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Posted by Charles Crane on Mar 08, 2014

This month the Rotary theme is Literacy, Health and Hunger, all three of which are core areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation.

Our Club has for many years been closely associated with both health and literacy. We have for been a stalwart supporter of the Dialysis unit at the Peebles Hospital, providing them with two Dialysis machines as well as TV monitors. And this year, we have been preparing for a global grant that not only donates a further machine, but also launches a public awareness campaign of the causes of diabetes and what each of us can do to reduce the risk of contracting this nasty disease.  We have also provided free health checks to the general public through our annual health exposition. And we will be doing so again later this month.

As regards Literacy, we have supported the Ministry of Education as sponsors for the National Schools Spelling Bee and General Knowledge quizzes for both Primary and Secondary schools. During Literacy month we have read to some of the primary schools in the Territory, and we will be doing this again this month, to Enis Adams, Ebenezer Thomas and Willard Wheatley. And we have sponsored the Adult Spelling Bee for the last several years.

Our track record in support for both sectors speaks for itself and is something which the club can be truly proud of. There are some things which we should have done, but haven’t; in particular, apart from the Julian Skelton Scholarship Fund which lies moribund, we haven’t established a scholarship fund for main stream education. We haven’t done much to promote the development of IT skills in the primary schools. Both are noble causes and deserve our attention and perhaps had we had the funds, both would have.

Both the health of our nation and the education of our youth are areas of priority focus. How many work days are lost to ill health, from the effects of diabetes, cancer, alcoholism, drugs? What is the cost to gross domestic product and the economy in general? What are the costs to the national health care system? What are the human costs?

How many of our children are ill prepared for leaving school? How many lack the basic 3 Rs? How many drop out of the educational system because it does not meet their needs? What is the opportunity cost – the cost to the economy of a significant rump of High School graduates who will find it difficult to find employment and drift to the fringes, possibly to get caught up in criminal activities.

Is it acceptable to say “ this is Government’s problem; this is what I pay my taxes for”. Is that an acceptable response from a responsible Rotarian? In this month as we put the spotlight on health and literacy issues, please take a moment to ask yourselves; “what do I do as a Rotarian, in fact as a responsible member of society, to improve both the health of the nation and the standards of literacy in our youth?” and “what can I do?”


Charles Crane


Posted by Charles Crane on Mar 08, 2014

At our meeting on Wednesday 5th March, we welcomed our newest member Anthony Clarke as he was installed as our 52nd member. Rtn. Anthony has a history of community service  and he has already shown his commitment to continuing this track record, attending the Inter-schools Spelling Bee as a judge.

The following was provided by SAA Ryan in his introducion of Anthony two weeks ago

"Anthony S. Clarke was born in Antigua on September 5th 1980 and is the first child for both parents. He quickly migrated to the U.S. Virgin Islands where he spent his formative years and attended the Joseph Gomez School. Anthony relocated to Antigua at the age of 7 and attended the Foundation Mixed School. Upon            completion of his primary education he attended the Antigua Grammar School from 1993-98. He earned all distinctions at the CXC level and was the recipient of a
Cable and Wireless Educational Achievement Award for his academics.

In 1994 Anthony became a participating student in the Junior Achievement Programme. A Programme which had a profound influence on him. In 1996 Anthony became an advisor to the Programme helping other students to see the value in the free enterprise system. He has represented Antigua at JA international conferences in Washington, D.C. Killeen, TX and Alberta, Canada. In 1998 Anthony became the youngest ever Programme Director to be involved with the Programme and was instrumental in getting 100% participation from all secondary schools and started the first Programme in Barbuda as well. He was
also instrumental in securing college scholarships for 5 Antiguans through JA International.

For his contribution to the Programme and passion for youth development Anthony received the 2003 Global Youth Service Award.
Anthony taught Caribbean History and Biology at the Bryant House Secondary School from 1998-2003 and graded CXC papers in Barbados for 3 of those years.

He migrated to the United States in 2004 and worked as a Manager for Bally Total Fitness in NYC and transitioned to a regional manager responsible for all facilities in Ohio, Indiana and southern Illinois later that same year.

In 2007 Anthony joined a division of the Home Shopping Network called Cornerstone Brands and played a pivotal role in the development of customer retention initiatives, logistics and satellite offices. In 2008 he was promoted to a Senior Operations Manager role with responsibilities for managing satellite offices in Phoenix, AZ Tampa, FL Atlanta, GA and Cleveland, OH.

In addition to being Ryan's dog walker, chef, spiritual advisor, and gardener he is an avid reader of John Grisham novels and political drama shows.

Even though he was born in Antigua, lived in St.Thomas and the United States Anthony considers the BVI home."
We expect Rtn. Anthony to be a great addition to our Club and just to emphasise this, he left the meeting following his installation to assist with the Secondary      Schools division of the Inter-schools Spelling Bee - A great example Rtn. Anthony!
We had a problem selecting his member category; we couldnt find a category for dog walker, spiritual advisor or gardener, so settled for Human resources         management!
Welcome Rtn. Anthony!

Posted by Charles Crane on Mar 08, 2014

On Saturday 1st March, the Interact group held a bake sale outside Riteway, between 10am and 3pm. They were raising money to help defray some of the travel costs to Anguilla. The Rotary Club of Anguilla and their Interact Club have invited the Road Town Interact group to visit them between 11th April and 14th April for some fellowship and Community service. They will be staying at La Vue Boutique In in the heart of Anguilla and close to the beach. the Rotary and Interact Clubs On Anguilla have put together a full programme, including a joint meeting with Rotary. The bake sale raised $422; they have also held  other fund raisers including a car wash and water sale. On 15th March, they have been asked to face paint at the CCT launch party at Noel LLoyd Park. If anyone would like to accompany the Interactors to Anguilla, please contact President Kadian at, as she is organising a group rate with LIAT

Posted by Charles Crane on Feb 16, 2014

On Saturday February 15th, 45 Interactors and their guests gathered at Pussers West End for a dinner to celebrate the feast of St. Valentines; Yes, believe it or not it is a religious feast, and not just a Hallmark occasion. Although the main dining room was technically open to the public,  the Interact Group pretty much took it over, although there was one brave group who had dinner up there, and they turned out to be a group of Rotarians from New York state and were most impressed that we had an Interact group - I got the impression they didnt. The evening was a great success, and after a great buffet dinner, President Kadian installed three new members, and then they had some games and awarded prizes for the best dressed male, female and couple, judged by Dir. Surbhi..  A  very successful evening and much enjoyed by them all. See photo gallery for more photos

Posted by Charles Crane on Feb 02, 2014

At their meeting on Saturday 1st February, the following were elected to the Board for the Rotary year 2014/15:

Vice President  and President elect 2015/16:                            Tyra Lewis

Secretary:                                                                            Elona Davis

Treasurer:                                                                           J’Moi Saunders

Sergeant at Arms:                                                                Ryoko Skelton

Club Service Director:                                                           Xhanae Barry

Community Service Director:                                                 Melvin Knight

Membership Director:                                                           Noel Maxwell

International Understanding:                                                 Kaleann Thomas

Public Relations Director:                                                     Nia Douglas       

The President for the year, currently Vice President and President elect, is Tamara Caesar. The new Board will take office on 1st July

Posted by Charles Crane on Feb 04, 2014

In the Rotary calendar, February is World Understanding month; February is also the month  in which we celebrate the formation of the first Rotary Club in Chicago, on 23rd February 1905 which has been designated World Understanding and Peace Day. The theme of world Understanding encompasses the Fourth Object of Rotary: “The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. “

In designating World Understanding Month, the Rotary International board asks all Rotary clubs to plan programs for their weekly meetings and undertake special activities to emphasize "understanding and goodwill as essential for world peace."

In the past, our Club has played its part in helping to promote better understanding and goodwill through our responses to environmental disasters that have afflicted many parts of the world; viz: the Asian Tsunami, the Philippines earthquake, Hurricane Ivan and closer to home, the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti and recently the flood damages in St Vincent and St Lucia. In all these and others, Rotarians in our club, across the district and the world have come together to bring relief to those in need. And doubtless we shall do so in the future.

The eradication of Polio from the world has been and continues to be the major crusade of Rotary and in doing so has created much goodwill, brought peace to areas where before there was conflict and brought hope to many millions of children whose lives would otherwise have been one of pain and misery. 

Let us during this month of World Understanding reflect on how as Rotarians we can foster World Peace, and bring  relief to those around the world who are victims of conflict or other adversity. Close to home, let us bring help to those in St. Lucia still suffering from the effects of the Christmas Eve storms, by contributing clothing and dry goods; if you haven’t done so yet, please become a sustaining member of the Rotary Foundation by donating $100, and bring an additional $20 to meeting to contribute to the Polio Fund.

These are positive things that we can do this month that will help change the lives of those less fortunate. Please take few moments to reflect on one of the reasons why you became Rotarians – to help change lives for the better . Please do the right thing!

Posted by Charles Crane on Feb 14, 2014

At our weekly meeting on 12th February  the newly appointed Superintendent of Prisons, Mr David Foot, spoke to our members about his first few days in his new job, the challenges he faces as well as what he hopes to achieve during his 2 year contract. Acknowledging the adverse public comment that heralded his appointment, in a light hearted moment he said that many of the people who greeted him did so with" what about the eggs". This was clearly a duty that Mr Foot hadnt been fully briefed on. However, he said that it was a goal of his to ensure that each inmate of the prison was engaged in a useful vocation whilst serving time and involvement in the prison farm was just one area of focus; so, Yes, the eggs will be re-appearing on supermarket shelves in about 6 weeks as 600 day old chicks from Barbados were due to arrive the following day. He saw his job as not just ensuring that the prisoners were confined within a secure location as their payment to society for their actions, but preparing them to return to society as useful members who have a skill to offer. He paid tribute to his predecessor, Richard Holder who had worked tirelessly for improvement in prison conditions, whilst not detracting from the purpose of prison confinement. He said that he looked forward to the challenges ahead, noting that it was an opportunity to make a difference that would be hard to find in his native UK. Mr. Foot draws on a lot of experience; he joined the Prison service in the UK in 1991; his most recent position was acting prison governor for Lancaster farms Young Offenders institution. In his career with the prison service he has served in a variety of prisons and dealt with a wide cross section of prisoners from hardened criminals to first time offenders, drugs and sex offenders. David is married with 3 young children. After the meeting, David joined us for the after meeting fellowship at the Sports Club and has since expressed a desire to join the club.

Posted by Charles Crane on Feb 21, 2014

Dr Katherine Smith, who is a renowned local historian , spoke at our meeting on 19th February on the above topic. She began her illustrated presentation with an account of the African slave trade starting in the 1750s, with details of the number of slaves brought to the Virgin Islands, their ethnic groups and the areas of West Africa rom which they originated. The presentation then moved on to the emergence of a cohesive Virgin Islands culture; she explained the influence the Methodist church, which had become highly organised throughout the Caribbean, had on the slaves and the important role of land ownership after the large plantations fell into decay following the 1819 hurricane. Dr. Smith pointed out that women had become pre-eminent in Virgin Islands society partly as a result of the slavery laws under which a child’s status was determined by that of his/her mother, the father being of no significance in that respect. She went on to state that many of the slaves on gaining their freedom took on the surname of the estate owner, and hence the emergence of what have now become significant family names; Smith,  Harrigan, O’Neal etc. Dr. Smith then answered a long list of questions, proof positive that her presentation had captivated the members present.

Posted by Charles Crane on Feb 02, 2014

Having met with the Club’s Board of directors and Officers in the afternoon of Wednesday 29th January, the DG with his wife Michelle paid his official visit to our meeting later that evening. The meeting with the Board went smoothly and the DG enjoyed the power point presentation which the directors presented on their area of focus. There was a relaxed atmosphere throughout the meeting and the DG left satisfied we were on the right track.

That evening 26 members, 3 prospective members, the PE of Interact as well as Rtn Abbi Christopher from Tortola met to welcome the DG, his wife and our AG to our Club meeting to a prolonged standing ovation. Club business was kept to a minimum, with reports from PP Elvis on the DG’s remaining programme of meetings, a report from PP Janice on the orientation meeting and a report on the coming Charter Dinner for the Rotaract Club of Virgin Gorda.

After dessert, the floor was handed over to our DG who gave a wide ranging talk. He said that having met with our board earlier on he could say with confidence that the club was strong, balanced and stable. He mentioned that he was impressed with the overall presentation that the board made and paid particular praise to Dir. Janice for her presentation on membership. He noted and congratulated us on taking the initiative some 20 years ago to admit women as members. He also commended the Club in taking the difficult decision to move our meeting time to Wednesday evenings, noting that potential members now had a choice of 3 meeting times and days. And he opined that in time, despite short term opposition from a minority of members, the Club would be the stronger for it.

