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Posted by Douglas Deaver

This week our speaker will be Barbara Mason, the Economic Development Coordinator for the County of Santa Cruz.  She will talk about the challenges of putting together an economic development team to build jobs and help change the county's reputation as unfriendly to business.   She faces this challenge despite the fact that the State wiped out the redevelopment funds used to underwrite economic development.  Please join us for a very informative presentation.

Happy Birthday to the March group - Neil McCallum, Dave Andrews, and Eric Costello.  Also welcome back travelers Keith Medeiros and Claire McAdams from India - we'll have to ask the golf course to stock curry now!  I wonder how many Rotary meetings they attended?  Congratulations to Becky Loy who is a new grandmother to twin girls.  Also best wishes to Richard Watson-Riley after his recent surgery.  

On April 12th (Saturday) we will be again working with the Interact clubs for the spring food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank.  We will be working with students from Soquel HS at New Leaf on 41st Avenue and with students from Aptos HS at Deluxe Market.  The times of the event are 10am - 2pm.  Scott Iredell will be in charge of signups.



On Thursday April 24th the Santa Cruz Homeless Shelter will be hosting their 15th annual Soupline Supper at the Cocoanut Grove.  If anyone is interested in attending or volunteering please let me know.  We're hoping to have both Interact clubs help volunteer for the event.  


On Saturday May 3rd Rotary District 5170 will be sponsoring a day at the San Jose SaberCats.  I've never seen an arena football game, but  I plan to make this my first.  The past 2 seasons the SaberCats have averaged about 11,000 spectators per game - fast, furious, and exciting!  The ticket price will be $12.00 with half of the money going to sponsor RYLA.  Where else can you be entertained for TWELVE DOLLARS?  It will be a great event. 


25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  


25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  


25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  


25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  
25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  
25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  
25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  
25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  
25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  
25 years
The Rotacare 25th anniversary celebration will be held April 10th.  We have 3 members attending - Sue Lawson, John Fisher, and me.  The event is sold out which is great news.  
Posted by Douglas Deaver

This week our speaker was Dale Thielges, Director for the local Alzheimer's Association.  Most attendees either have a friend or loved one who has experienced this debilitating disease or know of someone who has.  Dale talked about new research on Alzheimer's and dementia, and talked about available resources in the community.  The meeting was very interesting as was demonstrated by the great questions and discussions. 

Eric Costello did a great job as detective.

Posted by Douglas Deaver


This week we had a very informative tour of the new Sheriff facilities at 2400 Chanticleer Ave, Santa Cruz - between Rainbow Carpet One and Staples.  The tour was conducted by Chief Deupties Jim Hart, Jeff Marsh, and Jeremy Verinsky.  We saw the new coroners section, DNA research area, the new patrol area, warehouse for stored evidence.   Very interesting and informative.

Great Happy Hour at Lifespan Saturday night followed by an exciting Santa Cruz Warriors game.  It was a lot of fun along with being a nice fundraiser for Rotary.  

Posted by Douglas Deaver

Our speaker this week was ImagePatrizia Materassi who made an interesting presentation about plastic pollution in the world's oceans - the problem and solutions.  "Plastics lost at sea are becoming a major environmental and health hazard". The problem is growing so fast that our sushi is getting contaminated. It was a great presentation and we no realize the importance of keeping our oceans clean.

Thanks to those who attended and supported the Interact fundraiser dinner at First Congregational Church on High Street.  The event was a success, raising over $5,000- the most successful charity dinner in the ENTIRE DISTRICT.

Posted by Douglas Deaver

Happy end of February.  Time to get the umbrellas out (finally).  We're supposed to get 4-6 inches of rain in the next week - mostly on Friday.  Interesting that our speakers this week will be Melanie Schumacher and Director Rick Meyer from the Soquel Creek Water District to talk about the drought.  As you know anyone living in the SCWD has been asked to make a voluntary 20% reduction in water use.  District customers are already among the best at conserving water state wide - so how do we get another 20%.  Melanie and Rick will discuss the current situation and possible strategies that we all can take to further conserve water use. 

This Saturday March 1st - 6pm to 9pm will be the Interact fundraiser dinner at First Congregational Church on High Street.  They will run the entire event, decorations, cooking, serving, silent auction, entertainment.  Well worth  the $15 price of admission it and a great opportunity to watch the Interact clubs in action.  Unfortunately I have to be out of town this weekend, but it would be nice if several of us could attend.  I believe members of the Soquel Interact club will be selling tickets again this Thursday.





Saturday March 8, 2014 will be the area 7 night at the Santa Cruz Warriors.  We have already sold more than 30 tickets with more tickets available.  Thanks to Pam and Becky who will again be hosting a club "happy hour" at Lifespan prior to the game.  If you will not be attending the game please consider purchasing a ticket or two that we can donate to the Aptos or Soquel Interact clubs. 

As an FYI Jerry West will be the guest speaker at the Santa Cruz Rotary club Friday March 7th - so if you've ever wanted to see him live this is a great opportunity.  Please let me know if you want to attend and haven't signed up yet so I can let the Santa Cruz club know how many to plan lunch for.


Posted by Douglas Deaver

Thanks to Steve Blank who presented on the Secret History of Silicon Valley.   Much of the classified information of the 1940's 1950's and 1960's has been declassified, giving us new information that we didn't have in our history classes.  Steve gave us a very interesting presentation showing why the U.S. technology hub moved from the east coast to Silicon Valley.  


Thanks to Monica Martinez, Executive Director of the Homeless Services Center in Santa Cruz for giving us a very informative presentation last week regarding the homeless community population in Santa Cruz County and created steps we can take to provide the tools necessary to move many of them to a more stable and productive life.  Great presentation. 


Posted by Douglas Deaver

The meeting started with a somewhat recognizable club rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas - music by Al Decamara and Sam Nigh - singing (sort of) by various club members.   Great way to get in the mood for the holidays.



We then got a great presentation from Cabrillo Stage - Jon Nordgren (Artistic Director), Andrew Ceglio (Director and Choreographer), Max Bennett-Parker (lead actor), and Ashley Rae Little (Sophia).  Got a chance to preview the theme of the play and hear some of the music.  Well done - and great play...We're so fortunate to have such a great treasure in our community! 

Image  ImageImage

Posted by Douglas Deaver

On December 13th Brett McFadden, CBO of the Pajaro Valley School District provided an update on Measure L School Bond Program.  In November 2012 the voters approved the $150 million measure to repair and modernize aging classrooms and schools, bring existing structures up to safety and access codes, expand educational opportunities to students, enhance health and safety of school sites, and modernize classroom technology. Brett updated us on progress to date and future plans.


Posted by Douglas Deaver

CongratulImageations to Dr. Art Dover on his generous donation to the Rotary Foundation specifically for the Polio Plus project to eradicate polio worldwide.  Through generous donations like Art's we are just that much closer to eliminating a disease that has been so debilitating to so many worldwide.  Here club president Doug Deaver is presenting a much deserved certificate from Rotary international.    Thank you Art.





  ImageOur speaker December 5th was County Supervisor Zach Friend.  He updated the club on current items of interest in the area including the current status of the Safeway project, the status of the Aptos Village project, and recent county and RTC decisions that affect local area transportation.   We appreciate Zach's contribution as an honorary member of our club and frequent speaker.  





Congratulations to the cluImageb team of Karen Semingson, Pam Goodman, Becky Peters who, along with other volunteers, went to the School of St. Jude in Tanzania last summer and helped put up a much needed shade structure.  The school responded by putting a plaque on the structure saying "Built with loving hands by your friends at the Capitola/Aptos Rotary Club.  Theclassroom doors at The School of St Jude have been open for ten years now. As a charity-funded school, St Jude's provides a free, high-quality education to over 1,500 of thepoorest children of Arusha Region, Tanzania, while also providing boarding for over 1,000 students. Additionally, the school now provides employment to over 400 Tanzanians and purchases the essential goods required to run the school everyday from the local community. The ripple effect of these benefits on the community and beyond has been incredible.  Congratulations to Karen, Pam, and Becky.



 Our speaker Thursday December 12th will be Brett McFadden, Chief Business Official for the Pajaro Valley School District, speaking about the Measure L bond and about current school finances.   

On the following Thursday we will get a preview of the upcoming Cabrillo play "Lunch".  Be prepared to join in song and festivities as cast members will show us what is coming in January.

If you are a guest and would like to attend one of our meetings you are always welcome - and if you want to learn more about Rotary please let us know. We are always looking for people wanting to give back to our community and to other communities throughout the world.  Please join us Thursdays for lunch at the Seascape Golf Course.


Posted by Douglas Deaver

Great meeting today.  Happy Birthday to John Fisher.  The club at the meeting took up a collection for Shelter Box, a non profit organization that works in conjunction with Rotary to place temporary shelters in disaster areas.  The collection of $600 was to provide shelters to those families displaced by the tsunami in the Philippines.  For more information about Shelter Box check out 




Peggy Townsend a long time newspaper reporter and current fiction writer was our guest speaker.   She talked about the art of "listening".  She wouldn't have gotten some of her best material if she hadn't spent most of her time listening to the person she was interviewing.  The key is to ask questions and listen.  She currently has released a novel Safe Landings, available through Amazon.com:


The book currently has a 4.5 star rating from readers.



