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Jun 6 2008

ClubRunner Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary at LA2008 Convention

The highly anticipated 99th Annual Rotary International Convention is just around the corner on June 14 - 18, and ClubRunner will be there! If a member of your club or district is planning to attend, be sure to have them drop by the ClubRunner booth to benefit from interactive demos, product updates and drop-in technology seminars.

ClubRunner is also proud to announce its 5th year of service since the product was first launched. Since its launch in April 2003, ClubRunner is now in use by thousands of clubs and districts in 6 continents worldwide! Maintaining a steady growth of in subscribers each year, we are now gearing up for major growth by revamping our service offerings. Stay tuned for more details.

Nov 3 2007

ClubRunner Named Official Technology Sponsor for LA2008 Convention

The LA2008 Host Organization Committee announced today its partnership with ClubRunner as the Official Technology Sponsor for the Rotary International LA2008 convention. As the leading provider of Rotary club and district communications software, ClubRunner will be used to deliver e-communication marketing for the upcoming convention. ClubRunner will also be featuring its Technology Learning Series at the convention, a variety of drop-in seminars on how to use technology to improve a club's operation and public relations.

Read the full article on the LA2008 website Host Organization Committee website.

October 16, 2007

Price Restructuring in Effect

We have restructured our club pricing effective October 16, 2007. Due to the valuation of the US dollar in relation to the Canadian dollar, we have updated the pricing to remain competitive and continue to provide excellent service. Further, the pricing structure has been changed to make ClubRunner more affordable for smaller clubs.

August 21, 2007

ClubRunner Version 2.0 Beta

We are excited to announce that development of Version 2.0 of ClubRunner is well underway! Version 2.0 is going to have added flexibility and customizations, and the newer .NET platform will allow us to add increased functionality much faster. If your club is interested in becoming a Beta tester, please send an email to

October 5, 2006

ClubRunner Is Growing!

To keep up with the growing number of subscribers, ClubRunner has expanded its infrastructure and upgraded to a faster network. The loading of websites as well as sending and receiving of email messages sent through the ClubRunner Email Message Service is now dramatically improved.

The issue of Sender ID has also been addressed to comply with the ever-increasing security of anti-spam software, which should decrease the number of bouncebacks and incorrect filtering of emails and eBulletins.

We thank our loyal subscribers for their patience during this process! If you have any questions regarding the changes to your system, please feel free to contact ClubRunner Support.

As always, changes and new features are posted on our Service Updates page.

February 16, 2006

ClubRunner will be conducting training at various Rotary PETS sessions in March. Check this list of upcoming sessions and make sure to drop by!

Arizona PETS - March 3-4, 2006
Pacific Northwest PETS - March 8-12, 2006
Florida PETS - March 10-11, 2006
Carolinas PETS - March 16-18, 2006
Lone Star PETS - March 23-26, 2006
Great Lakes PETS - March 23-25, 2006
Southern Ontario PETS - March 31-April 1, 2006

Don't see your area listed? Contact your local PETS committee and ask them to include ClubRunner in their next seminar, or contact us for customized training packages. 

September 15, 2005

First Rotary Club Joins ClubRunner Network

The Rotary Club of Chicago has recently revamped its website and communication strategy by joining the ClubRunner network. Find out how this has impacted the club, its members and their goals.

More details »

June 18, 2005

ClubRunner celebrates Rotary's Centennial Year in Chicago

More details »

March 16, 2005

New features!

Print your club directory, add custom fields to your profiles, and sponsor ads on your website.

More details »

November 4, 2004

Content Editor Enhanced!

Attention all subscribers: The Content Editor has been significantly improved.

More details »

September 15, 2004

Attendance Manager Revamped

Attention all subscribers: The Attendance Manager has been significantly improved thanks to user feedback. For more details, please see this Service Announcement.

May 6, 2004 officially launched

Today, ClubRunner officially launched as an affordable alternative to higher priced registrars. Using's domain registration and transfer services, customers can realize significant savings and increased satisfaction.

ClubRunner's branded domain name registration service allows customers to register and transfer .org .net .com .biz and .info domains for as low as $14.95 per year, for savings of up to 57%.

Visit for more details.

Feb 13, 2004
ClubRunner featured on the Mississauga News!

Jan Dean of the Mississauga News wrote an article for the Business section of our local newspaper. Click the link below to read the article online:

  • Mississauga News - ClubRunner a boon for volunteers

  • November 13, 2003
    ClubRunner is awarded the Microsoft Impact Award for Community Leadership!

    Doxess, the creators of ClubRunner, received recognition from Microsoft as "an organization that demonstrates outstanding contribution to the community, making a difference through technical solution development."

    ClubRunner was chosen as the one with the biggest impact on the community, benefit to recipients, and reach.

    “Out of all the submissions we received, Doxess stood out with its efforts and impact within the Canadian marketplace,” said Lora Gernon, Manager, Partner Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Canada Co. “We are pleased to honour our resellers and solution providers under our new unified awards program. This is an opportunity for Microsoft Canada to celebrate all resellers and solution providers together and show appreciation for the positive effect they have on our customers.”

    The winner of this prestigious award will be featured on the Microsoft website, as well as the ICAN website. Microsoft will also donate $10,000 to the charity/non-profit organization as directed by the award winner.

    Adel Asterbadi, president of Doxess, said "we are proud to have won this award for 2003 from Microsoft. I would like to thank the development team who crafted a great product that gives users a rich experience without the learning curve. Well done ClubRunner Team.”

    Congratulations to everyone involved in ClubRunner, especially our users! You are now using award-winning software!

    April 22, 2003
    You can now customize the colours of your club website! Simply choose a pre-defined colour scheme and the change will take effect right away.

    Note: You must have Site Administrator access rights to do this for your club website.
  • Login as usual and go to the Admin page.
  • Click on Edit Club Info & Settings.
  • In the second last line labelled Colour Scheme, pick your colour scheme from the dropdown list.
  • More colour schemes will be added in the future!

    March 19, 2003 has been completely redesigned! We have added a lot more information and improved the look and feel of the site. We hope you find it informative and easy to navigate.

    February 13, 2003
    The EventPlanner™ has been released for all clubs subscribing to ClubRunner. This module is a very comprehensive planning tool that helps event chairs manage everything from registrations, event promotion, and even volunteer signup. Make your next event a success with EventPlanner™.

    February 1, 2003
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