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Posted by Dale Gabel on Dec 13, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

Winter is here.  And as a result, we unfortunately had to cancel the regular meeting last week because of the weather.  Hopefully we can reschedule Howard Mansfield to come in and speak with us next year when we pick back up on regular meetings after the holiday season.

There is no regular meeting next Tuesday.  Instead, we will be having our annual Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, at Reynolds Hall, All Saints Church, from 6 to 9 pm.  The program includes distributing proceeds from the Wellness Festival, as well as holiday merry-making.  At present most Club members have signed up, along with a healthy contingent of guests.   It should be a memorable event.  Please bring your own beverage, food will be provided.  Make sure the guests are suitably engaged throughout the evening - some of them may be potential members.  And please distribute yourselves among the guests when we sit down to eat.  It's the Rotary way to make guests feel very welcome.

John Goodhue advises me that we now have 4 Club members with Foundation contributions in, for a 16% contribution rate.  That's much better than last week but not yet where we need to be.  You can either contribute on-line at Rotary.org, or you can send a check to John (at 132 RiverMead Rd, Peterborough, NH 03458) and he will ensure it reaches the Foundation.  Giving to the Foundation is part of what it means to be a Rotarian.  Dig deep - this is a good time of the year to make that contribution.

And now, the weekly Rotary video:

I look forward to seeing you all at the Holiday party on Wednesday.  Stay warm and watch out for the ice under the thin covering of snow.

Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Dec 06, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

At last week's meeting, Dean Ogleby (standing in for Jamie Stein) gave a very interesting presentation on the implementation of the new health insurance exchanges in our area.  There is more competition than there was last year (when there was only one insurance company offering coverage on the exchange) but the complexity of the system is a significant issue for both those providing and those obtaining health insurance.  Dean, who functions as an insurance broker in the system, is deeply into the open enrollment period for the exchange and is working hard to help folks in our region navigate the complexities.  We greatly appreciate him taking time from his very busy schedule to talk to us and update our understanding of how implementation of the Affordable Care Act is progressing.

Our next meeting will be at 7:30 am on Tuesday, December 9, 2014, in the Dublin Community Church.  The speaker will be local author Howard Mansfield who will be sharing some thoughts from his new book.  Howard writes about architecture, preservation and history.  If you would like to take a look at some of his previous work before meeting him, you can peruse his website at http://www.howardmansfield.com/.  I look forward to hearing his thoughts.  Adam Hamilton will have the Hat and Rick MacMillan the Invocation.

Attendance at Club meetings has generally been hovering below 50% lately.  Given that this next meeting will be the last regular meeting of the year, it would be very nice to have a good turn-out to share in the holiday spirit and show our appreciation for Howard agreeing to spend some of his valuable time with us.  It's also good to be able to catch up with some of the Club members who haven't been able to make many meetings recently.  It's your Club, and your participation in its activities is what makes Rotary membership so personally valuable.  For those of you who haven't been able to make a meeting recently, come on by - we'd love to see you and catch up on what you've been doing.

John Goodhue provided letters to everyone on our Foundation giving plan for this Rotary year.  As always, the Club strongly encourages every Rotarian to give every year at the Sustaining Member level ($100 or greater).  The Rotary Foundation uses this money to fund grants, projects, polio eradication efforts, etc.  It all goes to good causes and supporting the Foundation's work is part of what it means to be a Rotarian.  To date, we have 2 members who have made their contributions for the 2014-2015 year for a participation rate of 8%.  I think we can do better.  This season of giving is a good time to make your contribution for the year to the Foundation and start bringing that contribution percentage up.  You can either provide a check to John Goodhue, who will make sure it gets to the Foundation and credited properly, or you can give on line at (https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/take-action/give-0) and your contribution will automatically be credited to you and our Club.

There will be a Club Board meeting at 7:30 am on Wednesday, December 10, 2014, in the Dublin General Store.

As a reminder, the Holiday Party is on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, in Reynolds Hall of All Saints Church in Peterborough.  The party begins at 6 pm and ends at 9 pm.  The good news is that there are currently 24 people signed up on Clubrunner.  The bad news is that only 7 of those are Club members.  The other 17 are guests.  Please take the few minutes required to sign up on Clubrunner or drop me a note by email and I'll sign you up.  We really need to know who is coming and I'm sure there are more than 7 Club members who intend being there.

Finally, I received a card from Peter Gosline in the mail today.  He writes "Dear Dale & Monadnock Rotarians, Connie & I really appreciate the good wishes & encouragement received over the past month. My recovery is going relatively well, and I begin cardiac rehab this week. Thank you all for your kindness! Sincerely, Peter."  We continue to wish Peter and Connie the best as they work their way through this difficult time.  I'm sure cards and letters remain welcome at 41 Stone Ridge Dr., Peterborough, NH 03458 if you have a few minutes to put one in the mail.

