President Norman S. Mitroff, Ph.D.
President Elect Judd Howell, PhD
Secretary Jim Smith
Treasurer Christine Ramos
Past President John Muhlner
Community Services Director Charlotte Williamson
Vocational Service Director Rod Ellison
Club Service Director Suzan Rada
International Service Director Michele Neumann
RI Foundation Director Christine Hayne
Membership Director Ted Bystrowski
Public Relations Director Matt Endriss
Sergeant-at-Arms Dick Gourley
Overall Director of Everything Joice Beatty
Ombudsman Steven Ebersole
Fundraising Director Cindy Warren
Program Chair Donn Black
Greetings from Saint Helena, The Heart of the Napa Valley Wine Country!

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM

Native Sons' Hall

1313 Spring Street
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United States

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Posted on Jul 27, 2014

Reported by Jonathan Hollister

Speakers of the Day:  Carol Trivett Williams with Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services, and Karen Rowland, Shopkeeper at La Boheme in St. Helena.
Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services, a non-profit organization, provides life-affirming care with remarkable compassion during life’s most challenging transitions.  For the past 35 years their programs have served more than 10,000 families in the Napa Valley, and provide an important support service within our community.

Hospice is a complete system of care and support for persons facing the end of life.  Their team provides comfort, symptom management and specialized end-of-life services to all those affected.  Hospice works with patients and families to learn their goals of care, enabling patients to experience the highest quality of life possible.

NVH programs also include: Mind Boosters, designed specifically for people experiencing changes in memory, or people with the diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia; Caregiver Resources, designed for caregivers to coordinate the many facets of a loved one’s care; Alzheimer’s Resource Center, providing resources to those who have concerns, questions, or need guidance about a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or another dementia; Adult Day Services, which is a diverse program of health, social and rehabilitation services which promote the well-being, dignity and self-esteem of  individuals; Transitions Palliative Care, working with seriously-ill patients and their families to manage symptoms, navigate health options and the healthcare system while providing other practical, social and spiritual support; and Grief Support Services, which offer expert and professional counseling in dealing with grief and loss in a healthy way. Anyone from the community can participate in our counseling and programming at little or no cost.

Karen Rowland invites all Rotarians to visit La Boheme at 1428 Main Street in St. Helena, and to visit the new store called Act 2 T and consider donating items to the store. The Act 2 thrift shop offers the community a much larger selection of items than will fit in the smaller La Boheme store.  All donations are tax deductible, and help support the agency’s mission of providing compassionate care.

Thought of the Day: It came from Alan Fowler

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Tony Matijaca of Nature Select Foods store in St. Helena.

Birthdays / Anniversary:  There is a new “Birthday Board” located near the entrance which shows birthdays and anniversaries for the members.


  • The Rotary Clubs of Napa Valley will be participating in the development and fundraising, as well as bike safety education, for the Vine Trail. Please join us this Sunday, July 27th, at 10 am for a celebration of the Ridge Trail-Vine Trail Junction at Bothe Park and show Rotary support.
  • President Norm Mitroff will be away on vacation for the next three weeks.  John Muhlner and Joice Beatty will substitute in his place.
  • Eggs are for sale at 3 dollars per box.
  • Ted Bystrowski met with the owners of the Rutherford Grove Winery to discuss the possibility of holding a Rotary fundraising event which could possibly be a classic truck and tractor themed event which could draw attendance from the vintner and grape grower business community.

Raffle Winners:  Kathleen Patterson, April Duge, Jack Neal
Peach Auction:  Joice Beatty and Christine Hayne
Bell Ringers:  None

Finemaster:  Dick Gurley fined Norm Mitroff for not knowing the influence of German immigrants in the Valley, Leter Hoel was fined because he did not know the number of appellations in the Valley, April Duge understood the timing of veraison; John Muhlner was fined for talking about pink cowboy boots and Polly Keegan was fined for not summarizing the effect of the water shortage on the grapes in the Valley.

