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Top Ten Reasons Why ClubRunner is Better Than a "Do-It-Yourself" Website
10. Your Website Can Be Ready Immediately.
When you subscribe to ClubRunner, we create your homepage with all the basic information, links and your logo so you can be up and running right away. From there, you can easily add contents using our editors.

9. No Need for Expensive Programming.
To get the built-in member directory, login security process, email distribution, event registration and other features requires expensive programming. We've already done this, so you don't waste money re-inventing the wheel.

8. Save Valuable Time.
We're sure you have much better things to do than create your club's website. Multiply this across other members involved, and you end up wasting valuable resources getting your site setup and maintained. ClubRunner can have your site up and running is just 2 to 3 days, and you can make updates in minutes, not hours.

7. Anyone in Your Club Can Contribute.
We mean it, you don't need an experienced webmaster to keep the site up to date. Involve as many members as you like; the only skills required are being able to use the Internet and a word processor. The more people contribute, the more fresh and relevant the site is kept.

6. Six Templates to Choose From.
Change your website look instantly by selecting from the available 6 templates to keep members' interest.

5. Integrate Your Member Information.
Your online Member List, Printed Directory, and Email List all reside in one place so all email communication goes through the same channel. A new member joined yesterday? She'll start receiving emails and bulletins right away without the need to notify anyone.

4. Anyone Can Update Their Information.
Keeping all data centralized means that every member can change their information directly in one place. No more broadcast "My Email Address Has Changed" emails!

3. Club Information At Every Members Fingertips.
The online file folder keeps important documents organized and within reach year after year. This eases the burden of changeover of executives every year and ensures that valuable information remains in the club.

2. No Hardware or Software to Install.
Since ClubRunner is 100% Web-based software, there is nothing to install on any machine. It is accessible by all members through an Internet connection and browser.

1. Affordable Pricing Easy to Budget For.
Your ClubRunner subscription is based on a small setup fee and a comprehensive monthly fee that is predictable. This is ideal for clubs that have to set a budget every year. Unpredictable programming costs usually do not fare so well and end up costing much more than anticipated.

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