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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Future Speakers
Apr 21 2014
Rotary on the Road
Apr 28 2014
Blue Ribbon Take Over Meeting
May 5 2014
Mad River Run Grand Opening at Eastwood MetroPark
May 12 2014
Eric Partee
"Little Miami Inc"
May 19 2014
Excellence in Education Awards
May 26 2014
Jun 2 2014
Derek Porter, DP&L
Jun 9 2014
Bill Hardy
"Aids Resource Center Ohio"
Jun 16 2014
Ken Neufeld
"The Schuster Center: What Does the Future Hold"
Jun 23 2014
Sharon Rab
"Dayton Peace Prize Initiative"
Jun 30 2014
Presidential Gala Celebration

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Birthday's Next Week
by Laura Erbaugh

March 14: Tom Creager, Shelly Heller March 15: Rick Schwartz March 16: Bill Bretz March 17: Patrick Hillier March 18: Stephen Keyes March 19: Heather Mendelson-Goodrich March 20: Fred Strahorn
The Rotarian
by Laura Erbaugh

The March Rotarian Magazine features an article about the 1913 Great Miami Flood here in Dayton. The Flood Relief was the first humanitarian effort of Rotary International.
by Laura Erbaugh

Your Day at the Races Keeneland Thursday, April 21st 9:00 am - 7:00 pm $55 pp ONLY $ spots left
Tavern Dinner
by Laura Erbaugh

Join Your Fellows Rotarians for a Taver Dinner at Carillon Historical Park' Tuesday, March 22, 2011 6:00 p.m. $25 pp - ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT
Shoes for Orphan Souls Project
by Laura Erbaugh

District Governor Norma Berry is calling all Rotarians in Southwest Ohio to Participate in a District-Wide Project to collect NEW shoes for Shoes and socks For Orphan Souls . We will be collecting NEW shoes and socks each Monday at Rotary (or you may bring them to the Rotary Office ( between now and April 4th.) The shoes will then be transported to the District Conference in Cincinnati on April 8 & 9 and will be shipped out from there. Any styles and sizes are acceptable children's or adults however the greatest need is for athletic type shoes. Please bring your shoes with the laces tied together and no need to bring the box—we will not be shipping them in their original packaging. The goal is for each member to bring in one pair of shoes—but of course we welcome you to do as much as you can for this very worthwhile project.
Foundation Grant Presentation
by Laura Erbaugh

Cathy Ponitz, On behalf of the Dayton Rotary Foundation presented a check in the amount of $2,700 to Marc Martens of the Samaritan Health Foundation. The funds will be used for a community outreach program for students GSH 101: Introduction to Careers in Health Sciences. This program is a mean to encourage the development of young leaders abd to interest local high school youth in healthcare careers by providing a unique, behind-the-scenes and up-close look at the inner workings of a hospital.
YOU are the Key to Rotary Membership
by Laura Erbaugh

YOU are the Key to

Dayton Rotary Membership....

Propose a New Member Today!

Please contact Penny Wolff, Membership Chair or Laura for a proposal form or if you have any questions.   You may also obtain a proposal form under club documents when you log in as a member on the website.

Rotary To Honor Excellence in Education at May 19th Meeting
by Erbaugh, Laura

Dayton Rotary Club Announces Excellence in Education Awards Nominations

The Rotary Club of Dayton is accepting nominations for its Excellence in Education Awards through March 12, 2014.  Three teachers and one administrator within the city of Dayton will receive the $500 award at the Dayton Rotary Club meeting on May 19th to be held at Sinclair Community College, Ponitz Center in the Earley Auditorium.


Principals, teachers, colleagues, and parents are eligible to nominate outstanding teachers and administrators who exemplify the best of the profession by: finding ways to reach all of his or her students; giving of himself or herself beyond what is expected of them; and by demonstrating “Service Above Self” for their students and/or colleagues.


A committee of the Dayton Rotary Club will review the nominations and make site visits to the classrooms of the finalists, before making their final decisions. 

Contact the Dayton Rotary office for a nomination form:, (937) 228-3331 or see the Excellence in Education Link on the left side of this website to download a form.

