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Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Future Speakers
Sep 2 2014
Mike Love, John Bosco
"New member topic"
Sep 9 2014
Michael Bennett
"Cleveland Leadership Center: Promoting Civic Engagement"
Sep 16 2014
RYLA students
Sep 23 2014
Dave Horning
"Motivational speaker - Power of Positive "Presents""
Sep 30 2014
Club Assembly
"Taste of Hillcrest final preparations."


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Jan 2012 Monthly Club Bulletin
by Derek Nevar

Editor's note: The format of the Weekly News Bulletin is in the process of being updated to a Monthly News Bulletin distributed after the next month's board meeting (2nd Thursday of each month). Previously, the focus of the Bulletin was to provide access to weekly meeting information for members and friends of the club who were unable to attend. The general consensus is that the current format does not reflect our club's commitment to organizing fundraising, social and charitable events to benefit our community and beyond. Therefore, greater emphasis will be given to these broader aspects of our club while continuing to provide pertinent information from weekly meetings. The Club Bulletin editions will be less frequent, but will hopefully be more informative and of more interest as a result. Your feedback is welcome as the new format is implemented. Your help is requested by submitting information pertaining to events and committee meetings attended.


February 9th, 2012 - Club Updates (From Dcecember 20th, 2011)


'Thank You' Received Toy Donation: Ryan Knotts forwarded an email received on December 20th, 2011 from our speaker at the morning meeting yesterday. Margaret O. Finucane, PhD (Director - Center for Service and Social Action at John Carroll University) thanked our club for the toys collected and donated (collection of toys organized by Cindy Ginsburg). The toys were delivered to the Fatima Family Center and LaJean Ray (Director) was thrilled as the Center had previously held their annual toy distribution and additional parents were calling to see if they could help obtain toys for their children as well. The donation "was like a gift from God," according to LaJean who requested her thanks be shared with our club.


No Meetings Held December 26th or January 2nd


December 26th Champagne Brunch Hosted By Joe and Rita Skoda: Club members who gathered at the home of Joe and Rita Skoda on Monday, December 26th were treated to a wonderful champagne brunch as they celebrated the Holidays and prepared to ring in the New Year. Many thanks to Joe and Rita for providing such an enjoyable fellowship opportunity!



Morning Meeting Minutes - January 9th, 2012 (Hilton Garden Inn - Mayfield Village)


Happy and Sad Bucks: Joe Skoda is thankful for his wife (Rita) having recently had successful surgery on her knee.


Welcome Guest Rotarian: Stew Buchanan (Past District Governor - District 6630) was in attendance and welcomed as a guest of our club.


'Thank You' Card Received: Ryan Knotts shared the card he received in appreciation of our club members' volunteer efforts on November 11th, 2011 serving dinner to the women and children of the Cleveland Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center.


'Get Well' Card Sent: Joe Kamiab (Sergeant at Arms) sent a card on behalf of club members to Karen Vicchiarelli, wishing her a speedy recovery after being diagnosed and hospitalized with pneumonia after Christmas.


Birthday Fines: Members were reminded that birthday fines to be paid the month of their birthday should be calculated at $0.10 per year (rounded to the next dollar).


Speaker: Jackie Minotas (Club Administration Chair) shared information about the role of the Rotary Foundation and significance of matching grants available for assistance with Rotary Club projects including Polio Plus (irradication of Polio worldwide) and Rotary scholarships (over $1 Billion donated since the program's inception). She also encouraged members to sign up for The Rotary Fund Direct (TRF Direct), which allows members to make automatic contributions from their checking accounts to the Rotary Foundation. Members are asked to donate $150 per year (or $12.50 per month automatic deposits thru TRF Direct).


Board Meeting - January 12th, 2012 (Lyndhurst City Hall)

Meeting Start Time : With consideration to work schedules of speakers and members, Ryan Knotts recommended the bell be sounded at 7:30am to signal meeting start time with president-elect, vice president, etc. leading the meeting in the event of president's absence. All were in favor of the recommendation.

Foundation Report : Alexandra Jeanblanc received alternate fundraising request from the Rotary Club of Deerfield Valley (VT) following failed attempt to receive grant money from RI to help rebuild after damage caused by Hurricane Irene last year. District 7870 is seeking to raise $3000 to repair community recreation area consisting of (2) fenced in tennis courts in Wilmington, VT. Members of the RCDV to provide manpower to build using donations to buy materials needed.

Motionmade by Tony Corrao to participate in fundraising effort. Alexandra Jeanblanc seconds the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Motionmade by Janet Schiciano to donate $500 to District 7870 (to be submitted to District 6630 for matching grant). Tony Corrao seconds the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Public Relations Report : Karen Poelking has solicited media coverage from WKYC Channel 3 News for the upcoming Winter Coats for the Homeless service project (Saturday, January 14th). Attempts to reach other news stations were unsuccessful. No confirmation was given by Channel 3 that a reporter would be made available, but notification will be given closer to the day of the event.

Karen Poelking displayed a rendering of the club banner designed by a Notre Dame College graphic arts student, which shows the outline of the North Coast in our NE Ohio region. Members felt it was not recognizable to those unfamiliar with our coastline and were asked for suggestions to provide the student who is not from the area.

Service Projects Report: Tony Corrao reports plans are set for the upcoming Winter Coats for the Homeless Drive as 10 Rotarians have volunteered to participate on Saturday, January 14th. Ryan Knotts discussed plans for the upcoming Ronald McDonald House dinner to be provided on Saturday, January 21st to approximately 40 family members of sick children in area hospitals. Ryan also discussed the upcoming RMH Charity Poker Festival (February 16th - 19th).

Membership Report : Tony Corrao provided details of the last committee meeting held November 28th, 2011 to solicit ideas and suggestions that result in strategies that increase membership and retain current members. The focus of the meeting was on Quality in Recruiting (next meeting January 25th, 2012 to focus on Quantity in Retention). Key items discussed were: Having in place a consistent process in recruiting; Develop thorough orientation period for new members; Prospective members are now required to attend 2 meetings (meals free) and 1 service project before membership can begin.

Sergeant at Arms Report : Joe K. reports Meals on Wheels is operating smoothly with sufficient volunteers involved. Birthday and Get Well cards recently sent. Birthday fines have been collected monthly.

Secretary Report : Derek N. sent an e-mail to members requesting feedback on proposed changes to the current weekly news bulletin. Members that responded are in favor of less detailed minutes from weekly meetings (current format) and more coverage of club projects, committee meetings and social events on a monthly basis (new format). He requested chairs of committees send info regarding upcoming meetings and events for inclusion in the new monthly news bulletin format.

Website Report : Janet S. requests topics of interest from committees and event details/dates for website content and updates.

District 6630 Conference : Mike J. reminded members that the next district assembly is scheduled for April 14th at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls. Committee chairs are encouraged to attend. Content is to be more focused on practical uses for clubs.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 pm (Next Board Meeting - Thursday, February 9th, 2012 (5/3 Bank - Legacy Village)



2nd Annual Winter Coat Drive and Dim Sum Lunch: Tony Corrao reported a successful service project was held on Saturday, January 14th involving donation of winter coats, hats and gloves to St. Augustine's Church. Due to poor weather forecasts, the original plan to hand out the collected goods to homeless on the streets of Cleveland was altered in favor of donating to community residents in need thru St. Augustine's Church as suggested by Fred Havlice. Members who participated then went on to enjoy a fellowship lunch at Li Wah (Payne Avenue - Cleveland) consisting of delicious Dim Sum selections.



Morning Meeting Minutes Unavailable for January 16th, 2012



Service Projects Committee Meeting: The meeting took place on Thursday, January 19th at Panera (Alpha Park).


A Taste of Hillcrest 'Thank You' Dinner: Approximately 15 Rotarians and their significant others gathered at Master Pizza (Mayfield Heights) for dinner on Thursday, January 19th to show our club's appreciation for the restaurant participating in last year's annual Taste of Hillcrest fundraiser at Landerhaven Executive Caterers.


Next ATOH Thank You Dinner - Austin's Smokin' Steakhouse on Friday, February 17th at 6:30pm.


Ronald McDonald House Service Project: Ryan Knotts thanked members by e-mail that volunteered their time on Saturday, January 21st at the Ronald McDonald House (University Circle). In Ryan's e-mail he stated:


It was very rewarding to see the kids decorating an assortment of sugar cookies, or an adult looking at us in awe when we confirmed that they could take an assortment of cookies with them (to deliver to their sick child hospitalized and unable to attend).  We provided close to 50-dozen cookies (and probably 3,000 tubes of icing/decorating gels, sprinkles) for the guests to decorate and take a plate of assorted cookies.  We also provided a comforting meal of Sloppy Joe's, Mixed Vegetables, French Fries, Cake & Beverages.  All of the food was delicious, but my baking assistant, Chris Adams, demanded that I forward this recipe to everyone in the club:


The Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland currently has the capacity for 37-families, of which they are always at 95% and above occupancy.  Frequently, they have to turn away families, and they do not take reservations.  While we were there, one family has been staying there for about 20 months.  They ask for $20 per night, but they will not turn away families for the fee.  Near downtown Cleveland, the alternatives (hotels) are much more expensive.  Many organizations and corporations cover the difference between the real cost of the room and what they charge the families.  The RMH is currently on a campaign drive to raise more money, and they recently announced that they are making an addition to the house to raise the occupancy to 54 families.   



Morning Meeting Minutes - January 23rd, 2012 (Hilton Garden Inn - Mayfield Village) Club Assembly


Welcome Guest: Ryan Knotts welcomed Diane Daiber as a prospective new member and previous speaker. Diane

Is the Coordinator for Forensic Nursing Services at Hillcrest Hospital and spoke to our club previously about the role Hillcrest Hospital plays as one of the few Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) in the area and her duties as a Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner (SARE).


Welcome Back: Karen Vichiarelli returned today after having missed several weeks during her recovery from pneumonia, for which she was hospitalized at Hillcrest Hospital during the initial onset of symptoms. She is looking forward to her much needed vacation to Florida next week, where a little sunshine will surely help her recovery!


End of an Era: Joe Cicero reported that the Rotary Club of Hillcrest (noon club) will sadly be turning in its Rotary Charter after 52 years of service to our community and beyond (effective February 1st, 2012). Due to declining membership, the move was deemed appropriate and plans are being made to honor the service of club members with a farewell dinner (date and location to be determined).


Rotary Club of Hillcrest (noon club) lead roles to be assumed by the Rotary Club of Hillcrest - Sunrise include: Four Way Speech Contest (March 12th); Rotary Youth Leadership Awards banquet; Vocational Education Awards Dinner (George Hughes and Kris Packard volunteered to assume chair and committee positions respectively).


Committee Reports: As part of the club assembly format, members of the various committees gave reports to members in attendance.



Morning Meeting Minutes - January 30th, 2012 (Hilton Garden Inn - Mayfield Village)


Happy/Sad Bucks: Tony Corrao is happy to see Diane Daiber (2nd meeting attended as prospective new member) and John Bosco (past District Governor - District 6630) present today. Chris Adams is happy to have the opportunity to distribute dictionaries to 3rd graders at St. Paschal's tomorrow on behalf of Rotary.


