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Fundraising Opportunity

Generate revenue from your website!

Showcase your club sponsors while earning fundraising revenue from your website.

A new advertising section in the club website will allow each club to upload their own sponsor ads. Uploading your sponsors' ads is done in the same familiar, easy way as photos. The ads can be images or text ads, and will appear on the right hand panel of all webpages. You can choose to show each ad on the home page as well as the bulletin, for maximum flexibility.

Turn this into a fundraising drive! With as few as 3 or 4 ads running at $100 per year, you will quickly recover the annual costs of your website. Any more ads, and your website will be earning money for your club.

To get started, your Site Administrators needs to login to your website, and click on Website Sponsorship Area. This will allow you to create the ads for your website. You can also prepare an information page which shows visitors how to submit an ad and what your pricing is. This will appear on all pages under the Sponsorship area, linked to the Interested in being a Website Sponsor link.

Acquiring Site Sponsors

When acquiring site sponsors, the club should recognize businesses sponsoring their club website with a thank you letter or certificate of appreciation in accordance with club standard practices.

The value of advertising is often measured by the number of hits received. Updated statistics can be requested by sending an email to It is also important that club members are encouraged to visit the sponsored site regularly. An updated hit counter is available through the club website.

Learn more...

  • Tell prospective sponsors why advertising on ClubRunner works
  • Tell them how it works and what your club's rates are.
  • Upload the ad to your website in minutes.

  • Get ClubRunner for FREE!

    Submitting as little as four ads a year recovers a year's worth of subscription fees. It's like getting a ClubRunner subscription for free!

    Ideal candidates

    Since site sponsors have their ad appear on your club website and bulletin, it is wise to exercise care when considering a prospect for this fundraiser. Visit the business web site to determine their suitability for becoming a sponsor for the club.
    If you have any questions or for more information, please email Please include your club name and contact information.

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