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Posted by Sandy Warren on Apr 15, 2014


Ventura South Hears One Woman's Story
About the Impact of County Literacy Program

Ventura Rotary South has supported the Ventura County Library's Adult Literacy Program for more than 20 years, primarily through the Annual Trivia Challenge fundraising event. On Monday, April 14, Program CEO Carol Chapman (at right in the photo above) addressed the Club to provide an update on current activities and to thank members for their continuing support. In addition, Club members heard firsthand from a participant in that program and learned about the significant impact it has had on her and her family.

Marie Martinez (at left) told the Club about her struggles with reading in her elementary and high school years, noting that she basically "fell through the cracks" in the school system. As an adult, however, she grew dissatisfied with having to rely on others to read for her. She also wanted to be able to read to the children in her life. She connected with the Literacy Program and soon began to see the effects of her initiative in her day-to-day life, including a promotion to the first female manager of the produce department at the market where she was employed.

Marie participated in the Adult Learner Leadership Institute, a three-day intensive training program. Two years ago, she was a student in the program - last year she was an instructor. Marie also has plans to become a tutor in the Adult Literacy Program soon.

Ventura Rotary South salutes Carol and Marie for their commitment to literacy in Ventura County!

For information on the Literacy Program, click here.

Posted by Sandy Warren on Mar 25, 2014


Ventura County Military Collaborative
Offers a "Safety Net of Care"

On Monday, March 24, Kim Evans, Founder and Director of the Ventura County Military Collaborative, visited Rotary Ventura South to inform members about the wide range of assistance her organization provides to County service members, veterans, and their loved ones. The Collaborative includes connections with more than 100 non-profit agencies that provide resources ranging from medical services, legal help, counseling, employment referrals, and family services, to name just a few. As part of her presentation, Kim showed a fabulous video from the last "Operation Snowflake," a yearly program designed to provide gifts, food, and an evening with Santa Claus to needy service members, veterans and their families.

For information about the Collaborative and the amazing work it does on behalf of our local military men and women, visit or call 805-218-1930.

Posted by Sandy Warren on Mar 03, 2014


Rotary Ventura South Members Receive Update
On Global Efforts to Eradicate Polio

At our regular membership meeting on Monday, March 3, Matt Miguelena from the Moorpark Noontime Rotary Club provided a fascinating and informative update on Rotary's primary humanitarian goal: the worldwide eradication of polio. Matt spoke about his involvement with National Immunization Days in India, during which millions of children receive inoculation against the disease. Many of those immunizations are administered by Rotarians, whom Matt characterized as "wonderful ambassadors for goodwill in general and the U.S. in particular.

In 2009, half the world's polio cases were in India - today there are none in that country.

Rotary's global efforts to rid the world of polio once and for all receive massive support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For details on the program, visit

Posted by Sandy Warren on Feb 10, 2014


Ventura South Members Recognized
For Work on Coats for Kids Project

At our regular Club meeting on Monday, February 10, member Nils Johnson (right) presented certificates of recognition to Beth Lyons (left) and Rosanna Colin (center) for their work on the annual Coats for Kids Project. The County-wide effort collects coats, jackets, and sweaters for needy kids of all ages during the winter season. As the Club's Community Service Chair, Nils heads up Ventura South's annual donation efforts. Congratulations and thanks to Nils, Beth, Rosanna, and to all the members who donated to this vital project!

Posted by Sandy Warren on Feb 03, 2014


Ventura-South's Jack Tingstrom
Presents District PRLS Update

At our regular Club meeting on Monday, February 3, Ventura South member (and Director of PRLS for District 5240) Jack Tingstrom presented members and guests with a comprehensive update of plans for expanded PRLS training availability within the District. PRLS, of course, is "Potential Rotary Leaders Seminars," and consists of six classroom sessions on a variety of topics essential for effective leadership. (Jack notes that the training is extremely valuable for business and personal growth outside of Rotary as well.)

In his presentation, Jack summarized the scope of training involved in Basic though Master PRLS classes and noted some exciting changes in class scheduling and structure to make the training available to more Rotarians. "Our vision is to reach 100 percent of Rotarians in the District within one to two years," said Jack. Judging by his passion for the PRLS Program, there's little doubt that his goal will be achieved.

Click here for information on the PRLS Program. The newest changes will be updated soon.

Posted by Sandy Warren on Jan 29, 2014


Ventura Rotary South Donates Dictionaries
To Local Third Grade Students (Updated!)

For the fourth consecutive year, members of Ventura Rotary South partnered with Ventura Downtown Rotary to donate dictionaries to third graders at local elementary schools. Ventura South purchased about 450 of the student-size dictionaries at a cost of $1.75 each and made visits to Will Rogers, Portola, and Junipero Serra Elementary Schools. Marilyn Scott again coordinated Ventura South's participation, and the dictionaries were presented by Stacy Zaruka, Jack Tingstrom, Bonaventure Wakam, Dante Honorico, Monty Clark, Bob Braitman, and Sandy Warren.

