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President Tim Hughes
President-Elect David Anderson
Past President Jordan Eller
Secretary Wendy Pazen
Treasurer Todd Juvonen
Club Service David Anderson
International Serv Judy Hoag
Vocational Service Joe Strohman Jr.
Membership Chair Thomas Swan
Foundation Ron Polito
RYLA Coordinator William J. Spellman D.D.S
New Generations Jeff Hata
Interact Chair Mark Corbin Smith
Club Bulletin Chair Jeff Hata
Rotary Youth Exchange Jeff Hata
Sgt. at Arms Carol Marquez-Olson
3rd Year Director Bob Pazen
Webmaster Jeff Hata
1st Year Director Vance Thompson
Club Awards Chair Joe Strohman Jr.
2nd Year Director Ken Kagan
3rd Year Director Bruce McGee
2nd Year Director Laura Shannon
Posted by Jeff Hata

The memorial for Bob Beckwith is set for April 17 at 5-7 PM in the Santa Paula Room at the Poinsettia Pavilion.
Posted by Jeff Hata

Norm Weitzel passed away this past weekend. Norm was sponsored by Jim Word and was a long time member of our club as well as being very active in our community.

A memorial service for Norm is being planned for April 27th. We will post more details as we get them.

Posted by Robert Pazen

Ambassador Kmiec is an American Legal Scholar, Diplomat and Author. Son of Walter Kmiec (1922-2010), a Daley stalwart and regular Democratic campaign captain in Chicago who helped secure the election of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1960, Douglas Kmiec was introduced at a young age to big city politics. While he retains the friendly approachability characteristic of the Polish and Irish- American emigrants of the era of his father and grandfather (Jan Kmiec, 1890-1947, a university-educated historian and dissenter of the Holocaust, the Kmiec name is said to have been declared blessed for valiant efforts to secret Jews in agricultural setting even after Kmiec family members were murdered by the Nazi Gestapo). Ambassador Kmiec is a respected voice of civility in a contentious world. Known for his honest appraisal of constitutional and foreign policy issues, he served Republican (Reagan) and Democratic (Obama) presidents during a long career in legal education. Ambassador Kmiec was practicing with a venerable Chicago law firm in 1978, when he was invited to join first the faculty of law at Valparaiso University (IN) and then the faculty at University of Notre Dame Law School from 1980 to 1999. Kmiec completed a term as the Dean & St. Thomas More Professor at The Catholic University of America, and since 2003, has held the Caruso Family Chair in Constitutional law and Human Rights at Pepperdine University (CA).

Selected as a White House Fellow (1982-83), Kmiec later served in the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC). Having served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in OLC from 1985-88, he was nominated by President Ronald Reagan and confirmed by the Senate in 1988 as head of OLC. He returned to Notre Dame in 1989, where he directed the Thomas White Center on Law & Government and founded the Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy. In 2009, President Obama named (and the Senate again confirmed) Kmiec to be U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Malta.

A Distinguished Fulbright Scholar on the Constitution in Asia, Ambassador Kmiec's published works include The Attorney General's Lawyer (1992), Can a Catholic Support Him? (2008), three books on the American Constitution, a two-volume legal treatise, related books, and hundreds of published articles and essays. As head of OLC, he authored the opinion underlying the extension of the U.S. territorial sea from 3 to 12 miles and an opinion that brought AIDS victims within the protection of federal laws. His comparative analysis of EU-U.S. market integration was the subject of a recent seminar for members of the ECJ and U.S. Supreme Court in Brussels.

As the U.S. Ambassador to Malta, Kmiec was very warmly received and nationally beloved by the Maltese government and its people. With the Jesuit community he compassionately addressed the plight of north African irregular migrants, visiting them in detention centers, hosting them in his home, and working to resettle many in the United States.

When the Arab Spring uprisings took place in February 2011, it fell to Ambassador Kmiec to figure out a rescue of close to 100 US personnel caught behind the lines of the shooting in Tripoli. His friendship with the Maltese people led to the temporary acquisition of a catamaran, and drawing on the excellent morale he maintained among all elements of his embassy, Ambassador Kmiec successfully directed the rescue of not only the Americans but also several hundred foreign nationals as well. Before leaving his post, Ambassador Kmiec completed a substantial expansion of the embassy in Malta to a 10 acre compound Capable of undertaking regional operations In efforts to stem human trafficking, illicit drug and weapons transport, and the opening of markets into North Africa that can be of advantage to the United States and Populations much in need.

