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Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Homie Paul Wallace's "Rotary Rap"
by Schott, Brian

If you missed our 90th Anniversary Celebration, you missed member Paul Wallace's very memorable rap...
The picture of him "sagging" while delivering his Rap to his Rotary Homies probably won't be (at least shouldn't be!) posted to this website any time soon...

Rotary 2000’s


Sup Hommies?


Now I ain’t no singer

but I got a zinger

I ain’t no poet

Don’t ya know it


Names pwall and I’m here to say,

Hayward Rotary’s here …in a big big way

Someone needs service?

We’re not nervous!


Been doing good stuff

for a lottsa  years,

an just to tell the story

even got a High Gear.


Hunter hit a million bucks

for the Club Foundation

To build a better future

for the next generation

Mahoney built the stands for the Rodeo


While the cowboy rode his horse,

we fed the fans of course. 

Roped the cow and rode the bull,

while all the fans got full.


Smith built a clinic for the kid’s health

Just so they could grow

and have a chance to make some wealth


Meirovitz knew the teeth needed care

So we added a dentist and a few dentist chairs


When the Clinic needed paint

The Club didn’t faint

Grabbed buckets and a brush

And we did the tough stuff.


When the kids needed a dictionary,

Wilma was the visionary

Gave one to all the kidz

gonna help ‘em pass their quiz



Built a tot park out on Mission

Based on Delaney’s vision

The things we did that day

allowed the kids to play.


Took a downtown blight,

Streeter led the fight,

Built Newman’s park

and gave the town a spark

When the sports fields needed repair

George Pacheco was there

With his field of dreams

George had the right scheme

Fixed the lights, fixed the fields,

Fixed the snack bar too

Now you gotta admit, that’s pretty cool


If you needed a computer and had no place to go

Avelar was the one in the know

If you needed the internet,

Mullins was your bet

You didn’t have to be a renter

at the Technology Center.


Sakai, Elkins and Cook,

gave the clinic a brand  new look.

Just a little effort was all it took


Now we ain’t just local, we also went global


Pacheco went to Kenya,

bought a tractor, bought a truck,

just to  help ‘em make a buck.

Then they learned to grow the food,

‘nough to feed the whole brood.



Smith built wells in Ghana

Now folks got wata

Lots and lots of smiles

And Crocodiles


This year with a little luck

Pam took your buck

Now you think that’s bad

Well it ain’t so sad

Cuz next year, Schott’s gonna grab lots!




Hayward Rotary’s still got lots to do …….maybe we’ll build a zoo.     WORD!