According to Marilyn, the teachers and principals have frequently commented that they love the program. In many cases, the dictionary is the first book that the children get to keep for their own, they can use it for several years before they outgrow it, and it provides consistency in the classroom, which benefits both the students and the teachers. Additionally, the kids always love visitors!

Shortly after the dictionaries were given out, Marilyn received a batch of thank-you letters from many of the students. Below are selected comments, printed exactly as the students wrote them. Truly an example of Rotary touching the local community. Enjoy!

"Thank you for the awesome dictionary.  It is going to help me with homework and reports and all kinds of stuff.  It made all the class happy.  I am going to use it for so many things.  Thank you Rotary Club."   -Kyra

"Thank you for the dictionary.  I have learned a lot from the dictionary.  I have learned about presidents. And how big coloado is. thank you so much for the dictionary."  -Evan
"Thank you for the dictionarys. They are super cool and awsome  Thanks for the stickers to.  I think you guys are super doper cool.  I wish dictionarys can fall out of trees every single day.  Thank you so much!"   -Diego
"Thank you for the dictionary. I youse it to look up words that I don't know. I also like it because it is fun to look threw it. I also like the stiker that you gave us. Thank you so much and god bless you."  -Christina
"Thank you for the awesome dictionary.  My new dictionary has lot of facts.  There is interesting information on the states.  I can work on my multiplication tables with it.  I can learn sign language.  My favorite part is the facts about presidents.  Thank you again for the dictionary.  It was very nice of your group." -Tyler
Thank you for the awesome dictionary. My new dictionary is complicated than other dictionaries.  It is fun beuase it has verbs and nouns. My favorite page is the longest word.  I like it because it has strange things that I don't know about. Thank you for everything.  -William


Posted by Sandy Warren on Jan 06, 2014


Julio Rocha Visits Ventura South from Chile;
Updates Members on Service Projects

On Monday, January 6, Ventura Rotary South enjoyed a visit from Julio Rocha, the Foreign Club Liaison from the Rotary Club of Olmue del Valle in Chile. In the photo above, Julio (left) exchanges club banners with Ventura Rotary South President Dante Honorico.

In his comments to the Ventura South club members, Julio provided details on two ambitious projects his home club is involved in (click on the titles below for details):

Educational Project - Technical High School (Management and Auto Mechanics), Valparaiso, Chile

Transport of Patients from Remote Areas to Local Family Health Care Center, Olmue, Chile

Posted by Sandy Warren on Dec 30, 2013


Members of Rotary Ventura South
Learn Hands-Only CPR Techniques

At our regular meeting on Monday, December 30, emergency medical technicians Ryan, Miguel, and Nick from AMR/Gold Coast Ambulance were on hand to provide instruction in hands-only CPR, a simple and potentially life-saving technique for assisting someone who suffers cardiac arrest. Less involved than traditional CPR, the "hands-only" version concentrates on chest compressions to circulate the oxygen already present in the blood stream.

Check out additional photos from the event in the "Photo Albums" link to the right!

Posted by Sandy Warren on Dec 09, 2013


Moorpark Attorney Doug Ridley Explains
Ins and Outs of California Gun Laws

At Ventura Rotary South's regular meeting on Monday, December 9, Moorpark Attorney (and fellow Rotarian) Doug Ridley led a fascinating discussion of California's laws related to the owernship and use of firearms. New and revised legislation has changed the overall gun-related environment in recent months, and Doug noted that a clear understanding is vital for anyone who intends to purchase, transport, and use any type of firearm, including those that can be concealed and those that cannot.

Posted by Sandy Warren on Dec 03, 2013


Erik Nasarenko, New Ventura Councilman,

Addresses Ventura Rotary South Members

At our regular meeting on Monday, December 2, newly elected Ventura City Councilman and Ventura Rotary South member Erik Nasarenko spoke to those in attendance about how he managed his successful campaign as well as his "vision for Ventura." Among his goals are enhancing parks and extending library hours, improving mid-week occupancy rates for local hotels by developing a conference center, and increasing the City's sales tax base by attracting one or more "big-box" stores to the area. Congratulations on your election victory, Erik!

Posted by Sandy Warren on Nov 19, 2013


District Governor-Elect Welcomes New Member,

Addresses Ventura South on Vocational Service

At our meeting on Monday, November 18, Rotary District 5240 Governor-Elect Loretta Butts spoke to members and guests about Vocational Service (one of Rotary's five Avenues of Service) and opportunities to address the needs of veterans through Rotary programs. She stressed the importance of needs assessment in evaluating potential Club projects, noting that individual Rotary Clubs need to "take a look at existing programs to make sure they are still viable and that they represent the best use of Club funds." As for veteran-related projects, including those that Ventura-South is considering, Ms. Butts stated, "let's really do something for those who have given so much to our country."

The District Governor-Elect's visit coincided with the induction of Allen Urban as the newest member of Ventura Rotary South. In the photo above, Ms. Butts congratulates Allen on his induction, along with Ventura-South President Dante Honorico. Welcome aboard, Allen!