Amb. (ret.) Douglas Kmiec 

Caruso Family Chair in Constitutional Law & Human Rights, 
Pepperdine University

U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Malta appointed President Barack Obama; Confirmed Without Dissent by the U.S. Senate
U.S. Department of State

Professor and Director of Center on Law & Government, 
University of Notre Dame

Assistant United States Attorney General and Head of the Office of Legal Counsel to President Reagan; Confirmed without dissent by the U.S. Senate
U.S. Department of Justice

Dean and St. Thomas More Professor of Law, 
The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

Assistant Professor of Law, 
Valparaiso University

Private Practice, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C.

Admitted, U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C (multiple circuits), Court of International Trade, and the States of California and Illinois

J.D., University of Southern California, 1976
B.A. with Honors, Northwestern University, 1973


 A ‘ White House Fellow and a Distinguished Fulbright Scholar on the Constitution in Asia.

Lift Up Your Hearts; A true story of loving your enemies, tragically killing your friends, and the life that remains. (Embassy national Press, 2012)

America Undecided: When audacious hope gives way to even greater faith. Amb. Douglas W. Kmiec, Edward M. Gaffney, Jr. M.D., Patrick Whelan (, 2012)

Can A Catholic Support Him?: Asking the Big Question About Barack Obama (Overland Press, 2008).

The Attorney General’s Lawyer- inside the Meese justice Department (Praeger / Greenwood imprint, 1992)

A frequent contributor to Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal and other periodicals.

Posted by Rockwood Ludes on Mar 19, 2014

I'm sorry to inform you that Bob Beckwith passed away last night about 9:45 p.m.

I had seen him just a couple of weeks ago, and his handshake was amazingly strong. I commented on it and he gripped me even harder! But yesterday I received a call about 2 pm that he wasn't doing well. I called some of his friends to let them know, then went out about 5:30. His long-time manager, Paul Polacek, got there about 2:30 and was with him until early evening. I had called Rev. Mark Smith, who also visited him. Bob's system was shutting down. His appetite was gone and his respiration was very fast. He had some internal pains, so they gave him some morphine and he was in a state of sleep when I arrived. I got the call a little after 10 p.m. that he had died. Please know that we was cared for and loved right up to the end.

Details regarding a memorial, etc. are being worked out.

Rocky Ludes

Posted by David Anderson on Feb 22, 2014

PE Dave Anderson attended PETS (President Elect Training Seminars) in Los Angeles this weekend.


Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Diana spoke to us today about "mindfullness meditation."
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Greg Woodburn spoke to us about his non-profit Give Running.
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Dr Wu spoke to us about what's going on in China.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Dave Samson spoke to us about his company TMJ Concepts.
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Joan spoke to us today about how to write a mystery novel.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Jan & Jordan spoke about GoCare today.
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

The GSE team from Sri Lanka spoke to us today.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Joe Strohman interviewed President Elect Tim Hughes
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Dana spoke to the club about "Making the Moment Meaningful."
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Tim Owens spoke to us about radio station KDB in Santa Barbara.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Jim Lemkin of SolarCity gave a presentation on solar technology.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Jonathon spoke about some of the legal pitfalls of running a business
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Jeff came and spoke to the club about fracking.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Katie spoke to us about the Channel Islands National Parks.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Major Phillips and Captain Couvier spoke to us about the Civil Air Patrol
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Iris spoke to us about her year in France as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Joe Strohman interviewed Nikki Sloan today.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

District Governor Frank made his official visit to our club with his wife Scottie.
Posted by Jeff Hata

Karen spoke to us about Four Brix Winery.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Our speaker today was William Aura who spoke about his non-profit in Nepal.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Marc spoke about his expedition to Antarctica
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Doug spoke about the "Anatomy of a DUI"
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Tom Crozier led our scholarship committee in presenting our scholarships for 2012.
Posted by Alison Thompson