And now, the Rotary video of the week:

Savor the joys of the holiday season.  See you all on Tuesday.

Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Nov 29, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weren't too inconvenienced by the first real snowfall of the winter.  12 inches of snow in our region is nothing to sneeze at, but once again I'm grateful that I'm not in Buffalo, NY.  Power was out for many people throughout New Hampshire, but the power company repair personnel made quick work of getting it restored.  Hopefully you're all back to normal and are finished with whatever snow shoveling is required in your particular situation.  I'm sure it's just a warm-up for what is yet to come.

Last week we had no meeting because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our next meeting is at 7:30 am on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, in the Dublin Community Church.  Our speaker will be Jamie Stein of Healthnet.  He will be talking to us about the recent entrants into the New Hampshire health insurance exchange.  It will be interesting to contrast what he says with the talk we had last year regarding the sole insurance company in the exchange.  It will be good if there are enough players now to engender some level of competition and some downward pressure on health care costs.  He should provide an interesting talk, so please make every effort to attend.  Kevin McElhinney has the Hat and Igor Bella the Invocation.

On December 17, 2014, the Club will hold its annual Holiday Party at Reynolds Hall of All Saints Church in Peterborough (the same venue as last year.)  The party begins at 6 pm and will continue until 9 pm.  You are requested to register for the event to ensure there is enough food for everyone.  Registration is via Clubrunner and can be accomplished by clicking on the Holiday Party link on the Monadnock Rotary Club home page.  Alternatively, you can go to the following link (http://www.crsadmin.com/Gen/EventPlanner/EventServices.aspx?aid=2945), or you can let me or Jerry know you want to sign up and we'll get you in the system.  Bring guests and potential prospects for membership, and sign everyone up as soon as possible.  I look forward to seeing you all there.  We will be distributing proceeds from the Wellness Festival at the Holiday Party so there is opportunity for additional celebration.

For our Rotary video of the week:

It will be good to see you all again on Tuesday.  Until then, stay warm and watch your footing.

Monadnock Rotary Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Nov 22, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

The polar vortex is upon us, but fortunately we're nowhere near Buffalo, NY.  Those folks have had their entire winter already, and it isn't even  Thanksgiving yet.   Be thankful there is little "lake effect" from our local body of water.

The speaker at last week's meeting was Christine Destrempes talking about her Art for Water project.  She is doing some great work highlighting the criticality of clean water and we wish her all the best as she uses art to raise awareness in this area.  And our thanks to her for  taking the time to come and speak with us.

There will be no meeting this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope you and yours have an opportunity to spend time with friends and family and give thanks for our many blessings as Americans and Rotarians.  Our next meeting will be on Dec 2.

John Goodhue passed out Foundation letters to all who attended our last meeting.  Letters will be in the mail to those who did not attend.  November is Foundation Month and I strongly encourage you all to give $100 to the Foundation this Rotary Year to support its good works and to ensure our Club is recognized as a 100/100 Club (100% giving to the Rotary Foundation/100% Sustaining Members giving $100 or more.)  If you have any questions, please contact John and he will be more than happy to answer any question you might have.  If you would like to make your contribution on-line, you can do so at the Rotary International web site (https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/take-action/give).  If you designate your gift for the "Annual Fund and Share" program, 50% of it will come back to our District to support programs sponsored by local Rotary Clubs.  If you do give on-line, please let John know you have done so.

Mark your calendar now for our Club's annual Holiday Party on December 17 at Reynolds Hall (part of and across the street from All Saints Church) in Peterborough from 6 - 9 pm.  Register for the event here (http://www.crsadmin.com/Gen/EventPlanner/EventServices.aspx?aid=2945) and bring guests, prospects, and the holiday spirit.

The weekly Rotary video:

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you all again on the 2nd.  Thank you for being a part of Rotary.

President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Nov 15, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

Well, we've had our first snowfall of the 2014-2015 winter, and it wasn't so bad.  Not nearly the significant event the huge snowfall at the end of October was a few years ago.  Personally, I prefer the first snowfall to be of a somewhat modest character to help us gently ease our way into plowing, snowblowing, shoveling, etc.  Regardless of the depth of snow however, the woodstove does a lot to keep the chills at bay.