Posted on Jul 13, 2014

Reported by Alan Galbraith

Speakers of the Day: Craft Talks by Rod Ellison and Roxanne Schaubhut

Rod Ellison led off.  Born in St. Helena, his family shortly thereafter moved to the LA area, and then on to Lodi (Stockton area), where Rod grew up.  He was raised as an Adventist, always enjoyed working with people, and likely activities that made use of his hands.   This led him into dentistry.  Most of his career (33 years) was in solo practice, in Eastern Washington State.  He came to St. Helena three years ago, joining a practice in St. Helena.  Rod mused over the changes in dentistry over the last thirty-five years (in materials, techniques, and equipment), with the solo practitioner model giving way to a larger practice model, with more division of labor.  Today, Rod just sees patients; he has no administrative responsibility.  His greatest angst relates to inadequate work of his peers.  Rod loves his dentistry with patient always coming first.  Trust is paramount in the relationship between dentist and patient. Rod has been married to Nancy for 39 years, with two successful children, a professional yacht captain and a senior marketing strategist at a leading SF firm.   

Roxanne Schaubhut was born in Wisconsin, and soon moved to a suburb (by rail) of Chicago.   She lost her father and a brother in childhood.  Her mother scored a first in Indiana: she was the first single mom to adopt a child, with Roxanne, now in Veterinary School (Purdue), being the contingent parent.  Roxanne was a devotee of horses, wanted to treat them, yet found that the male-dominated profession frowned on a female veterinarian dealing with large animals.  Roxanne followed her first husband, also a veterinarian, to Ithaca, New York, where she was in a private practice (dealing with small animals) for two years.  She then moved onto to a substantial practice in Long Island before venturing out on her own, initially working from home (often in relief of other vets) and then also working with a practice two days a week.  She joined Rotary, becoming president of her local club (twice).  Remarried, with her daughter in San Francisco, she came upon the Pope Valley during a weekend outing, and that was it.  By now, she felt that she was losing a bit of patience with owners and their animals (“yes, there are stupid questions”), and saw advantage in retiring to a beautiful place far removed from clients.   Roxanne was full of praise for the firefighters that took on the large Pope Valley fire last week; her home was not affected.

Thought of the Day:  Father Mac came to the rescue; the thought centered on thanks and (briefly) food.

Guest: Karen Wesson, with the Hall Winery, guest of Cindy Warren 

Birthdays:  Judd Howell; Donn Black

Club Anniversaries:  Cindy Warren (seventh year)


  • President Norm Mitroff discussed forthcoming fundraising events, necessary to replenish the nearly empty Club Treasury.  There should be an event soon at a (donated) local winery location.  He would like for Club members to make suggestions for fundraising events.  Norm also made note of the exposure that Rotary received from its table on July 3 at Lyman Park.  He mentioned that the venue of a forthcoming Tuesday luncheon might be at A.W. Root Beer (which is under new ownership – with the owner a possible candidate for Rotary).
  • Mike Layne announced his commitment to a record of Norm’s presidency, and asks that Club members email photos of Club activities – and especially activities featuring Norm.
  • Rob Andreae announced a Free Discovery Day on Sunday July 27 at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park.  The event celebrates the junction of the Ridge Trail and Vine Trail.  The Park opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m.  There will be a dedication ceremony at noon.  There will be a food truck.  There will also be exhibits and other activities.
  • President Mitroff made note of a Club Assembly on September 2.  He noted that he would be away between July 27 and August 18, with John Muhlner, Joice Beatty, and others taking over for him.
  • Dick Gourley, the incoming sergeant-at-arms (and after some prodding) announced that Club members should bring in two gifts totaling $50 in value by August 5.

Raffle Winners:
    Mike Layne (black marble), Rod Ellison, & Roxanne.  

Bell Ringers:

  •     Dick Gourley in grateful acknowledgement of timely treatment of a blocked artery following a successful nine-foot put.
  •     Rob Andreae in appreciation for a great week, including attending the Tim Lincecum no-hitter.
  •     David Moreland in appreciation for safe flights to and from North Dakota.
  •     Christine Hayne in celebration of her daughter’s marriage.

    Joice Beatty chose “Know Your Club” as her topic.  She easily tripped up most Club members – except your reporter who immediately identified Judd Howell as president-elect.  Your reporter was so pleased with himself that he omitted to legibly jot down the names of defaulting Rotarians, thereby sparing them embarrassment in these notes.


Posted on Jul 13, 2014

Reported by Jonathan Hollister

Speaker of the Day: Dr. Angelo Capozzi, Rotaplast International, Inc.