Relay 4 Life: George Hughes reported having attended the fundraiser event's kickoff party at Hillcrest Hospital last week. He registered our club's team for this year's event.


Four Way Speech Contest: March 12th will be the date of this year's event and volunteers will be needed to help judge the participating students' speeches.


Senior Play Night: Joe Delibero reported that this year's service project that involves transporting area seniors from assisted living homes to Mayfield High School for viewing of the student production will be held on March 1st. Volunteers will be need to assist transportation and serving of refreshments during the play.


Noon Club 'Farewell Dinner': Plans are being made to honor the members of the Rotary Club of Hillcrest (noon club) for the club's 52 years of service on March 23rd. The noon club, faced with declining membership, made the difficult decision to turn in the club charter effective February 1st, 2012. More details will be provided once available.


Committee Assignments of Members: Mike Johns, Jr. distributed a list of committee assignments of club members based upon self-reported 'Inventory of Interests' (form previously distributed for members to fill out). Members were asked to review their assignments and let Nominating Committee members (Mike Johns, Jr., Jackie Minotas, and Tony Corrao) know if there are any changes needed.


Speaker: Joseph Scibana presented the topic, "My Job and Experience as Federal Warden," to members in attendance. Joe retired (as federal law mandates) from his position as warden of a federal prison in Michigan after 30 years of service. He recounted many of his experiences and provided insight regarding the federal prison system history and future direction. Currently, there are more than 2 million prisoners nationally of which 200,000 are serving time in federal prisons. On any given day, a federal prisoner is confined to a cell for 23 hours allowing only 1 hour a day for exercise activities. He takes issue with the notion of federal prisons being seen as 'Club Fed' with the facilities available to prisoners for recreation and fitness. Recent policy changes have disallowed future federal prisons from being built with such state of the art recreational and fitness facilities due to backlash from the public, who view the accommodations as an unacceptable form of 'punishment.' His view is that anyone subjected to confinement for 23 hours a day will realize such facilities are anything but rewarding and is concerned for the safety of the prisoners and staff should they no longer be available for relief of stress and tension amongst inmates.

April 1, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Today was another great day to be a Rotarian as we were honored to welcome Dan Porter as our speaker. He is an author and motivational speaker.  .  He received his big break when he was contracted by Precious Moments to write a children’s prayer book to match to the Precious Moments drawings. He also suffers from multi-focal Dystonia, random, spastic, twisting movements of his hands, legs, shoulders, neck, face – and his voice.  He joked that his family didn’t realized anything was wrong with him because he was the 7th of the 8 children in his family.  In his book, ‘Til the Streetlights Came On Lessons Learned from Neighborhood Games, he discussed the life lessons he learned growing up and playing with the kids in the neighborhood.  There are five lessons: (1) Participate – show up; (2) Contribute – play your part, even if that means being the other goal post; (3) Improvise – find new ways to make it work; (4) Persistence – don’t give up because you don’t where your struggles will take you; and finally, (5) Leave a Legacy – make a positive impact so that people will remember.  His enthusiasm, warmth, and faith filled the room and it was truly a pleasure to be on the audience.

Happy Bucks:

Joe D. was happy to have attended the District Training and for all Rotarians in attendance at our meeting today, Ryan W. was grateful for the outreach work he and his family completed in the Dominican Republic, George was very happy to be cast free and for all the offers of help over the past several weeks/months, Keith was happy for the nice weather, Chris A. was excited that he was able to drive with the top down on the car, Kathleen was excited to start the wedding planning and also had missed meeting bucks, Tony was glad to see all the visiting Rotarians in the audience, Scott was excited to announce that his daughter’s group at Mercyhurst were being recognized nationally for their outreach work, and Tom was very happy to pay his birthday fine.


Saturday, April 5th: Special Olympics Bowling and ATOH Thank you Dinner at Austin’s Steakhouse.

Notre Dame College is having an Art Show and Music Performance this week along with a sock hop.

Relay for Life still needs team members and the Vo-Ed dinner still needs boosters and sponsors.

Rotobuck Winner: Joe D.

Book winner: Tom

March 25, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Our speaker this morning was Dick Heckman, an Apheresis Recruitment Supervisor with the American Red Cross, Northern Ohio Region.  In simple terms, he recruits men and women to donate platelets. Donating platelets takes about two hours but can be donated twice per month.  The American Red Cross Northern Ohio Region imports platelets on a daily basis due to the need of the region. The platelets only last 5 days from harvest and are required to be quarantines for 36 hours before being tested for infection.  The hospital then has only 3 days to use the platelets. Platelets are used to help people undergoing treatment for serious health problems like leukemia, cancer, and aplastic anemia. They are also used by those who cannot produce their own platelets or are undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, etc. There are collection sites in Parma, Akron, Toledo, and downtown Cleveland. You can go to for further information.

Happy Bucks:

Scott was grateful that his drive to Michigan went well, Joe C. was excited to announce the return of Eggshell Land which will be on display from April 12-19 in the Lyndhurst Park tennis courts, Chris A. was happy to have had a wonderful day off and was able to spend it with Denise, George was happy to be back with his Rotary family, and Kristina was excited to announce that her family has purchased a house in Aurora.  We also had several missed meeting bucks.  Joe S. asked that we keep Garrettsville in our prayers following the devastating fire in their downtown area.


Applications are needed for the Community Service Award.

Thank you to all the members who attended the Meet and Greet, especially those who brought prospective members. 

District Training Seminar is this weekend from 9-12 at the Doubletree in Independence. 

Community Service Committee will be meeting Thursday, March 27th at 7:30 am at Panera on Wilson Mills.

Foundation Committee will be having a meeting on Wednesday, March 26th at 7pm at Panera.

April 5th is Special Olympics Bowling at Freeway Lanes in Wickliffe. 

April 25-26 is the District Conference at Quail Hollow.  This is a great event and everyone should consider attending at least part of the weekend.

May 13th is our Vo-ed dinner.  Letters, e-mails, and calls have been made to the schools for their outstanding students.  Please consider being a booster or sponsor for the event.

The Relay for Life team needs you!!!  We would like to have 10 team members for the event in June. 

The next ATOH thank you dinner will be April 5th at Austin’s Steakhouse.  Don’t forget to reply to the electronic invitation. 

Roto-Buck winner: Kristina

March 11, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We were very excited to learn about the history of money transportation and armored car companies in the United States, especially Dunbar Armor, from Guy Childress.  Mr. Childress is Regional Vice President with Dunbar Armor, and the brother-in-law of Chris Adams.  He discussed the origins of the company and how transporting money has evolved from armored cars for banks only to armored cars for small businesses to money boxes that read, report, and deposit the money in the bank for immediate use by the business.  Dunbar Armor is the largest transporter of new money in the world.  In addition, they operate 7 Federal Reserve offices on behalf of the Federal Government.  He also investigates armored car robberies on behalf of Lloyd's of London.  He noted that the majority of armored car robberies are inside jobs.  It was a fascinating look at how money moves in the United States.

Happy Bucks:

Scott was excited that his daughter is home on spring break and awoke really early to come have breakfast with the club, Jackie was thankful for all the volunteers for the Senior Night at Mayfield High School, George was happy to be back at the meetings, grateful it was just his wrist, and he paid his birthday fine, Karen was excited to see George back at the meetings, Joe K. was happy to see George back as well and led us in signing Happy Birthday to George, Kathleen also had a birthday fine and was very thankful for the support following the loss of her father, Derek was thankful to have survived the weekend with Hannah without his wife as she was out of town, Joe C. was happy to be back at Rotary and had missed meeting bucks, and Ryan W. was excited the Indians are doing well and the home opener is just around the corner, and Chris A. was happy for a productive board meeting.  


An ongoing service project will start this Saturday, assisting at a food pantry on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9-12 at Our Saviour Lutheran Church on SOM Center Road.  Some of the areas where they need assistance are unloading food, organizing tables, and helping with shopping.  You can contact Jackie for more details or just show up on Saturday morning.

Relay For Life still needs more team members.  It is $10 to sign up and the hope is you will pledge to raise $100 for the team.  Contact George if you have any questions. The event will take place on June 14-15 at Mayfield High School track.

The Vocational Education Awards dinner will take place on May 13, 2014.  An e-mail has been sent out to previous sponsors and boosters.  Please consider becoming one.

The Meet and Greet is this Thursday.  We have 33 confirmed guests.  Please plan on attending and engaging with prospective members.

Tony presented our club with a banner from the Solon Club.

We are taking inventory of all Rotary supplies for any and all events which we have had or may have had in the past.  Please contact Roger with your list of supplies.

March 20, 2014 will be the next Administration Committee meeting at Scrambler Marie's at 7:30 am. 

Rotobuck winner: Kristina Packard (yeah!!)

“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"...
"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...”
Frances Haddocks Burnett, The Secret Garden


March 4, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We welcomed three students from the area schools for our annual 4 Way Test Speech Contest, Mayfield High School, Brush High School, and Gilmour Academy.  Each student was given 4 minutes to perform their speech about the 4 Way Test.  Their topics included the minimum wage not being a living wage, stereotypes, and deforestation.  The winner was from Gilmour Academy. 

Happy Bucks:

Paul was excited to announce the healthy birth of his granddaughter, Scott was excited to announce that his signed with ROTC program at the University of Akron, Joe K. was excited for the speech contest, and Chris A. reported a positive meeting with the pediatrician in regards to Maddie and we are inching closer to summer weather.


Stonewater Grill has a new manager: Mike Thickett

This Saturday is the Taste of Hillcrest Thank You Dinner at Maggiano's.  Don't forget to accept or decline.  If you forget it will be a $2 fine.

The Meet and Greet is March 13, 2014 at Stonewater Grill.  So far, we have 26 prospective members attending.  Please confirm with your guest their attendance.

Senior Night is this Thursday.  An e-mail has been sent out with your responsibilities and times.  There is still room for more volunteers.  See Jackie for details.

Rotobuck Winner: Mike Johns, Jr.


February 25, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Our guest speaker was Stan Davisson who discussed the importance of long term care insurance. Mr Davisson discussed the toll that long term care takes on a family when the family member is in the home and how the insurance can help alleviate those pressures.  Some of the benefits of long term care insurance included the ability to keep assets even while on Medicaid, money available for care, and the ability to plan for the future.

Happy Bucks:

Joe K. is happy the 4 Way Test Speech Contest is next week and he is excited about the contest, Jackie was grateful that someone filled in for her Meals on Wheels shift, Chris A. is hopeful that the pediatrician will have ideas to help Maddie with her learning disabilities, Paul is excited for his newest granddaughter who will be born this week via C-section, Scott is excited that when he moved his clothes he found an elliptical (and has started using it), Derek had missed meeting bucks and announced that he will be the Chesterland Chamber of Commerce President for another year (mixed emotion buck), and Mike was happy that he found a potential member at the South Euclid Chamber of Commerce mixer.