Posted by Sandy Warren on Oct 09, 2013


Ventura Rotary South

Hits 50 Member Mark

On Monday, October 7, the members of Ventura Rotary South welcomed their newest fellow member, Rosemary Chitiea. Rosemary's induction to the Club coincided with a visit from Rotary District 5240 Governor Jack McClenahan, pictured above at Rosemary's immediate left. In his address to the Club, Jack provided an update on Rotary International's efforts to eradicate polio across the globe. He noted that "every contribution matters," from the millions of dollars donated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the individual $25 and $50 contributions from Rotarians around the world. Also pictured above are Ventura Rotary South President Dante Honorico (far right) and member John Zaruka (far left) who sponsored Rosemary as a new Club member.

Posted by Sandy Warren on Sep 09, 2013


Father Calin Tamaiian Receives

Paul Harris Fellowship from Rodger Adams

On Monday, September 9, long-time Ventura Rotary South member Rodger Adams transferred his recently earned Paul Harris Fellowship to Father Calin Tamaiian. In the photo above, Jack McClenahan (Rotary District 5240 Governor), congratulates Fr. Tamaiian on his award. Looking on are, from left, Ventura Rotary South President Dante Honorico, Rodger Adams, and Fr. Tamaiian's wife Sarah. Paul Harris Fellowships are awarded to Club members for specific levels of financial contributions to the Paul Harris Foundation at Rotary International; members have the option of transferring those awards to a person of their choice.

Posted by Sandy Warren on Jul 07, 2013


Incoming President Dante Honorico Attends

Rotary International Conference in Lisbon

To officially kick off his presidency of Rotary Ventura South for the 2013-2014 year, Dante Honorico attended the Rotary International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. In the photo above, Dante and his wife, Ellen, greet the new president of Rotary International, Ron Burton (center). For a summary of the Conference, click here.

Posted by Sandy Warren on Jul 03, 2013


Alan Kosh Honored as Outgoing President

At Rotary Ventura South's  Annual Step-Down

The members of Rotary Ventura South came together on Tuesday, July 2, to honor outgoing Club President Alan Kosh for his leadership during the 2012-2013 year. The event, held at the Wedgewood Banquet Center in Ventura, featured some good-natured roasts from past presidents, a retrospective on the Club's activities and accomplishments over the past 12 months, presentation of Paul Harris Fellowship awards, and introduction of the new Club president and board members for 2013-2014. In the photo above, incoming President Dante Honorico presents a commemorative Rotary bell trophy to Alan in recognition of his service.

The evening featured a hunting and fishing theme, in recognition of Alan's two favorite pastimes. Those in attendance came dressed in hunting and fishing attire (except for Alan, who knew nothing about it). In his portion of the program, Alan reviewed the Club's recent charitable activities (Caregivers Golf Tournament, Ventura Literacy Trivia Challenge, school dictionary give-away, Coins for Causes, Salvation Army Bell-Ringing, Coats for Kids), and presented awards to Club members for their service during the year. Nancy Gregg-Keller was honored as Rotarian of the Year for her service as Publicity and Programs Chair.

As he officially took over leadership of the Club, incoming President Honorico vowed to continue the Club's growth, both in membership and in charitable outreach. "With everyone's continued support," he said, "we'll make it a great year."

Posted by Sandy Warren on Apr 29, 2013


Ventura Rotary South Celebrates Another

Successful Caregivers Golf Tournament

At the April 29 meeting of Ventura Rotary South, Tammy Glenn, Executive Director of Ventura Caregivers, was on hand to accept a check from President Alan Kosh from money raised at the Club's annual golf tournament on March 18th. Over the past three years, the tournament has hosted a total of 398 players and contributed $51,542 to Caregivers.

Caregivers provides essential services to hundreds of senior citizens in six cities in Ventura County. Services include non-medical, in-home support services and transportation for homebound, frail elders, preventing their premature placement into board and care facilities and making it possible for them to continue to live in the comfort and security of their own homes.

Caregivers' mission is to promote the health, well-being, dignity, and independence of frail, homebound elders through one-on-one relationships with trusted volunteers. For more information, call (805) 658-8530 or visit

Posted by Sandy Warren on Apr 24, 2013


Club Members Officially Open

Boys & Girls Club Art Room

At a special offsite meeting held Monday, April 22, at the Ventura Boys and Girls Club on Johnson Drive, members of Rotary Ventura South got a first-hand look at the Art Room that a number of Club members helped refurbish in recent months. Pictured above are (l to r) Monty Clark, Nils Johnson, Sandy Warren, Karl Eggertsen, and Marilyn Scott, all of whom helped sand, paint and refinish walls, doors, and cabinets in the room that helps children express their artistic side. Other members (not pictured) who participated in the work included Bob Braitman, John Raftery, and Jerry Spencer. Visit the project photo page for additional views of the work in progress and the ribbon-cutting.


Posted by Sandy Warren

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