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Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Future Speakers
Aug 7 2014
No Speaker - Business meeting
Aug 14 2014
Sep 18 2014
Hands in Outreach
"Will be discussing our student in Nepal"
Sep 18 2014
Hands in Outreach
"Will be discussing our student in Nepal"


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Community Service at Richie McFarland
by Meyer, Nathaniel

 Many Hands Make Light Work at Richie McFarland Children's Center

Thank you to all of the many people who came out to help with the fall clean up and pergola rebuild at the Richie McFarland Children's Center! Rotary members, friends, family and Chase Home residents helped clear a large yard of leaves and rebuilt a very unsafe and rickety pergola for the center. Check out the photo album on the link on the left.
April 7, 2011 The Morning Outlook
by Gagne, Tina

Business Meeting Today

Welcome to our visiting Rotarians and Guests:  This morning's greeter welcomed the following visiting Portsmouth Lunch Club Rotarians: Mike Asselin, Jim Rini and Carle Brage along with the following guests; John Binecke guest of Danny Edgecomb, Tracy Tucker, Janice Hastings, and  Zhazgul guests of Midge Nelson.

What we were happy about:  Some of the Fines and Happy Dollars collected today by Tom Grella were as follows:  Tom started off the day with a happy buck for himself, as he is off to opening day at Fenway Park.  Mike Asselin happily reported that grandchild number 13 is on the way, due in November!.  Kara Townley gave a happy dollar as she is back from a trip to Aruba - are you sure you're happy about that?    There were many thanks to Bill Cronin for graciously hosting this month’s Board of Director's meeting at his home.  AJ Lane reported his final Dodge Ball game to be played tonight.  Midge Nelson reported she is off to Palm Beach and happy that Zhazgul and so many guests are in attendance.  Rick Mason just purchased a camp in Effingham in which Tom responded "now we have a nice little getaway for the Rotary Club"!.

Presentation: Today, before our Business Meeting, Midge Nelson presented an $8,000 check for New Heights to Tracy Tucker and Janice Hastings.  New Heights was the recipient of a portion of funds the club raised at the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot. 

New Member Induction:  The club inducted its newest member, Marj Madori.  Marj is the District Executive for the Boy Scouts. The District covers 22 local communities.  Welcome Marj!

Business Meeting:  Shawn Devine indicated the club’s attendance is up.  Steve Scott reported that a 1/3 of the proceeds from the Turkey Trot went to New Heights.  AJ Lane reported that the upcoming speakers are now on our web site.   Midge Nelson announced plans are still in the works to hold a club meeting at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the Board has approved funds for Zhazgul to purchase a prom dress and shoes.   Pat Lyons announced that the Allocations Committee has granted $7,500 to 10 local organizations.  The process is a point system which helped make the difficult decision from over $28,000 in requests.  He also announced there will be a meeting on May 3rd at the Portsmouth High School to discuss the content for the Business Class which the school offers.  If anyone is interested in attending let Pat know.  Pat also is looking into a possible class on internet use and safety at the High School ... more to follow. Chris McMahon announced the 1st Turkey official Turkey Trot meeting was held and that that we have had our first runner sign up!.   Zhazgul gave us a brief update -indicating she is doing well and enjoying the American life!.  She has gone to the Boston Museum of Science and had seals kiss her at the aquarium.  Next week she is off to Palm Beach & Miami with Midge.  Then she is off to New York, Washington DC and then to Minnesota to visit a friend.

50/50 Raffle Winner:  Rick Masson

Don’t miss our upcoming events:

4/27                 New Member Orientation Meeting at the Gas Light

4/30                 Pierce Island Clean up (working with Lunch Club) Rotarian @ work day.

5/12 - 5/14       District Conference

5/12                 Club Meeting to be held at Seacoast Science Center

5/17                 Visioning Meeting

6/16                 Annual Dinner at the Wentworth 

April 21, 2011 The Morning Outlook
by Gagne, Tina

Jen Carter from Action for Aidan was our guest speaker this morning. 

Welcome to our visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Rob Gagnon welcomed the following visiting Portsmouth Lunch Club Rotarians: Mike Asselin, Steve Wood, and Barry McArdle.  Other visiting Rotarians included:  Neil Collins from the Melrose, Ma club.  We had two guests this morning; John Burcke guest of Danny Edgecomb and Alyssa Ervin guest of Matt Junkins.

