Jul 01, 2014
by Charles Schneider
Oct 07, 2014
by Adam Hughes
There will not be a meeting on the Friday after Thanksgiving. There may be an informal gathering that will count as a make up. Stay tuned.
Oct 01, 2014
by Adam Hughes
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Webster Groves

The city of beautiful trees where roots of community service run very deep.

We meet Every Friday 12:10 to 1:15 PM

Webster Groves Presbyterian Church

45 West Lockwood Ave
Webster Groves, MO 63119
United States

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Posted by Ann McReynolds on Oct 09, 2014

Although our last bite of pancakes has barely been swallowed, it is already time to Light Up Rotary again with our most popular annual social event, the Holiday Progressive Dinner, which is traditionally held on the first Saturday of December.

Following thirty-two years of tradition, this year’s Progressive Dinner will be held the evening of December 6. Besides being the best buy in town for just $20 per person, it’s a wonderful occasion for our members, spouses, and guests to get to know one another. New members, in particular, find this a special fellowship occasion, due to the easy and friendly format of the evening. We will also be inviting our Exchange Student, York, as well as York’s host families and our most involved District 6060 leadership. The cost of the evening includes cocktails, a sit-down dinner, and dessert. Members who do not serve as dinner hosts will be asked to bring either an appetizer or dessert for all to share.

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Oct 08, 2014

Webster Groves Rotarian and high school physics teacher Philip Wojak has just been honored with Peabody Energy's Leaders in Education Award, which presents teachers with a $1,000 prize and recognition at an annual reception. Honorees are chosen by a committee of educators and business leaders. Webster Groves Mayor Gerry Welch said in a nomination letter to Peabody Energy that Phil's “passion and love for teaching and for physics is coupled with a creative ability to take difficult concepts and bring them to life in a unique, thoughtful, and often humorous teaching style.”  In this photo, Peabody's Maureen Moore leads applause for Phil during the presentation at Webster Groves High School on October 8.Image.

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Sep 21, 2014


It's almost here! The 56th Webster Groves Rotary Club Pancake Festival is coming up on Friday, October 3.  Lucky ticket holders will get all the pancakes they can eat, plus eggs, sausage, applesauce, and choice of beverages for only $8.00 per ticket..... one adult or two children. What a bargain!  This is the major fund raiser for the Rotary Club of Webster Groves, which celebrates its 90th Anniversary this year. Proceeds of this event support many local projects, including the Robotics Team at Webster Groves High School, learn-to-swim programs, and our top-rated international youth exchange program, but we also serve the world.... Rotary's international programs address eradication of polio,  micro-financing, literacy, clean water, Shelterbox, and much, much more.  The festival will be held at Webster Hills Methodist's Christian Life Center at Lockwood & Berry Road, directly across Berry Road from the church....there's plenty of parking.  Choose Lunch (11:00 to 1:30) or  Dinner (4:00 to 8:00) one will leave hungry.

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Sep 18, 2014

Sunday, September 14 was a perfect afternoon for a Rotary Family BBQ. Members enjoyed a delicious meal on the LaBarges' patio, complete with a dizzying array of appetizers, hot dishes, salads, and killer desserts. After eating, there was a spirited game of horseshoes for the adults, and a whole bunch of little kids played a pick-up soccer game on the north side of that huge back yard. Thank you Jack and Mary!! It was great. (Check out all the pictures in the Photo Albums Tab on the left of this page.) Image


Posted by Scott Krejci on Aug 29, 2014


Click on the link to the album. Courtesy of Pat Voss. If you're on facebook follow the link and tag yourself. Hey - and like us!

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Aug 15, 2014


President Kim White installed Andrew Nothum and Pat Voss to the Rotary Club of Webster Groves during our August 15 meeting. Kim and Pat's sponsor, Charles Schneider are shown here on the left, next to Pat, and Nancy Battersby, who stood in for Andrew's sponsor, Jim Schleiffarth, stands on the right, next to Andrew. 

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Aug 13, 2014


Our club's Rotary Foundation Co-Chair,  Gail Fernandez,  traveled to Colorado Springs last week to attend a meeting with her former club, where she presented two Paul Harris Fellows awards to Barry and Cass Mullane. Pictured here with Gail and the Mullanes are Warren Hill, the Colorado Springs Rotary Foundation Chair, (left) and Clyde Church, Governor of Colorado District 5470 (right). 

