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New language for texting
Jun 7 2010
Posted by Anne Baker
Inventor Proposes New Language for Cell Phone Messaging -- Using Hieroglyphics

(Jeremy A. Kaplan, FOXNews.com) Modern man no longer communicates via cave painting, yet hieroglyphs may be making a comeback -- thanks to the cell phone. Colorado native Kai Staats has invented a new language for cell phones that replaces words with pictures to represent actions, nouns, and places, making his invention essentially a modern form of the hieroglyphics used in ancient Egypt. The language, which Staats calls "iConji," consists of 32x32 pixel square images that convey either a single meaning, such as "sports car," or a dual meaning such as "food" plus "to eat." It's available for Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone, as a Facebook application, or as a Web application that runs in Firefox or Safari. ""It's just fun to use," explains the inventor.
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