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Apr 12 2011
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1. What is your day job?

I own and operate an independent automotive service business called Hong Kong Auto Service in Wilmette, IL. Previously, I purchased the business in 1995 while it was at its original location in Northbrook, IL; I relocated to our Lake & Laramie location next to Loyola Academy in 2006, and I am proud to report that my business has been warmly welcomed into the community. We have averaged more than 10% annual growth since the move, and based on current trends, this year will be even better for my customers and for my business. I am an ASE Certified Automotive Service Technician.


2. What is your favorite book or book genre?

I don't have much time these days to read for entertainment; my world revolves around serving my family by serving my customers, so I tend to read business materials and stay focused on goal setting and achievement.


3. If you were in charge, what would you mandate be the national pastime?

Actually, I am concerned about the epidemic of obesity in the United States, especially among children and young people, so my leadership would direct everyone to increase their own personal outdoor activities, such as walking, skiing, running, playing sports, climbing trees, fishing, and camping, among other things.


4. What are your hobbies?

As my young sons grow beyond toddlerhood - one is 7, the other, 6 - we are increasing our family outdoor activity time and we look forward to a large family camping trip this coming summer. Hobbies? I have time for my family and for my business and my community.


5. What would you like to tell members about yourself or your recent activities?

I encourage all my associates to redouble their efforts in life and business; focus, dedication, hard work are all 'old-world' virtues taught to me by my parents and woven deeply into the Chinese culture. These are the things that build a future for my family, my business, and the employee associates for whom I am responsible.


6. What do most people not know about you?

I was a Police Constable in Hong Kong, China, before emigrating to the United States in 1990. I had $1,000 total in my pocket, and I was excited to begin a new life in this great country.


7. Who was your sponsor?

Art Beck introduced me to Rotary Clubs International. Thank you again, Art, it's an honor to be a member of this great organization.


8. How do you pitch Rotary?

I believe we all have an obligation to give back to our society and to our community, no matter what one's economic, political or social status may be. That, to me, is the core of Rotary, and a compelling reason to become involved.


9. What aspect of Rotary makes you passionate to be involved?

Simply put, helping people that are less fortunate through no fault of their own appeals to me, and that's the main reason I'm here.


10. Were you exposed to Rotary as a child?


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