Dayton Rotary's Centennial Project is Completed
by Erbaugh, Laura


For the Dayton Rotary Club's 100th Anniversary which was celebrated in June 2013 the club raised $100,000 to fund a Legacy Launch project in conjunction with Five Rivers MetroParks to create the first drop  (of an entire River Run of drops through downtown) near Eastwood MetroPark that would create a "play area" for Kayakers.  The Centennial Project construction is now completed.  A formal ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in the Spring 2014.  Thank you to the Siebenthaler Family for their financial leadership, Kathleen Carlson for her Centennial Project committee leadership and all members who contributed their time, talent and treasure to make the project a reality.   



Dayton Rotary Welcomes Youth Exchange Student
by Erbaugh, Laura

Rotarians Welcome 2013-2014

Youth Exchange Student

Francheska to Dayton, Ohio USA! 

In Photo (from left to right): Miller Family, first host family (L-R: Lauren, Paul (Dayton Rotarian), Liam, Chris, and Levi), Carolyn Rice, Dayton Rotarian (& husband, Mike, took photo), Francheska, Terry Williamson (Terry is Dayton YEO), and Jason Hillard and Ann Charles Watts, second host family (Jason is District 6670 Inbound Chair, Ann Charles is Dayton RYE Chair).  Francheska will be hosted by three Rotarian families throughout her school year and she will be studying at Stiver's School for the Arts.Image

Dayton Rotary Hosts Group Study Exchange Team from Nigeria
by Erbaugh, Laura


Carolyn Rice, Director of International Services for our Club introduced our special guests a Group Study Exchange Team from Nigeria at the Dayton Rotary meeting on Monday, April 29th.  The group consists of one Rotarian Team Leader and three young professionals.  Team Leader Joe Uweri (Rotarian), Osehon Irehoubude (attorney), Danie Braide (broadcaster/reporter), and Amanda Akonjom (school administrator).  Each team member took a few minutes to talk about the Rotary Club in Nigeria and about Nigeria itself and we were encouraged to look up Nigeria on the internet and learn more about their country.  In fact Amanda gave us a homework assignment to do so!  The team was hosted by our club for 4 days and thank you to the host families:  Paul Miller, Carolyn Rice, Jack Lohbeck and Alan Pippenger.  We are the 5th club in our District to host the team that arrived in the United States on April 15th.  They have four more clubs to visit before they return homeWhile they are here they get to visit with companies similar to their occupation back in Nigeria so that they can experience the cultural differences between the two countries in their relevant field of interest.  Carolyn Rice also made note that an outbound GSE team just left several days ago to go to Nigeria and that we had a candidate that we sponsored on that trip, Jennifer Reitz who will report back to us on her experiences when she returns.


Rotary Kenya Project Comes to a Completion
by Erbaugh, Laura

During the May 29, 2011 Site Visit and dedication of the Clinic, School, Bio-Gas Plant and Greenhouses, the children performed a poem thanking Rotarians for what we have done. "Thank You Rotarians - You Are Taking Us to Caanan."

Coming Up Next Monday...
by Erbaugh, Laura

Monday, April 21, 2014 , Rotary on the Road


This Monday we will not have our usual luncheon meeting at Sinclair, instead Rotarians have signed up for one of the following Rotarian locations.  It’s a chance to find out what some of your fellow Rotarians do every day for their vocation.  If you have not yet signed up to visit one of these locations please do so ASAP with Laura —you must be signed up to attend. 



Locations                                                 Rotarian Host

K-12 Gallery Jerri Stanard

341 South Jefferson Street


Dayton VA Medical Center Glenn Costie    SITE FULL

4100 West Third Street  *use the Valet parking in the front of the patient tower (large 9 story building near the 35/Liscom Road entrance).  It is a free service.  Please tell the valet staff that they are here with the Rotary.  Their cars will then be parked a little closer making it easier when they leave.


