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President Roger Plested
Past President Judy Treherne
President Elect Roger Plested
Vice President Duncan MacRae
Secretary Nancy MacKinnon
Treasurer Terri MacLennan
Community Service Chair Bert Malfair
International Service Chair Don Fraser
Membership Chair George Campbell
Foundation Chair Angela Rigby
Public Relations Mary Campone
A warm welcome

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 5:15 PM

Army Navy & Airforce Veterans in Canada - Unit 290

#9 - 177 Tranquille Road
Former Beach House Restaurant
Kamloops, BC V2B 3H1

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 One of Kamloops North Rotary's many service projects: 

Posted by Judy Treherne


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Oct 15, 2014

No visitors tonight.

Rotary Moment:  "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allan.

Black Ball draw:  Bev drew a white marble.

Happy bucks including a milestone decade for Terri this Saturday.

Membership-Mentorship....Charla will be inducted next week, Roger will mentor her.

Website (domain name):  ClubRunner can provide this and is easy to transfer from executive to the next, $29.95 a year to be used for Linkedin (up and over Club Runner).   Paul motioned, Mary seconded that we use ClubRunner to acquire a domain name and e-mail address.  Motion defeated.

Discussion on service projects:  Duncan has talked to Christopher Segan, we are on the list to help at Family dinner, but no date as of yet.  Roger has approached St. Vincent de Paul about their Saturday breakfast program for single mothers, would need help dishing out meals once a year.  He will look into a potential date and we will see who is able to volunteer.

Upcoming events:

Oct 22  Vocational by our Bev Mulligan

Oct 25 is Aurora's Spaghetti Western

Oct 29 Guest will be Steven Puhallo, and our Sports and Entertainment Raffle draw.

Nov 3 Downtown's Chef's in the City

Nov 5 our speaker will be Katie Klassen

Dec 6 is McQueen Lake Dinner.

No meetings Dec 24 or 31

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Oct 08, 2014

Welcome to all, visitors were Candace and Linda of Paws and Tails, and Charla Johnstone.

Rotary Moment:  April 2013 Canadian Rotary, Service Above Self.

Guest speaker was Sushma Plested.  see below for some of the highlights of her talk.

Black Ball Draw:  Charla drew a rust marble.

Rotary Golf Tournament:  assuming Ross will help again this year, Bert has offered to assist.  They will be starting to organize this fall.

Upcoming events:

Oct 15 is business meeting

Oct 22 is Bev's classification talk

Oct 25 is Spaghetti Western, at the Convention Center this year

Oct 29 our speaker will be Steven Puhallo

Nov 3 is Chef's in the City

Foundation auction:  bottle of wine, but he had donated it, so redrew and Terri won.

Don is Shir Lanca (sorry, I know I misspelt it)

KGHM has written a letter to all Rotary clubs requesting only one submission per year from all the clubs combined.

Posted by Judy Treherne on Oct 14, 2014


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Oct 01, 2014

Our meeting was opened by President Roger at the ANNAVETS.  Our speaker was to have been Steven Puhallo, but he forgot we had a dinner meeting so turned up at lunch, and was unable to make it back tonight.

Roger checked into the banner for over the street, and you have to reserve it about a year in advance.

Rotary Moment:  there have been 174 cases of polio in Pakistan this year.

Roger attended the city council meeting yesterday, and received a Proclamation for Rotary Day for October 4.  Roteract's Beer, Burgers and Bocce is now $20 a couple, and includes a beer and a burger.  Registration at Hal Rogers Center at 1:30 on Saturday.

Black Ball draw:  Shirley drew a white marble.

Bert attended the Rotary Leadership, and we sponsored the young man who spoke on Vote 50.

Sandy McKinley motioned we approve the application of Charla as approved by the executive, Bert Malfair seconded, carried,.

Speaker for next week is Shusma who will be talking about Seniors Outreach.

Executive meeting:  will be after the regular meeting next Wednesday.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen,

Meeting adjorned.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 25, 2014

Will try this again, had it all in last night, didn't save it when I went to watch Nashville, came back to finish up, and it timed out and all lost.....yes I was upset!!

President Roger opened the meeting at the ANNAVETS, and welcomed guest Carla Johnson, Peter Barron and our speaker.

Guest speaker was David from the BC Securities Commission about being Fraud Aware....see below for more about his excellent talk.

Black Ball Draw was won by Greg!  :)

Roger is attending city council meeting on Tuesday to ask the City to proclaim Oct 4 as Rotary Day.

Bert and George from Roteract will be attending the Rotary Leadership training.

Next week our speaker will be Steven Puhallo of the NS BIA

Foundation Auction:  Shirley won the dozen roses that Nancy donated.

Bert led everyone in the toast to Rotary and to the Queen.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 17, 2014

District Governor Bruce and his wife Donna Falkins visited our club at the ANNAVETS.  Rotary now has a new symbol, with the word 'Rotary" as well as the wheel to make it more recognizable to the general public.  VISIBILITY is very important, and he stressed the need to wear our Rotary pins EVERY day.  Our location does not have signage either, so that should be looked into, have a sign that we can take with us whenever we move locations. 

MEMBERSHIP is still a very important goal as we have to have enough people to keep Foundation goal up.  He explained the difference of Every Rotarian Every Year and a sustaining member.  Every Rotarian Every Year is that you give whatever you can, a sustaining member gives $110 every year.  There are only 4 clubs in the whole district that are sustaining clubs.

Explore different concepts for meetings, to make them fun, have dynamic speakers,  and encourage young people to join.  To also encourage corporate membership, so varying people can go for one company, and to encourage spousal memberships.

Bruce handed out coins in recognition of membership champions to Sandy McKinley and Bert Malfair.


Regular Meeting:  Andrea Inwards introduced DG Bruce Falkins and his wife Donna.   The district conference this year is in Kelowna, and the theme is:  Celebrate the Family of Rotary.  He encouraged us to keep asking people to join Rotary, sometimes it takes many invites and years before they are ready.  The main reason people join Rotary is friendship, fellow Rotarians are extended family. 

It is very important to carry on the work of stamping out polio...there are only 3 countries left, and they are very hard to get into, but we cannot stop or polio will grow wildly again. 

The district conference in Kelowna will feature zip lining along with the usual home hosting, education, etc etc.  It will be at the UBC campus, and there will be dry camping there as well as the dorms.  If you register by Oct 31 your name goes into a draw for a free registration.

Bev drew a white marble in the black ball draw.

Foundation Auction was won by Duncan.

Conner from Roteract was there to promote their 'Beer, Burgers & Bocci" on Oct. 4.

As a thank you to our District Governor we will donate $100 in his name to Foundation.

this Saturday is Food Bank pick up

Sept 24 at our regular meeting the speaker will be from the BC Securities Commission, in investment fraud.   Roger will be contacting the other clubs and NS BIA to attend.

October 4 is Rotary Day in Kamloops, Roger is looking into a street banner:   Sandy McKinley motioned that we spend up to $1500 total for the project, Bert Malfair seconded , motion carried.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.EREY-EN-k

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 10, 2014

President Roger opened the meeting at the ANNAVETS, and welcomed Will George.

Rotary Moment:  Roger read and article on how you can 'poke' life and made a change for the better.

Speaker:  Will George is a Roteract member, and head of Kamloops Vote 50 campaign.  They want to raise the municipal voting from 29% to 50% turnout, a rise in 14,000 people.  There are 3 main aspects:  Information, access and engagement.  They are looking for $15,000 fundraising, and to get 1,000 ambassadors to promote voting.  You are eligable to vote if you are 18 and over, a Canadian, you have lived in BC for at least 6 months, and Kamloops for 30 days.  There are 8 council positions open, but you do not have to vote for all of them.  Check out and like them on facebook.

Black Ball draw:  Will drew Sandy's number, and she drew a white marble.

Ticket Sales;  Silvia came collected money, and handed out raffle tickets, half of them on on circulation now, and 13 books have been handed in.

Upcoming events:

Next Wednesday our District Governor will be attending, and there will be an executive meeting before at 4pm.

Saturday Sept 20 is the food bank drive

Sept 24 the Bc Securities Commission will be speaking

Saturday Oct 6 is Rotary Day in Kamloops.

Bert thanked those who helped with the road clean up on Saturday:  Shirley, Don, Paul, Bev R. and himself!

Roger discussed our executive, we have several people who have positions but have quit or are not attending, so will remove Denise and Alan's names, and Angela is on temporary leave from Foundation, so without them listed on the executive we have 8, so a quorum would be 4.

Foundation auction:  bottle of wine, won by Don, who gave it to our speaker Will.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjourned.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 03, 2014

Thanks to Sandy for taking minutes until I could get there.

President Roger called the meeting to order.

Guest speaker was Jim Anderson of Venture Kamloops.  Land, labour and lifestyle.  Economic development is meant to build a tax base of businesses.

Black Ball draw:  Shirley drew a white marble.

Roger passed out posters promoting Rotary Day Oct 4, encouraging us to put them in all businesses.

Sandy and Duncan had a meeting last night re the food for Rotary Day, and asked Roger for a meeting after the regular meeting next week to finalized some details.

Foundation Auction:  Terri won the bottle of wine.

This Friday night is Vancouver Lions game, so will meet at Rockin' Ferkins and try to sell raffle tickets.  Nancy will check that it is allowed.

Sept 17 is our district governors visit

Sept 24 the Securities Commission on Investment Roger is inviting other clubs and the ns bia to attend.  this room will hold up to 70 people, or they can put us in the other side.

Bert led us in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjourned.





Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 27, 2014

No meeting this week, instead we had a picnic near the Rotary Bandshell to welcome back Jimmy, our incoming exchange student from last year.  It was well attending, then we listened to Black Dog Blue who were the musicians for Music in the Park!  Another great evening with great Rotarians!

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 20, 2014

President Roger opened the meeting with the Rotary Moment:  a reading from July Rotarian:  "Polio and Pancakes"

Black Ball Draw:  Roger drew a red marble.

Business Meeting:

Nancy circulated a sign-up sheet for next will be Music in the Park with pulled pork bun etc

Overlander Days:  thanks to Duncan, Angela, Bev and Paul who manned the table.

Honorary Members:  criteria includes they have no vote and cannot run for office.

Roger circulated a sign up sheet for the food bank drive on Sept 20

Funeral service for Neil McLean is this Saturday at 3pm at South Thompson Inn.

upcoming events:

Aug 27  Welcome back Jimmy at Music in the Park at Rotary bandshell Riverside Park at 5:15

Sept 3, we will have a speaker, and immediately after the regular meeting will be the executive meeting.

Sept 10 is business meeting

Sept 17 is the visit by our new district governor

Sept 20 is food bank drive

Sept 24 speaker is from the BC Securities Commision

Oct 4 Rotary Day in Kamloops

Foundation Auction:  Angela won the app gift card

Committee and framework for Polio Day:  Paul will forward a template to work from.  Roger is putting it together.


SELL SELL SELL....our  Sports and Entertainment raffle tickets , draw is Oct 29



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 13, 2014

Duncan was acting president in Roger's absence tonight.

Duncan read a card in memory of Neil McLean, and a thank you for a winner of one of our bursaries. 

Rotary Moment:  SE Asian is now polio free, thanks to a huge number of vaccinators as well as many more that have been vaccinated.

Speaker tonight was Fiona Chan from the Federal Business Development Bank, or as it is now called, the Development bank of Canada, or BDC.  Canada's production is very low, and our population is aging.  North America and Europe are stagnant, but China, Brazil, India, Russia ad Mexico are all growing.

Upcoming events:

Aug 16 is Overlander Days

Aug 27 is Welcome back Jimmy, Music in the Park

Sept 6 is Road Clean up

Sept 17 is Visit by the District Governor

Sept 20 is food bank drive

Oct 6 Rotary Day in Kamloops

McQueen Lake dinner, date coming up.

Foundation Auction was for a bottle of wine, won by Duncan.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjourned.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 06, 2014

President Roger opened the meeting at the ANNAVETS, and read a Rotary Moment on "Why immunization rates in North America are so low".. because of a faulty, small, study by Dr. Wakefield many years ago.

Guest speaker was introduced by George, and thanked by Terri:  Jarrod Goddard who spoke on social media and facebook in particular, especially targeted advertising.  There are aprox 62,000 facebook users in Kamloops, out of a population of 90,000, out of those there are 30,000 women over 25 years old.

Black Ball draw:  Roger drew a white marble, so did not win the $170.

Silvia was there and handed out the tickets for the raffle.

Happy Bucks included Don who read his itinerary for his Nov 14 and 15 visit to wells in Bangladesh that we helped fund.

we learned that it is not politically correct to say "addiction" anymore, it is now called "dependence".

Roger will not be here for the next meeting, so Duncan will chair it, and speaker will be Fiona Chan.

Help is needed to man the booth for Overlander Days Aug 16.

Upcoming events:

Aug 16:  Overlander Days

Aug 27  Welcome back Jimmy at Music in the Park, with pulled pork dinner.

Sept 17:  visit by District Governor

Sept 20:  food bank drive

Oct 4:  Rotary Day in Kamloops

Foundation Auction:  Don won a bottle of wine.

Closing:  Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 30, 2014

President Roger called the meeting to order at ANNAVETS.  He read a report on croudfunding by Devon Thorpe.

Visitor:  Jim Watson from Mission, BC

Black Ball Draw:  Roger drew green.

Business Meeting:  Sports and Cultural draw:  tell people what we have done with the money in previous years.  post the info on facebook and Linken.  In September 2 people at a time will attend the other meetings, and see what bars will allow us to sell tickets.  When we sell, also talk about Rotary Day on Oct 4 and the e-club.

Motion by Terri and 2nd by Ross to give $100 to Interact, carried.

Rotary Day:  Oct 4:  Bev will help with PR committee, Bert will contact RCMP re traffic control.  Nancy will help with pictures and video. Duncan will look into the food.

Overlander Day: Aug 16, Roger needs help.

Crestline Community Gardens:  has a letter been written requesting our plaque put on the site?

Angela "Strive not to be a success, but of value" by Albert Einstein.

Foundation auction:  Terri won the bottle of wine.

Upcoming Events:

Aug 8-10 Ribfest

Aug 16 Overlander Days

Aug 23 Neil McLean's service of life

Aug 27  Music in the Park, pulled pork dinner and welcome Jimmy back

Sept  Food Bank pick up

Oct 4  Rotary Day in Kamloops

Oct 24  Raffle cut-off

Oct 29 Raffle draw

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 23, 2014

President Roger opened the meeting with the Rotary "Moment"...about the 'Courage Classic' in Washington state.  It is a 3 day bike ride to raise money to stop the cycle of abuse.  It was started 25 years ago or so with 26 members and now has 100, with a waiting list, and they will raise over 1 million dollars this year.

Guest Speaker:  vocational by Bert Malfair, a humourist look on his rise through his working career to become a creamationist.

Black Ball Draw:  Ross drew a green marble.

All presidents report: Roger was presented with an award for Judy's year as president:  2013-14 Rotary Club Central Award "for setting strategic goals to Engage Rotary, change Lives, this year and years to come".

Daybreak is having trouble with getting volunteers for Ribfest.

Adopt a Road:  has to be done  3 times a year, so July 26 and Sept 6 were chosen for the next 2.

Meetings:  will continue with the 2nd meeting of the month as the executive meeting, immediately after the regular meeting, and the business meeting will be the 3rd meeting of the month.

So far there have been 3 donations to Foundation in Memory of Neil McLean.

Foundation Auction was a bottle of wine, which Paul won and donated back for next week's auction.

Sandy McKinley  moved that we do the Sports and Cultural Raffle as presented in the budget she submitted, Ross Parkin seconded, carried.

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 16, 2014

President Roger opened the meeting with a thank you to all who attended last week's multi club social here.  The only complaint was that it should have been just the meal, OR the appy not a choice of either or, and lack of attendance by most other clubs.

"Think Differently" is the theme of the year, with our club's visibility being the main thing to Roger.

Don Fraser did not draw the black ball.

Business:  Mega Hockey Pool, now that Judy has taken a leave of absence from the club, and Terri not there this week, there was a lack of interest in our club joining in on it, as we have also lost Alan Dodd as a member, so our numbers are down.  "We have to match our ideals with our abilities" (Greg)

Budget:  Don Fraser moved and George Campbell seconded to approve the budget, carried.

Sandy McKinley  motioned to give $2,000 from capital to pay this year's portion to the Food Bank, Paul Legace seconded, carried.

Ross Parkin moved, Bert Malfair seconded to approve in principal the budget for the Sports and Cultural Raffle, carried.  The profits to the food bank and to local literacy projects.

Guest:  Richard (Dick) Lewis from the Daybreak club...they need more volunteers for the Ribfest which starts Aug 8.  He handed out samples of spf 30 as he is a dermatologist, and will be retiring (again) in Dec.

Upcoming events:

July 18 Friday is Doc and the Disorderlies at MacK Park at 7pm

July 23 Wed is our business meeting

Aug 16  Sat. is Overlander Days

Aug 23 Sat is Neil McLean's memorial at South Thompson Inn at 3pm

Aug 27  Wed. is Music in the Park and welcome back Jimmy

Oct 4 is Rotary Day AND Octoberfest at St John Vianney

meeting closed with Bert Malfair leading with toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 09, 2014

The first Rotary mixer for the summer took place at the ANNAVETS.  Thanks to all the members of our club and visiting clubs for making such a good turnout!

Upcoming Events:

August 8-10 Daybreak's Ribfest

July 18...Doc and the Disorderlies at Mac Park 7-8:30

Aug 27...Welcome Back Jimmy at Music in the Park, with pulled pork dinner





Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 02, 2014

I was very late getting to the meeting, so will proceed from when I arrived:

Roger was discussing the Rotary e-club.

Gifts for guest speakers:  only a couple mugs left, Angela suggested a donation in the speakers name to a charity.

There was not a quorum so we could not make any discussions about budget, food bank, etc.

Roger has gotten permission to have a table at Overlander Day at Mac Park.  He would like a borrow a generator to show video of Polio Plus, etc. as there will be no other power available.  We can sell the raffle tickets there.

Upcoming Events:

July 3 (Thurs):  goodbye party for Jimmy at Sandra and Bob's

July 9 (Wed):  multi club mixer at ANNAVETS

July 16 (Wed):  our MLA Terry Lake will be the speaker

Aug 16 (Sat):  Overlander Day at Mac Park

Aug 27 (Wed) instead of a regular meeting:  Music in the Park social (Black Dog Blue)

Foundation Auction:  bottle of wine was won by Bert "a quality draw".

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 25, 2014

Judy called the meeting to order at the ANNAVETS.  Terri welcomed Donna Bishop our guest tonight, and welcome back Paul!

Rotary Moment:  10 things you should know about the New Funding Model, which will finish being implemented in 2015. It is for long term financial stability.

Don Fraser introduced Donna Bishop, of Shelter Project.  She and her husband traveled to India in 2009, and there is a fund raising dinner tomorrow at Flavours of India on Columbia Street.  The money being raised is to build a safe house for women and children, on donated land.  This is under the Warren Atkinson Society and there are strict rules.

Youth Exchange:  Jimmy was not there, but enjoyed biking and ziplining at Whistler with Terri and Neil.

Black Ball Draw:  Nancy drew a yellow marble.

Fundraising Discussion:  Angela has purchased 2 tickets on the 8th row corner by touch down line for the sports and culture draw.  Sandy is drawing up a budget and will bring all the details to next meeting, and Nancy will apply for the gaming license next Thursday.

There will be an executive meeting after the regular meeting next week,

July 9 will be a social meeting for all the clubs, $20 for meal, $5 for appy.

Foundation Auction, Terri won the chocolates.

Meeting Closed

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 21, 2014

Celebration of Judy Treherne's years of service as president of Kamloops North Rotary, she has been president, or acting president since 2011.

Dinner was held at Nancy and Brian's, a beautiful sunny warm evening, the first day of summer!

Everyone enjoyed the musical entertainment of Doc and the Disorderly's who played all kinds of music, from their own songs to gems like the Beatles' "Back in the USSR"

which had everyone up and dancing!


Thanks Judy, and on a personal note, as secretary, thank you for all your help in making my secretarial tasks easier!

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 11, 2014

Doug Everett, past District Governor installing the slate for 2014 at Preston's Restaurant

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 04, 2014

President-elect Roger chaired the meeting at the ANNAVETS.

