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Guidelines for Introducing Guests
Guidelines for Introducing Guests


 1) Five to ten minutes prior to gaveling the meeting to order, the introducer goes to the secretary retrieves a list of guests' names. At this time, the list SHOULD BE READ making sure the names are legible.

 2) Find the guest and ask them how they pronounce their name if it's a difficult name. Ask who brought or invited them. Write that name next to their name if it hasn't already been done.

 3) Once, you are at the podium introduce:

      a) Visiting Rotarians first.

     b) Then call on THE PERSON who brought the guest, unless that person is not present.

If the guest has an interest in becoming a member, make sure the person introducing the guest knows what to say and not to say regarding that subject.  There should really be no mention of interest in membership during the introduction.  Any conversations and announcements regarding membership and potential membership should be done with the blessing of the Club Membership Director."

The sponsor of the guest will have the guest stand, wave and the sponsor takes 15 to 30 seconds to  introduce his or her guest. The guest sits down. THE GUEST DOES NOT SPEAK, unless it has been cleared with the President. If guest is solo, let the guest take 15 to 30 seconds to state who they are and what they are about. TELL THE GUEST THIS AHEAD OF INTRODUCTIONS.

    c) Make a call to the room to see if you have missed any guests. This can be done two ways:

        1) Call to the room asking for guests or visitors,

        2) Call table by table asking for guests or visitors.

4) If you have cleared it with the President, you may sing "The Welcome Song." This can be done two ways:

    a) You have the whole room stand and sing together while finding guests with which to shake hands,

    b) You can sing by yourself,

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