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Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jul 26, 2015

Minutes of the Monday, July 20 Meeting


OK, Time has gotten away from me this week so very abbreviated notes.


District Governor Shelia Rollins will be our guest speaker Monday, July 27. Please make every effort to attend!


Please mark you calendars for our Habitat Build day, Saturday morning, August 22. Reminders will follow.


Bob Davis has paid our Semi-annual Dues. We are in good standing in the Rotary World.


Prez. Bill led us in a discussion regarding possible fundraising. The intent is to increase the funds in our Operating Fund, allowing us to  periodically transfer funds to the Charitable Fund and support more local and worldwide causes. Two topice discussed.


  1. Increase he weekly “dues” from $2 by a small amount. Bill Gillespie with review our Club bylaws to determine if and how we can do it  before we conclude a discussion on the amount.
  2. Possible fall fundraiser in conjunction with a local restaurant. Frab Burgess to investigate and report back.


See you all tomorrow.



Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jul 19, 2015

Minutes of Monday, July 13


Newly installed Club President Bill Brilliant called the meeting to order sharply at 07:15 and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by an Invocation by Bob Beaumont. We then went slightly out of our normal sequence with a brief discussion of District Governor Shelia Rollins attending our meeting two weeks hence on Monday, July 27 and an upcoming Build Day for Habitat for Humanity before Prez. Bill demonstrated his authority by getting us back on track, calling on Club Sheriff Bill Gillespie for Happy  / Sad dollars.


Bill G had sad dollars himself as the St. Louis Cards had just lost two extra inning games. Joel Merry told of exchanging photos with a friend of last winters snow storms to remind him to appreciate the great weather we were presently experiencing. Bob Guerette also had happy dollars for the great weather and also for a vacation to his camp in The County next week. Bob Beaumont had happy dollars for family and friends assisting with yard work and preparations for visits from family. He also had a very big happy dollar for being able to attend a working rehearsal of The Music Man in MSMT’s rehearsal hall next to Hannaford’s on Elm Street in Brunswick. He is stoked to see the show this weekend. Cliff had happy dollars for all the great family summertime activities..


Under Announcements there was a brief discussion of District Governors visit on July 27 – and the drinking of bug juice – and Sheila’s goal of making Rotary activities and functions more affordable for more members. Bob Beaumont again passed around the Date / Time “preference” sheet for the  Club working “hands on” on the next Habitat house on Hope Lane in Brunswick. The morning shift on Saturday, August 22, 07:30 - noon, was the clear favorite. Please mark the date and time on your calendar. Bill B. also gave an update on our possible participation in a food bank type project. Bill has met with local coordinator Mary Turner. Mary said that there is a fairly new, small food bank serving the Bowdoin / Bowdoinham community (physically located on the waterfront in Bowdoinham) and they need additional volunteers. Mary thought our small club would likely be a good fit with their schedule and needs. Bill B will contact them and keep us informed.


Next weeks topic (Monday, July 20) will be on possible fundraising activities, expanding on the initial discussion of a few weeks ago. Please attend. All input needed.


Joel introduced our guest speaker, Craig Phillips, Executive Director of Tetford Housing. Craig gave a very informative talk on the origin and history of Tetford Housing and it’s evolving / expanding mission. Initially founded in 1987 by the Brunswick Area Interfaith Council as an emergency shelter for the homeless it is named after the individual who donated the first building used as a shelter on 10 Pleasant Street in Brunswick. The area of service and mission has expanded over time, presently serving much of the mid-coast from Freeport to Newcastle and west to  Auburn. The focus has gone from solely emergency shelter encompass counseling and medium range stays for the homeless, singles and families, while working with them to address and find solutions to the short and long term causes of the homelessness. This includes specific programs for children, including teenagers who might be on their own as well as the children of homeless adults. They work actively with the staff of all three local school districts and Craig was especially commendatory of the MSAD programs and School Based Health program at Mt Ararat High School. Craig stressed the Tedford Housing’s coordination and support from a wide range of faith based organizations, local businesses and the United Way. A very interesting, informative program.


See you Monday and plan on the following Monday, July 27 and District Governor Shelia Rollins visit.





Posted by Thomas Connelie on May 17, 2015

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Apr 04, 2015

Posted by Robert Beaumont on Mar 22, 2015

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Mar 14, 2015

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Mar 01, 2015

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jan 26, 2015

Posted by Robert Beaumont on Jan 12, 2015

NOTE - NO MEETING ON MONDAY, JANUARY 12 - Martin Luther King Day

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jan 05, 2015

Posted by Thomas Connelie on May 15, 2014

Dear Topsham Rotarians,

At our meeting on Monday, May 12, Special Guest Peter Lindsey Executive Director, Success by 6 of United Way of Mid Coast Maine announced to the Club that we would be recognized at the annual United Way Annual Meeting for our continuing support of Success by 6 through or annual fundraiser. The United Way Annual Meeting will be held Thursday, May 2 from 8 to 10 AM at Long Reach Hall, Maine Maritime Museum (same place as our fundraiser). Peter invited us all to attend. It would be great if we can have a large turnout.

Bob Davis forwarded the details on making reservations a few days ago but I am remiss in distributing them and  apologize for not allowing you more time. Reservations are due by tomorrow afternoon, Friday, May 16. The cost is $20.00. You can RSVP on line at, by email to or phone: 207-443-9752.

Again the meeting is next Thursday, May 22, 8- 10 AM. I hope to see you all there.


Posted by Robert Beaumont

Posted by Thomas Connelie on May 04, 2014

Hi Topsham Rotarians,


Just a reminder of our meeting tomorrow, May 7. Our guest speaker will be Judy Lloyd, manager of the Orion Performing Arts Center. Having been involved in it's construction I am very interested in hearing her speak. I hope you will all be there. Charlie Bridge, last weeks speaker on airline safety and the possible scenarios regarding the missing Malaysian Airlines flight was very interesting and informative.

I had suggested a short meeting to discuss possible Grant Proposal projects following tomorrows meeting but with Judy still out of town and guests tonight I will need to leave right at * am to fix breakfast. We will plan on next Monday, May 12.


Posted by Thomas Connelie on Apr 27, 2014

Fellow Topsham Rotarians,

 Just a remainder of our meeting tomorrow, Monday, April 28. Our speaker, Charlie Bridge, will be discussing Airline Safety. Given the recent spate of airline safety issues including the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight, the wheel well stowaway to Hawaii and the the passenger trying to break into the cockpit on another flight it should be a very interesting presentation. I hope to see you all there at 07:15.

Oh yes, and Fred is likely to give us an update on the Bruins playoff progress.


Posted by Robert Beaumont on Apr 13, 2014

Topsham Expresso Rotary Club

Monday, April 7, 2014


President Tom, with smiles galore, tapped the bell on this beautiful April Day and brought the group together for the pledge to the flag and an opening prayer by yours truly.  Smiling Tom no doubt was greatly influenced by another smiling presence, Charlie Ault, our program for the morning.  After introducing Charlie, Tom called on Bill Gillespie for happy/sad dollars.  As Bill dropped his buck into the pot he asked if everyone was aware that the anniversary date of the Topsham Expresso Rotary was coming up on April 19.  (Do you know what year we were incorporated?)  Tom Connelie threw in his Washing ton One to celebrate his newborn grandson in NYC.  His name: Duncan Boaz.  Bob Davis celebrated his CT roots by a proud dollar for the CT men’s and women’s basketball teams who were heading to the NCAA finals.  Doug Stone had a fabulous day, “best April skiing ever”, at Saddleback Mtn over the weekend.  Charlie Ault declared as he put in his dollar, “I am just HAPPY.”   Bill Brillant had a good weekend visiting family in NJ.  Joel Merry was happy that his mother was in good health.  Yours truly put in a CT Husky celebration dollar.  Ron McLaughlin declared, “Go UConn”.  Fred Burgess reminded us that the Bruins are ending the season as Number One Seed for the NHL.  New member Cliff Hodges was grateful for the good weather to start up the motorcycle and the chain saw.  He also participated in the Big Brother Big Sister Bowl A Thon.  Gordon Donley, the third member present with CT roots, put in a proud dollar for the state and for his 21 YO granddaughter who has been a good help for them recently. 


Tom reported that two members had attended the District Grant Seminar qualifying us for a grant application.   All grants are due on June 1.  We will discuss grant possibilities at our April 21 open meeting. 


Bob Davis introduced Charlie Ault, a guest, but no stranger to the Topsham club.  Bob said he knew no one who had more personal acquaintance with top brass in the Red Sox, Sea Dogs and Celtic’s teams.  Bob was grateful because the tickets and items he manages to get bring top dollar at our auction.   Charlie Ault was invited to come and share one of his passions, refereeing basketball.   Charlie began by complementing on the great connect he shared with us in supporting Success by Six of the United Way and Family Focus with our annual Music at the Museum.  He began by quoting one of Yogi Berra’s lines, “I am 100% dedicated to refereeing, 50% of the time.”  He stated there were a million kids in high school basketball across our country.  In ME there were 565 boys and 436 girls playing high school basketball for a number of years Charlie has been a basketball referee in Maine, each year committing to about 20 games a year.  He is passionate about the sport and committed to helping kids enjoy the sport.  Most of the time the referees get “the stare” from both teams for the questionable calls that make.  But once in awhile a team, like a team recently from Lisbon Falls, will actually come up to them and thank them for their service.  The monetary reward is minimal, around $50.  The emotional reward is what keeps him attached to the sport. 


Thanks Charlie, for your work you do in our community for us and for HS basketball.


Meeting on April 14:

Seth Levy on Estates and Wills


Scribe du jour,

Bob Beaumont

Posted by Thomas Connelie

President Tom gathered the faithful together when he tapped the bell at 7:15.  After a pledge to the flag and a heartfelt prayer by Ron McLaughlin we were off and running.  Sergeant at Arms, Bill Gillespie, was called on to solicit Happy/Sad Dollars from the group.  He couldn’t wait to cup his hands to his mouth and proclaim, “Play Ball” noting that it is only days away for major league baseball to begin.  President Tom Connelie couldn’t wait to share his views of college basketball noting that his alma mater, University of Dayton, is in the sweet sixteen.  He reminded us that little UDayton beat the mammoth Ohio SU and that in regular season schedule they were never able to play each other.  Oh the triumphs and travails of Bracket-ology. Tom also shared that he watched the ice skating exhibition at Bowdoin College over the weekend.  Bob Beaumont gave a happy dollar for President Tom whom he saw at the St Charles Community supper serving slaw.  Bob shared more dollars to honor St Charles one of the most community responsible faith groups he has ever seen.  Every Lent they raise money for MidCoast Hunger, Tedford, Oasis, Habitat, etc.  Bob Davis put in a dollar for seeing the Red Claws in action with Charlie AultBill Brillant put in a sad dollar noting that while happy that he has a new employee to orient today he is sad that he has to leave early.  Joel Merry laid down a dollar and proclaimed “I witnessed a miracle of nature.”  He shared how he watched the birthing of kids (goats – not children) at the Goranson Farm where his son works.  Fred Burgess put in a sad dollar noting the death of a neighbor Elaine Carlson who died of cancer.  Ron McLaughlin recently revisited the book “The Boys of Summer” a telling of the game of baseball.  Doug Stone announced with his dollar that he had a foal on the way at his farm in Brunswick.  Cliff Hodges shared that his brother from Detroit visited him this past week.  Gordon Donley couldn’t miss the opportunity to say, “This Old Goat…” then went on to say he saw Kerri Prescott Bickford recently.


President Tom informed us that District 7780 is having their assembly in Westbrook on April 12.  The District t Conference will be May 16-17.


Fred Burgess came to the front and asked new member Cliff Hodges to join him for his official induction into Rotary.  When finished Cliff was asked to share a few words.  He told us that he has always had a place in his heart to help people.  After college he went to Trujillo, Peru, to work with street kids helping them get back into school.  After dental school he volunteered for the National Health Service Corps.  Cliff wants to stay connected to the community to help those who need a hand.  Welcome Cliff.


Joel Merry led a discussion of the Marijuana Project of the week before.  He had met Mr. Boyer a few days later in Augusta and thanked him for coming to give his presentation of the support of legalizing marijuana.  Joel, and many others, agreed that it is difficult to put controls on marijuana and that it cannot be compared with alcohol.  Most agreed that no real research has been done to make a compelling case for against legalizing it.  The debate goes on.  There may be a vote in November.


Bob Beaumont,

Scribe du jour

Posted by Robert Beaumont on Mar 23, 2014

Topsham Expresso Rotary - With apologies to our scribes these are abbreviated minutes of the March 10 and 17 meetings


Notes of March 10 meeting


We were greeted on this brisk March day with the smiles of five fifth graders who had come for a presentation to the Topsham club.  With the tap of the bell and all rising the group turned to the USA flag and gave allegiance.  This was followed by a heartfelt prayer by Ron McLaughlin.  President Tom acknowledged Stacy Frizzle, who had organized the girl’s visit for this morning.  Stacy, a Brunswick Rotarian, introduced the girls as well as one parent and Stacy’s older daughter Daphne who will be going on the DC trip with Joel Merry in a few weeks.  Sgt at arms, Bill Gillispie, solicited Happy/Sad dollar.  Bill started off with announcing that in three weeks Major League Baseball will begin.  Tom Connelie acknowledged the girls and announced that his wife was the school RN where they attended.  Joel Merry smiled and threw in a happy dollar for lowering the average age of people in the room that day, noting that it is usually quite high.  Ron McLaughlin also acknowledged the girls.  New member Cliff Hodges announced that his family now owns a travel trailer for exploring  the beautiful sights along the Maine coast.   Fred Burgess gave a hope dollar for the improving Bruins as they come down the long stretch of the season.  Gordon Donley shared that his sister-in-law recently had her knee replaced and was recouping at their home in the Highlands with his daughter assisting as RN. 


Ron McLaughlin, President Elect, gave a report of the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) held in MA for district 7780.  Ron was pleased to announce that last year $172,000 was distributed for district projects.  Fred Burgess, also an attendee and an Assistant  District 7780 Governor shared that new lines will be drawn for the NE US and Canada that will affect our district.  Under the new arrangement all of ME will be in District 7780.


The girls visiting our Topsham Rotary today are from Woodside School in Topsham.  Sixty students, all from the fifth grade at the school, will be taking a trip to Boston to visit the Boston Science Museum.  Each of the girls gave a brief description of what they hoped to experience on the trip.  The cost of the trip is $5000 for the sixty children going.  They are raising money by speaking to groups and by putting on the Wicked Good Maine Suppah on March 28, to which all are invited.   President Tom called Stacy to the front to receive a check for $100 from the club toward the students adventure.


The students and guests departed and with some time remaining a discussion was held about moving our club ahead in the next year.  All felt very pleased and proud of the fine job we did with the Music at the Museum.  Members were encouraged to be thinking about recruiting new members.

Submitted: Bob Beaumont

Minutes of Monday, March 17:

Our guest speaker was David Boyer, Political Director for the Maine Marijuana Project. David gave a very interesting and cotroversal presentation advocating for the decriminalization of Marijuana. Providing some history of the growth of Marijuana as a recreational drug, some comparison with alcohol use and abuse, and efforts and progress nationally and in Maine to decriminalize it's use. Two States, Washington and Colorado have done so with implementation experience thus far only in Colorado, and that only a few months. The basic points David stressed is that Law enforcement efforts are expensive and unsuccessful and that the dangers are less that those of alcohol abuse. The decriminalization would free police budgets to fight real crime and recognize the public's acceptance of it as a social activity. 

Lots of good question and answer activity with some dispute of David's facts and conclusions. A very interesting provocative topic.

Submitted: Tom Connelie

Posted by Robert Beaumont on Mar 02, 2014

Topsham Expresso Rotary                           


Notes from Feb 24 meeting


Spring was on the minds of many as we gathered for our weekly meeting overlooking  the  Androcoggin River in Topsham.  Though we were nearly four weeks away from the March 21 the lingering cold and nagging dirty snow piles made Spring sound pretty sweet.  President Tom called the meeting to order with the tap on the bronze bell.  We were off and running.  Ron McLaughlin offered up a heart felt prayer after all stood pledging allegiance to the flag.  Bill “The Judge” Gillispie was summoned to solicit the Happy/Sad dollars, but alas only happy dollars flowed this day.  Bill began by reminding all that Baseball Spring Training is in full swing.  Joel Merry smiled as he said, “Things are looking up with the promise of Spring” as he dropped in a Washington one.  Bob Davis chimed in to celebrate that Spring is Coming.  Bob Beaumont spoke of walking the Brunswick bike path over the weekend.  Fred Burgess had thoughts of Canada on his mind having traveled to that country to the north of us in recent days.  Dill Paiste, a visitor, dropped in a happy dollar to say “Thanks” to the Topsham Rotary for their continued support of Family Focus.  Ron McLaughlin began his happy dollar declaring, “I have always liked the championing of the underdog.”  He recently watched “Miracle on Ice” about the 1980 defeat of the Russians in Olympic hockey by the underdog Americans.    Cliff Hodges smiled as he declared that this day was his birthday.  Janine Thompson, a guest, celebrated a wonderful weekend with grandkids.  She also announced they sold their home in July and have hopes of buying/building a small home that will be “off the grid”.  Gordon Donley, as usual, was happy to be present.


President Tom reminded members that April 3 was the Grant Seminar for District 7780.  We need two from the club to qualify for funding requests.    He also reported that more cribs need to be taken to Portland for transport to Haiti which he was planning to do.  Joel Merry reported that the  BBBS Bowl for Kid’s Sake was April 5.


Janine Thompson was asked to come to the front of the room.  President Tom thanked her for the job she did arranging and serving food at our Music at the Museum.  Tom presented her with a gift certificate to a local restaurant.  Tom also presented her with a check for $500 for Jr Achievement, a program she works closely with.


A word of thanks was given by the club to Dill Paiste for the work he and Family Focus did at the Auction.  Unfortunately Charlie Ault was unable to come today for us to thank him for his efforts.


Bob Davis gave a wrap up of auction.  Gross receipts came in at $18,874.  Expenses were about $2000 which leaves the rest to distribute.  A special thanks went to Bob Davis from the Club.  In return Bob Thanked all who helped make this a great success. 


Program for March 3:  Hideaway Farm of Topsham, with John Sczynecki, arranged by Ron McLaughlin.


Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jan 19, 2014

Dear Fellow Topsham Rotarian's,

As a follow up to Bob Davis discussion at last Monday's meeting our good friend, and Past Club President, Janine Thompson has sent me the sign up list for Hors D'oeuvres for our Music at the Museum Fundraiser on February 7. Here it is:

HORS D’OUEVRES                              VOLUNTEER                           VOLUNTEER


Sausage Bites


Janine Thompson





Janine Thompson



Crabmeat Dip








Veggies & Dip




Hard salami & cheese spread


Janine Thompson



Crabmeat puffs





Pepperoni Roll-ups


Janine Thompson



Chicken Alfredo


Janine Thompson







Pasta Salad





Potato Salad


Janine Thompson



Chips & Dip







We can have more than one person sign up for any particular item, hence the two spaces. Please email me ( with what you plan to bring and I will try to update the list for further discussion next Monday, 1/24. Janine plans to be at the meeting to answer any questions.


