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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Club Bulletin-June 28, 2011
by Bill Kendrick

Hi Everyone,

Dave Anderson chaired the June 28 meeting and during his mini-classification whined about the novelty having worn off the purchase of a century farmhome....seems he wasn't aware of the constant maintenance required by such a dwelling.  No sympathies were expressed.

Vance led us in the singing of Side by Side...but rather than quitting while we were ahead after the first two verses he forced us on and we degenerated into our regular tuneless warbling.  It was sad.  Fortunately there were three birthdays to celebrate...Les Chipperfield, Gerald Morneau and Dale Craig.

Gerald Morneau celebrated the most by winning the Queen of Hearts draw....just a little over a thousand dollars.  He suddenly had more friends at his table than he realized!

Visiting Rotarian Frank Falzett joined us and with makeups the attendance was 79%.

The International Toast was Seoul, South Korea....can't for the life of me remember why but it was probably a very good reason.

Sunshine Reports:  John Maynard reported there will be a Terry Fox Run in Summerside this September.

Carl Delaney regaled us with tales of his times in the military when he accompanied Charles and Diana on a Canadian visit.  There's a book in all his stories.

Malcolm Millar let us know he and Rosalind are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.

Ted Cross managed to stay warm and dry during a Scout Camp in NB over the weekend.

Vance reported the Highland Gathering this past weekend was excellent if not well attended.  His time was spent ferrying people back and forth to the airport.

Tina had a busy back and forth between her son's soccer tournament in NB and his Grade 9 graduation in Summerside at which he was recognized as the recipient of the Inclusion Award for his willingness to help others at his school.  And his team won the Silver at the tournament.

Our June 28 meeting was a business meeting so the minutes of the Board Meeting formed the agenda for the day.  Those minutes are available in the Download section of the website.

In further business, Bill Thompson reported the golf tournament plans are coming along and said there may be a special feature this year....a $1 million dollar hole.  Stay tuned for details.

Paul Matheson reported that anyone with remaining brick sales from the Celebration Garden should get them to him because the next batch to be engraved will be done in the coming weeks.

Leo Paul reported the Youth Exchange students had a great weekend on the Island as part of their Cross Canada tour....and Siw is now on her way to Ottawa and will be flying directly home to Germany at the end of the tour.

Nelson read the membership proposal for Maitland MacIsaac for the first time.

Next meeting is July 5 and will be the handover to the new Executive.

Club Bulletin- Feb 1, 2011
by Bill Kendrick

The Feb 1, 2011 meeting opened with the singing of the Island Hymn and Rotary Hymn as we usually do.  However, it was a clear indicator this was not going to be a good singing day.  The fact Carletta and Vance weren't present was clearly evident.

Sara Miller was chair and during her mini-classification talk informed us she's from away....having been born in England coming to Canada in 1974.  She worked in the Consolidated Credit Union for years moving up the ranks to become General Manager in 2004.  She's married to Wayne and they have 3 children.

Apparently unaware of how bad we sing without our usual songbirds present, Boyce clearly thought he could overcome our shortcomings by selecting I'm Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover.....generally a crowd pleaser however as a Song Leader Boyce makes a great bank manager.  And with no birthdays to be celebrated, rather than admit defeat Boyce soldiered on selecting In the Good Old Summertime.  I'm sure he now regrets his decision.

Fortunately attendance was only 74%.

Dale chose to toast Calgary South Rotary Club....obviously unaware Alberta is still part of Canada and therefore not really an "international" location.....however, at least we didn't have to sing it.

Sunshine Reports were plentiful....thankfully!

Ron Casey was celebrating his 5th anniversary as a Rotarian....and the fact the previous week the Downtown Summerside Association reached the million dollar in grants milestone.  (It's a good thing he's successful at getting money for the DSA because he pulled the 8 Clubs in the Queen of Hearts draw)

Paul Power took full credit for Suzanne Birt's win at the Womens Provincial Curling Championship.  He's become her coach again.

Tim led us all to believe he'd won a trip to the Super Bowl from K-Rock....only to admit he'd only made it to the final 10 in the draw and really ended up winning only a beer...which at least would have come in handy as he watched my Green Bay Packers return the Vince Lombardi tropy to its rightful home!

Blair re-introduced himself to the membership.....there are many new members who had no idea who he is since he's been pretty much absent since becoming Chamber President.  But he's out from under that burden and says he will be returning to Rotary on a more regular basis.  However, he will now be known as Jill Dunn's brother now she's become a TV star on the Marilyn Denis show.

Siv claimed to have been studying for her exams....but clearly enjoyed playing in the snow much more.  She went to the school band concert on the weekend...and learned how to make cupcakes....but never brought any to share with the rest of us.

This week's meeting was a combined Annual General Meeting and regular business meeting so President Paul turned the meeting over to Past President Heather so she could officially and finally bring her year to a close.  Her report has been posted on the website in the Download Section.  Suffice it to say Heather and her team did a great job in 2009-2010.

Following adoption of Heather and her Directors' reports as well as the financial report, the regular business meeting resumed.

President Paul reported Jason Lee has been hired as coordinator for this years Easter Seals campaign and discussion are still going on aimed at replacing the CBC Telethon with another form of fundraising.

The Summerside Boys and Girls Club has asked the Club to assist them with their plans to establish a new centre for troubled youth and once we receive more details the matter will be discussed by the Executive then brought to the Club

The Executive will review the request from the Evangeline Recreation Centre for financial support for their rebuilding project.

It has been decided to establish a financial review committee in order to lighten the workload for the review of financial statements.  Gerald Arsenault will ask a couple of other members to serve on the committee.

Under Club Service....the Charter Night has been re-scheduled for March 6 and it was decided to book the French school for the 2011 Christmas Party.

Community Service - A motion was approved to contribute $3200.00 to the purchase of insulin pumps for the children of Kirsty McCarron.

International Service - A motion was approved to contribute $5000.00 per year for each of the next two years towards the Free the Children project to Adopt A Village in Kenya that will go toward boring water wells, teacher support, school meals and school construction.  This is a project in which Rotarian Rev. Arthur Davies is involved.

Fundraising - Thane will be bringing a new fundraising plan to a future meeting.

Membership - Yolande is working on a membership survey she hopes to have circulated and tabulated prior to the next fireside chat in April or May.  She also expects to induct Major Stewart, Phillip Hamblin and Karen Hatcher in the near future.

Public Relations - It was acknowledge that yours truly has resurrected the Club Bulletin and it is playing to rave reviews!

New Business - A motion was approved to cover the cost of $2115.12 for the phone services for Community Inclusions in Alberton.  The funds are to come from the in-kind contribution Bell Aliant made to the Celebration Garden project.

