Dooling Renewable Energy SD

Opening Marshal & Greeter: Dick Glover

Club News & Notes..... Dr John Marty was greeter, and Dick Osgood collected Happy Bucks..... Bayview and the Excelsior Area aren't the only place that has an icy "dunkin' for dollars". A couple of Rotary Clubs in the Minneapolis area have set up a "deep Freeze Dunk" at Fish Lake in Maple Grove on January 15th. Each jumper must have at least $75.00 in donations, and register in advance at Proceeds go to fund a school building in Haiti (last year, they raised enough money for one school)..... Guests included Marnie Wells from Camp Tanadoona, Ross McGlasson, Mark VanWagenen, and Dale Snyder..... Are your resolutions still standing? Three Rotary-related ones: Give program suggestions to Jeremy H, shop and buy at the shops in Excelsior, and reserve some money to donate to RI Foundation this Rotary Year..... Tim Litfin wants to remind everyone to sign in on the sign-in sheet every week. Monitoring attendance would be much easier for him if each member was sure to check the box when arriving for the lunch meeting..... Today in History: 1-11-1861 Alabama seceded from the Union; 1-11-1964 the U S Government discovered that smoking is hazardous to your help, and the Surgeon General so stated at a press conference; 1-11-1973 the club owners in baseball's American League started the use of the "designated hitter". Birth anniversaries include Alexander Hamilton (in the West Indies), Ezra Cornell, and Naomi Judd.....

Attendance and Makeups. One of the rules of Rotary that keeps the organization strong and active is the attendance rule. When each of us joined, we were told in the orientation that consistent attendance at club meetings was expected, and that if a member was unable to attend the regular meeting that the missed meeting should be made up at another club. One of the measures of a club's effectiveness used by district and RI is the percentage of attendance reported by each club. Our club was always a district leader in attendance with our percentage above 93% for years. Recently, the emphasis on attendance has been dropped, and so has our ranking with other clubs in the district.

Missing club meetings gets you out of touch with the club's activities, and makes you less effective as a member. Making up at another club serves a number of purposes. By attending another club's meeting, you keep in touch with Rotary's activities. Other clubs have different traditions, and our meetings have been improved because of elements of other clubs meetings that have been reported back (Happy Bucks was spotted at another club by Ron Hughes, for example). Members of other Rotary Clubs in the area are the business leaders in their region, and are very interesting (and sometimes very helpful) people when you meet them. In summary, making up a missed meeting benefits you, our club, and Rotary.

The makeup rules are that you should attend your makeup meeting in the period two weeks before to two weeks after you miss a meeting. There is a list of area clubs and their meeting times available for you at the greeter's table. These are some of the places that you can make up a missed meeting. Further meetings are listed on the Rotary websites. On vacation, you can find the local Rotary Club by asking at the hotel or resort desk, or searching RI's website. When you attend a meeting at another club, you should get a makeup card, and turn the card into Tim Litfin (our club's secretary) or mail it to the club at P O Box 11, Excelsior MN 55331. When your makeup is credited to your attendance record, you receive credit for the lunch you did not eat at your missed meeting.

Our meeting on January 4th was a recollection of holiday memories of each member. Everyone present told a short episode in their life related to the Christmas holiday. The theme of the recollections revolved around family and family times at the holidays. And that is as it should be: Christmas is about God the Father and his family.
Club Assembly
by Tad Shaw

January 4, 2011

Today's Program:

Opening Marshal/Greeter:Dr. John Marty

Club News & Notes..... Greeter and opening marshal was Bob Williams with Lee Webster collecting the Happy Bucks. A hush fell over the room after the Pledge of Allegiance when Bob asked everyone to sit down. Under the  U. I. R. S. P. (Universal Invocation Rating System Protocol) promulgated, developed, and enforced under the leadership of Mr. Williams, he had two points removed from his invocation's rating..... How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions? All still firmly in place? Two special resolutions for our club members this year: Pass on your suggestions for program speakers to Jeremy, and remember to shop in Excelsior..... Today in history: 1896 Utah admitted to the union as the 45th state; 1999 Jesse Ventura was inaugurated as our state's governor; 2007 Nancy Pelosi became the first female speaker of the US House of Representatives. Birth anniversaries include Don Shula, Jacob Grimm, Sir Issac Newton, Louis Braille and Everett Dirksen..... WCCO Radio was giving great coverage to the divers on 1-1-11 at Bayview, and then they suddenly dropped the subject. Did Nick say a bad word in his interview or what? Tim Litfin was planning on being one of the frozen ones who completed a dive into Minnetonka that day.

Our Program on December 28th was a Club Assembly moderated by President Tom Anderson. Two items were discussed during the assembly.

The first discussion centered around the timing of our meetings. President Tom suggested that perhaps we should extend our announced meeting time by 15 minutes, to cover the period from noon to 1:15 P M. A number of member spoke up with their opinions, and the consensus seemed to be that the present hour dedicated to the meeting is very convenient, with members having the option of coming early or staying late if they wish. The point was made that extending the time to 1:15 will ultimately result in the meeting extending beyond that time and then we would be faced with whether to extend the announced time again. President Tom ended the discussion with the statement that he would have to monitor the progress of the meetings more carefully and see that they end at the appropriate time.

The second subject discussed involved the club's current international projects, with a report by Molly Swenson. There are currently two projects in process.

Our first project is the purchase of a bus for an orphanage in Haiti. Our project was started before the earthquake hit, and we have now set up a 4 club group in our district to jointly donate funds to an annually designated international project. Our club's $2,000 was matched by the other 3 clubs, and then matched by district and international, making the $29,000 needed for the purchase available. Because there is a limit of 5 projects in a country going on at one time, our project is temporarily on hold. We think our project is the next in line in Haiti and expect to have completion soon.

The other project is the leaf ant study involving the students at MHS. We have as a club committed to fund two students on their trip to Costa Rico. There are school organizations that are funding the remaining 14 students who will go. The trip is a 10 day trip starting July 29th, 2011, and the students will interact with and help graduate students who are conducting the actual study. Our club is fund-raising by selling coffee to raise the money. The sale of the coffee at $10.00 a pound is being handled by Molly, and half of the money received goes to fund the project.
Minnetonka Choir
by Tad Shaw

December 28, 2010

Club Assembly

Opening Marshal: Bob Williams

Club News & Notes..... Greeter was Molly Swenson, the club's coffee girl. Still available is the fund-raising coffee. Proceeds go to fund the two MHS students our  club is sponsoring on the Costa Rican Leaf Ant Study. Maybe it's now a little late for gifts, but why not pamper yourself with high quality coffee at home?..... The jump into icy Lake Minnetonka takes place on January 1st again. One member last year did it. How many will this year?.... Today marks the anniversary (in 1832) of the first U S vice-president's resignation from office. John C Calhoun resigned over differences with president Andrew Jackson. On this date in 1846, Iowa became the 29th state in the U S. On December 28, 1958, the Baltimore Colts beat the New York Giants to become the NFL champs. It has been called the greatest football game ever..... Birthdays on this date include Earl "Fatha" Hines, Woodrow Wilson, Lew Ayres, and Denzel Washington..... Have we  talked about makeups recently? Two weeks before or two weeks after you miss a meeting, you are supposed to make up by attending a meeting at another club. The club you visit gives you a slip which you turn in to Tim Litfin, and you get credit for attending the meeting. When you make up, our club gives you a credit for the meal for that day. Talk to Tim or President Tom if you have any questions.

Our Program on December 21st was the annual holiday concert by the Minnetonka High School Choir, directed by Paula Holmberg. The fifty-four member choir came in wearing the traditional white-trimmed blue gowns with the letter M on the front. Their first song, Sorida, was a song of greeting from Zimbabwe, and had the choir gathering from all parts of the room. The second song, My Spirit Sang All Day, was written in 1930 by British composer Gerald Finzi and embraced the poetry of Robert Bridges. The entire group then tested their Latin by singing O Magnum Mysterium, a Christmas nativity scene written by Morten Lauridsen.

The Chamber Singers stepped forward and presented a barbershop version of Silver Bells, followed by a traditional sacred song sung in Hebrew, Yedid Nefesh. Breaking out of the larger group, a men's quartet enjoyed singing an American spiritual, De Animal's A-comin. The whole choir sang a Gloria fanfare, John Playford's To Drive the Cold Winter Away, and closed the concert with the traditional choral benediction, The Lord Bless You and Keep You.

A surprise addition to the program was Bob William's Merry Christmas Past. Paula said that the members of the group liked the song, and wanted to include it in the program. The song is becoming a choir standard at Christmas, as Bob tells me that over 500 choirs around the country have purchased the music and many include it in their seasonal concerts each year. After the song, Bob spoke to the choir members and said that they should treasure their time in the choir as they'll look back on the experience every time they hear one of the songs they have learned and preformed.
West Suburban Teen Clinic
by Tad Shaw

December 21,2010

Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Don Draayer

Today's Program: Minnetonka High School Choir

Club News & Notes..... Greeter, Opening Marshal and Gamesmaster was Tim "Go Navy" Litfin; ADG David Stein got chosen to collect Happy Bucks..... Guest and future member Ron Kaufman was at the meeting; he's a friend of Bob Pillsbury, Bob Humphrey and Glenn Froberg..... Only 3 more shopping days until Christmas, and 10 more days to meet your goals for the year 2010..... Caf or de-caf? The club's coffee girl, Molly Swenson, is in charge of the "Big Bean Project", our coffee sales to raise money for the MHS student trip to Costa Rico. There will have to be a lot of coffee sold for us to meet our goal. The coffee is a good idea for gifts for many of the people on your list..... Today marks the 73rd birthday of Jane Fonda, as well as being the birthdate for Joseph Stalin, Phil Donahue, Benjamin Disraeli, Michael Tilson Thomas, and Ray Romano..... Historic happenings on this date: 1620 the pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock officially landing in America, 1913 the first crossword puzzle was published, 1937 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" had its world premiere, and 1948 Ireland became an independent republic..... Dave McCuskey reminded us that donations before the end of the year can be a tax deduction for 2010, and he encouraged each of us to send our donation to the Rotary International Foundation to Dean Friesen..... Reports on the club's Christmas Party indicate that Terry Roeser had another hit this year, with all attendees reporting a good to excellent time.

Our Program for December 14th featured Leah Hebert, the Executive Director of the West Suburban Teen Clinic in Excelsior. This organization is one of our designated charities, and we will give a sizable donation to them to sponsor their work. The  current clinic is located in a converted home across the street from the Koehnen station on Second Street.

The West Suburban Teen Clinic was founded over 35 years ago, and this year it served 3,000 clients who made over 8,000 visits to the clinic. To operate the clinic, even with all of  the volunteer help they receive, cost $1,354,261 in 2009. About half of the cost is covered by patient fees, and another 35% is covered by government and foundation grants. The main task of the director is to fund raise, and spread the word about the clinic and its work.

There are four focuses in the program. First is mental health counseling, one of the most needed service among today's teens. A recent needs assessment in the area underlined the need that teens have for this service. Second focus is medical care at the clinic. Third is an education program for young women age 13 to 23 who are pregnant and have no concept of what parents are supposed to do. And fourth, there is an education program where presentations are made at 75 schools in the area covering such topics as pregnancy prevention, parent/teen communications, and stress reduction among teenagers.

In an effort to reach more of their potential teen clients, the WSTC is opening a new branch in downtown Hopkins shortly after the start of 2011.

Greeter/Opening Marshal December 28: Bob Williams
Still Standing
by Tad Shaw

December 14, 2010

Opening Marshal: Tim Litfin

Program:  West Suburban Teen Clinic

Club News & Notes..... Keith Engen was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and "Speedy Scott" Zerby collected Happy Bucks..... Three guests at lunch; they were Jack Fredericks, Ron Kaufman, and John Huisheere..... Woody Love gave us a sample of his smooth technique as emcee as President Tom was in Florida (probably golfing with John A.)..... The Excelsior Downtown merchants started their special Christmas events on Saturday with an unexpected power outage, and things did not go as well as expected. That makes it even more important for us to shop Water Street this year!!!..... Next week is MHS choir day, so come prepared for an unique holiday program. Music from around the world to heighten our holidays..... The drama world at MHS is presenting "Willy Wonka" a musical. Performances are for just the two weekends - December 9th thru the 19th.....

The December 7th Program was introduced by Jeremy Huisheere, and the presentations started with a talk by Captain Jim Kosmos. He is the owner of the excursion boat, the Paddleford that plies the Mississippi in the summer. He also is a Rotarian from Bayport, and formerly an editor/owner of a newspaper. He wrote a book about the life and experiences of the other presenter, whom he introduced as the second speaker.

John Kriesel is about 30 years old, married to Katy, and has two children. He is the newly-elected representative to the state house from his district, and will take  the oath of office after the first of the year. He joined the Minnesota National Guard at the age of 17, and was a member of the Red Bull Division. His unit was activated, and he served a hitch in Kosovo.

His unit was deactivated and it returned to Minnesota. John and a group of friends volunteered for another tour of active duty in Iraq. They were sent over and joined a contingent of marines in camp, where their task was to stabilize an area. Daily patrols and constant danger were their way of life.

On December 2, 2006, his unit was sent out to secure a specific location. He was riding as front seat passenger in an armored Humvee, which was following an armored troop carrier. Without warning, the Humvee was struck by an explosive device which destroyed the vehicle, and sent John flying. He woke up to find himself seriously injured with a broken arm, and two useless legs. His friends from his unit tried to keep him calm until the evac helicopter arrived, when he was airlifted from the scene. He passed out and came to eight days later in Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D. C. Two of his pals in the Humvee did not make it. He was told by the doctors at the hospital that he would be there for at least two years, and that he would never walk again.

Nine months later, he was out of the hospital and back in Minnesota. He walks with two artificial legs, and only uses a wheelchair when he first gets up in the morning. He has a very positive attitude about life and celebrates the anniversary of his injury - December 2nd - as "Alive Day", and considers his life now as a second chance.

Curt Carpenter
by Tad Shaw

December 7, 2010

Opening Marshal  Keith Engen

Today's Program: Captain Jim Kosmo, author of "Still Standing".

Club News & Notes: ..... Greeter and Opening Marshal was Dick Glover, and Happy Bucks were collected by Tad Shaw..... Today marks the 69th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, which pushed us into declaring war upon the "Axis Powers", Japan, Germany and Italy.... And today is also the birth anniversary of Terrell Owens, Larry Bird, Johnny Bench, Rudolf Friml, and R W Sears..... This Saturday (the 4th), there are all sorts of seasonal activities in Excelsior starting with a pancake breakfast and including the Christmas tree lighting and an outdoor community sing. It will be a great day to do your Excelsior shopping for the season..... The Minnetonka High School choir will help us get into the spirit of the season on December 21st, when they will sing for us at lunch..... Bell ringing for the Salvation Army this afternoon at the Cub in Minnetonka. If the sign up list is full, you can still stop by and help: we require a minimum of two persons but there is no maximum..... The club's Christmas Party is December 9th at Camp Tanadoona.

On August 3rd, we had a presentation by John Doleman in which he described an initiative in the Mound-Westonka High School. Selected science students went to Costa Rica to work with college graduate students in a study relating to leaf ants. These ants have the ability to manufacture a stronger antibiotic than our human scientists have been able to develop. Our club board decided to sponsor 2 Minnetonka students on this project. When the project was described to the students, 16 eventually qualified to take the trip. School volunteers are raising the $50,000 necessary to send 14 students, but we have committed to sponsor two, and we will start raising funds by selling coffee. Molly Swenson is organizing the effort. More info shortly.

Our Program on November 30th was presented by Curt Carpenter, the principal at Clear Springs Elementary School.

Curt was raised in St Francis, MN, and served our country as a member of the Air Force. He taught at Deephaven Elementary School prior to getting his certification as a principal, and has been the principal at Clear Springs (located on Highway 101 next to the District Service Center) for over 5 years. He thanked us for the student dictionaries that our club has given to his students, and said that it's great to see students get excited over receiving the books.

One part of his talk was a short video showing how technology is now used in the Minnetonka grade school classroom. A class on the human brain was videoed at Deephaven, and the video demonstrated how technology and creativity can combine to make a lesson vivid for the students. And, of course, as it's recorded and on the district website, students can bring it up on their home computers and review the exact lesson. He also showed the club the 2010 annual report of the district. He also pointed out that district enrollment is up in numbers, primarily because of open enrollment. About 1 in 5 students in the district are living in other districts and attending Minnetonka Schools under open enrollment. His school, because of its location, has a higher percentage of students from outside the district: one in three are open enrolled.

During question time, open enrollment came up again, and Curt explained that all of the state funding for transferred students comes to Minnetonka, so that there is more revenue, and class sizes are actually lowered by the added students.

Future Greeters:
December 14:  Tim Litfin
December 21: Don Draayer
December 28: Bob Williams
Jon Monson
by Tad Shaw

November 30, 2010

Opening Marshal & Greeter: Dick Glover

TODAY'S SPEAKER: Curt Carpenter, Principal at Clear Springs Elementary

Club News & Notes,,,,, Dick Osgood was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and President Tom collected Happy Bucks..... Bell ringing for the Salvation Army is planned for December 7th. Signup will be passed around today..... Excelsior Rotary Clubs Christmas Party is on Thursday, December 9th. RSVP to Terry Roeser..... Tomorrow at sundown is the beginning of Hannukah..... Today marks the birth anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Robert Guillaume, Dick Clark, G Gordon Liddy, Bo Jackson, Clay Aiken, Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift and Oliver Winchester. Know them all?..... Only 24 days left to shop, wrap and ship your Christmas presents. Please do some of your shopping in downtown Excelsior this year..... On December 21, the Minnetonka High School Choir will visit us and give their annual holiday concert....

Our Program for November 23rd was presented by our newest member, Jon Monson, in the form of a personal profile.

The historical data he presented included the facts that he graduated from Robbinsdale High School in 1970, and from college in 1976 with a B.A. in Architecture. He and his wife Mary have been married for 34 years, and have 3 children, all "out of  the nest". Two of his children live in Excelsior, and the youngest is in Colorado living his skiing dream. The family home is in Deephaven, in a restored historic residence.

The theme of his biography presentation was the continuity in his life: the recurring people and places in his lifestory. He emphasized how the Excelsior area is a place where continuity is recognized and appreciated. Jon claims to be a "contrarian", as he is usually bucking the popular trends.

After graduating from college, into a bad job market in 1976, he found a job outside of the building industry. He was offered a a position with an architecture firm about a year later at a 40% reduction in pay. Because his wife had a good job, he was able to take the job and start his career in architecture. In a relatively short time, he formed his own partnership and soon became a "working architect", designing and building homes, and restoring existing structures. His big project in downtown Excelsior is the old hardware store, now Jake O'Connor's.

Next Week: Greeter & Opening Marshal: Keith Engen
                 Speaker: Author Capt. Jim Kosmo :"Still Standing"

Mama Ada's Foundation
by Tad Shaw

November 23, 2010

Today's Program: Personal Profile by Jon Monson

Club News & Notes..... Terry Roeser was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Karen Frazier collected Happy Bucks..... Rotarian Guests included Scott Colesworthy and David Stein, our assistant district governor..... The annual International Rotary Convention is in the month of May in New Orleans, and early registration has begun. We used to have 4 or 5 of our members attending this event each year. Call President Tom if you will be going; I heard him say that the club will pay at least a portion of the registration fees.... To help fund the ICA during this holiday season, a group of volunteers will be bagging groceries at Cub on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (that's tomorrow!!!) all day long. Chris Lizee is the contact person, and she is shooting for one hours work from 10 volunteers for each hour for all day - that's at least 100 people. It should be a very interesting group to be part of. Contact Chris at 470-5338 to volunteer..... Famous birthdays on this date include W. C. Handy, George Kaufman, Lawrence Tibbett, and Burgess Meredith. Recognize them all?..... Invitations have been sent to all members for the annual Christmas Party. If you didn't get one, check your address listing with Tim Litfin. Date of party: December 9th (Thursday); location Tanadoona (yes, the old camp on Lake Minnewashta); object: a night of fun and good food. Sign up with Terry..... Pres. Tom announced that 4 of the clubs in our region have joined together to fund a special international project each year for the next four years. Each of the clubs will place $2,000 in a special fund, and the clubs will alternate in naming the project. With matching grants and all, that means that each selected project will get $32,000.00. Our club is the first to designate a cause, and it will probably be the bus project in Haiti....

Our Program on November 16th was a presentation by Jim Larson about the MAMA ADA FOUNDATION. Also present for the talk was Julie Keller, the current president of the foundation.

The daughter of Mama Ada is a parishioner of St David's Church in Minnetonka Mills ,and her mother came to the United States from Kenya to visit. Stories of the poverty in Kenya moved some church-members to start helping with donations, and two years ago the process was formalized with the establishment of a 501C3 foundation. The mission of the group is to "stimulate economic development by education and entrepreneurship". The group partners with US groups, and coordinates donations with Kenyan groups. Specifically, donations are handled by the episcopal diocese in Kenya.

Three ways that this group is helping to reduce poverty in the area: (1) high school tuition is not free in Kenya; each student has to pay about $200.00 a year for high school education, or $400.00 a year for college; (2) farmers are provided with seeds and fertilizer to grow their crops and support their family (cost about $205.00 for the first year); and mini-loans are made to enable start up of small businesses (average investment by the foundation $500.00).

Selection of the students to be funded is an issue, and rather than select young peole based on past records, need, etc,. the foundation uses a random selection basis. Getting a high school education gives that student the best chance to succeed. The area that the foundation concentrates on is the Rift Valley Province, one of seven provinces in Kenya. In the Northwest part of the country, it is the largest province in Kenya.

Email address for the group is
Tee it Up for the Troops
by Tad Shaw

November 16, 2010

Today's Program: Julie Keller "Mama Ada Foundation"

Club News & Notes..... Gary Thompson was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Don Draayer collected Happy Bucks..... Guests included Woody Love's wife, Elaine, and Michelle Hedland, founder of ""Up with Green". Michelle gave a quick report telling of a new initiative in recycling: uniform labels for containers worldwide so that the proper items are placed in recycling containers..... Have you seen the MHS play "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"? Great show, great performances, and the last performances are this weekend!!.... Terry Roeser announced that the Christmas Party will be on December 9th at Tanadoona. She has absolutely guaranteed that no outdoor camping is required, and that a great time will be had by all.... Totals are in for the Feed the Hungry packing; according to Steve Frazier, 9,288 meals were packed by our club, and that food will be shipped to Haiti where the need is greatest right now..... Tim Litfin's son, Nick, brought "just a few friends" into town to sing over Veteran's Day; two concerts at the Basilica, and a couple in the school district as well. Oh, yeah, his friends comprise the U S Naval Academy Choir. Question: did they bring in the snowstorm from their home base in Annapolis, MD? .... Have you shopped Excelsior this week?

Our Program for November 9th was presented by J. B. Ball, a Rotarian from Burnsville, who is a business associate of our own Randy Schumacher. He started a program called "Tee It Up for the Troops".

In 2005, his son enlisted in the army and was sent to Iraq. After sending a lot of foo packages and telephone calling cards to his son and friends, the idea of a permanent form of support for our troops and veterans came into being...

On the Saturday closest to 9/11, golf courses all over the country open their links to this organization. In the morning, veterans are welcomed to a free round of golf; in the afternoon, regular scheduled foursomes play. The afternoon golfers are requested to add 10% to their fees which is forwarded to the Tee It Up organization for use in fulfilling their mission: "to honor, respect and remember the service of those who have given so freely to protect our nation". Funds are given to military support programs who handle the individual grants.

Next year's event is on Saturday, September 9, 2011.

A list of who has received funds from the organization, and other information on the activities of the group is available at

Food For Haiti
by Tad Shaw

November 9, 2010

Today's Program:  J. B. Ball

Club News & Notes..... Art Johnson was Greeter & Opening Marshal at our last meeting..... There were a lot of red "I Voted" stickers on our members last week; good to see our group  participates in the democratic process..... Today is the birthday of the following famous Americans: Whitey Herzog, Bob Gibson, Dorothy Dandridge, Spiro Agnew, Ed Wynn, Marie Dressler, and Carl Sagan..... Thursday is Veterans' Day, formerly Armistice Day. This holiday originally celebrated the end of World War I. Now it is a day to remember all of those Americans who have served our nation in the armed forces..... Minnetonka High School has "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" on stage now. Good theater, good entertainment, good value. I saw it, enjoyed it, and recommend it. Performances run thru November 20th. Tickets at 401-5898.... The annual Holiday Party is December 9th, and is a joint gathering with the A M Club.....

Our Programs for the past two weeks have not featured speakers.

The October 26th meeting was a club assembly on the subject of our club's foundation. The foundation was established a few years ago, and it offers our members a 501c3 charitable foundation for donations. This local foundation has a board of trustees drawn from our club's past presidents, and they control our club's charitable funds. Joe
Froehling is the chair, and a presentation on the foundation, its goals and rules was presented by Don Draayer, one of the trustees.

It is very important for members to understand that there are two totally different foundations in our Rotary lives: the major, international Rotary Foundation is housed and run in Chicago by international headquarters, and makes grants for projects all over the world. As Rotarians, we all know of this organization and the PAul Harris Fellowship program. Our club and our members have an annual donation to this fund.

The local foundation is set up to receive and disburse funds from members, the club, and other donors to fund charitable causes as desired by our club. Donations to both foundations are tax free (under 501C3 rules).

At the end of the presentation, the club members were asked to approve the foundations policies as set up by the board of trustees: Joe Froehling, Don Draayer, Carl Zinn, Dave Peterka, and Dean Friesen, and that action was taken.

Our meeting on November 2nd was held at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, where our club members packed packets of food for children in Haiti. This is the fifth year we have done this, and Ross McGlasson has it set up as a friendly competition between the two Excelsior clubs; every year we win. However, none of our members has even gone to the other club to see what Ross tells them.
by Tad Shaw

November 2, 2010

Our meeting on October 26th was a club assembly, with the board of the Excelsior Rotary Foundation making a presentation to the membership..
Paul Twenge
by Tad Shaw

October 26, 2010

Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Robbie Green

Today: Rotary Foundation

Club News and Notes..... Opening marshal was Jeremy Huisheere..... REMEMBER THAT NEXT WEEK WE GO TO MOUNT CALVARY CHURCH TO PACK FOOD for the kids. We'll be there for our regular lunch time and our goal is to outpack the morning club..... Ann Fenger from the AM Club visited and talked about Youth Exchange. The Rotary program has been renamed "North Star Youth Exchange", and the AM club has a student this year; she is from Japan, and Ann promised to bring her to visit our club. Rotary has 7,000 students throughout the world who are on an exchange this year..... Did I mention that we meet at Mt. Calvary next week?..... The annual Christmas Party is a joint effort between our club and the morning club, and Terry Roeser tells us that it will be better than ever, and that the date is December 9th (Thursday night). Mark your calendars; last year's gathering was a very good evening. More info to follow..... Have a walk down Water Street in Excelsior. The summer tourists are gone, and the merchants would really welcome you: buy in Excelsior!..... Did I mention that we'll be in Mt Calvary next week during lunch?..... The musical is coming up at the high school: November 5 is opening. Got your tickets?..... The trolley and the museum are teamed up for the "Booseum" this Friday and Saturday in town. If you're taking grandkids to it, go early as last year there were many youngsters who were turned away because of closing time. It's a fun event for kids (and some adults get a kick out of it, too).

Our Speaker  for October 19th was Paul Twenge, the baseball coach and assistant athletic director at Minnetonka High School. His talk was an answer to John Ahern's concerns during lunch, not what he had originally intended to talk about. John, as an alum of the U of Minnesota was concerned about the football coach situation at the U.

Paul said that athletics is now considered a marketing tool by most colleges; a good football, baseball, track, or basketball team gets the school lots of publicity, and that publicity attracts students. In addition, the good programs generate revenue that the board of regents can use to help academic programs. In some cases, there are situations where the athletic concerns overrule the academic ones, and schools start down the wrong path. The NCAA often has to deal with aspects of college programs that are violating rules, and suspend or otherwise punish erring programs. The choice of the football coach at Minnesota is important to the entire athletic program because the football team is one of the most visible programs. A good football program attracts not only good athletes, but also good students.

Paul was raised in North Dakota, and was baseball coach at Valpariso U in Indiana before coming to Minnetonka. He is very pleased with the environment for athletics in Minnetonka, and he talked about Pagel Center, Veteran's Field ,and the football stadium as top notch facilities in the region. As a side note, he mentioned that the baseball fields at Veterans hosted 263 baseball games so far this year.
John Gilbert
by Tad Shaw

October 19 2010

Greeter and Opening Marshal:  Jeremy Huisheere

Club News & Notes..... Oops! Last weeks excellent program was presented by JOHN Gilbert, not Jim Gilbert. My apologies to John, who could have talked for another hour and we wouldn't have minded. Very interesting speaker. My wife is a fan of John and his radio show, and I hope she doesn't see a copy of last week's program or she'll never let me live it down..... Professor Jim Cada was greeter and opening marshal, and Bob Williams collected happy bucks..... Advance warning: On election day, November 2nd, we will be packaging food for hungry kids at Mount Calvary Church. That's November 2nd. On that day, you can vote, pack food, and pray for our country..... The Food Dash was held last week, and the event raised $12,844.62 for the ICA Food Shelf. Those are awesome figures at a time when the ICA is helping feed so many people..... STRIVE is off  to a good start, with the next gathering in two weeks..... Dave McCuskey was smiling because the club gave a higher total donation to The Rotary Foundation last year than he thought. Our club average was $86.00 per member rather than the lower figure he had been given. Which reminded him, of course, of this year's campaign.....

Our program on October 12th was a presentation by John Gilbert, who was introduced by Tim Litfin. Tim prepared us by telling us that John was a hockey fan extraordinaire.

John is from Duluth, where he still maintains a home. He started writing for the Star Tribune in 1969 where he covered the hockey scene for the paper. He is an auto racing fan, and he also became the primary reporter for that sport. Through the years, he became friends with many sports figures, but he became a fan of Herb Brooks as well as a friend. After Brooks' death in an auto accident, John felt it was time to write a book memorializing a great person and hockey coach, so he wrote "Herb Brooks: The Inside Story of a Hockey Mastermind". Printed two years ago, it is still moving off the shelves in bookstores at a very good rate.

Most of us know John because a radio show Saturday mornings on WCCO, or as a writer about cars in the Star Tribune. Most of his talk was about test-driving new model cars and the state of the auto business. He said that no one can predict what the auto industry will look like in 10 years, nor is the "car of the future" easy to predict. He is about to test drive the much-promoted Chevy Volt, GM's electric car. Other car  manufacturers put their hybrid products out on the road while GM bemoaned the lack of adequate batteries for their product, and now they are finally ready to market a vehicle using the present-day technology in batteries.

John made a trio to Korea to visit the home and factory of Kia-Hyundai there. The second largest auto manufacturer in Asia, they have developed some very good products - good enough to compete with the best in the market. A new engine was developed using direct injection that is incorporated in many of their new models.

John's website is

Don Stolz
by Tad Shaw

October 12, 2010

Greeter and Opening Marshal:  Jim Cada

Club News & Notes..... Randy Schumacher was greeter and opening marshal, and Dick Glover collected Happy Bucks...... Welcome to new member Jon Monson, who officially became a member of our club on October 5th.....  Guests at the meeting included Gen Olson, our state senator, and Steve Callendar from the Eden Prairie Club. Steve visited to tell us about their club's fundraiser, a wine and food tasting party. Full information is available on their website..... Woody Love gave us first notice of the annual ICA fundraiser at the Old Log. The benefit will be held on Thursday, November 11th. The ICA is serving more people than ever, and the need for financial support is greater this year than ever. This event is a fun evening. Reviews of the new play, "Jeeves in Bloom", indicate that the play is funny, well-staged, and that the cast is excellent. It is a chance to see a good play, support ICA, and cheer for our member, Professor Jim Cada, who has a role in the play..... Today was roadside pickup day for our club. Eighteen signed up to help on the project; any bets on what will be the "biggest find"? I hope I remembered to be at MacD's at 8 AM to do my part..... Today is the birthday of Dick Gregory (78), Perle Mesta, Elmer Sperry, Ralph Vaughan Williams (related to Bob?), Saint Edith Stein, Hugh Jackman, Kirk Cameron, and Luciano Pavarotti. Recognize them all?..... In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and discovered the Americas on this date that year. Well, true, but the USA celebrated the event yesterday (Oct 11th) to have a 3-day weekend; my source says that the "New Style Calendar" date is actually October 21st. So we have 3 dates to choose from to celebrate the occasion. Life gets so confusing at times!!!

Our Program on October 5th featured a talk by Don Stolz, In his introduction , Darel Leipold told of Don's arrival at the new theater in 1941, a recent graduate of Northwestern University, carrying his MFA degree under his arm. He looked much too young for the director's job, and the locals were concerned but soon found out that he was more than qualified.

Don began his talk by quickly sketching the theater scene in the Twin Cities in the 1930s.....there was none. The last acting company had gone out of business (offstage?) in 1933 due to the depression and the effects of movies and radio. A group of local Excelsior people got together, converted a barn into a stage theater in 1940, and the Old Log Theater was born. In the early years, the cast presented a different play each week - 13 different plays in a 13 week season. (Admission was 50 cents, and because of the condition of the roof, it was risky to go to a play on a rainy night. Coke was sold - 5 cents - from a kiosk during the intermission.)

Don told a number of anecdotes involving the theater, some involving on-stage incidents, but mostly involving the box office. Don is seldom at a loss for words, and his visits to our club are always memorable.

Don recently completed a book about the Old Log Theater, describing many of the incidents that have occurred through the years. Local reviewers recommend the book which is available at Excelsior Bay Books, Old Log Theater, Leipold's, or directly from Don.

September 28, 2010
by Tad Shaw

October 5, 2010

Opening Marshal and Greeter: Randy Schumacher

Today's Program        Don Stolz

Club News & Notes..... President Tom acted as Opening Marshal, and Terry Roeser collected Happy Bucks..... The club's board met and made a few decisions about donations: the bandshell in the commons is on hold while the city reviews additional proposals, so no action can be taken by our club. Terry R. will watch developments and report back to the board. A donation of $4,000.00 is being made to fund two students from Minnetonka so they can participate in the rainforest ant project in Central America next summer. And District 12 clubs are setting up a confederation to provide start-up funding for international projects. That will get our Haiti bus project started through channels, with our club's donation of $2,000.00..... Minnetonka Theater is staging "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". Performances November 5 through the 14th. It's a limited engagement so get your tickets now (we already have ours). And Old Log started a new play, "Jeeves in Bloom", a comedy by P. G. Wodehouse. Tickets on line, by phone or at the box office. It is rumored that our own Professor, Jim Cada, is a cast member. When you go, see if you can spot him..... On this date in 1947, the first telecast from the White House was broadcast; President Truman spoke to the nation. And in 1921, the first broadcast of a World Series game was aired..... Celebrating birthdays are cartoonist Bil Keane (age 88), comedian Bill Dana (86), and Mario Lemieux (45). Other birth anniversaries today include Ray Kroc, Chester Alan Arthur, Jonathan Edwards, and Joshua Logan.....Visiting for lunch this day was Jon Monson.

Our Speaker for September 28th was introduced by Chris Lizee. Kathryn Netwal is a Master Gardener, and she spoke about "Kate's Gardens".

Kate had a Powerpoint showing a number of gardens, and used them to illustrate the points she wished to make. She explained that gardens have many uses, including the personal satisfaction of growing things, the aesthetic values of beautiful gardens, the control of erosion, support of wildlife, and  also the crops that you derive - both food and flowers.

Discussing the Hennepin County Master Gardener's program, she said that the program was conducted in concert with the University of Minnesota and the Arboretum, and that further information on the program was available at Her work involves managing and maintaining a number of gardens for clients, as well as providing "garden coaching" for others on a bi-weekly basis.

In one of the most active Q and A sessions we've had, Kate answered a series of questions from members. This is the best time to apply herbicide to have a good lawn next year, creeping charley can be controlled  with a boron-based product (although it is a great filler for shady spots), and Tim Litfin found out that the prairie grass in his yard will very soon take over the whole lot; my notes call the troubling plant "silver feather Litfin", but I think it really is "silver feather Miscanthus".

September 21, 2010
by Tad Shaw

September 28, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Bob Pillsbury was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Tad Shaw collected Happy Bucks..... On this date in 1957, the New York Giants left New York, and became the San Francisco Giants.....September 28, 1968 was  the date of the first edition of "60 Minutes" on CBS..... This weekend is Twin Cities Marathon weekend, with the race on Sunday morning starting in downtown Minneapolis and ending in St Paul. If you're going into the cities Sunday morning, plan for extra time. A few years ago, we had 4 members running in the Marathon - anyone this year?..... Speaking of special activities, Minnetonka High School has Homecoming this weekend. The parade will be on Water Street late Friday afternoon, with the game that night, and the dance on Saturday. Last year, there were a number of our club members on traffic control or driving in the parade..... Only 87 shopping days before Christmas..... Today's famous birthdays list includes Ed Sullivan, Arnold Stang, Bridgitte Bardot, William Paley, Al Capp, and Tom Harmon. Recognize them all?.....Have you shopped in Excelsior this month?..... On this date in 1939, "The Fleischmann Hour" debuted on radio, starring Rudy Vallee, and in 1955 the World Series was telecast in color for the first time.....

Our Program on September 21st was the annual visit of our District Governor.David Stein, our new ADG, introduced Larry Zilliox to our club.

Larry is a member of the Alexandria Club, and assumed office as District Governor on July 1st. His first task is to visit all of the clubs in the district, and this was his first visit to our club this year. His work career was with the University of Minnesota Extension Service, where he helped develop the non-chemical antidote to the apple maggot infestation. During his career in Rotary, he has been very active in international projects, being on-site for a number of successful programs. Three projects that he showed on his Powerpoint were the Guatemala Stove Project, a medical-dental clinic in Peru, and the establishment of the "4-B Program" in Botswana. The 4-B Program is similar in intent and content to the American 4-H clubs.

His Powerpoint centered around the symbolism of a train: each part of the train has a distinct purpose, but all contribute to the success of the train's mission. He cited "The Little Engine That Could", a child's book that we've all read to our kids, I'm sure.

His message to the clubs in the district was that Rotarians are by nature optimistic, and are always searching for ways to make things better for people. He said that clubs, such as ours, that have had focus sessions are more successful, in that all of the members have had a part in the planning the progress of the club. He said that this year is going to be a year of many Community Grants, and he encouraged us to apply for any project we have in planning.

September 14, 2010
by Tad Shaw

September 21, 2010

Today's Speaker:  Doug Johnson

Club News & Notes..... Tim Litfin was Greeter and Opening Marshal. He had us all in our cups with his opening games..... Visitors for lunch included Bob Pillsbury's wife, Tody; Gary Thompson's wife, Kay; John Ahern's grandson, Jack; and our world-traveling former member Amy Mook..... The Edina Rotary Club is having a Masquerade Ball on October 29th at the new Westin Galleria with proceeds going to their foundation. What a chance to wear a mask and romp thru Edina! Contact Tom Anderson for info..... Downtown Excelsior is the place to shop. The businesses are locally owned, and are good places to shop. Please make an effort to support them..... District 5950 is holding the Fall Workshops this Friday at Golden Valley Country Club. Attending district meetings is fun and gets you the opportunity to meet Rotarians from other clubs, and to find out what's new in Rotary. Contact is President Tom..... Today, September 21, marks the anniversary of the start of three landmark TV series:in 1948, Milton Berle (remember "Uncle Miltie"?) started as host of Texaco Star Theater; in 1957, the Perry Mason series started with Raymond Burr solving difficult cases every week; and in 1970, the Monday Night Football series began..... Grouse season starts on Saturday. When I was young, I thought grouse and grouch were the same thing, so I always smiled all the way through the grouse season for fear of becoming the target of some vigilant hunter.

Our Program on September 14th was "Love for Words", a presentation of Patty Williams.
She was introduced by her husband, Bob, who spoke with carefully chosen words.

Patty has a love for words and their proper use that extends back to grade school and the old Excelsior library. Readers tend to treasure proper usage of words more than non-readers, and Patty was a voracious reader as a youngster. Though the years, examples of bad grammar and misused words cause her to set up the "Grammar Police", and she points out errors to offenders throughout the area. The announcers at WCCO radio seem to be the main target, but other broadcasters have also received "citations".

Patty listed a number of usages and errors that are generally used, giving examples of each as she went along. Most of her pet peeves are errors we hear or see every day, and most of the audiences members were nodding their heads at her examples.

I was going to report her talk with paragraphs filled with bad usage and even worse spelling, but I couldn't do it. However, I hear that Ron Hughes sent Patty a thank you note for her talk that was full of bad grammar and usage. How do we join the crusade, Patty?

September 7, 2010
by Tad Shaw

September 14, 2010

Today's Program:   Patty Williams
                                   "Love for Words"

Club News & Notes.....Greeter and Opening Marshal was Chris Lizee, and John Ahern collected Happy Bucks..... Pat Huber, the wife of Rotarian John Huber died last week. We will remember her in our prayers..... Col. Kenneth Wofford, of the Tuskegee Airmen, died last week. He gave an excellent presentation to us on the Tuskegee group in April, 2009..... The annual Apple Day celebration was held in Excelsior on Saturday. The weather was even better than Darel Leipold ordered, and the streets were crowded right to closing at 4 PM. Thanks to Darel and LaVerna for running a great event..... Today marks the birth anniversary of Milton Hershey, John J. Pershing, Daniel MacMillan, Clara Schumann, Walter Reed, Raold Dahl, Claudette Colbert, Sherwood Anderson, and Maud Ballington Booth. All are now dead, but they all are famous for their accomplishments. Anyone identify them all?..... Guests at lunch included Debbie and Rick Siekel, and Jon Monson..... Next week is the District's Fall Workshop - September 24th. Contact President Tom or Woody Love for information. These workshops are a good way to meet the leadership of other clubs in the district, and to find out what's new in Rotary....

Our Program for September 7th was a Club Assembly conducted by President Tom. The topic discussed was Membership. Guest speaker on this topic was Mark Ekstrom from the Edina morning club.

Rotary just celebrated 105 years of existence, and in order to continue to be the force for good that it Rotary is, continued recruitment of new members is essential. Our club is not alone in having issues with growth; all over the world, clubs face difficulties stabilizing their membership numbers. Changes in social dynamics and economic progress result in different patterns of growth. The basic message is that most new members have to be asked by a current Rotarian to join the organization. There still are large numbers of eligible members who aren't aware of what Rotary does, and need to be contacted and educated about Rotary.

To grow as we want to, we need to set goals to retain present members, and to get and train new members. The first step is to get prospects for membership to come to one of our lunches  and see us in operation. Our club has a "good feel", and that helps to get prospects to come for a second visit.

In setting plans, we have to remember that 50% of new members leave a club within three years.... transfers, moving, death, and disinterest are the main causes of resigning. To increase by 5 members, we need to have 10 prospects become members; in addition, our current members are subject to attrition.

If each of our members brings one prospect to lunch this year, we will easily meet our goal. The motto that Mark has is "One and Done".
August 31, 2010
by Tad Shaw

September 7, 2010

Greeter & Opening Marshal:  Scott Zerby


Club News & Notes..... Bob Boyer was greeter, and Jean Gray collected Happy Bucks..... We were "bumped" from inside the building to the tent for our lunch. It's good to see Bayview getting more bookings; the economy must be better. Fresh air with lunch is a rare combination!..... The annual golf outing is over, as you can tell by Woody Love's smile. Final dollar figures are not tallied, but the participants report an enjoyment rating of 9.85 out of a possible 10..... Apple Day is Saturday, September 11th, and Darel is in need of some help on Saturday afternoon to co-ordinate the cleanup in town. Buying one of the buttons is a good way to win prizes, too..... Which reminds me: the store fronts on Water Street are full, and there are merchants there to sell a wide variety of goods. Shop Excelsior!..... Labor Day has passed, and many of the locals think that the summer is over. The weather today would verify their opinion, and we'll be seeing docks and boats transported over the roads and being placed in storage. The Hard-Liners (me included) will wait for the few days of Indian Summer to pass before disbanding the summer equipment..... Come to think of it, I saw the leaves on a maple tree in town starting to turn red.....

Our speaker  on August 31st was introduced by Jeremy Huisheere. Susie Overholt admitted that she is a Packer fan, and that she was raised in Hutchinson. She also is the current "Mrs. Minnesota " and "Mrs. Excelsior".

In the early days of pageants, they were based on beauty only. Now pageants include more than beauty and musical talents. Candidates are judged on their community involvement and dedication to a cause. Ms. Overholt's cause is Juvenile Diabetes. She has been working for 10 years as a volunteer for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), and participated in a walk for a cure in February that raised 1.9 million dollars for research. 85% of the moneys raised by the foundation are used for research into a cure.

We've all heard of Diabetes Type 1 (aka Juvenile Diabetes). A show of hands during Susie's talk showed that most members knew someone who has the disease. A victim is dependent upon injected insulin for the rest of his life. Insulin is not a cure for the disease, but reduces the immediate effects of the chemical imbalance of the disease. The complications of the disease are not stopped by insulin; kidney failure, blindness, heart disease and other consequences of the disease are not prevented.

The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is the main organization providing funding for research against this disease. Their goal is to stop - prevent - reverse the disease. There are 24 million people in the US who have type 1 diabetes. In 2008, the JDRF committed $156 million dollars to a total of over 1,000 projects in 22 countries. They have provided grants exceeding $1.3 billion dollars since their founding in 1970.

Our club has helped the JDRF in the past with donations to projects introduced to us by Karen Frazier, who is very interested in JDRF also.

August 24, 2010
by Tad Shaw

August 31, 2010

Today's Speaker:  Susie Overvold

Club News & Notes..... Last week was the annual golf outing and fundraiser, held at Burl Oaks on Monday, August 23rd. The weather was excellent (a bit windy, tho), the sign-up crowd was in good spirits, and lunch was served on time. Lots of familiar faces showed up for golf, including some former members..... Terry Roeser did it again! The club's outing to the Twins game on the 17th against the White Sox was a roaring success. The weather was great, the seats were very good, the company was spectacular, and the Twins won on a walk-off homer by Thome in the 10th. What more could you ask for? Thanks, Terry, for all of your work to make it a very pleasant evening (she didn't have anything to do with the team winning, though)..... Our last lunch meeting was on the 17th, and Dave McCuskey was the Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Theresa Zerby collected Happy Bucks.... There's a very nice article in the Lakeshore Weekly News about John Ahern's grandson, Jack. He is a recent Minnetonka grad who has a role in the Chanhassen Dinner Theater's production of All Shook Up. John just might have a copy or two of the article!!!..... Today is the birth anniversary for a lot of musicians: Van Morrison, Arthur Godfrey, Itzhak Perlmen, and Alan Jay Lerner; authors William Saroyan and John Keynes; and local NFL player, Larry Fitzgerald.

