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Posted by David Fisher on Feb 21, 2015

Guest Speakers – Libby Bleakley & Teresa Beck

Introduction by Brian Beasley.

Libby and Teresa are both ex-Police Officers.

With the Australian Federal Police, both Teresa and Libby worked overseas with offenders living in third world countries. Teresa’s first mission was to Cyprus, and Libby’s was to the Northern Territory, with both meeting for the first time on a mission to East Timor. In East Timor, Libby and Teresa were based in the jungle, with a toilet that sometimes flushed, running water, and food (mostly tuna) that they brought in each month, with a limit of 20 kgs each.


There were 39 Police under the command of Teresa, with other cultures feeling challenged with having a female Officer in such a high rank. There were also issues between the Police and the public. The solution was that bridges needed to be built between the two.

To build these bridges, the Police worked with the children. They did this by teaching children boxing. There were rules around these boxing lessons, with an example being no weapons allowed. There were no class rooms for these, with classes being held in the open jungle, and these classes were run 6 afternoons a week, proving very popular. The age ranged between 7 and 38 years old, and eventually, peer pressure from the children themselves started to cut the crime rate. It became uncool to break the law.

With boxing, positive changes were made in the face of huge poverty. The boxing led to afternoon tea being provided, and then to counselling, and then to supporting these children socially.

Posted by David Fisher on Feb 12, 2015


President Laurie with our newest member Alister Currie

from Wiseberry Real Estate Taree

Posted by David Fisher on Feb 08, 2015

Guest Speaker – Daniel Brauer – Mid Coast Water introduced by Neil Hanington


Daniel is the Planning and Development Manager at Midcoast Water and entertained us with his speech on the Manning Water Supply Scheme and Nabiac Water Supply Scheme.

Currently, Midcoast Water is working on it’s Next 30 Year Strategy, titled “Our Water, Our Future”.

Just some statistics:

40 000 water connections are looked after by Midcoast Water, 36 000 sewage connections also come under Midcoast Water’s care. There are 9 recycled water schemes, 12 000 kms of water mains and 800 kms of sewage mains. Midcoast Water supply 8 billion litres of water, and have a budget of $100 million. The most significant scheme is the Manning Scheme, which covers 90% of the customers of Midcoast Water.

The water supply comes from a weir in the Manning River, situated a km above where the salt water turns into fresh.


Posted by David Fisher on Feb 01, 2015

About $9,000 was raised on the day with proceeds going to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Australian Children's Music Foundation and the Children's Ward at Manning Base Hospital.



More Photos in Photo Album

Posted by David Fisher on Feb 01, 2015

Mondays meeting was a Vocational visit to the Eagle Ridge Arabian Farm at FireFly. President Laurie welcomed 45 Rotarians, partners and children to our first vocational visit for 2015 and also welcomed Alister Currie and his wife Lesley along with Father George, visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Taree on Manning.
President Laurie then mentioned several items for members to consider over the next month firstly, the pre release screening fundraiser for the End Polio Now fundraiser to be held on Thursday the 26 February 2015 at Fays Twin Cinema with the showing of the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This is a joint fundraiser with Taree North and Taree On Manning Clubs with profits split equally between each participating club.
More details will be published over the next week with numbers required.
Also the Hat Party supporting Rotary Mental Health Research Foundation being run by the Rotary Club of Taree On Manning on Saturday 28 February 2015.

Posted by David Fisher on Jan 16, 2015

Guest Speakers – Kyle Brown, Belinda Crossingham and Graham Brown


Laurie introduced Graham Brown who spoke about Tidy Up Taree and Kyle Brown and Belinda Crossingham who spoke about the Manning In Motion
Tidy Up Taree
Graham blames the Rotary Club of Taree for starting the Tidy Up Taree campaign. A newspaper article, complete with photos, was published in the Manning
River Times after he last spoke at our club. This enthused the Taree Community to start taking responsibility for the heart of Taree.
A strongly held belief of Graham is that the community needs to be empowered, and to take control, instead of letting Council determine the future of Taree. This belief was inspired by a speech by The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison who said “the standard you walk past is the standard you set.”
The Tidy Up Taree campaign grew out of the business community, and, with support from the GTCC, has achieved a much more presentable City Centre. The community has been inspired to paint the median strips (paint donated by GTCC), taken down the sign over Valley Fair, empowered Kent’s Pharmacy and Centrelink to clean their building facsades, and helped paint the building across the road from the GTCC Library, white.
Feeling encouraged, the Taree Community then installed the goanna and new seating in Victoria Street. The new timber seats were made by the Taree /
Manning Men’s Shed. Individuals are now taking pride in this town, with one man involved with the Men’s shed skiting to his wife that he was one of the workers responsible for the new seating. 
Kids have been seen playing on the goanna, with parents now stopping instead of driving through Taree. The GTCC are also very supportive, as was
demonstrated by Ron Posselt confirming his support by providing white pebbles for the main street within 35 minutes of being approached with the idea.


Posted by David Fisher on Dec 22, 2014

Our Annual Christmas party was held on Monday 15th December. By all reports it was a fun evening.


Rob Keene was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow by President Laurie and Past President Joy McCaffrey.

Our next meeting will be on the 12th January 2015 at Club Taree.

There are more photos to be found in the Photo Album. 

Posted by David Fisher on Dec 15, 2014

Member Talk – Ian Woollard - - Introduction by Laurie Easter
Ian is a local boy, whose ancestors come from around the Manning / Comboyne area. Ian’s grandfather owned a farm at Marlee.
Ian was born in Taree in Manning Street to Mervyn and Marion Woollard from the Bulga. His parents ran the Post Office in Glenwarrin, before relocating to the
Manning Valley.
Mervyn’s work in the Manning Valley involved making sleepers, poles, and other similar equipment from felled timber.
Starting school at Taree Public, Ian continued his education at Taree High School. His first job was with the Commonwealth Bank, where everything that is now computerised was done by hand. Transferring from Belligen, Ian then worked at Macksville, Lithgow and North Ryde, before he worked for the Australian
Government in the 15th intake for National Service. Ian quickly discovered how well the Commonwealth Bank was operated and re-entered this as his workplace.
When Ian started working for the Commonwealth Bank again, he entered the IT area. He moved from general computer work into IT Operations. When the IT
Operations were outsourced in 1997, Ian worked for the company that the IT Operations were outsourced to, and ended the last seven years of his career
working for IBM.
Among his accomplishments, Ian competed his Bachelor of Commerce at university between 1995 and 2002, proving that anyone can achieve anything at any time during life.
Ian’s neighbour invited him to a Rotary meeting. As our organisation has a good reputation and is a very good organisation, Ian decided to stay, citing that he enjoys the fellowship of the Club.
Ian is now retired, enjoys playing golf, lawn bowls and working at the Men’s Shed. He and his wife enjoy ballroom dancing, and although Ian is capable of many things, he cannot sing.

Posted by David Fisher on Dec 08, 2014

Guest Speaker - Tim Gilchrist - Introduction by Warren Blanch
Tim Gilchrist was the student selected from our District to participate in the National Youth Science Forum. He has just completed Year 12 at the Taree Christian Community College and is hoping to study science at ANU in Canberra.
After being selected at national level to represent Australia internationally, Tim was sent to the Heidelberg based Max Planck Institution of Astronomy. Here, he studied exoplanets. Exoplanets are planets that orbit stars outside our immediate galaxy. There are over 1800 that have been discovered, with 11 billion habitable planets that are Earth-like.


President Laurie with Tim Gilchrist

Posted by David Fisher on Nov 21, 2014

This week’s meeting was a vocational visit to Tinonee Orchids followed by dinner at Artisans Retreat.
There was only one Directors report from Felicity George (Community Services). Bunnings have offered $200 to our club if we can wrap gifts over Christmas. I
believe that there were enough volunteers to fill the roster but please contact Felicity if you are able to be a reserve.

By all accounts it was a great evening. Don’t forget the AGM is on this coming Monday.


Top David Fisher thanking Ray Clement - Tinonee Orchids and Bottom Ian Woollard on the pole lathe at Artisan's Retreat, watched by Peter Calabria.


Posted by David Fisher on Nov 21, 2014

The finals for the Cluster 4 Public Speaking competition were held last Tuesday. The winner, representing Rotary Club of Taree, was Evelyn Foxwell from Taree High School. The standard was exceptionally high, and Evelyn prevailed in both the prepared speech and the impromptu.


PDG Ian Dyabll, Evelyn Foxwell and President Laurie Easter

Posted by David Fisher on Nov 06, 2014

Induction – Catherine Wendell


It was the privilege of President Laurie Easter to induct Catherine Wendell to the Rotary Club of Taree. Catherine will be given the classification of Community Services and will be a member of the youth services committee. I know all members will warmly welcome Catherine to our club.

Member Talk - Keith Atkinson

President Laurie introduced Keith Atkinson to give a talk on his life’s experiences this far. Keith has worked and lived in many places. He was born in February 1945 in Auburn, Sydney. He began his education at Willoughby and his family moved to Ballina when he was seven. Keith was brought up in the Salvation Army.
Upon finishing school Keith worked for the Post Master General (PMG) in Surry Hills, Paddington, Edgecliff, Merrylands, Coraki and Gloucester. During this time Keith developed an interest in dairying. 

Posted by David Fisher on Nov 05, 2014

Jackie was introduced by DGE Maurie Stack


Jackie is a former lawyer who now provides a wellness program to lawyers and other professionals through laughter yoga. Laughter yoga was first started in India in 1995, by Dr Madan Kataria.
Studying under Dr Kataria meant that Jackie could then start teaching laughter yoga in Port Macquarie. In 2004, Jackie was driving between Newcastle and Port Macquarie, when she prayed for guidance on what to do with her life. She immediately had the concept to start a laughter club. Since she didn’t know what a laughter club was, she Googled what one was, and found laughter yoga.
Dr Kataria was a Medical Doctor, who, on 3rd March 1995, held the world’s first laughter yoga class in a park in India. He had researched laughter and realised it had health benefits. Amongst these are the boosting of the immune system, relieves pain, brings hope, improves brain function, enhances communication skills, and develops the community.
Realising that he didn’t spend much time laughing, Dr Kataria decided to start a laughter club. Now, there are over 60,000 laughter clubs in the world, spread through out more than 60 countries.
Jackie attended a seminar and felt amazing after spending time rolling around on the floor with laughter. She felt like a new person, and wanted other people to benefit like she had. She started Port Macquarie’s first and only laughter club and has found the practice transforming.
There is a scientific method behind the laughter club. After the class, people tend to feel more connected to themselves and to others, they reported less physical pain and it has even helped someone move their arthritic and normally frozen hand. Lives change due to laughter.
Jackie realised the effects of laughter when her daughter destroyed her best sheets, and her response, when she found out, was to burst out laughing.
Laughter is an anti-depressant and has been known to help in curing cancer.
There are three distinctions behind laughter yoga
1. No reason is behind the laughter
2. You don’t need to have a sense of humour
3. You don’t need to be happy
Building a laughter club in Taree may interest Rotary as it is a practice that builds community.

