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The Mt.Sinai Heritage Diner

275 Route 25A
Mt.Sinai, NY 11766
United States

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Posted by Yvette Hohler on Apr 22, 2014

Our speaker, Joseph Finora, whose regular job is as a freelance financial marketing writer who has authored thousands of articles, many speeches, and even an off-off-Broadway play, talked to us today about his first published novel, Red Like Wine: The North Fork Harbor Vineyard Murders, a humorous mystery. An amateur winemaker and grape grower, he chose to write this murder mystery ("about 4 murders- a lot of bodies for the buck"), because most people are fascinated with murder/death, and he felt he could tell an imaginative story based on life on LI's North Fork, which he feels is relatively unknown, and on people he knows/has known as a resident of Laurel, which is surrounded by vineyards. Joe provided a mini-history of murder and early weapons. Did you know that the #1 cause of murder is revenge, often as payback for some prior humiliation? Or that before the invention of the gun, poison was the early weapon of choice? The spouse was usually the prime suspect in cases of poisoning. In this novel, at least one murder is caused by a poison commonly available on farms- a poison with no known antidote. Joe also spoke about the difficulty of getting one's work published. His manuscript was originally rejected by publishers at least 35 times before he turned to self-publishing. As a self-published author, he has total control over his work, but he is also fully responsible for publicizing and selling his novel. Thus, he goes on publicity tours, visiting clubs/groups such as ours, and wineries, etc., which have shown some interest. In answer to our questions, we learned that Joe had to do alot of his own research and interviewed friends/acquaintances/experts in law enforcement, wine production, etc. He began with an idea for his novel, a brief outline, and then had to fill- in. That was the hard part. He gained much inspiration from his family- necessary in order to keep moving forward and finally complete the task. It took him around 3 years to finish. He doesn't expect to write a sequel, but does intend to write a nonfiction book next. This novel is now in paperback, available via the internet.

Posted by Yvette Hohler on Apr 22, 2014

...WAYNE SHATTES, who (with PAUL GERRARD) celebrated his birthday on April 1st; KEVIN MURRAY, whose birthday was April 12th; JACKIE BROWN, who had a birthday on April 13th; DICK NOLAN, who will celebrate his birthday on April 25th; TOM DARRIGAN, whose birthday is April 30th; YVETTE HOHLER, who celebrated her anniversary on April 15th; and DENNIS BRENNAN, whose anniversary will be celebrated today, April 22nd.

...Also, Congratulations to DALE KUHN and PAUL GERRARD,who are celebrating their 32nd year in Rotary, and DENNIS BRENNAN, who is celebrating his 13th year as a Rotarian!

Posted by Yvette Hohler on Apr 22, 2014

***The following is a list of donation "assignments" for members' once-a-month donations via the Club to the Open Cupboard:

Betts, Judi:                                    Toilet Paper

Bossert, Ken:                                 Shampoo/Conditioner

Brennan, Dennis:                          Canned Fruit

Brennan, Sharon:                          Spaghetti Sauce

Brown, Jackie:                               Rice

Curry, Bill:                                      Apple Juice

Dinunzio, Ed:                                 Diapers

Engelhardt, Debbie:                      Juice Boxes

Gautam, Archana:                         Baby Wipes

Hanson, Susan:                              Baby Formula

Hohler, Yvette:                               Beans

Jaeger, Bill:                                     Canned Vegetables

Janhsen, Karl:                                 Milk (Dry or Boxed)

Kopcienski, Al                                 Cereal (Hot or Cold)

Lund, Amy:                                      Canned Chicken

Murray, Kevin:                                Tuna

Rhatigan, Jim:                                 Diapers

Sabo, Pat:                                         Beans

Sceiford, Michael:                           Grape Juice Boxes

Vigliante, Paul:                                Milk (Dry or Boxed)

***Check the list for your name and assigned item. (If you are not listed, you may donate any listed item. Corporate members are encouraged to donate individually. If you would like to be listed with a specific item, contact Debbie and specify your item of choice.)

***Bring contributions to the Heritage Diner on the 2nd Tuesday of the month or give to another Club member who will be attending.

*** If you would like to be reimbursed, bring receipt(s) to the meeting.

                  ***Thanks for your community and Club support!***

Posted by Yvette Hohler

Remember: A ttending weekly club meetings allows you to enjoy our club's fellowship and enrich your professional and personal knowledge.  If you miss our club meeting, may we encourage you to expand your Rotary horizons by attending make-up meetings at any of the more than 32,000 Rotary clubs in existence- a practice that guarantees Rotarians a warm welcome in communities around the globe.  For meeting places and times, consult the Club Locator at www.rotary.org , the RI Web site. Or- you may make up missed meetings on line by going to the Rotary On Line Makeup Link which is listed on our Website Homepage under "Club Links".  And once you've made up a meeting, please be sure to notify Yvette about it.  Thank you.
Posted by Yvette Hohler

Goal:To encourage a lifetime of reading for newborns and their families that have utilized the St.Charles Hospital Maternity Facility, by presenting each mother with a newborn reading packet.

Posted by Yvette Hohler

Posted by Yvette Hohler

Posted by Yvette Hohler

Posted by Yvette Hohler

Kudos to Bill Curry for this great photo.
Posted by Yvette Hohler

At 8 AM, 5/21, Rotarians, spouses, friends, and 16 members of Port Jeff High's Interact Club and PJ Middle School's Honor Society with their faculty sponsors met on the campus of Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck to prepare the site for the imminent arrival of campers.

Posted by Yvette Hohler

Posted by Yvette Hohler

Posted by Yvette Hohler on Apr 01, 2014

Table:  Michael Sceiford & Archana Gautam

Invocation:  Paul Vigliante & Yvette Hohler

Sergeant At Arms:  Ed DiNunzio & Sharon Brennan

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