Oue Meeting on August 17th featured a talk by David Adney, the principal at Minnetonka High School. He spoke about some of the changes at the school.

There are a number of physical changes to the buildings and grounds, among them moving the tennis courts to behind the Pagel Center and increasing the parking area by about 120 spaces. The staff and student population on the campus is over 3,000 people each school day. 10% of the students attending MHS are from outside the school district under the state's open enrollment program. But he was more interested in talking about some recent curriculum changes.

Minnetonka is a pioneer in planning and presenting Better Health Education to the students. Instead of clumping all of the health issues into a one semester class for sophomores (the old traditional delivery), the curriculum now includes a  number of blocks of time throughout the high school experience. David pointed out that this type of schedule allows the school to present the health-related subjects at the best time for each age group. It allows the school to react to incidents that occur with a proper and a timely response. A couple of examples he gave: when a student committed suicide, the staff could offer grief and anti-depression information to the students without delay; drug and alcohol information when appropriate; and assault and other crime information shortly after an incident has affected the students. No other school has a program like this, and many districts throughout the country are studying the program to begin implementing it.

Another new program is called Personal International Studies. Students who participate in the program are paired with a student in a foreign country with similar interests, and they communicate and work together on projects during the year. Ideally, the two students would have the opportunity to visit each other in their homes, and develop what could be a lifelong friendship.

In closing, he invited those who had not visited the school in the past few years to come and see the difference. All of the alumni who toured the school during the reunion were impressed by the huge steps forward taken by MHS recently.

August 17, 2010
by Tad Shaw

August 24, 2010

There is no lunch meeting this week. Attendance at the golf outing is this week's Rotary activity.
August 10, 2010
by Tad Shaw

August 17, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Jean Gray was Opening Marshal and greeter, and Bob Pillsbury collected Happy Bucks..... No regular Tuesday meeting next week; the golf outing is the "regular meeting" for the week. We'll see everyone at the golf course..... Tonight is the Twins game outing for the club. 50 of us will cheer the Twins on at the evening game. The bus for the game starts to load at Deephaven Education Center (the old Deephaven High School on Vine Hill Road) at 5:30 for the Twins - Chicago White Sox game. These two teams are fighting for first place in their division, so the game should be good. Terry R says the bus leaves at 5:45 sharp; be on time, and bring lots of money for a hotdog, a beer, or a Murray's steak sandwich!!.... The Tour de Tonka had 2400 riders participate on Saturday, the 7th. I watched many of the riders as they rode past Deephaven Ed Center right after the start of the ride; some of the riders were very serious, but the majority seemed in it for the fun. The only club member I saw riding in the event was Tom O'Connell..... Another mention of the golf outing: Woody can still use help, and Lee W is concerned about auction items. Drop off your auction item(s) at Beacon Bank in downtown Excelsior soon..... Facts from Harper's Index, published in Harper's Magazine: number of people in India who currently have access to a mobile phone: 617,500,000; number who have access to a toilet: 366,000,000.

Our Meeting on August 10th featured a talk given by Joe Salvaggio from Minneapolis Club #9. In his introduction for Joe, President Tom told us some of Joe's background. He founded Project for Pride in Living in Minneapolis, and has served the people of South Minneapolis since 1965. In 1997, he founded the 1% Club which has all of the 900 members giving 1% of their money to charitable causes. About 5 years ago, he started MicroGrants.

MicroGrants is a 501c3 charitable organization that provides grants of up to $1,000 to deserving people. They are not loans as in other programs, but outright grants. The grants are given to recipients who are usually referred to them by social service agencies in Minneapolis. Referrers (Partner Community Organizations) are not government agencies, but rather private groups such as Jeremiah, Wilder Foundation, Midtown Global Market, and Summit Academy OIC.

They fund opportunities, not needs. Samples given include helping update equipment for a small cleaning contracting company, funding special training for a day care provider, and aiding a landscaper get new equipment. All of these examples show how MicroGrants uses funds to help entrepreneurs improve their business opportunities.

Of the money received by MicroGrants, about 12% is used for expenses of the organization, and the rest goes into grants. In 2009, the gave 349 individual grants of $1,000.00. Recipients are screened by the referring agency as well as MicroGrants itself.

Our club's board is considering becoming involved in a similar program, according to President Tom.

August 3, 2010
by Tad Shaw

August 10, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Molly Swenson was Opening Marshal and Greeter, and Tad Shaw collected Happy Bucks..... Twins game outing next Tuesday. Terry distributed the info at the meeting to those attending..... Golf day is approaching. This event is the club's major fund raiser for the year, and we sponsor the day in partnership with the Morning Club. There are 3 parts to the day: golf, dinner, and auction. Woody Love is looking for volunteers to help with running the event, and Lee Webster is concerned about the lack of auction items..... Today is the 65th anniversary of the surrender of the Japanese forces, which brought World War II to an end. Today is the birth anniversary of Herbert Hoover, of actress Rhonda Fleming, and of singers Eddie Fisher and Jimmie Dean.  On August 10, 1821, Missouri became the 24th state in the union, and in 1846, Congress chartered the Smithsonian Museum..... If you didn't see "The Drowsy Chaperone" at Minnetonka Theater, you missed one of the funniest musicals in a long time. We went to the last show on the 7th, and we laughed from beginning to end..... I'm sure Tim will give us the final numbers, but there were an awful lot of bike riders riding in the morning shower on Saturday, all "doin' the Tour de Tonka" thing..... Again, don't forget the fundraiser; time is running short!!!

Our Meeting on August  3rd was a presentation by John Doleman. John was a co-ordinator for the space program, and gave a brief description of the numbers of sub and sub-sub-contractors involved in the construction and launching of a space vehicle. This was a preliminary to his main messages: America is falling behind in numbers of scientific college graduates, and there is a program locally that is doing something about it.

Mound-Westonka Rotary is supporting a program in the Westonka School District that send high school students to Costa Rica to do scientific research and studies with graduate students in the field. The students are carefully selected, of course, and they aid the graduate students in their research projects. The project John spoke about was the leaf ant study.

These ants, found only in Costa Rica, transport leaf segments from the tree cover to their nests on the ground, and the leaves under their care ultimately turn into an anti-biotic more powerful than anything scientists can currently manufacture. With diseases becoming resistant to the present families of drugs we have, and with reduced numbers of scientists and reductions in R & D budgets at drug companies, we will soon have no drugs that are effective in treating the new microbes that cause diseases. 

The program has many good values: introduces students to a true scientific experience, gets the kids excited about science, helps in a valid research project, and may cause more students to choose careers in the sciences.

Our club's board will be considering a donation to the project.

July 27, 2010
by Tad Shaw

August 3, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Dick Glover was greeter and opening marshal, and Art Johnsen collected happy bucks..... Plenty of guests for Dick to introduce: 3 visiting Rotarians, and Dick Osgood's son and daughter who both were visiting in town at the same time..... John Gray received another Paul Harris pin from President Tom. John should have a pretty good collection of pins by now..... Tour de Tonka on Saturday. I've gotten my bike out and rode a few test runs in front of our house. I may just try the 100 mile challenge..... On this date in 1492, Columbus set sail on the ocean blue..... Birthdays today include Ernie Pyle in 1900 (who remembers him besides me?), Marv Levy (85), Tony Bennett (84), Martin Sheen (70) and Martha Stewart (69). The world has had many ups and downs due to an inventor born this date in 1811: Elisha Graves Otis..... Don't forget your item for the silent auction at the Golf Fundraiser. Time is running out!!...Minnetonka High School All Class Reunion was held on Water Street last Saturday; weather was good, crowd was good, and all of the events for the reunion were successful..... those who went to the Boby Vee - Fabian concert on Friday night apparently missed a good show. Everyone whom I've talked to had a great time..... Last chance to see the Minnetonka Theater's presentation of The Drowsy Chaperone isthis week; last performance is on Saturday. John Ahern went earlier and recommends it.

Our Program on July 27th was presented by Abul Sharah. Abul is a member of the Bloomington Club, and is the founder  of International Village Clinic in Chandauli, India. He has been giving us annual updates on progress of  the clinic for the last five years. Our club is one of the local Rotary Clubs that helps support the clinic, along with grants from RI.

Abul was born near Chandauli, but left India at an early age. He returned often and was concerned about the lack of medical care in Indian villages. He started International Village Clinics in 2002, and was able to build a hospital and start providing basic medical services. Among the services are two ambulances that provide emergency transportation 24/7 for residents. Starting with a doctor, nurse and pharmacist, the staff has now grown to 38.

The work done by the clinic is divided into two focuses: curative and preventative. The curative staff at the hospital provided the following services in 2009: 52,000 patients were served, with 3600 emergency cases; two 24/7 ambulances; 106 surgeries; 1030 patients housed in the 12 bed hospital; and delivered 47 babies. The clinic refers the more complicated cases to hospitals in nearby cities.

Started after the curative program, the preventative program is designed to give a healthy start in life to newborns and their mothers as well as education to the natives to encourage a healthier life style. The 25 social workers in this program ride bicycles to visit the 12 villages served in 2009, and they provide health seminars, nutritional supplements to pregnant women and young children, vaccinations, and a visiting nurse service to women during their pregnancy.

And the miracle of the whole thing is that the annual cost of providing these services is $175,000.
July 20, 2010
by Tad Shaw

July 27, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Randy Schumacher was greeter and opening marshal, and John Gray collected Happy Bucks..... Visitors included Warren Owen (who was raised in  Tonka Bay) from Yuma AZ, Chuck Schoen from Wayzata, and Chip Cheney from the AM Club..... items for the Silent Auction at the Golf Outing can be dropped off at Beacon Bank. If your item is too big (2010 Rolls Royce, hot-tub and spa, or such), call Lee Webster to arrange for help. The golf outing is our major annual fund raiser..... This weekend is Minnetonka All Class Reunion time. The committee needs some additional volunteers for the street dance on Saturday night. If you can help, call Tad Shaw..... And Tim Litfin is looking for a few more volunteers for Tour de Tonka on August 7th..... Don Draayer is presenting a talk at the high school on Thursday evening about the history of the school district. Don always gives good talks, and the event is free..... Pres-elect Woody Love took over for President Tom who had to go to Europe (tough assignment, I guess) for a short trip..... Program finder Jeremy Huisheere is looking for ideas for future programs. If you have any speakers in mind that you would recommend, call him..... 57 years ago today, the US signed the peace treaty ending the war in Korea..... An adult human body contains approximately 100 trillion cells. No wonder I'm always tired!

Our program on July 20th was presented by our own Darel Leipold, and was about the history of Big Island.

The island was used by the local tribes exclusively up until 1850, although William Snelling, son of  the commandant of Fort Snelling and a friend had visited the island in 1822. The first major home built on the island was built by Mr. Searles on the west end of the island, and he also dredged the channel that divides the island into two parts. Parts of the foundation of his home can still be seen on the island.

In the early 1900's, the streetcar company, Twin City Lines, bought land on  the island and constructed an amusement park. The park opened in 1906, and was accessible by streetcar boat (owned by Twin City Lines) and by streetcar (owned by Twin City Lines) fom both of the Twin Cities. It was a very expensive park to maintain, and the company closed it down in 1911. Not much was done with the property, although in 1917, all of the steel in the closed park was removed and sold for use in the war effort (World War I).

In 1920, the island was opened as a veteran's camp, and it continued to serve that function until recently. Usage by veterans dropped, and the owners sold the property to the city of Orono. The site is now open as a day park for guests on Lake Minnetonka, hosted  by the city of Orono. Future plans include better dockage, and arranging the area in a better configuration. The area that boaters have been using for their film shows and other party activities is on the other side of the island.

July 13, 2010
by Tad Shaw

July 20, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Bob Pillsbury was greeter and opening marshal, and Randy Schumacher took his first turn as collector of Happy Bucks..... MEMBER ALERT!!! The Golf Outing is drawing near, and more auction items are needed. Take your item to Beacon Bank to turn it in. If you need to have it picked up, or if you have questions, talk to Lee Webster..... Minnetonka All Class Reunion coming up! Events at the high school and in downtown Excelsior. Get your tickets now for events..... Don Draayer will give a talk about the school district's history, highlighting the time he was superintendent, on July 29th. Event is sponsored by the historical society and is free. It will be held at the high school..... Is your bicycle all tuned up and ready for the Tour de Tonka on August 7th? If you're not a rider, Tim Litfin would welcome you as a volunteer for the event..... On this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon..... Lots of activity in Downtown Excelsior these past few weeks, but the merchants still need your support: in other words, buy something!..... Did I mention that the club needs items for the silent auction at the Golf Outing?..... Or that the Minnetonka All Class Reunion will be July 31st....

Our Meeting on July 13th was a presentation by our own member, Dick Osgood. He covered a great deal of information on a number of items and left a great deal of time for questions, and there were many! Dick is the president of the Lake Minnetonka Association, and has his degrees in lake environmental work.

He first commented on the LMCD and their current focus on banning "rip rap". There are two methods of preserving shoreline. "Hard armoring" involves placing large rocks as a wall against water damage to the shoreline; this process is called riprap, and is seen all around the lake. The LMCD is considering a ban on further use of rip rap, opting instead for "soft armoring". This is the type of shoreline that involves the use of native plants as natural filters instead of rock, and is more in keeping with the way the lakeshore was originally. Properties currently using riprap would be allowed to continue with the hard armoring, but future use of riprap would be banned except by permit.

A move to restrict the size of docks is proposed; docks damage the environment because of the shadows they create in the water according to proponents. Dick seems to think that this is not a valid reason to limit dock size, but there are other reasons to place limits that have merit.

The DNR fees are increasing for any permits or hearings, and the DNR is not an easy group to get a variance or permit from. Rather than examine the merits of a case, they seem to delay a decision until the last minute, and then issue a permit with an expiration date that has already passed.

Herbicides are being used in Minnesota to control weeds in lakes, and most of the use is illegal. In Lake Minnetonka, three bays have been treated for Eurasian Milfoil, and two of the bays treated were successful with a reduction of the weed; the other had some outside issues that affected the results and was not a successful treatment program.

The next invasive plant to worry about is Flowering Rush, which already has been found in a couple of bays.

Dick was asked to envision the lake 500 years ago, and he pictured a shoreline barely visible from a dozen yards away. Natural vegetation was so thick that you almost had to be standing in the lake to see it. The shoreline was mushy and not defined as it is now by our society.
July 6, 2010
by Tad Shaw

July 13, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Dick Osgood was greeter and opening marshal, and Dick Glover collected happy bucks..... Woody Love reminded us of the golf outing, our major fundraiser, and told us they need donations for the silent auction and more volunteers to help handle the day's activities..... President Tom gave a short preview of the coming year; one item mentioned is having quarterly club assemblies. Another is for all members to participate in at least 4 activities during the year. He passed around a list of activities planned, and asked members present to commit to participate in at least 4 of them..... Mark Sass joined us for lunch..... Shop downtown Excelsior and ask your friends to..... Remember the MHS All-Class Reunion July 31 on Water Street..... Tomorrow is Bastille Day; in 1789, revolutionaries stormed the Bastille in Paris. On July 16, 1945, the US successfully tested the atom bomb, and used it on Hiroshima three weeks later. Ten years and a day later, Disneyland opened in California..... Only 164 days until Christmas. See remark above about shopping in Excelsior..... Crazy Days in Excelsior this weekend - Thursday Friday and Saturday. The local merchants are keeping active and keeping the city in the forefront of shoppers' minds.....

Our Program for July 6th was presented by Martha Brannon, and was about the local program, His House Foundation. She is the spokesperson for the program started by Mount Calvary Church.

His House Foundation is a non-profit ecumenical community-based human service agency. They serve our community by providing direct services to families in need. Local sources identify those who are in need, and the program connects those people to programs that they mat be eligible for. They provide help in finding employment by providing guidance in job searching. They also have a volunteer staff that can make needed repairs to homes of the needy to resolve any livability problems.

The mission of the program shows a strong faith component, and the services delivered are handled with discretion and concern for the feelings of the recipients. it is an all-volunteer group, an some of our members are part of the organization. Funds for the group are generated thru 2 thrift shops in the area, one in Chaska, and the other in Shorewood at Vine Hill Road an Highway 7. The shop in Shorewood also acts as an emergency source of food for clients through an affiliation with ICA.

Excelsior mayor Nick Ruehl commented that there is a meeting being set up to help coordinate the work of all of the service providers in the area to avoid duplication, and to be more comprehensive in the delivery of services. The hope is that the coordination wqill improve all of the programs without compromising the privacy of them.
June 29 2010
by Tad Shaw

July 6, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Jim Cada (aka Professor Moriarity) was greeter and opening marshal; Art Johnsen collected Happy Bucks..... Guests were Ross McGlasson and our new ADG, David Stein, and President Dick's wife, Gay..... Two tickets left for the Twins Game Outing on August 17th. Contact Terry if you want them..... Carl Zinn talked of good signs in the real estate market; another good sign is that all of the spaces on Water Street are filled by stores, Tonka Terrace is starting to rock, and the retail areas at 41 and 7 are filling up. This is a great time to shop local and support your neighbors..... Minnetonka All School Reunion; Don Draayer will give a talk on July 29th for the Historical Society about the history of the Minnetonka School District, and Bobby V and Fabian are playing a gig at MHS July 30th; on the 31st, breakfast and tour of the school in the AM with the street dance Saturday night. Tickets are now available for all of the events on-line or at selected stores, or ask Tad..... Golf fundraiser on August 23rd; this is our major event for the year, and Woody Love is in charge this year..... The morning club is planning a boat cruise on Minnetonka on the evening  of the 22nd of July, and has invited us to join them. More information to come from Terry at future meetings..... Today is the anniversary of the founding of the USSR (1923) and of the first baseball All-Star Game (1933) which the AL won 4-2..... Birth anniversaries today include Nancy Reagan, George W. Bush, Della Reese, and Admiral John Paul Jones.....

The membership was notified of the death of former club president and long-time  Rotarian, Bob Lundsten. Bob was a graduate of Excelsior High School and was a player on the only Minnesota State Basketball Championship team the school ever had. He was president of the old Minnetonka State Bank for years. Nicknamed "Soup", he had a wide-ranging  sense of humor, and fought against his throat cancer for nearly 15 years. Services are tentatively set for the 17th of this month.

Our Program for June  29th, 2010, was the annual changing of the guard, with new president Tom Anderson taking over from past-president Dick Glover. Prior to the changeover, retiring ADG Ross McGlasson detailed the activities at the recent Annual International Rotary Convention, which took place in Montreal, Canada. This event was the third international Rotary convention that Ross has attended.

President Dick gave a short talk about his year as president, after having many Happy Bucks given as testimony to the membership's respect for his leadership this past year. He talked of the STRIVE Program and its success this year and thanked Erik Johnson for his enthusiastic work on the program. The Dictionary Project  went well under Steve and Karen Frazier, and the social events were well handled under Terry Roeser's guiding hand.

Dick gave out Certificates of Appreciation to his board members with special words of appreciation to each of them. He then turned the gavel and meeting over to the new president, Tom Anderson.

Tom's first act as president was to give to Dick a plaque on behalf of the membership. He said that he would commit to timely meetings, and, looking at the time, closed the meeting.

The new board members are shown on the front cover. If any members have concerns to be addressed, please contact the appropriate board member.

June 22, 2010
by Tad Shaw

June 29. 2010

Club News & Notes..... Tim Litfin was opening marshal, greeter, and games-master for the day, with Jerry Brecke doing the happy bucks..... As of the 15th, there were still 7 tickets left for the Twins Game in August. Terry is the contact if you want to join the group. Cost of the event includes a charter bus ride to and from the stadium, but Terry won't guarantee that the Twins will win..... On next Monday, you'll want to be in the audience at Old Log for the Barbary Coast Dixieland Band's gig. One of the best jazz groups in the region, it should be a real rockin' time..... Don't forget the 4th in Excelsior: lots of activities, lots of people, and lots of chances to volunteer to help with the events. Example - sand castle contest (see Teresa) (Hint hint)..... Exchange student/Facebook report: Adrien has posted pictures of him enjoying a welcoming glass of wine with his family; Anoop Agrawal  is ready to start graduate school, and his sister, Garima, is ready to enter engineering college. She scored 322 out of over a million students who took the entrance tests. Because of her score, she should pretty much be able to name her college..... Today is Harmon Killebrew's 74th birthday.....And on this day in 1948, the Russians began the blockade of Berlin.....  

Our Program on June 22nd was a presentation given by our own member, realtor Carl Zinn. He spoke about all of the recent problems in the housing market. He started out by saying that real property was the cause of the international meltdown.

Values in the market are down to 2003 levels, 25 to 30% below the highs of a few years ago. Last year, nationally, 50% of the homes sold were sold for less than the amount of the mortgage on the property. In Minnetonka, the figures were better: one-third of the homes sold were purchased below the mortgage balance. It is still a buyer's market, but financing is difficult to get. Higher down payments are also required. Interest rates are very low, but that will last only as long as the U S Government can continue to find a market for their securities.

At present, consumer confidence indexes are up, and jobless claims are down indicating that things should be getting better. The real estate market has a stock of 15.4 months inventory in homes valued under 600,000; very recently, that inventory was at a 30 month level. Homes valued over 1.5 million show a 48 month supply. To date, homes are not selling fast.

Carl closed reminding us that a home is not an investment; the past history of appreciation in value is not a good thing to rest your retirement plans upon.
June 15 2010
by Tad Shaw

June 22, 2010

Club News  Notes..... Greeter and opening marshal was Ron Hughes. Happy Bucks were marshaled by Terry Roeser..... There we were Pierside at the Bayside. Lunch on the boat was fun and I heard boat stories at almost every table..... Last few days to donate to "The Rotary Foundation". We want the club to be 100% donators, so send your check, commitment or credit card info to Dean Friesen..... Still 8 tickets left for the Twins outing. Contact Terry Roeser to sign up..... Today is the second day of summer..... And today marks the 66th anniversary of the signing of the GI Bill of Rights by FDR. How many club members have had some or all of their college education paid for under a G.I. Bill?..... Minnetonka All Class Reunion date is July 31, 2010. Be there! Next All School Reunion is scheduled for July 26, 2014. Reserve the date..... If you have any makeups that haven't been turned in, get them to Tim Litfin before the end of the year, so they can be counted in the current Rotary year..... Have you stopped by Mason Motors on Saturdays and looked over the classic cars on display? Some of the cars should revive memories for all of us when we were young and buzzing around town(s)..... Thursday night is "Ladies Night Out" in downtown Excelsior, but there are also music performances in the Commons those nights, too. Speaking of concerts: Old Log Theater has Butch Thompson on stage on June 28th and the Barbary Coast Dixieland Band on July 5th. Tickets at the Old Log..... Adrien should be all comfy and cozy back in Beauvais, France.

Our Program on June 15th was presented by Mike Sheldon from ClearWay Minnesota.

His organization was funded by the money paid to the State of Minnesota as a result of the suit against the tobacco industry. They are by definition a lobbying organization which presents information about the dangers of using tobacco. Mike had two handouts including a printout of his Powerpoint presentation, which he couldn't use on the boat.

Even though advertising is strictly regulated by federal law, the cigarette industry spends over $200,000,000 per year in promotional funds and advertising in Minnesota. Much of the funding is target marketing money aiming at the young teens and the black male market. Sponsorship of events and sporting programs give the publicity that the industry needs to continue to sell the products. In Minnesota now, 17% of the population smokes, making us the fifth highest user of tobacco products. However, just over 28% of young adults (age 18 to 24) smoke. A small bright spot in the statistics: the average age at which a kid starts smoking has been increasing. To get to the kids, the tobacco companies are sponsoring 4H groups and Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as many music concerts and sporting events.

In addition to continuing their cigarette lines, the companies have become very innovative. They have developed "little cigars" which are really cigarettes, but because of the paper used to hold the tobacco, they are taxed at a much lower rate than cigarettes. They have added sweet flavors to tobacco products to appeal to the younger crowd, and changed the form of the tobacco from the familiar ones to  make smokeless tobacco products look like breath mints, and other candy products.

June 8, 2010
by Tad Shaw

June 15, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Bob Humphrey was greeter and opening marshal, and Gary Thompson collected Happy Bucks..... Yesterday was Flag Day; it's was nice to see the American Flags flying in downtown Excelsior on the street lights; it made the city look festive. And banners about Minnetonka Schools are in place - also colorful..... Our fund raiser/golf outing is August 23rd; Woody Love is still short a few volunteers. Contact him to volunteer or to donate an auction item..... Twins Outing a week before (August 17th) includes a bus ride to and from the game from the Deephaven Education Center..... Mound Westonka Rotary Club has their golf outing on Monday, August 2nd at Pioneer Creek Golf Course. Register by July 26th; info on their website..... New member Randy Schumacher was inducted into our club last week by Membership Chair, Dave Peterka..... There's a kayak rental shop in the Commons behind the Trolley. Any takers yet in the club?..... There are 204 days left in this year. Have you completed your Christmas shopping yet? Only 196 days left..... There were enough club members at the MHS graduation on the 10th to qualify it as a makeup meeting. Congratulations to the parents, grand-parents and friends of the graduates as well as the graduates. Also special congrats to Adrien!..... Adrien leaves for home today. Bon voyage. We will all remember you as one very special person. Thank you for being present as a part of our club - and lives - if only for a year.

Our Program for June 8th was presented by Pamela Meyers of the Westonka Historical Society. Pam is the former superintendent of the Westonka District, and she presented a portion of the history of that district. Initially, the district was comprised of a number of one-room grade schools spread all over the western part of Hennepin County. The original Mound High School opened in 1917, and was the only one west of Excelsior in southwestern Hennepin County.

Pam has recently written a book about the people of the district. She interviewed over 100 former students who attended the high school from 1920 through 2000. Her talk to us was interspersed with excerpts from those students' comments as recorded in her book. Some students came to high school by train prior to WWII (fare one way 17 cents). Most of the townships had their own one-room school, and some are still standing and being used as town halls or museums. The one room schools only taught grade school subjects ,so all of the students in the region had to go to Mound for high school.

Mound/Westonka has had three high school buildings. The original building burned to the ground on Labor Day in 1965 - the day before classes were to begin for the new year. The replacement school was on Commerce Boulevard in downtown Mound; it was replaced by the current new building North of town on Sunnyfield Road.

June 1 2010
by Tad Shaw

June 8, 2010

Official Club Business: Terms of two of the club's representatives on the board of the Excelsior Rotary Foundation expired, and an election was held to fill those vacancies. The club nominated and elected Dave Peterka and Carl Zinn to one year terms as the club's representatives on the board.

Club News & Notes..... Chris Lizee was opening marshal and greeter..... No official Happy Bucks, but those who were happy were able to donate quietly to the scholarship fund..... The Minnetonka rugby team that Adrien is on won the playoff game against Edina, and was in the state tournament in Blaine on Saturday and Sunday. The team has a good number of fans and followers, including the Humphreys (Adrien's earlier host family), president Dick, and a few others from the club..... August looks like our social month; currently, we have the Twins outing on the 17th (still a few tickets) and the annual golf outing/fund raiser on August 23rd. Woody still has openings for a few more volunteers for the golf day. It is our club's major fund raiser of the year..... Minnetonka High School graduation is Thursday night, June 10th..... The Excelsior Downtown Business Group is generating a lot of action in downtown Excelsior with their Thursday night promotion, "Ladies Night Out". Lots of traffic, lots of people, and hopefully lots of purchases by the visitors. The weekly event continues through the summer..... With the demolition of the old Pizza Hut Building (or Excelsior Drugs, or Jordan Ford, if you prefer), the entire lot was seeded and will be an attractive grassy knoll. Downside: loss of a number of parking spaces in the downtown area..... Nancy Sinatra turns 70 today.

Our Program for June 1st was a recognition of the 4 Minnetonka High School students who received scholarships from our club this year. President Dick turned the program over to Chris Lizee, who chaired the scholarship committee this year, and she introduced the four recipients who each told a bit about themselves, and introduced their family members in attendance.

Each of the students had a list of activities and community work that was awesome; all of them have their college chosen, and some had a major field already decided.The one boy and the three girls were very articulate, and represented their families and the school very well.

Bob Williams added a bit of history to the day when he answered President Dick's question about the origin of our scholarship program. Bob said that our club started giving scholarships in 1968 with two gifts to that class. The scholarship amount was $100.00 at that time, and one of the recipients of the first two was Bob's son.

That's 42 years of giving between two and five scholarships each year to MHS grads, as well as 5 years of STRIVE awards!!
May 25, 2010
by Tad Shaw

June 1, 2010

Club News & Notes..... Glen Froberg was greeter and opening marshal. He traditionally gives the invocation at the meeting prior to Memorial day, and reminds us of the origin and the significance of the holiday, ending with McCrae's WWI poem, In Flanders Fields..... No happy bucks this week because of the presentations..... Former exchange student Anoop Agrawal from India graduated from engineering school last week, and we sent a congrats card to him signed by many club members..... Adrien's host family is hosting a graduation party for him on the 12th of June, 4-7, at their home at 4926 Vine Hill Road..... With all of the visitors, one went almost unnoticed. Patty Williams joined us for the meeting, and heard Erik Johnson thank Bob for the monumental job he did (and always does) with his talk in the Strive Program. The students recalled the talk he gave at the opening meeting - and many commented on it in their evaluations..... Did you forget your RI Foundation donation for the year? Still time to give a check or a commitment to Dean Friesen..... Adrien had a busy weekend, first playing rugby at MMW on Friday night (and his team won again), and then attending the Twins game on Saturday. The Twins pulled a rally for him so he saw them win against Texas. Next rugby match is at Blaine on Saturday..... The official first day of summer is still 20 days away..... Five club members volunteered to help at Bennett with the project at the new field for the teams with disabilities.....

Our Program for May 25th was the annual STRIVE presentations. President Dick turned the mike over to Erik Johnson, who has headed the program for this year.

Erick started the program by thanking the volunteers from our club who made presentatiogram had had an increase in grades this year. Our club grants 4 scholarships totalling  $4,000 and the award system that is set up rewards the students with the largest increases in grade point ratio. The actual cash awards were given out at the High School Awards Night, but the four winners were introduced to our club. Actually, all of the students were winners with higher grades as a result of the program. And 10 of the twelve participants were at our meeting and introduced their parent(s) to us.

David Adney, the principal at MHS, was at our meeting, and he expressed his thanks and appreciation for the program, and the many participants who took time to visit with the kids and share their experiences. Erik pointed out that withou the cooperation of Mr. Adney and the school administration, we wouldn't be able tottt have the STRIVE Program.

Most of  the students plan to attend Normandale College for a year or two before going to another college to finish up their college career.
May 18, 2010
by Tad Shaw

May 24, 2010

Club News & Notes....... Opening Marshal was Dr. John Hotvet, and Happy Bucks were collected by Tad Shaw..... Guests at lunch were Randy Schumacher, a potential member, and Kathy Hanson from the AM Club, who is Adrien's current host mom..... Minnetonka School District honored our Don Draayer with a Spinnaker Award at the district's annual award ceremony on the 13th..... Also receiving awards from Rotary District was our club; president Dick announced the awards during the meeting. In addition, Joe Froehling received an award for his extraordinary service to our club;  Joe spearheaded the effort to establish our club's tax-exempt foundation. and Dean Friesen was also recognized for his continuing service to the club as treasurer..... Road cleanup before the meeting, and no noteworthy items were retrieved - just a single dollar bill..... 32 people have signed up to go to the Twins game as of the 20th. There are 50 tickets, so there is still room. The event will feature bus transportation to and from the stadium and the cost is $41.00 per person. Terry Roeser is the one to contact to get on the list......All of the snowbirds have now officially returned, but two of our regular members have been missing meetings for the past few months..... Help needed for Art on the Lake! Our club always has a large number of volunteers for that event. Contact Chris Lizee to volunteer either for June 12th or 13th...... Time to pony up for the annual Rotary Foundation giving. President Dick wants our club to be 100%, following Rotary's slogan "Every Rotarian every year". Send checks to Dean Friesen by June 1st, please..... Next week should be the date of the June board meeting. Traditionally, both the present board and the new board meet in a sort of "passing of the torch".

Our Program for May 18th was as presentation by Advrien Vecten, our club's French exchange student. We've all seen Adrien during the year attending our meetings and activities, and this was his chance to tell us about himself and his family.

Adrien lives in a town of about 60,000 people called Beauvais, which is about32 miles North of Paris. Because he is so close to Paris, he has been able to visit there often. He showed us pictures of many of the important buildings in Paris, and talked about the public transit system in towns and in the country. The entire country is covered by  railroads, buses, and in large towns subways and taxis. Getting around is easy.

His school in Beauvais has about 500 students, and covers grade 1 through high school. Entering Minnetonka  with the 2,500-plus students was quite an experience!

Adrien and his brothers live with his mother, Sophie, who is a nurse in the hospital in town. He is the middle brother, with an older brother age 23, and a younger brother twelve. His parents are divorced, and his dad is a farmer who lives about 50 miles east of Beauvais. Adrien has a motorcycle at home (fast looking machine) and he now can travel between the two homes quite easily. As he has completed high school at home, he will be entering college this fall, where he intends to start his studies in economics.

During the question period, some of our members asked if he would encourage his younger brother to be an exchange student, and the consensus was our club would surely welcome him.

Kathy Hanson, his exchange mom, told us we were all welcome at his graduation party at their home on June 12th.
May 11, 2010
by Tad Shaw

May 18, 2010

Club News & Notes.....Woody Love finally got his chance to be Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Art Johnsen did Happy Bucks..... The Highway 7 Road Cleanup, one of our club's semi-annual outings, was postponed due to weather and should happen this morning weather permitting..... "Clean Up the Commons Day" is this Saturday, and Mayor Nick Ruehl reminded us of the event. See the Excelsior website for details, and join the "locals" who'll be getting the park ready for the summer events..... On this date in 2004, Randy Johnson, the Arizona Razorback's 40 year old left handed pitcher, pitched a perfect game against the Atlanta Braves, thereby becoming the oldest pitcher to do so..... Today's birthdays include Brooks Robinson (73) and Reggie Jackson (64), both baseball Hall of Famers...... This Saturday, the Excelsior Museum opens for the summer season. Scheduled open on Thursday afternoon, and most of Saturday until September. Have you ever visited the museum?...... From Harper's Index/Harper's Magazine: Weight of the largest chocolate bunny on record, made last spring in Santa Catarina, Brazil: 6,173 pounds. Hmmm...... Two snowbirds still unaccounted for, and two regular members haven't been around for over 4 months..... If you're on the list to delivery dictionaries, there's been a slight supply problem, and the deliveries have been delayed a couple of weeks..... Little Orphan Annie has died. After 85 years, the comic strip will be no longer. The Twin Cities papers quit carrying the strip 20-plus years ago.

Our Program for May 11th was presented by Randy Halloway, and she talked about Long Term Care Insurance. Ms. Halloway is employed by John Hancock Insurance Company, one of the leaders in providing this type of insurance. LTC (Long Term Care) insurance is probably the newest type of coverage being sold, although plans have been around for over twenty years.

LTC insurance covers the cost of nursing home or at-home care for individuals who are unable to take care of themselves because of accident or illness. Statistics provided by Randy show that at least 70% of people over age 65 will require LTC services at some point in their lives. Nursing home costs average $6,250.00 per month at present. Regular health care policies do not cover "custodial care", which is the type of care provided in nursing home. Medicare does cover 100 days after a period of hospitalization, but beyond that the cost comes from either personal assets or LTC.

A person is considered eligible for payment under an LTC policy if (1) he requires substantial help in doing two or more required daily tasks, or (2) he is a danger to himself or others. Under most LTC policies, payment is made for services provided to the insured at home, in a nursing home, or a hospice. Payments are made to providers of the care, including family members in most of the policy forms. Randy reminded us that LTC is not health insurance, and most of the costs for medical necessities are still covered under personal hospitalization (Medicare), as the LTC policy provides for custodial and not medical care.

If an individual does not have LTC and is in a nursing home, all of the personal assets (except the homestead) must be spent down to $3,000 before Medicaid state and federal help is provided. Payments for care are advanced by the government programs, but there is a "payback" program whereby the government files a lien on property to recover what they have expended.

LTC is a licensed product of the insurance industry, regulated by the Department of Insurance, and is available through agents and brokers licensed by the state to handle the product.
May 4, 2010
by Tad Shaw

May 11, 2010

Club News & Notes......Bob Williams was our greeter and opening marshal, and the newly retired John Hotvet handled Happy Bucks..... District Conference is this Friday and Saturday, and is being held at the Westin Galleria Hotel in Edina..... Mayor Nick Ruehl told us of the "Clean Up the Commons" plans for May 22nd, and invited our members to join in. Citizens will gather at the Commons and tidy up the place that day in preparation for the summer's events in town..... Speaking of clean-ups, today was our club's day to do our mile of Highway 7; every year there are many interesting finds......Today is the 152nd birthday of our state: Minnesota became the 32nd state on May 11, 1858. Do we get to sing "Happy Birthday"?..... Other birthdays to celebrate: Salvador Dali, Irving Berlin, and today Mort Sahl will be 83 years old..... American Legion Poppy Day is coming up soon. Don't forget our disabled veterans - buy and wear a poppy..... President Dick announced that the club will be making a donation for the scoreboard at the new baseball field at Bennett for the physically challenged kids. As part of our contribution, we've been asked to provide 2 volunteers for four hours each (4 PM to 8 PM) on Wednesday and Thursday. Contact President Dick if you can help....With the Farmer's Market Thursday afternoon, traffic was really moving slowly on Water Street. Good to see action on Water Street again; summer is near!

Our Program on May 4th was introduced by Woody Love. The speaker was Barbara Westmoreland, speaking about ResourceWest, and Empty Bowls. Barb is employed as the volunteer coordinator for the Hopkins School District, and is a member of the Hopkins Rotary Club.

ResourceWest is a sister program to the ICA, covering the same physical area as ICA. The program was formerly called Hopkins Minnetonka Family Resource Center. While ICA provides food and help with shelter expenses, ResourceWest provides clothing, referrals to other social agencies, and other items and services to provide immediate help to those in need. Last year, ResourceWest connected over 7,500 people and families to resources that could help solve their problems. They sponsor the mitten and coat project that Karen and Steve are involved with, as well as the Empty Bowls program.

Twenty years ago, two Michigan high school teachers noted that annual food drives were starting to get fewer donations. They had their students make ceramic bowls which were used at a teacher luncheon. They were served soup and bread and asked to donate the cost of the meal to the local food shelf. From that beginning, the idea has spread worldwide, and ResourceWest is sponsoring it's 13th annual Empty Bowls fundraiser on March 15, 2011. Last year, the project raised $67,135.00 for ICA.

The event is staged at the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts, and in 2010 involved 197 sponsors, 1545 guests who came for soup, 1145 artists who made bowls, and 625 volunteers who worked at the event.

April 27, 2010
by Tad Shaw

May 4, 2010

Club News & Notes......Great to see John Huber at our lunch. He and Bob Williams probably hold the record for the two longest continuous memberships in our club. We hope John continues to join us at lunch.....Four guests attended including Dick Barber, Chip Cheney from the AM Club, Barrie Seifert from Minnetonka Realty (tentative member!), and Adrien, our favorite French Exchange Student......Road Cleanup next week, May 11th. Theresa has the sign-up sheet, and time and place for everyone to meet will be announced today...... Terry Roeser was able to get 50 tickets for the Twins game against the White Sox on Tuesday, August 17th. She'll probablly have a bus set up for transportation. She could only get 50 tickets, so be sure to sign up when the sheet comes by. Should be a good game against the Sox, and the date should be comfortable time for an outdoor baseball game...... The week after the Twins game is our annual golf outing and fund raiser, on Monday, August 23rd. We'll follow the same general format as the past two years. Volunteer lists have appeared at our meetings, and there are still plenty of opportunities for our members to help. This is the only fundraiser we have, so it is important to get everyone participating in the event.....On Saturday, May 8th, Darel L. is throwing a big birthday bash for his Model T Ford; the vehicle will be exactly 100 years old on that day. Darel promises birthday cake but it was unclear as to whether we will have to sign "Happy Birthday" in order to get a piece! The site of the party is at his store on Water Street in Excelsior......While you're enjoying the birthday cake, take the time to visit a few of the stores in town and spend a little money in Downtown Excelsior.  Help keep our local merchants in business.....On today's date in 1970, Ohio National Guard members fired upon anti-war protesters at Kent State University killing four college students.....We still have a couple of snow-birds missing, and what Spring weather they have been missing!!!.....

Our program for April 27th was a last minute substitution. Because of the DFL Convention in Duluth, our speaker ended up with a number of unexpected meetings, and was unable to attend our meeting. Our resourceful President took the opportunity to have a few members talk about volunteer activities that they are involved in, and some Rotary programs were discussed. We found out that there is a bus for Haiti project that our club is working on, and that it is nearly ready to be announced. The morning club has set up and started a Rotaract Club at the high school; the club is a teenage Rotary organization, and has exceeded the first year target for members. We learned that Dick Osgood drives a truck as a volunteer at the ICA, and he encouraged us to support our local food markets because of their many food gifts to ICA (he mentioned Cub, Lunds and Byerly's).
April 20, 2010
by Tad Shaw

April 27, 2010

Club News & Notes.....Terry Roeser was the greeter and opening marshal. Jeremy Huisheere was the Happy Bucks person for the day......Adrien is back from his spring break trip to Washington DC; he's smiling because the rugby season has started. President Dick went to a recent match and reported a Minnetonka win over Edina - 17-0. The next game is Friday, the 30th at 6:45 PM at Minnetonka West. The report is that Adrien is a very good player......This year's student dictionaries are ready to be distributed to all of the 3rd grade students in the district. Sign up with Steve Frazier; the actual distribution of the books should start this week.....Today is Shirley Temple's 83rd birthday, as well as the birthday of William Shakespeare.....Minnetonka High School is currently presenting "Jesus Christ, Super Star". Box office still has a few tickets......Have you been buying from the Excelsior merchants? We have so few empty storefronts in our town compared to surrounding towns; our local merchants need your support.....With the start of spring comes our semi-annual road clean-up. Watch for the sign-up. Those who participate always have a good time!

Our Program on April 20th was introduced by Chris Lizee. Our speaker, Kristi Anderson, is the director of the Southshore Center in Shorewood. She also has a daughter who is an exchange student in New Zealand.

Our membership is very familiar with the history of the center, as many of our members have been on boards working for the center, or working on funding for it. The center was built by a consortium of five cities (Deephaven, Greenwood, Excelsior, Tonka Bay, and
Excelsior) principally for a senior center; since the original days, the focus has changed to making it a successful social center for the cities. Recently, Shorewood took over the management of the center and Kristi is the point person in the new effort.

The center is still thought of by many as the "senior center", but almost all of the scheduled activities are not senior-oriented. The list of activities ranges from cooking schools to group meetings to private parties. Usage is up significantly, and rental income for the space has doubled recently. It is one of the few non-church rental spaces available to the general public. When Kristi asked how many in our club had attended an event in the center, the response was 100%. On the other hand, only 1 in 10 in the general public knows where the center is located! Of those who have used the facility, there is a 95% satisfaction rate.

In recent months, the center has had new carpeting installed, and a number of other upgrades and updates.
April 13, 2010
by Tad Shaw

April 20, 2010:

Opening Marshal and Greeter:

Club News & Notes......Greeter and Opening Marshal was Jim Hillis, who traced the origin of the 4 Way Test, and then had all stand and recite it.....Tom Anderson did Happy Bucks .....Golf outing and annual fund raiser is set for August 23rd. Same format and location as last year. Sign up for committees was sent around. If you missed your chance, call Woody; I'm sure there are still openings.....Dean (our treasurer) is working on the final details for a credit card payment system for club bills......Be prepared for the Spring Road cleanup - it's coming soon. Those who participate always seem to report having a good time, and the mile of Highway 7 always looks great after our club's cleanup.....Jean Gray gave us an update on our club's initiative to purchase a bus for a project in Haiti. He is still lining up the participating Rotary Clubs, and will make a presentation to the board and the membership when it's ready to go.....Still room for a few more programs; if you have any ideas, contact Jeremy.

Announcement was made of the death of former member Bud Andrus recently in Arizona. His name was Nelson L, Andrus, Jr, but everyone knew him as Bud. He was a teacher, coach, builder and realtor during his working years in the Minnetonka area. He was president of our club, active in Excelsior Methodist Church, and an active volunteer in church and civic organizations. His funeral service will be June 6th.

Our Program  on April 13th was presented by our member, Tim Litfin

The Tour de Tonka is one of the best known bike rides in the Twin Cities area. It was started by Tim shortly after he became the Director of MCE (Minnetonka Community Education). This year the Fifth Annual TdT will take place on Saturday, August 7th starting from the high school. Rides are scheduled and mapped out for a number of different distances ranging from 2 to 100 miles. It's a family-friendly event that has full support services along the 5 distances.

Last year, 2,137 riders participated in the event with 50% of them first-timers. Stats show that 60% of the riders were male. Standard entry fee is $37.00.That fee pays for all of the rider support as well as the treasure trove of goodies, music at the finish line, and door prizes.

Tim emphasized that the TdT is a ride and NOT a race. And he also mentioned a need for volunteers to help - over 250 were used last year.

April 6 2010
by Tad Shaw

April 13, 2010

Club News & Notes.....Jean Gray was opening marshal and greeter, with the newly returned, tanned Gary Thompson collecting happy bucks......Bob Williams' wife, Pattie, celebrated her birthday last Tuesday......Last week, I listed a number of companies that are now gone, and mentioned Mason Motors as the only one left. Not true! At least five more survivors exist: Marty Chiropractic Practice, Koehnen's Service Station, the Kelly and the Grathwol Law Practices, and Darel and LaVerna's store, Liepold's.....Terry's working on a group trip to a Twins game this summer; should be fun to see a game in the new stadium.... A typo in last week's bulletin: the office of Erik Paulsen is given $1,400,000. for annual expenses; I missed the first number in typing and only showed an allotment of $400,000. If you do the math, that means that we the taxpayers spend over $609,000,000 per year to fund the offices and staff of our 435 elected representatives..... The All Class Reunion for Minnetonka Schools will be held July 31 this year. Even if you didn't go to the school, lots of old friends will be there. And there are some added features this year.....The new "Welcome to Excelsior" marker on Highway 7 in the old cemetery is very attractive, but in the process of installation, we seem to have lost our Rotary sign. The other sign is still in the park by TCF, but the one on the highway is gone....

Our Program on April 6th was presented by Col. Kenneth Wofford. He is a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, and he recounted some of the problems that his group encountered during WWII. Col Wofford is black, as are all of the members of the Tuskegee Airmen.

