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Service Above Self

Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:15 PM

First United Methodist Church

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Posted by Matt Church

At Tuesday's meeting we celebrated two anniversaries.  George Elfond (left) joined in 1970 and Gene Tata (right) joined in 1996.  Thank you both for your continued commitment to the Berkley Rotary Club!  


Posted by Darlene Glogower on Mar 31, 2014

On March 30th, fourteen Rotarians attended the Royal Oak Comedy Club in support of the Tri-Community Coalition which which helps to fight drug and alcohol abuse among young people through education and awareness.  Several met for dinner first at the Royal Oak Brewery next to the comedy club.  Both of the comedians were very funny and a good time was had by all.  Our exchange student, Florane PralongImage was also in attendance!
Posted by Darlene Glogower on Mar 31, 2014

Our exchange student from Switzerland, Florene Pralong, has been living a real American experience!  In December, she traveled to Florida and the Bahamas with Darlene and Charlie Glogower and daughter Rachel.  In early March she traveled with her current host family to Washington D.C. and went to the White House.  More recently, Florane attended a game at U Of M; and went to a Red Wing Hockey Game, where she met some new friends!  Here are some photos of the U Of M Game and Red Wings game.







Posted by Matt Church

Please consider joining your fellow Berkley Rotarians for a fun evening in Royal Oak!  On Sunday, March 30, we'll start with dinner at the Royal Oak Brewery at 6 pm.  After dinner, we'll head to the Tri-Community Coalition's "Laughter Is My Drug" comedy event with Norm Stulz at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle at 7 pm.  Tickets to the comedy show are $20 per person and support the coalition's efforts.  A big thanks to Darlene Glogower for coordinating the club's attendance.  Get in touch with Darlene at 248-399-4343 or with questions or to hold your seat.
Posted by Paul Benson on Mar 23, 2014

The board of directors met Monday evening March 17.  Paul, Fred, Charlie, Matt. Ellen, and Bob were there.  We approved $200.00 per Berkley Rotary Club member going to District conference as a subsidy.  We hope this encourages participation, especially from new members, as District Conference is a great way to learn about Rotary. 

We approved 3 Berkley High School students and our exchange student Floraine to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly.  Tristan M. from the Robotic club has accepted the offer to attend.  Incidentally we received the check from them for the pancake tickets they sold last week.

We discussed possible new venues for our club meetings. We are asking Berkley Rotarians that live in Berkley to give us additional ideas.  So far we have for consideration:  O'Maras (Kevin), Parks & Rec, Masonic, American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Farinas, Sila's, Crispelli's LaSalette, Lutheran church by high school. Matt checking out O'Maras, Crispelli's and Sila's. Paul checking out Masonic.

Paul is talking with Mary Beth about our pancake breakfast event being held at the Berkley Schools this year.


Soccer Clinic: Tom putting together flyer, Matt will put together press release. Will need to get word to schools. Consider healthy snacks and bottled water. Charlie will ask Bagger Dave's if they want to provide coupon to send people there after camp.


President Installation night will be Tuesday July 1 at Paul's house.


Club assembly: Matt will be attending. Others invited to attend as well. Saturday, April 12 at Walsh College in Troy.


Fireside chat: Tuesday, April 22 at 7 pm. Really want new members there (Mary Beth, Tom, Fred C. & Matt).


Monday, April 28: business meeting to discuss  and vote if more than one venue is a consideration for club location beginning in June.


Florine, our exchange student will speak to our club on Monday April 21 to talk about her experience.


Outbound student Crystal is having the best time of her life in Italy now. She's on Facebook. Should be back in June and will talk to club. Looking for host homes for next year's inbound student.



Posted by Matt Church

At our meeting on Monday, March 24, Doug Deeds will be giving a talk on the greenhouse project at Berkley High School.  If you'd like some background reading, you can learn more about his efforts here:

Posted by Matt Church on Mar 09, 2014

March got off to a great start with a fascinating look at the future of regional transit by Steve Berkley of the Berkley City Council.  Here's a look at what's in store for the rest of the month.  Lots of opportunities to invite a guest or two to join us for a meeting.

