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Monday, July 28, 2014
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Future Speakers
Jul 28 2014
David Lightle
"The Wright Brothers USA LLC."
Aug 4 2014
Dan Edwards
"Body Language"
Aug 11 2014
Chief Richard Biehl
"Dayton Police Department"
Aug 18 2014
Diane Graham
"Habitat for Humanity Dayton "
Aug 25 2014
Brady Kress, Dayton History
"Tour of New Brewery at Carillon Park"
Sep 1 2014
Sep 8 2014
Carter Stewart
"US Attorney Southern District of Ohio"
Sep 15 2014
Dean Herbert
"K & G Bike Centers"
Sep 22 2014
Derrick Foward
"Dayton Unit NAACP"
Sep 29 2014
Dr. Kent Harshbarger
"Montogmery County Coroner"
Oct 6 2014
Mike Stover
"Warped Wing Brewing Company"
Oct 13 2014
Jaro Bilocrkowycz, University of Dayton
"Russia and the Ukraine Crisis"
Oct 20 2014
Annual Rotary Vocational Fair
Oct 27 2014
General John Allen (retired)

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Birthday's Next Week
by Laura Erbaugh

March 14: Tom Creager, Shelly Heller March 15: Rick Schwartz March 16: Bill Bretz March 17: Patrick Hillier March 18: Stephen Keyes March 19: Heather Mendelson-Goodrich March 20: Fred Strahorn
The Rotarian
by Laura Erbaugh

The March Rotarian Magazine features an article about the 1913 Great Miami Flood here in Dayton. The Flood Relief was the first humanitarian effort of Rotary International.
by Laura Erbaugh

Your Day at the Races Keeneland Thursday, April 21st 9:00 am - 7:00 pm $55 pp ONLY $ spots left
Tavern Dinner
by Laura Erbaugh

Join Your Fellows Rotarians for a Taver Dinner at Carillon Historical Park' Tuesday, March 22, 2011 6:00 p.m. $25 pp - ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT
Shoes for Orphan Souls Project
by Laura Erbaugh

District Governor Norma Berry is calling all Rotarians in Southwest Ohio to Participate in a District-Wide Project to collect NEW shoes for Shoes and socks For Orphan Souls . We will be collecting NEW shoes and socks each Monday at Rotary (or you may bring them to the Rotary Office ( between now and April 4th.) The shoes will then be transported to the District Conference in Cincinnati on April 8 & 9 and will be shipped out from there. Any styles and sizes are acceptable children's or adults however the greatest need is for athletic type shoes. Please bring your shoes with the laces tied together and no need to bring the box—we will not be shipping them in their original packaging. The goal is for each member to bring in one pair of shoes—but of course we welcome you to do as much as you can for this very worthwhile project.
Foundation Grant Presentation
by Laura Erbaugh

Cathy Ponitz, On behalf of the Dayton Rotary Foundation presented a check in the amount of $2,700 to Marc Martens of the Samaritan Health Foundation. The funds will be used for a community outreach program for students GSH 101: Introduction to Careers in Health Sciences. This program is a mean to encourage the development of young leaders abd to interest local high school youth in healthcare careers by providing a unique, behind-the-scenes and up-close look at the inner workings of a hospital.
YOU are the Key to Rotary Membership
by Laura Erbaugh

YOU are the Key to

Dayton Rotary Membership....

Propose a New Member Today!

Please contact Penny Wolff, Membership Chair or Laura for a proposal form or if you have any questions.   You may also obtain a proposal form under club documents when you log in as a member on the website.

Congratulations to the Excellence In Education Honorees
by Erbaugh, Laura

ImageRotary Club of Dayton would like to congratulate our Excellence in Administration award winner Ms. Sharon Goins, Principal of Thurgood Marshall High School and our 3 Excellence in Education award winners Ms. Desirae Shaw of Thurgood Marshall High School, Ms. Gloria Taylor of River's Edge Montessori School, and Ms. Tracey Turner of Horace Mann Pre K-8. All were honored at the May 19th Rotary Club of Dayton Luncheon at Sinclair Community College.  We thank them all for their efforts with the chilren in this community.  Our youth could not do it without you!