Last week John Goodhue, Jerry Branch and I attended the Rotary Foundation Dinner in Nashua.  It was a nice event and a very enjoyable dinner.  We have some follow-up work to do regarding our EREY and Sustaining Member recognition for the 2013-2014 Rotary year and will be pursuing that in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to Cassie on another successful RYLA event on Saturday, November 15, at the Sargent Center in Hancock.  Twenty six young ladies and gentlemen, sponsored by a number of local Rotary Clubs, participated in activities throughout the day to help develop their leadership styles and skills.  Cassie was ably assisted by Wendy White checking in the participants in the morning, and Chuck Simpson took pictures that will eventually find their way to the Club website.  This is a great event with a lot of value for both the participants and our community as these young people grow into future leaders.  Cassie can always use more help with this event - consider volunteering some of your time next year to help out.  Many thanks to Cassie for coordinating the event, and to Wendy and Chuck for helping out.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.  The speaker will be Christine Destrempes, Founder of the Art for Water program.  Lack of access to clean water is a huge problem around the world and Art for Water is one of the organizations helping to alleviate some of the suffering.  Christine's presentation should be very interesting and I encourage everyone to attend and hear it.  The Art for Water website is at http://www.artforwater.org/index.html if you would like to do a little research before the meeting.  Peter Gosline is scheduled for the Hat but he will not be able to attend (per my last e-mail, I'll pass along any information I get regarding Peter's ability to have visitors - he is at home and resting up from heart bypass surgery) so we'll substitute the 4-Way Test; Paul Tuller has the Invocation.

There will be a Monadnock Rotary Club Board meeting on Thursday, November 20, at 7:30 am in the Dublin General Store.

Our Holiday Party is scheduled for next month.  Stay tuned for more details.

November is Rotary Foundation month.  John Goodhue will be speaking to the Club briefly on Tuesday at the breakfast meeting about the Club's Foundation giving drive for this Rotary year, and a short powerpoint slideshow will be presented.

And now, for your enjoyment, this week's Rotary video:

I look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday.  Have a great Rotary week!

Club President 2014-2015


Posted by Dale Gabel on Nov 08, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

The nights are getting colder, and there is snow in the forecast for next week.  But it could be worse - some parts of the Midwest may get up to 10 inches of snow next week as the polar vortex descends on the U.S.  We'll be out of the worst of it, but it looks like it's going to be significantly chillier after Wednesday.  Hopefully most of your winter preparations are near completion.  If not, there are still a few more nice days ahead.

At Tuesday's Club meeting, Rita Stanton gave an excellent overview of the programs at Life Choice Hospice.  We thank her for joining us and sharing her perspective on the important work her organization does.

There will be no Club meeting on Veteran's Day next week.  I do encourage you to participate in one of the many Veteran's Day observances you'll find around the Monadnock region.  Our next meeting will be on November 18 at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.

As I noted during the meeting on Tuesday and in a subsequent e-mail, Peter Gosline is recovering from surgery.  I passed his mailing address in the earlier e-mail and have inquired to see if he is feeling up to visitors yet.  I'll continue to pass along relevant information as I receive it.

RYLA, under Cassie Cleverly's inspired leadership, will be held on Saturday, 15 November, at the Sargent Center.  If you would like to join the event for breakfast or lunch, please let Cassie know as soon as possible. 

The Rotary video for the week is included below.

I'll see you all on the 18th.  In the meantime, enjoy the waning days of fall and the first taste of winter weather.

Monadnock Rotary Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Jerry Branch on Nov 04, 2014

Before settling into education administration, Bill lived in Morocco and the Virgin Islands, where he taught and coached at American schools. After earning his M. Ed. from Keene State College, he served as a middle school assistant principal in Milford, NH; as principal in Westmoreland, NH; as co-superintendant in Keene School District; and just ended as President of the Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, which had been based in Brattleboro, VT, since 1906.

Bill is on many boards, the most longstanding of which is Brantwood Camp, where he was the Director in the early 1980s. He currently serves on the Stonewall Farm in Keene, Monadnock Habitat for Humanity, the Silver Lake Association, the Silver Lake Land Trust, an Alternate to the Zoning Board of Adjustment in Dublin, and he has served on the Town of Dublin Budget Committee.

During his membership in the Elm City Rotary in Keene, Bill traveled to El Salvador three times to assist in the building of homes and a school.

He lives in Dublin with his wife Margaret. One of their sons is serving in Kuwait in the U.S. Army as a marine engineer, the other is a civil engineer for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Posted by Dale Gabel on Nov 02, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

Welcome to the first newsletter of November.  Looking around the yard, almost all of the leaves are down off the trees.  Unfortunately they’re not all picked up yet, but a clean yard ready for winter is coming closer day by day.  The woodstove is finally in operation, bringing a welcome warmth to the kitchen.  And the cats are shifting into their winter routines.