Black ball draw:  Nancy drew a rust coloured marble.

Happy bucks included Don who presented a gift to Jimmy's parents, and a beaver puppet to Jimmy.

New member approval:  Bert's invited guest, Byron, was approved for membership if he wants to join.

Nancy moved to donate $4500 to Public Produce, via Interior Community Service, Ross seconded, carried.  Sandy will make sure a plaque is put on the Crestine project, if it is not already, and make sure this gazebo will have one also.

Sandy motioned, Terri seconded to move the committee of the whole to discuss the two fundraising ideas. The to projects are to join with Aurora for their MegaHockey Pool, or keep to our Sports and Entertainment raffle.  Roger stated that we can only do one, as he also has a project that will require work from the membership, but will not tell what it is until next Wednesday at Installation.  Sandy moved and Angela seconded that we table this descision until next Wednesday after the installation, carried.

upcoming events: 

June 11, next Wednesday is the Installation of Officers at Prestons at 6pm

June 18th The Rotary Golf Tourniment

June 21, Saturday is the Give her The Boot Party at Nancy's at 6pm, entertainment by Doc & the Dis-Orderlies

no foundation auction tonight.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on May 28, 2014

President Judy opened the meeting at ANNAVETS, Terri introduced our guests tonight:  our speakers Laura Kalina & Kyle Kapsha.

Rotary Moment:  Maximizing our Collective Impact.

Guest speakers:  Laura Kalina & Kyle Kapshaw on Urban Agriculture.....see below for more.

Youth Exchange:  Jimmy has been very busy, including going to a Whitecaps game.

George organized the Black Ball Draw:  Shirley drew a blue marble; and Happy Bucks.

Upcoming/Announcements:  June 11 is Installation of officers at Prestons, 6pm cocktails

June 18:  Rotary Golf Tourniment....George was collecting bottles and $ to make our bottle basket for the auction.

June 21:  Give Her The Boot party for Judy, at Nancy's ......Let Nancy know who all will be AND music!

Roger:  Planning for next year:  next week is the last week to hand in his survey.

Foundation Auction:  Roger won soap donated by Sandra, and a mug.

Don:  International fundraiser:  his "little men" after all what he has gone through have raised $520, and had 3 more which he sold at the meeting to make $550 to donate to international Service account.  In November he will be going to Bangladesh, and Nepal, etc.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjorned, to be followed immediately by the executive meeting

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on May 07, 2014

The Secretary was running late because of Mothers' Day rush, so somewhat sketchy notes:

President Judy opened the meeting at the ANNAVETS, Shirley did not draw the black marble.

Foundation auction:  beautiful outdoor plant hanger, won by Alan.


June 11:Installation of Officers, at Prestons at the Coast Inn, Roger states it will be unlike previous installations!

June 18: Golf Tournament:  we will be doing a liquor basket....bring in a bottle or give Ross $ to buy one.

June 21:  Give Judy the Boot Party, at Nancy and Brian's ....beef on a bun and professional entertainment

May 3:  Road cleanup...thanks to Bert for again organizing it, and all who helped.

May 10:  Chase auction

May 23:  Camp Focus...Roteract (Camp Grafton).  George will look into it to see if they need a donation for a couple students.

June 14-15 :  Ashcroft rodeo

July 18:  Merritt golf tournament

Roger passed around his questionnaire on Rotary and membership.


All Presidents meeting:  Rotaract request for Camp Focus, $20 a person May 23-25.

Kelowna, 'Get to Know Rotary".

Rotary Meal Program:  all presidents will help out next Wednesday, so Alan will chair our meeting

Financial statements:  Terri motioned and George seconded to accept statements as circulated.  carried.

New Member proposal, Bryon Hodgkin came to the meeting as our guest tonight.

Planning for next year:  discussion on social meetings with appies in place of a few regular meetings.  Will try for a night in July, bring friends/spouse/etc.

Planning for next year:  discussion on plans for 2015-2016 executive, and the implications if there is not a full quota of club positions filled.  We are ok for Roger's year this coming year, but what after?

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 30, 2014

President Judy opened the meeting at the ANNAVETS.

Our guests tonight were Laurel and Katrina on behalf of the AIM Foundation.  They are part of the start-up team for the new Thompson Nicola Chapter (TNC).  It is a career mentoring program, non governmental, and is a non profit.  It is to benefit both employers and university students, and is a 6months to one year long mentorship. Students apply to Volunteer Kamloops by September and they try to find mentors for them.  There is no cost to the mentor.

Rotary Moment:  7 things to know about where your membership dues go.

Black Ball Draw:  Bev Rowat drew a yellow marble


June 11...Installation of Officers...Angela sent down a sign up form, dinner will be at Prestons at the Coast Hotel.

June 18....Golf tournament, we will do a liquor basket

June 21....Give Her (Judy) the Boot Nancy's...will be pot luck, but will get Beef on a Bun as the main course, and Doc and the Disorderlies will be musical guests.

May 3...Bert is organizing, meet at 9am near Connaught Rd

May 7 meeting will be discussion and planning for the future

May 14...Duncan's vocational

Foundation Auction:  Mary won a bottle of red is her birthday today and yesterday so a good win for her!

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Ross Parkin

Ross Parkin visited the Kamloops Judo Club to present a cheque for helping the club replace worn out mats.



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 23, 2014

Welcome at ANNAVETS by acting president Roger, and welcome of guests Connor the incoming president of Roteract, and just joined Re/Max as a realtor today, and our student Jimmy.

Speaker:  Alan Dodd gave his vocational speech. 

Black Ball Draw:  George drew a white marble.

Happy Bucks, included Don who just today returned from Bogotá Columbia where he toured a cathedral 800m underground in a salt mine, it also has the largest underground cross in the world.  Bogotá has 7 1/2 million people, with 45 million in Columbia itself.  They are the largest exporter of emeralds in the world.

Terrie gave out the fliers from Interior Vault to give with the Rotary thank you cards at the Food Bank Drive on Saturday.


Bob and Sandra are having a 'meet our new grandchild' at their home in Heffley this Sunday at noon.

Conner announced Roteract's Murder Mystery is postponed, they intend to do more, smaller, events instead.

April 26 (this Saturday) is the food bank drive, start your picking up about 10am

June 11 is Installation of Officers....Angela is in charge, will be at Prestons, $50 a ticket

June 18 is Rotary Golf tournament...Ross will check at their meeting tomorrow to see if we should do a wheelbarrow of tools, or basket of liquors, or .....

June 21 is Judy's Give Her The Boot...Again....will be at Nancy's with live entertainment, $25-30 each

Angela inquired about the Spelling Bee...not enough interest to get a table this year.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.




Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 16, 2014

President Judy welcomed members and guests at the ANNAVETS, guests were Jimmy and our speaker Fiona.

Rotary Moment:  Micro loans (an antipoverty tool).

Speaker:  Fiona Clare on Kamloops Literacy and Raise a Reader Spelling Bee.  (see below for more).

Roger won the draw but did not draw a black marble.

Business:  Ross moved, Greg seconded to donate $1000 to the Swim Club for timing equipment, motion carried.

Ross motioned, Bert seconded to donate $500 to the Judo Club to buy mats, motion carried.

Public Produce:  there has been a staffing change and the city is going to build a sun shade.

NSBIA:  Mary Ellen will get back to us re Lights In Trees as they are eager to get it finished too.

Food Bank Routes:  Judy handed out maps and thank you cards.

We need to have a Planning Meeting: re status of the club as Sandy's health will not allow her to run for president elect.

Upcoming events: 

May 14 Spelling Bee  7:30-9:30am

April 26 food bank drive

April 27 Boogie the Bridge

June 11  Installation of Officers...Angela and Roger will organize

June 18  Rotary Golf Tournament

June 18  Rodeo in Ashcroft

June 21  Give Judy the Nancy' entertainment this time! (no not Brian and his guitar).

Greg updated on the Kamloops Foundation:  the interest is now $2155.86 after these few years, and he recommends adding it back into the principal.  Bert motioned, Ross seconded, motion passed with one opposed.  The club has to write a letter to direct them to do this.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.  Meeting adjourned.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 02, 2014

President Judy opened the meeting at the ANNAVETS, guests were Andrew Thompson from Aurora, and our guest speaker.

Don Fraser introduced GEM Munro of the Amarok Society, Bangladesh.  (more on that speech below).

Black Ball draw:  Jimmy drew Sandy's number, no black ball this week.

Happy Bucks included Ross who presented a poster in thanks of the cheque given to pay for the drop-ins...there has been an 89% increase in usage since moving to the north shore.   Darlene Malfair is still in the hospital, but recovering.



April 12 Sat.  60th anniversary celebration at Storms Restaurant

April 12...Daybreak's crab fest

April 26...Speakeasy Murder Mystery, $60 tickets from Investors Group or Flavours of India (a Roteract fundraiser)

April 26...Sat.  Food Bank pick up

April 27 ...Boogie the Bridge

June 18>>>Golf Tournament

June 18...Ashcroft Rodeo

Meeting Place:  Sandy reported that we are staying put for now.



Don Fraser, Director of International Service, welcomed Gem Munro, Amarok Society as our Guest Speaker.

  Foundation Auction:  bottle of wine with western holder:  won by George.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Judy Treherne

We are pleased to donate funds to the new Kamloops YMCA/YWCA for the CCRR Family Drop-in program at John Todd Community Centre.



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 25, 2014

Instead of a meeting this week our club decided to help out on the dinner for families at NorKam School cafeteria.   With Christopher Sagan, and Duncan MacRae from our club leading us we served up a delicious roast beef dinner to 120 people!  Service Above Self is always the best!!



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 19, 2014

President Judy welcomed guests, dinner meeting of fish and chips tonight at the ANNAVETS.

The Rotary Moment tonight was about Empowering Young Minds through Partnership in Service.

Speaker:  Jimmy gave his presentation on Taiwan, prefaced by a slide show from Don, as he and Sandy have visited Jimmy's club recently, the same day they were chartering a new club.  His mother is the president this year, the Pa-Te Yang-Te Club about 40 minute drive from Taipei.  His parents own a wedding business, called Garden 261, his mom's English name is Garden.  His brother is 4 years older and in hotel management training.  Taiwan is in SE Asia, not a part of China, and NOT Thailand!  The tallest building there is 101 stories tall.  There are 23 million people in the country, it is the 2nd most crowded country in the world.  There are 10 different aboriginal peoples in the country, and their costumes and music are quite similar to our aboriginal people.  School is from 7:30 -5, plus homework.

Dart Night Report:  Roger and Angela, for many reasons it has been cancelled.

Black Ball Draw:  George drew blue.

foundation auction:  dried mango, won by Sandy!

Salvation Army appreciation on April 10, Bert will go.

guests from Ashcroft, Joris and Susan.  He gave a short presentation that the Canadian Cancer Society need people to set up for the Relay for Life in June, contact Jennifer Dies 250-253-3550 or for more info.

Upcoming events:

March 25 NorKam Family Dinner...Duncan is chair, has about 13 volunteers to help, meet at 3:30 at the cafeteria.

March 26...regular meeting is CANCELLED.

April 12..60th anniversary dinner of our club, at Storms

April 12...Daybreak's Crabfest dinner

April 26...Rotaract Murder Mystery

April 26>>>Food Bank pick up

Bert led in the toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjourned.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 12, 2014

Sandy McKinley motioned to pay $3500.00 to cover drop-in fees at CCRR, Don Fraser seconded, carried.

Cheque to be made for the $750 to cover cost of Food Bank bags.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 05, 2014

Prior to the meeting:  encouraged to meet at Kamloops Food Bank for tour of the renovations with Bernadette Siracky.

Then back to ANNAVETS for dinner, no visitors tonight.

Youth Exchange Update:  Jimmy:  his team won gold at NorKam's Olympics.  On the weekend he went to Lazer Tec, bowling, hot tub and movies.

Black Ball Draw:  Silvia drew a red marble.

Upcoming:  March 7 is Ashcroft Tasting Event,

March 16 is Interact Dinner and Comedy Night at Flavours of India, Jimmy is involved in that.

March 19:  organizational meeting for whoever is interested, for our 60th Anniversary.  Will hold it immediately after the regular meeting.

March 25:  NorKam Family Dinner, Duncan is chair, he circulated a sign-up sheet.  Need help from 3:30-6:30pm.   This will be instead of the meeting this week.

March 26:  our meeting is cancelled.

April 12:  our club's 60th anniversary dinner, at Storms.

April 12:  Daybreak's Crabfest Dinner

April 26:  Rotaract Murder Mystery.

Foundation auction:  Silvia won the bottle of rum.

Meeting adjourned, followed immediately by executive meeting



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 26, 2014

President Judy chaired the meeting a the ANNAVETS

Guests were: our student Jimmy,  and speakers:  Tina, Kendra and Nancy about the Y Strong Kids Campaign, and Daniel from the Daybreak Club who is chair of the campaign.

The Y Strong Kids Campaign has a goal to raise $75,000 to help kids over the next year.  There are 9 teams this year.  The Y is not only for fitness, but it is a charity, especially for children,  mandate is to Build Healthy Communities.  The Y supports the Women's Emergency Shelter, which last year had 6,000 bed nights, The John Todd Community Center, Children who witness Abuse and Outreach, and the North and South Shore Y's.  Tina Lange gave a personal testimonial on how the Y has helped her.

Jimmy gave an update on his week, he is very busy, but keeping on the academic and effort Honour Roll!

Black Ball Draw:  Denise drew a yellow marble

Upcoming events:  March 5 Tour of Food Bank, followed by our meeting then executive meeting

March 7 Ashcroft Tasting event

March 16: Interact Dinner and Comedy Night at Flavours of India $30 p/p

March 25: NorKam Family Dinner--Duncan is chair and needs 10-12 helpers

April 12:  Our 60th Anniversary Dinner at Storms

April 12:  Daybreak's Crab Fest Dinner

April 26:  Rotaract Murder Mystery

April 26 Food Bank Drive

Foundation Auction:  bottle of wine with western outfit...won by Judy





Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 19, 2014

President Judy called the meeting to order at ANNAVETs.

Foundation Moment:  Dental programs in Kenya. $10 buys a whole backpack of toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Guest Speaker:  George introduced Jim Young from Edward Jones.  He took questions off the floor, "top up your RRSP's".

Youth Exchange:  Jimmy was not there tonight.

Black Ball Draw:  George drew a white marble.

Membership Confirmation:  Marcia will be inducted when Sandy gets back.

Upcoming/Announcements:  Ashcroft Tasting Event

March 5 meeting will be a tour of the new Food Bank building, then back here for dinner and meeting, to be followed by the executive meeting.

Kamloops Club Fun Bonspiel:  Feb 22, Bert is in charge of it, $25 a person.

NorKam Family Dinner, March 25, Duncan is the chair.

the last 3 Thursdays in March are the Darts Nights, Angela and Roger are in charge of it, $20 incl snack.

April 12 is our 60th anniversary dinner at Storms $40 a ticket, contact former members.

Foundation Auction:  Bert forgot his contribution.

Sunshine:  will send a thinking of you card to Jack & Sheila Sabey and Paul Lagace, and get well cards to Shirley Evans and Bev Milligan.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 05, 2014

call to order by President Judy.

Foundation moment:  Bob Dylan wrote "the Times They Are A Changing" in 1964.  Rotary has worked for 25 years to eradicate polio, and expect it to be another 20 years, after setbacks incl more volunteers being assassinated.

Guest speakers:  Monica and Colin from the Kamloops Y.....see below for more about their talk.

Youth Exchange:  Jimmy was off school last week, and has been enjoying reading The Hunger Games.  He went for Chinese New Year dinner with friends, skiing with Bob and Sandra and can even ski some of the black diamond runs without falling.

Black Ball Draw:  Roger drew white.

Application for Membership:  Marcia has been passed by the executive.


Karl is organizing a bus to go to conference in May for $100.

Kamloops Club Fun Bonspiel, Feb 22 is $25 per person

NorKam Family Dinner is March 25...Duncan was 'field appointed' by Commander Sandy.

Dustin from Ashcroft is promoting their wine and beer tasting with appies March 7, $30.  There will be a bus leaving Kamloops at 6pm for $20, returning at 11.

Our club's 60th Anniversary:  April 12 at North Shore Community Center (Cottonwoods).

Foundation Auction:  bottle of wine was won by George.

Closing:  Ross led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jan 29, 2014

President Judy called the meeting to order.

The Foundation Moment was the 4 way test.

No guests tonight.

Youth Exchange Update:  Jimmy had a thank you to Duncan for the weekend, went to the museum to the Chinese exhibit, and horseback riding as well as going to Logan Lake mine and Cache Creek.  Denise gave hockey tickets.


Karl is taking names for the District Conference Bus, $100

Kamloops club Fund Bonspiel:  Feb 22...$25 per person, they need to know by Feb 13.  Bert will look after it for us, Peter Schwartz is organizing it.

Foundation Auction:  Bert won the bottle of port.

Ross mentioned that the golf tournament is a go, but the big auction will not be, just the small one.

NorKam family meal, Christopher Segan is organizing, need 6-8 people per time and to pay for the protein, around $200.   Sandy moved that we do the March 25th meal, Denise seconded, carried. Judy will check more closely into it, Sandy took names of helpers.

Food Bank:  Bernadette wants to talk to us, Angela will contact her.  Some clubs want to have a social event, ie: breakfast, before the food pick up.  After discussion it was decided we'd prefer to keep it simple and do our own thing.

District request to give $300 to Bangladesh, they will pool all the funds and give it to Rotary Club of Agrabad.

Bert lead in the toast to Rotary and to the Queen,


executive meeting immediately after.


Posted by Judy Treherne on Jan 22, 2014

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jan 08, 2014

Our first meeting in 4 weeks, as Dec 18 was our Christmas pot luck social, then Christmas Day and New Year's Day all were on Wednesdays this year.

President Judy called the meeting to order at the ANNAVETS.  Happy New Year to everyone, and thank you to Mary for hosting our Christmas party!

There was no speaker, but our student Jimmy have a talk on all his activity this last month, including a lot of skiing and travelling with Bob and Sandra, and Denise and Peter.  He even went to boxing day sales in Kelowna on his birthday Dec 26.  He got his report card and achieved academic and effort honour roll, even though he is English as a second language!  Good going Jimmy!

Black Ball Draw:  starting off again, as Duncan won it last time, and donated the over $300 to International!  This week the total is at $57.50 and Mary drew a blue marble.

Happy Bucks:  included Nancy who is going to Puerto Villarta, and Terri who are off on a Eastern Caribbean cruise, and Alan who is heading to the states for two months. 


Kamloops Club Bonspiel is in February and you don't have to know how to curl to participate.

Golf Tournament Meeting:  some want to carry it on.

District Conference Bus:  They have hired a 56 passenger bus to take them May 1-4 to the District Conference, aprox $100 per person for the travel!

Darts Night:  Roger and Angela are close to confirming the dates.

Executive Meeting:  will be after the regular meeting on January 29.

Format for our meetings:  discussion on making it more of a social make-ups and appy concept.

Foundation auction:  Alan won the package of golf balls and a hula girl.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queeen. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Dec 11, 2013

President Judy Treherne had motioned to turn the meeting over to Sandy McKinley to run the annual general meeting and election of officers. She conducted the meeting with Roberts Rules of Order.

Sandy read the minutes from last year's annual general meeting when Becky Clements was president.

Sandy McKinley moved and Greg Reid seconded to approve the minutes as read, carried.

Ross Parkin moved and Terri MacLennan seconded to move into committee as a whole.  carried.

Sandy called 3 times each for nominations off the floor for each position.  The positions filled:

President:  Roger Plested

President Elect:  Sandy McKinley

Vice President:  Duncan MacRae

Past President:  Judy Treherne

Secretary:  Nancy MacKinnon

Treasurer:  Terri MacLennan

Administration Chair:  no filled

Service Chair:  Alan Dodd

Membership Chair:  George Campbell

Foundation Chair:  Angela Rigby

Public Relations:  Mary Campone

New Generations:  Denise Bouwmeester

Don Fraser will stay on for International and Bert Malfair as local service.

Greg Reid motioned, Mary Campone seconded to move out of the committee as a whole, carried.

Nancy MacKinnon as secretary, cast one vote to close the slate of officers as presented.

Roger Plested in opening remarks has three things he wants to do before he takes office:  1. mentoring 2. visioning statement 3. re-do the web page.