February 26th is the Service Committee meeting at Panera at 7:30 am and the Foundation Committee meeting at Panera Bread at 7 pm.

March 6th is Senior Night for the Mayfield play.  We will need volunteers for the bus and at the school. 

March 8th will be a Taste of Hillcrest Thank You dinner at Maggiano's.

May 13th will be the Vocational Education Awards dinner.  The date had to be moved due to a conflict with the culinary arts programs.

Roto-buck winner: Paul Ellis


February 4, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

This morning we welcomed Dan Bernard from the Achievement Center of Cleveland, formerly the Society for Crippled Children, which was started by 3 Rotarians.  The Achievement Center of Cleveland's mission is to help children and families with disabilities.  Last year they served over 4,000 families in the greater Cleveland area and even families from out of state.  They currently have three locations, Highland Hills, Westlake, and Camp Cheerful in Strongsville.  Camp Cheerful was one of the first, if not the first, purposeful camps built for children with disabilities.  The Center provides therapeutic services to children including occupational, speech language, and physical therapy.  They also serve as an alternative school site in order to help kids mainstream back to their district school and provide consultation services to schools with special needs children.  We are invited, when the weather is warmer, to come and visit the camp and take a tour.  The Achievement Center of Cleveland is maintained through federal, local, and state funds along with fundraising and donations.

Happy Bucks:

Joe Skoda was happy to return to Ohio from Hawaii, why I don't know.  Joe Cicero was a proud father as his son Tim is now a full-time firefigher with Cleveland Heights.  Tom is excited because the year of the horse is here and that is his sign but he is really happy to be celebrating 37 years of marriage to Pat.  That woman is a saint. Tony was an excited grandfather because his granddaughter Georgia is student of the month at her school.  He is having a trophy engraved for her.  Jackie paid her birthday fine. Kris is very excited to be going to Disney tomorrow.  A sad buck was given for George Hughes, who fell and fractured his wrist. 


February 13th will be the next ATOH thank you dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

Meet and Greet will take place at Stonewater on March 13, 2014 at 6 pm.  Every member is expected to attend with a prospective member or members.

Board Meeting is this Monday, February 10, 2014 at the Lyndhurst Community Center.

Thank you to Stacey for agreeing to take notes for me next week as I will be in Disney enjoying time with the family.

January 28, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Today was a great day to be a Rotarian in our club and in our district. Past District Governor Jack Young was our speaker this morning and discussed Rotary's involvement with the Children of the Dump and how our district is a big part of helping those children. We watched a video about the children and how Rotary became involved with them and their families, the establishment of the school, the trade school, the houses, and the independence provided through our efforts. He discussed how the shoeboxes we donate are used to "bribe" the children to come to school, stay in school, and do well in school. The boxes are then handed out in November/December.  Anyone can come on the life changing trip for one week for around $1500.  Our club should be very proud of itself as our members provide up to 25% of the shoeboxes that come from our district. It is a good day to be a Rotarian.

Happy Bucks:

Many happy bucks were given for a successful progressive dinner filled with good food and even better fellowship. Joe K. was excited to share that his daughter and son-in-law sold their home and are building a new house. Until the house is complete they are living with Joe and his wife. Jackie was excited to have made a make-up meeting with the Rotary Club of Marco Island - Sunrise and even brought a club banner back for us. Fred had a great vacation with his family and Mike shared a funny autocorrect story.


We received thank you cards and letters from the children at Sunview for the dictionaries they received. They seemed to fascinated with the longest word as every other card mentioned it.

Applications are now being accepted for the Community Grants Program.

January 21, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We welcomed Larry Dashefsky, M.D. and Melissa Richardson, R.N. from Hillcrest Hospital's Certified Primary Stroke Center. Dr. Dashefsky discussed how Hillcrest Hospital has gone from really not handling strokes to becoming a Certified Primary Stroke Center and the positive effects of the change.  He also discussed stroke symptoms, types of treatment, and what makes Hillcrest Hospital a primary stroke center. He discussed different cases, their outcomes, and the importance of time when symptoms start appearing.  Time is Brain.  If you think you are having stroke like symptoms then get call 911 so that help can arrive immediately and the treatment can start immediately.


Foundation Meeting - January 22nd, Panera Bread, 7:30 PM

Membership - Meet & Greet is March 13, 2014 here at Stonewater.  Invite a potential member.

Administration - The Progressive Dinner will start at 5:30 at Cindy's house for cocktails and appetizers.

We received thank you notes from the Julia Brilliart and Sacred Heart schools for the dictionaries.  The notes are adorable.

Pancake Breakfasts in Burton.  Come support the Rotary Club.

Bob Johnson wanted to thank our club for the pledge of funds for the VTT project.

Happy Bucks:

Paul is happy to be starting a new job; Scott is home safe from Michigan; Bob Johnson was happy to see the Rotary Sign outfront so that he didn't get lost; Chris A. is happy he is starting to feel better and Emily went skiing with school and liked it; George is happy that the weather is warmer today so that he could attend the meeting; and Mike had Happy and Sad bucks - Deb received a caregiver award from her employer for outstanding care and she is going to see Drew as he might be suffering from PTSD.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Roto-Buck Winner: Joe Cicero

January 14, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We welcomed Detective Dave Schiciano as our speaker this morning.  He discussed A.L.I.C.E training, which relates to active shooters on school grounds.  A.L.I.C.E. stands for (A) alert, (L) lockdown, (I) information, (C) counter, and (E) evacuation.  The presentation was incredibly power and informative with a tinge of sadness that this needs to be taught in our schools.


Foundation Meeting - January 22nd, Panera Bread at 7:30 pm

Community Service Award is moving along and we should be ready to distribute nomination forms shortly.

March 13th - Meet & Greet at Stonewater for prospective new members.  Please bring a guest and help our club grow.

January 17th - Community Service Meeting, Panera Bread at 7:30 am

Progressive Dinner - January 25th, $50 per couple or $25 per individual.  We have three homes on the list and it should be fun.

Dues are DUE!  Please pay before the end of the month.

Happy Bucks:

Jackie had a word of warning for anybody signed up to bring a dessert to the Board meeting, Don't forget it because you will never live it down. Scott was grateful his trip to Michigan to retrieve his car went well, Chris Adams liked the new sign at the entrance to help us find our way and the new rollout at work was going well, Tony paid his birthday fine and was thankful his grandson was home from the hospital and recovering, Paul paid his birthday fine, and Mike informed all of us that India has been Polio free for 3 full years with our help and those of Rotary International.

Roto-buck Winner: Ross


January 17, 2014 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We were a mighty and hearty bunch this morning in braving the elements to get to the meeting. We held our club assembly which included approving the slate of officers for next year by unanimous vote. TREASURER - Mike Johns informed the club that invoices have been sent electronically and will not be sent out in hard copy. Please pay your invoice in a timely manner. Also, a new projector was purchased and we were treated to the District's 4 Way Test Speech Contest winner's performance. MEMBERSHIP - Our club goal is to reach 40 members and in order to that each member is being requested to bring a possible member to the meet and greet scheduled for February at Stone Water. Our newest member, Maureen Garnett, was inducted in December. COMMUNITY SERVICE - The next meeting will take place on January 16, 2014 at Panera on Wilson Mills at 7:30. A co-chair is being sought for the Relay for Life Event to help (and maybe take over the responsibilities) George. ADMINISTRATION - Speakers have been scheduled through February. The first Taste of Hillcrest thank you dinner will take place on Friday, January 10, 2014 at Bahama Breeze. The Progressive Dinner has been tentatively planned for January 25, 2014. We need at least 3 more hosts to finish our plans. If you are interested call Steve Sova. SECRETARY - Attendance will be updated soon and an e-mail will be sent out for verification of information.

Happy/Sad/Missed Meeting Bucks:

Chris A. was happy to see Ann Marie Mills at the meeting, spending time with his family in Buffalo, and glad to be back with the Rotary family; Joe K. was thankful to Tom M. for filling in with Meals on Wheels on short notice; Steve S. thanked Joe Skoda for hosting our Holiday Brunch; Derek was happy that he was able to help deliver dictionaries this year and for his family trip to Louisville; Scott was thankful that everyone was okay after a car accident in Michigan which has the family down to one car and for Ann Marie coming to the meeting with him; Roger was happy that his in-laws were spending an extended amount of time with them due to the weather but his house is a little tight with the family; Ryan W. was thankful for all the help in deliverying 511 dictionaries to local 3rd graders; Paul was happy to be cross-country skiing with his wife; and Kristina was excited that her husband started a new job on Monday after 15 months of unemployment, thankful to Derek and Scott for filling in during her absence, and for a wonderful trip tp Florida.


The name badges have all been organized and should be easier to find.

Board Meeting next Monday at the Lyndhurst Community Center.

Roto-Buck Winner: Joe Kamiab


November 12th Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We were very pleased to welcome Maureen Garnett, a potential member, this morning.  We were also pleased to welcom Dale Conkling from the Lyndhurst Dads' Club as our speaker.  He discussed the history of the LDC and his participation in the club along with the future of the club.  The LDC was established in 1966 and is the 2nd oldest service group in Lyndhurst, behind the Garden Club.  Anyone or Organization can sponsor a team for $275.  (The Club will discuss sponsoring a team at the next board meeting.) In addition to Dale speaking, we also learned alot about Dana from her large family, jumping off mountains, to moving to Chicago and then home again.  Dana is an attorney who specializes in estate planning but that is not what defines her as a person.

Happy Bucks:

Joe wants to remind everyone about the childrens' fund dinner on Thursday, November 14th, Jackie was happy with the recently completed service project of paining the shed and for Joe organizing the clam bake, Karen wanted all of us to keep Chris S. and Noel in our prayers as Noel is in the hospital, Derek had missed meeting bucks and disappointed that he wasn't able to make the clam bake, Alexandra was very proud of our club for donating the money for 2 shelter boxes to help those affected by the recent typhoon, and Kristina was thankful to Scott for opening home for board meeting and then cleaning and starting cars in the snow.


Next week we will be assembling our Thanksgiving baskets. 

Roto-buck winner: Mike Johns, Jr.

September 24th Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

September 24th  Club Assembly:

Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks/Missed Meeting Bucks:

Jackie was very excited to report that with Joe K.’s help her daughter found a condo, George was happy to create his basket for the ATOH, Tom was excited that Hoyer (Ignatius grad) gets the start for the Browns this week, Tony sold his snow-blower and is opting for a service this year, Ryan is happy that Yan Gomes is such a great player for the Indians, Chris was happy to be working from home and that Lila learned how to reach the countertop without leaping, Paul was sad to report that his father-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Kris was sad in having to attend calling hours for a friend’s wife who was only 40 but happy to be participating in the color run with her son.


Attendance is close to being updated and available for review, comment, and corrections.

ATOH – we have 22 restaurants so far.  We are still in need of baskets and/or basket items.  Lastly, we still have 9 time slots to fill for the evening.

Roto-buck winner: Mike Johns, Jr
September 17th Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

The club welcomed Congressman David Joyce as our speaker this morning.  He is a former prosecutor in Geauga County before taking the place of Steve LaTourette.  He talked about the Affordable Care Act (which he opposes), the budget (in favor of the Ryan Plan), and the upcoming government shutdown (to which he is opposed).