In the 1920s, the first black was licensed as a pilot. Because of racial barriers, she was trained in France. In that time period, there was a policy document stating that blacks were not good pilots. In 1936, Benjamin Davis graduated from WEst Point - the first black to do so, despite 4 years of icy silence from his classmates - and applied for aviation school. He was denied, and in 1940 the NAACP filed a class action lawsuit demanding that blacks be admitted to the Army Air Corps. The result of the law suit was an "aviation experiment" resulting in a racially segregated air base in Tuskegee Mississippi. The first class of 13 started their 40 weeks of training in July, 1941.

By 1942, there were 3 fighter squadrons of 25 fighter planes each; in 1943, a bomber group - 4 squadrons of B-25s - were ready. The first black combat group was the 99th Fighter Squadron, which was based in Africa first, then was moved forward to Italy after the invasion. The Tuskegee planes all had bright red tails, and the units had a reputation for completing their primary mission, which was escorting bombers to targets in Germany. After the end of the European conflict, the units were being shipped to Asia just as the Japanese surrendered.

The Tuskegee Airmen as individuals and as a unit received many awards and the  units did a great deal toward changing  America's perception of black people. It took a famous bus ride, a group walk, a lunch counter episode, and the murder of two black leaders before the American people started to understand that skin color is not one of the measures of a person.

March 30, 2010
by Tad Shaw

April 6, 2010

Club News & Notes......Joe Froehling was opening marshal and greeter, and Jim Hillis collected Happy Bucks......President Dick reminded members that bills are due and payable when presented, and all members should get their checks to the treasurer, Dean  Friesen......Some old names to remember: Dayton's, Donaldson's, Powers, Maurice L Rothschild, Juster Brothers, Young Quinlans, the Viking, Flame, and Waikiki Rooms..... All of the snowbirds seem to have returned to town except for Gary Thompson.... Ice out in Minnetonka about 9 days ahead of average. Now if we could get some rain to get lake levels up to normal, all would be well..... I guess I could add some more names to the list: Olds Dry Goods, Nygren's, Hance Hardware, Driskill;s Super Valu, Bacon Drugs. Only name still around of the whole batch: Mason Motors!!.... Today is officially National Tartan Day in the U.S. Scotsmen, unite!!!

Our Speaker on March 30th was Erik Paulsen, Minnesota's 3rd District Congressman, and a resident of Eden Prairie. He is in his first (freshman) term in congress, and as such has absolutely no seniority. And, as he stated, everything in congress is done based on seniority.

He was fortunate to be able to hire some of Jim Ramstad's former staff, so his office was up and running fast after he was elected. He was happy that he was appointed to the Financial Services Committee, consisting of 71 members, as his expertise is in mathematics and finance. The committee has some pending bills that will return some transparency to the financial world, and they will start to get worked on after the Easter recess.

Right now, the government has raised the US debt limit so that is equals $45,000 per person in the country. Our government is paying one billion dollars a day in interest on our present debt. With the current dollar crunch, states are closing rest areas along the freeways, creating problems for truckers; there are not enough spaces in the open rest areas for the semis to park when the drivers get tired. "Jason's Law" has been passed to remedy this situation, but funding for programs is the overwhelming problem the current congress is facing.

When questioned about expenses for his office, he stated that he has an allowance of $1,400,000.00 annually for operation of his office. With that money, he has to hire staff for two locations (one in DC and one in the district in Minnesota), and pay for mailings and rent for his Minnesota office. The office in D. C. is rent-free. He travels to Minnesota every weekend (except for the weekend of the health care bill discussion and vote), using Delta Airlines and sits in the coach section. He pointed out that the speaker of the house has special consideration given to her for travel, but not the 3rd District freshman from Minnesota!

March 23rd, 2010
by Tad Shaw

March 30, 2010

Club News & Notes.....Greeter and opening marshal was Steve Frazier, and Chris Lizee collected Happy Bucks......Visiting us for the last time as our ADG, Ross McGlasson introduced the incoming ADG, David Stein. David is currently president of the Plymouth club, and a CPA......During Spring Break at the high school, Adrien will be traveling to Washington DC with his present host family to see the East Coast......Just after our club approved the two charities to be supported by our club's share of the golf outing proceeds, President Dick discovered that one of our selections was the same as the morning club. Consequently, we're looking for a second charitable cause to support. If you have any suggestions, please contact a board member as the decision has to be made next week.....Dave McCuskey is due back in town very soon, and he'll be bringing up the Rotary Foundation, I'm sure. One of his talking points will be "Every Rotarian, every year". Have you sent in your annual contribution?.....Easter shopping? Remember the downtown Excelsior stores - great places to shop......The next production at MHS is the musical, Jesus Christ, Superstar. We already have our tickets. Performances are April 23 - May 2nd, and all of the previous shows have been very very well done. Better call for tickets now (401-5898)......

Our Program for April 23 was a talk from our club's own Darel Leipold. Title of the talk was "Choices", and was given previously to the STRIVE group at one of their recent meetings.

Darel started out describing the circumstances around Patrick Henry's declaration "Give me liberty or give me death". He then went on to list some other famous situations where a person was faced with a decision which affected the course of events in the world. Some of the people he used as examples included Henry Ford, Hitler, Napolean, and the two presidents Roosevelt.

Darel told of a man who lost his legs, left arm, and fingers on his right hand in a Minnesota snowstorm when he was 14 years old,, but chose to get an education and not be a burden on society. He went on to become a school principal, legislator, bank president, mayor of Olivia, MN, speaker of the Minnesota House, a leader in the Republican Party, and an organizer of the education system in the Phillippines. He was responsible for the passage of the first bill passed providing state aid to the handicapped in 1919. Michael Dowling's decision affected the lives of many.

Darel went on to point out the we each make hundreds of decisions during our life, and  they have lasting consequences. Each decision has to be carefully made.

March 16, 2010
by Tad Shaw

March 23, 2010

Club News & Notes.....Karen Frazier was the greeter and opening marshal..... President Dick talked of the annual RI Foundation fund drive, and asked all to contribute so we would be a 100% club. It can be done by check or by credit card; checks to Dean Friesen payable to RI Foundation, or credit cards on line. Pledges can be accepted, too - call Dean Friesen.....The club board has selected two charities to get funds from our annual fundraiser: Resource West, and Treehouse.......Guests for lunch included Suzanne and Olivia Cada, who both claimed to be related to our speaker......Chris Lizee collected Happy Bucks ..... Isn't it about time for all of the snowbirds to return to the area?

Our Program for March 16th was a Personal Profile by Jim Cada, our newest member.

Jim is Czeck, but he was born in a small town in Sweden. His parents escaped from their homeland when it was controlled by Russia. They settled in Sweden for 4 years, and in 1952 they came to the US and lived in Chicao, then went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Jim graduated from Jefferson High School in 1973. He married Suzanne in 1988. They have two children, Nicholas and Olivia. Olivia was home from Mississippi State for break, and she enjoyed her dad's presentation.

Jim has a list of credits that any professional actor would envy. He has acted on almost every creditable stage in the Twin Cities, including the Guthrie, Brave New Workshop, Actors Theater of St Paul, Chanhassen and the Old Log. He was a member of Second City in Chicago for a time, and he has had roles in 24 films. He lived in Los Angeles for a while, but didn't like the town and returned to the Twin Cities. For 5 years, Jim has directed a play at Minnetonka High School. In his career, he commented that he feels he has been cast as the "villian" more times than not. He teaches at the Guthrie as well as acting there.

Some of Jim's comments and answers to questions.....he enjoys directing plays at the high school because acting teaches the teens teamwork. Three films mentioned as good: Iron Will, North Country, and Straight Story. Favorite stage play, Otello. The Twin Cities area is an excellent theater area - plenty of stages, with a  lot of dedicated theater-goers.

March 9, 2010
by Tad Shaw

March 16, 2010

Club News & Notes......
Tad Shaw was opening marshal and greeter, and Lee Webster collected Happy Bucks.....President Dick reminded us of the Rotary Foundation and the annual fund drive. With the major tragedies in Haiti and Chile this year, you can bet that the foundation will have a number of large projects scheduled to help those countries, and funding will be crucial. The slogan for the foundation is "every member every year", and we were reminded that the year-end is near......The annual district conference and the Rotary Convention are drawing near. The convention is in Montreal this year in June.....It was a disappointing weekend with the Minnetonka High School hockey team losing the championship game to Edina. When you consider the late and long Friday night game Minnetonka played with 4 overtimes, it is a wonder that they could even skate on Saturday.... .

Our Program on March 9th was a presentation by David Eisenmann, the director of instructional technology for the Minnetonka School District. A former teacher, he took over the department a few years ago, and it is his responsibility to oversee the installation of the new equipment, and to instruct the teachers in how to use the new devices and systems.

"SmartBoards" are now "Old" technology, and these boards are in every classroom in the district. In addition, every classroom has a sound-amplifying system that allows the teacher to be heard equally well in every portion of the room (no sleeping in the back of class!). "SmartTables" are in use in classes for younger children, where they can sit around the table and do learning exercises using the table the same ways as their older siblings use the SmartBoard.

Students are issued electronic devises similar to a TV remote, and the teacher can interject questions in his teaching material, and the kids can respond with answers transmitted from the hand devices. The teacher can then check the data as he proceeds and see what points the kids aren't getting, and alter his teaching to fit the learning curve of the kids. The electronic answers also show the teacher which class-members are not understanding the lesson, aiding him in directing extra effort to the ones with problems with the lesson. Technology is such that the kids' own cell phone can also be used in answering these quizzes. If a lesson is especially difficult for a student, the teacher can download the material to a student's IPod, and the student can listen to the lesson on his own time at home.

Combinations of miniaturized equipment can be utilized to present material on any flat surface, making almost anything function as a SmartBoard. Presentations such as Powerpoints will be obsolete with new technologies (how many of us have yet to make a "powerpoint presentation"?).

Minnetonka school are among the leaders in this country in the utilization of technology in the classroom. It will be interesting to see the changes in this field in the next five years.

March 2, 2010
by Tad Shaw

March 9, 2010

Club News & Notes......Jim Cada was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and John Gray collected Happy Bucks.......The annual Excelsior (South Lake Minnetonka) Chamber's annual recognition dinner was held March 5th, and Jan Gray was recognized for her efforts through the years on behalf of seniors, and her work with the Southshore Center. Also recognized was Mason Motors......Only guest at our meeting was Adrien, our exchange student. He's deep into the Rugby program at MHS, and is waiting for the outdoor playing season to begin. His birthday was last Saturday, by the way.....At the monthly board meeting, a spring social outing was suggested; perhaps a Twins game or such. Forward your ideas to a board member before the next month's board meeting......The snowbirds are starting to return; Keith Engen was at the meeting commenting on how cold it was in Florida, and the other snowbirds will return with similar stories, I'm sure.....Only one storefront on Water Street is empty; let's keep it that way - shop in Excelsior!!!.....Apology to Jean Gray; I really do know how to spell your name, but was in a rush and goofed last week. Sorry.

Our Program
on March 2nd was introduced by Dave Peterka. Speaking on behalf of TREEHOUSE was Lisa Stordahl, the Director of Community Advancement for the organization.

TREEHOUSE is a local program designed to help kids in trouble. It was started at Cooper High School in 1984 by Fred Peterson, who was a teacher at the school. The program is designed to work with the hopeless - those kids who have no home life or have bad homes, and those who feel unwanted and unloved because of recurring generational problems within their families. Lisa told of kids who became the first in their family to graduate from high school, who had drug dealing done in their home but are now in college, who attempted suicide multiple times until they were found by TREEHOUSE.

Last year, TREEHOUSE served 1300 teenagers, making a difference in their lives by giving them positive affirmation. Participants are from age 11 thru 18, both male and female, and they meet twice a week in group settings, usually about 8 in a group. Teens are referred to TREEHOUSE by teachers, pastors, parents, friends, and the courts. The program deals with "level 2" teens - they are not equipped to handle the recidivist kids.
There is a faith component in the program, but it is non-denominational.          

Each staff member has about 25 kids that are their responsibility. They get to know the kids, relate with them frequently, and reinforce their good activities. Some of the kids have never heard a positive comment about themselves, so it is a program where positives are emphasized. Staff members have to raise funds before they are hired; they must bring in money equal to at least half of their pay before they enter training. Training jncludes suicide prevention (suicide is a very common problem with these teens), and ways to interact positively with kids. TREEHOUSE currently has 5 locations in the West Metro, serving all of the cities in the area from buildings located in Minnetonka, Chaska, New Hope, Bloomington, and St Louis Park.
February 23, 2010
by Tad Shaw

March 2, 2010

Club News and Notes......Mollie Swenson was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Tad Shaw did Happy Bucks......Anoop Agrawal, our first Indian exchange student, was 22 years old on February 23rd; he is graduating from engineering school in May and has lined up a job at an Indian auto manufacturing company......I'll bet we'll see Jean Gray back in town: Adele's opened for the season yesterday, and he is a fan of their frozen custard....... If you were born on March 2nd, you share a birthday with Jon Bon Jovi, author John Irving, Texan Sam Houston, Dr Seuss (Green Eggs and Ham) and you can celebrate with all of Pittsburgh - Ben Roethlisberger is 28 today.....The Morning Club is selling roses to raise money for the new scoreboard at Harmon Killebrew Field at Bennett Park. This is the field that is outfitted for use by disabled youngsters. A dozen roses for $18.00. Contact a member of their club; presale ends tomorrow, and delivery is the 10th (as I remember). Last year, I missed the ordering, but stopped in at Beacon Bank and was able  to buy a dozen thru them........RI's annual convention is in June in Montreal. Our club hasn't had representation at the meeting for 5 years; it would be nice to have a group there this year.......The Twins exhibition season starts shortly and it'll only be a few days before the home opener in the new ballpark.

Our Program on February 23rd was presented by Judy Thompson from Minnesota's DNR (Department of Natural Resources). Judy is a Regional Naturalist for the agency,and has been with them for 30 years. The DNR has divided the state into four regions, and there are 17 parks run by the DNR in this area. They do not count or control the parks established by the cities, counties, or park authorities (like Three Rivers). Her motive in coming to speak to us was to remind us that the parks are fun places in the winter, too.

Judy pointed out that there are advantages in attending Minnesota parks in the  winter. Her first point was that there are no mosquitoes in the winter. Secondly, the parks are not  nearly as crowded in the winter. And finally, they are calm and bright on a sunny winter day.

Activites are varied and fun during the winter. A partial list of possible activities included skiing (both downhill and cross-country), snow-shoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, skating, winter camping (there are some cabins that can be rented in some of the parks for overnight stays - warmer than the old tenting!) photography, wild life tracking, and the new "event" is geo-caching. Geo-caching is sort of like the old-fashioned treasure hunt, but done with GPS's and electronics.

She also pointed out that Minnesota laws require that fish houses be removed from the lakes by March first.
February 16, 2010
by Tad Shaw

February 23. 2010

Club News & Notes......Notes President-Elect Tom announced the death of our club member, Dave Cochran from brain tumor on Sunday, February 14th, at the age of 91. Many club members spoke of Dave recalling the "sparkle in his eye", and his love of the area, the lake, and sailing. And sailing. And sailing. He served on volunteer boards protecting and improving the lake. His smile and quiet voice will be missed...... President Dick was out of town, so PE Tom Anderson handled the meeting.....Dick Osgood was greeter and opening marshall, and Steve Frazier handled Happy Bucks..... Today in history: the siege at the Alamo began on this date in 1836; the famous flag-raising on Iwo Jima occurred in 1945; George Frederick Handel was born in 1685; and Boston was granted a charter to incorporate the city in 1822. Boston and Excelsior are the two cities in the US who have Commons.....Last chance today to express your opinion to board members about the student exchange program.....Attendance was very good on the 16th, even though it was the day after a holiday. Usually, a few members get "calendar confusion" when there is a Monday holiday.

Our Program.... on February 16th was introduced by our PE, Tom Anderson. The speaker, Tom Anderson, spoke to us about Health Care Reform. Tom is an nationally-known expert on health care issues. For the past 25 years, he has tracked , recorded and reported on issues in the health care and Medicare field.

President Obama's original health care initiative has hit roadblocks in the legislature, and it appears that the current bill will not be passed. Recent newspaper articles speak of new legislation that takes into consideration some of the issues raised in Congress during debate on the present bill that Obama will propose in the near future. Tom feels that the politics involved will defeat the present efforts, and that a new approach is necessary. And, of course, Tom had an outline of an approach that would reduce the opposition to a health plan revision.

Using the current amount of dollar resources dedicated to providing health care, Tom's plan reallocates funds to provide for the 10 million hardcore uninsured, and steers clear of interfering with the parts of the current system that are working. Changing insurance coverages to higher deductibles, and having the insured persons aware of the costs of their care will alert them to the costs of care, and will help curb fraud. The final legislation will probably include some of the provisions of Tom's plan.
by Tad Shaw

February 16 2010.

Club New & Notes….....Tim Litfin was greeter and opening marshall, and Bob Pillsbury did Happy Bucks.....Today is Fat Tuesday, which means that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.....If today is your birthday, you share it with John McEnroe, Katharine Cornell, Patty Andrews, and Edgar Bergen..... On this date in 1868, BPOE (Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks) was founded in New York City, and in 1937, the DuPont Company patented a new product - an artificial cloth called nylon…..... President Dick told us of Dave Cochrane's illness, and encouraged members to visit him and Jim Grathwol….. Adam Perry was our guest at lunch as was ADG Ross McGlasson….. Driving along Mainstreet in Hopkins is kind of depressing; there are so many for rent signs in storefronts! Contrast that with downtown Excelsior where I only see one empty store. The Excelsior merchants need our support to keep it going, though. Have you bought anything in downtown Excelsior this week?..... The club board is discussing the student exchange program, and seriously considering dropping our participation next year. If you have an opinion, please pass it on to one of the board members..... Our "snowbirds" who went South or West to escape the snow should have some interesting stories when they return in the spring. Last week, there was snow on the ground in 49 of the states.....Happy New Year. Sunday was the Chinese New Year – this is the year of the tiger (We looked all over for a greeting card for a friend; there are no Chinese New Year's cards on the western side of Mpls!).

Our Program on February 9th was a speaker introduced by Molly Swenson, Sue Valiton. Sue is a resident of the area, and a member of St Hubert's Church in Chanhassen. She volunteers as a worker with a group that helps the people in Haiti. She returned from Haiti the day before the earthquake hit the island nation.

The group Sue works with is Free the Kids. It is a program started and run by a retired U S Navy chaplain, Father Marc Boisvert. The center of their work is in a town 120 miles southwest of Port au Prince, and there was no serious structural damage to their facilities by the recent earthquake. They own 130 acres of land, and house 700 orphan children on the premises. They also have 3 schools on the property that provide education to 1800 kids from age 3 to 18. Prior to the earthquake, they provided 3000 meals a day to Haitians in their area plus feeding the children in the schools. They have outreach programs that build housing for local people, and they teach farming to the local people to make them self-sustaining.

Because of the political conditions in Haiti, there are no social services available through the government. All the needs of the people must be met by outside agencies. This was how it was prior to the earthquake; now the confusion and needs are multiplied manifold and the government is powerless to help those in need.
February 2, 2010
by Tad Shaw

February 9, 2010

Club News & Notes ...Lee Webster was greeter and opening marshall, and John Gray collected Happy Bucks....Linda Murrell, the director of the area's Chamber of Commerce, was the WCCO Good Neighbor of the Day on the 2nd. Congratulations...It was good to see Don Draayer back and in action at the meeting after his back surgery. He's planned a period of relaxation to aid in the mending after the operation. Also good to see John Marty back at our lunch meetings...The club's board discussed the student exchange program at the monthly meeting, and the consensus appears to be favoring dropping the program for the coming year. Our club has sponsored foreign exchange students almost since Rotary started the program, and the good will generated far exceeds the costs involved. Issues are the finding of families for the student here, and finding students in our area to go overseas. President Dick asked that we all voice our opinions to board member(s) so the board will make an appropriate decision...Social calendars are usually not too full in February, so this would be a good time to dine at one of the area restaurants; business is slow in the restaurant trade at this time of the year..And St. Valentine's Day is next Sunday, followed by the President's Day holiday.


O ur Program on February 2nd was a presentation by Marty Seifert. He is the elected member of the state house of representatives from district 21, the area including Marshall and Redwood Falls, MN. Born in Springfield, MN, he is the youngest of 6 boys and graduated from Southwestern State College with a degree in Political Science in 1995. He taught at Marshall High School, and now is employed as a counselor at the college he graduated from in Marshall.

Marty's political career started in college, where he brought the Young Republican organization back to the campus, and where he was the head of the student government. In 1996, he was elected to the state house from his district. In 1999, he became the Republican Whip in the house, and retained that position until he became the minority leader in 2006. He has resigned that post as of June, 2009, and announced his candidacy for governor.

Appearing at our club on caucus day, he reminded us that the political process begins in the caucuses, and encouraged each of us to attend our meeting. He then outlined some of the issues facing our state as the legislature convenes to begin this year's session.

January 19, 2010
by Tad Shaw

January 26, 2010



Club News & Notes ...Bob Williams was greeter and opening marshall...Tom O'Connell accounted for the collection of Happy Bucks...Guests introduced were Bob Picha and Mark Jorgensen...President Dick and Tom Anderson, our president-elect, attended the midterm district assembly, and found it very informative..Another lunch visitor was Sue Peck, representing the South Shore Senior Partners group. She was presented a check for $3,000 for the group by President Dick. This is part of the money raised at the golf tournament. Sue said that the money will be used to "bring the center into the 21st century", including improvements in the sound system at the center...Gene Gray gave an update to the club about Haiti. Gene and his brother John are very active supporters of  Friends of the Orphans, an organization that runs and funds a number of orphanages in Central America and the Caribbean. They have a number of facilities in Haiti. Their orphanage is in the mountains outside of Port-au-Prince, and was not damaged by the earthquake. Their hospital and clinic facilities in Port-au-Prince were damaged or destroyed. As with all of the caregivers in Haiti, they are overloaded with patients, and are having the same difficulties that other organizations are having .All of their supplies are being sent to an airport in the Dominican Republic, and driven into Haiti instead of being delayed at the over-crowded Haitian airport. Gene used the term "colossally catastrophic" to describe the scene in Haiti..Don Draayer had successful surgery and is progressing well. He is in the same rehab area as Paul Stark, who suffered a stroke on the 15th...Have you shopped any of the stores in downtown Excelsior this week?



Our program  on January 19th was presented by Jefferson Spillman who is the director of The Landings in Shakopee.



Established in 1969 on an 88-acre site in Shakopee by a non-profit organization, it was taken over by the Three Rivers Park District in 2002. The original name of the area was Murphy's Landing, named after an early settler/army officer, who served in the Minnesota Territory legislature. The area contains buildings from a 6 county area, all of which are maintained and operated as though it is still in the late 1800's. Almost all of the members indicated that they have been to The Landings in the past 20 years.



The park is a favorite tour spot for schools; many of the structures fit right in with the history curriculum being taught in grade schools. Over 25,000 people tour the facility each year, making it one of the most visited parks in the region. Maintaining the older buildings and improving the area is expensive, but the interest in the area makes the effort worthwhile. Starting this year, the only income the park will have is from program charges and special fees - no longer is there an entry fee to get into the park.

There is an extensive program of events at the park, and the Minnetonka School District sends many classes to the park for tours and as a learning experience. Further information on the schedule of events at  763-694-7784, or


January 12, 2010
by Tad Shaw

January 19.2010




Club News & Notes ...Woody Love was Greeter and Opening Marshall...Chris Lizee did Happy Bucks...Ross McGlasson joined us for lunch, as did Adam Perry...Don Draayer had copies of his recently completed two books, one a history of the school district, and the other his autobiography...Dale Snyder from the Uptown Club came to brief us on a project in Haiti that a number of clubs are starting to work on. The clubs will build a secondary school in Haiti - 82% of Haitian children do not attend school beyond 6th grade because of the costs involved, and this school would give a few hundred children each year the added education. Cost of the building is about $200,000.00, and the local government will staff and support the school once it is completed. (Because of the very recent earthquake, there may be a few other problems to face first.) As a fundraiser, they are having a "Deep Freeze Dunk" in Fish Lake on Saturday, January 23. Minimum amount of pledges needed to jump is $75.00...This weekend is the (now) annual Pond Hockey Tournament on Excelsior Bay. It's a shame that it's too late to organize a team from our club! Maybe for next year...Today is the birth anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe, James Watt, and Robert E. Lee.



Our Program on January 12th was a presentation by Bob Jasper entitled "Miracle at Bennett". Bob is on the board of the baseball facility in Minnetonka, Bennett Family Park, which was founded in 1956. It is a 22-acre park located on Highway 101 between Highway 7 and Ty Abel's Corners. Privately run, it is the home base of a number of local kid and youth baseball leagues.


In November 2005 a group called West Metro Miracle League started a campaign to re- equip one of the fields for use by disabled (politically correct term: physically challenged) youngsters. The group developed the plans for the amended field, and set to raising the $1,200,000 dollars needed to make one field a safe place for the kids to play baseball. In order to use the field, it was necessary to make a number of improvements throughout the park, including paving walkways and removing steps. Support for the project came from many local and regional sources, and the fund drive was fully successful, the field and park were completed, and there is no debt involved; the project is fully paid for. At the dedication of the field, Harmon Killebrew was present and because of his support and interest, the field is named after him.


Bob showed some pictures from the dedication, and talked about last year when there were 100 players in their league team. They expect 160 young people to play this year. He told of the "buddy system", where players have people who provide encouragement and support for them during the games. He said that the buddies get almost as much good out of the program as the players.


In the pictures Bob showed, there were advertisements on the outfield fences, but there is no scoreboard. Their plans are for a $25,000 state of the art scoreboard (with video screen, of course) in the very near future. He and the committee are looking for groups to sponsor the scoreboard.

January 5, 2009
by Tad Shaw

January 12, 2009

Club News & Notes.....We started the year with Jean Gray as greeter and opening marshall, and Jeremy Huisheere collected Happy Bucks.....All but three of our club's Snowbirds seem to have already fled the Minnesota area for the warmth of Florida, Mexico, or Arizona. One of the remaining ones announced he was heading for Mexico after the meeting, so that leaves two. How long will the two last?......Tim Litfin DID jump into Lake Minnetonka with the big crowd at the Bayview on Jan 1. No one else in the club admitted to having been in the crowd, or even dipping a toe into the water......Adam Perry, a business owner from Victoria joined us for lunch; he's looking for a good Rotary Club to join.....As part of our meeting on the 5th, the Nomination Committee proposed a slate of officers for our Rotary Club for the period 7-1-10 to 6-30-11; as president, Tom Anderson; as treasurer, Dean Friesen; as secretary, Tim Litfin; and as president-elect, Woody Love. The club membership approved and elected the proposed officers. Congrats to Woody!! And to the club!!.....Today is the birthday of Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, and also of the great American patriot, John Hancock.

Our Program for January 5th was a presentation by Bob Williams speaking on behalf of our club's Visionary Committee. Bob was club president in '66-'67, and has 48 years of perfect attendance as a member of our club. Other members of the committee are Terry Roeser, Bob Boyer, Bob Hoebelheinrich, and Art Johnsen.

Bob started his presentation by reminding us of the establishment of goals we did at a visioning meeting where we determined what we wanted the club to look like in 2012. He reminded us that we have to make gradual changes; we won't wake up one morning in 2012 with all of our goals met unless we are continually moving toward our final goals. The committee examined a number of mission statements for the club, and they recommend that our club adopt a mission statement. The remainder of the comments were under the four avenues of service.

In the area of Community Service, the committee recommended that a small committee be established to review projects and forward the best ones to the club board. The club has always functioned as a provider of seed money and not of continuous funding for our sponsored programs, and that should continue.Under Vocational Service, the committee felt the STRIVE Program is an excellent program fitting within our role of supporting high school students.They recommend increaasing the scholarship amounts. They also recommend that we have a program on business ethics presented to our club. Two steps to take in International Service include membership interaction at the scenes of projects in other countries, and the club should develop a pool of families to act as hosts for our exchange students. Finally, our Club Service goal of 65 members seems to be on target; the club should be given updates on board activities so members are fully informed, and an attendance committee should be established to encourage better attendance.

Fellowship is another of our club's concerns, and the committee recommends extending opportunities such as boat cruises, Twins games, and plays. The club should consider subsidizing fellowship activities including participation in the annual Winnipeg gathering. Members should be encouraged to attend district meetings, and the club should pay the basic fees for those events for attendees.

December 29, 2009
by Tad Shaw

January 5, 2010

Club News & Notes.....At the meeting today, members of the club will be asked to vote and approve officers for the coming Rotary year. The nominating committee will submit their report naming their recommendations for president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer for the period July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011......Lots of familiar faces at last week's meeting including some that are usually in sun country by now.....Adrien (our favorite exchange student) is going to Florida with his host family - the Humphreys - for a trip this winter break. He's having quite a year! Have you had a chance to invite him for dinner or as your guest at some local event?.....Chris Lizee's smile greeted us as we entered Bayview, and Nick Ruehl collected Happy Bucks......Say Happy Birthday to Walter Mondale if you run into him today.....Any unusual New Year's resolutions? I'm sure Tim Litfin took the leap into Lake Minnetonka on the first.....Another store is opening on Water Street this week. Excelsior is starting to return to the village shopping area it once was. What have you bought in Excelsior this week?

Our Program on December 29th featured a brother act - the two Litfin boys talked about the U S Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and active duty service in the navy.
Tim Litfin introduced his two sons, Phillip and Nicholas, to the club, and Nicholas started the presentation.

He is member of the "youngster" class at the academy (sophomore to you landlubbers), and has just completed the hardest year and a half of his life. A year ago July, he reported to school to start his education and as a plebe had a summer of physical conditioning and training before the school year started. During the year, the freshmen class gets extra attention from the members of the "second class" (juniors) - such things as learning to eat a square meal, brace in the presence of a upperclassman, and always answer questions clearly and in a loud voice. Students at USMA and USNA have year-round education, and do not get summers off. The summer experiences are designed to acquaint students with the wide range of activities done by the navy, as Nicholas has to select his final area of interest shortly: sailing, submarine, aviation, or the US Marine Corps are some of the major options. When he graduates, he will have an engineering degree, a commission in either the Navy or Marine Corps, and an obligation to serve on active duty for eight years minimum.

Phillip, now a Lt JG in the US Navy, spoke to our club earlier when he completed his aviation training. He graduated from the USNA in 2007, and I noticed he nodded in agreement with almost everything his brother said about the academy. After graduating, he spent 18 months in aviation training, and most recently has been assigned to a base in Arabia to fly missions in a P-3 aircraft, which many of us know as the passenger plane, the Lockheed Electra. The primary use for the aircraft is anti-submarine patrol, although in current world conditions, their job during a mission is to help maintain security in the volatile seas in that part of the world. The major threat they encounter now are pirates.
His plane was built in 1963, and because of all of the electronics they carry, they cannot fly at the rated  speed. Each mission lasts from 12 to 14 hours, and the crew of 11 use very sophisticated electronics to scan the area and spot possible trouble. Their ship is armed, but engagement is not their primary mission.

A lively question period closed the presentation. We all felt better knowing that our service academies are still providing our country with well-educated, high-quality, personable military leaders. And a pat on the back is deserved by Tim and Yvonne Litfin for raising Nicholas and Phillip.

December 15 2009
by Tad Shaw

December 29, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Scott Zerby was greeter at the meeting where we have the highest attendance every year.....President Dick announced that there would be no meeting on the 22nd of December. He repeated the message, then clarified it, and then announced that there will be no meeting on December 22nd.....Good to see Keith Engen at the concert, and all of the guests. Prize for inviting the youngest guest goes to Bob Humphrey whose infant granddaughter enjoyed the music along with the others.....The time is near for New Year's resolutions. When you're choosing yours for the coming year, try adding this to the list: "I'll buy more at the local Excelsior stores". I managed to buy 50% of my Christmas gifts from merchants in the 55331 zip codes......Only a few days left to make your tax-deductible,  2009 annual check out to the Rotary Foundation. Gifts to the RI Foundation are used in Rotary projects world-wide, and are used to match local funding in most projects. See the Rotarian Magazine for information. Make your check payable to Rotary Foundation, and give or send it to Dean Friesen. If your check passes through him, you're sure to get credit for your donation on your Paul Harris account.

Our Program on December 15th was a concert presented by the Minnetonka High School Choir under the direction of Paula Holmgren. The choir with all members dressed in the traditional blue robes started the concert with You Shall Have a Son, which was composed by Randall Thompson.A little vocal fun followed, with the singing of a fugue from Johann Sebastian Bach's Magnificat. Following the fugue, the choir sang a very spirited Spanish carol. The majority of the choir members then went to the back of the room, leaving 20 singers on stage.

The group of twenty enjoyed presenting The Twelve Days of Christmas and then sang Sleighbells in the Air. Sixteen of the singers left the stage, leaving a male quartet. They sang Jolly Holly Christmas (or is it Holly Jolly Christmas?) and White Christmas. The entire choir joined a trio of male singers representing the three magi in a vocal presentation of The Shepherd's Chorus from Gian Carlo Menotti's opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors.

The last song, prior to the traditional closing choral Benediction was the full choir singing Merry Christmas Past, which was composed by our own Bob Williams.

When our club left after the concert, the smiles and season's greetings seemed to be just a bit more sincere.
December 8 2009
by Tad Shaw

December 15 2009

Club News & Notes.....Darel Leipold took his turn as opening marshall, and John Gray collected Happy Bucks......The Happy Bucks tradition was started in our club by then president Ron Hughes to replace the fining that was done in some clubs. Money collected is set aside to help fund our scholarship program for seniors at MHS. Since the program started, our members and guests have donated over $35,200.00.....In the past 10 years, our club, in addition to special donations to the specific high school programs, has given $65,000.00 in scholarships to Minnetonka seniors either through our annual scholarship program or through our STRIVE Program.....We've had a number of our members in the hospital over the past few months; all have returned and are doing well. We're waiting to have Keith Engen able to join us for lunch again, and our best wishes go to Carol Johnsen who's in the hospital.....Darel spotted an error on the back page, but there actually are two, both of which were originally spotted by Mr. Eagle Eye, Bob Williams.....Karen Frazier passed out slips at the last meeting for members to make a pledge (or directly donate) to the Rotary Foundation. This is the international Rotary Foundation - the group that matches club donations for projects. President Dick hopes we will all be generous in our gift to RI.....If you weren't at the Christmas Party, you missed a great event. Thanks to Terry Roeser and her crew for a great evening.

Our Program for December 8th was a presentation by our own member, Darel Leipold, about the events of December 7, 1941, "a day that will live in infamy". It was Darel's first presentation using PowerPoint technology (It's good to see Darel a part of the 21st Century).

The background history was the fact that the US had broken off trade with Japan, and at the time of the attack there was a peace delegation ready to meet with President Roosevelt in Washington. The Japanese had a fleet with 6 aircraft carriers 230 miles north of Hawaii for the attack. There also were 5 Japanese two-man submarines in the area for the surprise attack. The USS Ward spotted and sank one of the 5 subs, actually firing the first shots of the war.

The attack was more successful than the Japanese expected because the American forces were worried about sabotaqe, and had all of the airplanes on the airfields clustered together so they could guard them. There was no expectation of an air attack. The damage caused by the attack was enormous, but, in the end, the US Navy salvaged almost all of the damaged ships.

Darel showed a postcard which was sent from Hawaii on the day after the attack. Because of security, the message was extemely limited, but the receipt of the card told the families on the mainland that their serviceman had survived the attack and was uninjured.
December 1, 2009
by Tad Shaw

December 8, 2009

Club News & Notes.......Tad Shaw was greeter and opening marshall, and Steve Frazier handled Happy Bucks......This week is the annual Christmas Party. The party is at Gale Woods Farm on Friday night. Terry set up a relaxed fun party this year. I hope you have made your reservations and figured out your car pool for the party......Next week, the MHS Choir will perform at our lunch. Today is the day to give Bayview notice of the expected number. Always one of the best programs, be early to choose your location for the seasonal entertainment.......At our meeting on December 1, the membership amended the bylaws of our foundation to call the managers of the organization "Trustees".......Jim Olds had surgery recently, and is home recovering. The rumor that our meetings are not official if Jim is absent is not totally true, by the way......Bob Williams found another error on the back page, and it has not been corrected. Anyone else spot it?......Today is the birthdate of the following people. What are each of them famous for?  Eli Whitney. Jean Sibelius. Diego Rivera. James Thurber. Lee J. Cobb. Sammy Davis, Jr. Sinead O'Connor..... Adrien was visiting last week, and President Dick asked him to answer a few questions from the club. He'll be giving a full presentation later in the year.

Our meeting on December 1st was an update on the "Read to Succeed" program. Started in 2006 at Minnetonka High School, it is a program that gives a new children's book to each of the youngsters who are housed at the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery.  The group raises funds by holding car washes, bagging groceries at Cub and getting donations from friends of their project. Children are taken to the Crisis Nursery when they are in danger of physical harm from a parental situation, school incident, or are perceived to be in danger. For many of the children, the book they receive is the first one they have every owned. Earlier presentations have stressed the value of a parent or other adult reading to a child.

This year, the program at MHS is headed by Leah Urdahl. Leah is a senior, and is a member of the school's track team, where she runs cross-country. When asked about the future of the program, she said that there are several sophomores and juniors active in the program, and the future looks bright. She mentioned that so far the program has had no male students involved. As a student in the International Baccalaureate Program at the school, she is receiving a world balanced education with the a prescribed curriculum for her junior and senior year, with elements of creativity, action, and service added to the learning requirements.

When this program was started, our club provided funding for it. With our three year limit on funding projects, the club probably will not provide funds this year, but individual members can (and are encouraged) to donate.                                                     

November 24, 2009
by Tad Shaw

December 1, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Greeter an opening marshall was Tim Litfin. His tradition is to have a trivia quiz, and he did the Thanksgiving Trivia Test with the club divided into five tables.The winning table received goodies for Thanksgiving dinner, which they immediately donated to ICA, but the runner-up table got candy which was too much temptation for them.....Terry Roeser reminded us of the Rotary Christmas Party on the 11th of December at Gale Woods Farm. It's a joint party with the morning club, and is more informal than previous parties. Should be great fun, and YOU should be there. Send your reservation card to Terry!......We didn't discuss and vote on the amendment to the foundation bylaws at our last meeting, so the issue will be handled at today's meeting. See the notice on the website if this is news to you....Today is the anniversary of the only election that went to congress to settle. The year was 1824; who won and who were the candidates? ( This is before the conscious memory of all of our members, by the way)......John Gray did Happy Bucks. John and Jan and their family have for over 25 years spent their Thanksgiving Day serving the poor dinner in Downtown Minneapolis. What did you do for others this Thanksgiving?

Our Program on November 24th was a presentation by our own member, Dr Don Draayer. It was sort of a personal profile, but had the extra touch we've grown to expect from Don. Juxtaposed over a history of farming in Southern Minnesota, Don described his growing up in Hollandale, MN.

The town of Hollandale was rescued from a marsh, and sold to farmers in 20 acre tracts. All of the settlers were Dutch from an area in Iowa and they started farming the marsh. In the 1920s and 1930s, farming was not mechanized, and it was backbreaking work. Produce was sold by each farmer. Starting about 1936, the farms had been consolidated into 80 to 160 acres, and much of the work had been transferred to migrant workers. The farmers had organized to the point where the buyers of their produce had to deal with a farmers coop. During this period, Don was a young kid and attending school and church in town.

In the next phase (from 1951 to 1970) the farms consolidated into 200 to 400 acres in size, and mechanization of the farms took the place of the migratory workers, and the start of chemical farming occurred. Many of the farms started to specialize in crops, and Don was a teenager and college student at Bethel College. The next - and present phase - shows super-sized farms (800 plus acres), vegetable wholesalers buying truckloads of product, and most of the town residents are now commuters, and the stores in town are now closed and the town is almost a ghost village.

With this background, Don traced his growth from little kid to farm worker to college student to teacher to superintendent to National Superintendent of the Year to today.

November 17 2009
by Tad Shaw

November 24, 2009

Club News and Notes......Gary Thompson was our greeter and opening marshall. He had recently visited Mark Twain's home in Hartford CT, and presented a selection of Twain's sayings......Introduced as visiting were Austin Kraft from the AM Club, and Adrien Vechon, our club's favorite exchange student.......Special note to Gene Gray: according to my calendar, Adele's is closing for the season after tomorrow's business.......Our club's Christmas Party will be held at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista on December 11th. Invitations have been sent to all of our members. Included in the invitation is a map showing how to get to the farm and a return card to make your reservations. Send the reply card to Terry Roeser as soon as you can to make your reservations........The Minnetonka High School Choir always sings for us at one of our December lunches. It is our biggest meeting of the year; start planning whom you will invite as your guest to this enriching seasonal program.......Glenn Froberg gave a talk to the 4th graders at Excelsior Elementary on Veterans' Day. Every one involved gives Glenn high marks for it, but Glenn kind of downplayed his service. What's missing in many of this generation is the willingness to serve, which is the key to why our country is strong, and why the service of Glenn and the many others is so important.......Today is the anniversary of two events in U S history, both crimes. One involved D B Cooper, and the other Jack Ruby. Is there anyone who doesn't know the answers?

Announcement: At today's meeting, at approximately 12:30 PM, Excelsior Rotary Club members will be asked to approve or disapprove an amendment to the Excelsior Rotary Foundation Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that will change the name of the governance board from "Board of Directors' to "Board of Trustees". The purpose of this amendment is to help distinguish between the two governance boards in official documents, correspondence, and general conversations. Also, "trustee" better describes the role played by the foundation board.

Our Speaker on November 17th was Cathy Maes, the director of ICA Food Shelf located in Minnetonka Mills. ICA is our local food shelf, and was founded and is supported by 37 church congregations. The area that ICA covers is from Hopkins to Victoria. With a paid staff of 7, and 40 volunteers each day, they provide support to 600 families in the area each month. In addition to providing food, they also help with monthly expenses for some clients, and issue checks totaling $40,000 monthly for electric, gas, and water bills, as well as some rent subsidies.

Because of the economy, their client base has increased by almost 50%. In addition to the support they receive from the churches, Cathy made note of the help and support received from individuals and service groups. She mentioned Glenn Froberg's work as a long-term volunteer in their facility, and the fund raising efforts of Woody Love, as well as the Tour de Tonka done by MCE and originated by Tim Litfin. Our two Rotary Clubs are strong supporters and funders for ICA as well as Maynard's Restaurant, which turns over a day's proceeds to them every year. In addition to money, thier organization needs volunteers to help them move the 88,000 pounds of food monthly from supplier to needy families. Since January 1 of this year, there are 500 new families that have signed up as clients.

Because of time restrictions on their use permit at their location at St David's main campus in Minnetonka Mills, the ICA can only serve clients from 9 to 5 on weekdays. Those who are working at those hours have been out of luck. Cathy told us that ICA is opening a branch office in Eisenhower School (on Highway 7 in Hopkins) to serve clients on Saturdays and Tuesday nights.

With the statement that "Hunger knows no Season", Cathy ended her presentation.                
November 10, 2009
by Tad Shaw

November 17, 2009

Club News and Notes.....Glenn Froberg was opening marshall and greeter for this meeting. Because of the venue, he didn't get the opportunity to give one of his special Veteran's Day invocations.....The Christmas Party is at Gale Woods Farms in Minnetrista this year, and should be a fun gathering. Terry Roeser says the dress and party will be informal, and I have the date written as Friday December 11th. Gale Woods Farm is easy to find; directions will be in the bulletin a couple of times before the party......Remember when "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" was a popular game with kids? Then recently, "Where's Waldo" became the popular search game. Our club's board is thinking of starting a new game, "Where's Bill and Bob?"; it's been a while since we've seen Bill Mason or Bob Hoebelheinrich.........Appleby's Restaurants announced that any veteran would receive a free meal at any of their restaurants on Veterans' Day. A nice gesture to honor and thank those who served in the armed forces.

ANNOUNCEMENT: On Tuesday, November 24th at 12:30 PM, Excelsior Rotary Club members will be asked to approve or disapprove an amendment to The Excelsior Rotary Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that will change the name of the governance board from "Board of Directors" to "Board of Trustees". The purpose of this amendment is to help distinguish between the  two governance boards in official documents, correspondence, and general conversations.  Also, "trustee" better describes the role played by the foundation board.

Our meeting on November 10th was held at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, where our club members packaged food to be shipped to Haiti. Twenty-two members, including Adrien our exchange student, spent their lunch hour packaging the food for "Kids Against Hunger" program. A lot of friendly banter during the packaging, and all who participated enjoyed the event.

Hosting our group was Ross McGlasson, our ADG, who is a volunteer for the program. He was also the person responsible for determining when our club had packed more than the morning club. As he is a member of the morning club, and active in the food program, there was a lot of kidding about if the count was accurate, but Ross cited the "Four Way Test", and named us the winners.

In place of our usual lunch, Tad Shaw provided apples from his prolific "Delicious" apple trees, and some granola bars and beverages were shared.

November 3, 2009
by Tad Shaw

November 10, 2009.

Packaging Food for Starving Kids.

Notice to Club Members. Announcement about Proposed Amendments. On Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 12:30 PM, Excelsior Rotary Club members will be asked to approve or disapprove an amendment to the Excelsior Rotary Foundation Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that will change the name of the governance board from "Board of Directors" to "Board of Trustees". The purpose of this amendment is to help distinguish between the two governance bodies in official documents, correspondence, and general conversation. Also "trustee" better describes the role played by the foundation board.

Club New & Notes......Opening marshall Woody Love opened the meeting and also hosted guest Ted Waltz......Chip Cheney and Austin Kraft from the AM club joined us for lunch  as well as ADG Ross McGlasson........Steps are being taken to start an INTERACT CLUB at Minnetonka High School.......Good to see Hugh Gilmore at the meeting; it looks like the cane is very temporary and the new knee taking over well.....Art Johnsen ("with an E") is on the recovery path and will be back at Tuesday lunch soon......Molly Swenson collected Happy Bucks......

Our meeting on November 3rd was a Club Assembly.

President Dick started the assembly by introducing Assistant District Governor Ross McGlasson who talked about our clubs (the two Excelsior clubs) having another annual fund  raiser to raise funds to Kids Against Hunger West, a group that packages food for shipment to children in poverty areas. They have no funding source, and he suggested a fundraiser at the Old Log in January or February to raise funds for them.

Hopkins Minnetonka Family Resource Center has adopted Resource West as their logo, and they are the group that we donate mittens, warm clothes and other winter gear to in order to help area residents who have lost their jobs or are 0otherwide needy. They are looking for donations for this winter, and Karen is spearherading that drive.