Greg Reid led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen,

meeting adjorned.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Dec 11, 2013

President Judy called the meeting to order on a snowy late afternoon.

There were no guests today. Judy read from one of Paul Harris's last articles for the Foundation moment.

Youth Exchange:  Jimmy is in Edmonton with Sandra and Bob.

Don, for International, read a letter from Cathy Clements re the partnership with California club to build wells in Bangladesh.  It was completed in 2 years not the 3 provided for, and came in under budget, so they were able to provide 2 additional wells over what was planned.  We have already decided to continue in partnership with them, so have consigned our $2,000 to them.  Don has purchased "little men" and any profit he makes on them will go toward International.

Happy Bucks:  included Duncan and Angela who had gone to the Daybreak meeting on crystal meth.  Maple Ridge have been active on this since 2004 and Duncan and Angela are encouraging others to participate in a series of committees on this serious problem.

Upcoming events:  next Wednesday is the pot luck at Mary's house.  No meetings on Dec 25 or Jan. 1, the next meeting will be January 8, 2014.

Black Ball Draw:  Duncan drew the black marble!  :)  A good way to end the year!

No foundation auction tonight.

Judy motioned to close and turn over the meeting to Sandy to run the Annual General Meeting and election of officers.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Dec 04, 2013

President Judy called the meeting to order at the ANNAVETS.

Guest speakers were from KGHM Ajax mine, Yves Lacasse from public relations, as well as Nicola Banton, Nicole Treadeau and Robert Koopmans.

their website is

Youth exchange:  Jimmy watched his first football game, the Grey Cup, seems he liked the snacks the best!  The also saw the latest Hunger Games movie, reminded him that he saw one on his way here on the airplane, and he doesn't believe how fast the time is going and does not want to go home.

Black Ball Draw:  George drew a white marble.

Upcoming events:  election of officers this next Wednesday, Dec 11 here at the Annavets.  Christmas pot luck at Mary's on Dec 18.

Foundation auction:  Nancy won, so took the wine and redrew for the Rogers' Chocolates, and Bev Milligan won that.

Closing:  Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Judy Treherne


Guest Speakers from Ajax Mine



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

Acting president Roger called the meeting to order.

Rotary Moment:  Youth Exchange:  Jimmy is very grateful to be part of our club, and going to NorKam, etc.  He has seen his first snow now, he was on the bus when it first happened.  Likes it but finds it cold!  His facebook friends back in Taiwan are wearing their winter coats at plus 12 degrees!  He sends a report back to his sponsor club, and had told them about helping with the food bank drive, now they are going to start that in his town!  He volunteered with Chefs in the City with cleanup, and the club gave them a donation, so they are buying a shelter box with most of it.  Interact is having a fundraiser at Flavours of India on Dec 2.  Another first to go shooting with Bob, has never held a real gun before.

Guest speaker:  Tim Ambrus about Employer's Adviser re the new bullying and harassment policy under the WorkSafeBC legislation.  The legislation took place as of Nov 1, but will start enforcing in February.  There will be free 90 minute training sessions on Nov 25 and 29 at the Japanese Cultural Center.  Each business should have in place a policies and procedures for supervisors, managers, owners and even co-workers.  BC is one of the last provinces to bring this in. This is if a person can prove that they have suffered mental distress from work-place harassment or disrespect they can collect workers compensation.  Our speaker Tim helps the employers, and our member Angela helps the employees.  You can download the forms from

Angela motioned to hold dart tournament at ANNAVETS, Mary seconded, motion carried.

Sandy spoke on our meals:  we get the room free, so they have agreed if we donate $500 a year (this is till end of June) that we can have a 12 person minimum, down from the 16 now. It was agreed.  Will give them a cheque tonight, as well as a cheque to the Navy Cadets, Salvation Army, Christmas Amalgamated and Kamloops Immigrant Center.

NorKam is putting on first Christmas luncheon, need volunteers and money toward it, 3-5pm prep on Dec 16 and help with the lunch itself on Dec 17.

upcoming events:

McQueen Lake Dinner: Nov 30

Baskets for McQueen Lake:  Mary and Angela working on that.

Salvation Army Kettles:  Bert will get names soon.

Annual meeting & election of Officers is Dec 11....Sandy is working on that

Christmas potluck:  at Mary's on Dec 18

Black Ball Draw was by Bev Milligan, she drew a green marble.

Foundation Auctions:  Angela won a bottle of wine.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 25, 2013

President Judy opening the meeting at the ANNAVETS, Our student Jimmy and Denise's daughter Caroline were guests.

Judy read about the wild outbreak of polio in Somalia and other African countries.

Vocational Speaker:  to be Greg Reid, but he was stuck in 100 mile and could not attend.

Black Ball Draw: George drew red.

Bert motioned to donate $2000 to  participate with the California club to dig wells, Duncan seconded, motion carried.

Angela will look after speakers while Don is away....anyone having ideas is to please let her know.

Jimmy:  he wasn't at the meeting last week as was involved in a "moon festival".. with moon cakes, etc.  The international students when for Chinese food.  He went camping with Bob for many "firsts": first time camping in a motor home, first time fishing, first fish caught AND ate by himself, first canoe ride!  Also helped with food bank drive.  He is registered in classes for Spanish, English (already speaks Mandarin), English and Phycology.  Already has friends and "has a happy life!"

Youth Exchange:  Sandra brought up that orientation suggested that councillors not be in the club, as has found Blake Ledger, a rebound student, who will act as Jimmy"s 'go to person".  There is an info session tonight for anyone interest in next year's outbound.

Sports and Culture Ticket Draw:  Terri...made a mistake, was not even last week, but with what was turned in tonight we are ahead by about $500, still a long way to go!

Angela and I(Nancy) will go to Daybreak on Friday am, Mary and Shirley will go to Chase, Sandra and Jimmy to Clearwater.  Sandra and Mary went to Ashcroft, a smaller club than ours, and all but 2 people bought tickets!

Dec 7 is McQueen Lake fundraiser.

Foundation Auction:  Denise won the bottle of wine.

Toast to Rotary and to the Queen was led by Bert.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 18, 2013

President Judy called the meeting to order at the ANNAVETS.

Our exchange student was not there tonight, nor did we have a guest speaker.

Rotary Leadership Institute:  Angela and Roger attended, there were about 20 people, needed 15.  Angela found it very motivational, she's committed and renewed, with all the comradeship and fellowship.  Roger is reminded rather than learning new things, and strongly recommends that new members go to it.

This Saturday, Sept 21 is the Rotary Food Bank drive, Judy passed around area maps to those that could do the pick ups.

Sports and Culture Draw:  Wednesday Oct 16...the Echo will promote it; and will try to get a table at Home Hardware.  Mary our PR said that Kamloops This Week will give 3 ads, valued at $300 free for public recognition.  We have now broken even on the sales, and now have to push to make a good profit. 

Rotary District Development Weekend is Oct 25 and 26 in Osoyoos.

Foundation Auction is a box of soap from Sandra, won by George.

Sandra read a letter from former exchange student Christian from Norway.

Bev needs a ride to the symphony, or if enough people book the Handydart they will run it, it is for those 70 years or older or with a handicap.  They need a certain number for the Handydart or will cancel it.

the meeting was adjourned, followed immediately by the executive meeting.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 11, 2013

President Judy called the meeting to order at the ANNAVETS. 

Instead of Words of Wisdom tonight, Jimmy spoke to say thank you to Denise who took him to Armstrong Fair, motor biking, pool party, shopping etc.; and to Sandra who took him for inbound orientation.  He is enjoying school and making new friends.

Speaker tonight was Karleen Landrie, retail store manager of Home Hardware, she spoke about the Neighbors Helping Neighbours program they instituted and is now growing to other stores.  Brenda Jones came up with the idea, in the first month there were 300 nominations, now have had over 900. "small situations of kindness" help so much!

Bev Rowat won a white marble at the Black Ball Draw.

Happy Bucks:  get out and sell the raffle tickets, so far only 11% have been returned.  Karleen offered to sell them at Home Hardware! :)

Upcoming:  Roger and Angela are attending Rotary Leadership Institute on Sept 14, 29 and Oct 5

Rotary Food Bank Drive is Sept 21, Judy assigned routes

Sports and Culture Ticket Draw is Oct 16

Rotary District Development Weekend is Oct 25 and 26 in Osoyoos.

Crestline Community Garden is having a painting party on Sunday after the food bank draw, Angela volunteered to go.

Duncan attended the international meeting at Don and Sandy's (who have now left for another adventure in travelling). They may do a fundraiser for a Philippines project.  Turns out Don makes great crepes!

Sandra is going to Cache Creek, and Mary will go with her, next week to sell tickets and Roger and Angela will go to the West Club at noon tomorrow to sell tickets, only sold 3 at the downtown club.

Sandra is going to make up a calendar for Jimmy, to encourage others to invite him to dinners, etc.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 04, 2013

President Judy opened the meeting at ANNAVETS, Our exchange student Jimmy and our guest speaker were the guests.

Guest Speaker:  Chief Shane Gottfriedson , he has been chief for 4 consecutive terms of 3 years, in his 10th year now.   He is also tribal chief for a 10 band nation.  The Kamloops Indian Band is a $31 million operation, the federal gov cut back so they had to cut 31 jobs last year.  Their motto is "With Teamwork we create Action and Pride".  He has "1350 Kids" as all his band are his kids, as well as his own 5.  They want to build partnerships, have steady income and lots of good friends to make life good.  He likes to lead by example.  Unity is a challenge, the largest is structure with treaty and non-treaty.

Words of Wisdom:  Judy read how Bill Gates approached his own company to say that they need the brightest people to be working on the biggest problems, and to apply technology.

Black Ball Draw:  Don drew a blue marble.

Happy Bucks included Sylvia who needs to find a home for her 10 year old male cat, who is a good mouser and is affectionate, but to whom she has become allergic!  Anyone want a kitty?

Upcoming:  7pm tomorrow night is International meeting at Don and Sandy's.
Sept 14, 29, and Oct 5 is Rotary Leadership Institute
Sept 21 is Rotary Food Bank Drive
Oct 16 is our Raffle ticket draw
Oct 25 and 26 is Rotary District Development Weekend

Sept 25 is Raise a Reader, handing out newspapers from 7-9 am, Alan will follow up with Mary about this.

Foundation Auction was 2-$10 Esso gift cards, won by Sandra.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjorned.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 28, 2013

President Judy opened the meeting at ANNAVETS, introduction and welcome of guests:  Rick McArthur, our student Jimmy and Al Thomspon.

Words of Wisdom:  projects:  eating locally

Don introduced our guest speaker:  Al Thompson, former mayor of Brocklehurst and first mayor of the amalgamated city of Kamloops on May 01, 1973.  He gave an informal talk about the 'old days" of North Kamloops.

supper was served.

Black Ball Draw:  Terri drew a blue marble.

Happy bucks included work party at McQueen Lake by professional  Engineering group.

Announcements and Upcoming Events:

Rotary Leadership Institute on Sept 14, 29, and Oct 5

Rotary Food Bank Drive on September 21

Sports & Culture Ticket Draw on Wednesday Oct 16

Spaghetti Western Nov. 2

Chefs in the City Nov 4

Our tent will be used by the Kamloops Slowpitch Sr. Men, so good opportunity to sell tickets for our raffle

Club Runner:  Judy is moving our info over to the new system.

Bert:  toast to Rotary and to the Queeen.

meeting adjorned

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 21, 2013

President Judy called the meeting to order at the Anavets.

Angela introduced the guests:  returning student Leah Dagg,  Jimmy, our newly arrived exchange student, Bob Schrader, and a visitor from Japan, Ryofu Pussel.

Words of Wisdom:  Judy read on the four ways they are fighting famine in Africa.

Black ball draw:  Jimmy drew Mary's number, and she drew a yellow marble.

Presentation of club flags by Leah, Jimmy and Ryofu.

Leah is going to Ottawa for further education, and hopes in time to go into politics or the United Nations.

Foundation auction:  a basket of Greg's homemade jelly, won by Sandy

Aurora Pitstop volunteers are needed for Nov 11 weekend, not sure if it is for Sunday or the Monday, Nandi will be cooking and needs help serving and cleaning up.

The executive meeting followed the regular meeting tonight.

International meeting at Don and Sandy's on Sept 5

A show of hands for who could help with the food bank drive on Sept 21.

Rotary Leadership Institute is Sept 14, 29 & Oct 5.

Sports and Culture ticket draw is Oct 16, cut off for sales is Oct 14.

Aurora's Spaghetti Western is Nov 2

Chef's in the City is Nov 4..

McQueen Lake dinner is Dec 7

Next year is our club's 60th anniversary.........any ideas for a fundraiser, and date for the celebration?

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 14, 2013

President Judy called the meeting to order at our new location at the ANNAVETS, a lovely dinner of roast pork was served.

A guest tonight is Juli Harland who has expressed interest in joining our club.

Words of Wisdom-Rotary Moment:  Judy read from the Rotarian Magazine.

A thank you card from the recent visit from our DG was passed around.

Vocational Speaker was Denise Bouwmeester, who was born and raised in Kamloops.

Black Ball Draw:  Silvia drew a yellow marble.

Sports and Entertainment Draw 2013...Silvia handed out the books of tickets, last year we sold 1033 this year we have 2000 printed up.  Draw date is Oct 16 here at the meeting.

Foundation auction:  bottle of wine that Don donated, won by Sandy, who donated it back for next week.

All presidents meeting:  Daybreak thanked all who helped with the Ribfest last weekend.

our exchange student is arriving on Friday night, Terri and Neil will pick him up as Sandra and Bob will be away.

Upcoming dates:  Executive meeting Wednesday Aug 21 at 6:30 right after the regular meeting

                          Rotary Leadership Institute is Sept 14, 29 and Oct 5

                          Rotary food bank drive is Sept 21.

Next week we have a guest from Uji, Japan who will give a short talk to our club.  He is there at TRU for a week, and Nancy will pick him up and bring him to our meeting.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjourned.


Posted by Judy Treherne

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 24, 2013

President Judy opened the meeting at Kamloops Immigration Center, Angela prepared a wonderful dinner.

Judy read words of wisdom: the theme of the year "Engage Rotary and Change Lives" by IR president Ron Burton.

No speaker tonight, as he had to cancel.

Black Ball Draw:  Terri drew a yellow marble.

Sports and Entertainment Draw:  we will go with the November 2 and 3 football and hockey game, and Becky will try to get the Boyance tickets as the concert part.

Roger brought up the roll-up beds for $68 each that started in Australia, he will look into it for next year.

Next Wednesday July 31 is our District Gov. Darryl Blue's stop at our club, with executive meeting at 4pm, before the regular meeting.

the following Wed. Aug. 7 we will be moving to the Annavets, they need to know by noon the day before how many people will be attending.

Foundation auction was a bottle of wine, won by George.

George lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen. (and Prince George!).

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 23, 2013

BBQ supper was hosted by Terri & Neil, a lovely potluck had a very good turnout.   President Judy conducted the joint general/exec meeting.

Sandy moved, Angela seconded, motion carried that we move to the Anavets building as of Aug 7 meeting.  There will be a set menu and meals will new be $20 to include the tip.  There is a wheelchair ramp and lots of parking, and we can store our 'stuff' there.  Bev volunteered her workplace, Schoenings, that we can use it for audio visual presentations if the Anavets building does not have it.  Angela volunteered to help clean out the cupboard at Kamloops Immigration Center.

Terri motioned, Becky seconded to approve budget as presented.

Sports & Entertainment Raffle:  Becky will look into perhaps 2 draws this year, one for Bon Jovi for one night, and a 2 night sports package.  Will apply for 1,700 tickets at $10 each or 3/$25.  she will bring final proposal to the next meeting.  Sandy leaves in September so Bev Rowat will co-chair.

Youth Exchange:  so far only Bob and Sandra have volunteered to host, she recommended we take a year off after this year.

Resignation:  Becky has given her resignation from our club as of July 31 as she will be accepting a new position in Grand Forks.   Wishing her lots of good luck and congratulations on the promotion, and we'll miss you!

Membership proposals:  there are 3 new ones this month!

Becky circulated photos from the Community Garden that we donated our raffle money from last year. 

Nancy to pay our semi-annual dues on line tonight.

Don has no speakers booked for August , he will be away helping his family in flooded High River, so needs help to contact potential speakers.

meeting adjorned

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 10, 2013

President Judy called the meeting to order at Kamloops Immigration Center, the menu tonight was Chinese.

Visitors tonight are Erin Edwards and Peter Mutrie.

Speaker:  Erin Edwards on behalf of Public Produce.  This is using public space to grow food, which is free to whoever wants to pick it. Only 4% of food is grown in Canada for our own consumption, the balance is imported.  Volunteers look after these spaces, using natural methods, no petroleum based chemicals, they use companion planting, crop rotation, 'good insects' etc. This is different from Community Gardens where the sites are rented and looked after by the people who then get all the produce from it, they are gated  and spots charged for.  There is a public produce garden in front of the Community garden at McDonald park, and a larger one on the corner of Elm and Tranquille.  They are now planting fruit and nut trees in park and on Lorne Street.  The city is working toward 10% edible landscaping.  one tip:  plant sweet allisium with roses, as ladybugs will be attracted to the sweet small and eat the aphids on the roses!

Sandra has heard from Bruna, who has passed her exam and can go to university in the fall.


Peter Mutrie:   is on the board of Communities in Bloom.   Saturday night the judges arrive.  He is requesting as many people as possible to be down at Pioneer Park on Sunday at 2:30 with "Rotary volunteer" signs.  Angela, Shirley and ?? will go

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 03, 2013

Judy Treherne called the meeting to order at Kamloops Immigration Center, Becky supplied a nice cool dinner on a hot night!

Doug Gibson for Daybreak's Ribfest asked for help at the ribfest and for selling their lottery tickets.  All the proceeds go to youth between 12-18 this year.  Last year $17,000 of the $35,000 they made came from the lottery tickets.

Speaker:  vocational presentation by Bev Rowat.  She was born and raised here in Kamloops and works at Schoenings Funeral Service.

Duncan drew a white marble at Black Ball Draw.

Crestline Gardens have be presented with the rest of our lottery money, aprox $3840.  Will need to help on work parties at the end of Aug. and Sept.

Our outgoing student Claire Ferguson is going to Austria, will be 7 months in a town of 8,000 people and 3 months at a town of 60,000. Both families have 2 sisters, and the first one has a horse and other animals.

Terri went to the food bank meeting, we are the only ones who have paid for the bags, next pick up is Sept 21.

Becky is looking into the Sports and Entertainment prizes, will wait until the Canucks schedule is out.

July 17the meeting will be at Terri's at 6pm

District Gov's visit is July 31, will have an executive meeting at 4pm that day with him in attendance.

Dues are due, $200 for the year.

Greg lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 26, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting at Kamloops Immigration Center, her last official meeting, so brought wine in celebration!

Outbound Claire, going to Austria on Aug 2 was a guest, as was Ernst Bezema of Oryx Support.

Food was from Mino's and dessert from Flying Gecko, thanks so much to Ernst!

The Rotary International Conference just finished in Portugal, with Bill and Melinda Gates pledging 2-1 up to $35 million per year for polio eradication, they began this in 2008.  from 2013-2018 $5.5 BILLION will be needed.

Speaker tonight is Ernst Bezema on factors that contribute to success: Stick to your mission, vision and goals.  Success depends on personal, financial, social, customer and employee satisfaction, all are needed to be successful.  You have to love what you do, and do what your customers want.  Stick to core business, use outside skill and resources or it is a waste of time, energy and $.  Create an open relationship with staff so all can contribute what they can, make them responsible and accountable, involve them, and facilitate so workers can do their work successfully.  Becky presented him with a Rotary mug.

Black ball:  Ernst drew Don's number, who drew a blue marble.

Happy Bucks:  included Don"s remarks on the water wells in Bangladesh which are almost finished, and he has sent an e-mail around with pictures.

Sandy motioned, Roger seconded, carried, that we defer the move for at least a week, until Judy gets back.

Becky thanked everyone for their help all year, and read a note from DG Doug Everett thanking the club for all the help at district conference.

Auction:  bag of 2 bottles of Greg's wine, won by our guest Ernst.

Becky "gavelled out", Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen,

meeting adjourned.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 12, 2013

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 12, 2013

President Becky chaired the meeting at Kamloops Immigration Center.  The meal was a 'summer picnic' that Nancy supplied. 

