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Posted by Lynn Morgan on Feb 23, 2015


The meeting of April 21 has been

moved to April 24 at noon, to the 

District Conference lunch program

Please register and car-pool for convenience.

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jan 26, 2015

How does what I think, say or do impact others in a positive way.

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Nov 14, 2014


At the Annual General Membership Meeting of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS, Lynn T. Morgan was awarded Recognition of REALTOR  Emeritus status.  Among several others who were given a similar award, the achievement of 40 years of dedicated service and to the profession of Real Estate is indicative of the commitment that Morgan carries in all of his professional and community endeavors.  This is also expressed in his involvement in Rotary, which he has also been a part of for over 40 years.  He has served in nearly all capacities available to an individual Rotarian in club leadership, district leadership and as an officer of Rotary International in 2002-2003 as District Governor, plus serving as the Rotary International President's Representative to a Rotary District in Kansas in 2013.    

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Oct 07, 2014

An interesting presentation for the members present today.  The subject of contributing to the Rotary Foundation done in a couple of methods gains recognition for those contributions, both as individuals and as a club.  Our club has assured each individual be credited with contributions of $100 each year for several years.  That has met out criteria for EREY for those years.  It has also qualified each member as a sustaining member of the Rotary Foundation.  What may not have been known, is the club has also been recognized as a 100% EREY club as well as a 100% Sustaining Member Club.

Phil presented 2 Buck Chuck as a method of meeting with Governor George's announced goal of raising $225,000 for the Rotary Foundation from District 6380.  Using our club as an example, if each member would sign up for automatic payment, by credit card or bank withdrawal, monthly of $10, it would represent a contribution of $1920 for a year to the Rotary Foundation.  This would satisfy the EREY criteria and also would assure sustaining member status.  With 50 clubs in the district representing approximately 1800 Rotarians, this method would raise well over $200,000 of George's goal of $225,000 for this Rotary year.  Think about it, what a way to Light Up Rotary.

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Sep 25, 2014

A good night at the pub for the raffle.  We were happy to be joined by a fellow Rotarian, Jorge Alberto Caravajal Leite who hails from Mato Grosso do Sul - Brasil.  It just so happened that his raffle stub was drawn for the night.  Unfortunately, the envelope did not contain the Queen, but I think he will be back before the final drawing on October 23.

Come on down to Cowley's on Thursday night and maybe you will be a lucky winner.  (The winner, the one whose stub is drawn and who finds the Queen of Hearts gets 60% of the Jackpot at the time of the drawing.)  

You can subscribe to be in each drawing until the end on October 23.  It is a way to not miss any of the fun, you do not have to be present to win.  Contact to subscribe (Check or Credit Card or Cash required).  Hope to see you on Thursday night(s).  

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Aug 26, 2014

Today we had the honor of hosting our District Governor representative, PDG Steve Youtz.  

We took care of business first, reviewing how our club fits in the community of Farmington and Farmington Hills.  Starting with community awareness, we discussed the programs and policies which we are involved in, in the community.  We outlined how we are becoming more visible and attempting to raise the level of awareness of Rotary.  Literacy, being one of George's primary focus areas for this year was discussed and relating our activities regarding literacy.  Our GED grant program was our outstanding example of our project in literacy for last year.  The 4 Way Test essay contest was promoted as our Literacy focus for this year.  Of course, membership was also an item of importance and we outlined our basic idea for adding sunrise and sunset meetings to our weekly schedule to reach a demographically different potential membership.  Needless to say, we need to build energy into the areas of focus of Rotary as we serve our community.  

Thank you for your message Steve.  We will do our best to Light Up Rotary this year.Image

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jul 31, 2014

The winner from July 17 drawing was present tonight to receive her check.  Gloria Sanders discovered the Queen hiding behind envelope #12.  Tonight she received her check for $930 after the drawing in a simple photo opportunity.  Her family and friends were on hand to cheer her on.  Thank you to all.  Enjoy your gift card to Cowley's.  

The stub pulled for tonight's drawing was for Sandy Isaman.  Sandy, is a long time friend of Farmington Rotary, and she will receive a gift card from Cowley's.  #12 was chosen for her and revealed the 9 of diamonds.  Don't worry Sandy, there are 12 drawings left to find the Queen.

Get your subscription now.  See the subscription page on the left under the Queen of Hearts Raffle.  See you next Thursday at Cowley's.



Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jul 29, 2014

We were honored to have a special guest today.  Our former member and Past President of Farmington Rotary, Rick Perry, joined us for lunch.  Rick shared many thoughts with us as he brought us up to date on his activities in Rotary.  Many good ideas were provided on fundraising which is of great importance to the club at this time.  Pictured here are Rick and President Lynn Morgan exchanging club banners.  This is a time honored way to recognize the meeting make up as Rotarians travel around the world.  

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jul 19, 2014

After several years, Farmington Rotary was visible in the parade on Saturday morning.  With arrangements for an inflatable Rotary Wheel, there was no mistaking that Rotary was in the community.  The parade was lined with thousands of parade watchers so there were many to witness as the Farmington club did a great job of Lighting up Rotary for all to see.  