Don Draayer talked of the Excelsior Rotary Foundation and the upcoming meeting where we will vote on the name of the board members; currently, they are called directors just as are the club board members, and the foundation board is recommending their position be called trustees to avoid confusion.
October 27 2009
by Tad Shaw

November 3, 2009


Greeter & Opening Marshal:    Woody Love

Club News & Notes.......DID YOU VOTE TODAY? In the Minnetonka School District, there are 4 candidates for 3 four-year terms. Have you read up on the candidates and voted?.......On the 27th, Tim Litfin was greeter and opening marshall. He popped a quiz on us about Minnetonka High School's football history. In a closely fought runoff, the final winner was Bob Williams with mayor Nick Ruehl and Gary Thompson just a point behind. Contrary to advance notice, the first prize was not a day in the Crisis Room at the high school nor was it a week's paid vacation in Chanhassen......President Dick announced that long-time member Hugh Gilmore had knee replacement surgery, and that he is doing fine. Probably will be back with us in a few weeks.......Terry Roeser just can't keep a secret; she gave strong hints about the club Christmas Party this December 11th (Friday) at Gale Woods Farm. She said it will be more informal than in the past, and for everyone to clear their calendars that night so we'll have all of our club there........ Adrien visited us again and appears to be enjoying his experience at MHS......The Bloomington Rotary Club is hosting a talk by Governor Tim Pawlenty November 30th (Monday) at the Airport Hilton. Check the district website for more info and tickets.

Mark Your Calendar

November 10         (speaker)
November 17         (speaker)
November 30         Governor Pawlenty at Bloomington
December 11         Christmas Party

Our speaker on October 27th was Major Al Smith of the Minnesota Highway Patrol. He has 35 years experience in law enforcement, and has been with the Highway Patrol for 28 years. He currently is on the third level of management, and in charge of operations for the patrol. He was the person in charge of the area after the I35 bridge collapse, where the patrol spent 4-1/2 months on the scene.

The Minnesota Highway Patrol was established in 1929 and the first chief was Earle Brown. The first training session took place in the buildings in Brooklyn Center that are now the Earle Brown farm. During the training, the "recruits" are imbued with the four core values of the organization: respect, honor, integrity and courage.

We're familiar with the red and white patrol cars and the main efforts of the patrol - making our highways safe. In 2008, the 450 troopers in the 11 districts answered 53,160 calls for help. They made 292,009 stops, and arrested 5513 for DUI and 156 for drug driving. The patrol has a number of other responsibliities which most people are not aware of.

The patrol has a Commercial Vehicle Division which runs the weight stations on Minnesota highways; overweight trucks damage our roads, and the weight stations limit the number of overweight trucks. The highway patrol also checks cargoes for legality, and finds many illegal loads: untaxed liquor or cigarettes, drugs, and weapons. This division also inspects and controls school buses throughout the state.

The Aviation Division supports road patrol efforts, and provides prisoner transport, security for VIPs visiting the state, search missions, and humanitarian flights. The security personnel at the State Capital are all troopers; they are responsible for security for all of the state buildings in the capital complex in St Paul. The patrol also provides the personal security detachment for the governor, and other state officers as needed.

Upcoming Greeters
November 10        Glenn Froberg
November 17 

Notice to Club Members. Announcement about Proposed Amendments. On Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 12:30 PM, Excelsior Rotary Club members will be asked to approve or disapprove an amendment to the Excelsior Rotary Foundation Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that will change the name of the governance board from "Board of Directors" to "Board of Trustees". The purpose of this amendment is to help distinguish between the two governance bodies in official documents, correspondence, and general conversation. Also "trustee" better describes the role played by the foundation board.


October 20, 2009
by Tad Shaw

October 27, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Dave Cochran was the Greeter and Opening Marshall for the meetng.......Happy bucks collected by Tad Shaw.......STRIVE is off and running for the year. and Erik's enthusiasm for the program equals Dick Glover's. This year sounds like a bit better start than last year with more students participating......Another improvement to the back cover of the printed bulletin this week - the list now shows past presidents and Paul Harris Fellows. If there is an error, tell us. Last week, after the bulletin was printed, I found an error, but no one commented on it........

Excelsior Rotary Foundation. As part of our meeting, the club's foundation held it's required annual membership meeting. All members of our club are members of the foundation. Joe Froehling, who serves on the foundation board, conducted the meeting. The Excelsior Rotary Foundation was formed in order to give our club tax exempt status on any gifts our club receives, and also to dispurse funds we hold for charitable purposes. This year, there were no directors to elect as the first year we elected the board members for a minimum of two years. After providing information on the activities of the foundation, and providing financial information, there was no other business to transact. A motion to close the meeting was made by Dave Peterka, and a second was made by Woody Love. The membership voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

Our Speaker for October 20th was Joe Wallin, the fire chief for the city of Minnetonka. Joe is familiar to many of us because he served in the South Lake area in many capacities prior to becoming chief in the city of Minnetonka.

He is very proud of the fire class rating earned by Minnetonka from ISO (Insurance Services Office). The rating is based on training, equipment, and all of the other facets of managing a fire program in a city, and he announced that Minnetonka has rating of 3, which is tied for the best in the state. Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth and St Paul are the only cities with as good a rating as this. There is a very good chance that Minnetonka will be upgraded to a Fire Class 2, which would make them the first in Minnesota to get that rating.

He discussed briefly the issues that he and other small town chiefs are facing. The costs of equipment have increased far faster than the departments' ability to raise revenues, so many cities are doing without much-needed new equipment. The area chiefs get together frequently to discuss and formulate plans for emergency situations. Current concern is the flu epidemic expected in the area; the illnesses increase the number of calls while the departments have trouble maintaining full staffing because of the illness.

Another major issue is the shifting demographics in the area. A higher percentage of elderly reduces the number of volunteers available while the area faces an increase in health-related emergency calls. Fire volunteers are required to have more training now, also, so costs per call increase. The all-volunteer departments may be a thing of the past and the future may see regional service centers instead of city-oriented stations.
October 13, 2009
by Tad Shaw

October 20, 2009

Club News & Notes ......Steve Frazier was the Opening Marshall and Greeter for the meeting.....It was "Family Day" at the meeting with the Fraziers' grand-daughters, Sophie and Sage Hartert, visiting, and Bob Pillsbury's brother, Chuck Pillsbury visiting from California. In addition, Phil Gilmer was a guest of Bob Pillsbury, and Dave Cochran's childhood (yes, I said childhood) friend, Dan Willert, joined us while visiting Dave from Washington state......A Minnesotan's most frequent comment: "Well, you know, this is unusual weather for this time of year".......Good to see Carl Zinn. Missing for some time, though, are Bob Hoebelheinrich and Bill Mason.......The talk of the meeting was the Food Dash which happened earlier the morning of the 13th. The event was sponsored jointly by the two Excelsior Rotary Clubs and the Cub Foods at Highways 41 and 7. The dollar amount of food picked by the three teams in the three minute dash was $4,696.00; with each club donating half of that total, and Cub matching the amount, that means that the event raised a little over $10,000.00 for the ICA Foodshelf.......When three of our members realized the speaker was from the FBI, I saw them go to the back of the room and make a phone call - probably to alert their attorneys.......We think we have the back page of the program corrected now, and that everyone is listed and listed correctly. During the meeting, please check it out, and point out errors to Jeremy or Tad.

Our program for October 13th
was introduced by Bob Pillsbury, and our speaker was FBI agent Sean Boylan, who is stationed in the Twin Cities. He's an attorney who went with the FBI and served 24 years as a special agent.

His special message was about INFRAGARD, a government - private sector alliance founded in the 1990s. The program is an effort by law enforcement groups to reach out to the business community and create positive interactions. The initiative really gained momentum after 9/11, when the government discovered that they did not have access to the resources they needed to handle the situations that arose. Now, with 86 chapters and 32,000 business members, Infragard is a tremendous resource for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Members of Infragard get training from the FBI, and provide fresh insight into potential disaster situations. The members of the organization act as eyes and ears across the nation, and provide tips and information to the bureau.

There is a local chapter, and Sean is the agent in charge of the chapter. To become a member, you have to pass a number of clearances because much of the information provided during training is sensitive. Contact info to begin the process is an email to
October 6, 2009
by Tad Shaw

October 13, 2009

Club News & Notes......Molly Swenson was our Opening Marshall and Greeter, and Krissy Peterson did Happy Bucks.....Only 75 shopping days to Christmas. It's probably time to start wrapping gifts.....It sounds like Terry Roeser has something different planned for our Annual Christmas Party. It's always a good event in early December......This week's Minnetonka Skipper football game is being played in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. That causes me to wonder why the MN High School League has so much trouble getting local leagues established......President Dick asked for volunteers to backup the club's present directors. Dick Osgood has a new work project that will keep him traveling 'til next January, and he feels that he won't be able to do his International Community Service Director's job properly for the next three months; prez Dick hopes someone can step in and help Dick and the club..... Did you see the "Thank You" ad placed in the Lakeshore Weekly News by our club and the AM Club? It listed the groups that supported the golf outing and fundraiser. Show those who supported Rotary your appreciation by becoming a customer!!!......Have you made arrangements for snow-plowing this year yet? The time between boat removal and snow removal seems to get shorter every year....

Our Speaker on October 6th was Skip Humphrey, the well-known brother of our own Bob Humphrey. Skip is a lawyer and politician, and is very well-known locally, regionally, and nationally. Among items in his resume is his time as Attorney General for Minnesota, and he joked about his run for the governorship against Jesse V. One of his kids and one of
brother Bob's are currently in Washington D C working - at what or for whom he didn't mention. Skip is the attorney general who sued the cigarette companies and won a large settlement for the state.

Skip's present position is as president of AARP Minnesota. This is a non-paid position which he took in January of 2004. AARP has over 800,000 members in Minnesota alone, and defines itself as an organization that advocates social change for people over 50. It is a non-profit, non-partisan group. When a citizen reaches the age of 50, the information about AARP starts to come in the mail. There is a paid staff of 7 in Minnesota.

The current issue that AARP is focusing upon is the health care issue. Two issues are very important to them. The first is providing for access to health care for people 50 to 64. There needs to be a safety net for those who lose their job and their hospitalization in that age range. AARP is also concerned with the "doughnut" in the Medicare prescription program. Current laws require that coverage under medicare part D have a corridor where the individual is responsible for the total cost of drugs. Currently, the gap is between $2,700 and $4,350.

Skip then gave an update on the current health plans in the house and senate, and graciously answered a number of questions about health care and AARP's position.

September 29, 2009
by Tad Shaw

October 6, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Bob Boyer served as Opening Marshall and greeter, and Art Johnsen collected Happy Bucks......The big topic of the day was what was in the collection from the road cleanup. Steve Frazier had the most comprehensive batch of items, including the title to a 1950 car. There was a lot of cash picked up, too.....Bayview is hosting "Taste of the Lakes", a benefit for the ICA foodshelf. Most of the local restaurants are participating, there will be a silent auction, a "wall of wine raffle", and music during the event. Date and time Friday, October 9 from 6:30 to 11:30 PM at the Bayview. Advance tickets are $27.50, and I'm sure Chrissy can arrange to sell tickets to our members. .....Last week, I tipped you off that 3 Excelsior Rotarians were going to be honored by the Minnetonka (High School) Alumni Association. At the luncheon on Saturday, Dr. Bob Miller of the morning club, and Steve Frazier and Tad Shaw of our club received the Distinguished Service Award from the group. The three of them started the MAA in 2001, and began the tradition of the All Class Reunion which is held on Water Street on the last Saturday in July every 4th year. Remember the date 07-31-10 when the next one will be held!!!.....The football team won the homecoming game against Edina 14-0.....Lots of good things happening at the high school this year. The next musical will be the Scarlet Pimpernel coming up soon. Kent Knutson always directs the cast to excellence; find time to attend for an enjoyable evening.  Dates are November 6 thru November 21.....

Our speaker on September 29th was introduced by Jeremy Huisheere. Susie Overholt admitted that she is a Packer fan, and that she was raised in Hutchinson. She also is the current "Mrs. Excelsior".

In the early days of pageants, they were based on beauty only. Now pageants include more than beauty and musical talents. Candidates are judged on their community involvement and dedication to a cause. Ms. Overholt's cause is Juvenile Diabetes.

We've all heard of Diabetes Type 1 (aka Juvenile Diabetes). A show of hands during Susie's talk showed that most members knew someone who has the disease. A victim is dependent upon injected insulin for the rest of his life. Insulin is not a cure for the disease, but reduces the immediate effects of the chemical imbalance of the disease. The complications of the disease are not stopped by insulin; kidney failure, blindness, heart disease and other consequences of the disease are not prevented.

The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is the main organization providing funding for research against this disease. In 2008, the JDRF committed $156 million dollars to a total of over 1,000 projects in 22 countries. They have provided grants exceeding $1.3 billion dollars since their founding in 1970.

Our club has helped the JDRF in the past with donations to projects introduced to us by Karen Frazier, who is very interested in JDRF also.

September 22, 2009
by Tad Shaw

September 29, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Karen Frazier was greeter and opening marshall. She had some guests to introduce: Jim Cada, potential member, Ross McGlasson, former member and ADG, and Mike Oldfather, a boyhood friend of President Dick....Happy Bucks were collected by President Dick....Today is highway cleanup day, and there usually are some interesting items that are found and reported to us at the meeting......The barbeque picnic supper for Ardrien at John and Jan Gray's was very well attended, and we had a chance to meet and talk with not only Adrien, but also with his host family, the DePaolis. Their son was our outbound student last year and spent the year in France. Special thanks to Terry Roeser and Theresa Zerby for arranging for the party......This weekend is Minnetonka High School Homecoming Weekend, with the parade on Water Street in the afternoon, and the football game against Edina Friday evening. Saturday at noon, the Alumni Association is sponsoring a lunch at which awards will be given to a former teacher, an athlete, and I've heard that 3 Rotarians - two from our club and one from the AM club - will receive an award, too.....The news that Jim Grathwol has moved to the Sunrise Building in Minnetonka came as a surprise to many of us. President Dick suggested that members stop by to visit him. Jim was a very longtime member of our club and an attorney who had an office in downtown Excelsior.

Our Program on September 22nd featured Jennifer Brentano as the speaker. After an intro by Jeremy, she began her presentation on the subject of "Belief Switching".

Belief switching depends upon the power of the unconscious mind. She talked of the power of this part of the mind, telling us that we ask our bodies to do something, but the conscious mind transfers that task to the unconscious mind. She quoted William James: "Your belief creates the fact", then went on to say that what you think in your conscious mind is transferred to the unconscious mind, and it does everything in its power to make that belief be true. If you think you have extra energy on a particular morning, your subconscious mind will do everything to make that true. Most of us live with limiting beliefs, where the empowering belief serves a person better by having better ideas in our mind. And, with better ideas, you end uyp better off.

Part of her talk involved writing your name as fast as you could as many times as you could in a measured period of time...first with your dominant hand and then with the other. The winner was Tim Litfin with both hands; I sat next to him, and he would have passed the 4 way test.

September 15, 2009
by Tad Shaw

September 22, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Opening marshal and greeter was Nick Ruehl, and we were double-teamed by Chris Lizee and Theresa Zerby as the Happy Bucks Team.......Our club's semi-annual roadside cleanup party is coming up on September 29th before our regular lunch meeting. Our section of Highway 7 is always the cleanest!!! There's room for more help on the sign-up list. Another copy will be sent around today and there is room for your name on the list......President Dick announced the District Meeting and Training on October 9th at Golden Valley Country Club. He hopes to have all of the present board attend, as there is much helpful info handed out there.......The "Taste of the Lakes" is happening on Sunday, October 9th at the old Sears Building on East Lake Street in Minneapolis. The event is sponsored by all of the Minneapolis clubs, and info is on the website of any Minneapolis Club......On the same date, there is an ICA benefit being held at Bayview.....The emergency responders in the area had a practice disaster drill on September 13th. Over 250 people were involved in the effort to make sure residents and boaters have the best help available in the case of an emergency. Thanks to all who provide us with our sense of security.....I saw some blue Excelsior Rotary t-shirts at the meeting. They look pretty good......Darel and LaVerna put on another great Apple day extravaganza on the 12th. For 25 years, they've run the show, and it had to be onr of the best this year.

Our Speaker is prospective member, Joel Koontz. Joel went to the Ukraine on a business consulting trip with some humanitarian aspects involved. While in the Ukraine, they distributed some funds from Episcopal churches in the Lake Minnetonka area to needy persons and causes.

Joel had a slide presentation that showed us Kiev (it is spelled Kyiv in Russian languages) and parts of Ukraine. Ukraine is a separate Soviet State, having been one of the "Republics" in the USSR. The USSR broke up and Ukraine became a sovereign state on August 24, 1991. It is 90% the size of Texas and is parallel with Winnipeg, Canada. One-fourth of the agriculture in the Soviet Republics takes place in the Ukraine. Russian tractors can be purchased by farmers with 3 year financing, but banks will allow 5 year loans on American products.

His mission was to be a consultant on farm loan policy in the Ukraine. Because the farmers can't buy or sell land, and there is no credit history available for banks to access, it is almost impossible to place a farm loan. Mortgages do not exist.

Tourist pictures filled the latter part of his presentation. Pictures of Chernobyl showed the devastation that the nuclear accident caused. Although over 60% of the radiation fell on Belarus, an adjoining Republic, there was wide loss of life in the area around Chernobyl. Secrecy was imposed by the government, and there will never be an accurate count of the lives lost in the accident. Pictures showed homes abandoned in the middle of dinner, and childrens' toys left strewn on the ground. Radiation levels in the area are still high, and the containment building that has been built to stifle the radiation from the destroyed reactor has a leak in it. During their stay in the town, they were constantly monitoring the radiation levels they were being exposed to.

Other interesting comments by Joel included that World War II is referred to in Russian states as "The Great Patriotic War". Every town seems to have a memorial to the heroes who died in that war. Larger towns have extensive subway systems with the track and trains running far below the surface. The subways were built to also serve as bomb shelters during the war. Many age-old churches were converted to other uses during the communist era, but most have been returned to their original purpose.

September 8, 2009
by Tad Shaw

September 15, 2009

Club News and Notes.....Jeremy Huisheere took his turn as opening marshall, and Darel Leipold did Happy Bucks..... Glenn Froberg has been a member of our club for 32 years.....Tom Anderson had the report on the golf outing: gross was $59.709., with a new income of $38,231.00. All of the figures are down from last year, but we will still have $19,115.50 to donate to our charities next year.....Attendance was down for the meeting; maybe the Monday Labor Day holiday got some confused....Tom O'Connell is looking for help in finding family #2 for Adrien, our exchange student from France. School has started and he is all enrolled and is attending classes. Remember the picnic at Gray's to introduce him to our members. It's coming up soon.....In recognition of the new stadium and the first Gopher victory in it: Rah Rah Ski-U-Mah!!!!....

Our speaker for the September 8th meeting was our old friend, Abul Sharat. a member of the Bloomington Club, and the founder of International Village Clinic in Chandauli, India. He gave us a brief history of the clinic's start and updated us on the present services and direction, and he told us where the clinic is headed.

The clinic is located in a very poor province on India, near the birthplace of Abul. He left his home and homeland at an early age and got his education in a number of schools and colleges around the world. On a visit back to India, he saw that there was no clinic in this area; people could not afford to go to the larger city hospitals so many people had no health care available. With the help of several Rotary Clubs, be began the clinic in February, 2002. The size of the clinic has grown from being in the back of a truck to now being housed in several nice buildings. Much of the electric power used by the clinic is provided by solar panels, and they don't have to rely on the local utility for service.

Thru 2008, the clinic has served 58,000 patients, now offering around-the-clock emergency services used by 3600 patients in 2008. They offer ambulance services in a radius of 30 miles, using their two vehicles. They now have a 12 bed hospital that housed 1,032 patients last year. They performed 162 surgeries and delivered 35 babies. A special problem in the area is nutrition and vitamin shortages, and they held an eye clinic that served 365 patients and performed 39 cataract surgeries.

Abul is rightfully proud of the medical services, but his is a wider vision. His clinic works to educate the residents and prevent illnesses in the area. The clinic provides health education seminars in 5 villages, including family planning sessions. He noted that the birth rates are down just a bit, and those that do have children have support from the clinic personnel. 456 children were provided with nutritional supplements and vaccinations, regular visits were made to pregnant women to give them prenatal care, nutrition and vaccinations. In the future, his vision is to have all of the children raised in a healthful manner.

All of this is accomplished with a staff of under 40, including 4 doctors, and the annual payroll cost is under $125,000 a year.

Our club is a proud provider of support for International Village Clinic.
September 1, 2009
by Tad Shaw

September 8, 2009 

Club News & Notes...... Attendance was so good that we had people sitting on the windowsills..... Especially great to see John Huber at lunch. We've not seen him in a long time. He came to our meeting just a few days short of his fifty-eighth anniversary as a member of our club. Great to see him and we hope it's the start of a trend for him; he's a very welcome returner to our luncheons....Jean Gray was our opening marshall; for his invocation he gave a short history of the Four Way Test. He had 5 guests to introduce, including two potential members, a visiting Rotarian, two high school students (Adam Zerby and our exchange student from France, Adriene).....Bob Pillsbury collected Happy Bucks.... The annual golf fundraiser was last week, and the reports are that it was a success. Tom Anderson was not at the meeting, so we weren't given any update. Tim and Karen had some items left over from the event that they auctioned off to complete the final fundraising..... The Minneapolis Rotary Clubs (all six of them) are sponsoring the 2nd Annual "Rotary Taste of Lake Street" on Sunday, October 4th. Time of the event is from one to four P.M. at Midtown Global Market (the old Sears Building); pre-sale tickets $25.00 per person.....Steve Erickson from the (Hopkins) Minnetonka Rotary Club visited and had tickets for their upcoming drawing available. Info on both of these Rotary events can be found on their club websites..... FYI: In Australia, kangaroos are responsible for 20 or more animal-vehicle collisions a day. Average cost to repair the cars: $3,325.00.....Have you seen the new pennies that are being minted? They have an image of Lincoln sitting on a log on the back of the coin. They seem lighter weight to me than the prior coins, but maybe that's just a my reaction to the drop in the value of the coin.....

Our Speaker for September 1st was introduced by his nephew, Scott Zerby. Paul Zerby was borne in Fargo, and spent his early life there and then moved to Duluth. Both of his parents were educators teaching at various colleges in North Dakota and Minnesota. Paul started college at the U of Minnesota in October, 1950, graduated in 1953, did the Korean War thing, and then graduated from Harvard Law School. He entered the legal arena in the Twin Cities, teaching at the both the U Law and Wm Mitchell Law Schools. He was a partner in the Dorsey & Whitney law firm, as well as an Assistant Attorney General in St Paul, all of this while lived and raised a family in the city of Minnetonka.Paul has written and published a book entitled "The Grass". It is a work of fiction but many of the events parallel his experiences leading up to and including army service in the Korean War. Paul read some excerpts from the book, and told of some other parts of the book. He stressed that the 50s were not the decade of Betty Crocker and niceties, but instead was a period of prejudice and just the beginnings of the end of bigotry. Much of his book addresses the dichotomy between the image Americans had of themselves and the actual persons that they were. 
August 25, 2009
by Tad Shaw

The annual Golf Tournament Fund Raiser was held on August 24th, so the weekly meeting was not held.
August 18, 2009
by Tad Shaw

September 1, 2009

Club News & Notes.....We got a taste of the future when president-elect Tom Anderson subbed for President Dick at the meeting.....Dick Osgood was opening marshall and greeter, and Karen Frazier collected happy bucks.......We had three guests join us - all women - including Karen's sister Pat, and Dianne Benning from Jeremy's office......I had the privilege of sitting next to our other guest, Erik Johnson's aunt from Gig Harbor, WA, Sandra Olson. She's a Rotarian there, and she and her late husband, Floyd, are exemplary Rotarians. He was district governor, a director of Rotary, and they have been active in many international projects. There is a personal foundation that they established that has installed fresh water wells in Peru. She wants to continue with fresh water projects and this might be the international project our club can get behind. She is very charming, a graduate of St. Louis Park High School, and was in town for her high school reunion and to visit her sister....The recent rain raised our lake's water level by 4 inches. Minnetonka should have seen the same rise in levels. I suppose the marinas are sad because there won't be as much underwater rock damage repairs to make.....From Harper's Index: Estimated percentage since 1785 in the average body size of a Western European: +50. Chance that both members of a married US  couple are obese: 1 in 6.....

Our Program on August 18th was presented by our own Darel Leipold. He spoke on the beginnings of the automobile business in the early 1900s. Darel played the role of a newspaper reporter outside the Detroit Rotary Club meeting, and told of the pioneers of the auto business as they came to attend the meeting. A real name-dropping event, all of the pioneers were mentioned.

It was awesome to watch Darel in his presentation. No notes. Facts and personal data about the men and about the industry in a constant progression. I found myself fascinated to the point where I took no notes. Probably the best presentation Darel has done!!!

From memory, some notes. the Dodge Brothers built the chassis for the early Ford cars before the started to make their own car. Ford hit almost every letter in the alphabet in naming his series of models, but the two that we all remember are the Model T and the Model A. Tracing the corporate shenanigans of Henry Ford in the early days was interesting, but so were the financial moves of Will Durant. General Motors was a holding company that merged the five brands into one company: Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac. I gained the impression that it was not the quality of the car design that counted, but rather the ability to make a deal with the other companies that resulted in survival.

The Golf Fundraiser on August 24th replaced our Tuesday meeting on August 25th, so there was no luncheon program to report on.
August 11,2009
by Tad Shaw

August 18, 2009

Club News & Notes......John Ahern was our greeter and opening marshall, and Jim Hillis collected Happy Bucks......Guests for the day included Mark Nesset from the AM Club, and Ed Oliver from #9, with his guest, Tom McCloud. Also visiting was Joel Koonce, a new  potential member......The word "golf" came up a number of times during Happy Bucks. There was still room for a few more golfers in the Golf Fund Raiser on August 24th, and lots of room for donations for the silent auction. Karen had a list of gifts donated, and it's far behind last year's listings at this time. Also time to push raflle tickets, per Tom Anderson.....The golf tournament is only 6 days away. Are you registered to play? Are you practising your swing? If you're not golfing, have you signed up for the dinner?......Our club is arranging a barbeque on Friday night, September 18th for our members to meet our new exchange student. It looks to be a good party and we should have a good turn-out. Rumors have it that it will be on the lakeshore somewhere, and a potluck dinner with the BBQ part provided. Put the event on your calendar - talk to Terry R for more details.....Did I mention the fundraiser/golf tournament?.......From Harper's Magazine: scientists discovered that Tasmanian wallabies were getting high on opium poppies and created crop circles with their lopsided hopping. Hmm.....And don't forget the golf outing on the 24th.

Our speaker on August 11th was introduced by Tom Anderson. Gary White is a scuba diver who started diving at the age of 15 and discovered the riches of Lake Minnetonka soon after starting. He has explored in all parts of the lake, but the most interesting areas are near the old hotels. There he finds old bottles and other items discarded in the late 1800s. He brought a sampling of the bottles he has recovered from the lake to the meeting.

Although he spoke of his recreational diving, he also does diving for profit. Insurance companies will hire him to recover items that are in the lake. He participates in the annual clean-up day and commented on some of the new junk that is dropped into the lake by ice fishermen and thoughtless boaters. There are interesting items in the lake for divers to look at. There are the remains of the streetcar boats off Big Island, and a well-preserved Ford Model T truck just off Boy Scout Island.

Because of clarity issues, Gary prefers to dive in the Upper Lake, and the water is the clearest in the spring. Diving in Minnetonka is somewhat of a challenge because of the heavy boat traffic. He told the story of a boater who tugged on his diver's flag, and had no idea what the flag stood for. He has recovered all types of boating equipment including outboard motors, anchors, and does a lot of that type of work for insurance companies.

During questions, Gary told us that the water temperature is stable in the lake until 13 feet  of depth, then there is a significant drop in degrees at that point. You don't notice the temperature drop in lakes like Superior, where the surface water temperature is about 40 degrees.
August 4 2009
by Tad Shaw

August 11, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Joe Froehling was this meeting's greeter and opening marshall. There were two guests: Jeremy Huisheere introduced Dianne Benning, a co-worker in his money shop, and Molly Swenson introduced her step-son, Connor Swenson, a recent graduate of Wayzata High School, and soon a freshman at Tulane.....There were 4 birthdays last week. That's out of 52 members. According to the science classes I took  - normal dispersion and all of that - that's an unusual number. Does that mean our club is unusual, or is it still an exceptional group?......Tom Anderson updated us on the progress of the golf fundraiser, and asked for return of the funds for sold raffle tickets, and "hinted" that items for the silent auction are not coming in as well as expected......Scott Dykoff collected Happy Bucks, and started with his planned Boundary Waters journey last week......Tim Litfin thanked our members who helped with the Tour de Tonka, which was another success. 2,055 riders participated in the event (I saw riders on the long course in Waconia around noon!)..... Did I mention that we need silent auction items for the golf fundraiser?......President Dick asked club members if there were any international projects that they knew of for our club to adopt. The district is doing the safe water project in Africa, but in recent years the Excelsior Club started 2 projects in Chimbote, Peru, and earlier we initiated a bus purchase project in Mexico. The club board thinks it would be good for us to dig in and do an overseas project his year....Lots of familiar faces at the meeting; first time they have had to set up extra tables for us.

Our Speaker on August 4th was introduced by Tom Anderson. Tom Brakke is a local businessman who was raised in Luverne, MN., and has become the historian for Hazeltine Golf Course. He gave us a bit of insight into the club, and the Open happening this month.

Hazeltine was the idea of Todd Heffelfinger; highway changes and other developments made Minikahda Golf Club members nervous about the future of their club location by Lake Calhoun, and Todd was responsible for the purchase of the land in 1961, and originally the course was to be owned by Minikahda. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones (and recent modifications have been made by his son, Reese Jones). The course was designed to host championship golf and golfers (the club motto is "The Home of Championship Golf"), and the course has been on TV many times as the host of Open Championships for both men and women.

The course is now closed in preparation for the Open, when they expect more than 40,000 golf fans on site to watch the pros play the course. The PGA championships are each multi-million dollar businesses, with the proceeds of the event shared by the PGA and the sponsoring club.

After this tournament, the club will tear down the current clubhouse, and build a new one. The next major event at Hazeltine will be the Ryder Cup.

Carl Zinn outbid the others to purchase the 2 member passes that Tom brought, with the proceeds going to our scholarship fund. Jeremy H. asked too many questions, and the membership committee will soon be working him over to join the Hazeltine golf family.
July 28.2009
by Tad Shaw

August 4, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Tad Shaw was the Opening Marshall, and Dave McCuskey collected Happy Bucks......Tom Anderson and crew are looking for some more silent auction items for the August fundraiser. Hmmmm, and this is August already!!!......Our club received a nice thank you note from the Men's Garden Club for our recent donation to them......I'm sure that President Dick was pleased to see the good turnout for the visit of the District Governor......We had two visitors from the AM Club, as well as Ross McGlasson (do we still count him as a visitor?) at our lunch. and Ron Hughes brought  Dr Mark Davies, a former Minnetonka High student and now a dentist in Chanhassen, as his guest......Karen Frazier had the club t-shirts with her and she handed them out to those who ordered them. Next road cleanup - or the golf fundraiser, we should really look good.

Our Program on July 28th was the annual visit of the new District Governor. She is Sandy Schley, a member of the Edina Club. She started her talk by congratulating us on our recent 60th anniversary. The new RI president, John Kenney, has chosen "The future of Rotary is in your hands" as his motto for the year.

DG Sandy spoke of the size and power of the international club, pointing out that Rotary has almost eradicated polio inthe world, and that Rotary has had the largest private scholarship program in the world for over 40 years. She talked about the four avenues of service - Club Service, Community Service, Vocational Service, and International Service - and she told us this year the international focus is on East Africa with the "Safe Water Plus - Africa Program."

One if the focuses of the district again this year will be the RI Foundation, and the program "Every Rotarian - Every Year". Our district is among the world leaders in giving to the foundation, and DG Sandy is hoping to get the average donation this year to $200.00 per member. The annual district conference will be in May 2010, and will be held at the Edina Westin Hotel. Further info will be coming out, but the title of the program is "A Legacy of Leadership".

She brought a brochure which describes the organizaton of the district, the members of her board, a list of the thirteen Assistant District Governors, and information on the "Safe Water Plus - Africa Project".
July 21, 2009
by Tad Shaw

July 28,2009

Club News & Notes......The regular meeting of the club at noon today was cancelled. The club members have a Minnetonka boat trip planned this evening in cooperation with the morning club.
July 14, 2009
by Tad Shaw

July 28,2009

Club News & Notes......Dave McCuskey was opening marshall and greeter for the July 14th meeting, with Gary Thompson doing Happy Bucks......The Annual Golf Outing is coming up, and it's time to start selling the raffle tickets you were assigned. Tom Anderson says that if all of the tickets are sold, we'll have more profit than last year. Bill Carlson from the AM Club was at the meeting and asked for members to find more sponsors; sponsor's fees are an important part of the income generated. The event is on August 24th at Burl Oaks Golf Club.....Tim Litfin is still on the prowl for volunteers for the Tour de Tonka in August. Short tours of easy work by many people is what he needs, and you can almost name your spot.

Our Meeting on July 14th was arranged by Glenn Froberg, and centered on the Excelsior Men's Garden Club. Present to talk to us about the organization were Ralph Van Dixhorn, president of the club, and Ken Koppes, the club historian. Also attending our meeting was Dr. Bob Anderson from the morning Rotary Club.

Their program included a history of the club, and information about club membership. Our club has always had a strong affiliation with the garden club. The club maintains four gardens in the city of Excelsior, with the main one by TCF at the intersection of Water Street and County Road 19 (Oak Street). The Five Corner's Garden near Maynard's is the location of the Captain John Johnson Memorial, and is the location of the memorial bench our club installed in memory of Bob Gardner, one of our former members. The other two gardens are near Lyman Park. Most of the work is done on Monday mornings, and the flowers help brighten the city.

Our club gives an annual gift the the garden club in honor of our speakers. This year's gift of $250.00 was presented to Ralph Van Dixhorn at the meeting.

Our meeting on July 21st was the Minnetonka Boat Trip, a meeting held in the evening. It was co-sponsored by the two Excelsior Rotary Clubs.
July 7 2009
by Tad Shaw

July 14, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Art Johnsen was greeter and opening marshall.....Ron Hughes (who started our Happy Bucks when he was club president) collected Happy Bucks.....The Minnetonka Boat Cruise replaces our July 21st meeting. We meet at Bayview at 5:30, and the boat starts a 3 hour cruise shortly thereafter. Cost of $40.00 per person includes food, but there will be  cash bar. This is another joint program where we combine with the morning club. Terry Roeser is handling the sign-ups on this.....Those who attended last weeks meeting were given 10 raffle tickets to sell for the fund-raiser/golf tournament on August 21. Tom Anderson tells us there is a contest between our club and the morning club to see who sells the most tickets, with a penalty of some sort assessed against the losers......We saw the changing of officers actually happen at the meeting. Our new president, Dick Glover, handled the meeting as though he was a veteran at it......Any makeup slips or changes of personal information should be given to Tim Litfin. He's now the club secretary and the keeper of the attendance records. He'll be passing around some data forms for you to check as it is time for our semi-annual report to Rotary International.

Our Program for July 7th was introduced by Glenn Froberg. The speaker was retired Lt. Colonel Lou Martin, USAF. Currently a resident of Apple Valley, Lou was an active member of the Planes of Fame organization when it was active at Flying Cloud Airport.

Lou is 81 years old and was born and raised in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, during the depression. He was the 9th of 10 children in his family, and he told of having what we called "Bread Sandwiches" for many meals when money was even tighter than usual at home. He had a number of activities to earn money as a kid, including delivering telegrams for Western Union in 1942. Most of the telegrams were from the US Department of War notifying parents of the death of their son or daughter in the war. He got hooked on airplanes at an early age, and learned to fly in 1945 at the age of 17. Since then, he has amassed 19,000 hours as a pilot.

He flew a number of different types of military aircraft while in the USAF, and after he retired from active duty, he flew as a charter pilot in Japan and in Persia. As Persia changed its name to Iran, there were a number of other changes occurring in that country. The Shah, who was installed as leader by the British (and others), attempted to bring the country into the 20th century with a wide-ranging modernization program, but eventually lost when a revolutionary coup replaced him. Lou flew many of the notables in Iran while he was there.

Lou has written 3 books about his life, "Wings over Persia", Close Encounters", and a book about his youth when in Ladysmith.

June 30 2009
by Tad Shaw

July 7 2009

Club News & Notes......Robbie Green was our Greeter and Opening Marshall.....President Karen asked one of the two members who was in a suit and tie to do Happy Bucks - not hard to guess that it was Nick Ruehl.....Terry Roeser was able to answer a few questions that have come  up on the boat trip. The trip is on July 21, and will replace our regular meeting. The cost of $40.00 per person is figured on a specific minimum number of attendees from our club. The 3 hour cruise will be a good time, and Terry will send the signup around again today......Tom Anderson passed out tickets for the raffle for the Golf Fundraiser in August. He's asking each member to sell 10 tickets at $10.00 each in order to have a net equalling last year's total of $50,000.00.......If you talk to Tim Litfin, you'll hear him use the "H" word often. The Tour de Tonka happens in early August, and involves a lot of bicycle riders who follow designated courses ( up to 50 miles in some cases). MCE is the sponsor, and there is need for a very large number of volunteers that day to keep things on track. Tour of duty is short, and you can wear your new Excelsior Rotary tee shirt to the event......We are glad to add John Ferm to the list of Paul Harris Fellows in our club. President Karen gave him his certificate and medallion during the program......At the end of the meeting, President Karen turned the gavel over to Richard Glover, our club's president for 2009-2010. ADG Ross McGlasson presented Karen with a Past Presidents pin, and complimented her on what a good job she had done. President Dick also had a presentation for Karen: a gavel and plaque to commemorate her year, and a special gift to recognize the excellent year our club had with her leadership......To top off the meeting, we all had a piece of birthday cake to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the chartering of our club. Pictures were taken with all of the past presidents around the cake, as well as one with President Karen serving a piece to our incoming president.

Our Program on June 30th was given by former club president, Amy Mook. Amy was principal at MHS until she took an early retirement, bought a motor home and started touring the country. She's been on the road ever since, and currently she has over 50,000 miles on her Winnebago. She has a 23 foot unit built on a Dodge chassis, powered by a diesel engine.

Amy still has her home in Edina, which is used by some friends. Her mail goes to a friend's home in town, and the important items are forwarded to her about every 3 weeks (she says most of the mail is thrown out by her friend 'cause it's all ads). All of her bills are on an "autopay basis" so  none of them get lost in the mail. She still has an anchor here in the Twin Cities, but from her talk you know she loves being on the road. She passed around a map showing all of her travels - from Baja, Mexico to Canada's Newfoundland (where she was accepted as a new "Newfie") to Seattle to Key West - and told of having no security issues as a traveller, or as a single female traveller. She communicates with the static world by computer and cell phone.

Just because she is travelling in her motor home doesn't seem to have affected her foreign travels. She still flies to visit her friends all around the world, leaving her motor home wherever she is at departure time and parking it in airport lots, or other secured locations. No thefts or other incidents have marred her travels.

However, driving a Winnie isn't quite the same as driving her former Mercedes and there have been a few incidents involving clearances that she misjudged.
June 23 2009
by Tad Shaw

June 30, 2009

Club News and Notes
......Tom Anderson was Greeter and Opening Marshal.....John Gray collected Happy Bucks......Woody Love told of the shortfall for the 4th of July fireworks, and the club, at his usggestion, turned almost $200.00 collected as happy bucks over to the fireworks fund......Tom Anderson distributed brochures on this year's golf outing to everyone, and asked for early commitment for auction items this year.....Terry R was at another meeting, but she is still looking for people to help on the 4th for a couple of hours each. Contact her if you can help.......And Tim Litfin needs help with the sand castle event on the morning of the 4th.....Our charming young Japanese exchange student attending our meeting. Minako Kanda will be returning to Osaka shortly, and she thanked us for the year in the US......The Minnetonka Boat Cruise is coming up; it is a joint event with the morning club. Terry R. is the one to see to sign up.....Darel is marshalling all of his marshals for the coming year; if you've not signed up for your turn already Darel has an opening for you.

Our Program
on June 23rd was in two parts. The program began with Joe Froehling giving our members an annual report on our new Club Foundation. Our club recently incorporated a charitable foundation as part of our organization. Our foundation is set up so that members (and others) can donate money to our charitable causes and have the donation qualify as a tax deduction. All of our donations to the many causes we support are now made by the foundation.

The Excelsior Rotary Club Foundation handles all of our club's charitable giving. It handles any contributions to the club from other foundations, and it handles the Lee Paris
Funds. Our club board recommends what donations are to be made to the foundation board, and the foundation people are the ones who write the check.

The second part of the program was handled by President Karen. Because of the program schedule, this was the only day she could express her thanks to the club for the support she received during the year. She arranged her comments along the year's time line, and reminded us of the many events and causes we were involved in during the last Rotary Year. She gave Certificates of Appreciation to all of her board members, and thanks to the many members who helped her make the year the success that it was. District
Governor Chris Holm visited the club recently to give us another recognition which placed us in the top 4% of all clubs.

To those who participated in delivering dictionaries to the third graders in the 13 area schools, President Karen gave her thanks and a copy of the dictionary. We're all still trying to figure out why the medical businesses and professions need to have a 1900-letter word to describe a drug. No wonder drugs are marketed with names like Aleve, Avoid, Alert, and the like!
June 16, 2009
by Tad Shaw

June 23, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Terry Roeser announced the planned boat trip on July 21st. We'll be joining the morning club on a 3 hour journey touring Lake Minnetonka on the QEII. Cost per person $40.00. More details as the date approaches, but ink in the date on your calendar.....Tim Litfin started talking about sand castles at the meeting, and some of us became concerned until we learned that he was talking about the event we host for Excelsior on the 4th of July. Kids build astounding sand castles during the competition, and all who have participated in the past from our club have had a good time. (Our members all exceed the maximum age for participants, by the way). Tim needs a few more to help him that day; to volunteer, see TIM.....And the call for volunteers to help that day (the Fourth of July) with traffic, setup, and such was made by Terry Roeser. Two hours is the usual time nneded from each volunteer. Contact Terry......Chris Lizee and her group of volunteers are basking in the sun after their excellent work with the Art on the Lake weekend ........Tom Anderson presented the club with a check for $300.00 for our share of the profits from the Southshore Pancake Breakfast.

Our Program on June 16th was presented by our own member, Tom Anderson. His talk was entitled "Sandwich Generation".

Tom defined the term "sandwich generation" to mean those family members who are taking care of an aging parent while still raising children. In the past, families generally stayed and worked in the region where they were raised. Now, however, it's not unusual for families to be spread over one, two or three continents. Responding to the needs of a parent from a distance is extremely difficult, and the effort can have devastating effects on the children and grandchildren.

He listed 7 signs ways to keep aware of parents' condition: keep in regular contact, assign various contact care tasks to family members, help the parents keep connected socially, find the entertainment opportunities, conduct safety inventories to prevent accidents, and be sensitive to special needs that develop due to age or infirmity. The children of the seniors need to be able to tap into the many resources available to help solve their parent's problems. Many social service agencies exist, but their presence is almost unknown.

When assessing your parent's status, there are some warning signs to watch for, and
Tom provided us with a list. Any change should be suspect: change in routine, change in hygiene habits, change in weight, unexplained mood swings, or forgetfulness, depression, or anxiety are the main signs to watch for. If special care in a facility is necessary, check the facility carefully, and have your parent involved in the decision-making.

June 9 2009
by Steve Frazier

June 16, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Our own member, Jim Olds, is retiring from his position in the City of Excelsior. There will be a Retirement Recognition for him on Friday, June 19th. The gathering will be in City Hall, and all are welcome. Jim has been a steady, leveling force in a city that has need of that kind of input. The city will surely miss Jim. As mayor, volunteer, and treasurer, his exceptional service to the city through the years will be hard to equal......

Our guest and speaker at our June 9th meeting was present District Governor Chris Holmes. As it turned out, the day was a sort of "honors program" for our club and special guests. DG Holmes was very gracious in his recognition of the Excelsior Club for its success in support of International Rotary, and our leadership in administration and community involvement. Our president, Karen FRazier, was singled out for her exceptional Rotary leadership of our club during her year as president.

A special surprise for the club was the attendance and recognition of our dear friend and former member, Ross McGlasson. In attendance was Ross's family to share in the special day.. DG Holmes shared Ross's stellar history as a Rotarian and a civic leader with those in attendance and presented Ross with a special recognition award.

In addition to the awards, Governor Holmes shared some personal moments with us about learning experiences with his family, in particular the eye opening experience of mountain climbing and how insignificant those successes are compared to helping those less fortunate.

Chris Holmes is the epitome of what a Rotarian should be.

June 2, 2009
by Tad Shaw

June 9, 2009

Club News & Notes.......Last week's meeting was held at the high school in the Arts Center. Prior to the lunch meeting, the club board held the regular monthly meeting at the site, too......The pancake breakfast at the Southshore Center was a success, and Tom Anderson tells us that we will be sharing in the profit. Thanks to those who took part in the event.....Golf tournament plans are proceeding and Tom Anderson will soon be looking for some additional help to sign up for jobs on the day of the event.......We have a club outing in the final planning stages for July; a boat trip on Minnetonka in combination with the morning club. More information to follow......Also coming up is the 4th of July where we do the sand castle competition, and help the chamber handle the large crowds in town.....Dr. Dennis Peterson, the superintendent of Minnetonka Schools, joined us for lunch.......Tom Maple joined us for lunch, too. Dave Cochran said that Tom was a guest of Tom Anderson, and Tom says he was a guest of Dave. Good to see Tom, in any case.

Our Program on June 2nd was two-fold: we honored those students that got scholarships from our club, and then we got a musical treat from the MHS Wind Ensemble.

Three of the students who received $1,000 scholarships from our club were able to attend our lunch. Of special interest was Ben Williams, the grandson of our own Bob Williams, who received a scholarship. His interest is in wild-life biology, and he will be attending University of Minnesota - Crookston next year. He was very articulate, and, with his grandmother, Patty (known to WCCO radio staff members as the Grammar Police), in the audience, his words were very carefully chosen, I'm sure.

For the second half of the program, we adjourned to the auditorium to hear Miles
Mortenson conduct the MHS Wind Ensemble. Bob Hoebelheinrich claims his son was one of the percussionists in the group.

