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Posted by Donna T. Caccia on Apr 17, 2014

MARCH 27, 2014


CHARITY BASKETS were passed by Judy Earle and Dan Scanlon, Sr.

Chris XXXXX Ed Ladecer welcomed a visiting Rotarian from London.

Guests: Sydney & Sierra Glade with Roberta Merkle, Ed Laducer, prospect John Meara, Francine Youth, John Miglsaccio.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Janis – Gourmet Gala.  Final amount $10,000 plus.  Thank you Rotarians.  Bob thanks Janis and crew.

Joe DesRoches – May Breakfast at Kent Hospital.  May 2nd 6:30 - 10:00.

Johnny Cakes – To $8 – Kent Employees will eat for $4 bucks.  Sign up for placemats $30 for your cards.  Volunteers please, crew!  Most ever money last year

Carol Ritarossi – RILA Rhode Island Leadership Academy – one applicant.

Steve Tilley – Tuesday, April 1st Saratoga Trivia Night.  Eat first for the elderly.  Teams are full!  Bring guests.

Rotary Minute – Bob Ridgeway – Rotary Foundation Mission advance world understanding of health, peace vision for a better world.  Grants for communities in need and donate today.


HAPPY BUCKS was hosted by Joe DesRoches and collecting was Tom Sweeney.

Bill P – Thanks Janis for the Gala.

Lara Pisaturo – Thanks to Gina Riamondo for coming.  India is polio free.

Frank Ferri – Thanks Janis. Treasure Cancun and the State House nonsense.

John Howell – Thanks for John Howell’s father’s passing.

Ron Bahar - $20.  $10 PDH Daughter graduates.  When he was in college in Maritoba, CAN lost girlfriend…Veter XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX sings in Lord of Rings.

Kenney QuanXXXX – Yeah Spring – Fulltime.

Carol Ritarossi – Travel to California China Town.  IS it fun?  Will there be food? Will we get hurt?  Get caught?

Dennis Sleister – Thanks to Ed L. Ward 5.  Push the council.


SPEAKER:  Gina Raimondo (D) for Governor

Penngron Reform.  Unemployment.  Government jobs.  Support business – Crossroads.

Board of Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Payday Lending.  Outlaw the practice.  Progress  - Partner alternative for loans.
Loan program up to $500 - 1 year to pay – interest rate low.

Financial Literacy manage money.  Financial coaching core outreach.

Proven problem solver – Rhode Island #1 unemployment.

Back to Work – unacceptable!  We deserve better.

Best schools, location, leader in jewelry manufacturing

Lost 50,000 jobs.  Get the state ready.

5 Part Jobs Plan:
1. One
a. Strategy to get manufacturing going again
b. Jobs are coming back to USA
c. Not old school – new high tech innovative
d. Health Science, link industry with college

2. Two: Work force development
a. Redesign CCRI – Engine for Skills
b. Reach out to industry.  Ask to help them
c. Sitting down with industry
d. Basic skills – Electric Boat
3. Tourism – We spend no money to attract people to come.
4. Infrastructure: We need help!  Build RI – 25% - 40% unemployment for the tradesmen and women.
a. One guy going to Texas for work.
b. Working with General Assembly to get orads & bridges fixed 20 million.
c. School buildings crumbling.
d. Mass school building program – people to work.
5. Support local businesses!  Round table “listen”
a. Same stories.  Regulations unbelievable!
b. No customer service.  Streamline
c. Vision Amazon – track your permit online
d. Hold people accountable
e. Owns restaurants.  Toughest state to work.  Health Dept – sinks – OK to move sinks.  Health Dept back move it again $15,000 to move sinks.  Ridiculous.

We know what needs to happen.  REFORM.

Who can get it done?
• Pension reforms
• Infrastructure


Track Record!

As Gov of RI

Q: DesRoches – Death taxes? Estate tax/.  Die in RI is too much.

Event in Florida – all in Florida.

Fed $5 million, RI $900,000

Tourism – Waterpark

Emergency XXXX in RI

Posted by David M. Campanella

Posted on Jul 15, 2008

"Life is short.  Don't waste it living someone else's life".
Posted by David M. Campanella

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