Posted by Douglas Deaver

Congratulations to John Fisher for being selected Area 7 Foundation Chairman of the Month.  Welcome back to traveling members Sandra Wallace and Chuck Whitt,

Michael Watkins joined us today and updated the club on the numerous services provided by the County Office of Education (COE): Direct services including Regional Occupational Programs (ROP), Alternative Education Programs, Special Education Programs, Outdoor Science Education, and the Workforce Investment Act; and indirect services including Migrant Head Start, Foster Youth, Homeless youth, Child Development Programs, School Safety, and numerous others.  If you want to impress someone at your next cocktail party you can tell them that Santa Cruz county has 77 schools, 39,334 students of which 28.5% are English Language Learners and 56% are eligible for free and reduced priced lunches.  Schools have had $80 million cut from their budgets in the past 4 years, so when the voters passed Proposition 30 it merely restored money - it didn't add any.  In addition we learned that California ranks 49th in spending per student and ranks 50th in number of students per teacher.   We also learned about the new Common Core Standards and the pros and cons of implementing them. 

Thank you Michael for joining us.
Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 01, 2013

Today we got a visit from the District 17 Congressman Sam Farr. Guess what? Washington is in a  stalemate  polarized mess. Also present Zach the Supervisor Friend and CAP President Doug Deavers.

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 28, 2013

On October 31 We have the Honorable Sam Farr 17th District as our special guest. We have three blue Badges being presented (actually FOUR) and  ONE DOUBLE Emerald Paul Harris to Tom McGranahan  plus a Number of high school students to meet and greet their local congressman... Don't miss.. This is a BIG day for CAP Rotary and our New Blue Badge Rotarians!



Thanks to Helen Dillman, co vice-president of the Soquel Interact Club for updating us last week on the Fall Leadership Conference she attended and on updating us on the club activities.  I asked how a junior could be so relaxed speaking to a large crowd, and she said got her self confidence at RYLA camp. We do make a difference!






 ImageOctober 24th was also World Polio day.  At the meeting Helen read a proclamation from Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors declaring it World Polio Day to acknowledge Rotary's commitment to eradicate polio worldwide.  We also distributed a club proclamation acknowledging the same.  The following picture shows the club showing how close we are to eliminating polio worldwide.  




Tammy Janosik of Rotacare was the main speaker. She said she had never talked to a Rotary Club that had so many members that were involved by volunteering at the clinic.  Last year the Bay Area Clinics treated over 28,000 patients and the Santa Cruz Clinic over 1,000.  Next year the RotaCare Bay Area will celebrate its 25th  year anniversary on April 10, and the will honor all the volunteers, that is National Volunteer Week, and she would like all of us to attend.   The 12 clinics are in 4 different Rotary Districts. She thanked all members for being involved with RotaCare. 



Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 17, 2013

SusannaHonig, PlattScholar recipient, UCSC, Marine Biology and Ecologi cal Evolution.

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 12, 2013


Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 12, 2013

14 CAP Members volunteered their valuable Early Saturday Morning Time to participate in the preparation of 1000 barrels for Holiday Food collection sites throughout Santa Cruz County. Accompanied by almost 100 Interactors and Other Area Seven Rotarian Club Members the monumental effort quickly coalesced into a well oiled machine of stripping, restocking and rewrapping. In less than two hours the job was completed and the barrels all restocked and ready to go. Nice job CAP Rotarians!

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 10, 2013

Rob and Jim, reversed left to right in Photo, spoke today from PGE. The presentation was " An Overview of Energy Alternatives to manage home and business Energy Bills".



 I meant to ask if with the new meters my friend Keith should feel safe enough to remove his nighttime " Tesla Home Aluminium Acme Propeller RoadRunner  Geek Cap with Radiation Protection Rotor" Guaranteed!... But I'm Glad I did not. 

 Rachel filled in for Sandra who threw the detective finder under the Bus by pretending to be experiencing a life threatening illness. Got a Pulse? Show Up! Rache did a fine job filling in last minute confusing the Long serving expert Men from PGE with questions about simple PGE history then hearing crickets...So she shifted focus to embarrass the CAP  members for non participation in last weeks Beach cleanup ( SOS) while 3200 other volunteers stepped up along 48 miles of coastline and picked up over  two tons of trash... 

 Automatic exemption from the Detective fine next week, from nasty mean  Kate: From Where, between Davenport and Big Sur was the majority of trash removed?


Don't forget the Second harvest Barrel Wrap on Saturday at 7 am.. it's really only an hour

DO NOT FORGET AND PLAN ON ATTENDING  the " Avenues of Service Spectacular" at 5170 in San Jose next Thursday...Rides are available thru Doug..." The District website reports it is a " 50,s, 60's THEMED attire reception at 4:30. ( I can't wait to see Elvis and Janis Joplin along with Frank Sinatra and Mick Jagger whooping it up at the Doubletree!

 Go A's!

Better living in a  Rotary State of Mind,


 Dr. Rex Manson

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 03, 2013

Whose is the Photo bomb? (Hint: Her name only has one l.. )

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 03, 2013

Hello New Member. You volunteer at the Vajrayana Foundation in Correlitos, a Buddist Meditation Center.. She lists her classification as Fundraiser. Welcome Rebekah! You are a prior serving Rotarian from Canandaigua, New York and an existing Paul Harris Fellow!

( The photo is of Rebekah demonstrating the Famous and Difficult (Sideways Budda Laughing Chi)  Yoga Position... (Which will last until I figure out how to straighten it up in Clubrunner)

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 03, 2013

Cabrillo College.

 Her Director of Marketing and Communications Kristin Fabos.


 Karen Seminsen got her Fourth PHF recognition. Congratulations! Dr Rex Manson got his double Emerald Eighth!)

 Good Luck to both Bill Potter and Gene Wright who both need our best health wishes...

 CASA did well with your wine contributions for their Fundraiser once again. ($2200.00)

 Don't forget the District Assembly on the 17th or the second Harvest barrel wrap!

 Good luck  Playoff Oakland A's! Good luck to our 49ers!

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 17, 2013

Octoberfest! Who is the Speaker? The new President of Cabrillo College. How was Keiths Party? " Facebook ' Rotary club of Capitola Aptos"... BUT I DO have the Detective.. Michele ,( One l..)  ( Wells Fargo... SCORE!) Bassi... Remember the rules CAP.. no eye contact or being nice to her as the Detective.. Go ahead smile and be nice and avoid her...... She always has YOUR name on her hit list....And if she fines the months Detective Director... Well expect some thing "Special" on the 31st.....

 BTW Thanks Keith and everybody at his Solstice party for Rotary... Well done Mr past President.. We all had a great Time! Thanks for sharing MontMontre Keith...

Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 29, 2013

Past President (Octogenarian) Keith M out did his Social Director position with a line dancing event in La Selva rated par excellence! Led by the Nigh family of professional hoofers the CAP Lined up , gimped and twerked to the rocking sounds of  Cyrus "Achy Breaky Heart" and the Slide.The event was well atttended, Keith made certain there was Food and liquid refreshment in abundance for everybody( barkeeper Dr. Dover) and a grand time was had by all until... the Chilly La Selva Fog rolled in. As it always does!

(additional photographs of the event on Facebook: " Rotary Club of Capitola Aptos") All Copies on CD can be obtained from Rex Manson,  Club Picture taker.... (g)

 Thanks Keith. On Behalf of all of us at CAP and our guests, you put on a great Gig. We salute You!

Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 26, 2013

Today Ken filled in to bring us up to date on the world famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Since 1907 the Boardwalk has provided entertainment to millions with constantly changing arcades and rides that give it a proud heritage among the best in the World. Of particular interest is the Carousel with a ring.. very few exist. The changes in food are consumer driven and the management is always looking for new ideas, and new space for additional rides. Thanks Ken.... Also for your 30 years as a dedicated Rotarian.

  Dr. Art Dover will provide FLU shots here at Rotary next week when the new President of Cabrillo College will speak here. Not to be Missed. Al collected $1500 for the Red Cross for Colorado flood relief.

 Happy Birthday Michelle! Happy Birthday tomorrow Kendra! Art Dover made NO friends today fining many attendees for thier lack of smarts about the flu or the need for Vaccinations. Claire would have won the drawing had she bothered to make the meeting. Bummer. Go Niners and Congratulation on winning the America's Cup Team Oracle! See you in Spring training Giants! Go A's.

Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 19, 2013

Today we got an update on the ESL efforts of the Literacy program at the SC volunteer center. They Currently have about 120 tutors trained to share ESL programs in Santa Clara County. They have a number of people on a waiting list, they need funding and have a success rate 20% over the state standards.They are also active in the local correctional facilities and sheriff's office. We have for many years contributed to the Literacy Program.

 Thanks for coming down and meeting with us today Genie.

 We heard that one of our Senior members Gene Wright is having health challenges that require his residence at Stanford Univ. Hospital. Good Luck from all of us at CAP Gene! Chuck gently suggested that his buddy Gene may not want to continue writing the Hub, our in Club newsletter,Which he has written so well for so long, so we are seeking qualified, experienced and cynical but always accurate volunteers to try to fill big shoes...

