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Jul 30, 2014
Implementing Healthcare in California: Insurance Exchanges and Accountable Care Organizations
Aug 06, 2014
The Who, What, When, Where, How & Why of Berkeley Rotary
Aug 13, 2014
Cell Membranes, Secretion & the Connection to Human Disease
Aug 20, 2014
Aug 27, 2014
Giving and Getting Back from The Rotary Foundation
Sep 24, 2014
State of our Schools
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Jul 01, 2014

All Berkeley Rotarians, Rotaracters, and Interacters are needed for shifts during the last weekend of July.  It's our biggest service project of the coming year as well as our biggest fundraiser of the year.  We manage the waterfront parking and arrange the transit with Alta Bates Hospital for the 35,000 who will come out for the largest Kite Festival in northern California - on the Berkeley waterfront.  Without us, it's unclear the Kite Festival would be permitted by the City Council.  There will be 3+ shifts on Saturday and Sunday, and setup shifts Wed. morning at 9 am and Friday at 2 pm. There are sitting jobs too for those less able to stand for several hours.   Sign up at club meetings or contact Rick Betts.

Jul 22, 2014

Our  Monday meetings in July will  be from 5:30-7:00 pm, on August 4th and August 18th,  at Build Pizzaria, on Shattuck between Alston and Kittredge.  

Jul 24, 2014

The proposal Berkeley Rotary submitted to District 5160 has been approved for the maximum District matching amount of $30,000.  This puts us on the pathway for $146,000 minimum with the Rotary International match - the next step..  So far, 20 Rotary clubs have made financial contributions.  We are continuing to solicit contributions from other clubs as those can be used toward RI match.  We hope to hit a grand total of @ $175,000.  We will submit the proposal to RI before September 12th.  We have clubs across four different Rotary Districts on board.    A second grant proposal for Rotacare is still pending.

Jul 17, 2014

The honorees for the Rotary Peace Grove in Tilden Park this year are  Judy Heumann and the late Ed Roberts. leaders in  creating the international disability movement resulting in the recent UN Convention on  Human Rights for those with disabilities.    The ceremony  was held at the Ed Roberts Center with 250+ attending, including leaders and activists of disability organizations across the Bay Area.  It was followed by a reception  Judy Heumann, now at the State Department,  flew in from Washington D.C.  to be honored and speak.  Other speakers included Joan Leon, co-founder of the World Institute of Disability, and Zona Roberts, Ed's mother.   Both Heumann and Roberts were polio victims, which gave Rotarians present an extra emotional squeeze because of Rotary's long-standing Polio Plus campaign to eradicate polio.

Posted on Jul 11, 2014

Our club's biggest service project and also fundraiser each year has been supervising the parking and arranging the transit for the city's Kite Festival the last weekend of July.   Volunteers are needed for shifts for Saturday and Sunday, and for two earlier days of setup that week.   We are joined in our work by our two Rotaract clubs and our Interact clubs.  All able-bodied club members need to help, and we have roles for those who can only do jobs while sitting.   We bring joy to 35,000 people that weekend; it's the biggest kite festival in northern California each year.

Posted by O'Neil Dillon on Jul 09, 2014

Members have asked to read again the moving Thought for the Day from the Chacala resident with whom our club worked in building the school discussed in the Thought below.  (It is one of five schools and two community facilities on which we've worked with Mexican Rotarya clubs over the past decade.)  The Thought clearly reflected from our own club's work what the Rotary motto for the year - "Engage Rotary- Change Lives" - is all about. 


Posted on Jul 09, 2014

At the Big West Rotaract Conference  hosted at UC Berkeley in Oct., 2013, past District Governor Laura Day led a plenary session with the Rotaract leaders aross the western U.S. and the other countries attending on "Why Rotaracters Should Join Rotary."   With audience participation, they developed a list which is currently being circulated to all Rotaract clubs entitled "What's In It for Me".   Take a long at it below.   Those who work with New Generations have urged Rotary leaders - at the RI and other conferences - to be thinking about what their clubs actually offer younger adults.  How does our club stack up with what the Rotaracters are looking for, as indicated in the list below?

