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Posted by Patty Shogren



We Meet at Noon on Thursday

April 24, 2014

Great Hall – Radisson Hotel


President:  Megan Stemper, Proctor High School

Chairperson of the Day:  Ben Kaasa

This Week’s Program

       It will be a great day to honor the Club’s commitment to our up and coming youth and see the talents and enthusiasm the Junior Rotarians share with us every week. We will have the Junior Rotarians running our meeting from the registration table to the program. There promises to be many surprises and a fun filled day.

     We look forward to seeing you there.


     by Larry Fortner, Prez '07-08

          SNOW FOOLING -- A spring(?) snowstorm was the source of much rueful humor at Thursday's meeting. Renee Mattson had one of the better lines, saying, "Well, even though it doesn't look like spring out there … “and then adding, with a sad face, "Oh. Yes it does. Who am I kidding?" [Editor's note: Perhaps not be verbatim. But pretty close.] This just in: the overnight total of 7-plus inches before our meeting put the winter of 2013-14 in our city's all-time top five for total snowfall at 125.3 inches. Way to go, Duluth! We're Number 5!


          THE FRIENDLIES -- Our week-before-Easter meeting, as always, was a fellowship gathering with our service colleagues from the Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth. The Friendlies will put on their annual TV auction beginning at 6 p.m. on April 26, with Denny Anderson and Darren Danielson hosting the WDIO telecast. Want to buy a seat from the Metrodome? Here's your chance. Two new wrinkles for this year's auction: 1.) It will feature online bidding. 2.) It'll have a special package for kids, with kids selling to kids and no item costing more than $50.


          CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? The aforementioned Ms. Mattson took the famed Club 25 floor mike (yeah, I know, some of you spell it "mic") to make a spirited pitch on behalf of the Prime Rib Dinner & Auction. This is one of our Club's signature events, with a triple focus on fantastic fellowship, food and fundraising. The basics: When — begins with socializing at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 14. Where — Spirit Mountain's Main Chalet (not the new Grand Avenue building in beautiful downtown Riverside). Who's Cooking — our old pal Gary Schneider (so you know it'll be good). What Renee still needs: Cool items to put on auction. Personal services. Handmade items. Even cash will be accepted, as that will allow our Auction committee to buy suitable items. Seating: Dawn Cutler is now accepting reservations and will coordinate the seating. Don't delay; this event often sells out. Send email to dcutler@banknorthshore.com or call 625-1265. And one last thing: The sound system, which in the past has not been up to the task, has been overhauled. Even Mike Orman will be able to hear all the announcements and auctioneer's calls. Renee promised that Mike would even have his very own speaker at his table.


          CHECK'S IN THE MAIL — Rob Hofmann had the pleasure of handing checks over to representatives of three organizations. Lee Stuart accepted a check of $5,000 from CHUM. Patrick Weber accepted $500 for use by Northern Art Expressions. Adele Yorde of the Duluth Seaway Port Authority and our old pal Jerry Fryberger (with Leslee LeRoux still making her way through deep snow and treacherous driving on I-35 in the Cities) accepted a check for $1,000 for St. Louis River Quest. River Quest every year takes hundreds of 6th graders out on the Harbor to teach lessons about industry and environmental stewardship on our waters. In all cases, thanks to the hard work of our Grants Committee, the money will be extraordinarily well spent. And, as we heard at our meeting, very much appreciated.


          HEALTH CARE REFORM IS COMING — We've heard that before. But Terry Hill, who was introduced by Tania McVean, assured us that meaningful change truly is coming. Hill for many years has been the go-to guy for reporters looking for clarity and insight on regional healthcare subjects. His current position is senior advisor for Rural Health Leadership Policy at the National Rural Health Resource Center. He has decades of service in our area, working with providers of all sizes and reach. In a nutshell: Hill predicts that healthcare will change from the current "pretty darn broken system" to one that will be more efficient, more patient-based and less expensive. The difference-maker won't be a tweak, he said, but a dramatic overhaul. Personal accountability would be an important factor, as would an enhanced role of the personal care physician. Some major players — the Mayo and Essentia among them — already are moving in this direction, and Hill expects to begin seeing more attention being paid to wellness, prevention and chronic care.


Posted by Patty Shogren

         Our new website provides the opportunity to run members’ ads.  We are selling one-year ad blocks for $300 (billed annually).  That’s just $25 a month.

     We have 30 spots available first-come, first-serve for a logo ad on the website.  If you are interested, please see Chris Swanson or Patty to sign up and be part of 30 businesses.

      Thanks to the following Rotarians for providing sponsorships: Dawn Cutler, Doug Lewis & Karol Sower (North Shore Bank); Deborah Medlin & Bill Gravelle (Wipfli); Steven Dastoor (Citon); Chris Swanson (Pure Driven); Shari Swenson & Bob Johnson (Dee Independent Cleaners);  Al Makynen (LHB) and Scott Bradt and Michelle Buria (Wells Fargo).

Posted by Patty Shogren on Dec 29, 2011



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