New Subject - I received my Sign up Sheet for the United Way / Success By 6 Community Read Aloud in the mail yesterday. Not sure if it goes to all Rotarian's or just past readers. This program of having adults visit local elementary schools, Pre-School and Day Care on one particular day to both read to the children but also discuss why reading is important in everyone's daily life fits very well with our particular Club's primary mission and is supported by all Rotary Clubs in the local area. Read Aloud Day is March 3, Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Total time commitment is about an hour and you schedule the exact time with the classroom teacher they pair you up with. You can request specific school and time if you wish. Sign up can be dome on line at : Very painless. I encourage all Rotarian's to sign up. If yu have questions please contact me of Peter Lindsay, Director of Success by 6 at 443-9752 /


See you next Monday



Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jan 11, 2014

Dear Fellow Topsham Rotarian's,

Traditionally our Club has allocated the first meeting of a new calendar year for the President to give his State of the Club message. Since we had to cancel last Monday's meeting due to weather that will be our program this Monday, January 13. This is a partial preview of the program. Two major thoughts.

We need to identify new Club Leadership NOW for the next Rotary Year starting July 1 and we need to address our falling membership.

In an ideal Rotary world we would have identified the Club President for the 2014-2015 starting July 1 last spring as Vice President but no one volunteered so we are now in a bind for an incoming President. The first official function the new President should attend is the District Governor's Mid-Year Leadership Dinner Monday evening, January 27 at the Fireside Inn in Portland followed by President Elect Training (PETS) in March. Since nearly all of our current members have served as Club President, either with our Club or another Club, it may be time for someone to serve a second, non-consecutive term. I am asking all of you to consider it. We need to discuss it on Monday.

We need to attract more active members, either former club members of our Club or past Rotarian's from other Clubs or brand new Rotarian's. While I enjoy being a Rotarian and serving as your Club President I know recruitment is not my strength. I am open too all suggestions and we need someone to take a leadership role in recruitment.

Related to these two topics Club Treasurer Bob Davis will give an update on Club Finances and we need to discuss programing when we have low membership.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.



Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jan 06, 2014

Just a reminder (and I should have done this Friday or Saturday) that we do not meet when SAD 75 cancels school or has a late start due to weather conditions, as was the case today. We did not meet today. Even the late start is an indication that road travel is likely hazardous. As those few who braved it today can testify the roads were slick as was the bank parking lot and brick sidewalk. Hope to see you all next Monday.


Posted by Bill Brillant on Dec 09, 2013

Topsham Expresso Rotary Club Notes of meeting December 9, 2013
Posted by Robert Beaumont on Dec 08, 2013

Posted by Robert Beaumont on Nov 24, 2013


The dark and cold of this November morning did not dim the spirits of the Topsham Expresso Rotarians gathered for this day.  Friendly chatter filled the room just before President Tom called us to order with the tap of the bronze bell.  We stood and offered the pledge of allegiance to the flag followed by a prayer from Bob Beaumont

                Sergeant at arms Bill Gillispie was handed the omnipresent chamber pot to collect the Happy Dollars for the morning.  Bill quietly strolled across the room with not touch of disappointment upon his face.  We all awaited what the defeated Cardinal fan would say to this room full of Red Sox revelers.  First, he said, “the best picture of the series was a shot of two small boys, sitting next to each other, one with a Red Sox flag, the other with a Cardinal flag, each waving it.”  Then as he handed the pot to Bob Davis, he said with great hope in his voice, “Pitchers and catchers report in 12 weeks.”  Bob Davis gave a happy dollar for the speaker of the day, David Swanson.  President Tom reported on his recent trip with his wife Judy to Europe with a cruise down the Rhine River.  His one word description, “Gorgeous.”  Bob Beaumont put in a one for the Brunswick Bed Race with over 500 onlookers.  Guest Charlie Ault dropped a George in and warmly told us it was for Emil Landau, the subject of our program and a man he knew.  Bill Brillant reported on a family trip to New Jersey.  “NJ was not pleasant but the family part was great.”  Ron McLaughlin reported on the photo Bill Gillispie referenced as an iconic shot of the 2013 World Series, where, did I mention, the Red Sox won.  New member Dr. Cliff Hodges dropped in a happy dollar for his mother who was coming to visit for the holidays.  Fred Burgess was the sad one of the day, dropping in a dollar for his sagging Bruins.  He also reported a fine professional trip to the Southwest.  Guest David Swanson asked to drop in a happy dollar for his recent visit with Commander Cassidy who just returned from three months in the space station orbiting the earth.

                Prez Tom reported that the five area clubs in Bath, Brunswick and Topsham are joining together to buy a Shelter Box for the recent victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.    He thanked those who assisted with the recent transport of cribs that are bound for Haiti.

                Program coordinator B ob Davis introduced David Swanson, our speaker.  David is a local author who spent two years visiting Emil Landau with the purpose of capturing his life story of survival from six years in Nazi concentration camps.  Emil landed in Maine for retirement (incidentally, it was later revealed that he had formerly been a neighbor of Gordon Donley when both lived in Connecticut). 

Emil’s entire family was sent to the German concentration camps.  The family was separated and he later learned that his father died in a camp.   Emil’s survival was aided by advice his father had given him earlier:  1.You have to make things happen, and 2. Family is the strongest bond in life.  He figured out the Nazi operandi in making a camp succeed - pick out the strongest members who could assist the Third Reich and kill those who cannot. 

When the war was over he was liberated and then came to the United States in 1946.  The bond between Emil and David grew solid to the extent that David committed to writing David’s memoirs and memories of his life. 

I have personally read “Emil Landau: Surviving the Third Reich” and have a copy if anyone is interested in borrowing it.

Bob Beaumont

Secretary du jour

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Nov 17, 2013

On Monday, November 18, our speaker will be local author David Swanson, discussing his recent book,

Emil Landau: Surviving the Third Reich

Should be a great program. I hope to see you all there.

Tom Connelie, Club President


Posted by Gordon Donley on Oct 29, 2013

The official fall season started Sept 22,2013. Some how we missed the message here in Maine. But today Oct 21, a month later, Mom nature said hey you in Maine,"Here I am, In full glory".  This day we beheld the full palette of color and sights. That said the Rotary troops entered and shared their weekend adventures. All this before meet start. AKA the pre-meet time.

On  and on time President Tom Connelie did rap the bell at 7:15AM. Pres Tom led in the pledge to flag God and Country with liberty  and justice for all. The most audacious Pastor Ron McLaughlin closed with a prayer calling for the light of Rotary to strike us and do the bidding of the Lords way.
This led to Bill Gillespie official call for sad and glad reveal with the entry fee of a buck or two. As he held title to the pot Bill G said. Would you ever believe it. The St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Sox meet once again for the World Series. As for the Cards its the 19th time to series meet. As for the Sox, good try. Bob Beaumont did the last game at Foxboro. Impressive said he. Also gave a $ for the Mid Coast Symphony. It was super good. Bill Brillant gave a $20 to the Rotary Foundation. Bill also known as GRUNCLE as he is an Uncle to a whole pile of Brillent kids, did share his Uncle duties. Joel Merry did a $ for the Red Sox. Sorry Joel but thanks for the $. Joel also gave praise and $ for the outstanding grand view of fall color morning mist and sunrise in West Bath. Joel enjoyed the view slowly and forced all behind him to break for the view of the year. Rev Ron McLaughlin gave praise to "October's Bright Blue Weather" penned by Helen Hunt Jackson. Yep Ron said we are having a swell fall. Fred Burgess gave a sad $ for the tragic train wreck that destroyed the entire town of Lac Megantic Quebec last summer. Fred also did a $ for the Red Sox. Same message. Sorry Fred, but thanks for the $.
David Wiggin was equally mesmerized with Maine's spectacle. David also did a Vinalhaven bike ride. Maine at its best.  Donley learned how to sell used cars from his son. It was a win/win and a $$ was potted. Tom Connelie did his $ in the family wrap up.
No speaker this day. Club business was presented and greatly discussed. At District 7780 DG Carolyn Johnson shared that today in "POLIO PLUS DAY". Give freely when the Polio can passes by. Also next month is Rotary Foundation Month. Lastly we are called on by DG Carolyn to step forward and give support to District 7790 where the tragic Lac Meganitic Quebec disaster occurred. This is where a seventy two cars of CRUDE OIL crashed and burned in the center of town. The entire town was destroyed. The train company/operator lost all and is now bankrupt. All Rotary Clubs were made aware of a greater need. The issue was discussed and all saw the need for Dist 7780 help. The motion was made by Bob Beaumont and seconded by Fred Burgess to sent $300 to Dist 7780 for Dist support to Lac Megantic Quebec. All voted affirmative. Good meeting. Rotary at its best.
---OIL- Waste not drop not---
Posted by Gordon Donley on Sep 06, 2013

It is mid August, and nothing more need be said. Everyone is much involved in home hearth and plans to visit far places. Time to see friends and acquaintances. That is code to say our turnout was light.
The Rotary protocols however were met and timely adhered to. Past President Bob Beaumont now fully mended did the bell thing at 7:15AM, led us in the pledge to Flag God Country. On que Fred Burgess from pre-script gave a well grounded prayer as to why we serve God and why we are called to Rotary and  how we meet the calling each in our own way. The happy and sad collection run by Bill Gillespie was short and sweet as it was just Bob Beaumont, Fred Burgess, Gordon Donley, Bill Gillespie, and Ron McLaughlin in attendance. Same stories, same jokes same collection. Only exception was guest speaker Karen Parker said she enjoyed the baseball talk. That started a new round of shared stories. Every one was pleased with the session.
Under announcements Bob Beaumont reminded us of the Dominican Cultural Festival and Benefit Concert. Time: Friday, Sept 20th. Place: SMCC South Portland Campus. Key note speaker: Moises Sifren Juan Administrator of Hospital El Buen Samaritano in La Romana. Tickets $20. This is an all day event. Full details visit
Fred Burgess gave an update no District doings and Grant information. Also we continue to work on a new member plan.
Bob Beaumont then introduced Karen Parker guest speaker for the day. Karen is Executive Director of the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program at 84A Union St Brunswick. The program has been in existence for 10 years. It started in the  trunk of Ron Otis's station wagon. Moved to St. Paul's Episcopal Church. And now at Union St. They run the Food Bank, the Food Pantry, and the Soup Kitchen. They serve 35,652  meals/year to 1,115 families. The local food markets: Hannaford, Shaw's, Target give large donations of food to MCHPP. A new venture is is the Back Pack Program. In concert with the local schools a food study was developed to help the most needy have a source food and meals on the weekends. On Fridays a 5 pound packet of food and snacks is slipped into the back packs of those kids in need. School attendance on Mondays is higher and child attention and involvement is greatly improved. At this time 270 kids are enrolled. It is a win win situation. The kids are fed. School attendance is up and MCHPP has achieved another goal. Karen gave a good intro to MCHPP. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.
Bob Beaumont presented Karen a $250 check from Topsham Rotary. It was all well done.
---Lets eat---
Posted by Thomas Connelie on Sep 06, 2013

Here we are. The end of August. Next week (September 2) is no meet. Labor day holiday. Hey where did the summer go?. It will be Sept 9, 2013 before we meet again. Be sure to study up. Pres Tom will surely have an impromptu test. Just kidding I hope. We were 6 members strong this day. That beats the Aug 19 meet by 0ne [1].
Back in full command, President Tom Connelie, one who runs a strict ship, rang the bell at 7:15AM sharp and led us in the pledge of allegiance to our flag to our Country to our Republic our one Nation under God. And as the Germans would say "durch Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit fur alle".  Ron McLaughlin rose in his pastoral way and gave from the heart a prayer that beseeched the Lord to save all lost souls standing before him that day. That included we Rotarians too.
Visiting Rotarian this day was Jennifer Chesley of the Brunswick Coastal Rotary Club.
Bill Gillespie did the pleasure and pain collection. It went like this. Bill Gillespie -- the Braves. Tom Connelie -- baseball. Bob Davis -- baseball. Ron McLaughlin -- Vacation. It was great. Joel Merry -- Good to see Ron back from vacation. Donley -- something stupid but he meant well.
President Tom read a letter of thanks for the donation we gave to Mid Coast Hunger Prevention. This days speaker was to be Alex Petroff of Working Villages but has now been pushed back to a later date. Stay tuned. Pres Tom announced the Topsham Library will have "Book Move" on Sept 21st. Saturday in the AM. Meet time to be announced.
Jennifer Chesley reminded us of the Brunswick Coastal "Fall Feast and Feed". Sept 14, 2013 at 6:00PM. Event to be at CRAM Alumni House, 83 Federal St Brunswick.
No speaker. The club discussed fund raisers. 1. Auctions.--- 2. Flower sales.
---Der Scriber Kraut---
Posted by Gordon Donley on Aug 14, 2013

It was a day to remember not. It was however summer on the Androscoggin. The sun was bright, the sky was blue and white water was thundering over the dam from rains upstate. Impressive.  The event let the mortals know who was in charge. Mess with Mother Nature not. In the comfort of the Rotary room all was calm and orderly. We were ready for a swell meeting. Here with are the observations of scribbler wanna be for the day.

 The magic moment of 7:15 AM was announced by President Tom Connelie when he did the melodic clang of the bell. All staggered to vertical and the pledge was from memory given in unison by all in attendance. Pleased with the pace of things, Tom called on Bob Beaumont for spiritual  alignment. Bob said I am not scheduled to offer same. The pleading look in Toms eyes melted the inner core and Bob gave a most comforting yet demanding prayer and reminded us that we must have VISION. It was well received. Still pleased with the pace of the meeting Tom called on Bill Gillespie to do the At Arms gig. Bill started by offering sad $ for the Cards who lost two in a row. Tom Connelie was most pleased with his children and grand children visiting from the west coast. There are a bunch of them and they are all very tall. 6ft 7in to 6ft 1in the shortest. The granddaughter is the 6-1 kid. It is easy to see why Tom looks up to his family. Bob Beaumont shared the "Chamberlain Day" events in town. Bob and bride Lennie walked from his estate in the blueberry field to down town Brunswick. No raptors that day. It was  a day of loud guns booming all over the place. The opening salvo nearly knocked Bob and Lennie back to the farm. Bob  ended up at the First Parish Church and met a relative of Lord Chamberlain complete with uniform. Naturally he was in the original Lord Chamberlain pew. Boxed gate and all. His name of course was "Chamberlain". Bob Davis kicked in $$ saying "can't top that one. Joel Merry with a big smile gave $35 for his 35th Anniversary. Nice. Fred Burgess did a BBQ at his place complete with beans and Bratwurst and toping off with blueberry crisp. Fred said it was a winner. Ron Kozlowski and Donley said something, but the scribe was still back at Freds BBQ. Tom then introduced Bill Fitzsimmons our mystery guest. Bill is a sport supporter at Mt Ararat High School. Bill is so involved he set up and runs a web site for Mt Ararat sports    . Just enter in WEBMASTER@MTASPORTS.COM. You can also reach Bill at 725-8821.

Bill invited all Topsham Rotarians to come to a "Meet and Greet" Bar-B-Que with the Mt. Ararat High School football players as they begin practice for the upcoming season. It will be at the High School Football field at 6:30 PM on Monday, August 19. Cost is $5.00.

Under Announcements Tom mentioned the Brunswick Coastal Clubs Fall Desert Feast to raise money for MidCoast Hunger Prevention. It will be Saturday, September 14 at Cram Alumni House at 83 Federal Street, Brunswick. Tom was not certain of the time. Tom also remained all of the Hola Republica Dominicana! event to be hosted by the Portland and South Portland Sunrise Clubs at the Portland SMCC Campus on Friday, September 20 that Bob Beaumont had talked up last week. Great music and food and should be a lot of fun.

Tom also mentioned an Email that he had received asking for the Club to support a bid by the Rotary Clubs on the African continent to host the Worldwide RI convention in 2019. It would be the first one ever held on that Continent. After some favorable discussion the Club authorized Tom to respond affirmatively. No funds involved.

The days program was presented by Bob Beaumont, who with the help of Joel Merry and Tom Connelie created a flyer to hand out when meeting with potential/future members of Topsham Expresso Rotary. A quick review revealed how the flyer could be expanded and refined. A tweak or two will do. Fred B shared his personal method of recruiting members.
Lastly Tom announced the guest speaker for next week [Aug 19] will be Karen Parker of MidCoast Hunger Prevention. Next on Aug 26, 2013, we will have Alex Petroff of WORKING VILLAGES. This is a big deal for the club as we have supported Alex from the very beginning. Alex is a very special friend of Topsham Rotary. Mark your calendar.
---Lord of the Chamber---
Posted by Robert Beaumont on Aug 08, 2013

Hale and hearty were the Rotarians as we gathered on the banks of the Androscoggin for our weekly meeting.  President Tom Connelie, this his 6th meeting since assuming the presidential mantle, looked and sounded the part.  After the pledge to the flag he called on Bob Beaumont to offer the invocation.  We were quickly on to happy dollars with Bill Gillispie presiding.  Bill plopped a dollar in and stated with a smile on his face, “It’s Monday and I can work eight hours.”  On to Prez Tom he presented his proud dollar for witnessing his daughter in law’s completion of an Iron Woman Triathalon in Lake Placid.  Bob Beaumont put in a happy dollar for the first Jack and Jill shower given for his son and fiancé engagement.  Bob Davis gave a proud Rotarian dollar for Joel Merry.  Bob recently met with Tom and Willo Wright with Seeds of Independence located at the base in Brunswick.  Tom and Willo said that Joel was the “sheriff everybody loves.”  “Newfoundland” was the destination declared by Fred Burgess that he and Irene traveled to by motorcycle.  I think that is an endurance dollar.  Bill Brillant gave a sad dollar for the next two weeks he will be absent.  He will be attending two weddings for two nephews in that time.   After listening to the happy dollar chatter Gordon Donley stated, “I must live a sheltered life.”

            President Tom  gave an announcement from a Rotary club in Egypt who was doing a cycling trip.  He asked, “anyone interested in attending”  My the activities of Rotarians around the world.  Tom shared that District 7780 will be holding a membership meeting on October 4 for clubs interested in growing their numbers.  Tom reminded us that on September 14 there will be a District 7780 service project at  Camp Sunshine.  Bob Beaumont reminded the membership of a Dominican Festival at USM on Sept 20 what will include the band Revelation Maranatha from LaRomana, DR.

            This was a club meeting on this day.  We talked about Alex Petroff’s Working Village project in Africa.  Alex will be our speaker on August 26.  He has been a yearly tradition having this remarkable local young man speak of his vision and work in rural Africa.  We will present him with a check fo $250 from our club.  Bob Davis, Bob Beaumont and Alex will meet to talk about the possibility of getting the Rotary Foundation  support of his project.  This means having support from a Rotary club in the area where he is serving.  Since there is no club around it will mean forming one.  We shall explore this possibility.

            Next meeting we will talk about recruiting membership.  A new flier has been created by Joel Merry, Fred Burgess and Bob Beaumont to encourage expanding the good will of our club.  We all agree that, despite the small size of our club, we have a great group of active members who do great things for our community.