Posted by Scott Krejci on Aug 08, 2014


Yueh (nickname York) Lee, our new youth exchange student, presents President Kim White with a banner from the Rotary Club of Fengshaw, Taiwan. Welcome to Webster Groves, York!

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Aug 08, 2014


President Kim White installed Kevin Hough to the Rotary Club of Webster Groves during our August 8 meeting. Kevin his shown here with Kim and his sponsor, Dick Peterson.

Posted by Scott Krejci on Jul 04, 2014


We are leaving the staging area to join the parade led by our District Governor Jill Walker and our own club's Assistant District Governor Dick Sant. The parade theme is "Stars & Stripes" and we are carrying our district's international flag set. Click here for a slide show of our prepping.

Posted by Scott Krejci on Jun 28, 2014


Our new president Kimberly White (2nd from right) on the evening of her installation. Click here for a slide show. 

Posted by Ann McReynolds on May 27, 2014

Our Webster Groves Rotary Exchange Student, Eugenia Arrieta, visited Webster's Historic Hawken House with Ann McReynolds on Sunday, May 25, for the opening of LIFE ON THE EVE OF WORLD WAR I.  This special exhibit featuring clothes, collectibles, and artifacts from the WWI era will be on display through Thanksgiving. Eugenia was delighted and surprised by the Webster Groves Historical Society's remarkable collection of authentic 19th-Century household most people she was amazed to see how long the famous Hawken Rifle is!


Posted by Scott Krejci on Apr 18, 2014

"Sometimes the line between right and wrong is blurred, and we have trouble making decisions that are both fair and perceptive of the people around us. The “Four Way Test” is a perfect solution to this classic problem. Following these four steps can help ensure my decisions are well thought-out and considerate of others."

Ruby Vargehese is this year's essay winner! In the photo left to right is Kit Whittington, essay committee chair presenting a $500 check to Ruby, and club president Scott Krejci. Click on More to read the essay. 

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Apr 18, 2014

WG Rotarian John Dougherty made a fascinating presentation to our Club on April 18, explaining the plight of the towering American Chestnut, and how the Herculean efforts of dedicated molecular biologists have come up with a plan to save the species from extinction.After fielding a blizzard of questions, John handed out hybridized nuts along with planting instructions to those of us who wanted to try our hand in raising our own Chestnut tree.  John suggested we check out the American Chestnut Foundation website to read more about this remarkable scientific endeavor. Here is the link:



Posted by Ann McReynolds on Apr 18, 2014


Once upon a time on a walk in Webster Groves, some children saw a home that looked like a giant gingerbread house. With the help of their teacher, they wrote a letter to the people in the house and told them how interested they were in its fanciful decorations. They also invited them to come to their school, the Walter Ambrose Family Center Preschool. The homeowner turned out to be Philip Wojak, who teaches physics at Webster Groves High School, and he accepted the invitation to visit the preschool to bake gingerbread cookies one day this spring. (On 4/18/14, this article was posted on faceBook by the Webster Groves School District.) Perhaps Phil will bake a big batch of cookies for us and bring them to our next Rotary meeting!

Posted by Rodney Cooper on Apr 08, 2014





The St. Louis group of volunteers from God's Child Project just returned from Antigua, Guatemala where they trained the medical staff on fitting the Ln-4 hand prosthetic device. The medical staff will be selecting candidates for the prosthetic in the next few months. the hands will be fitted when a group of volunteer physical therapists will arrive later this year. The group from Washington Missouri Mission Overseas along with some Washington Rotarians just returned from Honduras where they successfully fitted some hands on some lucky Hondurans. (pic insert)



Posted by Scott Krejci on Mar 31, 2014

Posted by Scott Krejci on Mar 31, 2014

The awesome team of presidents, secretaries, assistant governors and Show Me Rotary council members ready to Light Up Rotary in 2014-15!


Posted by Nancy Battersby on Feb 28, 2014


Webster Groves High School Basketball Coach, Jay Blossom, visited the club on February 28th. He spoke to us about the Statesmen Basketball, the season to date and hopes for post season play.

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Feb 07, 2014


On Friday night February 7, The Rotary Club of Webster Groves was presented with the Heart of Gold Award at the Heart of the Community banquet by the Webster Groves, Shrewsbury, Rock Hill Area Chamber of Commerce. This annual event provides the communities the opportunity to recognize outstanding community service. Rotarian Nancy Battersby received the Rotarian of the Year Award; it was presented by President Scott Krejci, who accepted the Heart of Gold Award on behalf of the Club for its 90 years of service. More than a dozen Rotarians were present for the festivities.