Happy Bucks:

Paul was happy to get away from the ladies in his life with a trip to Cincinnati, Scott was happy that Ryan cooked for the board meeting (yummy creole), Jackie was excited about a trip to the Finger lakes, Keith was excited to report the wonderful interaction be observed between a school bus driver and a student, and Chris reported that his puppy discovered deer are fun.


ATOH: still in need of volunteers to fill shifts.  See Ryan.  Linda is available to pick up any items that have been donated for the raffle baskets.  Contact her with details.

October 5: Clean-up at the Boys Hope and Girls Hope Center. See Jackie for details.

Roto-buck winner: Fred Havlice

November 19, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Today we gathered to organize our Thanksgiving baskets for those in need within our communities.  The baskets overflowed with each member’s generosity.  We had more than enough food to cover out five families and then some.  The overflow was donated to the St. Clare Outreach program, and they were extremely grateful for our donation.

We also discussed the event of the club and our future meeting location. Dino’s will be closing at the end of November and we are in need of a home.  Diane from Dino’s has agreed to cater our first two meetings at the Mayfield Civic Center.  A vibrant discussion was had about what our wishes are for breakfast and what price point we would like to stay around. 

UPDATE: Our December 3, 2013 meeting and every meeting after that will take place at Stone Water Grill in Highland Heights, Ohio.  The food price may stay close to what we are paying now. 

Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks/ Missed Meeting Bucks

Kris P. is happy to be going to New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with her girlfriends; Joe K. was excited to see Derek Nevar and Kris Packard with their family at the Children’s Medical Fund Benefit which raised over $20,000; Mike J. spent the weekend with Drew in North Carolina and grateful for his safe return from deployment along with having an early Thanksgiving dinner and taking his daughter skydiving; George was grateful to be re-elected to the Mayfield school board but disappointed that the other two incumbents were defeated;  Chris A. is excited to be spending a long weekend with Denise in Nashville; and Ross had lots of missed meeting bucks to share with club but was also grateful to see our happy faces.

Club Assembly:

Community Service:

-Ryan Wenger is heading up the dictionary project and will bring in a sign-up sheet for the delivery of the books to the various schools and putting the stickers in the front of the dictionaries.

-Next meeting will be rescheduled to next month.

-December 7th will be our annual coat/blanket/hat/scarves/glove drop-off at St. Augustin’s with dim sum dinner to follow.  Bring your coats to the next meeting if you are unable to attend the event.  Tony is working on a flyer to send to our ATOH attendees to inform them of our coat drive while requesting donations.


Members who attended the clam bake will be receiving an adjusted bill due to a billing error. Next week the club’s finances will be discussed in detail.  Bring all of your questions.


A wrap-up meeting took place on October 2, 2013 and it looks like we netted around $20,000.


A meet and greet will take place sometime in January/February.  Everyone is charged with bringing a prospective member.


-Joe Skoda has graciously agreed to host our holiday luncheon sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

-Next week Mike Johns, Jr. will discuss club finances. 

-We have speakers booked through January.


This month’s meeting will be bumped to next month and the Shaker club is still working on getting their paperwork together for the cluster project.


-Our club was able to move quickly and help the people in the Philippines by providing 2 shelter boxes.  

-Dino’s will be closing at the end of this month and move is coming with regards to our meeting place.

-December 14th will be the breakfast with Santa at Highland 6.  Amy, our former caterer, needs help serving/preparing in order to keep our cost down.


Roto-Buck winner: Steve Sova



October 15, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Nate Bishko, Director of Excel Tech, was our morning speaker.  Nate is responsible for overseeing all of the programs under the Excel Tech program umbrella.  There are nine school districts who participate in Excel Tech and six of them host programs for the students.  A majority of the students within the Career Technical Education program are receiving college credit.  In addition, within one year of graduation 90% of the graduates are either employed, in the military, or in college.  There is a possibility of future expansion into the old Mayfield Library for a medical technology program.  It was interesting to learn that Excel Tech students are also earning certifications within different fields, interning with local companies, and learning skills that can be used immediately or taken with them to college.  It is not your grandparents Vocational education anymore.

 Happy Bucks:

Chris A. is excited to travel to Buffalo for his mother's 80th birthday, Karen is excited about heading to Florida with the girls, George is excited about Nate Bishko being our speaker, and Fred was happy that is surgery went well and he also had a missed meeting buck for us.


November 2, 2013: Ronald McDonald House Meals that Heal

November 9, 2013: Community Partnership on Aging Community Clean-Up

Relay for Life: we are registered and an e-mail will be sent out requesting team members for the the event.

RYLA students are coming to the next meeting.  Come here how excited they are and what they learned.

November 5, 2013: A Rotary Club Member from the Shaker Club will be discussing a possible cluster project for our club to join in on.

Roto-Buck Winner: Dr. Joe

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future

~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

September 10, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

First, a big thank you to Derek for taking notes for me.  Here are the meeting notes courtesy of Derek.

ATOH updates:

Joe D announced approximately 120 bottles of wine still needed to reach goal of 150. Signed letters were distributed for members to use when contacting businesses for wine and gift donations (more are available upon request). There is no minimum number of bottles required from each member, however the wine pull raffle is quickly becoming a staple part of our fundraising efforts and any help members can provide is greatly appreciated.

Kathleen stressed the need for raffle donations, to date only 3 have been received. Members are responsible for donating a gift basket made up of items of their choosing (donations from favorite restaurants or stores can be packaged into a gift basket unique to each member's tastes). If you don't know what to put in your basket, Kathleen and the donation committee (Cindy, Janet, Karen, others?) can help. They will be following up with members who have yet to provide a gift basket, so just a heads up to get started!

A signup sheet of companies that were NOT contacted last year (and had contributed previously) was passed around by Janet and Kathleen. Members were asked to share responsibility of soliciting donations by putting their names next to any companies they feel comfortable contacting.

Speaker: Kip Marlow - author of "The Entrepreuneurs: Success and Sacrifice" (available on Kip shared stories of interest from his recent publication, "Entrepreneur's Success and Sacrifice," in which he interviews some of the most successful entrepreneurs and shares their remarkable secrets to success.


September 3, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We were excited to welcome District Governor Bob Johnson to our club this morning.  He started off our meeting with a game called Heads & Tails for a bottle of liquid gold Geauga County Maple Syrup.  Ross DeJohn was the luck winner and then loser as he left his prize at the meeting. Bob reported that our district is in great shape with 34 out of the 55 clubs qualifying for grants with 18 out those 34 making it to completion.  There are changes coming to the grant program including a mandatory $25 per person per club in order to receive matching grants and the club must be current with its’ dues to Rotary International. Our exchange program is smaller than in past years due to change in staff and increased regulation for inbound students.  One of the programs he is trying to get started is an Alumni database to track the youth that are involved in the exchange programs, RYLA, Interact, and Rotaract because they are built in future Rotarians.  He would also like to create a general guidebook for clubs on how to proceed with the grants program in order to streamline the process and maximize the return to our district for future projects.  Another project be proposed is to identify potential areas for new clubs and new areas of membership.  Lastly, $86,000 came back to our district last year from Rotary International for projects and it is expected to be over $100,000 next year. 

Happy Bucks

Tom was very excited that he survived the test track in Sandusky, Paul was happy to get in a ride on the tow path this weekend, Bob Johnson was happy to be at our meeting, Kristina was excited about her trip to Notre Dame to see the Fighting Irish football team and the concert at Blossom, Chris A. was happy to welcome Bob Johnson to our meeting, Scott was grateful for all the responses for the TOH thank you dinner, George was happy to have been a bum all weekend, and Ryan W. was glad for the nice weather and the biking he was able to do over the weekend.


Announcements were made relative to the upcoming TOH and our continued need for donations for our baskets and wine pull. 

The next board meeting will take place on September 16, 2013 at Roger’s church. 

October 5, 2013 will be a service event will be a clean up at the Boys Hope & Girls Hope. More details to follow.

August 27, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Our Club Assembly took place this morning and we discussed the August Board meeting notes and other important business:

          Attendance will be updated as soon as June 2012 is closed and reports will be sent out on a quarterly basis for review.

          Taste of Hillcrest letters went out to previous vendors and restaurants. We still need 147 bottles of wine.  Tickets will be $35 or $30 a piece if all 10 are purchased.  Each member will be responsible for 6 tickets. If a member sells 10 or more tickets he/she will be listed in the program.

          There is a new and improved Rotary International Website.  Please check it out and see what is going on.  Also, please sign up and make your Every Rotarian Every Year donation as this is what drives the districts' abilities to match funds. 

          The September volunteer project of cleaning and painting the apartment in Mayfield will take place on September 13 and 14. 

           The Interact club is still being pursued.  A faculty advisor is required and the school district needs to approve the funds for the paid advisor position. A Membership meeting will take place towards the end of September at Joe D.'s house.

           Public Relations will hold a meeting on September 4, 2013 at Panera at 7:30 am.

Happy/Sad/Missed Meeting/Fine/What was I thinking Bucks:

          Tom was happy for the concert at Blossom this past weekend and hopes to be alive after his wife purchased him a race car experience in Sands (check to see if your life insurance policy has been updated/increased), Tony was happy that so many of his friends liked the his (photoshopped) picture on his post cards regarding his change in positions with the bank, George is hopeful the first day of school will go as smoothly for the students as it did for the administrators, Karen P. had missed meeting bucks, Fred has missed meeting bucks due to a trip to Charlotte to celebrate his grandson's first birthday, Karen V. also had missed meeting bucks, Chris A. was thankful to get the dictionaries to Brecksville but what was he thinking when he had to make return trip because he forgot his familiy's shoeboxes, Dana had missed meeting bucks due to covering work assignments as a fellow attorney was out with brain surgery but happy that they were doing well, Scott M. paid his birthday fine, Ross paid his birthday fine (after we all sang to him) and missed meeting bucks due to a vacation and first day of school, Jackie was happy to celebrate her granddaughter's 8th birthday, Joe C. paid a big What was I thinking fine for sending out the wrong dates to the restaurants for the TOH, and Kristina was happy as her youngest son turned 8 over the weekend and a great time was had with Chris A. and his family on Friday.


Punt, Pass & Kick contest will take place on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at Notre Dame College.  All children between the ages of 6 and 16 are welcome to participate.  The event is being sponsored by Scott Mills and Farmers Insurance.

Foundation meeting will take place on September 4, 2013 at 7pm at Joe Kamiab's house.

Community Service Meeting will take place on this Thursday at Panera at 7:30 am

Rotobuck Winner:  Paul Ellis

See a Need. Fill a Need.

