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Thursday, May 05, 2016
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Luna Vista hears about the history of the Yolo County Fair
by Muller, Joe P.

Another great meeting the day after Luna Vista's 7th birthday!

President Vinnie got things rolling as his year is coming to a close.  ADG John Martin joined us again along with Raylene & Duane Ewing.  We also had some kids in attendance - Alex who graduated 6th grade and Devraj who just moved up to the rank of Bear in Cub Scouts.  Victoria alerted us to a great project building a mosaic bench on the corner of Elm & Cross.  HD were given for the Woodland Community Harvest donating over 400 lbs. last week, weddings, the kid's accomplishment, celebrating Vinnie's demotion, & Father's Day.  We had another PHF presentation for Cass & Lynette.  Our program was from Rita Moore the CEO of the Yolo County Fair.  She went over the long history of the Fair (1st one was in 1893!), the various locations prior to the current location (1940) and how various parts of the fair (FFA animals, Sugar Queen) evolved into the fair.  Rita also talked about several other activities that happen on the fair grounds like acting as an evacuation center, especially for animals.  They also host lots of training for police and fire agencies.  She also discussed how and why the Fair will remain the largest free fair in California.

 Lynette is happy to get her first PHF!!



June Board Meeting Rescheduled
by Patel, Vinod

Join us on Tuesday, June 25th @ THE Holiday Inn Express @ 6:00 pm for the June Luna Vista Board meeting.  Come one, come all.
What's New in Tanzania
by Quiggle, Dexter

Luna Vista welcomes back our friends the Lofstroms and hear the update on their new adventure in Tanzania.

President Vinnie barely recovered from his demotion welcomed a huge crowd of Lunatics, spouses, friends, Rotoacters, and visiting Rotarians.  The Ewings were visiting along with 4 UCD Rotoacters.  We had several spouses & our old friend Sean Colon.  What a crowd!  Vinnie shared several demotion memories which we all heartily endorsed.  We had a special PHF pin for Ute who celebrated her 6th!  All the Happy Dollars were donated to our friends from Tanzania and speaking of HD there were lots of dollars for Vinnie, the Rotoacters were celebrating the end of the school year as were the Villalobos (great story about teachers versus the kids).   We had folks celebrating kids getting home from trips and several Lunatics who are off to Europe and the RI convention in Lisbon.  Our program was a presentation by our friends from Tanzania Paula & Denny Lofstrom.  They were accompanied by their friend Francis and had much new information for us.  Paula started out with some history of their involvement in Tanzania that eventually led them to Mwanza (on Lake Victoria) and the clinic where Luna Vista helped stand up the dental clinic.  She talked about the country, the make up of the people, religion, and some of the medical challenges living in this part of the world.  The biggest challenge they deal with is the power of Witch Doctors.  They are now starting a new clinic on 42 acres in the town of Zinga about 45 miles from the capital of Dar es Salaam.  Our dental equipment has moved with them to the new location.  Paula we say Asanteni sana (thank you in Swahili) for a great presentation.
Vinnie's Demotion!
by Pohl, Nick

A great night of a family, fun, and fellowship!

Luna Vista celebrates President Vinnie's year as president!  ADG John Martin and Davis President Ron joined many LV spouses to enjoy the fun.  Master Planner Charlene organized a wonderful night with great food and a superb presentation by the Bangalore Players (including Vinnie's kids).  The Lamberts back yard was transformed into a wonderful area of art and culinary enjoyment.  After an over the top exploration of Vinnie's life journey (had to be there to see it - London, Motel 12, Do everything right), the club gave Vinnie several tokens of appreciation (including his PP pin on a pillow!) including some sweet beer goggles and Ganesha to remove all obstacles. Vinnie gave a moving speech about Ute asking to join Rotary (what is that?) and how he has enjoyed this year and will do it again.  Thanks again to the Lamberts (great job grilling!) and all who brought food (great desserts Lynette) & drink to the celebration.

What a great place!


I don't believe what I just saw!


 Fatherly Advice




 The Big Conclusion!!


Vinnie gets his PP pin from ADG John



And PE Nick gets his pin from Vinnie



Bathing at the ol pond


by Nelson, Paul

This is a little update about your friendly neighborhood communication channel.  After 4 1/2 years, I will no longer be making up, oops, I mean writing the mostly weekly bulletin.  Its time for some new creative thinkers to spin the Luna Vista yarns.  Several people have expressed a desire to take this over (a group is always best) - doesn't have to be done on the web site - could be a Word document like we used to do.  Additionally, after 4 years, I will no longer be maintaining our web site.  Again its time for other folks to be involved in the Rotary process.  And after 3 years, I am passing the torch for the Foundation over to Bert who will do great.  He is very excited, has lots of ideas and I know you will all support him.  If you want to help out, learn something new, or just have questions please talk with Nick or Vinnie.  Thanks.