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Feature Updates

Print your member directory in minutes!

Printing your club roster just became easier. ClubRunner's latest addition to the club website is an auto-generated membership photo directory, accessible by all members, ready for print!

To create your member directory, your Site Administrator needs to follow these simple steps:
  • Login to your club website
  • Click on Printable Club Directory
  • Choose your additional 4 fields to include (this is optional)
  • Press Generate. This will pull in all your members' latest information from their profiles, including their photos, and create both a Word and PDF copy of the directory.
  • Once the page has refreshed, click on View Word or View PDF to download your new directory.
It's that simple! Send the file to a printer, or email it to all members. In fact, any member that logs into your club website will be able to download the directory and print it from their own computer.

Generate revenue from your website!

Showcase your club sponsors while earning fundraising revenue from your website.

A new advertising section in the club website will allow each club to upload their own sponsor ads. Uploading your sponsors' ads is done in the same familiar, easy way as photos. The ads can be images or text ads, and will appear on the right hand panel of all webpages. You can choose to show each ad on the home page as well as the bulletin, for maximum flexibility.

Turn this into a fundraising drive! With as few as 3 or 4 ads running at $100 per year, you will quickly recover the annual costs of your website. Any more ads, and your website will be earning money for your club.

To get started, your Site Administrators needs to login to your website, and click on Website Sponsorship Area. This will allow you to create the ads for your website. You can also prepare an information page which shows visitors how to submit an ad and what your pricing is. This will appear on all pages under the Sponsorship area, linked to the Interested in being a Website Sponsor link.

Keep track of vital member information!

Easily add custom fields to your member profiles.

Now you can add up to 30 additional fields to your member profiles - these could be dates, Yes/No flags, or just a text description. Use this to keep track of member accomplishments, awards, past executive positions, or even just hobbies and interests!

To add a custom field, your Site Administrator can click on Edit Custom Fields from the Admin page, and then Add New Field to specify the new field. These will immediately appear in all member profiles, which can as usual be modified by each individual member, or by any club executive.

TIP: To download this information to your computer at any time, click on Download Member Data from the Member Services section. This will download all your member profiles in an Excel or similar spreadsheet file.


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