Rotarians Provide Books for Over 400 Dayton Public School Second Grade Children
by Erbaugh, Laura

On May 21st hundreds of rising 2nd grade children where assisted by Rotarians to pick out 10 books of their own to take home for summer reading at EJ Brown school.  These books were sponsored by the efforts of the recent Blue Ribbon Committee Take-Over meeting and all the generous Rotarians who contributed during that meeting.  The Club Board of Directors also provided funds for the sponsorship of the books at Meadowdale School  for hundreds of 2nd graders there as well to choose 10 books each in hopes of getting them reading during summer break and reducing the “summer slide” effect.  Each child at both schools also received a Rotary 4-Way Test Bookmark as well.




Dayton Rotary Sponsored Mad River Run, New Regional Recreation Destination, opens at Eastwood MetroPark
by Erbaugh, Laura


ImageMad River Run, New regional recreation DESTINATION, opens at eastwood MetroPark IN-RIVER FEATURE ALSO IMPROVES AQUATIC HABITAT


DAYTON, OH (May 2, 2014) — A grand opening event will be held for the Mad  River Run at Eastwood MetroPark at 12:30 p.m. Monday, May 5. Enter at 1385 Harshman Road.


Part conservation, part recreation, the Mad River Run includes a kayak and canoe whitewater feature in the Mad River, river access points, and an area for observing paddlers or just enjoying the river. Construction was funded in part by a $100,000 donation from the Rotary Club of Dayton. Members will celebrate and commemorate the Mad River Run during the grand opening.


“The Rotary Club of Dayton is excited to support this new destination for free, active outdoor recreation and place where everyone can connect with the Mad River,” said Greg Birkemeyer, president of the Rotary Club of Dayton. “Enhancing our river assets is critical to making the Miami Valley an even better place to live, work and play.


“Recovery work after Dayton’s great flood of 1913 was the first relief project for Rotary International, so this was the perfect project for the Rotary Club of Dayton to support to commemorate our 100 years of service to the local community,” Birkemeyer added.


The Mad River Run also improved the aquatic habitat and safety characteristics of the river while providing a 4-mile paddling experience from Eastwood to RiverScape MetroParks.


“The Mad River Run is part of a renewed focus on rivers in our community, and this project accentuates a key river corridor that leads right into downtown,” MetroParks Executive Director Becky Benná said. “Improving outdoor recreation opportunities is a key component in attracting and retaining the workforce that will power our regional economy, as well as in strengthening Dayton’s vibrancy.


“We thank the Rotary Club of Dayton for its generous donation that has helped Five Rivers MetroParks’ fulfill its mission to protect the region’s natural heritage and provide outdoor experiences that inspire a personal connection with nature,” Benná added.


In addition to the new play areas for paddlers at Mad River Run, spectators can view the action from the riverbank. The river feature serves as a swiftwater rescue training classroom, and additional programs are planned for advanced paddling and maneuvering training in moving water.


“The features on the Mad River have helped meet the needs of the paddling community — not only for current paddlers and the new ones we gain daily, but for future generations,” said local paddling expert and enthusiast Lamar Jackson. “As a father of two, a paddler and instructor, I see the big picture of something like this and can assure you my children and I will be taking full advantage of what the current feature and planned features have to offer. The ease of access and location makes this a great place for instructional clinics for paddling or swift water rescue, and the location of the Mad River Run couldn’t be at a better spot for the public to see.”


In addition, those interested in fishing will benefit from deep water holes formed by the water flow around the River Run rock structures, where fish tend to concentrate to stay out of the river current.


“The Mad River Run is a great addition to the Miami Valley,” said Pete Ziehler of the National Association of Professional River Anglers. “It’s a place for anglers to seek fish pooled above and below the run. This also enables fly anglers to hone their skills with the calmness of the waters. This gem is really a keystone in the continued development of the waterways in the MetroParks system.”

