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Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Thanks to all that help this past week! For four days we sold beer and brought in $2999.50 in TIPS alone. We will know the commission later. The top night was Figure Eight Races (Sunday) with $1609.50. 12 members participated for an average of two man days. 3 members helped for three or more nights. We had the help of 9 non-members, all on the last two nights. A total 33 man days were expended and we could have used a few more for the last two nights. That comes to about $91 per person per night on average for TIPS only. Thanks to the Coors distributor for helping to pour beer. THANK YOU to our friends for making this event happen. Next event will be the Endurocross on Saturday, 20 Sept from 4-10pm. Lets shoot for 100% participation by the club!

Jackson Hole Rotary Club - Breakfast's photo.
Jackson Hole Rotary Club - Breakfast's photo.
Jackson Hole Rotary Club - Breakfast's photo.
Jackson Hole Rotary Club - Breakfast's photo.
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Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Thank you to Tracey Trefren and Melissa Thomasma for educating our Rotary Club about the many victims' services they provide to EVERY VICTIM in Teton County Wyoming. Their organization is a profound example of why living in Jackson Hole is so remarkable. Unfortunately, there is serious crime here. Fortunately, however, Victim Services provides amazing help and resources to those impacted by crime. THANK YOU, Tracey and Melissa (and Nataly Espinosa).Image

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas


Nancy Pettus was recently awarded the "Service Above Self" Award. Around the world, only 150 individual Rotarians receive such an honor. Thank you Nancy for all you do for your Club, the District, and our World! 

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas



This week's program was to honor Julie Stayner for her 11 years of service as a counselor at the Jackson Hole High School. She was responsible for putting together so much at the school, but her scholarship nights will be remembere

d always! This last year raised over $450,000.00 in scholarships for our high school grads! (That's a lot of money for any school, but especially one where the entire school has only 549 students!) We are proud of all M

s. Stayner has done for our kids and wish her well in retirement. We are also super proud of Victoria Munoz, one of our scholarship recipients. Victoria joined us for breakfast and filled us in on her summer plans and college endeavors. She is an amazing young woman and takes a bit of our hearts with her on her journeys. We sincerely wish her every success possible. See you next week!

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Feb 14, 2014

This morning's presentation was a phenomenal update on our local School District. Superintendent, Pam Shea, presented interesting statistics about the performance of our students and their education as well as the incredibly aggressive goals for 100% proficiency by next year of all students. This was a great presentation about our kids in our community. Did you know that 30% of our students are on free and reduced lunch programs? That our buses drive students over 100,000 miles each year for events? That 15% are Spanish-speaking or English as Language Learners participants? Most excitingly, the goals of improvement for students in math and reading are astounding! Thanks, Ms. Shea for spending breakfast with us and informing us on the well-being of the young folks in our community. 

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Tomorrow, December 12th, we will be meeting at SNOW KING. See you there for the big buffet. ;)

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Nov 15, 2013


Bring your friends, family, and kiddos. 

Bring something to eat and drink to share!

Any one want to organize a little sledding? A bonfire? How about a hot chocolate treat? 

See the directions  below to the Spotted Horse Ranch (THANKS ALYSSA for contributing the space!!!) 

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

This morning we will be meting at Teton K9 for a demonstration. It is on Hwy 89. Feel free to call my cel if you need directions. 307-203-8399.

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Beginning this week, October 24,2013, through December 17,2013, Rotary Breakfast will be meeting every Thursday morning, 7:00a.m. at Jackson Hole Real Estate on Broadway. See you there! 

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Sep 12, 2013

This morning we had a fantastic presentation from Mr. Brimeyer form Wyoming Game and Fish. He took us through an update on the various animals he cares for and manages in our Teton Valley. His jurisdiction goes from Cache Creek up and over and up along the Idaho State Line, back over to Togwotee Pass and down to Union Pass! Their motto and mission is "Conserving Wildlife- Serving People!" and they have an incredibly difficult, important, and delicate job! HE explained the issues with Lions around the area and noted that if you are putting out food to "help" local deer and elk, than having prey around your property will inevitably bring carnivores, and the problems that they bring. He noted that he has approximately 39 capture/relocation incidents for Grizzly Bears and over 200 incidents dealing with black bears per year! He discussed Big Horn Sheep and the existing problems with Mountain Goats, the issues with disease and pneumonia and the push to remove domesticated sheep from the valley. Lastly, he discussed his favorite animal to root for, the Moose, and all the tangled messes they get in, the Christmas light messes, and the reflecting pools that require some additional design review by the Town to avoid moose drowning. He showed us a picture of how one moose even got stuck with its leg up over its own antler! It was a fabulous presentation! If you were not there, you were missed, and you missed out. Thank you Doug for visiting us for Breakfast Rotary!