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jul 18, 2014

First time for this adventure.

Bruce Carr signed us up for the non-profit dunk tank from 4 to 7 on Friday.  That sure was nice of Bruce, who immediately announced that he would not be able to be a "Dunkee" due to the influence of his better half.  smiley  So basically what he did was set up the President (Lynn Morgan) to serve as the guinea pig to get dunked.  Even though Phil attempted to show how easy it was, it took several tries from most of the "Pitchers" to put Lynn in the tank.  Due to placement and arrangement, the site was not conducive to making a lot of money, but possibilities do exist for making it worthwhile.  Maybe next year.......

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jun 24, 2014

Members Appreciation

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jun 17, 2014

Melissa Andrade, President of the DDA updated our members on the current status.

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jun 10, 2014

Lieutenant Wendy Reyes and Dr Bonneta Laudeman presented information on this less than humane treatment of human beings.




Posted by Lynn Morgan on Jun 03, 2014

James Ellis Scholarships awarded at the annual luncheon by the Farmington Rotary Foundation.

2014 Ellis Candidates

Pictured from left are Caitlyn Pakkala, Sophia Farquhar, Beverly Ellis, Sharon Susan Thomas, Club President Lynn Morgan, Zerina Mulaosmanovic, and Kathleen Keyser.  Not pictured was Hafsa Khan.

Posted by Lynn Morgan on May 13, 2014


Posted by Lynn Morgan on Apr 22, 2014

Sue Daniels shared background and information about the historic site that many from Farmington see frequently but might not think about.  The City of Livonia, with preservation in mind, acquired land and buildings which now comprise the Greenmead Historical Park.  A number of settlers of the area built homes and churches and shops that now comprise the complex.  Through painstaking reconstruction and refurbishment the Park now preserves the history of several prominent families that settled in the Livonia area.  Money is raised through multiple fundraising events to provide for the necessities of the Park.  Check out and take a walk through history.


Posted by Phil Abraham on Apr 21, 2014

Last Saturday (April 19th), Farmington Rotary and friends (including local Interactors), cleaned up our two mile stretch of Orchard Lake Road between 10 Mile and 8 Mile Roads. Very fine weather allowed us to clean up on an enjoyable day.

Many thanks to everyone who turned up to help keep our community clean and tidy (well at least our two mile stretch!).

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Apr 15, 2014

Our good friend Steve Brock, City Manager of Farmington Hills was our guest speaker today.  Starting with potholes and who and how they are handled led to updating us with who is responsible for certain streets and roads in the community.  While is would seem obvious, it really isn't because different roads are funded by different agencies.  For instance, some thoroughfares are handled by the county, some by the state and some by the City.  In brief, if you haven't noticed the sprouting spring flowers, called orange barrels, you will see them soon on Farmington Road and also on 10 Mile Road.  You can find additional information at DPW in Farmington Hills.

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Apr 08, 2014

The Detroit Institute of ArtsOur meeting today was centered around the DIA.  Syretta Lee, brought an informative presentation to us and I'm sure convinced a few that we should be more involved with the DIA programs.  Interested guests joined us today, being Beverly Ellis and Nancy Coumadorous, both being interested in the DIA programs.  Of particular note, there is a program currently being offered wherein groups of individuals can coordinate a date and the DIA will provide transportation to and from and host the group for guided tours and refreshments.  The day would usually be from about 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Stand by for more information to follow up on this one.

The DIA also provides for copies of artworks that are part of the DIA to be displayed throughout the city(ies) to bring art awareness close to home.  Nancy indicated that Farmington Hills is in planning for a date in 2015, so watch for the Art.  It may be coming to a neighbohood near you.

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Apr 01, 2014

Our April 1 meeting program kind of wrapped up the literacy month on the Rotary Calendar for March.  Our club project of support for the GED Prep at St Vincent Sarah Fisher was to provide material support to the program consisting of Microsoft Operating Systems for a installment of a number of computers for test taking to qualify for the GED Certificate. 

Nancy Skula represented SVSF at the meeting to receive the software, which was given to her at the meeting.  The purchase of the software was made possible by utilizing a District Grant from our District 6380 grant funds.  Many thanks to our District and to our generous members for the support of the program.

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Feb 20, 2014

The Queen of Hearts Raffle came to a close for this license year tonight.  It took about ten additional draws to locate the Queen, she was so well hidden.  Michael Rambus was the winner by finding the Queen of Hearts.  We would like to thank all of the people who purchased tickets this year.  The proceeds will be appreciated by the organizations and projects that we support.  Special thanks to the staff and people at Botsford Hospital who were an important assist in selling tickets.  And, thank you to the Rotarians who "manned the raffle" every week at Cowley's for the year.  Thank you to Cowley's and staff for graciously hosting the raffle every Thursday night for the year.  We hope you wll will support and assist us when we begin the raffle again, later this year.

Farmington Rotary

Posted by Lynn Morgan on Feb 07, 2014

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