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Apr 29, 2014
Washington DC Trip for Dolores H.S. Students
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Officers and Directors
President Tom Seymour
President Elect Laurel Rematore
President Elect Nominee Chris Trusler
Secretary Larry Archibeque
Treasurer Edward Merritt, Jr.
Past President Dave Sanford
Sergeant at Arms Daniel P. Jones
Bike Race Chair Laurel Rematore
Dictionaries Program Chair Dave Sanford
Membership Chair Neal Stephens
Programs Chair Amanda Woida
Public Relations Chair Mark Tucker
Service Chair Larry Archibeque
Raffle/Bingo Co-Chair Allan Burnside
RYLA Chair Dave Sanford
Youth Exchange Officer & Counselor Steve Maxwell
Webmaster Laurel Rematore
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We meet Tuesdays at 6:30 AM

Ponderosa Restaurant

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Apr 19, 2014
by Tom Seymour

Rotary Club of Dolores Meeting Minutes April 15, 2014

Attendance: LuAnn, Laurel, Dana, Vic, Dave, Tom, Allan, Chris, Dan, Rachel,

Pledge: Tom  Invocation: Dan

1. Dave Sanford announced that the 6 RYLA Students have been chosen. Two students each from Dolores, Dove Creek, and Mancos High Schools.

2. Chris Tresler announced that he took 10 wrestlers to State Championships.  The Dolores H.S. Football team will now be starting Spring workouts.

3. Laurel Rematore announced that she is going to the District Conference and will be taking the Grant writing certification class.

4. Val Truelson gave an update on Town Government.  One of the many interesting items was that the Town Sales Tax is up 14%.  Go Dolores.

5. Dolores Chamber has an announcement out to hire a 10 hr/week new Chamber President.  Stewart has resigned due to working as a Pastor full time.

6. Guest Speaker Tony Cervato was a "sleepy-in" -  "no show".

7. Dana Hill received an Achievement Award from the North Dakota Society of Engineers for a life time of outstanding Professional Engineering work.  He will also be our guest speaker at Breakfast on April 22, 2014.  Guess that means we buy him breakfast. 

8. Meeting adjourned at 0733 hrs. By Pres'

Apr 13, 2014
by Tom Seymour

Rotary Club of Dolroes

April 8, 2014

Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Charley Miller, Ed Merritt, Vic Vierra, Dave Sanford, James Phillips, Mary Sparks, Tom Seymour, Melinda Green, Dan Jones, Rick Carpenter, Brandon Thurston, Chris Trussler, Allan Burnside, Wendy Weygant, Michelle from Hospice


Opening Pledge: Tom; Inspirational Prayer: Pastor Rick

 Sergeant at Arms Dan Jones “Question of the Day” “Tell us about your 1st Airplane Ride”


Dave S. : Kinder Morgan announced that the Dictionary Grant is approved for 2014

Dave S.:  Ryla student applicants at Mancos, Dove Creek are completed. Dolores H.S. upcoming.  RYLA is scheduled for June 13-16th.

 Last Bingo is scheduled for April 29th – Please identify the beneficiary _________?

 Guest Speaker: Wendy Weygant from Hospice

Worthwhile presentation including information about Hospice which began here in 1985.

They provide Home Care; Meals on Wheels; Transportation; School Student Loss Counseling; Pet therapy; Presentation on Advanced Care Directives;

Fund Raisers include: Pancake Supper, Trip of a Life Time, and Golf Tournament

Board of Directors for Hospice has 4 openings with Noon time meetings at Dolores State Bank with a Consent Board Agenda. 


Next Meeting is Tuesday 15th with guess speaker Tony Cervato about the Rotary Foundation.

Tom Seymour, Ph.D.

Apr 01, 2014
by Larry Archibeque
Present: Privitera Giuseppe, parents, brother, and best friend, Darwin Cooper, Scott Cooper, Sue Garlick, Dan Jones, LouAnn Jacobson, Ed Merritt Jr., Allan Burnside, Tom Seymour, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Laurel Rematore,  Rachel Sparks, Mary Sparks, Shawna Valdez, Dana Hill, Vic Vieira, Val Truelsen, Denis Boon, and Larry Archibeque.

