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Case Study

Rotary Club of Chicago Revamps Website and Communication Strategy

The Rotary Club of Chicago (Rotary/One) has been busy restructuring its communication strategy over the past few months, to better address the needs of its 220+ members. One of the changes they made was to adopt a brand new website and communication tool, using the ClubRunner service.

Their new ClubRunner Website focuses on moving information to an online format to make it easy for everyone to find what they are looking for. It will also make it easier than ever for members to communicate and work with each other.

“In a large club and in an increasingly busy world, it is a constant challenge to communicate with several hundred people and to make sure that everyone is aware of opportunities, schedule changes and successes,” says Jeff Leitner, Public Relations Chair, who has also been Chair of the Website Committee during the transition. “ClubRunner and the ease with which any of us can log in and communicate with everyone else immediately is a life-saver.”

Since Rotary/One’s new Web Portal was launched almost two months ago, the club has already cut down its costs dramatically and increased efficiencies of its staff through the online RSVP functionality and e-Bulletin. “We are thrilled by the ability for any of our members to communicate instantly with anyone or everyone else in the club,” says Leitner.

ClubRunner provides an easy to use interface for updating each portion of the site, which does not require lengthy training or a steep learning curve. This meant that the website was now in the hands of more users, and the portal allows certain content authors to update content more easily and often.

“Our new website on ClubRunner was very easy to use for anyone in our club who’s at all familiar with going on-line,” says Leitner. “Folks who visit the website have been unanimously complimentary of the design, format and ease of navigation. For folks like me who are responsible for keeping information on the site up-to-date, it has been terrific. I have been particularly impressed by how accommodating the folks at Doxess have been and how completely they’ve thought through the challenges Rotary clubs face today. I highly recommend ClubRunner for Rotary clubs looking for an affordable, well-designed website and communications program.”

The new site also allows each member to view the membership directory online, and make changes to their own profile in real time.

The dynamic website fosters open communication and collaboration with the Rotary community. With this foundation in place, Rotary/One, the oldest Rotary Club in the world, hopes to continue to flourish and provide Service Above Self in the next century.

The Rotary Club of Chicago Website can be found at More information on ClubRunner can be found at

Excerpted Article from The Gyrator, Rotary Club of Chicago's Weekly Bulletin
Top 7 List: Best Things about our new Website
by Lisa M. Russ

Obviously, if you're here, you know ROTARY/One has a new website. But you may not know why. And you probably don't know why we're so excited about it. Below are the top 7 reasons...

7. Anyone in the Club can send anyone else in the Club or everyone else in the Club an email. Simply log in, go to the Admin page and in the yellow box titled My ClubRunner, click Email Message Center. Once there, click New Message, type your message, choose your recipients and send away.

6. If you miss your Gyrator, log in, visit the Admin page and click My Bulletin. There awaits your personalized Gyrator, with your schedule of upcoming events.

5. You can RSVP for Club events and get instant confirmation. No more phone calls or hoping that your email was received. RSVP through the website and you are instantly registered. And the event will be listed on your schedule in next week's Gyrator.

4. Once we taken everyone's picture, you will be able to see a Photo Directory of the Club. Log in, go to the Admin page and click Photo Directory to spare yourself the embarrassment of not knowing who you're talking to at lunch.

3. You can add friends to the site, ensuring that they will receive their own personalized copies of the Gyrator, courtesy of you. Log in, go to the Admin page and click My Friends. This is ideal for spouses, colleagues and buddies who like to see their own names in print. And, of course, for those folks you want to join us in ROTARY/One.

2. You can print out a roster - an honest-to-Pete, hard-copy roster like in the days of Paul Harris. Log in, go to the Admin page and click Printable Roster. It's hours and hours of fun.

1. The Club is saving about $2,500 a year in website hosting.


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