A similar request from the East Prince Seniors Initiative was deferred until further discussions can take place.

President Paul indicated Rotary International is looking for Clubs to participate in a range of pilot projects aimed at testing out new meeting and club formats to increase membership.  He will send out the pilot project descriptions for comment from the membership.

The Lobster Carnival Committee is looking for a couple of new members since Tina and Malcolm are stepping down.

The Executive is considering a request from the Journal Pioneer for the Club to participate in their Literacy Project.  More discussion will take place with Sandy.

Heather has prepared an information package regarding past activities of the Club.  The material was prepared for the Discovery Rotary program.  She was asked to forward it electronically to the Executive for Review.  It can then be placed ont he website.

Sergeant at Arms Tina levied fines against Paul Power for making Siv come to Rotary on a PD day; Dave Anderson was fined for almost crushing her hand with his death grip handshake; Carl for making snide comments about the yellow vest; Wayne for being mean to Boyce during the sing song....although really she should have Boyce fined for his song leadership...or lack thereof but instead she opted fine all of us for poor singing.  Imagine!


Club Bulletin-Feb 8, 2011
by Bill Kendrick

The February 8 meeting was chaired by Scott Mollins who in turns out, despite his youthful demeanour has actually been a dentist for 23 years and Rotarian for 5 years.  Married to wife Heather, they have two sons Christopher and Andrew.  Scott revealed his true love however is motorsports.....he apparently has a fixation with big engines!

Dale Craig had the dubious distinction of being Song Leader however given the sadness of our singing the past two meetings expectations were not high.....Choosing Waltzing Matilda seemed to bring out the best in least for the first verse.  Thank goodness Tim and Gordon had birthdays!

We welcomed visiting Rotarian Adrienne Malloway from the Halifax Harbourside Club and guest Parker Snow.

The cold temperatures must have kept a few Rotarians snuggled warm in their beds since attendance was only 68%.

Jill toasted the Dundee Discovery Club from District 1010 Dundee.

Sunshine Reports were popular.....

Ron Gallant used the excuse his wife Lynn is undergoing shoulder surgery as an excuse for getting out of the Pancake Breakfast on Feb 19.....and informed us they had just got back from a Cuban vacation where the temperature was a chilly 28 C.  We all felt sorry for him.

Thane spent the weekend attending a hockey tournament with his kids.  He also reported membership in the Boy Scouts on the Island has risen by 16% bucking a national downward trend...with over 100 participating in Summerside.  So feeling good about hockey and Scouting....he booked flights for the family to go to Disney World in May.

Arthur thanked the Club for approving funding for the Adopt a Village program in Kenya indicating one of the schools has been completed and the students are moving into the new building.  He invited any members who might be interested to join him on a trip to Kenya in September.

Steve spent the weekend at the Boat Show in Halifax....and feeling guilty about dragging his kids around looking at his toys...He took them to Build A Bear.  While in Halifax he bumped into Ben Wedge who was there for a political convention and then ran into Richard and Maureen later at a restaurant.  A couple more Rotarians and they could have gotten a Make Up.

Wayne attended the Easter Seals kickoff with President Paul and said this year's Ambassador Hannah McLellan is amazing and inspiring.

Siw reporterd she finished her exams and celebrated by going to lunch with friends Emily and Amanda....and then played in the snow, got a haircut and went jogging and swimming at the Wellness Centre....

Nelson....vying for the best dressed Rotarian award drew the 2 Diamonds in the Queen of Hearts draw.

The Guest Speaker was Don Anderson, Coordinator of the Third Quarter Program a pilot project of the Chamber of Commerce designed to match retired workers with businesses looking for experienced employees.  Third Quarter has partnered with the East Prince Seniors Initiative as part of EPSI's focus on assisting seniors in remaining productice.  Interestingly, Third Quarter doesn't use traditional resumes as part of its matching process.  It puts more emphasis on life skills, attitudes and interests than on professional experience since often the seniors looking for work prefer to become involved in fields other than those they spent their working life in.  So far 50 businesses and 165 individuals have signed up for the program.  Anyone wanting more information can go to

President Paul suggested recently retired John McCarthy might want to apply to Third Quarter...but then pointed out he had few skills to offer.

He encouraged members to consider applying for the Outboud GSE Team Leader position.  The 2012 Group Study Exchange is with Taiwan.  Suggested anyone interested in going might speak with Derek Key or Bill Kendrick both of whom have been GSE Team leaders.

Next week Thane will be presenting a range of new fundraising ideas for consideration so everyone is encouraged to make an effort to be there.

Paul also reported he had attended the Easter Seals kickoff and said officials feel despite the loss of the CBC Telethon the fundraising campaign still has all its other activities so feel the impact will be minimal.  Suggested he would have Campaign Coordinaor Jason Lea speak to the Club at some point.

Paul pointed out there's a good article in this month's Rotarian magazine about making the Rotary Elevator to explain what Rotary is in 30 seconds.

Sergeant at Arms Boyce decided to fine everyone who hasn't yet signed up for the Pancake Breakfast.....there were far too many members throwing money in the bowl.  So get to the website and sign up.

The fact the meeting ended early was particularly pleasing to Chair Scott since he could get to work and get an extra root canal in!

Next meeting is Feb 15 with Thane Smallwood presenting the fundraising ideas.

Club Bulletin-May 2-2011
by Bill Kendrick

There were a few bleary-eyed political junkies at the meeting on May 3rd having stayed up until the wee hours watching the election results come in.  We aren't supposed to discuss politics at Rotary so Sergeant-At-Arms Carletta made us all pay for our transgressions....more on the fines later.

Thane Smallwood chaired the meeting and revealed in his mini-classification talk he married his wife Susan following an office romance (which apparently was against company rules which they chose to ignore.) 

Ralph Thompson showed he hasn't lost his sarcastic wit.  As Song Leader he said the song he wanted to do wasn't in the song book - "He Didn't Like Her Apartment so He Knocked Her Flat." instead chose Row Row Row Your Boat. 

There were 4 birthdays...although since none of them were at the meeting I can't remember who they were....but we did sing Happy Birthday to them.

Jane Sharp was introduced by Tina as her guest....and if the little huddle going on after the meeting is an indication, Jane may soon be joining our morning band.

Thanks to a whole bunch of Make Ups from people attending Golf Committee and Lobster Carnival Committee meetings we had an attendance of 75%.

Wayne Thompson toasted the Rotary Club of Barcelona, Spain since our next Inbound Exchange Student, Victoria Ruiz is from there.

During Sunshine Reports, Mark Hickey announced the arrival of his first child...Owen who was born on April 20.  Congratulations.