 Beer can Beach SOS Cleanup 9/21 8:55AM 2 HOURS supplies provided by team leader Richard Watson-Riley


 At the board meeting Tim Powell was nominated and elected to a 2 year Board term. It was decided to originate a Community project but the actual project was left at the discussion stage. The Treasurer, Rich Hamlin gave us an up to the minute air tight financial report so well presented we immediately nominated him(G) for District  5170 Treasurer of the Month. Past President  Rex Manson, lacking questionable pre frontal lobe cognition, proposed himself to serve as "RED BADGE Navigator", a term I suspect he made up ,( hey who wrote this anyway?) and was soon joined in this dubious optimistic project by additional volunteer ex club President, but always presentable Ms. Pam Goodman. These members will work with each new members to assist them in achieving Blue Badge status.  The process is designed to get the new member involved with the club, meet new Rotarians (in our club and others), and experience some of the many activities and events we sponsor.

 For the first time in Memory CAP Rotary achieved 100 participation in EREY. Congratulations Rotarians. Way to start the new year.

 It was discussed and passed that Rex Manson, Rachel Hill and John Fisher would update the CAP Bylaws. Over time... in other words as long as it takes to get it right corrected, voted on approved and printed. The prospect of initiating a Aptos oriented community project was discussed

  Al DeCamera announced a relief collection for the American Red Cross where he will match all funds donated by the Members to help the victims in Flooded Colorado. All contributions must be made before the END of next weeks meeting to the Red Cross.. Designate " Colorado". Thanks Al.

 Kelly Nesheim would have won the drawing had he been present. (Like he needs it) Didn't happen So it rolls over.

 Next week is going to be fun! Kris Reyes (and maybe Charles Canfield) will update the attendees on little known secrets of the Boardwalk.  If you have never been to one of our meetings please join us as our guest.  We'd enjoy meeting you.

Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 12, 2013

Today Mr Coonerty presented his ideas from his new Book " The Risk of the Naked Economy". It's a Brave new world Rotary, work as we knew it, with job security, Loyalty rewarded with retirement benefits, time and bonuses are not the way of the future. It is recommended that every college Graduate be cross educated in one to four applicable compensable knowledge bases so as not to be reliant on any one employers benefits. Present Graduate Education is NOT meeting the requirements of the new Employment age. Jobs may no longer be Terrestrial or linear, time and compensation can be measured in Microseconds and compensation discounted accordingly. It's 1984 utopian synergy all over again with Some Pigs being more equal than Others...They may be termed fractional workers, Specialists or generalists.... My final summary surmises the Specialists end up in the demographic economic 1  per cent..

 Thanks Ryan I am certain our Members are happy to be retired as retirement as we have known will disappear as will health and lifetime benefits, the Corner office and Full time employment going the way of the Tyrannosaurs.

Pam was the Detective the drawing was won by Scott. Too Bad he had already left.....Rollover. Special Thanks to Lynette Cleland for the PR article in the Aptos Times this week. Great start! More on the Coonerty Book soon.. I just downloaded it to my Kindle  for $12 and plan on reading it tonight..GL

Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 05, 2013

Great presentation from Phil Wowack the SC co Sheriff and several fellow Capitola officers. We got a presentation on the manpower budget issue, Jails and Law enforcement in SC co. Thanks Phil!

 I should recognize Keith M on PHF number 3  and Laura Grinder on PH Number 1! Also a reminder that NEXT WEEK is the last week to donate WINE for CASA so Bring a Bottle to help CASA Kids!!

 Doug announced that there will be a Board meeting on September 19 so mark your calender.

 Michele Bossi Gets the "you crack me up award" for telling us over lunch " My life has been very hectic with my kids going back to school. I have already been "Voluntold" that I am a Team Captain... Voluntold? Where is Websters when you need them?


 Congrats Jimmy on winning the Drawing!


Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 29, 2013

Today we met for our annual luncheon hosting Dist. Governor Angie Hassler and her husband, btw himself a past Dist 5170 Gov. Hassler. They were accompanied by our Area Seven Asst Dist Governor Jon Winston and several visiting Rotarians from Santa Cruz, Sunrise and Scott's Valley. Before the meeting we held a comprehensive Board meeting with Reports given by all 2013 committee Chairs. Doug Presided.. Tim, Pam, Rachel and John Fisher spoke, Rich passed around a fully balanced budget... 2012-2013.. It was a very good year, we got to help a lot of needy good people, Our Job 1, including expanding Rotacare ( now 15!) and navigating carefully coming out of a very challenging 2012 $$$$ situation.

 There was a lengthy discussion of a project the members initiated ( Pam and Karen and Lori)  the non DDF St. Judes Project. It is amazing what a few members dedicated to a purpose can achieve by  themselves without asking for District support.. There will be a Guatemala DDF Project starting February 1 2014 and interested Rotarians are urged to sign on for a work project in Attilan, Guatemala.. also Laos.

34 Members received Double Sustainer recognition and Kelly Nesheim received his Fourth major donor Leaf. ImPast President Rex Manson was given his Seventh Paul Harris Fellowship Pin a double Ruby. All but two members contributed to the Clubs success with EREY. Congratulations CAP Rotary. We are off to new beginning!

 Job One is telling the Community what we do and why, how we do it.. This will be a Major objective for Doug's year 20113-2014. As always New Members with new ideas and spirit and ideas are Priority #1...Thanks Angie for coming all the way to the midlands of Santa Cruz Co to meet with us. The drawing winner, Gene Wright, was AWOL..Bummer... Great to meet you Angie.

Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 29, 2013

11:00 Board of Directors meeting. President's Report, Commitee Reports. State of the Club. New Business

 12:30-1:30 Regular Club meeting.

Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 22, 2013

We were honored to have 4 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards  camp graduates attend our club meeting today (8-22).  Helen Dillman and Sandra Taylor from Soquel High School and Jade Kowalski and Jordin Inigues from Aptos High school shared thier experiences from the leadership camp they recently attended.  Words such as "A transformational life experience", Life changing event". "Much different and better than I expected" were spoken.   The club is proud to have sponsored the students who are or will become leaders in their local Interact clubs.  Thanks to the students who attended and the club members who supported the leadership experience that will help train our future leaders.

Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 22, 2013

" To become a Capable Competent Individual, learn from Capable Competent Individuals." Surfing Legend Frosty Hesson

Posted by Rex Manson on Jul 18, 2013

 Today our Ex Presidents gave a photographic and  narrated Photo tour of their trip from Lima to Cusco, up the Sacred Valley to Macho Pichu and up again to the  Floating Isles of Puno on Lake Titicacca. There they peered south at 14,200 feet elevation to the mystery of Treeless barren ancient Puma Punko, in Bolivia and saw evidence of the original IncaNet. Then they returned north to investigate Sexy Woman and flew into the depths of the  Equadorian cannibal infested head shrinking, disease ridden primordial Amazonian Volcanic Rain Forest..In Quito, Equador.

 Only took my back a month to recover. Worst most awful, toughest, corrupt, most beautiful, ancient and Exotic country I have ever seen. Whenever you are offered Guinea Pig...Flee. Chew your hand instead. It's all they eat in Peru. I have seen and climbed the Swiss Alps/ Italian Alps, Canadiaen Rockies and Sierra, South  Island New Zealand mountains around Queenstown  and ...The Andes take the cake.

Altitude? The Andes? Think of the highest Mountain peak in Mainland America..14,000 feet....Mt. Whitney then go up.... Another two miles.












Posted by Rex Manson on Jul 04, 2013


Early in a busy day our Heroes smile for the camera on July 4th 2013. It was Quiet then it got VERY busy, warm and a little strange. (Note to self... careful of what Aptos women will offer to trade for 2$ tickets for beer.) Thanks all volunteers.

 (G) Special Thanks to Tim Powell for outstanding work to make the 4th of July  Day in the Park work. Great Job Tim!

Posted by Rex Manson on Jul 02, 2013

Have a Happy restful 4th  and Good Luck to the New  CAP Officers, new members and Board Members.

Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 27, 2013

I want to thank the members of the Capitola Aptos Rotary for allowing me to Serve this Rotary club as your President. Today was my last formal meeting as President and after the Board meeting today  and upon his return from the RI Lisbon Convention I turn the gavel over to Doug Deavers. Good Luck to Doug, His chosen volunteer Board and the always generous CAP Rotary.  It has been an honor to be of Service to You members, to Rotary and the Capitola Aptos Community.

 I wish you all the Best and look forward to working within the Club in whatever capacity  I  can be found helpful.

 Better Living through Rotary..

 Dr. Rex H. Manson, President

 Capitola Aptos Rotary

Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 21, 2013

Sandy Lydon, John Fisher, PDG Area 5170.

Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 21, 2013

Future Dist. 2015 Gov Susan Valenta

Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 20, 2013

Ms. Rosemary Chalmers, Radio talk show host, Good morning Monterey Bay. Thanks Rosey.

Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 07, 2013

We will distribute our CAP Community Grants at our regular lunch on Thursday. Your attendance and that of your invited guests are greatly recommended. Lets make it a great presentation.

Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 06, 2013

Posted by Rex Manson on May 27, 2013

Thank You ALL Volunteers! Special thanks to the Project leaders: Doug Deavers and Sandra Wallace and the Double day Crew of Laura Grinder.

Posted by Rex Manson on May 24, 2013

Who did all the set up work? Sandra, Doug, Taj, Richard..( What's wrong in this picture? See it? Shhhhh!)