March 10: State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton will discuss education in Michigan.
March 17: Rudy Serra will talk about the state of law.
March 24: Doug Deeds will give a talk about the Berkley High School greenhouse.
March 31: Ron Gries will discuss his book "Through Death to Life" about grief and losing a spouse.

Posted by Paul Benson on Mar 09, 2014

We are pleased to announce a fireside chat to take place Tuesday evening April 22 at 7 P.M. at Club President Paul's house. We have had these before and they have been very beneficial. Berkley Rotary is at a time of change and we want to continue future changes in the positive way that we have been doing. We need to take time out form our regular meetings to indoctrinate our newer members and hear from our new and old members to guide the decisions and choices we will need to make.

We have checked and polled our members and this date seems to be best. Spouses are invited. Desserts and beverages will be provided. We are not doing dinner so there will be less distractions as we have an agenda to complete. No guests please unless discussed with President Paul in advance. Feel free to arrive early and do your best to at least be on time to allow this program to be as beneficial as possible for all. This will be a great night for sharing.
Posted by Matt Church

A big thanks to Sharon Berke and Margie Mayberry for their presentation to the Club on Monday, February 3.  If you missed it, you can view their presentation online here.  

Posted by Paul Benson on Jan 19, 2014

Dennis Liegghio will be our speaker Monday January 20 who will discuss preventing teen suicide.  The community is invited to attend this program as it is part of our "No Place for Hate" Anti Bullying campaign with the Berkley School District.
Posted by Paul Benson on Jan 20, 2013

Check out the great article from C and G News our Rotary club:


January 15, 2014

Rotary Club and Berkley schools partner for anti-bullying campaign

By Joshua Gordon
C & G Staff Writer

BERKLEY — Almost every school across the state deals with bullying issues at some point in the school year, but at Anderson Middle School, Principal Vince Gigliotti has been trying to get the students involved in stopping the bullying acts.

The school’s “No Place for Hate” program has helped educate students on the repercussions of bullying, and how it can affect other students, by bringing in speakers to talk with the students.

To help bring in the speakers, Berkley Public Schools formed a partnership with the Rotary Club of Berkley. Rotary Club President Paul Benson pledged to donate $8,000 toward the campaign.

The Rotary Club raised $9,700 during its annual pancake breakfast fundraiser in November — it’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Combined with a $4,000 grant from Rotary International, Benson and the Rotary Club donated another $4,000 to fulfill their pledge.

“Rotary is a service organization, and we decided to partner with the Berkley School District for a two-year project with them and felt there needed to be preventative measures when approaching bullying,” Benson said. “There are a lot of consequences to it, and some of our members were bullied when they were in school. There is the possibility of serious consequences, including the loss of life, for people who were bullied, and this is a very good, proactive project in the school system.”

Benson said the Rotary Club has been doing the pancake breakfast as its signature fundraiser since the club’s inception in 1959. The fundraiser always takes place on the first Saturday of November.

In the first year of the partnership during the 2012-13 school year, the Rotary Club helped bring anti-bullying expert Brooks Gibbs to Anderson and Norup International School. Gigliotti said the money also was used to support an anti-bullying poster contest at the elementary level.

“It is tremendous to have community groups support us,” Gigliotti said, “We all have the same goals for our community, and we recognize that making a difference with students will make a difference with our community.”

Berkley Schools Superintendent Dennis McDavid helped establish the partnership between the schools and the Rotary Club. Benson expressed interest in getting more involved with supporting the schools during McDavid’s first year in the district.

“Everything the Rotary Club does is extremely important, and we like to think we are an international organization,” Benson said. “We respond to hurricanes and natural disasters through Rotary International, but we also think the local level is important. The United States and even Berkley may be a lot more fortunate than other parts of the world, but we feel it is important to do stuff locally, so doing projects like this is important to us.”

In the summer, Benson said they would be adding another component to their fight against bullying by putting on a soccer clinic in partnership with the Eastern Michigan University women’s soccer team.

The clinic will be for children ages 8-14; it will not only teach them soccer skills, Benson said, but also good sportsmanship and working together, which is an extension of anti-bullying. The camp will begin May 3 and will be free of charge.

Gigliotti said having a campaign like “No Place for Hate” helps keep the bullying problem at the forefront for students and administrators.