Ted Cross was somehow happy about having been cross country skiing near Corner Brook the previous week.  Even I....who loves winter wants to forget about snow for at least 8 months.

Siw had a busy day camp, went to Boston with the TOSH Band and got to visit Salem and learn about the witches.  She went to a Red Sox game too.  She was tired but happy.

Jill had the lucky ticket in the Queen of Hearts draw....but her luck ran out when she drew the 9 of spades.  The pot is up to $1390.

The 2011 Easter Seals Ambassador Hannah MacLellan came to thank the Club for our support of the campaign.  What a delightful young lady.  She told us her message to the Island schools she visited was "don't be afraid to try new things.  Believe in yourself, you'll be amazed at what you can do."

Committee Reports:

Thane informed members he was looking for volunteers to sort books at Slemon Park for the upcoming Journal Pioneer book sale.

Leo-Paul advised the Club our next Inbound Youth Exchange student is 14 year old Victoria Ruiz from Barcelona, Spain.  Anyone interested in hosting her should contact Leo-Paul. 

Boyce reported the Golf Tournament Committee is working hard on organizing the 2011 event....and they're starting to look for sponsors.

Karla advised everyone she'd be standing at the exit after the meeting accepting contributions for Easter Seals.

President's Report:

Paul presented Past-President Heather Matheson with her long overdue plaque recognizing her term of office.  (I snapped a picture with my new Blackberry...but it didn't turn out but it would have been lovely if it had.)

He advised that plans for the Car Show fundraiser are hitting some speed bumps and will report at a later date on progress in discussions with dealerships.

As a host parent of two exchange students, Paul urged members to consider hosting our new student when she arrives.  It's a great experience.  Vance has indicated he and Sheila would be willing to host Victoria.

Yolande is in the process of organizing the next Fireside Chat and is looking for suggestions of topics to be discussed.

Sergeant of Arms Carletta fined everyone for talking politics (our table was singled out as serious offenders but that was because John Maynard was gloating all through breakfast!) Thane was fined for being late and mean to John McCarthy.

Next week's Guest Speaker is Lt. Governor Barbara Hagerman. 

May 10, 2011 Bulletin
by Bill Kendrick

The May 10 meeting was chaired by Nelson Snow.  In his mini-classification talk Nelson informed us he had worked for Fitzgerald & Snow for 25 years....a company started by his father Harry.  Last year, when the company was sold he decided to try something new and is now a real estate agent with Century 21 Northumberland Realty. 

Home on the Range was the Sing Song selection by Wayne Thompson....and everyone was in uncommonly good voice.  Birthday wishes this week went to Marion, Vance and Roy.

Alex Key was a guest this week.....home from his RCMP posting in God's Lake Narrows (I think).

Attendance was 71%.

Luc toasted Pueblo, Mexico.....apparently some battle took place there on May 5 many years ago so he thought it would be fitting to recognize the mass slaughter.

Fortunately there were lots of Sunshine Reports to offset the morbid international toast.  The ever frugal Vance contributed $5 to cover the 90th birthday celebration for Viola Blanchard...grandmother of his son-in-law Milo Murray and his own upcoming 80th birthday which he'll be celebrating by going to the District Conference in St. John' hard Vance!

Bill Kendrick reported that former exchange student Eliane Vermeulen has announced she is going to have a baby in September.....Richard Wedge and wife Maureen are going to be visiting Eliane in the coming months...having recently returned from visiting exchange student Estefi in Ecuador.  Have exchange student will travel!

Leo Paul (with only 30 cents in his pocket) told of his mother's surprise visit to her sister's 80th birthday party in Montreal.....and then she celebrated her own 90th birthday on Sunday.  Good genes in that family!

Scott Mollins invited members to participate in the YMCA 5K run in Emerald.

Tina Mundy is celebrating the return of both of her daughters...Taylor and Erin.  One has gotten a job at the Tax Centre...while the other will be moving to Flin Flon to work for the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co.....and apparently making more money than mom!

Proving being chair has no privileges, Nelson drew the 3 of Diamonds in the Queen of Hearts draw.

Peter Brown filled in for the scheduled guest speaker, Lt Gov Barbara Hagerman who was unable to attend due to the death of her mother.  While not quite as regal, Peter did an excellent job of getting us all laughing with his list of church bloopers.  He then went on to talk about efforts to enhance Downtown Summerside.  He presented a number of pictures showing the downtown in years gone by and today reflecting the progress that has been made.  He also explained plans to try to mitigate the disruptions that will be caused this summer by the street work being done on Water Street.  Branding it "The Big Dig," Downtown Summerside is hoping to encourage people to continute to come downtown and shop during the construction....the images he showed of what the area will look like after the work is done were impressive.

President Paul Power reported he had attended a meeting of the Lobster Carnival Board and is looking for a Club member to join the Board.

He reviewed the motions and resolutations being presented at the District Conference.  Yolande and Vance will be representing the Club and voting on our behalf.  Motions cover a request for a dues increase of $2.50 per member; an effort to have the Rotary Leadership Institute recognized as a either a Club Affiliate or structured program of Rotary International and a series of resolutions aimed at enhancing the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.  It was decided to give Yolande and Vance the flexibility to decide how to vote on the motions based upon their evaluation of discussion at the conference.

During Committee Reports, Yolande announced there would be a Fireside Chat on June 1 at 6:30 pm.  Location TBA.  She will be sending out a survey shortly to get members input.

Paul reported the Golf Tournament Committee has been meeting.  They are looking for hole sponsors and prizes.  Tournament will take Friday, July 29

Leo Paul informed members that two host families have been found for our inbound Exchange Student from Spain.  The Bannon's (parents of our outbound student) will host first and then Mark & Darlene Oatway from Kensington will be the second host family. (Their son went on exchange a few years ago).  They have twin duaghters the same age as our Inbounder so will attend KISH together.  He is still looking for a third host family.

Sgt at Arms Ralph Thompson chose not to fine Yolande and Vance for being late because they are going to the District Conference representing the Club.....and in a magnanimous move, Ralph contributed $20 rather than fine anyone.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 17  Guest Speaker: Francois Caron will talk about the goPEI/East Prince Seniors Initiative Walk for Wellness program to be launched on May 25.


Club Bulletion-May 24, 2011
by Bill Kendrick

The meeting of May 24 was chaired by Vance Bridges (filling in for Carletta Thornhill).  He also acted as Song Leader choosing "The More we Get Together" (Voices were better than usual this morning....seems we do best with short songs!)  Birthday wishes were sung for Antoine Richard and Paul Matheson.

