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Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Rotary Happenings for July
by Larson, Bradley

Programs for July;

July 31'st will be our club assembly

Something for members to consider:

Representatives from the City of Cambridge will present the approved amphitheater/picnic shelter for Cambridge City Park at the Club Assembly, July 31.  The pledge by Rotary stated, “We are writing this letter in support of the City of Cambridge, Minnesota for their Parks and Trails Outdoor Recreation Grant application (submitted March, 2014). The Rotary Club of Cambridge Isanti will commit $20,000 the first year and $5000 for the next three years for the purpose of building an amphitheater in the Cambridge City Park for community use.” The Outdoor Recreation Grant was not awarded to Cambridge. However,  by unanimous vote of the Cambridge City Council,  an amphitheater/picnic shelter, new playground equipment, and a disc golf course have been approved. The City Council is asking the Cambridge Isanti Rotary Club to help defer some of the costs in consideration of the earlier pledge.

2014-15 Rotary Club Officers

President - PPC- (Past Presidents Club)
President Elect - Kirsten Bruss
Secretary - Karen/Brad
Treasurer - Clark Johnson/Dan Johnson



Amelia's Bake Sale...aka FUND RAISER!!!!
by Larson, Bradley

Thursday August 7th will the bake sale/ fundraiser for Amelia Vick’s upcoming trip to Spain.  Don’t be shocked by the prices – it is more of a fundraiser than a bake sale.  Amelia and Leslie will be bringing Spanish based treats.


Club Assembly Agenda
by Larson, Bradley

Last Club Assembly Minutes- By Club Secretary

Presidential items

Committee Reports

Member Items

Goals/Take Away


International Committee Meeting Minutes 7-1-14
by Larson, Bradley

-Attendees: Jean and Rog Anderson via conference call; Dennis Adams; Mary Kay Thomas
-July 1, 2014 meeting at Newton Financial
-Host family for 2014-15 for Camille:  Gretchen and Ben Sickler and family for first family.  Second and ideally third family to be identified to host as it is highly encouraged from international .
- Arrival for Camille: Requested August 20 or 21  flight arrival.   Sometimes this arrival could be earlier or later. Committee members welcome to welcome her with the host family. Paperwork to be completed by France supposedly June 30 or July 1.  Camille has been in communication via email with the Jean and Rog, District , and Sickler family.
- Nadia: Eastern  Tour with Rotary district exchange students was good.  Returned July 1.   Flight for return to Denmark is noon time- July 9.  Jean and Rog can take her to the airport.  Anyone is welcome.
- Group study exchange:  The committee recommends the club  send a request to the district for the  inbound Group Study exchange.    Add this to the Club Assembly July meeting for membership approval or not approval .
- Participation and funding to the Bosnia water project  request from Judge Slattengren  via Clark Joslin email from Judge Slattengren -not approved.  The committee members present felt a budget report for this committee from the treasury is needed before additional non budget expenditures are allocated.  If there is additional it is felt it needs to go a local of district international project.
-Next meeting:  First Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at Newton Financial, 8:30 a.m., (note if this works for Dan and the committee) if not another August date can be set.  Recommendation to Dan: Dennis Adams moved to have you bring sour cream donuts from Herman's Bakery to the next meeting. 
Thanks Dan for the meeting location at Newton Financial and the capacity for a conference call to Jean and Rog
Notes by Jean


Club Assembly Minutes 6-26-14
by Larson, Bradley





JUNE 26, 2014



President Rick presided.


Brad gave speech re attendance sheets need to get in as soon as possible.  Also suggested we all check the Clubrunner as there is much information in it.


Howie to be Rotary representative to serve on the Advisory Committee of Chicago-Isanti County Heartland Express Public Transportation.   Voted, passed.


Jean would like everyone to put in $100 to go toward the Paul Harris Foundation.


Roger said Nadia has been sending information on her trip.


Roger also advised they are trying to arrange a date for Camille (our inbound exchange student)  as her family an take her after the 18th.


Amelia (our outbound exchange student) wants to do a bake sale to earn some money.


Kirsten advised the Vocational Committee has set Friday, August 22, 2014 from 11:30-1:00 for the New Teacher's Luncheon.


