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Bellaire / Southwest Houston Rotary Club  
Success At Work (SAW)
Success At Work (SAW)

Vocational Service Project Brings Working 
World to Middle School Students

Rotarians from the Bellaire/SW Houston, Sharpstown, and West U Rotary Clubs observe Rotary's Vocational Service Month by collaborating to teach 8th graders practical lessons in how to succeed at work. Organized by the Bellaire/SW Club, more than 40 Rotarians participate in the Success at Work ("SAW") over a five-week period each year. Thanks to BSWH Rotarian Ralph Rieger for chairing the event for three years running! Click the following underlined links to view Rotary International website coverage, local news stories (1, 2, 3) about the project, BSWH Press Release, SAW Manual/Handouts, and 'How To' TIPS for fielding a SAW Event, and related stories (1, 2, 3, 4) from the BSWH Rotary website.

During the first session, "MAKING ENDS MEET: Life in the Real World", participants focus on the need for and benefits of personal budgeting, giving students practice in matching expenses to income and understanding the importance of a regular savings plan. The second session, "FINDING A JOB: What kind of Job Would I Like?" explores with students the wide variety of vocations available in the Houston area, how to read employment ads, and investigates how their personal likes and dislikes mesh with their ideas of an "ideal job." Sharing our workplace experiences and tips with the students helps prepare them for making 'success-savvy' choices during their high school years. SAW has been a blockbuster hit with students and teachers alike, and as many as 50 volunteers cover the classes over a five-week period.  Objectives for the 4th SAW session emphasize the importance of teamwork in the work environment and explore the nature of the employment relationship, such as taxes, insurance, and keeping a job. 

KUDOS to all District 5890 Volunteers
for investing TIME & TALENT in preparing TOMORROW'S WORKFORCE

'ROTARY WORKS' with the youth of South Texas! 


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