Attendance was 66%.  Guests: Maitland MacIsaac, Colleen and Catherine Bannon (Catherine is our outbound Exchange Student heading to Belgium in August)

Siw informed us she played in 2 rugby games the past week...winning 1 and losing 1.  She also went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, baby sat and worked on the grad video.

It seemed only fitting that Antoine had his ticket drawn in the Queen of Hearts draw since it was his birthday...but then drew the Joker.....Sometimes life just isn't fair!

We had a surprise visit from the Boys and Girls Club to thank us for our continued support of the Club.

We inducted our newest member, Jane Sharpe who was proposed by Tina Mundy.  Jane moved to the Island with her husband Dan in 2009 and established Black Point Marketing.  Jane grew up in Palermo, Ontario (a small village just outside Oakville).  She graduated from Sheridan College and worked in advertising/marketing and communications in Toronto.  Obtained her MBA.

President Paul Power reported on the Executive Meeting.


President Paul Power called the meeting to order at 7:10 and welcomed everyone. A special welcome was offered to Cathy Gallant. Cathy will be replacing Dale Craig on the executive as Community Services Chair. Cathy was scheduled to replace Dale at the start of the new Rotary year but Dale has asked to step down from the Executive due to work commitments. The Executive welcomes Cathy and thanks Dale for his valuable contribution to the board over the past year.



Paul will be providing updates on the fundraising initiatives that were discussed at last meeting. They will be discussed under the fundraising committee report.



Treasurer's Report - John McCarthy, Chair

John delivered the treasurer's report but then had to leave the meeting. In his absence, the report was presented by Gerald Arsenault.

Club Service - Phil Jost, Chair

President Paul indicated that discussions are continuing regarding the family picnic.

Vocational Service - Tim Hockin, Chair

Tim reported that Rotary Scholarship information and applications have been forwarded to Prince County High Schools. Two applications have been received and will be reviewed. Unless these applicants are found to be unsuitable for some reason, they will each receive a $500 scholarship.


Community Service - Dale Craig, Chair

Cathy provided an update from June Ellis, President of the Ellerslie Home and School Association. They are looking for funding for new accessible playground equipment. Their total budget is $40,000 and they have raised approximately half of that amount. Cathy will continue discussions, look at other sources of funding and then come back to the club with a recommendation.

John Maynard asked whether the club has received any updates from the Provincial Easter Seals organization as to the possible status of monies raised this year. President Paul will raise the issue at the next Island Presidents meeting.

International Service - Gerald Arsenault, Chair

Gerald reported that we have not received any direction as to a specific project or need for which to place our commitment of $5000 towards the Earthquake Relief Fund for Japan. It was MOVED by Gerald Arsenault and SECONDED by John Maynard that theClub make it's $5,000 donation to the Rotary International Japan Relief Fund. MOTION CARRIED.

On another topic, Gerald advised that he has received a request from the Rotary Regional Library for our club to purchase a new photocopier for the library. The money would come out of funds that were originally raised for the project and are still available for capital purchases or projects. The library did obtain quotes for the copier. It was MOVED by Gerald Arsenault and SECONDED by Tim Hockin that theClub provide $1731.00 to the library for the purchase of a new photocopier.  MOTION CARRIED.

Gerald also reported that he is still dealing with a request from EPSI to have some of their phone costs covered under the Aliant donation to the Rotary Celebration Garden Project. Heather volunteered to assist Gerald. They will discuss with Steve Cudmore, chair of the Celebration Garden, and then follow up with Aliant.

Fundraising - Thane Smallwood, Chair

Paul reported for Thane in his absence. Rotarian Vance Bridges is still working on the idea of a fall car show. Costs to rent a facility are prohibitive, however, and other options are being reviewed.

Rotarian Carl continues to work on the organization of the Mardi Gras Curling Bonspiel and has engaged several other Rotarians to work on the committee. Updates will follow as they become available.

Membership - Yolande Richard, Chair

Yolande reported that Jane Sharpe will be inducted at Tuesday's meeting. This brings our membership total to 65 members which is an increase of 5 members from the beginning of the Rotary year. Rotarians are to be commended for making membership a priority and are encouraged to continue to do so.


President Paul reported that progress continues to be made with negotiations for land needed for the installation of entrance signage at the Rotary Friendship Park. Further announcements will follow.

Yolande reported that conversations have been held with former District Governor David Muise about his willingness to facilitate a Strategic Planning session for the club. The cost would be very reasonable and the Executive felt that this was something we should proceed with.


President Paul also reported he had attended the media launch of the Summerside Lobster Carnival and complimented the revival of the event begun under Rotarian Tina Mundy's Presidentship and being continued.

He reminded members that Siw will be doing her presentation on Germany next week.

The Rotary Friendship Park cleanup will probably be held sometime in the next couple of weeks...once things dry up a bit.

District Governor Mark Brown has asked Clubs to consider providing support to the victims of the Slave Lake fire.  There is a Rotary Club in Slave Lake that will receive donations and see the money is put to use in the community.

Next year the Group Study Exchange team will be going to Taiwan.  The team is being led by PDG Doug Logan and the District is looking for applicants for the team.  Members must be between 25-40 years of age, business/professional individuals and cannot be Rotarians or family of Rotarians.  Last year, Cora Lee Dunbar of Summerside went to Australia as a member of the team led by Bill Kendrick.  If you know of someone in Prince County who might make an excellent team member, please let them know about the opportunity.  Applications are available at

Sargeant of Arms Luc Van Hul had a keen eye for fines this week....he targeted Boyce for abusing him (Seems the Sargeant of Arms doesn't have a sense of humour when it comes to himself!); he fined Major for sitting next to the Sargeant; John Maynard for fined for being John Maynard; Jane was fined from being the newest member; Gord Coffin was fined for not using sunscreen on the weekend resulting in lobster like look; Arthur was let off the hook because he's the only member who can look classy in a suit and sneakers and Yolande was fined for not turning her phone off.


Club Bulletin-Jan 25, 2011
by Bill Kendrick

Maybe we should have federal cabinet ministers as guest speakers more often...98% attendance ( although it must be pointed out there were a lot of make ups from the mini-conference and Lobster Carnival meeting) but regardless it was still a great turnout.

Malcolm Miller as Chair unfortunately followed John McCarthy's lead from last week by extolling the virtues of the Montreal Canadiens (building goodwill and better friendships clearly hasn't sunk in yet) You didn't notice me bragging about how my Green Bay Packers made it to the Super Bowl...and will win it but that's for another day.

Tina desperately tried to inject some hopefulness into the frigid weather we've been having...and it would appear singing Good Old Summertime had an impact as temperatures have risen over the past two days. (We won't talk about Thursday's storm prediction) Notwithstanding the excellent job done by Carletta and Vance in getting the singing going....we desperately need to recruit a piano player as a new member. Or maybe we can get Karen Hatcher to bring a piper with her after she's inducted....

