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Greg Michel
Jan 3 2012

                                            The Wilmette Michels


What is (was) your day job?
I retired as a partner in a 200-person advertising/public relations agency

What is your favorite book? or book genre?
Biographies of American Presidents

If you were in charge, what would you mandate be the national pastime?
Mentoring children

What are your hobbies?
Grandchildren, travel, photography, reading, radio-controlled model yachts

What do most people NOT know about me?
I was a high-jumper in high school

Who was your sponsor?
George Carpenter

How do you pitch Rotary?
I first determine if an individual has any penchant for service to others (not everyone does), and then point out that Rotary provides more opportunities and support for service than any organization they could choose.

What aspect of Rotary makes you passionate to be involved?
A special club camaraderie that is focused on service to others.

What is your most memorable experience in Rotary?
Meeting with a group of La Paz, Bolivia, Rotarians to plan our work together at a small rural college in the rainforest of Bolivia.

Were you exposed to Rotary as a child? If so, what memories do you have?
No. 4-H, FFA and the Norsemen Lettermen's Club were as close as I got in my youth.

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