Bob Beaumont, scribe du jour

Posted by Gordon Donley on Aug 08, 2013

The extreme heat is gone. We are in full summer mode. It is as pleasant a summer day as it gets in Maine. Seems the membership thought so too. Six stalwarts settled in to be Rorarized. It was a good day to meet and greet, and start the week off in style. Everyone is planned out for the week, in fact for the next 30 days no doubt. Time is wasting here with this babble. On to 7:15 AM.
A firm hand struck the bell and we were off. A glance up found our bell ringer was immediate past President Bob Beaumont, covering for Tom Connelie who is still on kitchen duty. Got to do the donuts. The pledge was given and we went to Bill Brillant for prayer and solitude. With nary a pause we went to Bill Gillespie [da judge] who did the pleasure and pain collection. Bill gave a happy as he shared a meal with founding member and first Topsham Expresso Rotary Secretary Alice Andrenyak. Turns out Alice returned from Dingle Ireland and presented to us a flag from the Dingle Rotary club. Bob Beaumont accepted the flag with honor and thanked Bill for delivering same. It was a touch of class. Thank you Alice. Bob Beaumont threw in some $$ and shared his magic kingdom of his Gods little acre in Brunswick. first off Bob and bride Lennie Burke live in a large blue berry field on quiet side road. Turns out Bobs little paradise is a clone of the original Animal Farm. Out the back window Bob and Lennie watch Bambi and her two little fawns. She often parks the twins under a tall evergreen with branches sweeping to the ground. A natural tent with full protection. Bambi is then off to munch the berries. The berries of course draw the mice and rats. The rats and mice draw in the fox for their favorite dinner. A den of the little critters also live on the farm. Enter next the birds of pray. Crows. They eat everything on the farm. The king bird of pray are the raptors. The raptors snatch lunch by ground attack as well as on the wing . All creatures big and small are game for the raptors. Lunch time on the Beaumont farm must be a thing to behold. Got a shotgun Bob? Next Bob Davis was happy with our Maine summer. Bill Brillant became tour leader for family and friends. Bill did the Harpswell islands tour complete with a stop at Lands end on Bailey Island. They also took some of the local ferry boat rides. Nothing is better. Joel Merry visited Maine lakes in the north with family and friends. Also small home projects keep Joel young and active. Donley mumbled something about homes of daughter in Woolwich  and son in Harpswell.
Our guest speaker for the day was Bill Brillant who was about to give the best presentation of his life. That ended when an unanimous executive decision was made to reschedule Bills talk to later in the season when we will have a Rotary gathering in size to do proper respect to Bob and his program.
The meeting was then opened to a general open session. All issues were up for discussion . Items reviewed were [1] La Ramana Hospital [2] Joel shared District doings. [3] Day of our Rotary meeting other than Mondays. [4] Rotary funds used for local giving VS Rotary International giving. [5] Working Village and Alex Petroff. [6] Success by Six. [6] Other miscellaneous items.

Vulture Vic
Posted by Gordon Donley on Aug 08, 2013

The extreme heat is gone. We are in full summer mode. It is as pleasant a summer day as it gets in Maine. Seems the membership thought so too. Six stalwarts settled in to be Rorarized. It was a good day to meet and greet, and start the week off in style. Everyone is planned out for the week, in fact for the next 30 days no doubt. Time is wasting here with this babble. On to 7:15 AM.
A firm hand struck the bell and we were off. A glance up found our bell ringer was immediate past President Bob Beaumont, covering for Tom Connelie who is still on kitchen duty. Got to do the donuts. The pledge was given and we went to Bill Brillant for prayer and solitude. With nary a pause we went to Bill Gillespie [da judge] who did the pleasure and pain collection. Bill gave a happy as he shared a meal with founding member and first Topsham Expresso Rotary Secretary Alice Andrenyak. Turns out Alice returned from Dingle Ireland and presented to us a flag from the Dingle Rotary club. Bob Beaumont accepted the flag with honor and thanked Bill for delivering same. It was a touch of class. Thank you Alice. Bob Beaumont threw in some $$ and shared his magic kingdom of his Gods little acre in Brunswick. first off Bob and bride Lennie Burke live in a large blue berry field on quiet side road. Turns out Bobs little paradise is a clone of the original Animal Farm. Out the back window Bob and Lennie watch Bambi and her two little fawns. She often parks the twins under a tall evergreen with branches sweeping to the ground. A natural tent with full protection. Bambi is then off to munch the berries. The berries of course draw the mice and rats. The rats and mice draw in the fox for their favorite dinner. A den of the little critters also live on the farm. Enter next the birds of pray. Crows. They eat everything on the farm. The king bird of pray are the raptors. The raptors snatch lunch by ground attack as well as on the wing . All creatures big and small are game for the raptors. Lunch time on the Beaumont farm must be a thing to behold. Got a shotgun Bob? Next Bob Davis was happy with our Maine summer. Bill Brillant became tour leader for family and friends. Bill did the Harpswell islands tour complete with a stop at Lands end on Bailey Island. They also took some of the local ferry boat rides. Nothing is better. Joel Merry visited Maine lakes in the north with family and friends. Also small home projects keep Joel young and active. Donley mumbled something about homes of daughter in Woolwich  and son in Harpswell.
Our guest speaker for the day was Bill Brillant who was about to give the best presentation of his life. That ended when an unanimous executive decision was made to reschedule Bills talk to later in the season when we will have a Rotary gathering in size to do proper respect to Bob and his program.
The meeting was then opened to a general open session. All issues were up for discussion . Items reviewed were [1] La Ramana Hospital [2] Joel shared District doings. [3] Day of our Rotary meeting other than Mondays. [4] Rotary funds used for local giving VS Rotary International giving. [5] Working Village and Alex Petroff. [6] Success by Six. [6] Other miscellaneous items.

Vulture Vic
Posted by Bill Brillant

Posted by Bill Brillant

Posted by Bill Brillant on Jul 01, 2013

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jul 07, 2013

The big rains of June have given way to the big humidity of July. Likewise the change over of Presidential chairs at Topsham Rotary have commenced. Sit back and enjoy the event. It was a relaxed gang of regulars who made it to the July 1, 2013 Rotary meet. This day is also known as Canada Day. Sez so on this scribes calendar. The punctual one, President Tom Connelie struck the bell at 7:15 AM sharp and passed to Donley who lead the pledge to Flag, God, and Country. Ron McLaughlin blessed all we Rotarians and all creatures big and small. Talking of big creatures, did you notice the arms on Ron M.? They are big as oak trees. He must be working out some place. He could work as a bouncer any place he wants. Must be all that swimming.We were delighted to have visiting Rotarian Lennie Burke, Brunswick Rotary, wife of Bob Beaumont. She was there no doubt to see that hubby Bob released the reins of power with grace and dignity. Bob said grace and dignity are very important to her. Bless you Bob. We all should have such a powerful and caring sole mate and spouse.

On que  Bill Gillespie rose to do the pain and pleasure collection for the day . Out of the blocks Bill Gillespie gave $$ for Bruins who snatched defeat from certain victory in 15 seconds. Oh the pain of it. Tom Connelie had his 6 and 8 year-old grand children visiting. The 8 year-old is a one wheeler unicyclist who performed at Woodside school. She capped off with a 1/2 mile pleasure tour through town. Tom was some proud. Bob Davis  was thankful for the SUN. Time to tan up Bob. Joel Merry gave $$ and shared his annual mentor trip with local 8th graders to Washington DC. Joel also reminded us to watch the " Maine 17 "and their deployment during the Civil War. This scribe watched said documentary. One could say the entire Maine force was thrown into the breach to buy time as a sacrifice to the union. They were wiped out. Destroyed. Where where the backup support regiments. Somehow Maine is always being sacrificed for the good of the nation. Bob Beaumont gave $$ and said he has much faith in Tom Connelie has he starts his year as President of the Topsham Expresso Rotary Club. Ron McLaughlin enjoyed recent Boxing on TV. Yep as mentioned, Ron has arms big as oak trees. A new career Bob?. Lennie Burke also likes boxing. She then gave praise to hubby Bob Beaumont on his year as outgoing President of Topsham Rotary.
Tom Connelie reminded us of the Sunrise Club and the need for volunteers.  Also Bob Davis is seeking speakers.

Tom Connelie then rose and shared his vision for his year as Rotary President. He started with some background info, Civil Engineer, 21 years as a Commissioned Officer in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, primarily construction contract administration and some public works followed by 11 years in Southern California first with Public School Districts and then County of Orange. Again with construction related responsibilities as a major responsibility. He and Judy moved to Topsham in 1997 specifically to own and operate a bed and breakfast. After completing renovation of their first property at 6 Pleasant Street Judy found work for him with SAD 75, first managing the construction of Mt. Ararat Middle School and then Bowdoin Central School. He still does some construction management on a part time basis and likely will be starting a new project with local Architect Jay Herrick later this summer. He and Judy relocated the B & B to it's present location at 57 Elm Street in 2005 and business has been very good and may occasionally require his absence from meetings to help serve breakfast when guests request eating prior to 8 AM.

Tom intends to continue to emphasize literacy and early childhood education as primary goals. This includes continuing donating children's books to the Topsham Library in lieu of gifts to speakers, striving for 100% participation at Read-a-loud in March, assisting the Library with the book sale. etc. He discussed a bit about how the Rotary Foundation works and explained how donations to Polio Plus actually reduces the amount of funds available for District Grants. He will meet with Ron K on this as well. He would like to continue the program Bob Beaumont started last year of encouraging donations to the Foundation, even small ones, on birthdays and anniversaries, to achieve the RI goal of Every Rotarian Every Year donating to the Foundation. Bob Davis and Gordon Donley work together to capture and record these donations on the RI website.

Following up on the Visioning Goal Tom would like to have a Club Family Barbecue this summer and offered to host it at his house and grounds with Kayaks and Canoe available if anyone wants to go out on the river. After discussion it seemed most members present thought a Monday evening might work out well. Tom will look for dates. July 29th was discussed but turns out Tom has a conflict that date. More to follow.

The program on Monday, July 8 includes presentation of the checks to Success by Six and Family Focus from out major fundraiser.

 See you there.

---Abraham Lincoln---
Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jun 29, 2013

We are in the season of big rains. The Monday opener, however, was dry. It is also, the first Monday of summer. A good day to enjoy it all. The regulars soon settled in with a babble of weekend adventures. Also guests arrived. John Chapman, Brunswick Rotarian, guest of Bob Beaumont was with us. Then appeared Rotary Club President Bob Beaumont himself. Except for a small limp Pres Bob was in remarkable condition for a bike crash survivor complete with hip fracture. Next came Bob and Stella Patten our Topsham honor team from the Portland Club. Just as the room filled the clock struck 7:15, and Tom Connelie President next struck the bell and lead the pledge to God , flag, and Country. Our newly mended Bob Beaumont gave a prayer to all in need and about service above self. Not a single cause of need was omitted.

Pres next, Tom C., passed the buck to the collector of bucks, Bill Gillespie. Bill G threw in the first coin for the return and recovery of Bob Beaumont. Bob Patten sent Bob B. a nice get well card complete with a BIKER STAMP on the envelope. Its the little things that mean so much. Nice touch Bob. Stella gave too. Bob Davis gave big $ for the unstoppable BRUINS.  Oh the pain of it. From victory to defeat in 15 SECONDS. Bill Brillant complete with bandaged hand shared his weekend warrior events. David Wiggin shared his weekend. Bob Beaumont did a dollar per year to the Rotary Foundation for his birthday then admitted to only 39 - though many believe he may be past 39. Where is Jack Benny when you need him? . Ron McLaughlin was pleased as always. Ron Kozlowski hob*knobbed with our outgoing District Governor Marty Helman from BoothBay Harbor. Fred Burgess shared a passing friend and the Bruins. Doug Stone said he has us back on the calendar.

Tom Connelie then read a letter of thanks from Marty Helman. She thanked all the district clubs for our many good deeds and service above self. Bob Beaumont took a minute to thank Tom Connelie for closing out his presidential year. He gave honor to our new Club Secretary Bill Brillant and to Doug Stone. Bob also acknowledged Tom's efforts preparing our Club's recent Grant Application.

Tom Connelie reminded us of the Sunrise Club BBQ to be held at Bath City Park on July 3, 2013, 5 to 7 PM. They need help. More details to follow. Tom also reminded us that our 6 month 1/2 year dues are now DUE. See Donley.

Bob Patten made the introduction of Doug Fair, guest speaker for the day.

Doug Fair has been a musician for over 50 years, playing trumpet in orchestral, theater and dance band settings.  A graduate of the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, he has played with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, and several community and professional orchestras prior to his association with the Midcoast.  Doug has been an Arts Administrator in educational settings including the famed Interlochen Arts Academy as well as community music schools in Wilmington, DE and Minneapolis.  He came to Maine to be the Development Director of the Portland Symphony. Doug’s association with the Midcoast Symphony has been a diverse and rewarding one, including seven years as Principal Trumpet, Treasurer of the Board, and now Development Director.  He is very enthusiastic about the community’s response to the 25th Anniversary Campaign to raise $250,000, wishing his colleagues in the orchestra could hear the wonderful regard the donors and audience members have for the orchestra.  He lives in Yarmouth, and besides his fund raising and performing activities, enjoys sales work at LL Bean. Doug has been active in Rotary since 1987, in the clubs in Wilmington, DE as well as Portland and Freeport Maine.

Doug spoke to us about the MIDCOAST SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. The MIDCOAST SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA is a group of professional musicians based in Brunswick (with concerts primarilly at the Orion Performing Arts Center in Topsham, who have for the last 23 years staged concerts for the public in the Midcoast area towns and schools. The MSO has grown from a 20 member chamber music group to a 75 member full scale symphonic orchestra. All are professionally trained musicians. The Orchestra also invites guest musicians from Portland, Boston, New York, Those who play are also doctors, lawyers, engineers, college professors, and other professions. In addition the orchestra invites local school kids to play along with the full symphony. The kids are given music to learn and to perform during the concert. It is a tough assignment and the kids are expected to perform as never before. They always come through.  Doug Fair a professional Trumpeter who heads up the fund raising efforts for the Orchestra. The annual budget runs 30 to 40 thousand a year. Doug is now (bad pun) orchestrating a $250,000 fund raiser for the MSO. Doug has always exceeded his funding goals. At $250 K, Doug must be very good indeed. On closing Doug gave us a personal trumpet rendition. It very skilled and most professional. Thank you Doug. It was a delight to hear you play

Posted by Carol Purinton on Jun 17, 2013

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood as we got ready to start our morning meeting:


Bill Brilliant is the new secretary and dues are due for June to December.  Please get them in as soon as you can.  Special guest Kim Benjamin for Junior Achievement and Former Club member (and Club President) Janine Thompson and Tom Wright and C.J. Dirigo from Seeds of Independence.


Happy Dollars:


Tom C was happy for the nice weather for Father’s Day.  In addition he gave $15.00 to the foundation.  This is his 15th year running the B & B!  Congrats!  Bob D happy for the good weekend and good Father’s Day.  Bill B happy about the nice weather too!  He worked with his father moving this past weekend in cleaning a room, and laying down new flooring.  Fred Happy for the Bruins win!  Joel happy for his good father’s day weekend and his mother is up visiting.  Steve’s daughter had her first birthday and he enjoyed father’s Day.  Janine was happy as she will have a new granddaughter soon.  Gordon just happy for everyday things!  Carol Happy for the bear visit they had for father’s day.  Her daughter’s boyfriend is a wildlife biologists and he traps bears for the state.  For Father’s day he had them go out trapping with him.  They trapped 4 bears that weekend!  Very fun time had by all.  Bill G hoped that our Prez Bob would be feeling better soon.  He is recovering from Hip surgery. 


Bob Davis gave a check for $500.00 to Junior Achievement Executive Director Kim Benjamin to thank them for their support and help at the recent auction event.  He also gave a $100 Gift Certificate to LL Bean to than Janine for all her hard work in supporting the auction and working the food in the kitchen even though no longer active in our Club!  Thanks to them both!  We appreciate their help in making this such a successful event.  We raised over $17,000 this year.  Our best year ever!  


Tom covered some new RI wide By law changes:  Some of the changes in the by laws is that Bill B as Club Secretary will be now be an officer of the club.  There are several other changes that Tom is currently reviewing.  The by laws are changed every 8 years. 


Tom Wright was the guest speaker for the morning.  He started The Youth Corp and the Seeds of Independence.  He has been involved for `17 years in supporting these programs.  It started with Jump Start as a program for juvenile youths to give them an alternative to jail.   It was an 8 week course.  It is a decision making program to get them to understand the impact of the action that got them in trouble with the police and how to make good decisions.  The program required 20 hours community service, an apology to the injured party and completion of the program.  If they did all this they would end of with a clean record regarding the infraction they may have had.  His wife Willow was the Executive Director for awhile.  


He started Seeds of Independence and secured funding for it.  He has supported several mentoring programs; this one has junior and seniors mentoring kids coming into high school.  They help with the transition and are a friend to them.  They are identified by the teachers as students who need assistance.  This program also does various trips for the kids; they just did a boat trip with kids that had never been on the water.  About 20 kids participated.  25% of kids in our service area (essentially the service area of the West Bath Courthouse) don’t graduate from HS.  A startling statistic.  They lose about 600 kids a year from the Bath, Brunswick, MTA and Freeport high schools that don’t make it to graduation.   They have noticed that the growing economic divide is impacting kids with a larger percentage of kids from economically disadvantaged homes both dropping out of school and getting into trouble with the law. The basis of the program is to offer opportunities to these kids.  This can and does make a difference to them.  He works with about 350 kids in his programs.  They work closely with the judicial system.  Because of state budget cuts it has caused them financial struggles. 


He bought a building to house all of the programs.  They plan to move in late summer.  Its 10,000 square feet.  The building will be at the Brunswick Landing and will house all of their programs under one roof.  He sees a lot of synergies by doing this.  He encourages other mentoring or youth programs to be in the same building with them.  They work closely with local law enforcements agencies.  The Wild Oats Bakery is a heavy supporter of their programs frequently offering internship positions.  They will open a satellite bakery on Brunswick Landing next door in the new Seeds of Independence building.  Seeds of Independence is always looking for new mentors for the kids.  They also are looking for any internship that any company may have.  If you know of any or can have one at your work place please let him know. 

He indicates it can be very frustrating dealing with some of the individual kids but also very rewarding when you see kids responding to the mentoring and counseling and becoming productive members of the community. The local communities need to support these kids.  It’s crucial for their support financially and by volunteering.  Employers need to be involved too.  The kids need to know that a vocational education is as good as a college education.  There are options.   


They lose 25% of kids 1- 6 years old.  1 out of 31 people in this country are in prison.  This is not good for anyone. 


He was a very interesting speaker and gave everyone a lot to think about on how they can become involved! 


Respectfully submitted,


Posted by Gordon Donley on Jun 15, 2013

The recent rains made the Androscoggin river at the dam an event to behold. It was a river on a mission. You could see and feel the thundering water as it flew over the top. The morning was grand and the river made it more so. The mood carried over into the Topsham Rotary Expresso meet. At dot of 7:15AM, President Elect Tom Connelie, opened the meeting with bell and pledge. Rev. Ron McLaughlin gave a prayer as only a man of the cloth can do. Tom made the intros of guests and visitors. With us today were C.J. Dirago from Seeds of Independence, Barbara Reinertsen Executive Director of United Way, and Judge Joe Field.

Tom gave an update on Bob Beaumont and his broken hip. He had surgery on Monday, June 3, spent a few days in the hospital and is home recuperating. Tom stopped by on Sunday and Bob walked out (with help of a walker) to the driveway to greet him. He is well on the way to recovery. 