Their program consisted of three selections, a very modern "Geometric Dances", written by Meyer, and depicting musically three different geometric figures in three short musical suites. The second selection, "American Elegy",  was written in 2000 by Ticheli under a commission from a musical fraternity at a Colorado college, and was written to remember the Columbine School victims. The final selection was written by Peter Schliekle, although he attributes the work to  P D Q Bach, an unrecognized sibling of the more famous Bach family. The bandmembers had a good time playing the piece because of the weird orchestration with lots of unusual and unexpected instruments popping it.
May 26,2009
by Tad Shaw

June 2, 2009

Club News and Notes.......Surprisingly large turnout for the meeting the day after Memorial Day. Usually, 4 or 5 members forget the holiday's work week starts on Tuesday and thereby miss the meeting.......Summer is officially here. as the stranger who appeared at the meeting was officially identified as John Ahern......The pretty young lady at the meeting was identified as Tom Anderson's daughter, Carolyne......John Hotvet was opening marshal, and he gave a brief history of our club, We will be celebrating our 60th anniversary on the 30th of June. He listed some of the activities and causes we have supported in the past, and ended his comments with a thoughtful prayer......Nick Ruehl collected happy bucks...... Many of the club members had attended the Memorial Day programs in Excelsior and they commented on the better sound system at the cemetery. There is a lot of effort put forth by a lot of people to present that tribute to our dead.....Remember, if you're not listed on the back of the program as a club member, it is because we are using up our stock of preprinted covers!

Our Program was introduced by Bob Hoebelheinrich. Sarah Larsson graduated from Minnetonka High School last year, and received one of our club's scholarships. She has attended Yale University for the past year.

In Nyaoga, Kenya, located on the shores of Lake Victoria, women aged 16 to 24 formed a group called The Victoria Young Women's Group. The women were concerned because their primary education was stopped when they were in their early teens, and they don't have the tools to fight the circle of poverty they live in. A 10 year old group founded in Minneapolis, Give Us WIngs, has joined with the Kenyan women's group to found The Women's Academy in their town. While the education will be traditional, it will be delivered in a non-traditional way. As the women have to care for their families or work in businesses, the education will be delivered mainly after working hours, generally in the evenings. Give Us WIngs will be providing laptop computers with solar energy units so that the women can connect with the internet, and use the educational facilities located there to enhance their education.

The school is run as a co-op with the young women as the "school board". Two teachers have been hired, and the texts and standards used will be those used in the regular Kenyan schools. Sarah is spending time in Kenya this summer.

Our club's board had authorized a donation of $300.00, and club members donated an additional $360.00 to the school at the meeting.
May 19, 2009
by Tad Shaw

May 26, 2009

Club News and Notes......Full room for lunch! Parents came to see the awarding of our scholarships for the STRIVE Program for this year. And 19 out of the 22 students who took part in the program were at the meeting, too. A couple of siblings were present, too, including a graduate of our first year of the program, Shane Roach, and Jake terSteeg, a member of last year's STRIVE group......President Karen asked Chris Lizee to collect happy bucks, and she really worked the crowd. A few parents joined in when they found out that the proceeds go to fund our scholarships......The club's new t-shirts can still be ordered thru today. If you're volunteering for any of the 4th of July events in town, it would be a great thing to wear.....Remember the Pancake Breakfast at Southshore on May 30th; that's this Saturday. We're co-sponsors so we should have a good showing, and of course sell our share of tickets. Contact Tom Anderson on that.

Our Program on May 19th was our STRIVE Recognition Day. Our president-elect, Dick Glover handled the presentation program. As you know, his energy and enthusiasm for helping the kids is one of the main driving forces in our sponsorship of the program. Dick introduced Dave Adney, MHS principal, who commended the program and wished all of the students well in the future.

Before awarding the participation plaque and letter of commendation from the club, Dick stresses that the objective of the STRIVE Program is the improvement of grades for the sudents. To do that requires a great deal of effort on the part of each student, and included is a subtle paradigm shift in the student's attitude toward studies and school.

The awards our club makes are based on objective indications of performance. The attendance scholarship award of $400.00 was presented to Lindsey Benson. The three awards for academic improvement were awarded as follows: 3rd place award of $600.00 to Joey Broughton; 2nd place award of $1,000.00 to Annemarie Rice; and first place award of $2,000.00 to Abigail Hart.

Earlier in the year, Dick Glover met with some of the local educational institutions, and five of them agreed to match any STRIVE scholarship we granted. Abigail will be attending Normandale College next year, and her scholarship will be matched by the school, giving her $4,000 in total!

Thanks to our members who have taken an active role in the program, and especial thanks to Dick Glover for his leadership.
May 12 2009
by Tad Shaw

May 19, 2009

Club News and Notes.......Dave McCuskey was greeter and opening marshal......The call is out for Club T-shirts. President Karen passed a sample shirt around along with an order form. For the golf outing in August, the t-shirt will be the appropriate attire, I'm sure. Today is the last day to order.......The road clean-up didn't turn up any unique items, except that Don Draayer found a new fishing lure still in the original package. He gave it to Terry Roeser who said that she had a great time at the lake for the fishing opener, but indicated that the fish in her lake didn't understand their part in the ritual and didn't bite at anything......Spring is not officially here yet: John Ahern hasn't appeared at our meeting signaling his return from Florida.......A few weeks ago, we were all given "Be Our Guest" cards to allow us to invite prospective members to one of lunches. I expected that we would have so many guests that we'd end up standing for lunch. We've got some good programs coming up - programs that show what our club does best - supporting young people. This would be a good time to invite a prospective member!!!......Molly Swenson arranged the highway pickup AND collected Happy Bucks, too. Is that what is meant by "double-dipping"?

Our Program for May 12th was presented by a local native, Dr. George Noren. He was introduced by Jim Hillis. George has lived in the area most of his life, and he retired from his medical practise at Hennepin County Medical Center over 10 years ago. He was a specialist in pediatrics. Since retiring, George has mantained a chair at the local coffee gathering (formerly known as the 10 AM group at Bacon Drugs), and has enjoyed spending time at his hobby: taking photos. He has had displays of his photos at the Southshore Center.

George is a member of the graduating class of Excelsior High School in the year 1949. Their class is an active group of friends who meet for lunch at Maynard's, and who really enjoy each others company. This year will mark the 60th anniversary of their graduation. To mark the event, George made a video of a slide presentation for his classmates. Using photos collected from classmates, the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society, and many other sources, he has documented the history of the city of Excelsior from 1951 to date.

His program was the presentation of this video. It was an extremely well-done program, and George has an individual copy of the video for each of his classmates. The high school photo of each classmate will be on the cover of his copy of the disc.

Oh, and one more thing. There is a special section on the disc that shows items that are important to the classmates. George wouldn't show us that part; he's holding that as a special treat for his class. What a gift to his friends!!!

May 5th 2009
by Tad Shaw

May 12, 2009

Club News and Notes......Be prepared for tales of wondrous things found by the roadside today by our members. Today is CleanUp Day for our section of Highway 7 and there are usually some good stories about discovered castaway items.....Tim Litfin was Greeter and Opening Marshal. He did a musical trivia quiz centered on the songs and performers of the 60s thru the 80s. As you would expect, there was strong competition among younger members, with winners Theresa and Molly both with high (near perfect) scores.......Dick Glover collected Happy Bucks....Dave McCuskey was happy because our club is at 92% participation in support of Rotary's Foundation.....Last week (May 5th) Cory Kruckenberg and his wife celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and Cory managed to celebrate a birthday the day before.....Don Draayer's daughter-in-law, Karen, was a guest at our meeting. She and husband Dirk, are our exchange student's host family.

Our Program on May 5th was a talk by our exchange student, Mina. She is from Japan, and she gave us a bit of background information on herself and on her country.

There are 800 islands off the East Coast of Asia that make up the country of Japan. The total land mass of Japan is about equal that of the state of California. Mina comes from the second largest city in Japan, Osaka. Population of the metro area is over nine million. She comes from a large family by Japanese standards and her father is a Rotarian who is president-elect of his club in Osaka. Mina takes the train to school in Osaka leaving home about 8 AM, and returns home after school at about 10 PM. School in Japan is very different from here, and all students wear uniforms to class, and there are always 30 to 40 students in each classroom.

There are many differences between Osaka and Minnesota. Diet is one of the differences; in Japan, fish is the dominant protein, and is a served at meals any time of the day. Japan is also a country of many different religions, all with different holidays and festivals. Mina said that all of Japan celebrates Christmas as a holiday, but for most there is no religious significance. The biggest holiday is New Years Day; one of the annual rituals is cleaning your house so you start the year with a fresh outlook.

Weather in Osaka is a bit more predicable than in Minnesota. Summer temperatures range from highs of 29 to 34 degrees Celsius (90 to 100 F) and winter is around 4 degrees C. Her town is beautiful in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom.

Mina is our second exchange student from Osaka. In 1989, Mitsuru Tanaka was hosted by our club.

April 28, 2009
by Tad Shaw

May 5, 2009

Club News and Notes.....Jim Hillis was Greeter and Opening Marshal.....Jerry Brecke collected happy bucks.....Molly Swenson announced the Highway 7 Cleanup Date for our club: May 12th. It's always a morning of good fellowship and fun. Last chance to sign up at today's meeting.....I have completed writing "Johnsen with an 'E'" on the blackboard 500 times. Last week, I misspelled Art's name in the bulletin. Apologies to Art. Further error: his Paul Harris recognition was for his 4th award. However, he was not wearing that pin at the meeting, so he was not allowed to give autographs.....The Rotary International Foundation is offering a matching grant to newer members who donate to the foundation. Dick Glover has the details. Every dollar donated to the RI Foundation is spent on projects - no expenses are ever deducted from donations. RI does it that way by holding donated funds for 3 years before dispursing, and they use the interest income to offset foundation expenses.....Toward the end of the Rotary Year we use up our stock of pre-printed bulletin covers. If you're not listed as a member on the back of the bulletin, don't panic!!! We're saving paper and not changing the club membership. We're being green and saving green, too.

Our Program speaker for April 28 was introduced by Lee Webster. Timothy Johnson is a V P of SCICOM DATA SERVICES, INC, which is a Minnetonka-based data company.

The company was started in 1959 in the days when computer data was preserved on "IBM cards". Their equipment and sophistication has far advanced from those days, and they process millions of documents monthly for their clients, mostly in the financial and medical fields. Their clients send data to them, it is processed, and Scicom produces and mails appropriate statements for each customer account of their clients.

Initially, 25% of their first stock offering was owned by Control Data, and Scicom also owned some Control Data stock. Tim said their stock didn't skyrocket like CD, so part of their early growth was funded by Control Data's success. Their expertise is in the field of on-line computer services. They have their plant in the Opus area near Crosstown and 169 (formerly Co Road 18), and they have a second duplicate facility right next door to their primary plant. Because of the type of reports and work they do, they have to have a backup plan in case the first plant has any failure. The second plant is on standby 24 hours a day, and does do some overload work during peak times. They are extremely conscious of security issues because of the type of data they handle.

The company has an ESOP - Employee Stock Ownership Plan. In this situation, all of the stock of the company is owned by employees, and profits are split based on percentage of ownership. There are a couple hundred employees, who all have earned shares, and the average employee has been with the company for over 20 years.

April 21 2009
by Tad Shaw

April 21, 2009

News and Notes......Molly Swenson was greeter and opening marshal......John Gray collected happy bucks.......Bob Humphrey gave a brief report on the Teen Challenge Gala which he attended......Gary Thompson is turning into a news reporter now that he is retired. He brought us the information that Dave McCuskey was very recently married in California and that he will be back to town shortly for the summer. Gary also gave a report on Bud Andrus who is in Arizona, and has cancer......Newspaper obituaries provided the information that former member Bob Lee's wife died recently. They have been living in the Scandia - Stillwater area......Art Johnsen, our very own favorite Deephaven Realtor, received his third (repeat third) Paul Harris Fellowship. Presented to him by President Karen, he should be wearing his Paul Harris pin with three stones in it at future meetings. Autographs by appointment only......Tim Litfin is looking for a couple of hours of help from some club members for the MCE Youth Triathlon at Minnetonka West; he needs volunteers from 7:30 to 10:30 AM on Saturday, May 2nd. He still needs a few more volunteers to have a smooth-running event on that day......And be prepared for the Highway 7 pickup date coming soon. It's a good morning of fellowship and fun, and we do have the cleanest mile of Highway 7 when we're through!......Tax time crunch must be over, as Tom O'Connell was at the meeting and looking relaxed.....Also good to see Dick Glover back at our meetings after his medical issues.

Our Program for April 21st was presented by Tom Anderson. He gaves us updates on the status of two important items.

The August 24th Golf Outing Fundraiser was his first subject. The planning is proceeding on schedule, and all of the corporate sponsors are on board again this year. Our club's board decided that we will support scholarships and Southshore Center with our proceeds, and the morning club will also select two charities. Although not mentioned, Tom will be needing additional help during the planning stages.

The second subject was an update on the status of the Southshore Center. The building was built 13 years ago by the five cities and there were revenue streams that would take care of the dollar needs. During the recent years, most of the revenue streams disappeared; federal grants as well as state and county governments saw their cash flow dwindle, and they dropped the revenue streams that were supporting the center. In addition, the county took the senior bus program away from Southshore. This program had provided $60,000 a year in revenue to the Center. With all of the revenue streams dry, negotiations between the cities and the Friends of the Southshore began to formulate a new way to preserve and use this valuable community asset. Negotiations appeared to be going nowhere and the Friends forced the issue by disbanding.

The recent gathering of citizens showed the local government officials that the center is considered important and necessary to the area, and steps are being taken to continue the center as a community center. Current deadline for the negotiations is June 30th.
April 14, 2009
by Tad Shaw

April 21, 2009

Club News and Notes.....John Ferm was our opening marshal.....Tim Litfin collected happy bucks......The timing of the annual ice-out on Lake Minnetonka was the topic of Darel's happy buck. How is the exact time determined? Is there someone who actually is in a boat attempting the passage from Excelsior to Wayzata, or is it an "eyeball" determination? We all agreed that having the ice out is great, tho......Clearing the ice soon brings Cleaning the Road; be prepared for the Spring Road clean-up. As you remember, our club has accepted responsibility for a mile of Highway 7 from Christmas Lake Road to Vine Hill Road.....The District Annual Meeting and Convention is April 24-25 in downtown Minneapolis.....Every Rotarian knows who Paul Harris was; who were the other three originators of Rotary? And how are they commemmorated? Is something in Rotary named after each of them?

Our Program for April 14th was presented by Chad Weinstein from the Hill Center for Ethical Business Leadership in St Paul. The Center is affiliated with the James J. HIll Reference Library in downtown St. Paul. The purpose of the program is to work with a company's management and employees to raise the level of ethics in the company's everyday business transactions. His expertise is setting up "win-win" situations in handling ethical issues.

Their mission statement says that the center will help organizations prosper through a strategic commitment to ethics and social responsibility. Training is ethics has traditionally been negative, acting to avoid bad actions. The normal message given is that you must avoid doing bad things in your operations, but the center's focus is on taking the activities, and focusing on how to do the best in each area, not just avoid doing something wrong.

Chad said that one of the best ethical statements is the Rotary 4-way test. It highlights the positives that can be achieved in a business setting in a brief, clear way.

April 7, 2009
by Tad Shaw

April 14, 2009

Gale Woods Farm

Club News & Notes.....Perfect attendance for 47 years!!! That's Bob Williams' record with our Rotary Club. Awesome. That means he has attended 2,444 meetings. Do you think he has the 4-Way Test memorized by now?......Darel Leipold was Opening Marshal, and Don Draayer did Happy Bucks.....There was a great deal of talk about the Southshore Center during Happy Bucks, and deserved recognition was given to our members who showed up to support the center at the Monday night meeting. It would be interesting to have someone total up the number of hours of work dedicated to the center by our members thru the years. Fine support by Woody, Jerry, Glenn and many others. We have to have mayors Chris and Nick keep us in the loop because it appeared to me that the Shorewood coouncil members have told at least two stories so far, and the latest comments disavowed that there was any agreement with the cable people, even tho one of the council members seems to have done a "walk-thru" of the building with an LMCC rep. Kind of makes you wonder.....I have been advised that none of our club members qualify to join the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday as participants, but those events are fun to watch if you like to see happy kids.....The Excelsior Legion is having an Omelet Breakfast Fundraiser for the Southshore Center on Sunday, April 19th.....Dick Glover is recovering from surgery, and he's turned STRIVE activities over to Erik Johnson for a couple of weeks.....Thanks to Bob Williams for providing notes on the program.

Our Speaker wasTim Reese, the supervisor at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista. He has been with the farm since it was acquired by the Three Rivers Park District in 2002. Prior to coming to Gale Woods Farm, Tim managed environmental education programs for Hennepin County, and worked at a large organic vegetable farm near Stillwater, MN. He also earned his Masters Degree in Agricultural Education at the University of Minnesota.

The educational farm includes a community-supported Agriculture Gardens, Orchards, Beef Cattle, Sheep, Poultry, and Pigs. The farm is located in Minnetrista and over 20,000 people participate in educational programs at the farm each year. The farm is more than 500 acres in size, and Tim said that between 12,000 and 15,000 school students visit the farm each year. He also touched on the opportunities offered at the farm, including: Farming Technology, Organic Farming, production of local foods, grass-fed and free range food systems, environmental eating and community food projects.

March 31 2009
by Tad Shaw

April 7, 2009

Club News & Notes......Bob Williams was opening marshal, and after the pledge we recited the 4 way test, followed by a short prayer.....The return of Robbie Green brought applause, as did the appearance of a tanned Art Johnsen.....Jerry Brecke did Happy Bucks.....The Southshore Center was focus of many comments, and all present were encouraged by Woody Love to contact their cities with their comments, as well as appear at the meeting on Monday, April 6 from 5-7 at the Center when some of the voting parties will be present, especially the Shorewood council......Scott Dykhoff spent time up in Fargo (or is it supposed to be "up to Fargo"?) helping with the sandbags. John Gray just returned from another trip to Mississippi helping with still unresolved issues from Katrina......Don Draayer showed us his recent purchase of a loaf of bread from Collin Bredeson's new bakery in town, and Darel is also very pleased with the new store. Collin has a pretty distinguished cheerleading squad with those two!!.......Robbie Green still has his left arm in a sling, and usually has a friend drive him around. For someone who has always been on the move, it must be frustrating.

Before our speaker began, we had a short business meeting. Ross McGlasson, the ADG (Assistant District Governor) for our area, told us that the local district is not incorporated, and that the district needed the approval of all of the clubs in the district to incorporate. Bob Williams made a motion to recommend to the district that they incorporate, and the motion was seconded by Dick Glover. The motion out to a vote passed unanimously.

Our Program was a personal profile by Jeremy Huisheere, our newest member. Jeremy was introduced by President Karen his sponsor.

Jeremy spent his earliest years in St. Louis Park before his family moved to the Ridgedale Area in Minnetonka, where they still live. His is a close family, and they still enjoy a good time together. His older brother lives in Coon Rapids. Jeremy graduated from Hopkins High School and went to college in North Dakota. As a senior in high school, he was invited to visit the Hopkins Rotary Club, and subsequently received a scholarship from them.

He told a story when he was five years old, when he wanted to buy two pieces of candy for gifts, each costing five cents. The merchant wanted him to pay eleven cents, including the sales tax. Having only a dime, Jeremy decided to buy only one, which cost a nickel. He asked for a second one for a nickel, and left the store happy with his two pieces of candy. We hope he isn't continuing to beat the sales tax in his older years.

He has two degrees one in business and another in computer design. He didn't admit to being a fan of any Minnesota sports teams, but in a moment of weakness admitted that he is a trivia fan (Note to program committee: don't put Jeremy and Tim Litfin on the same program).
March 24 2009
by Tad Shaw

March 31, 2009

Club News & Notes......Gene Gray was opening marshal. For his invocation, he asked us to read the 4 way test with him and apply that test to what some of the elected city officials are doing to the Southshore Center. Excellent application of the 4 way test in a real life situation that we're all close to.....Shortly thereafter, President Karen gave John Gray his 5th - I repeat 5th - Paul Harris recognition. And, on the day before, John had celebrated another birthday......Chief  Litsey arrived at the meeting within seconds of an emergency siren heard outside the Bayview. Because of this auspicious arrival, President Karen asked him to do Happy Bucks.....The first customer in the new bakery was Darel Leipold at 6:30 Monday morning. All of the reports about the food and service are very positive.....The return of Jim Hillis and John Hotvet from Vacationland was duly noted by all present..... The topic of the Southshore Center was the focus of much of Happy Bucks. Many members of our club have contributed uncounted hours in raising funds and doing planning for the center at the outset, and continuing efforts by others. Chris Lizee, mayor of Shorewood, gave an update of her council's activity against the center, and asked for clubmembers' help to keep the building as a community center. Over 75% of the activities in the building are NOT senior-centered, but are community-wide events. Erik Johnson, on the council in Maple Grove, spoke of the need for neighboring cities to co-operate to provide the best services to their cities. Contact your reps in the five cities involved.

Our Program on March 24th was a personal profile by new member Molly Swenson.

Molly was raised in the Chanhassen/Lake Riley area, and did the grade school thing at St Hubert's in Chan. She graduated from Benilde-St. Margaret's and St. Thomas College in St Paul. She worked at the Dairy Queen in Chaska during her school years - the one on Highway 41, and probably served all of us a couple of cones with a curl on top - or more likely a large malt.

Molly and her husband, Dane, live in Minnetonka. Dane came to our meeting and heard her talk of the fun and excitement of their blended family. Both had prior marriages, and they have kids ranging from college to kindergarten.

She works at Wells Fargo in town helping clients originate property mortgages. In prior assignments with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, she was stationed downtown and did a lot of national travel. She likes working near home and with people in the western suburbs.

Her favorite holiday is the 4th of July, and her favorite color is purple. Perhaps that color choice came because she lived near Prince's house when young, or maybe it's because she's an incurable Viking fan.
March 17 2009
by Tad Shaw

March 24, 2009

District Vocational Report

Club News & Notes
.....Steve Frazier was greeter and opening marshall.....Some good Irish stories were exchanged on the day of St Patrick......Tad Shaw did happy bucks, and he noticed Gary Thompson has returned; that means of course that spring has returned to Minnesota. Soon, the rest of our traveling members will start to filter in to town to enjoy the spring weather. We'll know spring is officially here when John Ahern returns!.....Collin Bredesen was Don Draayer's guest, and I think he was surprised by the warm greeting he received. He's opening the bakery in town, and everyone wanted to know when the doors will open for the first time. Darrel even pinned him down as to the exact opening hour! Collin's shop is a welcome addition to the town.....

Our Program for March 17th was given by Quinn Tierney who is the District Vocational Service Chair. He's a member of Minneapolis #9 and has been our contact point person for a few of our club projects.

Mpls #9 started the dictionary project in Minneapolis three years ago. During the first two years, the Minneapolis Public Schools didn't participate so they donated dictionaries to the 3rd grade students in parochial and private schools. This year, the club was able to donate a dictionary to each 3rd grade student in a school in the city of Minneapolis. Thw founder of the program, Mary French lives in South Carolina, and visited Mpls 9 and spoke on last Friday. So far, the program has given 10 million dictionaries to 3rd graders in the United States.

Another project that Quinn spoke about is the Wheelchair Project. Last year, 22 clubs in the district provided adult tricycles to disabled adults in India. The units are assembled in India, and given to adults who are unable to walk. Last year, 417 adults received these specially designed trikes. DG Chris Holm fully backs the project, and this year every club in the district has donated to the project.

Quinn also spoke about the upcoming District Conference on April 25th and 26th. The sessions will be held at IDS Center and the Minneapolis Club. There will be a trade show highlighting some businesses owned by Rotariansas well as the dinner highlighting the student exchage, and some interesting speakers. Full info is on the District Website (there is a link to it on our club website).
March 10 2009
by Tad Shaw

March 17 2009

Who is Scott Dykhoff?

Club News & Notes
.....Bob Pillsbury was greeter and opening marshall. He brought a picture of Minneapolis Club #9 taken in the 1920s, when his father was a member. There is a lot of history in those pictures.....Lee Webster handled Happy Bucks.....Bob Boyer asked club members to actively look for homes for our exchange student as she will soon be moving to her new springtime home.....There was a lot of laughter and kidding during happy bucks.....Guests were Ross McGlasson (does he count as a guest?) and Tom  Maple.....I got my roses from the morning club: did you?.....There was a good turnout for the meeting, and a large stack of makeups, but the final total for February attendance was down 10% from January, and January wasn't very good.

Our Program for March 10th
was a personal profile. Jerry Brecke introduced one of our latest members, Scott Dykhoff. The computer-challenged members in the club watched in admiration and awe as he used a Powerpoint slide show to show a series of photos from his past, present, and future.

Scott is single for now, but getting married in June. Currently living in Maple Grove, he's looking for a home in our area, a little closer to his work as manager of the TCF office in Excelsior. He told the story of finding a house last fall, having his offer accepted, and then just prior to the closing, on the final inspection in November, they found the heating had failed and ice was everywhere inside the house. He hopes to have better luck on the next house he likes. When he buys, he'll live in the neighborhood, but on most weekends he'll be at his cabin in Northome. He likes to hunt and ice fish; he loves dogs, and has two hunting dogs

Scott graduated from St John's University, and began his career at TCF in their training program. He likes to tinker around with projects, and he has a toy - a real Bobcat - that he has fun with. He is very active in our club's STRIVE program.

A quote from Scott: " If you want the best seat in our house, you have to move the dog."

March 3 2009
by Tad Shaw

March 10, 2009

The Real Erik Johnson

Club News & Notes.....Dave Peterka was greeter and opening marshall.....Dave celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary, and suffered through a bit of ribbing by his friends in the club who all expressed sympathy for his wife.....Happy Bucks hit on the local controversy over the Southshore Center's current situation, and the concensus seemed to agree that Excelsior was taking the lead and going in the right direction.....President Karen is back at the helm after her respite on Grand Cayman.....Robbie Green had surgery, and will be gone for a few meetings.....

Our Speaker on March 3rd was Erik Johnson, who gave his personal profile.

Erik is the older of two brothers and was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His family moved to the Twin Cities when he was pre-school, and he attended school in, and graduated from, St Louis Park. He received an athletic scholarship to Golden Valley Lutheran College but found that the college was closing before he would start. Augsburg College in Minneapolis offered to honor Golden Valley Lutheran's scholarships, so Erik attended Augsburg under an academic scholarship.

He joined an army reserve unit and much to his surprise, the unit was activated. His unit specialized in psychological warfare and he surveyed enemy prisoners about the effectiveness of various tactics used by our army. He also served for 12 years as a police officer in the city of Maple Grove.

His building company is named Archer Designs. The name comes from his hobby and interest in bow hunting. The company has a model home on display near the Arboretum.

Erik is married, and he and Laura live in Maple Grove. He has relatives in Rotary, and he joined our club specifically because of our strong STRIVE Program.
February 24 2009
by Tad Shaw

Peek Into the Past

March 3 2009

Club News & Notes.....Opening marshall was Tom Anderson.....Dave Peterka gave us the news of Bob Weiss' heart attack during a trip to Green Bay. I heard Dave say that Bob is doing well and back in town.......The annual golf outing/fund raiser is August 24th this year at Burl Oaks in Minnetrista. Tom Anderson is looking for a few more volunteers to fill out the committee.....Harper's Magazine reports that researchers have found that a tribe of cannibals in New Guinea prefer Japanese victims over Caucasians because they find the flavor of Caucasians "too salty"......This is the time of year when our attendance figures take a real beating. Please get your makeup cards in as soon as you can so our reports to district don't show an attendance "nosedive".

Our speaker for Frbruary 24, 2009, was club member Don Draayer. His topic was Rotary, and the title was "Is Rotary Relevant?" Are the standards and concerns of the early to middle 20th century still in tune with the times? In light of the recent financial issues, do most business men and women still follow the old rules? Is the 4 way test outdated by today's morality?

Don's answer affirmed that Rotary is still on the right track. He had a video disc that was prepared by Rotary 1, the Chicago club that was the first service club ever. The disc showed the 4 founders of Rotary, and some of the early officers of their club. The films that were remastered for the disc were taken in the very early 1900s, and it was fun to see how behavior and style of clothing has changed. All of the men had suits and hats on during the filming, and Mrs. Paul Harris, the only woman shown in the footage, was wearing dresses that reached to the floor. Her role in the social affair held at the Harris home for the founders and early officers was to pour tea for the men!

February 17, 2009
by Tad Shaw

February 24, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Dick Glover held the gavel for our February 17th meeting as President Karen is still in the sunshine. A glance around the room showed many many members missing - it must be the weather!.....Don Draayer was the Greeter and Opening Marshall......Jeremy Huisheere did Happy Bucks - a good start for our newest member!.....Board Members: the monthly meeting of the board will be next week before our lunch meeting. Club Members: If you have a concern, talk to a board member this week so it can be handled by the board next week,....If you've missed a meeting in February, be sure to bring your makeup card to the next meeting. The software we use to report attendance does not amend attendance totals for prior months, so late cards are sometimes not included in the attendance totals we send to Rotary. However, ALL makeups are listed and credited to the individual member.

Our speaker on February 17th was Scott McGinnis. Scott is a lifelong local resident (his family's first home in the area was in Chanhassen in 1854) and a professional historian who likes to work with clients regarding this area's history. Scott has been a member of the board of the Excelsior Lake Minnetonka Historical Society, and has done research and reports for many area accounts. He, his wife and two sons live in Chaska.

The focus of Scott's talk to us was the area known as "The Excelsior Commons". The original plat of the area was drawn and filed in 1854, and showed the area we call The Commons as an area dedicated as "public grounds". Because of shoreline changes over the years, the first plat did not include all of the land now in the area. The area was leased out until 1910, and it was managed thereafter. Scott had a number of pictures showing the first buildings on the property, a bathhouse, near the present beach, a boat manufacturer, and a number of entertainment structures. There also was a area of docks in a little harbor which was filled in to result in the present lakeshore configuration.

Through the years, the Excelsior city councils have developed different policies for the use of the land. Presently, it appears that the policy is to not allow permanent structures on the land for commercial usage.

Scott has recently written and published a book on Lake Minnetonka which is available at a number of locations in the area including the bookstore and the historical society as well as directly from him.

February 10 2009
by Tad Shaw

February 17, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Tad Shaw was opening marshall.....Dick Osgood collected Happy Bucks.....Guests included Scott Glover who, when pressed by the membership, admitted that he's Dick Glover's son. Also joining us for lunch was Jack Lofland, a potential member, and "Mindee", our visiting Japanese exchange student.....President-elect Dick Glover handled the lunch meeting again because President Karen is in the Caymans.....Have you checked and if necessary corrected your listing on this website? If your information is wrong on our website, it starts a whole series of events, including having your copy of The Rotarian going to the wrong address. If you don't get your copy of the monthly magazine, tell the secretary so the records in Chicago can be fixed.

Our Program on February 10th was presented by  Michelle Hedland. She is familiar to many in town because she used to own the Bean and Wine. Michelle is involved with the new ecology program, Up With Green, which has made Excelsior it's first Green City. The merchants and businesses who sign up agree to handle their business in an ecologically friendly manner, and they get a sticker for their window. But the real reward is the money savings that can be made by switching from wasting resources to monitoring their use.

Michelle gave the example of Bayview which did an energy audit as part of their "going green", and they made changes in their energy programs that will result in savings of over $1,000 per month. Increasing the amount of trash that is recycled will also result in monthly savings.

The program was established because there are a lot of initiatives to reduce waste in this country, but there was no coherent program for a merchant, church, school district, or consumer to follow. The program put together 14 steps for going green; an entrant in the program chooses 9 of the 14 and implements actions to accomplish them. According to Michelle, 8 of them are very easy - such things as recycling, using recycled paper, and controlling temperatures in buildings to be comfortable and energy-conserving. There is a website where members are listed, and Michelle said that surveys show that over 75% of consumers are aware of "green issues", and they will change buying habits based on ecology issues.

February 3 2009
by Tad Shaw

February 10, 2009


Club News & Notes.....President Karen is in the South absorbing the sun's rays which has the effect of cutting down on the rays available to us, thereby cooling down Minnesota and making winter harder on us, the hardy survivors. Do you think that will send her on a guilt trip? We hope she and Steve are enjoying their annual well-deserved trip to the Caymans.....President-elect Dick Glover got a taste of what's in store for him; not only did he handle the lunch meeting, but also presided at the board meeting earlier. It looks like we're in for another good year when he takes over.....Bad news to hear of the death of Cookie Kerber, wife of former Rotarian Bill. Her smile truly lit up a room......Valentine's Day on Saturday (message brought to you by Glenn Froberg is at home recovering from surgery and expects to miss a few meetings.

Our Program on February 3rd
was introduced by Bob Hoebelheinrich. Two speakers from Teen Challenge made a presentation to the club. We had heard from this group about a year ago

The first speaker, Gina Davis, is a graduate of the program, and she is the director of their prevention program. She described portions of her drug and alcohol-filled teen age years, times in jail, and had her life put tegether when she was 29. The Teen Challenge is a minimum of 13 weeks of intensive treatment for teenagers and young adults with most graduates taking longer than the minimum time - the average is 16 weeks. She made the point that most of their clients are too far gone to benefit from one month programs like Hazeltine, because it takes longer than a month to get your brain functioning mormally when you're "into drugs"..

Their program is divided into 4 parts: (1) drying out, (2) injecting faith into their lives, (3) healing emotions, and (4) transition back to society. They have a high success rate, and are the leading program in the area for court referrals.

They have a prevention presentation that they make to 80 area high schools. The program is titled "Know the Truth", and features a short video and then talks by current students in the Teen Challenge Program.

Jim Mackin is the development director for the program, and he looks for funding to support the program which currently has 440 students active in the recovery process.

At the end of their presentations, Dick Glover our president-elect, presented them with a $4,000 donation from our club to support their program

January 27 2009
by Tad Shaw

February 2, 2009

Excelsior Bay Books

Club News & Notes.....Tim Litfin was opening marshall and greeter. He did a short trivia quiz on presidents as part of his opening of the meeting. He had no guests or visitors to introduce.....On these brisk winter days, the air is so clean that everything appears in sharp relief. It's like looking through newly cleaned eyeglasses!!.....Only 12 days until Valentines Day!! Just an early reminder.....

Our program on January 27th was presented by Elly Temple from Excelsior Bay Books. She presented a winter reading list including books that would be great beach or resort reading. (Should we send a copy to our members who are already in the Soiuth or West?)

Being owner of a small, local bookstore allows Elly to know many of her customers and she knows what type of books they like to read. Men and women have different tastes in their reading choices. Most of her recommendations were not current best sellers, but are books that a reader might have overlooked.

Three of Herman Woul's books are on the list (Don't Stop the Carnival, The Winds of War, and War and Remembrance). The Given Day is an Irish story set in Boston, and is a very good read. Out Stealing Horses is a good story and doesn't result in a conviction for rustling. Plainsong by Kent Harof, is in a rural setting, and has a number of plot twists.

There are 22 books on her list of recommendations, ranging from the true story of a blizzard in 1888 to a novel based on part of Frank Lloyd Wright's life to a number of war stories. I noticed as I left the Bayside that there were no copies of the list left on the tables. If you want a copy, or misses the meeting and would ;ike one, email me at
January 20 2009
by Tad Shaw

January 27, 2009

Ridgedale YMCA

Club News & Notes.....The annual Winnipeg International Rotary Good Will Meeting is coming up February 20 - 21.It's a good winter break and a good time. Some of your friends look at you a little strangely when they find out you went North instead of South for a break from Minnesota weather but even in February Winnipeg is a great town to visit.....Bob Humphrey was our opening marshall on Inauguration Day.....All of the kids and grand-kids are back in school, and our whole group seems to be more relaxed - or maybe it's shellshocked - after the recent holidays.....Our club has been delivering dictionaries to the local 3rd grade students, and it is quite an experience. The students in about half of the schools have received their gift from us.....Next week, the club's board will be meeting at 11 AM before our lunch. If you have any item or concern, mention it to President Karen or a board member, and it will be put on the agenda.

Our program for January 20th was about the YMCA, and was given by the director of the Ridgedale YMCA. Christa Danner has been the director of our local Y for 10 months.

The YMCA (which stands for Young Men's Christian Association) was founded in 1851 and the organization has had a part in many other historic activities. The games of basketball and volleyball were founded at Y's, basketball in 1891 in Massachusetts. Locally, Camp Christmas Tree in Mound has served large and small groups for over 50 years. The government's Peace Corps was modelled after a YMCA program.

All of the clubs have the health/exercise components, and they also have a public service mission.The Ridgedale Club has extensive membership involved in the exercise and fitness programs, with scheduled classes in a wide range of fitness subjects. In this club, the social service programs that Christa talked about included a recent Youth in Government Day at the state capitol which involved 1800 teenagers from all over the state, and a group of programs which are presented on the site of a local housing development.

The YMCA is an ever-evolving program, and encourages involvement of volunteers (there are 400 volunteers at the Ridgedale Y) in their activities. Funding for their programs comes from three sources - the United Way is an active supporter, with the remainder of the money coming from fees and private and corporate donations.

January 13 2009
by Tad Shaw

January 20, 2009

Update on International Village

Club News & Notes.......The Bayview should get certified as an international departure point for Rotary. The subzero temperatures seem to have increased the early departures of our club's SnowBirds, with members already in California, Arizona, Mexico, and Florida.... Just to add variety to the destinations, President Karen announced the annual International Good Will Rotary meeting in Winnipeg on February 12-22, 2009. Rotarians from all over the Upper Midwest and Canada meet to commemorate and celebrate the anniversary of Rotary going international. The first club outside the borders of the U S was chartered in February in Winnipeg, and an annual gathering has made note of that fact. Nick and Dave are our club's most regular attendees, but Bob Williams has many fond memories of trips "in the old days".......Our club is starting the pass out the dictionaries that we purchased for the 3rd graders in area schools. I went to the first presentation at St John's school, and the kids were thrilled and pleased by the gift. It's fun to see kids excited to get a book!!!

Our meeting on January 13th featured Brock Lemieux, a teenage recent graduate of Perpich School, who spent a month in India at Abul's International Village Clinic. Brock  is from International Falls, and attended Perpich School for the Arts in Golden Valley. He spent his last year as a Shorewood resident, living at the Lizee house (Chris pointed out the distance if you try to commute from International Falls!). After graduating, and before going East to college, he took a trip to India to visit and to help at Abul's clinic.

Brock had a number of slides of the operation that is partially funded by area Rotary Clubs, including ours, and all seems to be progressing in accordance with Abul's plans. The mobile clinics were shown in slides and Abul had said when he last talked to us that he needed to have a source of dependable electric power to maintain the 24 hour clinic. A power failure can't happen, or patients will suffer. This year he is installing solar panels and generators to insure steady power.

Brock and Abul talked about the lack of medical personnel in the clinic; there is only one certified nurse, and all of the doctors are from nearby towns and work on a rotation schedule. The clinic's services have expanded to the point where more medical personnel are needed, and Abul is starting to recruit American doctors and nurses to volunteer to serve in the clinic for a month or so to augment the local medical personnel. I'm sure Abul will have a plan in place when he next visits us.

January 6 2009
by Tad Shaw

January 13 2009

Joel Maturi, U of M Athletic Director

Club News & Notes.....Club officers for the coming year, starting July 1, 2009, are Tim Litfin, secretary, Dean Friesen, treasurer, Dick Glover, president, and Tom Anderson, president-elect. The nominating committee, composed of the 3 most recent past presidents, made its report, and the club accepted and approved their report unanimously.....Our first guest for 2009 was Bob Humphrey's son, Jordan, who is a recent graduate of the U of St Thomas. Along with a lot of recent grads, and many not too recent, he's looking for a job (and a car, too, we hear!!).....The greeter job was a family affair, with Steve Frazier greeting us as we came in, and Karen doing the invocation and opening announcements.

Our speaker at the January 6th meeting was Joela Maturi, the Athletic Director at the University of Minnesota. He started his presentation listing his two claims to fame. As a native of Chisholm, there wasn't too much going on in town when he grew up, but the doctor portrayed in the movie "Field of Dreams" was actually his family doctor. His second claim was that he coached Chris Farley (of SNL fame) in high school.

He became the AD at the U of M in 2002, and his first challenge was to merge the separate men's and women's  athletic departments into one program. At the time he started, the projerction was that the two athletic departments would have a $31,000,000 loss by today. By merging, and eliminating the duplication of jobs, the department is actually (just barely) in the black now. He oversees a budget of $70,000,000, and has a staff of 215 full-time employees. On event days, there are also a lot of part-time workers who handle ushering, food, and a whole bunch of event management tasks.

When the Vikings came to town in '61, there was an immediate and lasting effect on attendance at football games. The new on-campus stadium will help change that, with 50,000-plus seats in a modern facility. The new stadium on campus will bring back the thrill of the team to the campus, and the $288,500,000. building is being built with the substructure able to support a deck above the present seats and increase capacity over 80,000.

The athletic dwepartment was charged with raising $86,000,000 of the cost of the building, and they are $6,000,000. short at the present time. They are selling bricks now to complete their obligation.

Questions asked included one about academic assistance for athletes and the U does spend $1,000,000 on tutors and special aid for athletes in educational trouble. But part of the issue at the U is the culture is a non-class attending culture, and that leads to a school-wide low graduation rate. The president and deans are working to change the student attitude. The overall 4 year graduation rate is lowest in the Big Ten for all students, not just athletes. 4 year participants in athletic programs have a graduation rate in the area of 90%.
January 5, 2009
by Tad Shaw

January 5, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Jerry Brecke was Opening Marshall and it was his privilege to introduce our guest, Dr. Mike Lovett. Mike, as you recall, is now the superintendent of the White Bear Lake schools, and a member of the WBG Rotary Club......At least 2 members of our club are planning to do the arctic dive on New Year's Day: a short, pleasant (?) dip in Lake Minnetonka. The site of the event is the Bayview, and I suspect we'll get at least one report on the event from a participant.

Our December 30th Meeting was a Club Assembly. President Karen elected to end the year with a review of the club's progress this year to date.

First speaker of the day was Dave Peterka, our Membership Director. He pointed out that we have 4 new members this year, partly due to an emphasis on membership. He talked about the new member packet that the club uses, with most of the material specially designed for our club by Don Draayer. To complete his presentation, Dave and President Karen inducted Jeremy Huisheere into our club as our newest member.

Joe Froehling next spoke about the Excelsior Rotary Foundation. He made it clear that this foundation is separate from Rotary International's foundation, and that our foundation had been set up so our members could benefit from having a 501c3 organization to use for donations. All of the donations and bequests will be held by the foundation, and future club donations will come from the foundation. There is a 5 member board that oversees the Excelsior Rotary Foundation, with 4 of them elected by the membership of the club. All club members are also members of the foundation. In answer to a member's concern, the funds held by the foundation are all invested in CDs, so they have not been affected by the recent market issues.

Tad Shaw spoke sbout attendance, and pointed our that we have fallen from weekly attendance which used to be in the 94th and 95th percentile. Makeups are important to the club, so if you miss a meeting make a special effort to make up.

Bob Boyer spoke about the student exchange program, reminding us that we have our inblound (from Japan) and outbound (to France) student this year. Both are doing well, andare enjoying the experiences in their new land.

Steve Frazier talked about the website, and the wide range of computer activcities it supports.

In the Q and A session, Bob Williams asked about the status of the proposals in the 5 year club goals we had set 2 years ago.

December 30, 2008
by Tad Shaw

December 23, 2008


Club News & Notes.....Chris Lizee did the honors as opening marshall ..... She introduced John Ahern's granddaughter, Kelly Ahern from Oklahoma, and reintroduced Jeremy Huisheere, who will soon be a member of our club.....Our club's Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army went well; our volunteers filled up 3 kettles in their one day at Cub at 41 and 7. In the true independent spirit of our club, there were a couple of members who "did it their way": Steve Frazier had his trumpet with him during his stint, and John Ferm had his own bell. No final total announced as to how much our club collected.....Thanks to Steve Frazier for "piping us on board" for the meeting. Every member came into the room with a smile!!

Our Program.....was presented by our own Bob Williams who reminded us that December 24th was his birthday, and then turned the program over to Darel Leipold for a brief history of the Christmas greeting card.

The first commercial Christmas Card was introduced in 1843 although in Germany kids had sent notes for over four-hundred years at yuletide honoring their parents. For a while, people used their calling cards as seasonal greetings, but the custom grew, and a number of greeting card companies entered the field. One of the local companies, The Buzza Company, was a leader in the field until the depression when it folded. The Buzza Company built an office/ plant at Lake Street and Colfax that is still standing (and is being used now as a special school by the Minneapolis school system). Cards engraved with the senders names were the postwar trend, and now the filed is split between 3 forms of Christmas messages: the traditional greeting card, the Christmas letter, and the e-mail greeting.

Pastor Hugh GIlmore spoke briefly, and his comments left me with a number of thoughts. He said that Christmas has been watered down from a Christian religious festival to a commercial activity, and it is hard to remain focused on the real message of the birth of Christ. Rptary Clubs reflect the real meaning of Christmas with their message of hope, compassion, love and forgiveness. Courtesy does not require compromise,

Our meeting closed with the club members singing "O Come All Ye Faithful" (Adeste Fidelis).

December 16, 2008
by Tad Shaw

December 9, 2008

Minnetonka High School Choir

Club News & Notes......You can always expect an interesting meeting when the fire engines and police are outside of the building with flashing lights on. With the shocks we've been getting in the news recently with the arrests of prominent businessmen, we were pleased to find that the problem was only a burst pipe in the building!!.....Molly Swenson was greeter and opening marshall, and found enough guesdts to keep her busy.....Because of the excitement, President Karen split up the meeting, but we were all fed and waiting when the choir came in.....Erik Johnson read a card about a relative in the Northwest who recently died, but had been an active Rotarian involved in many of the projects worldwide that make Rotary the world-changing group that it is.....Steve Frazier got his first chance to do Happy Bucks.....Visitors inckuded Ross McGlasson, Wendy Myers, Dan Ruehl, Patty Williams, Mary Ann Draayer, and Nancy Aulick.

Our Program......Wow! Paula Holmgren and the Minnetonka High School Choir presented a program of seasonal music for our club. The 55 singers represented their school very well.

Their program started with an African Noel from the Kituba tribe, followed by the Gloria from Haydn's Sicilian Mass. A suite of 5 recently composed Hebrew love songs followed.

A male quartet sang the next two selections, one from The Nutcracker Suite, and the other an Allelulia. The 20 member Chamber Choir gave us two familiar standards, Winter Wonderland  and Carol of the Bells.

The full choir returned to sign Ave Maria, a version for two choirs written by Franz Biebl, a Bruce Sled number entitled Jingle-Ga-Lye-Ya, and they closed the concert with the traditional choral benediction.

Paula mentioned that the choir will be visiting Europe and has been scheduled to sing at St Peter's in Rome.

