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Thousand Oaks Rotary vs. Thousand Oaks Kiwanians
Oct 25 2011
Posted by Turpel, Peter

I just left the basketball game at Los Cerritos Middle School set up by Dave Friedl to have TO Rotary match up to TO Kiwanis. It was a great match and great fun as I watched 15 Kiwanians fight our 5 Rotarians. 

The Kiwanians got breaks while our men of steel punched out the whole match. I knew we were in trouble when our own wounded Dave Friedl asked me to don a shirt and play. I said are you nuts??? I don't even know where the top of the ball is. ...More

Many kudos go out to our team - Tom Hare, Sevak K, Robert Bianchi, Steve Stanley, Herb Dizon , Boy can those guys work up a sweat. What really impressed me was they all seemed to know what they were doing and where to go.

Special mention to Martin Anderson and myself. Martin held up the West wall while I held up the East. We work well together. But, Susie Englar was there and very confused because here husband Bob was playing for the Kiwanians and she kept rooting for the wrong team - ( heads up to find master on Thursday)!! Also her husband Bob is a retired fireman, which explains why he plays basketball so well. They also brought in young non-kiwanian ringers who were Basketball coaches and young !!!:-)

I will leave you all with this. We have a great club with great people in a fantastic community. We are so fortunate to be here

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