Karen, Phil Hamlin and Major Stewart were introduced as guests for likely the last time as we prepare for their inductions....great to see the new members coming into the Club. Paul Matheson brought Slemon Park President Shawn McCarville with him to the meeting.....might there be a potential member in the offing?

The Sunshine Reports saw Ron Casey proudly telling his daughter's curling team has made it to the National university championships....and Wayne Thompson attended the Amherst Club's meeting with DG Mark Brown....and brought back greetings from PDG Bette Douglas who has always had a warm spot in her heart for Summerside. And Siv told us about her first attempt at skating (and falling) as well as it's the first time in her life she has experienced -10 temperatures.

Antoine had to be encouraged to check his Queen of Hearts ticket.....only to be disappointed with the 2 of Spades.

Our guest speaker was Minister of Fisheries Hon. Gail Shea, MP for Egmont just back from selling seals to the Chinese. She congratulated Derek on his appointment to the Order of Canada...and thanked the Club for all the work we have done throughout Prince County...referring to several of the projects we have been involved in with particular emphasis on our support of the Community Inclusions building in Alberton. She recounted a long list of Island infrastructure projects that have received funding from the federal government and noted there has been a 32% increase in transfer payments to the Island since the last election. She invited everyone to provide input to the federal budget preparation process. (In future though, we're going to have to get Gerald Arsenault to bring back the Presidential step box for our vertically challenged speakers)

Yolande reminded everyone the Pancake Breakfast is being held Feb 19 and the signup sheet will be coming around shortly.

She also reported that Peggy Miles has been proposed for membership by Vance Bridges.

She advised everyone that 11 members from the Club attended the Island mini-conference on the weekend and everyone who went is asked to respond to the evaluation email she sent out.

Tina reported as President of the Summerside Lobster Carnival on the success of the past year's rebuilding process that resulted in one of the best Carnivals ever. (Editorial comment: Everyone involved can be justly proud of what has been accomplished under Tina's leadership) Tina presented a cheque for $5000 to President Paul representing the Club's portion of the proceeds from the Carnival.

Derek (finally!) gave us an update on the Nigerian Water and Sanitation project indicating that we are moving ahead with the plan to provide 14 sets (6 toilets/set) with the partnership of the Okotoks, Alberta Rotary Club.

Having received the cheque from Tina, President Paul unabashedly informed Gail Shea of our willingness to accept cheques from her any time she feels the need to spread any extra federal cash around.

He also reminded members of the RI Convention taking place in New Orleans in May....and that the Club has some funds available to assist anyone considering going.

Sergeant at Arms Gerald Morneau noted several members had arrived late but said he didn't want to expose our individual weaknesses to the Minister so instead he fined everyone who arrived at the meeting after him.

Next week's meeting is a Business Meeting.

Club Bulletin-Jan 18, 2011
by Bill Kendrick

Chairman John McCarthy shared his min-classification talk with us. Fortunately it was short so most members remained awake!

Guests Major Stewart and Phil Hamlin were welcomed...with any luck they will soon become members.

Proving we actually can sing when we all know the song....I've Been Working on the Railroad was sung heartily.

82% attendance always fills the room with good voices.

Tina toasted the Rotary Club of Arbroath, Scotland because that's where her husband is from.

Under the somewhat dubious heading of Sunshine Reports, Nelson announced he is engaged....third time's a charm apparently. I'm sure there were other Sunshine Reports but the sight of Nelson decked out in a suit totally obliterated all memory of the others.

New member Rod Herbert was all excited about having his number drawn for the Queen of Hearts draw...thanks for pulling the 2 of Clubs Rod. Welcome to Rotary!

Accompanied by Guy Arsenault and Cedric Gallant, Giselle Bernard provided an update on the efforts to re-build the Evangeline Recreation Centre. Her presentation was titled "Life after the Fire" and she filled us in on what has happened since the arena was destroyed by fire last year. They have been working to make sure the new facility meets the current and future needs of the community. With an aging population in the area, they've recognized the new building has to be designed to accommodate people with mobility issues. And they decided the building has to be sustainable...both financially and environmentally so they are working towards ensuring there is no mortgage the community will have to carry and incorporating several green features into the construction. They have 5 million dollars they have to raise....much of which is coming from various government levels but the community itself has committed to raise half a million. They expect construction to start by March 1 and to be open for full operation by October. In the meantime, hockey and skating programs are being held at Slemon Park.

Yolande reminded everyone the Island Mini-Conference is being held Sat. Jan 22 at Camp Gencheff from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The Pancake Breakfast will be held Feb 19 from 7:00 am - 12 noon. Signup will commence shortly.

Charter Night has been moved to March 5. Watch this space for details to come.

President Paul reminded everyone the District Convention is taking place in St. John's May 12-15. The last time it was held on the Rock, I vaguely remember being piped down George Street on a pub crawl. I think the rest of the convention was pretty good too!

John McCarthy (Canadiens fan) totally abused his position as Chair to humiliate guest Cedric Gallant (Leafs fan) Being a Leafs fan ought to be humiliation enough!

And Sergeant At Arms, Scott Mullins who as a dentist is familiar with causing pain chose to fine anyone wearing a black suit or going South.

Everyone is asked to be on their best behaviour for this week's meeting since the Hon. Gail Shea will be our guest speaker. All Liberals will be excused for not showing up.

Easter Seals Ambassador comes to Club meeting
by Kendrick, Bill

2014 Easter Seals Ambassador Brett Robinson and his mother Lynn came to our meeting this morning.  Brett is a non-traditional communicator and did an inspiring presentation using his computerized speaking program.


Economics Lesson
by Kendrick, Bill

Tim O'Neill (right), retired Chief Economist of the Bank of Montreal is thanked by Rotarian Gordon Coffin for his presentation to the Club.  O'Neill, who now lives on Prince Edward Island gave us all a better understanding of the state of the Canadian economy. 


Book Sale Proceeds will be used for Literacy Projects
by Kendrick, Bill

Rotarian/Publisher of the Journal Pioneer, Sandy Rundle presents a cheque for $4150.00 to Club President Tim Hockin.  The cheque represented half the proceeds from the Journal Pioneer/Rotary Book Sale held Oct 31-Nov 2, 2013.


Inspirational Presentation
by Kendrick, Bill

Summerside Rotarians were recipients of an inspirational presentation today by Michelle Hogg from the Notre Dame Place Clubhouse.  Michelle is a participant in the Transitional Employment Program which assists people who experience mental illness return to work in the community.  Michelle (right) and Notre Dame Place representative Jo-Anne Praught were thanked by Rotarian Les Chipperfield and presented with Maurice Bernard prints in appreciation for their presentation.

