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Friday, July 25, 2014
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Hayward Rotary's Annual Omelet Brunch is a Flipping Success!
by Schott, Brian

ImageHayward Rotarians and their guest Chefs gathered under the Grand White Tent at St. Rose Hospital to make Omelets and serve our community guests a delicious, low cost Champagne Brunch to raise money for our Community at the Hayward Rotary Foundation's 4th Annual Champagne Community Fundraiser Brunch.

Over 600 Omelets were served along with fruit and delicious pastries donated by Big Apple Bakery in Castro Valley while guests sipped on Champagne Mimosas and other beverages.

Thanks to breakfast eaters and our sponsors such as PG&E, Friends of the Hayward Library and others in the community, the Hayward Rotary Foundation raised nearly $8,000 for the various community groups Hayward Rotary supports and for the St. Rose Hospital's Silva Pediatric Clinic. 

Hayward Rotary Child Shopping Spree

Hayward Rotarians once again made it possible for 90+ school-aged kids to start school this year with Brand New Clothes, shoes and backpacks stuffed with school supplies - and a haircut!

More than 125 Hayward Rotarians, guests, dignitaries and Target Store Associates were up at 6:30 on a foggy Saturday morning getting ready to take more than 90 local needy children shopping for new clothes and shoes at this year's Hayward Rotary Children's Back to School Shopping Spree.
the tremendous support and efforts of Target Store Manager Robert Osario and his hardworking, Target Store Associates, the Rotary Club of Hayward along with our guest shoppers helped each child pick out $100 worth of brand new Back to School Clothes.  These children, ages 4-17, also each got brand new backpacks stuffed with School Supplies and a Gift Certificates for a haircut from Rotarian Kitty Kelly at her Hayward Salon.
Past Hayward Rotary Presidents Pam Russo, RN and George Pacheco once again headed up this year's Children's Shopping Spree. In addition to handling all of the details, they also helped raise more than $10,000 to fund this effort. Thanks to their efforts, along with the help of dozens of Rotarians, their family and guests as well as local officials, these kids got an opportunity to start their school year off right. Plans are underway to make next year's event even bigger to serve a growing population of school-aged children in need in the Hayward Community.  The Children's Shopping Spree event is a perennial favorite project for Rotarians and we look forward to working with Target Corporation, the Hayward Area Businesses and Non-Profit organizations to making this happen.
The Rotary Club of Hayward wishes to thank Target Corporation, our members, donors, guests and especially the kids who we shopped with for the opportunity to make this a special day.  In the words of one the Target Associates on duty (who herself grew up poor but was fortunate to get a scholarship to attend St. Marys College), "you'll never know just how much this means to these kids and how they will never forget the kindness the Rotarians showed them".
Homie Paul Wallace's "Rotary Rap"
by Schott, Brian

If you missed our 90th Anniversary Celebration, you missed member Paul Wallace's very memorable rap...
The picture of him "sagging" while delivering his Rap to his Rotary Homies probably won't be (at least shouldn't be!) posted to this website any time soon...

Rotary 2000’s


Sup Hommies?


Now I ain’t no singer

but I got a zinger

I ain’t no poet

Don’t ya know it


Names pwall and I’m here to say,

Hayward Rotary’s here …in a big big way

Someone needs service?

We’re not nervous!


Been doing good stuff

for a lottsa  years,

an just to tell the story

even got a High Gear.


Hunter hit a million bucks

for the Club Foundation

To build a better future

for the next generation

Mahoney built the stands for the Rodeo


While the cowboy rode his horse,

we fed the fans of course. 

Roped the cow and rode the bull,

while all the fans got full.


Smith built a clinic for the kid’s health

Just so they could grow

and have a chance to make some wealth


Meirovitz knew the teeth needed care

So we added a dentist and a few dentist chairs


When the Clinic needed paint

The Club didn’t faint

Grabbed buckets and a brush

And we did the tough stuff.


When the kids needed a dictionary,

Wilma was the visionary

Gave one to all the kidz

gonna help ‘em pass their quiz



Built a tot park out on Mission

Based on Delaney’s vision

The things we did that day

allowed the kids to play.


Took a downtown blight,

Streeter led the fight,

Built Newman’s park

and gave the town a spark

When the sports fields needed repair

George Pacheco was there

With his field of dreams

George had the right scheme

Fixed the lights, fixed the fields,

Fixed the snack bar too

Now you gotta admit, that’s pretty cool


If you needed a computer and had no place to go

Avelar was the one in the know

If you needed the internet,

Mullins was your bet

You didn’t have to be a renter

at the Technology Center.


Sakai, Elkins and Cook,

gave the clinic a brand  new look.

Just a little effort was all it took


Now we ain’t just local, we also went global


Pacheco went to Kenya,

bought a tractor, bought a truck,

just to  help ‘em make a buck.

Then they learned to grow the food,

‘nough to feed the whole brood.



Smith built wells in Ghana

Now folks got wata

Lots and lots of smiles

And Crocodiles


This year with a little luck

Pam took your buck

Now you think that’s bad

Well it ain’t so sad

Cuz next year, Schott’s gonna grab lots!




Hayward Rotary’s still got lots to do …….maybe we’ll build a zoo.     WORD!

Happy 90th Birthday Hayward Rotary!
by Schott, Brian


On June 1, 1922, the Rotary Club of Hayward was chartered, 15 years after Rotary International was started.  Now, 90 years later, the same spirit and energy that was there continues to be present in the Hayward Rotary Club.  Click here for more....

We just completed our largest fundraiser of the year - running the concessions at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo and raised more than $20,000 to be added to our Community Grants funds for our Annual Community Grants awards.  We have been able to fully fund this year's Dictionary Project where we provide hard bound Children's Dictionaries to each and every 3rd grader in the Hayward Area in the fall.

We've got photos and news clippings going back to our earliest days. Over the next couple of years, we will be working to get them scanned and added to the Club's website archives which is being stored on an offsite "cloud server" .   We'll be looking for volunteers - young or old - to help with this task.

Hayward Rotarians remain committed to bettering the Hayward Area Community as well as Communities throughout the World.  With the end of polio close to being a reality, we will continue to aid the fight in the 3 remaining remote locations where the polio virus is still found.  We continue to work to improve the literacy of children and the health of people in need no matter where they live. There are great needs everywhere and its through the efforts of committed people such as Rotarians that these needs will get met.  We invite you to join us in our "Service Above Self".   Happy 90th Hayward Rotarians!