He commented that in a changing world, it was important that Clubs focus on continuity,  sustainability and transparency. The prime aim of all Boards should be to hand the Club over at the end of the year in a stronger position than it had been at the beginning. He emphasized the Rotary theme this year of Engage Rotary, Change Lives, and stressed the importance of engaging with all members to ensure their continued and active support for Club meetings and activities. On membership, DG Jeremy said that  Rotary was no longer playing the numbers game when it comes to membership growth. The emphasis had moved to quality members, those who would add value to the Club and hence Rotary as a whole and not destroy value. He said sometimes it was better to remove non-functioning members which would end up with a stronger Club as new more committed members joined.

He commended the Club on their twin areas of focus – youth and health, both areas requiring our attention as Rotarians. He said that the present economic conditions had made it difficult to raise funds from the Community and with more organisations tapping the same market he doubted it would get easier. Therefore he encouraged us to be more inventive in how we raise funds; he suggested that we should explore  Clubs outside our District who might be willing to co-fund projects, with or without District and TRF funding; he suggested that there were Clubs in the US only too willing to do so.

He noted our Global Grant application which he commended for the clear need in the community and its long term sustainability. However, he indicated that Clubs that do not fully contribute to the Foundation should not be surprised if they didn’t become recipient of grants. He was encouraged to note that his goal of every Club in the District giving something to the Foundation was likely to be realized. He spoke of an initiative he had supported where a new web site had been created where Clubs in the District could post their projects that needed funding, which would be available to overseas Clubs particularly those in the Caribbean Partnership. Earlier he had congratulated IPDG Vance on his election as Chair of the Caribbean Partnership.

In conclusion, DG Jeremy thanked the members for their continued support for Rotary and all the work we had done; he was warmly applauded for his presentation. VP Pat, on behalf of the members, gave the Vote of Thanks and presented both he and Michelle with gifts as a token of our sincere appreciation.

On Thursday afternoon, DG Jeremy and Michelle visited some of the projects that Clubs had undertaken. The DG viewed both the Hovis Home project which he was most impressed with, and later went on to Mt. Healthy where he was given a brief history of the National Park by National Parks Director Joseph Abbott, whilst Dir. Dennis explained to him he work that we had done. Earlier in the week, we had visited the Dialysis unit at Peebles Hospital, where the DG was able to learn first hand of the issues facing the unit, and had a better grasp of the project we are sponsoring through the Global Grant.

On Friday, several Board members entertained Jeremy and Michelle to dinner in the relaxing atmosphere of Quitos, where Dir Janice has ensured we were given VIP treatment. The DG particularly enjoyed the reggae music from Quito himself, and was seen on the floor with Michelle. It was also Irma’s birthday and the band gave recognition in suitable style.

On Saturday morning, DG Jeremy joined us on Rotary Radio for half an hour before leaving for Virgin Gorda. The programme was hosted by Rtn. Abbi Christopher who asked the DG about his role, the work of Rotary, his visit to the BVI and its highlights. Also appearing was the President of Rotaract and your own president who gave a first half report on what the club had done.

Posted by Charles Crane on Jan 05, 2014

First of all, let me wish you all, our members and your families,  a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I hope the Holiday season was kind to you and that you can look back with some very happy memories.
As 2013 passes in to the history books, we now look forward to 2014; the New Year will see the closing of one Rotary year and the start of the next.  But with six months to go in this Rotary year there is still much work to be done.  Our directors will report on their achievements over the last six months at the forthcoming Club Forum, and I have already given an outline of some of the activities we have been engaged in during the first six months in an email sent at the close of the year. 
January is Rotary Awareness month – a month in which we have the opportunity to make ourselves more aware of the tremendous difference we, as Rotarians and as an organisation can and do make to both individual lives and those in our communities; and at the same time we can make our communities aware of the awesome work that Rotary does. It also provides an opportunity for a bit of self inspection.
Throughout the month, our weekly Rotary Minute will focus on different aspects of Rotary, the work that Rotary does and the opportunities it provides for us to live the motto of “Service above Self” . At the end we will have one of our quizzes.  Hopefully you will feel more engaged and better motivated to change lives.
In our community, we will ensure that those living around us understand what it means to be a Rotarian; that we are not some secret society whose object is for the betterment of its members. We will publish a half year report in the media of what we have achieved so that the public become better informed of what we do, and equally importantly, how we do it. We already reach out to and meet many in our community each year through the Grand Raffle, Health Expo and Kiddies Fiesta. But there are still too many in our community who remain ignorant of what Rotary is and does. We must do our best to correct that. We shall use the monthly radio programme “Rotary Radio”  as well as other media opportunities, as a means to tell our story, because it is a great story and we should, all of us, be proud to be Rotarians.
And lastly, we should ask ourselves: “Am I a good Rotarian?” “Do I fulfill all those undertakings that I pledged to do when I joined Rotary?”  And if the answer to either or both  these two questions is a No, or even a partial No, then ask yourself “what is it that I can contribute to Rotary that I don’t do now so that I can be a better Rotarian, and thus make our Club a more effective Rotary Club?” Nobody expects every Rotarian to be involved in every activity, but each one of us has a special gift, a special skill and we should, each of us, ensure that that gift or skill is used by Rotary. 
So let us as Rotarians enter the New Year with renewed vigour and commitment as we continue our work to Engage with Rotary to Change Lives!
And lastly, January 7th is our Birthday – so, Happy Birthday Rotary Club of Road Town! 23 years and still going strong and getting even better.
Best wishes to you all.
President Charles

Posted by Charles Crane on Jan 27, 2014

On Sunday 26th January, 9 prospective members for the Club met at the Moorings Conference room at 5.30pm for an Orientation and Information meeting; they were joined by 15 Club members. Presenters included our president, Membership Director/PP Janice Rymer, Rtn Edna Williams, Secretary/PP Richard Parsons, IPDG Vance Lewis, PP/Treasurer Elvis Harrigan, PE Shan Mohamed and Rtn Diehdra Potter. Topics covered included an Introduction to RI and the Rotary Foundation, the benefits of membership, Rotary beyond the Club, members obligations, a perspective from a new member, looking ahead to next year, amongst others. The presentations were informative and the general consensus was that they hit the spot. Following the meeting, two more members joined us for nearly two hours of great fellowship in the Courtyard at Ginnies. Feedback is that all the prospectives expressed a firm interest in coming to future meetings and three made it to the meeting with our DG. Our especial thanks to Director Janice and Rtn. Lavina for putting this together and of course to our presenters. Unfortunately the session conflicted with Horse racing and Beres Hammond, which limited the expected turnout, but it was a great event even so
Posted by Nelcia St. Jean

Some of us may be aware of what follows, but to many, particularly our newer members, some of the following may not be familiar, and in this month of Rotary awareness it seems appropriate to remind all of us of how rotary was born and  has evolved.





The first four Rotarians (from left): Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, Hiram Shorey, and Paul P. Harris, circa 1905-12.

Paul P. Harris, an attorney, wanted to create a professional group with the same friendly spirit he felt in the small towns of his youth. On 23 February 1905, Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, and Hiram Shorey gathered at Loehr’s office in Room 711 of the Unity Building in downtown Chicago. This was the first Rotary club meeting. They decided to call the new club “Rotary” after the practice of rotating meeting locations.

Within five years clubs had formed across the country, from San Francisco to New York.

In August 1910, Rotarians held their first convention in Chicago. The 16 clubs that existed at that time united to form the National Association of Rotary Clubs.

In 1912, the name changed to International Association of Rotary Clubs to reflect the addition of clubs in other countries. The name Rotary International was adopted in 1922.

By July 1925, Rotary had grown to more than 2,000 clubs and an estimated 108,000 members  on six continents.

Rotary’s reputation attracted presidents, prime ministers, and a host of other luminaries to its ranks — among them author Thomas Mann, diplomat Carlos P. Romulo, and composer Jean Sibelius.

As Rotary grew, members pooled their resources and used their talents to serve their communities. The organization's dedication to this ideal is best expressed in its motto: Service Above Self.

In 1932, Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor created The Four-Way Test, which has been translated into more than 100 languages



At the 1917 convention, outgoing RI President Arch C. Klumph proposed to set up an endowment “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” In 1928, it was renamed The Rotary Foundation, and it became a distinct entity within Rotary International.


In 1929, the Foundation made its first gift of $500 to the International Society for Crippled Children. The organization, created by Rotarian Edgar F. “Daddy” Allen, later grew into Easter Seals.

When Rotary founder Paul Harris died in 1947, contributions began pouring in to Rotary International, and the Paul Harris Memorial Fund was created to build the Foundation.


1947: The Foundation established its first program, Fellowships for Advance Study, later known as Ambassadorial Scholarships.

1965-66: Three programs were launched: Group Study Exchange, Awards for Technical Training, and Grants for Activities in Keeping with the Objective of The Rotary Foundation, which was later called Matching Grants.

1978: Rotary introduced the Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants. The first 3-H Grant funded a project to immunize 6 million Philippine children against polio.

1985: The PolioPlus program was launched to eradicate polio worldwide.

1987-88: The first peace forums were held, leading to Rotary Peace Fellowships.

2013: New district, global, and packaged grants enable Rotarians around the world to respond to the world’s greatest needs.

Since the first donation of $26.50 in 1917, the Foundation has received contributions totaling more than $1 billion.


 Each year, Rotary funds some of the world’s most dedicated and brightest professionals to study at our Rotary Peace Centers. These fellows are committed to the advancement of peace, and often go on to serve as leaders in national governments, NGOs, the military, law enforcement, and international organizations such as the United Nations and World Bank.


Each year, Rotary selects individuals from around the world to receive fully funded academic fellowships at one of our peace centers. These fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship/field study expenses. Two types of peace fellowships are available.


We offer master’s degree fellowships at premier universities in fields related to peace and conflict resolution and prevention. Programs last 15­–24 months and require a practical internship of 2–3 months during the academic break.


Rotary collaborates with international, governmental, and university groups to tackle global humanitarian issues.

·         Polio: Rotary is a spearheading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative to end polio, along with the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

·         Peace and conflict resolution: The Rotary Peace Centers program develops leaders who are catalysts for peace and conflict resolution locally and globally. Rotary Peace Fellows receive a master’s degree or complete a certificate program at one of our partner universities

·         Water and sanitation: Rotary and the U.S. Agency for International Development work together to support water and sanitation projects through the RI/USAID International H2O Collaboration



Rotary’s relationship with the following partners opens the door for Rotarians to work with them directly:

·         ShelterBox for disaster relief

·         Global FoodBanking Network for hunger

·         Dollywood Foundation's Imagination Library for literacy

·         International Reading Association for literacy. Find out more about starting a literacy project in our Literacy Project Guide.

·         Goodwill Industries International for vocational training

·         YSA (Youth Service America) for youth involvement


Posted by Nelcia St. Jean

Since Rotary joined the worldwide fight to eliminate Polio by launching its “End Polio Now" campaign in 1985, it has raised over $1bn in donations and over 2.5bn children under the age of 5 have been immunised.

Polio has been around for many centuries, even going back to 1400BC. The disease was given its first clinical description in 1789 by the British physician Michael Underwood, and recognised as a condition by Jakob Heine in 1840. The first modern epidemics were fuelled by the growth of cities after the industrial revolution. It became a major public health issue in late Victorian times with major epidemics in Europe and the United States. In 1916, New York experienced the first large epidemic, with more than 9,000 cases and 2,343 deaths. The 1916 toll nationwide was 27,000 cases and 6,000 deaths. Children were particularly affected. Major outbreaks became more frequent during the century: in 1952, the US saw a record 57,628 cases. A major breakthrough came in 1952 when Dr Jonas Salk began to develop the first effective vaccine against polio. Mass public vaccination programmes followed and had an immediate effect; in the US alone cases fell from 35,000 in 1953 to 5,300 in 1957. In 1961, Albert Sabin pioneered the more easily administered oral polio vaccine (OPV). Despite the availability of vaccines, polio remained a threat, with 707 acute cases and 79 deaths in the UK as late as 1961. In 1962, Britain switched to Sabin's OPV vaccine, in line with most countries in the developed world. There have been no domestically acquired cases of the disease in the UK since 1982.