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas



Little America Hotel & Resort, 

Cheyenne, WY

June 19-21, 2014.Image

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Aug 29, 2013

Ms. Phares visited our group to illustrated and discuss this year's theme "Engage Rotary, Change Lives." She has been in Rotary for 19 to 20 years and it was only about 4 years ago that she had her AH-HA! Rotary moment. She described that moment where she really understood the positive impact that Rotary has on people's lives. She relayed her experiences in Guatemala, putting up shelter boxes, putting in facilities for clean water, and how she experienced first-hand being violently ill because of contaminated water. She challenged each of us to GIVE SOMETHING to the Rotary Foundation, reminding us that if we just gave up to Starbuck's drinks a month that would be $8 and would qualify a member to be a sustaining member for the year! She also reminded us about the upcoming District Conference in Cheyenne June 19th through the 21st. Thank you, District Governor, Julie Phares. 


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Aug 22, 2013

Sheriff Whalen came and updated us on various projects and concerns in the community. He let us know about hiring shortages for dispatchers, plans for the Search and Rescue facility and administration, potential full-time helicopters for rescue efforts, the policy and use of Tazers, his role on the lottery board, and his goal of having a full-fledged succession plan in six years when he leaves. He had amazingly wonderful things to report about our members Alyssa Watkins, and Undersheriff Bob Gilliam. It was a fantastic morning with a ton of information. Thank you, Sheriff Whalen. Image

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Now that the summer is coming to a close, it is the hopeful time of getting things updated and back on track. 

This next week is a business meeting. Bring your ideas and program wishlist to present!


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

WE ARE MEETING at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates upstairs from Mangy Moose on Broadway for 6/20!


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Apr 17, 2013

Last week we were excited to have Chad Ransom come join our Club and give us an update on the amazing Dual Immersion Program. As the program stands Jackson Elementary has classes in Kindergarten through Second Grade. Colter Elementary has classes in Third and Fourth Grades. They will be offering and are committed to the program for Kindergarten through 12th Grade! There is still a significant waiting list and every year they seem to have at least twice as many interested parents/students as they have space! Recently, over 150 families showed up for an informational meeting about next year's program. Chad showed us the continuing trends of the students in the programs in their Reading and Math abilities, which shows the students are all above national norms for all programs. On top of that, just in the last three years, the program has gone from being 55% implements to a whopping 72%!!!! Thank you, Chad for updating our group on your amazing program.



Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Mar 18, 2013

This week we heard from our own member Bill Winney about the latest legislative session.  This was his 9th year observing the legislature, it took him 5 years to get up the courage to speak as a private citizen on bills. He explained that of the 260 proposed bills, 119 passed in the Senate. Of the 163 proposed bills in Congress, 87 passed. He explained what happened with the gun legislation, health care, the anti-deficiency act, hospice care, adult guardianship issues (which as he stated to the legislature, is not just an elder care issue, it impacts military families, also), and even the propane bill. All in all he reminded us that private citizens do make a difference. When you are not being paid to be there, and you have a credible reason for speaking, it makes all the difference! Thank you, Bill for your thoughtful and thorough presentation.


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Mar 13, 2013

Here’s what happened at this month’s business meeting;

 1.       We had two great visitors from Paris Kentucky. They told us about some of their fundraising programs such as the Cake & Pie Auction and the Kentucky Derby. We agreed Nancy would have many pies to cook if we did such a similar fundraiser.

 2.       We discussed approval of the Education Foundation for this year for the $2000 odd dollars. However we will let them know we are not committed for the following year.

 3.       WE selected a scholarship committee to review this year’s applications for our 4 year, $1000.00 scholarships. It was hoped that Neil, Joe, and Michelle could be on the scholarship committee.

 4.       Don’t forget about the Ducks Unlimited Fundraiser!

 5.       Coming up we’ll be meeting off site for the off-season. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the when and where as we move into Spring.

 6.       Member Kate Boyles has injured her ACL, she’ll be back as soon as she is able. Please let her know she is missed.

 7.       We reviewed our Vision GOALS from 2008 (yep, 2008!) In sum, we have accomplished much and have much more to accomplish!

 GOALS we met!

 ·         Meet or exceed highest per capita giving in the district (this was done 2 years +_

 ·         100% Paul Harris Fellow within 2 years of joining club (we are SOOOO close!)

 ·         Be “The Club” to go to for school support

 ·         Impact the community through qaultiy of projects

 ·         Active membership

 ·         Provide vocational library in the jail to help improve literacy

 ·         Get more out of the mini-grants program

 ·         Award winning website!

GOALS we still need to work on!

