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         Sep 2014         
President Chris Cunningham
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Welcome to the Home of Rotary Club of Woodstock

Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:10 PM

Altadore Quality Hotel and Suites

580 Bruin Blvd (highway 59& 401)
(Behind Tim Hortons)
Woodstock, ON N4V1E5

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Dragon Boat Team Nights Dragon Boat Clubhouse
Aug 24, 2014 06:00 PM - Sep 18, 2014 08:00 PM
What's happening in Rotary
Posted by Liam McCreery on Jul 14, 2014

Woodstock Rotary Minutes

July 21st, 2014

Quality Inn Woodstock

Chaired by President Chris Cunningham.

Called to order at 12 p.m.

Secretary; Liam McCreery.

Guests: Paul Cluff (potential new member), Drew Moir, Linda Bartlett, Jeff Duncan and a fellow Rotarian Brandy from the Brantford club.

Announcements; Dave Harris gave an update on Dragon Boat. We have received a $17,000.00 grant from the City of Woodstock.

It was Alaina Taylor’s Birthday on the weekend.  Today is Rick Correia’s birthday!

Tim acted as our Argent at Arms and was so inundated by Happy Bucks, he gave no fines. {Although he wanted to fine President Chris for her in Rav4 singing}

Dave Harris won the BIG 50/50 draw by pulling the Ace of Spades. His cheque is in the mail.

Habitat for Humanity presentation; Andrew Moir, chairman of the board, announced that they are planning to build 2 houses in Woodstock this year.  They are looking for more volunteers to assist with the upcoming build which will start in August.

Linda Bartlett presented on how families are selected for the houses.

Jeff Duncan talked about the growth of Habitat for Humanity in the Woodstock area over the last 5 years and thanked Rotarians for their support.

Next meeting will be at Roth Park/Boat House [south side of lake]. District Governor Patsy Marshall will be speaking. Please bring a lawn chair. Catered by Todd’s Dogs [and salads!],

President Chris thanked the speakers and adjourned the meeting at 1:20 p.m.

**Please note** No meeting on August 4th, Civic Holiday, August 11th due to Dragon Boat Festival  weekend and  September 1st as it is Labour Day.


Posted by Tim Howard on Jul 07, 2014

President Chris called the meeting to order

Oh Canada - Started by Lynn

Ifhan said Grace

Guests: Jocelyn Jenner, Development Officer at the Woodstock General Hospital (being "enticed" to join our group) and Jessica (working at her internship at South Gate)

Melissa at Chris`s request went over the role of a pod and their duties.

50/50 was handled by Lynn and won by Ted - King of Hearts.

Ron, Francis and Melissa went over the farewell to Maria and what a pleasure it was to have her, also shortly a new Maria will be coming from Italy.

Near the end of August our exchange Student Nathan will be coming back from Taiwan.

Dave Dragon Boat Festival, have 36 teams registered but is in desperate need of help.  Needs someone to help with the communication between teams and the organization.  Also needs people to sign up for a couple volunteer dates in July as well as for the festival.

Rick, Fun League is done and went smooth, everyone had a good time.  Chris believes we need a Rotary team for next year.

James did happy bucks, Ron, Bruce, Tim, Rick, Melissa, Ted, just to name a few.

James World Cup Trivia - didn't`t go so well as a fund raiser as every table got the correct answer :)

Rick was fined for advertising selling Rotary shirts.   Also Rick passed around a sign up sheet for people looking for new Rotary polo shirts.

President Chris with the help from Jessica gave her first speech with Rotary goals  to work on the duration of our meetings, also wanted to focus on Rotarians having fun and SMILING and will seek feedback through "Survey Monkey" on thoughts about Rotary from our membership.

We listened to a speech from the President of Rotary International and the theme is  Light Up Rotary.

Chris  concluded today's meeting at 1:10.

Posted by Olga McKellar on Jun 30, 2014

Presiding: president Ron Fraser

Welcoming: Melissa

Attendance: Fred

50/50: Rosemary

Invocation: Chris

Guests Present: Shayna (outgoing student), Elena Fraser (wife of Ron).