Click HERE to read more.

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

Our club is submitting two proposals for higher level Rotary matching funding support during 2014-15.   The first is for our next round of work in Mexico.  We are joined in this effort by Paradise, Middletown, and many BARSHEEP and District clubs, and clubs from three other Districts though we are the lead club.  The District has announced it will provide $30,000 in matching funds.  If matched by Global RI funds in the next round, it will bring the total raised to the project to $146,000.   The goal is $175k.   The second is for funding support for the Richmond Rotacare project.   We manage the money and are officially the "lead club", but the effort here is a proposal from all the BARSHEEP clubs and Alamo Rotary.

Posted by Frederick Collignon on Jun 24, 2014

The Sydney international Rotary convention in June, 2014, indicated there was more impact than was earlier perceived with the club's initiative at the 2012 and 2013 similar conventions to launch discussions internationally on best practices for working with those with disability.   

Posted by Frederick Collignon on Jul 11, 2014

Our District 5160 has initiated  a new kind of District-wide e-club where members link with a brick-and-mortar "traditional Rotary club"  This is meant to be an "improved e-club model", one providing a better Rotary experience, one more supportive of traditional "brick-and-mortar" Rotary clubs, and one better able to compete with the Rotary e-clubs already competing with traditional clubs for younger, busy and tech-savy members.  The new club has now been chartered by RI and has 30 members.  Dues for e-club members are $25/month - more than our club dues, BUT they save the lunch costs of weekly meetings.  The President of the new e-club spoke to our Berkeley lunch meeting on July 8th, providing details.  Check out

Posted by Pate Thomson on Jul 09, 2014

The club has many continuing, rather than one-shot, community service activities - the 3rd grader dictionaries, our scholarship/mentoring program who are their family's lst ever college-goers, our two Rotaract clubs, our Interact, and our newest and highly important Rotacare clinic for the medically uninsured.  Our club, as the only BARSHEEP club with a nonprofit Foundation, handles the finances, but the project is one where while we often have the lead, is joined in by all eight I-80 corridor clubs.  Here's the report from Dr. Pate Thomson, the program's co-director and long-time Berkeley Rotarian.

Posted by Mac Lingo on Jul 09, 2014

With the large inflow of new members, we periodically remind members of the business directory, so they have the option of listing their businesses. All Barsheep Rotarians (that's you!) are entitled to list their businesses for FREE on the BBS - Barsheep Business Directory.  Use the BBS to shop for Rotarians who may offer the product or service you're seeking.  They're all pledged to the four-way test as ethical businesses.  The new URL is

Please bookmark it.   This directory has been in existence three years now. 


Posted by Frederick Collignon on Jul 29, 2013

" (Dozens of Rotarians were joined by Rotaracters from both of our two sponsored clubs, Cal Rotaract and East Bay Rotaract, to make the annual Kite Festival a joy foR 35,000 this past weeked, July 27th and 28th".   So begins the story on the 2013 Festival.   It will be replaced in a few weeks by the story on the 2014 Festival.  But for the many new members and volunteers in 2014, the 0ld story will give you a flavor for the contribution you afe about to make to the Bay Area community.


Posted on Jul 09, 2014

Dr. Pate Thomson's recent talk on Rotacare quoted DeToquevellile, in a way many members found inspiring:

“Nothing is more deserving of our attention than learning voluntarily to help one another,” 

Pate's quote came from the Rotary speaker in late June, 2013, Prof. Emeritus Sandy Muir of the UCB Political Science Department.  At that time, several members had asked if we could provide the full talk on E-Rev.   Prof. Muir has provided the full text of  "DeTocqueville: the First Rotarian" in the link below.  Some of us think it should be in the "Rotarian" magazine.

Tocqueville, First Rotarian.doc Tocqueville, First Rotarian.doc


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