Check out the article that appeared in the Journal Pioneer regarding her presentation.



Rotary Club of Summerside-Provincial Auto Parts Mardi Gras Funspiel
by Kendrick, Bill
Couple share their experiences in Zambia
by Kendrick, Bill

Corina and Peter Bolo shared their experience volunteering in Zambia with a Habitat for Humanity "Global Village" build. They, along with three other individuals are currently working to raise $35,000 CDN to help the village of Kamanga, Lusaka, Zambia complete a unfinished school. The school will be an expansion of the Fruitful Vine School, operated by the Community Based TB/HIV/AIDS Organization (CBTO), which is supported by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  Rotarian Peter Brown presents them with a Maurice Bernard print in appreciation of their presentation.....and close to $250 was raised through fines and contributed to their cause.


Summerside Rotarian saves stranded dog
by Kendrick, Bill

Steve Cudmore jumped into icy waters to rescue a friend's dog stranded on ice on the North River.  Check out all the details.  Way to go Steve.


Summerside Rotarians attend annual Premier's Dinner
by Kendrick, Bill

District Governor Greg Coldwell congratulates Bill Kendrick
by Richard, Yolande

DG Greg Coldwell presented Summerside Rotarian Bill Kendrick with a Paul Harris Fellow in recognition of him being named Island Rotarian of the Year as recipient of the George Tweedy Award.Image
Summerside Rotarian Bill Kendrick receives George Tweedy Award
by Richard, Yolande


Club member Bill Kendrick was honoured last night by being named the Island Rotarian Volunteer of the Year for 2013 as recipient of the George Tweedy Award.


Club Supports Habitat for Humanity
by Kendrick, Bill

Chair of Community Services Ted Cross presents Becky Mullen, Program Manager for Habitat for Humanity PEI with a cheque for $1000.00 from the Club. Ms Mullen indicated Habitat has acquired property in Summerside and is now looking for a family in need of a home.


New member inducted
by Kendrick, Bill

Summerside's newest Rotarian, Pam Montgomery, received her pin from Rotarian Tina Mundy.Image
Club completes its committment to Evangeline Recreation Centre
by Kendrick, Bill

President Tim presents the manager of the Evangeline Recreation Centre, Cedric Gallant, with the third installment in the Club's three year $30,000 commitment.Image
New Rotarian Joins Our Club
by Kendrick, Bill

Sponsor, Rotarian Derek, presents new Rotarian Les MacLean with his Rotary pin.Image
True Rotarian recognized
by Kendrick, Bill

Rotarian Sandy Rundle is presented with this year's True Rotarian Award by District Governor Greg Coldwell in recognition of his exceptional service and commitment to Rotary.   Well deserved!Image
New Member Joins our Club
by Kendrick, Bill

Summerside's newest Rotarian, Wendy FosterImage with her sponsor Rotarian Tina.
Visiting Rotarian exchanges banner
by Kendrick, Bill

Rotarian Joan Bailey from Airdrie, Alberta exchanges banners with President Tim. Ms. Bailey will be a regular of our Club for the next several months as she will be staying in the Summerside area while working on a book.


Paul Harris Fellows recognized.
by Kendrick, Bill

President Tim presents multiple Paul Harris Fellows to Rotarian John (left) and Rotarian Ralph (second right), and first time Paul Harris Fellow, Rotarian Scott (second left). Congratulations to all!


Club receives contribution from Summerside Lobster Carnival
by Kendrick, Bill

ImageClub President Tim Hockin gratefully accepted a cheque from Lobster Carnival Chair Arthur Davies.
Rotary Club of Summerside inducts new member
by Kendrick, Bill

Al Frost (right) is welcomed to the Rotary Club of Summerside by sponsor Les Chipperfield.


Al Frost was inducted into the Rotary Club of Summerside today.  A retired banker, Al was a former member of the Rotary Club of Fredericton North prior to moving to the Island a few years ago with his wife Pauline.
Summerside Rotarians are Real Turkeys!
by Kendrick, Bill

Members of the Rotary Club of Summerside turned up at 6:45 am at the Salvation Army Thrift Store to support the Annual CBC Turkey Drive.


Prior to heading off to their regular Tuesday morning meeting, Summerside Rotarians brought individual donations of turkeys and cash to the Salvation Army as part of the CBC Turkey Drive.  President Nelson Snow was interviewed live on CBC Radio as part of the morning broadcast.  The donations all go to support the Christmas Hamper program.
Community Volunteer named a Paul Harris Fellow
by Kendrick, Bill

Karen Thompson was recognized on Tuesday, October 2 as a Paul Harris Fellow in recognition of her outstanding contribution to our community.  Joining her after the presentation are Club President Nelson Snow, husband/Rotarian Ralph Thompson and Rotarian Derek Key.


In presenting Karen with her PHF, Rotarian Derek Key gave the following introduction:

Fellow Rotarians and Guests:


It is my pleasure today to have been asked to make a Paul Harris Fellow presentation, being a recognition of tangible support for the furtherance of peace and understanding as a result of a One thousand ($1,000.00) dollar U.S. financial contribution to The Rotary Foundation.


The Rotary Foundation makes possible the many international good works that are undertaken by Rotarians throughout the world.  With 1.2 million members in 184 countries, we have been able to effect substantive and material change.


In providing education to the developing world, building schools, providing clean water, making prosthetics available, literacy efforts, or in hundreds of other ways, The Rotary Foundation is what makes Rotary dreams become reality. 


Probably the task, most identifiable to all of us, is the phenomenal undertaking commenced in 1985 when The Rotary Foundation set out to eradicate polio from the world. 


All of these things only happen because Rotarians and others make contributions to The Rotary Foundation.  There are many of us who take the view that we have an obligation as Rotarians to financially support our Foundation.  Generally, those contributions take place because we join the Every Rotarian – Every Year Program which allows us to contribute by automatic withdrawal, as little as One hundred ($100.00) dollars per year. 


Others make a contribution by joining the ranks of Paul Harris sustaining members, indicating that they have made a commitment to become a Paul Harris fellow over time.  Still others make a One Thousand ($1,000.00) dollar U.S. contribution for the privilege of naming someone else a Paul Harris Fellow. 


A trivia question sometimes asked is “What do Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Yitzhak Rabin, Luciano Pavarotti, Bono, Mother Teresa and Indira Ghandi have in common?”  They were all Paul Harris Fellows.  So are thousands of others who have been recognized for their tangible contribution to the Rotary Foundation, or who have taken the opportunity to recognize another for the work that he or she has done, thus entitling them to such an honour.