August 20, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We were very excited to welcome Dr. Spanner to our club and have him discuss the many advances that have taken place in emergency medicine over the years. He has served multiple tours of duty overseas providing quality medical care to our injured service men and service women. He is the Medical Director – Hillcrest Hospital / EMS Eastern Region and provides training to the 18 or so communities who serve Northeast Ohio.  He discussed all the advances that have taken place especially in ambulance that have saved thousand of lives in our communities including the ability to get the patient into a cath lab within minutes in order to insert a stent and save heart muscle, implementing the Cincinnati Stroke Score to help identify stroke victims within minutes in order to start proper treatment, and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) training. He also wanted to thank the Rotary Club for the Polio Eradication effort as he has seen first hand the devastating effects of polio around the world.  


Dan Sazima, Maddy Adams, and Allison Johns.  

Happy Bucks: 

Joe S. was happy to see Dan Sazima at our meeting, George is happy the school district is ready for school to start, Dan is happy to make the meeting and see old friends, Joe D. was thankful for the information he learned at the membership program, Paul is happy for Emily Adams starting Beaumont, and Chris A. indicated a tuition bake sale is in our future. 


Don't forget to pay your birthday fine or it will double at the next meeting. 

Taste of Hillcrest - the first 3 bottles have arrived for the wine pull and 147 are still needed. Ross DeJohn, Jr. is our ticket sponsor.  Thank you very much Ross!!!

Rotobuck Winner: Joe C. 


August 13, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Our Club's signature project is Safe at Home which is sponsored through the Community Partnership on Aging.  Corinne Dunn and Stacey O'Brien spoke to the club this morning about how grateful they are for our support and updated us on the status of the projects.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of hands on volunteer opportunities because of the building code requirements for the installation of the equipment.  However, there are plenty of other opportunities for us to make a difference through the Community Partnership on Aging and their clients. Corinne also provided a projected timeline and number of volunteers for the apartment painting in Mayfield Heights. 

Happy/Sad/Missed Meeting/Fine Bucks

Linda was happy to have her patio finished but sad about dropping a really sharp knife on her foot (ouch), many happy bucks for our wonderful family picnic, Tony was happy to have the Community Partnership on Aging at the meeting and was thankful for Joe D. for organizing and cooking at the picnic, George is happy that the school district appears ready for the new school year, Joe C. was happy for his family vacation and paid his birthday fine (ouch), Mike is happy that Debbie is going back to school (Good luck Deb!! - and Mike), Chris A. was grateful to survive his vacation, Chris S. is very grateful for the two beautiful girls he, Noel, and Brendon will welcome in December, Ryan was delighted by the selections at the dessert auction, Tom tried to make up a meeting in Toronto but it was a holiday weekend and the club does not have meetings following a holiday weekend, Scott paid his missed meeting bucks and was happy to see his son graduate from boot camp and his wife completed the Warrior Dash, Derek was excited that Hannah turned one and was able to meet some her cousins, and Kristina was happy to have had a great vacation. 


Community Service Meeting will take place at Panera at 7:30 am on August 22nd. 

The Membership seminar is this Saturday and seats are still available. 

Pump, Pass, and Kick will be a Saturday in September and will be sponsored by Farmers Insurance. It is open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16. 

Taste of Hillcrest - we need wine for the wine pull and the letters to the previous donors have been sent out. 

This Friday is the Thank You dinner at Harry Buffalo. 

Rotobuck Winner: Joe D. 

July 16th Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We were very excited to have Roger Kram, president of the Aurora Rotary Club, with us this morning to discuss Rotary Heroes of Peace.  We learned about Meena Patel and the amazing work she started and continues to perform in India.  She continues to solve every problem that is presented to her in order to achieve her goals.  No matter how large the societal road block, she keeps moving forward for the betterment of woman in India. Jim Frame has created a program to save the lives of children all over the world who suffer from congenital heart defects. He has brought children into the United States and trained physicians in other parts of the world in how to perform these life saving surgeries. We also learned about the founder of the Shoe Box program for the children of the dump.  If anyone is interested in going to Nicaragua, there is a one week trip right after Thanksgiving.  It includes airfare, hotel, tours of the country, and the opportunity to hand deliver our Christmas boxes to the children.  The trip is $1200.  The stories were inspiring and represent the very best of what we has Rotarians have to offer, service above self. 

Happy Bucks:

Roger Kram is happy to be joining us this week. Linda is excited to be living her life as she recounted her trip down the bourbon trail.  Jackie is happy to have her home settled into an assisted living facility.  Chris is happy to be back from his vacation and see all of our smiling faces.  George was happy that he doesn't have to bring any more candy bars to the meetings. Chris has a new puppy!! Joe Skoda is happy Roger Kram is at the meeting.


Everyone needs to sign up for at least one committee.

Feed My Starving Children is Saturday, July 27th and is our fifth meeting event.  Lunch to follow at Mill Tavern.  Please consider joining us.

Our Relay for Life team was awarded a certificate to demonstrate our team achieving a Bronze Level of donations. Also, Study-3 is starting and the American Cancer Society is looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in joining or learning more, go to:

Rotary Family Picnic will take place on Sunday, August 11, 2013 at Brainard Park, Lyndhurst.  Everyone is requested to bring chairs, a side to share, and a dessert to auction off.

Community Service will be holding its' regular meeting this Thursday at Panera Bread on Wilson Mills at 7:30.  Please consider joining and bring your ideas for upcoming projects.

Club Foundation Meeting will take place next Wednesday at Alexandra's house.  Dessert will be provided.

Rotobuck Winner: Karen Poelking

Quote for the Wee:

“Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:
- I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
- I shall fear only God.
- I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
- I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
- I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.”
Mahatma Gandhi


July 9th Meeting Summary
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

This meeting was our "Club Assembly". We are looking for a catchy new name for this meeting, if you have one send it in. It was decided that following a board meeting it would be a great idea to share with the club happenings and discussions which took place at the board meeting.

Happy Bucks:

Derek was excited about his family vacation which included 8 nights at 4 different hotels but sad about missing meetings. Paul announced that he is going to be grandfather thanks to his youngest daughter. Scott will be off to see his son graduate from boot camp in two weeks and will miss a meeting. Chris is excited to pick up a new puppy with a nickname of fuzzy bottom and that we have a productive board meeting. Mike sent his wife to Florida to convince Nana Vick to attend some make-up meetings while she is there. George made a deal that if we all purchased one Relay for Life candy bar he would purchase the remainder. That was a great deal and everybody now has a candy bar. Yummy.

Sad Bucks/Missed Meeting Bucks:

Joe Skoda reported that he ended up attending two funerals for his family instead of one while in South Carolina. Our condolences on your losses. Ryan Wenger contributed to the missing meeting pot.

July 2, 2013 Meeting
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

A new Rotary year has begun and we welcome our new officers and offer congratulations and warm wishes for a successfull year. We also started our new year and a new location, for now or maybe for a while, Dino's restuarant in Lyndhurst.  Breakfast was delicious as was the coffee. 

Happy Bucks/Fines/Missed meeting bucks

Fines were collected from those members who were not wearing their Rotary pins. 

Happy bucks included Joe Cicero being acceptted to the Leadership Cleveland Class of 2014, Geroge Hughes' son was married this past weekend and his daughter was also in town for the week (Rotary meeting was too early for her to join us), George was also sad that his daughter was going back to Texas after a nice visit, Roger's daughter's softball team made it to the championships, there was a trip to Florida, Chris Adams' made a rainy trip to and from Buffalo but had clear weather in helping his parents with their home repairs, Mike made a trip to Montreal for work and made up a meeting there - He brought us back a beautiful banner and our first international banner, and Shelly was happy to see us all again and she made up a meeting with the Shaker Heights club.


Tall Ships are in town.  Admission after 5 p.m. on July 4th will be $5 and you can stay to watch the fireworks.

July 27th we will be having our fifth Tuesday event at the Cornerstone Church.  We have signed up to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children event from 9 - 11 am with lunch following at Mill Tavern.  The entire family is welcome to this event.  We need 25 people to fill the slots.

Sunday, August 11th will be our Second Annual Rotary family picnic at Brainard park.  Hots dogs and buns will be provided.  You are requested to bring your own beverages, a side dish to share, and a dessert for the dessert auction.

An elderly lady in Mayfield near Costco requires our assistance with cleaning and painting her apartment.  Details to follow.

Our Relay for Life team finished 5th out of 18 teams in fundraising.  We raised $3315 and still climbing.  Joe and Sue Cicero were 11th our of all the volunteers in personal fundraising.

Monday, July 8th is our next board meeting at Lyndhurst City Hall at 6 p.m.  All our welcome.

Taste of Hillcrest -

              Need to start collecting our bottles of wine.  We want to reach 150 before the event. 

              The committee has proposed raising the ticket price $5 to $40 per ticket.  A spirited discusion was had by the entire club as to the whether it was a good idea and why the increase is being suggested. The idea for now is to try and get more sponsors to make up the $2500 that would have been raised through the ticket price increase.  Contact Tony with the name of any potential sponsors and he will contact them.

              Also discussed was the appetizer sponsor tickets and price.  This will be taken up the committee and the board again in the future.

Next week our speaker is Roger Kram, highly dynamic and inspiring.  Please try to attend.

We will again be meeting at Dino's restuarant in Lyndhurst next week. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. 




June 11th Meeting Summary
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

June 11, 2013:

Happy Bucks - talking to son who is in basic training (he sounds positive and is enjoying the experience), daughter is at RYLA camp, a potential new member - Victoria Taylor - joining us for breakfast, happiness for the end of the school year, Joe Cicero in the newspaper with a funny look on his face while at the St. Clare Festival, dinner at Battiste & Dupree was excellent, birthday fine, and looking forward to the changeover dinner.


Upcoming Service Projects-

       -Providence House, June 15, 2013 for cleaning and organizing, need 3 more volunteers.  See Ryan to sign up.

Taste of Hillcrest- Start collecting your wine for the wine pull.  We would like to exceed the number from last year.  Dr. Joe will be accepting your collections at our regular meetings.  Also, a committee meeting will be held on June 6th to discuss the TOH.

Relay for Life is fast approaching and we still need team members to sign up. We would like to have at least 10 members.  Also, we still have candy bars for sale.  See George for either item.  

We were very honored to welcome Stacey Rokoff from Fairhill Partners.  Stacey is the Associate Director and coordinates all the projects at Fairlhill.  Stacey discussed the mission of Fairhill which is to help elderly people (however you define elderly) to age gracefully, with respect, and dignity.  They have a multitude of programs to assist the elderly with computer skills, job skills, finding available benefits, and grandparents raising grandchildren.  They have a kinship village and elderly homeless shelter on site.  The kinship village houses grandparents and their grandchildren and volunteers.  The homeless shelter assists in rapid rehousing and assisting the elderly in determining what if any benefits they are eligible for and helping them attain those benefits so that they can again take care of themselves.  There are a lot  of opportunities for us to assist at Fairhill and all we need to do is give Stacey notice and she will find a project for us.