Stan Fyke was our guest speaker:  WASRAG was formed in 2007 to promote water, sanitation and hygiene.  As of 2011 11% of the population does not have good water, that is 780 million people, but 39% of the world's population does not have good sanitation!  the very worst is some parts of Africa.

Accountability and sustainability are needed as up to 40% of water projects don't work for one reason or the other.  Bill and Melinda Gates have started a $100 million competition for a system of sanitation that work. is $25 a year membership, and that is their only funding. 

Black Ball:  Nancy drew a blue marble.

Crestline Gardens:  Sandy read a letter from Community Gardens, they have used $2900 of our donation.  We will meet with them to get it done by our year end.

Alan talked about the golf Wednesday, so no regular meeting.  He is still collecting to make the tool package that will be our donation to the auction.

Foundation auction:  Becky won the floral arrangement that Nancy donated.

Bert gave toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjorned.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 05, 2013

In place of the regular meeting, a delicious pot luck was held at Nancy and Brian's.

Our exchange student Bruna attended with her grandparents.  They are all returning to Brazil on Friday.  She will be writing entrance exams for university the next week.

Incoming president Judy Treherne presented Becky with a 'boot plaque" and Rotary pashmina in thanks for all her work this year.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on May 29, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting at Kamloops Immigration Center, Alan's last week of managing the catering, we had dinner from Minos.

Vocational by Angela Rigby tonight.  She was born in England and has a varied career, including working in a bank,  for Ward Air, and Legal Aid.

She is a paralegal and was transferred to Kamloops to work for Workers Advisor.

Business:  executive meeting last week:

Sandy McKinley motioned to transfer $885, Greg Reid seconded, to make $10,000 transfer from ING as was moved in October.  carried.

Alan Dodd moved, Don Fraser seconded to allocate $2,000 in international account and designate it as such. carried.

We need 3 accounts,(international, gaming, and operating) but Royal Bank is now charging service charges, so Judy Treherne motioned to set up a committee to reduce bank charges, Sandy McKinley seconded, carried.  Terri and Angela will look into a different bank.

Greg Reid motioned, Roger Plested seconded to accept budget for 2012-2013 as circulated, carried.

Golf:  Ross circulated lists for help on the day of the golf tournament, as well as set up the day before, and take down the day after.

Our club is doing a wheelbarrel of tools for our part in the golf auction so please donate $$ or products to

Mary and Angela are starting to get ideas together for an annual fundraiser for our club.

Bruna's good-bye party at Sandra and Bob's on Tuesday, it is a pot-luck.

Give Becky the Boot Party at Nancy and Brian's on Wednesday, it is a pot-luck!

Food Drive:  Terri is going to a get together to go over areas, maps, etc.

Bursaries for the schools, they want to narrow down our criteria, Alan will help on this.

Black Ball Draw:  Terri drew a yellow marble.

Don has made several attempts to look into the Holiday Inn as a meeting place, but they have not gotten back to him yet.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on May 15, 2013

A lovely get-together at Storms restaurant to welcome Judy Treherne back to her 2nd term as President, our District Governor Doug Everett and his wife Jacquie were there for the official swearing in.  The whole list of incoming executive and directors is on the cover page of this web site.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on May 08, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting at the Kamloops Immigration Center.

Our speaker tonight was our incoming exchange student Bruna Camara from Brazil.  Brazil is the 3rd largest country in the world and has 26 states.  It includes the Amazon River.  Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo have large marti gras.  She lives with her dad and step mom, and 2 step sisters.  Her mom has twins and lives close by. School is from 7am - 4:30 pm when preparing for university entrance.  She will be going to university when she gets home, and plans to be a vet.  School year begins in February, they have 15 days off in July, their "winter"...which she now doesn't think is that cold!  The hardest thing here was the language, and learning to be more flexible in points of view.  Each host family was different and expected different things from her.  She had never camped before the McQueen Lake experience over the weekend, had never slept in sleeping bag on a foamy or had no electricity or no running water, luckily was for only 2 nights!.

Team Challenge Spelling Bee was this morning, and tied for first.  Angela organized our entry into it and wants to do it again next year.  They raised $10,000.

Conference:  Becky thanked all from our club that worked on it, lots of hours put in and 13 out of our 27 members registered.  Was a great, inspirational conference.

Installation of officers:  May 22 (Wednesday) at Storms Restaurant, tickets are $35 and George has them.

Ribfest is Aug 9, 10, and 11.

North Shore BIA: council planter competition Tues May 28 and being judged June 14 and 15 during Communities in Bloom.

Becky drew for the black ball but did not get it.

Auction item was gc for Tim Hortons, won by Bev Rowan.

Angela will look into the Eagles Hall as an alternative for here, as Bev Milligan cannot make the stairs now.

Happy Bucks:  included sad buck from Jack who has to retire from Youth Exchange after 38 years due to his wife's ill health.

Don Fraser is in charge of speakers, and would welcome any ideas of who to invite.

Shelley and Mackenzie Creaser got in a bit late, they were Bruna's first host family.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

picture is of PGD Steve Yoshida, Rotary International Representative, and our own District Gov. Doug Everett


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 24, 2013

President Becky hosted the meeting at the Kamloops Immigrant Center.

Ross introduced the guests:  our speaker Melanie Grabner, and Antonio Molino.

Dinner was from the Moon Wok tonight.

Speaker:  Melanie Grabner from the Kamloops Food Bank.   56,000 pounds of food was picked up on the Rotary Food Bank Drive this month.  Last year 360,000 pounds of food and 600,000 perishables were collected, 12,000 volunteer hours,  and dispersed to 7,000 clients  and 40 social programs, including 1,000 elementary school students who get lunch and snacks.  They are beginning a renovation on May 1, it will take 6 months and will double the building size and make it safer, including indoor waiting room, washrooms, etc.

Black ball was won by Roger, who drew a white marble.

Happy Bucks included Nancy who thanked all the volunteers who helped last night with filling the gift bags for District Conference, and true to our club, half of the volunteers there were from Kamloops North.

Raffle of a bag of goodies from Sandra was won by Alan.

Sandra spoke on the Crestline Community Gardens.  Please let Sandra know if you want to help on the pathway, move the gazebo and put up a new one.  They have already upgraded the irrigation and sheds.  May 5 is the spring garden party and kick off, unfortunately that overlaps with the district convention.  The thought was maybe we could help with the fall clean-up.

Sandy:  Literacy spelling bee...Angela was to have put in our application, if we missed the early fees it was decided that we cancel it.

Judy is away, but gave Sandy info on the Hockey/entertainment Raffle.  We can only sell for 3 months before the event, Motion by Roger, seconded by Bev that we give $500 for expenses instead of the airfare as part of the winnings.  Motion carried.

District Conference next week, so no regular meeting next Wednesday.  There will be a peace rally at 4:30 on Friday, for whoever wants to do up a peace sign.  Thurs BBQ for non conference attendees is $20. golf $50, and will be a silent auction of Pat Tolman's art with the donation going to Polio.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjourned.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 17, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting at Kamloops Immigrant Center.  Guests were our outgoing student, Antonio Melino, Mark Bertoli and Sherry Chamberlain.  Dinner was catered by Roger, a German theme.

Mark Bertoli spoke on the Rotary Golf Tournament coming up June 19.  They are looking for a co-chair as he is stepping down after this year, it is a 2 year commitment.  Need to get 'new' people so they learn how things are done.  They want to show appreciation to the golfers and to the sponcers and make it a Day of Experiences.   This year each club is to speak on how the money was used to make local people's lives better.  Last year $54,000 was raised which accomplishes a lot in the hands of Rotary. 

Sherry on the District Conference:  our club is way up on support and attendance in relation to our size.  "Bag filling" night Tues April 23 at 5:30 at Thompson Career College basement at 774 Victoria St.

Black Ball Draw:  Teri drew a green marble.

May 22 is Installation of officers at Storms Restaurant, tickets $35

Jack:  Youth Exchange:  young man from Taiwan who will be 16, have only one host family, need one or two more.

Auction Item:  a bag of products donated by Sandra, won by Roger.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 03, 2013

Sandi McKinley chaired the meeting tonight.  Meal was provided by Roger, Early Canadiana feast.

Upcoming events:
this weekend is the Naramata weekend for the exchange students
April 10, no regular meeting, but an executive meeting at 5:15
April 13  Food Bank pick up....pick up t-shirts at Teri's that morning.
April 20 "Love, Peace & Rotary" dinner and auction in Chase.
May 3..Home Hosts needed for the District Conference
May 2-5 District Conference
May 8 Raise a Reader 7:30am-9:30am
June 19 Rotary Golf Tourniment
Guests:  our out-bound Claire, in-bound Bruna, and from the West club Dona Kobayashi.

Golf:  need joint chairs for each committee, and volunteers, and players.

Raise a Reader:  Angela is looking after it, so far Angela, Graham, Don, Alan, Shirley, Becky and Roger.  Moved by Mary, seconded by Paul, that the club pay $240 for entry fee, carried.  Angela needs payment by next meeting April 17.

Don has been in contact with Chelea re community gardens, but Sandy will take over.

Black Ball:  Jack drew blue

Auction: Judy donated 2 bags of coffee, won by Sandra.

Bert led in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjourned.







Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 27, 2013

I was late to the meeting so don't have complete notes, but here goes:

President Becky was away so Pres-Elect Judy ran the meeting.  Mary catered her last meal, next week Roger takes over.  Dessert was provided by Sharon Dodds.

Don Fraser was our speaker, on his recent trip to El Salvador, it is the smallest and most densely populated of the countries in Central America.  It is very dangerous, you don't go out at night at all, and should always go with a local in the daytime.  He was there for a month.

Black Ball Draw:  our guest from Penticton (?) drew a green marble.

Ross sent around a picture of the playground at S. Sahali Elementary that we donated money to last year.

Convention:  Home hosts are needed for the Friday night, if anyone wants to volunteer go to the web site and go to 'volunteer' to put your name down and how many people you can provide for. OR give me (Nancy) the information and I will see it gets to the right person.  The golf is for anyone who wants to join in, you do not have to be a Rotarian, and they want to mix up the folks from the US with us Canadians for fellowship.

There is more participation by the other clubs, so we do not have to go the Bachelor Heights area for the Food Bank Drive this year.

Mary addressed the spelling bee challenge, April 17 is the deadline for the lower entry price.

Bruna told a bit of what she and her friend have been up to.

Auction:  2 bags of coffee beans, Judy won them.

No meeting April 10 because of the Food Bank pick up April 13

April 20 the Chase club are hosting "Love Peace and Rotary" dinner and auction, so far Sandy, Don, Nancy and Angela are going...anyone else?

May 2-5 is the District Conference here in Kamloops

June 5 Installation of officers is cancelled as Judy will be away.

June 19 is the multi-club Rotary Golf

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 20, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting, Mary and Andrea had provided a wonderful dinner.

Guest:  our speaker tonight

Sandy motioned, Judy seconded that we pay $750 which is our share of the yellow bags for the Food Bank Drive, motion carried.

Roteract is heading to Nicaurorgura (spell check didn't know how to spell it either) and need baby clothes, take to Remax at 258 Seymour by the end of the month for them to take in April.

Conference:  need home hosts, billets for the exchange students, and hosts for the convention itself.  Mary needs at least one more woman to chaperone the girls at McQueen Lake, as she can only do one night.

Judy circulated a sign-up sheet for the Food Bank Drive.

Our speaker is a Master Gardener from the Interior Community Services. (see below for rest of the report).

Mary drew white on the black ball draw.

Duncan won the $25 gift card for gas.

Raise a Reader Spelling Challenge is Wednesday May 8, $640 if register by April 17, tables of 8 so would be $80 each.  We do not have enough in operating budget to pay toward it, but enough people are interested in it anyway, Angela will be in charge to register for it.

Greg said the toast to Rotary and to the Queen.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 13, 2013

President Becky was away, as was Judy, so Alan Dodd ran the meeting at Kamloops Immigration Center.

Mary Campone provided a delicious chilli supper....and china....thanks so much Mary!

Guests:  Fiona Clare of LinK (Literacy in Kamloops), our  out-bound student, and Bruna, as well as Bob Schrader!

Alan presented the Rotary pin to Bev and Andrea who were inducted last week but did not get their pin.

Dinner was first, then Fiona gave her presentation....see below.

Nancy will send a card to our DG Doug Everett who has had 2 major operations recently.

upcoming dates to keep in mind:
March 16 Auroras Murder Mystery
March 23  Kamloops Foundation (tickets available from Ross, Bert and George)
March 23  Kamloops Immigrant Services Multicultural Dinner at Ukrainian Hall
March 23 Daybreaks Crab Fest
April 13 Food Bank Drive
April 20 Chase Rotary dinner and auction
May 2-5 District Conference here in Kamloops
June 10 Installation of officers at Storms
June 19 Rotary Golf Tourniment

No auction item as a guest won it last week, Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 27, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting at Kamloops Immigration Center, guests were our inbound Bruna, and Clair our outbound to Austria, as well as Bev a prospective new member and Cherie who is checking us out!

Speaker was our member Sylvia on the return of the PST/HST and some changes from GST.  Everybusiness has different rules, and most are the same as they were before, but not all.  The web site does not have all instances either, but they do have an e-mail site where you can send in a question to an expert. Services will be taxable, except legal services.  You have to pay taxes based on where you consume it, not buy it, so if you purchase it in a different province but bring it back to BC and it is tax applicable, you have to pay the tax by self-desclosure.

Dinner was Mexican from Senior Froggy's.

Judy read a Foundation Moment...Gift of Water from some region in India.

Upcoming events:

March 16 Aurora has Murder Mystery

March 23 Kamloops Foundation...Ross has tickets, and requets donation for the auction.

March 23  Crab Fest

April 13  Food Bank drive

Reminder to register for the conference, so far only 107 people are registered for it.

Alan, Bert and Ross will be the reps for the Golf Tourniment in June.

Happy Bucks then the Black Ball Draw, George drew white.

Auction item:  ceramic snail for garden that Mary donated, won by Judy.

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 20, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting at Kamloops Immigrant Society, around back and downstairs.  Dinner was catered by Mino's.

Judy read an article about Polio is "this close"!

Speakers:  Colin Reid the 'Y' ceo and Monica for the "Strong Kids Campaign".  ( There are Y's in over 110 countries in the world.).  This is a national campaign for healthy living and community engagement to improve quality of life.  The 'Y" is a charity, it invests in kids and has many different programs for them.  They hope to raise $60,000 this year, it starts at NorKam Secondary tomorrow.  He recognized Judy Treherne as having been a driving force behind getting the Y to where it is today!

Black Ball draw was won by George, after 3 tries, who got a green marble.

Convention:  May 2-5.....we need Home Hosts, whoever can invite 2-20 people for dinner the Friday night...and make sure to register for the convention on line at   also need billets for the GSE team...6 people for 3 nights, and outbound for 1 night.

summer golf tourniment:  Mark Bertoli wants whoever is interested in helping out to contact him.

Food Bank drive is Saturday April 13.

Becky was happy to announce that we have 2 more applications for membership:  Bev and Angela!

Auction was a gc to Starbucks and a ticket to Wednesday's Blazer game...Mary Campone was very happy to win.

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queeen,

meeting adjorned.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 20, 2013

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jan 30, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting, dinner tonight was Pasta from Senior Froggy"s

Speaker:  Murray Williams from the IB Diploma Programme at Nor Kam.  It prepares kids for university, open for all students in the district, a cost of $400 per year for each of the 2 years, this is for the exams that have to be sent away.  Marks are monitored to make sure they are correct for student and teacher.  This course teaches students why it happened, why it happened then, and how all the courses relate to each other.  There are still openings.

Black Ball Draw: Duncan drew red.

Info:  Jack encouraged all to sign up for the district conference, at:  Will also be wanting more home hosts for the Friday night,

and willl need hosts families to billet the exchange students for the Thursday night; Friday and Saturday they will be going to McQueen Lake.

Sandy spoke about Pat Tolman's service of life, will be at the North Shore Community Center at 1pm on Saturday May 18.

Food Bank drive will be Saturday April 13

No regular meeting next Wednesday, but will be an executive meeting at Becky's new workplace of Interior Savings on Lansdowne Street, for around 5pm.

Auction was won by Duncan!

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

meeting adjorned.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jan 23, 2013

President Becky opened the meeting at North Shore Community Center, the meal tonight was Chinese.

Black Ball draw:  Bert drew green.

Happy Bucks:  included Becky thanking all who brought coats and other warm items for "Out of the Cold".

Bert is perplexed as 2 cheques that we gave as Burseries at NorKam were not cashed, but were found in a file, although Roger game them directly to the students.

Starting Feb 13 our meetings will be at 448 Tranquille, back door, downstairs of the Kamloops Immigration Center.

RCMP have a new criminal records check form that Becky will hand out next week to whoever has not done it yet, or you can fill it out on location.

The Conference here in Kamloops are looking for sponcership for the 4 speakers.

The raffle was won by Sandy who had brought it, so she will leave it for next weeks's raffle.

Roger Plested is the speaker tonight, he is a wills and estate lawyer, but did an overview of the new Family Law Act which is replacing the 1979 Family Relations Act.  All law is getting so complex now that lawyers usually specialize in certain areas of it.

Bert lead in the toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Convention meeting Monday January 28 at Duffies at 4:30

Last meeting at North Shore Community Center on Wed. January 30.

No regular meeting Feb 6 as there will be a Fireside at Nancy's on Saturday Feb 9, with Roger supplying the Indian meal, but the executive meeting will be held Feb. 6 at 5:15 at Interior Savings on Lansdowne.



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jan 16, 2013

President Becky, with dinner by Mino's tonight.

Vocational by Jack Van Aert, he is roof truss technition at Norberg Truss, born in Duncan, B.C.

Black Ball:  Bert drew a yellow marble.

Sandy:  sports and Cultural Raffle money is to go to the Crestline Community Garden, a lady is coming to speak about it, do we want to do a hands on one day too.: yes.

She and Judy checked out the room at the Kamloops Immigrant Society, and subject the 'German Room" agreeing, we will move our meetings there in February

Sandy moved, Mary seconded that we move our meeting over to Kamloops Immigrant Society at 448 Tranquille Rd, effective the end of January.  motion carried. We will take turns for a month to organize and tea and coffee and the food.  Sandy will chair the food for February, Mary for March, Roger for April, Alan for May and Nancy for June.  Shirley and Bev have volunteered to be the phoning committee to see who will be attending each week, then let the monthly chairman know, who will in turn order the food for the week.   Greg, George and Bert will move the cabnets etc over.  Mary has a tea kettle and Nancy has a tea pot to donate.

No auction item tonight.

Andrea  is setting up an out of the cold weather clothing drive, Becky will oversee it for our club, whoever can donate scarves, gloves, coats, etc, bring to the meeting next week.

February 6, no meeting, Feb 9 fireside at Nancy's, Roger to provide Indian meal,  Feb. 13 meeting at new location, March 23 Daybreak's Crabfest and the Kamoops Foundation Dinner, May 2-5 District Conference here in Kamloops.

Bert lead toast to Rotary and to the Queen

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

President Becky called the meeting to order at North Shore Community Center.  Dinner was served by Jam-Can.

Speakers were Colleen & Brent from Elizabeth Fry Society who spoke on their housing and plans for a Women's Second Stage Housing, a transitition house for 2-3 years for women and children, at the moment it is only for 1-6 months.   In 2011 there were 1167 homeless people, mostly women and children who 'couch surf".  Their fundraiser will be May 30 at the Colombo Lodge...."Hearts for Homes".

Club business:  George presented an income and expense sheet that shows the cost of meals and the revenue we generate for them, an almost $4,000 loss for the year.  We have to guarantee 16 plates plus $50 room fee.  Judy and Sandy are looking into alternate places.  Paul volunteered the basement of the Kamloops Immigrant Services.  Sandy and Judy will check it out and have proposals for next week.   Another thought is just to eliminate the food.  This year we are short for the exchange student program as well, as typically we use the golf tourniment money for this, but this year we are committed to spending 50% locally.

Black Ball Draw:  Roger drew red.

Happy Bucks included a 7th great grandchild for Jack, Terri's daughters broken wrist, and Don who is now looking after speakers and would appreciate any leads.