Rotaplast International, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Dr. Angelo Capozzi and the then Rotary Club President Peter Lagarias in collaboration with the Rotary Club of San Francisco to facilitate a surgical program in La Serena, Chile to treat children with the cleft lip and palate anomaly who would otherwise not receive surgical intervention. This initial historic mission took place in January of 1993.

As a project of the Rotary Club of San Francisco, and for the first three years of its existence, Rotaplast completed one surgical mission a year. The following two years, Rotaplast completed two missions a year. In 1996, Rotaplast became a separate non-profit corporation and has since consistently expanded its number of annual missions. In June 2012, Rotaplast sent its 175th mission and to date has served over 15,000 children. Twenty-four countries have hosted Rotaplast teams, including Vietnam, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Romania, China, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Brazil and the Philippines. Hundreds of medical and non-medical volunteers who give their valuable time, and generous organizations such as hospitals and medical equipment companies which give supplies, account for the consistent success and expansion of Rotaplast missions. 

Rotaplast would not exist without funding provided by partners. Although a San Francisco-based organization, Rotaplast works nationally and internationally by partnering with Rotary Clubs, other organizations, and individuals across the United States, Canada and mission sites. It provides a vehicle for medical professionals and non-medical volunteers to actively engage in projects that build international friendships and promote goodwill and understanding among the peoples of the world.

Thought of the Day: It came from Matt Endriss.

Birthdays:  Alan Galbraith; Louis Trinchero; Judd Howell; Donn Black;  Kathleen Patterson; Warren Warner

Bell Ringers:  Jack Neal and Paul Dean

Finemaster:  Jonathan Hollister, on Supreme Court trivia and facts.


Posted on Jun 26, 2014

Cindy Warren, Reporter

Program: "Passing of the Gavel"

John Muhlner recognized his Rotary Club Board members for their board contributions. Fortunately the gifts he bestowed WERE NOT the wine glasses and flutes from the Art Festival. John Muhlner did the exchange of Rotary President pins with incoming President Norm Mitroff and the 'Final Handover of the Keys to the Hall'. ​​John did a great job as President this year and Norm has some big, pink cowboy boots to fill!

Guests: Sean Collins, Jennifer Muhlner, Ted Muhlner, Don Fraser, guests of John Muhlner.
Karen Wesson, guest of Ted Bystrowski. Ann Thomas, guest of Mike Thomas. Barbara Yost, guest of Steve Yost. Mary Sykes, guest of Michael Layne

Visiting Rotarians: Bev More, Calistoga

Induction: Mary Sykes was inducted into our club by Alston Hayne. Her sponsor is Michael Layne.


  • John Muhlner is auctioning off his pink rhinestone cowboy boots. After much bidding and a few fists thrown, John decided to keep them for his macho trail rides.
  • Alan Fowler announced golf this Saturday at 8:00 at Aetna Springs. Lunch is at noon.
  • Cindy Warren read a thank you note from our Elwood Mee Scholarship recipient, Rebecca White.
  • Norm Mitroff  said the Interact Club will be at the Farmer's Market on Friday.
  • John Muhlner passed around a thank you card for the Jaffee's generous hosting of the Debunking.
  • There are a few tickets left for the July 13 Giants game.
  • Natalie Klug passed a Sympathy card around for Christine Ramos' whose Dad passed away.
  • Mike Thomas, Andy Bartlett and John Muhlner went to Westminster Woods to serve food for the RYLA camp. They had a blast and encourage others to volunteer next year.
  • Our exchange student, Anne from Denmark, did the exchange of flags. She had a great year and we will miss her wonderful spirit and smile.
  • Polly Keegan announced that the Library is having its 7th annual "JuneFest" on June 27, at 6:30pm and will celebrate their award as 1st runner up to "Best Small Library in America"
  • Ted Muhlner read a letter from Chuck Hagel expressing appreciation for John's Rotary presidency and the fine job he did.

Paul Harris Awards: Christine Hayne presented Paul Harris Awards to the following:  

  • Mike Thomas, his 2nd.
  • Steve Yost, his 2nd,
  • Joice Beatty, her 4th.
  • Alston Hayne, his 5th

She also recognized Rotarians who have sponsored new members:  Kathleen Patterson, Margo Kennedy, Steve Yost, Norm Mitroff, Michael Layne, Hendrik Smeding

Raffle Winners: Sean Collins, who won the black marble. Michael Layne, Norm Mitroff, Bev More

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