During lunch Ron reminded us of a few dates, especially Rosemary’s which falls on July 1 and always calls for major fireworks!!!

Maria was away with Francis and her family.

Ifhan reported that the golf tournament went well for 4 or 5 holes and then it was a wash out, owing to ongoing thunder, rain and lightning. All participants received a cert. to play another 9 holes on a more pleasant day. 39 people took part.

No report from the Dragon Boat Co.

50/50: Elena won and pulled a 2 of hearts.

As Sgt of Arms, Olga collected  happy bucks from most of those present. Barb Wright said her goodbyes to the Club but promised to come back soon.Bob Reid had 2 grandkids graduating Grade 8 and was especially grateful for the way his grandson had been honoured to receive the Principal’s award for leadership. Several members had happy bucks as they remembered highlights of our year with Ron Fraser’s leadership. Many soccer fans had happy bucks for moments in the World Cup Soccer now ongoing. The group was quick to identify Gary Yuan as our new Rotary International President from Taiwan and the theme for the coming year: Light up Rotary.

Ron introduced Shayna who showed us her slide presentation on Canada which she is taking with her in Aug. when she heads out for her exchange year in Thailand. We gave her Club banners to take with her and wished her well. On our behalf she was thanked and presented with a cert. for vaccinating 50 kids against polio in gratitude for her presentation.

Ron did his summary presentation of his year. He had managed to reach most of his goals, or at least make significant progress on them. For example, he aimed to give $5,000 towards Polio Plus. Even without a large fund raiser we were able to give almost $4,500. He thanked Olga and her committee for all their efforts throughout the year. He had made great strides on the longterm plan for the Club and will continue to work on it. Unfortunately his goal of surpassing 50 members was not met. He thanked all who had made 85% or better attendance presenting them with a coupon from McDonalds for a ‘Happy Meal’.Olga headed the list with 97.5%, followed by Melissa,, Don S., Don F.,and Robin.

Ron then presented Chris with the Sutherland Cane, explaining its significance. Chris presented Ron with his personal gavel. Chris was given a president’s pin; Ron was given a past president’s pin. Chris gave Ron a Canada Day Cake to celebrate his new freedom.

Then our new president, Chris, declared the meeting  over.


Posted by Wilma Boughtflower on Jun 09, 2014

Call to Order - President Ron
Toast to Canada, Queen, and Finland – President Ron
Invocation – Barb
50/50 – Mike McMahon – $8.00 returned to club
Fines, Happy Bucks – Olga
    - Don Stoddart – incorrect meeting place
    - President Ron – wonderful weekend
                              - Polio Plus
    - Bill McLeish – sitting next to Mike McMahon
    - Nigel Millington – Happy to be back, busy four months work, introduced Holly
    - Cliff Zaluski – No name tag
    - Melissa Pike – husband renovating kitchen; Burger King tonight
    - Francis Stevens – daughter attending meeting
    - HOLLY – Thanked Nigel for bringing her
    - Olga - Tribute to Larry Lake
    - Wilma – “Little Library”
    - Chris Cunningham – Larry on golf course with bike
    - Melissa – Larry at Court House with bike
    - Bill McLsish – Larry at TI CHI
    - Robin – Larry at Christmas Parade with Bike
                  - Larry with Chai Tea
Committees – Nathan is preparing a report
                    - Aug 21 – new student Maria
                    - Current Maria is on school trip
                    - Golf Tournament – June 23
                                                  - Sponsors needed
Speaker – Bill McLeish on India through “Roads Scholars” ( or the old Elderhostel)
India – History
         - Religion
        - Culture
Problems – Politicians
                - Population
                - Poverty
                - Pakistan
Religions – Hindu
                - Muslim
                - Christian
Melissa introduced and thanked Bill for his address.    
Posted by Olga McKellar on Jun 02, 2014