Posted by Rex Manson on May 12, 2013

Congratulations to CAP Rotary for a sucessful Sandy Lydon Roast and Toast. Special Thanks and recognition to Pam, Al, Rachel, Gene, The Evans, Maggie Driscoll, everybody who helped make it work, including the Interact and most of all to Sandy Lydon himself, for honoring Rotary and Volunteering to let us have some fun at his expense.

Posted by Rex Manson on Apr 11, 2013

Here the two of them celebrate their private moment of Rotary International recognition and Special awards with Us (and their seven Billion New Internet BFF'S!)

Posted by Rex Manson on Apr 11, 2013

Presented by Past Dist Governor John Fisher and Acting Asst Area Seven District Governor Jon Winston, Kelly and Marie were awarded recognition for an enormous contribution to RI and then received Benefactor lifetime recognition as well. Thanks Past Pres. Kelly! Well Done!

Posted by Rex Manson on Apr 11, 2013

Dark matter, dark Energy, Fuzzy Spots, Entropy and The Big Bang, multi dimensional string Theory and Hubbles focus on a grain of sand equal to 1 BILLION universes? .. Just another George Noory day at Rotary! Thanks Doc.. GL at UCSC. Glad your friends, the Hajduks brought you to speak to us ...Thanks and come back soon.!

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 29, 2013

" Dependency Court"   Volunteers, Mentors and CASA.

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 29, 2013

CAP Board meeting 1:30 PM. Seascape GC. Roast and Toast, Blue's Festival.

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 29, 2013

April 4, 2013 6PM Rex Manson's Home.

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 23, 2013

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 23, 2013

Taj Dafur. Soquel Water Manager

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 23, 2013

Thanks for all the Cap Rotarians and Interactors that generously gave their time on Saturday to make this drive a Success!

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 23, 2013

Dr Art Dover, MD

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 14, 2013

For those computer literate that may want air and travel miles for your credit card buying ..er.. Tax "contribution" to the non profit tax deductable 501.c3  Capitola Aptos Rotary Foundation Sandy Lydon Roast and Toast ...Google:

  "Eventbrite",  then watch the calendar roll down to  Capitola / Aptos Rotary, the Roasting of Sandy ( the History Dude) Lydon, May 10, to buy your tickets to attend.  Expect about 1% fee.

 And No you get No Foundation credit to a PHF for attending. Sorry.

 We are going to need every able body CAP Rotarian, and everybody they can contribute  to step up, volunteer in whatever way they can, and offer the fund committee members help wherever they can( Pam, Al, Rachel)  and as never before to make this huge Event work. This is going to be a very big, very fun, not to be missed  in this  once in a lifetime event!

 Thanks, Rotarians, in Advance ( TIA) This is a Big challenge.. we will all step up and make it work!

 Rex Manson- Proud to be President. Cap Rotary.

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 14, 2013

This is shaping up to be a Historic, Funny and Sold Out event! The plans have worked out faster and better than anybody anticipated. Tickets  are on sale NOW... The auction items are pouring in... This will be  a night for all of Santa Cruz to remember!

 All proceeds will go to LOCAL non profits, Local education and LOCAL charities. Reserve your seats today either on line by credit card or call Gene Wright 454-0813

Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 11, 2013

March 14, 1:30. All committee chairs please report on your objectives and goals.

Posted by Rex Manson on Feb 28, 2013

I am a Past President Of the Capitola Aptos Rotary Club. Today I received my Paul Harris Society certificate Recognition..

Posted by Rex Manson on Feb 28, 2013

I am a Manager at Soquel Water.

Posted by Rex Manson on Feb 28, 2013

I am a retired Educator. 

Posted by Gene Wright on Feb 27, 2013

Mark your calenders! Make your reservations Today. Advance tickets $125.00ea.$200 for 2! Thats a Discount worth paying attention to!

Posted by Rex Manson on Jan 10, 2013

Great Presentation and funny.

(Richard Watson Riley Won the drawing!)

Posted by Rex Manson on Jan 03, 2013

Dave Watkins won the Drawing!

Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 27, 2012

Well folks your water rates are going up again. Today Ron the Conservation field manager from Soquel Water brought his lovely Wife and Boss, Taj Dufour to share lunch with us today. After announcements of Monmouth Thanking US for our contributions back in Novermber and Maggie Driscol getting front page coverage for her new Business in Watsonville, we rocked out the welcome song, Karen fined everybody for good news stories of 2012,( Keith rode an elephant!)we listened intently as to why our water rates must be raised again. As politely as possible we accepted the tokens thrown before us and accepted the inevitable about the water tables dropping, seawater infringing and Desalination necessary for the survival of the strawberry farmers in Watsonville.( Ok part of that was made up) Any Way Happy Anniversary to the Duncans, nice folks.

 Happy New Year 2013 everybody!!!!!

 Rich Hamlin won the drawing for i think $100.00!

Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 20, 2012

Today of Days.. Today we granted two distributions to our Community Service Groups at Dominican Hospital Foundation and our Own Rotocare.Sam Nigh also received his FIFTH Paul Harris, Al DeCamera got Rotarian of the Month, Pam announced a Warriors fundraiser for Tanzania, And our speaker, Dr "Nan" stole the Presidents Singing SANTA HAT!  We also heard that Dominican has the highest paid Nurses in The COUNTRY, The Doctors have the worst reimbursement and Kaiser may be planning a move here with the Warriors. We also held a kinda" End of Days" board meeting planning Next years Fundraiser, a Secret Santa Trip was discussed, and our Budget is Fine. So besides the End of the World being predicted for the past 52 centuries by the Mayans for tonight we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Mithras or Saturnalia, Whatever and We will ( probably) see you next year! To begin the 14th Bahktun...

 (Nice work Norm on holding the Rotocare Certificate where we can read it)!!

 Craig Bagley won the $75.00 Drawing! Congrats!

Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 13, 2012

Sam Nigh brought the splendiferous Dew Wops to sing and carol holidaze songs today. Adorned in Santa Caps and surrounded by Christmas holiday lighting the twelve days of Christmas got a new rendition rated  PG13, The President read the Politically correct quandry of Santa and the ecological Libertine Elves Unions, and Sue was seen bearing her new titanium hip and a solid singing voice! Happy Holidays All. Good to See Raisa today, The club is healthy and next week will be fun. Jim and Rex are flumaxxed once again trying to figure out the odds on the same member winning the drawing six times in four months!s! We even checked the bag for sandbagging duplicates...NADA!  Be safe Rotarians and all the Best to you and yours.

 Jim won the drawing.. for the sixth time.. haha he wasn't there to collect!

Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 10, 2012

Thanks to all who attended the Party, posted on Facebook, sent cards or simply called to wish me a Happy Birthday. You are all the Best! Happy Holidays!

Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 29, 2012

Second Harvest Food Bank.. Collections at the Club social at Keith Medeiros Sunday, 4PM.
Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 29, 2012

Mr Kunst has published books and CDs on the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. Antecdotal and insightful Mr. Kunst presentation illustrated the compelling and evocative political and influential nature of President Abraham Lincohn. A well prepared and rehersed presentation by a scholar and Educated Lecturer. One of our Best Thanks Mr. Kunst!

(Al Decamera Won the drawing!)

Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 15, 2012

UCSC today presented it's theater arts Department thru the speaking soliloquy of it's number one Thespian and his winsome lithesome wench from Sunrise Rotary, his Development director Ms Ann Gibb.. After sitting thru 30 minutes of Rotary's  raunchy falstaffian "hilarity", hearing how and  what we try to get done  and speaking in honor of our contributions to Sandy, Marco Barricelli summarized the Rotary as incorporating all the best of Shakespearean iconic works,  Grand emotions and human failures and foibles. He was very Impressed with the Collection of over $3700 from Cap to send to Monmouth Food shelter for Sandy Disaster relief while waxing historical and poetic about his being raised in Southern California theater before attending Juliard and spending the last Eight years at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. The  Arts program he manages now is very successful and nationally recognized..participation by Actors on the Santa Cruz stage has reached worldwide acclaim.. Well presented Marco come back for an Encore next year!  Huzzahs!

Btw one of our illustrious members was so moved to evocation by the ionic loquacious eloquence of Sire Marco she may have swooned and wrote Sandy an additional $500 check to help those freezing starving suffering right disaster coast victims. What a noble and worthy gesture for Humanity, Mickey Evans, Bravo! I will post the totals collected and sent as soon as they are reported to me By the Club Treasurer..

 Rich Hamlin won the the drawing so I hope He confirms by calling Jim or me to say he read this!

Dr. Stan deserves high praise for his award of a second Paul Harris Fellow.. Laura Grinder is Rotarian of the month!

 Happy Thanksgiving Rotary!!!************Be Safe and enjoy this Wonderful DAY of Celebration!***********

Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 09, 2012

Today a great presentation from the local Second Harvest Food bank. 1$ can feed 1 meal to four people. 2nd harvest is supporting 128 food programs locally, including NP's and educational food sources. They are trying to educate students on healthy  eating and to avoid cheap empty fatty carbs.. and this approach is responsible for healthier more attentive and successful students. They are also advocating nutritional training for new residents whose nutritional heritage may include many cheap but nutritionally empty carbohydrates from corn syrups, GMO's and Soy sources faking as necessary nutrition. Great work Willy. We at CAP support Your local years of worthy public service and are proud to have recently conducted an emergency collection and donation to the victims of Sandy in New Jersey, at the Monmouth and Ocean foodbank, your sister foodbank, that reports having served 3300 hot meals to the disaster survivors with our rotary Contributions. Thanks Willy and We WILL Collect here locally also for KATE!