Posted by David Fisher on Oct 30, 2014

Guest Speaker: Tamara Campbell – Vocational Training Team

Col Rose introduced Tamara Campbell to talk about her experience on the Vocational Training Team’s visit to Louisiana earlier this year.
Tamara’s team were mostly aquaculture and agriculture orientated, with the exchange being between Districts 9650 and 6200. Tamara is from Port Macquarie and works for Forestry, looking after road maintenance in an area that stretches from Kempsey and Walcha to the Hunter Valley. While Tamara spends much of her time in front of a computer, she does sometimes, have the opportunity to work in the field.

The Vocational Training Team consisted of four members and a team leader – Michelle Webb who is a free range pig farmer, Cameron Wood who is a sheep farmer, Paul Arnott from Armidale who works for UNE in genetics, Tamara, and Lindsay Wilkin who was the Team Leader.

Rotary programmes such as the VTT Exchange foster goodwill around the world. The common thread throughout the group was an interest in sustainable farming, with the Exchange being the first between the two districts. The team were chosen based on their vocation.

Louisiana is mostly delta and is therefore very different from Australia. The land is very flat and swampy, with rivers following many different veins to the sea. Australia grows different crops and livestock and has a strong forestry focus. Bayou country, in Louisiana, is flat and swampy, with problems inherited from heavy logging in the early 20th Century. It is a sensitive ecosystem.


Guest Speaker Tamara Campbell with our Secretary Belinda Crossingham

Posted by David Fisher on Oct 24, 2014

Greg acknowledged the warm welcome he had received from the club and President Laurie. He also thanked District Governor Elect Maurie Stack and Assistant DG Bruce Moy for their ongoing assistance. 

Greg and his wife Sue have been travelling through the District since the middle of July. Greg congratulated the board and the club for the projects they are undertaking. He also commended the club on the website. He appreciated the clubs’ efforts including the Golf day, Rotary Park rejuvenation, the CCTV project and the School Music Spectacular. Greg was inspired to see the way that individual clubs are working together with other Rotary 
clubs in their area. 

Posted by David Fisher on Oct 24, 2014

The meeting was commenced with a toast to Rotary International given by Past District Governor Ian Dyball. Ian highlighted the achievements of Rotary International including the the work to eradicate polio, the development of schools and hospitals in the South Pacific, malaria eradication programs, and other humanitarian efforts.


President Laurie Easter gave a warm welcome to District Governor Greg Moran and his wife Sue, District Governor Elect Maurie Stack and his wife Dee and their guest Linus Faustin, Assistant District Governor Bruce Moy, visitors Catherine & Scott Wendell, visiting Rotarian Judy Richardson from Myall Coast 
Rotary Club, honorary members Mavis Jones and Alan & Judy Cowan, and Rotarians and their partners.

President Laurie advised that he has spoken to council on Monday about the CCTV project. Council is currently engaging in community consultation regarding the Community Safety Plan which encompasses the CCTV project. 
President Laurie congratulated Bruce Moy who was awarded the Premier’s Community Service Award over the weekend.
President Laurie advised that Harvey Else is currently unwell and in hospital at the Mayo.
Laurie thanked Kaye Whitelaw for the table decorations at tonight’s meeting.
Sergeant at Arms Warren Blanch led an efficient fine session.

Posted by David Fisher on Oct 16, 2014


PDG Ian Dyball opened the public speaking, noting that the Cluster Competition is on 11th November in Wingham, and the Semi Finals in Walcha. The prize is sponsored by Travel 195, and is a return flight to New Zealand, where the winner is hosted by Rotarians, while in the country of the Long White Cloud.
Evelyn Foxwell – Taree High School - Winner
Evelyn spoke about how social networking is building goodwill and helping people and families stay connected. Twitter gives a voice to people who would otherwise, not have an outlet, and it creates a stronger democracy as it better reflects what the current public opinion is.
Montana – MVAC
ISIS uses foreigners and children as suicide bombers, and their tactics are currently making them the most successful Jihadist group in the world. If measures are not put in place, how can we ensure Australia will remain safe? Why can we not build a world built upon goodwill and friendship?
Thomas Freeman – MVAC
Thomas spoke about an asylum seeker, who migrated to Australia at the age of 15 and who, after completing his HSC, formed Chill Out, an organisation that is lobbying for children to be kept out of detention. Australia needs to go back to what is fair and right, and build a refugee intake programme that perpetuates goodwill and friendship.

Posted by David Fisher on Sep 26, 2014

Club Speakers – First Rodney Lattimore
Rod gave a presentation on his dairy farm at Taree. He was born in 1968 and educated at Taree West Primary School and Taree High School. He bought back the family farm and started dairying in 1988.
The farm consists of approximately 350 acres which includes 155 acres of effective milking area situated adjacent to the Manning River in Taree Estate. Rod has a passion for managing his property in an environmentally and efficient manner. He employs techniques to manage nutrient leaching, recycle waste and
maximising returns. He has invested in large farm shedding, concrete bunkers and feeding equipment to minimise the wastage of feed. Rod strongly believes in animal welfare and treats his animals well. As a result his herd are happy and friendly.
The farm produces 900,000 litres of milk a year with a milk fat content of 4.2% fat.
Rodney’s father, John Lattimore, was a long serving member of the Rotary Club of Taree and this was a significant influence in his decision to join Rotary. Rodney answered a number of questions from the club.


Posted by David Fisher on Sep 18, 2014

Guest Speaker – Greg Crisp – History of Surveying in the Manning

Greg Crisp was introduced by an envious Bruce Moy, who has aspired to be a Surveyor.
Greg Crisp is a surveyor and owns the practice “McGlashan and Crisp” in Taree. The practice was established in 1850 by John Hall who operated his practice in Wingham. In the 1930’s Stewart McGlashan purchased the practice and employed Brian Crisp (Greg’s father) as an articled pupil in 1948. In 1954 Brian Crisp became a partner in the firm and remains one of the present principals. Greg joined the firm in 1991 after nine years managing a survey firm in Queanbeyan. 
The Australian Agriculture (AA) Company was granted land up to the south bank of the Manning River around 1830. In 1827, one of the staff surveyors form the AA company, John Armstrong, led a party from Port Macquarie to find the Manning River. They climbed to the top of South Brother and both explored and surveyed the Manning River. Cedar, also known as “red gold” was marked on their first survey.
In 1830 William Wynter was granted land. The survey for this was performed by James “Jazz” Ralfe. At that time there were only five licenced surveyors in NSW. From about this time land grants became more frequent.
In 1841, Lewis Gordon purchased 709 acres near the Dawson River, which were subdivided into 10 to 12 acre properties. These made up the suburb, “Chatham.” In 1843, Gorman surveyed Wingham, with Tinonee being surveyed by Henry Carmichael and John Hall in 1854. These two towns were government owned, but Taree was privately owned by Henry Flett.
During the 1800s, compasses were main tool used to survey. Early survey maps were hand drawn. We are lucky that the Land Titles Office has scanned the original plans, so that not only they are now preserved but also accessible to the public.
Reference trees were blazed as markers. This means that part of their bark was cut to reveal a place where a mark could be chiselled into the tree. This would identify the tree for future surveying purposes. The Government symbol used to be a broad arrow at the top of the plate or mark.
In the early days, surveying parties would use horses and take a dray into remote areas. Today surveyors use GPS and electronic distance measuring equipment.
Vote of thanks by Mark Drury.


Mark Drury and Greg Crisp


Posted by David Fisher on Sep 11, 2014

Guest Speaker – Shane McLeay - Embracing Change
Shane McLeay was introduced by Ashley Cleaver. While Shane was born in Sydney, he claims Macksville as his home town. His career started at Berrigan’s Music Shop, selling Yamaha Organs and musical instruments. Eventually, Shane operated two business in Taree, one being Infinity, which he ran for 10 years, and Betta Electrical for 5 years.
Shane currently works in Sales and Marketing for Channel 10. Shane and his wife have two children and they live locally.
The Webster dictionary of 1913 defines change as being “to alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another; or to change the character, position or appearance of a thing.”
Change happens to us on a daily basis. Rotary is facing a world where people’s values are changing. Shane’s own Rotary club recently faced closure as they were down to five members. So they are in the process of merging with the Rotary Club of Old Bar.
Change brings us to where we are today. Human nature dictates that we feel the urge to distance ourselves from change, but power lies in embracing change, and using it to our benefit. We need to take ownership of change.
Change can lead to a better place than where we are now. The changes we make now determine where we end up tomorrow.
Jim Frazier is a friend of Shane’s, and they both share a love of butterflies. The lives of a butterfly reflect the lives of people. The caterpillar must make a decision to become a butterfly.

There are 50 trillion cells in a body, and they all change every day. The cells of a caterpillar know to go into hibernation and turn into a butterfly. The caterpillar slows, stores energy, and makes a chrysalis. The cells that are not necessary choose to die, while the rest of the cells change to make way for the butterfly.
Change is a choice. An individual can choose to die with the caterpillar, or change into the butterfly.
Embrace change. Things don’t become better by themselves; they become better because there is change.

We need to “honour the past, and secure the future.”
The Vote of Thanks was offered by Murray Difford


Posted by David Fisher on Sep 04, 2014


David Denning reported that we had a very good turn up on Saturday with nine members. The rain held off and we completed the planting and mulching.
We would like to thank the following:
- GTCC and Valley industries for some of the plants
- Valley Industries for two loads of soil
- GTCC for the mulch
- Rod and Mescal Dever of Pampoolah , plant growers for providing about 25 plants, wetting agent and Osmocote
- Rotary members: Neil Hanington, Murray Difford, Leonie Melder, President Laurie Easter, Father Keith Dean-Jones, David Denning,  Robert Keene and Max Carey, (as in photo above) plus Felicity George and Bruce Moy,
We still have some more work we want to do later in the year, Max will keep you informed.