By 1988, polio had disappeared from the US, UK, Australia and much of Europe but remained prevalent in more than 125 countries. The same year, the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution to eradicate the disease completely.The WHO Americas region was certified polio free in 1994, with the last wild case recorded in the Western Pacific region (which includes China) in 1997. A further landmark came in 2002, when the WHO certified the European region polio-free.By 2012, Polio remained officially endemic in just four countries - Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and India.In fact, on 13th January this year, India celebrated three continuous years with no reported cases and the WHO removed India from the list of endemic countries – a particular feat given the large population and difficult terrain..

Despite so much progress, polio remains a risk with virus from Pakistan re-infecting China in 2011, which had been polio free for more than a decade.Today, just three countries remain on the endemic list; Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In 2012, there were 175 new cases of polio reported; 97 were in Nigeria, where local religious leadersin the north suspected the West were attempting to sterilise the Muslim population with the vaccine. For a year the programme was suspended. The programme is now back on track and the number of cases falling.

But there are still some serious concerns; new outbreaks have been reported in or close to three conflict areas: Somalia where 183 new cases were reported mainly in the refugee camps and is thought to have originated in Nigeria; in Kenya, across the border from Somalia, 8 new cases have been reported; and in Syria where a state of Civil war exists with a growing refugee problem, 13  new cases have been reported which are thought to have originated in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Countries bordering northern Nigeria, particularly Chad have also reported new cases as the virus migrates across the border.

As a wild virus, the fear is that the virus could escape from its current containment areas and spread to areas that have not experienced a single case of Polio for decades; such as Europe, The Americas and yes, the BVI. With the ease of International travel, the opportunity for the virus to escape is huge. Which is why the fight against Polio must continue.

So What is Polio; well it’s a virus, which causes spinal and respiratory paralysis by entering the nervous system; victims can be paralysed and their limbs deformed; it can kill and remains incurable, but vaccines have assisted in its almost total eradication today.

How is it contracted? Polio is spread through person-to-person contact. When a child is infected with wild poliovirus, the virus enters the body through the mouth and multiplies in the intestine. It is then shed into the environment through the faeces where it can spread rapidly through a community, especially in situations of poor hygiene and sanitation. If a sufficient number of children are fully immunized against polio, the virus is unable to find susceptible children to infect, and dies out.

Young children who are not yet toilet-trained are a ready source of transmission, regardless of their environment. Polio can be spread when food or drink is contaminated by faeces. There is also evidence that flies can passively transfer poliovirus from faeces to food.

Most people infected with the poliovirus have no signs of illness and are never aware they have been infected. These symptomless people carry the virus in their intestines and can “silently” spread the infection to thousands of others before the first case of polio paralysis emerges
. –

The State of Play – countries were Polio remained endemic





The fight against Polio is being led by the Rotary Foundation, The World Health Organisation and UNICEF, as well as many national Governments and agencies. Rotary has been  extremely fortunate that Bill and Melinda Gates have actively supported Rotary’s fundraising activities through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Foundation have so far donated $355m against Rotary raising $250m. This part of the programme ended last year with Rotary exceeding its pledge. Furthering their support, the Foundation have now pledged to triple each dollar that Rotary raises between now and 2018.

For as little as 0.60c, a child can be vaccinated against polio for life. We have come so far; can we afford to let up now?

So what can you do? Well you can donate. Go to and make your donation. You can support the “Walk to End Polio” on Saturday 25th January starting at the Sunday morning Well at 5.30am. And you can vote – go to . Influence your local leaders to help ensure that Polio is eradicated for ever throughout the world and by extension never reaches our community.


Posted by Nelcia St. Jean on Jan 01, 2014

First of all, let me wish you all, our members and your families, a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I hope the Holiday season was kind to you and that you can look back with some very happy memories.

As 2013 passes in to the history books, we now look forward to 2014; the New Year will see the closing of one Rotary year and the start of the next.  But with six months to go in this Rotary year there is still much work to be done.  Our directors will report on their achievements over the last six months at the forthcoming Club Forum, and I have already given an outline of some of the activities we have been engaged in during the first six months in an email sent at the close of the year.

January is Rotary Awareness month – a month in which we have the opportunity to make ourselves more aware of the tremendous difference we, as Rotarians and as an organisation can and domake to both individual lives and those in our communities; and at the same time we can make our communities aware of the awesome work that Rotary does. It also provides an opportunity for a bit of self inspection.

Throughout the month, our weekly Rotary Minute will focus on different aspects of Rotary, the work that Rotary does and the opportunities it provides for us to live the motto of “Service above Self” . At the end we will have one of our quizzes.  Hopefully you will feel more engaged and better motivated to change lives.

In our community, we will ensure that those living around us understand what it means to be a Rotarian; that we are not some secret society whose object is for the betterment of its members. We will publish a half year report in the media of what we have achieved so that the public become better informed of what we do, and equally importantly, how we do it. We already reach out to and meet many in our community each year through the Grand Raffle, Health Expo and Kiddies Fiesta. But there are still too many in our community who remain ignorant of what Rotary is and does. We must do our best to correct that. We shall use the monthly radio programme “Rotary Radio”  as well as other media opportunities, as a means to tell our story, because it is a great story and we should, all of us, be proud to be Rotarians.

And lastly, we should ask ourselves: “Am I a good Rotarian?” “Do I fulfill all those undertakings that I pledged to do when I joined Rotary?”  And if the answer to either or both  these two questions is a No, or even a partial No, then ask yourself “what is it that I can contribute to Rotary that I don’t do now so that I can be a better Rotarian, and thus make our Club a more effective Rotary Club?” Nobody expects every Rotarian to be involved in every activity, but each one of us has a special gift, a special skill and we should, each of us, ensure that that gift or skill is used by Rotary.

So let us as Rotarians enter the New Year with renewed vigour and commitment as we continue our work to Engage with Rotary to Change Lives!

And lastly, January 7th is our Birthday – so, Happy Birthday Rotary Club of Road Town! 23 years and still going strong and getting even better.

Best wishes to you all.

President Charles

Posted by Nelcia St. Jean on Dec 02, 2013


This month is Family and Fellowship month. A month when we celebrate not just our Rotary family, but also the wider community family in which we all live. With its climax at Christmas, the epitome of the Season revolves around the family, and thus it is entirely fitting that as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who was to have such an enduring impact on our lives, that we celebrate the family.

This is the Season of goodwill, of giving and receiving, of celebration as we commemorate the birth of  Jesus. But it should also be a time for reflection; to reflect on those whose lives may be a little different from ours; those who may not exchange presents, may not have that special meal on Christmas day, may not have any meal in fact and wonder where their next meal will come from. So, as we party, lets not forget those in our community who will not share in the joy of Christmas – and there are an increasing number. Think of the children who will wake up on Christmas Day to a day that is anything but full of joy and celebration.

On Wednesday 18th, we will have our Christmas breakfast. It will be a jolly affair; lots of traditional food, guavaberry, small tokens exchanged. Lots of merriment.

Last week we had a presentation from Alex Durante about a programme of giving called the Tree of Hands.Please reflect on these children who will not share in the joy of the Season. Please donate a present to Tree of Hands and bring a smile to a child’s face this Christmas. Whatever, lets do something, because this is the season when families come together and in the final analysis, we are all one family in our BVI community. Lets share the joy, share the love. Lets just be Rotarians.

I Thank you for doing what you know to be right. 

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In a break from selling raffle tickets on Saturday 21st December, a few of our members went up country to make a special presentation to one of our senior citizens. The Club was approached a while back with a request for assistance to provide a wheel chair to Rupert Herbert who was having difficulty moving around. We responded enthusiastically and on Saturday, Pres. Charles accompanied by PE Shan, PP Elvis, SAA Ryan and Rtn Gordon we handed over the wheel chair. The donation was very much appreciated by Mrs Herbert who said it would greatly assist her husband’s movement about the home. After the break, it was back to selling raffle tickets.ImageImage
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On Friday evening, 21st December, six of our members visited the Adina Donovan Home and for half an hour sang carols; at least at the time I thought we sang, but PP Elvis video taped it on his phone and from the play back I am not so certain now. But the residents seemed to enjoy it as some sang along with us, some tapped their feet and others their fingers. With a bit of luck most of them were tone deaf. Still, for those of us present it was a most fulfilling experience. Thanks to PP Melvin, Rtn Elford (who made the arrangements) PP Elvis, SAA Ryan, VP Pat and President Charles. Melvin had arranged to provide some of the surplus goodies from the breakfast, which we handed over – but not the Guavaberry wine, possibly because we polished most of it off at breakfast. Before wishing each of the residents and staff a very happy Christmas, on behalf of the Club, PP Elvis donated a wheelchair to the home. A very satisfying activity and by all accounts much appreciated.

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At the insanely early hour of 7am on Wednesday 18th December, members of all Rotary Clubs in the BVI, Rotaract, Interact and EarlyAct gathered at the Moorings for the traditional Christmas breakfast hosted by the Rotary Club of Road Town . In all some 70+   members of the Rotary family of Clubs, including 22 of our members along with 5 Interact members and 10 members from the Early Act Club of Enis Adams School, as well as spouses and guests enjoyed a meeting of good fellowship and good food, prepared by the Moorings staff.  Breakfast included salt fish, eggs, turkey, ham, an assortment of breads and tarts. The Assistant Governor for the BVI Clubs, Delma Maduro presented her Christmas message  to the “family” and wished them all a very happy Christmas holiday. The Early Act Club entertained us with a Christmas themed dance, for which they were enthusiastically applauded. Music during the breakfast and fellowship was provided by Glenroy Charles. Our  Guest speaker for the occasion was Ms. Janice Nibbs  Blyden who amused us all with her recollections of how Christmas was spent in Sea Cows Bay some 50 years ago; the days of preparation; annual painting of houses; the eager anticipation of the children. In a particularly amusing part of her presentation she recalled one of the highlights of the celebrations seemed to be the fact that the men ate pig's testicles as an aphrodisiac and that the proceedings always finished in a fight between the youths of Sea Cow's Bay and the youths of Long Look, which the police would never intervene for fear that both sides would turn on them, the police. As we have in the past, there was a collection for the Moorings staff in appreciation of their service during the year which was made by Rtn Lavina. SAA Ryan wrapped up the meeting with fines and happy dollars and a joke that really didn’t quite make it – really SAA! On the way out, members and guests were given a bag of traditional Christmas goodies. Did you all notice the fancy art work on the programme- well done Sec Richard and Rtn Lavina.  Our thanks go to PP Melvin who put all this together in what was a very entertaining family of Rotary Breakfast; thanks Melvin!

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The Rotary Club of Road Town has completed its annual beautification of the Road Town Roundabout in traditional Christmas style. The lights were finally completed on Monday evening after a weekend of frenetic activity to set up the lights and ensure that they were working. The result is a spectacular display of coloured lights that set the roundabout aglow throughout the night bringing some much needed Christmas cheer.


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Living up to the commitment that Digicel made when they agreed to be the major sponsor to the Kiddies' Fiesta this year, on Tuesday 27th November Digicel's commercial officer Jasmine Perez duly presented to the School's principal Mrs Carleen Parsons a new Dell desk top in recognition that the schools cheer leaders took first prize.. Earlier this month Digicel made a similar presentation to Althea Scatliffe, who took the prize for best majorettes. Thank you Digicel! Picture shows Ms Perez handing over the equipment to Mrs Parson flanked by some of the younger students.


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On 23 November 2012, The EarlyAct Club of Ebenezer Thomas Primary School received its Charter from then Rotary District Governor Vance Lewis. Now 12 months on, the Club has passed its first birthday and today, Thanksgiving Day, celebrated the occasion with a turkey and ham lunch, all arranged by the Club’s school advisers. Some 30 members of the Club and their six advisers sat down to a sumptuous luncheon. In true Rotary spirit, the school reached out to their sister club at Enis Adams School and 10 members of their club as well as their adviser and Principal joined the EarlyAct members at Ebenezer Thomas. In some congratulatory remarks on behalf of the sponsoring Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Road Town, the President congratulated the Club and the school on a very successful first year, in which they have carried out projects in their local Sea Cows Bay community, as well as assisting the Rotary Club of Road Town with some of theirs. Club members entertained the several hundred delegates to the District Conference held in the BVI in May to some cultural dancing, as did members from Enis Adams and Isabella Morris. Members are currently assisting the Road Town Club with their annual raffle, which is now under way, and will be attending the family of Rotary Christmas breakfast on 18th December. The President of the Rotary Club also showered praise on the school advisers, including Principal Mrs Hodge who has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Club. In her remarks, Mrs Hodge congratulated the Club on reaching this historic milestone and thanked the Rotary Club for their continued support. It is hoped that during 2014 there will be more joint activities across all three EarlyAct Clubs. After lunch, guests were entertained by some of the Club’s members who are in class 5 to a very moving dance with a religious slant.