What we were happy about:  Some of the Fines and Happy Dollars collected today by Tom Grella were as follows:  Tom collected several fines from members who have missed some meetings.  Also there were many of us just happy to see the sun out!.   Danny Edgecomb was happy he has convinced John Burcke to join our club!  Annie         Malechek is looking forward to an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday which not only includes candy – but scratch tickets!.  Rick Masson was happy to announce the Portsmouth High School Percussion Band won the World Championship.  Steve Scott happy about his son, TJ, who after a lot strike outs got a home run last week.  Way to go TJ!.  however,   Steve was not so happy about receiving a call from Rick to help unload the Portsmouth High School Band Equipment.

Announcements:  Chris McMahon had several announcements this morning:

  • Hampton Rotary Club will be holding a fund raising event “Golf Ball Drop”.  Individuals purchase golf balls which are dropped by helicopter at the Sagamore/Hampton Driving Range. Prizes are won for various placements.  Event being held June 1st and for more information
  • Jen Bisson, from New Generation, is thinking about joining our Rotary Club.  New Generation raises money to provide shelter for homeless pregnant women     through the operation of several Thrift Stores in the Seacoast.  New Generation will be moving their Rochester Store and needs help with the move.  Chris determined the Club was interested in helping. 
  • Turkey Trot update:  The new brochure for the Turkey Trot has been finalized and a copy distributed.  This year’s beneficiaries are The Chase Home and New Generation (each  will receive 15% of the proceeds raised).  Pre-registration will be held at Little Harbor School this year.

Speaker:  Jen Carter from Action for Aidan was our Speaker this morning.   Jen’s first born child, Aidan,  was born with Hunter Syndrome, although it was not discovered until his 15 month check-up.  Hunter syndrome is one of the seven Mucopolysaccharidoses, MPS, disorders.  It occurs in one out of 170,000 live male births.  Children with Hunter syndrome lack a key enzyme, without which the body can’t break down waste products.   These waste products accumulate and affect every organ in the body.

Children with Hunter syndrome usually have a large head, hernias, recurrent ear infections, hearing loss, stiff joints and breathing problems.  Depending on the severity, life spans do not typically go beyond 20 years.

Currently there is no cure for Hunter syndrome, however, can be treated with Elaprase.  Aidan receives weekly treatments “medicine days” at Boston Children’s Hospital.  The treatment takes three hours; however, Aidan is treated with movies and Cheetos!!.

Jen Carter said she has turned her grief into action to help find a cure through a fund raising event “Action for Aidan”.  Action for Aidan will  hold a 5K on June 19th in Exeter.  For more information see .

50/50 Raffle Winner:  Tina Gagne

Don’t miss our upcoming events:

4/27                 New Member Orientation Meeting at the Gas Light

4/30                 Pierce Island Clean up (working with Lunch Club) Rotarian @ work day.

5/12 - 5/14       District Conference

5/12                 Club Meeting to be held at Seacoast Science Center

5/17                 Visioning Meeting

6/16                 Annual Dinner at the Wentworth 
April 28, 2011 The Morning Outlook
by Gagne, Tina

Barbara Massar, Executive Director of Pro Portsmouth,  is guest speaker this morning at the Seacoast Rotary Club.

Welcome to our visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Tim Dargin welcomed the following the following guests this morning; Laura Stuart guest of AJ Lane and Jen Bisson Guest of Chris McMahon.

 What we were happy about:  Some of the Fines and Happy Dollars collected today were as follows:  Matt Junkins enjoyed himself at the the "After Orientation Meeting", AJ Lane reported his car was hit on his way home,  Chris McMahon commented on all the commotion at Pease with Donald Trump being in town,  Steve Scott announced he is off to Boston to be an "Extra" in a movie being filmed in Boston.  Also, his son TJ, has done an outstanding job making and selling origami cranes as a fund raising event to help the Tsunami.  Looking for the club to match his funds ($50.00).  Midge Nelson reported she had an excellent time withZhazgul in Florida.  The first day, when they returned to the room Zhazgul was very concerned that someone had entered their room and cleaned it!!.

 Announcements:  Midge Nelson had Several announcements this morning::

  •  The 2011 Group Study Exchange, the team of Health care professionals from Hong Kong will be at our May 5th meeting - lets have a strong attendance for this event.
  •  The May 12th meeting will be held at the Seacoast Science Center
  •  John McCune has become a $1,000 Sponsor for this years Turkey Trot.  Thanks John.
  •  Reminder the clean up of Pierce Island will be held April 30th.


