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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Nassau , the founding Rotary Club in the Bahamas. We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit our site and trust that you will visit frequently. We would love to have you join us at our weekly meeting held on Tuesdays at 12:30 at Luciano's of Chicago in sunny Nassau, Bahamas.  Please be sure to explore our site fully to be kept abreast of our various activities. New members are always welcomed and remember "Service Above Self". Please take the time and review our history by selecting "About Our Club" under Site Pages. Keep up to date with our activities using the following additional links:




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Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Nov 19, 2013

Given that November is Foundation month, RCN welcomed District Foundation Chair Lindsey Cancino to address members on different aspects of the Rotary Foundation.  DFC Lindsey provided a breakdown of monthly contributions that would allow Rotarians to achieve Paul Harris Fellow or Society awards by year end.  Information was also circulated on how to become a member of the bequest society and how to contribute to the endowment fund.   ARPIC Sheila became a new member of the bequest society.





Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Nov 05, 2013

On Monday, November 4th RCN's board had a special meeting with DG Jeremy and Michelle where the board discussed plans and accomplishments for the year.  DG Jeremy asked about the club's challenges and offered recommendations on how to overcome difficulties.  As the meeting concluded President LaPaige presented gifts to both DG Jeremy and Michelle on behalf of the club.

On Tuesday morning DG Jeremy and Michele made a special visit to the Early Act Club of Stephen Dillet where they were both presented with gifts on behalf of the Early Act Board.  Following the meeting, Early Actors and Rotarians conducted a food distribution project in the Mason Addition community where persons were provided with items such as rice, tuna, corned beef, sugar etc.


On Tuesday, November 5th DG Jeremy was the featured guest speaker at our club's meeting where he encouraged members to become more engaged in club activities and expanding the club through bringing in new persons.  He expressed the need for us to focus on locating quality persons rather that focus on quantity.

At the end of our meeting DG Jeremy and Michelle visited the Interact Club of CV Bethel where they pinned the Club's board and Advisors Mr. Turnquest and Mrs Bethel.










Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Oct 29, 2013

Our guest speaker for today was the Commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Roderick Bowe.  He advised Rotarians of RBDF's plans to upgrade their aging fleet in order to better serve the needs of the country.  The Bahamas is very unique in that being an archipelagic nation that spans such a large area, the Defence Force is challenged in border protection given that it receives no assistance from outside agencies in addition to it having an aging fleet of vessels.  The government has approved several new state of the art vessels for the Defence Force which will improve its ability and efficiency in patrol, apprehension exercises etc.







Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Oct 22, 2013

Director of Civil Aviation, Captain Patrick Rolle, spoke to Rotarians about the importance of air safety.  He advised that about 80-85% of crashes are as a result of human error.  Examples were given on situations that ended in disaster either because simple checks weren't made or as a result of pilots emotional state or lack of rest.  The black box, which is really orange, is always sought after a crash because it tells investigators about what was going on in the aircraft.  Conversations, were mechanical failures a factor etc.




Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Oct 15, 2013


Speaker Wendal Jones spoke about his experiences in Journalism over the past 40 years.  He told Rotarians about the early days at ZNS where persons such as Ed Bethel, Charles Bethel,  Carl Bethel were broadcasters who brought a greater level of expertise to the craft than what we see today.  While he was pleased with the government's decision to expand broadcasting into the private arena, he believes that the 29 licenses that have been issued to date are  too many.  It appears as though stations/journalists are more interested in entertaining the public rather than educating them.  He expressed concern over the fact that most veteran journalists have left the field to enter other vocations which, in his opinion, has left the field with much to be desired.




Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Oct 08, 2013

Minister of National Security, Hon Dr Bernard Nottage, spoke to Rotarians about the governments plans for reducing crime in the country.  He spoke about several initiatives that have been implemented or re-introduced such as Urban Renewal.  Minister Nottage mentioned the new work hours for police officers although temporary which will help to provide increased police presence on the streets.  Additionally several officers from the RBDF have been enlisted to provide support in various administrative roles to allow police officers to focus more on fighting crime. 




Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Sep 24, 2013

President Taran of The Rotaract Club of Southeast Nassau brought his team to assist him as he chaired RCN's meeting.  Given that RCN does not sponsor a Rotaract Club this is the first time in 52 years that a Rotaract President has chaired its meeting.  Accompanying President Taran were VP Adrian who gave announcements and collected for the fines master and the Sargent for the day was Chauncey who collected Happy Dollars in aid of their club's Haiti project.

Job well done Rotaract. They will make awesome Rotarians!






Posted by LaVerne Major on Sep 24, 2013

Happy Hall, co-founder of Y.E.S.I. (Youth Empowerment through Soccer International), addressed our Club on Tuesday Sept 24, 2013.

 Y.E.S.I. is a Soccer program where opportunities are created for underprivileged children to experience the benefits of organized sports through soccer programs. These programs foster the development of life skills through teamwork and perseverance while building relationships and confidence amongst peer groups. In addition, kids are given every possible opportunity to pursue their dreams through soccer on an international level.
Through the quality programs the dreams of young kids to become a professional soccer player in the USA or Europe and/or help them and their parents to obtain a soccer scholarship are fulfilled.

 In 2011 Y.E.S.I. was implemented in the government school at Gambier Village, and became known as the Gambier Project/Gambier Soccer Program. The program was recently implemented at Adelaide Primary School.

Through the REACH Program, Y.E.S.I. has partnered with RUSH soccer clubs and schools to provide soccer uniforms.

Gambier Soccer Program

YESIRUSH will provide a variety of levels of soccer activity and training to the children, from recreational level to elite “academy” level training.

1. Academy-level Training: Phase 1:

2. Club- level Training and Competition: 

3. Recreational Soccer Program:

4. Coaching Education and Training.

YESIRUSH believes that soccer has the ability to empower youth through sport, while creating an inspirational support system throughout all communities in the islands of the Bahamas. Their mission is to travel to different soccer clubs, under privileged communities in the Bahamas and conduct free soccer clinics to create lasting relationships with the communities and clubs.   In addition to this they are identifying gifted players in these clinics and giving them chances to play abroad. Inevitably creating an avenue for growth and mentorship so children may be motivated to become influential active citizens of the world. 

Four Point Plan

I.            Teaching soccer skills from basic to advanced levels

II.            Establishing habits of self-discipline, concentration, and hard-work

III.            Building confidence and self-esteem in disadvantaged youth

IV.            Providing healthy athletic and fitness activity to counteract childhood obesity.

 Because of the variety of types of soccer activity offered by YESIRUSH after school, during the evenings, on weekends, over holidays, and during the summer, the inner-city children who participate in the Academy’s programs will be involved in healthy physical exercise on a daily basis, and year-round. This consistency is essential for the YESIRSUSH’s success in teaching soccer, but also for developing healthy life-long exercise habits in today’s youth.  By providing many levels of soccer and educational training activities that will attract inner- and outer-city children, YESIRUSH will provide The Bahamas with a healthy resource to divert its otherwise troubled youths from destructive patterns of behaviour, improve the community’s quality of life, and introduce The Bahamas urban youth to their suburban peers. By welcoming mothers and fathers to its adult recreational soccer as well, YESIRUSH will strengthen families, and will help integrate the different races, ethnicities, and socio-economic classes of the Bahamas.

In only two years they have donated thousands of boots to the needy, partnered with Rush Soccer, IMG Academies, FC Tewnte, Dayton Dutch Lions, Houston Dutch Lions, Nassau Airport Development, New Providence Development Company, RBC Royal Bank, Bank of the Bahamas, TOMS, Crocks, Lyford Cay International School, Tambearley School and ran soccer clinics for free in Nassau at Simpson Penitentiary, Elizabeth Estates Children's Home, William Pratt Center, Cowpin Rd, Carmichael Area, Gambier School, Focus Group, many public primary school programs and sent kids off to professional clubs in the U.S.A.  In addition to this they have programs running in North and South Cat Island, Arthurs Town High school, Orange Creek Primary and Dumphries Pre-k.  Their next goal is to create sustainable grass roots programs for the kids here in Nassau, Harbour Island and Cat Island, eventually having them compete against each other. Y.E.S.I. is a non-profit organization and welcomes the support and sponsorship of the general public.Image

Posted by LaVerne Major on Sep 17, 2013

On Tuesday September 17, 2013 our guest speaker was Supt. Walter Evans who spoke on the importance of fire safety.  He was accompanied by two female officers whose titles have been changed globally to "Fire Fighters", thereby removing gender bias.