 Nobody Present won the Drawing so it rolls over..

Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 03, 2012

Trestles Beach  CAP Rotary Cleanup crew Nov 3 2012. Pickers and Tallymen.

Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 01, 2012

Today Mr Milward from Hospice gave us an insightful and informed overview of the Committment of our local Santa Cruz county volunteers at Hospice. Both an Attorney and pastor Mr Milward presented us the history of Hospice, the facts of Hospice but most importantly the insight into the end of Life dignity that Hospice strives to provide. I want to thank Mr. Milward for the the work he has dedicated himself to and to Hospice for the difficult and challenging work they have done that affects all of us in one avenue or another.

( Graham Stokes Won the Drawing!)

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 18, 2012

Our speaker today serves as the director of development for Childrens Court Advocates AKA ' CASA". We learned that there are over 600 Foster children a year in Santa Cruz County and CASA has about 250 extensively trained Advocates to care for them. These Children have been taken away from irresponsible or negligent parents and placed in Foster homes. The advocates help the children transition by being an advocate not for the Courts or Childrens services but the Child. 70% of the Funding is Donated, CASA has a new Headquarters in Watsonville. Several of our members including Karen Semingson, Clair McAdams and Diane Deavers are volunteers. Thanks Linda for explaining this critical and valuable resource for the lost and often forgotten Children of Santa Cruz County.

Congratulations to Bill Weston on the presentation of his Double Emerald (x7) Paul Harris Award

Special Kudoos to our newly inducted Red Badge, Mr. Jim Klein, Financial Advisor Sevices.

 I'm starting to suspect the Fix is in! Richard Watson Riley WINS the drawing AGAIN!!!

Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 11, 2012

Gov. Joe and his lovely wife Kathy came to hear about CAP Rotary today. Eleven Intrepid Members each explained their assigned Goals and committee ambitions. From Finance to RYLA, InterACt to Second Harvest, Jabob's Heart and Beach cleanups, the 4th to the Blues Festival to The Grants Programs. You CAP Rotarians brought it today and Joe was impressed. Although we may be a small club we are fierce!  Kathy was given receiving Blankets as she requested, 19 members got Double Sustainer recognition with three more getting Super Sustainer Pins! Kelly Neshheim qualified for a Paul Harris Society Award! The Big hits went to Al DeCamera's two son's who each were presented their Second level Paul Harris Pins while Daddy took home the Grand Prize.. The First Double Emerald Seven time Paul Harris Pin this club has ever presented. Great work everybody.
***********************(Richard Watson-Riley Won the drawing! Call Jimmy.)**************************
Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 04, 2012

Today we accepted a new Member to CAP Rotary. Moving here from Sacramento after serving some 15 years as a Rotarian Dr. Russel will take the Job Description of Chiropractor. Good Luck and welcome to CAP Rotary Dr. Russel!
Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 04, 2012

Lori dropped by today to explain how she founded Jacob's Heart and the Hospice Childrens Cancer services fifteen years ago. Educated in Linguistics and Spanish at UCLA Lori taught for several years in Local schools before dedicating herself entirely to non Profits. She currently is working in the Develpoment of CIEBA School a charter school in Watsonville. Thanks for all the Great work Lori!
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 30, 2012

On the only HOT Sunny windless Day ever experienced by cogent locals in La Selva Beach, Keith Spoke to his "Buddy in the Sky" and voila'... Sunny and hot and a great turnout for games, Hot dogs and Burgers, garden Tours and Balloon animals. The Great time was shared in fellowship and laughter and we welcome Mylene and her three lovely daughters and Dr Russel to our happy Band of Brothers and Sisters in Rotary!
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 28, 2012

A local product and lifetime resident Chief Escalante made a presentation today concerning his jurisidiction. One point he emphasized was the importance of inter agency cooperation in santa cruz county... sworn in on April 1 of this year the Chief has 24 Officers and a multitude of volunteers that he appreciates in Capitola. He spoke about how important the public perception of his department is as helpful and non confrontational and how his Priority is Good public relations.Thanks Chief Come back for an Update!
Stan Hujduk WOULD have won the drawing. ( Oh the irony!)
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 22, 2012

Our InterActors showed up in DROVES to Help out at Second Harvest Barrel Wrap!
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 22, 2012

The Presidents of Area Seven District 5170 Rotary International Wrapping barrels for Second Harvest Holiday Food collection 9/22/2012.
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 21, 2012

Last Flight of the Space Shuttle over Monterey Bay.
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 20, 2012

What's the newest thing to hit Santa Cruz? The D league Basketball Warriors! With city approval and ground already broken to begin the construction the Warriors are coming to Santa Cruz and bringing with them entertainment, employment, construction jobs, tax revenue and excitement. Built on a lost dangerous corner of Santa Cruz where over 300 drug arrests are made yearly next to the San Lorenzo River a new multi use facility is under already under construction. During Basketball season it will hold over 7500 fans, in the off season the Facility will bring Santa Cruz revenue as a multi use facility bigger than any square footage between Half Moon Bay and Monterey. As a year round facility many sporting events and Business conventions can be held there along with Cultural and music Venues. Great presentation and well received Jim. Looking forward to seeing the new Warriors facilities become a symbol of success for Santa Cruz!
(Sue Lawson Won the Drawing!)
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 13, 2012

Mr. Minaldi is a teacher of Physics at Aptos High School. He has organized students over the past three years to participate Internationally in a Competition for Underwater Robotics. His Team won First place in the WORLD in 2011. For Bringing outstanding recognition to the Aptos Community he was Honored today with a Paul Harris Fellowship. He wife Christina was present for the recognition. Thank you Joseph and congratulations in receiving, and deserving, our highest award!
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 13, 2012

Adam spoke today about the legislative haggling occurring daily in Sacramento. He spoke about the impact of affordable health care, Medicare, District realignments and the budget considerations for his Boss, Assemblyman Bill Monning, 27th District.  Before the Meeting Adam Presented Tiffany Lofton of Jacob's Heart two Assembly recognition Awards for their work with Children's Cancer Services. Thanks Adam.
(Richard Watson- Riley won the Drawing!)
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 09, 2012

On behalf of ALL CAP Rotarians we were honored by CASA at their annual Dinner for our years of Sponsorship and Support. Thank you Karen and Claire for recognizing the generous members of CAP Rotary for their continued support. What a Great and Beneficial Institution for Foster children CASA is! Great People Wonderful Hearts. The picture ran continuously for the several hundred people that were in attendance at Chaminade Sunday Night.
Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 06, 2012

PDG Jim Mealy drove down from Los Gatos Sunrise today to pull our attention back onto the purpose of Rotary. The Purpose of Rotary is "Service Above Self". A committment to help those we can to Improve Literacy, Develop Sanitary water and Food sources to Heal the Planet and Achieve Peace through Service. To those given Much, much is Expected and that is exactly where the Foundation, The Polio Project the Paul Harris Fellowships and GSE's provide leadership in the how, why and where we can add our contributions to help. We saw how RYLA was  a life changing event for each and every one of our RYLA Students..How did we do it? By our Gifts we can keep on giving exponentially: the Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Few. Jim as a 30 year Rotarian, Multiple Paul Harris came to refocus our attention today, to recommit us in our Purpose in Rotary. Thanks Jim we needed the focus to get back on track for EREY success and the  Worldwide DDF/ Vision projects .
(Greg Evans would have won the drawing!)
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 30, 2012

Past President of CAP Rotary traveled from his home in Cormandel New Zealand today to make his presentation about St. Jude's School in Tanzania, Africa. Founded approx. 6 years ago the school has grown from inception to 300 then 1000 now TWO Thousand students.. Only the brightest of the applicants are accepted. The school performs with the Best in the country on academic Criteria and continues to progress. The school is oriented to students willing to perform and commit to stay in the country of Tanzania. Dave explained many Rotary Clubs contribute to St. Judes which is non secular and non partisan. Our club has generated a contingent of members who intend to travel to Africa next year to participate in the St. Jude Project. Thanks Dave first rate presentation!
 " Keith Medeiros won the Drawing"
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 23, 2012

Henry Castaniada spoke today about the educational achievement challenges in the Soquel School district. Henry told us there is a vast discrepancy between class room curricula which results in the preponderant failure to prepare students for College. According to statistics  over half the students at Cabrillo are unprepared to complete basic college work due to literary deficiencies. They cannot cogently write or even understand the intrinsic challenges of modern college work and only 20% will attain even an AA degree, even after six years.. The AG program (which I understood as Advanced placement) classes are unavailable to the majority of Soquel Students attributable directly to a lack of funding. The Failure rate to produce college graduates is astounding( approx. 80%) and Henry reports many more resources will be required to bring the programs up to par.  He say's what is required is a public dedicated to the value of and recognizes the future importance of Education.
 Jim Klein won the drawing and was so thrilled he filed an application to Join CAP Rotary!
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 16, 2012

I thought the best part of the presentation of the PHF to Maggie was when I asked the Club "Who has Maggie helped out in this room?"
 Almost every members hand in the room went up.
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 16, 2012