EarlyAct is an affiliate programme of Rotary, and was introduced to the BVI in Jan 2011 when the first Club was opened at Enis Adams School. It is a Primary School based programme intended to introduce its members to the concept of community service, of giving back to the community; it also develops members’ leadership skills as members have the opportunity of serving as one of its officers, or leading a committee.  And they have fun, lots of it. Clubs must be sponsored by a Rotary Club and have the enthusiastic support of at least some of the school faculty. The Rotary Club of Road Town is currently exploring the possibilities of establishing a Club at Althea Scatliffe primary School, and interested parents should meet with the school Principal, Ms Headley.

In the meantime, the Interact Club of Road Town were busy on Thanksgiving Day, as Club members brought Turkey , ham and all the trimmings to the students of Esslyn Henley Richiez Learning Centre as they served the students lunch in what has become a regular community service event. After lunch and dodging the showers the Interactors played with the students. As always the students, enjoyed the occasion and there was much laughter as they destroyed the Pinyata.





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President Kadian Johnson of the Interact Club of Road Town and her members conducted our meeting on Wednesday 6th  November as part of the activities of World Interact week.In all  8  Interactors attended our meeting that night. In her remarks, Pres. Kadian gave a brief overview of the activities that the Club had planned for the week, which included attending the Friendship day in St. Thomas, as well as conducting Rotaract’s meeting on the coming Friday, Interact/Rotaract Board training as well as a Church service at the Transformational Church International at East End. She also mentioned other activities planned for the coming weeks, including a car wash at Coreas in Purcell on Saturday 16th November and face painting at Christmas on Main Street. SAA Danielle closed the meeting with a number of original and intuitive fines which raised some club funds for Interact. Well done Interactors!

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On Saturday 9th November, some  Rotaractors and   Interactors assembled at the Government’s Training Division room, nominally for 9am, but there was a liberal definition of the word “sharp” by some of the attendees. Nevertheless, at 9.20, PP and Area trainer Stephanie got the training underway with introductory remarks. AG Delma followed with some welcoming remarks and hoped that members from the two clubs would benefit from the presentations to follow. Next up was our president Charles with a presentation on Rotary Themes and Planning, followed by AG Delma on Building Club relations. PAG Ron then gave a presentation on leadership issues and what makes a great leader, which he followed with a talk on Community Service. To close the morning sessions, PP Al from Rotaract led a discussion on Club service. A light lunch followed, and the afternoon session got under way with PP Al giving a presentation on International service. He was followed by PP Jan who talked about professional development. Before the Q&A session, AG Delma wrapped the training up with a presentation on the importance of PR. The general consensus was that the training was very worthwhile with participants getting what they were hoping for from the presentations. This year we must try to train our younger family members before they take over the reins of office.

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Saturday 9th November dawned, well I think it dawned as it was difficult to tell if the sun was anywhere close, to a swirling mist with intermittent heavy rain, and this was around 5am. I’d just returned from taking the dog for a very wet walk and was doing a sanity check on why I was awake at all, let alone drenched and preparing to go down to the ferry dock to catch the 6am ferry to Red Hook via Cruz Bay St.John. Did I say the 6am ferry; how long have I been here? Well there were a few stalwart would be travellers waiting to buy tickets when I reached the booth at 5.50, but not much sign of Rotarians. I wondered if it had been called off and no one had told me. Around 6.15, more people started to turn up, Interactors and Rotaractors included. AG Delma and Pres. Ken from Tortola joined the queue; still more people arrived between then and 6.30 by which time there was a healthy queue and hopes of a 6am cast off had vanished some time back. At 6.50, we finally set “sail” for West End to pick up yet more bedraggled travellers, including Rtn Geraldeen and Pres. Kadian. We now had some 13 Interactors who had braved the bad weather and early hour, three members from our Club (PP Nona had slipped on board at some point), a few from Tortola and about 10 Rotaractors. As we reached Cruz Bay, another squall came through just in time as we disembarked (where did the word de-bark come from?) to clear US Immigration. An hour later and we were on our way again heading for Red Hook, where we were met by a couple of St Thomas Rotarians and two mobile toast racks, more commonly known as taxis. From there we set off for Megan’s Bay, which is a national park. Yea, a great day for a beach bash! We found our “pitch” which seemed to be the same place as we were at 3 years ago. The skies remained heavy and grey, with the constant threat of rain, which it obliged with dumping on us from time to time. Coffee and bush tea was waiting for us, followed by a breakfast feast of salt fish, johnny cake, eggs – well that’s what I had, I am sure there was more, and more coffee. After breakfast, there was a formal welcome from St Thomas AG Mike Toussaintand his team of presidents,with AG Delma responding on behalf of the BVI family,  and then out came the dominoes, and people clustered around in groups trying to avoid the rain, which at times came in horizontally. The USVI Clubs distributed some tourist board bags with goodies as well as a special edition T shirt to all attendees. The bar opened at some point, maybe it was open the whole time, not sure and as rum, wine and beer took its effect (not all in the same glass, well plastic), the fellowship became more vocal. Before Lunch, AG Mike, in a temporary lull in the rain, organised the electric slide in which many Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interact members took part, but after much fun, another heavy shower drove them all under cover.  During the morning PP Janice and Rtn Alphonso joined us. Despite the rain, the local clubs “slaved” over a BBQ and produced a great spread, including, burgers, chicken, ribs and fish. Not to be dissuaded by the weather, AG Mike then organised some traditional dances including the Quadrille, in which our AG was prominent. Following that, Interact President Kadian inducted two new members in to her club assisted by PDG Rupert Ross and AG Delma. After that there was more fellowship, more dominoes, chess and a determination that the weather was not going to destroy our friendship day. Our return ferry was due to leave by 5pm, so at 4pm we boarded our transport, bidding farewell to our hosts who had done an excellent job despite the best efforts of the elements to disrupt the whole day.  It seems that Native Son never recovered from the 45 minute delay on the first ferry out of Tortola and true to form, the ferry left Red Hook at around 5.45. Some things remained constant; the rain continued to accompany us on our trip back. But all in all, in a perverse way, a very enjoyable day, so AG Mike “Many thanks” from all of us.


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The month of November is Rotary Foundation month. Foundation Area Chair Ryan Geluk will be speaking to our Club at one of our meetings later in the month, and each meeting will include a Foundation minute, which will focus on a particular area of the Foundation.

The Foundation is the charitable arm of the Rotary organisation. In order to carry out its very considerable programme of charitable donations each year, it has to raise money. And it does this from a number of different sources. These include member contributions through programmes such as:

(a)    The Annual Fund

-          Every Rotarian Every year (EREY) – minimum contribution per member $12pa but you can achieve

-          Sustaining membership  with a  minimum contribution per member of $100pa

(b)   Endowment fund

-          Benefactor, when you include the Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your estate plans or when you donate $1,000 or more to the fund outright. Benefactors receive a certificate and insignia to wear with a Rotary or Paul Harris Fellow pin.

-          Paul Harris Fellow, when you give $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant.  You are recognized as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow with each additional gift of $1,000.

-          Paul Harris Society member, when you give $1,000 or more annually to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant.

-          Bequest Society member, when you give $10,000 or more via your estate plans. All society members receive recognition from the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, and donors can choose to receive an engraved crystal recognition piece and a Bequest Society pin.

Funds raised through the Annual Fund are held by RI and invested for three years. RI funds its expenses from the investment income generated during those 3 years. At the end of the three year period, the annual contributions become available for District and Global Grants.

RI makes available to each District 50% of the funds raised by the District, which are then available to fund District Grants and Global Grants.

-          District Grants are a hybrid of the previous District Simplified Grant, though the amount available per grant is somewhat higher. Our District has for the current year agreed to allocate 50% of the total funds made available to District Grants. There is no formula for calculating the amount of a Grant based on the value of the project. District Grants are administered by a committee comprised of District officers and Club members. This year the Clubs of the BVI received a grant of $3000 for the dictionaries

-          Global Grants; The remaining 50% of funds released by the Foundation are set aside for Global Grants. If a project is approved, District will match a Club’s contribution 50c for each 1$ contributed by the Club. TRFT will then match $ for $. All Global Grants must have an International partner club (or clubs)from another District. The funds they contribute will be matched at their District and Foundation levels. It is possible to leverage a Club contribution 5 or 6 times, and hence projects funded by way of a Global grant are highly efficient  way to fund a project. This year we are pursuing a Global Grant with a project cost of $76,000 for a Diabetes awareness campaign.

As a Club, and a District, we cannot expect to be allocated funds under either a District or Global Grant unless we contribute to the Annual Fund. You are all strongly encouraged to be a sustaining member by donating to the Annual Fund at least $100 this year. To make this easy, we shall be making available computer terminals at our meetings so that you can make your contributions on line. Please support the Fund. Without the support of members like yourselves the great work of Rotary cannot continue. Please give generously.

For a full list of opportunities for giving to the Foundation, visit

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Members of Rotary Clubs in the Virgin Islands were disbursed throughout the Virgin Islands distributing dictionaries to class three students today, November 4.

At the Althea Scatliffe Primary School, Principal, Ms. Marieta Flax-Headley declared to students that Christmas has come early since Rotarians brought gifts.

Assistant District Governor for the BVI, Mrs. Delma Maduro told students that this is a wonderful way to start one's week.

She added that public schools are very privileged to benefit from the distribution of the dictionaries and a decision was made to extend the privilege to the private schools.

"We encourage you to use the dictionaries because they are going to help you with your reading, your writing, your communication and your studies in general," Mrs. Maduro stated.

President of the Rotary Club of Road Town, Mr. Charles Crane explained that each year the clubs donate dictionaries to class three and today there are ceremonies happening across the island.

Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn told students that they should be thankful for the donation.

"The Rotary Clubs didn't have to do this because we are not entitled to it, but it is because of the type of organization and the type of persons who make up the organization; it is an organization that cares about the community and certainly they are making their investments in education and we want to thank them very much," Hon. Walwyn stated.


Posted by Nelcia St. Jean on Oct 31, 2013

On 30 October 2013, the Rotary Club of Road Town held elections for its executive for the year 2014-2015 to work alongside PE Shan Mohammed.  The Board as elected is: 

President Nominee - Rt. Ryan Geluk 

Vice President - Rt Ishma Edwards 

Secretary - Dir. Nelcia St. Jean 

Treasurer - PP. Treas. Elvis Harrigan 

Membership Director - Rt. Lavina Liburd 

Club Administration Director - Rt. Elford Parsons

Foundation Director - IPDG Vance Lewis 

Service Projects Director - Rt. Geraldeen Johnson 

Youth Services Director - Rt. Diedre Potter 

Fundraising Director - Rt. Margaret Penn

Public Relations Director - Rt. Gordon French 

Sargeant at Arms - Rt. Andrew Emery

Immediate Past President will be President Charles Crane

Congratulations all!



Posted by Nelcia St. Jean on Oct 31, 2013

On the night of Saturday October 19th, our Club provided the officials for the Allstars Adult Spelling Bee 2013 which was held at the HLSCC; those in attendance were Dir Sonia, Rtns Yvonne and Diehdra, PP Richard P. and Pres. Charles - and of course Rtn. Surbhi who organised and got us into shape . Unfortunately only 4 teams turned up, Class of 93, Speltaculars (from Rotaract) Rotaract Rhetoricians and BDO Spellers, led by the Lion himself! – where were you Sunrise? Even though there were only the four teams, there was a lot of fun and tension right through to the final innings, until the Rhetoricians came out as the All Star Spellers for 2013. But, with a tie for second place we went in for a lengthy tie breaker, with BDO finally squeezing out the Class of '93. Did we hear that Rrrrroar from the jungle – well, maybe not. Whilst it was disappointing that we only had 4 teams, everyone still had a lot of fun. The event started off with a somewhat different version of Old MacDonald’s farm, which I doubt you will find in the nursery rhymes, arranged and sung by Teacher Lynden and her brother which caused much hilarity and laughter. Your President, not known for his singing prowess (and you now know why)  led the National Anthem, whilst we persuaded one of the younger members of the audience attending primary School to sing the Territorial song and she did so with great confidence. Teacher Lynden and the BVI Reading Council organised the event, and trophies/prizes were donated by LIME, and presented by the Hon Minister of Education, Myron Walwyn. Good work Surbhi! 