 ·         Membership ideal is 35 members

·         Membership to have diverse backgrounds and skills

·         4 social events each year

·         Membership committee of 5 in charge of recruitment and red badge program

·         Ongoing training for new and old members

·         Partner with Habitat’s “Brush for Kindness”

·         Adopt-a-Senior program

·         100% Rotary Benefactor

·         Sister Club in Mexico


We hope to see you at the next meeting to tackle these important and ongoing goals!


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Feb 28, 2013


This morning we were amazed by the work, character, and message of Father Ubald. He came to talk with our group with Paul Volgeheim and Mike Blazik of the Lunch Rotary group about the Father’s project in Rwanda. The project is for the Center for the Secret of Peace. What’s the secret? It is simply, forgiveness. As Father Ubald said “If you do not forgive you die. To forgive is to be free.”

 Father discussed the horrific genocide of 1994 (and others over the decades) in Rwanda where, among the 900 thousand people killed in just three days, his family was massacred. If any one understands the power of forgiveness, it is Father Ubald! Not only did he forgive the man who murdered his mother, he is now helping to raise his sons and funding their University educations!

 The Center for the Secret of Peace is presently a 78 acre parcel of land on lake Kivu, in the Southwest corner of Rwanda near the Congo. When Father Ubald speaks, even without the envisioned improvements, 15,000 people appear and are inspired by his message. If forgiveness is possible and victims and perpetrators of a massacre and genocide can reconcile and find peace in themselves and with each other, what is it in your life that you can forgive?

 You can see all about the Center here http://frubald.com/the-center-for-the-secret-of-peace/ The long-term vision of the center is to build the following: Podium/Amphitheater for large gatherings and healing services, Convent for 15 sisters, A house for 25 retired priests who are no longer able to do parish duties, (There are many retired priests all over Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and Tanzania who are lonely and isolated with no one to care for them. These priests will be able to help with confessions at the time of big assemblies of evangelization. They will feel useful rather than despair.), VIP Guest House, Beach Improvements on the lake, Waste Water Treatment, Chapel for Perpetual Adoration, 100 Person Retreat House, Parking Lot, Water System, Electric Power to the property, 50 Person Counseling Center and classrooms for workshops, Roads, Water Storage Tanks. The estimated cost of the overall project is: $9,750,000 American dollars.

 Importantly, the Lunch Rotary group is engaged with establishing the water projects, storage, and treament portion of the above and is anticipating that their portion of the project will be $85,000.00. There was good discussion on where to find these needed funds.

 Father Ubald’s message is extraordinary, universal, and important. Attached is the TedX talk he presented here in Jackson in February. Please take a few minutes to be inspired and to learn about this amazing project reaching between Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Rwanda. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-ONs1J6laE&feature=player_embedded

Lastly, we were pleased to have several fantastic guests join us this morning: David Clauss, Mike Blaznik, Matt Kim-Miller, Off. Stephanie Tetley, and, obviously, Father Ubald and Paul Vogelheim.



Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Feb 27, 2013

Last week at Rotary, two amazing students were awarded the Student of the Month award from Jackson Hole Middle School. The first one was Alex Wadsworth, selected by her teacher Mr. James Howell, for her excellence in science. Alex explained that she was a new student to our area and that her favorite subjects are science and math. She plans to attend Harvard and become a pediatrician. She also joked that she would settle for Stanford. She plays volleyball and is in wrestling, she also plays the flute and piccolo in the school band, and volunteers for habitat for humanity, and a host of other organizations. In short, it was a wonder how she fit everything she is doing into one day!

 The second student was Emma Dietrich selected by her choir teacher, Mr. Jens Gade. She has been in his choir class for three years. She was accompanied by her parents, Susie and Larry Dietrich. She has been acting for six years, and loves to sing. In fact, she sang “Inscription of hope” with the assistance of Mr. Gade playing acoustic guitar. It was amazing!

 We were also joined by our guests Matt Kim-Miller and Margie Pettus. We hope they join us again soon!

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Feb 14, 2013


This morning's presentation was from Sarah Brino, Program Director at CLIMB Wyoming. Their msision is to break the cycle of poverty by providing professional and personal training in vocational rehabilitation, personal counseling, and financial planning to single mothers throughout the State. CLIMB began in 1986 in Cheyenne and spread throughout the State in 2004. The office in the Teton area serves our Valley, Teton County ID, and Sublette Counties. Employers locally partner with CLIMB to help participants with job training, CLIMB reimburses the first 2 months of the participant's wages, and that Partner gets an employee that is a perfect fit.

