Jul 24, 2014
"Club Business follows board meeting 11:00 AM"


Our usual 3rd Thursday Board meeting will be held on July 24th to accommodate our new District Governor, Nicki Scott. 

Jul 31, 2014
"My Year of Beds"

I am an extreme road tripper/author and speaker from South Africa. I have road tripped in 30 countries, across four continents.  In 2006-2007 I became the first woman to drive solo once around the world, in a Renault Kangoo...of all things. I am once again on a massive road trip, this time across the Americas.While  my global drive was a solo adventure, the Americas is an interactive adventure, in which I am talk touring my way across the continents AND at the same time researching and building material for my next book.http://www.ajahnel.com/searching-for-galileo/

Since publishing my book ‘My Year of Beds’ I have had the privilege of addressing many of Rotary Clubs from Cape Town to London from Miami to Washington DC, and have had great responses. http://www.jahnelamericas.com/rotary.html           www.jahnelamericas.com


Aug 07, 2014
"Update on My Joyful Heart"

Diane will give us an update on MY JOYFUL HEART PROGRAM. 708-458-3979 www.myjoyfulheart.org Our club sponsors two children from this organization. Bring your back to school supplies to donate.

Aug 14, 2014
"Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach"
 I work for Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, which is a medical surplus and recovery organization. Started by the Sisters of Saint Francis back in 2002, we have partnered with 61 hospitals and 18 clinics throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, bringing more than $40 million in medical supplies and equipment to 75 developing nations. We work with several recipient organizations overseas as well as mission groups that travel from the U.S. We are based out of Springfield but have recently opened an office in Chicago at Presence Healthcare.

Thanks much!
Jennifer Wolff
Development and Relationship Manager
Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach
Aug 21, 2014
"Board Meeting 11 AM"
Aug 28, 2014
"War on Drugs Not Working"
 Former Prosecutor
James Gierach

"The ‘war on drugs’ puts more drugs everywhere and is at the heart of most American crises." 

James Gierach
James E. Gierach is a former Assistant State's Attorney of Cook County, municipal attorney, Village prosecutor, and general practitioner. He was the youngest delegate elected to write Illinois' Constitution in 1970, a former candidate for Cook County State's Attorney and Illinois governor, raising drug policy and prison issues. One newspaper called him, "Illinois' premier conscientious objector to the war on drugs."

In James’ view, the War on Drugs not only doesn't work but is also the heart of most American crises including violent crime, property crime, gangs, guns, prisons, student dropout rates, corruption, overdose deaths, addition, disease, trade imbalance and the frequent inability of governments at every level to pay the bills. “Ironically,” James says, “the war on drugs was put in place to save our kids from drugs and make our streets safer, but ending prohibition is what will truly accomplish these goals.”

James has spent more than twenty years fighting drug prohibition as a candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney and Illinois governor in primary elections, and as an author, speaker, and attorney. He has discussed and debated drug-policy issues on television, radio and in front of hundreds of audiences, appearing alongside the former head of the DEA, presiding judges, chiefs of police, and drug advisors to the White House. He currently lives in the Chicago area.

Lindsay Akin

Speakers Bureau Assistant Director
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Email: lindsay.akin@leap.cc
Phone: 318-422-6612

    Sep 04, 2014
    "Foundation Board Meeting 11 AM"

    The Great Escape will serve sandwiches. In the past, our club participated in packaging hundreds of meals for Feeding Children Worldwide. Eldon Tracy will again bring his helpers to set up our room for this food packaging project. Bring your spouse, coworkers to help.



    Sep 11, 2014
    "What's New at Board of Review"

     Commissioner Dan Patlak, CIAO

    Commissioner Patlak will discuss what is new at the Board of Review, including the ability to submit property tax appeals online, and how digitalization of the appeal process improves the timely distribution of 2nd installment property tax bills.

    He will also discuss property tax exemptions, how to file a Certificate of Error if you are entitled to an exemption but not receiving it, and the importance of shopping locally to keep your property taxes down.


    Cook County Board of Review

    Dan Patlak is presently serving his second term representing the 1st District at the Cook County Board of Review. Having first been elected into office in 2010, he previously served as Wheeling Township Assessor from 2005-2009. He is a champion of empowering taxpayers through education and communication.

    Prior to his elected positions, Commissioner Patlak served as a property assessment appeal analyst for seven years at the Board of Review for Commissioner Maureen Murphy specializing in residential, commercial apartment and exempt properties. In 1986 he began his professional career as a real estate Broker in the near north suburbs of Chicago and is a graduate of the Real Estate Institute (GRI).

    Commissioner Patlak is a member of the National and Illinois Realtors Associations, and the International Association of Assessing Officers. He currently resides in Wheeling, IL, with his wife and son.


    the contact for Dan Patlak is maggie.heydt@cookcounty.gov.

    Sep 18, 2014
    "Board Meeting 11 AM - then Project Haiti"

    The Rotary Club of the Illinois Medical District is partnering with RCs of Oswego and Champs du Mars (Haiti) for a Global Grant to support primary medical care in several communities in Haiti. We are looking for support for this project. We would like to attend one of your meetings to present Project Haiti. Let me know if there is interest and when we could attend one of your meetings.


    Babs Waldman

    Babs Waldman, M.D., FACP
    Medical Director
    Sep 25, 2014
    "Get Motivated to Set Big Goals and Make the Time to Exceed them!"

    How to find your passion to set worthwhile Goals 

    How to be and stay motivated 
    How to find the time to hit your goals
    Do more with less stress and more satisfaction

    You make it a good day – They don’t just happen 
    30 time saving techniques in 60 minutes
    How to produce more result in less time and with less stress
    How to incorporate effective techniques that can help you everyday

     Ted Buckley




    Oct 16, 2014
    "Club Business follows board meeting 11:00 AM"
    Nov 06, 2014
    "Neumann Family Services"

    She may change to November 13


     We donate amenity kits to this organization




    Nov 20, 2014
    "Club Business follows board meeting 11:00 AM"
    Dec 18, 2014
    "Club Business follows board meeting 11:00 AM"
    Dec 18, 2014
    "Club Business follows board meeting 11:00 AM"
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