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Auction Setup & BBQ Oct 31, 2014
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Oct 20, 2012
by Jerry Savage

Rotarians Provide Hospital With Vital Monitors

Michael P. Neufeld | Oct 19, 2012

Mountains Community Hospital’s Kathleen Walsh applies electrodes to Rotarian Rudy Westervelt during a demonstration of the new Propaq LT monitor purchased by a $25,000 grant from the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club. (Photo by Michael P. Neufeld)


May 10, 2012
by Jerry Savage

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.


May 17, 2012
by Jerry Savage

  RYLA 2012-Teamwork Game

Games  help the students learn how to become a better leader and work together as a team.

The 16 Rim students who attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) last month came home from the weekend hanged people.


Jun 17, 2012
by Jerry Savage

 Students’ Art Reaps Prizes  

Mountain News: Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 10:02 am 

The first art competition sponsored by the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club drew 35 entries from students at Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School, Rim High School and Mountain High School.


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Editor Jerry Savage
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Posted by Jerry Savage on Sep 25, 2014

Visit our Auction Website



Posted by Jerry Savage on Oct 23, 2014

ImageKaren Baldwin and a few Girl Scouts from her group presented their plans for their “Silver Award Project.”

The girls have organized a “Community Preparedness” event to be held in Blue Jay in the parking lot of the Lake Arrowhead Patrol Security office – this coming Saturday the 25th. It will be held from 10am to 3pm. The goal is to help the community prepare for a natural disaster, and to understand what resources are available.

Come out, get informed and show your support for the project!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Oct 17, 2014


President John asked tuxedoed MC Geoff Hopper to preside over the opening of the Special Presentation Envelope – delivered on a silver platter.

With the lights dimmed, Geoff described the honor to be bestowed upon our own Barry and Cheryl Robinson: The Rotary International Foundation’s “Major Donor Award.”

This is a very special award commemorating only the very dedicated among Rotarians – the Robinson’s being the newest! Their gifts and service to the Rotary Foundation have been extraordinarily generous, and everyone was excited to offer a standing ovation!

To commemorate their achievement, the Robinson’s received diamond pins, and a lovely crystal commemorative piece engraved with their names and achievement. President John noted the engraving spelled “Cheryl” as “Shirley” which will, of course, be updated.

Barry and Cheryl thanked the group for the honor, and cited the principals of Rotary as the force behind their generosity.

Congratulations to Barry and Cheryl, and thanks from the whole group for your extreme dedication to all causes Rotary!!!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Oct 17, 2014

ImageEagle Scout candidate Evan Kraskin and dad Chris presented Evan’s project. He plans to remodel the Senior Quad at Rim High School, with a plan for plantings, a new octagonal bench, inspirational posters and a series of public announcements – Evan is asking for help financing the project – he need’s $350 to pull it off.

Geoff Hopper said he and his moron brother (his words) offered to fund the whole project!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Oct 11, 2014

Alena Calderon from the noon club introduced today’s speaker – Carol McBrady.

Carol created and operates “Image”, a program based in Zambia dedicated to caring for and educating homeless children living on the streets of Zambia.

Carol founded the group after visiting Zambia and seeing so many desperately poor and homeless children there. Carol appears to be anything but a shrinking violet – she decided that she was going to do something about the problem, so she just dug in on the principal that she would simply take it upon herself to help as many as she could. Helping at the street level, she started with one, and has worked up to currently having about 75 kids in her program.

Her goal is to care for them, provide the tools for them to be able to function in their society and to give them the ability to take care of themselves.

It seems that almost every dollar that goes into the program goes to work to provide the care that Carol set out to do – as she does it almost singlehandedly, often getting help from family, friends and former homeless kids.

 Carol applied to our group for help with funds for medical supplies – a check for which was presented at our meeting.

What an amazing story!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Oct 11, 2014



Initiation Chairman Geoff Hopper tried hard to come up with some dirt on new member Laura Dyberg – but, in an amazing moment of complete apoplexy, Geoff had nothing but nice comments. Laura was sworn in by Rudy as Geoff was without words.



