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Jan 21, 2015
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Oct 20, 2012
by Jerry Savage

Rotarians Provide Hospital With Vital Monitors

Michael P. Neufeld | Oct 19, 2012

Mountains Community Hospital’s Kathleen Walsh applies electrodes to Rotarian Rudy Westervelt during a demonstration of the new Propaq LT monitor purchased by a $25,000 grant from the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club. (Photo by Michael P. Neufeld)


May 10, 2012
by Jerry Savage

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.


May 17, 2012
by Jerry Savage

  RYLA 2012-Teamwork Game

Games  help the students learn how to become a better leader and work together as a team.

The 16 Rim students who attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) last month came home from the weekend hanged people.


Jun 17, 2012
by Jerry Savage

 Students’ Art Reaps Prizes  

Mountain News: Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 10:02 am 

The first art competition sponsored by the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club drew 35 entries from students at Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School, Rim High School and Mountain High School.


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Posted by Jerry Savage on Dec 12, 2014

ImagePresident John introduced Steve Tilden – the director of the Boys and Girls Club.

Steve has been involved for 5 years – and expressed excitement for the receipt of or check for support6 at the auction!The program has been around for 20 years, and regularly serves 300 participants at their 3 locations. With funding cuts, they have done very well with their thrift shop in Cedar Glen! Funding from grants has been cut by about 70%, and fortunately, they have been able to maintain services through the success of the store and private donations.

Thanks for all that you do, Steve!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Dec 12, 2014

Geoff managed to ferret out a few details about Scott Craft and Steve Hollstein:




Steve: A banker with 2 daughters – has been in the mountains forever. Famous for telling a Queen Tour Group that the Tower is actually an elevator to an underwater restaurant. Comment from Steve: “Honored to be a part of the group.” He may think better of that in the future










Scott: A teacher, coach and contractor, resident since 1976. Famous for single-handedly straightening out Morgan Hopper. “Happy to be indicted – I mean inducted”





With the usual fanfare and dim lights, both Steve and Scott accepted their respective oath to a round of applause!


Posted by Jerry Savage on Dec 12, 2014


Rudy reported on another amazing RYLA event – with a video of some of the happenings – along with testimony from the RYLArians:

 “Life Changing”, “Speakers were awesome”, “I suddenly realized that I am not alone in the world.”

A few more:” Loved making 10,000 meals in an hour!” “We actually dealt with mistakes” – AMAZING comments.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Dec 07, 2014








Posted by Jerry Savage on Dec 06, 2014

ImageThe Rim High Literature Club presented today – and what an impressive group of young people they are!

This semester, they are in the process of creating a mural depicting great authors and stories, with a hope of promoting a higher level of interest in reading.

Next semester, they will be setting up an elementary school reading and tutoring club! The idea is to promote a MUCH higher level of independent reading. They are seeking to inspire children to read more – to find ways to help kids want to read more outside of school hours and help them build the skills and knowledge for higher education.

They want to teach kids to get into books! To listen to their presentation, BELIEVE IT!!

They asked for a donation of $400 to help – UNANIMOUS AYE!!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Dec 06, 2014



Paul Harris Presentation

John called Mike Mueller and wife Margaret up, along with incoming foundation chair Denise Amante to present Mike with his Paul Harris Fellow pin! There was along, loud round of applause.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Nov 21, 2014

ImageToday’s program was presented by the Honorary Mayor of Crest Park, Penny Shubnell.

Penny works extensively with our large senior citizen population. Penny works with the Dial a Ride program, provides meals for seniors, and operates the Thrift Store in Top Town.

Penny reports that the program was most active during the economic turn-down, and has recently slowed up a bit. The Rebuilding Together group provides  a very important program for the people that Penny helps, and she offered us thanks for our support it.

Evidently, government funding for Penny’s nutrition program stopped in 2011 – and the mountain Rotary clubs were supportive enough to allow her to maintain the program which was very helpful for a large number of people.

Penny offers her thanks to our group!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Nov 12, 2014

ImageBrandi introduced us to Dr. Giovanie Annous, the new Principal at Rim High.

Dr. Annous seems to mark a major change in management style at Rim. A long time educator, Dr. Annous has recently worked very successfully in the Fontana School District – turning a very troubled school into a successful one.

His goal is to reinvigorate Rim by introduced something he sees missing – PRIDE. He sees pride in the necessary ingredient to helping the school become a success. To accomplish this, Dr. Annous has started a number of new programs including a total clean-up of the campus, installing tables for students to congregate at, new awards ceremonies and a visiting area for students – “Area 5200.”

He asked if our group might consider making a donation to help purchase an additional table for the students to sit at.

Dr. Annous took questions from the group about their bullying program, Cleanliness of the campus and the awards program – known as the “Scotts Legion.”


Dr. Annous seems full of energy and up to the task of making Rim a showplace!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Nov 12, 2014

ImageBrandi Elliott introduced Julie Perkins, Tennis Coach at Rim High School.

Julie introduced the tennis program at Rim – the program has been doing very well, with 27 boys and 35 girls on the team! The boys advanced to CIF last year, and the girls team is ranked number 2 in the CIF, and is advancing to the finals.

Julie introduced 2 of her stars, Lauren Walker and Kaylie Stehmeier – both members of the CIF team.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Nov 12, 2014



John called Bill & Carol Priest along with Secretary Barry Smart forward to the podium – to present Bill and Barry with their Paul Harris +1 pins! Carol installed the pons on Bill and Barry to a round of applause from the group.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Nov 07, 2014

ImageHarvey and Ginny Durand presented facts about coffee and tea for today’s program!

Harvey started with tea – the number 2 drink in the world (Water is number 1). Harvey noted that all tea, regardless of blend comes from the same bush, and was discovered in about 2700 BC.

A few facts:

  • A tea bush can grow up to 100 feet tall (Monks used monkeys to pick tea leaves!)
  • Women are the preferred pickers, as they have a more delicate touch.
  • One picker can pick 50,000 leaves a day.
  • As soon as a tea leaf is picked, it will begin to turn black from the activation of an enzyme. To make green tea, the fresh picked tea leaves are roasted to disable the enzyme.
  • The best tea is made in water at about the 170 degree level to avoid burning the leaves.
  • Iced Tea was invented by a tea vender on a hot day at the 1904 World’s Fair!
  • 80% of all tea consumed in the US is iced.

A Few coffee facts:

  • 2.25 billion cups are consumed daily
  • Coffee mostly comes from South America, although some come from Africa.
  • Arabica=GOOD,  Robusto=Not So Good
  • 100 pounds of coffee berries will yield 20 pounds of coffee beans.
  • Coffee contains a dangerous substance – that potentially causes cancer – and the Durand’s – they say by accident – discovered a process to remove the substance and retain the flavor of the coffee!

Thanks for all of the interesting info!!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Oct 31, 2014



Billy and Jimmy from Burtec presented a Bronze Sponsorship from their company!

Posted by Jerry Savage

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