Today we had some fun with our visiting US Congressman Sam Farr. A long time friend to our Club Sam agreed to present a Paul Harris Award to Maggie Driscoll for her many contributions to not only Rotary but the NP community represented by our Members. Sam also made himself available for a Comerica check presentation to Jacobs Heart and finally spoke seriously to our club about the unmitigated strife in Washington. Sam voiced his disappointment with the divided non compromising and embittered partisan National politics and outlined Six MAJOR votes confronting the Congress this Fall alone. He went on to express his hope for the Pinnacles to be named a National Park, for Fort Ord to be made a California US Military Cemetary, for cooperative research on the Marine Sanctuary and a more unified cooperation between all the Advanced Educational institutions that literally ring the Monterey Bay. Thanks Sam. You are Always welcome to speak here.
 (Sam Nigh won the Drawing!)
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 12, 2012

Capitola Aptos President Dr. Rex Manson, CAP Membership Chair Rachel Hill, Asst Dist Governor Area 7, Jon Winston, attended "The GALA Sunrise Fund Raiser" for the New Santa Cruz Monterey/ NOAA Sanctuary , August 11,2012. Also attending Rotary 5170 Dist Gov Joe Hamilton, PDG Ron Sekkel, SC President Janet Krassow, Sunrise Pres and Host Rod Caborn, Watsonville Pres. David Hemrick, Intl. Service Chair Georganna Hildebrand, Past  CalState Senator Bruce McPherson, plus, Plus.. It was fun. Rotary is Funding an educational Classroom to educate children about the Mission and goals of the Monterey Marine Sanctuary.
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 09, 2012

EAC a 503c1 NP that makes a positive difference in the lives of Insulin Dependent diabetics by providing them trained medical alert service dogs free of charge. Based in Concord California The dog's are a Diabetics best friend, life saver and life changer.. A alert dog is intensely trained to smell changes in blood sugar levels high or low from children under 12 to the elderly. These dogs also make great companion dogs besides for the diabetic sniffing capabilities. Thanks for coming all the way from Concord and Good luck for a service well performed above the pale.
 Thanks Micky and Greg Evans for your generous donations of over ten Bottles of Wine  on top of the other 18 donated by members of the CAP RotaryFor CASA!
 George won the Drawing!
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 02, 2012

Today we heard the first political local commentary from our elected (but takes office in January 2nd District) Supervisor. Zach will have little to say for the time being out of respect for our sitting Supervisor Ellen Pirie... Zach noted that his election brings many  inquiries concerning roads, maintenence and ditches. He has suddenly, after winning his election  discovered a multitude of new friends and everybody whether in the district or not seems to have voted for Him. Most Importantly (although nothing is official until it's official) in January he will be our new Honorary Member of the Capitola Aptos Rotary.
 Tim Powell was awarded Rotarian of the Month for his outstanding work on the Fourth of July B-BQue.  13 bottles of Wine have been donated for CASA!
(John Fisher won the Drawing!)
Posted by Rex Manson on Jul 27, 2012

" Good Captains are not made by sailing Calm Waters" was the theme of todays Meeting. Mr. Eady has been a Santa Cruz City Planner since his graduation from UCSC in the 70's. He worked through the reconstruction of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and the devastation that resulted to old downtown Santa Cruz. So trying to tell the truth about and change a few minds about the advantages of a modern reconstruction of a 40 year old Safeway eyesore should be easy right? Mr. Eady has been attacked, accused of being a tool of a corporate Safeway evil mega corporation and the Destructor of the idylic Aptosian peace and freedom view of life. During his 1/2 hour presentation he calmly pointed out the myriad of improvements available both ecologically, economically and by improved ADA accesssability that the new shopping Centre will bring without necessarily devastating the "Aptos of Olde" or views of the Ocean. Thanks Charley for a first rate professional discussion on a badly overdue capital improvement. I hope to hear you speak to us again as progress and further developments surface we local Rotarians need to know.
( Dave Andrews won the drawing, was NOT present. Lotto rolls over!)
Posted by Rex Manson on Jul 19, 2012

We got thrown under the Bus (again!) No speaker showed up (AHS Robotics) so we held an informal Club Assembly, there will be three more this year. There will be an African Tanzania Fundraiser singing Karoake $$$$$$ at Brittania Arms (Thanks Pam!) There is a huge Area Seven Black Tie event to open the Marine Sanctuary on August 11. Congressman Sam Farr will be here August 16th. Kiwi Dave Campbell will be the speaker on August 31 addressing the St. Jude Project in Tanzania: He will have a slideshow..Nanette Mickowicz, President of Dominican Hospital will speak here Sept 11. Chief Escalante, Capitola PD will speak here September 27. The CAP Rotary Website and Facebook is Under new Mgmt and construction thru August.Constructive suggestions are appreciated please address to Pres. Rex.. A new Club Directory with Photos will be made available in September. There is no HUB so ideas about a informational e-mail Blast were discussed.
 All of our Collective Positive thoughts are in Support of Laura Grinder.. Godspeed.... Graham won the Lottery:$25
Posted by Rex Manson on Jul 12, 2012

Today was Physics day at CAP. After the New President stumbled thru his garbled agenda the meeting finally turned over for cogent learning about Roberts Book " Einstein and The Universe". We heard about the many failures of Einsteins mediocre early life until he published the quintessential E=mc2 theory in 1905. It took 16 years for him to be nominated for his Nobel Prize which resulted in the development of Nuclear energy and weapons, GPS, Microwave technology and perhaps a science breakthru bigger in power production potential than the Higgs Boson within Five years.(tease)  He has been called the most Important person of the Twentieth century. We could have listened to this Brilliant Physicist for many hours but got instead a remarkable 30 minutes on a subject matter higher in complexity than our Paygrades.  This Guy was BRIGHT!
BTW Check these stories EVERY WEEK to find the WINNER of the Club Drawing. They will be posted here by Members NAME. Today  a visitor won $50 for just showing up! Next week might be you!
Posted by Rex Manson on Jul 04, 2012

Our intrepid members doing what they do best to celebrate the nation'a Independence!
Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 16, 2012

 These dates are muy importante! President Keith's Debunking is June 26TH( finally) and APTOS " World's Shortest Parade" is followed by CAP Rotary serving "LAUGHTER,FELLOWSHIP BEER AND BRATS" in the  HISTORIC Nissene Marks Aptos park 11 TO 5. Come One Bring ALL to serve, dance and celebrate life in the Aptos...( where two rivers meet!)
Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 14, 2012

Sean Founded the PSF in 1990 while working as a commercial fisherman. At that time the Shark was an abhorrent monster of the deep praying on Bodysurfers and terrorizing small New England Resort islands. As a result of working with NOAA, The discovery Channel and National Geographic Sean has become an advocate for sharks promoting their preservation through education and an awareness program to eliminate the need less slaughter of hundreds of millions of these ancient sea denizens annually. Thru his work and presentations like today Sean wants to expand the Public conscience and awareness of the close ecologic respect we all must have with all living creatures to survive on our small blue planet.
Posted by Rex Manson on Jun 07, 2012

This week we get to do what we do best: Honor and support deserving non profits of Santa Cruz county! 21 visitors will join us for lunch and the presentation of CAP Rotary Awards. This is the day to put our best( Club) foot forward so dress up and Bring a Friend or future Rotarian!
Posted by Rex Manson on May 31, 2012

Today a Monterey docent shared his private obsession with Favio the wily Sea Otter. Bob has tracked Otters in Stillwater cove for many years and found himself drawn to one particular Otter whom he named " Favio". Bob tracked and recorded the annual territorial trials and travails of Favio and took hundreds of photographs to document his observations over 13 years. Favio lived many years with other otters off the pier at Stillwater cove at Pebble Beach Calif. In 2007 he immigrated, for reasons otterly beyond our understanding, 35 miles North to the Elkhorn Slough where he began to show his age and the wear and tear challenges associated with being a wild sea mammal.. Favio died in 2008 in September after a long normal life, well documented by Docent Bob. Thanks for Sharing your history with us Mr. Mannix, it was a delightful and spirited Tail...
Posted by Rex Manson on May 27, 2012

The new face of Rotary, Blue's Fest 2012!
Posted by Rex Manson on May 24, 2012

Today we heard form the Job development specialist from the University of California at  Santa Cruz. They specialize in assisting Non profits with voluntary personnel. Thanks Hayley.
Posted by Rex Manson on May 23, 2012

Are you ready for some Rock and Roll Rotarians? The Blues festival starts Saturday with the Doobie Bros and Tower of Power! And they say our club is too old.. Blue Hairs ROCK!!!!! See you there in Fellowship for Charity my Fellow "Blues Brothers!"
Posted by Rex Manson on May 17, 2012

Thank You Beth for your presentation on Strokes today. Concerning the signs and symptoms of this debilitating and often fatal affliction the Stroke Center at Cabrillo College has dedicated itself to the rehabilitation of stoke victims for over 30 years. Whether Vascular, A TIA or Clot the neurological catastrophe that follows an event are unmistakable, and often unreparable. Rehabilitation is an Emergency treatment that proves most effective the sooner it is initiated. Lest we ever forgot the signs thanks Beth for keeping us aware and up to date as to stroke Rehabilitation.
Posted by Rex Manson on May 14, 2012

The Return of the King!
Posted by Sandra Wallace on Apr 28, 2012

Posted by Rex Manson on Apr 12, 2012

John Fisher recognized Kelly Nesheim's contribution to the Paul Harris Society
Posted by Rex Manson on Apr 12, 2012