Posted by David Fisher on Sep 04, 2014

Guest Speaker – Sharon Fowle


Neil Hannington with Guest Speaker Sharon Fowle

Sharon Fowle is the Executive Officer of the Manning Valley Business Chamber (MVBC) following an appointment at the Forster Tuncurry Business Chamber. Sharon runs a successful business, Big Green Leaf, manufacturing and distributing Vertical Garden Trellis. Sharon was previously involved in international business development and marketing of high end computer hardware and software solutions. Sharon originally came from Dublin, has 4 girls, and has been living in Australia for 18 years. 
Sharon presented an entertaining video of how geese are a good example of how an organisation can operate to a higher capacity. Sharon spoke about "Women in Business” and the local Business Awards.
Anybody who is successful in business is successful, in part, because of the people who have supported them, and who, they in turn support. The MVBC has managed the Women In Business events since March 2013 and the events continue to grow month on month. They are held on the first Thursday of every month (except January). Speakers for the group have included business women like Wendy Machin, and usually attract 30 – 45 attendees from areas as far afield as Port Macquarie and Smiths Lake. Traditionally, women earn less than men, which is one of the reasons why the Women in Business group is important.
The Manning Gloucester Great Lakes Business Awards are open to all businesses in the Manning Valley, Gloucester and Great Lakes Region. The Awards celebrate our region’s business success with a range of judged and popularly voted categories. While there can be complaints made about who receives the Business Award, it needs to be noted that the system may not be perfect, but the fact that the Awards go ahead each year means that there are many positive outcomes. Participating in the Business Awards boosts staff morale, and publicises the businesses and the regions where they operate. This encourages external investment, boosting visitors and economic growth. The aims of the Awards include supporting the business in the region as well as providing encouragement to those who are starting or relocating their businesses. 
There were plenty of questions and comments for Sharon.
The Vote of Thanks was offered by Bruce Moy.

New Member Induction – Brian Leggett


It was with great pleasure that President Laurie Easter inducted Brian Leggett to membership of the Rotary Club of Taree. Brian is the Chief Executive of the Taree-Wingham Race Club. He moved to Taree from Sydney last year. Brian has been given the classification of Hospitality Management and assigned to the Vocational Service Committee under the care of Leonie Melder. Brian took a few moments to express his reasons for joining and how the late Don Hopkins had inspired him to support our Club.

Posted by David Fisher on Aug 30, 2014

Guest Speaker – Noel Gogerly
Rotarian Bruce Moy introduced our Guest Speaker for the evening Noel Gogerly.
Noel has been a professional fisherman for 43 years. He is also a Grazier. He is a Director of the Wallis Lake Fish Co-op and a past chairman. Noel’s topic is about lobsters and fishing in the local area. The fishing area they take in is from Ulladulla to Coffs Harbour.
Our local fishermen are the shareholders of the Wallis Lake Fish Co-op and therefore own it. It works in their best interest to sell the products locally and then send the remaining catch to the markets in Sydney. Not only do they save on transport costs, they can also ensure that the freshest and best quality product is kept here in their local community. Product is sent to Sydney 4 times per week and our seafood is known to buyers on the auction floor as one of the highest quality products.
He advised that his current boat is the “White Winds. He has also in the past built his own trawler.
Noel noted that the late 1970’s and early 1980’s nearly saw the collapse of the fishing industry due to over fishing. These days’ professional fishermen use quotas or tags, with criteria having to be met to qualify for quota. With respect to lobsters you own shares. Anyone can own lobster shares, with these shares being linked to quotas. One share equals 15.9kg. Noel advised that he personally owns 273 shares. He advised that professional fisherman have to meet rigid compliance conditions and government and industry criteria.
He showed us the tags that professional fisherman must use and advised that they must also use log books which must be kept up to date. 
Rotarian John Doust gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the Club.


ADG Bruce Moy with Noel Gogerly

Posted by David Fisher on Aug 20, 2014

Guest Speaker - Celine Tanieres

Celine Tanieres was introduced by Alan Small. She was previously a French Exchange Student who visited Taree in 2002. She is now travelling around Australia.
As a 17 year old teenager, Celine had many new experiences in Australia. She had mixed feelings about returning home. She knew that a unique opportunity was coming to an end. She was not sure if she would ever have another opportunity like it, and she was sad when it was over.
Celine was originally living in Strasbourg when she left for Australia, and she was worried about moving back to her old place of residence with a changed outlook. Her fears were allayed by her parents moving to Orleans, so she was able to start her new life and new outlook from a new location.
Wanting another overseas challenge, Celine enrolled in Business School in Paris so she could travel. Her first internship was in Mexico, her second was in Singapore, and her last and most significant internship was with an international transport company. Her final choice was so she could travel further, and what better place than with an organisation that travelled the whole world. Celine graduated in 2010, and then continued her studies specialising in International Logistics in Bordeaux where she met Pierre. 
Following the completion of their studies, Celine and Pierre moved to Paris to find employment, and it wasn’t long before they fell into the Metro – Boulot – Dodo routine (Public Transport – Work – Bed). Wanting a change, Celine and Pierre have sold everything they own, and are moving to New Zealand for a year. Being so close to Australia, Celine wanted to visit her old friends in Taree. Celine & Pierre rented a campervan in Alice Springs and have travelled over 9000 kms. They ended their time with the campervan in Brisbane before travelling down to Taree via Byron Bay. Celine thanked Taree Rotary Club and the Youth Exchange Program for taking care of her twelve years ago and for everything that the program had given her.
The Vote of Thanks was completed by Bob Newling.

Posted by David Fisher on Aug 13, 2014

Guest Speaker – Alex Cudlin
Alex Cudlin was introduced by Belinda Crossingham. Alex is the youngest of three, with an older brother and sister. Born in Blacktown, he moved to Taree in his first year and his father, Shane, started a motorcycle business called Fine Line Motorcycles. Shane was a Police Officer in Blacktown and worked in Highway Patrol. It was this early exposure to motorcycles that gave Alex his inspiration. Growing up on an 11 acre property gave him plenty of space to ride.

Alex started riding motorcycles at the age of 3, with the Old Bar Bike Track being his first race track. Alex started racing at the age of 6. At his very first television interview at 8 years old, he told the reporter that he was going to grow up to be a motorcycle rider. Alex achieved his first Australian title at the age of 10, and started racing on road bikes when he was 11. His first Senior Race was when he was 16 at Eastern Creek, and he won it. This Senior Race is against adults and professionals from all around Australia. At the age of 17, Alex, and his now wife, Amy, moved to England, opening up opportunities to compete in Europe. He has plenty of injuries, with the latest being a dislocated elbow. This happened off track.

Alex is now competing in the World Endurance Championship and the Qatar Superbike Championship. In 2010, Alex won the Superstock Endurance FIM World Cup, and in 2013 won the FIM World Championship. Alex has won the Qatar International Road Racing Championship 4 years in a row. 2014 will see Alex compete in the World Endurance Championships and in the Qatar Superbike Championship. Alex is sponsored by Ausmulch and is an ambassador for the Manning Valley. He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at Taree Motorcycle Club, alongside Troy Bayliss. When he is in Taree, Alex still works in his parent’s motorcycle business.

Alex was thanked by Belinda Crossingham.


Posted by David Fisher on Aug 09, 2014

The meeting of 4th August was a Club Assembly. 
Our meeting on 11th August will be held as usual with guest speaker Alex Cudlin.
A reminder that we have an International Night on the 18th August. Our special guest will be Celine Tanierses who was a Youth Exchange Student from France in 2001-2002. We will need numbers at the next meeting. The venue is to be confirmed.
An evening for new members will be held on 7 August at the Bean Bar at 6:30pm.These meetings will be held every 2 months and will be known as Incubator meetings. 
There is to be a working bee at Rotary Park on Saturday 16 August. Bring your gloves, buckets and garden tools ready to clean up the gardens. Image

David Denning and Rob Keene at Rotary Park preparing for "Working Bee".

Don’t forget the ACMF Schools spectacular is on 27 August 2014. Get your tickets now – see information in the website Calendar.

Posted by David Fisher on Aug 08, 2014


Last night's "Incubator Meeting" at the Bean Bar - Photo by Alan Small

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You may already know the story of Rotary Scholar Kelsi Cox, who spoke at the Rotary International Convention in June about the good work she and local Rotarians did for the children of Fiji. We invite you to watch the video that was featured during the convention and share it with friends. It illustrates the impressive work that Rotary Foundation grants make possible.


Posted by David Fisher on Jul 30, 2014

Guest Speakers – Max Carey & Harvey Else - Taree Rotary Park

President Laurie introduced Max Carey and Harvey Else.
In 1979 Taree Council was establishing their playing fields. There was a small section which seemed to be going to waste. So the Rotary Club of Taree suggested that it could be a good place to build a park. The council agreed the Rotary club put in an application. The council were very cooperative and contributed $10, 000 and built the road. A number of shelters and a BBQ area were planned. The club decided that shingle roofs would be appropriate for the shelters in recognition that most of the earlier settlers in the area built their homes with shingles roofs which they split themselves. The shingles for Rotary Park were sourced from Timbertown at Wauchope. Over the last few years the shingle roofs have been replaced with Colourbond by Rotary Club members with the expert assistance of Rob Keene.
In 1979, Wilf Connors was given the task of supervising the choosing and planting of the trees in the Park, later being given the task of planning Endeavour Park near Browns Creek. Keith Griffin, another Rotarian from Taree, had a crane, and so lifted rocks from Lansdowne. These rocks are part of a feature in Rotary Park. Norm Jones designed the shelters and they were put together by Rotarians at Valley Industries.
Originally, there were swings and play equipment for children, but over the years, these have deteriorated, removed, and not replaced.
The park was completed in the 1979/1980 year.
Some of the gardens have been overtaken by weeds and perhaps could be the focus of a club project this year. Harvey presented a short film documenting that replacement of the shingle roofs about 5 years ago.

Induction – Ian Woollard
President Laurie inducted Ian Woollard into our Rotary Club.
Ian is sponsored by David Denning. His classification will be Information Technology and he has been appointed to Youth Services headed by Ian Dyball.
We extend a warm welcome to Ian and his wife Dianne into the Rotary Club of Taree.


Ian Woollard and President Laurie Easter

Posted by David Fisher on Jul 25, 2014

Guest Speaker - Peter Bolte

Peter Bolte is the owner of Leading Edge Appliances in Manning Street Taree (the old Emertons Retravision). He was introduced by Belinda Crossingham. Peter gave an overview of the challenges and strengths of small businesses like his own.
Peter is originally from Cowra. Taree and Cowra are very similar so he moved to Taree in 2009. His father was a wholesale butcher and through Peter’s contact with his father’s job, he learnt three things –

(i) Swearing,

(ii) Joking and

(iii) the ability and importance of being able to talk to anyone at any level.