Wow!! We all left with a smile on our faces. What a holiday treat!
December 2 2008
by Tad Shaw

December 9, 2008

Club News & Notes......Lee Webster was Opening Marshall for the meeting.....Next year's fund-raising event will be another golf tournament in co-operation with the morning club. The organizational chart for the golf committee is set up, and the list was passed out for members to sign up to chair and/or work on the various committees.....The Christmas Party was a success according to the attendees. Many thanks to Terry Roeser who chaired the event. During the evening, the donations were given to the charities that are supported by the golf fundraiser last August.....Salvation Army bell-ringing is 12-18, and Erik Johnson is coordinating the volunteers.....A letter from our exchange student in France was received by Tom Anderson, and he updated the members about Matt Depaolis' experiences to date. Bob Boyer also spoke about exchange students; his concern is finding homes for the students sponsored by our club and the AM club. The search for homes for the students continues; if you have ideas or people to suggest, contact Bob.

Our Program
speaker was introduced by Tom Anderson. O. G. Shaw has been in the field of physical fitness for 33 years. He began by talking about the great American effort to lose weight, and how the average American is overweight. Diets are not a good answer because after you quit you invariably gain more weight than the amount lost. Exercise programs usually affect only one area of the body; jogging for an hour builds up the legs but does nothing for the upper body strength. To be effective, an exercise program should  work all of the muscle masses fairly equally. Using conventional exercise programs, it would take three hours a day to do the job properly. Exercise is medicine.

Another area of concern to Mr Shaw was diet. He stressed the value of proper diet in maintaining body health.  He passed around a list of foods with relative health values. On one side were the good things and on the other side were all of my favorites.

He said that there was one exercise that would do everything that your body needed, and that only 5 minutes a day was needed to do it. He ran out of time, and gave out the information on the exercise to the members who stayed on after the close of the meeting. About two-thirds of the club members stayed over to find out about the exercise.

December 2, 2008
by Tad Shaw

December 2, 2008.

The club held the annual Christmas Party at the Arboretum. No luncheon meeting was held.
January 5, 2009
by Tad Shaw

January 5, 2009

Club News & Notes.....Jerry Brecke was Opening Marshall and it was his privilege to introduce our guest, Dr. Mike Lovett. Mike, as you recall, is now the superintendent of the White Bear Lake schools, and a member of the WBG Rotary Club......At least 2 members of our club are planning to do the arctic dive on New Year's Day: a short, pleasant (?) dip in Lake Minnetonka. The site of the event is the Bayview, and I suspect we'll get at least one report on the event from a participant.

Our December 30th Meeting was a Club Assembly. President Karen elected to end the year with a review of the club's progress this year to date.

First speaker of the day was Dave Peterka, our Membership Director. He pointed out that we have 4 new members this year, partly due to an emphasis on membership. He talked about the new member packet that the club uses, with most of the material specially designed for our club by Don Draayer. To complete his presentation, Dave and President Karen inducted Jeremy Huisheere into our club as our newest member.

Joe Froehling next spoke about the Excelsior Rotary Foundation. He made it clear that this foundation is separate from Rotary International's foundation, and that our foundation had been set up so our members could benefit from having a 501c3 organization to use for donations. All of the donations and bequests will be held by the foundation, and future club donations will come from the foundation. There is a 5 member board that oversees the Excelsior Rotary Foundation, with 4 of them elected by the membership of the club. All club members are also members of the foundation. In answer to a member's concern, the funds held by the foundation are all invested in CDs, so they have not been affected by the recent market issues.

Tad Shaw spoke sbout attendance, and pointed our that we have fallen from weekly attendance which used to be in the 94th and 95th percentile. Makeups are important to the club, so if you miss a meeting make a special effort to make up.

Bob Boyer spoke about the student exchange program, reminding us that we have our inblound (from Japan) and outbound (to France) student this year. Both are doing well, andare enjoying the experiences in their new land.

Steve Frazier talked about the website, and the wide range of computer activcities it supports.

In the Q and A session, Bob Williams asked about the status of the proposals in the 5 year club goals we had set 2 years ago.

November 25, 2008
by Tad Shaw

November 25, 2008

ICA Food Shelf

Club News & Notes......President Karen passed out the Ronald McDonald collection boxes for pop can openers. Full boxes when turned in to the company result in donations to support The Ronald McDonald Houses acxross the nation.No meeting on December 2nd - all are encouraged to attend the Christmas Party held jointly with the morning club......Sign up sheet is out for bell ringing for the Salvation Army. This year reports are that donations are down, so our club members will have to have especially charming smiles during their turn at the kettle.

Our Speaker was introduced by Art Johnsen, and she was Kathy Maes, the director of ICA. As you know, ICA is our local foodshelf; many of our mnembers work as volunteers to help them distribute food to our neighbors who need help.

ICA was started by local churches to provide a common location for needy families to find help. In October, theygave a food package to a recipient every 15 minutes, for a total of 515 families helped in October. November numbers will be higher. The ICA also offers financial assistance to families for such things as rent, heating bills, gasoline costs for work transportation, and a number of other reasons, They disperse about $40,000 each month through their social workers. 13% of their funds come from grants, and they provide help for families in Hopkins, Minnetonka and Excelsior area.

One measure of their services is the fact that they have given out 750 turkeys and dinners for Thanksgiving this year

Because of the increasing needs caused by the economy, they need more volunteer hours donated.
November 18, 2008
by Tad Shaw

November 18, 2008

Rotary in Action

Club News & Notes......Christmas Party is coming up; December 2nd is the date, and the Arboretum is the place. Be sure to get your reservation to Terry Roeser as soon as you can......Because of the change of location, the attendance list for the 18th may not have had everyone entered. Please check the list to make sure you get credit for attending (if you were there, of course).....Remember the Rotary Foundation.....How many noticed that the wrong location was given in the bulletin for the meeting? The wrong Lutheran Church was named, but the right location was shown.

Our Program was the club's donation to KIDS AGAINST HUNGER. Thirty members and guests spent the lunch hour packing meals for the hungry kids and families in Africa.

Our club took it's turn at assembling meals for the sponsor to ship over to Africa. According to our ADG, Ross McGlasson, who was there cheering us on, our club packed 11,332 meals for the hungry!

That's 11,332 meals, and we didn't need to pause to catch our breath, or call for replacements.

We ran 4 assembly lines, and the food packets almost flew through the process. And in the midst of all of this we managed a tuneful rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Dave McCuskey who celebrated his birthday that day.

The event was started by our own Dr Draayer who started our efforts with a prayer, and then we went to work. Some of our members have done the packaging so many times that they can do the routine in their sleep!!!

Next up is the Morning Club, and they should have a hard time beating our record. Maybe we should have an observer at their session to make sure the counting is correct - perhaps Norm COleman or Al Franken could take some time off to do it for us.

November 11, 2008
by Tad Shaw

November 11, 2008

Our Local Cub Foods Store

Club News & Notes.......Glenn Froberg was Opening Marshall. His very appropriate remarks for Veteran's Day included reading a poem by a friend of his.....Lee Webster did the Happy Buck Gig for the day.....President Karen reminded us all that the November 18th meeting will be at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (Oak and William Street) for our members to pack food for the "Kids Against Hunger Program"......Also mentioned was the Christmas Party, being held December 2nd at the Arboretum. Terry Roeser is collecting and tabulating the reply cards (will we need a recount?) and she and Lee Webster predict a fabulous time at the event.....Dave McCuskey spends his every morning sitting by his mailbox waiting for the remaining reply cards for the annual foundation drive, If you have not sent yours in, please get it to Dave p.d.q.!!!!

Our Program. Member Art Johnsen introduced our speaker, Steve Mauchad, the manager of the Cub Foods at the intersection of 101 and 7. Supervalu, who owns Cub Foods, has two type of Cub Stores: corporate owned and operated, and franchise stores. Our store is a franchise one, started 28 years ago by Arne Haig. The organization has a number of other stores, including 11 in Florida. The company founded by Arne and still run by his daughters has 1300 employees. Cub Foods operates 70 stores, and has won awards recently for the advanced, "green-friendly" design of the newest ones.

Because of the number of competitors in the food business, the profit margin is not very high. Cub uses full-time employees and provides a full package of benefits. Expenses at the local store run over $30,00 eaxch month for utilities, and $40,000 for employee benefits. Another recent fee to hit the grocery business are the costs of using credit cards to pay the bills; the credit card company takes a percentage of every billing they do.

Our local store has an excellent reputation for community service, especially in their support of the schools in the area. Each time the football team sells water softener salt, they buy it through Cub, and it amounts to 6 semi-loads of salt. The little red brat stand in the parking lot is used by local organizations as a fund raising operation, and this year the schools and churches netted $30,000 from sales of $60,000.
November 4, 2008
by Tad Shaw

November 4, 2008

John Regan on Generations

Club News & Notes......Dick Osgood did the honors as Opening Marshall, and Dr. John Marty collected Happy Bucks.....President Karen reminded the club of the change of location for the  November 18th meeting. We'll be packaging food for Kids Against Hunger at Mount Calvary during our lunch time. Of course, there is a challenge issued by the Morning Club, as they will also be doing it.....Terry Roeser is turning into our club's party girl; she announced the plans for our Christmas Party at the Arboretum. The party will be December 2nd and will be a joint party with the Morning Club. Keep the date open and reply to the invitation being sent to you.....Dave McCuskey is showing patience about the replies to the RI Foundation appeal this year. He'd like each of us to respond as soon as possible to clear up the first phase of the program.....Jeremy Huirsheere was our only visitor, and he is in the process of applying to join our group.

Our Program was presented by John Regan, who was introduced by Tom Anderson. Johm talked about the four generations and how they are different - and why they are different.

The first group, Traditionalists, were born before 1945, and experienced WWII and the depression, and were used to hard work, responded to authority, and believe in the value of the established order. Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964 value competition, personal success, and have their personal ideals. Generation X, born 1966 thru 1980 have an entrepreneurial spirit, value their freedom, and want information to guide their decisions. Millennials, born from 1981 to 2000, want to have meaning in their activities, they want diversity, and they want to be involved in the decision-making. Managers have to deal with each of the generations a little differently to get the best work out of them

One of the interesting questions is what the next generation will have as its characteristics.
October 25, 2008
by Bob Williams

October 25, 2008

Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek

Club News & Notes....Club President, Karen Frazier, presided at the Excelsior Rotary Club meeting at the Bayview. Opening Marshall for the day was Jim Hillis who also offered the Invocation. Chris Lizee did the honors for Happy Bucks. Dave McCuskey received the first batch of returns for the Rotary Foundation and extended the time limit for completion of the project to November 16 Last year, Rotarians In our Rotary District 5950, gave $913,000 to the Rotary Foundation ranking fifthamong all 530 Rotary Districts.....Terry Roeser announced that the club's Christmas Party has been moved from December 9 back to Tuesday evening, December 2 at the Arboretum. Invitations are forthcoming, so mark your calendar...... Our President-Elect, Dick Glover, reported on the new 2008-2009 STRIVE Program at Minnetonka HS. There are some 24 students enrolled in the project along worth 8-10 faithfull Rotarians.

Our Program  Featured Rich Stanek, Hennepin County Sheriff, who made a most interesting presentation on the security at the Republican National Convention held in St Paul in early September. Tom L. Anderson made the introduction for the speaker of the day. The Sheriff is a graduate of the U of M and earned his Master's Degree at Hamline University. Sheriff Stanek is a 24 year veteran of Law Enforcement rising through the ranks of the Minneapolis Police Department to Commander of Criminal Division. He also served in the Minnesota house of Representatives and was appointed Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety and Director of Homeland Security. Also attending the meeting was Lisa Kiava, Communications Director for the Hennepin Sheriffs Office.

As for the Republican National Convention, Sheriff Stanek told us about the 20 months of planning of the security for the event including everybody from the Federal Government to the local police, the Sheriffs Departments of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties and the Minnesota State Troopers. Some 3500 local police officers were involved in the project and some 815 arrests were made during the four day event. The Federal Government also provided $15 million for convention security. The Sheriff also left enough time for questions. All in all, it was an excellent program.

October 21, 2008
by Tad Shaw

The FBI at 100 Years of Age.

Club News & Notes......Molly's group did the Highway Cleanup in the morning before the meeting, and no one came up with any special treasures this time. And the money found along the road in the past wasn't there this time...perhaps an unexpected sign of the difficult financial times......Comrade John Ahern did Happy Bucks in his Chinese hat and jacket. In a gesture of international sharing, he said he was willing to rent the suit to members who needed "fancy clothes" for a social event.....Terry Roeser asked members to save DECEMBER 9th - Tuesday evening - for the annual HOLIDAY PARTY. We'll be doing the same type of party as last year. It will be a joint party with the A.M. Club, and will be held at the Arboretum...... It's just about time for Nick and Dave to start the planning for the Winnipeg meeting in mid-February.

Our Program started with a few comments from Gene Gray about the history of the FBI, and then Special agent E. K. Wilson was introduced. He is a graduate of the U S Naval Academy, and has spent 13 years with the FBI. Prior to being stationed in Minneapolis, he was in Albany NY and Washington DC. He has just returned from special duty in Iraq.

The FBI was founded by Attorney General Bonaparte in 1908, when Teddy Roosevelt ws president. The service started with 35 employees, and was basically investigative at the start. In 1924, the service started the nationwide fingerprint data base. The service finalized it's name in 1935: Federal Bureau of Investigation. By then J Edgar Hoover had been chief of the bureau for 11 years.

Their focus has always been fighting federal crimes, and they were heavily involved in the battle against gangsters in the 1920s and 1930s. It was right after the arrest of "Pretty Boy Floyd" in 1933 that the agents started to wear arms. During World War II, the FBI was the agency that handled espionage cases, and now counter-espionage is their number one priority. The investigation of 9-11 is the largest investigation ever staged by the FBI. 34 agents have died in the line of duty.

The agency's focus is on two areas: federal crimes and national security.They currently have 60 foreign offices which are usually attached to our embassy.

The FBI has a Citizen's Academy they hold to educate members of the public about their history and their role in maintaining a safe, secure America, and Agent Wilson recommended enrolling in the 6 night series.

October 14 2008
by Tad Shaw

A Powerful Presentation

Club News & Notes.....Jim Olds was greeter and opening marshall. Jim always finds good quotes for his opening comments.....Ross McGlasson, our ADG (Assistant District Governor) joined us for lunch. I suspect he has enough makeup slips to last through 2015!.....President Karen welcomed our two guests, George Pett and Jeremy Hursheere, both 1st time visitors.....Molly Swenson had a signup sheet for the road cleanup. It's time now to watch the weather - I don't recall a rainy morning for the pickup; I hope our luck doesn't run out.....There was an undercurrent of comment about the need for a dress code for our club. Nick Ruehl showed up in pajamas with a second layer of Zubaz - perhaps fashionable, but questionable for our super-dignified club. Comments would have been made out loud except that he was dressed for the Cub Foods/Rotary food dash that he participated in earlier that day. He, of course, won by scooping up the most food during the timed event. The net result of the food dash is that Cub Foods and the participating Rotary Clubs will donate a total of over $15.000.00 to the ICA Food Shelf........Art Johnsen did Happy Bucks, and reminded us all that the proceeds of Happy Bucks are used for scholarships at MHS.

Our Speaker was from Partners for Affordable Energy. Her organization is a coalition of all of the stakeholders in the effort to provide electricity to the public at low cost. The energy business has changed in the past few years, as has the environmental consciousness of the region. State laws have been passed setting limits on building of power plants, and of the nuclear plants, too. Businesses and residences have been increasing their power needs, and soon we'll be having brown outs and blackouts if changes aren't made.

Many different types of projects are in the works to test alternatives to our present electricity usage plans. The net result is that the power companies are looking hard for ways to reduce power consumption. All of us waste power in our homes...such simple things as unplugging appliances can result in a 7 to 10% reduction in our power consumption. Turning off power strips and surge protectors can reduce power usage. Turning out lights when not in use is another way of saving energy.

The power companies are currently experimenting with diverse techniques to maximize power output per pound of resources. But the best way at present to reduce waste of electricity is to have each consumer aware of the energy choices, and to have that consumer make the proper choice.
October 7, 2008
by Tad Shaw

October 7, 2008

Two Speakers

Club News & Notes.......Tim Litfin was the greeter and opening marshall....Former State Representative Barb Sykora and Regina Reed visited from the Minnetonka Club....There was a good turnout of members for the meeting. We saw some faces for the first time since mid-August.....A large stack of completed makeup cards should be at the greeting table next week!!.....Road clean-up is approaching.....We had 2 speakers for our program today.

Our program started with a talk by Ensign Phil Litfin, recent graduate of the U S Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. A graduate of Waconia High School, he got an appointment to the Naval Academy, and spent 4 years there. Upon graduation, he had earned the rank of Ensign, and had his choice of which naval career path to follow. He chose flight training, and was sent to Pensecola FL for ground school and preliminary training (He called Pensecola the capital of the Red Neck Riviera). He was sent to Corpus Christi, TX for his primary flight training which took from September to April of this year. Most of the training was in T38 trainers, which have been in use since the '70s. Upon completing the course, Phil had 3 choices for his piloting future in the navy: helicopters, jets, or the P3 transport. The P3, which was his choice, is land based reconnaisance plane, which is also used for supply, and as a submarine hunter. He returns to duty on the 17th of October when he reports to Jacksonville, FL.

His younger brother is a freshman at the USNA, having been appointed after he graduated from Waconia High School this last spring.

A number of questions were asked, mainly by our resident (and retired) service pilots, Glenn Froberg and Dick Glover.

Our second speaker was Sadie Hanson, a junior at Minnetonka High School, and the founder of "Gifts for Goodness".

When Sadie was in 8th grade, she went on a field trip to some of the shelters in downtown Minneapolis. She noticed that while the kids and women received gifts of winter clothing, gloves and such, the teenage and adult men didn't get any. She went to all of the classes in 8th grade at Minnetonka East, and raised $1,000 to use to purchase gloves and caps for the homeless men in the shelters. In 9th grade, when she was a new student in the High School building, her campaign raised $3,000. Last year she was able to switch to wool caps instead of cotton ones, and this year she is working with student government and local organizations to raise awareness of the problem.

"Gifts for Goodness" is already ahead of last year, and by Christmas she expects to have gift packages delivered to about 400 needy men.

September 30, 2008
by Tad Shaw

September 30 2008


Club News & Notes.....Bob Boyer was opening marshall, and he had three guests to introduce. Ed Oliver was a visitor from #9, and he had as his guest Erik Paulson who is running for the 3rd District seat held now by Jim Ramstad. Chris Lizee had Debby Siakel as her guest. Debby is running for city council in Shorewood.....Tom Anderson faced a small disaster with aplomp. His program for the day did not appear, so he asked Ed Oliver, a visitor, to give a summary of the election campaign this year. Pretty fast footwork for a Deephaven resident!!!.....John Ahern did Happy Bucks dressed in his American clothes. It sounds like he's going to be a first class fashion plate when he starts wearing the new clothes that he purchased in China on his recent trip....Molly Swenson gave us a first reminder about the highway 7 pickup scheduled for sometime in October.

Our Program was introduced by Tom Anderson. Because of schedule changes, our original speaker didn't show up, so Tom asked one of our visitors, Ed Oliver, to talk about the events of this election year. Ed is our district's former state senator, and active in the Republican Party.

Ed started with a discussion of the caucuses held early this year - the third Tuesday on February. At the caucuses, delegates are elected to higher level conventions. At the next level, the parties endorse candidates, and also elect delegates to higher level conventions. Usually, then, candidates are endorsed by the party before the primary election. The voters make the final selections in that election. The Republican State Convention endorsed McCain for president, and the national convention, held in St Paul, also endorsed McCain. The election campaign continues until November when the general election is held.

The winners in the election take office at different times. Local and legislative winners take their posts on January 1st of next year, while the president-elect become the leader of our country in late January.
September 23 2008
by Tad Shaw

September 23, 2008

Minnetonka Community Education

Club News & Notes
.....Bob Boyer was opening marshall, and he had only one guest to introduce - our new young exchange student from Japan.... John Ahern returned from his trip to China and had his Mao-style hat with him. The red star fell off the front of it, but the style still gave it away. John promised he would have the star sewn back on before he wore the hat again.......Three new members were inducted into the club: Scott Dykhoff (banking). Erik Johnson (construction), and Steve Frazier (teaching).......The local Lions Club is having a boat ride on Saturday. Ron Hughes passed out their brochure for what will be a fun event.....When was the last time you went to our website? In addition to e-mail facilities for our members to use to contact each other, it is the stepping stone to use to get to Rotary International's website, and to the district. A wealth of info available!!!

Our Program was presented by member Tim Litfin, who is the director of Minnetonka Community Education, a branch of the school district. MCE is the branch of the district that provides the educational and personal services to residents other than the children in the K-12 program. In addition, they provide athletic programs, drivers education, and other needs for kids in the regular program. The main difference between MCE and the other elements in the district is that MCE is a fee-driven program. Most of the programs, classes, and services offered by MCE require payment of a fee.

MCE has an annual budget of six and a half million dollars. Of that budget, 85% is earned by charging fees for programs, and 15% is (grudgingly) given to the area in state grants. The state money is ticketed for specific programs, and usually covers the bulk of the costs of such things as pre-school screening, programs for the disabled, and similar state mandates. Some of the state funds are paid per capita, and many don't come close to covering the costs of MCE's programs for the targetted group. In those cases, the shortfall is made up from fee income.

MCE provides a wide range of classes for adults and young people, including day care based in school buildings, swimming lessons and lifeguard services, computer classes, cooking classes, exercise and yoga classes, and language and music programs. Trips and tours are also part of the offerings. Three times a year, every household in the district gets the MCE catalog.

And participation in MCE programs is not limited to district residents...participants in the Tour de Tonka came from 185 different home towns!

September 16 2008
by Tad Shaw

September 16, 2008

Student Activities at Minnetonka High School

Club News & Notes......Bob Boyer was greeter and opening marshall, and Dick Glover collected Happy Bucks.....Our guests for lunch were our 3 new members-to-be: Scott, Erik and Steve.....The club's board at a meeting on September 9th made some grants. The $2,000 to Abul's International Village in India was confirmed. Grants were approved to be sent to the district for matching funds for the Dictionaries for 3rd Graders project in the amount of $1,000, and in the same amount for Hopkins-Minnetonka Family Services.

Our Program, introduced by Bob Hoebelheinrich, was presented by John Hedstrom from the high school. John, as well as being the boy's basketball coach, holds the title and position of "Assistant Principal for Student Activities". To do this, he is licensed by the state as a school principal.

His job responsibility is to get the kids involved in more than just classes. The District's Vision Statement says that "Attitudes, skills, and experiences nurtured in co-curriculars enhance, rather than compete with, the academic mission of our schools."  There are just under 75 different approved specific activities at MHS, ranging from athletics to working on the yearbook. The newest athletic programs are in the "adapted" area, where two or more school districts have to pair up to get enough members to field a team.

Problems include finding enough opponents for the sports teams. Most of the area conferences have only 5 members, and you have to go outside the area to fill the schedule. This year, the football teams goes to Kansas for one game. Another perennial problem is funding. There is a shortfall of $400,000 this year; this is made up from admission fees, and fees for participation. Areas that are of concern are salaries, rising cost of transportation, and finding officials. There are 65 people who work at each football game.

Some of the questions asked involved the effect of open enrollment on the athletic programs. John said that it is hard to balance the use of a lifetime Tonka student against a new open enrollment student and come up with an answer fair to all. He also said that currently 82% of the students are enrolled in at least one co-curricular activity.

September 9 2008
by Tad Shaw

September 9, 2008

International Village in India

News & Notes.....Bob Boyer was greeter on a cool and sunshiny day. Bob introduced 3 guests with familiar faces. Member-to-be Scott Dykhoff, Steve Frazier, and former member Gene Altstadt joined us for lunch, as well as two prospective members, Sherry Maxwell and Tim Alexander.....Darel had a listing of the winning numbers for the Apple Day buttons so that members could check to see if they had a winner.....Our speaker, Abul Sharah, didn't know we had moved from the Old Log, so he was setting up his projector there when they told him we had moved. He commented on the positive change of location .....Nick Reuhl had some cash cards for restaurants that were left over from the fundraiser, and he managed to sell 14 in record time. He raised another $140.00 from the cards; the money increases the fundraiser results. President Karen announced the total earniings to date, but some other items are still coming in.....STRIVE is starting for the new school year, and Dick Glover said the first of the meetings - the one with the parents - is scheduled soon. He expects a larger student group this year, and is still looking for more members to participate.

Our Program was inroduced by Dave McCuskey. Abul Sharah is no stranger to our club, as he has been an annual speaker. He is the founder and director of International Village in India.

In 2002, Abul decided to do something that would benefit the people in his home town in India. He had worked in America for years, and was a successful business man. He thought of a hospital project, and in 2002 he went to visit his hometown to see if the idea had any merit. He observed a clinic held by an eye doctor in his town, and kids between four and seven years of age were brought in. They were blind, and the doctor told the parents that they would be blind for life. Abul found out that their blindness was cvaused by a lack of vitamin A; just a few pennies a day could have provided them the nutrition needed to avoid blindness. That event told him his plan was needed. In his home region, in northern India just south of Nepal, the incidence of malnutrition ia the worst in the world.

The International Village is set up to treat illnesses and provide health education and nutritional supplements and is the only hospital organization available to serve a population of nearly 1,000,000 people. Last year, he received $40,000 from Rotary and Rotary Clubs. That money was used to buy an X-ray machine, an ultrasound unit, a baby warmer unit, diesel generators, an ambulance, a truck for a small mobile clinic, and a solar panel system. He told us that his payroll for his staff of 25 people is $100,000 for the year. They treated 58,000 patients last year.

Because of the problems with dealing with the Indian bureauocracy, he has not received any funding or help from the government, Now that he has proven that his clinic does  work and does provide health service to the population, he is going to the government for help. Because of the many levels of government, and the corruption at each level, grants are not useful because the user only receives pennies on the dollar, if anything at all.
September 2, 2008
by Tad Shaw

September 2, 2008

Minnetonka Schools

Club News & Notes.....Glenn Froberg was greeter, and he read a quotation from Shakespeare as his opening invocation.....Lots of guests, including Mark and Polly Anderson who are hosting our new exchange student from Japan. Bryan Litsey brought Mark Erickson to lunch; Mark is the recently retired member of the police department who has 30 years of service to the area. Ross McGlasson, our ADG, also was at lunch..... Judy Elling was Woody Love's guest; she is the director of the Hopkins-Minnetonka Family Resource Center. This group serves exactly the same area as the Food Shelf, but provides the other social services that the food shelf cannot.The resource center is looking for funds, and has made a presentation to our club's board. It appears that there would be a group of clubs that would apply to Rotary district for matching funds. Chanhassen, the Morning Club, and Hopkins are considering joining the funding effort......Austin Kraft from the AM Club who was the chair of the fundraising golf event thanked the participants in the event. It looks as though the event cleared a record profit.....Happy bucks benefited from the parents (and grandparents) who were thankful for the start of the school year.

Our Speaker was introduced by Bob Hoebelheinrich. Dr. Dennis Peterson is the superintendent of the Minnetonka School District, and he gave a brief report on the schools at the start of the new school year. He gave a positive report for the coming year.

Although the demographics of the area show a decrease in the number of children, the attendance figures at the district are up by about 5%. This increase is due to many local children returning to the district from private schools or from home schooling, as well as a large number of students from outside of the district. State monies are provided for each student who attends the district, so the increased revenue is good for the system.

The subject of "No child left behind" was discussed, and  Dr. Peterson had a chart showing test results for the district or the past two years. Last year, one segment of the students tested in the high school did not pass the mandated tests, and the school was notified of non-compliance. Dr Peterson, who made it very clear that he does not think the program is a good program, pointed out that the standards increase every year, and that a student has to pass the tests in order to graduate from high school.

August 19 2008
by Tad Shaw

August 19, 2008

Vist from District  Governor Chris Holm.

Club News & Notes .....Art Johnsen was opening marshal.....Visitors included Eric Johnson and Scott Dykhoff, prospective members, Steve Frazier, and Chip Cheney and Bill Carlson from the AM Club.....Also present (in his official capacity as Assistant District Governor) was Ross McGlasson.....The club skipped Happy Bucks, and instead raised funds for the India Tricycle Project. D.G. Chris Holm explained that in India, many people can't walk because of childhood diseases (read polio for one), and this money goes to buy tricycles which are given to the individuals, who can then get around Every dollar given is matched by private individuals, and sent to India where the bikes are manufactured and deliverd to the end users. The club's board had set up a match for the first $250.00, even though DG Chris had only requested $100.00 from our club. At the end of the meeting, the total donations from our club were $810 --16 trikes for India!!!....

Our Speaker was the present District Governor, Chris Holm, a member of the Wayzata Club.

His talk echoes the international motto for this year, "Make Dreams Real". He stressed that Rotary has to develop an ability to know how to make a difference, locally as well as internationally, and then act on that knowledge. This year, the focus for grants is on plans and programs that benefit children age 5 or less. The goals for the international facet of Rotary are these: (1) have fun; (2) have one member of each club go on an international service project; (3) start a new community service project; (4) grow in membership by at least one new member in each club; (5) support the Rotary Foundation with each Rotarian giving $200.00, and(6) have at least one member of each club serving on a District Leadership team.

Governor Chris told us that the Rotary Foundation and Rotary will be changing their method of funding grants in 2013, and that there is a pilot program set up to work out the details in  real situations. Out district will be applying to be a part of the pilot program.
August 5 2008
by Tad Shaw

August 5, 2008

Bob Gardner Bench Dedication

Club News & Notes    Tad Shaw was opening marshal, and Gary Thompson did the happy bucks gig.....President Karen got a chorus of Happy Birthday, even though she "forgot" to mention her August 4th birthday in the birthday and anniversary list she gave. Husband Steve added his voice to the singing.....Dick Osgood announced that the next District G.S.E. (Group Study Exchange) will be going to India in the spring. The district is looking for an interested Rotarian to lead the group of young businesspersons on the tour.....We had eight guests join us for lunch and the bench dedication, as well as having 4 join us when we arrived at the Veterans' Park. Former club members Bill Kerber and Bob McDougall had worked with Bob Gardner at Minnetonka State Bank, and had an opportunity over lunch to visit with members of the Gardner family. Representing three generations of the Gardner family were Ann Gardner, sons Mike and Bob, and Bob's wife, Marge, and granddaughter Rachel Gardner. Joining us at the memorial were Ann and Bob Lundsten, former Rotarian and former president of Minnetonka State Bank, Pattie Williams, and Austin Kraft from the AM Club.

Our Program centered on the dedication of the bench in memory of Bob Gardner. President Karen introduced club member and mayor of Excelsior, Nick Ruehl, who in his remarks reminded us of the work of the late Ken Koehnen in establishing the memorial to veterans who died in WWII, and the continuing work of the garden club in maintaining the area as a fitting site for a memorial. He then introduced Bob Williams.

Bob Williams told us of Bob Gardner's service in W W II as an infantryman, and of his participation in the Battle of the Bulge. He was wounded there, and received the
Purple Heart. A long-time Rotarian, Bob served as the 21st president of our club, as well as having a long career at "the bank", Minnetonka State Bank. Bob retired as vice president of the bank, where he was referred to as "The Loan Arranger" by his customers. Bob remained a member of our club until he resigned for health reasons. He was one of the Winnipeggers, going to the international conference in the days that Vic Bacon, Ray Mason, Ev Driskill, Bob Williams and others attended. Bob had a strong religious side, too.

A picture to remember was the family sitting on and standing around the bench right after the dedication.
August 12 2008
by Tad Shaw

August 12 2008

The Travel Business

Club News & Notes......Terry Roeser was opening marshal and greeter, and found herself with more guests than usual. Steve Frazier and Erik Johnson were present, and former DG Rod Shilkrot was also a guest.....Bob Boyer introduced our out-bound exchange student, Matt Depaolis and his parents, Wendy and John. Matt is leaving the end of the month for his year in France. Gene Gray was giving him a list of "must sees" and we think that Matt will be a great ambassador to France for our club. He promises to keep Bob informed of his activities.....John Gray collected Happy Bucks.....Golf outing/fund raiser/dinner and auction is coming soon; August 25 is the date. You can attend the dinner without playing golf. Lee Webster has the signup sheet for dinner. There is still time to turn in auction items. Take the item(s) to Beaconbank office in Excelsior, and they will store it until the day of the auction.

Our speaker  was Wendy Weigel of the Auto Club Travel Agency in St. Louis Park. With the recent gasoline price changes, a lot of people thought that people would stay home because of the rising prices. Wendy said that the travel patterns that they see have changed, but that people are still travelling. The Auto CLub's famous "TripTik" is still very popular, and is now available to AAA members on line; online usage is increasing at a fast rate.

The current "places to go" are Peru and Argentina in South America. This is due to a favorable exchange rate, and Costa Rica and Belize are in a similar status in Central America. Union of South Africa is a strong travel destination at this time, again because of the dollar/rand exchange rate. A lot of China travel now because of the Olympics, but Southeast Asia, especially Laos, is a current favorite. Europe is off the radar for individual travel (again due to the exchange rate), but there are still bargains in "escorted tours". The tour operators bought their spaces over a year ago, and they are still passing on the 2007 prices to their clients.

In domestic travel, Alaska is the hot place (no pun intended). Cruise boats from Seattle and Vancouver are very popular, and usually a good buy. National parks are also popular now, but most of them are already "sold out" for this year. Because of gasoline prices, another popular destination  for families are midwestern resorts. Air travel is now such a hassle that many travellers prefer to go by rail using Amtrak and packaged rail tours, packaged motor coach tours, and cruises in coastal waters and on rivers in the US. A new dimension in travel is the "multi-generational group" - a family taking a tour or trip together, usually a cruise or resort stay.

In any case, the traveller is now very price conscious, and is looking for values added to the package before buying.
July 29,2008
by Tad Shaw

July 29,2008

The American Constitution

Club News & Notes     Jerry Brecke was the opening marshall.....Bill Carlson from the AM club joined us for lunch, as well as 4 guests: Dr George Noren, Don Sjelstad, somebody claiming to be Steve Frazier, and Scott Dykhoff..... Scott Zerby appeared and reintroduced himself. Glad to hear he'll be on a different work schedule and will be at more meetings.....Dick Glover gave us a reminder of the Golf Event August 25th. Have you signed up your foursome?.....Jim Hillis did Happy Bucks.....Good attendance at the meeting, but no makeups turned in!!

Our Program was introduced by Darel Leipold, and was given by member Glenn Froberg. Glenn gave a talk on the American Constitution, which was adopted by the U S Congress September 17, 1787, and which required approval by nine of the thirteen states to become effective. The 9th state, New Hampshire, ratified the document in June 1788, and it became the law of the land.

Many of us memorized the Preamble to the Constitution in school, and it is one of the most stirring of the patriotic writings in our country. The  document establishes the three branches of government, and lists the powers of each of them. The next section establishes the states and their powers, then a method of amendment is drawn up, and the last section states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Added to the document by the drafting committee were 10 amendments, known as the Bill of Rights. In the past 220 years, each phrase in the document has been tested in court at least once. Early on, it was established by a court case that the supreme court is the final arbiter of issues regarding the constitution, and the broad wording in the document sometimes leaves a wide range of interpretations before the court's decision.

There are now 27 amendments to the document, involving everything from changing the way Senators are elected (originally, they were appointed by the state legislatures) to Prohibition to granting the vote to women to freeing slaves. Glenn gave examples of some of the cases through the years that have affected the way the document is interpreted.

All of the rights we have as citizens stem from this document
July 15, 2008
by Tad Shaw

July 15, 2008




Club News & Notes..... John Ahern was Opening Marshall, and he described some of the differences between our club and the club he attends in Florida during the winter......He also introduced our 3 guests, Eric Johnson, Scott Dykoff, and Shorewood's new administrator, Brian Peck....Golf outing/fundraiser is approaching, and Nick Ruehl and Dick Glover both asked for volunteers from our club.....IF you are not getting "Rotarian" Magazine, or if the address is wrong, contact Tad Shaw to have the info corrected.....

Our Program    was introduced by President Karen, and was given by Darel Leipold of our club. The topic, Immigration, is a hot political issue right now, and Darel presented some historical background of the issue for our membership.

Of course, the Native American populace on the continent predated any immigrants, but it appears that the first European immigrant arrival on the shores of North America was a group of Vikings who arrived in Vinland in 1362. In our area, the first "foreigners" were also Vikings who purportedly left the Kensington Runestone in the Alexandria area. There are those who doubt the authenticity of the stone, but there are about an equal number of experts on both sides of the issue.

The first European settlement in the new lands was at Jamestown, VA. The settlement was not successful. The Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts to found Plymouth Colony in 1620, and most of what is now New England has evolved from their original settlement.

Immigration to our country has varied from decade to decade. Conditions in Eurpoe are usually the variable. For example, Irish immigration was level until the Potato Famine hit Ireland; Irish immigration skyroceted during the famine. Europeans were lead to believe that America was a land where there were many opportunities and in many cases a chance to start over. Few of the immigrants who arrived were "upper class"; most were what we now term "blue collar".

Arriving in the United States does not provide immediate citizenship to an immigrant. We now have a whole body of laws governing how an "alien" becomes a naturalized citizen.

July 22, 2008
by Tad Shaw

Early Settlers

Club News & Notes.......Tim Litfin was opening marshall, and provided a bit of entertainment with a batch of trivia questions. Right answer givers earned "Tour de Tonka" t-shirts.....Visitors at lunch were Eric Johnson and Steve Frazier.....Also joining us for lunch was Austin Kraft  from the AM Club talking about the joint fundraising golf tounrey on August 25th.....Pres-elect Dick Glover passed out raffle tickets to the members attending the meeting, and he suggested that there were more tickets available if anyone sold out their initial supply.....Nick Ruehl had sign-up sheets on all of the tables for on-site volunteers the day of the tourney.....And president Karen reminded the club of the silent and the "loud" auction at the dinner on the 25th......80% of our members attended the 7/22 meeting; including make-ups our attendance could hit over 90% for that day.

Our Program was on early settlers in the area, and the speaker, LaVerna Leipold, was introduced by club member (and husband) Darel.

LaVerna was raised in Afton MN which was a Swedish community. The town was an area where early Swedes had settled, and was therefore attractive to later settlers. New arrivals from Europe usually went to an area where there were relatives or friends already settled. The names of the towns gave an indication of the dominant nationality in the area. Examples would be New Germany and New Ulm which were German towns.

There was no specific pattern of settlement where you would find an entire area of one nationality, although the Iron Range area has strong Finnish roots. Most of the towns retained their nationality roots through World War II, but have since seen the dilution of the population with other ethnic groups. The choice of specific areas by a nationality was the result of six factors: the 1860 Homestead Laws enticed farmers to the open areas, the geography of an area if similar to the person's homeland, the type of work available in an area, where relatives had already settled, advertisements in the homelands telling of opportunities (and on the East Cost - New York and Boston, for example), and religious centers. All six factors entered into the final decision of the immigrant.

LaVerna suggested that any member doing further research use "They Chose Minnesota" published by the Minnesota Hisotircal Society.

July 8, 2008
by Tad Shaw

July 8, 2008


Club News & Notes.......Dick Glover was opening marshall. He introduced our three guests, Scott Dykohf, Steve Frazier, and President Karen's sister, Pat Lindstrom........Terry Roeser is back earlier than we expected. Good to see her.......Art Johnsen reported on the sand castle contest, and he read off an impressive list of club members who stopped by and helped. Nick Ruehl showed up to see if he could pick up any new design ideas from the kids.......Dick Glover told us that John Fitzsimons, a long time area resident, heard about the STRIVE Program, and the results that the program has been getting. As an alum of the old West High School in Minneapolis, he recently found himself the last survivor of the class. The class had some money in their treasury, and John liked what STRIVE does to improve grades and attendance, and he felt that his high school classmates would approve of a donation of $1,000.00 to us to fund next year's program at Minnetonka.

Our Program was introduced by Bob Pillsbury, and featured Ken Dahlberg. Ken gave us a look into his life, which is the subject of his biography, "One Step Forward".

Ken is ninety-one years old, and was born in St Paul in 1917. His family moved to a farm in Wisconsin where he grew up. In 1924, the teacher in the one-room school he attended had each student stand up and make the pledge to take responjsibility for his own body, his own mind, and to help his neighbor.

At the start of the Second World War, as a private in the army, his squad corporal asked for a volunteer to take "one step forward", and Ken decided to give it a try. He got kitchen police for the weekend, but he also was in the headquarters building, and there was a sign on the bulletin board asking for volunteers to go to cook school. He finished school, and saw another sign on the board asking for volunteers for aircraft flight training. He sent in his paperwork and was chosen as one of two from his unit. Ken thinks that his selection might have been helped because one of his letters of recommendation was from Frank Leahy, football coach at Notre Dame and the officer making the selection was a Notre Dame alum!

During his aviation career in the war, he was a triple ace, was shot down three times, and was held as a POW by the Germans. He has been awarded almost every medal given by the air force for his heroism.

After the war, he was active in high level politics, started his own company, and is now retired. Every year he goes back to Europe and visits the family that kept him from being captured when he was first shot down. He had a number of stories about running into the people he met during the war.

July 1 2008
by Tad Shaw

America's Fourth of July

Club News & Notes......Bob Williams was opening marshall, and he opened the meeting by reading the prayer that Thomas Jefferson read to the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Someone at our table started a rumor that Bob had attended that meeting as a reporter for Minnetonka Record, and that the notes he was reading from were his own from the congressional meeting.....Of course, that rumor is no more true than is the one that Woody Love had miniature "For Sale" signs made for the kids to put in front of the castles they made on the 4th in the Commons...Chris Lizee reported that the funding for the fireworks was not complete, and that the club board had voted to match any pledges (up to $500.00) made during the meeting by our club members. The members met the match, and we sent $1,003 and some small change to the chamber....Art Johnsen has to be the most knowledgeable person in the Excelsior area when it comes to sand castle construction. He headed up our club's part of the Fourth of July celebration again this year.....Scott Lucas from the AM Club reminded us of the boat trip on July 22,and a goodly number of our members will be going....Lee Webster updated us on Terry Roeser. While on a business trip to Florida, she was hit with appendicitis. Knowing Terry, she'll be back and on the move after a speedy recovery....Guests for our president's first meeting included her husband, Steve, her son Trent, and her sister Pat Lindstrom from Washington state. Also attending was Pattie Williams.

Our Program was about the American Flag, and the presenter, Bob Humphrey, was introduced by Bob Pillsbury.

The American flag has always represented this country to the rest of the world, and it sends the message thar our union is one that works. Today, it also represents what this nation stands for. Many club members expressed how the flag has had an important part in their lives.

Benjamin Franklin and George Washington moved the Continental Congress to appoint a committee representing all 13 colonies with the charge to design a flag for the new country. The committee met in Cambridge In January, 1776. On June 14, 1777, Congress approved the design of the new flag, with one stripe and one star representing each state. During the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key was near Fort McHenry in Baltimore when he wrote the poem, "Star Spangled Banner". Later put to music, it is our national anthem.

June 24, 2008
by Tad Shaw

Changing of the Guard

Club News and Notes.....Opening marshall was Tom Anderson. He introduced guests and viisiting Rotarians.....Visiting from the AM Club was Scott Lukas, who was drumming up interest in the morning club's July 22nd boat cruise. The cruise, which is a dinner cruise with cas bar is on Tuesday night, and costs #25.00 per person. Sounds like a good party. Contact Scott to sign up or get more info...Still a member, Mike Lovett came to lunch. He hasn't transferrd yet, so we have some more time to appreciate his work and dedication to our club.....Surprise guest was Amy Mook, who is in town between trips and journeys and experiences. She'll be leaving tomorrow to go to California to see her daughter get an award from her professional group, then she takes off to join an RV group that will tour the Canadian Maritime Provinces.  it appears that her retirement  has only increased the number of smiles.....Nick Ruehl has set up one foursome for the (Mound) Westonka Club's golf tourney on August 2nd, and was looking for a companion foursome for the event. In the past few years, our club has been awarded the event trophy more times than their club.....Dick Glover talked about the Excelsior Rotaries' Fundraising golf outing, and asked if any club member had a Time Share to offer as a prize for the auction.

Our Program   was the Official "Changing of the Guard".

President Bob Hoebelheinrich briefly outlined the events of the year along with a slide presentation of some of the highpoints. He pointed out the updated website and the new club logo and motto - Service in Motion. He gave personal awards to members that had made special efforts to help him, including Bob Boyer, Tom Anderson, Dean Friesen, John Hotvet, Mike Lovett, Terry Roeser, and Dave Peterka. To Dick Glover, President Bob gave a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of his Strive Program, and his dedication to the principles of the Four Way Test.

New President Karen Frazier presented Bob with a plaque recognizing his extraordinary service, and also presented him with a new Rotary pin worn by all past presidents.
June17, 2008
by Tad Shaw

World  War  II

Club News and Notes.....Bobbie Green was opening marshall, with Bob Williams sharing a prayer for the invocation.....The fundraising Golf Tournament is Monday, August 25th at Burls Oaks. Mark it on your calendars....You may be good at building castles in the air, but our club is looking for some members to run the building of sand castles on Excelsior Beach on the 4th of July by local kids. Contact Art Johnsen. And to volunteer for other activities that day, talk with Terry Roeser.

Our program was presented by Tom Anderson. Ken Burns has done a series of movies that have been presented on public television, and the film Tom presented had to do with the information gathering for Burns' presentation on World War II. The content of the film was interviews with people of Rock County and how the war affected their lives. Many of the speakers were veterans who spoke of how they never considered any option other than serving their country. Home front people talked of the sacrifices that were necessary to support their troops in the field, and they all were proud of their part in the war effort...victory gardens, rationing, salvaging usable items in the war effort (now called recycling), and working in defense plants to provide the weapons needed in the war.

The film showed that these survivors still have the spirit of dedication and sacrifice that was necessary to with the "big war". No wonder that generation is being referred to as the Greatest Generation by some writers.
GOP Convention Planning
by Tad Shaw

June10, 2008

Republican Convention Planning

Club News & Notes.....Ron Hughes was opening marshal, and reminded us of Flag Day, June 14th. He also had copies of his grandmother Daisy DIllman's book about the flag for each of us.....Nick Ruehl brought Brianna and Dan to the meeting. Last time his son & daughter were at one of our meetings they were students at MHS - they're good reasons for Nick to be proud.....Tim Litfin asked for volunteers to help with the Tour de Tonka, sponsored by Minnetonka Community Ed. Some of the riders are planning to go over 50 miles, and they'll all be passing through the area on the way to the finish line at MHS at slightly different times.

