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Earth Day - Apr 22
Editor: Charlesworth, Ed
Posted on Mar 05 2010
Protecting the environment has always been central to Rotary service.  From the organization's earliest days up to the present, Rotarians have planted millions of trees, created parks, and carried out recycling activities in communities all over the world.

Since our district conference begins on April 22, the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, one of our themes this year will be environmental responsibility.  We are aware that many clubs have focused on this cause in recent years and have decided to applaud them for their efforts.  Hence we have created an award for achievement in this area.  To learn more, click on this story heading or the word, "More" below

Through the efforts of 1990-91 RI President Paulo V.C. Costa, Rotary International adopted the program Preserve Planet Earth which has the following goals:

•    Focus attention of all Rotarians on taking action to protect and preserve the planet;
•    Increase the number of environmental service projects undertaken by Rotary clubs;
•    Promote awareness among Rotarians and Rotary clubs of environmental issues; and
•    Foster an image of Rotary clubs as dedicated to Preserving Planet Earth

If your club has engaged in a project in the past year that furthers the cause of environmental responsibility, please take a moment to see that your members' efforts do not go unnoticed.  The club that is chosen by the committee will be recognized at the District Conference.  

Any efforts your club has made to be more environmentally responsible can qualify.  Even if your club has not already completed a "green" project, you might be able to modify an existing project such as using biodegradable bags for a road clean-up or donating books about conservation to an elementary school and still qualify before the deadline.  It's not too late to honor a local science teacher for his/her efforts to teach students about sustainability or to help students plant a spring garden at a local elementary school or daycare.  Many nursing homes have such gardens and may need help preparing them for spring planting.  

Projects from the past that would qualify include delivering compact fluorescent light bulbs with Meals on Wheels, planting a community garden, and the planting of trees in a community area.  Get creative and find a way to promote sustainability and emphasize the importance of earth sciences in your community and schools.    

Please click on the Award Application" on the left side of this web pate, complete the form and return it to the address provided.  

Thank you for all that you do and all that you will do for the future of our planet.  

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