Today I have the opportunity to present a Paul Harris Fellowship on behalf of the Rotary Foundation.  This Paul Harris Fellowship is being given to recognize the tremendous contribution and good works to Community, Province and family, by the recipient.


The Paul Harris recipient is the daughter of a long-term Rotarian who took great pride in his perfect attendance record for many years.  He too was a Paul Harris Fellow.  Her husband is a Paul Harris Fellow.  Before moving to Summerside with her husband and three children, she was a volunteer with Queen Elizabeth Hospital Auxiliary, a District Commissioner of the Girl Guides of PEI.  Upon her arrival in Summerside in 1985, she quickly became engaged in the Community, being elected as a member of the Unit 2 School Board, and serving as a member of the Community Connections Board for many, many years.  She has been a Hospice Volunteer and continues to commit her time to this worth-while organization.  More recently, as a lover of horses and of children she has become a Joyriders’ volunteer for the disabled. 


Her efforts remind us of the famous quote of Arch Klumph, the Founder of the Rotary Foundation – “The Rotary Foundation is not to build monuments of brick and stone.  If we work upon marble, it will perish;  if we work on brass, time will efface it, if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust, but if we work upon young minds, if we imbue them with the full meaning of the spirit of Rotary, we are engraving upon those tablets something that will last for all eternity.”


            During her years of employment with East Prince Youth, she has assisted young people in acquiring their first job.  As an extension, she has assisted unemployed youth re-enter the work force either through the resources of EI or Social Assistance.  In many cases her compassion and her commitment have led her to spend many hours with troubled, mis-guided youth as they try to learn basic life skills and adjust to the requirements of the workplace. 


            Perhaps, however, her most challenging task has been over the past many months as she has served as the principal care-giver and best friend of fellow Rotarian, Ralph.


            Fellow Rotarians, please join me in honouring Karen Thompson as the most recent recipient of a Paul Harris Fellow from the Rotary Foundation.


Club thanked for helping North Korean orphans
by Kendrick, Bill

Past District Governor Tom Wilkinson reported on the progress of the Korean Friendship Network project.

Starving children in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea are the focus of a complex undertaking by Rotarians. PDG Tom Wilkinson told members of the Summerside Rotary Club of the success their efforts have had in feeding starving children in a country not open to foreign involvement.

For a complete story on his presentation, check out this article from the Journal Pioneer
Two new members inducted in July!
by Richard, Yolande

ImageWelcome to our newest members, Adam Binkley who was sponsored by Rotarian Ted Cross and Cathy Bryanton who was sponsored by Rotarian Sandy Rundle. Both were inducted on July 3, 2012. 
True Rotarian - Gerald Arsenault
by Kendrick, Bill

District Governor Bob Moffatt presents Summerside Rotarian Gerald Arsenault with the True Rotarian Award.



The “True Rotarian” is the foundation of Rotary – always there, contributing to the current Rotary activity and by any Rotarian’s measure, is the life blood of Rotary.

He or she:

-          acts through goodwill and a belief that the world will be a better place as a result of their work in Rotary;

-          has a Rotary attitude;

-          lives the four-way test at all times;

-          is humble, does not flatter wealth or boast of his/her possessions or achievements;

-          and….speaks with frankness yet always with sincerity and sympathy, and after having communicated an opinion, supports the activities of others even if the direction may not be parallel with their thinking.


This year’s recipient demonstrates all of these traits and then some, and has done so over the past 22 years.  Since his induction as a member of the Rotary Club of Summerside in 1989, he has actively been involved in every major project undertaken by the Club, and most recently has played a key role in the establishment of EPSI, an organization he continues to support in an advisory capacity.


This Rotarian’s contribution to “Service Above Self” is remarkable and commendable.  He is always there to provide a helping hand on Rotary projects in one way or another and he attends or participates in pretty much every Rotary fellowship or fund raising activity. He contributes diligently and is always quick to respond to any ongoing questions or issues with some helpful advice. His contributions are appreciated greatly and his advice is duly respected.  He has served as a trustee of the Rotary Foundation since his early years with Rotary and he has served on the executive of the Club for many years as well. He is also a past president of this club.


This Rotarian has been greatly involved in International Service and was a driving force in the Club’s successful shelter box campaign for Haiti in 2010.


His vocation has been truly beneficial to the club over the years.  A few examples:

-          he has served as treasurer of the Rotary Foundation of Summerside;

-          he has served as treasurer for the fund raising campaign for the Rotary Regional Library;

-          he has served as treasurer for the fund raising campaign for Summerside Community Connections Building project;

-          he has served as club treasurer on several occasions; and

-          most recently he has once again taken on the role as our current club treasurer.


This year’s recipient’s love for Rotary is reflected through his true dedication and loyalty to this Club and its members. He lives in Kinkora, is married to Sheila and they have two adult children.  In his professional life, he is a C.A. with the Summerside office of BDO Canada.


It is my pleasure to present this year’s True Rotarian Award to a very deserving Rotarian: Mr. Gerald Arsenault.

Club makes donation to Prince County Hospital
by Kendrick, Bill

Club President Yolande Richard presents Prince County Foundation Chair Bill Thompson with a cheque for $12,500.00
President Yolande Exhibits Great Courage
by Kendrick, Bill

True to her word to wear a Leafs jersey if the Mardi Gras committee got more than 25 sponsors, she put on a brave face at the Pancake Breakfast....but also showed her true allegiance.

Rotarians welcome 2012 Easter Seals Ambassador
by Stewart, Major


The 2012 Easter Seals Ambassador says you can do anything with a positive attitude.
Ten-year-old Luke Gaudet visited the Rotary Club of Summerside this week as part of a busy spring tour of Prince Edward Island aimed at raising money to help people with disabilities.
The grade five student at Eliot River Elementary School has Cerebral Palsy and lives in Cornwall with his parents and brother and sister.
“I have a great interest in cars, writing stories and music,” said Luke. “I also enjoy swimming and being outdoors. During the summer I attend Camp Gencheff. Making people laugh is something that is important to me and I enjoy laughing too; it helps me stay positive. My motto this year is you can do anything with a positive attitude.”
The 2012 Easter Seals Society of PEI Campaign Goal is to raise $130,000 for Islanders with disabilities. Money raised across the province is used to help children and adults here on PEI.
The Easter Seals Society of PEI Campaign is a franchised project of the Charlottetown Rotary Club, and supported by Rotary clubs in Summerside and Montague. A direct mail campaign, the Tim Hortons’ Ambassador’s School Tour, the Paper Egg campaign, Montague Variety Concert, PEI Rocket and Summerside Western Capitals Toonie Toss, Fireman vs. RCMP Hockey Game, Storm Basketball Game, Dooleys Pool tournament and other fundraising initiatives enable Easter Seals to help provide programs and equipment for people with disabilities on PEI.
The PEI Easter Seals Society has provided financial assistance to support programs at PEI Cerebral Palsy Association, Camp Gencheff, Stars for Life Foundation for Autism, PEI Rehabilitation Council, Joy Riders, CADS-PEI (disabled skiers association) and many other worthy organizations.