Bill Gillespie in his Sgt at Arms black leather smoker did the pain and pleasure gig. Bill gave $$ for the success of the Bruins. Bob Davis with a $ smile survived the first week of his new Bank. J.C. gave for the two [2] stripe bass he caught. Bill Brillant shared a recovery and a trip the Niagara Falls. Boy, talk about water over the top. Russ Andrews performed dad duties and attended his daughters graduation. David Wiggin is off to Philadelphia.

Tom introduced Barbara Reinertsen of United Way. Barbara then called Judge Joe Field to the front. Barbara made a formal "Community Building Award" to Judge Joe. She thanked Judge Joe for his dedicated service to "Oasis", "United Way", Many other Philanthropic services.It was a nice award presentation and Judge Joe Field. Judge Joe shared some nice words with Barbara. Pictures were taken.

Tom then called on Bill Gillespie for introduction of guest speaker Judge Joe Field. Bill did so with the proper fawning to Judge Joe's success in the Courts in Maine. Judge Joe during his years on the bench had great concern for juvenile issues and abuses. Early on Judge Joe set up a peers Youth Court. Judge Joe called it a "Team of Kids" They set up a 3 Judge court of fellow students to review the facts and issues. The charge to the court was to help the kid in need find a way back to the local community. Broken families along with drug and alcohol issues were often involved. Judge Joe said local schools were reluctant to be involved, but soon saw how they ,the schools could help the kids. It was a win/win program. Many troubled kids found solutions and were able return to their community and local schools. Judge Joe said Rotary could help by offering mentor support and time. Judge Joe has taken serious youth issues and problems and transformed them into a positive solution. Thank you Judge Joe Field.

---as water goes the last drop is a drip---no judging please. Image
Posted by Gordon Donley on Jun 14, 2013

Minutes of June 3, 2013.

It is spring and Maine is ready for it. We are in a sea of new growth green. A pleasant welcome from the long cold spring of year 2013. At the correct sweep of the clock hand at 7:15 AM we started. President elect Tom Connelie rang the bell and took command for our ailing President Bob Beaumont and led is in the pledge to Flag, God, and Country. Steve Trockman closed the opener with a prayer that only Steve can give, which included family values and service to Rotary. Tom explained that Bob Beaumont had called him Saturday evening to say that he, Bob, had fallen while on a bicycle ride and had broken his hip with surgery scheduled at Central Maine Med for Monday, June 3. He has our prayers and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

Pres. elect Tom introduced the guests including Carolyn Johnson, incoming District Governor and Dill Paste of Family Focus. Bill Gillespie doing the Sergeant At Arms gig went directly to the fun and fines. Out of the starting blocks Bob Davis did $2 for the baseball starters. Fred Burgess gave a 5 spot for the Bruins and another fiver for his 33 years in business. Bill Brillant gave handsomely. David Wiggin attended a talent show. A success said he. Dill Paste gave for installing a new roof, a flag pole and the Red sox beating the Yankees. Rev Ron McLaughlin gave some chilly cash for swimming in lake Sebago. Ron said it was some COLD. Steve Trockman called for a speedy recovery by Bob Beaumont. Tom Connelie's wife did a NYC trip with her best friend from HS, replicating their HS Graduation trip of more than 50 years ago. Gordon was delighted. Bill Gillespie, recently recovered from a broken hip himself, explained the dangers of the "Injury of Choice" of this Club.

Bob Davis did today's program by detailing the success of the Auction fund raiser at the Maine Maritime Center in Bath. Net profit was $14,000+/-. The expenses included a $500 donation to Junior Achievement for their assistance at the event serving food. Following Bob Davis suggestion of some recognition for Janine Thompson for her efforts co-coordinating the food, though no longer active in Rotary, Tom Connelie made a motion that we give her a $100 gift card to LL Bean. The motion was seconded by Steve Trockman and approved unanimously. The profits from the event will divided equally between Success by Six and Family Focus. Dill Paste also spoke and detailed the events of the Auction. Dill said it was the food and the great music making the auction more than a mere charity auction. It was an "Event". Everyone then piled on thanking Bob Beaumont, Bob Davis, Dill Paste, and especially  Janine Thompson and her food gang. Steve Trockman gave testimony on the success of the early childhood programs and they were a most beneficial to his children. All said "Let's do it again next year".
 ---Silent Sam---

Posted by Carol Purinton on May 25, 2013

Minutes of the May 20 Meeting


Good crowd on this cool wet morning


Announcements:  There is no meeting next week due to the Memorial Day Holiday.  REMINDER:  Dues will be due next month. Bill Gillespie filed the Required Tax information for the club that was due.  Thanks!


Happy Dollars:  Bill Gillespie was happy that his beloved Cardinals are doing well.  Bob Beaumont had a great weekend with his family.  His son is getting married in a couple of months.  Dave Wiggin was in Philly with his family.  Bob Davis was happy about the Bruins win and for FredJoel had a birthday over the weekend and took his grandson to his first baseball game.  It was quite a treat!  They saw the Pawtucket team.  Russ woke his wife up early and they went (far) north to spend the day in the Maine woods.  Fred was extremely happy about the Bruins win and the District Conference last Friday and Saturday at the Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor.  Tom was happy about the nice weather we had been having but had a sad dollar as the black flies are out.  Ron McLaughlin saw his daughter and had a great time.  Carol had Prom weekend for her son and 22 of his buddies!  They had a great time.  Ron K indicated that Bob Patten had a heart attack recently but was doing better.  Gordon indicated that his son is back home.  His daughter is moving back to Maine as soon as she sells her house down south.  Gordon has been assisting with the remodeling of their new house in Woolwich. 


District Conference Notes:  Fred and Tom both attended.  Both went to the grant writing seminar and Tom is working on a grant application for the club.  It is related to Success by 6.  It has to be filed by 5/30/2013.  It may be a long shot but you never know.  Spruce Point Inn is where the event was held in Boothbay.  People from all over attended.  District staff reviewed the year and what to look forward to moving forward.  The District Conference was present District Governor Marty Hellman's last official duty.  Attendees at the conference voted on changes to the District Bylaws to have them be in line with the Rotary International by laws.


Speaker/Presenters:  Dave Wiggin and Diane Schetky.  Because of technical difficulties we were unable to see the pictures of their trip.  They will be back in the fall with the pictures as we will have the projector and equipment ready for them.  They recently traveled to South East Asia including Bali, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand and several other areas.   Diane is a poet with several books published, she wrote a Maine Shrimp cookbook that sold very well.  She was a Child psychiatrist, and a Forensic Physiatrist.  They traveled to several Buddhist temples.  They tried the different foods of the various countries and indicated it was very good.  In Indonesia the family is very important to them.  This is a prosperous area.  Rice, Tourism and Spices and woodworking are all very big industries for them.    They are growing into a world power.  Thailand educational system is that you go 6 days a week for 4 hours a day, 11 months a year.  In Vietnam they learn from a very young age on how to be peddlers.  Cambodia is a very poor area.  Health care varied a great deal depending where you were.  Singapore was a very modern city with many high rise buildings.  The flowers and open air markets were great.  Singapore is the 4th largest financial market in the world.  75% of the people are Chinese.  They are the 5th busiest port in the world.  They have very strict rules with severe consequences.  They visited Ho Chi Min city which used to be Saigon and is still referred to as Saigon by most residents.  Viet Nam remains a very poor country.  In Thailand, it’s called the "Land of Smiles"; there is a great deal of traffic congestion and people.  


Overall they had a wonderful trip and enjoyed it immensely.  They are headed to Italy this fall!


Respectfully submitted.   


Carol A. Purinton

Posted by Carol Purinton on May 17, 2013

Minutes of Monday, May 13

A small crowd gathered on this cool spring day.   

Happy Dollars:  Bill aka “The Judge” was back without his cane and doing well.  Bill threw in a dollar wondering what was going on as he thought it was spring and there was frost on his roof.  Bob our Prez saw his sister for her birthday.  Fred had a sad dollar for the Bruins and is hopeful for Tuesday’s game.  Bob Davis echoed Fred’s comments.  Joel enjoyed his coffee and Mother’s day with several generations of his family.  Ron had fun Friday night.  He indicates that former Celtic great Dave Cowan is the new Spokesperson for Norway Savings Bank.  Russ supported Fred’s comments about the Bruins too.  His father turned 76 on Saturday.  His uncle turns 55 on Wednesday.  They had a big Cinco De Mayo party and had a great time.  Carol was thrilled that her daughter graduated with her Master’s degree on Saturday.  Gordon had a quiet weekend.   


The Bath Rotary having a night meeting Tuesday.  The signup sheet was going around.   

Russ was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship by Joel and our Prez.  CONGRATS!  The goal is to have all members be a Paul Harris Fellow.  Being a Paul Harris Fellow is a very special achievement.   


Kurt Dale Clark from The MSMT gave us an update on how the theater was doing.  He is the new Artistic Director.  They have a great season coming up are hopeful everyone will get a chance to attend a show.  They are working to improve the relations with all of the surrounding communities.  They currently have 7500 subscribers and are looking to increase that number.  The shows this year are:  Dream Girls, Les Miserable’s, Gypsy and Mary Poppins.  Note the Mary Poppins show is not the children’s show you think of as it has been updated.   


HAIR – 6/17/2013

Suzanne Nance & Friends 7/29/2013

Footlight Follies with a Special Guest 8/12/2013


Children’s Shows:

Charlotte’s Web 6/12/2013

Cinderella 8/19/2013 

Tickets are selling ahead of last year’s pace and are actually the best they have been in 5 years.  They only have 12 weeks to make their money.  There are 7 full time employees.  Their only competition is from the Ogunquit Playhouse.  Advertising is the key to get more people into the theater and buying tickets.  They are working on the line up for next year’s shows already.  Last year they only had 57,000 customers and this year they are on track for 68,000 customers.  So they are hopeful for a good year.  The capacity of the theater is 71,000.  They are working to increase their affiliations with other play houses in order to increase their buying power and reduce expenses.  This is a union playhouse and they have stiff competition for plays across the country.  He indicated that their revenue comes from 55% ticket sales, 25 % advertising and 20% other fund raisers.  Please spread the word about the theater.  They are hoping for a good year!   

Respectfully submitted,     

Carol A. Purinton


Posted by Thomas Connelie on May 09, 2013

Minutes of the May 6 Meeting

Club President Bob Beaumont rang the bell calling us to order promptly at 07:15 and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance (with most of us now familiar with the new location of the flag). Following that he read the Rotary Four Way Test and adroitly converted that into a thoughtful invocation.

After recognizing guests Janine Thompson, Charlie Ault and Dill Paiste Prez. Bob called upon Club Sheriff Bill Gillespie for Happy / Sad dollars. Bill then started with Prez. Bob who had happy dollars for our recent great spring weather and is looking forward to our Music at the Museum fundraiser this Friday night, May 10. Event Co-chair Bob Davis is also looking forward to the event as good fun as well as major fundraiser for Literacy projects. Joel Merry and Bill Brillant had happy dollars for the great weather and opportunity to work outside in the yard, just great to be outside. Charlie Ault had several happy dollars for the success of the St. Louis Cardinals. Dill Paiste had several sad dollars for the sweep f the Red Sox by the Texas Rangers. Fred Burgess had a happy dollar for the work former club member Janine Thompson continues to do for the club and a sad dollar for the Bruins recent loss to Toronto in the playoffs but more matches remain. Janine had happy dollars for the fun of shopping for a granddaughter and commented that clothes shopping for girls is much more fun than shopping for little boys. Gordon Donley had a happy dollar for learning to use his new router without losing a finger. Doug Stone had a happy dollar for upcoming Mothers Day this weekend.

Under Announcements Prez. Bob reminded us of the upcoming District Conference in Boothbay Harbor the weekend of Friday and Saturday, May 17 and 18. The Grants Administration Training required for our Club to apply for RI or District Grant Funds will be offered at the Conference. Fred Burgess and Tom Connelie will be attending the conference. Anyone else interested please contact Bob or Tom. Janine reminded us that during the year that she was Club President the 5 area clubs worked together on a grant for Childhood Immunization awareness.

Bob Davis than discussed the upcoming fundraising event this Friday, Music at the Museum, at the Maine Maritime Museum. The actual time for the event is 6 PM till 8:30 PM with the silent auction and food starting as guests arrive at 6 PM, the live auction from about 6:45 – 7:30 and music until 8:30. There are still some tickets available, contact Bob Davis or Family Focus. Janine passed around the food sign-up sheet to remind us each what we had agreed to bring. Our club is responsible for entrée type food with Family Focus providing the deserts. Janine reminded everyone we are planning on 200 guests and that most folks will consider it dinner so provide plenty of food. There will be bottled water and water on the tables for those not ordering from the bar. Janine volunteers with Junior Achievement in the Bath schools and some of the Junior Achievement group will assist with serving the food. Thanks Janine! Dill Paiste and Charlie Ault gave an update on the auction. There are some new live and silent auction items with a total of about 18 live auction items.

Posted by Thomas Connelie on May 04, 2013

There was lots of upbeat pre-meeting chatter as former Topsham Rotarian Janine Thompson joined us for the day and long time member Ian Bugler, out on a medical leave of absence was in attendance.

President Bob Beaumont rang the bell sharply at 07:15 and, after pointing us toward the revised location of the flag, led us in the pledge of Allegiance.  He then called upon Ron McLaughlin who gave a nice invocation. We went directly to Happy / Sad dollars with a request to keep them short as we had a full program for the meeting. Club Sheriff Bill "the Judge" Gillespie led of with a sad dollar for losing a weekend series but threw in a happy dollar for their good pitching. Actual Sheriff Joel Merry was happy to be back after missing several meetings due to work conflicts and a short vacation. He also had a happy dollar for assisting several other clubs with their "Visioning' sessions. Bob Davis was happy to see Bill Gillespie without a cane after a lengthy recovery from a broken hip. Bill Brillant had several happy dollars for visits with old friends as did Dave Wiggin. Fred Burgess had a sad dollar for the Bruins loss on Sunday but is optimistic about the playoffs starting this week. Ron McLaughlin was happy for the fellowship the Club affords. Steve Trockman had happy dollar for a trip to Fenway to see the Sox win. Janine Thompson had a happy dollar for a new grandchild and new position with her Credit Union. Gordon Donley had a happy dollar for completing a painting project. Doug Stone had happy dollars for great flying weather. Bob Beaumont had a sad and a happy dollar. His wife, Lennie, left Downeast Energy after many years but then started a new position with Norway Savings Bank.

Janine gave us an update on food planning for our major fundraising event, Music at the Museum, scheduled for Friday evening, May 10. She reminded us all to bring lots of food, since most guests treat it as dinner. Junior Achievement will help with serving as well as with deserts. She will send out the food list to remind us what we are committed to bringing. Bob Davis gave an update on other aspects of the event. Lots of great auction items on both silent and live auction. There are still some tickets available to sell. Coordinate sales with Family Focus. Bob will have some tickets to sell at the May 6 meeting.

Bob Beaumont called upon Joel Merry to introduce our speaker, State Senator Seth Goodall. Joel kidded that Seth has a well earned reputation for always being late, as he was for our meeting, and that they are sometimes mistaken for each other due to having run for office at the same time and similar degree of baldness.

Seth gave a very informative and though provoking presentation, discussing not just the differences and difficulties of having a Republican Governor with Democratic control of both the House and Senate but also the efforts to build consensus in the Senate and House for major legislation that will address some of the very real problems of the State. He discussed on-going efforts to link the course offerings of the Community Colleges to ensure specific courses are identified as transferable to State 4 year colleges. He said new legislation to aid this process would be introduced this week. He also discussed efforts being made to simplify the process of evaluating the training, education, and foreign experience of immigrants towards State issued Licenses and Certificates. Immigrants with professional skills should be able to work in those fields in Maine and not be relegated to unskilled, entry level positions because the State is unwilling to evaluate the immigrants qualifications.

Seth covered a range of legislative issues including updates on Health Care and the Governors reluctance to accept an expansion of Medicaid, even though it would bring in more Federal money. The new Liquor contract was discussed briefly with the tie into revenue from that contract paying the money owed the hospitals. There was also some discussion about the State tieing the payment to a commitment from the hospitals to improved performance and the reluctance of the hospital Association to agree to that.

Seth said there was a coalition  working on a new tax reform proposal that would be intended to make the revenue stream more predictable but not intended to increase State revenue. It would offer tax relief to many, close some existing loopholes, and place more emphasis on sales and excise tax.

Under Question and Answers there was discussion that the State does not place enough emphasis on early childhood education and early mental health, programs that have been proven to be cost effective in improving the success of citizens and lowering long term costs to the State. Seth agreed but discussed the difficulty of providing steady, long term revenue streams for those programs.

A very informative and thought provoking program.

Submitted: Tom
Posted by Thomas Connelie on Apr 28, 2013

President Bob Beaumont rang the bell smartly at 07:15 to call the meeting to order and started the Pledge of Allegiance but there was a slight moment of confusion for some as the flag was in a different corner of the room than usual and we are all creatures of habit. Bob then called upon Ron McLaughlin for the invocation and Ron called us to service to others while reflecting also on the senseless bombing at the Boston Marathon and subsequent capture of the suspects.

Bob commented that it was good to see semi-regular visiting Rotarian's Bob and Sheila Patten (and Highland's residents) back from spending some of the winter in Florida.Bob offered congratulations to them for recently celebrating 60 years of marriage (and Bob's 90th birthday. We should all look so good at that age.

President Bob called upon Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Gillespie for Happy-Sad dollars. Gordon Donley was happy to be at the meeting and just upbeat about a new week. Sheila and Bob Patten had some happy dollars for time spent in Florida and Bob related several stories about visiting the St Augustine, FL club. An old club as Rotary goes in the oldest established city in the country. Tom Connelie related several happy stories from a trip to France and his Dad having worked with one of the real life characters in the Movie 42. Steve Trockman had happy dollars for a family day trip to Hermit Island, a private beach at the tip of the Phippsburg peninsula, that is open to the public in spring and fall, outside of the regular operating season. It's like going to Acadia but only 30 minutes from home. Ron McLaughlin had several happy dollars for the experience of going to Fenway Friday night, the emotional first game after the capture of the Marathon bomber. Russ Andrews had happy dollars for his daughters decision to attend Maine Maritime Academy in the fall. Fred Burgess had happy dollars for the return of his wife Irene from a five week visit to California, no more P & J sandwiches. Bob Beaumont had a happy dollar for his and Lennie's recent visit to Florida and a sad dollar for not being able to go to the Red Sox game Friday night.

 In other business Bob announced that Don Spann had requested a 6 month leave of absence. We will miss his input and look forward to his return as an active member. Our major fundraiser, Music at the Museum, has been rescheduled for Friday night, May 10. Please plan on attending and on supplying the food items previously agreed to. Jenene Thompson will be at our next meeting on April 29 to refresh our memory about what food items each of us agreed to bring.

 The program originally scheduled for the meeting, the GSE Team from Nigeria, was cancelled as their itinerary for visiting the District had changed and they were not spending any time in our area.

Bob Paten announced that Linda Greenlaw will be speaking at the Highlands. I missed the date but check the Times Record for the announcement.

President Bob handed out Index cards and requested members list potential speakers and topics on one side and potential new members on the other side. Most folks chimed in with thoughts about what recent topics they found most interesting. The discussion reflected the diversity of our members interests and the quality of the speakers Bob Davis has scheduled for our meetings.