At last week’s meeting, Lynn Trimby and Carol Holt gave a very interesting presentation on the Helping Hands Monkey Helpers service project.  These cute little creatures are trained to be helpers and companions to people who need a helping hand due to spinal injuries or similar impairments.  The monkeys have a huge positive impact on the lives of the people they assist, and Lynn and Carol, and the people who work with them, are doing great work.  If you would like any more information about the Helping Hands Monkey Helpers, or would like to help support their work, their website is www.monkeyhelpers.org.

The next Club meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.  The speaker will be Rita Stanton, volunteer coordinator for Life Choice Hospice.  Wendy White has the Hat, Chuck Simpson has the Invocation.

After the Club meeting on Tuesday morning there will be a final meeting for the 2014 Monadnock Wellness Festival Committee.  The meeting will be held in the Community Church and its purpose will be to discuss any lessons learned from the Festival and to vote on a distribution of the proceeds.  If you have anything you would like to contribute to help make future Wellness Festivals better, I strongly encourage you to attend.

There will be no meeting on November 11 which is Veteran’s Day.  That’s always a good day to join in one or another of the many celebrations that take place throughout the region.

And now for the Rotary video of the week:

Enjoy your week.  See you all Tuesday morning and don’t forget to vote!

Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Oct 26, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

October is nearly over but the weather remains pleasant, if frequently wet.  Leaves are mostly off the trees and slowly being blown away or raked up.  Home heating systems and woodstoves are becoming more active, and the gradual shift to late fall and wintertime activities continues.

Jerry Branch and I attended the District 7870 Membership Conference in Brattleboro on Saturday the 25th.  There were a number of interesting presentations (including one by Jerry on Closing the Sale with a prospective member) and a great deal of idea sharing regarding attracting and retaining members.  Membership in clubs throughout North America continues to decline, and District 7870 and the Monadnock Rotary Club are not yet bucking the general trend.  We are currently at 25 active members, with 2 or 3 prospective members in the pipeline.  I would like to see us work our way back up to at least 32 active members, so everyone keep your eyes open for likely candidates who want to join a great community service organization.  If Rotary doesn't have members, it isn't Rotary.  We all need to tell the Rotary story and ask qualified people to join.  The single most common answer given when apparently qualified people are asked why they aren't a member of Rotary is that they were never asked to join.  On a positive membership note, I anticipate inducting Adam Hamilton into the Club at our next meeting.

John Goodhue believes he may have lost a hearing aid at last week's Club meeting.  If anyone found a hearing aid in the church after the meeting, please return it to John.

And speaking of last week's meeting, we had a very engaged and engaging speaker in Chris Selmer of the Monadnock Adult Care Center.  She was very knowledgeable about her topic and there was a great deal of spirited Q&A at the end of her presentation.  It is always good to learn more about the many facilities in the region that are dedicated to helping those who need it in our community.  We thank Chris for taking the time to come and talk to us about the Center and its good works.

The Club's next meeting will be on Tuesday, 28 October, 2014, at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.  Our speaker will be Lynn Trimby of Boston's Helping Hands Monkey service project.  It should be very interesting to hear how monkeys can be trained to provide a helping hand to people who can't do everything for themselves that they would like to.  I have the Hat, Kevin McElhinney has the Invocation.

In looking over our Club's attendance records for the past couple of months I see that we're only averaging about 50% attendance at our meetings.  We all lead busy lives and sometimes it is just not possible to make every meeting.  But I strongly encourage each of you to make every meeting that you can.  The fellowship and networking that are part of each meeting are some of the most important aspects of being a Rotarian.  Attending the meetings keeps you in touch with what the Club and each of its members are doing.  A strong, vibrant Club is dependent on its members attending meetings and participating in Rotary activities.  So, please attend the meetings and let's try and get the attendance average closer to 100%.  If anyone has ideas about how to improve attendance, please pass them along.

Our Rotary video for the week:

Thank you for being a member of Rotary and our Club.  Hope to see you all Tuesday morning!

Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Oct 19, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

The glorious fall season continues.  Leaves are dropping in uncountable numbers and await the rake or leaf blower.  Hopefully you are all staying active as our speaker last week, Steve Frechette of the Monadnock Community Hospital, advised.  As he related to the Club on Tuesday, staying active is one of the best things you can do for your health and general well-being. 

The Club will meet on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, in the Dublin Community Church.  Breakfast will begin at 7:30 am with Club business commencing at 7:45.  Our speaker will be Chris Selmer of the Monadnock Adult Care Center.  His topic will be the history and mission of the Center which should be very interesting.  Amy Willey has the Hat and Jim Fearnside the invocation.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching which means it's time to think about our Holiday Party.  The event is currently scheduled for 17 Dec and needs to be organized.  I would like to solicit a small committee to plan the event so if you are interested in helping out, please let me know.  I'll also announce this solicitation at our meeting on Tuesday.