Fore more information on the 2012 Easter Seal Campaign, please contact Summerside Rotarian Stephen Cudmore, or visit the website at
Summerside Rotarians Help Kensington Library
by Kendrick, Bill

 Summerside Rotarians Gord Coffin, Ralph Thompson and Derek Key are putting up the new sign for the Kensington Library assisted by good Rotary friend Alan Brown.

Rotary is for the Birds!
by Kendrick, Bill

Our April 10th guest speaker didn't really have much to say but everyone was very impressed anyway.


Jamie Stride, Island Falconry Services brought his 4 year old falcon with him and explained how he uses it to rid areas of problem birds.  It was a fascinating talk about what is involved in training a falcon, what it eats and how he clears birds that have become pests.  Definitely one of our more unusual presentations.
New Member Inducted
by Kendrick, Bill

Welcome to our newest member, Georgia Ellis who was sponsored by Past President Heather Matheson.

Exchange Student Victoria - Guest Speaker
by Kendrick, Bill

Our Exchange Student from Spain, Victoria provided us with an amusing journey through her year.

GSE Team from Taiwan
by Kendrick, Bill

Western School Board recognizes Club for commitment to literacy
by Richard, Yolande


Rotarian Dale Sabean was presented with a Certificate of Recognition by Western School Board Chairman Gary Doucette (left) and Director of Education Services Douglas MacDougall (right). The certificate acknowledges the Rotary Club's commitment to literacy and its significant support over a number of years to various school-based literacy programs, such as Read-A-Long, Welcome to Kindergarten, Student Dictionaries, etc.
Summerside Rotarians Respond to Haiti Disaster
by Bill Kendrick

The Rotary Club of Summerside is contributing $5000.00 to providing a unique form of relief to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

The club is purchasing 5 ShelterBox kits that will provide emergency housing for up to 50 people. "The Rotary ShelterBox program addresses some of the immediate needs of disaster victims," says Summerside Rotary President Heather Matheson. "It's a way for local Rotarians to contribute to the international relief effort." So far, 400 ShelterBoxes have arrived in Haiti with 1100 more on route. The goal is to have more than 3000 on the ground within the coming week providing shelter for 30,000 victims. Many of the tents that have already arrived are being used as medical recovery shelters. The ShelterBox project was officially launched by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard, England in April 2000 and to date has provided shelter to over half a million people in 31 countries hit by devastating disasters. Each ShelterBox is a large, rugged, green plastic container that holds a 10-person tent and a range of other equipment. In general, typical box contents could include: • Thermal blankets and insulated ground sheets • Waterproof ponchos and bin bags • A multi-fuel stove that can burn anything from diesel to old paint! • Cooking pans, utensils, bowls and mugs • Collapsible water containers and water purification tablets • A basic tool kit – hammer, axe, saw, pliers, hoe head, trenching shovel, rope etc • A small, children's pack containing drawing books, crayons, pens etc. "Each ShelterBox costs $1000," says Matheson. "And anyone can contribute toward the purchase of one. Several individuals and businesses have already donated enough money for us to purchase a sixth ShelterBox so it's possible we might be able acquire at least 10." The Rotary Club of Summerside will accept contributions from the public at the Journal Pioneer, Scotia Bank and McInnes Cooper Law Offices. Cheques should be made out to the Rotary Club of Summerside. Charitable donation receipts will be issued. The funds will be forwarded to the ShelterBox program.
District Governor Mark Brown Visits
by Bill Kendrick

District 7820 Governor Mark Brown presented Yolande Richard with the True Rotarian Award.

District Governor Mark Brown attended our Club meeting on October 5. Prior to meeting with the Board on October 4th, Mark was taken on tour of Summerside by Assistant DG, Wayne Thompson and Club Present Paul Power of a number of the Club's projects like Community Connections, Rotary Friendship Park and Celebration Garden. He was particularly impressed with our East Prince Seniors Initiative.
New Member Inducted
by Bill Kendrick

Mark Hickey becomes Club's newest member

Mark Hickey (right) is welcomed to the Club by his sponsor Malcolm Millar.
Suprise Visitor
by Bill Kendrick

George Chuvalo pays surprise visit to Rotary

Former Canadian Heavyweight Chamption George Chuvalo brought an emotional message to our Club meeting on Oct 5. George was in town to attend a fundraising event for the Summerside Boys & Girls Club. He spoke passionately about his work to convince young people to stay away from alcohol and drugs. He lost three of his sons to drug overdoses and suicide.
Phil Jost-Classification Talk
by Bill Kendrick

Club member Phil Jost urges health reform during classification talk.

Phil Jost is very passionate about health care, which makes sense given a large part of his career has been in the health field as an administrator and physician recruiter. He shared that passion with club members on Oct 12 during his classification talk as he explained the need for all of us to take better care of ourselves.
Maynard Makes Supreme Sacrifice
by Bill Kendrick

John Maynard shaved it all off in support of Prostate Cancer Canada.

Every Novmber, Prostate Cancer Canada encourages Canadian men to grow a "Mo"....or in John's case to shave his mo and grow a new one. Assisting him in removing his moustache is Dave Anderson.
Seward Bouchie Inducted into Rotary
by Bill Kendrick

Office Manager Seward Bouchie joins Rotary.

Seward Bouchie receives his Rotary pin from sponsor Dr. Marvin Clark during induction ceremony Nov 2, 2010.
Rod Herbert Inducted into Rotary
by Bill Kendrick

Vector Aerospace's Rod Herbert joins Rotary.


Rod receives his Rotary pin from sponsor Ted Cross.
Celebration Garden Perfect Gift
by Bill Kendrick

Christmas is a time of celebration and purchasing a stone/brick in Celebration Garden is a unique way to show you care and support the work of Rotary at the same time.

In order to purchase a stone/brick return to the home page and then scroll down until you see the Download section on the lower right hand side of the page. Click on Celebration Garden Brochure Order Form to open and print off the form. Click on Celebration Garden Inscription Template to print off the form you will need to provide us with the inscription you would like on the stone/brick. Then contact Rotarian Paul Matheson to complete your purchase. You can call him at 432-1755.