“Our involvement with ‘No Place for Hate’ is very significant because it continues to push us to explore ways to positively impact our school culture,” he said. “We recognize that bullying behaviors can never be eliminated, but how students and the community deal with this will make a difference. We encourage students to take a stand and not be idle bystanders, and our hope is this trickles into our community, as well.”

Posted by Matt Church on Jan 14, 2014

Anyone with any money is bound to hear from a fraudster at some point. But you can help protect your family and friends by recognizing how investment fraudsters operate and by reporting suspicious sales pitches and actual scams.   We heard many examples of scamming schemes.  When in doubt check it out.  Contact the Better Business Bureau and they can help identify any reported bad business practices.

Scams can take many forms - and fraudsters can turn on a dime when it comes to developing new pitches for the latest fraud. While the wrapper or hook might change, there are common tactics that used by fraudsters to get your money that you need to know. 

Posted by Paul Benson on Jan 19, 2014

District 6380 Governor Elect Geoge Hedgespeth has returned from San Diego and the Rotary International Assembly as a "tired puppy" but all the better for it.  He is excited about next Rotary year and excited about the possibilities to "light up Rotary" during his time as District Governor next Rotary year.
Posted by Matt Church on Nov 04, 2013

Many thanks to everyone who worked to make this year's pancake breakfast a success!  We couldn't have done it without the people who attended, others who bought tickets, our generous sponsors and our hardworking Berkley Rotarians!  View pictures from the event on our Facebook page.  Members - Please bring your ticket and advertisement sales ASAP.  Thanks!

Posted by Paul Benson on Oct 05, 2013


Florane hanging out with host mother Pat and the Detroit Yacht Club Regatta  at Metro Beach this weekend.  Everyone decked out for Halloween.

Posted by Paul Benson on May 04, 2013

Duplication is a great form of flattery, especially with a worthy project from the Brighton Rotary Club.  They presented their reamp building project that is highly successful for them at district conference.  We thought it is a great project.  Our club has partnered with prospective Berkley Rotary Member Fred Collins who is a builder.  Fred is not a stranger to our club.  He has agreed to supply the labor at cost.  We will partner with the City and Berkley businesses for assistance too.  Our members wanting to assist at the build are also encouraged to get involved.

We expect to start this in a very limited fashion and only to a person in financial need and residing in Berkley.  More to follow.

Posted by Paul Benson on Sep 28, 2013

Jim Gilmore is our District Governor for this Rotary year.
Posted by Paul Benson on Nov 16, 2013


 Rotary members in the Philippines pack relief goods for victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Hundreds of Rotary clubs around the world are also coordinating emergency aid packages for hard-hit communities.
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Rotary District 3860, Phillipines

Rotary clubs around the world are pledging emergency aid to communities in central Philippines after last week’s massive typhoon flattened entire coastal towns and villages, killed thousands of people, and displaced nearly 600,000 more.

The situation remains dire as widespread destruction has made food, water, and medicine scarce in remote areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm to make landfall on record.

Rotary President Ron Burton is urging our 34,000 clubs worldwide to continue to assist storm victims.

"I know we all want to help. I am urging our clubs to take action to provide emergency aid now and begin planning for the future when we can help rebuild homes, schools, and businesses," says Burton. "We are in the business of helping people in need."

Rotary partner ShelterBox has committed aid for 4,000 families in the form of emergency shelter and other relief assistance.

Such disasters are “exactly why we entered into our partnership with ShelterBox,” says Burton. “It gives Rotary members worldwide the opportunity to respond immediately and in a very meaningful way to the life-threatening conditions faced by the people of the Philippines.”

For nearly 100 years, Rotary clubs in the Philippines have been creating positive change in their communities. The first Philippine Rotary club was formed in Manila in 1919. Today, more than 800 Rotary clubs throughout the Philippines give members the chance to make a difference at home and around the globe.

Rotary's work to eradicate polio, our top priority, began in the Philippines. In 1979, Rotary funded the immunization of six million children with the oral polio vaccine. Based largely on the success there, the World Health Assembly authorized the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in which Rotary is a spearheading partner.

Rotary clubs in the Philippines have improved water and sanitation, led medical and dental missions, created literacy programs, and participated in reforestation plantings. When a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck central Philippines in September, clubs were there to bring aid to those in need.