Speaker:  Barbara Massar, Executive Director of Pro Portsmouth was our guest speaker this morning. Pro Portsmouth,  is a non-profit organization established in 1977 with the production of the first Market Square Day.  Since that time, Pro Portsmouth has added addition programs such as Children's Day, Summer in the Streets and First Night. There is an enormous amount of work to be completed for these events to take place and Barbara indicated since the staff size is her and one part time employee, she depends on volunteers to make the events successful.   Pro Portsmouth currently has a database of over 1,000 registered volunteers.  Barbara would like to see a partnership with our Club as a means to be a part of Pro Portsmouth and the opportunity for the Seacoast Rotary Club to be visible in the community.


 50/50 Raffle Winner:  Midge Nelson

 Don’t miss our upcoming events:

4/30                 Pierce Island Clean up (working with Lunch Club) Rotarian @ work day.

5/12 - 5/14       District Conference

5/12                 Club Meeting to be held at Seacoast Science Center

5/17                 Visioning Meeting

6/16                 Annual Dinner at the Wentworth 
Peirce Island Clean Up with Portsmouth Rotary Lunch Club
by Meyer, Nathaniel

Two Clubs, One Great Accomplishment!

  Our Club joined forces with Portsmouth Rotary Lunch Club to clean up a section of Peirce Island badly in need. The day proved to be a true example of  "Rotarians at Work" with many folks from both clubs working for hours of hard labor to clear away brush, overgrown vines and trees. Thanks to all who helped out or donated services!
Reindeer Rompers!
by Meyer, Nathaniel

Merry Christmas in July Reindeer Rompers!
I’d like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of those who were able to join us on our first ‘Christmas in July Reindeer Romp’.
This afternoon I’m proudly donating a very large quantity of food & goods as well as $205 dollars!
Everyone braved the ‘Africa hot’ temperatures to come out for such a great cause.
Thank you to the Seacoast Rotarians (breakfast club) for their help in organizing the bars and getting people.
Thank you to the Blue Mermaid for your donations and very tasty frozen drink specials.
Thank you to all the bars we stopped at.
Kudos to Midge and Martha for balancing two very different events in one night: ‘culture’ and well, non-culture.
Alyssa wins the prize for bringing the cutest Romper to the event.
Look for more information to come on the next Reindeer Romp in December.  The tentative date is Thursday, Dec 1st.  Christmas sweaters will only enhance the antlers.

Fat Bellys - still look good

Blue Mermaid - and begin

moose is loose

The U.S. Map Project at Dondero Elementary School
by Meyer, Nathaniel

 A good time was had by all on Saturday, August 6th at Dondero Elementary School.  It was great to see that a group of Rotarians and family memebers can get together on a sweltering Saturday morning and create a beautiful and educational addition to the Dondero community.  Thanks to Matt for organizing the event!  Check out all the pictures in the U.S. Map Project Photo Album on the "About Our Club" page or better yet, go see it in person at Dondero!
June 23, 2011 Morning Outlook
by Gagne, Tina

 The Seacoast Rotary Club thanks host families and says goodbye to Zhazgul!

AJ Lane greeted the following guests this morning:  Jen, Hannah, Molly and Noah Shoer, Tobi, Dorian & Soleil Gagne, Allison Madeira Rivers, TJ Scott, Joseph Mittica and Zhazgul.  AJ also greeted a visiting Rotarian from Boothbay Harbor, District Governor Nominee,  Marty Helman.

Some of the fines and happy dollars collected by Tom Grella this morning included;  Chris McMahon  happy to hear the news about Whitey Bulger!.  Martha happy so many in attendance  to say goodbye to Zhazgul.  Midge was both happy and not so happy.  She had front row seats at the Red Sox game  last Friday night; however, was on TV the whole time – couldn’t even eat a hot dog without being watched!.  We were happy to hear, Marty Helman’s comment on the Seacoast Rotary Club as  the Club to watch and emulate!.   To which Steve Scott questioned, “If we are the club to watch, does that mean we need supervision?”

Announcements from Midge:                                                           

·         This week the Portsmouth Herald had an article in the newspaper regarding the club’s speaker gift program.  Instead of providing our speakers with a gift, we donate a book in which the speaker signs to local elementary schools.  See the following link for more information:

·         Midge asked the Club if there was interest in supporting the Seacoast Science Center by providing volunteers to assist with their concert series on July 14th.