The executive meeting on Monday night had a passed motion that we transer an extra $6,000 from our ING account to cover our deficite. ($7,000 was transferred earlier to donate to the Kamloops Foundation).  Sandy McKinley moved that we transfer $6,000, Greg Reid seconded and motion carried.

We are having a Fireside on Feb. 9 (Saturday), at Nancy's with East Indian meal provided by Roger, open for members, spouses and guests.  There will be no meeting Feb 6 because of this.

Everyone please get their criminal records check, Becky has the official letter to give to RCMP.





Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Dec 19, 2012

President Becky Clements handed the meeting over to Sandy McKinley who conducted it using Roberts Rules of Order.

She presented the slate for 2013-2014, asked each position three times, and declared the following positions filled:

Past President:  Becky Clements

President:  Judy Treherne

President Elect:  Roger Plested

Vice President:  Alan Dodd

Secretary:  Nancy MacKinnon

Treasurer:  Terri MacLennan

Membership:  Roger Plested

Service:  Sandi McKinley

New Generations:  Jack Sabey

Public Relations:  Mary Campone

International:  Don Fraser


Administration and Foundation were not filled.  Alan will help and maybe the executive can work with him for Administration, and Judy will approach people to fill the Foundation chair.

Nancy MacKinley as secretary casted one vote to close the slate. 

Sandy McKinley moved to adjourn, Roger Plested seconded.  Motion to adjourn carried.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Dec 19, 2012

Pesident Becky welcomed everyone, dinner was Chinese food tonight.

No meeting last week, as we had the Christmas pot luck at Mary's.

Re motion from two weeks ago, Motion carried to lift off the table.   Sandy motioned and Alan seconded.  Motion to change rotation of meeting to semi-monthly.  Becky has checked into it more and all references to proceedures to say that there must be weekly meeting, except for special occurances.   She recommends tht we defeat the motion and continue the weekly meetings as per Rotary protocall. Motion was defeated.

Sandy McKinley moved and Becky Clements seconded that we not have a meeting Dec 26 and January 02, motion carried.

Becky closed the regular meeting, and turned it over to Sandy McKinley to run the election of officers for 2013-2014.

Roger gave invitation for fireside, at Nancy's on Saturday Feb 9, he will teach how to cook an Indian meal as well.

Mary drew a blue marble in the black ball draw.

Greg donated a bottle of his wine to the auction, won by Sandi.

Becky will send Chrisitmas greetings via e-mail to our outbound Leah, and everyone signed a card to give to Jack who will put it would a gift for Bruna.  She is moving to Terri's on January 28.

Next executive meeting at Nancy's at 5pm on Monday January 7.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

Posted by Sandy McKinley on Dec 05, 2012

President Becky called the meeting to order.

Introduction of guests:  Lynda Watson from Daybreak and Claire Ferguson (outgoing student 2012-2013).

A video of Rocking the Vest, discussion on viability.

Moved by Sandy McKinley that we have meetings the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, seconded by Alan Dodd.  Moved by Roger Plested, seconded by Jack Sabey that we talbe the motion to Dec. 19 meeting, carried

Y Peacekeeper award presented the club.

Blackball was won by our guest Lynda Watson.

Don did talk and showed video of the tube wells in Bangledesh.  OUr club donated $2000, district 5060 donated $2000, with other clubs the amount totaled $20800.  One tube well will provide for 200 people.  All wells are 5 times better than World Health recomendation.

Becky handed out criminal records checks to be done soon.

meeting adjorned 6:50pm



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

President Becky called the meeting to order at North Shore community Center, dinner was chinese food.

Rotary moment:  it is Foundation month, and have to donate in November to get a tax receipt for this year.

Becky read from a blog from our out-bound Leah, who is in Italy..."close your eyes...and appreciate where you are".

Wednesday Dec. 12 there will be no regular meeting, but a pot luck at Mary's.

Jail and Bail last week netted Becky $2,392, and close to $92,000  in total for the United Way.

This Saturday is Manhatton Nights at the Colombo Lodge.

Speaker:  Tim McLeod on Tranquille Farm.  He came to the project 5 years ago, and they live on site.  They are building a new town on top of the 'old town' which has been a ranch, sawmill, canning factory, flour mill, wintering horses, and mining for gold, platinum and rubies!  It was actually the start of the gold rush!  They started the garden this year, with 3 families, and had 10,000 people tour through this year, touring the farm, garden, buildings and the corn maze.  They have approval for development, and want to restore the old cottages, to make them new inside.  There will be 4,000 people over the next 25 years that will live will be a farming town with jobs, and businesses.  Public access is part of it, with 5 acres given to the city for a park, and there will be a permanent boat launch, not marina.  May 13 will be a vintage car rally.

Wenda from the Echo reported that the North Shore BIA is in transition, there is the Light Up of Spirit Square at Wilson House this year, at 4:30 on Thursday Nov. 29, with carollers from North Hills mall to Wilson House, where there will be a mixer and celebration, and silent auction for Janet Whitehead.  Need $500 for lights for the trees at Wilson House, the city will put up the tree, but not the lights.

Happy dollars included Alan Dodd who went to a Rotary club in Japan and got a banner.

Bert: has tickets for McQueen Lake until Tuesday.

Black Ball Draw:  Nancy drew a white marble

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

Regular meeting at North Shore Community Center, with dinner of Pizza,

Faye Fransson rejoined our club after an absence of several years....Welcome back!!

Speaker was Paul from Kamloops Immigrant Services.  He is a member of the downtown club but would like

to join us as they have just taken over the old ANAVETS building on Tranquille and would be much more



Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Nov 07, 2012

President Becky was away, so the meeting was split between Judy and Teri as acting presidents.  The meal tonight was Chinese.

Speaker was Vince from Compass, about Canadian Registered Disability Savings Plan, Canada Disability Savings Grant and Canada Disability Savings Bond.    Service Canada has the forms, and the banks do it financial end of it   It was started in 2008, and you have to be 49 or less this year as you must keep the money in a minium of 10 years, and must start taking it out at age 60.  Any permanently disabled person or their sponcer can apply for it if they are under a certain income.  The government will deposit $3 for every $1contributed, can have up to $200,000 lifetime contribution.    Compas staff are available to answer our RDSP questions and help you complete your RDSP application at 1-877-287-7655.


Black Ball Draw:  Nancy drew rust :(

unhappy bucks:  Nancy has sent out a sympathy card to Judy (her father passed away), Faye (her husband passed away) and will send a card to Bev (her daughter passed away).


Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.  meeting adjorned.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Oct 24, 2012

President Becky presided over the meeting at North Shore Community Center.  Dinner by Jam-Can Restaurant.

Speakers were Dean Russell Currie and Development Officer John Zubak of Thompson Rivers Universtity School of Business and Economics.

Black Ball Draw:  Bert drew BLACK and won $50, will donate it to Kamloops Foundation.

Happy Bucks:  included Bert who has tickets for McQueen Lake foundraiser.

No quarm at the executive meeting last night, our reserves prevent us getting gaming money, so need to distribute, Motion to transer $7000 to Kamloops Foundation (we have almost $30,000 in ING).  At executive Sandy McKinley had motioned, and Sandra O'Neill seconded, Bert Malfair seconded here, Abstained by Ross Parkin for conflect of interest, motion passed.

We give $2115 to West Club for the sanitation project, can be from International, but want to supliment from ING to INternational.  Motioned by Sandy McKinley , Judy Teherne  seconded to transer money from ING for this, Terri MacLennan seconded tonight, carried.

3 Donation requests:A. Paart Program, $500 to run the prgram if they secure the balance, non gaming,  motioned from executive...., seconed by Ross Parkin, carried.

B.  Toys for Kids, $1000 from gaming  for a cardiac monitor for Peds, motion from executive, Seconded by Mary, carried.

C.  Kamloops Symphony Orchestra: renovation, $2500 Platanium sponcer, to co-sponcer a studio, gaming elegable, motioned in executive, seconded by Nancy MacKinnon, carried.

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen., meeting adjorned.

no meeting next Wednesday.....Halloween

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

President Becky hosted the meeting at North Shore Community Center, dinner by John Bierman with a salmon dinner.

Becky played a computor generated video of Rotary Foundation project during dinner.

Guest:  Jack's guest was Sterling Agar of CIBC, and our Bruna.

guest speaker was not able to make it.

Today is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Mary gave out books of tickets for McQueen Lake, 8 tickets per book, at $50 per ticket, with a $25 tax donation receipt.  It will be held on  Dec. 1.

Foundation:  Becky had a box of Girl Guide Cookes, won by Roger.

Black Ball Draw:  Ross drew a green marble.

Ross lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen to end the meeting.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Oct 10, 2012

President Becky opened the meeting at North Shore Community Centre, dinner was by Mino's
Guests were several people from the West club, promoting their Manhattan Night fundraiser, and David and Malke from BC Securities
Judy with Foundation:  UN General assembly voted to End Polio, and Rotary has added $75 million to that end.
Announcements:  Oct 21 @4pm is Roteracts Haunted House at Value Village, by donation.  Judy and Becky are going for training on Oct 24+25.
Nov. 5 Aurora and Daybreak host Spagetti Western, tickets are $55, NOv 5 is Chefs in the City by Downtown.
Cancel meeting for Halloween Oct 31
Dec. 1 is our McQueen Lake, tickets out soon.
Ross passed out papers on the June golf touriment, each club gets $7,551.96 plus $1,304.16 to foundation....a great amount raised concidering all the rain that day.
Manhattan NIghts:  tickets are $90 each, you have to be there to win, Chris Angel's MInd Freak producer will be there with illusions, Jack Knox is MC, Kamloops City Rockettes will dubute.
Downtown Club:  Chefs in the City NOv 5 from 6-8pm with 18 restaurants up at 3 rooms of TRU, samples of food, wine and beer, tickets $60 each.

Speakers:  Be Fraud Aware by to learn the warning signs of what to look so you don't get ripped off before investing, and check on companies at  Fraudsters especially target pre-retirees and after a death.
Raffle:  flowers and a RogersChocolate that Nancy brought, won by guest Jim Piederman.
Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Oct 10, 2012

meeting was presided over by President Becky, turkey dinner by Jam-Can Cafe, with everyone telling something that they were thankful for.
guests:  Mary's guest was Pam Brockington, and our student Bruna.
Congratulations to everyne for ticket sales for the raffle!
Foundation:  Judy...Polio month, there is an emergency plan to finish off the last 3 countries, extraordinary methods to finish.
Bert can't go the TRU Foundation breakfast, so Sandra and George will go...Oct 18 at 7:30am
Black ball draw:  Ross drew green
Bert:  road clean up this Saturday, volunteers were himself, Greg, Nancy and Bruna
Becky:  upcoming events:  Nov 3 is Spagetti Western by Aurora, Nov 22 the West 'travel" to Manhatton fundraiser, and Dec 1 is McQueen Lake.
raffle:  Don donated a bottle of wine and opener, won by Nancy.
toast to Rotary and to the Queen by Greg,
meeting adjorned.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 26, 2012

President Becky is away so acting president Alan welcomed everyone to North Shore Community Center, dinner from Moon Wok tonight.
George welcomed Brian MacKinnon, our exchange student Bruna, Sherry Chamberlain and Don Montgomery.
Happy Bucks, including Alan who announced that the food bank drive collected 58,000 pounds of food on Saturday, the most yet.
Aurora club has taken over the Spaghetti Western as Daybreak tired after the Rib fest, they made $33,000 on the bar!
Duncan and Marie are off the check the weather in Mexico for 3 months, and Don and Sandy are off to South Pacific and New Zealand for 2 months.
Black Ball, Teri drew a red marble.
Program:  Sherry Chamberlain introduded Dan Montgomery, who have a presidentation on what is being built in Nicaurogra including money we have donated to build latrines at two schools.  They need more help, have a work program Nov 21 - Dec 8.  anyone interested check out his web site of:
Youth exchange program:  have to decide if we are doing it by Sept 30, Aurora is not doing it this year.  Will cost the club $6,000.  Jack Sabey motioned that we support the student exchange program again next year.  Seconded by Don Fraser, carried

  sold 1058 tickets for $9330.  Approx. $1900 for the package, plus printing posters and tickets, so should make around $7,000.  Congratulations to all who sold tickets, Nancy's husband Brian sold 167 himself, a non-Rotarian!  Sherry Chamberlain made the draw, ticket #1060 to Trish Elliot of Kelowna.  Jack Sabey phoned her, she was shocked and delighted!

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queeen, meeting adjorned

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 19, 2012

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 12, 2012

President Becky welcomed everyone, dinner by Mino's tonight.
Guests are our DG and his wife, Asst DG Andrea, and Bruna our exchange student.
Becky presented Jacquie with flowers, and turned out yellow roses where her favorite.
Doug pointed out guests to a club is like dating, you won't get married right after first date, and you don't have to invite someone to join right away, have them come to a few meetings, and few fun socials or work parties first.
Assisstant District Governor introduced DG Doug Everett, the son for a baker, a career educator, have 2 children and 5 grandchildren, and Jacquie sells MaryK and oversees Miss Chase Excellance.
the Power of Partnership is what the May conference is about.  Chase only has 16 members, so have partnered with the 5 Kamloops Clubs to hold the conference and have fun, excitement and learning.  
Rotary has partnered with lots of world organizations as many projects are too large to do ourselves, such as the eradication of polio.  Many people today do not know what polio is like, but important to keep on vaccinating to ensure it does not happen again.
Peace through service:  everyone has different definition of what peace is.  The more people and groups involved in a project the larger it can be and the more to share in the success.
Is the club a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset?  How does your club handle challenges, important to creative a vision, communicate change, celebrate your efforts and take action, and celebrate current achievments, improve.
Bruna has started at Norkam where there are lots of other exchange students, so has to make herself known to them, and went to Penticton for meeting with other students.
Black Ball:  Duncan drew a blue one.
Jack:  there are 37 exchange students in the district, but not all here yet.
Sylvia:  Now have a third of the tickets returned, and no meeting next week, so whoever can should drop them off at her office if possilbe, open 8:30 -5, closed for lunch.
If the winner does not take the airfare we will reiumurse them $400 each plus $100 for the car rental, if hockey is on strike they will get $75 each back so would be $1050 cash back if they drove and no hockey game.
This Saturday is McQueen lake 40th anniversary, and everything will be there for the volunteers for the bbq.
Judy will drop off the maps for the food bank pick up next Saturday the 22nd, at Kamloops Florist for everyone to pick up.
Auction:  Alan donated a bottle of Quail's gate wine, won by Don Fraser.
Becky got an e-mail from our outgoing student Leah's mom, she is safely in Italy, and has seen where George Clooney lives, she has a blog.
Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 05, 2012

President Becky opened the meeting at North Shore Community Center.
Speaker tonight was Const. George Buttles who passed around criminal records check forms.  They will soon be revising them, they cost $40 and the application is good for 3 months.  Becky will look into who actually has to have it done, will check with Rotary for compliance.
Next Wednesday DG Doug Everett and his wife are attending, so executive meeting is defered from tomorrow night to 4pm next week.
Bert:  40th anniversary of McQueen Lake, need volunteers to cook hotdogs from noon till 1:30: George, Bert, Don, Greg and Roger.
TRU annual fundraising breakfast is Oct. 18.
Sept. 22 is the food drive, no meeting on the 19th.
Silvia on raffle tickets:  12 books have been turned in, and just covers cost so far.
Mary:  Kamloops This Week will put in 5 advertisements for free; and the Echo will advertise, we have to do the stuffing.
Alan and Becky will go to West club for lunch tomorrow to sell tickets.
Black Ball Draw:  Jack Van Aert didn't get the black ball.
Happy Bucks and Raffle:  Sylvia donated a bottle of Harpers Trail wine, won by Alan.
Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queeen,
meeting adjourned.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 29, 2012

President Becky opened the meeting at North Shore Community Center,
Sandy as acting treasurer tonight, introduced guests:  Rob Creaser (host parent), Bruna our new student, Argin Singh (Downtown club), Dona Kobayashi (West club) and Doreen Monson from Downtown club.
Jack gave words of wisdom:  THINK......T-is it true H-is it helpful I-will it inspire N-is it necessary K-is it kind?
dinner tonight was John Bierman's roast chicken and potato scallop .
Judy spoke on foundation re youth exchange.
Becky formally introduced Bruna who is from Brazil, and presented her with our banner.  She has 2 sisters on her Dad's side, and 2 sisters on her Mom's side, she is the oldest.
Becky's first induction ceremony:  Sandy McKinley sponcered Jack Van Aert.
Don on international:  they had a meeting and considered 3 projects and decided on going with Kamloops West to build latrines and wash basins for 2 elementary schools in N. Nicauragra.  Don Fraser moved and Bert Malfair seconded to donate $2115 to this partnership project for the coming year, motion carried.
Black ball draw:  Shirley drew green.
Raffle:  Denise brought in bottle of wine and cute holder, won by Bert.
Becky will contact the tv station as Mary has approached them re raffle ticket sales, and she and Jack will go to a couple Rotary make-ups to sell tickets.
Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen, meeting adjorned.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 22, 2012

President Becky opened the meeting at North Shore Community Center....just over 10 months to go under her presidency!
Jack is the only guest tonight.
Judy:  foundation:  Every Rotarian Every Year supports education.  She read out a letter to support Canadian government doing an annual $35 million committment to End Polio Now, just put in Cathy McLeod, pm's  e-mail address and send on the template letter.  Her e-mail address is:
Happy Bucks included Don Fraser who put in $10 and read a letter to say that the Sucre project has come to a successful conclusion!  Cape Town is on track and the Banglidesh project is good.
George said without billing anyone, all but 5 have paid this year's dues.
Black Ball Draw:  starting over at $50 after Jack's win last week.  Mary drew a yellow marble.
Becky:  announcements:  Thank you card from Marlis, one of our bursery winners; TRU has $21,950 as of March 31, with $878 to distribute.  Judy reminded us that we stopped doing top-ups.
"little known facts" some have been turned in.
Welcome to Jack Van Aert, our new member
Our new incoming student Bruna arrives tomorrow around 11:30am, the Creasy's are her first host family.
Auction item:  Nancy brought a fresh arrangment of flowers, won by Sylvia, who gave it to Sandy.
Don asked anyone interested in international to stay behind for a quick meeting.