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On the morning of Saturday 19th October, we paid our first visit to Mount Healthy to mend the fence line; there was just a select band of us that came out to help; PP Richard, PP Courtney, SAA Ryan, Rtn Ravi, Dir Dennis and Pres. Charles whilst IPDG Vance made a cameo appearance, but did go off to try to arrange a backhoe, unfortunately without success. We made some good progress on the first phase, and there is now a new fence line along most of the road frontage, from the gate running towards the sea. Dir. Dennis had already cleared the entire bush from the fence line around the property, and sunk some new poles. So we made good progress. We need the backhoe to clear the fence line to the south of the gate as a large amount of dirt from the adjoining property has spilled over, covering much of the fence; that will be phase 2.  The work was hard at times as you can see from the energy being applied by PPs Richard and Courtney. But a good days work and a good start. Well done Dir Dennis for getting this project started.

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On 16 October 2013 the Rotary Club of Road Town held nominations for elections for the board to support PE Shan Mohamed during the year 2014-2015. The following persons were nominated for the various board positions.  Elections will be held on 30 October 2013.

President Elect - Rt. Ryan Geluk

Vice President - Rt. Ishma Edwards 

Secretary - Dir. Nelcia St. Jean 

Treasurer - PP, Treas. Elvis Harrigan 

Membership Director - Rt. Edna Williams & Rt. Lavina Liburd 

Club Administration Director - Rt. Elford Parson & Rt. Deidre Potter

Public Relations Director - Rt. Gordon French & Rt. Elford Parson

Foundation Director - PDG Vance Lewis 

Youth Services Director - Rt. Deidre Potter, Rt. Surbhi Williams & Rt. Yvonne Hodge-Grant

Service Projects Director - Rt. Geraldeen Johnson & Rt. Yvonne Hodge-Grant 

Fundraising Director - Rt. Margaret Penn

Sargeant at Arms - Rt. Andrew Emery

I hope to see all members present to vote on 30 October 2013 at 6 pm at the Moorings conference room. 


Posted by Nelcia St. Jean

Posted by Nelcia St. Jean

Posted by Nelcia St. Jean

On a bright Saturday morning on 21st September, 12 of our members staggered from their beds to  register to take part in the first race of this year’s College Classic 2 mile races. This was the best turnout in several years and in fact we fielded two teams. The race doesn’t get any easier the more times you take part and it remains a grueling uphill struggle for one mile, and then you’re too exhausted to make use of the down hill stage – well, you are if you are like me. Fortunately we have some seasoned runners who showed off just what can be done, maybe inspired by the previous night’s intake of rum. Our men did well and gave the Tortola Club a run for their money this time; so congratulations to PP Elvis, IPDG Vance, Rtn. Ryan and Rtn. UP. Despite these valiant efforts, we still ended up second to Tortola as they seem to have found some talented women members who gave them the edge.

You’d have thought that the below photo was taken before we set off, but it was taken at the end and it was all smiles as we thought that we might have taken first place; alas it was not to be. But it was not to be, our exuberance was to be shattered ! ……….. but there’s always the next race and a little birdie tells me team Captain Ravi has some of the members out three mornings a week training on the course.  Congratulations team captain, a great first result!

After the race, participants retired to  Grams Place in East End for a well earned breakfast to ease away those sore muscles.




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On Friday 26th   September  our Club joined with Rotaractors for a joint meeting at the Government training centre, which was hosted by Rotaract President Antonio Maynard and his board. The meeting was well attended by both our Club members and Rotaractors.  The joint meeting was an initiative of our Youth Services Director, Sonia Webster and was one of the activities in a month packed with youth related activities.

Members of both Rotaract and RCRT were able to enjoy some fellowship time, with the help of some snacks and drinks which provided us all the opportunity to get to know our Rotaractors better and vice versa.

During the meeting, our AG Delma  Maduro took the opportunity to address both Clubs and talk about her objectives for the year and what she would like Clubs to focus on during the year and achieve. She congratulated both Clubs on the initiative of having a joint meeting.

As guests we were fortunate to have with us Lincoln Liburd and Michael Tubbs. Lincoln was born on St. John and is a director in the e-club of the Caribbean. Despite a very difficult childhood, Lincoln rose above all the hardships he had to endure and graduated from Stanford University. Michael, born in California had a similar difficult childhood, and thus it is not surprising they teamed up at Stanford. Both were down in the Virgin Islands to launch their “Visioning Your Life” programme which they rolled out through the secondary schools on St Thomas; in the BVI they addressed Cedar School students  and it is the hope that during January they will be back to roll out the programme into the Elmore Stoutt High School. Both Lincoln and Michael addressed the meeting and everyone was impressed by how much they had both achieved, and they are only 23 years of age – impressive and  definitely a role model.

We also welcomed back into membership a former Rotarian, Mrs. Margaret Penn. With our change to evening meetings, Rtn Margaret found the new meeting times much more convenient for her and thus wanted to re-join our Club. Sponsored by PP Courtney, Pres. Charles expressed his pleasure at welcoming back Margaret  and after the formalities of installation, Rtn. Margaret gave a few remarks. Welcome back Margaret!

The meeting closed in traditional style with fines and happy dollars, only this time we had a tag team meting out some judicious fines. SAA  Rotaractor Rockel and acting SAA IPDG Vance did a great job at teasing out cash from member’s pockets. Overall, a great meeting  and our thanks to Dir. Sonia

Posted by Sonia Webster on Sep 14, 2013

The Rotary Club of Road Town welcomes Mr Matthew Drum into its membership.  Rotarian Matthew, whose classification is Telecommunications Management, was inducted on 11 September 2013.




Posted by Sonia Webster on Sep 16, 2013

Members of the Rotary Club of Road Town came out on 14 September 2013 to finish the job they started two weeks ago at elderly Ms Hovis’ home. The team applied a second coat of paint to the roof of the house and got to work clearing the garden area of ...weeds, brush and debris. Heavy equipment was brought in to remove large pieces of wreckage from the yard. 

The group of air-condition-loving office dwellers once again displayed much versatility, toiling away in the morning sun and bringing to conclusion part two of a project that will make a difference in the life of one of our own. Photo Credit PP Elvis Harrigan.  See Album HERE.



Posted by Sonia Webster on Sep 01, 2013

September is Youth Service Month!

As Rotarians we have a responsibility to provide guidance, encouragement and support to the youth in our community fostering them to become compassionate citizens and leaders.  In addition, we are also expected to undertake projects that support their fundamental needs of health, human values, education and self-development.

Youth Services Month gives us an opportunity to recognize the achievements of our Rotary Youth Arms and other young people who strive to make a difference in their world. 

Our Rotary’s youth programmes encourage young adults to be involved in their community and become a positive energy that inspires those that they come in contact with.  

The RI Structured Programs for youths are Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, and Rotary Youth Exchange.  Beyond that our Youth Service Opportunities include our EarlyAct Clubs,  Children at Risk, Health Care and Literacy.  

During the month of September we challenge you to get involved in our youth programmes.   Attend a Rotaract or Interact meeting.  Volunteer as a guest speaker at one of their meetings.   Support one of their community service activities.  Be a part of the MOVEMENT.  Support the FUTURE.   Uplift our YOUTH. 

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Join us in welcoming Surbhi Hodge-Williams to our Club.   Rotarian Surbhi , inducted on 4 September 2013, is a Human Resources Manager at the HL Stoutt Community College. 


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The Rotary Club of Road Town was up early on Saturday 31 August to lend a hand to an elderly citizen whose home was in need of repair and painting.  The RC-RT team showed up with tools, paint and excellent Rotary spirit, and set to work repairing the damaged door then scraping and painting the sides and roof of the house.  At the end of the morning the tired team’s efforts were rewarded with the vision of a brightly painted home and a job that was well done. 

See pictures of the team in action HERE or visit our Facebook page HERE.

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Pitching Tents and Feeding the Masses

Members of the Rotary Club of Road Town pitched in over the July 13-15 weekend to assist with the setting up, administration and feeding of the young sailors who competed in the 14th Annual Premier’s Cup International Youth Regatta at Nanny Cay Marina.   

The Premier’s Cup is organized and hosted each year by KATS and the Rotary Family of the BVI.  Supporting the event this year were platinum sponsors Digicel, NAGICO and Nanny Cay Resort & Marina along with the BVI Government.  The event brings together youth sailors from around the Caribbean for a weekend of sailing, competition, fellowship and fun.  No Video Games Required!


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The Rotary Club of Road Town welcomed two new members on 24 July 2013 when Ravindra Maywahlall and Yvonne Hodge-Grant were inducted at the Club's weekly dinner meeting. 

Rotarian Ravindra's classification is Telecommunications Management and Rotarian Yvonne’s is Education Tertiary.   


Rotarians Yvonne Hodge-Grant,  Ravindra Maywahlall and  Elford Parsons (Ravindra's Sponsor)

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Kids Day To Shine!

The Rotary Club of Road Town celebrated emancipation, kiddies style, on 27 July 2013 with its 20th Annual Kiddies Fiesta.   The day included a colourful parade in which various schools participated.  There were also games, activities, food and fun.  Prizes were donated by the event's major sponsor Digicel. 

 Photos by Leon Hazel Photography and others.  For more photos visit album HERE.  

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At its Annual Installation Dinner held on 6 July 2013 at the Treasure Isle Hotel, the Rotary Club of Road Town awarded to Ms. Vansitart Huggins the prestigious Community Paul Harris Fellow Award for her contributions to education and the community as a whole. The award was presented by Past President 2012-2013 Trefor Grant. Ms. Huggins is the principal of the Eslyn Henley Learning Centre. She stated that she felt very honoured to receive such a prestigious award and that she accepted the same on behalf of herself and all the persons she has worked with.


Past President Trefor also awarded the prestigious award to five club members, Alphonso Warner, Shan Mohamed and Edna Williams for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation and Nelcia St. Jean and Immediate Past President Yvonne Crabbe for their contributions to the club.

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The Rotary Club of Road Town announces the installation of its 2013-2014 Officers and Board.  Past District Governor Vance Lewis installed the new president Charles Crane and together with President Charles installed the remaining members of the Board on 6 July 2013 at the Rotary Club of Road Town Annual Installation Dinner. The dinner was well attended by Rotarians and guests. Immediate Past President Trefor Grant joined the Past President’s club with much thanks and gratitude to his fellow board members and all members of the Rotary Club of Road Town.

The Board members for 2013-2014 are: President – Charles Crane, President Elect- Shan Mohammed, Vice President – Patricia Hanley, Secretary – Richard Parsons, Treasurer – Elvis Harrigan, Immediate Past President - Trefor Grant,  Directors – Richard de Castro, Sonia Webster, Dennis Jennings, Janice Rymer, Charles Benjamin and Nelcia St. Jean. Rounding up the Board is Sergeant at Arms Ryan Geluk.  Director Sonia Webster was named Rotarian of the Year and Treasurer Elvis Harrigan was awarded with the Service Above Self award for the year.

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Effective 3 July 2013, the Rotary Club of Road Town will be on a three month trial to determine whether dinner meetings will be more effective for the club. The meetings will be held at the Moorings Marina Inn Conference Room a few steps away from the current luncheon meeting location. Meetings will begin at 6:00pm with fellowship followed by the formal meeting at 6:30pm followed by further fellowship for all. 

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The Rotary Club of Road Town is pleased to introduce its newest members.  Rotarians Andrew Emery, Gordon French and Diehdra Potter.   The new Rotarians were inducted by President Trefor on Tuesday 25 June 2013 during the Club's weekly Luncheon.  

Rotarian Andrew Emery, Classification: Law    Sponsor: Past President Elvis Harrigan


Rotarian Gordon French, Classification: Public Relations, Journalism, Media Relations    Sponsor: President Elect Nominee Shan Mohamed


Rotarian Diehdra Potter, Classification: Event Planning, Past-President of Interact   Sponsor: Past President Louis Potter

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Gifts From GSE India

  Photo Credit Yvonne Crabbe

The Women of Rotary Club of Road Town were specially adorned on Tuesday 28 May during the Club’s weekly luncheon as they displayed their gifts of bindis received from the Group Study Exchange Students of India who were the recent guests of Rotary BVI.  
The forehead adorns are worn in India and other South Asia countries traditionally by married Hindu women as a symbol of female energy and are believed to protect a woman and her husband.  More recently, the bindi is worn as decorative accessory by unmarried girls and non-Hindu women to accentuate their beauty.

The colourful bindis were not the only gifts received from the GSE team.  Banners from various Rotary districts in India were presented to District Governor Vance Lewis bearing regional symbols and logos.   The Club was fortunate to have as guest speaker  the Director of Public Prosecution, Mr Wayne Rajbansie,  of Indian heritage,  who read and interpreted the messages on the banners received.  

