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Oct 20, 2012
by Jerry Savage

Rotarians Provide Hospital With Vital Monitors

Michael P. Neufeld | Oct 19, 2012

Mountains Community Hospital’s Kathleen Walsh applies electrodes to Rotarian Rudy Westervelt during a demonstration of the new Propaq LT monitor purchased by a $25,000 grant from the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club. (Photo by Michael P. Neufeld)


May 10, 2012
by Jerry Savage

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

In honor of their 25th anniversary, members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club have made a donation of $25,000 to Mountains Community Hospital to be used to purchase new patient monitoring equipment.


May 17, 2012
by Jerry Savage

  RYLA 2012-Teamwork Game

Games  help the students learn how to become a better leader and work together as a team.

The 16 Rim students who attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) last month came home from the weekend hanged people.


Jun 17, 2012
by Jerry Savage

 Students’ Art Reaps Prizes  

Mountain News: Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 10:02 am 

The first art competition sponsored by the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club drew 35 entries from students at Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School, Rim High School and Mountain High School.


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Posted by Jerry Savage on Apr 18, 2014

ImageToday’s Rotary Moment was a very long moment with the RYLArians – who all came to the front, along with Rotarian sponsors for a review of the 2014 RYLA presentation.

This year there were enough attendees to have the program over two weekends, with more than 500 kids attending between the two sessions. It turns out that our program is the largest in the world! 

Rudy played a short video of the camp which featured Karyn along with a number of shots of RYLA activities. The RYLA kids were each asked to make a short speech about their experience at the camp.

A few things mentioned: Everyone mentioned the icebreaker sessions – and how it taught them how to come out of their shell. Also, every one enjoyed the amazing effort of packing THOUSANDS of meals for hungry people in the Philippines.

A few parents also offered comments regarding changes they have seen in their kids, highlighted by April Sinclair about granddaughter Morgan – “Morgan went to please her grandfather, but ended up not wanting to leave! What an amazing change!” 

The kids, Morgan Sterchak, Isabel Hernandez, Chris Stanley, Alex Richardson, Marcus Montoya-Casas, Baylee Wilhelmson, Julianne Center, Evan Kraskin and Abigail Korsen all expressed thanks to the group for the program!

Rotarians that helped: Debra Faucett, Pete Field, John Moore, Bill Priest Rudy and Karyn and LOTS more

Posted by Jerry Savage on Apr 18, 2014


Our new member, Kent Warner is, unfortunately, an attorney. AS SUCH, New Member Initiator Geoff Hopper spent most of the time praising Kent for his choice of profession. Usually, we get some dirt, but this time it seemed more like collaboration.

We all look forward to having Kent as a new member, and possible adversary to our current mouthpiece.


Posted by Jerry Savage on Apr 12, 2014



Bill Stanley did an impromptu comedy act on the 4-Way Speech Contest. He attempted to describe the 4-Way Test in comedy in comedic terms, and was doing a fine job until he got to the world’s worst joke:

“What do you call a living kamikaze pilot?”  Chicken Teriyaki.  PULEASE!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Apr 07, 2014








   DLG Deborah Faucett

         and Group


      For more pictures,  left column,

        Photo Albums,2014 RYLA

Posted by Jerry Savage on Apr 04, 2014




Our own Pat Davis presented the results of our annual Art Contest!  This year’s judges were Pat Davis, Dave Westcott and Darlene Kraft.

Pat reviewed the winner’s art - which was amazing! 

All of the art will hang in the Village Art Gallery for all to visit.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Apr 04, 2014




Today we had the opportunity to induct Norm Santos as a new member! Rudy and Karyn are sponsors of Norm, and while Rudy did his best to embarrass Norm, it turns out he made him look like he might be too good to join our group. We are fortunate that he decided to join anyway, even after being wooed by the Noon club. WELCOME NORM!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Mar 29, 2014




Debra Faucett explained the contest procedures – and theawards that will be made after the judging has been done. Debra asked all of the contestants to wait outside the room for their turn.