April 16, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

It was so wonderful to see everyone after what felt like an eternity away.  We inducted two new members to our club this morning.  We may have to look moving rooms as we are bursting at the seams for breakfast, which is a great thing.  We welcomed Sara Simpson as our speaker this morning.  She is a certified natural health professional and a breast cancer survivor.  She told her story of how following surgery for breast cancer she refused to follow the traditional medical recommendations of chemotherapy and the like.  She started looking for an alternative to restore her to her prior self and that is when she found Asea.  Asea is a redox signaling solution which helps the body repair and rebuild cells to improve the body’s function.  She noted she was able to sleep through the night for the first time in 6 years and started regaining her mental clarity after just a couple of weeks.  She is available if further information or a consultation if need be.


Happy Bucks:


Alfredo’s thank you dinner, district conference, attendance at a Cleveland Rotary meeting to observe wife and family receive award, being back together again at Rotary, finding enough sponsors for our Vocational Education Awards dinner, missed meeting due to being in Ashville, North Carolina, going to Florida, feeling better, well attended open house at Richmond Heights City Hall, Relay for Life fashion show, and letter to the editor thanking Rotary for the Seniors’ Night Out.




Volunteers are needed for the Special Olympics bowling event on May 11th at 11:00am.


Check your e-mail and calendars to schedule a joint board meeting with the current board and incoming board.


Community Service Meeting: April 18th, 7:30 am at Panera on Wilson Mills


Fireside Chat: Saturday, April 27th at Joe Cicero’s house.  5 pm for new members and 6 pm for everyone else.


Vocational Education Dinner: Tuesday, April 30th at St. Noel’s.  This takes the place of our regular meeting.  Please let George know if you coming.  Tickets are $20 and payment can be made at the door.  However, we need to know that you are coming before the 30th!!!


Relay for Life Spaghetti Dinner: Wednesday, May 22nd.  More details to follow.


Please consider joining our Relay for Life team.  We currently have 6 members and our goal is to have 10.  It is $10 to join the team. 


Roto-Buck Winner:          George Schumacher

February 26, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Today we welcomed Alexandra Jeanblanc as our speaker for the member topic of the month.  Alexandra talked to us about her education and the importance of having the correct documents for estate planning purposes.  She noted the most important documents to have are 1) a will, 2) power of attorney - healthcare, 3) power of attorney - finances, 4) living will/directives, and 5) trust documents. She discussed what these documents are so important and what you should consider when filling out these documents and the people who you appoint to make decisions for you when you are incapacitated.  It was an excellent discussion and reminder to all of us to have a will in place, especially if you have children. 

We had numerous happy, sad, and missed meeting bucks this week.  SOme of the happy bucks were for selecting a theme for the Relay for Life event - Night at the Museum, Tom for delivering meals on wheels for Jackie, Dana visiting, meeting notice finally appearing on the Hillcrest Patch, Deb started the patch and is down to 2 cigarettes, Happy Hour at Sushi Rock tomorrow and all are invited, spending time with daughter, surviving hernia surgery, daughter's show is almost here and the singing will soon stop, 50/50 winner immediately behind Chris at Fish fry on Friday, and in-laws being in town.  We had several missed meeting bucks.

Announcements - Upcoming Events

Wednesday - February 27th

                   Happy Hour at Sushi Rock from 5-7 pm, free food but drinks are your responsibility

                   Foundation Meeting at Alexandra's house at 7 pm and dessert will be provided

Thursday - February 28th

                  Senior Night at Mayfield High School - If you signed up for the bus and can't make it let Jackie know so that a back-up can take your place. 

Friday - March 1st

                  Taste of Hillcrest thank you dinner at Brio.  RSVP no later than Thursday!!

George will be sending out e-mails regarding sponsors for the Vo-ed dinner and for joining the Relay for Life team.  The goal is to have 10 members on the team.  Please consider joining.

Thought for the Week

Never underestimate the value of your kind words or actions to another person.   My friend sent an e-mail to someone telling him that he was doing a good job.  She didn't think much about it until she received an e-mail back that person.  He thanked her for kind words because he had received a lot of unkind responses to what he was doing.  It just proves that your words have power and can be used as a force of healing or harm. 


February 12, 2013
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Sam Rutigliano, former Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns, was our speaker this morning.  He is a motivational speaker and emphasizes the need for communication, faith, persistence, and education.  Everyday is an opportunity for growth and improvement.  He talked about how a lot of kids want to play football and the sacrifices they make for that career.  A good portion do not have a college degree to fall back on when they are done playing and another large percentage ends up bankrupt within two years of their career ending. The players are making poor choices because the reputation has become more important than character.  Players are being drafted because of their reputation and not because of their character.  Ego stands for Edging God Out and it causes problem in a team atmosphere. He regaled us with numerous stories about his time outside of football and how persistence is what gets people where they are and not simply talent or education.  We were very appreciative for his time and experience.

Happy/Sad bucks:

Happy to be in Ohio instead of New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Tom for sharing his beads, welcome to Eric Milnar, a potential new member, Amy's mom filling in for Amy, who is sick, so that we could have breakfast this morning, Mr. Rutigliano's daughter for being an excellent teacher in Mayfield school district, granite day in Kitchen, and bills are coming for members. 


Senior Night at Mayfield Schools is approaching and volunteers are needed for the bus and the refreshments at school. 

Picnic for Millridge School will take place on May 21st at Strawberry Lane, this will replace our normal meeting time.  

April 30, 2013: Vo-ed dinner at St. Noel.  We will need help getting sponsors and working on event. 

Shining Stars event: There is one ticket left and we still need donations for event. 

Blood drive at Landerhaven today.  You will get good food instead of just the orange juice and cookies.  Please consider donating, not just for the food.

February 12, 2013
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Sam Rutigliano, former Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns, was our speaker this morning.  He is a motivational speaker and emphasizes the need for communication, faith, persistence, and education.  Everyday is an opportunity for growth and improvement.  He talked about how a lot of kids want to play football and the sacrifices they make for that career.  A good portion do not have a college degree to fall back on when they are done playing and another large percentage ends up bankrupt within two years of their career ending. The players are making poor choices because the reputation has become more important than character.  Players are being drafted because of their reputation and not because of their character.  Ego stands for Edging God Out and it causes problem in a team atmosphere. He regaled us with numerous stories about his time outside of football and how persistence is what gets people where they are and not simply talent or education.  We were very appreciative for his time and experience.

Happy/Sad bucks:

Happy to be in Ohio instead of New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Tom for sharing his beads, welcome to Eric Milnar, a potential new member, Amy's mom filling in for Amy, who is sick, so that we could have breakfast this morning, Mr. Rutigliano's daughter for being an excellent teacher in Mayfield school district, granite day in Kitchen, and bills are coming for members. 


Senior Night at Mayfield Schools is approaching and volunteers are needed for the bus and the refreshments at school. 

Picnic for Millridge School will take place on May 21st at Strawberry Lane, this will replace our normal meeting time.  

April 30, 2013: Vo-ed dinner at St. Noel.  We will need help getting sponsors and working on event. 

Shining Stars event: There is one ticket left and we still need donations for event. 

Blood drive at Landerhaven today.  You will get good food instead of just the orange juice and cookies.  Please consider donating, not just for the food.

February 5, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We had the true pleasure of welcoming Howard Goldberg and John Galina of Purple Heart Homes as our guest speakers.  John Galina is one of the co-founders of Purple Heart Homes.  Purple Heart Homes started out of a basic need to provide wounded veterans from all wars with a safe and effective home which fits their abilities and helps them transition back to normal life and back into the community.  They have about 20 projects across the US.  There are 3.4 million service connected injured veterans in the US and only 18% are a result of the most current conflicts.  There are two separate programs within the organization, one works with current home owners to upgrade their existing homes to accommodate their disability and the second one assists those who cannot obtain a home of their own to obtain a home and then to make sure it fits the needs of that veteran. They are working on a house in South Euclid for Desmond and his family.  This is the first project east of the Mississippi.  They chose the Hillcrest area because it is affordable, good reputation, good schools, and well run cities. The veterans pay 50% of the home value one completed as their mortgage.  Once it is paid off and they have completed their obligations, they receive the remaining 50% ownership of their home. Their is no reason to turn our back on any veteran who served our country and is currently suffering in their inadequate home.  We need to return to the days where neighbors took care of each other and weren't so disconnected that they couldn't see their neighbor in need. 

Happy/Sad Bucks:

Bucket list trip to Punxsatawny to see Phil on Groundhog day, 36th wedding anniversary, ready for early spring, heading to Erie for oldest child's 21st birthday, passing Series 6 exam, candy is in for Relay for Life, becoming a great Uncle, great SWOT participation, trip to Cancun, missing, meeting bucks, and birthday fine. 


February 16th: District Gathering, highly suggested for incoming board members

We need to decide on a theme for the Relay for Life event.  The overall theme is Night at the Movies.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Please let George know your ideas. 

Vo-Ed dinner is April 30th at St. Noel's.  George will meet with John Wilson and get the ball rolling for the event. 

Shining Stars event is coming up.  We still need donated items and a final count.  

January 29, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We were very excited to have Nick Santilli come back and continue our SWOT analysis and discuss the findings from his last visit.  We discussed what items surprised us the most and how can we turn some of the items into quick wins for the Club.  Also, we need to develop a shared vocabulary so that we all understand the concept when we talk about a particular item, such as diversity.  Each table was charged with determining how a weakness could be turned around with one of our strengths.  Chris Adams is going to collect all the ideas and create a master list for us to discuss at an upcoming meeting.

Happy/Sad Bucks:

Snow day last week was nice, taking our dinner to the domestic violence shelter as they didn't have a cook that day, spending time getting to know Derek/Kris, son making Dean's List, past the demolition stage of the kitchen, and getting together with John Wilson to discuss the Vo-Ed dinner.


February 7, 2013: Meals that Heal - Domestic Violence Shelter

Ronald McDonald House meals that heal still needs volunteers.  See Ryan for details.

Semi-Annual dues are due.

February 16, 2013: Shining Stars Event - need donated items for raffle and more people to attend.

Quote for the Week:

Two kinds of gratitude:  The sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give.  ~Edwin Arlington Robinson

January 15, 2013 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Our guest speaker was Steve Jakubecz, a productivity and time management expert.  Mr. Jakubecz talked about how to stay focused at work with the ever present to be immediately connected to the outside world either through e-mail, the internet, or the telephone.  It is important to avoid distractions and decide what is the most valuable use of my time and how will it accomplish what I need to get done.  It is also important to stay hydrated and develop a safe system to off-load an immediate thought for later discussion.  If we trust our brain to remember everything it is bound to fail.  Therefore, it is important to develop the tools and skills to find a system that you can trust in order to deal with all the items that may come up when you are in the middle of a different project.

Happy/Sad Bucks:

Mayfield School district is receiving money from the casino, ability to drive with top down ont eh convertible, keeping Tony honest, birthday fine, trip to Columbus, Ohio State beating Michigan in mens' basketball, sad buck - Packers loss, and missed meeting bucks.