Welcoming: Don S.,
Attendance: Fred
50/50: Don F.
Invocation : Olga
Presiding: President Ron.
          When the meeting was called to order, Olga led us in O Canada.
          The only visitor was our speaker, Paul Cluff.
          The only birthday noted was Rick Shaheen.
          Rotary anniversaries were Graham, 23rd., and Paul, 4 th.
          It was reported that former Rotarian, Don Hart, was battling pancreatic cancer.
Don F., held the 50/50 draw. Craig had the winning ticket and drew the 6 of spades. He handed his winnings to Don F. for Polio Plus.
A number of happy bucks were collected: Francis – met Maria’s parents. They have now gone to Toronto and Niagara with Maria. Phil – both his girls recently performed in 4 dance shows. The older one has a job this summer as a costumed guide at the Museum.Rick S. was attacked by a gander that was protecting its nest. Rick was riding a bike at the time and expects
Posted by Rosemary George on Mar 31, 2014

President   Ron opened the meeting

Attendance was taken by Ifhan Hudda

Greeter Don Stoddart

O Canada lead by Olga Mckellar

Invocation  Ifhan Hudda

50/50 Liam McCreery, Bruce Burbank pulled the Three of Hearts and won $3.00

Sergeant at Arms-Don Stoddart

Happy Bucks

- Rob Reid reported that the guest he brought to Rotary is permanently moving to Woodstock.

-Fred Fenton’s son was involved with planning the Juno Awards in Winnipeg seen Sunday evening on TV.

-Hazel is happy that the Music Festival for this year is underway and took in $390.00 

-Don Stoddart was happy to pass on Boy Scout badges to Frances Stevens


Committee Reports:

Youth Committee Frances Stevens-   has two spots left for picking up Maria from school on Mondays. Frances is going to request that each of us take Maria home for dinner before she goes home.


PolioPlus- Bruce Cunningham  acted as Auctioneer to auction of a silver and copper decorator plate which was a gift to Fred Fenton as president many years ago. Top  bid $165.00 to Rick Correia  


Peace Dinner- John Gilvesy. Ass’t Governor, reminded everyone of the Peace Dinner  that it will take place on May 15, 2014 that author of the book “Freedom of Want “ will be a speaker on Micro Finance.   


Fun League- Rick Correia reported that the first application has been received.  79 to go!


Maria had dinner with her old host Family at the Elmhurst and enjoyed the outing very much. Cheerleading is going well and she is hopeful there will be a football game to attend.


Sick and Visiting- Melissa reported that Paul Benedict is having more bad days than good at the moment.  The Club members want to wish him well and let him know that he is in our thoughts.


Guest Speaker-  Introduced and thanked by  Ron Fraser

Our speaker today was member John Gilvesy, Assistant Governor, from the Tillsonburg Club.

John spoke to us about a recent conference he attended called RE THINK.  The conference was for Engineers without Borders.  The group provides Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Partnerships for Global Development.  Poverty is a product of broken systems that prevent people  from realizing their full potential.  Breaking into small groups provided leverage of the knowledge of the participants not just the expertise at the front of the room.   The Engineers approach to solving problems  is Profit for doing good VS profit from doing social good and impacting  a community providing social change. Non Profit Organizations need to listen to the people they wish to help and not assume they know what people need.  There are many Charities wanting to help but with little coordination, training for the people they are helping or supplies to maintain working conditions.

The Engineers without Boarders  raise about $1million per year to do their work.           
Posted by Rosemary George on Mar 24, 2014

President   Ron opened the meeting

Attendance was taken by Ifhan Hudda

Greeter  Don Stoddart

O Canada lead by Olga Mckellar

Invocation  Stephen Sears

50/50 Graham Hart-   Richard Holmes pulled the Queen of Diamonds and won $10.00

Sergeant at Arms-Don Stoddart

Happy Bucks

- Lisa Wells happy to be back from vacation

-John Szasz found his name tag after many months

-Phil Laitar last male members to arrive today

-Chris Cunningham attended a PETS session on the weekend “it was awesome!”

-Southgate Center is hosting “the Best You” today with lots of people attending

-Cliff Zaluski fined for his badge still on his truck dash board!

-Richard Holmes attended the third curling practise and meeting in preparation for his trip to Scotland this November.