(Click on More Below)

Posted by Jerry Savage on Mar 21, 2014

ImagePolly Sauer of the Chamber of Commerce presented today.

First , Polly thanked Pat Brennan for all that he is doing for the rebuilding project – her father was in a wheelchair, and she recognized how important it is to be able to function in one.

What’s up in Lake Arrowhead? The Chamber has a new mission statement – to make the whole mountain a destination resort, not just Lake Arrowhead. There are lots of great attractions here, new businesses in Sky Forest – and there will be a “Spring Fling” in Sky Forest on May 25 this year. They will be trying to feature each community on the mountain with an activity over the next year. 

A few more points:

·         There is a new business showroom in the Chamber office – come and participate!

·         They are working on a new visitor’s center.

·         Their goal is to bring all of the incoming dollars back to the community in benefits.

·         They are actively recruiting more community members. 

Polly had a “proof-reading contest for a community membership – and of course our professional editor MJ Lanyon won in a walk!

Polly also held a drawing to give away an e-blast – which were won by Thacker, Mike Rose, Barb Petersen, Don Latka and Bob Moseby – which were all re-donated back to the club to promote our auction. 

Polly said they have a focus on the Non-Profits – we can work the visitor center as host to promote or causes if we wish, also. While we as a club only have one vote, everyone is welcome to  participate in chamber events and benefits!

Posted by Jerry Savage on Mar 08, 2014


Today’s program was offered by Jamie Zinn of Triple Edge Financial. 

As a tax prep professional, Jamie discussed a few of the ins and outs of IRS rules regarding foreclosures and short sales – which can present serious tax problems, as in the forgiven debt can be considered income. Between the two, Jamie favors the short sale a s the referred way to go if possible.

Jamie also had some cheery news regarding audits – that are apparently on the rise – When haven’t they been? Jamie reports that the IRS is running at up to a 6 month backlog on responses – and that they are able to help about 65% of telephone queries.  Always remember that you are responsible for every entry on your tax forms – even if your accountant prepares them. 

A few other areas of focus: Auto deductions, donations, interest and dividends. Make sure they all balance! And don’t shirk on your quarterly estimates – failure her can cause real problems. Jamie also reminded us that most government agencies talk to each other – so don’t be surprised if the IRS deducts an unpaid traffic ticket from your refund.

All in all, a very uplifting report!! 

Thanks, Jamie.

Posted by Jerry Savage on Mar 01, 2014


Barry Robinson reported on the Rotary Foundation for today’s program. 

The Million Meals program was a raging success – providing an amazing 1,170,000 meals!!! So far this year, they have been able to put together another 660,000, so the program is going very well.

Barry would like to find a way to provide more help to the Coachella Valley, and they are working on a way to make that happen. 

Operation Provider is doing well also, providing 100,000 meals through Second Harvest. As it turns out, Second Harvest needs help – and Barry is proposing yto do a food drive over the Easter holiday on Friday and Saturday at Jensen’s and maybe Goodwins. He suggested that we ask the Interact to help as they did so well on the program last time.

BRING PEANUT BUTTER to next week’s meeting! It’s a great source of protein, and Barry will take it to Second Harvest for distribution. 

ALSO, Polio Plus is still in need of funds to help – and there have been a number of cases that need our attention. If you are able, a special gift to Polio Plus would go a long way!

Thanks to Barry for his dedication!!
Posted by Jerry Savage on Mar 01, 2014


New member initiation: Darrell Lowe, after enjoying free breakfast for most of the new year, was thoroughly embarrassed by New Member Initiator Geoff Hopper. At first, it seemed that Darrell's background was in some altruistic pursuits, but it turns out he was a mortgage banker. Oh, well. Mortgage banker or not, we're delighted to have Darrell as a member - and start paying for breakfast. Welcome!!!


Posted by Jerry Savage

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