Since 2004 the local CLIMB program it has provided services to 134 families! The program shows astonishing progress in raising our single mothers up to be successful and inspiration matriarchs. Indeed, the average monthlyw age for participants prior to the CLIMB program is $940.00. Post-program, the average monthly wage doubles to $2,272.00! Recently, in March 2012, CLIMB Wyoming received national recognition and federal distinction because it was named one of the top ten innovative and high performing organizations to help move low-income families toward self-sufficiency! 

Accompanying Sarah was Marge Santos, a CLIMB graduate. She is a single mother of 3, including 2 teenagers and a 7-year-old daughter. Marge discussed her favorite and the most difficult aspects of the program and would recommend it wholeheartedly. As part of the program, Marge obtained a job with Oxygen on the Go, a local company owned by Dr. Blue that provides oxygen concentrators. Thanks to Marge's fantastic customer service and people skills (and her bilingual talents!) she recently helped Oxygen on the Go succesfully contract with Delta Airlines and is anticipating a huge raise for her efforts.

We hope that Marge and Sarah come back to update us on the program this summer.



Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Feb 13, 2013


In case you missed last month's young ladies:

Ms. Vaughn nominated Hannah Clancy for her exceptional skills in Algebra. On a recent exam she actually achieved a 104 out of 100! Not only did she get everything correct on the exam, she even got the bonus questions correct. Hannah explained her love for swimming, cross country, and alpine races. She even explained to us a mathematical formula she developed to determine the number of hearts and an octopus have compared with their respective number of legs! :) She explained she was interested in Law in the future because she enjoys debating even when she doesn't believe the premise to be true. She would like to study Law and its relation to medicine. "If you aim small, you'll gain small," she said.


Ms. Sanchez nominated Ingrid Barrera for her outstanding accomplishments in French. Ingrid came to the U.S. when she was 1 years old and learned how to speak English. She is trilingual in French, English, and Spanish. Her favorite subjects are French and Orchestra. She aspires to be a professional photographer and shared with us her favorite poem:

The road to success is not straight.
There is a curve called Failure,
A loop called Confusion,
Speed bumps called Friends,
Red lights called Enemies,
Caution lights called Family,
You will have flats called Jobs,
But, if you have a spare called Determination,
An engine called Perseverance,
Insurance called Faith,
A driver called God,
You will make it to a place called Success


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Feb 13, 2013

If you weren't at our meeting, you missed quite a bit. Read on for an update of all the amazing things our Club is accomplishing:
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Jan 31, 2013

This morning Lisa and Amy from the Teton County Education Foundation joined us to present their Foundation's mission, projects, and budgets. Their mission, beginning in 2008, is dedicated to sustaining and extending the excellence of Teton County's public shools. They support educational iniviatives and programs that require funding outside of the core school budget, act as a conduit between education-minded donors and the School District, and develop partnerships and promote collaboration between the schools and community groups. They have numerous proejcts, including, Summer Learning, 21st Century Classrooms, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Language Enrichment, Live Performance, and Classroom Grants (this is where we come in!). It was a fantastic discussion on how Breakfast Rotary can improve its involvement, recognition, and participation in their programs! Thank you Lisa and Amy for taking time to share with us and collaborate.


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Jan 28, 2013

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Jan 25, 2013

After we left Rotary we connected with Dr. Mary Girling. She had gotten donations of medicine from other doctors in town so Princewill now has a big box of medicines to take home (one of the pictures shows them sorting through the donations). They ordered some other things (that he didn't get in the donations) with our money also. This afternoon he is working with Dr. Girling on a couple of procedures so that he can go home and use these techniques as soon as we get him the equipment. Dr. Girling is going to look for some used equipment and estimates less than $3,000 for that. He will be back in June so Rusty and I hope to figure out how to pay for that equipment by then.
He is so thankful for all the help that our Rotary clubs have given him in his quest to provide medical services to people who are so in need but have no funds to pay and live a significant distance from services. As he said, he has traveled as much as 6 hours to do his free clinics.
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Jan 24, 2013

This morning we were visited by Dr. Princewill from Nigeria. He presented amazing slides and stories about how the medical supplies our club purchased last Spring helped numerous Nigerians in rural areas. One community took 6 hours of travel time to reach, through mud that consumed their car (they had to exit through the windows), a canoe ride, and a hike. He showed pictures of the common ailments of rural Nigerians and testimonials of injured patients. One patient was a small boy who had been living, somehow, on a fractured leg, the bone protruding from his skin, infecting his entire leg! Pictures of the boy 2 months after treatment show he is healthy and well. Dr. Princewill also presented information on the ongoing toilet and water project we have been a part of over the years. That project is in its fourth and final stage. Amazing what providing clean water can do! A million thank yous to Dr. Princewill for his work and for taking time to come all this way to share with us.



Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Jan 03, 2013

Jackson Hole Breakfast was awarded as the #1 per capita contributor to the Rotary International Foundation for 2011-2012. AGAIN! Great and amazing job from all of you!


