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Membership Retention with a Survey

Retaining existing members is vital to the success of any club. The more members you retain, the more service you are able to perform. In general, members are retained because they are satisfied with some aspect of being involved, whether that is their participation or the validation they feel after a job well done.

Surveying your members can be an integral part of your club's retention plan, and allows you to take action to prevent loss of members. It's important to measure your club's effectiveness among your current membership roster to find out if what you are currently doing is working or if it needs to change. As there are always new ideas and techniques evolving to increase productivity and progression within your club, there are a number of ways you can gather this information. Often times people will not proactively complain or provide feedback unless asked, and a survey allows you to pinpoint exactly where the club weaknesses reside. You can even decide to make your survey anonymous, something that may prompt more honesty.

You can create a survey using one of many free survey tools such as Survey Monkey, Zoomerang, or Survey Console, and providing a direct link to it on your web site or eBulletin, or you can create one using Word or PDF and post it in your "documents" section for members to download, complete and submit by email (although this method will not allow you to create an anonymous survey). A some questions that you can ask to gauge your club's effectiveness are below:
  • What was the main reason you joined the club?
  • How long have you been a member?
  • How did you learn about becoming a member?
  • How active are you in your club?
To see detailed sample survey content, please click here.


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