·         Midge thanked a few people who didn’t make the annual dinner.  First Debbie Rodier  for her involvement with the Group Study Exchange and to Steve Scott for his dedication and commitment to serving on the Club’s Board.

Today’s program was a heartfelt goodbye to Zhazgul as she is going home on Sunday.   Martha indicated the Youth Exchange program takes a lot of planning and coordination to be successful. The Host Family is the biggest link and is vital to the success of the program.  One of the biggest challenges in the program is assisting with the language barrier.  Today, the  families had an opportunity to describe briefly what being a host family meant to them.  The following were Zhazgul’s host families;.  Tobi Darian & Soleil Gagne, Allison & Madeira River’s, Jack & Midge Nelson, and Jen Hannah, Molly & Noah Shoer.

Zhazgul gave us a recap of her year in the United States along with a pictorial presentation that didn’t leave a dry eye in the room.  She indicated it was a dream of hers to come to America.  That she loves everything about America and has made many friends and had the opportunity to meet other exchange student who will now be her ”friends around the world”.    Zhazgul indicated that the experience gave her more than she ever expected.  She is stronger and more confident and thanked the Club for “this life changing experience”.  Zhazgul ended her remarks by saying she feels like she is leaving part of her heart behind……”Don’t forget you have a sister, a friend in Kurdistan….come visit.

May 19 2001 Morning Outlook
by Gagne, Tina

 Recipients of the Club's Allocation Awards speak at this mornings meeting.

 This morning’s greeter welcomed, Steve Wood from the Portsmouth Lunch Club  along with all of this year’s recipients of the Club’s allocation awards. 

Some of the fines and happy dollars collected this morning by Tom Grella included Cindy Boyd’s “love / hate relationship with the memorial bridge”  Midge Nelson  was very inspired at this year’s District Conference by hearing stories of what other Rotarians do and achieve.  Rick Mason thanked the club for underwriting the Governor’s Lunch.

Midge Nelson announced that the club received the following awards at the District Conference:

·         Community Service Award

·         Literacy Awareness  “Page Turner’s Project”

·         Most improved Club

·         Governor’s Citation

Chris McMahon announced that on June 4th  the Club will be helping New Generations move its Rochester store and need volunteers. Also, he is looking to put a team together for the Portsmouth Rotary Golf Tournament.

The Club inducted 3 new members today;  Laura Stewart, John Burcke, and Jen Bisson.


This year the Seacoast Rotary Club gave away $8,500 in allocations.  Pat Lyons introduced each of this year’s recipients of funds, who then each  provided a brief overview of their agency and how the funds they received would be used.

Greg Brackett of  Strawbery Banke indicated funds would be used  to encourage the site to be used for a broader range of events.

Chris Greiner of  3S Artspace.  3S Artspace is a non-profit multi-disciplinary contemporary arts space comprised of three spaces; a mid-sized performance venue, a non-commercial art gallery and a farm to table restaurant.

Tawnee Walling from Big Brothers Big Sisters indicated the agency provides one to one mentoring for children in need with amazing outcomes.

Nicole Paul from Wentworth Connections indicated the funds would be used for bringing in entertainment to the center.  Since entertainment has become a part of their program, membership at the Center has increased.

Jen Bisson  New Generation indicated funds would be used for training for parenting.  New Generation provides shelter, direction and guidance for pregnant and parenting homeless woman and their infants.

Stephanie Hurd from the  NH Association for the Blind.  The agency’s mission is to advance the independence of persons who are blind and visually impaired.  The funds will be used to purchase gas cards to keep volunteers on the road

Emmanouella Vendouri  from the  Portsmouth Housing Authority   Portsmouth Housing Authority provides quality affordable housing for low – moderate income members of the community.  It also provides both family & elderly housing, section 8 housing and a full service senior center and summer youth program.

Kathie Lynch – Portsmouth Little League.  The League is in its 61st season and serves Greenland Newington Portsmouth. 

Susan Chistmas  from  Project Safety.  Project Safety is a prevention education conference that brings Portsmouth middle school seventh graders and their families together for a day of high impact workshops.  The workshops concentrate on teen drug/alcohol, internet safety, bulling, peer pressure and other high risk behaviors.