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Dec 25, 2012

Did you know that our group of 15 members quickly raised and donated $250 in gift cards $100 cash and got EVERYTHING on Family #18's list for the Holidays!?! Here was the information:

FAMILY NO. 18 – This family has 4 children and the father has very little work in construction at this time. They have been struggling for about 4 years trying to get ahead with the father going out of state to work whenever possible. The mom gave me the wish list with lots of items to choose from. She does not intend for you to buy everything on the list but wanted to give lots of ideas so there were different price ranges possible.


Boy age 4 – Lego battleship or startwars; kids sleeping bag, play tent, art stuff;

Girl age 14 – She would love a type of tote bag that she can carry her sporting stuff back and forth to school; womens small winter jacket, ski gloves (or some kind of warm gloves), warm hat, warm socks;

Girl age 12 – Paper that she can put on her art easel, paints, hoodie sweatshirt size jr. small, tote bag like her sister, nail polish, cute girly hat;

Girl age 11 – She likes board games, Uno or Battleship would be fun, kid sleeping bag, skinny jeans size 8 slim, craft stuff;


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Dec 20, 2012


In the last meeting in December, two student's from Jackson Hole Middle School were presented to receive the Student of the Month Award. The academic student Brianna was very well spoken and gave an incredible speach. Her initials are "BAM!" and she talked about how that makes her special. Thomas was the artistic student, and he was hilarious. He showed us a robot he made that was a replica of a machine that would take grandma up and down the stairs so she could nap and watch Jersey Shore without needing to worry about the stairs.


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Dec 13, 2012



This morning’s presentation was from Kate Boyle, the Director of Business Development, from River Rock. She discussed the social model framework of the assisted living facility, how they are working with other medical service providers in our valley to provide comprehensive care, and their future goals for Day Stay programs and Memory Care facilities. She reminded us that River Rock cares for, not only seniors, but also generally adults with psychiatric needs and physical disabilities. The facility was designed for approximately 64 adults, but their goal number is comfortably 50. An off-site visit and tour of their facility will be scheduled for our next off-site meeting in the off-season. Keep them in mind, also, for visiting and volunteering opportunities as some of their residents do not have local family to check in on them. Thank you, Ms. Boyle for attending this morning!


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Nov 29, 2012



This week’s presentation was from Jordan Shriber, of the Center for the Arts, and detailed her experiences through discussion, pictures, and videos of her semester of studying abroad with the American University in Egypt. Born and raised in Jackson, Jordan found herself in Egypt on January 19, 2011, living merely a block away from Tahrir Square and the National Democratic Party Headquarters six days before the Egyptian Spring and Revolution exploded on January 25, 2011. She explained the realities of constant tear gas, how it stung eyes and skin and the use of milk on the skin to neutralize the sting. She discussed the involvement of children in the revolution, the looting of neighborhoods and the make-shift neighborhood watch, and her memories of trying to read in her bedroom to take her mind off of the constant gun fire, tear gas, and chanting of the people. She explained the sentiments of the arrival of the military and her eventual mandatory evacuation by the State Department with the entire staff of the United States Embassy. She is fluent in Arabic and recently finished her undergraduate thesis on the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice. This was an incredible program! Might we have a future Peace and Conflict Resolution scholarship recipient in our midst?

See her amazing blog at http://jordanschreiber.wordpress.com/ Videos and photos that she shared can be seen at http://jordanschreiber.wordpress.com/2011/01/

Posted by Nancy Pettus


Each year Rotary District 5440 tries to ensure that every third grade student in the state of Wyoming gets a dictionary. Rotary clubs in many communities provide that service. In Jackson the JH Supper Rotary Club provides these dictionaries.

The communities of Bondurant, Big Piney and La Barge have no Rotary clubs so the dictionaries are provided by Breakfast Club Rotarians Bill and Nancy Pettus. They have been taking dictionaries to these schools for the past seven years.

Delivering dictionaries gives Rotarians a chance to tell the students a bit about Rotary, to discuss our Four Way Test and to experience the excitement of the students when they receive their own dictionary and begin looking at all the information available in these student dictionaries.

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Nov 26, 2012

Tuesda, 11/27/12, is the Day of Giving. Please consider giving to the Rotary International Foundation!


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Nov 15, 2012

This month we honored two extraordinary students from the Jackson Hole Middle School. Iris Hollis was nominated as the academic student of the month by her teacher Mr. Greg Poduska. Her mother, father, and Brother were all present to watch her receive her award. In addition, Sutton Bryan was nominated by her teacher Shannon Hart as the artistic student of the month.Her mother and father were present also. We were joined by Prinipal Bo Miller. Both students were spectacular and it was inspirational for all who attended to learn about their accomplishments. As usual, their names have been placed on the plaque for Student of the Month which hangs in the school. We have done this program for over a decade!! We are so proud of these students!Image
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Nov 08, 2012

Here is the current make-up of your Club. Pretty interesting...