This has helped him adjust to Taree as there is such a huge cross section in Taree’s community. Retravision was started in 1960 by several Electricians who thought to sell electrical goods through stores. Noel Emerton was one of the original people involved.. In 2006 there were over 505 stories in Australia. In October 2006 Retravision NSW was placed into voluntary administration. In 2012 Retravision Southern (the support office for stores in Victoria, Tasmania and NSW) was placed into voluntary administration. It was planned that all of Retravision’s stores would migrate to Retravision Western (the support office for stores in WA).
However, Retravision Western sold the name of Retravision to “National Associated Retail Traders of Australia” with the condition that no Retravision stores exist on the Eastern Seaboard. This meant that Leading Appliances was brought into existence.
Large stores like Masters are designed as supermarkets. This means that little emphasis is placed on customer service. If a customer would like service they tend to approach a store such as Leading Appliances.These smaller stores exist because they can provide the customer service that the larger companies don’t deliver. Customer service is about assisting customers in making the right decision in buying a product that suits their needs.
Leading Appliances are able to compete with prices, even with the larger stores like Masters, and it is important to support these smaller businesses. When a local company is supported, the money remains in the local economy.
On 12th September, all television frequencies are being changed. Leading Appliances aim to re-tune 1000 televisions by close of business that day.


Herb Beer with Peter Bolte

EduFund Foundation - A registered Rotary Project


Posted by David Fisher on Jul 23, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I recently returned from my trip to Australia. I loved going home to see my Australian family and friends, however it is so good to be back in Tanzania to be with my husband, Richard, and the kids. I have attached a photo I took of them below. A lot has been going on since my return, with one of the highlights being our annual Cultural Day, and I must say it was spectacular this year. There were so many talented performances and creative fashion designs. You can see pictures of them for yourself in our latest newsletter. (See Downloads)

Also in this edition, you can read about:

  • the installation of our new fibre optic cable (faster Internet for our students and teachers!)
  • a visit from a group of American teachers 
  • some engaging excursions our students have been on thanks to generous donors
  • a soccer opportunity for one of our Form 2 students, plus much more

I hope you enjoy catching up on all the St Jude's action, and don't forget to save the date for our first ever Form 6 graduation to be held on May 30th 2015.



Posted by David Fisher on Jul 17, 2014

Club Speaker – Warren Blanch

Warren gave a brief overview of the National Broadband Network which is now available for connections in large areas of Taree. An optical fibre network has been installed in the Taree area. To connect your house to this network, you need to contact your service provider and they can connect you. The service provider will offer you a range of services when you contact them. Unless you are proactive, the NBN will not be connected to your house. When looking into this, be thorough. 
Eventually, the television will also be connected through the NBN, not just your computers and phone. The NBN will be connected to the outside of your house and will need a constant supply of electricity to work, and this will be permanent. Warren will updated the Taree Club as more information becomes available. There were many questions and discussion about various aspects of the NBN.

Club Speaker – Felicity George

Felicity George from our Club spoke about her work in Bankstown with NSW Police and Family & Community Services for the last eight months. She has been working specifically on domestic violence. Bankstown Local Area Cmmand has the highest reported rate of domestic violence in NSW.
Felicity gave an interesting talk on her inter-agency work.


Posted by David Fisher on Jul 06, 2014


Back Row: Ashley Cleaver, Leonie Melder, Kevin Sharp, Felicity George, Mark Drury, PDG Ian Dyball

​Front Row: President Laurie Easter, IPP Joy McCaffrey, Susie Ploder. Absent: Phil Streatfield

Posted by David Fisher on Jul 05, 2014

President Laurie welcomed members and guests to our meeting.
President’s Report:
A Club Assembly will be held at the next meeting.The aim is for every member to be engaged and involved in Rotary. RYDA needs a director. Please consider if you are able to take on this role. There is one RYDA program left for the year before it starts up again next year. 
The District changeover took place in Port Macquarie. The new District Governor is Greg Moran from Inverell. He is travelling to Taree and will be here on Thursday 14th August. The meeting will be combined with the Rotary Club of Old Bar and the venue will be confirmed.
The major programme being undertaken by Rotary this year is the CCTV installation. Peter Epov is no longer on the Committee and has been replaced by David West. 
Working With Children Checks need to be undertaken by all Rotarians. This is important. The next bulletin will have details on how to obtain and submit the forms. 
Laurie also expressed his appreciation to Ian Dyball who put together the Annual Report. An additional thanks has been expressed to Belinda Crossingham
and David Fisher for their assistance in this as well. The Annual Report has been emailed due to costs of printing. If anyone would like a hardcopy version,
please contact Laurie.
If anyone has any potential guest speakers, please contact Warren Blanch or Belinda Crossingham.
Directors Reports:
Treasurer (Phil Streatfeild) –The cost of membership is now $220. The price has increased due to the added GST and the International Rotary Fee. Please pay by 1st August. An alternative option is to pay half now and half in January 2015. 
International (Kevin Sharp) – Thank you once again to all members of the Committee who assisted in the past 12 months.

Indigenous Drivers Program – Jennifer Rumbel

An indigenous drivers program is being started in Taree. It aims to make available drivers lessons to Indigenous people so that they can obtain their licence. 30% of serious accidents involve Indigenous people even though they only make up 10% of drivers. The program works by the Indigenous person obtaining
their Learners and then being mentored and given drivers lessons. NRMA has donated a car. The hope is that after 2 years of recorded success, the program gains government funding. Rotarians are being asked to spend an hour a week or more to mentor these Indigenous people. All interested, please contact Laurie.

Posted by David Fisher on Jun 12, 2014

Club Guest Speakers

- David Denning

Rotarian David Denning spoke to our Club and gave us an overview of his background. 
David is a Building Contractor by trade (retired). He was born in Concorde NSW. 
He started his career as a carpenter / joiner. Undertaking many courses including a Trades Course, Clerk's Course, Health & Building Inspector Course to - name a few. 

In 1974 he started Denning Constructions. He worked for the Western University – Hawkesbury Campus for 30 years. 

We are so pleased that David is now a member of our Club and know that his past experience will be invaluable to us.

- Murray Difford

Our latest inductee Murray Difford gave us an interesting insight to his background. Murray was born in South Africa. His career path changed somewhat in that he initially wanted to be a teacher but ended up doing Accounting at University. 
He started by advising that there are two things in life dear to him, these being cars and animals. 
He has had an amazing career in the automobile industry having worked for BMW, Volvo and Jaguar to name a few. 
He came to Australia and worked as National Manager for Jaguar Australia. Murray has had interesting and colourful life experiences and we look forward to hearing more from Murray in the future.

Posted by David Fisher on May 26, 2014

Guest Speaker – Ian Shaw & Karyn Looby - AGL 

PP Bruce Moy introduced Ian Shaw from AGL, together with Karyn Looby, Marketing Co-ordinator for AGL. Both are from Gloucester. Ian spoke to us regarding Coal Seam Gas (CSG) and the AGL Gloucester Gas Project. 
The Gloucester Basin is an emerging CSG supplier to the NSW market. 
The Gloucester Gas Project is a CSG project located near Stratford, NSW, approximately 100 kilometres north of Newcastle. The project is wholly owned and operated by AGL. The project is situated within Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL) 285, which fully encompasses the Gloucester Geological Basin in New South Wales. This PEL was issued under the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991. In March 2011, the independent NSW Planning Assessment Commission approved the Gloucester Gas Project. The Gloucester Gas 
Project includes: 
> The Stage 1 gas field development area, including 110 gas wells & associated infrastructure; 
> A central processing facility to treat gas and water; 
> A gas transmission pipeline between the central processing facility and the existing gas supply network at Hexham; and 
> A delivery station at Hexham to connect the transported gas to the existing Sydney-Newcastle trunk pipeline. 
AGL’s exploration activities in Gloucester have included seismic surveys, core holes and production test pilot wells. All of AGL’s exploration activities are subject to EAs and strict statutory regulatory approvals. 


PP Bruce Moy, Karyn Looby and Ian Shaw



Posted by David Fisher on May 15, 2014

Guest Speaker – Dr Romney Newman – Karios Prison Ministry

Dr Romney Newman was introduced by Fr Keith on behalf of our Club. 
Dr Newman advised that Kairos is about changing lives. Kairos is a local community-based Christian ministry that serves both those in prison and the families and friends of those in prison. 
Kairos is a ‘hands-on’ activity helping bring: 
· rehabilitation to the incarcerated through the possibility of hope and positive choices, and 
· support and encouragement to those affected 
· Kairos, through over 2,000 volunteers around Australia reaches out to 
· male and female inmates saying “You have a choice”. 
· family and friends of those inmates, saying “You are not alone”. 
· juvenile offenders, saying “There’s a better way ahead” 
At Kairos, they know they can’t fix their problems or solve the causes, as people have to be allowed to make their own decisions. But they can help them to recognise, choose and live new lives. 
Kairos is making a difference… 
· to individuals, families and friends with whom we come in contact. 
· to the environment of the correctional centres we access. 
· to the next generation as they experience a change in the family members who begin, and therefore model, a lifestyle without crime. 
· to the wider society, by helping to reduce the recidivism rate, and therefore reducing the cost of further imprisonment. 
· to local communities as the ripple effect of someone making positive life choices flows out through their daily life to those with whom they come in contact. 


AG Bruce Moy with Dr Newman


Posted by David Fisher on May 11, 2014

President Joy McCaffrey introduced our speaker Peter McKay who gave a presentation on his trip to India in November last year.
Peter travelled to India with one of his optical dispensers, Trudi Everingham, to see the work of the LV Prasad Eye Institute and to teach Optometrists, Optical
dispensers and students about optometry and the dispensing of spectacles. Peter explained the link his practice has to “Optometry Giving Sight” (OGS) and their link to the LV Prasad Eye Institute. There are 625 million people in the world that are vision impaired just because they don’t have a pair of glasses. OGS work to raise funds to solve this problem.
Peter explained the structure of LV Prasad Eye Institute and the magnitude of work they undertake in India. At the main campus in Hyderabad, over 40,000 eye surgeries are performed every year. The institute was established in 1987 and has grown to over 120 centres. Whilst in India Peter travelled throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. Trudi & Peter gave 8 lectures on Optometry and dispensing.They also engaged in one-on-one training with the staff.
LV Prasad Eye Institute is now being used as a model for the delivery of eye care all over the world.