Today Carolyn Post gave us an update concerning the Children's cancer services of Jacob's Heart. Presently serving 157 children with cancer this 501c3 provides Financial, Psychological support and counseling services to Families in the Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito County Areas.Over 500 individuals have received care from the Volunteers at JH, often in the forms of Financial support for food and gasoline or direct service such as providing rides to the Cancer centers at Stanford. Thanks Carolyn I think the Story of this great Service touched the hearts of every Rotarian in the Room.
Posted by Rex Manson on Apr 12, 2012

Do you have your reservations Yet? Monday 4/16 is your last chance to buy in!! Our own PDG and Rotocare founder John Fisher is being "Honored"by his Peers April 20 at his very own ROAST! A comedy/ musical hit not to be missed with Music by the terrific Sam Nigh and the Digbigs. Also there will be a  silent auction and raffle drawing worth thousands of dollars in valuable prizes! All to support Rotocare and Dominican Hospital. For your last once in a lifetime chance to attend call the head MOC himself: Al Decamara...688-0500.ONLY $100.00 per ticket.
Posted by Rex Manson on Apr 05, 2012

An excellant presentation was made today from the SC Sentinals staff photographer and ongoing Instructor of PhotoJournalism at Cabrillo College. Thru a montage of categories Mr. Thayler took us on a "images" journey thru sports, local and political events and special issues like floods, fires, accidents  and natural disasters that he has captured in pictures over the past 25 years. Every picture, explained Mr. Thaler, tells a story of a fraction of a second captured forever without  requiring words or explanation. Mr Thayler's rules of  good photography: Being in the right place at the right time, being able to recognize frame, cull, crop and edit for effect, no written word required and having the right equipment and the experience and knowledge to use it for evocative effect. No Photoshop. No "FauxTography".  Well done and appreciated by our Rotarians Mr. Thaler. Thanks for agreeing to return again for an update next year on your fantastic artful and esoteric work.
Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 31, 2012

" Peace thru Service!"..Future Vision and Foundation Service was attended by John, Rex and Doug.. Membership and Grants saw Sue Lawson and Kieth. Sandra was seen at New Generations and RYLA the Real Fifth Avenue... Everybody at Lunch saw Brad Howard, North American Membership Chair give the best " Why are you a Rotarian?" retention speech of his lengthy stellar Rotary Career. Area Seven got high lighted for Guatemala, PDG Ron Sekkel, and Bad Lumpy gray "food" at SC Main. All in All Good Fun. All for 5170 Membership, Job #1, Area Seven Rocks! Arley Marley has been a good DG...During the Worst of Times, the Best of Times..
Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 24, 2012

What do otherwise warm intelligent Rotarians do on a chilly damp Saturday morning while everybody else is inside avoiding the rain and cold? Why standing outside in the rain and  cold doing what we do best: Collecting Food and Money where it will do the most Community Good of Course!
Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 22, 2012

The Interactor clubs and officers from Both Aptos High and Soquel High came to lunch today to take over Rotary. Acting on Behalf of President Keith they called the meeting to order, Stood for the Pledge sang the Welcome Song and acted as Detectives fining members deficient in their knowledge of current InterAct fundraising events. They did an excellant job and we were more proud than ever to have these fine young people and the RYLA Leaders of tomorrow visit our meeting.
Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 22, 2012

Today we met the Philanthropic services Director from the new local headquarters here in Mid county Aptos. Since 1981 The Foundation has provided guidance for Community giving and philanthropic funding. Multiple local non profits have benefitted from CF grants which acts as a clearinghouse for Meetings, computer services and information concerning Grants, and the means of appying for them. Thank you Randy come back again.
Posted by Rex Manson

Second Harvest Food collection at Seascape..10 Lbs each member or Cash.. Also today Is INTERACT DAY when the meeting is totally conducted by Interactors.
What a Great day to bring a potential New Member or Guest to see how CAP Rotary really works!!!!
Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 15, 2012

Today we were addressed by the Exe. Dir of a Center that teaches, trains and arranges for  Local home Caregivers. John explained how his group worked with other groups to address the mainly physical and financial needs of the elderly and ageing mentally challenged. He also discussed the tremendous psychological and physiological degradation that accompanies the lonely trek of the selfless, and oft stressed anxiety, of the unprepared caregiver. Needless to say the room of graying Rotarians, those experienced as caregivers and those not as yet exposed to this sacrifice, was strangely muted by the information and complexity of the subject matter.
Posted by Rex Manson

The CAP Rotary Beach cleanup date has been changed due to a District conflict. Please note: Beach cleanup will now be on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 10 AM followed by a Lunch at the Evans. Contact Pam Goodman for details.
Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 09, 2012

Saturday March 31, 2012, Doubletree Hotel San Jose 8AM-2PM ($39.00) All Club Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs should attend. A must for Red Badges!
Signups next Thursday March 15 at the regular meeting.
Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 08, 2012

Mr Zach Friend press Information officer from the Santa Cruz Police department spoke today. Predicated on a research algorthymn a data based research computer projection of probability has been developed in an attempt to predict crime in Santa Cruz. It has been used within Santa Cruz and can high light areas of 500 ft diameter of predicted crime in advance of the fact. Arrests have been made based on this data. The project is being evaluated worldwide and has been written up in the New York times and Washington Post along with Time magazine.Thanks Zach we will invite you back to keep us up to date on this important breakthru program.
Posted by Rex Manson on Mar 01, 2012

Dr Kaupp gave us a visit today to relate his story as a start up entrepeneur, MBA and  assumably rich Instructor at Cabrillo College. Heading up the Business communications department for the past 6 years he is tenured and therefore "able" to relate to problems with issues like "Facilitation of Change in an entrenched Institutional static Environment vrs the Fast Paced always late 24/7 mutable pace of a Silicon Valley Startup", including the early days of Apple Computer.  Very funny, insightful and enlightening when presented the Compare and Contrast. Thanks Dr. Ray we appreciated your entertaining if somewhat sardonic viewpoint. Favorite quote of the day attributed to Steve Jobs: " Who hired that Idiot?"
Posted by Rex Manson on Feb 02, 2012

The Pulitzer prize winning local talent, journalist, teacher and  International Musician came to visit CAP Today. Brad moved here from New York an epoch ago to work for the SJ Mercury news where he wrote for 22 years and won a coveted Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. More recently he hosted the afternoon "What's Left" radio talk show on KSCO while teaching  Jounalism and photography at Cabrillo College and taking over the Editorship of the E-news website the "Santa Cruz Patch". A lively funny and talented speaker the room was rocking in response to many of Kava's stories and Quips. Well done Mr. Kava you get invited back.
Posted by Rex Manson on Feb 16, 2012

Today we heard an angel, Cory Ybarra from Building for Generations speak about " Supporting Special Needs Education Projects" Worldwide. With her own son a special needs student Cory took it upon herself to start an international 501c3 to support the needy in Peru and Africa. Since 1995 with only small donations from rummage/garage sales and cake bakes she began a program in Tanzania to house and educate the Lesser of the Least: the disabled and rejected special needs children. She has since traveled to Africa, and became enchanted with the African culture. She came today to inform us not to ask us how we can help. Without a cooperative AV projector for support she simply spoke extemporaneously about her challenges. There was no sense of complaint or entitlement in her voice just a passionate committment to help and assist her children that permeated a silenced room of Rotarians. Thank you Cory. We were listening and we will help where we can.
Posted by Rex Manson on Feb 17, 2012

An excellant presentation by a return speaker today and member of Sunrise Rotary Mr. Brian Liddicoat. Trains of the Santa Cruz mountains gave a historical perspective on the progress west of the great Train Barons of the 1800's. With a flourishing Logging industry quickly developing around the Felton Area a means of getting Lumber to market resulted in the building a of transportation from Santa Cruz to Los Gatos and San Francisco. Although the terrain above Lexington was challenging the lines were constructed at great cost and required the digging of the longest Tunnel in the west (some 5200 feet in length) above Scott's valley. Plagued by earthquakes and flooding the lines were sealed in 1942 but some decayed remains can still be seen and viewed. Excellant presentation by Brian and his efforts were well appreciated by the CAP Rotarians!
Posted by Rex Manson on Feb 02, 2012

 An excellant presentation today by the" Rich Pig", Caleb Lawrence. A local financial advisor and radio show host on KPIG he has lived in the area for many years. He spoke about the 2007 Banking and financial collapse, The credit collapse that has resulted in the Banking and Mortgage fiasco's that have devoured AIG, Lehman Bros ,IMM and the IMF, caused 7Trillion$ in Pension losses,and resulted in a lack of credit and the collapse of institutional banks worldwide. A provocative fact filled history of gross malfeasence and  the case was made implicating the Banks. FTC, IMF and Federal Reserve and a lack of  Government leadership over the past 30 years. Many questions were taken from the audience and Mr Rich Pig agreed to come back for an encore update later in 2012.
Posted by Rex Manson on Jan 26, 2012

 Today we were introduced to Cindy Weigelt, Public Information Officer from Watsonville Hospital. Cindy brought us up to speed in the statistical achievements at WH: Patient satisfaction survey's in such areas as Medical care ,sanitation patient care are above those of Dominican or Urgent care centers. New Programs aim to provide Emergency services in the ER in an Incredible 30 minutes! Also WH is the ONLY local facility to have ALL er Doctors certified in Emergency Medicine. All our best Cindy  come back and see us again next year?
Posted by Rex Manson on Jan 19, 2012