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Nov 07, 2012

Please take a moment to vote in our survey to decide where to send saved funds from meeting off-site this off-season. Thank you in advance for your participation!


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Nov 07, 2012

At this month's business meeting, the following was decided, discussed, learned, and contemplated:
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

We are meeting through the off-season at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates at 80 W. Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001,  (307) 732-7452.

Please check your email for a sign-up sheet for breakfast items. THANK YOU!

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Oct 18, 2012


This morning was outrageously fun! We had 25 people in attendance and had two students for Student of the Month. The first was Paxton Northrop, he was the "artistic student of the month." He was nominated by his Spanish teacher, Ms. Annie Tonoli. He did a great job speaking and introducing his family and talking about living in South America growing up. The other student was Lane Centrella. She was the "academic student of the month." She was nomintaed by her teacher, Ms. Marie Helcher. She gave an amazing speech about her life, Jackson, and the components that make up why she wants to be a liver surgeon focusing on diabetes. Should she fail at that goal, I'm certain she'd make an excellent comedian on stage.

Frank Teasley from the Pedigree Stage Stop Race also came by and presented our check from last year and gave us an update on this year's events. For starters, this race has been going on for 18 years, and we have been involved for 17. This year, the race will be through 4 states: WY, MT, ID, and UT. It is set to be an amazing event.

Remember, NEXT WEEK WE ARE MEETING AT MATT'S OFFICE! I hope to see you there. Until then, I hope your week is phenomenal. :)


Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Patti Boyd, Director of the Children's Learning Center, returned to our group to discuss the following: 1) the Learning Center and what it is; 2) why their organization is important; and, 3) to request special funds for minigrants for a project for cameras and ipads. The Learning Center is an organization that encompasses Head Start, special education, and infant-toddler care. Care starts as early as six weeks old to 6 years old. The tuition for a child is $12,000.00 a year. About 59% of their entire budget is supported by government grants (this is mainly Head Start and special education, whose services are offered at no charge to families). The childcare-early education program is tuition based and is not government supported. Tuition covers 27% of their entire budget and 2/3 of the parents in that program pay full fare. 1/3 get financial assistance (through private donations and grants). Statistics show that as a community if we pay $1 now in educating a child, younger than 5 years old, we will save 9x that amount later. Thank you Patti for coming to visit us again! See you all next week.
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas


At the business meeting this morning there were updates about the following:
1. OLD BILL'S FUN RUN: it was a goal of the club for each member to contribute $100 to our fund to obtain matching funds. At this point in time, information on donations is still being updated to our account but we are currently at $575. We will know around October 22nd what the matching percent will be this year.
2. FAIR BEER SALES: The beer totals are in! Of the total gross beer sales we earned 12% = $3,765.60! We were also close to $4,000.00 in tips! So, for the nights we worked, that's a whopping $7,765.60 to put in our scholarship fund to later benefit our local kids going off to college! AMAZING.
3. Off site visits will be coming up beginning October 25 through December 6. We will meet at Matt Faupel's NEW office on Broadway.
4. STUDENTOF THE MONTH: we are on track for Student of the Month this October, but with the time change at the school, getting teacher's there to present will be a challenge. Nancy, Matt, and Michelle will work with the school and meet with Pam Shea about continuing this important program. Did you know we've been doing Student of the Month for longer than 10 years now!
5. WHAT INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS DO YOU WANT TO DO? We have a request for the Guatemalan Literacy Project for funds with the Evanston, WY, Rotary Club. This proposal was discussed as was the continuing contributions to the Trailblazer's Water Projects and other ideas. What do you want to do with $ to benefit the world? There remains $15,000.00 in available funds from the District and this is available to us in $5,000.00 increments. Ideas?
6. SLED DOG FUNDS: There was continued discussion on what we want to do with our Sled Dog money to promote health and well-being in our community. A poll with information and suggestions will be sent electronically this week to get member feedback.
7. CANDIDATE FORUM WITH LUNCH CLUB AND THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Remember you are invited to attend the Candidate Forums on October 16 and 23rd with the Rotary Lunch Club. It is at Snow King Grand Room at 12. Cost is $15.00. If you choose to attend these forums please let us know to credit you for a make-up. (And notify the Lunch Club in advance so that they have enough food!) 



Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

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Aug 23 2012 0 10 / 15 66.67% Show
Aug 30 2012 0 12 / 15 80.00% Show
Sep 6 2012 0 9 / 15 60.00% Show
Sep 13 2012 0 10 / 15 66.67% Show
Sep 20 2012 0 12 / 15 80.00% Show
Sep 27 2012 0 12 / 15 80.00% Show
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Helping the Hungry, the Hurting, and the Homeless
A huge THANK YOU to Chuck from the Good Samaritan Mission for presenting this morning at our meeting about all of their new programs and future goals for the coming year. Did you know that the Mission provided over 10,000 overnight stays to individuals and families in need last year? Did you know they are trying to open a thrift store and looking for help, volunteers, property and donations? Did you know they provide addicitons counseling from everything from gambling to drugs and can allow people to remain in the shelter for up to two seasons? What an amazing organization caring for members of our community! THANK YOU CHUCK AND ALL THOSE AT THE MISSION for helping the hungry, the hurting, and the homeless. http://goodsamaritanmission.us/
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

At today’s business meeting the following was addressed:

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Hello Rotary Breakfast, please find attached a few copies of our first outing on the medical outreach. unfortunately the photographer was not precise in his shots. Our next community will be next saturday, I shall personally take charge of the photography then.
However, it was an experience for us. We were a team of 4 , a doctor (me) and 3 registered nurses. we were led by a guide. The community is called ASAMARA, it is a riverine community which has no representation in government. It is two and half ours trip from Benin city where we live. Our car sank in the mud on our way, and God sent help to us after we got soaked in the muddy waters, you will notice in the pictures that a part of the boxes got soaked. We were able to rescue the medicines before they got affected by the mud. We then moved to point where we had to board canoes and rowed for another one and a half hours to get to Asamara. It was quite an experience.

We saw a lot of cases ranging from Diarrhoea, dysentery, malaria, ring worm, fungal infections of varying types, skin infections, lipomas, herniae,etc. We attended to about 150 people, with children forming half the population, while women formed about 30%. It was a great deal of work for just 4 medical staff in a single day. We left the community at night and returned to our homes just before midnight.

Special thanks to you all. Your medicines came in handy. The equipments purchased by Madeline from the fundraiser were also very useful to us.
May God continue to bless you all. I shall make a good compilation to present to you and your club when I come to the U.S. thanks again and again.
(For more photos, go to our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.359835857426441.85270.174624099280952&type=1#!/pages/Jackson-Hole-Rotary-Club-Breakfast/174624099280952)
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

This week Breakfast Rotary was able to sit down and talk with Tim O’Donoghue and Andy Heffron from the Chamber. How do you feel about the lodging tax? Can Breakfast Rotary and Business over Breakfast co-sponsor a program? Now that September draws tourists for the Fall Arts Festival, what will October bring?Image
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

NEWSFLASH: Mr. Graham is a visiting Rotarian, who recently was in Afghanistan vaccinating against Polio. He will be giving an incredible talk at the Jackson Hold Rotary Supper Club 8/28 at the Wort. 5:30 to 8:00 (or so). Need a make-up? This would be a great way to get one done!
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

The presentation on 8/23 was fantastic. Did you know there are grants to enhance training of employees and employers? Did you know that construction companies can be fined for not hiring qualified Wyoming workers? Did you know that there is vocational rehab services? If you were at this fantastic presentation, then you do. Thank you, Eric Richardson, for your time this morning.
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

On 8/16 District Governor, Mike Forney, joined our group in discussing the idea of being Rotary Proud. What makes you proud to be a Rotarian? Literacy projects? Working with Students? Fighting Disease? Building better relationships in our commmunity and world?

Each Rotarian is integral to the success and enjoyment of a Club. But, did you also know that Rotary extends across the world? There are more than 34,000 clubs worldwide with 1.2 Million members dedicated to Service Above Self.

Did you know about our Foundation? The Rotary Foundation is the second largest humanitarian organization in the WORLD! It is second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In fact, in 2011, the Rotary Foundation gave over $20MIL to projects around the globe to benefit mankind and create peace.

In Rotary and the Rotary Foundation you'll find members volunteering in communities at home and abroad to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio.

What good do you want to do in this world? What makes YOU proud to be a Rotarian?

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Breakfast Rotarians and friends worked extremely hard for five nights selling beer at the
Teton County Fair.

By all accounts the Beer Sales were profitable, fun, and went off without a hitch or problem this year. Thank you to Neil Ford for working every night and orchestrating and organizing the event. Thank you also to EACH & EVERY MEMBER of Rotary who was willing to sling beer and work late, long hours! Yes, off the backs of the town's livers, children shall receive an education!

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

A tremendous thank you to Ms. Jessica Weeman, who is also a member of the Rotary Supper Club, for presenting to our group the fascinating endeavors of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. It was interesting to learn what is happening out at Jenny Lake all year among many other successful programs.