5 Minuter – Chris Cooper
Chris was kind enough to give us 5 minutes of his time wherein he gave an overview of his earlier years and how he and his family came to live in the Manning Valley.
We are glad you made the choice to stay in Taree Chris.

Posted by David Fisher on May 02, 2014

Guest Speaker – Bob McDonnell – Acid Sulphate Soils & Cattai Wetlands

Bob Newling introduced our special guest speaker Bob McDonnell who gave a presentation on Acid Sulphate Soil problems and Cattai Wetlands.

Bob explained that once farmland suffering the effects of land clearing, weeds and acid sulphate soils, Council purchased the property in 2003 to restore the natural beauty and ecological value of the wetlands. While the primary goal was on improving the water quality of the Manning River through the remediation of acid sulphate soils, a range of other environmental benefits have also been achieved including the rehabilitation of coastal wetlands and other endangered floodplain communities.
Acid Sulphate soils is one of the major environmental issues that the Cattai Wetlands project set out to address due to the adverse impacts caused by the
generation and export of acid and acid related products from the site into our waterways. 
Acid sulphate soils can impact upon water quality, aquatic ecosystems, and the productivity of our oyster and fishing industries.
Fortunately nature is working with us to assist in the remediation of the site with natural blockage and sedimentation of artificial drains reducing the volume of acid water leaving the site.
Through extensive plantings and weed control, Cattai Wetlands now also provides an important habitat link between Crowdy Bay National Park and the Lansdowne escarpment. All this has been achieved in partnership with various organisations and government agencies, indigenous green groups and community volunteers.
The project area is bounded by Cattai Creek and Crowdy Bay National Park to the east, Tappin Creek and Manning River to the south, the Pacific Highway to the west and Moorland and Big Swamp to the north. Peter McKay gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the Rotary Club of Taree.


Posted by David Fisher on Apr 27, 2014

Ken Patterson - RYDA

Ken gave us a presentation on RYDA – The Presentation covered the concept of RYDA and those that it helps. It was mainly to give newer members joining Rotary over the past two years knowledge on its ideals. 

What is RYDA? 
The RYDA program is a road safety education program aimed at reducing death and injury amongst young people on Australian roads. The program targets 16 to 17 year olds who are at the stage of their lives where they start to drive or ride in a vehicle driven by their peers.

RYDA is a community-based initiative of Rotary Clubs, partnering those organisations in our community that have a responsibility for, or interest in, road safety for our youth. It has been developed in consultation with the RTA and the NSW Government Departments of Education and Training, Health and Police and is designed to compliment and supplement the school curriculum and government road safety messages.

The Program 
RYDA focuses on attitude and awareness with the aim of helping young adults become better people on the road. The program highlights the privilege and responsibilities of owning and driving a motor vehicle and also illustrates their rights and responsibilities as passengers and pedestrians. It is a one-day event held at a non-school site which co-ordinates the efforts of local road safety experts, driving instructors, the Police, recovering survivors or road crashes, drug & alcohol educators and financial services personnel.


President Joy McCaffrey and Ken Patterson

Induction: Keith Atkinson 

It gave President Joy much pleasure in inducting Keith Atkinson into our Club. 
Keith is sponsored by Rotarian Kevin Sharp. 
Keith will carry the classification of Religion and will serve on the Community Services Committee headed by Laurie Easter. 


We extend a warm welcome to Keith into the Rotary Club of Taree.


Kevin Sharp and Keith Atkinson

Posted by David Fisher on Mar 27, 2014

Guest Speaker – Peter Epov, Manning Alliance – Coal Seam Gas

Guest Speaker, Peter Epov was introduced by Rotarian Ross Tingle.

Peter is Chairman of the Manning Alliance Group and spoke to us on the important issue of Coal Seam Gas.
Peter advised that many people who have been living in fear that one day a CSG drilling rig may show up at their gate and insist on exploration on their property.

The primary stated objective of the Manning Alliance has always been to extricate the potential of coal seam methane gas extraction from the Manning Valley. Their focus is directed towards protecting the Manning River from the potential ravages of the “dirty process” of coal seam methane gas extraction in Gloucester.

Peter advised that the NSW Government cannot continue to issue Coal Seam Gas Exploration licences over areas that have no coal!

This outcome for the Manning Valley is potentially another precedent that may have state-wide ramifications for many other regions where CSG exploration licences have been issued, but there is no coal.

The communities impacted are paying a heavy and unacceptable economic and social price. Property values decline, people do not wish to relocate to the region and there are serious social and emotional consequences unnecessarily thrust onto communities.

CSG exploration licences should be issued judiciously, as they have serious implications on regional economies, tourism, and land values, in addition to the known environmental and social consequences. They should not be used as revenue raisers at the expense of communities, and people should not be forced to live in a climate of fear; waiting for that knock on the door that a mining company may be coming on to their property for CSG exploration, as we have already seen with the social devastation in Gloucester.

The Alliance will now focus on the protection of the Manning River and maintain our campaign for fair and equitable landholder rights in the 21st Century. They will be lobbying with the NSW Premier and the NSW National party and others, to secure the right for landholders to refuse access to mining and exploration companies entering their properties for the purpose of exploration.

Bruce Moy gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the Club.


Ross Tingle, Peter Epov and PP Bruce Moy


Posted by David Fisher on Mar 26, 2014

Posted by David Fisher on Mar 21, 2014

Vocational Visit: Jacana – Versatility in Motorhoming

On Monday night we were lucky enough to visit the site of Jacana. An industry here in Taree who build elite motorhomes. Owner, Barry Drury, kindly took us through this factory and we were able to experience these motorhomes upfront and see the work involved in outfitting these motorhomes by seeing them in
various stages of rebuild.
The list of services they offer in the motorhome and RV industry include:
· Manufacturing of new and used motorhomes & RV's featuring complete customization
· Upgrades, Modifications and additions to all of your existing Motorhomes, RV's and caravans
· All Commercial and corporate fit-outs
· Repairs to all makes and models of Motorhomes, RV's and Caravans
· Sales of parts, components and appliances
· Solutions to all of your solar, generator and air conditioning needs
· Insurance work and all repair work associated
· Floor planning, body fabrication and vehicle modifications designing and manufacturing
They pride themselves on the adaptability, quality, durability and the stunning aesthetics they produce at Jacana Motorhomes. All the fit-out work produced by them is 100% Australian made by their trades people. These trades people all have a great deal of experience and are all very passionate about what they do and
the industry in general!

Mark Drury gave the vote of thanks on behalf of our Club. Our members then attended Dinner at the Aquatic Club and enjoyed great fellowship on this night. A big thank you to Mark Drury and Warren Blanch for organising this visit and dinner.


Barry and Mark Drury

Posted by David Fisher on Mar 14, 2014

Guest Speaker: Dr Seshasayce Narasimhan, Cardiologist - Cardiology & Equipment Available in Our Local Hospitals

Dr Alan Johnson introduced our guest speaker, Dr Seshasayce Narasimhan giving a quick overview of his achievements.
Dr Seshasayce Narasimhan (Dr Sesh) moved to the Taree area in October 2012. He is credited with holding the titles of Chair, Internal Medicine, Manning Base Hospital. Director of CCU, Manning Base Hospital. Conjoint Senior Lecturer, School of Rural Medicine, University of New England and Director of Cardiology, May Private Hospital.


Dr Seshasayce Narasimhan and President Joy

(See Links - For the latest Newsletter from The School of St Jude look under St Judes in Action)

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Guest Speakers: Stephanie Coomber and Kelli Young 
Stephanie Coomber and Kelli Young were introduced by Ross Tingle. Stephanie was born in Sydney, and moved to Taree to take up the position of Director of Nursing at Storm Village. There, she met Kelli and they have been close friends ever since. 
Stephanie helped establish the Christ Faith Home for Children (Home) in India and has been to the country several times, with Kelli accompanying her on her last visit. 
Towards the end of 2013, Stephanie and Kelli travelled to India and found that it has become very Westernised since Stephanie’s last visit in 2000. Where there was desert, there are new Japanese built universities, hotels, and hospitals. 
The Home was started in 1986 by Mrs Maida with 5 children and was moved to it’s current site in the 1990s. In 1996 a concrete building replaced the hand made original, with the Home accommodating women and children with no social support. In 2004 the Home was granted the licence necessary for intercountry adoption. 
Stephanie accompanied the ABC as their consultant, when she met Mrs Maita. Very few children are adopted by Indians as social background and caste are very important and are unknown when adopting abandoned and orphaned children. 
The Home is a primary school during the day and is a sleeping quarters at night. There is also a crèche for poor working mothers. In the Tsunami, the Home raised funds and set up support for relief. 
Kelli knew little about India before the trip. She spoke about how there are babies who will need to be housed at the Home for life due to disabilities. 
The Boys Home has 3 storey bunks wedged close together and no privacy. The Boys Home is trying to become self sufficient. 
There is a leprosy service, with Colin Rose informing the Meeting that leprosy can be rendered safe for family members and friends so that people can now live with relatives and others uncontaminated. 
The future of the Home involves it becoming financially secure, building a separate residence for school girls and a building for elderly women. 
The Home attained the best Social Worker award and Mrs Maita has been awarded an honorary degree. 
The Vote of Thanks was given by Don Phillips. 

Posted by David Fisher on Feb 28, 2014

David Fisher welcomed Beverley Whitmore (guest of Sandra Fishwick), Robert and Joyce Caddies.

David put in an apology on behalf of President Joy who could not make the meeting tonight.

A banner was presented to Taree Rotary Club by Dylan (Felicity George), from Bankstown Rotary Club, and Felicity was given a banner from Taree to present to Bankstown Rotary Club. Bankstown has a small Club of 6 members, they meet in the Bankstown Sports Club and have raised over $6000.
Director’s Reports
Ashley Cleaver (PR)
Please continue to bring guests to the meetings. 150 people on Facebook viewed the image of Laurie and Karen from last week. When Facebook was started,
only 50 views were made of uploaded photos. The more people view Facebook, the more people see Facebook. It’s the multiply effect.
Laurie Easter (Community Services)
Quota, on the 8th March is holding a Gourmet Lunch for $15.00. Margaret’s Underfashions and Manning Valley Collectibles in Taree and Ashlea Road Boutique in Wingham are the places where bookings can be made. Quota is also holding a St Patrick’s Day Dance. Tickets are $50.00 each.