President Bob touched on several recent articles in The Rotarian Magazine and how proud he is to be associated with an organization doing so many great things worldwide.

 Plan to attend on Monday, April 29 when State Senator Seth Goodall is scheduled to speak.

Submitted: Tom

Posted by Carol Purinton on Apr 13, 2013

There was a small crowd gathering this glorious day. 12 Rotarians were honored at the White House this week. 


Happy Dollars:  Carol commented on how nice the weather was and glad for it!  Ron was looking dapper and feeling much better.  Bill from DE was happy for the nice day.  The Judge was back and doing much better.  Glad to have him back.  Gordon has been quite the handy man working on his daughter’s new house.  Pastor Ron was the Master of Ceremonies for us this fine day.  Fred’s father in law passed away 2 weeks ago.  We are sorry for his loss.  Steve Trockman just sold his old house and will be moving into his new house. 


Reminder there is NO meeting next Monday due to the holiday.  (Patriot’s Day) 


Dist Conference is at Boothbay on May 17 and 18th.  Fred is attending.  Others are encouraged to attend. 


Guest was Nancy Randolph for the Swinging Bridge.  She was there to talk about the bridge and the River Walk.  The walk is very worthwhile and helps to maintain the bridge and walkway.  It’s very scenic and only takes 20 minutes to go all the way around.  They have applied to the DOT for grants and should be hearing soon on the status.  They are very hopeful that they will receive the grant they have applied for.  They do all their own grant work thus saving money for the Town.  As this normally is a very expensive and time consuming to apply for grants.  


The next phase of the project is $100,000.  They have to raise $24,000 as their share.  They are looking for the Topsham Expresso Rotary Club to partner with them.   She wants us to think about it and then let her know our decision.  They have a face book and are using social media to get the word out about the project.  They are a non profit and they do all the maintenance for the bridge and walkway. 


The River Walk is this Sunday 4/14.  Please consider coming to help volunteer, they need some support and volunteers. 


They are having their 10th annual 5k and a 2k for the walkers.  All are invited to participate.  They are hoping to raise $3,500 – $4,000 from the walk.  They would obviously like to raise more.  Please spread the word if you can.  If you donate a $100 you get a brick in your name.  They have their own website. 


Very enthusiastic speaker and she provided a wealth of information


Reminder on 4/12 at the Orion Center is the Brunswick Rotary Concert to aid Africa.  Please attend if you can.


Respectfully submitted




Posted by Thomas Connelie on Mar 21, 2013

Minutes of the March 18 Meeting

A nice sized group of Rotarians arrived early of a very frosty morning for mid-March. Amid discussions regarding weather the river would freeze hard enough to put the ice huts back on it again we were all interrupted by the return of “The Judge”. It was great to have Bill Gillespie back after an extended absence recovering from breaking a hip in a fall.

President Bob Beaumont rang the bell sharply at 07:15 and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and turned to Ron McLaughlin for the invocation and Ron followed with an inspiring invocation calling us to service.

Bob then called upon Fred Burgess for Sergeant-at-Arms duty and thanked him for supplying us with a container of GOOD Tasting Coffee. Several were fined for not wearing green in honor of St. Patrick’s day the preceding day. Ron Kozlowski was the first of several to have a happy dollar for the new Pope. Guest speaker Peter Johnson from the Boothbay Club had a happy dollar for joining us for the meeting. Bill Gillespie had several happy dollars, most notably for being of crutches though he did say he will most likely be on the disabled list most of the season and not be available for call up should his Saint Louis Cardinal’s falter. Ron McLaughlin threw in a happy dollar for an exciting day ahead of him then, after passing the basket to Russ Andrews called for it again and added $20 for the Foundation and relayed how he was headed to the Boston Garden to not only attend the Celtics – Heat game but also shoot some hoops on the famed parquet floor and have a meal with one of the Celtic legends of past glory days – a lifelong dream come true. Can’t wait to hear about it next Monday. Russ Andrews reminded everyone of our evening (5 PM) Visioning meeting next Monday evening, urged everyone to be timely, and if not already done so to complete the on-line pre-visioning survey. The survey deadline is Tuesday. Russ also had a happy dollar for his mixed heritage of French Canadian and Irish, an explosive combination. Bill Brillant had a happy dollar and many nice things to say about the continuing physical improvements to the Winter Street Church Community facility (no longer used as a church).Bob Davis had several happy dollars including for our guest speaker, Peter Johnson, and the spring training progress of the Red Sox (no words about the Indians).Fred Burgess was bummed about the Boston Bruins loss the preceding night. Steve Trockman added a late dollar and sad dollar for a sick child that AM (the reason he was late). Ron Kozlowski added a dollar for having his photo in the People Plus paper this month.

Under announcements was the reminder of our Visioning meeting next Monday evening and encouragement to contribute financial support to our bowling team (Joel, Russ, and 2 whose names I missed) participating in the Big Brother/ Big Sisters Bowl-a-Thon April 30. Bring checks next Monday for them.

Bob Davis confirmed Friday, May 10 as the rescheduled date for our Music at the Museum fundraiser. Still to be held at the Maine Maritime Museum. More info / details to follow including new tickets.

Fred Burgess then introduced our guest speaker, Peter Johnson, who will be starting his second three year term as District 7780 Foundation Chair in July. Peter is a past Club and District Governor and the husband of incoming District Governor Carolyn Johnson. Peter started off with some friendly jabs at Fred as they have known each other for many years both through Rotary and professionally as they are in the same field. Both wear bow ties so there was some chatter about who was the better dressed (victory to Fred).

Peter gave a very informative overview of the Rotary Foundation, comparing it to a bank, with all donations to the Foundation being the capital needed to finance the humanitarian projects that ImageRotary accomplishes throughout the world, including the eradication of Polio as the largest of many. He described four locally initiated (within our District) international projects that had been approved within the last 60 days by the Rotary Foundation for funding. Quite an accomplishment. Projects included funds for the construction of a dam for a village in India that both impounds water for irrigation but also recharges the underground aquifer providing drinking water for wells throughout the area, funds for training a nurse to serve the health needs of 10 Batais of Haitian migrant workers outside LaRamana, DR and to equip her with a cell phone to call for emergency medical assistance when needed, funds for equipping Haitian migrant workers outside LaRomana, DR with hearing aids and prosthetic hands (projects we have heard about at past meetings) and funding for teacher training, textbooks, and other educational supplies for schools in Guatemala. This last project was a grant for $120,000 with the other three about $35,000 to $25,000.

Peter also described, in general terms the operation of the Foundation within the District. Funds available each year are based on contributions from three years ago with the interest earned on those invested funds used for the administrative costs allowing every dollar donated to go to projects. Our District will have $36,000 to allocate to grants in the Rotary year beginning July 1, 2013. Of that $18,000 will be for local projects, $9,000 for new, startup (Springboard Grants) international projects that have the potential to become major grant projects in future years. There will also be some funds for International Cultural exchange programs and for special grants to clubs with less than 20 members. Under the revised Grant procedures Applications for local grants must be submitted by June 1, 2013 to be eligible for funding in the Rotary year starting July 1. To be eligible to receive grants individual clubs must sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the District and have at least 2 members trained on Grant Administration. There are three opportunities for that training this spring, March 20, March 30 and May 17.

According to Peter’s records our club has been a very good contributor to the Polio Plus campaign but much less so to the general fund of the Foundation. He hopes more members will make contribution to the Foundation one of their regular charities and that every Rotarian will contribute to the Foundation every year.

A very informative, professional presentation. Thanks Peter.



Posted by Carol Purinton on Mar 16, 2013

Rotary Minutes 3/11/2013


There was a lively and big crowd for this cool March meeting


Happy Dollars:


President Elect training was this past weekend for Tom.  Gordon was happy about the nice weather last weekend.  Ron K let us know that the local THAI restaurant in Topsham (off Monument Place) was closing.  Steve was happy for the guest speaker we were having.  Don Happy about the success of his wife's hip surgery.  Ron M feeling well.  Doug's father - John Stone, passed away from Natural causes this weekend.  We all offered our condolences.  Russ went ice fishing and soaked up the bright sun and had a great time. His complexion was about the same as his red shirt. Bill B appreciated the nice weather too.  Tom unfortunately had to drive into the snow while heading down south.  It took him 4 hours to get to Boston!  Joel happy for the good turnout for our Assistant District Governor Lee Patenaude.  Bob B knew Doug's father and he said he was a great friend and man.  Lee has been having issues with kidney stones, which are very painful. 




Tom gave an overview of the PETS training that he had.  He learned a lot and they gave a good overview of the process and rotary.  Tom will be taking over as our new president in July. 


Lee gave an update on the District activities.  On April 6 there is a get together regarding District Activities for the district.  If interested let the Prez know.  The Brunswick Club is putting on a music concert to benefit Africa.  It is very entertaining and costs only $12.00 to attend.  It’s at the Orion Theater in Mt. Ararat Middle School.  The District Conference is coming up on May 17 & 18th in Boothbay harbor.  It’s packed with lots of information.   It is a great way to exchange ideas as there are numerous other clubs in attendance.  Register NOW if you want to attend.  


Joel, Russ, Bill and Doug are doing the BBBS Bowl-a-thon and are looking for sponsors.   Please support this great cause!


Reminder:  March 25th is the Visioning Session from 5 - 9.  Please plan to attend.  It will be at the bank and there will be dinner.  We will not have a morning meeting that day.


The rescheduled date for the Music at the Museum Auction Dinner will either be 5/10 or 5/17.  We will start promoting the event again in April.  Please plan to attend.  Bob D will confirm the date to us shortly.  


Guest Speaker:   Effie Cravin - She is the Coordinator for the State wide Healthy Air Campaign.  She discussed the various initiatives that they are working on.  They focus on Clean Air and Air Quality issues.  A lot of the air pollution in Maine comes from the coal burning power plants in the Midwest as the prevailing winds carry the particle laden smokestack gases into Maine with particularly high concentrations in Acadia National Park.  This has caused high rates of asthma with various population groups in Maine.  She handed out an information package that had information regarding their work and the various activities they are involved in.  They feel The Clean Air Act is under Attack.    They are but a small but active group.  They support research regarding clean air and air quality measures.  We need more particle and ozone monitors in the state of Maine to get an accurate reading of the pollution effecting Maine.  They need additional funding to put up more monitors.  There is a project in Portland where 6th graders are working on air quality issues for a project for their science class.  They work closely with the Lung Association in order to get various groups to work towards cleaning up Maine's air.  Poor air quality can affect people differently and they can have a wide array of symptoms.  They feel standards need to be stricter in order to have better air quality.    The TREK ACROSS MAINE in June is the Lung Associations largest fund raiser.  They encourage all to participate in this 180 mile bike ride.  Rotary does sponsor a bike team of which our Prez was a part of last year!  They are currently working with the EPA regarding establishing lower sulfur standards for cars and gas - ethanol.    They feel the Clean Air Act is vital to the economy.  Overall she gave a very informative presentation. 


Respectfully submitted:

Posted by Carol Purinton on Mar 16, 2013

Rotary Minutes 3/11/2013


There was a lively and big crowd for this cool March meeting


Happy Dollars:


President Elect training was this past weekend for Tom.  Gordon was happy about the nice weather last weekend.  Ron K let us know that the local THAI restaurant in Topsham (off Monument Place) was closing.  Steve was happy for the guest speaker we were having.  Don Happy about the success of his wife's hip surgery.  Ron M feeling well.  Doug's father - John Stone, passed away from Natural causes this weekend.  We all offered our condolences.  Russ went ice fishing and soaked up the bright sun and had a great time. His complexion was about the same as his red shirt. Bill B appreciated the nice weather too.  Tom unfortunately had to drive into the snow while heading down south.  It took him 4 hours to get to Boston!  Joel happy for the good turnout for our Assistant District Governor Lee Patenaude.  Bob B knew Doug's father and he said he was a great friend and man.  Lee has been having issues with kidney stones, which are very painful. 




Tom gave an overview of the PETS training that he had.  He learned a lot and they gave a good overview of the process and rotary.  Tom will be taking over as our new president in July. 


Lee gave an update on the District activities.  On April 6 there is a get together regarding District Activities for the district.  If interested let the Prez know.  The Brunswick Club is putting on a music concert to benefit Africa.  It is very entertaining and costs only $12.00 to attend.  It’s at the Orion Theater in Mt. Ararat Middle School.  The District Conference is coming up on May 17 & 18th in Boothbay harbor.  It’s packed with lots of information.   It is a great way to exchange ideas as there are numerous other clubs in attendance.  Register NOW if you want to attend.  


Joel, Russ, Bill and Doug are doing the BBBS Bowl-a-thon and are looking for sponsors.   Please support this great cause!


Reminder:  March 25th is the Visioning Session from 5 - 9.  Please plan to attend.  It will be at the bank and there will be dinner.  We will not have a morning meeting that day.


The rescheduled date for the Music at the Museum Auction Dinner will either be 5/10 or 5/17.  We will start promoting the event again in April.  Please plan to attend.  Bob D will confirm the date to us shortly.  


Guest Speaker:   Effie Cravin - She is the Coordinator for the State wide Healthy Air Campaign.  She discussed the various initiatives that they are working on.  They focus on Clean Air and Air Quality issues.  A lot of the air pollution in Maine comes from the coal burning power plants in the Midwest as the prevailing winds carry the particle laden smokestack gases into Maine with particularly high concentrations in Acadia National Park.  This has caused high rates of asthma with various population groups in Maine.  She handed out an information package that had information regarding their work and the various activities they are involved in.  They feel The Clean Air Act is under Attack.    They are but a small but active group.  They support research regarding clean air and air quality measures.  We need more particle and ozone monitors in the state of Maine to get an accurate reading of the pollution effecting Maine.  They need additional funding to put up more monitors.  There is a project in Portland where 6th graders are working on air quality issues for a project for their science class.  They work closely with the Lung Association in order to get various groups to work towards cleaning up Maine's air.  Poor air quality can affect people differently and they can have a wide array of symptoms.  They feel standards need to be stricter in order to have better air quality.    The TREK ACROSS MAINE in June is the Lung Associations largest fund raiser.  They encourage all to participate in this 180 mile bike ride.  Rotary does sponsor a bike team of which our Prez was a part of last year!  They are currently working with the EPA regarding establishing lower sulfur standards for cars and gas - ethanol.    They feel the Clean Air Act is vital to the economy.  Overall she gave a very informative presentation. 


Respectfully submitted:

Posted by Gordon Donley on Mar 09, 2013

Minutes of March 4, 2013

It was a grand day for a good Rotary meet. Spring is trying to make a presence, but it is a no go. Another big one [storm] is on the way, but some say it will not make it to the mid coast area. For weather look west. You will see next week’s storm every time. Yep, there it is over Texas. Also look out for Alberta clippers. They will do a number on you too.  But as they say, time marches on. In fact, get up an hour early on Monday. You see Rotary will start an hour earlier than you think. This Sunday is " Turn your clocks forward one [1] hour". Rotary will be at 7:15 AM was usual. But, this Mondays 7:15 Am will be an hour early. It’s back to Daylight Savings Time. 

   President Bob Beaumont enjoyed the quiet time. None the less at 7:15 he did the bell thing and led us in the pledge to Flag God and Country. Pastor Ron McLaughlin closed the opener with prayers and a call for peace and understanding. Guests and visitors were introduced. Guest speaker Marty Helman District Governor, Boothbay Harbor Rotary was present. A return visitor was Jen Chesley who is considering transferring from the Brunswick Club. She looking for a new club to join. Next time you see her put in a pitch for the Topsham Expresso Club. Fred Burgess was proud to introduce two [2] guests. Jeff Morris of Photo Shop was pleased to visit and Nick Orgone a student at Connecticut College was pleased to see our Expresso Club in action.

   Pres Bob went to the bucket of pain and pleasure with Fred Burgess extracting the $$. Ron Kozlowski, a shadow of his former self weight wise, gave his usual $2 bill and was pleased to shed a few pounds. Tom Connelie was active and involved as usual. Ron McLaughlin shared Connecticut events. Russ Andrews said he survived his 28th Military anniversary. He's one of those guys who joined up at age 16. Dave Wiggin returned from South East Asia. Dave said it was good to go, and good to get back. The world is not as user friendly as it used to be. Glad you are back Dave. Joel Merry is off to a Light Show. Then on to Massachusetts for a family funeral. Bill Brilliant gave a $10 to the Rotary Foundation. Bob Davis said we are at day 28 on the Baseball countdown. Bob mentioned that the Judge, Bill Gillespie, is doing much better. Marty Helman gave a plug for Polio Plus and the Rotary Foundation. 1.2 Billon invested and 98% eradicated. Doug Stone shared the doings of his Church and their contribution to the water and hospital project in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Bob Beaumont did a local Hockey event at Bowdoin College. Bowdoin beat Williams. Not bad. Fred Burgess was pleased with us all.


 --1.  Joel Merry, Russ Andrews, Ron McLaughlin signed up for the Rotary Bowling roll off set for March 30, 2013. Need a fourth player to fill out the team.

--2. The last Monday in March [the 25th] will be Club Visioning Day. Important day. Plan to be there.

--3.  Bob Davis presented four [4] tickets Red Claws Basket Ball donated by Russ Andrews. Bob took high bid at $100.

   Pres Bob introduced guest speaker Marty Helman, District 7780 Governor, from the Boothbay Harbor Club. Marty started off by sharing the doings of District Governor next, Carolyn Johnson, who had a mid life “Creative Deviation". Carolyn broke from her safe and secure career as a public school teacher and went to The Republic of Guatemala, Central America under a Rotary Education Program. 6 years later Carolyn was instructing [teaching] teachers how to teach. Carolyn was in charge of an 80 school division in Guatemala. Some deviation from local school teacher. Marty then shared some experiences of how our worldwide Rotary volunteer organization. As a seasonal tourist town Boothbay Harbor has a greater requirement for seasonal workers then can be met by local Mainers and local businesses use a US Department of Labor program that grants work visas to young adults from developing countries to come to the US, including Boothbay Harbor for summer employment. About 140 young folks, age 18 – 25, come from overseas each summer to work in the hotels, restaurants and resorts. Most have with little or no English language skills. Boothbay is a big town with no local transportation. One of Marty’s fellow Boothbay Harbor recognized the need for these young people to have transportation and took on the task of rounding up 140+/- bicycles for the group. Nice project. The perfect answer for an upscale coastal town like Boothbay.

Marty then ginned up the Topsham Expresso Club and shared that we provide the absolute worst coffee in the district. No one challenged her on that one. On a more serious note Marty shared the importance of club "Visioning". Marty said it is important to establish a club direction and to work to a club goal. Good message Marty. --- VISIONING is next --- I see it clearly --- The blind man.  

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Feb 25, 2013

Minutes of Monday, February 25, 2013 (Carol was under the weather last week accounting for the delay in the minutes)

It was a snowy day and there was a small crowd there.  

Happy Dollars: 

Gordon was enjoying his new granddaughter.  Don enjoyed the racing with Danica Patrick.  Tom enjoyed all the snow we received.  Ron M has been sick but finally feeling better and will hopefully be back soon.  Joel cleaned off ALL the snow on his car.  He has enjoyed his family last weekend.  Enjoys being a Grand PA!  Russ commented on what a beautiful day it was.  He is still working with his daughter regarding a college selection.  Doug just happy to be there.  Prez had a very bad cold so he was a bit on the slow side today so bear with him.  Carol’s son finally made a college decision of St. Joe’s for which she was happy about!  