Posted by Scott Krejci on Dec 09, 2013

New directors-elect; Frank Bloemke, Tim Graham, Jim Schleiffarth, and Chuck Weed were elected Friday to the 2014-15 board. 


Tim Graham was recommended as president-designate for 2015-16. 

The officers and directors, so elected, together with Kim White as president-elect and Scott Krejci as immediate past president shall constitute the board-elect. Within one week after their election, the board-elect shall meet and elect from its members a president-designate and a vice president.  Within two weeks after the election meeting Kim White as president-elect shall appoint, subject to the approval of the directors-elect, a secretary, a treasurer, and a sergeant-at-arms who shall become members of the board with such responsibilities and privileges of membership as the board may determine. 

Posted by Nancy Battersby


Adam Hughes, expert pancake flipper, at the successful Pancake Festival on October 4th. 

Click here for more photos taken that day by Rotarian Gerry Evans.

Posted by Scott Krejci on Oct 14, 2013

Posted by Scott Krejci on Oct 10, 2013


Thank you Webster Groves Rotary Club from Webster Groves High School! The Rotary club has purchased more than 100 calculators and thumb drives with lanyards for students in need at Steger Sixth Grade Center, Hixson Middle School and Webster Groves High School. In this picture, Rotarians (from left, at table) Charles Schneider, Scott Krejci and Ron Hamberg with some of the calculators. At rear Webster Groves School District social workers Todd Weston, Mary Ellen Trachsel and Pat Ferrugia as well as counselor Anne Gibbs, social worker Jim Griffard and Superintendent Sarah Riss.

Posted by Nancy Battersby on Oct 14, 2013


One of our club's members, Gail Fernandez, has responded to the invitation to volunteer in October for a trip to Lomé, Togo, West Africa to deliver polio immunizations. 

The West Africa Project Fair is endorsed by Rotary's Reach Out to Africa Committee (ROTA), to generate greater connectivity between the African and North American Rotarians. This will be a hands-on project that will profound impact on the people served, and on the Rotarians who volunteer. 

Please congratulate Gail on this wonderful opportunity, and follow her on her blog: & Photo Album

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Aug 23, 2013


Laura visits with Nancy Battersby and Dick Sant after the meeting.

Posted by Rodney Cooper on Jun 14, 2013

Goals & Objectives:

There were three goals of the MOU between Primero Agua and Rotary International:

1.    Install five drinking water wells and outfit the wells with hand pumps

2.    Conduct public meetings associated with the well to promote health and hygiene and proper operation and maintenance of the wells

3.    Use the well drilling activities to provide equipment and train local persons to install additional wells and pumps

Toward these goals, four wells were drilled in 2012 during two field sessions (a session in February that installed two wells in La Urca, and a session in August that installed one well in La Urca and a second in Eguerito Central) with El Agua Tu Prioridad members receiving training in all aspects of drilling. Link to Water Project Final Report 4-27-13


Posted by Phil Moppert on May 03, 2013


Ailce Duarte-Fletcher, Pres, Barb, and sponsor Nancy Battersby, Sec.

Posted by Ann McReynolds on Apr 02, 2013


Our March 22nd speaker was most unusual....well, he brought along the most unusual companion. Shown here are Jeff Meshach, Director of the World Bird Sanctuary, and a Golden Eagle. The WBS was founded more than 35 years ago and is one of the nation’s largest facilities dedicated to the conservation of birds; its 305-acre site adjoins Lone Elk Park in southwest St. Louis County, near Valley Park. 

Posted by Kim White on Mar 01, 2013


Rotarian Kim White (Left) presents a Big Check for $500 to Claudia Sittmann, WG High School, to provide club T-shirts for Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD); pictured at right is Rotarian Sarah Riss, WGSD Superintendent. SADD is a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activist group dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide. The shirts are a simple and effective way to promote peer models and student awareness. Thanks to Claudia for sponsoring this group.

Posted by Kim White on Mar 01, 2013


Rotarian Kim White (Left) presents a Big Check for $1,000 to Lena Eilermann (Right) of the Webster/Kirkwood YMCA to provide swimming lesson vouchers for the Club's swimming and water safety program targeting at-risk children, to make swimming and water safety available to everyone.

Posted by Scott Krejci on Mar 08, 2013


Matt Goban (left to right), Dick Sant, Ailce Duarte-Fletcher, and Susan Fletcher.

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