Supt. Evans indicated that to date there have been 1284 fire calls and four deaths due to fire.  He highlighted that the installation of a simple smoke detector is of great importance and has contributed greatly in reducing loss of lives due to fire.  It was interesting to learn that in the absence of a fire extinguisher, always have a 5lb bag of flour near the stove as it is extremely effective in putting out stove fires.

Supt. Evans also heightened our awareness of the need to consider "challenged" or people with disabilities when we think of fire safety.

Supt. Evans revealed that the leading cause of fire was children being left home alone, thereby engaging in unsafe practices, followed by faulty electrical work.  He challenged us to partner with them in providing smoke detectors to those in need.






Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Sep 10, 2013

Vice President of The Senate, Senator Joseph Curry gave Rotarians an overview of the inner workings of the Senate.  He provided historical information and advised on how law is made.  In response to a question, he told the group that a party whip system is not necessary in the Senate as policies/laws are discussed in Cabinet and among law makers.  The topic is one of national interest and it was aired by two local media houses.



Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Sep 03, 2013

RCN held its first Club Assembly where the members were informed of what the club had accomplished to-date and it future plans.  President LaPaige provided details on DG Jeremy's visit and the calendar of events that is being planned.  She also mentioned that the DG wants to participate or view one of our projects and advised the group that we hope that DG Jeremy will either participate in our Stephen Dillet reading exercise or breakfast program.  Service projects chair advised on the projects and/or contributions that the club will support in relation to the six avenues of service.  Fundraising chairperson spoke about the need for funding so that we can pursue these projects.  Upcoming initiatives include an online auction, patio sale & Biathlon.  Club Secretary advised members of a few of the changes made by the Council on Legislation as our constitution and by-laws will be amended to incorporate these changes.  She also gave the membership report in the absence of the Membership Chair whereby it was reported that we inducted two new persons for the year but lost one due to job relocation.  Attendance percentage for July had increased over the previous year however August numbers were down in comparison to the same period.  However it is anticipated that make-ups will help August numbers to increase.  Foundation chair encourage persons to contribute to the Foundation as well as spoke about the joint gala event that will be held on Nov 7th during the DG's visit.  Plans are ongoing and more details will be provided.  Other Board members had an opportunity to present.  After each report members were given an opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback.  The reports were well received by the membership.  AG Karen observed the Club Assembly and give brief remarks at the conclusion.





Posted by Laverne Major on Aug 27, 2013

Our speaker on Tuesday August 27, 2013 was Travis Robinson who will be entering grade 12 at C R Walker Secondary School, and is designated the Junior Minister of Tourism.  His topic was The Top 10 Challenges Facing Our Nation's Youth.

These challenges are:

  • Erosion of National Pride/Identity
  • Poverty
  • Shifting Economy – Young people are educated but can’t find jobs locally, therefore leading to brain drain
  • Education Disparity – youth making money as they engage in selling drugs, therefore see no value in continuing education
  • Obesity
  • Materialism
  • Violence
  • Kids Growing Up Too Fast
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Single Parent Home   

In Robinson's opinion, investing more in outreach programs, such as Peace on the Streets/Youth Against Violence could have a positive impact as it did in his life.  He contends that it is important to sit and talk with the youth to identify the root of the problems.     






Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Aug 20, 2013

Membership Chair for Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas (RCOB) Timothy Ingraham addressed the club on the importance of membership growth, retention and involvement.  Members was reminded that it is each persons responsibility to invite prospects to the club and help become involved in making the club what they want it to be.  Membership Chair Tim spoke of the importance of fellowship and how interacting with persons outside the regular club meeting helps with building relationships.  He also reiterated RI's membership goal of net one new member and the District's goal of net 2 new members at March 31.


Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Aug 13, 2013

Rotary Club of Nassau held its first member training session for the year on The Rotary Foundation.  Foundation Chair Sam Boodle focused his presentation on the grant application process in particular Global grants and District Grants.  He shared the grants qualifying criteria, reporting and document retention requirements.  This information is considered timely especially since the grant application model has changed from previous years.  Another training session on the Rotary Foundation will be conducted in November during Foundation Month.
Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Jul 30, 2013

President of The PACE Foundation, Mrs. Sonia Brown gave an insightful presentation into what the organization does.  PACE (Providing Access to Continued Education) is an organization that provides intervention for approx 150 pregnant teens annually.  When teenage girls become pregnant they are no longer able to attend traditional school therefore PACE accepts them, educate them in accordance with the national school curriculum and upon completion they are re-introduced into the school system.  In addition to Math, English, Family Life & Health Education, students are counseled by Social Workers and mental health professionals, are educated about birth control, how to prevent contraction of sexually transmitted diseases and how to care for themselves and their babies.  Statistics reflect that there has been a decline in second time pregnancies among girls under the age of 19 from 19% in the 1990's to below 7% in 2000's.  Additionally total births to teens dropped during the same period.  We thank Mrs. Brown and the board of Directors of PACE for their work in the community.  We look forward to partnering with them in the near future. 
Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Jul 23, 2013

Mr. Vaughn Roberts, Sr VP of Finance & Corporate Alliances was the guest speaker at RCN's meeting on Tuesday, July 23rd.  He provided an update on the development of the mega resort and indicated that the anticipated opening date is December 2014.  Given that this development is a significant investment in The Bahamas and one that has been rapidly progressing news media were on hand to gain insight as well.  Special welcome to ADG Stan Charlton who was among the visiting Rotarians today.




Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Jul 19, 2013

The Rotary Club of Nassau held its first fundraiser to celebrate The Bahamas' 40th year of Independence and to celebrate our nation's youth.  An Art Exhibition & Auction was held under the Distinguished Patronage of the Governor General His Excellency Sir Arthur Foulkes & Lady Foulkes at Government House Ballroom on Friday, July 19, 2013.  Dame Marguerite Pindling, Deputy to the Governor General (and widow of Sir Lynden Pindling, The Bahamas' First Prime Minister) brought brief remarks thereafter declaring the auction open by loudly ringing the Rotary bell.   Guests enjoyed tasty Bahamian treats and well as performances from The Defence Force Pop Band, The Bahamas National Children's Choir, SC McPherson Levi Chorale and the Urban Renewal Band.  What an exciting evening!!

Pres LaPaige & Dame MargueriteUrban Renewal Band

Guests enjoying the eventGuests enjoying themselves







Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Jul 16, 2013

RCN member and PP Cornel Collins has been appointed by President LaPaige as the club's motivator.  The first motivational session was held today with PP Cornel challenging members to think about why they joined Rotary and to consider whether they are serving in that particular capacity.  He reminded members what it meant to be a Rotarian at heart, that is one who participates in the organization's work at all levels (club & community) and contributes to its growth and productivity rather than a Rotarian by name which is one who merely attends meetings to have lunch and fails to become involved.  Members were asked to complete a survey and provide their feedback on how they feel about various aspects of the club: Leadership, involvement, what would they like to see improved, their level of involvement and what factors are a deterrent.  President LaPaige added additional words of encouragement.  The goal of this session is to encourage member involvement and indicate what we can do better as a club.







Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Jul 09, 2013

Special thanks to ADG (East Clubs) Karen Pinder who shared a message from RI President Ron Burton and District Governor Jeremy Hurst.  This meeting being the eve of The Bahamas' 40th Independence all members wore the national colours of The Bahamas as a show of national pride.  A special independence cake was prepared for attendees. 




Posted by LaPaige Gardiner on Jul 02, 2013

President LaPaige Gardiner shares goals of RI, District 7020 as well as the club's goals for the year.  The club's primary focus for 2013-14 will be youth development.
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