Reminder on March 25th we will be having visioning sessions.  It will be at the bank from 5 – 9 PM.  Please complete the on line survey you were sent via Survey Monkey.  We strongly urge you to attend.  This is planning for the future.  We will be served dinner and Bob offered to bring dessert.   

Jon Hiltz has asked for a LOA because of other pressing demands.  A motion was made by Joel and seconded by Don and approved by the members to grant Jon a 6 month LOA.  He still wants to remain a member.  In addition Nick has had to resign because of increased work responsibilities.  

A discussion was had regarding the fact we need new members.  Several ideas were tossed out.  Joel felt we ought to invite people who might be interested in our speakers.  Don feels we ought to have a new members meeting, where everyone tries to bring in a new member.  We need a formalized membership drive plan.  We need to get the word out about all the great things the club does.  We currently have 17 active members. 


Friday is Read Aloud Day and we have a couple of members who will be participating in reading to the kids.  We are a small club and we need to make sure everyone knows about all the great things that we do!   

The new Auction date is tentatively May 10.  This will be confirmed but that is the proposed date.  More to come.   

Jen came in and announced she is cancer free!!!  CONGRATS!!!  She has had a long road!! 

Bob, Doug and Ron discussed their trip to the Dominican Republic.  They talked about the hospital and the water filter program that we support.  Various churches also support the water filter program.  The conditions are very remote at best.  They do wonders with what they have.  The trip was very fulfilling to the members that went.  The people are very grateful for all of the water filter programs.  It brings hope to the people and keeps them healthy.  4,000 water filters have been installed and another 1,500 are waiting to be installed.  This is an example of the fine work that rotary does! 

Respectfully submitted 

Carol A. Purinton

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Mar 25, 2013

Minutes of February 25 Meeting

Hi All,

I believe there was a mix up between Carol and I as to who was taking the minutes for last Monday’s meeting. While I do not have the minutes to publish I did want to get out this remainder on upcoming speakers:

            Monday, March 4 (tomorrow): Marty Helman, District Governor

            Monday, March 11: Effie Craven – Healthy Air Campaign

            Monday, March 18: Nancy Randolph – Swinging Bridge and walking path project

            Monday, March 25: 5 PM Meeting – Club Visioning

            Monday, April 1: Adrienne Randall – Maine Families


Tom Connelie

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Feb 11, 2013

Minutes of the February 11 Meeting

President Bob Beaumont rang the bell smartly at 07:15 and then led us all in the pledge of Allegiance. Steve Trockman followed with a nice invocation, reminding us to put service before self.

Acting (and former Club) Sheriff Fred Burgess ably filling in for the still recuperating Bill Gillespie then called for Happy / Sad dollars. Newest member Doug Stone had a happy dollar for a new grandson. I may have it incorrect but I believe he is his first grandchild, Congratulation were offered by all. Bob Davis had a happy dollar for finding a mechanic to fix his snow blower on Sunday following the blizzard. Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry, who rarely comments on his work, had two happy dollars, first the wind currents in the blizzard did not deposit any snow on his roof and the blizzard kept all the bad guys from causing trouble, a very light weekend for crime. Don Spann had a happy dollar for the guy who plows his driveway. Steve Trockman had a happy dollar for having fun playing with his sons indoors during the storm and outdoors in the snow following the storm. Ian Bugler was happy to be present. Great to see him! Fred Burges had several happy dollars for the continued winning ways of the Boston Bruins. Bob Beaumont had several happy dollars, the Celtics win in triple overtime and the snow all blowing to the garden side of his house where he didn’t have to clear it.

We did not have a speaker at the meeting so covered a range of Rotary related topics. We discussed the progress on Polio Plus, the Gates Foundation matching grant and the progress made worldwide on eradicating polio. Steve Trockman brought up the recent new stories of Islamist extremists in Nigeria killing volunteer aid workers who had been inoculating children against childhood diseases, including polio, as current, real world obstacles to the final eradication of the disease. While the Nigerian Minister of Health expressed his continuing support for the inoculation program the growing support for the extremists makes ultimate success in doubt.

There was a discussion of the upcoming World Peace and Understanding Day Saturday, February 23. The date, February 23 celebrates the initial founding of Rotary International. There are several parts to the District 7780 activities and all Rotarians are urged to participate. Local Rotary clubs, in conjunction with Shaw’s supermarkets will be conducting food derives at each Shaw’s location to stock local food pantries.  Please swing by the Shaw’s in Brunswick this Saturday morning and contribute to the food drive. The official District function will be in Portland Saturday evening and consist of two parts, first a cocktail hour at the Great Lost Bear pub, 540 Forest Avenue, Portland followed by a Fugal Feast dinner at Woodfords Congregational Church, 202 Woodford Street, Portland, a few blocks away from the Great Lost Bear. In either case take Exit 6B, Forest Avenue, westbound off I-295. The cost is $25.00 per person with most of the proceeds going toward hunger prevention / food pantry programs. A portion of each ticket will go toward the Rotary Foundation and each attendee will get individual credit for contributing to the Rotary Foundation.

Our speaker this coming Monday will be Peter Johnson, District Chair for the Rotary Foundation and he will speak about changes to the way the foundation is operating with an increased role for local clubs.

Please complete the On Line Survey on Visioning in preparation for our Visioning session, Monday evening. March 25. We will meet in our usual location and the evening meeting, with light dinner included, will take the place of our regular meeting that week.


Tom Connelie

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Feb 07, 2013

Our big fundraiser in support of early learning and literacy, Music at the (Maine Maritime) Museum, presented jointly with Family Focus is scheduled for Friday night, February 8 from 5 to 8 PM. With a big snow storm in the forecast remember the snow date is the following night, Saturday, February 9. Same place and time.

If SAD 75 cancels school for Friday, February 8 the event is automatically canceled for that night and rescheduled for the next night. If snow develops during the day on Friday please check TV announcements and this website for notifications.

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Feb 07, 2013

Minutes of the February 4 Meeting

We were a bit slow getting organized for the meeting as we could not locate the filter basket for the coffee pot anywhere in the building and hence had to do without coffee. And King Richard III complained about losing his kingdom for want of a horse.

President Bob Beaumont rang the bell about three minutes late and promptly led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and, with Pastor Ron McLaughlin still out with illness, then led us in an invocation. We had a good group of guests including former member Janine Thompson, Dill Pastie, Charlie Ault, local architect and Topsham resident Jay Harrick and guest speakers from Goodwill Industries of Northern New England Randy Finamore and Rich Gantz.

With usual club sheriff Bill Gillespie still out recovering from his broken hip President Bob called on acting sheriff Fred Burgess for Happy / Dad dollars. Janine Thompson had several for a great weekend with two grandchildren, commenting on how different a 12 year old is from a 2 year old. Steve Trockman had several happy dollars for surviving a weekend taking care of all three of his young children while his wife was away for a few days. Several members commented that they had seen Steve out and about over the weekend with the children and he was doing much better than simply surviving. Dill Pastie had a great weekend and is looking forward to a good time at the Music at the Museum fundraiser this weekend. Guest Jay Herrick was happy for having the opportunity to play ice hockey with his son home for the weekend from UMO. Jay then apologized for not having any dollars as he related saying goodbye to his son Sunday evening and having to give him gas money to get back. Joel Merry had a happy dollar for the new future District Governor. Charlie Ault was happy for the good weather. Bob Davis was happy for a visit with friends over the weekend. Club outdoorsman Russ Andrews was happy seeing seven deer cross his property as he walked down the driveway for the morning paper. Tom Connelie had a happy dollar for the super bowl blackout, delaying the game long enough for him to watch the 4th quarter following his wife watching Downton Abbey. Fred Burgess had several happy dollars for the District mid-year meeting in Portland the previous Monday evening.

Incoming Club President Tom Connelie gave a brief update from the District mid-year meeting and will be attending PETS training in March.

President Bob, just back from LaRomana, DR, had a pound of fresh coffee from the Dominican Republic to auction off, with proceeds to the Rotary Foundation. Janine was the high bidder. Thanks Janine.

Janine reminded everyone to cook / bring food for 200 to the fundraiser at the Maine Maritime Museum Friday night. Set up time will begin 3:00 – 3:30 and we need to be ready to serve by 5 PM. Remember the alternate snow date is the following night, Saturday, February 9.

Our guest speakers were Rich Gantz and Randy Finamore from Goodwill Industries of Northern New England. Rich, who in his other life is a member of the Portland Rotary Club, gave a brief history of Goodwill and an overview of the range of services provided. While most folks think of Goodwill primarily in terms of their retail stores they provide a range of other services including treatment of brain injuries, group homes for adults with developmental handicaps, job and life skill training with a goal of placing adults in the commercial workforce. Nationwide Goodwill serves 1.9 million people in need and has 65 million customers visit their 2300 retail locations. Goodwill of Northern New England serves all of Maine and New Hampshire and a portion of Vermont and has 1,700 employees. They operate two brain injury centers in Maine located in Portland and Lewiston and 23 residential facilities for adults with developmental disabilities.

Randy Finamore than took over and gave a very interesting presentation on the retail side of the Goodwill Industries operation. A few years back they determined that the operating model that they had been operating of having numerous, small retail stores, generally in very poor neighborhoods with all donations trucked from donation points to a central location for sorting and redistribution to the retail locations was not cost efficient or sustainable and they converted to a different business model with much larger stores located in high visibility retail locations, including both goods processing space and increased  retail space in each facility. These facilities include drive through drop off locations and increased staff trained serve the drop off location courteously and promptly. The result has been an increase in both the amount and quality of donated goods as more affluent residents now find it convenient to donate.  Similarly more shoppers are aware that Goodwill stores have good quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Goodwill adopted a simplified pricing strategy with most clothing priced at $4.99 with prices then cut 50% after two or three weeks on the rack. Examples of these changed stores include the South Portland location that went into the old Circuit City building in the same shopping plaza as Michaels and The Christmas Tree Shop and the new, purpose built store, located in front of Target, Lowes and other “name” stores in Augusta. Each of the new stores now sorts merchandise at their location with goods determined not sellable transported to a huge Goodwill operated recycling facility in Gorham where it is recycled and sold in bulk to material recyclers.

While most donated goods are sold at the local store staff have also been trained to recognize when rare or collectable merchandise has been donated and that merchandise is offered for sale by Goodwill on line on EBay and Amazon Rare Book sites. Randy said that last year revenues for ecommerce by Goodwill Industries of Northern New England exceeded the revenue from all but two of their retail locations.


A very interesting and informative presentation. Thanks to Rich and Randy.



Posted by Carol Purinton on Jan 28, 2013

Minutes of the January 28 Meeting
by Carol Purinton


There was small but lively crowd for the Monday morning meeting.  We had guests Bob & Stella Patten, Dil Paste, Robin Butler and Al Barth.


There has been low attendance the last few meetings.  We encourage all members to please attend the meetings.  We are a small club to begin with and need to share all the responsibilities around to all of the members if possible.  Attendance at the meetings is crucial to our survival!  Please plan to attend the meetings!  Thank you!  


We wish Gordon good luck with his hernia surgery and a speedy recovery!  We also hope Ron Kozlowski and Bill Gillespie (the Judge) are feeling better and will be back soon.  Bill is expected back in March.  He repaired broken hip is doing much better and he is driving now and coming into the office.  Ron K surprised all and made a late appearance at the meeting.  He looks great.  He has lost 25 lbs and is feeling stronger and better every day.  He will be back on a regular basis soon. 


The Food list for the Music at the Museum benefit for early learning and literacy scheduled for Friday, February 8 was sent around again and is attached for all to remember what you signed up for.  Janine will be at our meeting on the 4th to go over last minute issues with everyone.  She needs everyone to help pitch in this year as I unfortunately can not make it.  Please come and help her if you can.  Please call or email Janine, W-725-8728 / H-443-6850 / and let her know if you can help in the kitchen.



There will be 2 credit card check out lines this year as well as cash and checks to speed the check out process.  There are lots of good items for both the live auction (19 items) and the silent auction (28 items). To date ticket sales are at 135 which is down a bit from last year.  But we normally sell quite a few in this last week prior to the auction.  There are only a few tables left.  Overall we are in good shape.  Please come at 3:30 to help set up and bring any food items at 4:30.  If you can stay to help clean up that would be great.  Thanks  


Bowl For Kids Sake BBBS - Joel Merry is heading up a team again for us.  Ron M and Russ will be participating with him.  Russ may be able to get a 4th person.  Joel is looking for support from the club and possible sponsorship for the team.    The date is on 3/30 at the Fun Town Lanes in Brunswick. (just north of Wal-Mart)  They are bowling 2 strings this year.  


Visioning is happening on March 25 at 5:00 pm at the bank.     There will be no morning meeting that day.  Please mark your calendars.  There will be dinner and 4 facilitators who will be assisting us in this exercise.  Russ is organizing the meeting.  Please plan to attend as we need your participation and feedback.  Thank you! 


Happy Dollars - Tom went out to the West Coast to LA/Seattle.  They took the train and had a great time.  Carol whittling down college choices with her son!  Joel happy for the nice weather we have been having.  Don has a mixed dollar for everything!  Lots going on with him these days!  Dil excited to have Robin there.  Fred happy UMO hockey beat BU twice!!  Bob/Stella happy for their guest speaker and potential new member.  Al has just moved into the Highlands and may be joining our club.  Russ was happy as he went smelting and had a good time (though he got skunked and did not catch any smelt).  He too is doing the college search with his daughter.  Shehas been offered a $13,000 scholorship for UNE!  SWEET!  


Pastor Ron was very sick during his working trip to La Romana last week but is now recovering.  This made his trip difficult for all.  But he is fine now!  Thank goodness.  


Discussed several of the upcoming speakers. The listing is as follows:


·         February  4th   -  Randall Finamore - Goodwill Industries

·         February 11th  - Seth Goodall - Legislative update

·         February 18th   - Holiday

·         February 25th - Peter Johnson - Rotary Foundation



·         March 4th    - Marty Helman - District Governor

·         March 11th -  Effie Craven - Healthy Air Campaign

·         March 18th  - Nancy Randolph - Swinging Bridge 

·         March 25th --   Club - vision meeting  (Evening Meeting)



·         April 1st   -  Adrienne Randall - Maine Families

·         April 8th -   Pastor Bob, Pastor Ron & Doug Stone - La Romana update     

·         April 15th   - Holiday

·         April 22rd  -- Steve Wallace - Executive Director Mid Coast Chamber of Commerce         

·         April 29th -  Steve Leveque - MRRA                              



Minutes respectfully submitted.  


Carol A. Purinton
Posted by Thomas Connelie on Jan 05, 2013

Minutes of the December 17 Meeting

It was a cold, snowy morning with a few less members present than usual. Good President Bob Beaumont gave members a few extra minutes to arrive prior to ringing the bell. He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance himself before asking Ron McLaughlin for an Invocation. Ron than requested a moment of silence in recognition of the horrific deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School a few days prior.

President Bob than passed on our usual Happy / Sad dollars and other club business and we had a thoughtful discussion of the Sandy Hook event of how it affected us and what we could learn from it.

Both David Wiggen, former Principal and School Superintendent in Maine and Joel Merry, present Sheriff of Sagadahoc County, lent first hand experiences to the discussion. All schools in Maine are required to have school security plans and on how to react to intruders and other crises. The schools are required to train and to exercise those plans as they are for Fire Drills. Both David and Joel spoke of how well trained school staff in Maine now are in reacting to crises but both agreed that, as evidenced in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook Elementary School good training and proper execution of a crises action plan may not be enough to avoid a tragedy. They did point out that in some circumstances such plans have been successful in averting tragedy and pointed out an event with an armed gunman at an elementary school in Stockton Springs, ME a few years ago as a success story for proper planning and training.

The discussion also included consideration of the possible long term psychological effects of the school shootings and deaths on the other students at the school and the community as a whole. That led to a discussion of both some limits on gun control, particularly assault weapons and the need for expanded mental health services to identify and treat those with serious mental illnesses before they become violent. There seemed to be agreement that some limit on assault type weapons should be enacted and enforced and there was universal agreement on the need for expanded and more effective mental health services.

Related to both those topics was a discussion of the series of articles that had run in the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram a few days previously on the number of police shootings of mentally disturbed individuals threatening violence. While the initial articles in the series appeared to be blaming Law Enforcement for the increase in deaths later articles shifted focus to the failures of the mental health system and acknowledged increased training in some Law Enforcement agencies, Sagadahoc County Sheriff included in training Officers to recognize the mental illness of those threatening violence and in deescalating tensions without violence.

A very somber and thoughtful discussion throughout.

No meetings on December 24 and December 31 due to those dates being the Holiday eves. Next meeting Monday, January 7. The topic will be planning for the fundraiser auction.

Also a reminder that dues are due.

Submitted: Tom Connelie


Posted by Carol Purinton on Dec 10, 2012

Minutes of the December 10 meeting

The key word for the day was “Flexibility”!  We had a bit of a snafu this morning where we had to change the location of the morning meeting on the fly.  Thanks to Pastor Ron we were able to move the meeting to the church as apparently someone forgot to open the bank building for us!  But no bother the strong resilient group that we are, trudged over to the church which was warm and inviting on this cold, damp dreary day.  Under the circumstances we had an excellent showing of members.   

Bob Davis indicated that Doug Stone may possible be joining us as a member!  We certainly hope so!  In addition to Doug we had Bob and Stella Patten and Jen Chesley as guests at the meeting.   

Happy Dollars: 

Doug gave a dollar for hope for his father who is ill with heart issues.  We wish him a speedy recovery.    Dave had a wonderful trip to Philly and Bill went to NJ and had a great time.  Jen’s friend raised over $39,000 for Domestic Abuse programs.  Congrats!!  Tom just got back from a cruise to the Caribbean and had gone to NY first to visits family and friends.  He had a wonderful time in his travels.  Nice to have him back!  Don’s daughter just got back from South Africa where they won 2 gold medals for horseback riding – Saddle Bred.  Joel was just happy to be here and Steve was happy for the Hanukah holiday. 

Regarding the Adopt a Family – Pastor Ron desperately needs everyone to donate or bring your gifts in.  Time is running out.  Please help.  Thank you. 

Ringing of the Salvation Army Bells with Brunswick Rotary this is going to be Saturday the 15th.  This will be at the Wal-Mart at Cook’s Corner.  Thanks for those that volunteered. 

Drawing was held for the Kindle Fire, LL Bean GC and Reny’s GC.  Bob Davis won the Reny’s GC and donated it to the adopt a family.  Thanks Bob.  Dave Wiggin won the LL Bean GC and Russ’s mother in law Linda Beesaw won the Kindle Fire!  Congrats!! Thanks to all who sold (and bought) tickets. 