January 16, 2013: Membership Meeting at 7:30 am at Panera

January 17, 2013: Service Committee Meeting at 7:30 am at Panera

January 17, 2013: Relay for Life Kick-off at 7pm at Hillcrest Hospital

January 17, 2013: Taste of Hillcrest thank you dinner at Austin's Steakhouse

January 22, 2013: Meals that Heal - Domestic Violence Shelter

February 7, 2013: Meals that Heal - Domestic Violence Shelter

March, 2013:        Meals that Heal - Ronald McDonald House


December 11, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Our speaker was Kathy Tschiegg, a former Peace Corps nurse in Honduras who founded CAMO (Central American Medical Outreach, Inc. in 1993.  CAMO's mission is to improve the quality of life of people in Central America by strengthening health care systems and promoting sustainable community development. They are not an ambush medical team that comes in once a year and tries to do as much as possible.  It is an ongoing mission with counterparts in each country working to better the medical care and access in Honduras.  She shared the story of Carmen who had a 4 pound tumor in her mouth that had compromised her ability to eat and as a result she weighed only 70 pounds at the time of the surgery.  The surgery was performed in Honduras including intensive care treatment, occupational and physical therapy, as well as learning a trade and building her a house.  Carmen would have died without CAMO's intervention.

Happy Bucks:

Breakfast with Santa was a hit, 8 hours of a sleeping baby, upcoming holiday, Purple Heart Homes fish fundraiser was a huge success, thank you to Chris for organizing the breakfast with Santa, a good time at the conference in San Diego, and Richmond Heights has a budget in front of council.


Check your attendance on the sheet and/or at Clubrunner

Chesterland Shining Stars Event - Start planning for attending and selling tickets for the February event.

Dictionaries are getting passed out this Friday, December 14th, and help is still needed to reach all of the schools.

Board Meeting is Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at City Hall.

The Rotobuck winner was Mike Johns, Jr.

Quote for the Week:

Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful. 

~Author Unknown

December 4, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

At our December 4, 2012 we welcomed Dr. Nick Santilli to discuss long range strategic planning and also help us create a long range strategic plan for our club.  We divided into tables and discussed our SWOT lists. These lists will help the board and the club identify issues of strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to determine a plan to build our foundation upon. 

Happy Bucks:

Wisconsin going to the Rose Bowl, Christmas Cards for soldiers project by Mayfield School District student (500+ cards), daughter getting into Beaumont, dictionary project help, Browns winning, coat drive (90 coats), birthday fine, and attending the Big 10 Championship game with the family.


December 8th: Breakfast with Santa - Fill out RSVP and let Chris know if you can help.

December 7th: Purple Heart Veteran's fish fry fundraiser at Anthony's Place

December 6th: ATOH Thank You dinner - Mongolian BBQ - Fill out online RSVP

 How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.  ~Anne Frank

November 20, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Today we had the pure joy of welcoming the Mayfield Middle School Principal, two teachers, and two students who presented our club with a check for over $3500 to eradicate polio.  They raised the funds at a haunted house at their school.  A DVD of the highlights, creativity and hard work of the students and faculty was shown.  The club gave the group a standing ovation for their hard work and generosity. What an amazing group of students, faculty, and staff. Mayfield City Schools should be very proud of this school and their accomplishments.

The remainder of the meeting was spent assembling our Thanksgiving totes for local families in need.  Our totes overflowed with your generosity. Thank you for reflecting the true nature of being a Rotary, Service above Self.

Happy Bucks:

The Mayfield Middle School for their generosity, first reconciliation, Thanksgiving, and family.


December 8, 2012 is Breakfast with Santa. Don't forget to RSVP!!

Our coat drive will deliver our coats to St. Augustin's on Saturday, December 1, 2012 with lunch at Li-Wah to follow. Clean your closets, your family's closet, even your neighbors closets to find coats for these men, women, and children. Hats, gloves, and scarves will also be graciously accepted and distributed.  Bring them to the next meeting.

Our Dress for Success clothing drive is also nearing a distribution date. Clean your closets, your family's closet, even your neighbors closets to find clothes, purses, scarves, and other accessories for these women in need. A distribution date will be announced when it is finalized with the organization.

Quote for the Week:

Everybody can be great.  Because anybody can serve.  You don't have to have a college degree to serve.  You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve.... You don't have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve.  You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.  ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

November 13, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

This week's member spotlight was on Derek and Ryan who enlightened us on the exciting field of dentistry and orthodontics.  Ryan and Derek discussed their education and work experience along with why they enjoy their profession so much.  We learned about how dentistry and orthodontics have changed over the years including new products, new treatments, and evolutionary changes in our jaw structure and number of teeth compared to our ancestors. Visual aids were passed around to demonstrate how serious to cosmetic issues can be fixed with dentistry and orthodontia.

Happy/Sad Bucks:

Our happy bucks including finding out that Ryan Knotts is part Italian (the required contribution to la famiglia will be accepted by any of our Italian members), baptism of Hannah, traveling to Hawaii, visiting other clubs, looking forward to first winter in Cleveland, trip to casino, missed meetings, and a speeding ticket.


Next week bring your Thanksgiving food items so that the baskets can be assembled. See Jackie if you would like to deliver a basket to one or more of our families.

Breakfast with Santa is scheduled for December 8, 2012 at the community center.  Don't forget to RSVP.

Let Derek know where and when you made up the November 6, 2012 meeting so that our attendance records are correct.

The Board Meeting will take place this Wednesday at 6:00 pm at City Hall.  All our welcome.

This Friday is a TOH thank you dinner at Maggiano's.  Don't forget to RSVP.

The dictionaries have been ordered and we will need help labeling the dictionaries and then delivering them.  Contact Ryan Wenger if you are able to help.

Roto-buck winner: Tony

October 23, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We welcomed Dawn Urban form the Hillcrest Relay for Life Committee. She spoke about the purpose of Relay for Life and how it has grown over the years from one person to the organization it is today.  The Relay for Life is part of the American Cancer Society and their mission to make more birthdays possible.  The American Cancer Society also provides smoking cessation classes and maintaining healthy weight classes to help people get healthy and stay healthy.  The 2013 Relay for Life will take place on June 22, 2013 through June 23, 2013 at Mayfield High School with the theme "A Night at the Movies." George has already registered the team for next year.

Happy Bucks:

Ross was happy to make the meeting and see all of our happy faces.  Joe Skoda shared the history of the Superman statute at the Cleveland Airport and Skoda Minotti's involvement with the statute. Other happy bucks including the Giants winning the baseball game, Mayfield's Haunted House to benefit the Eradicate Polio project, completion of Halloween costumes, and happy to be at the meeting.


Get your TOH ticket money to Joe Skoda.

RSVP for clambake this weekend.

Foundation Meeting will take place this Thursday at 6:30 pm at Panera on Wilson Mills.

Service Committee meeting this Friday at 7:30 am at Panera on Wilson Mills.

Start shopping for the Thanksgiving baskets but do not bring items until November 20th meeting as we do not have the space to house all of the items at the community center. 

No Meeting on October 30, 2012 (Fifth Monday) and November 6, 2012 (elections). However, the November 6, 2012 meeting is not canceled and needs to be made up at a local club.


October 16, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

This morning we were delighted to welcome our RYLA students Nathan Yu, Dean Elliott, Leah Phillips, Allison Cabo, and Brandon McGee. They presented their experiences with RYLA to our members.  They created a power point presentation highlighting each days' activities and their reactions to each of the events. They were very gracious in thanking our club for their sponsorhip and inclusion in such a wonderful program. They noted the friendships made over those 4 days are sure to last a lifetime.

We were also delighted to induct Dr. Keith Kelly into our club.  Welcome to our club!!

Happy bucks were numerous this morning. People were excited about the Browns win on Sunday, daugher joining Americorp, good healthcare, Taste of Hillcrest coverage in local paper, and waterproofing finally being completed.  There was a missed meeting buck and a sad buck for missing active participation with RYLA program.


The schedule of events for the next couple of weeks was distrubuted to everyone.

Foundation Meeting will take this week at Panera on Wilson Mills.

The Community Service meeting has been moved until next week.

October 27, 2012 will be the Clambake at Kathleen's house.  It will start at 4 pm and is $25 per person.  Costumes are not reqired but highly encouraged. More details to follow.

Please keep Chris Adams' daughter and his family in your thoughts as she undergoes a 72 hour observation at Rainbow Babies & Childrens Hospital.

Quote for the Week:

The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched palm is a twist of the wrist.  ~Laurence Leamer, King of the Night
October 9, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Our speaker was Emily Shurilla from Providence House.  Providence House is a crisis nursery which cares for children from newborns up to 6 years, for now, and once expansion is done it will take children up to 12 years old. The goal of Providence House is to provide assistance to families in crisis and stop the syle of abuse and neglect. The Providence House also provides parenting classes and works to reunify families.  They have an outstanding record for reunification of families. The children can stay up to 90 days if needed or longer depending on the circumstances. The Providence House is funded almost exclusively through donations and big events. She also gave us a bear to remind us of Providence House and hopefully, motivate us to help.

Our Happy Bucks including many bucks for a successful Taste of Hillcrest event.  A sincere thank you went out to all of the members who assisted in making the event a huge success.


Board Meeting will take place on October 3, 2012 at City Hall at 6:00pm

Next week will be our RYLA speakers. 

Quote for the Week:

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

September 25, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We had the pleasure of hosting Alexander Hoffman who is an Ambassadorial Scholar from Germany. Alexander's presentation also included a video which highlighted his home district, city, and German heritage.  Alexander is from South West Germany. He is currently studying at Case Western Reserve University in the Master of Science and Management. He noted the Rotary Meetings in Germany are not nearly as entertaining as our meetings.  He also informed us of the difference between the mode of communication between our two countries.  He is enjoying his time in the United States and can't wait to take all his experiences back home and be an ambassador representing the best of Rotary and his time spent in the United States.

Happy bucks included children's birthday, hitting groove in school year, and dinner at chuch. We had pin fines and missed meeting bucks.


Taste of Hillcrest:   Need baskets for chinese and silent auction
                            Don't forget to sell your tickets
                            We have between 90-100 bottles of wine for the wine pull
                            We have 17 restuarants participating   
                            Don't forget to sign us to volunteer, there are plenty of openings.
September 18, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Today's meeting allowed each committee to provide an update to the Club on upcoming events, status of the committee, and immediate needs of that committee.  Our finances are in good shape thanks to all the members wo prepaid dues and meals.  There are some prospective members in our pipeline and Tony will be meeting with them soon.  Most importantly is our upcoming Taste of Hillcrest event.  We are in need of more donations for the chinese auction and more wine for the wine pull.  In addition, Ryan noted we still have volunteer slots that need to be filled.  Drop dead date for all donations is this week otherwise we will be hard pressed to get their names in the program.

We had Happy Bucks for weddings, spending time with grandchildren, walking in Komen event, trip to North Carolina, and cooler weather.  Roger also paid his birthday fine.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, September 29th:  Removing, moving, and reassembling wheelchair ramp

Thursday, October 4th:  TASTE OF HILLCREST

Saturday, October 27th: Clam bake

Other events:

Coat drive - Check your closets and your friends and families' closets for coats.

Clothing drive - Dress for Success, check your closets or your wives' closets for appropriate attire, shoes, purses, or jewelry.  If your closets are empty, please consider donating a gift card.