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VI Youth Lack Attention - DPP; Wants Society's Help
Story by BVI Platinum News

Photo Credit Yvonne Crabbe

At least one high-ranking official in the criminal justice system admits that enough attention is not being paid to the youth in the Territory.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr. Wayne Rajbansie speaking to Rotarians during their luncheon yesterday, May 28, spoke extensively about the 'troubling juncture' which the Territory finds itself in when it comes to youth being involved in criminal acts.

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.. . 

Rotary Club of Road Town Gets Platinum Award For Excellence!


On Friday 17 May 2013 the Rotary Club of Road Town received the District Governor’s highest award for service.   President Trefor Grant accepted the Platinum Award for Club Excellence on behalf of the Club which had succeeded in satisfying the requirements set out by the District Governor for the 2012/2013 Rotary year.  


The platinum award is issued to clubs that have met focus objectives in eight stated categories together with  additional stipulated objectives.  Participating clubs must receive no less than 650 points from a maximum of 825 points. 


Also among the recipients of the Platinum Award were the Rotary Club of Tortola and the Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town.   Congratulations to all!


See a summary of the Award programme Here.   Full details of the Requirements can be downloaded from Here

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EarlyActors Cleanup The Environment
Story by Charles Crane

  EarlyActors and Club Advisors display the results of their hard work.   Photo Provided

On Saturday 4th May at the early hour of 5.30am, some 17 members of the EarlyAct Club of Ebenezer Thomas Primary School, together with 8 teachers and parents gathered at the school to carry out a second environmental clean up.
This time they chose the stretch of road between their School in Sea Cows Bay and up to Island Department Store in Duffs Bottom. In all they collected close to 100 bags of garbage including several hundred beer bottles, cans, polystyrene, plastic bags, even an old TV.

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First Delegates Arrive in the British Virgin Islands for Rotary District 7020 Conference!

DG Vance Lewis, PDG Dianna White, President Sam Welch (Rotary Club Tortola), DG Elect Jeremy Hurst, Michelle Hurst, PP David Archer (Conference Committee Chair)

On Site Registration for Conference Activities Available

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Rotary International District Conference to Bring Hundreds of Visitors to the BVI
Story and Photos by the BVI Tourist Board

The 2013 Rotary International District 7020 Conference will be held for the first time in the British Virgin Islands, bringing over 500 visiting Rotarians from 10 different Caribbean countries to our shores.

The International District 7020 Conference under the theme “Experience the Passion of Rotary” will be held from 13th to 19th May 2013.  Countries that will be represented at the conference are Anguilla, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Maarten, St. Martin/St. Barth’s, Turks and Caicos Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.
 “I am proud to say that we are going to put the BVI on show for the rest of the world to see at this year’s 2013 District Conference.  We will be welcoming over 500 guests to the BVI from all over the Caribbean and will showcase our territorial community as Nature’s Little ‘Fellowship’ Secret,” said Mr.  Vance Lewis, Rotary International District 7020 Governor.  “We welcome everyone to join with us and experience the passion that we, as Rotarians feel and share in our beautiful British Virgin Islands.”

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Become A Passionate Leader

On Tuesday 7 May 2013 the Rotary Club of Road Town received an informative and inspiring message from well known professional and businessman Meade Malone.   Mr Malone who is the managing director of MWM Global Holdings Group Limited and managing partner of the accounting firm PKF (BVI) Limited conveyed a message of empowerment in his address to Rotarians. 
Mr Malone spoke of his training academy called the Six Pillars of Success which he has tailored for managers and professionals who want to get the most from their staff and improve their organization’s performance.

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Join Us and Make a Difference In Your Community

Welcome to Rotary International and The Rotary Club of Road Town. We hope that reading this will give you a better understanding of who we are and what we do.


Who or what is Rotary?  Rotary International is a volunteer organization of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian service, and help to build goodwill and peace throughout world.


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Rotary Club of Road Town Moves to Evening Meetings!

The Rotary Club of Road Town has taken the bold decision to make changes to its meeting day and time.   In a resolution presented during its April 23 luncheon meeting, the members agreed in principle to change the day and meeting time of the Club from Tuesday lunch time to Wednesday evenings subject to a trial period of three months to commence in July.
President Elect Charles Crane led the discussion on the proposed change which underwent some debate as club members sussed out a suitable meeting time and when the change should take effect.   PE Charles explained that evening meetings would lend more flexibility to the Club’s proceedings and remove the daytime interruption which often prevents time strapped professionals from full and active participation in meetings.   It would also avail prospective new members the option of joining a breakfast, lunch or dinner Rotary Club on differing days. 
Consistent with the mindset of a group that is used to embracing innovative thinking, many of the members openly welcomed the idea.   It is anticipated that the change would provide an improved avenue for the Club to continue the dedicated and hard work, of providing valuable community service and support to the territory, that it has become known for over the years. 
Currently there are three Rotary Clubs in the British Virgin Islands.  The Rotary Club of Road Town now meets on Tuesdays at 12:15pm, Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town meets Tuesdays at 7:00am and the Rotary Club of Tortola meets on Thursdays at 12:00 noon. 


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Let the Adventure Begin!


The BVI Group Study Exchange (GSE) team left the territory for Galveston, Texas on Saturday 13 April.

The four team members
Jenuel McSheene, Shavorn Sprauve, Shekera Wheatley and Shoneda Leacock are accompanied by Rotarian team leader  PP Lloyd Black.    

They were sent off by a Rotary delegation that included District Governor Vance Lewis, President Sam of the Tortola Club,  President Jehree of Rotaract and  PP Yvonne and PE Charles of the Road Town Club. 

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Rotary Club of Road Town Celebrates Literacy


As March draws to a close the Rotary Club of Road Town reflects on a month of celebrating Literacy.  Rotary International recognizes the value of literacy and has made it one of the organisation’s main areas of focus. 

The importance of a literate populace cannot be overstated. It brings with it many advantages such as improved standards of living, better health practices and lower crime rates, to name a few. It also fosters acceptance, tolerance and benevolence for better social relations.

To commemorate Literacy Month, the Rotary Club of Road Town co-sponsored well known reading specialist Vera Goodman’s visit  to the BVI where she performed  reading workshops with parents and educators.    Members of the Club also visited primary schools around the territory and read to the eager and appreciative students.     

In March the Rotary Club of Road Town salutes teachers, parents and others who make literacy a priority.  Their actions lay the foundation for an improved future for the individual and promotes a community that is educated, productive and thriving.   

Posted by Sonia Webster on Mar 30, 2013

Enis Adams EarlyAct Club Donates To Help Teacher


On 22 March 2013 the members of the Enis Adams Primary School’s EarlyAct Club donated $2,000 to help their music Teacher, Mr Threcio Phillips, receive medical treatment overseas for cancer.  

Since learning of Mr Phillips illness a few months ago the members of the Club have held morning vigils praying for his recovery.    Compelled to do more for their teacher, the Club, led by Fundraising and Club Service directors Ajyla Williams and Lekisha Lindo, held a Valentines Fair fundraiser to benefit Mr. Phillips. The event was well supported by students and parents of the school.  

The cheque for $2,000 was presented by the Club’s Vice President, Precious Estridge, to Mrs Tanika DeCastro-Phillips, for her husband, Threcio Phillips who is in Panama undergoing treatment. 

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Peace Prayer Offered At Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park
Story and Photo Platinum News Online


With candles lit and a prayer by Bishop John Cline, Rotarians in the Virgin Islands gathered in the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park to commemorate peace.

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Schools Can Win Cash Prize At Rotary's Annual Kite Flying Event
Story by Platinum News Oline

The Rotary Club of Road Town continues to promote the longstanding family tradition of kite flying and is inviting the entire community to its annual kite flying event at the Cruise Ship Pier in Road Town on Saturday, March 30, 2013.


The event is branded `Kites In The Sky´ and is opened to kite flyers of all ages with several giveaways in numerous categories.

For the first time since the event started more than five years ago, a special prize of $500 with be awarded to the school with the largest amount of participants (minimum of 10 persons) entering the competition.

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As Rotary Celebrates 108th Anniversary, Gains Against Polio Continue

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The Rotary Club of Road Town invites everyone to its Annual Health and Cultural Exposition on Saturday 23 February 2013 at the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park from 7:00am to 2:00pm.   

Come out and take advantage of FREE testing for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and much more.   There will also be confidential screening for HIV/AIDS, breast exams, pap smears and urinalysis.   Consult with the nutritionists, herbalists, masseuse and other experts who will be on hand to answer your health questions. 

All services are FREE.   Set aside the day for yourself and make healthy living a choice!


Posted by Sonia Webster on Feb 08, 2013

 February is World Understanding Month


Rotary International’s goal is a global one. To achieve it, Rotarians must understand and appreciate the global differences in locality, culture, gender and politics that vary in regions and on continents.

Each year Rotarian professionals and experts span the globe offering their time, skills and compassion to address medical, engineering and other humanitarian needs. Often, this takes them to remote areas where they are faced with challenging environmental and living conditions. From their experiences we gain a vivid understanding of the global issues and challenges - an understanding that further prepares us to address those needs in keeping with the goal of Rotary International.

Rotary Programmes such as Group Study Exchange, allow for young adults to expand their view of the world while gaining invaluable exposure and training to be well rounded, better adjusted and more tolerant individuals and leaders. The youngest members of the Rotary (Interactors and EarlyActors) can become involved in international service with shoebox contributions that are sent abroad to alleviate circumstances faced by persons of similar ages. By engaging in this humanitarian venture they learn about the lives of others and develop compassion and tolerance that will make them better individuals.

The opportunities for global understanding exist and one does not have to look far to find them.


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Meet Miss Fifth Form - Interactor Kadian Johnson

Miss Fifth Form  Kadian Johnson (Right) with Pageant Committee Chairperson Bisa Smith
On Tuesday 29 January the members of the Rotary Club of Road Town were graced with royalty as Kadian Johnson, Miss Fifth Form addressed the gathering at its weekly luncheon meeting.   Miss Johnson captured the crown on 19th January from a field of five contestants together with wins in five coveted categories - Intellect, Personal Development, Best Poise, Best Talent, and Determined to Succeed. 

The young aspiring dentist spoke of her experience as a contestant and the time, determination and commitment invested in the performance that culminated in a convincing win.   Pageant Committee Chairperson Mrs Bisa Smith also addressed the meeting. 

Miss Johnson was presented with a cheque by the Rotary Club of Road Town emphasizing the Club's commitment to supporting youth activities and development.  Miss Johnson who is currently Vice President of the Interact Club of Road Town will be serving in another capacity from July 2013 when she becomes the Interact Club's President for the 2013/2014 year.   

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Ebenezer Thomas EarlyAct Club Cleans Up


One of the newest and youngest service clubs in the BVI made its mark in the early morning of Saturday 26 January.

The EarlyAct Club of the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School took to the street promptly at 6:00am on Saturday morning with its first community service project.  Club members, advisors and teachers outfitted in gloves and carrying garbage bags collected trash and debris from along the roadside between the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School in Sea Cows Bay and the beach at Nanny Cay.  

This haul netted several bags of trash and left the stretch of road in a state of clean that would make any resident proud.   The members held a fellowship breakfast on the lawn area at Peglegs landing afer the cleanup.

The EarlyAct Club of the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School was chartered on 23 November 2012.  The Club has approximately thirty members and is led by President Leah Smith who is a class five student at the school.    The Early Act Club of the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School is the second such club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Road Town.  The other is based at the Enis Adams Primary School.

See Photo Slide here:

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Rotary Club of Road Town is December's Club of the Month!



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Rotary Club of Road Town Celebrates 22 Years of Service!



The Rotary Club of Road Town celebrated 22 years of service on 8 January 2013.  Members commemorated the anniversary at Tuesday’s weekly luncheon by taking a stroll down memory lane with Past President Richard Decastro who highlighted the Club’s achievements and its contributions to the community over the years. Charter members and past presidents were awarded certificates in recognition of their role in guiding the club’s journey.

In addition to sponsoring and supporting numerous causes over the years, the Rotary Club of Road Town has developed signature events and contributed sustainable projects in areas of:
Youth Development
Culture &
The Environment

The Club is also proud to have sponsored a third Rotary Club in the BVI (Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town), an Interact Club and two EarlyAct Clubs.  The Club made history in July 2012 when one of its own, Past President Vance Lewis, was appointed District Governor.  This is the first time that a District Governor has been appointed from a club in the British Virgin Islands.  

Much has been done, and still much more remains on the horizon.  The Rotary Club of Road Town remains steadfast in its commitment to serve its community and is proud to do its part in contributing to world Peace Through Service. 

See Photo Slide Here:

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January is Rotary Awareness Month


Too often the profound impact that Rotary International is making in the world goes unrecognized and unmentioned.  But for the millions whose lives have been touched by  Rotary’s programmes  their stories  bear testament to the positive power of giving  selflessly through a commitment to service.   

The story of Rotary has been told in many countries and languages.  For those unfamiliar with it, we provide the following:

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Cash Raffle Grand Prize Winners!

Christmas Day was a whole lot brighter for the lucky winners of the Rotary Club of Road Town’s Cash Raffle that was drawn on 24 December at the Delta Gas Station in Pasea Estate.


Members of the public along with the media congregated at the gas station to be present for the long awaited $7,500.00 cash draw.  By the end of the evening the winning ticket for the Grand Prize was drawn and Cameleta O’neal, the lucky owner of ticket #4431, will walk away with $7,500.00 in cash.  The other winners were:

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 From our Rotary Family to You and Yours. Have a Blessed Holiday Season!



Rotary Club of Road Town Decorates Roundabout

The Rotary Club of Road Town lit up the Capital with a colourful display of Christmas lights and decorations in the Road Town Roundabout.
See photo slide here:



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Family of Rotary Christmas Breakfast 2012

Rotary Club of Road Town hosted its annual Family of Rotary Breakfast on 19 December 2012.   The breakfast was attended by members of all three Rotary Clubs (Tortola, Sunrise and Road Town) as well as members from the youth arms Rotaract, Interact and EarlyAct.   Honorary Rotarian His Excellency the Governor Mr Boyd McCleary and Rotarian, Premier Dr the Honorable D. Orlando Smith were also in attendance.


The guest speaker Mrs Jennie Wheatley, a former educator, storyteller and historian regaled the attendees with stories of BVI Christmases gone by.   The two EarlyAct clubs in attendance performed dance routines showcasing some well developed talent.   The morning ended with a choral of Christmas carols and exchange of Christmas goodies between the three clubs. 

To see EarlyAct Club dance performance click here:


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Family of Rotary Fellowship Sunday


Family of Rotary met for an afternoon of food, drinks, fun and games on Sunday 16 December at UP’s Cineplex. The afternoon was filled with memorable moments including when Rotaractor Leon Hazel showed the group how to score a bowling strike with a backwards through the legs bowl while holding on to his camera and Rotarian Ryan received bowling advice from a frustrated onlooker who felt compelled to come to his assistance. 
See photo slide here:

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Santa Visits Eselyn Henley Richez Learning Center!

On Tuesday 11 December 2012, the Rotary Club of Road Town arranged for Santa to make an early visit to the Eselyn Henley Richez Learning Center for special needs kids. Santa was very well received by all although he did spend quite a bit of time holding on to his beard.  See photo slide here:


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Follow the 2012 Group Study Exchange Team from Rotary District 7020 (Jamaica) on their GSE visit to District 3260 (India).



The next morning was breakfast at a Rotarian’s home and then we headed back to the train station to catch our train to Jagdalpur. Once again, just fabulous hospitality from the Rotarians of Damonjodi. We thank you!


Posted by Sonia Webster on Dec 07, 2012

Early Bird Grand Prize Winner

On Tuesday 4 December 2012, Stephanie George collected her First Prize raffle winnings of $1,500.00 at the Rotary Club of Road Town’s weekly meeting. 


Ms George was one of three lucky winners pulled in the 24 November Early Bird draw at the Sir Olva Georges Plaza.  The drawing took place during the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony organised by the Lions Club.

President Trefor in handing over the cheque to Ms George, thanked her for participating in the raffle and lauded the many other persons who had purchased tickets in support of the Club’s community service efforts.   He also thanked the Lions Club for allowing the draw to take place at their event.

Posted by Sonia Webster on Dec 03, 2012

December is Family of Rotary Month

This month we embrace and celebrate the people in our lives who provide us with purpose, contentment and support.    As a Rotarian your family begins with your household and extends beyond that to include your Rotarian colleagues – and their households – in your Club, District and in Rotary International.    

Rotary is the bond that ties our international family together and provides it with a purpose.  A commitment to service.  Our relationship and involvement in our Rotary Family defines the experience, making it one that is rewarding, inspiring, supportive and fun. 

This month, make a renewed commitment to become more involved in all of the components of your Rotary Family – at home, in your Club and abroad – and enjoy an experience of enrichment that comes from being a venerable member of your family and a part of a team that does good in the world.  

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BVI/USVI Friendship Day

We were happy to have our fellow Rotarians visit from the USVI for our annual Friendship Day on 17 November 2012.  This year event was hosted by the Rotary Clubs of the BVI at Myettes in Cane Garden Bay.   It was a day of fellowship, entertainment, food, dancing, singing, swimming and a competition! (rice and peas competition that is).  A good time was had by all.   A hearty thank you to our guests!  

See photo slide here:


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20 Years in Rotary

Thank You PP Stephanie Benn

PP Stephanie (Right) accepts a plaque of appreciation for two decades of dedicated service in Rotary


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Early Bird Winners!

The Rotary Club of Road Town held its Early Bird Drawing on 24 November 2012 at the Sir Olva Georges Plaza during the Lions Club of Tortola’s Annual Christmas Tree Lighting.  

Rotarians on Lion's Stage - Ag. Governor Inez Archibald prepares to draw the Early Bird 1st Prize Winner

The winners were:

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Rotary Club of Road Town Charters New EarlyAct Club at Ebenezer Thomas Primary School

Story and Photo Credit: Virgin Islands News Online 

SEA COWS BAY, Tortola, VI – Members of the Rotary Club of Road Town gathered in conjunction with other local club representatives yesterday November 23, 2012 at the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School to charter a new chapter of EarlyAct Club comprising members of the school body.

Posted by Sonia Webster on Nov 18, 2012

District Governor Vance Lewis - Official Visit To The British Virgin Islands 19 - 24 November 2012


For Itinerary :

Posted by Sonia Webster on Nov 15, 2012

Meet Our Greeter

Most Tuesdays as Rotarians arrive for their weekly retreat/meeting at the Moorings they are met upon entry with a broad smile and firm handshake!   

 Devione Welcomes Past President Richard

Devione Joseph, a differently-abled young man, from the Eselyn Henley Richez Learning Center is the Rotary Club of Road Town’s enthusiastic greeter.   Devione has multiple learning and medical disabilities that have not affected his warm manner and cheerful disposition.    It is these very traits that make him an excellent candidate for training as a Greeter.    

Posted by Sonia Webster on Nov 13, 2012

Future Visions - Moving Forward with Focus

Rotarian Ryan Geluk, Future Visions Coordinator for the British Virgin Islands, spoke to the Club on 13 November 2012 about Rotary International's initiative to improve how grants from the Rotary Foundation are issued and applied.


Rotary International has structured its new grant programme, called Future Visions, in a business-like model which aims to streamline operations and secure a more effective application of resources.  The new model encourages greater emphasis on Rotary's six areas of focus as these will become important criteria in assessing projects for grant approval.   (For areas of focus click More... below)

The Future Visions grant model emphasizes sustainability.  Thus preference will be given to projects designed to provide continuous benefit to the community after the grant amount has been exhausted.

Posted by Sonia Webster on Nov 13, 2012

Rotary Club of Road Town Donates to the Family Support Network

Mrs Judith Charles of FSN receives Cheque from VP Geraldeen

At our meeting on 13 November 2012, the Rotary Club of Road Town donated $1,000 to the Family Support Network.

Posted by Sonia Webster on Nov 10, 2012

 Election Results are In!


No, we are not referring to the US presidential elections (which in many ways was less suspenseful than RC-RT  proceedings).   The Rotary Club of Road Town voted for its 2013/2014 executive committee on 30 October 2012.    After club members deliberated and voted on two resolutions that addressed candidate eligibility for the proceedings the voting got on its way.  The results were:

Posted by Sonia Webster on Nov 01, 2012

November is Rotary Foundation Month!

As a Rotarian your annual sustaining contribution to the Foundation is the nucleus that allows Rotary International to sponsor a broad range of Educational and Humanitarian programs impacting lives around the globe.


The more well known Foundation programs include Polio Eradication, Health,Hunger & Humanity Grants, Group Study Exchange (GSE), Ambassadorial Scholars and District Matching Grants.  Rotary Foundation also relentlessly works to reduce child mortality, promote peace and to provide basic education and literacy support.  Your money is well spent!
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Share Your Wisdom, Spread the Wealth... 

Rotarians visited the Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School on Tuesday 23 October to provide vocational guidance to the students on possibilities for their future.  For more pictures click link -


 Other schools visited werre Althea Scatliffe Primary and St Georges Anglican School.



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Team RC-RT again rose to the challenge in the third of the HLSCC Highland Springs races on 13 October 2012.   Led by inspiring team manager, PP Richard, the team took to the course with renewed energy.  PP Tim set the pace and was the first from RC-RT to cross the finish line.  The team’s performance brought the club back into contention for the top spot in the Service Clubs’ rankings. Results are pending!

Team RC-RT
Photo Credit:  Richard Parsons 

Also running in this division were the Rotary Club of Tortola, Rotary Sunrise of Road Town and Rotaract Club of Tortola.  The fourth and final race is scheduled for 10 November 2012.

Posted by Sonia Webster on Oct 12, 2012


DG Vance, Musician Len and Chairman David singing  "BVI Mehson"

The Committee for the 2013 District 7020 Conference led by Chairman David Archer hosted a joint meeting of the Rotary Clubs of the BVI on 11 October 2012.  The purpose of the meeting was to inform club members of the planning progress to date for the conference.   

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In a lively and informative presentation on Thursday 11 October, Leslie Vernick,  a well known speaker, author and licensed clinical social worker from Pennsylvania addressed the joint meeting of the Rotary Clubs of the BVI on the subject of domestic violence. 

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(Rotaract Press Release)


As a part of the Rotaract Club of Tortola’s continued commitment to promoting literacy and international understanding within the Virgin Islands; representatives of the Club visited the Bregado Flax Educational Centre Primary Division and the Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary School on Virgin Gorda on September 17th & 18th 2012 respectively. 

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Young,  Ambitious,  Going Places...?
Rotary has an opportunity to help you get there. Click more for the details.

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Competition Fellowship and Fun!

Photo Credit:  Oyakhire Oghai

Saturday 29 September 2012 was a busy day for the Rotary Family of the BVI.  It started out early in the morning with the second of four races in the H Lavity Stoutt Community College Highland Spring series.   Teams from four Clubs participated.  Rotary Club of Tortola, Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town, Rotaract Club of Tortola and our very own Rotary Club of Road Town.   The two mile cross country race that included a hillside challenge proved a great way to get the adrenalin pumping for those brave enough to  register (….and finish). 

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Adults were put to the test on Saturday 8 September 2012, when the BVI Reading Council hosted its All Stars Adult Spelling Bee on Literacy Day. This was a part of the Council’s 17th Anniversary celebrations.  The Rotary Club of Road Town, known for its involvement in literacy and education, was invited to officiate at the event.

Adult Teams on Stage with Master of Ceremonies President Trefor
Photo Credit: Charles Crane

The event was baseball themed and President Trefor led the officials as Coach (master of ceremonies), Director Tiffany was the Umpire (judge),  Rtn Rodney Herbert was Timekeeper and Rtn Sonia Webster Score Keeper.  PE Charles welcomed contestants and supporters to the competition and introduced the panel of officials.  The Pitcher (pronouncer) was Ms. Eugenie Donovan-Glasgow a former educator. 

It was an evening of entertainment and fun as eight teams of 3 persons, battled for dominance.

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October is Vocational Service Month


Vocational Service focuses on:

-      Promoting the Highest ethical Standards in all occupations
-      Recognizing the value of all useful  occupations
-      Contributing one’s vocational talents to meeting the needs of the community

Rotarians are encouraged to embody these standards by applying the Four Way Test and the Rotary Code of Conduct in their professional and personal lives.

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(By Charles Crane)

Continuing our focus on the month’s theme of New Generations, we were delighted to hand over our luncheon meeting on 11th September to members of the Rotaract Club of Tortola. With VP Melissa Farara deputizing for President Jehree, and Shaquille Byron standing in as SAA. In addition, there were 3 other Rotaract directors and ordinary members present.


VP Melissa Farara,  PP Al-Quamin Nibbs, PP Louis Potter (Rotary),  Rotaractor Shaqille Byron
Photo Credit: Charles Crane

In her presentation to the Club, VP Melissa set out the goals of the Rotaractors for the coming year, and pledged that the Club would work more closely with Rotary Clubs in the BVI and also with Interact. The Club would re-engage with the senior citizens resurrecting a previous programme of monthly visits to the Adina Donovan Home, would be donating 60 Spanish dictionaries to two primary schools on Virgin Gorda; and she acknowledged the support the Club had received from the Rotary Club of Road Town in the past and hoped that this would continue. Noting that the Rotaract Club had only one member out of 25, over the age of 25, she said that the opportunities for Rotaractors moving across to Rotary were somewhat limited, but said that a membership drive was being drawn up to bring in more members, particularly in the 25 – 30 age group.