And now, the Rotary video for the week:

I hope to see you all on Tuesday. 

Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Oct 12, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

It's been another beautiful fall weekend.  At last week's Club meeting, Jillian Minor of the Hannah Grimes Center gave us a great run down on the Center, its history, its present programs, and its future possibilities.  Jillian was an engaging speaker and we're glad she was able to take the time from her busy schedule to bring us up to speed on the interesting things the Hannah Grimes Center does.  If you're an entrepreneur, or hoping to start a business at some point, the Center is a great resource.

Our next Club meeting will be on Tuesday, 14 October, 2014, at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.  Our speaker will be Steve Frechette of the Monadnock Community Hospital who will be speaking to us about Physical Therapy as Holistic Medicine.  Tom Ward has the Hat and Erika Rogers the Invocation.

Sign up soon for both the Oct 25 Membership Conference and the 12/13 Nov Foundation Dinners on the District 7870 web site.

For our video this week:

I hope to see most of you on Tuesday.  One of the joys of Rotary is meeting with and talking to fellow Rotarians.  The weekly Club meetings are a great opportunity to do so.  Don't miss out.

Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Oct 04, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

It's very much a New England fall evening as I write this newsletter.  Leaves on the trees are a riot of colors, though many have fallen already, and we're having a good soaking rain.  It's so easy to enjoy the fall in New Hampshire.

At our last meeting, Kelly Brigham-Steiner gave a very interesting talk on the Monadnock United Way's new outlook on collective impact.  They are trying very hard to ensure contributions are well spent by assessing the impact of those dollars in the community.  It was good to hear that charitable organizations wishing to share in United Way contributions are well vetted and well monitored.  We all wish the United Way success in their current fund-raising campaign.

On Tuesday, 7 October, 2014, the Club will meet at 7:30 am in the DUBLIN COMMUNITY CENTER (note the change of location for this meeting - the Church is getting set up for its big rummage sale and won't be able to host our meeting, but the Community Center has graciously opened its doors to us.)  Our speaker will be Jillian Minor who will talk to us about the Hannah Grimes Center and what it contributes to our community.  Sue Copley is responsible for the Hat, and Cathy Sorenson the Invocation.

On Wednesday, 8 October, 2014, the Club Board will meet at the Dublin General Store at 7:30 am.  All Board members are encouraged to attend.

A reminder about the District Membership Conference on 25 October, 2014, in Brattleboro.  If you would like to attend, please register on the District 7870 website.

The District Foundation dinners are on 12 and 13 November, 2014, in Nashua, NH and Ludlow, VT, respectively.  Again, if you wish to attend you can register on the District 7870 website.

Finally, the weekly Rotary video:

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Monadnock Rotary Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Jerry Branch on Sep 29, 2014


Adam R. Hamilton is a Branch Manager at People's United Bank in New Hampshire. Adam began his banking career in 2007 and has spent the past 7 years in management and leadership roles. Throughout his career he has advised small business owners and startup leaders, sharing his passion to help businesses succeed.

Adam believes strongly in community and is actively involved with the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he is a Hoffman-Haas Fellow and a Nationally Registered EMT.

In his spare time Adam enjoys being outdoors, kayaking, hiking, fishing, quahogging and downhill skiing.
Adam holds a Bachelor's degree from The University of Rhode Island.

Posted by Dale Gabel on Sep 27, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

Last week was once again a busy week for the Club.  Monday evening the Club Board had dinner with the District Governor and Assistant District Governor at the Lee and Mt. Fuji restaurant in Peterborough.  During the meal I provided the DG and ADG with a list of Club accomplishments and activities since the last DG visit.  It's quite an impressive list of accomplishments and I'll send a copy of it to all Club members.  You should all be very proud of the significant things you do for the community.  You make the world a better place through your very beneficial Rotary efforts.

On Tuesday last week, the District 7870 Governor, Rich Berryman, met with the Club and spoke to us on getting the word out about Rotary's good works, how to get and keep new members, and some of his own Rotary experiences.  It was a pleasure hosting him at the Club and we look forward to the rest of his year as District Governor.

There will be a regular meeting of the Club on Tuesday, 30 Sept 2014, in the Dublin Community Church.  Our speaker will be Kelly Brigham-Steiner who will be talking to us about the Monadnock United Way's collective impact.  The presentation should provide an interesting perspective on how contributions to the United Way are used throughout the community.  Breakfast will commence at 7:30 am and the business portion of the meeting will begin at 7:40.  The Hat will be provided by Paul Tuller and the Invocation by Tom Blodgett.

And for our weekly Rotary video:

See you all Tuesday morning!