Peggy Small Porter from the  Richie McFarland Children’s Center   The Center provides developmental and support services for children with special needs, assistance to their families and assistance in the use of community and health resources

Petra Kashin Southeast Habitat for Humanity – primarily builds affordable homes in partnership with hardworking local families in need in NH’s Strafford and Rockingham counties.  The agency is finalizing two homes in Farmington and will be starting two homes in Rochester.  The funds will be used to help buy a trailer for storage.

August 18, 2011 Morning Outlook
by Gagne, Tina


Joe Mittica is inducted into Seacoast Rotary this morning!.

This mornings visiting Rotarians included; Mike Asselin and Jim Rini from the Portsmouth Lunch Club.   Guests included; Tom Leary, Mike Castaldo, John Faggiano, and Kandis Grunditz, Steve Dubois and Mike Castaldo.

Some of the fines and happy dollars collected by Tom Grella this week included many comments on the great time volunteering at the Air Show this past weekend.  Cindy Boyd paid a fine for not being at the meeting for several weeks due to vacation.  AJ happily reported that after 12 days and 32 loads of laundry his sister has left!.  Steve Scott was at the game yesterday – miserable when they lost.  Rick Mason happy a granite bench was dedicated to him at the NH Fire Academy.


Chris McMahon reminded everyone of a couple of upcoming dates / events to keep in mind:

8/25     The Annual Cookout at Midge’s house. 

10/18   The Club’s Rotary Visioning evening meeting

Chris also shared news from a couple of clubs in our district.  First of all, the  Wells Rotary Club is raffling off an autographed cap from the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. If anyone is interested in purchasing tickets they are $50.00 each.  Second, the Bridgton Club is having its 20th year anniversary and would like to receive card from each of the club’s in the District.

AJ Lane reminded everyone that they will need to obtain two gift certificates valued at $25.00 each for give away prizes in this year’s Turkey Trot.

Chris presented Pat Lyons with his long overdue 2008-2009 Past President Gavel & Plaque.

AJ led the induction of the Club’s newest member, Joe Mittica.  Joe is from Vermont and stated both his father & grandfather were Rotarians and he is glad to be continuing the tradition.  Joe went to UNH and works as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones in North Hampton.


Tom Leary from ONE was our guest speaker today.  ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease in Africa.  This is accomplished by raising public awareness and pressuring political leaders to support smart and effective policies and programs. Co founded by Bono and other campaigners, ONE is nonpartisan and works closely with African activists and policy makers.

Backed by a movement of more than 2.5 million ONE members, ONE achieves change through advocacy. The organization is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates.  Tom indicated it is often said “we don’t want your money, we want your voice.”

August 11, 2011 Morning Outlook
by Gagne, Tina

Oh no....we have a moose on the loose!.  Business Meeting this morning.

Today’s business meeting covered the following:

Chris McMahon started the meeting off with a discussion on the Moose on the Loose.  District Governor Gary Speers has introduced the Moose on the Loose campaign.  The campaign requires each club in the District to decorate a stuffed moose and take it to fund raising events and then displaying it at the next District Conference.  There will be many categories for which prices will be awarded.  Our Club has not decided how to dress the Moose; however, we will be sending it on as many trips as possible and taking its picture at various locations.  It will be going to Alaska with Joan Nickell and we will be seeing if one of the pilots will take it on a ride at this weekend’s air show.

Erin Proulx announced the Club will start tracking members who participate in community service projects and provide meeting credit.  This should improve the club’s attendance percentages.

Steve Scott indicated the Club’s budget was approved and included the following funding; $12,000 to go to the beneficiary of the Turkey Trot, $10,000 to be awarded through allocations, and $5,000 for the next scholarship recipient.

A.J. Lane announced the greeters & speakers were all set for the remainder of August.

Matt Junkin gave the club an update on the community service project which took place on Saturday.  The Club painted the US Map on Dondero Elementary School’s playground.  The map will be used for educational purposes in the upcoming school year.

Midge Nelson surveyed the members to determine if there was interested in reinstituting the “Pig Campaign”.  The Pig Campaign was developed a couple of years ago as a means of collecting funds for the Rotary Foundation.  Piggy banks will be provided to each member and each week the piggy banks can be brought in, weighed and counted.  At the end of the month, gift certificates will be awarded to the individual who brought in the heaviest pig and to the individual who accumulated the most money.

Pat Lyons announced that he has been working with the Portsmouth Herald and feels we will see more articles in the paper regarding what we do!.

Chris McMahon volunteered to wear the Turkey Mascot Costume to the Thunder Chicken Road Race to help promote the Club’s Turkey Trot.  The problem was…….. everyone thought he was a chicken!.