Toast to Rotary and to the Queeen by Greg,
meeting adjorned.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 15, 2012

ok, will try this again, got to the 'submit' and it timed out on me, so one more chance!
President Becky opened the meeting at North Shore Community Center, dinner was catered by Mino's.
George introduced guests:  Stan Fyke who introduced his wife Faye and their friends Bryan & Monique; Leah is our outbound student, Faye Fransson who will be rejoining us, and Nancy's husband Brian.
Guest Speaker:  Stan Fyke on CRCID and the magic of leveraging. (see more notes below)
Sandy McKinley moved that we support the memorial that RI support allowing tution and supplies for up to  grade 12 or equivilant, not just elementary grades.  Terri MacLelland seconded, motion carried.
Sandy mentioned that we need a new international committee and to bring recommendations to the club.  Jack and Judy volunteered, and probably Sandy will join them.
Sylvia:  43 out of 60 books are in circulation.  Becky and Jack will do the West lunch on Thursday.
New member proposal:  one more week, then can admit the applicant.
Rib Fest:  Greg, Nancy and Brian, Becky worked at it, RCMP very happy with it, only one incident, someone tried to steal a box of ribs.  Kamloops sold more on Friday than Edmonton did in 2 days!
Black Ball:  Jack drew the black ball.....congratulations!  $420 won.
Auction item from Shirley, gift card to Cineplex, won by Nancy

Leah:  going to Italy, on swiss Italian boarder, will be 36 hours of travel from Seattle-Chicago-Frankfurt-Milan then 4 hours car ride.
Greg lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 08, 2012

President Becky welcomed everyone, no guests tonight.
Judy has accepted the position of foundation chair for this year.  thank you Judy.
Judy read a few notes on foundation:  the mission is to enable goodwill and peace in the world.  Annual giving has a focus on 6 areas that the money goes towards.
John Eierman is catering again, Eastern European perogies!
Black Ball draw: Greg did not draw black, only 3 marbles left.
No speaker tonight, next week is Stan Fyke.
Becky has passed around 'fun fact' sheets for little known bits about people.
Greg, Jack, Becky, Judy, Brian and Nancy will all be helping at Rib Fest this weekend.....they will take more volunteers.
Becky read mail:  Thank you from summer school of music for $1,000 bursary; from TRU the Marvin Stone Memorial Bursary is at $24,360 and will give out just under $1,000.
Becky told the group that the 'Center will be charging out at $25 an hour, so average meeting will cost $50 now, plus meal costs which range from $17-20 incl tax and tip.  We will be having some work functions instead of regular meetings.  She will post it on the website and have a callendar at the meetings.
Proposal card for new member:  Jack Van Aert.
There is a training weekend at Spirit Ridge on Oct 26 and 27.
Nominations for Dist. Gov for 015-16 are open.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 01, 2012

No regular meeting today, instead had a catered dinner by Passick's Classics down at the Rotary Bandshell at Music in the Park,
to mark the end of Judy's year as president, and year as acting president. 
the only business was about the raffle, and Judy gave out books of tickets. 
Sandy McKinley motioned, Don Fraser seconded to accept the budget as presented, including the advertising, motion carried.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 26, 2012

Acting president Alan Dodd opened the meeting at North Shore Community Center, guest was Brian MacKinnon.
Dinner was served from AAEG.
Happy dollars:  included Mary Campone who is glad to be back after 2 months away babysitting.
Black Ball:  Bert Malfair drew the blue one, only 4 to go!
Jim Anderson from Daybreak need volunteers for the Rib Fest, sign up on web site, Aug 10-12, clean up on the Monday.
Guest Speaker Roster:  JudyTreherne will do it for 3 months, until end of September.
Community Gardens:  Crestline needs improvement, prehaps a club project?
Jack Sabey:  sports and cultural weekend:  3 nights at RoseDale on Robson, 2 tickets to Carrie Underwood, 2 tickets to Canucks with Oilers and 2 tickets to BC Lions, return airfare from Kamloops and 4 day car rental, value about $1800.  This is for just before Thanksgiving, Oct 4, 5 and 6.  Jack Sabey moved, Bert Malfair seconded to apply for a licence to do this raffle, motion carried.  The cut-off will be Sept 24 and draw at our meeting on Sept. 26.  Jack Sabley will chair and Sandy McKinley will help.
Give Her The Boot Party:  Next Wednesday at 6pm, at Rotary Bandshell at Riverside Park, Passicks Classics will cater.
Auction item:  Bert Malfair brought bottle of amaretto, won by Shirely Evans.

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
meeting adjourned.

anyone that is a regular reader will note that I have included the last names of everyone.....thinking in the future it might be better than the less official way I have been doing it.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 18, 2012

President Becky called the meeting to order at the North Shore Community Center, dinner was from Passek's Classic Cafe, an Asian theme meal.

Guests were Jack Van Arc and Karen Rosinke, our speaker

Words of Wisdom by Roger

Guest speaker:  Karen Rosinke from Interior Community Services, one of their close to 50 programs is the community gardens.  They began with 134 and now have 327 plots at 8 community gardens, all different sizes, all organic, and cost $30 a plot, which you get back if they are properly cleaned up at the end.  The largest is at Parkcrest and the smallest plots are at Glenfair, where they are all raised beds and are wheelchair and scooter accessable.
She had a power point presentation  to show all the many volunteers it takes, including the KRCC who have done a lot of work.   Vancouver per capata has the largest amount of community gardens, but we were written up in the Globe and Mail recently.  They have a 3 year goal which includes sharing back yard gardens, enchanse the exhisting gardens, and more education and workshops.  Last year they had 14 canning kitchens.  Old laundry tubs work great for raised beds.

Black Ball:  Bert drew yellow...down to 5 marbles....and yes, there is a black one in there!

Happy bucks, including Bert who organized the clean up the road last weekend, with George, Greg and Darlene (the better half)

Reminder:  dues have increased to $200 and are now due and payable.

Jack is still looking into a sports and entertaiment weekend raffle, a few other ideas circulated.

Sept 22 is the Food Bank Drive, so no meeting that Wednesday before.

Auction item:  Becky had 2 tickets for Romeo and Juliet for tuesday July 31...won by Bert

Give Judy the Boot Party...Judy will look up a couple dates for Music in the Park, and have a pot luck.  Will send out notice to the membership.

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
meeting adjorned.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 11, 2012

President Becky's first official meeting as president for 2012-2013, she called the meeting to order at North Shore Community Center.
supper was provided by Passeks Classic Cafe for great pulled pork etc dinner.
Becky read from Anna's face book wall, thanking everyone for her great time in Canada.  She left yesterday, had several members out to see her off.

At the last executive meeting it was decided to increase dues from $180 to $200, first increase in years, and many clubs have much higher dues.  Bert motioned from the floor to increase dues to $200 per year, Jack seconded, carried.    Our club subsidises meals as we have to guarantee at least 15 meals for the caterer, at the White Spot we only had to pay for those that actually ate.

Foundation stats:  15 out of our 22 members are Every Rotarian Every Year, averaging $118.

Wednesday Sept. 12 our District Governor Doug Everett and his wife will be making the annual visit, there will be a 4:15 exectutive that day.

Guest speakers:  Judy will do it for the first quarter (to the end of September), need volunteers to help with this.

Jack has looked into several ways to have the Sports and Entertainment pkg again this year, but only 2 events, not 3 due to timing.  Motion by George to do a fundraiser similar to last years, Ross seconded, carried. 

Black ball draw is $412, George drew a rust coloured marble.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

no meeting today, instead a pot luck at Bob and Sandra's to say goodbye to Anna.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 20, 2012

Sandy was acting president as Judy and Becky both away tonight.

Food was provided tonight by AAEG, Agriculture Aboriginal Education Society, to train young aboriginal cooks....was a very good meal.
John Bierman was the chef/ contact him phone 250-852-1759 or e-mail:

Guests were Anna, Laura Atkinson, Bodie Shandro and Sandra's friend Nadine from England.

Bodie of "Surfit" or "walking on water" stand up paddling is the fastest growing sport in the world, gives independance, freedom and ease of use as the boards are only 20 pounds.  The oldest he has coached is 82 years and the heavest person was 328 pounds, and all the almost one thousand people he has helped have managed to stand on the boards.  You start on dry land, the boards are 10-14' long and 32" wide, and he holds classes for seniors too.  As of May now have to wear a PFD.  He has a vehicle that holds 12 boards so can bring them where ever people want to use them.  He had to leave early as was hosting a summer solstic boarding on Heffley Lake.

Sandy had everyone around the table say what they think their greatest atribute is, instead of words of wisdom.
Golf Tourniment:  Ross will call Doug tomorrow.
International:  42 tube wells in Bangladesh, waiting for reply from Haven of Hope, and wrote a stronger worded letter to Secure.
Convention in Penticton:  Terri, Judy, Becky, Sandy and Don all attended, too many speakers, but a real empathis on youth.
Installation:  thank you to Nancy for the flower donation, Becky for the program, and Don and Nancy for manning the front door.
Black Ball draw:  Nadine drew Sandy's ticket....purple.
Jack has been looking into the Vancouver Sports Weekend, no concert to include this year, but prehaps 2 dinners instead.
Jack is looking for another host family for this coming year, probably over the Christmas time or the end of the year.
Next weekour speakers will be the student from Rotary youth leadership and the student we sent to Ottawa.
No meeting the week after, will be the pot luck going away for Anna, at Sandra and Bob's.
No auction tonight.
Bert did the toast to Rotary and to the Queen..
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

June 6 was the big (rainy) Rotary Golf at Rivershore, so no meeting as so many were working at the golf tourniment.

June 13 was installation of officers at Storm's Restaurant.  Becky Clements is our new president and she and her team were installed by dg elect Doug Everett.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on May 30, 2012

In the absence of President Judy, the meeting was chaired by Alan Dodd at the North Shore Community Center, and the meal was chinese food.
Becky encouraged whoever has not donated to Foundation yet this year, to get their donations in soon.
The golf tourniment for next Wednesday is sold out!!
Black ball draw:  Bev drew a white marble.
Happy Bucks:  included Sandy who had an unhappy buck re a huge car rental repair bill for a client, and Terri who had a time getting Pat out of the house for lunch because of all the animals!
Terri has now given timers for the lights in trees to Butler and to the Hotel, and our Rotary ad is in the new North Shore booklette.
Auction:  Shirely brought in brown bag of white Pino Grigio Quail"s Gate wine, won by Roger.

No meeting here for 2 weeks:  next Wednesday is the golf tourniment and June 13 is the installation of officers at Storms on the River, cocktails 6pm and dinner at 6:30.

Bert did toast to Rotary and to the Queen, meeting adjorned.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on May 23, 2012

President Judy opened the meeting at the North Shore Community Center, dinner was by Mino"s.
Welcome and introduction of outgoing student, going to Italy and leaves by first of September, our student Anna who was just on the bus trip, our speaker Wayne Deptuck and Agnes Hample.

Guest Speaker:  Wayne Deptuck from McQueen Lake, he is a resource teacher there.  In the last 9 years they have invested $600,000 in building and upgrading including an inventive toilet system and solar power. There are 8 cabins, plus a heritage cabin and have students as well as user groups such as weddings.  He showed his new electronic system to get the students attention, it sure got our attention, we all want to go tour the interperative walks there and at Isobel Lake,
and are adding Pass Lake , and camping at Isobel Lake, trying to get away from the ATVs and be environmentally responsible.  McQueen Lake's 40th anniversary this year and there will be an open house during the day and a dinner.

Sandra drew a white ball for the Black Ball Draw.

Happy Bucks:  included Don is back from teaching young children at a school in Camboidia, weather was brutal at plus 40 every day with 98% humidity and no air conditioning!

 Ross:  everyone will be getting calls, have 65 volunteers for Rotary Golf, so far have 80 lined up, can have 144.  Terri will bring in the yellow shirts next Wednesday so everyone can wear them on the day....2 weeks today.

Installation meeting June 13 at Storms.

Rotary foundation auction:  2 tickets to Cineplex, won by Shirley.
Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the queen.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on May 09, 2012

President Judy opened the meeting at the North Shore Community Center, dinner was catered by Chapters Viewpoint.
Welcome and intorduction of guests:  Caroline Bouwmeester, Faye Fransson, and Sandy's guest Jack Van Aert.
Rotary Moment:  Mary was not there yet so Judy read an article on Haitti and how Rotary foundation helps.
Guest speaker:  Jennifer Jones and Lisa from PAART:  Physical Activities and the ARTs.  It is an extra-curricular programme to help develop students self-esteme.  They bring in an athelet or artist each day, as well as positive adult influence.  They have been doing this on Saturdays, but now want to do the program for July.  They focus on grade 4 through 6 and have great success, with 25 - 38 students at any one time, they are from AE Perry, Parkcrest and Kay Bingham schools.  Unfortunately they are not elegible for gaming money and we have used up the supply of contingency funds.
Black Ball Draw won by Mary who drew green.
Business meeting:
Club meeting schedule: Sandy moved to cancel June 6meeting due to golf tourniment, Terri seconded, carried and June 13 will be the installation of officers at Storms restaurant.  Judy has organized the menu and place, and Sandy will organize the will be $30.
Donations:  Ross motioned and Bert seconded to donate to the Salvation Army camp for 3 students at $375 each, and the Summer School of Music to help kids who can't afford it from gaming, both carried.
Planning...continuation at the end of June.  Terri and Sandy have done up a callendar with dots to show all the days we have Rotary work of one sort or the other, and does not include the hosting of exchange students.
International Update:  Bangladesh now has 6 wells completed.  Secre is not complete afterall as RI is not satisfied
Foundation Auction:  Denise gave a gas card, which was won by Sandy's guest he has to come back and bring a gift, good plan Sandy!
Upcoming Events:
District Conference is May 31 to June 3....Terri is going to build a kite, needs a carpenter to help with the frame.  Alan is going to help.  Have to take wine for the hospitality room.
Youth Exchange bus trip this MOnday May 14, Sandy can't take any afterall.
Golf Tourniment June far Becky and Ross have a team in it, and we need at least 3 from the club, as well as the volunteers.  Ross, George and Judy will do a display of McQueen Lake to use at the golf Tourniment

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

President Judy opened the meeting at the North Shore Community Center and a supper of chinese food.

lots of guests tonight:  Mandeep Johal going to RLYA, Doug McLeod, Mark & Donna Bertoli, Faye Fransson, Jim Dahl & Dr. Don Fonte and our Anna.
Mary was away so no Rotary Moment tonight.

Guest Speaker:  Jim Dahl with Rotary Foundation Awareness Project:  He is on a motorcycle (2004 BMW) trek from Ketchikan Alaska to the southern states and intends to stop at least 100 Rotary clubs to encourage each club to give at least $1000 to the Rotary Foundation.  HIs friend, a retired orthopedic surgeon is following in a van. He had a slide show and gave a talk on all the different things foundation money pays for that makes such a huge difference in the lives of people world wide.  Go to to donate......every gift does a world of good!

Happy bucks:
Black Ball Draw:  won by Becky, who drew green.

Rotary Golf Tournament:  Mark Bertoli and Doug McLeod presented a cheque from last year for $5,335 and detailed what was going to be happening at his year's which will be held on June 6...there will be a huge need for volunteers to get this golf tourniment to be as good as it can be, and be a 'wow' tourniment.
The challenge is out to get the hightest number of non-Rotarians by percentage, and the winner gets a trophy.

Rotary Foundation Auction:  gift pack of Alaska beer and book and raffle ticket donated by Jim Dahl, and won by Duncan.
RYLA:  Mandeep is from India, and is in first semister at TRU and will be going to Naramada.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 25, 2012

President Judy and our ADG Andrea Inwards  lead discussion on what we value about Rotary, what are our projects, what are our Fund Raising activities and where we see the club going in the future....two main features everyone agreed on was the fellowship within the club and giving back to our community and to the world.  Serious discussion and some light hearted moments as well!  (as Bert shows off the star on his heart!)
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 21, 2012

Our club picked up food in the Westsyde area....sunny beautiful day to be out volunteering!
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 11, 2012

President Judy called the meeting to order at North Shore Community Center after a  chinese dinner was eaten.
Welcome to vistor Dona Kobayashi and our student Anna.
Rotary Moment by Mary on' Hope'.
Happy Bucks including Don Fraser off to Cambodia, Anna off to Naramada with other Rotary students, and this Sunday she goes from Becky's to Denises's, and Pat Tolman is in the hospital. 
Black Ball draw:  Mary drew a yellow marble.

Motion by Terri, Seconded by Bert that We grant request from South Sahali Elementary PAC for $1500 from gaming, to go toward playground equipment, Carried.
DARE program was given a $250 donation to shared Rotary project.

Choose dates for Socail Events:
Terry will connect with George and Peter to decide on date for NSBIA and Kamloops North Rotary for wine and cheese.
Instalation of Officers, Chocolate Night & Paul Harris Award......Judy will check at Storms Restaurant.
Give Her The Boot:  in Judy out at Nancy's at the Lake

RYLA ...Jack motioned and Mary seconded to support young person from Kamloops Downtown Club as they have too many and we don't have any, motion carried.

Upcoming Events:
Food Bank Drive...April 21 from 10am to 2pm
Club Focus Session:  April 25 from 5-9pm...everyone should attend and bring their recommendations
Rotary Golf Tournament:  June 6 need volunteers from 3 hours to all day.
District Conference:  May 31 to June 3rd
Youth Exchange Bus Trip:  May 14  from 5:30pm to 8am, provide bed and dinner and breakfast

Rotary Foundation Auction:  Judy re-donated large bottle of Bailey's, won by Jack, so redonated it, won by Bert.
Bert offered up the toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
meeting adjourned.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Apr 04, 2012

President Judy opened the dinner meeting, which was from Mino's tonight, at North Shore Community Center.

Becky introduced guests:  Terri's friend Becky, our guest speaker September, Dona Kobayashi, and our student Anna.

Rotary Moment:  Mary reminded that it is magazine month, and read a piece about "Peace".

Happy bucks: including George back from New Zealand, Sandy getting a Mustang convertable, Alan and Duncan finishing the cupboards at People in Motion, and nice lunch with Pat on Saturday.

Guest speaker:  September Kuromi of Social Fire (see below)

Upcoming events:
Food Bank Drive....April 21 from 10-2
Executive meeting....tomorrow (April 5) at Kamloops Florist at 5pm
Club Focus Session...April 25 from 5-9pm
Rotary Golf Tournament...June 6....need everyone to help!
District Conference....May 31 - June 3 in Penticton
Youth Exchange Bus Trip....May 14.....need host families to pick them up around 5:30, give them supper and breakfast and back to bus by 8am

Rotary Foundation Auction:  Terrie donated a bottle of Bailey"s, won by Judy.

Lights in Trees:  Terri had the report in 4 days early.  Just 6 trees left to do, probably the last weekend in April.

Bert lead in toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 28, 2012

..President Judy called the meeting to order at North Shore Community Center.

No Rotary Moment today.

Supper was chinese food tonight

Rotaract Presentation:  Brandon Thompson & Katrina Lund, 2 of their newest members gave a slide show and spoke about their 3 upcoming events:
Cinco de Mayo Murder Mystery on May 5: Camp Grafton on May 25-27 for youth leadership: and a July (or November) trip to Nicarargra.  The big fundraiser is the Murder Mystery, each ticket has a character on it that you are encouraged to dress as , tickets are $50 each and can be purchased from Cam at 250-819-5033 or Corey at 250-314-3106 ext 222.

Black Ball Draw:  Sandra drew a yellow marble.

Rotary Foundation Auction:  Tim Horton's gift card, won by Duncan!

Lights in Trees:  whoever can help please meet this Sunday April 1 at 12:30.

executive meeting at Kamloops Florist at 5:30 on Thursday April 5.

Ryla one yet.

International Update:  Sucre project...Don's diligence has paid off and now have enough paperwork and is submitted.

Food Bank Drive is Saturday April 21.
Duncan and Alan just have to put on doors at People in Motion.

Presentation by our student Anna  (see below for details).
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 21, 2012

President Judy opened the meeting at the North Shore Community Center after a work party to put the lights into the strings for the Lights in Trees project.
Welcome and Introductions:  our guest speaker Tangie Genshorek.
Rotary Moment:  Alan on behalf of Mary,  "Rotary changes people it helps, but it also changes Rotarians".
Guest speaker:  Tangie Genshorek, Homeless Action Plan  (see below for notes on talk).
Supper:  Pizza and salad from Panago
BlackBall Draw:  $287.50  Don drew a yellow marble.
Happy Bucks:
Rotary Foundation Auction:  a pair of mugs and a book mark from China with panda bears on it, won by Jack
Lights in Trees:  Terri :  have done 19 trees and 6 more to go, 17 members involved in come way.  Next are 4 trees in front of the Odd Fellows Hall, will leave it for this weekend and try for next weekend.  She has the report partially done.
District Conference:  Sandy will book 6 rooms, but everyone has to phone and pay for their own.  To rigister for the conference click on yor name after registering for home hosting, etc, THEN go back to pay, as it is very confusing.
Golf Tournament:  will need lots of volunteers this year, the meeting this morning was well attended by our club.
Club Focus Session:  April 21 from 5-9pm.
Closing:  Judy gave toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Mar 07, 2012

 Called to order at the NS Community Centre by president Judy.
Welcome and introduction of guests:  our student Anna
Foundation:  Mary away, but asked Alan to read about "Celebrating Foundation".
Supper was dinner from Minos.
Black Ball Draw:  Terri drew green.
Rotary Foundation Auction:  Nancy brought in a spring coloured fresh flower arrangment, won by Sandy MacKinley.
Announcements:  Strikes for Tykes: Jack raised $335
PETS:  Becky:  will start giving everyone one-on-one calls.
LIghts in Trees:  2 more trees done last Saturday, and Terri reset timers on two other trees.  She counted 13 more trees, and have enough lights to do 11.  Next work party on Sunday 2pm, meet at AB Car Sales.  She will rent a tall ladder and be ready.
Motion by Don, seconded by Sheri to transfer $2,000 from holding account back into International Account from the Haven of Hope dinner.  Carried.
Request from Sucre Club for $120.43 to complete project.  Andrea and the district are now involved, Andrea speaks Spanish and will try to make contact via Skyp to iron out details before we send more money.  Don will get e-mail contact addresses.
Speaker gifts:  Mary has ordered pens.
Public Relations:  Terri circulated a copy of "I Love the North Shore" where we are placing an ad for half of inside cover for around $500, with a link to rotating pictures of our projects.  They will print 7,000 copies.
District Conference:  our club in charge of youth exchange, and have volunteered Jack to be in charge of that.
Sandy has booked a block of rooms but we each need to pay our own.  The club will pay $100 for each person up to $1200 to attend the district conference, it is May 31 - June 2 in Penticton.  Next year it is May 2-5 here in Kamloops
Food Bank thank you cards, have been approved so we all will have to put these cards out whenever we pick up food.
FundRaising and Future Directions re Founds for Club:  Alan spoke about the need to list all our revenue, where does it come from, where does it go, what strings attatched.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 29, 2012

President Judy called the meeting to order at the North Shore Community Centre at 5:10pm

Mary read a Rotary Moment:  literacy, having a polio-free and peaceful world comes from yearly contributions, every year.