Thank you to all who volunteered their time at Rotary Park. Shingles were fixed, woodchip moved and nails pulled out. (See story under Community Service)
Leonie Melder (Youth)
Leonie attended the Science Competition Meeting. two people per day will be needed to volunteer from the Club, $200 will be requested from the Club’s
Treasury, and the event runs from 8th to 11th April. On Thursday, there will be Dinner, which is well worth attending.
Mark Drury (Administration)
4th April at 6pm there will be a Local Produce night. The event is being held in conjunction with the Lions Club and the night starts at 6pm at the St John’s Hall.
Volunteers will be needed.


Posted by David Fisher on Feb 21, 2014

President Joy welcomed members, honorary members and guests to meeting. She gave a big welcome to Narelle Reed, daughter of Mavis Jones, Beverley Whitmore, guest of Sandra Fishwick.

President’s Report:

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION – SYDNEY – The Host Organising Committee for the Rotary International Convention 2014 are looking for volunteers to help before, during and after the convention. They will need approximately 700 volunteers. If you would like to offer your support please obtain an application form from Joy McCaffrey or the website for the Convention.

DISTRICT CONFERENCE: Just another reminder that the District Conference is to be held in Coffs Harbour from 28 - 30 March 2014. So if you are considering going now is the time to start getting organised as time is running out.

DISTRICT AWARDS: This also means that if we want to be considered for a District Award then we need to get applications in for such a trophies. Let Joy know if you need an application form or download this from the District website.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Wingham Rotary Club are holding an International Women’s Day breakfast to be held on Saturday 8 March 2014 at 8am at the Wingham Golf Club. Cost $25 per person. Bruce Moy then auctioned the Telstra 4G Mobile Phone which was made available to us as a result of the Charity Golf Day. Bruce was in fine form as he auctioned this phone with the winning bid being $160.00 and with the phone going to Warren Blanch.

Ashley Cleaver discussed membership and advised that at present we have 51 members, with a couple of new prospects looking good to join. Ashley also issued an invitation for members to attend the Aviators Hangar Charity Ball - Manning River Aero Club - Taree Airport on 15 March 2014. A flyer following in this bulletin.

Laurie Easter gave an overview of the meeting held recently with respect to the CCTV project.

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The first four Rotarians. From left: Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, Hiram E. Shorey, Paul P. Harris. Between 1905 and 1912. Courtesy of Rotary International.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rotary International.



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President Joy welcomed members, honorary members and guests to meeting. She gave a big welcome to Lance Forster, guest of Peter Dahdah, Heather Hole, Mavis Jones and our newest member Chris Cooper.

Joy advised of the passing of Honorary Rotarian, Bob Berry. A minute’s silence was held out of respect for Bob. Max Carey then said a few words about Bob. He will be sorely missed by all.

President’s Report

Joy advised that unfortunately our guest speaker for the evening was not able to be with us and it was decided to have a night of fellowship instead. A reminder that the District Conference is to be held in Coffs Harbour from 28 - 30 March 2014. So if you are considering going now is the time to start getting organised.

This also means that if we want to be considered for a District Award then we need to get applications in for such a trophies.

Wingham Rotary Club are holding an International Women’s breakfast to be held on Saturday 8 March 2014 at 8.00am at the Wingham Golf Club. Cost $25 per person. So please pass this information on to your partners.


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New Member: Chris Cooper

It was with pleasure that President Joy inducted Chris Cooper into our Club. Chris will hold the classification of Mechanical Services whilst in our Club.

His sponsor and mentor is Ashley Cleaver. Chris will be joining the Community Services Committee under current leadership of Laurie Easter.


President Joy and Chris Cooper

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Ashley and Kylie visited David Denning in hospital, where he'll be for about another three weeks. Visitors welcome. he'll then be heading off to rehab.


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President Joy gave the introduction for Dr Harry.Image

Dr Harry has worked in veterinary practices in Australia and the United Kingdom. He is also an author. But most of all he is loved by millions of TV viewers around Australia as their favorite vet.

Dr Harry began his media career as the vet expert on a local Sydney chat show. He also had a spot on Don Burke's radio program, and later joined Don on Burke's Backyard. A few of the shows he presented include Talk to the Animals, the series Harry's Practice and currently he presents a veterinary segment on the lifestyle program Better Homes and Gardens.

He is an animal welfare advocate and reputedly a keen gardener and was once voted as the fifth most trustworthy Australian and we are lucky enough to have him living in our neck of the woods.


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Guest Speaker – Rotarian Alan Small
Facts On Modern Aircrafts, Communications & How the Aircraft Has Shrunk The World.
Alan spoke to our meeting regarding not only aircraft throughout the ages but also on flight.

Photos are time machines. They freeze moments in time. Aircraft are anti-gravity machines. The Wright Brothers’ first flight lasted 12 seconds and they travelled 125 metres. On 17th December, 1903 they did not know what they had achieved for humankind.

Alan, as a 6 year old child on a farm, had a pilot land a plane in the family paddock. His family allowed the pilot stay the night, and Alan has been fascinated with aircraft ever since.

Right now at this point in time approximately 1.5 – 1.7 million people are airborne, the same as the entire population of Perth. This evolution has happened over 110 years. Alan promised himself he would one day fly an aircraft, and, with some help from Ray Burns, Harvey Else and others, he has achieved this goal.

Aircraft have made the world much smaller. Right now, 5000 – 7000 airliners are airborne in the world, and this will probably double in 10 years’ time. 10% of aircraft are retired each year, with many more being manufactured.

Aircraft are one of the major leaps forward humankind has made in their evolution. Boeing (USA), Airbus (France) and Embraer (Brasil) manufacture aeroplanes. Why is Australia not involved? It is because Australia has lost its “mojo”, and as a country has many tough questions to answer.

A320 (Airbus) and 737 (Boeing) are the most famous airliners. The 737 was manufactured and started flying in the 70s and 80s, and have been flying ever since, with a few refurbishments. 500 – 600 aircraft are manufactured each year.

The Airbus A320 is the most major aircraft ever to be built. Several countries have been involved in its development and manufacture, with the first one rolling out of production in 2007, as a test model. This is a machine made with high science. There are 4 million parts to this marvel.


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Thank you everyone who attended our Christmas Meeting on 9 December it was so good to see so many members and partners there.

On the night funny film provided a glimpse of what goes on at our meetings where members were dressed as elves and dancing up a storm. This was all done and accepted in good fun and merriment.

At our Christmas Meeting President Joy also made a special mention again to Rob Keene on making our new Badge Box. A lovely plaque has been placed on this box to commemorate this. A very big thank you to Max Carey for organising this for our Club. Thank you Max.

She advised that with regards to the concern over the current state of Rotary Park that as of Thursday this has now been mowed and that some of the tables and seating has been cleaned.

It is proposed that we hold a working bee sometime over the Christmas / New Year break so visitors to our area are met with tidy facilities. An email will be sent to all members regarding this.

Our Aero Club meeting was a fun way to just sit back and relax and enjoy each other’s company. A big thank you to Laurie, Mark and Les for organising this event. It was also great to see Manual Zaunders who came along with a guest to help celebrate our end of year get together.

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Then come along to a meeting and see if we offer what you want.

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President Joy welcomed all members to our Annual General Meeting.

She also mentioned the successful Charter Dinner held by the newly formed Rotary Club of Old Bar. They currently have 26 members with Jono Frost as the first President of the Club. Our congratulations to their President and Members on this great achievement.

Please also don’t forget our Christmas Party is being held next week so please bring partners and friends for a good time.

The Rotary Club of Taree Annual General Meeting
Chaired by Bruce Moy
Minutes of last year’s AGM were confirmed and accepted.
Financial Report was presented and accepted.
Directors’ Reports were presented and accepted.
President Joy McCaffrey took the opportunity to thank the Board for their support and hard work to date. She also had a special thank you to Secretary David Fisher for his ongoing support.
She also thanked those members who help out week after week to ensure the smooth running of the Club and those members who help out when they can at our Fundraisers and functions.
Election of Officers and Directors for 2014-2015 was conducted.

President – Laurie Easter (as seen on Friday evening at "A Taste of India"
Past President – Joy McCaffrey
President Elect 2015-2016 – Mark Drury
Treasurer – Phil Streatfield
Secretary – Belinda Crossingham
International Service – Kevin Sharp
Youth Services – Ian Dyball
Club Administration – Mark Drury
Community Service – Felicity George
Membership / Public Relations - Ashley Cleaver
Vocational Services – Leonie Melder

A big thank you to Bruce Moy for chairing the AGM and congratulation to all nominees. Well done and we look forward to only good things from you all.

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President Joy welcomed all Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Cluster Public Speaking Finals, particularly the public speaking students.
Joy gave an overview of how the meeting would proceed whilst all students, adjudicators and competition organisers met to be briefed on the rules, timing and to then conduct the draw on order of speakers.
The students spoke on the topic of their choice (in line with the Rotary 4 Way test) in the following order.
1. Joel Hedge - RC of Wingham (speaking on The Alternative to Apathy)
2. Sophie Kingston – RC of Gloucester (speaking on the Duke of Edinburgh Award)
3. Saul Brady – RC of Tuncurry-Forster (speaking on Competition)
4. David Sweeney – RC of Great Lakes (speaking on A Fair Go)
5. Carly Walker – RC of TOM (speaking on The Concept of Happiness)
6. Lilly Minihan – RC of Taree (speaking on Asylum Seekers)


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President Joy welcomed all members and guests.  She particularly welcomed our guest speaker Kim Lawrence and special guests Glen King and his grandmother Marion. 

She thanked Kevin Sharp and the International committee for all their hard work in organizing the International Dinner last week.  It was a great night and a credit to them all. 

She advised that Sue Bell (Taree North), Maurie Stack (Taree on Manning) and herself had attended Manning Gardens School last Wednesday and participated in a music class as part of the promotion of the Australian Children Music Foundation and the upcoming school spectacular. She advised that it was a lot of fun and the Rotary Clubs were presented with thank you letters from students.  (see later in this bulletin). 

There are still tickets available for the Manning Valley Rotary Schools Spectacular.  The matinee session in particular requires more ticket sales. Your support for this event would be appreciated. 

The Rotary Club of Old Bar Charter Dinner registrations close today.  If you have missed the RSVP date and still want to attend please contact Bill Griffiths.

Directors Reports:

Kevin Sharp advised that the International dinner raised $220. He thanked everyone who contributed to the night which ensured its success.

Please keep in your thoughts the Philippines Typhoon Appeal. A collection will be going around next Monday night, when all the Clubs meet for the Public Speaking Competition.

A reminder that the Sydney Rotary Convention will be held on 1st – 4th June 2014.

Mark Drury advised that he and Jamie participated in the Kayak Day organised by Taree North. They were ahead of the pack, making it between Wingham and Taree in 3.5 hours. Hopefully, this will become a yearly event.