The Requarth Company Alan Pippenger   SITE FULL

447 East Monument


App Architecture Pete Harsh

615 Woodside Drive, Englewood


Crayons to Classrooms Steve Rubenstein

1511 Kuntz Road


Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum Sean O’Regan   SITE FULL

118 Woodland Avenue


Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park Dean Alexander

22 South Williams Street


United Theological Seminary Evan Abla

4501 Denlinger Road



This Happened Last Monday...
by Laura Erbaugh

Monday, April 14, 2014 , Bill Bloebaum, China's Development, People and Major Issues


By:  Larry Dryden

President Greg Birkemeyer called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. Paul said that he must have Paul Harris on his mind, because he kept calling everyone Paul over the weekend.  He introduced Brian Morton who provided the club with an invocation and led the pledge of allegiance.  Bill Nance followed Brian with the News of the Day.  Highlights included outgoing Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says that the timeline for the ObamaCare rollout was “flat-out wrong” and  Pro-Russian protests in Ukrainian police headquarters. In Rotary news, the Rotary Club in Lawton, Oklahoma held a track meet and Kids Fit Expo to promote youth fitness, and raise $25,000 for school projects.  In stupid criminal news, a would-be thief was tracked down because he broke his credit card off trying to open a locked door and was soon apprehended.  Amy Radachi introduced visiting Rotarians and Guests which included Joe Hookey from the Oxford club and Brenda Humfleet from the Oakwood club.  Rotarians who introduced guests were Bob Taft, Dave McMillen, Larry Dryden, Mark Ruetschele, Heather Goodrich, and Erik Collins. 


Secretary Phil Parks talked about the great time that they had at Keeneland and admitted that both he and Steve Naas were novices when it came to placing bets at a track.  Reminders that May 13 is Rotary Night at fifth Third Field, and that the next Rotary Dines out is April 22 at Meadowlark Restaurant.  Also, Phil reminded the club that April 21st is Rotary on the Road.  Birthdays included Howard Ducker, Doug Kaylor, and Tom Gillaugh.  A Day 10 was made by Stephen Keyes for some potentially good news they’ve just received, Doug Kaylor gave a Day $62 for his birthday.   Ken Herr gave a Day $100 for his practice round at Augusta, and picking up 127 Milwaukee’s Best bottles from his ditch.  Amanda Cole gave a Day $10 to remind the club of the Blue Ribbon Take Over Meeting coming up.  Tom Gillaugh gave a Day $100 for his birthday.  Rick Wegmann gave a day $25 for his daughter getting married.  Greg recognized Dave Williams who announced the winners of the No Brainer NCAA pool which raised $306 for the Rotary Foundation.  Tom Maher shared the winners of the NCAA Tournament “Brain” pool.  Mark Meister won in a tie-breaker for third place, David Neer won 2nd place, and David Williamson won the pool, explaining to the club that it goes to show that brains wins over no brains every time. 


Ashley Webb awarded gift cards for the weekly raffle for bringing a guest to the meeting.  Phil turned the meeting back over to President  Greg.   Greg said that the club is invited to the Middletown Rotary’s meeting, in which Speaker John Boehner will be speaking (see Greg for details).  He also announced that India has been declared Polio free, but that there are still cases reported in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.  Bill Butt introduced a new member to the club, Greg Lightbourn.  Bill said that Greg was an excellent addition to the Butt Construction team.  President Greg talked briefly about the Rotary Member Survey, and highlighted a few key findings regarding our number of non-profits and women members represented in the club, and gave thanks to each of those.  He said that women were admitted in to the club 25 years ago, and it was the best thing that’s happened to the club. 


Chair of the Day, Bill Pflaum introduced Bill Bloebaum as the speaker for the day.  Bill retired as President of Mead Pulp Sales.  Since retirement, he has coordinated business seminars all over the world.  Bill spoke about China’s development and economic issues.  He and his wife Margaret have spent 3 ½ of the past 4 years in China. It was surprising to learn that although it is a Communist country, it has a Capitalist business economy, and no longer a socialist economy.  One of the problems is that the work force is not sufficiently trained and that China is no longer the lowest cost producer.  There has been a 20–30 % wage increase over the past 5 – 10 years.  Another surprising fact is that there are now over one million millionaires in the country.  Mr. Bloebaum talked about housing in China as an issue, and Houkow reform.  Other issues include pollution, environment and education.  President Greg reminded the club that next week is Rotary on the Road and adjourned the meeting.