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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Gabino Berada School Project
by Dale Sandahl

During last year's International Project at a school in San Luis, Rio Colorado, Mexico, one of our helpers from Mexico, Marcos Portillo, suggested helping another school.

A visit was made to the school in September of this year to arrange for a work day to install playground equipment and benches.

It was decide that November 11th would be the best day to coordinate delivery and installation of the equipment.

A slide, swing set, merry-go-round and three benches were obtained through the Rotary Club in San Luis, Arizona. Our good friend Mario from their club agreed to transport the equipment and benches across the border.

In addition to the used benches, we ordered four heavy duty, brand new benches. Our total estimated budget for the project was $2,400. We applied for a District Simplified Grant for $1,200 and received approval the first week of November.

Our volunteers from the Yuma area included Rotarians, Harry Longbottom, Dit Blackburn, Dylan DeAnda, Gary Howard, John Lacy and Dale Sandahl. Also attending were Dit's nephew, Iam, Lael Sandahl, Martha Vasquez and her three sons Adrian, Jaxiel and Gabriel.

Departing from the Yuma area, the volunteers crossed the American/Mexican Border and arrived at the school at 9:00 am. Meeting the group at the school was the delivery truck with the equipment and a good number of volunteers from the school.

The school volunteers were busy digging the holes for the benches and for the foundation for the merry-go-round. The group unloaded the remaining benches and started assembling the new, blue park benches.

John Lacy supervised the bench assembly and had a good team of assemblers who did a great job of putting together the heavy benches.

Gary Howard was in charge of preparing the merry-go-round foundation and putting the form into place.

Dylan DeAnda was a great lead in assembling the swing set and in supervising the placement of the holes for securing the set into the sandy soil.

The only glitch in the project was a slightly late arrival of the cement truck. After waiting for about an hour, the work crew got back to work filling all the holes for the benches, slide, swing set and the merry-go-round with the cement.

Many of the holes had to have cement delivered by wheel barrow and we were thankful to have some strong younger guys (including Dylan)to cart that heavy cement some pretty good distances. Thanks Guys!!

All the work was finished by around 1:30 pm. We said our good-byes (adios) and thanked each other for our joint efforts.

A group of fourteen of the workers went out for lunch at a great Mexican (what else?) Restaurant and had a wonderful lunch.

We spent a bit more than and hour waiting in line to get back across the border and returned to Yuma around 5:00 pm. Everyone tired but very satisfied with our worthy project.

Thanks to all who particiated.
Lead the Way!
by Harry Wm. Longbottom

Lead the Way!

"The theme RI President Bill Boyd has chosen for this year is both an exhortation to Rotarians and an affirmation of Rotary's strengths.  'I think Lead the Way has a personal message for individual Rotarians,' he says, explaining that he's concerned about what he calls a lack of heroes in local communities.  'I really think there's a place to Rotarians to show some strengths and ethics, integrity and honesty, he says.'"  the rotarian, July 2006, page 27.

In the Yuma Foothills Rotary Club we will put this year's theme into action in all that we do.  YFRC members may exercise their leadership skills in club meetings, committee fulfillment, service project work, and fund raising endeavors.

A leader is the one out in front.  Yet no effort will succeed if every player is out in front on every play.  A person shows leadership skills by confidently assuming some tasks and joyfully playing a supporting role when asked.  We enhance our leadership skills when we share the limelight--starring in some operations--completing tasks as requested in others.  The opportunities to play in both respects abound in the four avenues of service.

In Club Service YFRC members may exercise leadership by serving as President pro temp of a weekly meeting.  In this opportunity, the President pro temp, mindful of the Rotary theme for the month and in coordination with the Club Administration Committee, chooses the program, arranges for the speaker, learns what supporting equipment the speaker will need, and calls on other club members to assist in the meeting's operation.  The support roles of greeting those attending, invoking the blessing of Creation, and leading the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance, are carried out by three fellow Rotarians recruited by the President pro temp for those purposes for that particular week.  The four of them set up the room prior to the meeting and take it down afterward.  The Sergeant-at-Arms/Raffle-Czar assists during the club meeting by collecting proud-of dollars, selling tickets, and conducting the drawing at meeting's end.  Individuals may volunteer for any of those positions on the club's Clubrunner© webpage.  The President pro temp opens the meeting and follows the usual agenda modified for the occasion as needed.  At the conclusion of the raffle drawing, the President pro temp brings the President to the lecture for closing the meeting.