Ashley Cleaver advised that the Schools Spectacular will be recorded.

With membership at the 50 mark, members are asked to invite guests to the Meetings.

Bob Newling spoke of the Golf Day and so far we have a few more new contributors on board. The Committee will be meeting next Monday night.


Kim Lawrence (Great lakes Community Options), Glen King and Peter Dahdah

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President Joy welcomed all members, partners and guests to our International Night.  She particularly welcomed Graeme Gunn – guest of Kevin Sharp, Stephen Emerton and Lyn Emerton, Charlie Blomfield visiting Rotarian from Bega, Barbara Whitely, Kylie Nelson and David Denning – guests of Ashley Cleaver. As well as a big welcome back to Manuel Zaunders.

Herb Beer then made a Toast to our International Friends, our Sister Rotary Club in Okayama Chuo Japan, Past Youth Exchange Students, Group Study and Friendship teams.

Laurie Easter then lead us in a minutes silence for Remembrance Day.

Joy then read an email received from our Sister Club, the Okayama Chuo Rotary Club

Joy then called upon Rotarian Kevin Sharp to talk to us about the concept of the International Night.

Kevin read messages of congratulations and best wishes as well as reading letters from Rotarian Barry Hicks and from former Japanese Exchange Student – Mari.

Kevin then gave an explanation of the International Cake and what it symbolized.  Susie and Herby Ploder then had the honour of cutting the cake.

President Joy took this opportunity of extending thanks to Kevin Sharp and the International Committee for all the hard work and effort put into organising the International Night.

She also thanked everyone who provided information and artefacts for the wonderful displays.  As well as thanking everyone who participated in sharing their international travel experiences.

This night was filled with the parting of information, friendship and fellowship as well as lots of fun.

David Fisher thanked everyone who supported the musical “Cabaret” advising that we made a clear profit of $165.

David then advised that he had received a letter from Stephen Bromhead MP acknowledging our Rotary Club and providing extracts from the NSW Legislative Assembly Hansard and Papers, with a copy of the extract going to members of the Rotary Club for their information.

Photos of the night see Photo Album

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President Joy extended a warm welcome to our guest speaker Ivana Agapiou who is the Youth Director for District 9650 and her husband Tony. She also welcomed our Public Speaking contestants Lily Minihan and Montanna Dowden as well as Montanna’s mother Janet as well as David Denning a guest of Ashley Cleavers.

President’s Report

A reminder of the Rotary Schools Spectacular which is being held on 23 November at the MEC. Cost is $30 per person. Get in early so you don’t miss out. The The Rotary Club of Old Bar’s Charter Dinner will be held on 20th November. The Rotary Club of Wingham will be hosting Alex Cudlin, as their guest speaker on Tuesday 12 November 201, for those who are interested in attending please contact Alan Brown.

Secretary’s Report - David Fisher advised that there are eight (8) tickets left for the Cabaret. Tickets are $40 each and include supper. The night starts at 8pm.

Friday Bunning BBQs are going ahead. Date selected is 20th December before Christmas. Any help that can be given on this day would be appreciated.

Director’s Reports - Kevin Sharp – Director of International Services: 11th November International Dinner. Individuals attending are asked to wear international dress. People are asked to bring in an artefact from travels overseas on the night. This will be a partners’ and friends’ night. If bringing a partner or friend, please contact Ralph.
Laurie Easter – Director of Community Services: CCTV is going ahead, with Council forming a Community Safety Committee. Funding is being sought, with Ken Patterson to talk with David Gillespie. Care Flight is an organisation that flies children from MRR Hospital to Sydney for treatment. They are seeking $150 in donations. It would be a positive cause for Taree Rotary to support.

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President Elect Laurie Easter extended an apology on behalf of President Joy who could not be at the meeting due to a family commitment. He welcomed Mavis Jones Beth Fuller, Clive Woolcott, Kerrie Wood and Tim Gilchrist and his mother Tanya to our meeting.

President’s Report:

Email has been sent to Members asking for donations for the bush fires. School Spectacular is on 23rd November and costs $30 per person. Get in early so you don’t miss out. A reminder that the Rotary Club of Old Bar will be having their Charter Dinner on 29th November.

Secretary’s Report

Lukewarm response to Cabaret. Tickets are $40 each and include supper. The night starts at 8pm. Friday Bunning BBQs are going ahead.
Director’s Reports
Kevin Sharp: 11th November International Dinner. Individuals attending are asked to wear international dress. People are asked to bring in an artefact from travels overseas on the night. This will be a partners’ and friends’ night.

Ken Patterson gave an update on the CCTV. Max Carey informed the meeting that Manuel Saunders has regained much of his memory. Bob Berry is being looked after by Calvary Care, Patricia Reece is now back home.


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Donate Now!
Use our secure online facility: Go and insert Project
Number 16/2013-14
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President Joy welcomed all members and guests to the meeting. Particularly welcoming Mavis Jones, Gabriel Darzi and Montanna Dowden and her mother Janet.

President’s Report

Joy also advised that with respect to the Rotary Schools Spectacular that tickets are now on sale. Please support this very worthwhile project. The Car Observation Rally Day held in conjunction with the Taree Historic Motor Club was held on Sunday. Unfortunately participation was low. For those who did attend, the weather was good and a great day was had by all. An amount of $275 was raised. Joy also gave a big thank you to Don Phillips for organizing the day and also for the help and assistance given by Ian Dyball and Kevin Sharp. Joy reminded everyone of the Charter Dinner to be held by the Rotary Club of Old Bar on Friday 29th November 2013. Time: 6:15 pm - 9:00 pm. Registration to be on line – no payment at the door. A date to remember.

The Rotary Club of Wingham has now rescheduled Alex Cudlin as Guest Speaker for 12 November 2013. This will be an Open Meeting and an invitation has been issued for our Club members to attend. This will be a 6.00pm for 6:30pm start at Wingham Golf Club. Please let Club Secretary Allan Brown know numbers by 4 November.

Joy advised members that the Christmas Party, which includes partners and family will be held on 9 December 2013, with the Club’s final meeting to be held at the Aero Club on 16 December 2013.

President Joy McCaffrey with new member Gabriel Darzi

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This meeting was the District Governor’s meeting. President Joy welcomed all members and guests to the meeting giving a special welcome to our guests District Governor Rob Anderson and his wife Kerrie. She also gave a special welcome to the Rotary Clubs of Taree on Manning, Taree North and Old Bar as well as other members and guests.

Joy thanked everyone involved in Hat Day for taking the time to do a walk around the streets of Taree to raise funds for mental health.

She also thanked those members for their support in helping with the show gates at the Taree Show. Well done to everyone.

Joy reminded the Clubs of the Car Rally to be held on Sunday 20th October and to be held in conjunction with the Taree Historic Motor Club. This is an observation rally. Departure from the Tourist Information Centre, 9:00am for 9:30am. Bring your own morning tea, drinks to have with lunch, chairs & a pen. Lunch is a sausage sizzle to be held at Rotary Park. Entry fee is $20 per car, which includes two sausage sandwiches. Extra sandwiches can be purchased for $2.50. All proceeds to the Maternity Ward of the Manning Rural Referral Hospital. Any Enquiries to Don Phillips on 0408652119. 

She advised every one of the International Night to be held on 11th November and issued an invitation to the other Rotary Clubs to come along. Rev. Helen Holiday is looking for volunteers to be Car Wardens at the PCYC on Wednesday, Community Connect Day.

Sue Bell, President of the Rotary Club of Taree North reminded all present of the following:
· Book Sale at the Hub.
· 10th Nov. Kayak Day
· 29th November Old Bar have their Charter Dinner.

Elizabeth Tollis from the Rotary Club of Taree on Manning reminded all present of the School Spectacular, on 23 November 2013. Dusty Walkom advised that everyone was also invited to the Taste of India night on 6th Nov, the venue being Dusty’s house. Funds raised go to Polio Foundation (see attached flyer).

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We lost a truly wonderful friend with the passing of Don Hopkins.


The following article appeared in the Manning River Times on Wednesday 16 October.

DONALD Edmond Hopkins OAM will be fondly remembered as a kind and passionate man who devoted his life to helping others and serving his community.

Don passed away peacefully at his home on October 13, marking the end of an era in local and State racing, but his legacy will live on across the four sectors to which he devoted his life.

Best known locally for his many years with the Taree and Taree Wingham race clubs, Don also focussed his passion in other areas, including education, Rotary and local government.

The racing stalwart, often referred to as the Manning's 'Mr Racing', was formally recognised for his achievements in 2008 when he received a Medal of the Order of Australia, for service to horse racing in New South Wales through executive roles in industry organisations, and to the community of Taree.

"The entire racing industry in NSW as well as the Manning community are much poorer for his passing," said Taree Wingham Race Club chairman, and good friend Greg Coleman.

"He was a very special man and he will be dearly missed."

Don is survived by his wife Trish, along with his three children and their families who have witnessed his drive and passion for his varied commitments.

An eternally humble man, when he was awarded his OAM, Don instead chose to acknowledge all the people who had assisted him in his achievements over the years.

"You think about the other people involved with you that played a big part in making what you've done work," Don said at the time.

"It's the support that makes it successful."

That 'teamwork' concept was especially evident in his work for the education system, in which he was involved from 1960, where he served as district superintendent of Taree district from 1995 to 1997 as well as director of schools at Maitland, cluster director for the Manning district, principal at Taree High School, deputy principal and head teacher of science at Kempsey High School and a teacher at Gunnedah over the years.

Don's achievements in education were many, including the groundbreaking 'Ten Per Cent on Top' program at Taree High School that improved Higher School Certificate performances and was subsequently launched in other schools.

He was also involved in the establishment of vocational education training with TAFE in 1978, a totally new concept that has now become common place.

Don also helped with many community projects through the Rotary Club of Taree, of which he was a member since 1978. A minute's silence was observed for Don at the club's meeting on Monday night.

Over the years he served as club director and a number of roles on the committee, while the driver awareness programs were something he was particularly passionate about.


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Guest Speaker - Judi Dargie nee Brill  (former exchange student from South Africa)

Colin Rose introduced Judy, explaining how special and life transforming student exchange can be. 

Judy started by congratulating Joy on being the first female President that Taree Rotary has had. As an excited 18 year old, Judy touched down in Australia for the first time in 1977. The Exchange changed Judy’s life in four ways:

Travel: Judy has seen more of Australia than “most Australians”. She has travelled to Coffs Harbour, Canberra, seen Taronga Zoo, Melbourne, Ballarat and Adelaide, and many more places in between. On this particular trip, she landed in Perth, saw Adelaide and drove the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne.