Posted by Jerry Savage on Oct 02, 2014


Gloria Fernandez, Social worker at Mountain’s Community Hospital was today’s guest speaker honoring Homeless Awareness Month.

Gloria reported on the sad state of affairs here on our mountain as regards the homeless population. There is evidently a large population of homeless people on the mountain, and Gloria had worked to try to help as much as possible. One thing the hospital is able to work with is a “resource card” that are funded by agencies and groups in the community. They pass the cards out to people who have received medical treatment at the hospital, and need help for transportation and meals after discharge.

Gloria says that from her perspective, there are no solutions – only situations to our local homeless problem.

Resources are limited on the mountain, but many homeless like living here because of the nature of the community.

A few observations and thoughts:

  • Transportation is always a problem.
  • People have begun to tent camp across from the hospital.
  • Low income people come to the mountains because of the relatively low cost of rent here.
  • There are many homeless families with children.

Ways we can help: support the local agencies and churches that have programs to offer support for the homeless, like “Hearts and Lives” Church of the Woods and the Presbyterian Church.

Thanks, Gloria for all that you do!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Sep 25, 2014

ImageRudy was our program today, with a report on one of the events to expect during his tenure as District Governor for 2015-2016.

The event is the “World Peace” conference that will be held in Ontario in early 2016.

As someone said at the time, Rudy doesn’t do anything small – and this conference will prove that! The plan is to provide a setting for ways to bring peace to as many as possible through grass roots efforts by a uniquely qualified organization – Rotary International. The conference, a group effort bringing together many of the Rotary Districts in California will feature a cast of hundreds – with 80 breakout sessions regarding a large number of ways to help through conflict resolution.

We will be hearing lots more as we get closer to this event

Posted by Jerry Savage on Sep 17, 2014


Our second speaker was Mo Harrison from Rim Family Services.  Mo is involved with public awareness of the top 3 most abused drugs on our mountain; marijuana, alcohol and prescription drugs.  There is a real need to have a place to drop off drugs that are no longer needed.  The Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station offered to host a Prescription Take-back Program that would be open during office hours.  A MedReturn Drug Collection Unit needs to be purchased and bolted to the ground at the Station.  The Unit is $995.00.  Mo is asking for Rotary support.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Sep 17, 2014

ImageJohn Wurm representing the LACSD board spoke on water issues.  There is a possibility of a water bond in the November election for $8.75 billion.  This money would probably go to the north Delta area.  Our water usage was down 15% in July and 19% in August which attributed to a loss of revenue of $350,000.

Our occupancy is at 40% which also adds to a loss of revenue.  John stated the lake is down 1/2 foot from last year.  He went over some big and small options.  Most are pretty expensive.  One real possibility is IPR (recycling our water).  The golf course is already doing a very successful job.

There is also a need to replace/rebuild leaking pipes so we don't lose any water.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Sep 17, 2014



Fine Master - Ken's Korner

Newly designated fine master, Ken McKay spent the last several weeks looking at the picture on the first page of the Mountain News.  He decided everyone who participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge should be fined.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Sep 17, 2014



Pat Davis presented Brad Brier his Paul Harris X5 pin.  Congrats Brad!!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Sep 11, 2014

ImageToday’s program was presented by Nate and Michelle Calkins.

Nate and Michelle are the rookie Search and Rescue team members. They gave us a review of their program, and described their recent maneuvers and training program.

They took their oath in February of this year, after applying in 2013, and going through the training program. Michelle and Nate described some of the training exercises they do to keep current, and discussed a recent grid search they participated in in Joshua Tree.

The program has 17 full time people in it, and we are all thankful they are there!

Thanks to Michelle and Nate for their service.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Sep 11, 2014

ImageBon Voyage to our beloved Fine Master as Monica follows her heart to Idaho. A few parting gifts from the group:

  • Mr. Potato Head set
  • Potato Gun
  • A “Tater-Copter” (This one was fun, but it didn’t look like it would fly very well)
  • An envelope full of gasoline cards to help her find her way there or to help find her way back

WE will dearly miss Monica – and hope to see her again soon!

The whole group serenaded Monica a beautiful farewell song!

Posted by Jerry Savage

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