“Rotary members often are both first-responders and rebuilders when major disasters strike because clubs are present in every corner of the world,” Burton says. “We continue with recovery efforts long after international relief agencies have gone because Rotary clubs are part of the communities we serve.”

For additional information go to

Posted by Paul Benson on Feb 24, 2013

Since the PolioPlus program's inception in 1985,  more than 2 billion children have received oral polio vaccine.  To date, 211 countries, territories, and areas around the world are polio free, and 134 of these have been certified polio-free.  As of June, 2012, Rotary has committed more than $1.2 billion to global polio eradication.  In 2011 - 12, program awards totaled $102.8 billion, including PolioPlus Partner grants.

in 2011-201, Rotary completed the US-200 Million Challenge.  Over the three years of the challenge, Rotarians exceeded the goal, contributing $228.3 million toward polio eradication, to secure $255 million in grants offered by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Posted by Paul Benson on Mar 16, 2013

We were excited to have Judith Levy, from the United States Attorney's Office, speak at Anderson Middle School in the morning followed by a talk to our club and the business community on Tuesday February 5, 2013 on Bullying and discrimination.  This is part of our initiative with the Berkley School District to educate the community on this serious problem and be proactive to prevent its consequences.

Judith Levy leads the Civil Rights Unit that enforces federal civil statutes, such as the Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and laws prohibiting patterns and practices of police misconduct. The Civil Rights Unit also coordinates with the Criminal Division on criminal civil rights matters, such as hate crimes and policy brutality.

Posted by Paul Benson on Nov 24, 2012

Rotary districts in New York and New Jersey have collected more than US$90,000 for relief efforts following Hurricane Sandy, which slammed into the northeastern United States on 29 October.
Six affected districts (7230, 7250, 7260, 7490, 7500, and 7640, which include parts of New Jersey, New York, and Bermuda), have been coordinating the efforts aimed at meeting the needs of hard-hit communities. Rotarians worldwide have contributed to the fund.
The destruction is unthinkable,” says Bonnie Sirower, Governor of District 7490 (New Jersey). “There are towns up and down the coast that have been completely wiped away. Several Rotary districts, including mine, have suffered immense damage.”

Sirower says truckloads of clothes, blankets, cleaning supplies, and ready-to-eat meals and other nonperishable food have been arriving in the affected districts. Teams of Rotarians have worked around the clock since the storm hit to sort the items and determine where to deliver them.

Rotarians act quickly

“The response from Rotarians is nothing short of amazing,” says Sirower. “The day before the storm hit, I was receiving calls from clubs around the world asking what they could do to help. We have three warehouses in my town full of supplies that Rotarians have sent to us.”

Governor John Andrews of District 7640 says his neighborhood in Ocean City, New Jersey, looks like a war zone.

“It was heartbreaking to see blocks and blocks of homes destroyed,” says Andrews, whose home suffered minor damages but lost electricity. “I was very lucky, but you have to pay back that luck, and that’s what Rotarians all over this region are doing.”

Andrews says he’s received emails and phone calls from clubs and districts worldwide offering help.

“All of our districts are so used to giving in emergencies like this, it feels so different to be on the receiving end,” says Andrews. “The support shown to us throughout the Rotary world shows we are not alone during this recovery.”

Governors of the six affected districts are asking Rotarians to send donations to their Hurricane Sandy fund. To learn how to donate and to read news updates, visit their website.

Other relief efforts:

  • The Rotary Club of Wall Street New York, is collecting funds this Thanksgiving to help feed more than 5,000 people at the Bowery Mission shelter, many of whom are victims of the storm. The club hopes to collect enough to purchase 200 turkeys. Members are also working with Nazareth Housing on long-term rebuilding projects including purchasing heaters, generators, and furniture for families who lost everything in the storm.
  • The Rotary Club of Murray, Kentucky, USA, is delivering a truckload of clothes, tools, packaged meals, and other relief items to Rotarians in Freeport, New York. Members have also collected more than $1,000 for the affected area.
  • Rotarians in District 7530 (West Virginia, USA) collected 20 generators, and the Rotary Club of Tucker County, West Virginia, is distributing them in areas left without power by several feet of snow.
  • Rotaractors at the Rotary-UN Day distributed 350 boxed lunches to the Bowery Mission in New York City on 3 November.
  • ShelterBox has deployed a response team to distribute temporary shelter and emergency supplies to evacuees. The team is working with Rotary clubs to identify the hardest hit areas. Hundreds of blankets have been sent to shelters.
Posted by Paul Benson on Apr 08, 2012