Guest Speaker was Jim Tolan – who spoke about numerous renewable energy projects.  Natural Gas prices are at an all time low and that is having a big impact on the renewable markets.  He is head of the U.S. Operations for a Swedish Energy Company and has an office in Portland Maine.   Fracking has had a major impact on increasing the ability to extract natural gas and has contributed to the lower price for natural gas.  There are numerous opportunities in this area.  The field is growing in leaps and bounds but there are currently limited rules and regulations on Fracking which is causing some concern.  It is unknown if there is damage to the environment because of this process.  Because of this process the thought is that natural gas prices will remain low for a long time.  The indication is that Natural Gas may be able to reduce the countries dependency on foreign oil if the prices stay low.  Your electric energy bills will be lower (the supply portion only) because of the abundance of the natural gas.  With the lower natural gas prices it gives the country many different options in which direction to proceed.  This will allow our manufacturers to be more competitive with lower fuel costs which are good for the overall economy.   

Natural Gas is a good back up to wind and other renewable as it is flexible to fill in the gaps created by the intermittent renewable options.  PA and NY are the biggest areas right now for “Fracking”.  It can impact wells and drinking water supplies so it is being carefully watched and monitored.  There needs to be a balance between the environmental aspects and the drilling and the byproducts because of this process.  This will eventually replace coal and nuclear because the risk is lower than those 2 alternatives.  Tidal Power and Off-shore wind technologies are evolving.  Further research will make those efforts regarding off shore and tidal wind eventually competitive.  Research and Development is ongoing.  Solar prices have come down and made this option much more affordable.  The U.S. needs a strong and clear energy policy to move forward which it hasn’t had for several years.  The ongoing battle over the tax credits for wind projects is vital for them to compete.  The goal is with these tax credits the prices of all types of wind projects will come down and therefore they will be even more competitive.  Right now Natural Gas prices are the lowest in years.  The price of energy greatly impacts the economy.  There is a concern with birds and bats with wind power.  This is being studied.  Location is key for wind farms to minimize their impact to the surrounding neighbors and neighborhoods.  He is currently working on the Cape Wind off-shore wind power project.  They will be employing unique construction technique because of the uniqueness of the project.  The equipment and barges they will need to use for construction are very expensive.  Maine is currently looking at a floating off shore wind project in the Boothbay Harbor region.  A Norwegian company Statoil is developing it.   Renewables are here to stay and will have a role in the overall energy puzzle.  They are good for the local economy and provide options in the overall energy picture.


The talk was very interesting and informative. 


Carol A. Purinton

Posted by Carol Purinton on Dec 07, 2012

Minutes of the December 3 Meeting

There was a small crowd on this cool December morning.  We had visiting Rotarians from the Brunswick and Portland Clubs.  Jen Chesley and Bob Patten. 

It is Jonathan and Jen’s birthday’s this week on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.  Happy Birthday! 

Bob gave a happy dollar for our guest speaker.  Nick knew the guest speaker too.  He ran in to an old friend at Reny’s and for the life of him he couldn’t remember his name. But his friend who was a policeman was thrilled that he wasn’t recognizable!  Jan has leukemia and indicated the best gift she got was 2 cases of cheap stem ware that was given to her by local photographer Tom Jones.  She was to use them to vent her frustrations with her situation.  When those were gone he sent her another 2 cases.  She says it was the best thing to vent her anger at her situation.  What a thoughtful gift idea!!  Throwing them against the brick portion of the house gave the best result!  Bob P had 2 happy dollars one for the St. John’s Christmas Carols concert on Sunday and one for the Patriots win.  Steve had a sad dollar for the “Judge” aka Bill Gillespie as he has fallen and fractured his hip and is at the Bodwell house recuperating.  We all miss him and wish him a speedy recovery.  If you would like to give him a call he would love to talk to you.  He can be reached at 751-0584.  Congrats to Jon Hiltz as he is expecting his 3rd child!  Gordon has a happy dollar just to be there!  Fred still sad that the NHL is on strike and it doesn’t look good moving forward.   Our Prez, Bob Beaumont, gave several dollars for victims of Domestic abuse in light of the tragedy with the Kansas City Chief’s player.   

Rotary Foundations.  Fred gave an overview of the program and the many changes they are going thru.  Any amount is appreciated from members.  Fred can answer any questions; you may have concerning the program. 

Reminder there is the drawing next week for the Kindle Fire.  Please get your tickets in.  Thanks for all that you have sold to date.  Ron discussed the Adopt a Family.  There was mix up and we have a new family.  There is a new signup sheet going around or you can give money to Ron and he will purchase the items requested.  Sorry for the confusion.  There is the Bell ringing with the Brunswick Chamber on the 15th.  The sign up list is going around.  Please help.  This is the major fund raiser for the Salvation Army.  Thanks


Our Guest was Doug Stone part of the Brunswick Integrated Maine Landing Group.  He discussed his days of flying and the history of the planes that are used today.  He went to the Naval Academy and was on a ship for over a year.  He traveled extensively.  He was a pilot and flew several different types of plane for the Navy.  He piloted P 3’s and ran VP 26.  He ran the survival school in Rangeley for 3 years and enjoyed it immensely.    He loved flying and was the Naval Aviation air liaison to various VP’s.  He showed us pictures of several different aircraft used.  He was a flight instructor in Pensacola and enjoyed it immensely.  He reviewed the flight progression of future pilots.  He particularly enjoyed the Formation of Flight requirement of the new recruits.  This was a real Skill.  He trained the first women pilots in the navy.  There is an 8 step program.  You must pass each step before you can advance.  He flew planes in Texas and Florida.  He was part of the RAG – Replacement Air Group.  The P 3 Orion is a massive plane and very powerful.  Must have propellers going at different times or there will be severe problems.  He dealt with the Blue Angels.  States you must have your G Suit to fly in those planes because of the physical requirements on your body.  He flew F14 – and F 18‘s.  The JSF – Joint Strike Flyer is a new plane replacing the F – 14 & 18.  He reviewed various other planes and helicopters.   He has been involved with VP 10, 26, and 30.  There have been many changes and base closings effecting flying.  They are now going with remote controlled helicopters that operate by GPS.  This is a new wave of aircraft.  They are much smaller than a regular plane and it’s much cheaper to use these then to have to train pilots.  It saves money.     Very Interesting talk.   

Respectfully submitted 

Carol A. Purinton

Posted by Carol Purinton on Dec 05, 2012

Minutes of the November 26 Meeting

On this bright and cool November morning, the crowd was chipper after the long holiday!  We had several guest from other clubs.  – Jon Peters, Lennie Burke and Jen Chesley.  


Fred started Happy Dollars.  Jon Peters gave a happy dollar to as he is thrilled to hear our guest speaker today.  Lennie was glad that the Patriots won!  Joel was happy for the time with family and friends around the holiday and for living in Maine.  Russ had his 28th wedding anniversary.  CONGRATS!!  He told of a story of being behind a school bus full of kids.  He watched as it waited for kids who were running late to get on the bus.  Only in Maine do you see such kindness from the bus drivers.  They go out of their way to make sure the kids get on and get there safely!  Nick was reminded that Tracy’s birthday is 3/23.  Bill was thankful for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Bob Davis and Bob Beaumont both seconded the sentiment of Bill.  Jen had her 38th birthday and enjoyed her turkey less holiday!   (She hates turkey). Dave enjoyed his daughter and grandkids.  Friday he is heading to Philly to see his other daughter.  Because of his traveling he won’t be at our meeting next week.  Don’s second grand child is being delivered today!  CONGRATS!!  Gordon was glad to see everyone over the holiday.  Prez Bob and Fred both enjoyed the holiday.  Fred is concerned the NHL is no closer to a settlement at this point.  Looks like the season maybe lost.


Prez Bob Beaumont urged everyone to sell raffle tickets as this is an important fund raiser for the club.  The Drawing is scheduled for the second week in December.  Bob sent around a sign up list for the Adopt a Family we have for the Christmas Holiday.  Please sign up for an item or give money to BobBob will purchase the gifts if need be.  Please support this project. The date everything is due is 12/17. 


Sign up list for the Ringing of the Bells with the Brunswick Club was circulated.  The date is 12/15.  Thanks for all those for volunteering.


Thank you to Jen for the generous donation of books and art supplies for the auction in the spring.  


Guest Speaker Jaed Muncharoen Coffin is the author of A Chant to Soothe Wild Elephants (Da Capo/Perseus), a memoir which chronicles his experience as a Buddhist monk in his mother’s native village in Thailand.  He shared his life in Maine as an author.  He also teaches writing for the prestigious USM Stonecoast Master of Fine Arts program.  He grew up in Brunswick and went to college in Vermont.  He has been to various areas, Mexico, San Francisco, Washington State and Alaska.  He was a monk for awhile in a Buddest temple.  While in Alaska he worked with the local Indian group in a fishing community to increase the High School graduation rate, as it had been less than 50%.  He was a free lance writer in Spain for awhile.  His mother was a nurse at Mid Coast Hospital and had worked very hard to get him thru college.  He is now a father of a little girl.  He is Thrilled with the new addition.  His wife has been very supportive of his work.  He is very active in the author community.  He advised us that Maine has a wealth of talented writers.  He wants to give back to the community that has been so supportive of him.  Currently he is writing a new book regarding Boxing in Juneau Alaska.  He enjoys writing about Maine but originally that wasn’t the case.  He writes for Maine Magazine.  He has spent time with Angus King, Olympia Snow and Linda Bean talking about Maine and its issues.  He went to the town of Oxford and visited with the locals and discussed the new casino.  He works with local high schools to get kids involved in writing.  He wants them to realize they have a voice and to become involved.  He believes strongly in what he does.  He is a writer, novelist, reporter all wrapped up in one package.  The presentation was informative and enjoyable. 


 Respectfully submitted  


Carol A. Purinton


Posted by Carol Purinton on Nov 19, 2012

Minutes of the November 19 Meeting

There was a good crowd on this cold morning.  There were several guests from other clubs.  John Chapman from the Brunswick Club, Jen Chesley from the Coastal Club.  Dill Paste was there regarding our upcoming Success by 6 Auction.   Jeanine Thompson was there to update up on activities related to food for the auction!!!!   Peter Lindsay from the United Way and Success by 6.  Great to see them all! 

We did Happy Dollars - Jeanine because of her new position can't make it to the meetings any more but thinks of us often.  They celebrated her grandchild's 5th birthday and found out another one is on the way - due in June!  Congrats!!  Don was happy the Pat's won but sorry that "Gronk" was hurt and going to be out 4 - 6 weeks.  Broke his forearm.  Steve was going to his brother in laws for the holiday!  Should be fun.  Ron was going to CT to see his family too.  Norte Dame is #1 in football!  (I guess that's good). Dill was happy for his son who has a new job and has moved to Waynesboro VA for a new job.  Beautiful area.  Nick was sorry he missed RPM the other night. He hung out at the airport this last weekend which always makes him happy!  Joel was thrilled about Patriots win and seeing his daughter and grandson.  Pete wished Happy birthday to his mom who is 93 and she is doing well after several recent surgeries.  Bob thankful for the holidays!  Fred wishes all a great thanksgiving!  

This was a club meeting so we went over a variety of  Club issues.  Prez thanked Gordon, Tom and Carol for being the scribe for our meetings! 

Rotary Minute:  Club will be doing "Visioning for 2013"  This is a time for the club to work with a team from various other clubs and they will lead us in a 2 - 3 hour session where we look at a variety of issues to determine what we are doing well, what needs improvement, what is the future, how to reach our plans, planning etc.  They want us to stretch to reach our goals.  The feedback from other clubs is helpful regarding this process.  There will be a date set and the plan is that we will meet in the evening rather than having a morning meeting.  We will meet for dinner then have a workshop to work on these issues.  There will be a survey prior to this meeting to be completed by members to gather their thoughts and opinions.  We hope all can participate.  This is all about our future!  Please try and attend. 

Regarding raffle ticket sales.  Please sell as many as you can and turn your money in.  We are hoping to raise $1,000 and need all the help we can with selling tickets!!  We greatly appreciate your efforts.  Drawing will be the second week in December.

Ron M is coordinating getting us a family for the holidays.  He will get a sign up list next week.  There is a request for ringing of the bells for the Salvation Army on 12/15 with the Brunswick Club.  Or we can do our own day.  Brunswick needs help this year as there are several school activities that are causing conflicts for their members.  It was decided that we would again do it with the Brunswick Club on the 15th.  A sign-up sheet will be around next week. 

Steve mentioned that his child's day care has several good quality cribs that they had to be replaced due to a new law concerning the slat sizes.  He would like to find a charity to have them donated to .  There was some discussions about various options so Bob B will contact the District Governor to find out where might be the best place to donate these too. 

Bob Davis gave an overview of where we were on the Auction.  Jeanine and Carol will head up the food again.  Carol's sister and daughter will be helping out in the kitchen again.  There will be a list that will be sent around in January for everyone to sign up for food items.  There will be changes to the need for food items as we are trying to learn from last year what went quick and what didn't.  We really need your support. 

We are trying to have the same corporate sponsors as we did last year.  As we are trying to raise $15,000 up from $12,000 last time.  We are looking to bundle/package various items together to increase the prices.  People seem to like a packaged items.  We understand this is the trend in auctions.  Combo packs of Celtic tickets, Portland Seadogs - bat boy etc.  We are looking at possible Slugger joining us for the event.  We might be able to get some Red Sox items.   Our goal is to try and move up the average bid amounts from $200 to $300.   We have a balloon ride which is nice.  Ocean's Inn and schooner dinner package.  Liberty Hotel in Boston.  Cooking classes, Seafood from Gilmore's!  Lots of great items. 

Frank Vigue is going to be playing the piano at the auction.  The JA volunteers will serve the appetizers in order to avoid the long lines.  A committee is being put together to select this year's recipient.  Peter praised the event of the financial commitment and the fun of the event.  2800 people volunteer for Success by 6 Read Aloud Program.  They have various programs to get kids and families involved in reading.  They greatly appreciate the support of the club and this fund raiser.    The date for the event is February 8 with a snow date of February 9.   The silent auction part brings in over $2,000.  So get your items if you can.  Tickets will be given out the first part of the year.  Family Focus will coordinate tables and ticket sales again.  

Special Thanks to Bob Davis as he works very hard on this event to make it a Success.  We GREATLY appreciate all of the efforts from the group to support this tremendous event.  It’s always a lot of fun and an enjoyable evening!!  Let's make it a wonderful event and night for everyone!! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Minutes respectfully submitted:

Carol A. Purinton


Posted by Carol Purinton on Nov 17, 2012

Minutes of the November 5 Meeting


Lively group was in attendance.  The Prez started us off with details of his trip to Martha's Vineyard to see his granddaughters.  They had a great time.  Sad but the Giants couldn't beat Pittsburgh!  Bill was happy that Pittsburgh beat the Giants!  Dave was happy that his old school won the State Class C soccer tournament.  He told us about the story of the man in northern Maine that recently took in 2 40 year old elephants to take care of them in their retirement.  It’s an amazing story. He built a facility just for them to be housed in.  Joel was Happy for being here today!  Ron celebrated his anniversary at Marconi Grille and had a wonderful time.  Steve’s parents came for a visit to enjoy Steve's new home!  Tom's son from California came visiting with their 19 month old.  It kept them busy.  Don is undecided for the election!  Gordon voted early.  Bill urges everyone to VOTE.  Nick Happy for visiting with a friend from France.  Jon happy for power washing his house this weekend.  Carol proud of her son for reaching the State Soccer Championship and being the Eastern Maine Soccer Champs!  


There is the RPM sign up sheet going around.  Its 11/15 at 5:30 at the Frontier restaurant.  $3.00 cover.  All are urged to attend!  5 Rotary clubs to be in attendance.  No meeting for the holiday of Veterans Day!  Club meeting in 2 weeks to plan our annual auction fund raiser for the spring.  All are encouraged to attend.  There will be a sign up list to ring the bells for the Salvation Army.  We will be adopting a family again and Ron will coordinate our efforts.  More to come on this. 


Tom gave the Rotary minute.  From Brooklyn NY his sister lives on Staten Island, she does not have power and the area has suffered substantial flood damages.  Local Rotarians are coordinating the relief efforts to assist the people there.  They are being generous with their time and money to help these people.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them. 


Tickets for the raffle.  Nick handed out tickets for the raffle - First prize Amazon Kindle, Second Prize $50 GC to L L Bean and third prize $25 GC to Reny's.  The drawing will be the second week in December.  Please sell as many as you can as this is a major fund raiser for us.  This is to benefit Working Villages International and Topsham's own Alex Petroff.  3 for $10.00 or $5.00 each.  Sell Sell Sell!  Thank you Nick for printing these off for the club! 


Nick gave an update about the Local Red Cross.  They are in a transition and cross roads for the agency.  Many changes have affected them.  Clara Burton started Red Cross decades ago and was instrumental in getting Red Cross involved in disaster relief.  This has been their role/niche ever since!  3.5 Billion is the overall budget for the organization.  They have over 30,000 employees and over a million volunteers.  They respond to 70,000 disasters a year.  They respond to all types of disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, fires etc.  They are a well oiled machine.  They spring into action and coordinate with the local authorizes to respond.  They provide shelter, food and other services to assist people in these devastating situations.  They have an office in the Pentagon and work with the agencies regarding military emergencies.  They support our veterans and active military personnel. 


They are the largest supplier of blood in the US.  44% of the needed blood supply comes from the Red Cross.  Nick is a Board of Director member for the local Red Cross Chapter.  Their Executive Director has resigned and their 2 paid volunteers were laid off.  Currently the BOD is reviewing what they need to do to get back on track and re organize the agency.  They are reviewing all options.  They had 24 chapters but have reduced down to 3 and therefore are in a state of flux in trying to re organize.  There is the Portland Branch, the MidCoast and Bangor Chapters.  There is concern for the current list of volunteers as the average age of their volunteers is elderly.  They need to get younger people involved.  Nick's mom is an active volunteer.  Because they deal with very sensitive information there needs to be a firm structure in place to make sure there are no abuses and to prevent duplication of efforts.  They deal with people when they are the most vulnerable and in a time of need. 


They are a big organization and the #1 recognizable charitable organization in the US.  They are ahead of the United Way in donations.  They need to restructure to face the needs of their clientele and the changing times.  There will be more to come.  Nick will keep us posted.


A very interesting discussion and we look forward to follow up information from Nick on how they make out. 


Respectfully submitted.


Carol A. Purinton


Posted by Carol Purinton on Oct 31, 2012

Minutes of the October 29 Meeting

The early morning chatter was all about the pending Hurricane "Sandy".  There was a small but lively crowd.  I contacted Ron K as we were concerned with how he was doing.  He is doing much better and will be at Rotary on Monday.  He thanks everyone for their concern.  The Prez let us know about an upcoming RPM that is scheduled for 11/15 at 5:30 pm.  This is being sponsored by 5 rotary clubs.  The cover charge is $3.00.  It will be at the Frontier Restaurant, 14 Maine Street, Mill #3, Fort Andross,  and all are encouraged to attend.    Come and meet other Rotarians! 

Happy Dollars:  Bill G was thrilled the Giants had won!  The Prez had a great time at the Patriots game last week!  The atmosphere was festive and the crowd was loud and fun!  Bill celebrated his sister's birthday.  Joel threw in a dollar for the Patriots since Don wasn't there.  Nick enjoyed hanging out with his aviation buddies at the airport and enjoying the nice weather we had on Saturday.  Tom is concerned about his nephews on Staten Island and other family and friends in NY with the pending storm.  Tom offered his B & B for those without power or that needed a place to stay.  The rate would be a nominal amount....Dave visited the Lintz Chocolate Factory!  He had a great tour!  Carol congratulated her son's soccer team who beat Brunswick 4 -1 and advanced to the semi finals of the State Soccer Championships.  The next game is on Wednesday or possibly Thursday (depending on field conditions) against Lewiston.  If they advance they will play in the state championships on Saturday at 9:00 am in Hampden.  It will be against the winner of the Scarborough and Gorham game.  Gordon had friends over and took them to Dimillo's Restaurant for a nice dinner. 