Learning: Judy learnt about how the international community viewed South Africa at a very contentious time in South Africa’s history. The Australian culture confronted Judy’s ideas of the world and challenged her regarding apartheid and freedom, and changed these very radically.

Friendship: Developing lifelong friends was one of the advantages Judy gained on her exchange to Australia. She arrived a complete stranger and left with many lifelong friends, many of whom she is still in contact with via Facebook.

Career: Originally, Judy wanted to study Human Development and to become a teacher. After visiting the Flying Doctors, she changed to studying Nursing. Within the field of nursing, Judy changed her career several times, including general nursing, psychiatric nursing, occupational nursing and midwifery.

A fifth way the Australian Exchange changed Judy’s life was that it contributed immensely to her personal growth. She learnt the Australian way of giving everyone a “Fair Go”, and she has used the Four Way Test in trying circumstances to help her.

Vote of Thanks by Kevin Sharp.


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Here's a story worth reading from Gemma:

The School of St Jude

Hi Everyone,

Have you considered the huge ripple effect you can create when sponsoring a student?

Imagine this… a child called Selemani is given a free education at St Jude’s. His parents are thrilled as he will receive a high-quality education, get a good job and help his whole family who are currently struggling to survive on a few dollars a day.

When Selemani and his classmates start school in January we will need teachers, bus drivers, cooks and cleaners; tradesmen to make more boarding room furniture; tailors to turn out more uniforms; local shops and businesses to supply stationery, food supplies, fuel and text books … and all these people will have increased earnings so their families benefit, too!

I want to introduce you to Selemani, one of our 150 new students.Watch this videoto meet him.


Posted by David Fisher on Oct 03, 2013

Club Speaker: Max Carey

There are three periods in Max’s life, these being his schooling and university life, his marriage to Joyce, and retirement and travel.

Born near Taree, in the Mayo, Max grew up on a dairy farm and rode a pony to school. He boarded in Taree during the week once he started his high school education at Taree High, until he became an apprentice Pharmacist.

After spending two years apprenticed to Tom, Max moved to Sydney for his university education, where he spent his spare time touring on a motorcycle around the Sydney area. In 1952, he qualified as a Pharmacist and moved back to Taree. In Newcastle, Max met Joyce who worked at TAFE, and in 1955 they married, moving to Burleigh Heads soon after.

Max, in 1957, opened a Pharmacy at Chatham and joined the Taree Rotary Club. He was President in 1979/80, and gained his private pilot licence.

Eventually, Max sold out to Michael Keen, and was involved with the Mayo when it moved from Manning Street to Potoroo Drive. In 1967, Max kept his promise to Joyce and they spent six weeks in England, drove around Europe, visiting countries such as France, Spain and Belgium and flew home via the USA.

Club Speaker: Kevin Sharp
Kevin’s father was born 104 years ago, the Sunday before the meeting (29th Sept). In 1942, Kevin was born during the drama of the Japanese shelling Newcastle. Five weeks after his birth, his father was recruited into the Army and it was not until Kevin was 2 years old that he would see his father again.

Playing footy and belonging to the Scouts kept Kevin busy until he was apprenticed in 1958 in cabinetry and joinery. In 1965, he married May. He gained a scholarship to study at TAFE for his Building Certificate, and applied to teach cabinetry and joinery. Upon his success, Kevin taught in Sydney at the North Sydney Technical College, and May had their first child.

At this time in Australia, teachers did service in the country for five years. Kevin was sent to Wagga Wagga, where he enjoyed his time so much that he had his second child.

In 1972, Kevin and May moved to Papua New Guinea, where they had their third child. 1975 saw the Sharps move to Deniliquin where they stayed for eight years, and Kevin became a member of Rotary. Moving to Taree in 1984, Kevin again joined Rotary.

Kevin’s volunteer career also includes a stint as a Fireman and a Scout Master.

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Guest Speaker: Fr Luke Hopkins

Speaking on the World Youth Day and the World Anglican Youth Gathering

Fr Luke was introduced by Fr Keith Dean-Jones. At the age of 24, he has been a reverend for 2 years, and was privileged to be the Australian representative at the World Anglican Youth Gathering in Rio de Janeiro.

Fr Luke opened with photos of the City of God, named because the Brazilian Government had originally built this housing commission slum as a paradise for the poor. The photos and descriptions prove that the Government has failed in its vision.

With all available funding being redirected into building stadiums for the World Cup, vital services such as garbage collection are being starved of money.

The Anglican priest for the City of God does not live in the slum as he would be a target for crime.

Children in the slum are given three hours of education a day, with high school being available only at night. Police patrol City of God with machine guns due to the drug trade. The population within the slums is as big as Sydney’s. Despite the disadvantage, the people are hopeful and, with the Christians, are working to strengthen the community.

3.5 million Christian youth gathered for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana Beach. World Youth Day was a Catholic event, with the World Anglican Youth Gathering piggybacking on this.

It is important that youth are given a place within the community and Church. Fr Luke’s contribution to the Christian gatherings in Brazil was “Don’t lose your sense of humour.”

Vote of Thanks was given by Ian Dyball. 



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Lilly Benjamin – Former Exchange Student

Lily Benjamin was introduced by Max Carey who advised that Lilly who is from Indonesia was an exchange student in 1979 - 1980.
Lilly advised how she was flown out to Australia by Mavis Jones’ family for Mavis' 90th birthday celebrations. She entertained us all with her description of being reunited with Mavis Jones on her special birthday. She survived being squished into a box, rolled around on a trolley, with the box almost falling apart, until she was finally unwrapped by a very surprised Mavis. Lily is now an Editor with the Salvation Army in Indonesia, where her English is being finely honed by writing for the Salvation Army magazine.


Guest Speaker: Daryl Hancock – Dundaloo Centre

Neil Hanington introduced Daryl Hancock tonight, giving a description of Daryl’s roots in the Barossa Valley, until he joined Midcoast Water, being appointed Executive Manager of Corporate Services in 2011.

Daryl advised that he is on the Board of Directors for Dundaloo which was established in 1953 by families
concerned for their children with an intellectual disability. The Dundaloo Foundation became a part of the Challenge Foundation and was typical of it’s time when the staffing structure was like a hospital, with a Matron appointed to oversee the operations, and with the Service Users being viewed mostly from a perspective focused on their disabilities.

Currently, Dundaloo operates two Hostels in Taree, known as Cedar Lodge and Machin House. Two group homes are also in Taree and owned and operated by Dundaloo. Overall, Dundaloo provides a mixture of support and accommodation for 62 women and men in the Manning, Great Lakes, and Gloucester areas, with a total staff of approximately 55.

Many changes have occurred since the early days of Dundaloo, with more emphasis now placed upon not only planning how to accommodate and service people with an intellectual disability, but with listening to these people and their families. This is far removed from the previous paternalistic model. The person is now at the centre of all policy and service development.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Les Hogarth on behalf of our Rotary


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President Howard Whitelaw announced the awarding of three new Paul Harris Fellowships at the Clubs Changeover Dinner on Friday evening.

The Fellowships were awarded to Rtn Barry Hicks, Rtn Harvey Else and PP Phillip Streatfeild by District Governor Brian Beesley.


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Mrs Joy McCaffrey was installed this evening as the Club's First Lady President. Joy was handed the Collar of Office by the outgoing President Howard Whitelaw. Read below Joy's acceptance speech.Image

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Watch out for a full report. In the meantime here's us on Saturday night. They all knew Taree was there.


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Chris Dunn, our first "Inbound" Exchange Student in 1970 was tracked down in Atlanta. He has written to us and his letter can be viewed in 'Downloads'.

Regrettably it could not be read out at our recent Conference. Below is a photo of Chris and one of his family.




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Do you recognise any Rotarian in the video below:

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Our District Conference is in Taree 11 - 14 April.

See 'Links' for direct access to Registration Forms on the District website

Also see:!/RotaryDistrict9650Conference2013


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Good afternoon 9650 Rotarians.

Yesterday and early this morning I fielded many calls from both the Public and Rotarians as to how they can assist the residents of Coonabarabran after the fires that are still burning in the Area.



Posted by Ashley Cleaver on Dec 03, 2012

Joy McCaffrey will be the first female President in the Rotary Club of Taree's 77 year history when she assumes office in June 2013.

Pictured below is this year's President Howard Whitelaw with Joy.



Next Year's Board elected unopposed:

Posted by David Fisher

IPP David Fisher, PDG Ian Dyball, Joy Mccaffrey, Ken Patterson, Leonie Melder, Phillip Streatfeild, President Howard Whitelaw. (Missing Ashley Cleaver, Fr Keith Dean-Jones & Mark Drury)
Posted by Leonard Carey

A Rotary Wall hanging was made by ladies of Rotary Club of Taree to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Rotary in 1995. It was then upgraded to celebrate 100th  Anniversay of Rotary and this year was modified further to celebrate the 75th  Anniversary of Rotary Club of Taree. In picture Jan Small, Joyce Carey, Dulcie Gauntlett and Mavis Jones at the Rotary Club Taree’s 75th Anniversay Dinner .

The Wall Hanging was designed by Joyce Carey and Rotary Ladies Bonnie Howard, Dianne Collins, Laura Connors, Pauline Connellan, Mary Croker, Elaine Dyball, Denise Endean, Lyn Emerton, Dulcie Gauntlett, Mavis Jones, Gabrielle Keene, Meng Patmore and Jan Small  made up the Wall Hanging.


Posted by David Fisher

The Rotary Club of Taree celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a dinner on Friday 27th April at Club Taree. It was attended by 140 members, guests and a delegation of eleven members and partners from our sister Club, the Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo, Japan. The highlight of the evening was an address by the former Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party and now resident of the Manning Valley, Rt Hon Ian Sinclair, AC, who was accompanied by his wife Rosemary.
Honorary Member Paul Hogan and Patti welcomed our guests from Japan to the Manning Valley and wished them a good time here and a safe trip home.
Other guests included PDG John Glass and Patricia, Ted and Anne Lewis representing the Rotary Club of Newcastle who sponsored our Club back in 1937. Other included our District Governor Barry Hacker and Bronwyn, PDG Laurie Barber and Glenda, PDG Harry Durey and Joyce, PDG Neville Parsons and Patti as well as members of other local Rotary Clubs in Taree and Forster-Tuncurry.
A great night was had by all.

Posted by David Fisher

Welcome to our Rotary Club! 


Posted by David Fisher

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Posted by David Fisher

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