 Ron Slack came to speak today but not about his job at the Good times. Instead he shared his experience working with youth for summer employment. Ron described how with youth summer employment at record low levels going back to 1948 that Youth service is essential to the job training for later gainful employment. Thanks Ron for the work you do.
Posted by Rex Manson on Jan 12, 2012

 We welcomed an old friend and his wife for lunch today. David Campbell,  now resident of New Zealand and long time CAP Rotarian came to visit. Good to see you David!
Posted by Rex Manson on Jan 12, 2012

 We got information about the crisis in Fukishimi and the encroaching debris and Nuclear contamination from the Eastern Pacific. Just this week debris was found in Washington State although it's origin was unclear. To date little to no Nuclear contamination has been found but the main body of the Debris, some 2400 million Tons, will arrive on our shores in Santa Cruz in 2012.
Posted by Rex Manson on Jan 12, 2012

Posted by Rex Manson on Jan 05, 2012

 Mr Larry Wilde brought his inspirational stagecraft to Rotary with a series of Stories, Jokes and Motivational values. With a good attendance on CAP Rotaries part he was well received best by both genders of a Certain Age. There were many laughs and a well practiced and professional Presentation. Nicely Done Larry.
Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 30, 2011

 Our Rotary District 5170 Scholar spoke today to thank Rotary for helping her get her medical license to practice in California. Raisa, A native Russian trained as an endocrinologist in Moscow, emigrated to the US in 1992, moved for several years to Japan and returned here to volunteer at Rotocare in Capitola. She described life in the Old Soviet Union and was sent as a field researcher a week after the Chernaboyl Nuclear disaster. Living now with her son in Santa Cruz she is active with both the District Scholars Program  and Rotocare. Thanks Raisa, Spacebo!
Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 23, 2011

 Merry Christmas and SAFE travels to all  who see this page. Gentle Winds and Following Seas.  We took some pictures and Sammy and the D Wops sang Christmas Carols..  Keith interviewed his new best  NBBF friend, Rich. It just doesn't get any Better..

BTW if you want to see or download the Pictures go to, register and sign on: "the  Rotary Club of Capitola Aptos." 

Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 19, 2011

 On Thursday DEC 22  we will be taking PICTURES for the Membership directory. So bring your voice to sing carols with Sammy Nigh and put your best FACE forward!
Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 16, 2011

 Today we heard Mr. Bill Monning, State Assemblyman from the 17th District discussing the budget revisions in Sacramento and how it will effect the Education and state sponsored health services provided by the State. Needless to say times are grim with the news getting worse every day. Thanks Bill for the Update and Thanks for agreeing to return next year to discuss your upcoming Senate Race.
Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 09, 2011

 Sunday Dec 11, 4PM Home of the King of the  Doo Wops!

BRING TWO bottles of Wine to" Auction for Africa"..( Sam will supply the Drinking Wine) Bring CASH to Buy Pointsettias for St. Judes construction in Africa from Lori and Pam. If you want to bring a salad or your favorite finger food.

 MERRY Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 08, 2011

 Our new friend Laura gave us a presentation on domestic Violence and abuse which includes physical, emotional, financial and verbal. 85% of attacks are made on Women, 25% of pregnant women are abused. There is a high risk for younger women age 16 to 25 with a high and prevalent involvement with alcohol. The Month of the Highest abuse? January. Bringing the issue to schools and the public has resulted in decreasing incidents recently. Thanks Laura for the important and informative presentation , we Rotarians learned a lot from it.
Posted by Rex Manson on Dec 01, 2011

 Denise York and Wendy Sarsfield gave us a presentation today from PG&E concerning tiered Pricing. Tiering is going to be used to decrease maximum power useage during high  energy  consumption times. Small Business can receive evaluations on volume and Times of service to reduce or control costs to Small Business. Thanks Denise for coming out to speak with us.
Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 10, 2011

 Toys are being collected for local Children with Cancer ," Jacob's Heart," at the Aptos Branch of the Comerica Bank.. Courtesy of our own Rachel Hill, VP. Branch Manager.
Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 10, 2011

 Today our Red Badge Sam Storey spoke about Community Bridges. Currently serving on the Capitola City Council Sam has worked for many years for this local non profit  which over sees eight subordinate Non Profits, The largest of which is Meals On Wheels. These are Grant programs not entitlements and receive very limited State Funding and find themselves serving more and more elderly with sub poverty incomes with fewer and fewer resources. Thanks Sam a tough Job well done.
Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 11, 2011

 47 CAP Rotarians and mates joined 200 other attendees at a Rotact Dinner in Honor of John Fisher, Past 5170 District Gov, past Club President ,Original Rotaract Founder. Following a harrowing HWY17  busride hosted by Kelly Nesheim we arrived at the Doubletree in San Jose "well oiled" to enjoy comradeship and Rotarian fellowship on the special occasion in Honor of the lifetime achievements of our own John Fisher! BTW Happy Birthday John!
Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 10, 2011

 We were proud to invite our two Interact clubs at Soquel and Aptos High School to introduce their officers and advisors and explain the projects they have participated in. Each Club reports about 35 members. They have helped wrap Food barrels for Second harvest, Cleaned up the Aptos beaches with Save our Shores and assisted Jacob's Heart at Kidrageous. We were proud to award them Interact Club Pins and recognize them for the extraordinary work and community contributions they are doing thru Interact. Doug Deavers has done an exemplary job as Club Interact coordinator. 
Posted by Rex Manson on Nov 03, 2011

 Thank you Ms Shareen Bell executive director of YFIOB. Today we were brought up to speed on a Professional mentoring program directed by Cabrillo College and targeted at getting High School and Jr College students in direct  dontact with individuals in specific Professions.We and YFIOB will certainly have a shared future working together for education.
Posted by Sandra Wallace

We are the proud home of Past District Governor, John Fisher, who served in 1987-88.
Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 27, 2011

 Rose and Lou hosted almost 20 of our club members to a Tour and Lecture of the Wetlands preservation in Watsonville. Following an outstanding Bag lunch prepared by Maggie Driscoll we toured the headlands and scoped out Herons, Egrets Loons Ducks Redtail hawks and MAYBE a Owl or Falcon we couldn't tell. Weather was fine and the countryside was open and typical middle kingdom California.
Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 21, 2011

 This past week President Keith and I spent most of our days and nights hosting Tusu, Our club Guest  from Uganda CAP hosted at Presidents Keith's Home. After meeting, rehersing and picking him up in Almaden on Sunday we took him to see the Monterey Aquarium, Wharf and Carmel on Monday, The Sunrise and Freedom Clubs on Tuesday, Watsonville on Wednesday, CAP Aptos on Thursday and the District Avenues in Service, where he was a hosted speaker on Thursday night, in San Jose. Many meals, speechs, lectures and laughs later, along with 468 miles of driving we turned our guest over to the next clubs/ weeks hosts. We want to thank those generous members of CAP who helped host/ dine/ entertain Dr. Tusu: John Fisher, Al Decamera, Jim Kutch and Laura Grinder.
Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 15, 2011

 Saturday Morning Annual Barrel wrap in Watsonville where 10 CAP Rotarians, led by Scot Iredell and interactor advisor Doug Deaver and 40 other members from Area 7 volunteered to help. This year however we were joined by some of the New Interactors from Paharo, Soquel and Aptos high schools. We had so much help that where in the past we worked for three hours with all the extra hands we were done in ONE! Also it was projected that we would do about 800 wraps.. We Did 1300! Great Job Rotary. Thanks Interactors nice to have you aboard!
Posted by Rex Manson on Oct 13, 2011

 Watsonville Adult Education made a presentation today. The times as with all programs have been financially challenging and many much needed programs have been terminated or Curtailed. We admire the fortitude it requires to survive in these challenging financial times.
Posted by Karen Semingson on Sep 29, 2011

Today's speaker, Larry Granger, Santa Cruz Symphony's Conductor, was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow as recognition from our Club for his outstanding 20 years of service to the Symphony.  Larry is retiring this year, and gave the Club a preview of the great things he has planned for his farewell season.  Great job Larry.  It's a pleasure to honor you.

Posted by Rex Manson on Sep 01, 2011

 Today the Executive Director of Rotocare, Tammy Janosik ,gave us a presentation on Rotocare. Rotocare  originated in the mind of our own John Fisher 22 years ago. John is being Honored in November by a District wide celebration.  Today was really John Fisher Day where all CAP Rotarians active with Rotocare got acknowledged for their community service
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 25, 2011

 Today Sam returned to give us the inside on the dysfunction in Washington DC. Doubtfull that the super committee will get it's budget done we can anticipate a montrous cut in Medicare and the Military.  Thanks for coming up to see us again Sam!
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 18, 2011

 Today we heard about "Friends Outside" a non profit dedicated to aiding Felony Violators with rehabilitation from Prison back into society.
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 11, 2011

 Laura Marcus gave a lunchtime presentation on the Santa Cruz based low income non Profit Dental facility... Laura reports Dientes provided over 9000 services to the Santa Cruz Community.
Posted by Rex Manson on Aug 04, 2011

 Rebecca Costa gave us a presentation about the subject of her book" The Watchman's Rattle". This presentation was intelligent and compelling on the  history and Sociobiology that contributes to the collapse of civilizations.
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