Jordan’s Thailand Adventure
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Charter Members John Masterson, Andy Corliss & Pete Gallagher reflected on the early days of our club.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Geoff and Carol spoke to us about the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Hal Jandorf spoke to us about astronomy and the upcoming solar eclipse in May.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Bill Gray, Judy Hoag & Jordan Eller spoke about what's happening in the Ventura County real estate market
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Greg spoke to us about goal setting.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Sherrie spoke about her L.A. Marathon experience.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Our speakers today, Brett Anderson and Beth Sohn, who spoke about RYLA.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Ron & Rocky gave us our State of the Foundation presentation.
Posted by Nicolette Sloan on Mar 23, 2012

A brief bio of our newest member Cecilio Murillo!!!
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Rotary Exchange Student Florence Fayn spoke about her experience.
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Peggy Grunert and Joyce Simon spoke about CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children)
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Today was our annual job shadow day with Buena High School!
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Today Hank Oster was interviewed by Bill Spellman
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

PDG Jan Lindsay spoke to us today about our ongoing projects in Central America.
Posted by Rockwood Ludes on Feb 02, 2012

Cecilio Murillo spoke about the history of Easter Seals their beginnings with Rotary!
Posted by Nicolette Sloan on Jan 24, 2012

Posted by Deborah Perkins

Bill Hendricks spoke to us about a project to take ballet from the US to Cuba.
Posted by Jeff Hata

Wendy spoke to us today about the Casitas rowing club
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Cheney Caldwell and Greg Abrams spoke about what the Rotaract Club of Ventura is up to.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Monte spoke to us about the Rotary International Foundation ...
Posted by Katrina Dangleman

MyRotary Experience
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Howard spoke to us about the history and duties of a military bugler.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

District Governor Wade Nomura made his official visit to the Rotary Club of Ventura-East
Posted by Jeff Hata

Read Iris's monthly report
Posted by Rockwood Ludes on Oct 20, 2011

Mary Anne Rooney from the Oxnard Harbor District spoke to us about what's going on in the harbor!
Posted by Nicolette Sloan on Oct 24, 2011

Minutes from Membership Committee Meeting, October 24, 2011
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

John Saltee, Executive Director of the Oxnard Rescue Mission spoke to us about the Rescue Mission and it's purpose.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

 Our Speakers today were Mike Ellingson & Mary Schmitz who gave us an update on the CMH construction.
Posted by Deborah Perkins on Sep 29, 2011

Bob gave us a review of what's going on in the diamond industry ...
Posted by Rockwood Ludes on Sep 22, 2011

JeanetteBerez, Chief Administrator of Gocare, provided an update on the work being done in Pantanal, near Granada, Nicaragua. 

Posted by Deborah Perkins

Our speaker today was Erin Gill. Erin spoke about the challenges of being a private invstigator.
Posted by Rockwood Ludes

Justice Steve Perren spoke to us today about the problems circumstantial evidence can cause in a trial.
Posted by Deborah Perkins

Dr. Benjamin LaBrot spoke about the Floating Doctors program
Posted by Deborah Perkins on Aug 18, 2011

Margo Byrne, Executive Director Ventura Family YMCA, spoke to us about what the Y does.
Posted by Deborah Perkins on Aug 18, 2011

Our speaker for today was Stacey Arazua from the Ventura Aquatics Center.
Posted by Jeff Hata on Aug 10, 2011

Jeff Hata gave the club an overiview of what Clubrunner is and what it will do for our club.
Posted by Deborah Perkins on Jul 28, 2011

Our speaker for July 28th was Angela Godwin from the Ventura County Weights and Measures Department.
Posted by Thomas Swan on Jul 24, 2011

Posted by Rockwood Ludes on Jul 21, 2011

Ventura Botaical Garden President Doug Halter spoke about the history and future of the gardens.
Posted by Deborah Perkins on Jul 14, 2011

MaryEllin Santiago speaks about the Ventura County Library System
Posted by Deborah Perkins on Jul 14, 2011

President Tom Swan's opening comments on the upcoming Rotary Year.
Posted by Deborah Perkins on Jul 06, 2011

Our speaker today was Bob Machon who spoke about SCORE Ventura.
Posted by Jeff Hata on Jun 29, 2011

A history of the Push'em Pull'em Parade written by Midge Stork.
Posted by Craig Miller on Jun 06, 2011

Rotary Rehab is a program proposed by Craig Miller to help some of our senior citizens in Ventura with maintenance on their property. A must read and must see video.

Thanks Craig!

Posted by Jeff Hata on Jun 28, 2011

Our Speakers today were Margo Byrne and Amber Stevens to give us an update on Operation Splash!
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