Monadnock Rotary Club President 2014-2015

Posted by Dale Gabel on Sep 21, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

Last week was certainly a busy one, but also very fulfilling.  On Tuesday we met in a regular meeting and listened to Dick Ernst talk about the Brattleboro Co-op.  Dick gave us some very good insight into the philosophy behind the co-op and described how it had grown and changed over time.  If you're looking to visit a large, vibrant co-op, you wouldn't go far wrong in driving over to Brattleboro.

Friday evening many Club members were at the Peterborough Community Center helping set up for the Wellness Festival on Saturday.  The wine and cheese were superb and many exhibitors were assisted in setting up their booths.  All of the various venues (soupfest tent, fitness areas, etc.) were readied by Club members for the next day's festivities.

And Saturday was the culmination of many months of planning and effort as the Club put on its Ninth Annual Wellness Festival.  The venue was new, but the energy and excitement of the participants was as in years past.  Consolidating all of the events in and around the Community Center made for a much more seamless Festival, as people were able to flow smoothly between the exhibit hall, the exercise pavilion and climbing wall, the band, the Soupfest, the Farmer's Market, etc.  No one had to walk long distances to get to the various activities, and having all of the activities in such close proximity lent the event a very festive air.  Congratulations to Rick MacMillan and the Wellness Committee, ably assisted by Janet Reilly and Connie Gosline of ASAP Events, LLC, for planning and executing such a successful event!  And many, many thanks to all of the Club members who helped out on the Wellness Committee and as volunteers on Saturday to ensure the event's success.  I said earlier, this was an all-hands-on-deck event and the Club put out an all-hands effort to make the Wellness Festival a huge success.  Fun was had by all as you can see from the Festival pictures at this website:


Well done to one and all!  It was a great community service event and each and every one of you should be proud of the role you played in making it happen.  If you have any thoughts about lessons learned for future Wellness Festivals, please pass them along to Rick so we can improve the event each time we put it on.

On Tuesday, 23 Sept, we will welcome the District Governor, Rich Berryman, to the Monadnock Rotary Club.  This is a meeting at which we should strive for a large turn-out, not only to show our enthusiasm for Rotary, but also to hear what the DG hopes to accomplish during his year in office.  The meeting begins as usual with breakfast at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.  I hope to see you all there.  Monday evening the Club's Board will have dinner with the DG and make sure he knows about all of the good work the Club does throughout the year.

Invocation:  Wendy White
No Hat

And a short Rotary Foundation video to see us out.

See you all on Tuesday.

Club President 2014-2015


Posted by Dale Gabel on Sep 14, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club of Dublin, NH,

This coming week is a big week for our Rotary Club.  On Tuesday, after our regular meeting, we will have the final planning meeting of the 2014 Monadnock Wellness Festival Committee.  On Friday, from 5 pm to 8 pm, we will be at the Peterborough Community Center helping to set up for the Wellness Festival.  And on Saturday, from 10 am to 2 pm we will put on the Ninth Annual Monadnock Wellness Festival!  All Club members are asked to be at the Community Center no later than 8:30 am on Saturday to help with any last minute preparations.  Dave DeWitt passed out volunteer assignments for the Festival at last week's Assembly meeting, but even if you don't have a specific assignment I ask that you remain at the Festival and be available through the day to chat with exhibitors, help resolve unexpected problems, etc.  This is our major fundraising event for the year and it takes all of us to ensure its success.

There will be a regular meeting of the Club at 7:30 am on September 16, 2014, in the Dublin Community Church.  The speaker will be Dick Ernst of the Brattleboro Co-op.  We previously had a speaker from the Monadnock Co-op so this should be a good opportunity to compare and contrast the two organizations.

Hat - Tom Blodgett
Invocation - Jerry Branch

A reminder to everyone of the District Golf Tournament on September 18 at the Eastman Golf Links in Grantham, NH.  If you're interested in participating you can register in the Upcoming Events section of the District 7870 website at www.Rotary7870.org.

The District Membership Conference will be held on October 25 in Brattleboro, NH.  Register at the District 7870 website as above.

The District 7870 Rotary Foundation dinners will be held November 12 and 13 in Nashua, NH and Ludlow, VT respectively.  You can also sign up for those events at the District website as above.

Finally, a reminder that our speaker on September 23 will be the District Governor, Rich Berryman.  Please put this event on your calendar as a "must attend".  It will be important for all Club members to meet the DG and learn where he will be taking the District over the next year.

And a short video to see us out:

See you all Tuesday, Friday and Saturday!

Club President


Posted by Dale Gabel on Sep 06, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

I hope you all had a fun Labor Day weekend!  Although the weekend signaled the effective end of the summer, it sure seems as if the summer is not completely done with us yet.  But fall is right around the corner and it won't be long before we see the beautiful colors of that wonderful season here in the great Northeast.