Welcome and introductions of guests:  our student Anna, and Lana Stengel our alternate outbound youth exchange, she is going to Citizanship in Ottawa.  She is from Germany, and has just become a Canadian, is active in volunteering, and wants to become a mortition.

Anna's report:  hopes to go to Abbotsford playing handball; she was in Vancouver with Becky last week.

Announcements/Business:  Golf Tournament...trying to make it valued golfing, and want to showcase to the community what we do with the money raised.

Lights in Trees:  Mary and Greg put lights in 2 trees last Sunday.  Names taken for workparty this Saturday.

Black Ball Draw:  $289.50  Greg drew a maroon-brown one.

Happy Bucks

Rotary Foundation Auction:  Judy won the coffee mug set.

Jack is looking after Strikes for Tykes for Big Brothers and Sisters for Monday March 12

Several members selling tickets to Kamloops Foundation dinner on March 31, trying to get a Rotary table together.

Closing:  Bert lead toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 22, 2012

President Judy called the meeting to order at North Shore Community Center, and had our dinner of soup, salad and sandwiches.
Rotary moment:  Mary on the object of Rotary as written in the Rotarian, and recited the four way test.
Welome and Introduction of guests by Ross in Becky's absence:  Our speaker Brenda, our student Anna, and Ben Anders.

Guest Speaker:  Brenda Prevost from Centre for Seniors Information.  their phone number is 778-470-6000 or by e-mail  For seniors (55 and over)   As well as the North Hills Mall they now have the Seniors Activity Center in Brock Shopping Center.  The ideas is to keep the brain active, as well as the body.  The Brock Center has activity area as well as a board room and meeting room which they rent out.  They have a new program on grief suppor, not only for death but for any grief brought on from moving, losing possessions, etc.  They are always looking for volunteers, drop in is Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm.

Golf Tournament Meeting:  this morning, 5 from our club turned out, largest showing of the clubs.  They still need comittee for silent auction and for the hole prizes.  They are still working on sorting out the money from last year, probably will be around $5,000, less the tent.  They have been doing this for 15 years, but about 30 competing tournaments now.
Lights in trees: Terrie cannot help this weekend, and last weekend turned out that we could have done it after cancelling due to weather.  Greg offered to have her drop off supplies to him, and he and whoever else can, will meet at the Wilson House at 12:30 on Sunday and do as many as they can.
Discussion about unrestricted funds at March 14 business meeting, so everyone think of what they would like to do.
Club Focusing Session:  our ADG Andrea has volunteered to help guide our club through a focusing session.
Black Ball Draw:  Shirley drew green.
Happy Bucks
Rotary Foundation Auction:  Judy brought a bottle of Australian Sheraz, Ross won it.
Bert gave toast to the Queen and to Rotary.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 15, 2012

President Judy opened the meeting at the North Shore Community Centre, as the food was ready we had the meal from Mino's first.
Rotary Moment:  Mary spoke on "having fun while helping others".
Guest Speaker:  Heather Brandon, exec director of People in Motion.  She has been there for 4 months, but People in Motion have been around since 1989.  25% of their members have learning delays, so they are gradually becoming a teaching life skills teaching how to bank, to use the bus, and to cook. They are grateful for the help from our club to make a functional kitchen.  Thre are 100 active members, 275 member famiy memers.  They sell disabled parking passes as a fund-raiser, and have a bus for disabled that they rent out for the day.  They want to raise the profile of the organization.  They will be visable when Rick Hanson comes to town on March 29, as part of "Difference Makers" at TRU.
Guests:  Stan Fyke, Ben Anders and our student Anna.
Golf Tournament Meeting have changed the date again, to Wed. Feb 22 at Whitespot in Sahali.
District Conference, have not had another meeting recently.
Lights in Trees:  Terri is organizing a work party, meet this Sunday at 12:30 at Wilson House.
Merritt Indoor Golf for Feb 25 have moved location as the Romada had a fire.
Happy Bucks
Black Ball Draw:  Sandra did not draw a black marble.
Foundation Auction:  $30 collected for a gas card, which Shirley won!
Stan Fike from Kamloops West spoke on partnership with his and other clubs in 2 projects:  Rotary Community Garden at Wilson House need Rotary members to build it, but not to maintain it or market it.
Also, a partnership with the city to plant trees, this year Grade 5 students will plant trees at the Slow Pitch Park at Rayleigh on Arbor Day April 27, but the city would like to plant 100,000 trees, supplying everything but the labour, and that is where Rotarians come in...a real legacy for Rotary.
Greg stood in for Bert with toast to Rotary and to the Queen.
meeting adjorned.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Feb 08, 2012

President Judy called the meeting to order at the North Shore Community Center.  Dinner was catered by Chapers Viewpoint tonight.

Guests:  Leah our outbound and our student Anna. 

student update:  Anna has lots of homework, is now with Becky as home host, she recently went skiing with Bob and Sandra, wants to see Vancouver.

Business announcements:  Motion to pay for the yellow food bank bags, Greg motioned and Bert seconded to give the food bank the $750 for our share.  The motion was carried. 

Golf Tournament Meeting is on the 21st.

District Conference 2013  Planning session:   Terri attened, TRU is waiving all but the set-up fee, which the students get.  Next meeting is March 13 at Hero's Pub. We will be working with Roteract and Youth Exchange  to organize all the youth.

Downtown Curling :  Bert will not be able to attend, they are having a hard time getting teams, it is on Saturday Feb 11.

LIghts in Trees Work Party:  last Saturday Terri, Becky, Greg, Judy, Shirley and Duncan  put 10 strings of  lights on 3 trees in about 2 hours.  Have 35 strings left, requires 2-3 LONG ladders per tree.  Terri has e-mailed Peter of NSBIA re location of the next trees.  Terri will go to the breakfast meeting of NSBIA.

Club Planning Process:  overall club vision.  Our asst dist gov Andrea has been involved in one in her own club in Sunrise Merritt, and it is about the same size as ours.  She is starting to work with Aurora , and Becky will go next week, same time as our own meeting, to see what process they are using. 

Jack:  our club approved sending a student to Adventures in Citizenship in Ottawa, and Faye Fransson has given her air miles for our alternate exchange student Lena Pendleberry to do.  We pay the taxes, etc.  It will be April 28 - May 3.  She will come to a meeting and report.  We need to start looking for host families for next year's exchange program, this year is looked after.

Black Ball Draw:  Greg drew white. 

Happy Bucks, and Rotary Foundation Auction, 2 Blazers tickets, for Feb 14 & 17, Jack won and gave them to Anna.

Closing:  Bert gave toast to Rotary and to the Queen. 


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jan 11, 2012

Called to order by President Judy, our last meeting at the White Spot Restaurant.

Rotary Moment:  Mary  'Think Big" about future vision, glass is half full.

Meeing place update:  our last meeting here before switching back to the Cottonwoods.  We may be moved around as Wednesday is a very busy night there.  The meting will be at 5:15 as someone else needs the room at 7pm, will probably be at the games room, up the ramp. 

NSBIA/Lights in Trees:  Terri has sent out e-mails to members, and now that finally have the lights it is forecast snow, so will try to do the 3 trees near the Tranquille Market sign next weekend.  Ann Marie and helper will help if not on a workday.

Rotary Foundation Auction, Nancy donated $20 gc, won by Silvia.

Black Ball Draw:  Duncan picked a white marble, it is now worth $234.50

Happy bucks,lots of flu and colds 

Guest Speaker:  Charlene Patko spoke on "Friends of Vietnam".  Rick Troy  helping to raise money to build an village for orphans and those with too ill parents, can send money via the Royal Bank, don't send things, as it is so cheap to buy there, and money goes a long way, so many people on the streets that have missing limbs from all the warfare.  The Cambodia Orphan Save Organization or COSO  email: web:


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jan 04, 2012

President Judy opened the meeting at the White Spot at 5:30pm.

She introduced guests:  Pete Mutrie and our student Anna.

Guest speaker:  Peter Mutrie of the North Shore BIA.  (see notes below)

Announcementsand business:  Meeting place update:  Becky has been meeting with George and Greg about returning to the North Shore Community Center.  Will be some changes, as we may be moved around  bit, but can have the 5-5:15 time, nothing concrete about food yet.  Sandy MacKinley motioned that we move to Cottonwood center (North Shore Community Center) on Januay 18, Seconded by Jack Sabey , carried.

NSBIA/Lights in Trees....Terri will be getting the cheque from Becky tonight to go purchase them, then need to organize a work party to install them, has been the perfect winter so far to do that.

executve meeting will be after the general meeting next week.

Anyone with speaker ideas to let Judy know and she will organize.

Don did the black ball draw, Peter drew Nancy's number, who drew blue.

Happy bucks, including Terri who's son is looking for a 10 week stay for a friend doing a 10 week practicum at the hospital, wants a south shore place.

Becky offered a box of Purdies chocolates for the auction, which was won by Nancy (who stopped on the way home and got two lottery tickets!)

Jack offered the toast to Rotary and to her Majesty the Queen. 

meeting adjorned. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Dec 14, 2011

President Judy opened the meeting at the White Spot, and read a Rotary Moment:  Rotary Foundation at work, 90% of donations spent on programs.

Visitors today were Ross Spina, Roger Pleasted, Liz Oakley and our student Anna.

No speaker today as Silvia could not make it.

Donations:  moved by Sandy and seconded by Greg to donate $1000 to MS Society to fund newsletter. carried.

Sandy moved and Sherri seconded to spend $500 from general to donate to Salvation Army, carried. 

Christmas Amalgimated is ok for gaming funds, but Salvation Army is not.

Ross Parkin has talked to the man in gaming, when the report was filed we did not give specific details for each donation so Ross is going to do that.  Two items, the Salvation Army and Project X are not eligible for the gaming funds so will have to transfer back from general. The big issue is that it shows too much money in savings from money accumulated over the years to be put toward something special at some future point.  A committee will be started in January to bring recommendations to the club on what to spend it on.

District Conference are meeting on Tuesday, still brainstorming, have decided on no after dinner show.  Sandy is designated rep for the 2012 conference.

End Polio Now is on January 28. 

Dec 28 meeting is cancelled.

Black Ball Draw:  Alan drew white

Happy Bucks 

Auction:  Miniscule Winery and 2 jars of Greg's jelly, eventually Sandy won

regular meeting was adjourned  

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Nov 30, 2011

President Judy opened the meeting at the White Spot.

guests:  Iris Rich, Faye Fransson, Linda Watson and Anna our student 

Speaker:  Iris Rich on 'Tree of Change' student development at is a class for non-traditional students, to help them into the work force.  It is a 14 week course that builds on building spirit, wellness and balance.  It empowers people to be better than they think they can be.

Judy presented a Paul Harris Fellowship pin to Nancy, her 2nd so has nice blue stone in it.

Jack presented Rotary Adventure in Citizanship for young people 16-18 years old., $625 plus airfare.  We do have reserves, and Faye Fransson volunteered to give air miles to help. 

***  Jack moved to participate in Rotary Adventures in Citizanship.  Art seconded, questions:  Don amended motion to not exceed $1000. movtion carried.***

Election of officers is Dec 14, Becky will be incoming president.

Next week's meeting is cancelled, but there will be an executive at Greg's that night.

Mary is organizing pot luck at Alan Dodd's for Dec 9...let her know if you are coming and what you are bringing.

McQueen Lake wine and cheese, Art said about 100 people are coming, needs to know if anyone else is coming.

Black Ball...Faye did not win the pot.

Becky was the top fundraiser in the area for the United Way with $3162.50.

Happy Bucks, but no auction today.

Bert gave toast to Rotary and to the Queeen. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Nov 24, 2011

President Judy called the meeting to order at the White Spot.

Visitors:  Leah Dagg, our outbound student, will find out where she goes on Dec 10.

Speakers:  BC Hydro Power Smart:  Michelle Yule and Shelby Burgart spoke on power conservation, using LED lights, Energy Star appliances, rebates for old fridges, smart meters, etc.

Bert needs more helpers for the Salvation Army Kettle drive next Monday.

Election of Officers:  Becky and Sandy are working on that.

Christmas Party at Alan's on Dec. 09, will be pot luck

All Presidents are planning a Polio Blitz the last Saturday in January (28th)

Black Ball draw:  Ross, valued at $212, but he got white

Anna's report:  she is going curling with the international students on Saturday.

Bert gave the toast to Rotary and to her Majesty the Queen.

meeting adjorned. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Nov 17, 2011

President Judy opened the meeting at the White Spot.

Rotary  Moment by Mary :  "Torch of Service" and a big hug for all wearing the pin.

Guests:  Linda Watson, our student Anna, and Asacia from Roteract re the poinsettia sale. ...the proceeds of which will be used to buy toys for the Toys for Kids.

Executive meeting update: 

Vote highly in favour of keepin to the evening meeting, now to find a place.

Some donation requests handed over to Ross.

Santa Claus Parade organized by the Downtown club, but want someon else to do it in the futue.

NS BIA lights, manufacturers have changed the lihts, so have to meet with an aurborist.  Terri found the same ones a tHome Depot for cheaper. 

McQueen Lake report: fund raising this year, but  a free wine and cheese instead, but must get tickets from Alan, Greg or Bert, invitational to  those that have  supported it in the past.   It will be held Saturday Dec 3 at Henry Grube Cente.

Salvation Army Kettle:  need helpers Nov 21 and 28 at North Hills Mall, times to be informed, Bert is in charge.

Bev will take leave of absence for January - April.  Nancy will do sunshine, but Bev needs someone to do speakers .

2013 Conference planning:  Sherry Chamberlain is looking for committee...Donand Sandy will attend.

Election of officers Dec 14, Sandy and Becky are in charge. 

International:  Don...Applicaton is in for partnrship with Roseville California to build 45 community well in Banglidesh: Jackie James has submitted one year report for Haven of Hope in S. Africa, some problems in that they had to move as had no rent money. Bolivia poject still going on, more communication with Tao....has a spot on facebook and u-tube about it. 

Anna's updae:  now at the Petries for the last couple days. 

Black Ball:  Nancy drew white

Happy Dollars,

Auction of box of Turtles.

Christmas party Dec 9 at Alan Dodds 

Bert offered toast to Rotary and to the Queen. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

President Judy called the meeting to order at the White Spot Restaurant.

Rotary moment:  Mary....20 reasons why you should contribute to Rotary Foundation, and November is Foundation month.  There was an article in Rotary Roundup about Raise a Reader, they brought in 50% more than last year ($18,000).

Membership # is written on your Rotarian subscription label if you need it. 

Wear your Rotary pin and get a sweet treat!

Becky:  guests....Jim Piderman and our Anna, and George brought Roger Plasted as a guest. 

Christmas Party:  Denise....Alan is willing to host it, suggesting Dec 10. 

Lights in Trees: technology now and more expensive , so now we can only get 40 strings for our $3600 withmatching grant....will do 10-13 trees.

Greg Reid motioned and Mary Campone seconded to purchase the lights, and get the ones with the larger bulbs.  Motion carried.

Judy brought forward an  e-mail asking for a Champion for 2012 convention.  Greg suggested that  we can't do everything.

Discussion on venue and time of meeting, have to decide by end of December.   

Black Ball draw was won by Terri, but she drew blue.

Happy Bucks

Anna realized this has been the longest she was lived for one time in one spot . 

Greg ran the aucton, Roger drew Jack's number.

Executive meeting next Thursday at Greg's at 5:30pm

Bert gave toast to Rotary and to her majesty the Queen.

meeting adjourned. 

Capone seconded that e purchase te stringswith the larger bulbs.  Motion carriedMarGreg Reiy vCapone seconded that we order the strings, with the larger bulbs, motion carrid

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

President Judy called meeting to order at the White Spot.

Foundation: training in Penticton she learnt that we are always to wear our Rotary pin, and gave out chocolates to those that were. 

Welcome to our guests:  from food bank Bernadette and Kari, Jim Piderman and our student Anna.

Bernadette and Kari presented a power point with pictures of Rotary's involvement in the food bank pick up and how it has evolved.   So far we have picked up 250,000 pounds of food.  It helps nearly 7,000 people per month.  They also presented us with a thank you plaque.   It was asked if they could provide a copy of the prsentation to present at district conference.

Black Ball:  Judy drew white

Happy Bucks

Polio Plus on, till end of week Rotay is giving matching credits, so make donations now.

this Saturday is New Visions workshop at South Thompson Guest Ranch, and start of a 3 week workshop in Salmon Armon Leadership Institue.

Discusson on the Christmas Party , probably at someone' home.

Officers for next year:  Becky will stand for pres. elect.  Sandy offered to look after the election.

Terri went to order the lights for trees, but now they do not have 100 strings left.

Auction: bottle of wine and basket of spices....Don won, then auctioned it off to Jim for $6.

Anna:  nothing new, had supper with Don and Sandy

Judy offered the toast to Rotary and to the Queen. 


Posted by Denise Bouwmeester

Guests: Mike Keetch from the Senior Connector, Colleen Thom, George's guest and Art Blackwell.

Rotary Moment by Mary: Because you and I prevented polio, somewhere in the world a healthy child is happily playing in the sun. On behalf of all those children, thank-you.  

Mike Keetch from the Senior Connector: The Senior Connector has moved to the North Shore and George has become his landlord. This magazine is for 45 plus and is distributed through the Kamloops Daily News on Mega Thursday's. 35,000 copies are sent out every month with 3500 copies delivered by hand. They have a loyal readership. The area calendars are something people pull out and keep for reference. All writers are volunteers except for Lisa Peche. MIke decided to move to the North Shore because of the improvements to the area such lighting and the library square. It appears to be a good move as they just had their busiest day with walk-ins. President Judy welcomed him to the North Shore.

Black Ball Draw: no one won

Happy Bucks: Bev had a set to last night. Her son-in-law kept calling her to see if her daughter was upstairs as he couldnt get ahold of her. Bev kept calling but couldnt get ahold of her daughter. Finally Bev called the ambulance and her daughter met them at the door. She was fine and her phone just had not been working. Telus says they can fix it on October 29, 2011. Becky thanked George for taking her place as she went to a work conference and then to Ontario to see her family and then on to a Rotary conference.  Her Mom has had to move out of the family home and Becky has taken a rocking chair home from there. Sherri's daughter had knee surgery and Sherri has to leave early to take care of her. Greg has been harvesting 750 pounds of grapes into wine in his basement with another 2400 pounds coming on Friday. George tested some wine last night and it was good. Colleen Thom has a new home based business called Nu Skin Enterprises. They are having a Premiere Evening Extravaganza at the South Thompson Inn November 5th. The tickets are $20.00 and a good portion is going to the Chris Rose Autism Centre. Silvia wished everyone a good Wednesday. Art Blackwell informed us of Greg, Bert, Alan and Mary elected to the McQueen Lake Society board. Also a reminder there is no fundraising dinner this year but there is a Thank-you Wine and Cheese. Last week 740 children went to Me To We, where Mikhail Gorbachev and Shaquille O'Neil were there as speakers. Judy is sorry she missed the meeting last week. She has finally finished moving to her temporary place in Sun Rivers and then later into her new home on Kobayashi Place. She was at the rotary training event on Friday and Saturday of last week. Bert has an appreciation dollar for the people who helped with the Adopt a Road progrqam as well the people who went to the TRU Foundation Kick-off. Alan Dodd was elected to the McQueen Lake Society in his absence. He went for a bike ride today. Mary had a complete small restoration where they replaced their heat and cold exchange system. Mary was pleased to go the conference and felt we could incorpoate alot into our rotary. Don had a person approach him and Darlene while they were doing Adopt-A-Road and he said he would help but he was on his way to work. He then donated $5.00 to our rotary. Also, Don mentioned George did a great job but Becky is alot easier on the eyes. Sandy is done with the denturist and then next Friday is the knee surgery. Then she will be a new woman. The Sports and Culture Weekend grossed $11,350.50 and the net was $7,948.46. Greg gave Judy 3 bottles of wine to take to the Rotary Training Event. The wine was well received.