Thanksgiving baskets - We will be starting our annual collection of food in order to help families in need within our community.  We will be putting the baskets together at the November 20th meeting.

Quote for the Week:

There is nothing in the genius of America more precious today than the spirit of religious and political tolerance in its application to our own people.
Paul Harris

September 11, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

As it was the 11th Anniversary of 9/11 we honored the memory of the fallen with a moment of silence and reflection at the beginning of our meeting.  We were honored to induct our newest member Saju Abraham. Welcome!!

Happy/Sad Bucks:
We had many happy events to celebrate this week including the grand opening of Mayfield's new stadium, trip to Hocking Hills and a fantastic zip line ride, Tough Mudder event with family, wedding in Chicago, visiting new grandson in Charlotte and the craziness of the convention, Jack Daniels tasting, and good time at Lyndhurst Home Days' Parade.  We had a few missed meeting bucks, sad buck for husband losing his job, and a birthday fine to round out our Rotobuck donations.

Our member speaker this week was Scott Snyder, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer for Mayfield City Schools.  Scott discussed the new statium and how it was a community and board project.  The renovation was part of the long term project and the community raised money to help complete the project.  The new turf is a result of the community fundraising efforts.  Scott also talked about how the state funding system works and its impact on local schools. The Mayfield City Schools employs over 750 people within the district in full and part-time capacities.  It is one of the largest employers in the area, next to Progressive, Hillcrest Hospital, and Phillips.


Taste of Hillcrest:
       -Sign up for your volunteer shift(s) for the event
      - Need Sponsors
       - We need more bottles of wine and donations in order to make this event a success. 

Tony's Garden is almost at an end.  The tomatoes will be ready to harvest soon.

Board Meeting: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Rotobuck winner: Dr. Joe.

September 4, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

We had the pleasure of hearing Melony Bulter from Dress for Success as our morning speaker.  She detailed all of the support services that Dress for Success provides to women in need in our community.  The Cleveland Chapter started in 1998. Dress for Success supplies a business suit and appropriate attire for women who have interviews and then continues to offer supprt services including a weeks worth of separates once they get the job.  Also, Dress for Success provides resume support, interview practice, understanding the benefits package, 401k support, etc.  Dress for Success remains a part of these womens' lives for as long as is necessary. Melony also wnated to impress upon our club that there are multiple volunteer opportunities within the organization.  They only have 2 paid positions and the remainder of the positions are filled by volunteers.  They accept clean, used clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry.  They also accept cash donations which help fill the need when clothes are unavailable.

OUr happy bucks included the birth of a beautiful little boy, Mayfield Stadium completion and opening, new Skoda-Minotti office, Ronald McDonald House dinner, and cheese curd.

Taste of Hillcrest - Don't forget the deadlines for wine and auction items.
                         - Sponsor levels: non-club members have 2 levels - Appetizer or Entree
                                                : club members - sell all 10 tickets and you will be listed as an Appetizer sponsor
                         - Give entire ticket to person as the stubs will be collected at the door

Board Meeting - Spetember 12, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall

Please contact Jackie if anyone knows someone who performs senior care work.  

Rotobuck winner - Mike Johns, Jr.

Quote for the week:

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
Rabindranath Tagore

August 14, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

This was my favorite meeting as a Rotarian so far.  We welcomed Jade Jennings who was a Rotaty Foreign Exchange Student to Appenzell, Switzerland last year.  Ms. Jennings told us about her wonderful year abroad and how much she enjoyed her time in a foreign country.  She wore her heavily decorated Rotary Exchange Student Blazer. It was filled with pins, buttons, patches, and other reminders of her timeabroad.  She had a power point presentation about Switzerland and her wonderful home. She discussed her different host families and how they made her feel part of their families. She was profoundly grateful for this experience and thanked the Club for giving her a gift that has changed her life.

We had numerous guests from the former noon Club in attendence to hear Jade speak.  The new Superintendant for Mayfield City Schools, Dr. Keith Kelly, was introduced by George Hughes.  Dr. Kelly indicated he would like to join our club. 

We had many happy/sad bucks this week.  Our happy bucks included having Dr. Kelly join our club, trip to Vermont and the almost completion of the tennis courts with the Rotary grants, seeing old members this early in the morning, empty nesting, March 4 Marci, finishing our shoe boxes, firewood, good weather for Hannah's first birthday party, support in times of need, and reuniting with old friends.  Our sad bucks were for the loss of Joe Cicero's aunt.  We also had some missed meeting bucks.


Teams will be formed for the collection of donations for the Taste of Hillcrest.  The drop dead date for donations will be September 13, 2012.

Tony will send out the list of previous wine donors for the wine pull at the Taste of Hillcrest.  We would like to increase the number of bottles this year.  The drop dead date for collection of wine will be September 18, 2012.

A special thank you to Ryan Wenger for covering the expenses for the unclaimed shoe boxes.  His act of kindness is a relfection of a true Rotarian.

Upcoming events:

August 18, 2012: Community Pig Roast at the Hillcrest YMCA from 2-6. Everyone is welcome.

August 18, 2012: Tony's garden weeding at 8:30 am

August 24, 2012: Taste of Hillcrest thank you dinner - The Melting Pot

September 1, 2012: Meals that Heal - Ronald McDonald House

Rotobuck Winner: Ryan Wenger

Quote for the Week:

“I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”
Albert Schweitzer

August 7, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

Our meeting started with the sad news that Joe Cicero's aunt recently passed away and Joe would not be in attendance so that he could attend to family matters.  Janet Schiano led our meeting.  Our member topic speaker was Cindy Ginsburg.  Cindy is a speech therapist.  She filled us in our her credentialing requirements, work history, and famous clients (King of Nigeria). She also decribed numerous situations in which a speech language pathologist would be helpful such as stroke victims, stutterers, and those wishing to diminish and/or create an accent.

Our happy/sad bucks included class reunions, death in family, upcoming trip to Oregon, and missed meeting bucks.

Our Upcoming Events:

March 4 Marci - August 11th

Meals that Heal - Domestic Violence Shelter, Tuesday, August 14th


Shoeboxes - Drop Dead date is Tuesday meeting, otherwise drop them off at Mike Johns, Jr.'s office on Mayfied Road

Quote for the Week:

"The Olympics are a wonderful metaphor for world cooperation, the kind of international competition that's wholesome and healthy, an interplay between countries that represents the best in all of us. " - John Williams

July 24, 2012 Meeting notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

July 24, 2012 Meeting Notes

Week 3 of our Rotary year continues with goodness and blessings. Our member topic this speaker this month was Chris Scheuer, director of the Lyndhurst YMCA.  Chris enlightened us on the history of the YMCA and all of the developments and inventions that sprang from the YMCA such as volleyball, racquetball, and Associated Press.  Chris also informed the group about the hopes for expansion of the current YMCA including a new building which would really move the YMCA to a truly family friendly environment as well as providing community support.

Our happy and sad bucks many happy bucks for the family picnic, the meeting updates, missing the picnic due to a death, and support from the club for the YMCA golf outing.

Our upcoming events:

Human Trafficking Symposium will take place on August 10, 2012 at Notre Dame College.

The New Members Academy on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at the Lyndhurst Community Center. More details to come.

March 4 Marci – March to End Domestic Violence – Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Meals that Heal

            August 14, 2012 – Domestic Violence Shelter

            September 1, 2012 – Ronald McDonald House


Shoe boxes are still available for the Children in Nicaragua.

The watering schedule for August will be sent our shortly.  Please check your e-mail and mark your calendars for your date.  

The dues invoices were passed out to each member for the upcoming year.  Please check your option and bring your money to the next meeting.

The quote for the week is:

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”

- Pierre de Coubertin (primarily responsible for the revival of the Olympic Games in 1894)

July 24, 2012 Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

July 24, 2012 Meeting Notes

 Week 3 of our Rotary year continues with goodness and blessings. Our member topic this speaker this month was Chris Scheuer, director of the Lyndhurst YMCA.  Chris enlightened us on the history of the YMCA and all of the developments and inventions that sprang from the YMCA such as volleyball, racquetball, and Associated Press.  Chris also informed the group about the hopes for expansion of the current YMCA including a new building which would really move the YMCA to a truly family friendly environment as well as providing community support.

 Our happy and sad bucks many happy bucks for the family picnic, the meeting updates, missing the picnic due to a death, and support from the club for the YMCA golf outing.

 Our upcoming events:

 Human Trafficking Symposium will take place on August 10, 2012 at Notre Dame College.

 The New Members Academy on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at the Lyndhurst Community Center. More details to come.

 March 4 Marci – March to End Domestic Violence – Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

 Meals that Heal

             August 14, 2012 – Domestic Violence Shelter

             September 1, 2012 – Ronald McDonald House


 Shoe boxes are still available for the Children in Nicaragua. Please help our club meet our goal.

 The watering schedule for August will be sent our shortly.  Please check your e-mail and mark your calendars for your date.  

 The dues invoices were passed out to each member for the upcoming year.  Please check your option and bring your money to the next meeting.

 The quote for the week is:

 “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”

- Pierre de Coubertin (primarily responsible for the revival of the Olympic Games in 1894)

July 10th and 17th Meeting Notes
by Kieltsch-Packard, Kristina

The Beginning of a New Year for our club….  July 10 and July 12th Meetings

We are well into our new year with many exciting activities and projects on the horizon.  The first meeting our new year began with the new President, Joe Cicero, talking about his goals for our club in the coming year.  He encouraged our members to become engaged in the development of what we want our club to become including attending board meetings, committee meetings, and bringing ideas to the club. He also emphasized thinking of a signature project that we could be known for in the community.  In the past, the Rotary club was known for donating AEDs throughout the community.

For our second meeting Corrine Dunn the volunteer coordinator from the Community Partnership on Aging, spoke about the purpose of the CPA, the programs the CPA coordinates, and the need for volunteers.  She discussed the various needs and levels of need within our community and suggested ways to become more involved.  She was grateful for the harvest from Tony’s garden.

Our second meeting also included the following visitors: Mike Johns, Sr., Former District Governor Steve Zabor, Dan Sazimen, and a potential new member. Mike Johns, Sr. informed the club that the Hillcrest Noon club met and agreed to donate all of their remaining funds to our club as well as matching donations of $100 or more to the Rotary Foundation with their Paul Harris Fellows points. Former District Governor Steve Zabor made presentations to Kathleen Mikasa for her work as club president, to Jackie Minotas for serving as Assistant District Governor, and to Mike Johns, Jr. for his work on the District Newsletter. 

Our happy/sad bucks have included having air conditioning, not having to use air conditioning, new jobs, return of members, end of summer baseball, the number of people who turned out for the service project, the total donated to Relay for Life ($2017), the weather at the service project, and harvest at Tony’s garden.

Our upcoming events:

The Rotary Family Picnic this Sunday, July 22, 2012 at the Brainard Park in Lyndhurst.

Human Trafficking Symposium will take place on August 10, 2012 at Notre Dame College.

The New Members Academy on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at the Lyndhurst Community Center. More details to come.

The quote for the week is:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.