-John Currie fined for leaving his name tag on the Tag Board

-Graham Hart was curling at a rink that started in 1886


Committee Reports:

Music Festival- Hazel Powell announced that she had just a few opening left at First Baptist for the Music Festival.  If you are the last person at the door please take the money to Gary from First Baptist.

Hazel will pick up the money from Salvation Army.  Please wear your Rotary shirt or pin when working at the door.


Youth Committee Frances Stevens-announced that two students are now attending RYLA.  Carol Cunningham and Jacob Burbank will represent our Club.


Polio Plus- Bruce Cunningham reminded everyone one to bring their treasurers and $15.00 to the meeting next week in preparation for the Penny Sale.


Peace Dinner- reminder that it will take place on May 15th..  


Student Exchange-Nathan is on a bus tour this week so no report.  Maria went to a Raptor’s game with Don and had a great time, down to lake Erie, and preparing for a Cheerleading competition. 


Cancer Society representative Jen Culley, spoke to the Club about the funds raised from the Daffodil Campaign.  These funds support all kinds of cancer research.   There is a youth troop in each of seven high schools in the County.   Chloe represented the youth troop and spoke of why she is proud to wear a daffodil.   Her music teacher had lung cancer which touched her directly and she will remember his fight by wearing the daffodil.


Erik Trembley, President of Woodstock-Oxford Club reminded everyone of the Annual Fish Fry and that he had tickets with him today.


Guest Speaker-  Introduced and thanked by Hazel Powell

Our speaker today was member Robin Ferro.  Robin was raised in Durham a small community, near Owen Sound. He has two sisters who still live in Durham.  Robin has a passion for hockey and at one time played against the Woodstock Royals.

He graduated with honours from Humber college in business administration.  Robin was first employed at National Trust in Hanover, after a year he was transferred to Huntsville as assistant manager.  Then transfers took him to Meadford and Barrie where he worked for eight to nine years.  It was here in 1996 that he met his wife Mary Linn and her daughter who was six years old.  Then Rebecca was born the New Years Baby with her picture on the front page for all to meet.  Next he was transferred to London where National Trust was taken over by Scotia Bank.  In 2000 he came to Woodstock. He is in a leadership role overseeing two locations and assisting the District Vice President who oversees twenty four branches.  Scotia Bank is the third largest bank with an International arm. Robin enjoys retail banking but now has less time for face to face customer service.   Earl Shea, Manager of the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Robin into Rotary.

He became our President in 2006-2007.  Scotia Bank support its staff in being a part of the community and giving back.   Through Robin’s active participation in our club, Scotia Bank has donated $1000.00  to the Woodstock Rotary Club.  

Posted by Rosemary George on Mar 17, 2014

President Ron opened the meeting

Attendance was taken by Ifhan Hudda

Greeter  Don Stoddart

O Canada lead by Olga Mckellar

Invocation  Stephen Sears

50/50 Liam McCreery and Kathleen McCreery, Frances Stevens won  $8.00 with the eight of clubs

Sergeant at Arms-Don Stoddart

Happy Bucks- All members fined who were not wearing GREEN

                        -Graham Hart was happy to be back from South Africa.  While wearing his Rotary shirt

                         People thanked him for what Rotary is doing in South Africa

                       -Barbara Wright noted that it is her daughter birthday-happy to be sharing it with Rotarians

                       -Cate  Melito  happy to have spent time with girls friends on a kayaking trip

                       -Frances Stevens happy to have survived rotating folks through their cottage during Spring

                        Break and that no one got hurt skiing

                      -Wilma Boughtflower spent March Break with her family

                      -Stephen Sears-Happy this cold winter will produce lots of maple syrup

                      -Liam McCreery announced this is the day of the Blarney Stone

                      -Don Stoddart presented Dave McKenzie with a small model GM Car

                      -Robt. Reid was fined for being late

Committee Reports:

 Music Festival- Hazel Powell noted the Music Festival will be March 31 –April 14th so time to sign up on the circulated sheets. 

Youth Committee Frances Stevens-Two spaces have be paid for RYLA and one person is not able to attend.  Do members know of another youth 18-25years who would be interested in this Leadership

Training opportunity, April 27th this year.  Contact Frances for details



-Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to challenge local clubs to enter their Euchre fundraiser on April 25th

-Frances would like each chair of a committee to inventory their rotary assets and reply to her.