Dayton Rotary Welcomes Youth Exchange Student
by Erbaugh, Laura

Rotarians Welcome 2013-2014

Youth Exchange Student

Francheska to Dayton, Ohio USA! 

In Photo (from left to right): Miller Family, first host family (L-R: Lauren, Paul (Dayton Rotarian), Liam, Chris, and Levi), Carolyn Rice, Dayton Rotarian (& husband, Mike, took photo), Francheska, Terry Williamson (Terry is Dayton YEO), and Jason Hillard and Ann Charles Watts, second host family (Jason is District 6670 Inbound Chair, Ann Charles is Dayton RYE Chair).  Francheska will be hosted by three Rotarian families throughout her school year and she will be studying at Stiver's School for the Arts.Image

Rotary Kenya Project Comes to a Completion
by Erbaugh, Laura

During the May 29, 2011 Site Visit and dedication of the Clinic, School, Bio-Gas Plant and Greenhouses, the children performed a poem thanking Rotarians for what we have done. "Thank You Rotarians - You Are Taking Us to Caanan."

Coming Up Next Monday...
by Erbaugh, Laura

Monday, July 28, 2014 David Lightle, CEO, The Wright Brothers USA LLC  "Commercializing the Wright Brothers Brand Trademark"  


Speaker:  Dave Lightle, CEO, The Wright Brothers USA, LLC

In 2011, the Wright Family Foundation awarded our agency the global licensing rights for the Wright Brothers trademark.  This decision to “commercialize” the brothers’ legacy marked a turning point for the family.  With the establishment of licensing activities worldwide and the official Wright Brothers brand online store, it will not be long before the first name in aviation becomes the first name in aviation fashion!  Our vision is to build The Wright Brothers into a top global brand by fulfilling our mission of creating a portfolio of Wright Brothers branded products that impart the spirit and style of Dayton’s most famous favorite sons.

Chair of the Day:  Dave Neer





This Happened Last Monday...
by Laura Erbaugh

Monday, July 21, 2014 ,  Judge Dennis Adkins  "What is Veteran's Treatment Court"


By:  Tom Maultsby

President Steve Naas opened his second meeting of his tenure.  The meeting started at 12:09 p.m.  Rita Cyr welcomed everyone with a poem entitled “In Your Honor” (author unknown) with a focus on ‘Fallen Soldiers.’  It was announced that Rotarian Steve Prevost, passed away on Thursday, July 17, 2014.  Bill Nance then followed with the News of the Day including a report about a man who stole a truck and then called 911 when he had truck trouble and got himself arrested.  Don Prizler welcomed visiting Rotarians Mark Graham and his guest Shelby also in attendance was Brenda Humphries from the Oakwood Club.


Secretary Phil Parks came to the podium and announced the birthdays of Michael Roediger, Lori Poelking-Igel and Alan Baker.  Phil then started off the Day-10s by asking for a show of hands if anyone wanted to give an anonymous Day-10.  Steve Prevost was honored by a Day-10 from Dave Williamson and Rick Wegmann as a member of the Ironman Bowling Team.  Susie Weaver gave a Day-25 in honor of Steve who served as Club Secretary for her during her years as the first female club President and she will miss his ‘Duke’ sporting announcements and she encouraged all to attend his viewing.  Michael Roediger gave a Day-50 for his birthday and to announce an upcoming DAI exhibit, Dayton Celebrates Glass.  Heath MacAlpine gave a Day-10 for all the support he received from Rotarians who followed him on Facebook and twitter for his recent bike ride for Youth Exchange where he rode 853 miles over 13 days.  He mentioned that maybe in a couple years he will go for a coast to coast ride.  Fran Rickenbach gave a Day-10 to ask Rotarians to please join the Ethics in Business committee, in support of Walk the Talk review cases and studies at UD Law School in one hour with students that contain moral or ethical dilemma and give the students real world feedback.    Dudley Bray made an announcement about a Social Committee “Flash” Dines Out event at ‘The Dock’ located at 250 W. Main Street, Enon, Ohio 45323 at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 24, 2014.  Lorna Dawes reminded all about the Summer Muse Machine Concert and that we have 40 tickets reserved.  Meet at UNO’s before hand to get tickets and for Appetizers and dinner and drinks.  Phil then reminded all Rotarians to get involved in Rotary and sign up for a committee.  If you haven't done so yet please request a form from Laura.  President Steve then gave a Day-10 for Sue Taylor who is signed up to serve on 6 committees.