Click the link below to check out our organization's website and all the good things
we are a part of.  HAVE's really good


Posted by Paul Benson on Dec 15, 2012

It’s challenging to celebrate this holiday season after the senseless tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  I know all of our hearts are feeling the pain and sharing the grief.  Yet, there must be recovery and life will go on.  The question I have is will there be anything learned from this incident, and will any changes take place to avoid it from happening again.

It seems that when something bad happens, we become reactive and then move on.  Hopefully the reactive behavior is beneficial.  Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, no corrective action is taken.   It’s like buying a home alarm system after your house has been broken into.  It’s reactionary and not being proactive like buying an alarm system before the home invasion.  Once again, as a result of the Connecticut incident, the conversation of gun reform will surface.   We will have the discussion about identifying and treating mental illness and associate the stigma associated with it.  In my opinion, our health system’s and government’s response is inadequate at best in these issues.  It’s tough, especially in this economy, to be proactive in funding for better management of guns and mental illness.

We think events like this could never happen close at home or here in Berkley.  We also know that’s wishful thinking because it certainly can.  What can one do?  I’m pleased that our Berkley Rotary Club has partnered with the school system on an Anti-Bullying project.  Perhaps the one child we reach out to in this project will make the difference to save a life or lives.   This anti-bullying joint project is much more important than I ever thought it would be when it first started.  We have learned a lot about bullying and its consequences at our Rotary meetings. This came from speakers very intimate and passionate on this subject.   We have started the difficult process of educating and treating our community.  We are clearly being proactive and preventive.  I hope we never know how beneficial this project is, especially if it prevents something like what took place in Connecticut from happening.

Our holiday concert this Monday December 17 and is even more special this year.  It’s part of our anti-bullying awareness campaign.  It’s coming together and getting back to normalcy again.  Please feel free to invite family, co-workers, and friends.  Berkley Rotarians Tappan Rout and Paul Spaniolo have been working diligently to make this event successful.   Traditionally this has always been a great program and this year it should be even better.

Your comments on this perspective may be posted on Berkley Rotary’s Facebook page.  On behalf of our entire Berkley Rotary family, I wish everyone the best of health and as much happiness possible this holiday season. 

Posted by Paul Benson on Apr 30, 2011

Rotarians are not the best with public relations. Do your part. Wear your Rotary Pin daily. Place a Rotary object in your window in your business. You will probably be surprised what it may bring to you. Remember we are an organization of over 1.4 million members.
Posted by Paul Benson on Oct 22, 2012

We need 3 more people to like us on Facebook so we can take advantage of network tracking.  If you have not signed on as a friend please do so now.  Encourage some friends and relatives to do the same. 

Social media is getting to be a more and more important link for communication today.  Each week we are posting our speaker program and menu for our Monday meeting.  You will automatically receive this information once you are signed up as a friend.  Guests can attend our lunch meeting for only $5.00.  What a great deal for an entertaining meeting and fine food.  It can't be beat!

We are working to have wireless available in our social hall for regular Monday meetings and at the breakfast.

Posted by Paul Benson on Oct 07, 2012

The spirit in our meeting room was overwhelming The networking and number of attendees was at a near all time high. Our main focus of increasing community awareness of the consequences of bullying is off to a great start. Our meeting was taped and will be shown on Berkley's cable television Two individuals have already approached us wanting to speak out and assist us in our efforts. They have been scheduled as meeting speakers in the near future. We have or Holiday program scheduled December 17, with the two Berkley school Choirs with a mention to bullying and peace during this time of the season. Vince Gigliotti, Anderson Middle School Principal, gave a great presentation to all those in attendance perfectly outlining our joint initiative.