Our friend and long time member, KEN KOEHNEN, died at age 83 after fighting a series of health problems. Funeral Friday morning. Many of our members recalled anecdotes involving Kenny, and Bob Williams presented some background on Kenny for newer members. Born in Chaska, Kenny was one of 18 children; he served in the U S Navy during World War II, and owned the Standard Station in Excelsior. Until recently, if you bought gas or oiil from an Amoco or BP station in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, you were buying from one of the Koehnens! Ken was an active Rotarian, having been at Winnipeg for a number of sessions, went to many international Rotary meetings, and was an active member of our club. He was responsible for the war memorial in Excelsior, a project he engineered almost totally on his own.

Our program was presented by Mike Valente, the chief of staff of the host committee for the upcoming Republican Convention in St Paul. Mike is a native of Rhode Island, and moved here from California to oversee the planning for the convention. His organization, the Host Committee, is a non-profit organization, and is not political - their job is to provide a safe, friendly, enjoyable environment for the convention.

During the  period September 1 to September 4, there will be 45,000 visitors in town because of the convention. One-third of them, about 15,000, will be members of the news media, so it is especially important to put the area's "best foot forward" during this time. Local businesses in St Paul will find traffic slightly heavier during the day. but starting about 3 PM, people will begin gathering for the convention sessions held in the Excel Center. Most of the hotel rooms available for delegates and guests are in either downtown Minneapolis or in Bloomington, so the host committee has to set up a fleet of 350 buses to gather and deliver delegates to the Excel, and take them home. Because of the high profile people involved, including the president, the whole event is under the control of the secret service people, and as an example, the 350 buses have to kept in secure parking areas at all time. There will be a security perimeter around Excel, and no one will get into that area without proper credentials

The actual convention is very tightly scheduled because of the TV networks, and the night sessions will end at about 2 minutes to 10:00 PM. There will be volunteers all over the area - at the airport, at hotels, Excel Center, and throughout the two downtowns. The estimate is that 10,000 volunteers will be needed. To volunteer, go to the website, where full info is available. Anyone involved in the convention will go through a security check. The committee are prepared for demonstrators, but they have no idea how many or for what causes.
Dr Mike Lovett
by Tad Shaw

June 3 2008

Dr. Mike Lovett

Alec Lovett/ KIVA

Club News & Notes.........Darel Leipold has his 08-09 sign-up ready for opening marshall and he passed the sheet around. When the list came to me, there were a lot of sign-ups. It makes things easier to plan when he has his roster filled.....Dick Glover and Mike Lovett reported that Abby Massey, one of our STRIVE students, was in a track meet and she won her event with a 10 foot jump in the pole vault. Watch for her in the state meet!!!.....Guests at the meeting included Barb Devlin and Kay Thompson, Ross McGlasson, and as special visitors we had Sylvia Lovett, as well as Ian and Alec Lovett.....Ross was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with the largest rotary emblem on it this side of Chicago. He and other Rotarians will be working as helpers at Art on the Lake this weekend.....Name That Rotarian for the week was Sylvia Lovett......

Mike Lovett.....On July 1, Mike leaves our area and becomes the superintendent of the White Bear Lake Schools. He will leave a tremendous legacy to the Minnetonka Schools, and to our club.

Barbara Devlin was the person Mike succeeded, and she came to our meeting to talk of his work and areawide reputation as a leader. Also speaking about Mike was Dr Don Draayer, who hired Mike 20 years ago. Don spoke of Mike's leadership in guiding the Minnetonka Foundation for Excellence (which now has a fund balance of over $750,000), Mike's labor contract negotiations through the years dealing with 7 unions, and over 70 successful contracts. his hiring the replacements for over 90% of the personnel in the district as employees have reached retirement, his tireless work to make exchange students comfortable in Minnetonka High School (and helping exchange teachers as well), and we found out that Mike is a writer in many professional journals, as well as having a book in print. From our club's viewpoint, Mike has been instrumental in getting our Club Foundation on its feet and functioning, as well as being a past president, on the club board for a number of years, and giving great support to all of the presidents with his enthusiasm for Rotary.

Our Program was introduced by Mike Lovett, and was presented by his son, Alec, who recently returned from Africa. His visit involved "micro-financing", a concept invented relatively recently. With 3 billion people in the world living on less than $2.00 a day, they have no hope of any upward mobility. With no financial resources, these people have no access to financial bank provides services for them. They need savings accounts, insurance and the ability to get loans in order to start and improve small businesses that they may own.

KIVA, the organization that Alec found on the internet is a special kind of micro-finance organization. They are located at The site (which is run out of San Francisco, posts information on small loans that are needed by businesses in third world countries. Loans are usually under $1,500.00, and visitors to the website are invited to participate in funding the loan. When the amount needed is subscibed to, the loan is processed and the money is presented to the business. Repayment is usually within a short time, and when the loan is repaid, the subscriber gets the investment back. The interest charged, which is far lower than "market rates", is used to fund the operations of KIVA and of the on-site oversight organizations in the third world countries.

The amount of loans made yearly by KIVA has grown from one million to 15 million dollars in a short time.

DNR & Lake Minnetonka
by Tad Shaw

Department of Natural Resources

Club News & Notes.
...Road Cleanup Day, and Molly got more of our members helping than we had at an average February meeting!!! The debris report included a relatively rare Saab gas cap, and a teddy bear. All the participants had a good time, and our mile of Highway 7  looks spotless. Jim Hillis got the award for the most unusual find.....Two guests attended our meeting; Dr. Bob Anderson from the morning club and Grace Xia, an exchange Chinese teacher who taught at MHS three years ago, and has returned to the U S for a visit.... Don Draayer brought a thought from a Memorial Day service: "Freedom is the ability to do what you should"....Opening marshall Dr. John Hotvet reminded us in his comments of the  value of Rotary to the world, to the country, to others, to the unfortunate, and to each of us.

Our Program was presented by an officer of the Department of Natural Resources, Aaron Kahre. Rather than give us a "spiel", he opened the floor for questions.

Aaron is the enforcement officer for the DNR in the Minnetonka area. There are 2 officers who handle the lake area, which includes most of the waters in the western suburbs. The DNR enforces applicable state laws while the county sheriffs enforce LMCD rules, city and county regulations. In our area, there is a close cooperation between the DNR and the sheriffs' offices, and an officer from either organization will issue a citation for violations seen on the lake.

Problems on Minnetonka break down into two areas: alcohol, and infestation. A majority of the incidents that result in citations have alcohol involved. And the importation of invasive species is a major concern of the DNR. The DNR takes an active role in education, control, and enforcement to keep the waters of the area clean.

Aaron was an officer in South Dakota before moving to Minnesota, and the average enforcement officer usually has prior law enforcement experience.  As part of the training they undergo in Minnesota, there is a 13 week Game Warden  School.

Aaron uses his vacation time to go (on one of his 3 motorcycles) to the rally in Sturgis, where he works for the local sheriff during the rally. For hobbies, he enjoys taking his family fishing, and he claims that Minnetonka is a great lake to fish for (and catch) bass, walleyes, and muskies.
STRIVE Program 2008 Report
by Tad Shaw


May 20 2008


STRIVE  Program Report - 2008


Club News & Notes... Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and opening marshall Glenn Froberg's presentation revolved around remembering those who have served our country in war. He read the poem, "Poppies Grow Again in Flanders",  a WWII poem  which updates the issues in the earlier poem , "In Flanders' Fields"..Guests included David Adney, the principal at MHS,  Chrissy Peterson's daughter,  Jessica, who had made a presentation at one of the Strive meetings, and the Strive participants and their families..."Name that Rotarian" for the week was Hugh Gilmore...

Our program was the end of the year report on the Strive Program. The Strive Program is a combined effort of our club and Minnetonka High school. Dick Glover who chairs the program says that the program could not exist without the active support of the school. Dick reminds us that the active participation of our club members makes the program work.

This year, 19 students registered for the program, and 13 of them were at our lunch for the awards ceremony.

Dick began the program with thanks to all who had a hand in the success of the program, and ended the first section of the program reading some of the comments from the students who participated this year. Then each student was given a certificate of completion, and a letter from our club detailing the purposes of the program and commending the student for participating and completing the program.

The Strive Program is designed to increase students' grades, and show an improvement in their high school  record. This year,  all of the students showed marked improvement.

Scholarships were awarded to four of the students. MOLLY DAVY received $400 scholarship for the best attendance for the year, and the remaining 3 scholarships were given based upon improvement of grades. The winning students were ASHLEY RANDALL $600.00), JAKE derSteeg ($1,000), and MATTHEW GROTENHUIS ($2,000).

Jazz - and all That
by Tad Shaw

May 13 2008


Jazz - and all That!!!


Club News and Notes. ..Good turnout for an off-premises meeting. The Florida snowbirds have all finally returned and checked in.  John Ahern has appeared and was the mystery Rotarian for the week. John said he got back Monday, and that he took the train from Chicago (Lee Paris would be proud).. Guests at lunch included the mothers of the 4 scholarship recipients, a smattering of students, our club's star student, Sarah Larson, and Bobbi Hoebelheinrich, our pres' better half... The four mothers of the scholarship students shared some info about their kids including the colleges and goals they each have. I thought I heard Yale, Marquette and Boston U mentioned!.... Highway Cleanup is coming in two weeks. The day after Memorial Day, the "pick-up artists" will assemble at McD's at 8 AM (I wonder what stories they'll have this year).. Remember Monday, August 25th for the Golf Outing at Burl Oaks.


Our Program for the day was the Minnetonka High School JAZZ ENSEMBLE. They did their concert in the main auditorium of the school after our lunch in the vestibule. Miles Mortenson, the MHS music teacher and band director, introduced this year's group. Surprisingly, about half of the players we freshmen and sophomores; if I counted correctly, four of the players are All State Band members.


Their annual concert is approaching, and they played 4 selections from that concert for us. We were all able to hum along with the first, My Favorite Things, but the other three (Such Sweet Thunder, Horsepower, and Are you Chicken?) were not familiar songs.

Garden Club
by Tad Shaw

April 29, 2008


Cottagewood Garden Club

Club News and Notes. ..May 13th meeting will be at the Art Center at MHS. It's the annual jazz concert. Mike Lovett recommended that we park in the Arts Center lot, and/or car pool. Meeting starts at Noon SHARP and the concert is at 12:30..Name the Rotarian was Tom O'Connell..You may have thought they were guests, but the two vaguely familiar persons at the meeting were Carl Zinn and Glenn Keller...Art Johnsen is still in a healing mode, and will be coming to our meetings soon...A district group of Rotarians had lunch in the upper room during our meeting so they could hear a presentation on drilling water w

Our Program was presented by Sarah Carroll, the president of the Cottagewwod Garden Club. The club was organized in 1994 (by Rotarian Tom Anderson's wife, incidentally, and currently has a full membership of 50 women. She specified that the club is for women only, so the Excelsior Men's Garden Club isn't the only sexist group around!! Most of the members are younger women with school-age children; they have "affiliate members" who are formerly active members whose schedules have become too complex to participate fully in the group activities. Although they call themselves the Cottagewood Garden Club, they tend three gardens in Deephaven outside the actual Cottagewood area.

The club has monthly meetings, and two social events, a (perennial) plant exchange in May, and a holiday party in December. Meetings are usually speakers about gardening topics, or a field trip to learn more about flowers.

The club is responsible for the gardens near the city hall where they plant and tend two kidney shaped gardens, the Butterfly Garden and the Wheel Garden at Thorpe Park, and the Connie Basch Garden behind Deephaven Elementary School. The city of Deephaven buys the supplies for the gardens, and in the past few years, the club has been converting the gardens from all annual flowers to a combination of annuals, shrubs, and perennials.

Three Rivers Park District
by Tad Shaw

May 6 2008


Club News and Notes.....Dave McCuskey found his way back to Excelsior from Palm Desert,CA., and was our Opening Marshall. No guests or visitors - only club members heard his attempt at pronouncing Hebrew in his invocation.....The mystery Rotarian of the day was Jim Hillis.....Our club's hard-working scholarship committee had 22 applications for our 4 scholarships, and the committee members are convinced that our country will be in good hands with the next generation. The award winners will be at our next meeting to be introduced....The death of local resident and internationally known artist John Berkey was noted, and his contribution to the art community was stressed by Jim Hillis.....Yes, that was Art Johnsen at the front table. Good to see him bouncing around.....The meeting on May 13 will be at Minnetonka High School in the Art Center. Best bet for parking is in the Art Center lot, or possibly behind the achool. The MHS Jazz Ensemble will play for us at 12:30, and there are a few presentations to be made so food will be served promptly at noon.

Our Program featured Dan Newbower from Three Rivers Park District. Because of the vision of early settlers in this area, there are a number of spaces reserved in the metro area for public use as parks. Three Rivers was founded 50 years ago, and has a twofold mission: protect the wetlands in our area, and provide land for recreation for the residents. They control over 27,000 acres of land in the six-county area, and have programs to fit the interests of all ages. Founded as Hennepin  Park District, they changed their name because a large portion of their land is outside the Hennepin County area. They are not the only park district in the area, but the map that Dan provided shows the Three Rivers District to be the largest.

Land use within the parks is 80% natural, responding to the committment to protect wetlands and preserve wildlife. Public events include a wide range of activities: preparing maple syrup in the spring, canoe trips, re-enactments of pioneer days at some parks, overnight camping, and a long list of activities for kids and girl and boy scouts.
2008 MHS Basketball Team
by Tad Shaw

April 22 2008



2008 State Champions


Club News and Notes ...Opening Marshall Chris Lizee reminded us of Earth Day, which is celebrated 4-22, and has been for 38 years..Theresa Zerby was the mystery Rotarian this week...Ron Hughes was spotted at the meeting, which means that all of the winter travelers have returned and checked in except Art Johnsen...Molly Swenson, our newest member, did Happy Bucks, and hit a bonanza when President Bob H. announced that a "Blue Team" tee shirt would go to the one with the highest donation. An interesting observation: Robbie GREEN and John GRAY walked out of the meeting wearing BLUE Team shirts. Colorful, huh?...Glenn Skoy from MHS was at lunch with us and did the audio/video for the speakers. Gary Thompson paid a happy buck to tell us that Glenn was his daughters' favorite teacher, and Tad Shaw introduced Glenn at the table as his kids' favorite teacher.


Our Program was presented by John Hedstrom, coach of the Minnesota State Basketball 4A Champions in 2008. At lunch with him were 3 members of the team, Anthony Tucker, Andy Burns and C J Erickson. All 3 of the students are 4-year letterers in basketball.

In John's comments, he said that at halftime, the team went into the locker room knowing they were going to win, and with a positive attitude. The discussion at the half was all about what the needed to do better. During the year, the program emphasized 3 themes. The players were trained to be good teammates, and not just better players. The victory in the final game was a team effort, not an individual effort, although the statistics for the school year show about 20 school records broken by members of this team. Secondly, the team responded to losses, and third, they had a "burn the boats" mentality.just as in ancient times, once the game started, winning that game was the only issue. The 3 players fielded the club members' questions, showing a great deal of poise.

John had a fist full of statistics; here are 4 of them. This is the 3rd Championship for Minnetonka High School in 56 year of existence. The team scored an average of 83 points per game, a school record. They won their games by an average of 18 points over their opponents. According to Maxprep, a nationwide rating program, Minnetonka is rated as the number 10  high school team in the country.
Excelsior Men's Garden Club
by Tad Shaw

April 15 2008


Excelsior Men's Garden Club


Club News and Notes:   ..Opening Marshall Jim Hillis offered a Rotary prayer from Florida as his invocation...Bob Boyer was the mystery Rotarian of the week...The focus during Happy Bucks was on the pending merger between NWA and Delta Airlines. Comments ranged from employment issues and what the future holds for the consumers and the airline to comments about first airplane rides in Ford Trimotor aircraft and the  Republic/North Central Airlines merge with Northwest and the untimely death of Herman...Speaking of the club website (sounds like a quote from Lee Paris), President Bob H says there is a gift for the first person to email him at his website address. There are conditions: (1) the winner must have checked and updated his (or her) website listing at, and  (2) that person's website must be up to date...Mike Lovett is planning next week's meeting; he says it will be interesting and may feature some well-known recent event at MHS.



Our Program highlighted the EXCELSIOR MEN'S GARDEN CLUB. Bill Swarts, presently the Treasurer, gave us an outline of the history of the club, formerly known by a more regional name, Lake Minnetonka Men's Garden Club.

The club was founded in 1949 by a group of men from Mound. During the early years, they had no gardens to tend, but they held yearly Flower Shows and plant sales to raise money for their programs. In 1975, they regrouped and became focused on the "Excelsior Project", planting and tending 8,000 annuals each year in the gardens around Excelsior. During Bill's talk, a slide presentation showed a series of pictures of the gardens last summer.

The gardens are located around the town, including the Arey Garden by the elementary school (TCF), Lyman Park, Veteran's Park, and the Commons. They also maintain the garden by the museum for the Historical Society.

There are currently 28 members, mostly retired men from a very wide work background. Requirements for membership appear to be very strict; Bill cited the number one rule that you must be able to get up without assistance after a kneeling planting session. The club has weekly gatherings at McD's for the members to "hang out", monthly business meetings during the winter, and weekly work assignments in the gardens in the summer. Plans for the gardens are made each year in February when plans are drawn for the gardens, and plants are purchased as the season progresses. This year, the rose garden is being reviewed, revived, and renewed. Every fall, Ev Clausen used to bring a bouquet of red Rotary roses to our meeting.



April 8, 2008
by Tad Shaw

April 8 2008


Arboretum Flowers


Club News & Notes ...Opening Marshall Nick Ruehl had it easy - no guests or visitors to introduce.....Inducted into the club was MOLLY SWENSON, category Mortgage Banker, who is with the local Wells-Fargo Bank....."Name That Rotarian" this week was Tim Litfin. It was a giveaway when the hint about running 13 marathons was given.....Dick Glover will be honored at the MHS for his STRIVE Program accomplishments and his enthusiasm for the program. The date of the event is May 8th.....Good news/bad news: Dr. Mike Lovett is soon leaving our club because he will be the new Superintendent in the White Bear Lake School District starting July 1. Mike is a former president of our club, a strong supporter of the student exchange program and the Rotary Foundation, as well as our link to Minnetonka High School. We'll miss his smile and enthusiasm, but we know that the White Bear Lake Rotary Club and the school district are going to be winners with Mike involved.....Tim Litfin reminded us of the Youth Triathalon May 3rd. This event has been growing each year since Tim started it.....Art Johnsen is doing well according to Gary Thompson, and we can expect to see him back at our meetings in a few weeks.


Our program for the day was presented by Duane Otto, the Landscape Gardener at the Minnesota Arboretum in Chanhassen. Duane is in charge of the gardens at the facility; he went to the U of M Waseca, and has been with the Arboretum for 20 years. It is his responsibility to plan and plant all of the annual gardens on the grounds.


The gardens are changed during the year because of the growing patterns of the plants. An area may have 3 or more plantings at one time because of the different blooming times. For the 50th year celebration of the Arboretum, Duane designed a 50,000-bulb display in a rainbow pattern. The expected blooming date is about Mother's Day (he says the date should correspond with the blooming of crabapple trees), and depending on the weather conditions could last as long as 3 weeks. Later in the year, those gardens will have other flowers planted; Duane showed his book with the master plans for the gardens for the year. Detailed diagrams and specific planting dates are the key to getting good results. The 50,000 plants for the Rainbow Display were planted last October, are now uncovered and are growing. They have to use deer and rabbit repellants in their gardens.


Duane and his wife, who is also a gardener, purchased an old farmhouse west of Mound 12 years ago, and they have been restoring the buildings on the property. The house, built in 1896 of Chaska Brick, has been restored, and the grounds are filled with flowers and flowering shrubs. They host weddings and events on the property, and Duane showed slides of the property. He also has a gift shop on the premises.




Personal Profile
by Tad Shaw

April 1 2008

Personal Profile


Club News and Notes .Opening marshal Darel Leipold had concerned and confused faces in the room until he admitted that his comments were all in the spirit of April Fools Day.Theresa Zerby was officially inducted into the club...This week's mystery Rotarian was Dave Peterka..President Bob H presented a perfect attendance pin to Bob Williams recognizing his unbelievable record of 46 years of perfect attendance..The District Conference is later this month - April 25 and 26 - in Alexandria MN. Call Bob H if you're planning on attending any of the program..  Also there is a District Assembly on May 3rd. More information will follow, but we have paid for 10 people for the day, so if interested contact Bob H..Happy Bucks contributions featured the MHS basketball championship AND Bob Williams record of attending 2,392 Rotary meetings, not including the Winnipeg meetings, or all of the board and planning meetings Bob has been involved in over the years..


Our Program was the personal profile of Bob Humphrey. Born in Minneapolis when his father was mayor, the family moved to the Washington D C area when Bob was  4 years old because his dad became a member of the U S Senate. Because of the requirements of his dad's political career, Bob went to schools in Chevy Chase, MD, until he transferred to Howard Lake High School, then went to Shattuck in Faribault. Bob continued his education at UM - Mankato, where he was a member of Phi Delta Theta.


Bob has one sister and two brothers. He married in 1968, and has 3 sons, all located in the Twin City area. During his father's political campaigns, family members took active roles, and Bob spent one campaign doing "College Forums" where he would talk with groups of students, listening to them and working with them. Other times, he had a childhood lemonade stand in Chevy Chase, worked part-time during college in Mankato, and is most (justifiably) proud of his 30 years with the City of Minneapolis, with the MHRA (Minneapolis Housing and Redevelopment Authority) and its later name, Minneapolis Community Development Authority. Much of the modernization of the town was the direct result of grants from and actions of this group. Bob retired 4 years ago.

Bob said he has two interests: boats and turtles. He didn't explain the turtle part of his comment, but he did tell the story about a boat he spent a year and a half restoring. He finally got the boat in the water only to have one of his brothers take it for a rice. The boat plug wasn't in place, so the boat took on water and sank.

Bob said he has two interests: boats and turtles. He didn't explain the turtle part of his comment, but he told the story of a boat he spent a year and a half working on and he finally got it in the water when one of his brothers took it for a ride. The boat plug was not in place, so the boat took on water and sank.

Personal Profile
by Tad Shaw


Personal Profile


Club News & Notes    Opening marshal Karen Frazier quoted St. Therese's prayer as her invocation; St Therese is the patron saint of florists. She introduced our 3 guests; Molly Swenson, soon to be a full-fledged member of the club, Ron Kaufman, former Rotarian friend of Bob Pillsbury who's looking for a new club in our area, and Ross McGlasson, our assistant DG who advised us that last week our club had bagged more meals than the morning club.District meeting in April in Alexandria.Golf outing with the morning club is in the process of getting organized, and our club can use more members on the various committees.The Excelsior Lake Minnetonka Historical Society has a talk scheduled at the Southshore Center on Thursday, April 10th about the  history of the Commons and the Port of Excelsior.The Deephaven Historical Society is planning a boat tour visiting the sites of the historic hotels on the lake later this spring

Our Program for the day was the Personal Profile of Bob Pillsbury. He was born in Eitel Hospital during the Second World War, and lived in Kenwood for his early life. He transferred from Douglas School in Minneapolis to Groveland in fourth grade when his family moved to the Lake Minnetonka area. He is a graduate of St John's Military Academy and attended Parson's College until he went on active duty with the Coast Guard.

Bob spent his working years in sales and sales management. From person-to-person sales including cars, Fuller Brushes and encyclopedias, he went on territory sales manager for Parker pens. He was territory sales manager for Parker pens, for 3M medical products, and toward the end of his career he seemed to specialize in medical products and hospital equipment. He retired January 2, 2007.

Bob and his wife are nearing their 40th wedding anniversary, have two sons, and live in the "family house" - for 83 y ears, their present home has been the "Pillsbury House"

Kids Against Hunger
by Tad Shaw

March 18,2008

Kids Against Hunger

This week, our club met at Mount Calvary Church to pack bags of food for shipment to Africa. We did the same project last year.

Eighteen of our members were there, and packed 4100 bags of food. That puts us ahead of our morning club friends, who only did 3900 packets.

The bottom line, however, is that slightly over 8,000 packets were prepared and will go to feed children in Africa - kids who would be starving if not for this program.
Personal Profile
by Tad Shaw

March 11 2008


Personal Profile Chrissy Peterson


Club News & Notes ..The March 18th meeting is being held at OUR SAVIORS CHURCH where we will package food for shipment to feed kids in Africa. Be there at noon or before. President Bob H thinks our club can package more food than the AM Club - sounds like a challenge has been made!....Dick Glover invited Bill Ask to be his guest at our meeting today, and then didn't show up himself. Do you suppose he'll use Bill's attendance as his makeup? Actually, Dick was at the dentist office at the time of our meeting, and probably not having as good a time as we had....First meeting for Teresa Zerby today. Because Scott is in a heavy travel phase for work, his wife will be the attending family member....Hugh Gilmore marked an anniversary - 35 years a member of Rotary....More and more sun tans are appearing at the meetings. With the early Easter and the change in weather, we may see a whole lot of vaguely familiar faces soon....Sarah Larson from Minnetonka High School made a short presentation after Mike Lovett introduced her. She is involved in "Read to Succeed", the program that provides a fresh new book to any child who spends time at the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. This year, they added two other programs; one is an interaction with 3rd and 5th graders at Excelsior School about reading and helping others. The other program involves collecting and sending books to a school district in Kayunga, Uganda. Before the program started, the 60 primary schools in the district had a total of 12 books which all of the schools and classes had to share. Sarah's group had a bake sale to get the money to ship books, which they got in book drives in the area. After her talk, the club board announced that there was a club match for the first $500.00 donated by our members. Net result: "Read to Succeed" has over $1,000 from us to further their work.


Personal Profile given today by Chrissy Peterson

Chrissy was born and raised in the Maple Grove - Osseo area, and graduated from high school there. She continues to live in the Northwest suburban area, and recently sold her home and is searching for "the right house" while living in a town house. Recent memorable experiences she shared include a house fire and the subsequent rebuilding, a session raising cats, and a recent memorable Hawaiian vacation she shared with her father, stepmother and sister.

Chrissy has 2 daughters, the older in high school, and the younger in 4th grade. The three of them share their home with 2 Siamese cats.

Chrissy has been the Catering Manager at Bayview for 6 years, and the facility has become one of the areas busiest venues. They have added two boats to their fleet, so this summer they will be serving groups on land, lake, and through offsite catering.

One message came through during her talk - she loves the lake!!!

Personal Profile
by Tad Shaw

March 4, 2008


Personal Profile: Dick Osgood


Club News and Notes .Because of a schedule conflict, Jim Ramstead will be in China on March 19th, and not speaking to our group of Rotarians. That means that the area meeting on that date will not be held, and our club's meeting will be held at the usual time on Tuesday, the 18th.On the 18th, however, we will spend our lunch hour preparing food to be shipped to feed kids in Africa. We'll meet at Mount Calvary at our lunchtime, and bag food for Kids Against Hunger, the same as we did last year. Because it is Holy Week, there will be no lunch (the cost of the lunch will be donated to buy more food for the kids), but some light snacks will be available.Nick Ruehl noted his 30th anniversary as a member of our Rotary Club.Last year, we had a presentation by several MHS students about a Read to Succeed program where the collected books for the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. They have been very active this year, and will be at our March 10th meeting to give us an update.

The club's nominating committee presented their report, which was approved unanimously by the club. Officers for the 2008-2009 year will be

                        Karen Frazier, president

                        Dick Glover, president-elect

                        Dean Friesen, treasurer

                        Tad Shaw, secretary

Our Program    was a personal profile by Dick Osgood. Although normal in all other aspects, Dick was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His schooling was at U of M and U of M Duluth. Dick is one of 5 dozen Certified Lake Managers in the country, and has or is consulting with associations all over our area. The list of his activities is too extensive to even try to list, but includes volunteer work in a very wide range of areas. His image was the most seen face on LMCC's channel for a number of years as he testified and educated all of the local city councils about water issues. 

He included in his talk recognition of the people that were instrumental in his education, some quotations and some of his personal guidelines.

With his two children grown and out of college, he has time to pursue his many interests, and a short conversation with him will show you the wide range of his interests
February 26, 2008
by Tad Shaw

February 26, 2008


Rotary Foundation


Club News and Notes .Opening marshal Dr. John Marty opened the meeting with a brief sketch of the circumstances in Gettysburg, PA during the Civil War, and then read the famous Gettysburg Address of Abraham Lincoln. He told of an Excelsior grade school experience where he recited the same speech from memory.....Randy Herman was our only guest for lunch.....Karen Frazier has returned from the Caymans (I think somewhat reluctantly), and is into doing the things that a president-elect does....Dean Friesen was the mystery Rotarian this week, and Dave Peterka was the winning guesser....Reminder that the March 18th meeting will not be held at Bayside. Instead, we will join  all of the other clubs in the area for lunch at Radisson Plymouth (I-494 and US55) for a joint meeting honoring Jim Ramstead. We should probably do a carpooling thing to get there.


Our Speaker   was Dr Ron Axel from the Hopkins Club. Ron is a former district governor (actually twice which should be a world record!) and the Rotary Foundation spokesman for our district. He's not just a talker, he's a doer. He's been active in the polio plus program giving the serum to kids, he's pulled teeth in poor countries (probably the only real dentist that his patients will ever see),and worked with water wells in countries where there was no fresh drinking water until a Rotary Project put in working wells.. Since Ron joined in 1971, he's gone to the sites of Rotary Foundation projects all over the world, and had a personal hand in many international projects.


All of us can have a part in the work of the Rotary Foundation in three ways. The first way is to go to the site of a project and help with the physical work. The second way is to develop a program in cooperation with one or more other clubs in the US and other countries, and sponsor a project that will make the world a better place.


The third was is by donating to the Rotary Foundation. Every cent donated to the foundation is used to fund projects. A local initiative when approved by the foundation is eligible for matching grants that an easily quadruple the amount of money donated.


The Rotary Foundation was founded in 1917, and last year our district contributed $654,000 to the fund. This year, the goal is $1,000,000 from our district. Our club was 41st out of the 60 clubs in the district, and through the years, our club has donated $325,000 in cash gifts to the Foundation. The plan is that  "Every Rotarian Every Year" will make some donation to the foundation,


Mike Lovett, our club chair, closed the meeting with thanks to Ron for his message, and echoed Ron's message.

Presidents' Day
by Tad Shaw


February 19, 2008


President's Day Meeting


Club News and Notes. . Opening marshal Don Draayer reviewed the historical significance of Presidents' Day, including the fact that the world was using a different calendar when Washington was born in 1732, and in that notation, his birthdate was February 11th. In 1968, congress changed the February holiday schedule by consolidating Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays into one day, placed the celebration on the 3rd Monday of the month (to help merchants and their big sales day), and made it a celebration of all of the presidents not just Lincoln and Washington.....Happy Bucks was handled by Chief Litsey, and the comment was made that it's difficult to not donate when the collector is wearing a gun.....It's snowbird time, and our members are involved in a game of "Vacation Musical Chairs" - Pastor Gilmore is back from Aloha land, John Ahern is sending his Rotary make-up cards and pictures from Florida, Dave Cochran is heading out to Arizona, and a large number of others are still basking in Mexico, Arizona, Florida, or Caymans..... President Bob H pointed out the window at the peaceful and beautiful scene of Lake Minnetonka in the winter, and for just a moment, we felt pity for the temporary Southerners.....While most of our members are heading South for the winter, Nick Ruehl went up to Winnipeg for the weekend. The annual Rotary International gathering was held over the weekend, and his report was a series of slides taken by him and displayed on his cell phone. One figure stands out - the temperature on his arrival in Winnipeg was 22 below (this is the temp, not the wind chill!). Lee Paris used to cherish those meetings, as did Ken Koehnen, Ev Driskill, and Bob Williams.....With both Gary Thompson and Bob Williams missing at our weekly meeting, two of the board members were wondering if we had a valid meeting. Not in recent memory have they both been missing at the same meeting.....Woody Love reminded us of the Chamber of Commerce Dinner on February 29th, and said that tickets were still available, and Rotarians would be most welcome at the affair.


Our Program was a surprise to all of us, including the program chair. Conflicts resulted in our speaker not being available, so two of our members gave short presentations.


Chrissy Peterson gave us an update on some of the future events at the Bayview, including brunches on Easter and Mother's Day. In May, Ridgeview Hospital will present a program on Sleep Disorders as part of a continuing series, and this year the Boat Show will be sponsored by both Bayview and Maynard's.


Dick Glover gave a brief update on the status of the club's STRIVE Program at MHS. There are 18 students involved in the program, with 16 usually attending the bi-weekly meetings. This year, the grades of many of the students have really rocketed, and Dick says he has had many positive comments from the parents of the students. Chrissy Peterson and her daughter spoke at the last meeting. And Dave Peterka is going to talk to the group about handling money - a topic more students should hear about! Dick hopes to be able toe expand the program next year to include and help more students.


Prescription Drug Insurance
by Tad Shaw

Club News and Notes...   Tim Litfin was Opening Marshal, and gave us some historical background on St. Valentine's Day, as well as a couple of good stories...Garima starts her flights home on Sunday, and our club is presenting her with a necklace and charm depicting the Excelsior logo, the tower of the old school building....There is a membership orientation meeting scheduled for February 22nd at Beacon Bank. If you have prospective members in mind, they would  be welcome to attend. Contact person is Dave Peterka...We will not have a meeting on Tuesday, March 18. Instead, members will be encouraged to attend the area meeting on the following day, Wednesday, March 19th at the Plymouth Radisson. Speaker and honoree is Representative Jim Ramstead...Our club is going to experiment with "dual memberships", where two persons share the attendance portion of the membership, but represent one entity....The District meeting is in April in Alexandria; for full info, go to the district website...Our fundraising golf tournament is a co-operative effort with the morning club, and we would like to have representation on all of the committees. Last year was very  successful, and this year's event will be at Burl Oaks on August 25th. Contact President Bob H to volunteer to help  organize this year's event... If you have any special charities that our club should consider supporting, talk to one of the board members so we have next year's recipients selected before the golf event..

Our Program  was presented by member Tom Anderson, and his topic was Part D of the Medicare Insurance Program. This is the portion of the program that covers the costs of prescription drugs.

Part D is a recent addition to the program, and there were loud cries from many groups predicting doom, disaster, and despair when the plan first was proposed. Before the plans went into effect, there was much speculation about costs to the government, and fear of a "run on the treasury" because of  heavy use of the benefits.Now there are data available to talk about the value of the program..

Usage of the program varies by income, and the higher the income, the lower the Medicare expenditures. The lower income participants probably entered the plan without the preventative medical care that reduces future medical consequences, which would partly explain the data.

In Minnesota, we have a large number of choices for Part D, and information is avaiulable on the internet at
The Pavilion
by Tad Shaw

February 5, 2008 "The Pavilion"

Club News and Notes.. Jerry Brecke was Opening Marshal, and his remarks were a Senior Moment - he repeated the favorite jokes from the Southshore Center...Guests were Molly Swenson from the local Wells-Fargo Bank, and John Vivian, guest of Dick Glover...Garima Agrawal, our exchange student from India, made her final appearance at our meetings, as she is returning home. She gave a very nice farewell speech, and our club will miss her...There is an area meeting on March 19th (that is a Wednesday) at which retiring member of Congress Jim Ramsted will be the speaker and guest of honor...Every chair was filled in the dining room, partly because of the visiting Rotarians from the A.M. Excelsior Club: Al Strickler, Austin Kraft, and Mark Kelly.

Our Program
was a presentation outlining the plans for a new development in Excelsior. The main speaker was Jon Munson, an architect and restoration contractor. He has been involved in three projects in Excelsior, plus restoring his own home in Deephaven. He did the work on Jake O'Connor's building, and the Wyer-Pierce House, and the office building on Lake Street

The proposal is to build a new "Pavilion" on Lake Street on city-owned property, combined with the long-discussed hotel, update properties on Second Street, and provide the city with 2 parking ramps. The proposal involves no city money and is fully funded by private sources. The main building would be placed on the Southeast end of the Commons, where the cruise boats dock. The footprint would be the same as the original pavilion building, which was torn down in 1922. Jon showed pictures of a similar building in California, which borders on the Pacific Ocean. There would be a new building where the Kelly Law Office is currently, and a parking deck would be built over the present East Parking lot. In addition the new hotel would have a parking area to service their guests.

Jon stressed that the final plans will probably be different because of public input, and council action and approval.
"Teen Challenge"
by Tad Shaw

January 29, 2008


Teen Challenge



News and Notes.   The impending cold weather seemed to have had an effect on the announcements. Nick and Dave P. didn't comment about the On to Winnipeg goodwill gathering the weekend of February 15-17. If interested, contact either of them. It is a good time and plenty of good Rotary fellowship - and very good food!....Our Rotary District Conference is April 25 thru 27th at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria. Arrowwood is a fantastic venue, and there is an interesting and energetic program set up for attendees. The event is family-oriented, and reservations should be made as soon as possible. Info and forms at the district website ( Brecke ran into some experienced snowmobilers on a recent trip - a group of 80 year olds!!....Garima, our exchange student joined us for lunch, as did John Vivian, guest and friend of Dick Glover.


Our Program  featured Teen Challenge, and Bob Pillsbury introduced the main speaker, Barry Haglund. Barry has been with Teen Challenge about 5 years in the area of development for the program.

The Teen Challenge concept was introduced in New York City in 1958, and the program has grown to over 200 Teen Challenge units in the United States. The Minnesota program was founded in 1993, and there are 6 residences in Minnesota, including one in Duluth, and a future one planned for Brainerd. There are 400 participants in the program at any time in Minnesota. 60% of the participants are ordered into the program by the courts. The program has a success ratio of 74% by the standard measure in the field - graduates are considered to have broken the habit if they have been sober for 6 months.

Teen Challenge has been successful where other programs have not. The program is usually the last resort for addicts, and it has a faith component not found in most other programs, as well as they utilize members of the peer group to tell their life experiences. In September 2006, they started an outreach program called Know the Truth, and last year they visited 60 high schools to make presentations - that's about 23,000 tenth grade students in the metro area. They make their presentations (usually) in the health classes, where young people currently in their programs tell their stories, and of how hard it is to break the drug pattern once you start. 52% of eighth graders had had alcohol, and 26% have used marijuana.

The last presenter, Bethany, gave us her story: at 23 years of age, alcohol had destroyed her life, and she was into amphetamines. Flunked out of the U of M, and sleeping under bridges, stealing, she had destroyed her relationship with all her friends and her family. Teen Challenge is her 7th try at a treatment program, and she has been sober for 17 months.


January 22, 2008
by Tad Shaw

Profile: Garima Agrawal

News and Notes.... We're starting to notice the lack of SnowBirds at our meetings. SnowBirds are the Arizona name for winter tourists - people escaping Northern temps and snows for warmer climes.... We had more guests than members at our meeting.Both of Garima's host families were present to hear her presentation, as well as Sylvia and Alec Lovett, Glenn Skoy, and Jill Hosey.....Keith Sjodin from Waconia Rotary stopped by to invite members to attend the February 23rd Wine Dinner they sponsor at Island View Country Club. Cost per person $85.00, with proceeds dedicated to their STRIVE Program. See their website or call 952-442-7700 for more information....The glare of the winter sun on the white snow created so much glare through the windows that the projector and screen were set up facing the door of the Bayview, and we all had a good view of Garima's presentation.....It was a treat to hear Garima sing the Indian National Anthem at the beginning of our meeting.

Our Speaker was Garima Agrawall, our 16-year old exchange student from India. As you know, because of school rules in India, she is leaving for home in a few weeks and will not finish her year at Minnetonka High School. All of her presentation was on her country, and little was said about her family. Garima's brother, Anoop, was our exchange student two years ago. He described his family and home when he was here. His father owns Agrawal Oil Company, which processes cotton and vegetable oil and sells the product throughout the region. Their factory adjoins their residence in Khargone. Anoop was very proud of his "little sister", and read a poem she had written at one of our meetings. Garima is a writer, a poet, a performer, and loves photography. She demonstrated a native dance for her dance class at MHS, and her fellow-students incorporated many elements of it into their class recital piece. She has 3 books of poems published, and has received national recognition for her works of poetry. Garima talked of her country and its culture. Founded in about 500 B.C., the Indian nation founded almost all of modern culture; according to her handout, Indians developed the number system including the concept of zero. The decimal system, algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India. The value of pi was first calculated by an Indian. The nation of India is large, and all different types of climates are found there. Garima is not used to temperatures that are far from 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There are plenty of holidays, mostly based on religious persons.
January 15, 2008
by Tad Shaw

January 15, 2008


Rotary Scholarship Follow-up


Dick Glover, this week's Opening Marshal, gave us a list of "The 10 Traits of a Happy Life" as the meeting opener.No visitors at our meeting this week, except for Garima Agrawal, our exchange student from India. She will present her program at next week's meeting, telling us about her family, her home and her country.Karen Frazier's fund-raising efforts for finding the cure for Juvenile Diabetes raised $500.00 - half from member donations, and half from a club match.President Bob H gently reminded us of two upcoming events: the District Conference in April, and the "On to Winnipeg" annual weekend February 14-16.Ken Koehnen is in Presbyterian Homes in Island Park recuperating from his fall. Jerry Brecke reports that he is alert, healing and ready to go home. Jerry suggested that members could visit Ken.Art Johnsen ("That's Johnsen with an E") had a little health dustup, and will be recuperating for a couple of months in Mexico.Have you visited the website and updated your profile? The website has lots of valuable and useful data available to club members, such as the Strive schedule, future meeting speakers listed, connection to district websites so you can plan your makeup meetings, and much more.


Our Speaker.   Bob Pillsbury introduced our speaker, Dr. Mary Maloney.   She is a 1977 graduate of Minnetonka High School, and was the recipient of a $500.00 club scholarship at that time. She went to Carleton College, graduated and then received a Rotary Ambassador Scholarship for study in South American. Rotary changed her scholarship to a 2-year program in Japan - 15 months language immersion and 9 months of college classes. It was a life-changing experience for her.


Since returning from Japan, she finished her Master's degree, worked at Honeywell in Hong Kong as a product manager for a product in the Far East, returned to the US, married, had two children, and in her spare time got a Ph.D. from U of Minnesota in Business. She now teaches International Business at St Thomas University.


Dr. Maloney said that there are three changes that her study and experiences in Japan made in her life. Being in another country where you don't know the language is very humbling because of your reliance on others for everything you need, but it also is confidence building as you mature into an active participant in language and culture of the new country. Returning to the United States, you look at everything about America differently, and not always favorably. Dealing with people in another country, you develop an idealism, feeling that on a person-to-person basis, our world could become peaceful and prosperous.


January 8, 2008 Mentoring
by Tad Shaw

Gary Thompson was Opening Marshal at the first meeting of 2008. His listing of "New Year's Wishes" for the members started the year with some laughs.

Guests included former DG Dan Barnett from Bloomington, Katie Caldwell who received one of our scholarships two years ago, and Molly Swenson, mortgage officer at the Excelsior Wells-Fargo Bank.

Tim Litfin became a full-fledged member of our club in the Community Education category, and Karen Frazier's annual effort to raise funds to eliminate juvenile diabetes is coming up, and club members pledged to the cause. The condition attached to the pledge is that Karen has to swim 100 laps of the pool to activate the pledges (Get the checkbooks ready - she's dedicated to the cause!!). Longtime member Ken Koehnen's recent fall and the resulting broken hip was announced, and President Bob H asked members to keep him in their thoughts and prayers.

ON TO WINNIPEG 2008 was announced by Nick Ruehl. Dates for the goodwill meeting this year are February 15,16, and 17. I'm sure more information will follow.

Our speaker was Wendy Rossi, and she spoke on Mentoring. The purpose of mentoring is to reach out to lonely and lost kids, and give them some contact with a caring, stable relationship. By spending one to three hours with a youngster two times a month, an adult can have a tremendous effect on the child. Some mentors help with classwork, others take the youngster to the library, a museum, a hockey game, a concert or a show. There are a number of programs that do "mentoring"; Big Brothers and Big Sisters are two of the better known program.

She works with KINSHIP, a smaller program with main office in North Minneapolis. They have been arranging mentoring opportunities for 50 years, and arranged 320 matches this year. One area of need for mentors is to help children of prisoners. There are 7500 children of prisoners in Minnesota alone. Statistics show that 70% of those kids will be in the correctional/prison system at some time in their lives unless they have the stabilizing influence of a mentor.
Holiday Choir
by Tad Shaw

December 18, 2007  Meeting



News and Notes.    Don Draayer was Opening Marshal, and he spoke of the importance of music in our lives, and how music was an integral part of every important event in his life.Garima Agrawal, our Indian Exchange Student, has to return to her home in June, and will be gone for the annual (and traditional) Exchange Student trip to the East Coast highlighting a visit to Washington DC  for the 4th of July fireworks. Because she won't be able to participate, Garima and her exchange sister are planning a trip to D. C. early next year. She baked some fund-raising cookies to help with her expenses and they were going fast when I left the Bayview.We had an almost full house for the program; there were too many guests to name, including spouses, friends, potential members, and grandkids (member of the choir in a few years?).President Bob ended the meeting with comments on gifts and how much we have to be thankful for, to share this holiday season.Our next meeting will be next year,.January 8th.


Our Program for the December 18th meeting was a performance by the Minnetonka High School Choir, directed by Paula Holmberg. Processing into the room singing a latin Gloria, the choir set the tone for the event. A multi-national, multi-lingual program followed. An Israeli hora  and an Italian carol featured the whole choir. A male quartet sang two numbers, Run to the Manger, an African Christmas song, and the Dartmouth College-based Hanover Winter Song (don't we have a Dartmouth grad in our club?). The Chamber Singers, another of the in-choir groups, sang four songs, including Sleighride, Felix Navidad, another Spanish carol, and a 19th century American hymn. They, of course, closed their concert with the traditional Benediction by Lufkin.


President Bob said it was the best program of the year. It seemed that everyone left the building with a smile humming a holiday song!


NEXT MEETING: January 8, 2008. Happy Holidays

ICA Tour
by Tad Shaw

News and Notes:   Our meeting was held at the ICA Foodshelf building, a new structure at St David's Church campus in Minnetonka Mills. After lunch, we took a tour of the facility to find out what they do and how they do it.Bob Pillsbury was opening marshal, and he read the 1863 proclamation written by A. Lincoln which established Thanksgiving as a national holiday.President Bob H. announced that Happy Bucks would go to ICA this week, and Dave McCuskey had the pleasant task of collecting the donations. Bill Mason livened the matter by setting up a $500.00 parlay matching grant.Reminder that the Christmas Party is December 4th at the Arboretum, and the MHS choir will be at our December 18th meeting.


Our meeting started with President Bob H. introducing our speaker and hostess Annette Marie Poeschel, the director of ICA Foodshelf. Before letting her speak, Bob H. presented her with a $500.00 check from our club.