May 12, 2011 Morning Outlook
by Gagne, Tina

 Seacoast Rotary holds it's morning meeting at the Seacoast Science Center this morning.

Today’s meeting was held at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye. 

This morning’s guests included John Burcke guest of Danny Edgecomb and Laura Stewart,  guest of AJ Lane.

Some of the fines and happy dollars collected by Tom Grella included the following:  Tom was happy the Citizen’s Policy Academy is over.  George Toscano fined himself for missing a few meetings.  Midge Nelson wanted everyone to know that one of the graduates of the Citizen’s Policy Academy had named nicknamed Tom “Blue Eyes”. Doug Bates indicated that New Hampshire was just named one of the most “livable states”.  Chris McMahon happy his boat is going in the water on Saturday.  AJ Lane “the first cut of the lawn”.

Wendy Lull, President of the Seacoast Science Center was both our host and guest speaker this morning.  The Seacoast Science Center is located in Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH.  The Center has become a popular destination for families and students to learn about coastal environmental history.  Each year over 75,000 people visit the center of which 15,000 are students throughout New England.

The Center opened in 1992 and offers a wide range of exhibits and programs which appeal to all ages. The Seacoast Science Center operates under a contract with the state, has over 1,200 members and over 100 volunteers and operates as a non-profit organization. 

Wendy gave the club an overview of the history of the 32-foot-long, 20-ton Humback whale which hangs in the Seacoast Science Center Lobby.  The two year old whale known as Tofu, was found floating approximately five miles north of Provincetown Ma.   It was determined she died due to a blunt trauma injury, most likely from being struck by a ship.  Center members went to retrieve her bones and sent her to Bar Harbor Whale Museum in Maine for conservation and preparation to be installed at the Center.

Following Wendy’s overview,  club members took time to explore the Center’s exhibits.

Morning Outlook 9/22/2011
by Ervin, Alyssa

Morning Outlook 12/15/2011
by Ervin, Alyssa

Morning Outlook 1/26/12
by Ervin, Alyssa

Seacoast Rotary Club Morning Outlook


I. Greeter:

Matt Junkin

II. Guests:

Bill Schefer

 TJ Scott

III. Visiting Rotarians:

Richard Lyons

 Brianna Carrigg

IV. Announcements:

No meeting Feb 9th because of winter celebration.
17th of Feb is the world peace and understanding event.

V. Guest Speaker:

Bill Schafer - welding at the high school (career technical ducation)

VI. Topic:

- Diane Canada is the head of CTE Dept.  We are welcome to come visit any time.
- 15 - 20% of PHS grads do not go on to higher education.
- As an industry there is a big shortage of qualified welders in America.
- Encourages kids to come up w/ a plan - be it collage or otherwise.



VII. Notes of Interest: (Fines, Happy Dollars, etc.)

Matt Deyo was inducted, sponsered by Danny Edgecomb.


Morning Outlook 2/16/2012
by Ervin, Alyssa

Seacoast Rotary Club Morning Outlook


I. Greeter:

Matt Junkin

II. Guests:

Bruce Brauninger


 Maria White

III. Visiting Rotarians:

Mike Asselin

 Jim Rini

 Frank Wappes

David McArdle 

IV. Announcements:

V. Guest Speaker:

Red Cross

VI. Topic:

The Red Cross



VII. Notes of Interest: (Fines, Happy Dollars, etc.)


Turkey Trot 2010: A Huge Sucess!
by Nathaniel Meyer

The Seacoast Rotary 2nd Annual 5K Turkey Trot: A Huge Sucess!

1500+ runners, walkers, strollers, dogs, and a giant turkey: fun was had by all!

What an awful lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving morning this year! A select brave few began the frigid morning at 4:30 loading up water and supplies for the anticipated 1500 or so runners, walkers, strollers, dogs, etc. More and more volunteers, club members, families and friends began showing up at Strawbery Banke to help with the monumental task of set up: preparing food, folding t-shirts, organizing volunteers, setting up water stops (not to mention spreading salt to keep the participants safe and slip-free!) and much much more. The crowd gathered with smiles on their faces and hats on their heads.  It was impressive to see what a community of dedicated people can do to come together, raise money and enjoy a few moments before heading off to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with their friends and families. A genreous sum of money was raised to benefit New Heights and other non-profits. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this morning an immense sucess!!!