The Club will next meet on Tuesday, Sept 9, at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.  We will not be having a speaker this week.  Instead, the meeting will be an Assembly to review preparations for our signature Wellness Festival and to receive assignments for what each of us will be doing on Saturday, Sept 20.  Rick MacMillan, the Wellness Committee Chair, will review the preparations with the able assistance of his Vice-Chair, Rob Harris.  Dave DeWitt, who is coordinating all of the volunteers, will make assignments of Club members to the various venues that need support.

The Wellness Festival will be held on Sept 20 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Community Center in Peterborough.  Each of us needs to help out with the Festival so it is important that everyone show up at the meeting on Tuesday to learn where help is needed.  As we used to say in the military, this will be an all hands on deck evolution, so your participation on Tuesday is very important.

Invocation - Mary Loftis

On Wednesday, Sept 10, there will be a meeting of the Club's Board at 7:30 am in the Dublin General Store.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Assembly on Tuesday.

Club President

Posted by Dale Gabel on Aug 30, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

We had a very interesting presentation at the 26 August meeting.  Richard Whitney and Sandy Sherman of the Studios at Crescent Pond gave a talk and slide show about artists from the region.  The presentation included samples of these various artists' works, as well as slides of paintings done by Richard and Sandy.  They were very engaging guests and it was a pleasure to host them at our Club.

During the meeting we held a vote on modifying the breakfast menu to one that was more continental in nature - pastries and fruit only rather than the full hot meal we currently serve.  The original proposal was to change the menu during the months of May through October inclusive.  Reasons for proposing this change include trying to minimize the amount of excess food after each meeting given the smaller number of people who attend during the spring and summer months, as well as saving the Club some money that can be applied more profitably to service or charitable projects during the year.  The proposal was amended during discussion to include only the months of June through August, and this was passed by a majority vote.  Since our next meeting is in September, this proposal will not take effect until next June.

There is no meeting on 2 September in observation of Labor Day.  The next meeting will be 9 September and it will be an Assembly to review preparations for the Wellness Festival.  The Wellness Festival is an all-hands evolution, so please make every effort to attend the Assembly on 9 Sept to see what your role will be during the Festival.

Although there is no regular meeting next week, there will be a meeting of the Wellness Festival Committee on Tuesday, 2 September, 2014, in the Dublin Community Church at 8:00 am.  All Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend.  We're getting down to the last few weeks before the Festival and a strong push is required to ensure everything is being done that needs to be done.

For future planning purposes, everyone is reminded that the District Governor, Rich Berryman, will be visiting our Club on September 23rd.  Please mark your calendars and make sure you attend that meeting.  The DG will undoubtedly give us some info about himself and the District's priorities during his year as DG.

Finally, for the future, I'd like to use one meeting during the late fall/early winter months to have a Club-wide discussion about fund-raising events.  It would be good if we could have an event in the late winter/early spring that would provide a means for raising money that the Club can use for projects, charitable purposes, or grant contributions.  So please put on your thinking caps and consider how we might leverage our energy and talents to raise funds for more good works.  I'll get more information out to everyone once I've looked at a date to have that discussion.

Enjoy your Labor Day!


Posted by Dale Gabel on Aug 23, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

On Tuesday, 19 August we welcomed Anton Elbers who spoke about the local food movement in general and the Monadnock Food Co-op in particular.  He has had a great deal of experience producing high quality locally grown food and, as a Board member of the Co-op, has also had experience in providing oversight to an outlet that gets local produce to a wide variety of customers.  His talk was enlightening and it was a distinct pleasure having him as a speaker.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, 26 August at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.  The speaker will be Richard Whitney who is with the Studios at Crescent Pond ( http://www.crescentpond.com/ ).  Richard will be speaking to us about both his artistic work and his property's designation as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat.  Please join the Club in welcoming Richard to our meeting.  See you on Tuesday!

Hat:  Rick MacMillan
Invocation: Amy Willey 

MRC President 2014-15


Posted by Dale Gabel on Aug 17, 2014

Club Members and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

The Club had a very full and enjoyable meeting last week.  In addition to our speaker, Keryn Bernard-Kreigl of the NH Children's Trust (which, by the way, does a lot of great work and is fully deserving of support and encouragement), our Evans-Reilly award winner, Alisha Birk, joined us for breakfast and was presented with her certificate and scholarship award.  Sue Copley spoke for a few minutes telling us all of the reasons Alisha was chosen for the award - suffice it to say that she is one busy young lady.  The picture below includes Alisha and Janet Reilly, wife of Dave Reilly after whom the award is co-named.