Our grant proposal to the District has been completed and turned in on time by past Berkley Rotary president Darlene Glogower. We continue to raise funds for this project by selling pancake tickets and advertising. We have portrayed our club to individuals that had no idea of who we are or what we do. We would like to keep them as Berkley Rotary friends, or possible members.

in other words...Things are going well for the Berkley Rotary Club right now. THANK YOU EVERYONE!
Posted by Paul Benson on Jul 27, 2012

PDG 6400 JenniferJones and DG 6300 Don Riddell report that Rotary's PR Grant has begun and our radio spots are beginning to blanket our district!  RD 6400 and RD 6380 have joined together to create a multi-district PR Grant designed to promote Peace through Service. This campaign will focus of Rotary messages for the next month.

It will then transition into messaging about Rotary Peace Walk 2012 which will be held on September 21st, 2012. This walk at twilight along the Detroit River will be an opportunity to raise awareness about Rotary and it is also a chance for clubs to raise their own funds for their own projects. Please visit the Facebook page, Rotary Peace Walk 2012 for more info on how to get started!

The walk is also an opportunity for other community groups and organizations to join with us to stand up for peace. We are most excited to host Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka and Trustee Chair Wilf Wilkinson at this event.  Keep your radio dial on and listen with pride to our great Rotary story!
Posted by Paul Benson on Jul 01, 2012

The following is a link from on the Benefits of Rotary.  Check out their website sometimes as it has lots of great information on our organization.

THIS LINK RELATES AN EXAMPLE OF OUR LITERACY PROJECT DONATION TO BERKLEY SCHOOLS Here is the link to a recent article in Education Weekly re: books for students of need. It is one teachers story of moving children to be better readers by providing them books in the home. This kind of success may lend credibility to our pleas for book donations and further funding from outside sources.
Posted by Paul Benson on May 13, 2012

I'm happy to provide this report after attending my first International Rotary Conference in Bangkok last week. My purpose in attending this conference was many. I wanted to spark some enthusiasm and reenergize myself to help lead our club as your president this next Rotary year. I also wanted to increase my understanding of our organization from an international perspective. I was not disappointed in the conference and it exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

The opening ceremony was quite an experience. It wasn't the opening remarks by the princess of Thailand that I will remember most. It was the exceptional flag ceremony that was the highlight for me. I've seen Rotary flag ceremonies before at District Conferences and they were nice, but limited to the flags of our District's foreign exchange students. It was relatively brief by comparison. This conference's ceremony was a display of flags for each of the 201 Rotary countries.  Three countries are new to Rotary this year. It took what seemed to be a long time, however it was far from boring.  There were cheers from every section of the room from individuals of that country being announced. I have to admit, there were more countries announced than I was even familiar with or heard of.

It was amazing to be in attendance with over 35.000 other members of my Rotary organization, of which we are so different, yet share so many common goals. In fact, our similarities far surpass our differences. "Service above Self" and the contribution in whatever way to the betterment of humanity is what we share. We have often heard that money can't buy you happiness and that is true. Helping others makes one feel good. Rotary is a wonderful avenue for creating that type of happiness.

The display of individual club's projects in the House of Friendship was what I would guess to be in the several hundreds. In aggregate the power of Rotary is massive, although often we don't see the forest through the trees. If each individual or club does only a small trivial amount of something good, then collectively with over 1.2 million members in over 200 countries the amount of humanitarian service is massive.

I learned about fellowship societies that I never even knew existed before. There are several hundred of these opportunities for Rotarians to join on a variety of subjects from bird watching, peanut butter, traveling, bicycling,to more traditional areas of Rotary interest too. I joined three of them. A physicians group, a Rotary Fighting AIDS groups that is currently concentrating on improving lives of orphans and vulnerable children to HIV, and a boating group. Who knows what opportunities this may bring to me from new boating friends to volunteering on an AIDS mission organized by this Rotary group. I have always wanted to do that..

It was announced that Rotary was successful in reaching the 200 million dollar challenge from the Bill Gates foundation before the deadline of June 30, 2012. This means the Bill Gates Foundation will match and surpass our collections by donating an additional 355 million dollars. I remember back in 1985 when this project was announced. I had no appreciation of the enormous task Rotary had taken. We are down to only three countries in the world  reporting polio. They are Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. India was just taken off the list as they have not had any polio cases reported in a year. Polio is over 99% eradicated in the world, but that last 1% is going to be the most difficult. Only a non governmental group such as Rotary has the means to accomplish this task. We will not stop and need to continue to raise funds until the job is complete.