Induction of New Member: Art Blackwell

Buisness Meeting: Judy was at meeting for the Food Bank. Motion by George to approve $750.00 to buy Rotary Food bags. Seconded by Mary. All in favour. 

Upcoming Events: Night of Hypnosis November 12, 2011

West Vacation Draw October 29, 2011

Bob Schrader has been granted a leave of absence for 6 months.  

Exchange Student: Anna really enjoyed her trip to West Edmonton Mall with Bob and Sandra. She took lots of pictures. 

Rotary Auction: Spices plus a bottle of wine. 

Toast to Rotary and the Queen: Bert 



Posted by Denise Bouwmeester

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Oct 05, 2011

President Judy opened the meeting at the White Spot.

in lue of the foundation moment Judy lead in the Four Way Test. 

guest:  Mike Dedels, past president of Aurora.

Announcemens:  Exec. meeting pos-tponed till next week as so many away.  It will be at Greg's a 5:30.

Teri cancelled tomorrows meeting for service project, re the lighting in trees.  Have to order the lights, and have to wait for the leaves to fall before they can be installed.

We got $1,800 matching  grant so have $3600 and can get 100-112 lights.

All Presidents Meeting:  suggestion for each club to put in to pay for president of Roteract to go to District institute.  

Mike Dedels:  selling Hockey Pool tickets, was well supported by the members in attendence, $7,150 in prizes. 

No funding requests lately.

Black ball draw.....Shirley drew yellow.

Happy Bucks:  brought out that the McQueen Lake dinner and auction will be changing format this year due to teachers dispute, so will be having a wine and cheese with speaker: the regional director of nature conservency. 

Street cleaning is set for Oct 15, but several members down to Pentiction for the district workshops.  

Denise:  suggestions for Christmas Party????

Mike spoke on Community Gardens, Rotary sign will be erected at it beside the Wilson House.

Auction:  Becky donated a waterbottle, won my our visitor Mike.

meeting adjorned with Bert leading the toast for Rotary and to the Queen. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 28, 2011

Judy called meeting to order at White Spot.

Guests:  Peter Moutrie, Fred Lagace, Brian MacKinnon, Linda Watson, Sherr's son Colt, Karolina (our former student) and current student Anna.

Business:  District training Oct 14 and 15.....register on line if you have not already done so.

Thank you to everyone who helped with Food Bank pic up,,,,collected 50,000 pounds, last year 48,000.

District Grant:  Teri:  got official letter that our club application of $1,800 has been approved, have to have everthing completed and submitted by March 31. 

The lights for the trees have to be ordered, Teri will call  meeting next week.

Youth Exchange Program:  Greg spoke to it, costs aprox $6,000 for hte program, the rules are changing and will have more administraton, training and screening in the future.

Jack Sabey motioned, Ross Parkin seconded to carry on the program for the coming year.  Motion carried

Black Ball draw, Greg drew yello.

Happy Bucks

Advertising $$ from Fred  Daybreak's Spaghetti Western is Sat. Nov. 5 , tickets are $55 each

Foundation raffle was tickets for the Blazers this Sunday, and flex-pass Western Canada Theatre , won by Sylvia

President Judy thanked everyone for all they have done this September.

Sports and Entertainment Raffle:    Peter Moutrie of the North Shore Business Association drew Doug Sage to win the 3 nights at Rosedale on Robson, 2 tickets each to the Canucs, Lions and Moody Blues.  Congratulations!  Jack Sabey sold the ticket....way to go JacK!

Posted by Terri MacLennan on Sep 24, 2011

 Greg, George and Ross unloading one truck load of food on Saturday.
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 21, 2011

President Judy called the meeting to order at the White Spot Restaurant.

Rotary Moment:  Mary away today, so Judy read "snowflakes"

Guests:  Sandra's friend Nadine from England, our current and past students Anna and Karolina, and our speaker Brent Hasanen.

Speaker:  Brent Hasanen from Edward Jones Investment spoke on the world situation overall.

Black Ball draw:  Bert drew a green marble, did not win the $155

Happy Bucks were circulated by Greg.

Sports and Entertainment Raffle, so far $8,500 has been turned in, with profit of $5,274.02 so far. 

Announcements:  Good bank drive this Saturday.   All the clubs have voted to support the Kamloops Daily News "Raise a Reader", putting a total of $5,000 toward it, will need help passing out newspapers on Ot 28 from 7-9am.  District training in Penticton, most have already registered.

Memership:  Judy as made a list of committee members and what their position is, so if you need to contact anyone look at the list.

Foundation raffle:  bottle of wine and glasses won by Sandy.

Anna:  highlight of her week was to meet her 'favorite sister' again (Karolina).

Bert:  toast to Rotary and to the Queen.


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 14, 2011

President Judy called meeting to order at the White Spot.

Rotary Moment:  Mary..."Every Rotarian Every Year".

Guests:  our student Anna, Sylvia's husband Chris, Art Blackwell, Fred & Liz Oakley, our DG Garry & Marion Hollingshead, Diane

Presentation:  Diane from Found 4 Kids presented an appreciation certificate and pictures to show what they have done with our donation.

Speaker:  Sandra O'Neill spoke on her 13 week course on Master Gardeners of B.C, on substainable gardening with no chemicles.

Judy introducted our District Governor Garry Hollingshead to present award to one of our Rotarians.  He presented a Paul Harris to Pat Tolman.  Judy mentioned that Polio month is coming up, and Pat has been a strong supporter and fundraiser for Polio. 

Black Ball Draw:  Liz drew Rod, who drew a red.

Announcements:  Judy...Bev wants questions that next weeks speaker can talk about, Ross will take down the suggestions for Brent Hassenen a financial planner to speak on. 

Raffle ticket sales: Sivia....half of the books have been returned, with $6,695 returned, expenses so far $3,600.  Mary...schedule for sales.  Best sales is our club members to sell to everyone they know.

Flea Market:  Nancy...made over $400 and good fellowship.

 Distict Training:   have to pre-register/

All Presidents met with publisher of Kamloops Daily News on "Raise a Reader", want all the Rotary Clubs to be co-operative sponcers at $1000 per club, and we get advertising credits for the amount of the sponcership, money to stay in the city...will vote on it next week. 

Food Bank drive:  Judy passed around maps 

Sandy mentioned that Julia, our former student from Brazil, is coming for a visit, so they are holding a fundraising dinner at their home, and will show the dvd from her wedding, on Sunday Oct 2.

Oct 24 is Polio Day, Dr. Gow will be giving a presentation, prehaps Dr. Fike could also speak.

Happy Bucks then auction of a basket of fresh produce from Sandra's garden, won by George.

Toast to Rotary and to her Magisty the Queen by Bert, Adjorned 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon

A good turn out of members and helpers for our second flea market of the summer.  We had a fun work party on Friday night to get

everthing priced and organized, then a very early start Sunday morning.  We had a lot of donations and were able to sell all the big

items and a large amount of small ones, not to mention a ton of books.  It was a great day of hard work but laughs and comradeship in 

the hot Kamloops sunshine! ......and we got o show off our new Rotary t-shirts!

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 07, 2011

President Judy opened the meeting at the White Spot.

Rotary Moment:  Mary spoke on scholarships, as September is New Generations month.

Guests:  Becky introduced Ross Spina, our student Anna, Jeff Thomas and Art Blackwell.

Sport and Cultural Raffle:  Silvia has had 36  books returned out of the 100.   People thoughtMary was selling hockey tickets when they had the Canucks jerseys on.  

Will concentrate more on North shore sale now.

Flea Market on Sept 11, discussion on pricing party and set-up and take down.

Executive passed a motion to give $500 to Casa Canadiense "David's Village"/

Membership:  George:  some membership proposals have come in, and he passed around some new memership cards.

Budget:  passed budget at the executive meeting, it is close to last years.

Service:  Teri...waiting to see about the BIA lights in tree;  30 t-shirts to be returned after use

New Generations:  Sheri...Anna started school yesterday.  Goes to orientation in Kelowna this weekend.

Admin:  Greg...smooth sailing

Foundation:  Mary...has been too busy with ticket sales

PR:  Bob....nothing to report

Food Bank Drive on Sept. 24

Marg Spina motioned and Greg Reid seconded to use some of our credits to award Pat Tolman with a Paul Harris for all her hard work and fund-raising efforts to the club.


District training in Penticton on Oct 14 and 15

Happy Bucks

Black Ball Draw:  Nancy drew a yellow marble

Auction:  travel mug from Interior Savings,won by Art Blackwell.

Toast to Rotary and to her Majesty the Queen by Bert.

meeting adjorned 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Sep 05, 2011

Our club along with Kamloops Broncos, the Kamloops Blazers, te Kamloops Storm, Big Brothers/BigSisters, North Shore and Downtown Business Improvement Associations and the City of Kamloops got together on Friday August 19 to partner with KIA to clean up a couple areas of the North Shore.    This was then followed by a thank you barbeque at the Spirit Square. Image

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 31, 2011

President Judy brought the meeting to order at the White Spot.

Mary:  Rotary moment:  internaional clean water.

Inroduction of guests:  our student Anna, from the Downtown club Jeff Thomas, and from Creston Chuck Truscott.

Speaker:  cancelled as had surgery.

Happy Bucks

Black Ball Draw:  Anna drew Sandra's number, but no black ball.

Announcements:  Sports and Cultural Weekend Raffle..Mary needs help on 3 weekends of sales.

Now have new t-shirts to wear at all of our public functions.

Executive meeting at Greg's tomorrow at 5:30.

George has printed up membership proposal forms.

District training:  in Penticton on Oct 14 & 15, so far Becky, Mary, Terri and Judi are planning to go.

Jack:  Sept 10 and 11 in Kelowna will be first meeting with all the exchange students in the district.

Anna:  wants to see as much as she can while she is here.

Auction:  wine and plant combo, won by our visitor Chuck (who is Alan Dodd'sfathers cousin).

Food bank drive Sept 24 from 10-2pm

Pricing party Sept 09 and flea market Sept 11.

Greg gave toast to Rotary and to the Queen.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 24, 2011

President Judy called meeting to order at the White Spot.

Mary:  Rotary Moment....Matching Grants

Bob introduced his new Austrian daughter Anna.

Becky:  introduction of guests:  Arjun Singh, Karen Rosenke; and Jeff Thoms of the Downtown Club. 

Speakers:  Arjun and Karen showed video and spoke about Interior Community Services, they have over 50 prgrams, 1,100 people a day helped in the interior of B.C., 150 workers and 73 volunteers.  Street Youth at Risk and safe house for youths 13-18.  There is a downtown drop-in ad from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 011 they had 1378 connectionswith 500 youth, and prevented 124 homeless.  They organize the community gardens, and next year there will be the Rotary Community Garden behind Wilson House.

Black ball draw:  Anna drew the tcket but Mary drew blue.

Announcmnts:   Thank you from People in Motion, still kitchen counter extensions to be done.  Dunca and Denise are working on that.

Sports and Cultural raffle:  Silvia has rceived 270 tickets in aprox 20% .  Mary hasbooked Walmart (outside) for Sept 10 & 17.  Supestore has not gotten back to us yet, and Brian was at Coopers in Westsyde on MOnday.

Nancy still needs help with the flea market on Sept 11. 

Terri:  Tshirts are ready.  Awning: Costco didn't have any, working on cost versus quality.  Becky said we can use the one from INterior Savingsfor the ticket sales and flea market. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 17, 2011

Meeting Called to order by President Judy at White Spot Restaurant.

Mary:  Rotary Moment:  foundations 3 goals this year are #1 to complete eradication of polio, #2 everone "owns" foundation  #3 to make it  more efficient .

Becky:  intoduction of guests:  Barbara & Des McCambridge our speakers today, Jeff Thomas of the Downtown Club and Shirley"s daughter Carol.

Speakers:  Barb and Des spoke on their dedication to "David's Village School" in Nicaragua.  They have built one school already for grades 1-3 , now the want to build the next one for grades 3-7.  The cost is $15,000 of which they have already raised $12,000.  The students must supply their own pencils, books even chairs to sit on, it costs each child $35 a year for uniform and supplies and the average wage of 25% of Nicaraguans is $1 a day, and only 40% make $2 a day and most have several children.  Once the schools are built the governmen will supply teachers.

black ball draw:  Becky drew a white one and did not win the $112.

Auction:  Jack donated 3 tickts from our raffle , won by Ross.

Update on raffle ticket sales:  Sylvia reported 2/3 of the books are out, and $1800 has been returned already.

Terri:  update on Friday work party:  meet at 9:45 at Kia, and 2 hours of work on Shubert Drive at Rotary rest area.

Exchange student update:  our new student, Anna from Austria arrives on Saturday at 2:19.  there will be a meeting on Monday 7pm at Jack's office fo host families.

Flea Market Sept 11, Nancy circulated sign up sheet

Terri measured eveyone for t-shirts, will order them.

Sylvia as prepared report of where our gaming money went, and a financial statement to review at exec.

Happy Bucks, and adjournment,

Bert offered the toast to Rotary and to the Queen. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 10, 2011

President Judy brought the meeting at the Whte Spot to order.

No Rotary minute as Mary was absent.

Guests:  Peter Mutre of North Shore Business Impovement Assoc., Ben Anders from Daybreak, and Sylvia's husband Chris. 

Peter spoke on the clean-up project for August 19, which is part of Communities in Bloom and a nationwide clean up  contest with Kia in the hopes of winning $25,000 to put toward community projects.  Show up at 8:30am and be prepared for clean up at he Rotary viewpoint on Schubert Drive.  There will be a bbq at Spirit Square at 12:30-2pm.

Jack did NOTt draw the black ball.

Nothing fo Foundation raffle today.

Ticket Sales or Sportsand Entertainment Raffle...Sylvia has the tickets, Judy has e-mailed out posters to print and display.  Denise will go to Daybreak on Friday and Sandy and Don will go to Aurora, and we will have tickets at the flea marketon Sept 11.  Jack will go to Kawannis at noon on Tuesday with Peter.

Sept 11 flea market at North Hills Mall:  Nancy circulated a sign up sheet.

Pat Tolman is taking a leave of absense, paid up till December.  Some of the members are taking her out for supper on Tuesday.

Oct. 14 is Rotary District training.

Terri reported on purchasing T shirts, club will purchase 30 and keep them, at a cost of $12-$14 each;  and a canopy , she will check out more prices.

Gaming grant review in Kamloops on August 16, Judy will attend or submit on line.

Golf Tourniment didn't make much money this year, some of the more experienced will be mentoring next year and will start earlier, also Canadian Tour overshadowed it.

Monday Aug 15 Don is having an International meeting at his house.

The budget is being worked on.

Student from Vienna arrives on August 20th. 

Heidleburg Youth Orchestra need billets, so far Don & Sandy, Becky and Nancy and Brian are taking some, will be 4 nights, incl breakfasts, and transportaton to Calvery Community Church, and maybe a couple dinners.....Becky will let us know when she knows more.

Happy Bucks, then Bert gave toast to Rotary and to the Queen. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Aug 03, 2011

Will try this again....last attempt did not save!  :(

guests were Denise's two daughters, and Jeff Thomas from the Downtown Club.

Guest speaker was Raquel Bouwmeester's report on her last year's outbound to Belgium.  She gave a very enthusiastic talk on her time there, and displayed several articles including her jacket that iscovered in pins and other souvineers, and a fully signed flag of Belgium.  Her motto was that there was no option to quit, but to make the best of every situation with a good attitude and a smile.  She helped teach English, and that has solidified her descision to become a French immersion teacher.

Black Ball draw:  Bert drew green.  No foundation auction today.

Announcemets:  the flea market has moved from August 28 to Sept 11; executive tomorrow night at Greg's (bring a lawn chair);   Sylvia wll control the raffle ticket tending and will oganize the money, along wth Jack, Becky and Ross.  If anyone wants more tickets or to drop off money they are open from 8:30 -5 (closed noon -1pm) .

Sandy and Don attended Julia's weddin in Brazil, and Sandy got to be in the wedding party.  Julia will be coming by in September. 

Bert offered the toast to Rotary and to the Queen.  adjournd. 


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 29, 2011

I am trying new (to m) short version of minutes, insead of putting down everyting.....let me know how you like i...Nancy

District Governor Garry Hollingshead and his wife Marion attened our meeting, he was introduced by our assistant district governor Andrea.

He presented "unsung hero" pins of 'pure gold' to Bert Malfair and Nancy MacKinnon.

His three words for the years are :  family, continuity and change. 

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 13, 2011

President Judy welcomed everyon for our 2nd meeting at the White Spot
Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jul 06, 2011

Our first meeting at the White Spot, and new change of time, now at 5:15pm

Posted by Denise Bouwmeester

Guests: Dick Bartell from Downtown Club and Bonnie Klohn, Website Guru.

Judy introduced us to the new International banner "Kalyan Banerjee". 

Invocation: Bert

Happy Bucks: Becky let us now that the Heidelberg Youth Orchestra is coming into town August 23-26 with 10 females and 6 males. They are looking for billots for 4 evenings. Its Terri's last day as the Treasurer though she does have some paperwork to finish off. Bert went to his nephew's wedding and then went to our new meeting place at the Holiday Inn. Since he was the only one there from rotary he went and had Chinese food. Bob congratulated the 2010/2011 executive. He missed the executive meeting as his twin brother came into town to visit with him and Sandra.  Jack has a sad dollar. Dick Bartell is happy to be with us today. Sherri has an away dollar and missed the executive meeting. Sandy is enjoying the enthusiasm in the room. Don put in $3.00 as both International Projects are moving along. Capetown, South Africa is getting a kitchen, the place is being painted and the purchase of deep freezes and storage units is happening. They will come up with a Needs List. Sucre, Boliva is moving along with their recycling program and Mr. Teo Pozo is doing a presentation to promote the recycling program (as a non-rotarian). Don needs an International Committee to make recommendations to the membership. This committee will consist of Sandy, Sandra, Don, Pat, Terri and Bob. Bonnie is happy to be at our meeting and likes the good news on our projects. Allan has been to the baptism of his grandchild. Duncan has contaract surgery. George thanked everyone who rose to the challenge for rotary. Him and Fran are having their 37th anniversary. Terri is the Incoming Service chair and would like to have a Local Service Committee to work with the organizations such as North Shore Business Association. This  committee will consist of Denise, Allan, Mary and George.

Motion by Sandy to participate in the Flea Market July 17 at North Hills Mall. Seconded by Judy and passed. 

Motion by Bob to buy a bus bench for the Pregnancy Car Centre, location close to Norkam Senior Secondary, for $988.00. Sherri seconded and passed. 

Judy: New meeting place is the Holiday Inn at 5:30 pm Wednesday. Fees will be $2.00 for coffee, $20.00 for a full meal, appetizer $14.00. Appy and salad $17.00. drink and salad $5.00.

Jack has an idea for a Fundraising Sports Night Thurs October 6 to Sunday October 9th. This would include a Lions Game and Moody Blues concert.   Bob made a motion to have Jack proceed with his idea. Seconded by Sandy and all in favour.

Ambassadorial Scholarship applications are now on-line. 

BONNIE KLOHN-Bonnie has been improving our website with a mini calendar, more pictures, newsletter link, facebook (like), RSS feed (youtube videos), news from Rotary International, videos for Service Projects, RI videos. She is going to work on a log-in to  the rotary executive minutes, a on-line membership application and generally help us to get up to speed with the improved website.

Toast to Rotary and the Queen: Bert 


Posted by Nancy MacKinnon


Judy Treherne was installed as president by  Assistant District Governor Andrea at Ora Restaurant on June 18, 2011.

Posted by Nancy MacKinnon on Jun 22, 2011

Acting President Judy called the meeting to order.

Mary with "A Rotary Moment", with comments on foundaton giving.

Guests:  Rob Lemire, Martin's friend Estivan, and Leanne, our guest speaker.


Posted by Denise Bouwmeester

Guests: Vahneesa Espeg, Miss Teen Kamloops and her mom.


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