The program launched in December 11, 2013 and started with 8 participants.  Now it has 50 participants, staff and probation officers.  Vets outreach coordinator to align with benefits, jobs coordinator, mentor coordinator, 3-Phase program to include: 1) Men of 30 days intensive treatment done voluntarily. Vets sign contracts (this is an assessment phase and plan); 2) Ways to achieve treatment program - maintenance and reconnection and 3) Full reintegration into their families and community.  The program is about Vets helping Vets.  Judge Adkins gave an example of a Criminal Justice/PSTD case.  “Bill” almost headed to prison death; got an intensive course of residential treatment.  Thanked Judge Adkins for saving his life.  Judge responded, “He saved his own life; the program just gave him an opportunity. You have to have the experience to understand.”

Judge Adkins spoke about his brother who fought in Vietnam and got medals, Bronze, Silver Stars for bravery.  He had PTSD and did not know it.  He died of pancreatic cancer due to Agent Orange.  The impact on his family was devastating.  There was no help back then.  This is why the Judge is so motivated to do this.  No additional funds are required  in common pleas court for this program everyone is just working harder.  The Judge then took questions from the group.

Do Vets get services from VA in Dayton?  Judge has not seen those problems in his Court.  Dayton VA is one of the better one in the Country.

Have you reached out to surrounding counties?  Yes, in Greene where a Judge has interest.  He was encouraged to participate and Judge Adkins is open to helping other courts

Is there anything Non-Vets can do?  Yes.  Talk about it!  Now concentrating on mentors being Vets.  Thank them for their services, etc.

Club supports Montgomery County Office of Reentry.  If there are other things the club can do, we are ready to support.  Judge says finding jobs is a big help because many are convicted felons.

Is employment has a big role in their challenges?  Judge says it varies but a very important one is getting off drugs first.  Getting a job is huge for Vets.

Past President Greg spoke about his own son’s difficulty and how it impacts the family.  Greg thanked the Judge for his efforts and wanted to put his personal story to an important situation.  President Naas thanked the Judge and introduced the Speaker for next meeting David Lightle.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 p.m.



President Steve then acknowledged Past President Paul Miller who was a guest at our meeting today and recently returned from a mission trip in Haiti.  Also in attendance was Donna Childs who has returned to Dayton from Atlanta.


President Naas introduced Chair of the day, Tracey Ballard Tangeman and welcomed her to the podium to introduce Judge Dennis Adkins.  The Judge first acknowledged Veterans in the audience.  He explained his court’s function; criminal cases of most types.  Judge came to the conclusion that many Vets entered the annual Justice System following their service in the military. 900K Vet in Ohio; fifth in the nation. Many Vets do multiple Tours of Duty up to 12 which takes a major toll on them.  PTSD was unrecognized illness in former wars.  Now realized, not just PTSD, but brain injury is now on a downward spiral.  22 Vets per day commit suicide in this county.   The program is to try to rehab soldiers to overcome their problems and reintegrate into society.  This is a main focus of Vets Treatment Court.


Judge Adkins showed a video of what services men go through on the battlefield and the mental trauma they have to deal with.  Voices, drinking, violence are all due to these Tours of Duty.  Addiction is common for coping when returning home.  Family expects normal behavior but Vets are hurting and have difficulty dealing with making an adjustment back into society.

The Court advises, support and help Vets get connected to services.  Vets have vision and dreams that come back home with them that can cause mental issues.  In 18 months, Vets graduate as different and readjusted members of society despite their initial resistance to the program.