Rotary Club of Rome-Seven Hills

The Rome - Seven Hills Rotary Club started in 1996 as a group of Rotarians broke away from the Rome Rotary Club, under the leadership of Wright Bagby, who was the first club president.  Since the start of the club, the office of the president and his cabinet has changed annually.  The club has been led by the following Rotarians:


1996: Wright Bagby

1997: Walt Adams

1998: BettyAnn O'Neill

1999: Roger Smith

2000: Eddie Wilson

2001: Chip Riddle

2002: Martin Rhiner

2003: Cheryl Gaines

2004: Cheryl Huffman

2005: Steven Sheeley

2006: Chuck Shaw

2007: Angie Douglass

2008: Bruce Watterson

2009: Jerry Patty

2010: Alan Horne

2011: Bill Byars

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