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Vancouver Rotary Foundation

The Vancouver Rotary Foundation is not considering community grant applications in 2014. Please check back in the future for funding opportunities.

The Vancouver Rotary Foundation exists to foster, develop, promote, and encourage the health, education, and general welfare of the residents of Vancouver and Clark County. The Foundation will consider requests for funding projects outside of Clark County if they have been approved or initiated by the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Rotary Club.

2013/2014 Officers:
Katlin Smith –President
Matt Lee –Treasurer
Kate Benson – Secretary
Greg Jellison –Past-President

Susanne Cox – Club President
Elson Strahan – Club President-Elect
Eric Olmsted – Club Past President
Julia Anderson
Hans Boehm
Bev Fogle
Jeff Hamm
Jennifer Larson-Cody
Dean Sutherland
Dick Thompson
Joe Vance
Steve Webb



Grant Requests
The Vancouver Rotary Foundation generally accepts requests for grants each spring.  However, for the 2014 year, we will not be making grants to charitable organizations.  Please check back in the future for funding opportunities.

Foundation Grant History
The Vancouver Rotary Foundation has granted over $2.9 million to the Vancouver community in the 40 years from 1972 through 2012.  Of that amount, over $1 million has been given in college scholarships to Vancouver students.