Some Rotarians inquired of Kirsten as to why the Vocational Committee elected to emphasize poverty.  Law Day was becoming difficult to get speakers and poverty is a big concern.


Pres. Rick asked what would we, as a Club, would like to do with the information from the people that come and speak to us.  Discussion followed.


$380 budgeted and want to do something with the money. 


Howie made  a motion that the Club contribute the $380 to New Pathways.  Roger seconded.  Passed.


Pres. Rick asked Kirstin to send questions to Brad for the Clubrunner.


Clark Joslin said the Membership Committee is active.  Planned another Social for 5/29.  The Social is an opportunity to explain Rotary.  Said they have three solid prospects from the event:  Chris Caulk,       Ron and Mary Lou Anderson and Michelle Schonneker (sp.).


Planning another social November 20.  Announcement will be put in Chamber “letter.”


No meeting July 3, 2014.


Re Service Projects, Howie said the money is there for the bandshell.  Hope to break ground this summer.

Barb Birdwell from SAC wants to provide $4 lunch.


Dennis Doran suggested we have Penny Messer talk to Rotary.


Karen Muhlhauser

Secretary to Club

Club Structure Chart.
by Larson, Bradley

Which committee are you on????



Drafted March, 2013 – rev. May, 2014 J. Moen


Rotary Club Board

Club Administration

President, Pres-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer




Dan Johnson


Encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary's humanitarian reach aroun the globe and to promote world undertsanding and peace. Supports Inbound Students, Outbound Students, and GSE Teams



First Tuesday

each month

8:30 am

Newton Financial Services Office




Kirsten Bruss


Adhering to and promoting the highest ethical standards in all occupations

Recognizing the value of all useful occupations, not just those that are pursued by Rotarians

Contributing one’s vocational talents to meeting the needs of the community .


Second Monday each month

9:30 am

Peoples Bank

Downtown Office

Membership Committee


Clark Joslin


Develop and implement plans for membership retention and growth, educate and train club members about recruitment and retention of members, work with club officers to assist with orienting new members, provide opportunities for club participation.


Fourth Monday each month

8:45 am

Lake State

Credit Union

Service Projects Committee


Bill Berg

Roger Anderson


To lead the club's service initiatives and to help develop and implement education, humanitarian, and vocation service projects that benefit the local community and communities in othr countri



First Thursday

each month



Public Relations Committee


Karen Mulhauser


To develop and execute a plan to tell the public about Rotary and promote the club's service projects and activities.


To be Determined

Rotary Foundation

(Jean Anderson)

Rotary Exchange Student News- Host Families Needed
by Larson, Bradley

We now know that our Inbound Student from France is a young lady by the name of Camille Bozec. 


We have our first host family but will need two more for Camille for the entire school year. Please let us know if you or someone you know might be interested.

Speaker and Greeter responsibilities for 2014
by Larson, Bradley


Speakers:   Rotary Foundation Committee        Greeters:   President Elect


Speakers:  International Committee     Greeters:   Public Relations Committee



Rotary Exchange Student Requirements
by Larson, Bradley

The easiest way to secure our club is to have each member complete a background check when we have an exchange student in our club and transport any youth to leadership camps or rotary events. 
It is easy to complete the annual required background check  online.
The background check for Rotarians can be completed online , no charge, from the website.  Instructions are:

  1. Log on to
  2. Review text on the Welcome Page, enter the password: NorthStar and click “I Agree”.
  3. Enter Personal Information. All fields marked with a “*” are required.
  4. Click “Next”
  5. Review all information to ensure its accuracy before proceeding. If you need to make any corrections you can click on the “Edit” link or the “Previous” button to return to the Personal Information page.
  6. Click “Complete” to process your search.


Jean L. Anderson 525 Maple Dell Road Cambridge, MN 55008-1048 Phone: 763-689-4070 ;  763.242.3114(cell) 

Service Above Self
by Larson, Bradley

Would you like to help out your Club in a big way? Do you have just a little extra time on your hands to give to a worthy cause?

Your Club is in need of the following officers:

President Elect 2013-2014

Grants Subcommittee Chair - needed immediately!

Please contact Brad Larson if you would be interested in serving your club in any of these positions. Thank you!
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by Michelle Thomas

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