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

Ken Thomasma joined us on July 19, 2012, to teach us about the phenomenal history of Sacajawea and her baby boy. His props, information, and ability to teach through amazing story-telling was inspirational.
Thank you Mr. Thomasma.


In the summer of 1973, the Thomasma family purchased one acre of land near the southern border of Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 1977, the Thomasmas relocated to their newly-completed new home. Thomasma continued his career in education, but this time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From 1977 until 1979, Thomasma taught at the Jackson Hole Middle School. In 1979, both Ken and his wife, Barbara, began teaching at tiny Kelly Elementary School north of Jackson Hole. During his time at Kelly, Thomasma wrote his first book, Naya Nuki: Girl Who Ran. It was completed and published in 1983. In 1986, Naya Nuki was awarded the Wyoming Library Indian Paintbrush Book Award. Until 1987, Thomasma taught a combined classroom of kindergarten, first and second grades. Since retiring from teaching, Thomasma has written nine more books: eight more titles in the Amazing Indian Children Series as well as the extremely-popular non-fiction title, The Truth About Sacajawea. During the summers of 2001 and 2002, Thomasma biked a significant portion of the Lewis and Clark Trail, from North Dakota to Oregon. Thomasma lives in Jackson Hole with his wife, Barbara, son, Dan, daughter-in-law, Cathy and grandchildren, Melissa and Oliver. His books can be purchased at

Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas

We will be meeting at Bubba's Barbeque Restaurant on May 3, 2012, at 7:00am. This is a busness meeting.
Posted by Elisabeth Trefonas on Feb 17, 2012

On March 3, 2012, at 6:00pm, Rotary will be honoring members for their contributions to the Paul Harris Foundation. The sit-down dinner will feature live music, appetizers, awards, and the key note address of Mary McCambridge, District Governor. We hope you'll come join us to celebrate these important honors.
Posted by Nancy Pettus

While tragedy struck one of our Jackson law enforcement families just prior to the holidays, Breakfast Rotarians helped make the season just a bit brighter. Club members donated gift cards, funds and gifts for the children. The club meeting just prior to Christmas was spent wrapping and preparing gifts for the family. It is always heart warming to make another family's holiday season brighter for the children.
Posted by William Pettus

Breakfast Club pledges $1,300 to Annual Programs Fund
Posted by William Pettus

RI President Elect Sakuji Tanaka announced this as his theme at the January International Assembly in San Diego -
Posted by Chris Knobe

District Governor Mary McCambridge invites district Rotarians to join her in Estes Park. Rotary District 5440 conference will be held at the YMCA Conference Center June 7-9, 2012. Registration is available online at the district web site: www.rotary5440.org
Posted by Chris Knobe

Adopt-a-Book was again a great success.  The school district librarians contact the club each fall to ask our support in adding books to their libraries. This year, as in the past, we conducted Adopt-a-Book evenings in conjunction with parent conferences. Rotarians encouraged parents at Colter Elementary and Jackson Hole Middle School to adopt books for the libraries this fall. Once again approximately $600 in new books were added to those libraries.
Posted by Joe Amdor

St. Baldricks is shaving the way to conquer kids cancer.  Over the last few years Ken has helped raise money for the foundation by collecting sponsers to shave his head as well as many others.  This year the shaving will take place March 18th at the Teton Barber Shop.  This years goal is to raise over $20,000.  The Rotary clubs have been challenged by the Kiwanis Club to see who can raise the most money.  Please go to www.stbaldricks.org for more information or to sign up.
Posted by Chris Knobe

Once again Breakfast Rotary club members put on their good coats, boots, hats and mittens and got in the holiday spirit. There's nothing like a Santa hat and bell to remind us of the blessings and good fortune we all enjoy. This is a great time of year to encourage all of us to help those less fortunate within our community. Thank you to all the members to helped with the bell ringing this holiday season.
Posted by Chris Knobe

Jim is looking for help in Hosting the Youth Exchange Skiers. They will be arriving Thursday the 28th and need host families as well as volunteers to help the beginner skiers on Friday. This year there are 23 kids attending and they will be staying through Sunday Morning.
Posted by Chris Knobe

Once again this year the club raised $12,000 through banner sales to bring the Sled Dog Race to Jackson. Sixty-four banners were sold this year through our efforts. As usually happens, members were on hand in very cold weather to see the start of the race and to sell our merchandise on the Town Square. Thanks to all club members who sold banners and/or merchandise to make this another successful year.
Posted by Chris Knobe

We are all excited to see how ClubRunner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day club activities, as well as communicate more effectively.
Posted by Chris Knobe

ClubRunner makes it easy to publish your eBulletin, and send to all your members and friends.
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