Pledge: Tom Seymour
Prayer: Larry Archibeque

1) Question of the day by Dan Jones was to identify a April Fool's Moment. 

2) Commodity distribution this Saturday @ Dolores Fire Station @ 6:30 a.m. Thanks to Dan Jones, Charley Miller, and Larry for obtaining commodities. 

3) Laurel Rematore made a proposal that a donation be made by the club to the International Rotary Foundation. A decision to be made after Tony Cevato speaks about the International Rotary Foundation. 

4) Laurel Rematore proposed that the club pay the cost of approximately four hundred dollars per year for a subscription to the Club Runner Website. 

5) Next week Hospice and Wendy Weygandt will be speaking at next week's meeting. 

6) Update the winner of the rifle raffle Mel Cramm is moving forward to meet all criteria in order to obtain the rifle. 

7) Bingo last week made seven hundred and twenty dollars for Operation Graduation. 

8) A proposal was made to provide four hundred dollars to the School to Farm Program in the Dolores School District. Motion was amended that the money be used for capital project assets. 

9) A proposal was approved to do a raffle of an I-Pad and a drone during the Escalante Bike Race. One thousand tickets to be printed, five dollars per ticket, four tickets for twenty dollars. All proceeds are identified to be used for scholarships and Imagination Library. 

10) Students of the quarter were recognized by Mary Sparks. In addition it was proposes that the scholarships of the quarter be increased from two hundred and fifty dollars to five hundred dollars. 

Meeting adjourned by Tom Seymour. 
Mar 23, 2014
by Tom Seymour


Mar 18, 2014
by Larry Archibeque
Present: Allan Burnside, Ed Merritt Jr., Denis Boon, Mary Sparks, Charley Miller, Jim Phillips, Dan Jones, Brandon Thurston, Chris Trusler, Mike Hall, Deanna Truelsen, Tom Seymour, Jessica Schliesser, and Larry Archibeque.

Pledge: Tom Seymour
Prayer: Larry Archibeque

1) Question of the day by Dan Jones was, "What is your favorite fish to eat?" 
2) Mary Sparks to identify and prepare scholarship materials for students of the quarter. Student are eligible for a two hundred and fifty dollar scholarship. Also identified was that the Patrick Colton Scholarship a five hundred dollar scholarship, which will be awarded for outstanding community service. Brandon Thurston is to follow up and identify a student. 
3) Tom Seymour informed the club that the winner of the gun raffle has not completed a background check to be awarded the raffled rifle. Winner of the raffle will be informed that they will need to complete the background check or as approved by the club a monetary award will be given. This option is to be determined by the end of the month. 
4) Debbie Kill made a presentation of which, she requested that a group of students from the Dolores School District be the recipients of the April Bingo. Students are doing a fundraiser to visit Washington D.C. 
5) Jessica Schliesser requested that the club consider sponsoring her on a potential basketball trip/tournament down under in Australia. 
6) Mike Hall made a presentation to the club as to why he is the best candidate for county coroner. 
7) Next week the focused speaker is to be Sara Cyberson the Farm to School Representative. 
8) Meeting was adjourned by Tom Seymour.
Mar 07, 2014
by Larry Archibeque

Jan 22, 2014
by Tom Seymour


Jan 14, 2014
by Larry Archibeque

Jan 07, 2014
by Larry Archibeque

Dec 17, 2013
by Larry Archibeque

Dec 03, 2013
by Larry Archibeque

Nov 12, 2013
by Larry Archibeque

Nov 26, 2013
by Tom Seymour


Nov 11, 2013
by Tom Seymour
Nov 11, 2013
by Larry Archibeque
Oct 15, 2013
by Larry Archibeque
Oct 09, 2013
by Larry Archibeque
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