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John McGuire, Director



International Youth Service

John Barker, Chair

Marty Cullen                                               Rand Welborn                  

Alan Katseanes                                           Beth Markley

Betty Munis                                                 Bill Jacobs


Purpose:  To secure host families for foreign exchange students and provide basic financial support to visiting exchange students. Additionally, the committee assists with outbound students sponsored by the Rotary Club of Boise. Committee responsibilities also include participation in and help with exchange student group activities.



·        Host one international student.

·        Continue efforts to make available significant learning experiences to area youth through traditional school year exchanges overseas.

·        Involve counselors/teachers/parents/current and former exchange students in selected Rotary meetings.

·        Participate in Boise, Capitol, Borah, Timberline and Bishop Kelly High School orientation programs to reach potential participants. Pursue targeted advertising to increase awareness and applications.

·        Involve area corporations in selected international youth events.

·        Continue to work with area high school personnel to ensure their familiarity with this Rotary program. 

·        Assure all host contacts have the Rotary International required background check.



Local Youth Projects

Betty Munis, Chair

Ken Howell                                                  Tom Stitzel

Tom Hays                                                     James Bedal

Jerry Schroeder                                           David Bishop



·        Continue with the Reading Project in one of the needy Boise schools which began during the 1997/98 club year.

·        Continue with the Dictionary Project in as many elementary schools in Boise as possible, with a special emphasis on the Boise schools with high populations of needy students.

*    Explore continuing the elementary school swim program initiated with the Y.

·        Identify one or more other projects at the Partner School that can be supported by Rotary through either financial or volunteer support.




Bea Black, Chair

Stan Olson                                                    Bart Hill

Dick Smith                                                    Gil Gilbertson

Leon Maynard                                             Roy Tweedle

Diane Boothe                                              Gary Gunther

Chuck Clark                                                  Marty Cullen

Fred Reed                                                     Jeff Warner

John McGuire


Purpose:  To design, develop and deliver the Boise Rotary Century Scholar Program. This program is focused on expanding traditional Rotary Club of Boise student scholarship recognition efforts by honoring Boise's top graduating seniors in a profiled spring community event.

One hundred seniors from Boise's public and non-public high schools who achieve the highest grade point average for their respective graduating classes are recognized. In addition, each student being honored is asked to identify the educator who played the largest, most inspirational role in the student's K-12 educational success. The selected educator is honored along with the student.

The program was started in 2005 in recognition of Rotary International's 100 th Anniversary and the exceptional value the Boise community places on high academic achievement.



·        Continue to develop and deliver the Rotary Century Scholar program honoring Boise's 100 top graduating seniors and their selected inspirational educators.

·        Repeat annually as a major community recognition event.

·        Solicit and incorporate the participation (and support) of other Rotary units in Boise as well as other community organizations in the ongoing operation of the program.



Outstanding Student Award 

                                 , Chair

Dick Smith                                                    Leslie Major

Wayne Schneider                                        Jim Everett

Karl Kurtz 


Purpose: To identify students from six local high schools (Boise, Borah, Capital, Bishop Kelly, Timberline, Frank Church) who are working to make a difference via service and/or leadership in their community (civic or school community) and honor them at a Rotary Club of Boise meeting. Recognition will be scheduled for two students per month October through March.


·        Recognize outstanding 11 th and 12 th grade high school students who make a strong contribution to either the civic or school community by working with school counselors to identify top honorees.

·        Invite outstanding students involved in community service and their selected "role model" from each of the six high schools to selected monthly meetings to be introduced and recognized. This activity is scheduled for two students/role models per month beginning in October and ending in March.

·        Present each student a plaque. The committee chair is responsible for coordinating honored student/role model bios with the Club Public Relations chair in order that coverage is given in the local news media.



Senior Services

Robert VandeMerwe, Chair

David Bishop                                Betty Munis

Cathy Rosera                                               Brian Davidson

Leslee Hoover                                             Heather Skye-Redford


Purpose: To give community recognition and to provide service to senior citizens of the community.



·        Recognize notable seniors for their service to the community through a "Senior Volunteer of the Quarter" award program. Award recipients would attend a Club meeting and be presented with a gift certificate for their efforts.

·        Identify, develop and deliver a Rotary Club of Boise service to seniors project. Committee members will personally greet and deliver roses to female seniors in convalescent centers to honor them on Mother's Day.   They will also provide roses for women who receive meals-on-wheels. 



Rotary Youth Projects

Torene Bonner , Chair

Nancy Lemas                                               LindaSue Shelton

Leslee Hoover                                             Tom Hayes

Todd Fisher                                                  Cathy Rosera

Joe Cacopardo 


Purpose:  To facilitate our clubs active participation in the following Rotary youth and young professional programs; Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotaract, and Interact.



·        Select four participants to the District 5400 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Program.  Fund four scholarships for these participants.  Coordinate having these students speak to our club after the program.

·        Communicate and coordinate regularly with the Boise Rotaract Club to support and participate in each other's programs.  Identify at least one club member who will serve as liaison with Rotaract.

·        With the club board of directors, determine if sufficient interest exists to initiate and support a Boise Interact Club.  If so, identify at least one club member to work with the area high schools to strategize.



Risk Management

Pierce Murphy, Chair

Phil Sansotta 


Purpose:   To ensure a safe environment for all youth involved in Rotary programs, planned events, or activities.  This will include the provision of a plan for all activities required to protect youth from any physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.



·        This club shall adopt District policies and procedures and designate a club RMC to assume the responsibility for ensuring a safe environment for all youth involved in Rotary programs, planned events, or activities. The Risk Coordinator shall serve two to three year terms, ensuring continuity.

·        The club RMC will interact with the District Risk Management Coordinator and ensure compliance with requirements of the District policy and procedures for prevention of abuse and harassment to youth.

·        The RMC, individually or with a committee, shall develop, review yearly, and make required adjustments to a club plan designed to ensure youth safety.

·        The club RMC will inform all club members of the committee goals, Rotary International requirements, District requirements, and legal requirements in the appropriate state.

·        The club RMC will attend District training on RI and District requirements.

·        The club RMC will ensure that all appropriate reporting requirements are met if an incident occurs involving the physical, sexual, or emotion abuse of an involved youth.

·        The club RMC will arrange for background checks for all adults who will be alone at anytime with youth involved in programs, planned events, or activities. 

·        The Club RMC will provide a copy of the District Policy and Procedure document to be attached to club by-laws and kept with club records at all times.



RI Foundation Education Programs

James Bedal, Chair

Don Lojek                                                    David Bennion

Andrew White                                             Ken Howell

Robbie Robinson                                        John McGuire


Purpose: To facilitate our clubs active participation in the following RI Foundation programs; Group Study Exchange, Ambassadorial Scholars, Peace & Conflict Studies, World Peace Fellows, and Grants to University Teachers.



·        To select and forward one Ambassadorial Scholar candidate to the District each year.

·        To forward to the District each year candidates for the outgoing Group Study Exchange.

·        To actively participate each year with District 5400 hosting the incoming Group Study Exchange.

·        To promote and facilitate regular participation in other RI Foundation Education Programs.

·        To identify returned GSE Team members and Ambassadorial Scholars and solicit for club programs and membership in Rotary.  To maintain an ongoing relationship with these individuals once they return.

Updated 6/8/11


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