The ICA, which stands for Intercongregational Communities Association, is composed of 34 congregations in the area, and is the assistance agency serving seven west metro communities of Hopkins, Minnetonka, Deephaven, Woodland, Shorewood, Greenwood and Excelsior. The prior location of the office was in a "dive" on Williston Avenue, and the new location is designed to be more efficient in accepting and distributing food and other needs to area residents. They have 98 new families who have enrolled in the past month, and that is "scary" to ICA, as it is double the usual number. Most of them are working families where cost of living rises have put them at risk. At the time of our Tuesday meeting, they had delivered 560 Thanksgiving turkey dinners. While the best-known work of the ICA is the food shelf, they also provide transportation and transportation vouchers, emergency financial assistance, and referrals to other social agencies, which are equipped to handle a client's special needs. They also provide power and heat vouchers for residents in need of help, and they have given out over 5,000 gasoline vouchers this year. Aid from ICA is driven by need, and financial information is not required.


The tour took us from the meeting room to the reception area, past the 2 caseworkers' offices, and downstairs to the assembly area where volunteers were assembling food packages for local residents. Each package should contain the same items, and the volunteers "pick" the items as they go down the aisles. The system was familiar to 50% of our members, who have volunteered in that area in the past.


The ICA is always in need of more volunteers, especially now when times are getting a bit tough. To find out about volunteering, call 952-938-0729
Rotary Meeting Bulletin 10-2-07
by Robert Hoebelheinrich

NEWS & NOTES: So far the much anticipated 12:00 start and the 1:00 finish has not happened. Maybe next week. Dave Cochran welcomed us all with readings from Robert Frost and proceeded to introduce the guests. Great to see Don Stolz introduced by John Ahern, Don Whitten, longtime friend of Dave Cochran and the continued attendance of member-in-waiting Bob Humphrey. President Bob H announced the upcoming Cub "Food Dash" will happen this coming Tuesday at !0:00 AM. Rumor that Excelsior Mayor Nick Ruehl will appear in tights was exaggerated. This event is a spin-off of the summer golf event. Stride members will kick-off their year with a meeting on Thursday at the High School at 9:00. The Board will meet on the 9th of October, the Foundation on the 16th (first official meeting) and road picker uppers will stalk the highway on the 23rd (after meeting at MacDonald's). Jerry Brecke reminded everyone of the Southshore Center 's 10th Anniversary celebration on October 4th with events happening all day. This week John Ahern was mentioned for his Rotary anniversary and Kenny Koehnen had both a birthday and commended for serving 55 years as a Rotarian. Jean Gray introduced our speaker, FBI Special Agent, Ralph Boelter. Jean, an important FBI Agent also, recounted Ralph's illustrious career Having grownup in Wisconsin, he served as a Marine and Police officer, and is now the head of the Minnesota/North and South Dakota division which has 14 satellite offices. Special Agent Boelter began his address by acknowledging that 2008 will be the 100th anniversary of the FBI. He said their reputation was based on integrity beyond reproach, with world-wide proficiency. Boelter went on to say there were over 30,000 FBI agents-12,000 Special Agents supported by lab scientists and intelligence personnel. There are 56 divisions with the biggest located in New York , Washington and Chicago . He feels the modern FBI began on 9/11 and has gone from a criminal justice agency to an organization principally involved in counter intelligence. Priorities include: 1. Domestic terrorism 2. International counter-intelligence 3. Cyber intelligence 4. Criminal issues 5. White collar crime 6 Civil rights 7 Violent crime
STRIVE - Service Above Self with Don Draayer
by Frazier, Steve

The STRIVE Program met on Thursday, January 30th with Don Draayer presenting on the topic of “Service Above Self”.  Don’s fascinating perspective helped the students understand that life is more than self-interest and the joy of serving others.  The Rotarian Mentors present shared how the Excelsior Rotary puts service above self by describing all of the ways that our club is reaching out to our community and the world.

Rotaract with Bryan Bratt
by Frazier, Steve

Our Program on November 5th was a talk by Bryan Bratt. He is in the process of establishing a Rotaract Club in the West Metro Area.

Rotaract Clubs are generally sponsored by regular Rotary Clubs, and their membership is composed of college students and young business people, usually age 18 to 35. A Rotaract Club is a natural feeder providing members to the sponsoring Rotary Clubs. They currently are immersed in the paperwork issues associated with starting a club, and have an event planned tonight in St Louis Park.

We know about Interact, the high school Rotary groups. Rotaract was founded in Charlotte, N.C., in 1968. Their motto is “Lead – Serve – Grow.” They intend to have two meetings a month, and expect to be up and running by January. He said there are four active Rotaract Clubs in the area. Rotaract Clubs are sponsored by a Rotary Club, and the members work together, but the Rotaract Club is separately chartered and self-governing. Contact info: phone 763-587-8923 Bryan Bratt, or web address:

April 16 2013
by Shaw, Tad

April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013


Club News & Notes…..On April 16, Bill Damberg was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Tad Shaw collected Happy Bucks…… May 4th is pleased last Friday night. Cars were parked everywhere in town, and people were all over downtown…..


This Date in History: April 23, 1954: Hank Aaron hit his first major league homer.   April 23, 1964: Ken Johnson of the Houston Astros pitched the first losing no-hit game in major league history.   April 23, 1992: McDonald’s opened the first fast food restaurant in China.


Birthdays to celebrate today: Sergey Prokofiev, William Shakespeare, St. Catherine, Lee Majors, Shirley Temple, James Buchanan, Stephen Douglas, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Bud Wilkinson, Janet Blair, Warren Spahn, and Sandra Dee.


Our program on April 16th was a presentation by Jan Callison, our Hennepin County Commissioner. She is experienced in local government having served on the council in Minnetonka, as well as being mayor of that city.

She began her talk with a number of questions about Hennepin County. Most of the people in the area don’t know very much about the county and what it does. She pointed out that it is a county of diversity with a wide range of ethnic groups and a wide range of activities from farming to transistor manufacture. It contains the largest population, and is second only to the state in size of budget.

25%  of the county budget is spent on human services, and 14% on police and safety. The county’s revenue comes from various sources, but 36% of the budget is covered by the property tax.

 Facts: The sun’s total lifetime as a star caable of maintaining a life-bearingearth is about 11 billion years. Nearly half of that time has already passed (Do you have contingency plans?)…..  Volleyball was invented in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1895 by inventor William George Morgan….. The Monarch utterfly can discern tastes 12,000 times more subtle than those perceived by human taste buds…..  Geore C sCott was a U S Marine and a writer and teached before he took up acting….. The Arctic Ocean is the world’s smallest ocean….. Diamond mine in the United States? Yes, there is one in Arkansas…..  Almost half of all newspapers published in the world are published in the United States or Canada…..  It takes human eyes an hour to adapt completely to seeing in the dark. Once adapted, the eyes are about 100,000 times more sensitive to light than they are in bright sunlight.

Quote of the Day: “Make a bet every day; otherwise you might walk around lucky and never know it.”   Jimmie Jones  (Bonus Quote: “ A moose is an animal with horns on the front of his head and a hunting lodge wall on the back of it”  Groucho Marx)

April 2 2013 Starkey Company
by Shaw, Tad

April 2, 2013

Club News & Notes….. Ron Hughes was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and Molly Swenson hit the crowd up for Happy Bucks…..  Our Rotary District’s Annual Conference is coming up. Date: April 19th; place: Sofitel Hotel in Edina. Billed as a “One Day Fun Day”, it starts with breakfast (always good at the Sofitel) where district awards will be given, and continues through the day. Our club has always been well-represented at this conference. You can sign up on line at…..

This Date in History:    4/2/1792: Congress passes the Coinage Act which authorized the first U S Mint.    4/2/1889: Charles Hall patented aluminum.  4/2/1942: The Glenn Miller band recorded “American Patrol”.  4/2/1978: The series “Dallas” debuted on television.

Birthdays to celebrate today:  Casanova, Hans Christian Anderson, Emile Zola, Walter Chrysler, Alec Guinness, Jack Webb, Reggie Smith, Don Sutton, Emmy Lou Harris, and Dana Carvey.

Our program On March 26th was a presentation by a group of students from Minnetonka Middle School East. Their teacher, Gina Nelson, had the students in her 7th grade history class participate in “World Savvy”, an academic program that engages students in world issues.

“World Savvy” is a program designed to bring the issue of sustainable communities to the attention of middle-schoolers. Currently, the program is offered in San Francisco, New York, and Minneapolis. The idea is to have the students become responsible global citizens who can thrive in the 21st century.

Her students broke up into teams, and each team researched an issue, and developed solutions for that problem. They also were required to develop an action plan to address the issue in their own home community. The 4 teams who came to our meeting gave us their presentations on these topics: child labor, carbon emissions from industry, water sanitation, and clean water.

This is the 3rd year for the program at MME, and 4 of the school’s teams advanced to the regional competition at Macalester; one f the MME teams won 1st place in the competition, the best of the 23 schools I the competition.

Your text here


Facts……. At one sitting, a mosquito can absorb 1-1/2 times its weight in blood…    The first Christmas card was sent December 9, 1842 in England…..    In 1889, Aunt Jemima pancake flour was the first self-rising flour for pancakes and the first ready-mixed food to be introduced commercially…..   Twenty percent of the world’s volcanoes are under water…..  Fifty-six percent of American dog owners sleep with their pet dog snoozing right next to them in bed……  In addition to the positive environmental impact, recycling creates six times as many jobs as landfills and incinerators.

…….and Foolishness:  Name 3 sports that were originated in the United States.

Opening Marshals: On 4/9: Steve Frazier; on 4/16 Bill Damberg

Costa Rican Projects with MHS Students
by Shaw, Tad

January 22, 2013


Club News & Notes….. Darel Leipold was Greeter and Opening Marshal, and newest member Mary Ann Laurent collected Happy Bucks….. Two new members joined the club: Scott Gerber and Mary Ann Laurent. Welcome!..... STRIVE this week: Thursday at 9 AM at MHS….. The word from Jean Gray is that the bus we got for the orphanage in Haiti is one step closer to delivery; it has finally cleared  customs….. Next week’s meeting  is an “Idea Hunt”. President Tim wants us to do some brainstorming and come up with some new projects for the club. Have your thinking caps on, and be prepared with a few ideas to present…..



Jan. 22, 1931:   Clyde McCoy and his band recorded “Sugar Blues”.     Jan. 22, 1968:   “Laugh In” premiered on TV.     Jan. 22, 1970:   the Boeing 747 began regular airline service.     Jan. 22, 1973:   The US Supreme Court announced their decision in Roe v. Wade.


Some persons born on this date: 

Birch Bayh, Piper Laurie, Fred Vinson, George Balanchine, U Thant, Ann Sothern, George Foreman, and J. J.  Johnson.


Our program on January 15th was a personal profile given by new member Bill Damberg. Bill is the owner of the newest men’s store in town, Brightwater. He opened the store in town two-and-a-half years ago, and is pleased with its progress.

Bill was raised in Virginia, MN., where he graduated from high school. College at  Macalester was followed by a stint in retail in Ashland and Bayport, Wisconsin. He expanded the store,  opened a number of branches, and was a member of the local Rotary Club. He was president of that  local club, and very active locally. But then he came to a point where he wanted a change.

He came to the Twin Cities, and looked for a place to open a retail store. His method of research was rather interesting. He selected the best, “hottest” marketing area, and then he would go to coffee shops in the area and listen in to the local talk to get the “feel of the area”. In his visits, he found that people in Excelsior are “invested” in the area; the result was opening his men’s wear shop on Water Street.

Bill is a strong believer in Rotary. He began his profile with talk about his
Rotary experiences in Wisconsin, and is glad to be back in Rotary.


Are you alert??????

In the February Rotarian, there’s an article about the speakers in one of our programs. Did you spot the article on page 13?


Three City Managers
by Shaw, Tad

December 11, 2012

 Club News & Notes….. At the December 4th meeting,  Darel Leipold was the Greeter and Opening Marshal, and the crowd was worked for Happy Bucks by  new member,  Joyce Kurus….. A good time was had by all at the Christmas Party last Thursday night at Hazeltine…..  No meeting on Christmas or New Year’s Day. Next week, we meet for lunch at the high school for the annual choir concert Lunch starts at 11:40; President Tim asks us all to get there 10 minutes early.…. Thirteen shopping days left; today might be the day to buy your Christmas cards for this year!



December 11, 1769: Venetian blinds were first patented.  December 11, 1816:  Indiana became the 19th state in the U.S.   December 11, 1930: The Bank of the United States a private bank, failed.   December 11, 1936: Edward VIII abdicated the British Throne.   December 11, 1944: NBC radio first aired “The Chesterfield Supper Club”, a 15 minute radio show that featured Perry Como, Jo Stafford, and many others.   December 11, 1946: UNICEF was founded (United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund).   December 11, 1972: Man first landed on the moon.   December 11, 2008: Bernie Madoff was arrested.

 BIRTH Anniversaries on December 11th: Hector Berlioz, Fiorello LaGuardia, John Kerry, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Brenda Lee, Teri Garr, and Rita Moreno.


TRIVIA for the 1st week of Advent:

Chevy Chase’s real first name is Cornelius.  The wooly mammoth has tusks almost 16 feet high.  On June 11, 1912, Silas Christopherson became the first airplane pilot to take off from the roof of a hotel – the Multnomah Hotel in Portland, Oregon. 


 Last Week’s Program was a presentation by three of the local city managers. Making presentations were the city managers of Excelsior, Chanhassen, and Minnetonka.

 Kristie Luger is the manager of Excelsior, and has been there for over 5 years. She showed graphs and pictures showing that Excelsior has issued more building permits this year, has seen more commercial improvements, and has had a very good year. New businesses have opened, and more are on the horizon. Residential building in town is also at a high.

 Todd Gerhardt has worked for the city of Chanhassen for 26 years, and has been the city manager for t he past 12. Their city is mainly new homes, but the infrastructure has been in place for a long time, and they are reserving funds to refresh their streets and parks. The new transit station is completed by the dinner theater, and no major construction is planned in the downtown area. With the city still growing, a rise in the home construction market will increase the city’s population in the next five years.

 Geralyn Barone has worked for the city of Minnetonka for over 20 years, and prior to her current appointment as manager was assistant city manager for years. The city’s problems involve an aging population, an older stock of housing, and the perils of the LRT route, which runs through the city. With retail shopping patterns changing, the future direction of Ridgedale and other shopping areas is a major concern of the city. Aging populations are being replaced by younger families, creating issues with the 3 school districts in the town, as well as the many private schools in the city


Quote/Quiz      Who said, “All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal, or fattening.” The answer: Alexander Woolcott.

December 4, 2012 Bulletin
by Shaw, Tad

December 4, 2012


Club News & Notes…. Last week we packed meals for “Kids Against Hunger”; Randy Schumacher was greeter and opening marshal…. Twenty-one shopping days until Christmas. The good stores in Excelsior need some of your business this year….. Are you eagerly waiting for the new eating places in Excelsior? The town may become an epicure destination as well as a shoppers town!….Next week our speaker is Dick Wing, a retired NWA flight captain, and a longtime resident of the area. He’ll give a great talk – don’t miss it. Future programs include the MHS choir, then two weeks off….



Dec 4 1791: The “Observer”, the oldest Sunday newspaper in the world, published its first edition in Britain.   Dec 4 1812: The first power lawn mower was patented.  Dec 4 1932: Walter Winchell began his news/gossip broadcasts over NBC.   Dec 4 2945: The US Senate approved the United States participation in the United Nations.


Birth anniversaries celebrated on December 4th: Lillian Russell, Deanna Durbin, Jeff Bridges, Chief Crazy Horse, Francesco Franco, Pappy Boyington, Max Baer, Jr, and Lynn Blessing.


Future Greeters/Opening Marshals:

December 11th             Woody Love

December 18th             Jim “The Professor” Cada


Our Program on November 27th was a work session where our members packed food packets for starving children for the program, “Kids Against Hunger”. We met at our usual hour but in Mount Calvary’s building, and with about 25 members present we packed over 6,000 food packets to be sent to one of the three areas currently receiving help from the organization. They could not tell us whether the food would go to Africa, Haiti, or one of the American Indian (Native American) Reservations.

TRIVIA.   Among the names discarded by Walt Disney as possible names for the “Seven Dwarfs”; Scrappy, Doleful, Crabby, Wistful, Dumpy, Soulful, Tearful, Snappy, Helpful, Gaspy, Gloomy, Busy, Dirty, Awful, Dizzy, Shifty, and Biggy-Wiggy. (Can you name all of the seven finalists chosen?)  <>  Deimos, one of the moons of Mars, rises and sets twice a day. <> Nanotechnology has produced a guitar no bigger than a blood cell. The guitar has six strings and is 10 micrometers long. <> Since the Lego Group began making toy blocks, more than 189 billion pieces in 2,000 shapes have been produced. This is enough for about 30 Lego pieces for every living person on earth. (Do you have your share?) <> The word “BRAT” is a 200-year old acronym for British Regiment Attached Traveler – the child of a British serviceman. <> There are no mentions of cats or rats in the Bible.



“Someone left the cork out of my lunch.”   W. C. Fields

STRIVE: Habits with Molly Swenson
by Frazier, Steve

Molly Swenson was the presenter at STRIVE on Thursday, November 9th at Minnetonka High School in Room 1602.  To begin her habits lesson Molly said that one of her favorite professional quotes is “We become what we repeatedly do.”  She explained that habits are the basic structure of how we live and that forming good habits is an important part of being successful.

Molly gave her background to get started mentioning that she has been a Rotary Member for about five years and in her professional life she is a senior loan officer.  She is a college graduate from St. Thomas and talked about her blended family and her five children.

At this point Molly interjected a personal story that happened to her in college about forming good study habits.  Early in her college career she had put off studies and at the end of the semester she pulled an all-nighter.  As a result she got a “D” on the test and ended up with exhaustion and some health issues.  Molly stated to the students “…And I never did that again!”  Form good study habits and it will help you do well in school was her advice.  She then quoted Henry Ford “If you think you can do well in school you are right.  If you don’t think you can do well in school you are still right!”

Molly then turned her attention to the bad habit of procrastination and asked if any of the students and mentors ever procrastinated and slowly everyone raised their hand.  “Procrastination is a bad habit so gets rid of it!” was Molly’s advice.  She pointed out that procrastination is a life-long challenge for all of us and she relayed a story-quote that Mark Twain had made about frogs and that if you were faced with having to eat a frog, get it out of the way first; and if you are faced with having to eat a bunch of frogs, eat the biggest one first!  “So in school and life get at what you have to do first and take on the toughest things first!”

Next molly moved to sleep habits and polled the group about how many hours of sleep they get on an average.  I turned out that most students got about 6-7 hours and most of the mentors get about 6 hours of sleep.  Molly advised the students to get 8 hours of sleep and especially prior to tests and other important school events.

Test Taking habits and hints was Molly’s next objective and she listed many habits that would help the students achieve better in tests including taking good notes, being an active listener, asking good questions and going in for special help to mention a few.  Likewise preparing for a test students should review old tests and quizzes, not leave anything to chance so study everything, go into the test calm and do muscle relaxation exercises, mark items you are not sure of and go back to them later in the test, and use all the time given for the test and don’t rush through the test to finish early.

Molly then asked how many of the STRIVE students have set the goal to go on to college and all of the students raised their hands.  She suggested that the students to get their college applications in ASAP.  Molly continued with goals and said that she had asked a lot of successful people about how they set goals in their lives and came up with a list for the students:                                                                 

1.      Write goals down 

2.      Be specific

3.      State goals positively

4.      Also set other types of goals in your everyday life like friendships and talents

5.      Set goals in a timeframe

6.      Check-off goals as you achieve them and then set new ones – keep score!

7.      Goals change in our life so doesn’t be afraid to change your goals as you go along.


 Molly had also asked these successful about what their best habits were and made a laminated bookmark for the students and mentors.  They were:

1.   Get good sleep!

2.   Make a daily to do list and eat that frog!

3.   Read the news (at least the front page!)

4.   Smile, smile, smile – It makes you look positive and approachable.

5.   Ask questions!

6.   Make eye contact and engage.

7.   Offer a firm handshake.

8.   Be interested and show interest in others.

9.   Always have your notebook.

10.  Work on a positive attitude.


Molly ended her presentation by asking everyone to take out their notebooks and to write down three of their good habits that they are now doing and have them ready to share in discussion groups.  The STRIVE students then went into small groups to discuss their three habits and things that they needed to work on from Molly’s presentation. 


Pictured above with Molly Swenson is Malia Henchel.



Ecosystems at Camp Tanadoona
by Shaw, Tad


November 6, 2012


Today's Program:  Mike Lynch of 'CCO Radio Weather

        Greeter/Opening Marshal  Darel Leipold

Club News & Notes....Greeter & Opening Marshal on 10/30 was Tad Shaw, and Happy Bucks were collected by Cristie Lodge….. Next STRIVE Session is on November 8th at the high school….. I haven’t heard any Christmas carols yet, but it’s signup time for the Christmas Party. The party is November 29th and location is Hazeltine Golf Club. (The party is only 23 days from today!!)And there are only 48 shopping days ‘til Christmas. And remember to shop downtown Excelsior FIRST!….. Welcome to our guests today…..Camp Tanadoona is having an event at the American Swedish Institute on Thursday from 6 to 8:30 – the 5th Annual “Lighting the Way” Wine Tasting Event.

 This Day in History:

Nov 6, 1860: Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the U.S.  Nov 6, 1861:  Jefferson Davis was elected to a six-year term as president of the Confederate States of America.   Nov. 6, 1928:  Joseph Schick patented the first electric razor.

 Today is the birthdate of the following people:

John Philip Sousa, Adolphe Sax, Ray Conniff, Mike Nichols, James Jones, Maria Shriver, Joseph Smith III, and Harold Ross.


Greeter:    Nov 13      Karen Frazier     

                Nov 20      Steve FrazierOur Progam on October 30th was presented by Adam Arvidson. His topic was about the ecoregions in our area, and their specific effect on Camp Tanadoona.

Adam started by describing the three major ecoregions that exist in the state of Minnesota (few other states have that many regions within their borders). All of this is due to the glaciers that came through Minnesota (and even Bob Williams can’t remember those days!).

Narrowing his focus, he showed us the local ecosystems, and described how the Tanadoona land, because it has not been marked too heavily by civilization, still shows the earmarks of five major ecosystems. Areas on the Eastern side of the land still exhibit the trees from the original times.

As we know, the camp is in the process of updating and reorganizing their property, and the new camp will include nature regions to show campers the characteristics of these five ecoregions.


TRIVIA:  During the Crimean War, the British Army lost ten times more troops to dysentery than to battle wounds.   Boredom can lead to madness in parrots. Gray whales migrate 12,000 miles each year, father than any other mammal.

QUOTATION (QUESTION) OF THE DAY:  “When the guy who made the first drawing board got it wrong, what did he go back to?”
October 16, 2012 Bulletin The Excelsior Rotary Foundation
by Shaw, Tad

October 16, 2012



Club News & Notes… On Oct 9, Dick Glover was Greeter/Opening Marshal, and Dave Peterka handled Happy Bucks….. My calendar shows this week is the third Thursday (that would be  (TH)3). See you at Hazellwood – 5 to 7….. Next week is the first STRIVE session with Bob Williams giving the talk….. On Nov 6th, we’re having Mike Lynch from ‘CCO talk about weather, and we’re all supposed to bring a prospective member to the meeting….. This year’s Holiday Party will be on November 29th, and will be held at Hazeltine Golf Club.

Oct.16, 1846:  Ether was used in a Boston hospital as an anesthetic for the first time.   Oct 16, 1928:  The patent was issued for frosted electric light bulbs.    October 16, 1962:  The Cuban Missile Crisis began.    Oct 16, 1964:  China exploded its first nuclear bomb.  Oct 16, 1969. The New York Mets won their first world series.   

Some birth anniversaries: Eugene O’Neill, Noah Webster, Orson Welles, David Ben-Gurion, Angela Lansbury, Suzanne Somers, Tim McCarver, and Gunter Grass.



            October 23      Dick Osgood

            October 30      Don  Draayer

            November 6    Darel Leipold


Our program on October 9th was the annual official visit of the District Governor. This year, the district governor is Bob Stowell, who is a member of the Burnsville Club.

He started his talk with three statistics: there are 62 clubs in our district (5950), there are 538 districts in RI covering the whole world, and our district has participated in 70 international projects recently. Because of our districts donation record, RI favors our requests for international projects. He talked then of Polio Plus, Rotary’s 27 year project to rid the world of polio, and how there are now only 3 countries that have children who are contracting the disease. India, the most recent country to have a polio-free year, has to have two more years before they can be declared polio free. The three remaining countries are among the most difficult areas to work in, because of armed conflicts and the peoples’ fear of immunizations.

Bob then told a bit of his personal history, explaining his strong feelings about food depravation and clean water projects.

This year our district’s focus is in three areas. (1) healthy clubs, (2) higher level of humanitarianism, and (3) increase public awareness of Rotary projects.  Bob wants to have all of the clubs healthy with active involved members, and each club having a full social and  service calendar. He did mention that interested Rotarians can help at the district level and above by working on district committees.

Adding to the projects done by clubs is another focus. There are so many places that need help that our clubs should be able to heighten the projects proposed this year.

The general public is not aware of the many projects done locally and internationally by Rotary, and the third focus is to make the public aware of what we are doing.
September 18, 2012 Bob Williams
by Shaw, Tad



September 18, 2012


Program: Bob Williams: Growing Up in Excelsior

                Greeter: Jerry Brecke


Club News & Notes ….. Last weeks greeter was Molly Swenson, and the collector of Happy Bucks was     ….. By my calculations, Thursday should be the third Thursday in the month. Don’t forget          3(TH)!!! For people with short memories, that’s Thirsty Third Thursday.  5 to 7….. In two weeks, we’ll host the annual official visit of our District Governor. Be sure to wear your Rotary pin to the meeting….. 



This Day in History:

9-18-1502: Columbus landed on Costa Rica on his 4th voyage.   9-1-81793: The cornerstone of the U S White House was laid by George Washington.   9-18-1851. The first edition of the New York Times was printed.   9-18-1927: CBS started broadcasting from their 16 stations.   9-18-1955: “The Ed Sullivan Show” was started from CBS-TV in New York.   9-18-1965: The TV series “I Dream of Jeannie” started on television.


Some birth anniversaries today: Robert Blake, Agnes DeMille, Frankie Avalon, Greta Garbo, Rochester (Eddie Anderson) Jimmy Rogers, and Lance Armstrong.





Next week: Rebecca Hahn, Photographer

                   Greeter: Jim Olds













Our program on September 11th was a review of our club’s five- year old five-year plan, with President Tim Litfin reviewing the salient points of the current program . Further discussions will be held and the present plan will be updated at a future club assembly.


President Tim pointed out that the club had never formulated a mission statement, and there were three sample statements included in the printed packet we were given. He then reviewed the entire document, which covered our vision of five years ago.


Our stated goals for each of the avenues of service were listed in some detail., with special emphasis on Club Service.


The next steps in the process are to have the club members provide input as to changes in the document,emt, draft a new vision statement, and present it to the club in a future club assembly.



Future Programs:

October 2            District Governor Bob Stowell

October 9            Cathy Maes – ICA Free Clinic


TRIVIA:   Clans of long ago that wanted to get rid of their unwanted people without killing them would burn their houses down – hence the expression “ to get fired”.

Pound for pound, hamburgers cost more than new cars.

The average giraffe’s blood pressure is tow or three times that of a healthy man.

Thirty-five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married.


QUOTE: “A rocket will never be able to leave the earth’s atmosphere”  The New York Times, 1936.
Teen Clinic with Lisa Stordahl
by Frazier, Steve

Our Program on August 14th was a presentation about the West Suburban Teen Clinic, made by Lisa Stordahl.
          The West Suburban Teen Clinic was founded in 1972, and our own Glenn Froberg was on the board of directors. They currently have a staff of 100 volunteers, and they are the only clinic that serves a clientele in an area of 1200 square miles. They specialize in providing health care to youth from 12 to 23 years of age. They now have a branch in Hopkins which was recently opened.
         When they first opened, the public was misinformed as to their purpose. The rumors were that it was an abortion clinic, and that their purpose was greatly misunderstood. Now, after 40 years of operation, their mission is understood and accepted by most people.
The clinic operates on a sliding scale fee basis, and no young person is turned away. They provide basic health care, usually to uninsured kids, and provide tests and treatment for illness. They do counseling for youth, and for family issues. They have an education program that reaches kids in all of the area high schools and talks about reproductive and social issues. They also provide reproductive health care to youth.
The reproductive care is the part that was controversial. Their intent was to provide information to kids about the process, and offer guidance and support if a girl was pregnant. Help was provided for new teenage parents to help them cope with the responsibilities of raising a family. 
         They are planning to celebrate their 40th anniversary with a gala on Friday, September 28th. The party to be held in the Doubletree Hotel in St. Louis Park will feature the band that played at Rupert’s (remember Rupert’s?), and it appears that they will be announcing a new name for their clinic at that affair. The name they have used doesn’t fully fit their current mission.

Phone contact: Lisa Stordahl  952-474-3251   E-mail:

No Meeting Next Week on August 28th because of the Golf-Auction Fundraiser !   

August 21, 2012 Three Rivers Parks
by Shaw, Tad


August 21, 2012


PROGRAM: Dale Woodbeck, Three Rivers Park Commissioner



Club News & Notes….. Bob Williams was greeter and Opening Marshal, and Lee Webster collected Happy Bucks….. NO MEETING NEXT WEEK!! We’ll all be too tired after the full day at Burl Oaks participating in the annual fund raiser….. Today is the day for you to turn in your tickets for the drawing. I’ve already reserved the Delta ticket credit, but there are lots of other prizes for the rest of you to win….. President Tim is on vacation after the completion of another successful Tour de Tonka….



This Date in History:

8/21/1831            Nat Turner, a former slave, led a revolution in Virginia

8/21/1841            Venetian blinds were patented

8/21/1878            American Bar Association was formed

8/21/1888            William Burroughs patented the first adding machine

8/21/1938            Fats Waller recorded “Ain’t Misbehavin”

8/21/1959            Hawaii became the 50th U S state


Some persons born on this date: Count Basie, Chris Schenkel, Wilt Chamberlain, Kenny Rogers, Steve Case and Jim McMahon.


USEFUL(?) FACTS: Famous sharpshooter Annie Oakley’s first name was actually Phoebe. Her middle name was Anne….. Chester Greenwood was 15 years old in 1873 when he invented earmuffs…. The state that contains the most square miles of inland water is Alaska…. A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.

Our Program on August 14th was a presentation about the West Suburban Teen Clinic, made by Lisa Stordahl.


The West Suburban Teen Clinic was founded in 1972, and our own Glenn Froberg was on the board of directors. They currently have a staff of 100 volunteers, and they are the only clinic that serves a clientele in an area of 1200 square miles. They specialize in providing health care to youth from 12 to 23 years of age. They now have a branch in Hopkins which was recently opened.


When they first opened, the public was misinformed as to their purpose. The rumors were that it was an abortion clinic, and that their purpose was greatly misunderstood. Now, after 40 years of operation, their mission is understood and accepted by most people.


The clinic operates on a sliding scale fee basis, and no young person is turned away. They provide basic health care, usually to uninsured kids, and provide tests and treatment for illness. They do counseling for youth, and for family issues. They have an education program that reaches kids in all of the area high schools and talks about reproductive and social issues. They also provide reproductive health care to youth.


The reproductive care is the part that was controversial. Their intent was to provide information to kids about the process, and offer guidance and support if a girl was pregnant. Help was provided for new teenage parents to help them cope with the responsibilities of raising a family.


They are planning to celebrate their 40th anniversary with a gala on Friday, September 28th. The party to be held in the Doubletree Hotel in St. Louis Park will feature the band that played at Rupert’s (remember Rupert’s?), and it appears that they will be announcing a new name for their clinic at that affair. The name they have used doesn’t fully fit their current mission.


Phone contact: Lisa Stordahl  952-474-3251

August 14, 2012: Teen Clinic
by Shaw, Tad


August 14 2012





Club News & Notes…. Greeter was Terry Roeser, and Happy Bucks collected by Karen Frazier….. I have written on the club blackboard 100 times: “Soccer is different from basketball.”. Basketball game winners 2 weeks ago were Jeremy for bronze medal, Chris Lizee for the silver, and  Nick Aalbers for the gold….. No meeting on the 28th. Everyone will be tired from their work and/or play at the golf fundraiser….. There are lots of visitors in Excelsior this time of year, but the local merchants still like to have you visit and buy from them (Hint, hint)….. Apple Day is approaching – my goodness, it’s almost time to put the boat back in storage!…. TH3 this Thursday. Pay attention to Bob Boyer’s announcement.


August 14th in History:

8/14/1040            Macbeth murdered King Duncan and then ruled Scotland for 17 years

8/14/1873            “Field and Stream” magazine began publication with the first issue published today

8/14/1908            The world’s first international beauty contest was held in England

8/14/1933            “Ma Perkins” was first broadcast and continued for 27 years (7065 episodes) starring the same person as Ma.

8/14/1935            The Social Security Act was passed by congress

8/14/1945            President Truman announced the end of WWII and the surrender of Japan.

Some famous people born on August 14th: John Galsworth, Buddy Greco, John Brodie, Steve Martin, Danielle Steel, Gary Larson, and Magic Johnson.



Program:            Three Rivers Park District – Dale Woodbeck


Our Program on August 7th was a presentation by Connor Swenson, the son of our member, Molly. Connor graduated from Wayzata High School three years ago, is a student at Tulane, and decided that he wanted to learn more about the culture in Northern Africa. He applied for a year’s study abroad in Egypt, which had been welcoming to exchange programs. However, the recent unrest took Egypt out of the exchange business, and Connor’s second choice was Morocco. He spent the last school year in Rabat, Morocco.


Egypt is at the east end of Northern Africa, and Morocco is at the west corner of the continent, across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain and Portugal. The largest city, Casablanca, houses about one half of the country’s 32,000,000 population. Rabat, his town, is the second largest city. He showed us pictures of his exchange family, and of some of activities where all of the U.S. exchange students gathered together. He also was able to do a great deal of traveling to parts of the country, and to Europe as well.


He said that his goals were to learn the language, and to learn about the political structure. The dialect is different in Morocco than in the other countries, but the basics are the same. The political climate in Morocco is calm while the rest of Northern Africa is having riots. Connor said that the monarch in Morocco is more socially aware, and has granted concessions in his country, and the citizens respect the king because of his more democratic leanings.



TODAY’S FACT: No high jumper has ever been able to be  airborne for more than a second.

August 7, 2012
by Shaw, Tad

August 7, 2012

Club News & Notes...... The tag team of John Ahern and Jon Monson were greeters, and Jeremy Huisheere did Happy Bucks..... The ERO (Excelsior Rotary Olympics) were held prior to the meeting, and appropriate medals were awarded to the winners of the soccer tournament. The bronze went to Jeremy Huisheere, silver to Chris Lizee, and guest Nick Aalbers took home the gold. No players were disqualified by management. To our chagrin, NBC did not cover the event..... Twenty days and counting to the Golf Day. Are your plans and reservations all in place for the day?. Remember, no meeting on the 28th - the day after the annual fundraiser.....

This Date in History:
8/7/1492     On this date in '92, Columbus set sail on the ocean blue.
8/7/1876     Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back in a saloon in Deadwood in the Dakota Territory.
8/7/1887     Rowell Hodge patented barbed wire
8/7/1981     Air traffic controllers went on strike

Some people born on this date: Nathaniel Greene, Mata Hari, Billie Burke, Ralph Bunche, Stan Freberg, Don Larsen, Garrison Keillor, B J Thomas, Lana Cantrell, and Alan Page.

Our Program on July 31st was presented by member Bob Pillsbury.

Bob and Tody have sold their home, and that was the impetus for his talk about business ethics with a bit of his family history. In preparing to move, Bob got into some old boxes that they had kept, and he ran across a publication that included a speech given by his grandfather at the 27th annual convention of Rotary International. Bob's grandfather was an electrical engineer by training, and he was in top management at Munsingwear.

His speech, given at the height of the financial distress called the Great Depression, spoke to the subject of business ethics, espcially in times of stress. The talk reminded his peers that it was not ethical to cut quality in order to freeze out your competitors, and that special care had to be taken by managers to remain ethical when all of American commerce was straining to survive.
The Start of the Auto Industry
by Shaw, Tad


July 31, 2012

Greeters: John Ahern & Jon Monson

Club News & Notes....Tad Shaw was substitute marshal and Nick Dvorak collected Happy Bucks as our club’s newest member..... TH3 was held a week late, and all had a good time. The event raised $185.00 for the club foundation. Next month will be on time, and hopefully as nice weather..... This weekend is Tour de Tonka, and many of us have volunteered to help. Meeting of volunteers is being held on August 1st. See your e-mail for details..... Club fund-raiser is coming up August 27th. Dinner, lunch, golf reservations should be made, and volunteers are always needed. And items for the auction, too!....

This Date In History:

7/31/1790   The first numbered patent was issued by the U S. It went to Samuel Hopkins for a manufacturing process.

7/31/1920   MGM Studios used Leo the Lion and his road for their signature on their first talking picture.

7/31/1933   The radio adventure series, "Jack Armstrong (the All-American Boy)", started and continued for 18 years.

7/31/1990   Nolen Ryan became the 20th major league pitcher to win 300 games.

Some people born on this date: S.S. Kresge, Elmo Roper, Curt Gowdy, J K Rawlings, and Evonne Goolagong.


   Speaker: Connor Swenson

   Greeter: Terry Roeser


Our speaker on July 24th was Darel Leipold, and he told us about four of the famous people who were the original movers and shakers in the automotive industry.

The first of the four was Will Durant. He started the Flint Wagon Works, was involved in the early days of many of the brand names we know today, He was a wheeler and dealer, and bought and sold companies to build the empire. He was the man who built General Motors, and he bought the patent for the first automobile self-started, but the product didn’t work. After a lifetime of dealing, he dies broke.

The second was E.L. Cord. He was a race driver who got into the marketing end of the business, designed and sold the Cord car, and then started to invest in the radio and television business. He did well, and died in 1974.

The third was Walter Chrysler. He, like the others, interacted with the group, and built cars and empires for his own companies and those of his friends. He also built a skyscraper in New York City and named it after himself.

The fourth man was Henry Ford. At one time half of the cars on the road were built by Ford and his companies.

The bottom line of the presentation was that while these four are the founders of the auto revolution, they were more interested in the financial markets, and were not too adept at playing it.

Excelsior Rotary Foundation Minutes of 1-19-2012
by Frazier, Steve

Excelsior Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees
Minutes: January 19, 2012
Location:  Hosted by Carl Zinn
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Don Draayer.  Trustees present were: Don Draayer, Dean Friesen, Steve Frazier, Dave Peterka and Carl Zinn.  No trustees were absent.
The following Action Items were reviewed and approved:
1.      The agenda for the 01.19.12 meeting was reviewed and accepted with no changes.
The Secretary’s Report of the minutes for the November 11, 2011 meeting was presented by Secretary Dave Peterka for approval.  It was moved by Steve Frazier and seconded by Carl Zinn to approve the minutes as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.  Additionally, Dave Peterka presented the minutes for the November 22, 2011 meeting for approval.  It was moved by Carl Zinn and seconded by Steve Frazier to approve the minutes as presented.  The motion carried unanimously. 
The Treasurer’s Report for month-end December 31, 2011 was presented by Treasurer Dean Friesen as follows: 
1.      Internally prepared financial statements covering YTD activity reflect total revenues of $19,368.39, less total expenses of $7,557.02 (consisting largely of charitable contributions) yielding a YTD net income of $11,811.37.  The corresponding balance sheet for the same period reflects total equity of $126,922.24 supporting total assets of $126,922.24.  This Foundation has no liabilities.  A careful review of the Foundation Fund Analysis, consisting of the Annual Fund, the General Fund, and the Lee Paris Fund, followed.  It was moved by Steve Frazier and seconded by Carl Zinn to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.
2.       Dean Friesen presented for approval, the External Fiscal Review Committee’s report for the 2010-2011 Budget Year.  The committee consists of Excelsior Rotary Club members: Jerry Brecke, Dick Osgood, and Hugh Gilmore.  The committee’s findings revealed two areas of concern described below:
·         The Foundation’s internal controls for handling accounts receivable
Concern exists around the lack of dual control throughout the process, commencing with creation of the invoice, billing, receipt of payment, and finally deposit of the funds and application to the appropriate general ledger account.  Considerable discussion evolved with agreement by all committee members that action needs to be taken.  All committee members will bring points of discussion to our next meeting to resolve this concern.  
·         The management of our investments accounts
Concern exists around the management of our investment accounts.  Specifically, the recommendation was made that the Board of Trustees investigate any alternative institution where a safe and better return could be received on investments.  The Foundation Board agreed with this concern.  Consequently, action had already been started to interview funds management firms.  Further, Don Draayer has agreed to formulate the first draft of an investment policy.  This endeavor has our commitment to resolve by the end of this Board’s year of service. 
It was moved by Carl Zinn and seconded by Steve Frazier to approve and accept the External Fiscal Review Committee’s report as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.
3.      There were no “action required” on funding requests.
Old Business:
  1. Rebecca Hopf, AWMA, Investment Counselor with Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors gave a presentation on her firm’s ability to provide investment services to our Excelsior Rotary Foundation.  Considerable discussion followed including opinion’s expressed by each trustee relative to their risk appetite for foundation investments.  All trustees were very similar in their opinions.  Rebecca was very supportive of the creation of an investment policy as a starting point to drive our investment opportunities.  We further agreed that the next step is to interview additional investment counselors from other companies for comparison purposes. The Trustees were favorably impressed with Rebecca’s presentation, level of knowledge, and personality.  Carl Zinn will continue to research additional investment firms for our Board of Trustees to interview.
  2. A very brief discussion ensued on the policy elements relating to the newly established Endowment Fund.  Further discussion will follow at our next meeting.
New Business:
  1. Don Draayer asked the Trustees for their reaction to the forms Woody Love submitted earlier for the Trustees feedback.  The Trustees appreciated the courtesy invitation to react.  The Trustees determined that the full-disclosure-nature of the forms for projects would yield primary benefit to The Rotary Club Board of Directors who make the initial determination to recommend (or not to recommend) funding of a charity proposal.   Thus, the structure and content of the forms should fall most heavily to the Rotary Club Board, and no formal action was taken by the Trustees.  On the other hand, the Trustees acknowledged that their own decision-making will be enhanced if the information on the forms is attached to a request for Foundation payment. 
The next meeting of the Excelsior Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees will be held on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 @ 1:00 PM at the office of Carl Zinn.  That meeting will be a shortened meeting primarily to facilitate the presentation by John Hinz, Investment Counselor from Ameriprise Financial.
There being no further business, it was moved by Dave Peterka and seconded by Dean Friesen to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried unanimously.
Respectfully Submitted,
Dave Peterka,
Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees
Greeters and Opening Marshals through June 26th
by Frazier, Steve

The Excelsior Rotary’s Greeters and Opening Marshals for the remainder of Woody Love Presidency are:

May 1

Randy Schumacher

May 8

Don Draayer

May 15

Pam Prosser

May 22

John Hotvet

May 29

Glen froberg

June 5

Chris Lizee

June 12

Ron Hughes

June 19

Dick Glover

June 26

John Marty


Minnetonka Athletes were Rotary's Special Guests
by Frazier, Steve

Special Guests at our March 15th meeting were representatives of five groups from Minnetonka High School. Dr Don Draayer introduced Dr Dennis Peterson, superintendent of the district, and Ted Schultz, the director of co-curricular activities at the high school. It was the first time many of us had heard Ted talk, and he had the distinct honor of introducing team members from 5 MHS activities which have gained statewide recognition..

Two students were introduced from the State 2nd place MHS boys' Alpine Skiing Team, from the State Champion Girls' Alpine Skiing Team, from the State  Champion Boys' Swimming Team, and from the highest award-winning one act play cast. All of the students gave a short talk about themselves and the team experience, and we had a short excerpt from a very powerful play that was the winner in the one act play competition. Four students were present from the girls State Champion Hockey team. They also introduced themselves and talked of the tournament experience. Noted among the hockey players was Don Draayer's granddaughter.
Service Above Self at STRIVE with Dr. Don Draayer
by Frazier, Steve

On Thursday, February 10th Dr. Don Draayer spoke to the STRIVE Students about “Service Above Self” and how to serve others.  Don’s focus was to impress on the kids the differentiation between “Self” and “Others” and how it is important to strike a balance in life.  Draayer likened the balancing act of the teeter-totter of life by visually showing that the selfish part of human behavior (i.e., me, mine, I) being balanced by the reaching-out to others (i.e., selfless, kind, considerate, giving).  He emphasized that as Rotarians we strive to cultivated our concern and caring for others through our club and in our personal lives. 

           Don introduced Laurie Lokar from the Minnetonka District who spoke to the STRIVE kids about volunteer opportunities in the district and our surrounding community.  Don completed his fascinating presentation by helping the students map what stage of life they are now in as it relates to self and others.  Here Don gets a couple of students to help with his presentation!  (Story by Steve Frazier)
Tee It Up for the Troops - J.B. Ball
by Frazier, Steve

Our Program for November 9th was presented by J. B. Ball, a Rotarian from Burnsville, who is a business associate of our own Randy Schumacher. He started a program called "Tee It Up for the Troops".

In 2005, his son enlisted in the army and was sent to Iraq. After sending a lot of foo packages and telephone calling cards to his son and friends, the idea of a permanent form of support for our troops and veterans came into being...

On the Saturday closest to 9/11, golf courses all over the country open their links to this organization. In the morning, veterans are welcomed to a free round of golf; in the afternoon, regular scheduled foursomes play. The afternoon golfers are requested to add 10% to their fees which is forwarded to the Tee It Up organization for use in fulfilling their mission: "to honor, respect and remember the service of those who have given so freely to protect our nation". Funds are given to military support programs who handle the individual grants.

Next year's event is on Saturday, September 9, 2011.

A list of who has received funds from the organization, and other information on the activities of the group is available at (Storu by Tad Shaw and posting and photo by Steve Frazier)

Bob Pillsbury and his Merry Olds
by Frazier, Steve

Bob Pillsbury has made several generous donations to our auction. The "Merry Olds" that you see above has been in his family for 50 years! In fact it was Bob's personal transportation in his youth!

While being out of commission for decades, this unusual and distinctive machine will be available in our auction on August 23rd at Burl Oaks.

Its condition and needs are currently being evaluated. It will be reported once completed. I can say with certainly it would be a wonderful project to bring to full restoration.

This car was feature in the Monday, Nov. 03, 1958 of Time Magazine and in the September 1958 issue of Popular Science Magazine.

As with anything of significance, there is further information at Wikipedia which you may view.

Recent offerings of this car have been in the $7,000 -$10,000 dollar range.

Please contact Woody Love or Bob Pillsbury for further information or a pre-auction showing of the amazing opportunity! Consult the all member email sent to you for a picture and more details.