-Student Exchange still requires one host family for next year.  If you can help please contact Frances

-Polio Plus will hold a penny sale on Monday April 28th.  Please bring in gently used or re-gifted items.

  Each member will be asked to purchase or donated $15.00 worth of tickets for this event.

-Cluster dinner will be held May 15th at a cost of $30.00.  The topic for the evening will be

  Micro Financing.

-Maria has moved to her last Host Family, Nathan Strathopolous family.  She is returning home in early

  so do invite her to visit or go with your family to an event.

-Easter Monday there will be no meeting

-April 7th Clair Conway will be our speaker.  The topic is Uganda Water Project “wash”


Guest Speaker-  Introduced and thanked by Hazel Powell David Mackenzie MP for Oxford

 Dave made the following comments on items that the Government is presently following;

1.  The vote to be held in the Ukraine brought on by the illegal invasion of Russia

2.  Venezuela is presently falling apart.

3.  The missing plane flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing Flight #370 has been missing for over a week.

Dave was also available for questions from the members.


Posted by Tim Howard on Feb 10, 2014

Meeting brought to a start by President Ron Fraser

Chris Cunningham motioned to start the meeting

2nd by Melissa Lowes


No minutes for last year's meeting as they could not be obtained by the start of today’s meeting.

President Ron introduce Adam Shaw to review our financial statement

Adam went over in detail our operating funds and the clubs service funds.







Posted by Tim Howard on Feb 03, 2014

Olga started us off with O Canada
Lynn – Invocation

Birthdays and Anniversaries 

     John Currie 14 years as a Rotarian
     Adam Shaw - Birthday

Tim did 50/50

Bruce Cunningham drew king of clubs $10

Barb did Sergeant at Arms 

  • Chris - 6 weeks of winter still to come and unveiled new Rotary Banner "Light Up Rotary"
  • Lynn off to Mexico
  • Olga collected $5 from Rotarian for Polio Plus "Name The Director" baby pictures
  • Francis - Son finished 8th skiing this past weekend, great weekend on the hills
  • Melissa - was in fun jail raising money for a playground set for a public school
  • Barb brought up the Olympic theme for February and our new adoptive country to cheer for, had a quiz game which China has an early lead too.
  • Tim - Please wear some red and white or Canada related clothing to our upcoming Rotary meetings to avoid a potential fine (shirt, tie, hat, sweater, socks, etc.)


Dave Harris - Dragon Boat Festival.  Meeting Thursday at noon at Quality Inn

Francis – Youth Exchange. The girls (exchange students) are up at Halliburton this week.

Ron -Thank you cards from two WCI students thanking Rotary for helping them out with their post secondary education costs

Guest Speaker
Bruce Introduced our Speakers from CAS (Ronda, Danielle and Fatima)

Fatima Started off with some background info about Cribs for Kids, many parents do not have safe up to date cribs.

Ronda updated us with what's going on in Oxford County, 17.6% of children grow up in "low income" household.
Oxford has a higher than average teen pregnancy, Oxford at 27% while 25% is the average for teen pregnancy.

Cribs should have no bumper pads, no pillows, no heavy blankets, no clutter, just a single sheet is all they need.

Next Meeting on the 10th for Feb - Annual General Meeting

Posted by David Harris on Nov 19, 2013

The Rotary Club was pleased to award the 1st Youth Dragon Boat Bursary in October to local paddler Tristain Probst. In order to encourage the development of youth paddlers in Oxford County the Rotary Club of Woodstock has developed a bursary of $200 to be given to any youth paddler from Oxford County who earns a spot on the Canadian National Junior Dragon Boat team. This past summer Tristan competed on the Junior team in Hungary winning three medals including one gold. We were pleased to present this bursary recently. He is currently studying at Conestoga College so was unable to make a lunch meeting.   Below are a couple of links with more information. 

Sentinel Review Article on Tristan   CBC Radio on 2013 World Dragon Boat Results

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