There was a miscommunication and our speaker Doug Stone - a retired Navy pilot wasn't able to make it. 

Therefore, various business issues were discussed.  Nick is going to be printing up the tickets for the raffle.  We hope to make about $800 - $900 so we need to sell as many as tickets as you can.  The grand prize is a Kindle, with second prize a $50.00 Gift Certificate to L L Bean and the third is a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Reny's. 

The annual Early Childhood Development - Success by 6 charity auction is being held on February 8 2013 at Maine Marine Museum again.  The rain/snow date is February 9.  One of the great prizes they have been able to secure is 2 tickets to the Miami Heat game in March, 1 hour shooting baskets, Dinner with a Celtic Legend Player and the Practice Jersey.  It’s a wonderful opportunity and we need to make sure we make it known in our advertising.  Advertising is the key to getting a big crowd there.  There is also Seadog tickets and Bob Davis is working on trying to get Bat Boy for the Field of Dreams Day.  We wish him luck.  There will be bottles of wine and we are hoping to try and get F. Lee Bailey to sign some framed wine labels.  John Hiltz graciously offered their Sugarloaf Condo again.  The Band is set and Janine agreed to do the food again with Carol.  The JA volunteers will also assist.  We need to give a donation to them to thank them for their efforts.  We were looking at $500 - $750.  We will be sending around a list in January for sign up regarding the food.  We need to make sure that we have enough food as the crowd gets larger each year and requires a lot of food.  Content  diners will hopefully bid more!!  There will be a meeting in a couple of weeks to start working on the logistic of the Auction.  People are encouraged to support and attend.  We discussed various suggestions for speakers to help BobBob gave out various assignments and dates to people in order to try to line up interesting speakers for the group.  Bob does a fantastic job in lining up informative and interesting speakers so please follow up on your assignments and let Bob know so he can complete his calendar. 

Minutes respectfully submitted:

Carol A. Purinton


Posted by Thomas Connelie on Oct 22, 2012

Posted by Thomas Connelie on Oct 15, 2012

Minutes of the October 15 Meeting

A spirited group or Rotarians gathered prior to the 07:15 start with lively discussions on the new of the day and the success and failure of their favorite sports teams. Only Bill Gillespie was smiling. President Bob Beaumont rang the bell promptly at 07:15 and personally led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by an invocation from Pastor Ron McLaughlin. Bob welcomed guest and prospective new member Bill Brillent as well as members Gordon Donley and Ian Bugler returning from absence due to illness.

Bob then called upon Club Sheriff Bill Gillespie for Happy / Sad dollars. Bill led it off with happy dollars for his Saint Louis Cardinals success in the playoffs. Bob Beaumont had a happy dollar for the nice fall weather that morning. Ron Kloswiski had a happy dollar for simply waking up in the morning, much better than the alternative. Russ Andrews described seeing a big deer in his driveway that morning and hoped it would still be around at the start of hunting season. Jon Hiltz had a happy dollar for his wife completing the 10K running race as part of the Dempsey Challenge. Steve Troutman had a happy dollar for his 9th wedding anniversary. Ian Bugler was happy to be at the meeting. Carol Purinton had a happy dollar for her 33 wedding anniversary and the success of the Mt Ararat Varsity soccer team her son plays on. They are going to the State tournament. Dave Wiggen had a pleasant visit with family in Philly. Fred Burgess had a happy dollar for progress in settling the NHL lockout. Ron McLaughlin was bursting with pride and happiness after officiating at his daughter’s wedding over the weekend.

Prez. Bob then read a nice thank you letter from Alex Petroff for our contribution to Working Villages and Nick added a few comments from a conversation that Nick had had with Alex over lunch during his visit. While Alex is having great success teaching the native people how to farm and market their crops there is still political unrest in the area and real, physical danger, from local warlords for Alex and the local leadership of the Working Village farm complex that Alex downplays in his public presentations.

Instead of a formal presentation it was Local Club Day and Prez. Bob led us in covering several topics. All members were requested to write down at the meeting possible program topics that were collected and will be given to program chair Bob Davis, absent from the meeting as he was driving relatives to the airport.

A discussion ensued regarding the fundraiser auction usually held prior to Christmas. While no one likes to sell tickets and most members ruefully acknowledged that buy most of them themselves there was agreement to continue with the auction this year, even though Kurt Nuefeld, usual chair for the auction, is no longer a member. Nick will take the lead on making the tickets. First prize will be a Kindle Fire that we will try and get at cost from Best Buy, Ron Kozlowski will try and get Reny’s to donate a gift certificate as second prize and Tom will get a gift certificate from LL Bean as another prize.

There was also discussion on the Music at the Museum fundraiser we hold in February in conjunction with Family Focus to raise money for early childhood literacy programs. Former member Janine Thompson, presently very active with Junior Achievement, will again take the lead on food for the event.

Subsequent to the meeting Bob Davis sent a note with the current planning schedule for the event. It is as follows:

“ Bob 

               Here you go: 

               Just starting to plan the event stated monthly meetings in September – Event date Friday February 15th  

               Overall the same format & timing 

               Looking to set an overall revenue goal of $ 15,000 

               As always any and all help is welcome – auction items, selling tickets & recruiting sponsors etc.              

               Jeannie Thompson has agreed to help with the food along with Jr. Achievement 

               Portland Sea Dogs will also participate this year 

               Musicians have been hired 

               Beginning to acquire auction items – both live & silent (probably the biggest key to success) 

               John Bontero (auctioneer) has committed 

               Just the beginning – again all ideas and help are welcome! 


Good meeting, discussions and enthusiasm.



Posted by Carol Purinton on Oct 01, 2012

A Big WELCOME back to Gordon!  It is great to see him back.  Guests were Lee Patenaude, Bob Patten and John Chapman. 

Fred our illustrious Sergeant at Arms started the Happy Dollars.  They went camping at Russell Pond where it was a chilly 26 degrees but they had a great time!  Happy Birthday to Don's daughter.  Tom had sad dollar for the rain on the parent's weekend at Bowdon College.  There was a Harvest Moon per John ChapmanJoel saw a rainbow this morning!  Lee playing golf at Sunday River tomorrow.  Russ was happy at the United way collection at his work.  Bob Patten had happy dollars for our guest speaker and the article in the Sunday paper about the Westbrook Rotary assisting a child by paying for all the expenses needed for life saving surgery that he needs.   The child is from out of the country.  Ron's daughter getting married in 10 days!  John had a good time coaching the kids.  Our Prez visited Martha's vineyard and got to celebrate the twins 10 year birthday.  Fred enjoyed Baxter State park.

Rotary Minute:  John showed a video on his I PAD that involved the family to indicate how family friendly the Rotary is.  

Lee reminded everyone there is the Rotary Foundation meeting this month on the 27th.  Changes are coming regarding matching grants and other areas.  Ron K will be attending too!

Habitat House in Richmond is having a delay because of permit issues.  A new date will be announced later.  A couple of thank you notes from past speakers were sent around for the group to read.

Guest Speaker was Cornell Knight who has been a Winthrop Rotarian.  He is the New Topsham Town Manger.  He was selected as the Manager of the Year.  He gave us a history of his employment, past Town Manger of Bailyville, Jay and Winthrop.  Has been in his new position for 1 year and 8 months.  He gave an update on what is going on with municipal government.  They have an 8 million budget; Topsham has a 97% collection rate on their property taxes which is excellent.  This collection has been consistent over the years.  Almost half of the budget goes to SAD 75, 40% to municipality and 10% to police.  Fuel Depot that the DOT has in town has worked out well.  Paving is ongoing in several areas.  Topsham has transferred 1700 tons of waste to the Norridgewock facility.  We recycle about 15,000 tons.  As of 7/1/2012 we are now providing 24 hour Fire Department coverage for the residents.  We purchased a new ladder truck for $890,000.  Chris Lewis is the new Chief of Police.  A new cruiser has been purchased which is a Dodge Charger rather than the old Crown Vics.  The gas mileage is much better.  Panera Bread is a new business locating at the Topsham Fair Mall.  They plan to be open in April 2013.  The new Rusty's Market is opening up next month.  About 440 kids participate in the Recreational Soccer league in Topsham.  Topsham Housing - George Shott has rented out all 72 units.  The Town has refinanced the bonding for the Public work and Town hall properties/construction because of favorable interest rates.  Saving the town approximately $478,000.  The Town is looking at a possible park where the old Fire station was.  Details need to be worked out.  The Town is working with the owner of the property.  The Black Bridge is unlikely to get repairs any time soon due to limits on DOT funding.  The Census saw a decrease in the population in Topsham from 9,810 to 8,784, which causes a negative impact on revenue sharing from the State for the town.  This amounted to almost a $100,000 impact.  Overall the discussion was very information and interesting for the group.   

Respectfully submitted. 

Carol A. Purinton
Posted by Gordon Donley on Jul 16, 2012

Summer in Maine is best. Often repeated, but always true. Once free of ice and snow, Mainers are all over the place. It's happy time. Just ask the Topsham Expresso Rotarians. The pre meet attitude was the same. Except this time a certain levity was about as we awaited the first official command from our new President in charge, The honorable Robert Beaumont. The root meaning of beaumont is Beautiful Mountain. Yep that's our Bob B. He's tall as a mountain. As for the beau part, words ascribed are [Fashionable, Handsome, and Dandy]. Yep dandy works too. May your Presidency take you and our club to great heights Bob. Just don't get a nose bleed. Now that wasn't nice but could not resist. Sorry.  Wonder if Bob has thin skin. Time to stop.

Ignoring the thoughts of the scribe, Pres Bob did the hammer and bell at the assigned moment of 7:15AM, Monday, July 16, 2012, in the little Bank on the bank of the river Androscoggin , Topsham, Maine. The pledge to Flag, God and Country was given and Bob called for a silent prayer. The mood properly set, Pres Bob introduced guests and visiting Rotarians. Lee Patenaude, Asst Dist Governor and Pat Forester, both Rotarians of considerable contributions to Rotary, did honor us with their presence for Bob’s first meeting. Pres Bob’s first official dictate was to call on Bill Gillespie to do the pleasure and pain gig for roaming member Fred Burgess who is off with wife, each on his and her motorcycle touring the great western States of our grand union of USA. Ron Kozlowski grumbled about a dead computer which is now replaced with new. Carol Purinton shared final events of son Patrick prior to his college adventure. Don Spann spoke of his daughter and her equestrian successes. Tom Connelie, bless his heart, shared his frustrating journey through Rotary Club Runner. Gordon D said Tom made his day. Nick Knobil questioned the 13 Biblical arguments that prove the existence of God. Nick shared with Bob B. that there might be a 14th argument. Nick was reading about Lyndon Baines Johnson and his control and ability to have the Federal Congress to do his bidding. Nick said Lyndon’s persuasive arguments were Biblical in effect and therefore might be the 14th argument. Bob Davis said the Maine State Music Theatre is outstanding. Said Bob, everyone should go. Russ Andrews observed that more friends come around in summer than winter. Seems that the family swimming pool has a lot to do with it. Gordon D observed that Beaumont's colorful shirt and Carol Purinton's colorful mini skirt were items right out of the fast and furious 1960's. Bill Gillespie was miffed at the performance of the Cardinals.

Out of the starter blocks Pres Bob said he would not be present for the July 23rd meet. He then shared his joy for Rotary and how often he ran into the Rotary presence as he ventured throughout Maine as well as Thailand where his son lives and recently became a Rotarian. Rotary is everywhere. Worldwide there are 34,000 Rotary Clubs doing good deeds with Service above Self leading the way. Bob said the journey to the podium and be the leader of the Rotary bell for Topsham Expresso is informative and enlightening. Pres Bob said no one person can do it all. He shared the many levels of support. It starts with Sakuji Tanaka President of RI on through to District Governor Marty Helman. Everyone contributes. Collectively Rotary is awesome. From Bill Gates to Sakuji Tanaka to Marty Helman to Bob Beaumont to general membership, we all move the Rotary effort Forward. Well presented Bob.

the slacker.   

Posted by Thomas Connelie

Minutes of the July 9 Meeting

Plenty of pre-meeting chatter from a good group of Rotarians on this, the first meeting of our new Rotary year. Also good to see guests Alice Bean-Andrenyak and Honorary club member Bob Patton present, and surprise of surprises, Jon Hiltz present and seated prior to the 07:15 bell. Outgoing President Russ Andrews rang the bell sharply at 07:15 and promptly turned over the gavel to new club President Bob Beaumont to run the meeting. Bob then called upon Russ to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Ron McLaughlin for a moving invocation.

With Sergeant at Arms Fred Burgess and his wife Irene away on a motorcycle trip to Colorado President Bob called upon Bill Gillespie to be acting Sergeant at Arms. Bill imposed no fines and went to happy / sad dollars. Don Spann had a happy dollar for our great weekend weather. Jon Hiltz had several happy dollars for several family vacation activities. Russ Andrews told of successful fishing in northern Maine and attending his 30 year HS reunion. Steve Trockman had several happy dollars for his new daughter and her (only slightly older) brothers gaining a baby sister. Alice Bean-Andrenyak had a happy dollar for making two meetings (as a guest) in a row. Carol Purinton had a couple of dollars, tough to tell if they were happy or sad, for attending her son’s soccer tournament in PA where the temps were record breaking high and the team lost. Ron Kozlowski was looking forward to the Moxie Festival (maybe following that he will put away the Moxie colored shirt for another year). Gordon Donley reminded one and all that semi-annual dues are a due. Bob Beaumont had a happy dollar for the District changeover event in Boothbay attended by the new Rotary International president. Nick Knobil had a happy dollar and fun story to tell about flying his plane to an air show in Minot SD. Bob Davis had a happy dollar for Russ Andrews service this past year as club President. Joel Merry had a happy dollar for a successful and safe Bath Heritage Days. Guest Lonnie Burke from the Brunswick had 5 happy dollars for husband Bob Beaumont starting his term as our club President. Lastly Bill Gillespie had several happy dollars for several exiting wins by his Cardinals.

President Bob Beaumont offered condolences from the club to Alice Bean-Andrenyak on the recent death of her mother and to Bob Patten on the death of his brother. Alice offered a challenge to the club, offering a free outdoor adventure to the first club member who donates $150 to Rotary International.  Ron Kozlowski reminded members that dues are due from the Circle of Gold participants and will contact the individuals’ in case they lost track of where they are in the process. President Bob told a little about the Change Over event in Boothbay with 1-1/2 rain delay and thunder and lightning storm but still a great time and thrill to meet the new RI president, Sakuji Tanaka.

Joel Merry then introduced our guest speaker, Sue Dresher Hall, Executive Director of Sexual Abuse Support Services of Midcoast Maine (SASSMM). Sue gave a very enlighten, evenhanded presentation on the need for assistance for those victims, male and female and of all ages, of sexual assault. She provided a wide range of statistics documenting how wide spread sexual assault and abuse is and made a compelling case for the need for effective counseling and assistance. SASSMM recently expanded service area includes Brunswick and Harpswell from Cumberland County and all of Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox and Waldo Counties. Sue said that there were 632 reported cases in our area in the previous year, and that while increased publicity about the problem has encouraged more victims to come forward and report abuse studies have shown that many cases remain un-reported. Sue made the case that the problem includes all socio-economic groups and includes males as well as females and addressed the unique aspects of sexual abuse of senior citizens and the elderly.  Even excluding domestic partners, 93% of victims know their assailant. SASSMM offers a wide range of counseling and support services and works closely with law enforcement and health care providers in coordinating services. Sue also emphasized that there is an adverse economic impact of sexual assault and that it is good public policy to recognize and address the problem. A very informative presentation. Thanks to Sue for presenting and to Joel Merry for arranging it.


Submitted: Tom

Posted by Russell Andrews on Apr 30, 2012

Peter Lindsay thanked the club for our support of Success by Six program of United Way.  "Thanks for the award," he added.  He announced that lawmakers in Augusta may be cutting funds for early childhood education.  The tobacco money from the settlement has given assistance to early childhood programs.  Locally, we continue to provide home visiting for young parents with infants in an effort to help them be effective parents.  "Finally", Peter added, "thank you for your part in the community read aloud on March 2 of this year.  Two hundred and fifty people read to children in local schools."

A photo was taken of President Russ handing Peter Lindsey a check for $5,085 for Success by Six


Posted by Nicholas Knobil on May 09, 2011

As a result of our efforts at the "Music at the Museum" event in February, the Topsham Rotary helped raise almost $11,000 to support early childhood development.  Here, President Nick Knobil and Treasurer Bob Davis present Deb Gardiner from Family Focus with their share of the proceeds.

Thanks all around, and here's looking to an even more successful fundraiser next year!

Posted by Nicholas Knobil on Mar 04, 2011

Our winter raffle raised enough money for the Club to reach it's goal of purchasing a ShelterBox!

 What's a ShelterBox you say?

 A ShelterBox supplies an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.

Only new equipment is used and is carefully selected for durability, practicality and suitability for where it is needed.

Tough, lightweight and waterproof, the box itself can also have many useful functions from food container to cot. We also continually work with a range of manufacturers to improve the quality and extend the range of equipment that we have available.

A range of equipment is kept in stock. This lets us adjust the contents of the box according to local conditions and what is most urgently needed.

Sometimes, particularly if other resources are available locally and the overwhelming need is for shelter, we will just send tents and pack two in each box.

The donation required to sponsor a box is $1,000, which includes all materials, packing, storage and distribution to individual recipients worldwide. 

Learn more at ShelterBox, or check out a bunch of photos from around the world of ShelterBoxes, the folks that support them, and, most importantly, the people they help in time of need.


Posted by Nicholas Knobil on Feb 24, 2011

The 2011 "Music at the Museum" fundraiser was held on February 11th at the Maine Maritime Museum, a joint effort between our club, Family Focus and Success By Six, and by all measurements was a huge success again this year.  The final tally is still incomplete, but it appears that we will have raised in excess of $10,000 for early childhood development programs in the Midcoast area.

 Special shout out to:

Posted by Nicholas Knobil on Feb 17, 2011

Connie Jones of the Mid Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross accepts a small donation from President Nick Knobil on behalf of the Rotary Club of Topsham Expresso, as President-Elect Russ Andrews looks on. 

 If you'd read about the 12 unit fire that left 17 people from Brunswick homeless the other night, you know how very important and timely contributions to the American Red Cross can be. 

The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, provides relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. 

 The Rotary Club of Topsham is on the team.  Join us and the Mid Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Posted by Nicholas Knobil on Feb 08, 2011

Lindsay McDonald of Big Brothers / Big Sisters accepts a small donation from President Nick Knobil on behalf of the members of the Topsham Expresso Rotary.   Nick is just one of the members of the club who is also a "Big".  We hope to see you at the "Bowl for Kids Sake" event at the Spare Time Bowling Center at Cook's Corner in Brunswick on April 2nd!

Posted by Nicholas Knobil on Mar 08, 2011

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