 In thanking VP Melissa, our own President Trefor thanked the Rotaract Club for their support for our clubs projects, citing in particular both the annual Health Fair and the Kiddies Fiesta. In recognition of this, he was delighted to announce that our Board had agreed a donation of $500 to Rotaract  and further said that in recognition of the support received from the Rotaract Club of the UVI at the Kiddies Fiesta, the Board had agreed to donate $250 to that Club.

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Rotarians will be spreading some early Christmas cheer when they give members of the public the opportunity to win big in the club’s Annual Grand Raffle. This year’s raffle features a grand prize of $7,500 that will be drawn on Monday 24 December 2012.


There will also be an Early Bird drawing for $1,500 on Saturday 24 November 2012 that will give a lucky winner a jump start on their Christmas shopping. Several other items, trips and prizes will be raffled on both dates.  Tickets are $5.00 each and can be purchased from members of the Rotary Club of Road Town.

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In recognition of New Generations Month on the Rotary Calendar, Interactors from the Interact Club of Road Town, led by President Altisha Crandall, took control of our weekly luncheon at our first meeting of the month. Supporting the Interact President was Vice President and President Elect Kadian Johnson, Directors Tamara Caesar, Shamoia Maduro, Kyra Maduro, Ryoko Skelton, Secretary Tyra Lewis and SAA Danielle Ward, along with several other members.

President Altisha Crandall
Photo Credit:
Yvonne Crabbe
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Class three students from across the Territory have benefited from an annual donation of Oxford Dictionaries from the Rotary family of the BVI, according to the Government Information Service (GIS). At a distribution ceremony held at the Enis Adams Primary School, President of the Rotary Club of Road Town, Trefor Grant said the clubs look forward to the annual event as Rotary supports and promotes literacy within the schools.

Minister for Education and Culture, Honourable Myron V. Walwyn along with the President of the Rotary Club of Road Town, Mr. Trefor Grant distribute dictionaries to class three students of the Enis Adams Primary School.
Photo Credit: GIS/Ms. Colene Penn
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Rotarians descended on the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School on the Morning of 18 September 2012 to commemorate International Literacy Month by distributing dictionaries to class three students.         

Past President Roy told the class about Rotary, its structure, objectives and projects.    Rotarian Sonia spoke to them about literacy and the importance of being able to read and write.   The students got their first opportunity to use the dictionaries when Past President Melvin challenged them to find the word “COMMITMENT”.  He then elicited a commitment from the students that they would make good use of the dictionaries and always strive for excellence in their school work.  

Posted by Sonia Webster on Sep 26, 2012

The Rotaract Club of Tortola and Interact Club of Road Town joined forces on Saturday 15 September 2012 to take on the Ocean Conservancy's Trash Free Seas challenge.   The clubs participated in a territory wide Coastal Cleanup organized by the Conservation and Fisheries Department on International Costal Cleanup Day.  

Club members met at the Loose Mongoose in Trellis Bay where they were divided into teams, provided with tally sheets and given instructions, along with trash bags and gloves needed for the task.  They then disbursed along the shoreline to collect, record and return with their stash (trash).

There was an excellent turn out from both the Rotaract and Interact clubs with a few Rotarians also present to lend a hand.   The result was a collection of miscellaneous waste, debris and junk ranging from cigarette butts to an old boat seat and vehicle transmission. 

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In a show of fellowship and athleticism Team RCRT flexed its muscles on Saturday 15 September 2012 in the first of this year's HL Stoutt Community College Highland Spring Classics races.   The team will be pounding the pavement again on 29 September 2012 in the second of the four race series.   Come out, participate and support! 


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District Governor, Vance Lewis has asked the community to join with Rotary in the establishment of a partnership that will make the BVI the envy of the Caribbean. The entire BVI community can look forward to the upcoming Rotary International District 7020 Conference which is expected to attract hundreds of Rotarians from across the region to the shores of the British Virgin Islands in May 2013.

Mr. Vance Lewis and Scotiabank’s Managing Director, Ms. Joycelyn Murraine
Photo Credit: Provided
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In three months since becoming District Governor of the Rotary 7020 District, Mr Vance Lewis revealed that he has so far visited 33 clubs as part of the 82 clubs in District 7020.
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Check out the website that was created for the Group Study Exchange (GSE)  - Team BVI.  We invite your feedback on ways to improve the site.  Send feedback/comments to our email:  Many thanks to our webmaster and committee member Dir Corleen Goodman from the Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town.  See link to the site to your right under Club Links.


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In keeping with the Rotary them for September, New Generations, the guest speaker at the club’s weekly meeting held today – 18 September – was Mr. Henderson Tittle, the Youth Minister at the New Life Baptiste Church.  According to Mr. Tittle, his passion is to encourage and empower the youth.

His message titled “Save the Seed” focused on a project he is currently working on to engage at-risk youth in the community, both male and female.  The TV show, “Reaching Out” will target youth between the ages of 12 – 19 and will provide a forum to them to discuss issues they face in today’s rapidly changing society. The show is scheduled to commence broadcasting next month (October) on JTV Channel 55 and is will air on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. and re-broadcast on Fridays at 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 12:00 p.m.

Photo Credit:
Yvonne Crabbe
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At its weekly luncheon meeting held on 28th August 2012, District Governor, Vance Lewis inducted the two members into the Rotary Club of Road Town and the BVI Rotary Family  - Dr. Oghai Oyakhire and Sonia Webster.

Photo Credit: Yvonne Crabbe
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Special Olympics BVI, BSAFE and the Social Development Department came together last Friday to surprise a young man not normally accustomed to elaborate gifts.  Joel Jean Baptiste an Elmore Stoutt High School student and permanent resident of the Rainbow Home began learning to sail this summer with Sailability BVI.  Joel although physically disabled from the waist down, is not frightened of trying out new experiences and will certainly not be prevented from taking part in sports any longer. Thanks to a joint effort between SOBVI and BSAFE and the Rotary Clubs of the BVI, not only is Joel now hooked on sailing; he was given a very special form of transport for his land-based fun on Friday.

At the weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of Road Town, on Tuesday, 21 August, Rotarians in attendance dipped their hands in their pockets to raise $500 towards the cost of Joel's new mode of transportation.

 President Trefor presents Joel with $500 towards the cost
 of his new set of wheels.
  Photo Credit: Yvonne Crabbe

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Having spent 35 years at Cable and Wireless (now LIME), which ended with him as CEO in 2008, Lewis states that he has been a Rotarian since 1991, perhaps a lifetime for some, adding that he’s “always been involved in service.”

 He expressed that he was a member of the Rotary Club of Road Town, which was the second club charted in the BVI, started some 21 years ago. 

Other local clubs include the Rotary Club of Road Town and the Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town. Lewis was also a Lions Club member in the 70s.

Vance Lewis, the newly appointed Regional District Governor for District 7020 of the Rotary Club. Photo: provided

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Each year on the first Monday in August, the British Virgin Islands holds its Emancipation celebrations, climaxing in a colorful parade of floats and troops all accompanied by a rich mix of Caribbean music. This year in June, the Interact Club of Road Town, a Club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Road Town, celebrated its 10th Anniversary, and this year is the 50th Anniversary of Interact worldwide. To commemorate both these Anniversaries, the Interact Club of Road Town decided to enter a float into the Parade on Festival Monday, under the theme of “Celebrating 10 years of Service Above Self” and we had T-Shirts printed with the Interact Logo and theme.


Photo Credit:

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Dear fellow Rotarians

In our Rotary calendar, we are reminded that August is Membership and Extension month. Although only the second month of the Rotary year, it is imperative that during this month we as Rotarians focus on retaining and attracting new members. Additional members gained early in the year can help propel our various clubs forward and upward toward success. 

One school of thought tells us that if we focus on keeping our club vitalized with service projects, inviting interesting speakers to address our various club meetings and assemblies, enjoying good fellowship at all our service projects and during our meetings, we are likely to find that together these efforts will be rewarded with an increase in membership satisfaction. Satisfied members are more likely to remain Rotarians and indeed will want to share this satisfaction with non-members. This will then make our club look attar ,ctive to Rotarians and non-Rotarians and we can exploit this attractiveness by inviting these non-Rotarians to our meetings.

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Take the Rotary Membership Challenge!

Rotary International News -- 27 July 2012     

Share your passion for Rotary with your family, friends, and community during Membership and Extension Month in August. This year you’re invited to take part in two activities designed to help you remember why you joined Rotary, what keeps you coming back, and why others should join.

First, take the Rotary Membership Challenge. Commit to sponsor a new member, tell a friend or colleague about your club’s projects, or volunteer as a mentor to prospective or new members. After you complete the form we’ll email you links to resources to help you meet the challenge!

Second, participate in the first-ever Rotary Moment Tweet Day on 14 August. Tweet about your favorite Rotary memory or event, talk about your club’s activities, or share your community service project. Use hashtag #RotaryMoment.

Not on Twitter? Listen to Rotary’s popular webinar Using Social Media to Promote Your Club or District to learn how to create a Twitter account, post your first tweet, use hashtags, and lots more.

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Huang is Choice for 2014-15 RI President

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By Arnold R. Grahl 
Rotary News – 1 August 2012   


Olympic diver Tom Daley is featured in "This Close" posters as part of a publicity campaign by the Rotary Club of Plympton, Devon, England. Rotarians in India also lined up several members of Indian's Olympic team, including boxer Vijender Singh, for their "This Close" campaign. 

The best athletes in the world have gathered in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and some of them are helping to spread the word about Rotary’s campaign to rid the world of polio. 

Rotarians in Plymouth, Devon, England, used a few connections to line up Olympic divers Tom Daley and Tonia Couch for “This Close” posters, which have been displayed around Plymouth and at the training facility used by Ghana’s Olympic team.

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District 7020 - to which the Rotary Clubs of the BVI belong - will participate in two Group Study Exchange (GSE) during the 2012-13 Rotary Year.
Preliminary information indicates that exchanges will take place between:

District 7020 (BVI) and District 5910 (Texas)
District 7020 (Jamaica) and District 3260 (India)

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At our weekly luncheon meeting on 24 July 212, our in-house guest speaker, Dir Patricia Hanley shared information on Rotary Internationals quest to eradicate Polio from the globe.


Photo Credit: Yvonne Crabbe

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The Rotary Club of Road Town's 19th Annual Kiddies Fiesta is slated for Saturday, July 28, 2012 starting at 10:00 a.m. in the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park.
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The Enis Adams Primary School's Hawks Dance Club will depart the Territory on Saturday, July 14 as part of an experience of a lifetime to participate in a cultural exchange between the Virgin Islands and Hertfordshire County ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Photo Credit: BVIOC/Ms. Sofia Fay
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Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News

Vance Lewis sealed history when he was installed as the Governor of Rotary District 7020 during a gala dinner attended by senior Government officials, well-wishers, long-serving regional and local Rotarians at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda last evening, June 30.

Lewis is the first person from the BVI to be installed as District Governor in the Territory's 44 year history of Rotary and will serve for the period 2012-2013.
Posted by Cindy George on Jun 26, 2012

On Tuesday June 26, 2012 at the weekly luncheon of the Rotary Club of Road Town, twelve members were installed for the 2012-2013 year. The guest speaker was Bishop John Cline who spoke on leadership and identified characteristics of an effective leader. President Elect Trefor Grant addressed the members and gave a brief introduction of his plans for the upcoming year.





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RI President Elect Sakuji Tanaka:

One day, I was asked to join the Rotary Club of Yashio. And it was two years later that someone came and spoke to us about the idea of vocational service. From that day, slowly, I began to change. I realized that the purpose of my life was not just to earn more, to sell more, to make my business better than anyone else’s. I realized that I wanted to have better goals and higher goals — both personally and professionally. I realized that for me, the most important thing in life was being useful to other people. And I realized that by helping others, even in the simplest of ways, I could help to build peace.


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Memberswho have not already done so are hereby reminded to make their contribution of$150 to the fund set up in support of the Rotary District 7020 Conference whichwill be held in the BVI in 2013.  If paying by cheque, please make chequepayable to "BVI Rotary District Conference".   Members may make payment in three equal installments of $50.  Pleasecontact Rtn Ryan or DGE Vance with any questions.

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