This exercise spreads the responsibility of club meetings throughout the club.  The President will preside over several meetings, of course, such as Club Assemblies and the District Governor's Visit.  Even then, the opportunity to serve in the other supporting roles described above exists.

Vocational Service encourages Rotarians to serve others through their vocations and to practice high ethical standards.  An excellent synopsis of how this is done is in the Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions.  The declaration is set out on the RI webpage.  (The RI webpage is the second Rotary link on the club's Clubrunner© webpage).

Community Service covers the projects and activities the club undertakes to improve life in its community.  The opportunities for leadership in this avenue abound in YFRC!  Each club member is on one of the five club committees.  Committee leadership and leadership of the committee's and subcommittees' activities are plentiful.  It is unlikely that a member will not have a leadership role in at lease one of the five committees.  If that weren't enough, YFRC events such as specific fund raisers and service projects provide ample opportunity to chair an event or serve in a supporting role through to fruition.

We are blessed in YRFC being so close to our nation's border.  International Service encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary's humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and peace.  We don't have to go far to touch on this avenue.  Our service projects often reach into our neighbor, Mexico.  We are able to partner with other Rotary clubs to assist them in their International Service goals, too!

A YFRC member can expect to Lead the Way in about a half dozen ways formally.  For example, each member will be Club Meeting President pro temp, committee or subcommittee leader, and chair of a special project or fundraising event or subtask.  When not serving in a leadership capacity, YFRC members enthusiastically support the fellow Rotarian who is at the moment in the leadership role.

Lead the Way!

Humberto Romero Codova Elementary School
by Dale Sandahl

International Service is a great opportunity for Rotarians to assist communities in foreign countries that have limited access to resources to accomplish even the most modest improvements.  With our close proximity to Mexico, our club has many options to participate with communities only minutes away.
The past two years our club has worked with the Humberto Romero Codova Elementary School, providing, delivering and installing playground equipment, park benches, teachers desks, water coolers, first aid kits, sports balls, computers, projector, resource books, trees for the schoolyard, installed an irrigation system for the trees, as well as a substantial amount of school supplies of all kinds.
Without the direct involvement and participation of several members of our club, these things could not have been accomplished.
This year we have made some connections with another school which has a very limited playground.  Playground equipment has been secured with help from the Rotary Club in San Luis, Airizona.  In addition to the equipment our club is planning to purchase 4 park benches to install.  Our project will have an estimated total cost of $2, 400.00.  We have submitted an application for a District Simplified Grant for $1,200.00 and our Board has committed to fund the remaining $1,200.00.  In October we will hear the results of the grant application process. We are hopeful for a positive decision.
We have set November 11th as the day we will install the playground equipment. It would be great if you could set that day aside to actively participate in this project.  If you have not been able to participate in the projects we have been a part of in the past two years, you are encouraged to give it a try.  The experience is very rewarding and you can see some tangible results of your efforts in a very short time.
More specific details of the project will be coming as they they become available.
Dale Sandahl
Let's Look at the second Avenue of Service, Vocational Service
by Harry Wm. Longbottom

Lead the Way with Vocational Service!

The RI webpage suggests the first meeting in October be an examination of the second Avenue of Service, Vocational Service.  This is your chance to volunteer to honcho a meeting.  You will have the coveted title: "President pro temp" and will facilitate a club member discussion.  The "President pro temp" can call on individuals to be the volunteers for the spots of Greeter, Pledge, Invocation, and Sgt@Arms/Raffle-Czar.  You might think of this meeting as a mini-service project.  This is your opportunity to Lead the Way!

Topics to be included are
The 4-Way Test and the Declaration of Rotarians in Business and the Professions.

You may want to prepare handouts to be used in focusing the discussion to these two topics.  Maximized involvement is key.  The handouts can be designed by other club members who volunteer for that purpose.  They can be posted on the Clubrunner webpage so that the membership can look at them before the meeting.  Perhaps you will ask that the members print the handouts and bring them to the meeting.  Everybody can do something!

After expanding members' awareness, you'll solicit the members' input in planning projects for the remainder of the year.

A.J. started a discussion on this in the Forum portion of our Clubrunner webpage.  By directing your thoughts, comments, and ideas there, we can all play some role in putting this meeting together.