Global poverty was discussed. Dr. Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize recipient spoke on the bank he set up for making loans to the poor and needy. This banking program started in Bangledesh, and now has five branches in the United States, with a new branch in Detroit being planned to open this summer. There collection rate on their loans was reported to be 97%. They have no lawyers, do everything the opposite way a large bank would do, and agreements are consummated by a handshake. He spoke about creating "social businesses" that are created to solve a problem, not make money.

I can go on and on. There were speakers from the World Health Organization, United Nations, and leaders from our own organization. I have ordered a DVD of some of the sessions and I think it will make great programs or fireside chat topics for our club.

I invite our members and Rotary friends to share from my experiences and capture the spirit to recreate and rebuild our club. Together we can make this happen!

Posted by Paul Benson on Apr 22, 2012


Hello Paul,
It is really, really great to hear from you. To be honest i receive your rotary newsletters so i know you are an active club member.
It is good to hear u and Gary are fine. I didn't meet Baxter but i bet that with such two owners like u guys he has to be a really cheerful pup like bailey.
I suspect it is hard to get Rotary new members so it must be a challenge for you. Good job and good luck. For you're a jolly good fellow ...
As for us.
We're doing fine.
My wife Aleksandra is working in two places: she's a teacher at a primary school but she's quitting in august cause last year she opend her own English school (teaches foreign languages) and it is a success. She has about 150 students and has 10 part time teachers of English and German. Currently she's preparing for the second year in the school- it is called Oxford Academy and she is opeping a private kindergarten.

As for me i am also working in two jobs. from 8 till 4 i am a deputy director at a regional labour office responsible for implementing development funds from the european union (about 150 000 000 euros between 2007 and 2013) but i am not even paid a small percent of that:-( and afterwards i have my own one person firm - last year, with my father we built a few shops in our local shopping centre and i rent them to 4 firms (including my wife). i have my own building and two 30 year huge mortgages- it is sometimes a stress.
We are happy and starting to think about a bigger family.
I am sending you a couple of our pictures (february we were in Spain) plus pictures of my building (Ola's school) and hope you will do the same.
Say hi to Gary.
PS. i remember that in the basement (pool room) you had a motivational poster saying something like it doesn't matter how many storms you met, it only matters if u got the sheep into the port. - can you write what were the exact words. I like the quote was it by vince lombardi?

Ps 2 i often reminisce the times i spent in the USA as one of finer times in my life. It is in a big part thanks to You and Gary. I also saw how you did your business, your attitude towards hard work and did similair in Poland
Ps 3 you are often remembered by my family and friends as a great US dancer from my wedding
Enough sweet talk.
Great to hear from you and hope to get your pictures + write a longer email (Gary, your friends, work, boat, trips, concerts it is all interesting to me)

Posted by Paul Benson on Apr 15, 2012

The club met as a group on Monday April 9 to begin the mapping out and putting into writing planning for the next Rotay year.  A great deal was accomplished.  The board and club members are invited Monday evening, April 16, 2010 at 6:30 P.M. at Paul Benson's office to continue the process.  After the planning has been tranformed to writing and ready to be implemented it will go back to the club for finalization and tweeking if necessary. 

President Elect Paul has a meeting scheduled with Berkley's new School superintendant to discuss some networking and programming opportunities to assist our club in "new generations" projects such as anti-bullying.  Paul has also been in contact with Judy Rubin, the executive director of the Tri-Commuity Coalition, to partner with on some "new generation" projects in the community.  Darlene Glogower will be our champion in creating an anti-bullying project with these organizations.

Stay's going to be a great get it back together again year for our club!
Posted by Paul Benson on Apr 08, 2012

Apr 21, 2014
Inbound exchange student from Switzerland
Apr 28, 2014
We'll use this meeting to discuss the Club's new meeting location.
May 05, 2014
May 12, 2014
Information about one of this region's cultural gems
May 19, 2014
Tri-Community Coalition
May 26, 2014
Jun 02, 2014
Clean Water Project
Jun 09, 2014
Impact of being a Berkley Rotary Club college scholarship recipient
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