Our next regular meeting is Tuesday, August 19, 2014, at the Community Church.  Breakfast will be served at 7:30 am and Club business will begin at 7:40  am or thereabouts.  The speaker will be Anton Elbers, talking about the local food movement.  Mr. Elbers is a long-time resident of Alstead, NH, and is on the Board of the Monadnock Food Co-op and the Board of Trustees of the Orchard School.

Hat:  John Goodhue
Invocation:  Rob Harris

After the regular meeting there will be a meeting of the Monadnock Wellness Festival Committee in the Community Church.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer.  See you on Tuesday!


Posted by Dale Gabel on Aug 09, 2014

Fellow Rotarians and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

On Tuesday, August 5, 2014, we welcomed Seth Brenzel for a very informative presentation on the Walden School.  He also contributed to a more harmonious rendering of "America the Beautiful" than usual.  The Walden School does superb work in fostering musical creativity in young adults and is a great addition to Dublin during the spring and summer months.

On Monday, 11 August, I encourage you to join with me and the Peterborough Rotary Club for a meeting at Brantwood Camp.  The featured speaker will be our own Amy Willey and I will be presenting our annual contribution to the Camp at the meeting.  The meal will be served at noon, but getting there a little early will allow some time to mingle with Rotarians from the Peterborough Club.  Please try and attend if at all possible.  Next year we will begin the planning a bit earlier and make it a joint meeting with Peterborough Rotary.

A reminder that the Rotary Night at the Fisher Cats is August 23rd.  Tickets are $12 of which $4 is returned to Rotary for polio eradication.  If you are interested but have not yet made reservations, please visit the District 7870 web site where you can do so.

Our next regular meeting is on August 12, 2014 at 7:30 am in the Dublin Community Church.  Our speaker will be Keryn Bernard-Kreigl, Executive Director of the NH Children's Trust.  The NH Children's Trust is leading the drive in NH to eliminate child abuse and neglect.  Their website is at  http://www.nhchildrenstrust.org/ if you would like to visit it before the meeting.

Hat:  Tom Warren
Invocation:  Dave DeWitt

I look forward to seeing many of you on Monday at Brantwood Camp, and even more of you on Tuesday at the Community Church.  Enjoy your day!

Club President

Posted by Dale Gabel on Aug 02, 2014

Fellow Rotarians and Friends of the Monadnock Rotary Club,

On July 29, 2014, Dublin's Police Chief, Steve Sullivan, addressed the Club at our regular breakfast meeting.  He told us a little about himself, talked about the Dublin Police Department, and gave us his views on policing and on the law enforcement challenges facing even a small town like Dublin.  It was great to have him visit the Club and we welcome him and his family to our community.

On Tuesday, August 5, 2014, we will have a regular meeting in the Dublin Community Church beginning at 7:30 am.  Our speaker will be Seth Brenzel of The Walden School.  From the school's website: "The Walden School, founded in 1972, is an acclaimed summer music school and festival offering programs that emphasize creative application, specifically through the study of musicianship, improvisation, and composition. In residence on the beautiful campus of the Dublin School in Dublin, New Hampshire, the school provides an inspiring retreat-like environment ideal for creative music making."  It should be an informative program so don't miss it.

Hat:  John Goodhue
Invocation:  Jim Guy

Our Club is a contributor to the Milford Rotary Club's Clean Water Global Grant.  Recently, the Milford Club sent out a press release, which is reproduced in part below, and a photo, which is attached.  This is just one of the many worthwhile endeavors that the Monadnock Rotary Club supports.

"July 28, 2014 - The Milford, New Hampshire and the Danli, Honduras Rotary Clubs are pleased to announce that The Rotary Foundation has approved a Global Grant which, when completed, will improve the health of 425 families – including many children -  by providing them with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education. This project will serve nine dispersed, remote communities in the rural municipality of Trojes, Honduras, located along the Nicaraguan border, about three hours northeast of Danli. The total cost of the project is $188,000, of which $138,300 was funded by Rotary Clubs, Rotary Districts and The Rotary Foundation. The remaining funds will be provided by a Native Energy carbon credit program.

The goal of the project is to virtually eliminate water borne diarrheal disease in the communities by providing practical, simple sustainable tools, including appropriate point-of-use filtration technology, toilets; hygiene and sanitation training to individuals, teachers and communities; and on-going monitoring and follow-up.

In addition to the Milford Rotary Club, five other New Hampshire Rotary Clubs supported this project - Nashua, Nashua West, Souhegan Valley, Monadnock and Jaffrey-Rindge as well as the District Foundation Committee.  Fourteen other Rotary Clubs from Maine, New York, New Jersey, Montana, Oregon and Washington also partnered on this project."


Hope to see you all on Tuesday.



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