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Saturday, August 30, 2014
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AWR Club Bulletin Volume 53 Number 27 - Part 1
by Coleman, Gloria



January Program Chairman:  Shelly Moon


THIS WEEKS SPEAKER:  Devita Dan , Affairs and Special Events       

Manager for Bell Helicopter


Last Meeting:

                        DENNIS PUSKA OF THE AMARILLO BULLS , spoke on the North American Hockey Team consisting of young men 17-20 years old.  These young men are not only the rough & tough Amarillo Bulls but they are also very involved in serving the  betterment of the community by giving back with their volunteer time. Not only being very competitive team the young men are striving to obtain a Scholarship and a future career in Hockey. In September the Amarillo Bulls sponsor a Hockey training camp.  Janna Kiehl was the winner of 4  Hockey Game Tickets


Guests for last week


Amarillo Rotary Club:                                Amarillo West Guest:

 Bill Quackenbush                           Kevin Derbard guest of Tom Gerald

                               Bob Gerald       


End Polio Now - Our Goal is $2000


Polio is:  crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease, polio (poliomyelitis) still strikes children mainly under the age of five in countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

  • Polio can cause paralysis and sometimes death.  Because there is no cure for polio, the best protection is prevention. For as little as US$0.60 worth of vaccine, a child can be protected against this crippling disease for life.   
  • It can cause paralysis within hours, and polio paralysis is almost always irreversible. 
  • In the most severe cases, polio attacks the motor neurons of the brain stem, causing breathing difficulty or even death.
  • Historically, polio has been the world’s greatest cause of disability. If polio isn’t eradicated, the world will continue to live under the threat of the disease. More than 10 million children will be paralyzed in the next 40 years if the world fails to capitalize on its US$5 billion global investment in eradication.



AWR Club Bulletin Volume 53 Number 27 - Part 2
by Coleman, Gloria

Mark Your Calendars / Iphones / Blackberrys:

April 28 – May 1st District 5730 Conference at the Amarillo Country Club


Volunteers are needed from Amarillo West Rotary for the following committees:  Plenary Sessions, Silent Auction and Decoration Committee.  Please contact Gloria Coleman or David Kemp to help with this event our club is responsible for at the conference.

Remember your Responsibilities!










Gary Gibson

Ross Hood

Fred Snyder


Richard Gower

Scott Bentley

Jeff Bempong





If you can’t be here please ask someone to sub for you!>>


                              Brag Box for January 21st:

                                   Bring $1 for the Brag Box 

                                Tom Gerald entertained us with two delightful tunes on his harmonica

                                                            February Birthdays!!

                                                          Fred Snyder              1/28/11

                                                          Steve Chappell         2/04/11

                                                          Mike Conner             2/04/11

                                                          David Russell           2/07/11

                                                         Sandra Pelfrey          2/09/11

                                                         Janna Kiehl               2/20/11

                                                         John Notestine         2/27/11


Letter from Garet:  The Rotary Club of Fredericksburg meets at noon Mondays..I received my badge, of course, my first name was misspelled (as it usually is), but I was welcomed as a new member by transfer…so, still a Rotarian, different club…hope the club is doing well..will look forward to making up in the future as I’m sure with children in Amarillo I’ll be back from time to time.   Best Garet


 Sincere Sympathy is extended to Gloria Coleman for the lost of her sister this week.

                                                              “New Club Runner”



Rotary International Convention, New Orleans USA, May 21-25, 2011


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Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused.